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Pavilion (Flørist)


Cult dance music producer Flørist introduces his new alias - Pavilion. We've been keeping an eye on this producer since day one and he always enthralls and excites us with his sounds....

Kicking things off with a nice futuristic ambient number, "X_0314" shimmers like an electrostatic mirage over an icy vista. Nods to Chain Reaction and Huerco S along the way...

"Greenspirit" heads straight to the floor for a loopy, simmering, hi-tech number that's like Soundsystem recording a mid-session track for Craig Richard's The Nothing Special. Smooth, gliding, concentric techno for the heads that like it deep and intricate.

Finally, "Optimist" shows off the third and final flavour - a minimal techno track full of wonky discord that sounds like it's straight out of a Rob Hood or Jeff Mills track circa 2002! So good!

Three tracks, three flavours, three reasons to be cheerful! We heart Flørist!! Recommended! 


Matt says: This is defo my jam! Been firmly into this producer since his first forrays on All Caps. Now under an alter-ego the Flortist let's loose another bouquet of hits! Yes mate!

Delicate Wash spurn the spin cycle once again, returning for Round 4 of their edits series, delivering a fresh load of spaced-out street synths and exquisite disco toe-tappers. Four cuts of a familiar 1980's metropolitan milieu, WASH#4 provides the b-movie soundtrack to a cinematic underworld of swanky penthouse soirees and back alley brawls.

Opener "San Francisco" pairs impossibly reverbed conga with squelching bass and stretched synth leads, sounding like a lo-fi Pet Shop Boys soundtracking a 80s bluey. It follows then that "Girls!" is a wild ride through amateur boogie, vocals veering super high in the mix, synths crackling in electroid perfection and nipple height bass virtuosity keeping the pulse racing. Skip to the flip for the squirming disco-funk of "Jungle Robots", a moogy slice of swamp boogie with cinematic fx, ribbiting vocoder and Idjuts-style delay and the frazzled jazz-rock of "Brown Bunny", which comes complete with elbow patches, high waisters and weed smoke.

Whether in a mix or live set, this evocative quartet is an eloquent addition to any audiophile's storytelling toolkit.


Patrick says: Delicate Wash turn the Hotpoint dial to 4, hitting us with a quartet of 80s dancers, all reworked to perfection for modern floors. Sleazy disco, backstreet funk and stoned jazz-rock should provide plenty of options for turning heads and moving feet.

Eddie C / Cem G

On The Coast / By The Sea

Eddie C's exemplary RED MOTORBIKE hits No. 20 with another fine double A, dinked 7" !!

A breezy and musical ride awaits on the A, as 'On The Coast' provides a beautifully sliced, pastel linen suited piece of early 80's Japanese Jazz-Funk

On the B, label regular CEM G's 'By The Sea' is reworked by Eddie into a looped-up and irresistible mid-tempo musical mover.


Patrick says: Eddie parks his hog in a viewpoint and takes in a stunning coastal vista on the A-side, switching a sophisticated bit of Japanese jazz-funk into a loopy cooler perfect for the Balearic beards or a daytime DJ set. Meanwhile on the flip, "By The Sea" is the kind of warm and sunny slice of looped up disco house we've come to love the Canadian producer for.

A truly special reissue of a fantastic and incredibly rare Afro-disco 12” from 1978, Tumblack - 'Caraiba / Invocation'. Originally released on the seminal French disco label Barclay, you'd be hard pressed to even find an original copy in the UK, let alone for a reasonable price, so it's high time an officially licensed, remastered reissue came around.

Taking the A side of this EP Stefano Ritteri provides a “Spaziale Version” of 'Caraiba' that seamlessly blends elements of African, Afrobeat, Funk and Disco styles, with segments that continually morph and evolve into new tracks. Irresistibly funky and percussive drumming patterns and melodies hypnotise the listener, with only the occasional outbreak of African chanting breaking up the grooves.

The B-side contains the original version of “Invocation” that is effectively one long drum track broken down into 7 segments that never drop a beat alongside the original version of 'Caraiba' in all it's glory.

As EP's go, this really does take the listener on a journey to Africa, via 1978 New York, and is a true one of a kind. And for all those sample-spotters out there, there's no end of complex drum patterns and basslines to dive into.


Patrick says: Hot on the heels of a fine reissue of a sought after Arabic disco banger A. Mislayene, Spaziale drop a 12" repress of Tumblack's finest dance floor stompers. If you need a percussion heavy bit of spangled Afro-disco, look no further than the raw power of "Invocation" and especially "Caraiba", which appears in its original form as well as edited by label boss Stefano Ritteri.

Dead Prez

Hip Hop / Hip Hop (instrumental)

Re-issued. The debut album by dead prez, Let's Get Free, had plenty of head nodding beats, but none quite matches the nerve grinding effect of their single "Hip-Hop". Produced by the duo, "Hip-Hop" was a record that immediately caught fire on both College and Commercial Radio mix-shows. A call to arms, “Hip-Hop" just sounds like a revolution, and is to be heard loud! Surprisingly enough, this song's legacy may be most defined by its use as the bed for Dave Chappelle's entrance music for his show on Comedy Central. But beyond that, this song remains as one of the greatest Hip Hop songs of all time.


Patrick says: ANTHEM! That's the word that springs to mind. A neck-napping head nodder with a KILLLER B-line and lyrical content with glides between the conscious and the streetwise. Buy it now!

Brit Funk at it's best! The 1981 classic Index - 'Starlight', that commands prices of up to £85, gets a much deserved and long-awaited, remastered reissue.

A melding of genres, that incorporated elements of funk, disco, soul and jazz, Brit Funk harnessed a raw energy bubbling up in the UK scene through the late ‘70s & ‘80s. Index 'Starlight' is a prime example of this spirit. Timeless in its makeup, glistening keys, full-frontal basslines and bold funk guitars give the foundation for those divine male and female vocals to sweep over.

Take to the B side for 'The Break' version leaving the vocals at bay and letting the exquisitely arranged instrumentation work the dancers into a frenzy. Favoured by everyone from Four Tet and Motor City Drum Ensemble to Gilles Peterson and DaM-FunK for its extended grooves and uninterrupted breaks, it's a Brit Funk bomb if there ever was one.

A must for any discerning digger out there, this deserves a place in every collection!


Matt says: Always garnering big smiles and plenty movement at MCR's #1 party Wet Play (yes I'm biased), Index's "Starlight" is as euphoric, feel-good slice of boogie as you're ever likely to find.

The newest Archeo is dedicated to the 1983 Balearic / Pop / Soft Rock masterpiece and now highly sought after 'Notturno Italiano' by the Italian Musician and Songwriter Mario Acquaviva. Archeo Recordings is a reissue record label that regenerates old, lost, obscure and forgotten rare gems of mostly Italian music but also all over the world of the 70s, 80s and 90s. All outputs are licensed by the artists and the vintage labels; audio tracks are remastered in their original form; the sleeves and center labels are graphically recreated for today but all based on the original images. Archeo would like to make the music available to a wider audience of collectors, DJs, music lovers of a forgotten time. All releases are hand-numbered limited edition vinyl. The first copies of each release are pressed in coloured vinyls.


Patrick says: Few things make me smile like an Italian soft-rock record, so this reissue is well, quite literally, music to my ears. Utterly Balearic, chic as a cocktail on Capri and packed with that unique Italian funk, each of these four tracks serves sunshine in spades.

Werkha hails from Manchester originally and released his debut EP back in 2012. Following early praise from Gilles Peterson and the like, he we went on to release a series of records for Brighton-imprint Tru Thoughts, including an album in 2015, 'Colours Of A Red Brick Raft', and co-writing / producing Bryony Jarman-Pinto's debut album in 2019. He's provided remixes for Quantic, Marcos Valles, Dutch Uncles, Andrew Ashong & J-Felix, toured across Europe with Bonobo, Mr Scruff & Chet Faker and is working with poet / singer Keisha Thompson, additionally to composing music for documentaries.

So to the EP, and we set off with the delectable synth-boogie of 'Generation X', laden with strings from Simran Singh. Next up is the 4/4 low-slung head-nodding funk of 'The Key' featuring the vocal talents of Berry Blacc, before we head into some mid-tempo clavinet-lead hip hop vibes on 'Swing Thru'; lush strings again ably complementing and contrasting the bass-weight within the track. 'In Sunny G' follows next, picking the tempo back up a touch with a soulful vocal hook from Ellen Beth Abdi delivering blissed-out sun-glazed sonics, as the title would suggest. This 5-track opus closes out with 'Favourite Corner'; similarly to the EP opener, this is more playfully groovy breakbeat, laced with strings, a swagged-out guitar lick and assorted arpeggiated keys.

As to the meaning of the title 'The Rigour', Werkha says…

"Music is work. In all its different ways, it's a craft that I apply myself to and exist by. As much as that is about love, it's also about pouring in time, effort, patience & rigour. This record is about reflecting on my process and the identity of Werkha as a part of my life."

"These tracks were selected from a much larger bunch of ideas. The tracks that made this EP are the ones where the process was playful. Play in music is so important and these tracks are the ones that best personify play and curiosity, in both their sound and in their process. They all go through the rigor of being played with, pushed and pulled in different directions…"


Patrick says: MCR's own Werkha lands on Piccadilly favourite First Word with a fresh five tracker moving between uptempo bruk, squelching boogie, head nod hip hop and breakbeat, all imbued with a futuristic jazziness which looks to push things forward.

Detroit’s Pontchartrain takes the Razor-N-Tape reigns for his debut on the label - an all-cylinders-firing jazz laden, deep house EP with an exquisite Demuja remix.

The A side kicks off with "The Friends & Lovers Dub" version of the title track "Love Is Madness", filled with deep pulsing pads, resonating dashes of sax, crisp percussion and a bumping bassline that provides the perfect backdrop to the echoing mantra of ‘Friends... Lovers’.

Next "I-80" is a wonder of shimmering arps, brooding bass tones and reverberating trumpet touches. Perfect for the early hours, entrancing dancers as it washes over the airwaves.

On the flip, Austria’s golden boy Demuja hits hard with a Kerri Chandler channeling deep house remix of "Love Is Madness", centred around a pumping bass synth, sustained organs and a classic marriage of horn stabs and emotive spoken word.

Closing the EP the original mix is a sun kissed, eyes closed gem that blends delicate bongos, rousing sax lines and the sweet vocals of Simon Black & Leafar.

A must for any record collection out there, house head or not.


Matt says: Detroit's new breed is alive and well with a few records emanating out of our psychologically twinned city this week. Pontchartrain AND Eddie Logix (also worth checking) both supplying us with upfront, plane-sanded deep house music with spiritual leanings.


12" Info: Orange vinyl 12"

Releasing her first solo singles as Nardeydey at the tail end of 2018 and start of 2019, Shirley Tetteh signaled the emergence of a singular and complex songwriter-artist from a guitarist of renown in London’s new jazz scene. As well as playing in fast-rising collective Nérija (Domino), spiritual jazz ensemble Maisha (Brownswood), and also in the Mercury Music Prize 2019 nominated Seed Ensemble, Shirley now opened up to reveal her deeply personal and remarkable songwriting, pulling together myriad influences from folk, pop, jazz, soul, gospel, electro-pop, afrobeats and beyond. All written and self-produced, the tracks are deeply original, wearing her guitar virtuosity lightly in creating inexplicably perfect trans-genre pop songs.


Millie says: Love! Nérija member Shirley Tetteh's solo work as Nardeydey condenses flavours of jazz, gospel, Afro-beat and synth into a soulful and shimmering pop sound which we are all about right now. RIYL Sinkane, Naytronix, ALlysha Joy

Yoshinori Hayashi

0208 (Prins Thomas Remix) / Geckos (Bjørn Torske Remix)

Tokyo's Yoshinori Hayashi lent his unique approach to sound design (think Romare as experienced through granular lens of a K-hole) to a slew of fire labels (Going Good, Jinn, Gravity Grafitti and Disco Halal for instance) before arriving on Smalltown Supersound for his debut LP "Ambivalence" in 2018. Now the Scandinavian label return to that experimental assemblage of library sounds, electronic textures and fringe dancefloor arrangements with a pair of remixes from Scando legends Prins Thomas and Bjørn Torske.
The Full Pupp impresario is first to the oche (we've been watching the PCD so apologies to any non darts fans) twisting "0208" into a suitably extensive, expansive and heady slice of hypno-house. The cosmic leanings of Thomas' early days remain but transformed into a super deep house chugger, built around an acid bassline and shuffling polyrhythms. As the story breaks, Thomas lets loose with the lysergic and organic elements of the original, Japanese microtonality and strange sound design, before layering an uplifting bed of synth strings to take us soaring through the mid-point. But the ecstasy only lasts so long, and soon we're wheeling through spooky idents and shadowy synth tones, heads down for a spell before the final burst of serotonin rinsing happiness.
Flip it for another long form freak-out, this time from the always brilliant Bjørn Torske. Tackling "Geckos", Torske turns out a cooly cosmic caper around the 100 bpm mark, locking in the hypnotic combo of stabbing keys, simple perx and infectious bass early, then playing with frequency manipulation, sound design and dub fx to take us to the Dagobah swamp lands. Chiming bells add their own spaced out shimmer, particularly in the chakra cleansing breakdown, before the second half spirals up into the heavens.

All killer, no filler, cosmic dancers.


Patrick says: Yoshinori Hayashi has become a go to producer for outer realm house music, and Smalltown Supersound could hardly have chosen a better pair of remixers. Thomas drops acid and ecstasy on a hypnotic cosmic house stomper, while Bjørn Torske keeps the tempo low and the vibe swampy on a stunner for the slo-mo crowd.

Casino Times

Casino Edits 5

Nearly two years on from their last Casino Edits outing and marking six years of the label itself, Casino Times return for Casino Edits #5.

The A side is a beefed-up take on a punchy European disco staple. An infectious groove is coupled with fluttering arpeggios and a rigorous bassline that builds tension throughout to deliver some peak-time power.

Meanwhile on the flip, B1 brings synthesised and organic voices together with eerie melodies and a low slung beat, creating a rock-infused haze.

B2 finishes the release off on a house tip, with a relentless percussive loop that bends between mind-melting FX and an uncompromising square wave bass..


Sil says: A chuggy mid tempo monster walks your way on B1 followed by a floorfiller on B2 heavy on the drum section and to top it all off, on the flip we have an italo cosmic spacey journey. One of the most complete Casinos so far.

Five new, certified-gold disco gems from the Schatzi R&D department in Brooklyn, New York.

A loving collection of throwback boogies that glimmer with a bygone era's ballroom glitz and lovey-dovey romance, that is the stuff of dancefloor love stories.
For extra texture and variation, one of these rolls towards the Italo end of the dial and another slides into goopy funk balladry.
A lot of territory explored in thirty minutes and change.


Sil says: In true Schatzi fashion, here you get five amazing tunes to light your dancefloor on fire. Edits mostly but with the Schatzi twist. No clue what I am talking about? Me neither. Give it a listen, please!

Caserta & Lucky Ry set to work on the cutting table once more, performing some precision surgery on a blue-eyed dancefloor classic before repackaging it on two sides of 7".

Dissected into two parts, "Bobby II" sees both 70s and 80s inflections added to its core foundation; chronologically increasing digital nuances and sidechain effects over the decade in between.

Sure to be big in the hands of Late Nite Tuff Guy, Greg Wilson, Moplen and the dedicated army of DJs who like to keep things fresh on the edit tip.

Will also go down a storm at your next Refuge / Cottonopolis / Schloss (etc) bar set! Ohh Bobby! 


Sil says: Supercharged boogie 7" here from Caserta and Lucky Ry, ripping up an 80s classic and pumping up the bass and drums to speaker breaking levels.

New label Sublimate kicks off with a tasty V/A EP. Apart from Ali Berger all the artists are new on our radar, making this an exciting prospect for those who revel in novelty!

Love Letters gets the record underway in fine form. Packing rib-tickling kicks heavier than black matter, an agro perc section and some nice acidic bleeps and squarks, the track should appeal to lovers of that ruff UK acid sound a la Paranoid London, Alex Seidel, Ali Renault etc. Next up a live jam by Russell E.L. Butler & Indy Nyles resulting in some melanin heavy, electro heat. Liquid Asset continues to deliver excellent work with a warm acid drenched bubbler. Finally track-master Ali Berger pulled Turtle Bugg in his studio for a house beat and live take of THC induced shit talkin.

Tasty tackle for the clurb from a new breed of noisemakers - TIP!


Matt says: Collection of flavours from this cheeky burgeoning firm. If you like your dance music hard, wild and fun then this is definintely for you. Surely big in Glasgow right now!

Fierce new industrial and devilish EBM from the Raw Culture crew! Back to torment your lives in 2020!

Ex ice skater Wosto heads up the release. Based in Hamburd he's previously released on Sign Bit Zero and has collaborated with Falibeil and Sauerstoff with the duo Nostalogie Eternelle. He also runs his own label Teerpappe strictly for his own solo productions.

This release "Das letzte Nasenhaar EP" is a collection of 'Kraut break beats' apparently. To us it sounds like a a melee of noize, industrial and EBM all recorded onto abrasive mediums before being transferred onto wax. Vocals scream with distortion, levels barely make it onto the saturated head room and big clattering snares and toms side chain everything. It all sounds like you're deep into some Future War with this sounding through your AM ear piece as you fight for domination on some scorched, desolate landscape...

Raw Ambassador aka Antonio Barbetta (Mannequin) is drafted in on a remix mission, grabbing "Party Animal" by the nuts and dragging it into some dark Belgium rave set in a gothic cathedral circa '89.

Nasty stuff for the trench coat ravers, cyber-goths and night club mutants... 


Matt says: Sure to clean fry the bum fluff right off your arse, Raw Culture enlist a frightening mob of hardware damagers to scream shout, bash and bang their way into our reluctant headspace.

If you've a penchant for Belgium nu-beat, EBM and acid, then you can't go far wrong with Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95 - a fledging new label focusing on such subversive sounds.

Undergoing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment, these dark n scuzzy body tracks are finding their way into the boxes of DJs who prefer to mine the undercurrents and black spots - think DJs like Vladimir Ivkovic, Jon K & Optimo.

Raw Ambassador, a young reprobate with a fiery attitude, contributes his second release this week (see also: Wosto - "Das letzte Nasenhaar EP") and gets the record underway. "Satans Orgasm" displaying this machines agitator's love of distorted vox and menacing arpeggios across a beautifully evil EBM model.

Fashion Flesh - the nom de plume of John Talaga - is an accomplished technician / audio mangler outta Bay City USA who uses self built and modified sound units to accomplish his sonic goals. "Please" sees frequencies shift and machines spit and growl over a primitive rhythm section and tons of electronic interference.

First track for MPU54M, "Ueida Romance" creeping across taut electic tightropes whilst gleefully squeezing out a mutant crooner jam. Landing somewhere between Alan Vega, Poison Ivy and Ed DMX (!!!).

Familiar UK stalwart Chris Moss Acid drops the EPs most polished and soundsystem ready track. "Townsend Acid" is high octane session acid with a nice full frequency rubdown to give the subs and tweeters a workout.

Finally Juanpablo & Arcyniegas' "Tequendama" sees the EP collapse into a pit of sherm-fuelled inequity; a writhing mass of drugged out bodies fondling, grinding and thrashing out in some rabid sex dungeon deep underneath the city streets. 


Matt says: Maleviolent machine abuse by a twisted bunch of knob fiddlers. See also: Raw Culture released this week


A Minute / Can’t Hide

Having returned from a 4-year break in August with its latest release from GW & Henry, A&R Edits follows up with a debut for Moplen. With a recent remix of Frankie Knuckles ft. Jamie Principle and a "Salsoul Reworks EP", Luca Moplen has been gaining new traction of late, so it felt fitting to release two of his evergreen edits on vinyl for the first time. Moplen’s edit of Tavares’ classic disco stomper "It Only Takes A Minute" coupled with Greg Wilson’s edit of Moplen’s edit of Larry Levan’s mix of David Joseph’s "You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)", if you can follow all that then you're a true disco badger!

An all brother group hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Tavares were a band that evolved with the disco sound, hitting their peak in 1976 when both "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" and "Don’t Take Away The Music" became huge club favourites. They scored their first R&B #1 in 1974 with a cover of Hall & Oates "She’s Gone" and in 1975 they returned to the top of the R&B chart whilst going top 10 pop and scoring a #2 Disco hit with "It Only Takes A Minute". In 1992 a cover by boy band Take That would gift them their first top 10 entry, many people unaware that this track had first been recorded 17 years earlier.

Rising to prominence in Brit-funk band Hi-Tension, David Joseph soon found his footing as a solo artist after they’d split, with his first release being "You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)" in February 1983. That same month, Greg Wilson appeared on The Tube, mixing between two copies of this very record - the first time mixing had been demonstrated on British TV. It would subsequently enter the UK chart, climbing into the top 20. The track would then be remixed by legendary Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan, resulting in a #2 placing on the Billboard Dance chart. Upon hearing Moplen’s extended dub edit, Greg worked further into it reintroducing the song - given his history with the track it was unthinkable that he’d play it without the vocal. The result is a unique version where Moplen’s dub sets the vibe during the first half of the edit before the song is finally introduced.


Sil says: Brit-funk on one side and disco heavy on the vocals on the flip. Top quality by the reliable A&R Edits imprint. Do not miss this one!

The Godfather of the Montreal disco scene, Robert Ouimet was a resident DJ at The Limelight between 1973 to 1981 and following a few choice edits on Basic Fingers last year, GAMM have cajoled him into gifting them two more of his exclusive edits.

On the A side Robert takes on a classic, "Yellow Sunshine" by Yellow Sunshine (translated in French on the release) which was a well established B-boy anthem as well as a classic cut for DJs like Danny Krivit and David Mancuso.

On the B, we find another obscure funk-disco jam packed with soulful vocals, moog synths and big disco breakdowns.

The man got chops make no mistake! Recommended. 


Sil says: Dancefloor fuel on this very good all things disco record label... Summery, fast and filled with sparkly vibes. Absolute stormers on both sides. No money wasted here.

"This Placid Place" is AM Khamsaa’s debut 12“ on Zurich based imprint (and Piccadilly endorsed...) Light of Other Days. The EP presents three original compositions and a remix by Phillip Otterbach. The original tracks have all been recorded at Phonetia Studio and are heavily based on analog synthesizers, miked recordings and outboard processing.

Using repetition, consonance and polyrhythm as important means of composition, AM Khamsaa explores the field in-between the functionality of modern club music and the tradition of American Minimal Music.

AM Khamsaa’s original pieces will please adventurous DJs as well as the curious lovers of new electronic compositions.


Matt says: We find Light Of Other Days shunning the Balearic sunshine for a shamanic offering to see us through the dying days of Winter. Cast in a spellbound patina you can hear the magic at play beneath the primative ancestral rhythms.

Benoit B

UNTHANK 13 - Caution 9'6" High

Lovers of new EBM, dark disco and lysergic house music are in for a treat here!!!

Having issued a solid number of equally solid releases on the likes of Berceuse Heroique, Versatile, Wisdom Teeth, Peur Bleue and his own finely curated imprint, Banlieue Records, Benoit B steps up for the latest Unthank 10" installment!

A world populated by eerie synth-pop textures, hypno-industrial oddities, electroid dynamics and hip-hop breaks gone astray. 100% retro-futuristic Bauhausian blends for the DJs and dancers out on a limb.

Essential listening if you've previously gotten off on: Phaserboys, Aiwa, Disco Hallal, Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95 - basically the entirety of our EBM / shamanic section!

10" Clear vinyl with 75mm, metallic labels. Two colour screen printed sleeves with artwork by House Of Traps.


Matt says: An utterly stellar record to kick off 2020 from our good friends up in Edinburgh. The Firecracker lads have come a long way since their first utterances back in... 2005 I think? Now with a variety of sub-labels and projects under their belt, the Unthank wing of operations continues to deliver up-to-date and highly relevant dancefloor excursions to our willing and receptive head spaces. Benoit B here supplies some absolutely killer new EBM vibes to get freaky to and kick away those January blues! You need this!

A supreme exercise in futuro-breaks from Xantrax here on forward-gazing label Ecke Records. Complete with a mix from UK-footwork pioneer Addison Groove this should get you skipping & swaying into 2020 in fine style!

Taking the lead is "Tekline", a murky, unfurling cut fuelled by off-kilter tribal drum work, bubbling bass delays and modulating synth flutters. Addison Groove steps up, reshaping "Tekline" with choppy vocal cuts, dubbed out chord stabs and organic percussion floating atop the originals hypnotic groove.

"Linetek" opens the flip, as the name would suggest acting as a counterpart to the lead track, taking a 4/4 approach rhythmically while introducing a similar modulating bass line alongside chanting vocals and a taut, strung-out melody.

"0121" then rounds out the package, an angsty, dynamically unfolding composition laid out over four and a half minutes with droplet synth delays, heady bass swells, spoken word vocals and crunchy broken drums.


Matt says: Strung-out tekno breaks with a UK-footwerk remix by Addison Groove. Upfront pressure for the future heads.

A red hot Analogical Force hits the shelves and I for one am stoked! The elusive Bewwip brings the damage here, hoverboarding his way between AFX acid, electro and breakbeat across five fine ass tracks. Opener "WRGV Compile" pulls off the impressive feat of sounding totally spangled, scattershot, off kilter and still killer with rolling subs, 303 gurgle and adult pads, teaching the amateur braindancers how it's done. Next up on "BS3", the beat is straighter, the vibe is stripped back and it still slaps, moving through the gears to trip you out before the slo-mo good times roll! "Squidgycid4" Ronseals its way out the B1 with a gooey bassline, melancholic chimes and a wriggling, jiggling little sequence, "Finally Early 2 6b 1" goes hell for leather into nutso jungle and bitcrushed fuckery, before "Block By Block" e-funks the ever loving shit out of all and sundry, reducing this reviewer into a globulous blob of chair-dance euphoria.

Keep techno FXHE Omar S' mission continues in earnest from the well respected Detroit base. Putting pinball practice on hold while he knocks out two idiosyncratic jams on his trusty hardware arsenal.

"Another Man" recalls vintage house that traverses the Motor and Windy Cities - think early sample-based jams from Glenn Underground, Boo Williams, Pal Joey etc. Just a fat ass drum beat, funky hook and infectious vocal sample - magic!

"SUV's Aka Fatass Mobiles" sees his patented outboard earn its crust as it powers itself up for a rattling and rambunctious ride through lo-fi techno. Detuned organs, searing strings and crackly-ass riddims mean this full throttle track should take no prisoners in the dance!

As always, highly recommended stuff from our man Alex Smith. 


Matt says: Two classic Omar S workouts here - one sample based and hooky AF, the other hardware-powered and rattling across the train tracks - locked, loaded and ready for action. TIP!

TAL hit us with a mega reissue of the only vinyl outing under the RSB name, originally released in 1981 as part of the rare 3 x12” Massa compilation box via the short lived Klar 80! label/cassette shop. Even before starting the TAL label, Stefan had dreamt of resuscitating this little known gem of early 80s mutant funk from Düsseldorf’s machine music legacy. For many years this EP has existed as a rumour only, a phantom not unlike but significantly more obscure than its contemporaries of the Zeitgeist era dance acts such as Liaisons Dangereuses or CHBB. Written and produced by a fluid line-up during excessive night time sessions, utilising mostly a Roland rhythm machine and analogue sequencer modules, blending the results with field recordings to maximum effect. The production is razor sharp and reduced to the bare bone. All three featured tracks sound utterly urgent and uncompromising. The overall atmosphere can be described as grey, febrile and evocative.
The stand out proto techno affairs of “Afars & Issas” are inspired by the vast emptiness of the rocky deserts in Djibouti. “Wegwerfliebling” creates a dystopian dancefloor killer full of nagging dynamics. The psychedelic mood of the pulsating “Abendstern Chant” is fed by the rumbling schizo-mechanics. Grinding tape loops seem to govern magical manipulations of a tribal gathering taking place in a low lit basement.


Patrick says: Tal dip into their hometown history providing us with a reissue of these brilliant, but largely unknown NDW cuts from RSB. Proto-techno, machine funk and weird wave across three deep cuts.

Next on the lathe for Spaziale Recordings is a fully remastered and official repress of one of THE most sought-after Arabic disco records, A. Mislayene's "El Fen". This 12" was only issued in seriously limited quantities on the tiny Stip records label out of France in 1976. Sought for the chuggy exotic rhythms of the B side "El Fen" at long last this eastern-influenced disco masterpiece is available to those who don't happen to have a spare £500!

Aït Meslayene was a Kabyle traditional singer who moved to Paris to try his luck. He was driven by an Algerian manager who pushed him to make a "disco" album, a new trend at that time. The recording found place in a studio near Paris, with an American drummer from the funk group "Ice".

For SPZ002, Viaggio Recordings head honcho Stefano Ritteri steps up to provide an exquisite “Versione Spaziale” of 'El Fen' on the A side, with the original version and 'Yemma' taking the flip.


Patrick says: If you've had an eye on the presales, you'll be aware that Spaziale are on the cusp of a frankly insane reissue schedule for 2020, beginning with the cosmic chug of this Arabic disco masterpiece. The OG is wonky, woozy and whacked out with a great chanted vocal chorus - think Magik Cykles tackle, while Stefano Ritteri's mix straightens things out a little for a heads down groover.

Bayetë’s "Native Dance 01" starts off an willfully mysterious edits series with four off-the-wall tunes, flitting between low-slung street soul, 90’s digi-afro and zouk, including notable appearances by venezuelan digger-extraordinaire Trujillo and russian wizard Beard in Dust.

"N'Zo" sets the four tracker rolling, all Miami freestyle perx, slinking sax and uplifting Afro-house vocals - perfect for putting a smile on your face. The tropical flavours continue on "Panague", a digi-zouk moocher with virtuoso bass, chiming guitar and a hands aloft chorus which makes me long for summer days and outdoor sets. Flip the disc for the floor filling fusion of "Electrozouk", a toasty combination of Caribbean grooves, proto-house textures and jazzy tonality which seems tailor made for tearing a Dekmantel stage apart. Last but not least, "Stargazing" gives us some loft friendly, loved up and lush streetsoul with an irresistibly naff rap to top it off. 

All considered, this is a pretty flawless debut - hats off!


Patrick says: The newly minted Native Dance kicks off the new decade with four deeply dug and tastefully tweaked edits of Afro-house, digi-zouk and euro-street soul, providing all the ammunition you need to turn heads and heat up feet.

Manicured Noise

Metronome (remixes)

The illusive Manchester Post-Punk/Punk-Funk act Manicured Noise have been figures of intrigue since CTR released the Northern Stories 1978/80 collection in 2006. In their lifetime they released only two 7” on PRE Records & recorded a BBC Radio session for Kid Jensen. These tantalising hints at what could have been found their way to the turntable of New York's Cousin Cole, who digitally flipped the post punk monster into a hard hitting house varient back in the blog days. Now thanks, to Caroline True, you get that beast on vinyl for the first time. 

A remix that’s hard to pigeonhole-Sax-Banger? Post-Punk--Funk? But one that has been featured heavily by DJ luminaries such Ben UFO (Hessle Audio) & Job Jobse at Dekmantel where the track ruled the evening back in 2017 & again this year. It’s grown in popularity totally organically across Europe’s more discerning dancefloors & has many admirers.. Flip it for another wavy gem in the form of Matt Wedderkopp and James Taylor's mix of "Moscow 80" - a chilly play for any advanced DJ.

Holland's High Fashion music host evergreen disco hero Joey Negro here, who showcases his creative skills once again on these two Ashford & Simpson classics! The A-side features Joey’s dub-interpretation of “Found A Cure”, where pumping basslines climb into the vocal parts of the track, while “Love Don’t Make It Right” appears in a more uptempo version perfect for the peaktime! 
Limited edition on red vinyl - do not sleep!


Matt says: Mr. Negro has turned his hand to many a disco classic through his "Remixed With Love" project. Now's the turn of lover's disco staples Ashford & Simpson to go under the executive's knife. As you'd expect, the results are faultless!

Arthur Baker & Lazara Casanova

Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 28

Hottest BJ for a while this! Pure terrace-friendly house music fire from legendary producer Arthur Baker. Highly limited as usual. First come - first served.

Anyone whose served time on the dancefloors during Ibiza's more heady days will be up on the flavours showcased here: tribal-tinged, big room grooves full of congas, sax blasts and low, rumbling bass.

Arthur and Laz met at MURKs famed Monday residency at Coyo Tacos Wynnwood Miami where Casanova is a resident and Baker a guest resident. Heavily influced by the 'Miami sound', I bet these sounds worked just as well out there as they do on Europe's treasured party isle...

Laz and ABs first joint collab is the opener "Makossa". It started off from a few 80s loops out of Bakers vast catalogue, with Casanova whipping them in shape. It’s been battle tested over the last few years, with the subtle play between breakdown and release ratched up super tight. Big smiles all round when this bad boi drops...

“Dale!” features the vocal and production skills of Murk's legendary Oscar. He added the wild saxophone hook and a few other nudges in a late night session at Casanova's little Havana studio, resulting in this fiery tribal house stomper that primed for mainroom play.

Finally, "BTs Happiness" sees Baker pair up with old friend & ex-wife, Tina b (of "Rockers Revenge", "Tripping on Sunshine" and "Jazzy Sensation" fame) to do some vocalizing. A low pass filter squeezes a whole manner off funky house goodness through on this one: jubilant strings, rolling bassline and glistening guitar licks - surely big in MCDE's box right now?!


Sil says: Tight and sweaty stuff on the latest Black Jukebox. You know the drill with this fellas, funky and deep house for the discerning dancefloor. Muevelo, dale!


So Watcha Sayin’ / You Gots To Chill

Back once again… Know How offer up another two treasured cuts on 7 inch. This time they set their sights on the magnetic duo of Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith as EPMD – uncovering the quintessential ‘So Watcha Sayin’’ backed with ‘You Gots To Chill’ – of which 7” copies of the later have been trading hands for £120+.

Beyonce / Amerie

Crazy In Love / 1 Thing

Surely you don't need me to tell you how good these two tracks are? On the A-side we get the frankly iconic first collab between everyone's favourite couple, complete with its AWESOME Chi Lites sample, powerhouse vocal performance from Beyonce and super cool verse from Hova. The flip houses Amerie's big room break-heavy masterpiece "1 Thing", another iconic noughties R&B moment which has seen been sampled all over the show, and found its way into an Ian Brown chart once upon a time.

Gang Starr

Full Clip / DWYCK

It’s time for that street knowledge, an education in the OG’s. Next up Gang Starr providing the heat with two legendary bombs from the ‘90s, ‘Full Clip’ and ‘DWYCK’ never before released on 7”…. East Coast biz.

Warren G & Nate Dogg / Luniz

Regulate / I Got 5 On It

Street Knowledge dropping the H-E-A-T again here, with two of the biggest crossover rap records of all time! On the A-side we get the frankly fucking magnificent "Regulate", Warren G and Nate's Michael McDonald-sampling West Coast classic which I will happily freestyle to you over the counter. Flip it for weed rap anthem "I Got 5 On It", a sparse synth fuelled killer whose sole lyrical topic is ganja - sounds pretty good to me.

The Mighty Mocambos

Golden Shadow

In 2019, The Mighty Mocambos returned in fine form with their new album "2066", played a storming European tour and celebrated a colourful year delivering their own true style of funk, Afro, hip hop with cinematic compositions and storytelling.

The mean streets groove and furious drums versus car chase workout of "Golden Shadow" and the joyous instrumental stomper "Preaching To The Choir" were soon identified as DJ favourites. So here they are on glorious golden 7inch vinyl to jumpstart 2020 with.

The Raconteurs

Help Me Stranger / Somedays (Alternate Take)

    The first (and maybe only?) single from The Raconteurs' glorious return to form, Help Us Stranger. Include the album version of Help Me Stranger, plus an alternate take of fan favorite Somedays.

    Soso Tharpa is one of DC's best young producers and the A Side here, "Decode" has been the secret weapon in a ton of DJ mixes over the last year. A true 'wtf' acid beast, "Decode" bangs traditionally and levels the place. B Side "Sea Mojo" takes the sharp drums and filtered moves somewhere jumpy and PlayStation-tech'd, within a nice space electro bubble. Killer vibes - big T I P on this one.


    Matt says: Fresh sound but authentically driven. "Decode" is house music the way it should be - playful, catchy and drizzled in technology. "Sea Mojo" gives all the current nu-electro pretenders a run for their money as it delves confidently into the Drexciyan sub-aquatic lairs.

    For those sleepyheads who missed this first time out the trap, you now get a second bite at this particular cherry. Mixing styles like I mix metaphors, the mysterious producer behind "Koi Jaye" smashes a rampant Italo bassline under Goa synths, powerhouse playback vocals and spangled sitar riffs to deliver a hypercharged Bollywood banger which practically screams Dekmantel Selectors. Limited numbers, satisfaction guaranteed.


    Patrick says: Gargantuan Italo / Bollywood fusion here which has been doing maximum dance floor destruction for Palms Trax, Skatebaard and anyone else cool over the past few months. Buy on sight!

    The Popular People's Front

    EP 2

    Chris Duckinfield's Popular People's Front alias graces Hot Peas 'N' Butter with four inscrutable edits from his arsenal. A1 is rambunctious and incendiary, and escaping any form of ID from myself. A2 is a re-jig of Bumblebee Unlimited / Cloud One (I can't remember which dammit!) giving it more lysergic energy than the OG.

    B1 draws out some more authentic disco grooves, adds smatterings of flange and wah-wah guitar and rounds off the edges for a mid-session groover with tons of flair. B2 concludes this almighty affair with a timpani-based, tribal chanter with lots of impassioned raw vox sung and shouted across a most bustling of rhythm sections.

    Seriously limited copies and 100% in-demand from your local working DJ... Move quick!


    Matt says: Duckerz rises from the ashes of his Mutable series to resurect the delectable Popular People's Front. As you'd expect, the results are devastating!

    The son of a minister father and a missionary mother, Tankard grew up playing drums in his local church. Numerous offers of scholarships to music college came his way but his height and youthful speed determined the choice of a scholarship in basketball. Turning pro, he was drafted with NBA team Portland Trailblazers before a knee injury cut his career short and led to a period of homelessness: “I could not pay my rent so for a short time I was living in my car and sleeping on friend’s sofas.”

    A church visit proved life-changing: “I heard of a revival service that was going on. I was nearly starving with no job or income so I went only for the free meal. Afterwards the preacher called me up and told me to sit down to the keyboard. I was hesitant but after all I did not have anything to lose. When my hands touched the keys I began to play like George Duke! No lessons – just instant awareness. That is where ‘gospel jazz’ was born. Since it was jazzy in nature, yet inspired in the church, I decided to call it ‘gospel jazz’.”

    Tankard got a job at a local music store where he spent the next few years honing his craft before he began recording his own music. “I programmed all the instruments myself on a keyboard so I called it All Keyed Up.”

    Curator Pol Valls found the record while digging and was struck by it’s genre-defying creativity: “the track which stood out the most for me was Eden Celebration which has the feel of early dance music. I also loved Melodic Heaven and the title track All Keyed Up. That track was really short though so we decided to make a remix of it.”

    If Eden Celebration, with its highly rhythmic cross-breed of jazz fusion and electro shows Tankard at his most creative, then All Keyed Up – a stellar exercise in funk-laced jazz fusion replete with Don Blackman-esque piano runs – demonstrates his prowess on the keys. On Melodic Heaven lo-fi synths and boogie-fied bass synths combine with his elegant and soulful piano. The remix of the title track expands the short-but-sweet piano-based vignette into a Balearic anthem replete with extra drums, synths and guitar.

    Released in 1989, Tankard’s All Keyed Up album kick-started a hugely successful recording career. Nowadays he’s also known as a motivational speaker, author, trained pilot (famously flying to shows in his own planes) and as the star of his own reality TV show. This collection chronicles the magic that happened at the beginning of his career, it’s inspired melding of styles sounding as fresh today as when they were first put to tape on his home studio.


    Patrick says: You're looking at a masterclass in acceptable fusion right here folks. Maximal DX7 vibrations power the New Age dance mode of "Eden Celebration", a firm friend to Hardcastle's "Rainforest", while the smooth "Melodic Heaven" and "All Keyed Up" are jazz jams for the Balearic crowd. Toppest of notches.

    Sueno Latino With Manuel Goettsching

    Sueno Latino Performing E2-E4 - Inc. Derrick May Remix

    A beacon of house music history reprinted on its thirteenth year anniversary! All four breathtaking versions off that original release included here in their entirety.

    For anyone needing a brief history lesson, Sueno Latino reinterpreted Manuel Goettsching's 1984 kraut-rock masterpiece with a more dancefloor centric arrangement, adding some evocative vocal parts and an expansive aesthetic that would make it one of the biggest tracks of the acid house era.

    Revisited numerous times since its original release, there's still no stronger collection of versions than are featured here. One of those records that no home should be without, there's genuinely no finer instance of this absolute classic. Get those orders in if its absent in your collection!


    Matt says: To me, there's a clutch of tracks that pretty much epitomize what it's like to be unified and elevated on a dancefloor. "E2E4" is one, incidentally, "Strings Of Life Is Another"; and both feature the cataclysmic, era-defining production of Derrick May. Go figure!


    12" Info: White vinyl 12"

    Music beamed through inter-dimensional waves by Abstract Thought. 3 unnamed tracks taken from the original project tapes from 2003, recorded around the same time as the well known full length album release.

    "01" crackles through broken analogue circuitry, juddering into focus across crumbling AC adapters and buzzing jack leads.

    "02" pays an essential trip to the Drexciyan sub-lairs; an imperative stop-off for anyone cruising the aquatic electro submarine routes.

    "03" creeps out of the machines with malice and intent. Inhumane electronic chatter and red shifted frequencies indicating a Martian presence as this one steadies the moon buggy for exploration.

    Expert stuff here RIYL: Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Aux88 etc etc.


    Matt says: The highly desirable Aqualung series continues in earnest with a 15 year old electro nugget full of sci-fi adventure and alien sonics.

    CPI / Juan Ramos / Kris Baha / Bezier

    Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing Vol 10: Cosmic Hole

    Now rightly regarded as Berlin's best party, CockTail d'Amore celebrate their tenth birthday with a triple vinyl compilation of fresh cuts from regular guests and global allies chosen by residents Discodromo. The first vinyl features the sound of the Cosmic Hole, a room dedicated to downtempo psychedelia. CPI, the name behind Marc PiNol and Hugo Capablanca's collaborative project, launches this record with a hypnotic acid ballad named "Mount Anal", a scuzzed up chugger for late night slow dances. Synth-noir melodies are brought by two label aficionados, Juan Ramos and Kris Baha, who capture the itchy intensity of Mcat and thrusting ego death of DMT respectively. Finally Honeysoundsystem's Bezier journeys to a "One Thousand and One Nights" soundscape with his Starpoint, a sublime cosmic drifter which might be the pick of a very good bunch.


    Patrick says: CDA's 10 year celebrations get under way with a quartet of cosmic wobblers and psychedelic chuggers from CPI, Juan Ramos, Kris Baha and Bezier, all of whom bring the twisted and frisky energy to their lobe-blowing back room cuts.

    Tornado Wallace / Greenvision / Bon Voyage Organization / Bell Towers

    Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing Vol 10: Garden

    Now rightly regarded as Berlin's best party, CockTail d'Amore celebrate their tenth birthday with a triple vinyl compilation of fresh cuts from regular guests and global allies chosen by residents Discodromo. This installment features the sound of the Garden and its kaleidoscopic surges. Tornado Wallace's contribution is a fetishized Italo-High-Energy adventure with sampled vox snippets, chiming riffs and a killer acid-funk riff. On the same side the breaks of Greenvision's "Sleeping Bag In New York" conjure a clubber's hallucinations on a smashed and mashed Sunday afternoon. Bell Towers and Bon Voyage nostalgically cover the flip side. The former with synth pop inspired ode to the this special dance-floor and the latter with a classic cosmic emotional composition.


    Patrick says: Oh my pie! Each of the cuts on this second blast of CDA anniversary goodness is better than the last, no matter which order you listen to them. Rampant Italo revivalism, trippy breaks and sweet, spaced out synth pop on a wicked four tracker!

    Jonathan Kusuma / Sleep D / Samo DJ / Mascaras X Powder / DJ City

    Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing Vol 10: Main Room

    Now rightly regarded as Berlin's best party, CockTail d'Amore celebrate their tenth birthday with a triple vinyl compilation of fresh cuts from regular guests and global allies chosen by residents Discodromo.  Jonathan Kusuma's "Energi Hall" expresses the Main Room sound in his own future-tribal terms as does DJ City with his bleep house-inspired "Torreyson Drive". This vinyl features two highly desired collaborations: Mascaras x Powder on one side and Samo DJ and Sleep D on the other. If the former explore polyrhythmic grooves and unexpected sonic layering, the latter drift into arpeggiated iterations of modern Trance.


    Patrick says: And now for the main room, where Discodromo call on Jonathan Kusuma, Sleep D & Samo, Mascaras & Powder and DJ City to capture the techno / tribal / trance tonk of Berlin's best party!

    DJ Mad A (Adam Embleton) & Dr. Stevie The Ambient Guru (Stevie Hewitt) originally met when Adam picked up the Saturday shift at Record Mart, a record store run by Stevie back in the late 80's. They quickly bonded over shared tastes and enthusiasm for the growing dance club culture in England.

    'Balearic Beat' had arrived from Ibiza, house music was taking over, and clubs were pushing boundaries, encouraging DJs to experiment with the dancefloor. Stevie was a regular selector at classic venues like Club Havana and Flixx, where he blended house, electro & techno for the loaded English youth. Adam had signed to Island records, at 17, the first signee for newly appointed A&R rep Darcus Beese. Their collaborations in the Island studio is where the early Mad A production techniques were cultivated.

    With Adam behind the programming and Stevie on guitar, the two assembled a few songs to add to their explorative DJ sets. They printed a white label tiny pressing of "The Mad Vibe", four tracks, sending out waves that shock, their sound was a frantic blend of electro and house. The EP sold out fast locally, with their tune, "Levitating Pharaohs" catching the attention of drum 'n' bass duo "Spring Heel Jack" and labels like Mo'wax. As the 90's rolled on, the two continued to DJ as residents at clubs like Corner House, Brody's, Arena & Dickens.

    Smiling C 2019 repress of this cult 12". Remastered and housed in a die-cut 12" jacket with pharaoh's head sticker.

    'Play The Trax. Feel The Vibes. Mad as.....


    Matt says: New one on me, and if it is for you too - then you need to get to know! Great these little rabbit holes of house music history that are constantly opening up. I'd never heard 'The Mad Sound' before, but if proto-UK-house with a hedonistic slant is your penchant - start here!

    If there is one thing that leaps out from Stellar OM Source’s music, it is the sense of a highly active mind at work. There is an indivisible feeling that a real person is behind this dynamic flurry of tones, waves, vibrations and modulations. On "I See Through You", the first full Stellar OM Source release in over four years, the spark that first LP piqued the interest of so many listeners is glowing stronger than ever.

    The spirit of 2013’s cult favourite "Joy One Mile" is alive and well on I See Through You. There is once again immediacy, urgency and lust. But Stellar OM Source stepping into a comparatively more poppy and playful mode on these four tracks could also throw some. Fundamentally she says, it comes from a similar place, and ends with an enmeshed and positive outcome. Gualdi credits both '1995 rave' and 'the clarity, bass and breath' of hi-def hip-hop productions as being twin northern stars for her to follow. The artwork comes from friend and highly respected photographer & director Pierre Debusschere, whose work similarly flits between arresting close-ups and, well, the widescreen luxe of Beyoncé videos. 'I’m definitely not a purist anymore,' Gualdi laughs – and with club-ready impact meeting human warmth, this shows in abundance.

    “Night Alone” wastes no time in getting the listener up to speed. Is that an LFO sample running through “Night Alone”? Is this a lost Metro Area classic? Is that Stellar OM Source taking a diversion into searching Ibiza-rousing vocal for a moment, or did we imagine that in a heat haze? Where are the kicks? Oh there they are. How many elements are buried and revived within just over five minutes? It’s hard to tell. Before we know it, “Lost Codes” is up and away, keeping pulses racing. A pitter-patter of baby kicks feel like a pre-tremor before a welting electro-Italo lead crashes into play. With fizzing energy, rasping synths and a frisson of danger, fans of Unit Moebius and The Hacker will be doing somersaults of joy.

    “White Echoes” wastes kicks off the flip side with low gurgles descending briefly like a UFO reverse parking into the spot SOS had vacated. Soon, 303s are twisting like Chinese burns while warm chords offer a salve. The mood maintains on “Wild Palms”, the only song on this record not to feature additional mixing work from Peaking Lights’ dub-wise sensei Aaron Coyes. True to form, the B2 is all Stellar: elements switching up and out, with all the fun and frenzy of capital-L Live action. Kick drums and bassline darting back and forth like a synchronised swimming routine, all elements in concert. The momentum of a runaway mine cart that you can’t help but strap yourself to. I See Through You is one for the dancers who have given Stellar OM Source the motive to move forward once again.


    Matt says: I'm not massively familiar with the Stellar Om Source catalogue, but if this offering is anything to go by, I'll be getting well aquainted with it in the near future! Stellar *cough* stuff all the way here with modern takes on electronica, synth and dance music.

    Unknown Artists

    Power XIII

    This limited edition 12" brings two artists from two crews, presumably Power Station and Bahnsteig 23, and so possibly Kris Baha and Jonny Rock...? Either way, we're taken on an 11 minute industrial journey on the A-side, detouring through mechanical percussion and scuzzy synths like a Throbbing Gristle outtake. The B-side spikes the tempo to 110ish and incorporates proggy leadlines and hydraulic percussion for a modern trance thumper.


    Matt says: Nice, slow, sludge cosmic-dirg here from two rapscallions of the scene. It doesn't get much muckier than this folks. Like smearing yourself in the various bodily fluids left in Berghain's infamous Dark Room.

    Duca Bianco are back with another hard rocking 12" of underground edit obscurities here from a crack team of digging royalty. Indovina Key kick the set off with a slick extension of a stuttering e-funk version of Demis' "I Dig You" with alternative non-English vocals. Next up Macadam MamBro Guillaume Des Bois treats us to a typically unheard heater in the form of "Sequence Fiction", which could well be a Belgian banger slowed down into nouvelle-cosmique territories. Turn the page and the ever-off his rocker Gareth Cherrystones chucks the cutlery in the blender for "Grunts Breakfast", a nuts and bolts cruncher with spacey synths for milk. Finally Maybe Tonight drop the tropical synth pop of "Tribuna Politica", a weird and warped bit of sampler funk which is sure to tickle your pickle. Happy days!


    Patrick says: Duca Bianco secure the services of four A-list diggers here, rewarding the listener with four total obscurities reflipped for wrongfooting the crowd. Electropop, Balearic, industrial and odd-ball funk are all on offer here.

    Originally dropping in 1983 on Discomagic, this emotive Italo masterclass has become a must have for the upper-rings of the digging elite, and for good reason. Emerging from the collective studio consciousness of Alberto Signorini, Tullio Colombo and Walter Bassani with the vocal talents of Jimmy McFoy (I'm guessing not his real name), and probably inspired at least 36% by Human League's "Don't You Want Me", the track hits that sweet spot between synthpop froth and melancholic sincerity while rolling through a seemingly endless string of killer synth riffs, chugigng basslines and irresistible drum programming - in other words, it's the perfect Italo banger! For those who like a little less conversation, a little more action, this fine repress features the "Good Version" from the original release as well as a pair of remixes from modern Italo heroes Flemming Dalum and Kid Machine. The former adds punchy synth sequences, scuzzy percussion and extra bass weight to up the ante and add a slightly darker, throbbing texture to proceedings while the latter loops those sequences into eternity, adds layer upon layer of cosmic synthery and transforms the track into a perfect peak time ripper! 


    Patrick says: To anyone thinking of reissuing a lost Italo gem, this is how it's done. Giorgio pick out a pearler in the form of "Good Times", back it with the largely instrumental version from the original release, then enlist the talents of two of contemporary music's finest Italo practitioners to provide their finest work to date. SchAMAZING!

    “Beginning” is, appropriately enough, the world-wide solo debut by Japanese percussionist Mari Sekine. She has been active since 2000 with numerous groups and artists, as well as providing music for the theatre. This latter experience is particularly in evidence throughout this piece, with its dramatic shifts and changing scenery, forming a very visual and evocative music with over fifteen percussion instruments entering and leaving the stage in their various roles. Sekine’s voice also takes a turn as a hauntingly benevolent melodic ghost. Fans of Midori Takada will find much to enjoy here, and her use of a wide range of instruments evokes Naná Vasconcelos. The propulsive rhythms and melodies will please admirers of balearic grooves, Steve Reich and Roland P. Young. Flip it for a froglicking remix by German DJ/producer Lena Willikens, who accentuates the tribal elements inherent in the original and reshapes the track into a shamanic house bomb.


    Patrick says: Taking us through the twists and turns of fourth world ambience, hypnotic polyrhythm and lush synthesis, Mari Sekine's solo debut is a thing of strange beauty, perfect for fans of Midori Takada. On the flip, Dusseldorf' Lena Wilikens translates the track into an immersive shamanic house excursion which is currently providing major in store vibes.

    Esteemed Japanese imprint EM continue their lifelong obsession with Piccadilly favourite and probably the only true musical genius I know well enough to share a cup of tea with, the incredible Brenda Ray. At the dawn of the decade the label were responsible for a now impossible to find reissue 12" and great retrospective collection of her DIY dub-pop. Now frequent Em flyer 7FO teams up with NTSKI to cover Brenda's best known track "D'Ya Hear Me!" in wonderfully Walearic fashion. Playful, melodic and superbly subby, this is a dreamy dub lullaby for those sultry and sunny days. The full brilliance of the instrumentation gets the spotlight on the karaoke mix (follow the bouncing ball folks) before Bim One Production up the echo and desk fx with a killer dub on the B1 and CVN gets on a weirder industro-dub tip for the B2.


    Patrick says: A Japanese cover of Brenda Ray? Pretty Balearic that! Also incredibly pretty, this dreamy little dub-pop lullaby has cast a spell over both Andy and Martin this afternoon - maybe it's time for you to feel the magic.

    “Paredo” presents new and exclusive works by three female japanese music producers: Kopy, Tentenko and Miki Yui who are based in Osaka, Tokyo and Düsseldorf respectively and a radical reinterpretation using elements of the featured works by Lena Willikens, the “Paredo Mega Mix”. All four contributions showcase their highly individual approaches to contemporary electronic dance music. “Paredo” is directly informed by multi-directional encounters of four musicians and their close observations of musical production and reception in practice.
    In 2017 Lena Willikens and TAL founder Stefan Schneider have both, though independently from one another, been invited to Japan under the auspices of the Goethe Institut. While Schneider researched electronic noise music cultures in Osaka, Lena Willikens and her artist partner Sarah Szczesny developed aspects of audio mix and filmed footage for their collaborative art project Phantom Kino Ballett while in residency at Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto. “While in Kyoto, we often went to Osaka or Tokyo to explore the diversity of the music subcultures there. It was fascinating to witness how Japanese underground cultures adopt influences from abroad and turn them into something original and very much their own. We also saw live performances by Kopy and Tentenko whom we quickly befriended.“
    Kopy is a consistent part of the vital electronic music scene from Osaka. Besides a few performances at Düsseldorfs famous Salon Des Amateurs, she has also been invited by Lena Willikens to her showcase at the Meakusma Festival in 2018.
    Tentenko begun to enter into the Japanese music scene with a steady flow of experimental cdr productions as well as collaborations with members of the legendary Japanese noise band Hijokaidan.
    Miki Yui originally from Tokyo has lived in Düsseldorf for more than two decades now. Besides albums of her solo work for Line (US), or more recently, for Cusp Editions (UK) she also collaborates with Carl Stone in the duo Realistic Monk (on the Meakusma label) and was a member of Klaus Dingers last band Japandorf (Grönland Records).


    Patrick says: Fans of electronic manipulation, superior sound design and alternative mindstates should delight at this compilation EP on TAL, which also includes a floor flaying techno oddity from Lena Wilikens, comprised entirely of elements from the other three tracks.

    Fiorious, Qwestlife & Selace Vs ATFC & Horse Meat Disco

    Glitterbox Jams (Inc. Catz 'n Dogz / Mighty Mouse / Mousse T / Joey Negro Remixes)

    After a year that will go down in the Glitterbox history books, five previously unreleased mixes that have soundtracked the label’s parties in 2019 are given a special vinyl outing, on part one of new series: "Glitterbox Jams". This red-hot 12” delivery opens with the sought-after Catz ‘n Dogz remix of Fiorious' "I’m Not Defeated", where the Polish duo re-work this powerful call-to-resistance anthem into a synth-laden club cut. Up next, Mighty Mouse delivers his gloriously funky remix of Qwestlife’s "Hit It Off", where the powerhouse vocals of Teni Tinks really shine. On the flip disco maestro Mousse T. delivers his magnificent mash-up of Selace’s "So Hooked On Your Lovin" and "Bad Habit", appropriately titled "Hooked On Bad Habits". Finally, Joey Negro’s 'Falling Into Dub Again' mix of Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge’s sublime summer-time hit "Falling Deep In Love" comes through the speaker, a perfect tool for any disco-discerning DJ. This is another delivery from the Glitterbox camp you won’t want to miss.


    Sil says: One for the tastier end of the office parties, christmas shindigs or even that all important NYE set! Pure party music yessirree!

    Theo Parrish & Maurissa Rose

    This Is For You

      Theo Parrish coming correct just in time for festive season with the ultimate stocking filler for DJs and music lovers alike!

      "This Is For You" is incredible! Landing somewhere between "Galaxy Pt.1", his work with Billy Love and "Summertime Is Here" it's painfully emotional and drizzled in languid organs and heart wrenching chords, I'm pretty much in tears just sat here listening to this..

      No amount of superlatives is gonna do it justice, absolutely breathtaking, sublime and one of the most essential Sound Signature releases to date. A complete triumph you're gonna be gutted if you miss out on. 


      Matt says: Fuckin' ell Theo Parrish cruising right back into my number 1 slot here with a crushingly beautiful track that's literally the best thing he's done in years! Awwwww shit!

      Ultra limited 12" from Four Tet featuring an elite duo of remixers - San Fran house royality Avalon Emerson alongside emergent tech-bass megastar Overmono.

      "Teenage Birdsong" treads the heartfelt, holographic dreamworlds that we explored on "There's Is Love In You". With a slow, creeping dynamic decorated by a mellifluous synth-wind motif it conjures up futuristic images of augmented realty and a new Global Optimism throughout the homo sapiens network. Avalon Emerson adds vibrant drum breaks creating more drama than the slight serenity of the original.

      Rising stars Truss and Tessela, each with solo success under their belt, drop the next flawless addition to their fledging catalogue with a remix that's seems so quintessentially suited to Text you can almost see Keiran Hebden gleefully smiling in disbelief. Containing the expert, frantic drum programming the pair are fast becoming famous for plus taut atmospheres and tasteful flickers of dance music tropes from across the years, their remix of "Teenage Birdsong" is an epic piece in its own right.

      "Dreamer", a final flurry from Four Tet utilizes the same dreamy, celestial palette of sounds as "Birdsong" and adds the slippery, gliding 4/4 beats that fuel much his work. Delicate plinky plonk leads and glassy bell tones, combined with flutters of bird song make this truly hallucinatory, 'enchanted garden' type affair. As always, truly hi-tech and exhilarating stuff from this UK luminary. Recommended!


      Matt says: A trascendental and heavenly offering from our mam here on the buy-on-sight Text imprint. Two sterling remixes mean it's a bumper offering just in time for those stockings...!


      Change Your Style - Inc. Prins Thomas Edit

      In 1980, dutch outfit Renée came out with the album “Reaching for the sky". It`s made of delicate pop-songs, with lovely little hooks and ice cold guitars. From songs that sounds almost ABBA, to more Reggae-sounding stuff, and avant pop. In the middle of it all you`ll find Anja Nodelijks hypnotic voice. One the album's killer cuts is the song “Change Your Style", already a semi-classic on the Balearic scene (and frequent flyer in Patch's Coastin' sessions). The song can probably be described as “wonky pop funk", with a twist. On the A-side you get the original. On the B-side Prins Thomas has stretched the greater parts, giving the song the length it probably deserves. Almost six minutes of bliss.


      Ghost Rider

        Available on 180 grm Yellow vinyl 12”. This is the 2nd single release from L'Épée, from the seminal album “Diabolique”. This 3 track single contains an exclusive track to the release “Shiny Shiny” & the artwork is by Frank Kozik. The band are Emmaunelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas) . Recorded in Cabestany (France) and Berlin at Anton’s Cobra Studio. 

        "Jamaican Fruit of African Roots" is the lost vocal cut to one of King Tubby's most dramatic and devastating dubs from the 1970s. It was never released in Jamaica, but housed on an obscure compilation released only in Toronto in tiny quantities during the mid 70s.
        Heavyweight tune & powerful vocal from the little known Jamaican songstress, Sheila Rickards. Stirring rise up business!! 12" repress version.

        ** Now comes with a glorious gold fingered flute dub from modern master, Diggory Kenrik.
        BIG BIG Record!

        'This release is the culmination of a 10 year obsession to try and find out more about the song's enigmatic singer Sheila Rickards. It all started in a musty Canadian thrift store with the discovery of an incredible 10 cent record credited to one Shella Record. The singer's voice was unlike anything I had ever heard in reggae before and sparked an international quest to find the lost siren. Beginning in Toronto where the record was pressed by local label Monica's in the mid 70s, I quizzed producers, collectors and reggae artists, all of whom were as mystified as I was. I travelled to Jamaica and tracked down legendary producer Bunny Striker Lee who recorded the song in 1975 with a full line up of Aggrovators, some of the most prolific and talented musicians who ever worked on the island. Bunny revealed that Shella Record was in fact Sheila Rickards, a Greenwich Farm jazz singer from the Mento era who began performing as a child with artists like Lennie Hibbert and Carlos Malcolm.He had not seen her since she vanished in 1975 after they worked on this song at Harry Js and later voiced the track at King Tubby's infamous Drumillie Ave studio.

        Despite tracking down many of the musicians who played on the song, Jamaican Jazz artists from the era and even Sheila's family, Sheila's whereabouts remained a mystery. Hearing rumours of her relocation to Los Angeles or New York, I travelled the States desperate to find out what happened to this remarkable diva. Every clue led to a red herring which led to a dead end. Now working with a private detective with a sideline in ghost hunting I hope to have more answers soon. The search has been filmed from the outset and will culminate in the documentary film Shella Record, A Reggae Mystery. ' - <<< 'kin ell!!! 


        Matt says: Mythical status dub here that's been uneathered by an nothing-short of obsessive character. The story is something to behold and, thankfully, so is the record...

        Nick The Record, Dan & The No Commercial Value Band

        Record Mission 6

        Nick The Record & Dan Tyler return with the sixth mission of their esteemed series. The boys have nailed it this time with a quartet of tracks that stylishly traverse proto-house and wacked-out disco with flair and flamboyance, landing somewhere between Mark Seven, (Dan's) Idjut Boys and Felix Dickinson.

        "Wordy Soca" is an electric affair with big boogie synths, a James Mason-esque proto-house drum pattern and large, killer bass.

        "Noice" sees fizzy disco drums and an echo-drenched vox vie for attention on the master tape. With recording levels red hot and 'nuff saturation we're left with a scorched groove until Nick & Dan allow more of the quirky Jamaican vocal part through toward the end. Crazy. Good!

        "Can You See My Big Pan" merges steel drum lines with classic disco drums for a tropical disco flurry of jovial, pleasant vibrations full of good vibes.

        Finally, we get all the echo artifacts and tape delay detritus from second track, "Noice (Dub Debris)" for the more leftfield-learning, Idjuts-adoring DJs out there in the field...

        Top stuff here and as always, limited copies so get those orders in quick folks!


        Sil says: Floor fillers for the world music inclined DJ. Touching many genres and bringing the right amount of effects and elongation of breaks a la Todd Terje to make this an essential 12". Bomba!

        Ever-reliable edit stable The Very Polish Cut Outs have already successfully branched out Soviet and Yugoslavian territories, and now head honcho Zambon casts his net across the whole of Eastern Europe, returning with a brand new EP of off-grid disco, Balearic, electro and funk. All 4 cuts have been re-edited by well-known and long-term label associates such as Old Spice, Beard In Dust (aka Lipelis), Kompleks and Krjuk. Their reworks give brand new life to the original tracks that come from Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the USSR. Czech disco? Check! Serbian Punk funk? Check! Russian electro? Check! Estonian balearic house? Check! This is without a doubt a versatile 4 tracker, that you will spin 4 times at 1 party at different hours of your set. Eastern Europe might not be the future but the edits surely are excellent.


        Patrick says: Those Very Polish peeps cast the net across the whole of Eastern Europe on their latest 12", serving us four fully under the radar heaters, retreated for dance floor success. Big new wave disco on the A1, sleazy and slow-jamming e-funk on the A2, punk funk power on your B1 and body popping bizzness to close - all killer, no filler folks!

        Apiento returns to World Building for another soulful journey!

        Hot on the heels of the smash "Things You Do For Love" seven inch.

        "Down That Road" features the ultra smooth vocals of Los Angeles' Harriet Brown. An intimate London by L.A. via D.C. connection.

        Brown's contemplative lyrics meet Apiento's rainforest synths & massive low-end pressure. Patient dancers are rewarded halfway with a dope sunrise acid bass. Serious smiley face biz! Multiple mixes with a trippy ambient dub & a cute padapella.

        World Building ensure they're talk of the town as the year draws to close with this essential twelve from Apiento. 


        Matt says: Apiento are fast becoming the hottest thing in the blogosphere right now; counting Ruf Dug, Tom Nobel, Neil Diablo and many more as avid fans. This 12" shouldn't let anyone down whose previously dug their arresting, skeletal deep electronic soul.

        Regular Public Possession pal Bell Towers touches base again, treating all comers to a off-beat treat in the form of "Juicy Blend". As a DJ, digger and selector, Rohan's pop chops have been proven time and again, and here the producer serves us his slinkiest serenade yet, topped with his own vocal intonations. Stepping into the club wearing a synth pop shimmer, Balearic cardigan and some form of fetishwear, "Juicy Blend" is house in its loosest sense, sounding less like MAW and more like an '88 Frankie Knuckles mix of Flash & The Pan with Neil Tennant on vocals - and if that's not a juicy blend, I don't know what is. As well as the full vocal version, Bell T treats us to the mostly voxless Groove version on the B2, leaving more than enough run time for a pair of ace remixes. Leftfield stalwart Bullion brings the track to the peak time in the back room with electrohouse synthlines and a shuffling 4/4 for his more streamlined mix while alt-pop king Jaakko Eino Kalevi pairs percolating bass tones and snapping perx for a killer Streetsounds-style variant.

        For its new release, the Parisian crew Discomatin picked a lesser known banger of the boogie era, Maudit DJ by Clara Capri. Produced in Belgium by Jay Alansky with lyrics written by his sidekick Jacques Duvall, this EP brings together an Italo discoesque bassline surrounded by shiny synths and irresistible guitar licks. On top of that, Clara Capri sings with a high-pitched voice. Maudit DJ is a real celebration of the nightlife.

        Fortunately, it’s brought here with all 3 versions transferred from the original tape masters: the extended “Version Longue” with its great introduction sounding like strong early house, the shorter “Version 45 Tours” if you’re in a hurry and, last but not least, the instrumental version for those too shy to play the vocals. But let’s head back to the 80’s: Jay Alansky and Jacques Duvall are having a real success. They just produced famous Belgium female artist Lio’s first hits and have access to Dan Lacksman’s studio in Brussels - member of Telex with Marc Moulin. During this euphoric period, they met Clara Capri, a young Italian girl really crazy about Disco, swearing only by Giorgio Moroder or Chic. Her two buddies decide to concoct her a real hymn to the dancefloor. For them it sounds like the perfect time, considering the duo always dreamed of being like a shadow production team, just like Motown’s very own Holland-Dozier-Holland. With a great care to the production and the sound and with the best technologies from the era, they managed to create this French dance music attempt, at a moment when nobody was speaking about French Touch.

        Thanks to Discomatin, it’s now available to the real connoisseurs with an exclusive insert which contains lyrics, again with fantastic illustrations from french artist Camille de Cussac.


        Patrick says: You know I can't resist this kind of tackle. Francophone boogie with superb bass sequences, sweet female vocals and Chic guitars - you can virtually taste the beachfront shandy...

        Unknown Artist

        Artists Series (2)

        Konsysttenzia caused a microcosmic cataclysm for our techno customers t'other week when the anonymous first volume, "Artists Series" dropped. Cloaked, stealth techno, it was a million miles away from the stadiums of Awakenings or the aircraft hangers of Sonar, but more an intimate, intricate and trickski style of production that keep people hooked without bathing in superfluity.

        Well, it's back with another four tracks and they're just as hot as on that initial outing. Flecked with acid, propelled by split atomic particles and emanting a radioactive hum that should see it quaranteed for only the most bravest dancefloor digestion. Ready to twist craniums inside out at the after party, or just keep the backroom bubbling and covered in electronic voodoo; you'll get some much milage out of this EP you'll probably want to buy two copies...

        Mega, mega label! Do not sleep! 


        Matt says: 2nd instalment of this vital, mysterious techno series and there's no sign of the tension loosening as the anonymous artist delivers four more tracks of clocked, stealth techno for the deep heads. Highly recommended!

        The brothers Dewaele (of Soulwax fame) keep the Deewee bangers coming courtesy of he solo debut from their Brasilian buddy Phillipi. Earlier this year São Paulo duo Phillipi & Rodrigo dropped their beautifully uplifting debut album ‘Paciencia’, which scored all sorts of plaudits all over the place, including your favourite record shop (Ah-thankyou!). While ‘Paciencia’ pulsated with a euphoric beach party vibe, Phillipi’s solo project explores much darker territory. By uncompromisingly maximising the bass alongside a relentless beat, lead track ‘São Paulo’ is immediately oppressive and ominous. That intensity only amplifies as it’s blown open with tribal percussion, almost whispered vocals and glitchy synth stabs. ‘Vibe De Verao’ then takes a more progressive approach, with minimalist techno constantly evolving in surprising and inventive ways. 
        The EP’s second half extends Phillipi’s impossible-to-pigeonhole approach. In complete contrast to the preceding tracks, ‘9000’ is cinematic in scope and lighter in tone, feeling like the score to a lost ‘70s sci-fi cult classic that’s been reworked for 2019. And ‘Gelo Seco’ caps an unorthodox sonic adventure by setting a spliced, stuttered vocal simple around a dancefloor-friendly soundscape - making the title, the Portuguese phrase for dry ice, entirely appropriate. As with all DEEWEE releases, ‘Amadurecimento’ was recorded, produced and mixed at the label’s inspiring headquarters Ghent, Belgium.


        Sil says: Brazilian, playful and dancefloor friendly. It does not get hotter than this. And it has to be on the great Deewee label. You need this!

        Brand new release on Brothers From Different Mothers, after the first LP of J-zbel, Judaah's label deliver the first solo EP of Jonquera, half of The Pilotwings.

        It's a scuzzy take on sinister electro and more experimental electronix as our guides takes us through five very different sonic environments.

        "Umamami" is sludgy and lysergic, full of gated drums and swirling sfx; like if Adrian Sherwood decamped to the Red Planet. "Hell Reggaeton" also milks the 80s gated drum set, with a crossover freestyle beat and mangled to oblivion vox; it's galloping delays and discordant guitar chops only add to the sense of urgent disorientation.

        "Smegta" opens the flip with an arresting slice of aural manipulation; pulling and stretching a canvass of synthesized choir notes around a mechanized loom; it's like the ghosts of a cotton mill escaping out the woodwork.

        "Escroc Voice In My Head" concludes the trip with a stop-you-in-your-tracks slice of taut EBM. Highly strung and ready to implode at any moment, the elastic synths and dark stabs perfectly compliment the creeping, zombie-horror groove in what's surely one of the best closing tracks to grace an EP all year!

        Hoshina Anniversary

        Sagano B/w Haru Wa Akebono

        Hoshina Anniversary is conquerer of the mind, creating the most beautiful sound, other than silence. This is his first offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s 'Sagano' is fairly representative of the Hoshina sound — raw organic samples and instrumentation, of traditional Japanese origin, mercilessly bent and tweaked to suit the needs of his obsessively precise arrangement. Midway through the track, we’re bewildered by his demonic breakdown on the Rhodes, which daringly tags the bassline and strings into a synchronized trio of jazz-funk noodles, and he even throws in a key change before dropping us back into the main hook for the duration of the dance. It's a major flex, and indeed makes an impression. On side B’s 'Haru Wa Akebono', Hoshina displays an alternate and equally significant side to his songwriting, merging optimistic twinkles and arpeggios with slightly detuned dry percussion for an overall uneasy vibe, not dissimilar to early video game aesthetics or circuit-bent toys. Across both sides, there lies an unhinged overtone, such that we feel one small step from spiraling deep into a demented quicksand, a freak-out where hallucinations get the better of us. Initiating a breadth of releases planned with the ESP Institute, this single summarizes a few of Hoshina’s most compelling modes, and though there is a whole circus yet to unfold, we hold his cards close, no spoilers before the main act. These two songs will have you drinking moon juice and dancing naked at the Mardi Gras.


        Patrick says: Fans of boundary pushing house and oddball dance music might recognise Hoshina Anniversary from his breakout 12" on Safe Trip earlier this year. Here the Tokyo based producer cooks up a bouncy banger for the A-side and a proper cosmic cruiser on the flip, instantly attaining five mushrooms out of five in our new Piccadilly scoring system.

        Direct from the Midwest, ace imprint Clear present us with four tenacious hardware workouts from Juzer. For the uninitiated, Juzer is the joint project of two artists central to the underground music scene in Chicago, Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugle. The work of both straddles the fault-lines between, noise, techno, industrial, EBM, and the more frenzied shades of house. 
        In theory the 12” starts slowly, with the 100 bpm rattle of "Old Reliable", although it’s fitful energy is anything but, while the following track "September" coils itself into a tightly wound circuit freak-out. "Busy Bees" and "We Work Hard We Play Hard" are the buildup and climax of the record’s machine driven anxiety, fit for a chase scene in a post apocalyptic megacity thriller.

        In case you haven't noticed, your Piccadilly pals have been all over the Employee sound of late, regularly repping the narcotic machine experiments and next gen sound design of the Berlin duo. Here they join the recently reignited tradition of European's making digidub with five echo-drenched reflections on nine-to-five dilemmas plus a dizzy remix from OK Spirit co-founder DJ Neewt. Trading in sub tickling basslines, synth melodica and plenty o' tape hiss, the duo manipulate the genre conventions with twisted sequences and sick frequency adjustments while keeping the riddim at the forefront. Any house/electro DJs out there should check the percolating vibe of DJ Neewt's Psychic South Mix, which practically drips solder onto the turntable.

        Manchester's most exciting, enthuastic and entertaining house upstart (FKA LOZ) Goddard kick flips onto Apparel for a four track EP featuring a hot collab with Harry Wolfman and a tasty remix from Jad & The. 
        As usual we're talking high def house business from the get-go here, starting with "Fourth Dimension", a frankly irresistible groover which sees the G-man tag team the studio gear with the aforementioned Wolfman. Aimed for peaktime deployment, the cut swells from cosmic filters and trilling arps into a total 4/4 shoulder roller packed with percussive nuance, NJ swing and a right rib rattline B-line. If you need a breather after that opening salvo, I'd suggest you luxuriate in the deep and jazzy "Signals", a smooth serving of relaxed house with plenty of syncopated percussion and subtle Rhodes. The fun continues over the road as Loz pays homage to the expansive melodies and tonalities of Norway with "It's Not Cold In Tromso", a spacey house jam which could easily be mistaken for the next incarnation of Torske, such is the quality of the cut. Aussie operative Jad & The joins in the festivities on the B2, employing junglist breaks and nanging acid lines where once there was fjordfunk. Bangers all round - big up Goddard!


        Sil says: Worth its money for the brutally good 'It's Cold in Tromso'. The track is not breaking any molds or establishing a new genre, and neither it is the title telling us anything we do not already know about Tromso. However, its melody and punch will make you move like a maniac. And just for that, it is worth its price in gold!

        The final chapter in the D.K. trilogy has arrived adorned in a hooded cloak. Sword by his side, the warrior master is rising. This time taking a decidedly darker and determined approach, D.K. is here to fight the final battle - and make it out alive.

        The EP opens with the aptly titled "Storm Of Steel". An industrious cold front brimming with metallic clangs and resonant tubes. You can hear lightning strikes in the snares and thunder in the bass. In "Frozen Sword", the tropes synonymous with this trilogy are neatly tied together again as D.K. opts for glass tubes, gated snares and deep rhythmic baselines. This second track is an epic battle song, conjuring Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon / quasi-Matrix fight scenes.

        Racing the clock to crack the code in "Code Breaker", alarm sirens sound off in the background as if D.K.’s plans have been foiled. It’s not until a flute motif at 4:14 that you realise our protagonist, all along, had an ace up his sleeve. The EP’s closing and title track "Rising" is a melancholic/euphoric dance between D.K.’s warrior’s emotions of what was won, but also what was lost.


        Patrick says: In case you haven't noticed yet, D.K. only makes sick records, and this latest EP for Antinote is among his most infectious. Tribal rhythms, razor sharp breaks and voodoo drum machines intersect with metallic leads, synth flute and 16-bit symphonies, totally nailing that cyber-druid videogame vibe. Flawless victory!

        Bitter End

        Honky Git Fonky / Bu Bu Yam Yam

        Bitter End continue to rip up the rule book with a genre defying output that's up there with some of the best dance music around at the moment. Release No.11 hits the ground running with a whiteboy disco-funk bomb on the A, a relentless gallop with soaring synth work and an unwavering commitment to uniting sweaty bodies. Coincidently aligning itself with the sound of rising Manchester upstarts - See Thru Hands. Are we due a prep-funk revolution?!

        "Bu Bu Yam Yam" switched into deep house mode, a subtle Reese gliding away in the lower registers as frenetic perc, keys and drum kit all get bustling in the rhythm section. 


        Matt says: I honestly can't believe we're up to number eleven in this series. Well, you know how the old saying goes - time flies when you're having fun. And having fun we most certainly are when Bitter End are involved!

        DJ Nobu returns to his own Bitta label, his personal playground for new musical projects with a focus on artists coming out of Japan. The label functions as a space for experimentation with the intention of instigating multiple styles by unexpected artists or pairing them with stimulating remixers. The unique chemistry created by these cross-genre connections results in an exciting catalogue carefully curated and directed by DJ Nobu himself. After recent outings on Rush Hour, Token and BleeD, the Japanese producer dives even deeper into a pure and adventurous techno journey with his most simplistic output to date. A DJ tool EP designed for the club, with four tracks of stripped down yet powerful dance floor workouts. All cuts have been tested and proven in Nobu's own DJ sets before now, so he decided to make them available for fellow DJs to play and experiment with.


        Patrick says: Though this quartet of DJ tools mght be simplistic, they are highly hypnotic, nailing the Robert Hood "Minimal Nation" style of immersive techno whilst exploring a more organic and psychedelic palette.

        Skinned alive by Prince Fumu from the zones of M16, the second time this prodigal new producer has graced Lister's cult imprint and it's an electronic battle cry with destructive tendencies.

        FUMU's grasp of sound is miles ahead of the pack. A producer whose studiously gone into the science of frequency and rhythm on the search for completely unique patches and patterns, Teaching himself vintage drum programming from the days of jungle, learning synthesis from Demdike Stare and honing his outboard, mastering and mix down techniques from the sorcerer's sonic handbook has resulted in a fierce and uncompromising sound that'll do more than put hairs on your chest - it'll clean wax the bumfluff rite off your arse!!

        Seriously, miss this shit at your peril. Especially relevant for anyone with a penchant for industrial, breakcore, noize and the various mutations of techno and bass that have occurred since '91.

        Highly recommended!


        Matt says: My boy Mike from Old Trafford knows how to mangle sound like no other! If you don't know - get to know. This cat is here to stay. One of the most skilled producers in the game rite now. CHECK!

        New Canoe and it's Nyra manning the paddles and he guides the vessel into the midst of a Belgium-themed warehouse rave! Two tracks that ride the arpeggios into a space disco oblivion ( "Every Electron" and "Atoms Of Joy" ), and two tracks that channel all the serotonin-flooding energies of a well synthesized ecstasy tablet ""Let's Trip Out", "Dusk Rider"), Nyra makes no effort to hide his influences.

        Instead, across four track he pays tribute to his favourite moments from the seedier recesses of dance music history. The result is a highly affecting EP that should keep the majority of club goers and DJ's more than happy in the later moments of the sesh. 


        Sil says: More Canoe to satiate your weekly fix of techno breaks and rave nostalgia that is so much in vogue now! Solid and likely to really annoy your neighbours if you are residing in a two up two down terraced house!

        Kobza Vajk is a Hungarian self-taught psychedelic folk musician who has been playing the oud and other obscure stringed instruments, like kithara or the lute for more than 15 years.
        His main influences are folk and ancient music of all kinds, which he unites with his contemporary approach of composing and the oriental technique he plays his instruments with.
        This release focuses on his original work from the late 2000's with a few reinterpretations coming from established e-music producers.
        The title track is a live recording from 2008, perfectly setting the mood for the whole EP: psychedelic shaman music with powerful oud chords and a hypnotic Middle Eastern atmosphere.
        In his remix Dutch producer, Perdu keeps one of the main patterns of the original but by adding some extra percussion he turns it into an entranced tribal banger. Next up is Multi Culti boss, Dreems, who revisited one of the most famous Hungarian folk songs creating a uniquely interesting piece with dubish subs and the twisted main melody. The final track is a more carefully tempered yet driving remix by Hungarian producer and Budabeats staple, Bete (aka Suhov).


        Matt says: Deep shamanic voodoo for our trusty section here as Hungarian musician Kobza Vajk is remixed by a top drawer selection of talent. Sacrifice of a farm animal is optional.

        Ukokos & Jabco

        Keep Rising All Night Long (Sunday Service Mix)

        GAMM have only dropped two of their 'battle weapons' previous to this - tracks so illusive and powerful they have to be released in short supply under strict embargos.

        For the third installment, Ukokos and keyboard wizard Jabco lay down some Dilla(ish) hip-hop beats and piano action over that incredible live video clip that went viral with Kanye West's Sunday Service band doing a combined live gospel / soul cover of "Keep Rising To The Top" and "All Night long". 100% guaranteed to get Tarquin and Esme runnin' over to the decks eagerly requesting a track I.D....

        Limited quants! 


        Sil says: Gospelian funk drenched in soulful vibes courtesy of G.A.M.M. Perfect heart warming tackle that will fly off the shelves!

        More new & unsanctioned hi-grade disco juice here from Hot Peaz 'N Butter who enlist Thatmanmonkz and Simba for a double-headed outing around the glitterball. A combination of riotous, fiery disco, a keen ear for the under-represented and some natural talent on the console means all four of these crafty edits are certified highly combustible!

        Hand-stamped vinyl only 12" series in serious limited supply. Cop now or cry later!


        Sil says: Organic funk, soul and beyond treated respectfully by Simba and co. Four cuts that will leave you wanting for more.


        Get It Poppin’

        Another white label tech-house BOMB to fuel the masses. Decidedly 'un-instagramable', this vicious roller should smash thru all false-ego-fluffing on the dancefloor and instead result in melee of swinging elbows and pogo-ing bodies.

        Deep rumbling kick-bass-tom patterns, killer rap acapela, speaker-tweaking lead... it's all there to send hordes of drugged-up under 25s into ecstatic oblivion.

        Limited quants, move quick! 


        Matt says: Unlikely to make any sense unless you're 2 pills in at your next all nite dance party; but in the right environment I'm sure it'll gonna go off....

        Snoop Doggy Dogg / DJ Quik

        Gin & Juice

        Two more classics from the storied history of hip-hop, presented on fresh 7" wax with one killer track per side.

        On side A it's one of Snoop's unanimously celebrated finest moments, the 1993 stone cold classic that is "Gin & Juice". Seriously, I know kids younger than this tune that can cite all the lyrics back at me - not to mention Jonny Dub's grandma!!! Ont other side, DJ Quik's early concious hit "Jus Lyke Compton" highlights the early rise of gun violence in the scene that would later go on the dirty hip-hop's reputation in the media and press. But on this joint, Quik's smooth, faultless flow & inspired lines draw attention to the problem in funky fresh form! Add a highly musical backing track, decorated with plenty of jazz-funk nuances and you'll see why this track has barely aged in nearly thirty years!

        Another one of those 7"s I can't help but think every home needs on their shelves. 


        Badmanboogie / Killdemsound

        A match imagined in ganja dreams, Seekers International and Future Times team up for a squishy and blasted disc of digital danchall laced madness. The Vancouver-based JA-futurists hold no punches when delivering their noxious blend of transient dub rhythms and THC-fuelled sound collages. There's literally no-one on the planet that sounds like these cats, and their unique sound is constantly garnering new fans and followers. A perfect addition to Future Times' catalogue, and a great introduction to perhaps the most out-there evolution of dub to have existed thus far. Recommended.


        Matt says: Everyone knows I'm a HUGE fan of SKRS & Future Times - so what delight when I found out my favourite dub futurists were releasing a 7" on one of my favourite labels. Hot Chocolate!

        The Geto Boys and Rap-A-Lot Records have a successful history dating right back to 1986. "Trigger Happy Nigga" is taken from the 1989 album, "Grip It On That Other Level"; while "Scarface" is taken from the 1990 album, "The Geto Boys". Both are excellent examples of proto-gangsta rap, with fine breakbeats, tight AF scratches and great lyrical content. Infact, what caught me by surprise was the line on "Scarface" - 'started small time, dope game, cocaine" - which the avid hip-hop will recognize Freddie Gibbs as biting on the track of the same title of the "Pinata" LP....

        Nice 7" pressing ready for the club... Vintage rap on wax! Only 250 pressed.

        While "Bobby" was the track that sparked the idea for Caserta to start BridgeBoots, "Diana" was always in the back of his mind.

        "Diana" started off as a release on the long since defunct LegitMix platform. Now it gets new life remixed and mastered by Caserta @TheBridge StudioLA, with a more concise 7-inch edit as well as a brand new 'Sing A Long Dub' on the flip; it's sure to be a main stay in the crates for years to come.


        Sil says: Right on time to be dropped in one of those awful xmas office parties but hold your horses... why drop the original when you can drop this mega edit instead? Buy on sight!

        This is the long awaited repress of Tenderlonious’ groundbreaking ‘On Flute’ EP, originally released back in 2016. This stunning six track EP demonstrates how diverse Tenderlonious’s musicianship is as he embellishes each song with his signature flute sound. ”Ghana” sets the pace of the record with up-tempo afro beats, complimented by keys, strings, a distinctive lead synth and of course a soaring flute solo. “Autumn Leaves” follows with a more UK broken-beat flavour, revealing a darker sense of atmosphere.

        Other tracks include the modern classic “Song For My Father” (as featured on Kamaal Williams DJ-Kicks compilation), an upbeat number fusing funk and disco to create the perfect dance floor filler that builds to a climax with a wild flute solo from the man himself. “In A Sentimental Mood” follows and, as the title suggests, shows the listener how this producer came by his name. Tender flute inflections and sensitive lead synths, backed by quiet whispers. The EP finishes with “Dale’s Corner”, another broken feel on this one with delayed Rhodes supported by tasteful flute lines throughout - it leaves the listener feeling uplifted and wanting more!

        This essential release on 22a recieved mass acclaim back in 2016, and support for some of the biggest tastemakers and DJ’s on the circuit, including Bonobo, Gilles Peterson, Bradley Zero, Kamaal Williams, Alexander Nut, Lefto and many more.

        Stuttgart, Germany based multimedia artist and producer MinaeMinae delivers his debut release of cosmic polyrhythmic explorations with "Variante". Whether beamed in from the future or uncovered from the past, "Variante" calls to mind a place and time far from here and now. Synthetic mallets and anti-guitars comprise the record’s gritty foundation, while interlocking melodics and where’s-the-one rhythms tessellate a kaleidoscopic patchwork.

        It'll remind our customers of some of the best bits of Sued, James Ferraro and Not Not Fun, all at once, but in its own unique way! Recommended. 


        Matt says: Wily dancefloor experimentation here that's certain to be a curtain twitcher for the eagle-eared Manchester set. Destined to twist bodies and burst brains in the more leftfield northern nightspots...

        PRR! PRR! - a crack squad of dance music mavericks operating out of Belgium, unveil the second installment in their Boosterpack © series. Showcasing the incredible talents of Buga, the two tracks carry on were Tera Octe left us last - high grade Ork music!

        "You'll Be Found" takes the radioactive detritus of hardcore breaks and reforges it into a kryptonite-gilded stadium monster. Mixed to perfection, the compressed snares and thudding kicks sit wonderfully amongst rave stabs, sine swirls and a plenty of cheeky warehouse tropes.

        "88 Limits" meanwhile is the serotonin flooding climax that evey DJ wants this Winter. Taking an unquestionably euphoric piano line, mangling it to oblivion then re-introducing it under a canopy of tuff Belgium electro-instrumentation and adding a vocal line even Sophie would be jealous off - Buga may well have just concocted the surprise dance hit of the year!

        PRR! PRR! is one of the most reckless and out-there firms in dance music right now. Genius and uncompromising to the nth degree, their online radio shows, vinyl releases, bandcamp entries and overall presentation of their collective is one of the most enjoyable and envelope-pushing things in dance music right now... we love 'em! You should definitely check out their vibe...


        Matt says: It's here! Marmite-rave record of the year from those wild cats at PRR! PRR! Divisive from start to finish... and coming to a Kickin' Pigeon DJ set this weekend - feedback reports due next week!


        Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition 7" in blisterpack

        Prins Thomas released his 6th solo album "Ambitions" in 2019 - and as always with Prins Thomas the album is just the beginning of the journey. Now he is releasing two 12"s with remixes from the album. On the first 12" Prins Thomas gets remix treatment by Japan's finest DJ Nobu and Synth Sisters, as well as a new 12" version of the title track "Ambitions" by Prins Thomas himself.

        We'll start with his own, alternative take; on which he decorates the stems with LFO-controlled patterns that glide between quantize settings creating that drifting sense of urgency that characterize much of the esteemed producer's output. As to that layer upon layer of lysergic gurgling and his trademark 'flapping' drum sounds and you've got a kraut-indebted concentric epic on your hands!


        Matt says: Prins Thomas lets loose his "Ambitions" stems for a select group of remixers. Part one and DJ Nobu & Synth Sisters provide some sublime reinterpretations alongside a brill new version of the title track from the mainman himself! NEED.

        Prins Thomas released his 6th solo album" Ambitions" in 2019 - and as always with Prins Thomas the album is just the beginning of the journey. Now he is releasing two 12"s with remixes from the album. On this, the second 12", Isolée has remixed the title track "Ambitions" into one of his idiosyncratic, cerebral house movements; accentuating the hypnotic nature of PT's original with new digital interferences and glitched percussion. There's also another 12" version of "Urmannen" by Prins Thomas on the flip side that rides soft 303s and dreamy atmospheres into a searing air guitar solo; utilizing a cushioned sonic play area for maximum enjoyment and sensual play.

        Mega mega mega, as always from the Smalltown Supersound crew! Tip! 


        Matt says: 2nd volume of "Ambitions" remixes and old glitch house royality Isolée is invited in for fun times. That new version of "Urmannen" ain't half bad either - gerrit in the bag pronto!

        Colleen Grant / Sandra Hamilton

        Latin Parang / Parang Jam

        Soundway Records presents two rare, parang dancefloor cuts from early 1980s Trinidad & Tobago. Parang is a style of folk music that originated from Venezuelan and Colombian immigrants that came to the Caribbean, and evolved to include elements of Latin music, disco and soca - as is evident in this release. Although it used to be traditionally played during the festive season in Trinidad and Tobago, parang music now heats up dancefloors all year round. These two in-demand tracks were originally released on the local RH Productions label in Trinidad & Tobago. Fully restored, remastered and officially licensed - both are now both being released officially re-pressed for the first time on vinyl.


        Sil says: Nicely fragrent world disco vibes here from Trinidad & Tobago. Sure to create a furnace in the trousers and skirts of the dancers - ooh la la!

        Kingdem - Rodney P, Ty and Blak Twang, a brand new supergroup formed of UK hip-hop heavyweights and a trio who need little introducing.

        London Posse affiliate and all-round Godfather of British hip-hop: Rodney P links up one of UK Black music’s true innovators and popularisers: Ty, and the original South-London colloquial hip-hop geezer: Blak Twang, to deliver a fresh future bass anthem that is rooted in their artists legacy to the UK hip-hop canon.

        Fresh off the back of a powerful Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth (Beats 1) Kingdem fill in the missing chapters of UK hip-hop’s history: 'The UK hip-hop scene has gone way underground - so we set up Kingdem to let artists come up from behind us. We want the next generation to know that they don’t need to be chasing that grime sound, that rap sound. I think a lot of young people just don’t know we ever existed and assume that hip-hop in the UK started in the early ‘00s when grime came out', Rodney P explains. 'We made it easier for the grime scene to come out and use their own accents. We paved the way to make people have an understanding and respect of the UK accent, this UK vernacular in the music.'


        Ltd 12" Info: Blue Vinyl

        Ltd 12" includes MP3 Download Code.

        The first new Låpsley music since debut album "Long Way Home", which across its four tracks expresses a newfound confidence and glimpses the brave new direction her life and work are taking. Intimate and heartfelt but with expansive and expressive lyrical content; the songwriting prowess, combined with the finest modern production techniques (especially vocal layering) create an arresting and
        magical piece that glimmers in the clear Winter crispness.

        Comes in a screenprinted reuseable poly bag sleeve, with photography by Maisie Cousins.


        Matt says: Poised electronics merged with sincere and layered vocals maketh a pretty arresting combo here as Lapsley finds her stride for XL.

        Al Charles' take on the Gap Band's 'Outstanding' is a full of swagger outing that takes all the sweetest of their melodies and gives it some added bass pressure for the dancefloor. Tough to track down previously, the Sonia version of 'Easier To Love' was always a favourite amongst lovers fans. After getting a spin on Sam Floating Point's NTS show, its popularity soared and any remaining copies were quickly hoovered up.

        The final release brings together two of the finest lovers singers to ever duet, the late Jean Adebambo and Trevor Walters, covering Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway's 'Back Together Again'. The first press of the 12 comes in a printed AOTN sleeve which is a respectful tip of the hat to the OG dub vendor disco sleeve that many of these original 12s were distributed in.


        Millie says: Super smooth - disco / soul-y / prog-rock and dub all mixed in to create the ultimate two part Outstanding 12". Get on this one quick!

        Remastered and reissued for the first time since their original release, Athens of the North bring together two of the finest lovers singers to ever duet, the late Jean Adebambo and Trevor Walters, covering Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway's Back Together Again. The first press of the 12 comes in a printed AOTN sleeve which is a respectful tip of the hat to the OG dub vendor disco sleeve that many of these original 12s were distributed in.


        Millie says: A heavenly combination of Jean & Trevor making the cover of Back Together a wonderful reality. Soul one side and dub on the other, what's not to love!

        Sisters welcome Boston's deadliest modern wave duo Dead Husband to the disjointed family across the murky waters of the Northern Atlantic for a host of dancefloor focused workouts.

        A mixture of syncopated drum work and reverb drenched arpeggiators define Dead Husbands debut on the label across a capricious collection of music.

        Doug Lee gives "Facial Recognitio"n the usual An-i treatment drawing out a monologue of emotion through the sub bass and sweet undulating use of distortion which constantly helps the track and the low end move forward, whilst electro aficionado Privacy offers up his take on the track with a rolling 4x4 composition true to his unique modus operandi, slowed down powerful.

        And a remix debut for Papers, 5 years after down tooling from their white label series, they round off the record bridging the Atlantic gap with their distinctly steezey techno sound for a remix of "Pedestal". We've been waiting for this one for a while and it doesn't disappoint! Miss at your peril! 


        Matt says: Dark, crystalline and powerful nocturnal music here from Dead Husband who soundtrack this menacing and bleak section of Winter brilliantly.

        Robin Richards, principle composer in the band Dutch Uncles announces Castel, his debut solo EP. A stunning six pieces, Castel draws on everything from Gregorian chanting to Steve Reich-esque minimalism and rhythm-led musique concrète. Robin Richards: ""Toompea" is set during the Estonian fight for independence, and is an exploration of the impact political that Soviet oppression in the Baltics had on native artists in the 70s and 80s. It's written in three movements, and named it after the ancient castle which houses the parliament of Estonia."


        Matt says: We always knew Robin Richards was one wacked-out quirky weirdo (in the best sense!), but this proves it! Completely uncategorizable but genius in every way!

        WRWTFWW Records is beyond thrilled to announce the first ever vinyl maxi-single release for "Raum", Grauzone’s best-kept secret and underground mega-gem from 1980. The four-track affair includes the full title track sourced from the original reels, as well as a club-ready rework by Naum Gabo (Jonnie Wilkes of Optimo and James Savage) with help from Dennis Young of Liquid Liquid, and an extended edit by legendary Frankfurt DJ Ata (Robert-Johnson club, Playhouse/Klang/Ongaku labels).

        The 12 inch vinyl is cut at 45rpm and comes with a never-seen cover art by band member Stephan Eicher and a handmade Xerox hype sticker. Initally released almost 40 years ago on the beloved compilation Swiss Wave - The Album (Off Course Records) alongside the band’s massive hit "Eisbär", "Raum" is the biggest Grauzone track people have yet to discover. An über-infectious New York style bassline played by Christian "GT" Trüssel and frantic drumming by Marco Repetto’s blend with Martin Eicher’s hauntingly hopeless lyrics and Claudine Chirac’s saxophone escapades to personify post-punk heaven and all its wonderful anomalies.

        It’s disco with an edge, pop filled with fear, it’s The Cure infused with prototechno and Swiss art chic. Or maybe, it’s simply one hell of a song that will make you dance and shout. It’s good! Further on the a-side, Naum Gabo’s rework takes Grauzone to modern dance floors with a thumping track and bounce-inducing groove on which Liquid Liquid’s very own Dennis Young adds magic in the form of marimba, Roto Toms, and EBowed guitar. The energy is electric, the sound is huge, a club banger with extra heart, ready for sound systems of all kinds. The b-side features Ata Macias’ fabled extended version of "Raum" (first released in 2010 via Live at Robert Johnson) that Stephan Eicher described as 'the perfect Grauzone edit' (and it is!), plus a straight to the point radio edit of Naum Gabo’s rework.


        Matt says: Big one for the leftfield disco mob. Think Outer Reaches label and generally anything that Optimo rub their grubby mits against.

        Speaker Music

        Of Desire, Longing

        DeForrest Brown Jr. is an outspoken theorist, journalist, curator, visual artist and musician. Raised in the deep South, DeForrest moved to New York a few years ago and has been shaking things up IRL and online ever since. He asks difficult questions that make us relook at how we think about race, class, post-racial ideas, historical events and the social structures in America. His work defies narrow bags and he’s truly a unique cultural polygot comfortable booking an artist like Felicia Atkinson at Issue Project Room or shaking up people on the street with his 'Make Techno Black Again' hat line.

        His project Speaker Music was inspired by Rhythmanalysis, a book of essays by urbanist philosopher Henri Lefebvre as well as considerations of momentum and the 'chronopolitical' from British cultural theorist Kodwo Eshun. Mobilizing freely improvised electronic percussion and stereophonic audio recordings, Speaker Music yearns to caress, engineer and sculpt sentiment into a multi-textural rhythmic body, quivering moments into a collapsed nonpulsed time.

        His debut for Planet Mu centers around weary sonic portraiture of sonorous and cybernetic energy music - a music encoded with an encrypted heat but made with empathy and without excess. His touching of frequencies unveils a romantic abstraction of sonic narratives that recalls previous innovations by musicians such as Les McCann, Urban Tribe and James Stinson.


        Matt says: If (un)found sounds and deeply atmospheric textures are your thing, then look no further than this incredible offering from DeForrest Brown Jr.'s Speaker Music project...

        C.Y.M. is the collaboration between British producer and DJ Mike Greene (otherwise known as Fort Romeau) and LA-based American musician Chris Baio, who releases music as Baio in addition to playing bass in the acclaimed band Vampire Weekend. Their debut, self-titled EP arrives on Phantasy as an elegant pean to the infinite possibilities of kosmische music, driven by a motorik strain of psychedelia. The foundations of a wider project, C.Y.M. speaks not for analogue nostalgia, but a subtle and modern update on imagined futures that are still open to interpretation.

        "Capra" immediately establishes the duo’s masterful if unsurprising grip on rhythm, a man-machine stomp that persists as the track takes myriad turns, from post-punk guitar licks and processed vocals, through bubbling modular synthesis and culminating in a soaring, cathartic melody. On "Far Gone" C.Y.M. turn their studio inward for a more brooding and intimate interpretation of their sound, a balearic amalgam of intriguing vocals, feedback soaked riffs and no-wave inspired movement. The bliss beneath the waves of noise that crash across C.Y.M’s music emerges fully on the driving conclusion, "Super-Cannes". A hypnotic tempo and blistering drums intertwine with whirling organs, and shimmering keys, providing a wistful and warm finale.


        Matt says: More nuggets for left-of-center dancefloors this week as Fort Romeau joins forces with Vampire Weekend's bassist for a spacey-balearic-punk-funk jam that most are gonna struggle not to enjoy. Favourite track for me is the hypnotic bouyance of "Far Gone". TIP!

        House Of Love

        Shine On

          The debut single from the House Of Love is reissued on 7” for the very first time and contains all three tracks that were on the original 12”. Although a newly recorded version of Shine on was released in 1990 and became a massive hit, this is the first time that the original version has appeared in this format.


          7" Info: Limited to 1000 copies Colour Vinyl Includes postcard and poster

          The Shins


            This is the 2nd release for The Fug Yep Soundation, a record series created in loving memory of Richard Swift. It features 2 original new songs by The Shins. The Fug Yep Soundation’s goal, through releasing music, is to raise awareness for addiction and bring community to those suffering. All profits from this series will directly support the Swift family and two incredible organizations, MusiCares and Music Support UK who will help facilitate this mission.

            Agnes Obel

            Island Of Doom

              'This track is 1st official single track from Agnes’ new album on exclusive 7” vinyl.


              Looking At You / Borderline

                The Motor City 5 pressed on white vinyl at Third Man Pressing in the Motor City and packaged in new space age envelope style sleeves, with rare unseen band photos! Includes liners by David Fricke of Rolling Stone, who says, “In a 1966 live recording, the MC5 played ‘Looking at You’ like Motown raga. At United Sound, the band hit the zigzag riff at light speed and stayed there, framed by searing lead guitar and explosive drumming. ‘Borderline’ was a frantic jigsaw of power-chord jolts and sheet-like harmonies detonated again, at the Grande, for the live recording of the MC5’s first LP, Kick Out the Jams.”

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" Info: White vinyl.


                I Can Only Give You Everything / I Just Don't Know

                  The Motor City 5 pressed on white vinyl at Third Man Pressing in the Motor City and packaged in new space age envelope style sleeves, with rare unseen band photos! Includes liners by David Fricke of Rolling Stone, who says, “This session, at the city’s famed United Sound, was soaked in local R&B aura; John Lee Hooker cut his studio debut, ‘Boogie Chillen,’ there in 1948. ‘I Can Only Give You Everything’ was in that spirit and faster: a rolling-thunder feature of the MC5’s live sets pulled from Van Morrison’s 1966 album with Them, Them Again. ‘I Just Don’t Know’ was the band’s own bravado, a Bo Diddley-style gallop with a boxer’s barrage of power chords

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Ltd 7" Info: White vinyl

                  Faze Action Records presents the official reissue of three of Micky Milan's classic tracks from the early 80's, including the stunning "Quando Tu Danses", orginally recorded in 1980. This hybrid of Disco and Brazilian music, with percussion and infectious piano hooks, has been given a re edit by Pacha resident Willie Graff and is already receiving big support from DJ Harvey at his Pikes residency in Ibiza. This track is now officially available for the first time on one side of a 12".
                  Micky Milan came to prominence in the early to mid 70s as one of France's first DJ's to support the Funk and Disco sounds from the US. Packing out clubs in Paris and delivering marathon sets til 6 in the morning, Milan quickly earned a reputation as a top DJ in the Paris nightlife scene with touring artists such as Prince, Madonna, Delegation all dropping in to catch him spin.
                  On B1 we have "C'est Une Bombe", a classic example of French boogie, included here is the Faze Action Edit and on B2 we have the dreamy Balearic boogie sounds of "Les Vacances On S'Eclate, On S'Evade".

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Faze Action enter the reissue market with a superb 12" here, bringing three of Micky Milan's finest moments to one vinyl. As fine an example of French boogie as you're likely to find, the title track slays with a little help from Willie Graff, while Faze Action's own edit of "C'est Une Bombe", brings a whole lot of shoulder rolling mid-tempo energy to your next set. Last but not least "Les Vacances..." is the coastal groover you've been missing all this time (just wait for those keys!) - top marks.

                  Experimental hip-hop group Clipping’s “The Deep” is a dark sci-fi tale about the underwater-dwelling descendants of African women thrown off slave ships, based on the mythology of Detroit electronic group Drexciya. The song was originally commissioned for a This American Life about Afrofuturism in 2017. The track earned Clipping a nomination for a 2018 Hugo award, and the band constructed a sound installation based on “The Deep” at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. This release comes on the heels of the November 5th release of The Deep, a novella by Rivers Solomon (with Clipping credited as co-authors) inspired by the title track and published by Saga Press. The vinyl and digital versions include two otherwise-unreleased extra tracks – including “Aquacode Databreaks,” which features Shabazz Palaces – and the vinyl edition includes instrumental versions of all three tracks. 

                  Full Circle

                  Back To Disco Valley Vol 4

                  Fresh from his excellent 'Wonders Ovze World' CD on Idle Press, slo-mo trance and new-Goa pioneer Alexis Le Tan is back in the studio with good buddy Joakim, bringing us the fourth instalment of their 'Back To Disco Valley' series on Crowdspacer. Adopting their Full Circle moniker, the duo go heavy on the A-side serving up the gated vocals, grunting bass and laserbeam synths on the propulsive 115bpm stomper "Alien Nation". An unashamed club monster, this one comes with its own neon body paint and fire poi. Flipping the disc things veer off in a more hypnotic direction via the tribal and trippy sounds of "Shivering Shiva". The duo pair a sub tickling groove with droning sitars, Indian percussion idents and a gurgling sequence which drives the piece off into a darker direction. Heady stuff.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Get ready for the apocalyptic rave journey! Alexis Le Tan and Joakim are back with some slo-mo trance, poi swinging cuts perfect for that big party scene in the second matrix film.

                  The clouds pile up in the Dresden's autumn sky, but Uncanny Valley still sees a little bit of blue on the horizon. And why not looking on the bright side of life for a change? It's appropriate. At least if you have five killer tracks in your bag. Anyway, the collaboration with the Leipzig graphic designer Doppeldenk proved to be very fruitful and has now produced the fourth of seven children. So, after "Pink", "Red" and "Orange", here is "Blue". May life be good to you. The record opens with the aptly titled, Chicago-inspired "Mind Trip" by Credit 00, the Aldous Huxley from your neighborhood. The Leipziger takes you on a journey on your own nerve pathway with occasional stops at the hottest spots in your body. Local buddy Gnista is piling up layer by layer for the UK meets Electro affair that is "Playtime Worktime". It's an atmospheric monster that needs to be climbed first. But as soon as this is done, a fresh breeze blows around your nose. In "Brecht Hat Er", the mysterious Dresden underground formation AGB spreads wisdom in staccato mode, accompanied by Cold Wave-like music, which could also have been created in the shadows of the Berlin Wall. After a long time of hiatus, there is also a sign of life again from Uncanny Valley's Break SL, who proves with "Bye Bye 627" that he still masters the art of producing House music that is as edgy as it is catchy. In similar veines comes "In Transit" from Qnete who channels the ghosts in his machines into an emotional and powerful house track.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Another killer outing for Uncanny Valley here, who enlist a quintet of underground all-stars for this V/A 12". Credit 00 drops a technicolour jacker which redraws Chicago acid in cartoon form, Gnista fuses a 93 warehouse rave with e-e-e-lectro, Break SL and Qnete are on house duty and AGB steal the show with the NNDW/Cold Wave jam "Brecht Hat Er".

                  Seriously fun electro bangers from a new artist named Gen-Y kick off this new label: Going Bananas.

                  "Where My Phone At" is gritty & gnarly with tons of attitude. Running vocals thru the Korg MS-20 in a kinda 'window licking' stylee, the snappy electro beatz and concentric melodic gurgles make for a brilliant narcotic, early doors kinda track...

                  "Phucked Up" perfectly balances a bouncy breakbeat with techy stabs and a pitched-down, druggy vox. Add a bubbling, acidic lead line, swishy perx and aquatic SFX and you've got yourself a compatible deep sea diver to man the torpedo bays.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: I usually shy away from the various mutant forms of new electro, unless it's really good - which this is! Growling and snarling ahead of the pack, Gen-Y ruin trainers and Monday mornings with this warehouse-approved smash.

                  One of the hands-down head-bangers of Makaya McCraven’s 2018 release Where We Come From (CHICAGOxLONDON Mixtape) was bubbling London-based producer/composer Emma-Jean Thackray’s contributed track, “Too Shy.” Slotted into the B-side of the DJ-style suite, Makaya’s finishing touch on the mixtape format of the collection meant that we would miss the full extension of Thackray’s work – which was intended, as she originally made it, to run a minute longer than it does on Where We Come From, and also include a half-time outro bonus beat.

                  Being the banger that it is, it seemed appropriate to give Thackray’s original “Too Shy” its own focused format, and hence International Anthem)have partnered (once again) with their good friends at Total Refreshment Centre to present this 12” version on limited edition wax. The B-Side of this 12” is a smoking re-work of another cut from the original CHICAGO x LONDON Mixtape, “Run ‘Dem,” courtesy of the one and only Gilles Peterson!

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Millie says: This is my kind of upbeat Jazz-jam, the rework of Too Shy is the best track I’ve heard for a while now, the looping bass is out of this world. Paired with Makaya McCraven’s Jazz heaven, accompanied with all the current names in the genre sphere.

                  Returning to Phantasy, after her Piccadilly approved debut, Terr captures further dancefloor magic on the blistering ‘Energy Sync’. Following the success of ‘Tale of Devotion’, the Brazilian-born, Berlin-based producer continues to distill her exquisite instincts into an irresistible single that blends electro and disco influences with flawless song writing. Built around a heartfelt and vulnerable refrain, the ‘Club Mix’ takes just seconds to explode into a wide-eyed anthem in waiting, maintaining pure ecstasy and cascading energy until it’s final, sensual modulation. On the contrary, Terr transforms the track into a wistful, weightless electro-pop moment for the ‘Original Mix’, building a slower if no less celebratory groove around her own vocals, which also feature as an acapella.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: A smooth and satisfying mix of ocatvey Italo business and trancy electronics on this killer 12 from Terr. The OG is a swimming, Chromatics-y synth number while the club mix brings the aformentioned throb, and the accapella does exactly what it says on the tin. Can't imagine playing that last one myself at home while i'm having my dinner to be honest, but it's prime DJ tackle for sure. Awesome outing.

                  Spanish techno stalwarts JC Cabrera and Kastil come together once again for their No Spiritual Surrender project, this time debuting on L.I.E.S. Direct, rhythmic, textured and dense techno gear with hints of James Cotton, the Modern Love-affiliated Hate, and even the stadium tickling prowess of Adam Beyer should all be familiar across the release.

                  It's tuff, uncompromising and it grabs you by your private parts before swinging you round its head like a techno caveman... typical LIES tackle then...


                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Primordial techno that's likely to bring out your inner caveman.

                  Dekmantel's hot streak continues as the imperious Dutch imprint follow up that killer Epsilove 12" with this blistering debut from Neon Chambers, the new collaboration between Kanding Ray and Sigha. Aiming to expand on their already impressive solo careers the two men have pooled hardware, sonic know-how and club experience to create this new audio-visual vehicle for studio and live enjoyment. 
                  The duo’s debut EP, "One" is a whirlwind of crushing modern sonics, that is equal parts jagged rave, progressive dub-fuelled two-step and night time-ethereal IDM. Throughout all five-tracks, the producers wield a wicked awareness of state-of-the-art sound design, that makes each kick cerebral, every bass-sound an epic vibration, and every synth a futuristic cacophony of finely-tuned noise. The sounds are an amalgamation of everything that has made each artistic unique in their own right, while correspondingly helping create something new. ‘Apollo’ is a prodigious working of melodic synthesis, with delicate, and rolling breaks, while ‘Cascade’ moves into a more grandiose, heavenly territory, befit with trance-like, precision synthesis. ‘What It Takes’ brings on board a more UK, post-dubstep sound, albeit one with more craft, and sonic mastership. ‘Your Touch’ toys once more with atmospheric rolling breaks and solemn vocal samples, while ‘Helles’, the closing track, is an excursion into more compelling, auditory realms.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Yup, it's Dekmantel, so you know it's gonna bang! Neon Chambers is a new one on me, but under the reasuring guidance of the label, they have of course, tickled my feathers somewhat here. You should also check it out.

                  Originally released on the legendary Pacific Records label outta London in 1996, "EP #1" see the man Lee Renacre don his prestigious 100HZ pseudonym for a killer 4 tracker of rolling, future-leaning tech housers. EP opener "Holic Soda" channels some tripping minimalism, cascading melodies intertwining over shuffling hi-hats giving everything an almost Robert Hood lost in London' feel. Ace! "Foxy" is a very different proposition, it's all stripped back, jazzed out wiggly keys and someone's voice saying 'FOXY' over and over a very experimental drum pattern that sets the swing setting to +11.

                  The B-side goes scuba diving straight away, the first cut "Southern Lights" takes us under the waves, to the ocean floor with its pacey bleeps and incessant chords, easily one of the highlights of this EP and an altogether killer track, true school techno - London style. "Shapes" finishes us off, a shifting narcotic jam that unfolds and reveals ore and more sounds in the deadliest fashion. In the right hands this (& the other 3) track could do some serious damage in the right space or on the right floor. A masterclass in vintage, late 90's techno and deep house right here - do not miss!

                  As always, fully licensed from the original tape holders and repressed at maximum fidelity on fresh virgin vinyl. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Really loving that fact that Mint Condition have turned their spotlight onto the tech house emergant from London around the mid 90s. There's such a rich seam and most of it is pretty under documented. One such relic is uncovered by the label here...

                  Les Big Byrd


                    Stockholm quartet Les Big Byrd returns with new single “Snö-Golem”, an early taste from their upcoming third record, the follow-up to 2018’s acclaimed Iran Iraq IKEA LP. Arriving just ahead of the band’s EU tour, which includes two shows at Reeperbahn festival as well as dates in Germany and France, “Snö-Golem” showcases the band’s heavier krautrock-infused side and will be released on September 19 digitally, with a limited edition 7” vinyl release arriving later this fall.

                    The Illicits

                    Left Behind / Born Slippy

                      The Illicits are the leaders of the next generation. The four-piece band from Blackburn, newly-signed by Alan McGee to his Creation 23, are the vital, essential guitar band the UK music scene has been waiting for, creating what Alan McGee has described as “terrace punk”.

                      With their blistering live shows, The Illicits are bringing people together, speaking to their peers in the north and documenting life in the post-industrial northern towns and cities. The band’s euphoric take on punk rock is instilling confidence and swagger into the northern music scene, and increasingly resonating with kids up and down the country as word spreads.

                      “Left Behind” features Sex Pistols legend Steve Jones on guitar, and is an urgent, anthemic slice of punk rock. Steve recorded his part at Atticus Ross’ (Nine Inch Nails) studio in LA. The cover of the Underworld classic “Born Slippy” has become a firm fan favourite at live shows, with the band encoring with the 90s classic.

                      The Illicits became the first band ever to appear on Soccer AM without releasing any music when they performed live on the show earlier this year. This latest AA side release follows the vinyl-only release of debut single “In What World”. The record sold-out on pre-sales alone, entering the vinyl charts at Number 4 on release. To date the band have focused on physical releases only, avoiding streaming as they’ve built their reputation on word of mouth. 

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition red vinyl.

                      Alexandre Bazin / Wladyslaw Trejo

                      Red Ochre / Movida

                      Acting as a taster of sorts, for two amazing full lengths due around the start of 2020 for Polytechnic Youth, this second November release on PY offers up a killer dual artist 45, with tracks from renowned French electronic artist Alexandre Bazin and the fabulous Wladyslaw Trejo.

                      Alexandre Bazin is a current member of the renowned ‘Groupe de Recherches Musicales’ (GRM), based in Paris, France. His work “considers the sonic experience drawing on a rich mix of acoustic instrumentation and analogue synthesis. As an experimentalist music researcher, Bazin’s compositional projects are primarily concerned with a very personal seal on a music of emotional power”.

                      “Red Ochre” is a taster to his wonderful new full length scheduled on PY for early 2020.

                      The flip is, -of the two- arguably the more immediate of the two tracks here, the incredible “Movida” by Wladyslaw Trejo. In your face from the off, this high tempo, electro-punk banger tips it’s hat in equal measure to Suicide, Chrome with a touch of Richard Pinhas thrown in too. Trejo is a Spanish musician forged in the underground scene and known for his roles with synthwave duo ‘Slovenska Televiza’. In his solo project, Trejo leans more towards his punk side whilst revealing, in his words: “an intimate side with no qualms about tearing the ribs out and exposing the soul; and the fears and evil that lurks in us all! A dark and psychotropic journey in the form of feverish electronics, with industrial rhythms and almost paranoid walls of sound. ‘Movida’ is a taster to a full length also on Polytechnic Youth in 2020. The track narrates the difficulties of being young, going out to party and becoming involved in fights without looking for one”

                      A superb 45 released in an edition of 300 gold vinyl, dinked 45s in hand stamped and numbered gold sleeves. Expected to follow usual PY procedure and sell out super quick!


                      Cool / Dub

                      Namechecked by REM (back when they were cool) as the best band in the world, championed by LCD Soundsystem throughout their career and feted by every cool band you can think of (including the B-52s), Pylon are certainly the best band you've ever heard of. Formed in Athens, GA in 1979 over a mutual love of Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, The No New York compilation, the group of art students and amateur musicians found the magic, capturing the DIY energy around them instantly to become the focal point of their local scene. 

                      Now enjoying its 40th anniversary, this single serves spikey guitars and unflinching vocals on the A-side - peak post punk but much better than the rest, while B-side "Dub" is a pounding and hypnotic no-wave dancer par excellence. It's time to fill the gap in your collection I reckon.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Peerless post-punk / no-wave brilliance here from Athens legends Pylon. Hypnotic, hard hitting and entirely angular, these two jams would be classics if they'd come out of NYC...

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 7" Info: Clear red vinyl.

                      Alton Ellis / Soul Vendors

                      I’m Still In Love / Just A Bit Of Soul

                      Alton Ellis’s original 1967 Studio One version of ‘I’m Still In Love (With You)’ is one of the most well-known tracks in Jamaican music history, based on an incredibly catchy rhythm that has seen countless versions over the years, most famously for Althea and Donna’s huge worldwide smash ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ in 1977 and Sean Paul and Sasha’s cover version that was a chart hit in the UK and numerous other countries in 2002. Here Soul Jazz Records present the original 7” version cut super loud and fat on a 12” single. On the B-side there’s a funky slice of JA Soul grooviness, the Soul Vendors’ ‘Just A Bit Of Soul’, featuring the one and only Jackie Mittoo.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Soul Jazz's imperative re-issuing of top drawer reggae 12"s continues in earnest with a tasty double header here from Alton Ellis and Soul Vendors.

                      Raw Energy by JD Twitch showing Petersen‘s Trance (Not Trance) the way to the dancefloor.
                      Synths and sitars for eternal bliss on the flipside. Another pin glowing!

                      Back in 2017, Basso delved into his micro-press cassette collection to treat us to the first retrospective of kosmische wizard Trance. Spanning both the bucolic and galactic, ‚Tapes‘ (GBR010) suspended time and space, enveloping us in the nebulous beauty of Jürgen Petersen‘s misty ambience.
                      Among the appreciative audience for this mind expanding release was one JD Twitch aka Keith McIvor, one half of the mighty Optimo. Keith‘s vision of remixing Jurgen‘s ‚Purification‘ for the club was embraced by both the artist and the label guy with glowing eyes. Charting a course through progressive house, ambient techno and the weirder bits of the solar system, McIvor combines the celestial synthesis of the original with some tough and tracky drum programming, turning the intensity up to 11 in pursuit of early morning ascension. A sensitive arrangement allows space for Peterson‘s waveforms to work their magic, while laser fire and additional fx abuse unlock evolutionary abilities buried deep in your unconscious mind.
                      The previously unreleased, largely unheard ‚Contemplation‘ was originally intended to feature on the ‚Tapes‘ compilation, but fell off the edge of that flat Earth thanks to its maximal runtime. Too good to remain a secret, this crepuscular creation enjoys the entirety of the B-side, drifting through the eons via meditative electronics, delicate sitar and a touch of tapey flutter.
                      Embrace the almost 40 year old tape‘s flaws and imperfections that could not be restorated and dive into the immersive and unparalleled.
                      This is music for higher beings.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Mind elevating techno here on the Glowing Pin as Optimo's JD Twitch transforms the hypnotic synthery of Trance's ambient masterpiece "Purification" into a life changing floor burner. Cool off on the flip with the previously unreleased tape mantra "Contemplation".

                      Sordid Sound System has taken his unique, raw, dub-infused sonic vision to a new level. With "Cape Perpetua" we travel dem spaceways to a place that seems to grow more beautiful by the second; a textured, melodic, blissful interplanetary landscape where further words fail. From here Sascha Funke manages to take the controls and steer the mission on an urgent futuristic space odyssey. Faint background signals of the original remain but are violently ejected from the airlock by the most synthetic, syncopated sounds the human ear has ever been exposed to that result in a peak time techno frenzy that would most definitely work in a nightclub if such a thing existed in this new dimension. Flip over and we're straight into "It's About Time". This one is equally high octane, but this time of the afro-tinted psychedelic surf punk variety. If you aren't dancing to this you're probably dead. No rest for the wicked, however because before we manage to get our precise bearings and a firm grasp of what just happened the acid techno space rock of "Pneumonia Gulch" kicks in and takes us to places Hawkwind could only have dreamed of. Respite soon follows when the seductive voice of Eva Geist transports us to yet another beautiful paradise. Slowly it dawns on us, however, that we're now in a solar system elsewhere entirely. Mind boggling. Nothing comes close. If you were to take a cockatil of mandrake, opium, LSD, ecstasy and a variety of amphetamines in the company of the heavenly host, the cosmic machine elves and a group of your best human friends with access to every instrument you ever wanted you would only know the half of it. This takes a very twisted, talented, mystic mind to come up with. I'm sure of it.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Leading light of modern body music, Invisible, Inc. draw their impeccable year to a close with this nothing-short-of-genius release from Sordid Sound System. Smoke the toad and get woke!

                      Inaugural release on Manchester’s latest electronic label Selby Soul. This debut 4-track EP from Alps 2 is a baptism of liquid grooves, cathartic progressions and spaced out synthetic rapture. Purifying the more melancholic elements of artists like MssingNo, Kieren Hebden, Baba Stiltz and Burial into crystalline sugar. A much needed temperate tonic to assuage the oncoming winter.

                      Who the fuck is Alps 2?! And where have they come from?! This is ACE! - exquisite sound design, sympathetic rhythms and a playful, saccharine-drenched use of vox; it's so 2019 it hurts whilst remaining deliciously humane and heartfelt. Miss are your peril!

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Millie says: Alps 2 arrive from Manchester label, Selby Soul, providing the perfect mix of house-y lo-fi beats. Four tracks of pure ambient gold, however the last track ‘I Wonder’ has captured a certain 80’s soft rock-esque vibe which I can’t get enough of.


                      Creepy Steve / Human Call - Inc. Joel Harrison Remix

                      Since debuting on the label in May 2017, East London duo Earthboogie has been part of the extended Leng family. In that time, Izaak Gray and Nicola Robinson have delivered a swathe of superb singles and a fine debut album, 2018’s critically acclaimed "Human Call". Here they present their sole single of 2019, a two-track fusion of intergalactic, terrestrial and tribal elements reflective of their by-now trademark style.

                      Fittingly, lead cut "Creepy Steve" - a previously unheard workout recorded during the sessions for "Human Call" - contains many of the musical ingredients that made Earthboogie such an enticing proposition. It boasts a raw, fuzzy and driving analogue bassline, densely layered tribal percussion, dub disco-influenced guitars, woozy electronics and sporadic blasts of African style chanting. As if that wasn’t enough to get the blood pumping, Gray and Robinson have also thrown in some extended, rock style guitar solos and more cowbells, bongos and timbales than you can shake a stick at.

                      It comes accompanied by a previously unheard remix of “Human Call”, the title track from their superb debut album, by friend and fellow musical fusionist Joel Harrison. His version is warm, woozy, driving and percussive, brilliantly re-imagining Earthboogie’s original version as a supersonic slab of peak-time ready deep house. The band’s original chanted vocals, guitars and melodies slowly rise above bustling, all-action drums, weighty bass, alien-sounding electronic flourishes, poignant trumpet parts and seriously dreamy sustained chords. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Sil says: Percussive rich and with plenty of cosmic warmth and... boogie! Or is it disco? A belter nonetheless.

                      This first instrumental project from Equiknoxx Music’s Nick 'Bobby Blackbird'Deane, was conceptualized in 2015, after choreographer Liane Williams needed theme music for her dance documentary: “5, 6,7,8 Diaries”. Starting life as a voice note sent to musical partner Gavin 'Gavsborg' Blair, the ska tune was fully conceived in Deane’s mind from keys to horns. That sound was almost still born when he met in a near-fatal motor vehicle accident in July, 2015 leaving him hospitalized and bed-ridden for near 3 months.

                      With time to contemplate the importance of creativity in his life Bobby emerged from recovery determined to bring the song, and watercolour self-portrait to life. While metal pins held the bones in his hand together, Bobby enlisted the talents of friends to record “The Master Blenda” at Anchor Studios in one night. The ensemble featured none other than Grammy nominated Raging Fyah band members: Anthony “ToniDrumz” Watson (drums), Delroy “Pele” Hamilton (bass), Demar “Demz” Gayle (piano), and Courtland “Gizmo” White (guitar). For added authenticity, the Equiknoxx founders called upon keyboard legend Franklyn “Bubbler” Wahl of “The Professionals” fame and Grammy winning horn maestro “Stingwray” who delivered a blazing trumpet solo on top of all horn accompaniments.

                      Not content with revisiting one classic genre of Jamaican music, the Equiknoxx crew drop a genuine dub of the track on Side B, dicing the vocals of Exile Di Brave with the reverb-laced punches led by Jordan 'Time Cow' Chung, Gavsborg and Bobby Blackbird himself. The track was tied together with a mix from Olo Mothashipp in Warsaw, Poland and mastered by Nick Sinna in Manchester, UK.

                      The result is a global labour of love and a monument to passion in creative endeavour. Inspired by a dancer, made sound by musicians and painted by the artist: The Master Blenda is true to its name. An artisan’s take on marrying spirits to become more than the sum of their arts. Hopefully Bobby has made the famed Appleton Master Blender (and his former mentor), Dr. Joy Spence proud.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Honorary Mancunians Equiknoxx drop a tidy ska-themed track by Bobby Blackbird. Local lad Nick Sinna on the dials plus a highly acocmplished dub from the cartel. It's a JA>>MCR family affair!

                      Group Listening

                      What's A Girl To Do EP

                      Following on from last year's "Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1" - which saw Group Listening covering ambient classics such as works by Roedelius, Arthur Russell, Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt, the duo return with a new offering for 2019 - a sultry and smoky remake of Fatima Yamaha's slow-burn classic "What's A Girl To Do" backed with a double header of the Durutti Column songs "Messidor / Danny".

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Millie says: Captivating, ambient reflection on these three covers by Group Listening, a reworked version of ‘What’s A Girl To Do’ create this beautifully hazy version. Paired with two Durutti Column tracks offering more whimsical and soothing melodies.

                      MASSIVE Italo reissue here folks as the Best Records guys take their repress express to 1983 for Lama's "Love On The Rocks". If you know, you know, and if you don't, this is a robotic re-chug of the Lucio Battisti disco winner "Il Veliero", better known to the disco/Balearic heads in its Chaplin Band form. Firing up the synth stations, Lama sequenced the bassline, ditched the vocals in favour of their own celestial melodies (delivered in both female deadpan and heavenly coo) and electrified every ounce of euphoria out of the classic original. Italo perfecto! On the flip things get dark via the CBS (Cybernetic Broadcast System) classic "Nineteen Ninety Three", a sci fi romper inspired by an apocalyptic view of their near future. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Best whip up a must have Italo reissue here with two incredible tracks from Lama, their euphoric synth re-imagining of 'Il Veliero' (most energetic track EVER) and the Italo-pocalyptic 'Nineteen Ninety Three', a darker cut perfect for the electro crowd.

                      The Miss You crew go deep once again, digging into the vaults to reissue this absolute peach from 1989. I'm unsure who Louisa Miller is, and I can't track down any other releases by here, but this originally dropped on Wing An' A Prayer at the death of the 80s, thus features dope riddim-excursions by the in house band on the flip. Now while it is definitely lovers rock, Louisa's smooth Sade style delivery, the chugging groove and the decidedly coastal feel give this emotional masterpiece a maximum 5 sandals out of 5 on Patch's Balearic rankings - so don't sleep!

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Super Balearic Sade-inspired lovers rock rescued from obscurity with this handy reissue. Smooth, warm and so so groovy. Have it!

                      Actor/singer Philip Michael Thomas impresses yet again this time not as Detective Ricardo Tubbs on the TV series Miami Vice alongside Don Johnson, but as composer and producer of another downtempo dreamy lovers rock escapade - “Starry Eyed” - featuring melting Spanish romantic spoken word break down. Previously unreleased, originally produced in 1985, fresh from the master tapes now out for the very first time on MISSYOU.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Now a total silver fox (google him!) one time Miami Vice hero P.M. Thomas, had a lesser known, but equally dope recording career. Somehow this one stayed in the can way back when, but it sounds like a killer to me. Reggae for the Balearic crowd...

                      Following the successful slow tempo masterpiece "Just A Moment" by Liquid Mask, we have here another chill Italo disco treasure called "Dancing" by La Troupe, originally released in 1984 via Drums Edizioni. Urgently worthy of a reissue the tracks are fully remastered from the original master tape, courtesy of Gero Merella.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Great mid 80s Italian number. Whimsical and languid it somehow conjures up images of the bright blues and vibrant greens of Sardinia! Take a drive through the Italo landscape!

                      After offering us the Portuguese producer's 'Summer Nights' as their second release, Thank You revisit the work of Jacky Ferreria for their fifth instalment, scalping the finest moments of his 1991 cassette release "Dança Alegre" for a floor filling 12" reissue. "69 Bingo", previously available to vinyl fans as the B-side to the "Dança Alegre" 7" (feat light-hearted spanking sleeve) lets loose with percolating, almost freestyle percussion, squidgy bass sounds and a superb off-beat piano riff, maxing out the Mediterranean house vibe. In house edit master Castro drops the piano and ups the fx for a perc mix to close out the A-side, and then we're on to "Fico So" a slow and sensual cut on a street-soul / Balearic tip - very handy for the erection section I reckon. Then there's just time for the absurdity of "24 Rosas", heard here in its DJ Fruhstuck form. I will personally cover the cost of the copy for the first DJ brave/stupid enough to play this track out...

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Early 90s Latino house heat on the A-side, smooth, slow and sensual Balearic bizz on the flip!

                      Mint Condition continues its top drawer excavation of all things classic in the storied history of dance music and club culture.

                      3 In Key is a super rare, one-off Eye 4 Sound excursion from 3 of London's top tech-house golden era big wigs, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles & Jiten Archaya. Boasting some sick mixdown and engineering from the mighty Bushwacka! it's one of those real nuggets from the underground, a flash of genius, and a super tough ultra-rare EP to track down. 4 cuts of that wigged-out, minimal space funk that makes this era, and this style of music, so fresh today. This is exactly the sort of record that shows up on the playlists of your favourite global DJ's, released sometime around the late 1990's (there's no actual release date online) all of the untitled cuts contained within bristle with a special after-hours energy. Trust us, this is that top shelf tech-house business, finally repressed for the heads, the dancers, the freaks and the masses!

                      3 In Key's only EP - "Untitled" has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of the Eye 4 Sound crew for 2019 and remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original sources especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Come to a Kickin' Pigeon DJ set very very soon, I gotta tip my beak to Mint Condition to putting me onto these late 90s tech-house bangers.. I thought it dug everything there was to dig from this period - but obviously not! If you're playing on the big rigs this Winter you need this!

                      BAR04 focusses on Venderstrooik, a mysterious duo from the exotic lands of Alphen aan den Rijn. The EP starts with 'Espionage', a tribalist DIY distorted electronics track while the other original, 'Escargothic' sounds like an eerie halloween on ketamine. Two the venue's nearest and dearest are on hand for the remixes. First up Pasiphae makes a super dark goth version of 'Espionage', all eyeliner and malevolent intent, while Sacha Mambo returns to the label with a drug addled and disorienting clubversion of 'Escargothic'.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: More metal music / machine funk / ket boogie on BAR here, who keep the dark wired dance floor in murky anthems once again. Two killer OGs and two top drawer alternates from Pasiphe and Sacha Mambo.

                      Berliner Stefan Junge last dropped on Power Station in 2018, using his preferred Piska Power moniker for the creeping mechanics of 'Landung', a whacked out tempo-grinding release which still gets plenty o' play from your pal Patch. Now he returns with 'Eiter Mit Stulle', a second six track serving of industrial funk, skewed techno and punk electronix. Opener "Stulle" employs growling low end, wriggling synth riffs and guttural vocals over a rigid beat, softening us up for the skewed stomp of "Eiter", a feisty cut which serves the same ingredients flambéd, backmasking vocals and tuning the lead synth into a Ferrari roar, only pushed into the red by "Grad III". Flip it for more mechanized scuzz, whether the pacey and pinging "Eine Frau Eine Man" or apocalyptic wave of "Joyeuse Bureau", before Stefan sees us out with some vintage NDW on "Strigoi", a post punk snarler with chipset blips.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: I'm always hyped for a new Power Station and new material from Piska Power, so this release is buzzing squared. Jamming his fingers into the mains, the Berlin producer delivers 6 tracks of slamming industrial funk with plenty of nods to post punk and new wave.

                      Orlando Voorn is back on Multiplex alongside the label debut of Luca Lozano! This new 12” compilation format is curated by Steen Kong. The concept of "Obey The Night" is to pit two producers against one another with each delivering an original track as well as a remix of the other's work.

                      First up is Orlando Voorn, who Multiplex previously has released under his electro alias Ultra. This time though, Voorn supplies a hefty slab of peaking house via the sublime "Pull Up". Comprised of heavily compressed drum elements, some syncopated to create a naturally intrinsic groove, piano notes and snapback vox are also added; a maximized mix of instrumentation which keeps peeling back new layers as the track moves forwards.

                      Next OG, "People Person" by Lozana, is a deep tech thumper. It's various toms, woodblocks and shakers all working the floor up into a tribal frenzy. DJs love these kinda tracks as they create unfathomable waves of tension whilst also being great DJ tools in the mix. This one's no exception as it's tension-wrought pads, intricate percussion lines and sparse arrangement mean creative DJs will get loads of miles out of it. Add a few Sheffield-indebted bleep melodies and you've got yourself an amazing techno tune in its own right as well! Winner!

                      Voorn's remix of Luca's "People Person" sees it transformed into a steadily creeping stadium beast with those chunky low-mid stabs and a dizzying array of synth lines. Flipping roles, Voorn's "Pull Up" is morphed into a slinky, deep house / breakbeat hybrid via Lozano's skillfully guided hand....

                      Exceptional stuff from both producer's indeed as new school talent meets established genius, You need! 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Massive record that's punish the stacks and keep any dancefloor jiving. Techno talent old and new as Voorn and Lozano get to grips across each others stems. The results are genius!

                      Greetings from Sucksonia! This is Rat Life number 17 - straight from the arse end of nowhere called Saxony. Westlake & Hayter dedicate their debut EP to this not so special part of Germany. Moving here voluntarily from the western sector pissed off their parents and friends, so they had to join the local freak music underground. Apart from this, what other option do you have as a free spirit, in a place that is controlled by crazy old men and their weird ideas? Right! You deal with the messed up reality by making some beautiful messed up music. And the two did very well! Spreading their Mutant Freak Funk over four tracks that will make your nice little suburban homestead collapse, this way it will fit in perfectly with the industrial ruins in the neighborhood!

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: We're all about the Rat Life at Piccadilly Records and Westlake & Hayter are our new favourite vermin! Across four loud and wobbly tracks the duo get stuck into warped electro, rubberised EBM and moody chug. It's sounds for solvents!

                      Krystal Klear returns, bringing with him a superb follow-up to a healthy string of releases over the past few years (2018's 'Neutron Dance' being a particular favourite). We kick things off with the octaved synth pulses and hammering 4-4 percussives laying out a statement of intent straight away before filtering in a syncopated resonant 303 throb on 'Entre Nous', slowly building into the charicatured but oh-so-effective 'drop' around the two minute mark. We get the whole gamut of perfectly produced and undeniably satisfying rave standards (piano, stacked saw waves, filters, sweat, bruxism, nystagmus, etc.) before following up with the soaring Italo pomp of 'Autobahn'. It's a bit more of a slow burner this, with the first couple minutes slowly pushing up the fader on the woody percussion loops and the latter half bringing in an octaved synth in a similar manner, but acts perfectly as a gradually growing and eventually explosive closer to the exciteable first side. 

                      'I'll Be There When You Need Me' opens the second side with a slightly whimsical wash of subtle melodic counterpoint and panned 5ths all floating and ducking around the churning filter sweeps and snappy 909, layering elements into a stunning culmination of dewy-eyed retrospection and productional futurism, before closing with the more immediately poppy neon glare of 'Gambino', summarising the previous pieces while acting as a well-needed palate cleanser from the halogenic intensity of the previous three. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: Bright, soaring instrumental bliss here from Krystal Klear, with huge synths and shimmering keys all coalescing into a euphoric, sweaty bath. Massive all round.

                      Sid Vaga & Herald

                      Need U

                      Just in time for the xmas season, when people are just desperate to get out of those heavy family affairs we are forced to attend to, appears this heavy techno monstes to help you escape and really defrag the way you like it. A no frills, on your face tech house beat with relentless bassline and an absolute killer vocal sample will keep you going for hours - this is a great natural pumper that will enhance your performance both in and out the dancefloor. If you DJ out there, this is peaktime climax in its raw glory. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Sil says: An absolute tech house belter that will keep everyone talking and enquiring about it. Let go at your own peril! Essential!

                      TCB aka Chris Beißwenger, ESP's boy on Jah bless road, goes a little something like: 1977, born cross-eyed, parents like Boney M; 1984, suburbia USA, DSNY, still cross-eyed; 1988, 98.7 Kiss FM New York on the school bus radio; 1989, Frankfurt Am Main, hyperactive, outsider, got lazered; 1991, drums and piano in cheesy school band; 1993, kicked out of Omen, kicked out of school band; 1994, kicked out of Omen again, got his own band; 1995, kicked out of band, finally in at Omen, The Box, Wild Pitch Club; 1996, got first car, Fasttracker, EMU ESI-32; 1999, no more car, no more Omen, Robert Johnson instead; 2002, first release, High Tide; 2003, Ableton 0.1 Beta, less MIDI, more gefrickel; 2004, exchange High Tide for CB Funk, kicked out of Cocoon; 2005, a silly move to Düsseldorf, Burkina Faso, more synthesizers; 2006, again silly in Düsseldorf, Brontosaurus, disco-house, love; 2007, Cologne and Frankfurt, back to piano, more love, still no car; 2008, with love to Frankfurt, Arto Mwambe on the road, storyteller; 2009, Mwambe still on the road, bored of work; 2010, Live At Robert Johnson, four-day week (thank God), four bike accidents; 2011, Europe, bored of piano, invention of The Citizen’s Band; 2012, modular cookery, thoughts of moving; 2013, Burkinian's death, Delphi's rise, almost made it, 2014, broke out of seven-year cycle to[o] complicate[d] being, TCB; 2015, floor-clearing/career-ending Boiler Room set; 2016, busy doing soundtracks, work overload; 2017, missed the summer hit, wait till next year; 2018, BWL gone live, MoMoMo at Amp, hot in May; December 2019, completed and released album of dubs for ESP Institute, 'Primal Astrology'; 2020, spliffs ignited, world excited.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: If your brain's boggled by those ESP Institute sales notes, allow me to translate. TCB is Chris Beißwenger, LARJ regular, techno and disco don and member of the mighty Arto Mwambe alongside Lauer. Here he displays his hardware mastery, superior sound design and ear for a melody with a six tracker of futuristic digital dub for day-trippers.

                      This "Like A Prayer" edit has been a secret weapon in Mike Simonetti's DJ sets for almost three years, and has been one of his most requested tracks. The fact that it has amassed over 15,000 downloads on SoundCloud before being taken down by Madonna's people has only added to the mystique of this particular rework. The b-side is the polar opposite -- yet equally as effective -- rework of krautrock legend Faust. Here, Mike takes a meandering kraut masterpiece, and in a more classic edit style, turns it into an 11-minute dancefloor journey with bigger drums, faster BPMs and buildups/breakdowns. Where the Madonna edit is sparse and bare, the Faust edit is lush and ecstatic.

                      "The story goes... about 7 years ago i had an idea of making a re-edit of Like A Prayer, but instead of using the original version of the song, I wanted to use the acapella version that is on the b-side of the 12” single. My idea was to cut it up and make it more like a gospel song than a pop song. The acapella version is unique because they brought the choir backing vocals out to the front and you can hear things that you do not notice in the original song. On the 12” acapella version they were also nice enough to leave the original background percussion in as well, so all the pieces fit perfectly, and I was able to layer percussion over the vocals and make it into a new song . I did not add any extra instruments or production, I just did an old fashioned re-edit, and extended it to almost 10 minutes. I would play this in my dj sets all the time, and still do- usually either in the middle of a long marathon set or at the end- or sometimes both. I put it up on SoundCloud and it had over 50,000 streams before Madonna’s people took it down.

                      Since then it’s become something of a legend, because it wasn’t available anywhere because of copyright laws, yet people knew about it. @willtramp made a post about from 2014! Lucky for me, this new record label called “Its Not A 2MR” found a loophole and pressed a few hundred vinyl copies. It is a one time pressing, so act fast. The b-side is also an epic 8 minute long rework of your favorite krautrock band Faust. I played it on @beatsinspace last year and got a lot of requests for it. Both of these songs are dance floor ready bombs. Your dreams of a Madonna/Faust split lp have been realized. You’re welcome." -Mike Simonetti 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: The LEGENDARY Mike Simonetti edit of 'Like A Prayer' (as bigged up by one William of Tramp) finally gets a vinyl pressing - gospel pop at its finest. Flip it for an equally exceptional edit of Faust which has been breaking the internet of late. One time press - move fast!

                      Tanda Tula Choir

                      Adap-Adations (Inc. Superpitcher / Red Axes / Lax / Esa Remixes)

                      After a slight hiatus, Autonomous Africa is back...

                      A couple of years ago Superpitcher was invited to go on a safari in South Africa.
                      It was wild and wonderful and he saw many exotic (and big!) animals, even a leopard in a tree that told him the secret of the universe. He forgot what the leopard said because his mind was still playing and replaying the sound of what he heard on the first night of his arrival – the hypnotic and moving sound of the voices of Africa, the voices of the wonderful Tanda Tula staff choir.
                      There, the choir members work during the day at the camp and at night entertain the guests with their captivating voices and energetic dancing. So impressed was he with their songs and beautiful Shangaan language that he decided to record a CD for them to sell in the shop at their camp.
                      He then approached Autonomous Africa with the idea of putting out a remix EP, which took a little longer than planned to come together but is finally ready to share with the world. It contains four very different but somehow complementary remixes from Superpitcher, LAPS, Red Axes and Esa.
                      All profits from this release will be split between Tanda Tula choir and the International Library of African Music. Founded by ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey in 1954, ILAM is an an organisation dedicated to the preservation and study of African music.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Charitable Afro-electronix here from Superpitcher and Autonomous Africa featuring a quartet of club ready remixes of South Africa's Tanda Tula Choir. On the A-side the shimmer and glide of Superpticher's mix meets the Shangaan nang of the Red Axes. The flip sees LAPS get tense and techy while Esa romps through a progressive variation.

                      In typical Multi Culti fashion, another fierce and gender bending challenge for the cultivated listener. Inigo Vontier gets a one side and Thomass Jackson is on the flip. Vontier goes hybrid with a bit of esoteric tribal on ‘Jubile Is Ok’ providing dancefloor vibes all over this beauty that includes a catchy vocal sample that keeps you pumped for hours.

                       'Masicka' on the other hand is a cut throat dancefloor twister with its superb trumpet sample and involving darkness and tribal drums. A corker and essential in your bag for those early morning hours when you need to inject some serious adrenalin to your punters.

                       The flip belongs to Jackson who slows the beat a tinsy bit but stills waves the Multi Culti flag well high. Accessible darkness would be a way to describe this psychedelic trip of a track.

                       The closing number slows things even more. It leaves the dancefloor behind and takes you to a comfy sofa with the sky as a ceiling. Plenty of stars to discover with this mind twister as a soundtrack.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Sil says: Multi Culti is fresh air to me with that perfect mix of esoterism, drums-heavy and accesssible darkness that good records come with. This is the perfect example. Give it a listen now!

                      The Big Moon

                      Take A Piece / Your Light

                        'The British gang arrived like a breath of fresh air with their Mercury Prize nominated debut album, Love In The 4th Dimension, back in April 2017. Fronted by Juliette Jackson, The Big Moon unleashed song after song fizzing with melody and charm.

                        The band are Juliette Jackson, Soph Nathan, Celia Archer and Fern Ford. 

                        Renata Lu

                        Faz Tanto Tempo

                        These amazing Brazilian soul-funk nuggets from Renata Lu, originally appeared on a 7” compacto and on her self-titled debut album for Copacabana Records in 1971. The up tempo break-beat funk of ‘Faz Tanto Tempo’ has a real dance-floor cross-over appeal and should please Brazilian, funk, hip-hop breaks heads and mod-soul DJ’s & collectors alike. Renata Lu had a long career releasing records on labels such as Compacaban / CID & Continental through out the 70’s and 80’s and worked as backing vocalist on recordings by Tim Maia and Nonato Buzar.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Sil says: Two rare Brazilian dancefloor diamonds in one small 7" via Mr Bongo. Nothing can go wrong here. Essential!

                        It’s a mystery! Broken Detail is a new label that provides a modern twist on long lost obscurities, maybe music aimed at the more discerning dance floors. Argentinian Ric piccolo is known worldwide for his love of digging, as a collector, DJ and music producer, killing it with his "Austral Works" series on Bordello as well as winners on Violette Szabo and Passport To Paradise. Here he drops another four tracks re-edited, remixed and over-dubbed for your listening and dancing pleasure - exotic hypnotic sounds to freak out to.....
                        The party starts with ultimo- robo groover "Android Lover", a perfectly sliced bit of Italo with blasts of boogie synth, sci fi fx and a great female vocal. From there we sidestep into "I Like It", another synth disco winner with a kind of moody, film noir vibe and Cosmic Club bassline before the rampant Hi-NRG "Witch" style "Croire" smashes it on the B1 with dramatic vocals, stomping rhythm and the occasional blast of marimba interrupting the chanted vocal. Finally, "Digi" whips us into shape with roving sequences, shrill vocals and plenty of peak time disco fun. 

                        It’s all in the detail..... Broken detail.


                        Town Centre - Repress

                          Limited repress with a few slight artwork changes:
                          Red Sticker (previous was white)
                          Blue back cover (previous was green)

                          The hotly tipped post-punk, disco-funk phenomenon Squid are back with a new EP called ‘Town Centre’ on vinyl via Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label, the first EP from the legendary singles label. ‘Town Centre’ is a perfect distillation of everything they have done so far, making good on the angular funk of ‘The Dial,’ the disco-punk of ‘Houseplants’ the ambitious songwriting of ‘Terrestrial Changeover Blues’ and through to their more ambient-leaning early work.

                          Kicking off with the ambient sprawl of ‘Savage,’ Squid are instantly revelling in the uncertainty and ambiguity found in the searching out of ideas and have created something that feels meditative yet active, capturing their alluring chaos but presenting it in a totally different manner. Next up, the propulsive, guitar-led ‘Match Bet’ was written at guitarist Anton Pearson’s parents house in Norfolk and spawned from an open tuning fingerpicking pattern that sparring partner Louis Borlase had been developing after being inspired by the Don Edwards track ‘Coyotes’ in Grizzly Man.

                          On ‘The Cleaner,’ Squid are at their angular best, the lyrics are inspired by moving to London and trying to adjust to the pace and lifestyle of the city. The track is bursting with ideas, and there’s a clear energy and determination within the band to embrace different musical styles, deftly. ‘Town Centre’ closes with ‘Rodeo,’ a cinematic track that features an observational monologue from Ollie Judge. Percussion and keys wunderkid Arthur Leadbetter says of the track: “The song is a story for us. One that feels like your on a movie set while the camera is rolling, but the lead actor has lost the plot and split his mind between those closest to him.”

                          For ‘Town Centre’ the band once again team up with producer du jour Dan Carey and emerge with a powerful, intensely angular collection of songs that recall the finest corners of late 70s post-punk alongside a propulsive motorik drive and glimmers of early noughties disco whilst expertly making it all their own.

                          Dan Carey on Squid. “I love Squid so much. To record with them is such a joy - the room is a sea of ideas and enthusiasm without any clashes of ego; every suggestion is given full attention. This , combined with their musicianship results in beautifully inventive music, underpinned by a hard steady groove and topped with lyrics that are important and surreal.”

                          The Chemical Brothers

                          Out Of Control - 21 Minutes Of Madness Mix

                          "Out Of Control (Secret Psychedelic Mix)" forms part of a suite of remixes Tom and Ed prepared back in 1999 to complement their era-defining "Surrender" album. Unreleased at the time, they were recently unearthed when archive work began on the expanded 2019 20th anniversary box set editions. Of the five "Secret Psychedelic Mixes" on the new set the aptly titled" Out Of Control (21 Minutes Of Madness)" takes the "Surrender" classic and transports it to all kinds of interesting places. To commemorate the anniversary release, a strictly limited one-sided white label copies of this mix have been pressed. First come first served!

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Crowning glory of one of their best LP's extended and tweaked for maximum dancefloor enjoyment. Sounding as crucial and killer as it did twenty years ago.

                          Our fertile Mancunian soils uncover yet more magic from underneath the paving slabs and gutter grills of our city streets. Jerk It, a new label born out of the clubnight and radio show of same name, inaugurates itself with a precision crafted, garage-house bass hybird from Swedish producer Bobo (Bars Of Beats).

                          Opening with the intricately constructed, "And They All Look Like You" - full of darting sfx and cleverly overlocked rhythms, it simmers white hot while machine-code hats and delicate piano notes glide us forward on a slinky plane.

                          "Crucifxi" follows with a truck load of bass weight as it delivers a Void-approved journey into spiraling synthetic house goodness that's heavy enough to bridge into more intense moments later. The long breakdowns and wide-spectrum stereo field should ensure this does maximum damage in a club environment.

                          Flip and the more hyped up, garage hybrids jostle for attention. "Workin" sounds already like it could be the label / clubnight's theme tune; it's clever ghosted vocal loop a call to arms for the Jerk It mob. Add a stuttered nu-breakbeat riddim, gliding subs & the odd dub siren and you've got yourself a vacuum-tight modern club exercise for all to enjoy!

                          Another shuddering, syncopated beat closes off the release; "The Downfall Of Zanzibarland" concluding business with an upfront & street ready merging of electro, techno and bass with pneumatic drums, crisp perx and spectral synth lines; perfect for dancing eyes-wide-shut come 3AM at your local night spot.

                          Top stuff here from Boba and the Jerk It cru... 1-2-watch 4 sure... Check! 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Yes lads! Local upstarts Jerk It make the natural transition from clubnight > radio show > label - bringing forth the precision club sounds of Bobo for their debut joint. It's a doozy!

                          Benedikt Frey makes an anticipated return to the ESP Institute. After leisurely toying with themes around this fourth release with the label, which follows his 2017 debut album 'Artificial', a dense nihilistic fog seems to have enveloped his creative process and undoubtedly informed his frame of mind. The approach here is perhaps more minimal than the artist’s previous endeavors — reducing music to skeletal loops, allowing their character to develop and fluctuate over the course of each piece — a confidence that exemplifies an artist hitting their stride, but in no way does he rely on the trope of “less is more”. Whereas a minimalist embellishes the importance of elements through their isolation and negative space, Benedikt fills every facet with granular measures of sound and sifts them, in a cyclical motion, through his spectral arrangements. The title 'Cells' speaks to the unadulterated path from which Frey cultivates complex gestures utilizing limited means — stretching singular organisms to their furthest limits, breaching their brink of stability and inciting cancerous mutations — proving time and again his mastery of tonal nuance and fearless embrace of distortion. Each of these four songs deliver a despondent poetry, predominantly abstract, but occasionally complimented by verbal commands from dystopian futures, such as the blanketing repetitive chants in 'Interlinked' that conjure images of labor, assembly lines and infrastructural erosion, or the intercom punctuations throughout 'Substance B' that refer to the “world’s future” which, when juxtaposed over such dark melodies and gritty drums, allude to science fiction, Film Noir and a post-apocalyptic existence. As the winter approaches, the melancholy grows very real, and we swoon.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Patrick says: Benedikt Frey has been smashing it of late, producing one of my favourite 12"s of the year in typically low key fashion. Here he brings his dark, EBM tinged synth slap to ESP across four detailed club tracks. On the A-side, 'Interlinked' is abrasive and break-led, while 'Pilot' is slow, low and subby, keeping the tension high throughout. Flip it for the steely motorik groove of 'Substance B' and my personal favourite the 85BPM grind of 'Pedal To The Metal'.

                          After a two year hiatus, Fasaan return with an EP from the local one-man-band that is Inre Kretsen Grupp. Gems of carefully melted down new wave, dub, aor and boogie sit confidently together on this EP which marks the debut of keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Martin Blomberg. 
                          We're in a future primitive dream on opener "Loggia", as an exotic new age dancers unwinds at boogie pace over a steady drum box rhythm. Marimbas, funky hooks and digi-pan pipes brim with tropical warmth and lead perfectly onto the humid dub of "Campo Santo" and its echo drenched guitar licks. Over on the flip, the titular "Dorisk Ordning" drifts through new wave, dub and chamber pop like a lost Vini Reilly collab brought back to life by Stroom. Finally "Dubbad Dougong" nails that coastal dub sound we adore at Piccadilly, calling to mind Domenique Dumont, Peaking Lights or A Vision Of Panorama. 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Patrick says: Finally Fasaan are back! The label's 12th release is the first for one man band the Inre Kretsen Grupp, who displays a mastery of melody, drum programming and production across four dreamy downbeat jams brimming with dub, wave and Balearic flavours.

                          Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club

                          Live Sessions Vol. 2 - Inc. Auf Togo Meets Becker & Mukai Remix

                          Emotional Response presents the final recordings of the Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club, a loose band alias of Kirill Sergeew aka Kito Jempere. Principally active for just a few years, these recordings were never finalised - lost as such, until now. 
                          Growing out of Kito's productions, the 8-piece band, including friends Lipelis (Public Possession / Animals Dancing) and Sergey Lipsky (Simple Symmetry), was developed to create live transformations of his music.
                          The EP captures SPDSC at their peak; working with a desire to experiment via live improvisation. "Can't You See Me", their version of an earlier studio release, morphs the original's melodic 4/4 in to an expansive, surround sound slo-mo Balearic funk experience for the heavens.
                          This is backed with a remix by Auf Togo Meets Becker & Mukai. After EPs on Leng, Aug Togo, aka Clement Cachot-Coulom and Sasha Crnobrnja (In Flagranti), previously teamed up with Jean-Gabriel Becker and Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), for an acclaimed EP on SaS Recordings. Their remix sensually creeps up, skilled musicianship creating a warm dub, as soothing bass and laid back vocals float to sunset horizons.

                          As finale, "Simple Customers" is an 11-minute whirl of lazy, psychedelic beauty. The interplay between bass, drum and guitar is water tight, letting vocals shine to some latter day anthem. A fitting epitaph, a band at ease, confident and as one, these proved to be their last output before Kirill regrouped as today's Kito Jempere Band.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Patrick says: The finest dubby funk and low slung disco here from Kito Jempere and pals. The A-side is a flurry of infectious bass and trippy tape echo, followed by an arp-ed up cosmic remix from Auf Togo, Becker and Mukai. Switch to the B-side and things get faaaar out on a maggot brain tip. Big hit!

                          Phenomenal Handclap Band is back on Toy Tonics with remixes by Superpitcher & Ray Mang! The New York indie disco crew delivers their third song to the Berlin dancefloor label. Their last 2 Toy Tonics singles, Judge Not and Jail, have already made big waves with heavy rotations in the sets of people like DJ Harvey, Artwork, Gilles Peterson, Keinemusik and many others. Now they are back with another surefire smash: "Remain Silent"
                          The Phenomenal Handclap Band from New York has been known for a couple of funk-driven releases before, but also for supporting or collaborating with such giants as Bryan Ferry, Marcos Valle and Nile Rodgers & Chic .
                          The band, based around multi instrumentalist and producer Daniel Collás, is releasing this new single in advance of their new album on Toy Tonics in 2020. This is just a warm up!

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Sil says: Worth its full price for the Superpitcher rendition (both vocal and dub). A 10 out of 10 in my books. You sooo need this.

                          Donna Summer / Earth Wind & Fire With The Emotions

                          I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Mega Mix) / Boogie Wonderland

                          In 1982, Donna Summer’s I Feel Love - which had re-defined dance music on its original release in 1977 - was remixed by Patrick Cowley and became a huge dance floor anthem once again. The extended “Mega Mix” version, running to over 15 mins, has long been celebrated as one of the most essential dance music cuts of all time and now, for the first time since its original release, we are proud to reissue this amazing track as a 12” single. And to make this the best 12” single you could ever own, we have coupled I Feel Love with another towering classic of the genre.

                          From 1979 we present the full 8-minute plus version of the breath-taking Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire with The Emotions. One of the best loved disco tracks of all time - and in its extended version here - not only is it a huge floor filler but it’s also a truly euphoric celebration in music.

                          I Feel Love the Patrick Cowley Mega Mix, and the extended version of ‘Boogie Wonderland’ together for the first time on one 12” single. Two essential anthems for every music collection

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Sil says: Yes, the 15 minutes of heavenly glory and dancefloor ecstasy that Patrick Cowley gave birth to are here in its full glory. Great repress with groovy and wholesome sound quality. Enjoy!

                          Henry Turner's Crystal Band


                          Kalita are happy to announce the first ever 12” reissue of Henry Turner Jr.'s hugely sought-after 1980 disco single, 'Music', backed by the first ever re-release of his 1984 boogie single 'Forever Us'. So elusive and in-demand, the former routinely commands four-figure sums on the rare occasion that a copy surfaces for collectors and DJs to scramble over. The latter is equally as great, commanding three-figure sums and demonstrating clearly America's development by the mid-1980s away from disco and towards the boogie craze. In addition, here Kalita accompany the release with a never-before-seen press photo of Henry's band Crystal and interview-based liner notes.

                          Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Crystal band consisted of Henry on guitar with local musicians Ranches Hall on keyboards and vocals and Ricky Broomfield on drums. By the tail end of the 1970s, Crystal had settled themselves into the local music scene, and performed at many nearby venues including The Golden Palace, Derringers', The J Club, and for numerous fraternities and sororities of nearby universities. By 1980, the band were ready to record their first single, 'Music', in the hope that it would be a radio hit. As Henry explains, “we were driven performers and 'Music' was the perfect tool to get us radio play”. They decided to pay to lay down and press their music at Soundsmith Recording Studio, which had the ability to not only record but to also manufacture and release their music on the studio's own eponymously- named label. Only five hundred copies of the record were pressed, distributed by the band themselves, meaning that today, copies almost never turn up for sale. A fantastic disco track, upon release the band deservedly succeeded in their original aim, and it was a radio hit in Baton Rouge.

                          Within four years of 'Music's' release, Ranches Hall had left the band, reducing it to two core members – Henry and Ricky. However, still eager for success, the now-slimmed down Crystal band recorded 'Forever Us' over a couple of days as a follow-up single to 'Music', laying down their instruments at the local Sound Trax Studio, produced by Henry himself. In contrast to the number of additional session musicians that had performed on their first record, here only Henry and Ricky contributed, playing all the instruments and providing the vocals themselves. On release, the record received notable success, not only in the US but also across the pond on the UK scene. Since then, Henry has continued to release both his and other musicians' music on his own Hit City label, as well as developing his musical style and cementing himself in at the core of the Baton Rouge music scene. We hope that this timely re-release helps to make such great pieces of music accessible and affordable to all once more.

                          Sports Team


                            The first single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album, due for release early 2020. 

                            Snap this up they're gonna fly!

                            Eschewing the ‘love song industrial complex’ that dominates the airwaves, for Meatraffle it is the political, the platonic, the comradeship of the struggle that provides true artistic grist. This is a band you can get behind, they’re honest and down to earth, and while the world grows increasingly hostile it’s reassuring to know that there’s a group of people out there who get it, address it and want to change it. They’ve found the sweet spot between sincerity and humour, without taking themselves seriously they garner a lot of respect.

                            Meatraffle have a self awareness, they know what it is to live in a changing, unequal society. But they know how to counteract it too, by calling it out. Their lack of pretence is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant, money-obsessed world, and they shout about worker’s rights, sexism, capitalism and the shoddy state of politics in a way which truly captivates and engages their audience.

                            Weatherall opts to take the message deep into the the dubosphere, channeling the spirits of Jamaica via bars-long tape delay, melodica snippets and a heavy blast of ganja smoke! Watch yer bassbins on this digi-dub monster folks!

                            MixHell meanwhile hit the airwaves of an alternative galaxy, their alien pop sensibilities rife throughout the angelic choruses and warbled verses of "Meatraffle On The Moon". Anthemic yet fragile and broken, it's the perfect anti-anthem of our times....

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Wevvers shines a hydroponic light on upcoming act Meatraffle, while MixHell provides a light boogie-pop rubdown that should surely see these rising stars garner tons of radio play.

                            Peckham-based DJ and producer duo Chaos In The CBD's In Dust We Trust has quickly become an essential label here at Piccadilly. Each release sells out quick with little hype or furor - simply just hunted down by house heads in the know, of which we know there are plenty!

                            Release no. 8 is no exception to the now standard, one track per side formular. "Come Together" is electric and tantalizing from start to finish as it deploys gated pad sweeps and big proggy atmospheres alongside their usual tribal-tinged drum exercises.

                            "Digital Sound" really pushes the tribal inflections, building itself around a hypnotic percussive rhythm subtly enhanced with technoid stabs for a truly heady vibe out in the dance.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: The Peckham pair return with the essential series and once again they provide sonic gold for deep house heads across the globe. TIP

                            Beard In Dust

                            Edits From The Dust

                            After wooing us with the first three installments of his 'mystery' (cough) sub label, Br**ley Z*** (who, what?) returns with the forth volume of this cult series.

                            3 no-bullshit disco versions designed for euphoric moments on any dancefloor and avoiding any clichés or over-used anthems.

                            Every release has thus far sold out, this one will too with so far no word of any of the series being repressed....

                            You know what to do!

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Blink-and-you'll-miss-'em! Cult collected edits series from the Rhythm Section camp..

                            Lone continues to thrive on his newly established label, Ancient Astronauts, with its second release of the year, "Not Seeing Is a Flower".

                            Steering towards a new studio album from the Nottingham-based producer, the three-track EP takes its name from a Japanese idiom (見ぬが花), which suggests that reality cannot compete with imagination. Lapping at varied shades of the psyche, "Glyphic" kicks things off with a heavyweight tribal techno cut inspired by Cutler’s experiences at Bass Coast festival this summer, fusing 303 acid with sweltering piano lines and otherworldly vocals for a transcendental dancefloor experience. The senses are heightened with title-track "Not Seeing Is A Flower", which reaches beyond reality with slowly spoken samples effortlessly melting into a lush ambient techno backdrop reminiscent of early work from The Future Sound Of London, Orbital, and The Black Dog. Finally, "Boketto" sees Lone embrace the same tone of downtempo trip-hop detailed on his albums "Lemurian" and "Reality Testing" with rolling percussion and meditative chimes drawing close on some of the producer’s most lavish work to date.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: Always pushing gender boundaries in music. This is a top notch belter with some harrowingly beautiful artwork.

                            Here we have a celebration of Northern European electronics as Iceland's most famous export (except Findus Crispy Pancakes of course) Björk cooks up a cultural exchange with fellow vikings Karin & Olof Dreijer for a three tracker of ear wrecking energy. On the A-side Karin appears as Fever Ray, handing Björk the stems to xer icy electro winner "This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck". Making excellent use of an abandoned power plant, nearby Tesla coil and clanking assembly line, the former pop pixie hammers out a tough as fuck industrial cut then adds her inimitable vocals as the icing on the toxic cake. Next up, Karin gets to flex xer remix muscles with an epic, ascendent take on "Features Creatures", adding additional vocals, wild synth yelps ('member "We Share Our Mother's Health") and a whole heap of cinematic heft to the cut. Flip it and Karin teams up with xer bro Olof for a reprise of The Knife bringing a suitably techy, tribal and icy electro vibe to the same track. Brought to life with a super cool sleeve design, printed clear outer and retro-metal inner, this 12" nails both sound and vision.

                            Disco Bits are back with 4 more essential edits aimed at late night dancefloors. The smooth early 80's production of Goldie Alexander kicks things off, with "Show You My Love" edited with a rising crescendo, before breaking into that all-too-familiar chorus. A tasty and succinct chop of this disco classic.

                            Next up, a staple of 70's disco that has been neglected in recent times. Here reworked with a modern disco beat and an arrangement highlighting all the best parts of the original. Still curious? I'm sure Ruffy or Moon will be able to fill you in...

                            "Make You Dance" sees the firm venture into dark, sleezy, electro-disco / proto-house territory, utilizing the exquisite vocals of Sweet T for extra umph!

                            Finally, Neneh's reimagining of Cole Porter for the 90's is given an edit that adds funk guitar and percussion to the original's unmistakable bassline, bringing the vocal performance and stark message into focus on "Under My Skin". Excellente! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: Four slabs of disco edits with a house twist on the titled track. Do not overlook this one!

                            Second in the remix series from A Man Called Adam’s acclaimed "Farmarama" album, this 12inch features spacious deep house earworms from wunderkind Aleksandir, and jazzy vibes from Columbian rising star Felipe Gordon (The FG mix is exclusive to this vinyl release). AMCA rework their own track Michael into a swing laden dub and reedit Aleksandir’s demo and monitor mixes into sparkling big room Balearic.

                            Aleksandir continues his fine work on Piccadilly faves Blind Jack's Journey and Church with a deep, detailed and uplifting house refix which would sit comfortably next to those early Floating Points 12"s. A Man Called Adam's own dub version of "Michael" is about a summery as it gets, packing poolside beauty and unexpected acid into a the perfect Ibizan day party jam. With trilling pianos, spheric bass and punchy MPC beats, Felipe Gordon's remix is both moody and Moody, while A Man Called Adam's own edit of the Aleksandir edit finds the hidden cosmic power within to turn out a soaring beauty. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: Laidback deep house remixes for these well seasoned that recently delivered a highly regarded come back LP. These are the different takes from the house towers of the dance music world! Worth a listen.

                            The first set of remixes of Calm’s By Your Side got plenty of props for sound quality as well as their ability to get people grooving. Now the label serves up some more remixes, this time from legendary figures Mark Barrott (international Feel) and My Friend Dario.

                            Up first is Barrott, the long time slow motion master whose downtempo, ambient, new age and electronic fusions very much set out the Balearic template way back in the nineties. ‘Space Is My Place’ (Mark’s Re<>Imagination to the Sacred Heart Center) is an enchanting and tropical reworking with exotic percussion and liquid drums that gentle sway to and fro like a raft at sea. It’s another escapist, transportive track from Barrott that takes you to the other side of the world.

                            My Friend Dario returns to Hell Yeah after his exquisite Calamari Fritti EP late last year with more of his worldly infused sounds. His Etna Vision of ‘Shadows and Lights’ is a glistening affair with loosely jumbled drums and romantic keys that ring out into a balmy night sky. It’s musical and blissful as always with this artist.

                            Once again here Hell Yeah have come through with your most essential summer sounds.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: Piccadilly's Balearic LP of 2018 continues to extend its ecstasy with a second volume of remix joy. This time round Mark Barrott of International Feel fame cooks up a cosmic chugger with all manner of chakra aligning idents and trippy blips, while My Friend Dario (best name in music?) goes deep and dreamy with an expansive house mix which shifts gears through nuanced congas, meditative breakdowns and energetic acid.

                            Bonnie & Klein

                            1983 - Inc. Ron Basejam Remix

                            Bonnie & Klein return to IIB with a gem of a track. Reminiscent of a lost Alan Parsons' instrumental, "1983" meanders its way through marimbas and warm organ plumes to a lovely guitar solo before the hypnotic synth parts carry us away. Already tried and test at La Torre and perfect for the discerning sundowner.

                            Ron Basejam excels on his remix, upping the tempo and delivering an awesome yacht-disco bomb full of flamboyance and flair but keeping true to that sophisticated soundsystem tweakin' aesthetic that edges most of his productions ahead of the also-rans. Sweeeet.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: Balearic as genre ain't dying just yet and here is proof of it. Two soothing and mellow tracks on Is It Balearic - no pun intended that deliver the vibes you need to kickstart your weekend.

                            Second release on Mister T and it's a highly electrified trip into Brazil as Mundo edits up another veritable selection of his country's disco musica...

                            "Jangada" opens proceedings with a fiery workout containing flanged guitar chops, vocal chants and chorused bass, encapsulating the in-the-pocket grooves prevalent across the continent.

                            "Infernal" takes a step back further in time stylistically, tapping up that original late 70s vibe perfectly with its heavily orchestrated arrangement and emotive chord changes; again further elevated with a fabulous vocal section.

                            "Melo Do Camelo" canters in with all the buzz of the party, an electric arpeggio and 4/4 disco drums perfectly highlighting the south American vocal inflections and buoyant keyboard work. If you've ever caught the legend that is Neil Diablo DJ'in in recent weeks - you'll already be familiar with this catchy jam!

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: Three heavily Brazilian cuts quantized and curated just for you. Digging for edits seems to never stop!

                            Kicking off a tasty set of reissues from long running bastion of UK electronic music - Warp; comes this amazingly futurist Aphex session from 1995. Recorded for the infamous John Peel Sessions, the twelve contains four tracks culled from the session.

                            Starting with the mutant cosmic disco of "Slo Bird Whistle" which in present day setting seems more than at home alongside the current slew of slow EBM music, albeit rife with AFX's child-on-acid hilarity and discord.

                            "Radiator" sees that trademark foray into weirdness that would characterize much of this demigod's output through his career. Riddled with disonance, glitchy techno beats and staccato acid squelches, this is self coined 'Cornish acid', true to source.

                            "P-String" on side B displays his stadium-tickling, sound-art credentials as a pummelling kick and dark string converge on a monster mix that's full of foreboding and tension. Accompanied by the artist's iconic visuals, these are some of the pieces that would make his live show one of the most feverishly adored on the planet.

                            Finally, we get the stoned, student-bedroom afterparty haze of "Pancake Lizard" which effortlessly drifts off into a chemically induced daydream; gentle strings manipulated against baggy breakbeats and a mid 90s grainy hue.... ahh the good old days.

                            Classic AFX - back on wax - you know what to do! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Top drawer Peel session from the Cornish acid pioneer. Kickin' off this monolithic Warp Sessions series in fine style.

                            No. 2 in this essential series for Warp fans old and new. Star signing Bibio's idiosyncratic of pastoral electronic folk, peppered with hip-hop production and soulful vocals made a huge impact when he first came on the scene ten years ago.

                            These four tracks, plucked from the artist's expansive discography, highlight the delicate and organic side to this producer beautifully, redolent of rolling green hills and the indelible English countryside, given a modern spin and electric hum. There's no one quite like Bibio, yet his vibrations and inflections are so joyous and accessible to all.

                            "Lovers Carvings", surely the EPs highlight sets this tone perfectly - a song based on vocal harmonies that's make Fleet Foxes takes note, delicately picked guitar lines and a gentle percussive thrust carrying it ever forward and into the hearts and minds of its listeners. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: While Bibio has been moving more towards an effervescent distillation of disco and indie-electronics, this session for Warp includes some of his most airy, beautiful pieces, and needs to be heard by anyone with a passing interest in his music. If you don't like this, you don't like Bibio.

                            Third release in Warp's new reissue series and it's another Peel Session from another stalwart of UK electronica - Boards Of Canada.

                            Taken from 1998 it features landmark tracks, "Aquarius (Version 3), "Happy Cycling", "Olson (Version 3)" and "XYZ".

                            Demonstrating the act's uncanny knack at crafting dreamy, cinematic-cum-fairylike soundscapes, glued together by dusty breakbeats and DIY electronix, tracks like "Aquarius" and "Happy Cycling" are treasured artifacts amongst long-term fans and newbies alike.

                            Two experimental tracks decorate side B, smothered in electrostatic and musicality combined, the two elements that would make this act such a formidable force during their heyday and such a well respected addition to British electronic music.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: A vital piece of the Boards jigsaw; this late 90s John Peel session is a high watermark of creativity and subtlety from this bastion of UK electronica.

                            Flying Lotus

                            Presents INFINITY Infinitum - Maida Vale Session

                            We skip across BBC studios to Maida Vale for the next installment of Warp's TX reissue series.

                            Four tracks from FlyLo's stupendous "INFINITY INFITITUM" session, recorded in 2010. Starting with "MmmHmm", suspended on elevated chords and with his punchy, meandering bass sound resplendent throughout; it's a celestial and urgent affair all at once.

                            "Golden Axe" is a showcase of musicianship - with highly accomplished bass solos and moody brass journey throughout woodland moods and into enchanted realms.

                            Side B sees dancefloor-ready cut, "Tea Leaf Dancers" skip over woodblocks and fluttering organ lines with Andreya Triana's distinctive and sensual vocal delivery more than bolstering the sum of the track's worth.

                            "Drips", the most electrified and experimental of the set dazzles the listener with wide-spectrum synthlines, wild saxophone and rampant bass and drum interplay. Add a fully accomplished jazz group and you've got yourself a high watermark, free-jazz staple for the 22nd century.

                            Detailing an artist mid-flow state and still in his ascention, this 2010 selection show us how skilled and inventive this new force of modern jazz was, and still is nine years later. Mammoth! 

                            Stone-cold vintage Peel session here from early UK 'bleep-techno' pioneers LFO; whose 1990 visit to John's infamous studio forms the basis of this sixth volume of Warp's 'TX' series.

                            Listening to "Take Control", you'll easily recognize the blueprint that would see Mark Bell and Gez Varley regarded as innovators across dance music. "To The Limit" combines space-aged synths with jack claps and diva vox then associated with the acid house scene taing over England.

                            "Rob's Nightmare", an apt name for the creeping darkness opening the B-side, preceeded their first album, "Frequencies" and seems, to all intents and purposes to be receiving its first wax outing here - all rejoice!

                            "Lost World" concludes the set with more idiosyncratic beats n bleeps from the Leeds pair. I have to admit I don't really know where this one begun itself, but it's sounding substantial in this Peel session occurrence.

                            Essential stuff for any LFO devotee and another sterling addition to the Warp catalogue - check! 

                            Kelly Moran, one of the more recent and avant garde of Warp's signings eschews the dancefloor in favour of something more freeform and dare-I-say-it, thought-provoking on this new session.

                            Recorded specifically for Warp's 'TX' series, the five tracks here show off the composer's multi-instrumental and classically trained ear perfectly. "In Parallel" and "Helic 2" are both transmitted acoustically, and demonstrate advanced skill on both harp and piano compositions.

                            "Interlude 1" opens side B with a tranquil moment of eastern mystery, before "Love Birds" opens up a bouquet of staccato wind chimes. Enchanted and completely ethereal, it's like your stood in a magical mood garden full of Elven-sorcery and sprite-like figures.

                            "Radian" concludes, a heart wrenchingly powerful solo piano missive with suspended organ drones as underlay.

                            A breathtaking piece of modern classical mixed with atmospheric electronica and a standout piece from the series. Recommended. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: A really strong session from Kelly who shuns convention and delivers an arresting piece of modern classical greatness. If like me you know little of this artist, this is an excellent insight!

                            Volume.... seven I think we're up to know in this thorough and expansive Warp 'TX' series - made up of sessions old and new from a plethora of Warp's flagship acts.

                            Another newer addition to the ranks, Mount Kimbe records a brand new session for the label comprised of four tracks: "You Look Certain", "Delta", "Marilyn" featuring Micachi and "Made To Stray".

                            A far cry from Dominic Maker and Kai Campos's dubstep-indebted beginnings, "You Look Certain" and "Delta" contain technicoloured, spiraling, almost psychedelic leads - buzzsaw synths, purring organs and motorik drums propelling the tracks forward at a rate of knots.

                            "Marilyn", one of the duo's biggest tracks, is re-done achieving new levels of intimacy through a slightly stripped back and live sounding arrangement. Finally "Made To Stray" from 2013's "Cold Spring Fault Less Youth" closes off the EP with one of their more introspective, yet vastly gigantium pieces. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Martin says: Some of my favourite Mount Kimbe tunes all reproduced on this vital Warp session. These alternative takes are just as good as the originals making this set an imperative release for fans of this unique act.

                            Brooklyn's Daniel Lopatin has had one hell of career, practically dominating the new synth experimental movement since his casette debut in 2007. For Warp's eighth release in the 'TX' series we skip continents to LA, with Oneohtrix Point Never's 2018 session for KCRW radio is documented here.

                            As per the format now, four highlights are lifted from the session and presented here for our enjoyment. "Love In The Time Of Lexapro" is a long standing favourite live performance by our man, and this particular instance is a dream on the ears - musical, tectonic and cataclysmic all at once.

                            "RayCats", taken from the "Age Of" LP is an experimental number comprised of rhythmic nuances such as singing bowls, wind chimes and 'perc frog' scrapes before being decorated with some skilled synthesizer work - bright leads, lysergic swirls and emotive washes all centering in on this wonderful slice of futuro-exotica.

                            "Toys 2" shows off all dazzling flamboyance of 5D charisma of the artist's impressive synth array. Not a million miles away from James Ferraro's new new age masterpiece: "Farside Virtual", it highlights this transitional and momentous period, proto-vapourwave when Lopatin and friends were regarded as heroes of the Nu World, their bright optimistic synthscapes an escape from the hatred and separation that began to sweep through society. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: Whilst Lopatin's work has gone from filmic ambient synth work (Rifts, Returnal) to more glitchy, beat based mayhem (Garden Of Delete), he's always maintained a focus on richly textured layers of synth pads and a slowly shifting instrumental weight. This 2018 session perfectly displays his unbeatable grasp of the fine balance between dynamics and weight, balancing the impassable mountain of sound with micromelodies and barely perceptible atmospheric movement.

                            London's seminal electronica act Plaid are subject to Warp's 'TX' reissue series, focusing on their second Peel session from 1999.

                            Sounding decidedly fresh and futuristic, even by today's standards, "Housework" kicks off the EP beautifully. Centered around a rotating sub bass, technoid perx accentuate the stereo field while tense synths occupy the recesses. Wet and wild electronix from Andy Turner and Ed Handley who would later go on to record under a variety of pseudonyms (The Black Dog, Atypic, Balil etc) before reforming as Plaid in more recent times. Here we see the duo's obvious love of the new techno sound emanating out of America and Europe, and keen for them to put their own mark on the genre.

                            Downbeat, slightly melancholic and with a more dusty, sample-based palette; "Kiterider" amply demonstrates that the duo were also more that capable of making evocative downtempo soundscapes that perfectly sat alongside other UK acts like Boards Of Canada, DJ Shadow and the growing popularity of instrumental hip-hop.

                            "Elide" seems unique to this session and I'm unable to find it recorded under any other instance, It's a quirky and frenetic outing which references Lemon Jelly and Air France in many aspects with its quick paced breakbeats and blue sky chord progression.

                            "Lazybeams" is the last highlight to be lifted from the session; a slow-motion drizzle of electronic elements ricocheted and twisted through a series of complicated outboard processes as the duo show of their impressive technical abilities whilst still remaining true to their musical and mellifluous aesthetic. True excellence from this well celebrated British act. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: The intriguing and beguiling world of Plaid is thoroughly explored on this Peel session from 1999. There's no-one quite these cats, here you'll see why!

                            As the series draws to a close, no Warp anthology would be complete without Seefeel, Mark Clifford, Daren Seymour, Justin Fletcher, and Sarah Peacock's iconic, post-rock-electronica group who would make a mark on the early days of Warp records. Bridging guitar-based dream pop and shoegaze stylings with the downbeat, ambient techno and electronica they'd form a unique and characterful landmark on the mid 90s horizon, signing to Warp after early murmurings on independent label Too Pure.

                            This final volume of this epic Warp series digs the bands Peel session from 1994 and is comprised of "Rough For Radio", "Starethrough", "Vex" and "Phazemaze". Side A drifts through their fuzzy shoegaze electronica and into their slightly claustrophobic blankets of beats, instruments and texture wrought with blackened circuits. Side B opens with the mournful techno of "Vex" before the gloopy static swamp of "Phazemaze" completes the selection with an experimental piece worthy of John Peel's cult sessions....

                            What a way to end the series! Pheewwwee. Gotta get 'em all!!

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Like label mates Plaid, Seefeel's world is that of mystery, exploration blurred boundaries. Existing in liminal and hallucinatory plains yet guided by a humane and sympathetic outlook. This final edition of Warp Session finds the band in exquistive form.

                            The Word is one of the better-kept secrets of 1980s Austrian disco music. Yet once you put the needle on this record, you notice that it sounds oddly familiar. The awe-inspiring signature piece “Lobster” has the same analogue, slow-moving aesthetic as Zenit’s timeless “Waiting” as heard on Edition Hawara’s first release. The same goes for the three other wonderfully unconventional, proto-electronic songs: “Easy”, “All My Life” and the eponymous “The Word”. And there are even more commonalities with Zenit’s LP: The vocals are Linda Sharrock’s, who here teamed up with Karl “Charly” Ratzer and Peter Ponger, the twin brother of legendary Falco producer Robert Ponger. The result of this collaboration is, well, also quite legendary. How this kind of sound emerged in Vienna in 1984 is still a bit of a mystery, but clearly all the stars were aligned when Sharrock, Ratzer and Ponger were jamming in the studio. Editions Hawara happily share this secret with us. Just as there are very few lobsters in landlocked Vienna, there are very few records like this out there.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: So, I've been on the hunt for this Austrian electro-boogie / Balearic pop peach ever since my good friend Basso lifted the Soup Kitchen lid a few years ago. The Lobster is cosmic, cool as fuck and so damn groovy, as are each of its three buddies - this is in limited supply, so go go go!

                            Ok pay attention class... Stealth techno here from a crew of unknown tweakers operating at an exceptionally high caliber that's miles ahead of the pack in terms of texture & sound design around the subtler sides of techno.

                            Landing somewhere between Sleeparchive, Something In The Sky-era Jeff Mills and Craig Richards / Jane Fitz at their most trickski, these four tracks prefix TECHNO with glitch, melodic, dub and micro respectively; resulting in an intricate and intrinsic addition to the modern cannon.

                            Perfect for small rooms with hi-fidelity speaker stacks, the magic's in the detail on these tracks and the more intimate and attentive dancefloors are gonna yield some spectacular results for this one.

                            Seriously good and highly recommended by here, don't hang around folks! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Seriously top drawer techno here from a new mob. Certain to become somewhat of a collectors item in certain circles - do not sleep on this one folks!!

                            Darryl says: Don't listen to Matt - I thought I had a ping pong ball ringing around in my head for half an hour after the record finished!!!

                            Pieces Of A Dream

                            Warm Weather / Mt. Airy Groove (Instrumental)

                            Much to my serious discredit, I've never come across this killer before, so kudos to those folks at Groovin' for expanding my horizons and soothing my soul. Pieces Of A Dream were a trio of fusionists from Philadelphia, who started jamming as teenagers in 1976. Ny 1981, bassist Cedric Napoleon, drummer Curtis Harmon, and keyboardist James Lloyd had come to the attention of Grover Washington Jr, who manned the controls as the trio hit the studio, utilizing his extensive connections to take their sound to the next level.

                            The sultry and stunning downtempo funk number "Warm Weather", featuring silky vocals from Cynthia Biggs, a little coastal ambience and suitably brilliant synth work from one Dexter Wansel is very much blowing my mind right now. Way ahead of its time, this is boogie tinged electro soul for the Balearic crowd. Turn it over for the dreamy e-funk of "Mt Airy Groove", a madcapped jam with hazy Rhodes, B-boy drums and a weird popcorn break.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: How have I never heard this? Produced by Grover Washington and featuring synths from Dexter MF Wansel, this downtempo and dreamy slice of coastal synth funk has blown my mind. Way ahead of its time, and boasting a killer e-funk instrumental on the flip. Cucumber cool and entirely essential.

                            After several apparitions of the modern electronic scene, Warzou strikes again, here on the Lyon based Mystery Booms Records for a détour dub called "J'irai dormir chez Mouss"! Tripping to a digi-dub exercise with two mystic and ritualistic songs, from aerian flutes to pop arrangements composed with cheap instruments, including an MPC 2000, keyboard Casio VZ-1, digital delay and mother reverb. Tribute to the old way with this primitive-contemporary feeling! Expected red eyed soundboys to play them loud on your local system! Highly recommended deep carnival presha - check!

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Second release from this fledging Mystery Booms label and both have been imperative additions to the digi-dub cannon. Expert stuff for your next soundclash!

                            Banoffee Pies Records release their 10th edition to the Original Series with "Move Tools". One of many channels within the BPR umbrella which dedicates itself more closely to left field dance floor cuts, this time in the form of a solo EP from production master Interplanetary Criminal. The 4 track collection hosts three UKG delights which are bound to disrupt dancefloors all over with their weighty UK feel and extreme sub workouts. The other tracks come as a tried and tested DJ Tool "Move" on the A2 which comedically slips between a joyous disco sample and a bruising 4x4 laser beat. In nostalgic form the B side closes with a dusty and euphoric, late night garage cut full of emotion. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Upcoming MCR producer of the year for me, Interplanetary Criminal completes a flawless year of releases with another of his future-focussed, soundsystem-pleasing garage hybrids for tastemakers Banoffee Pies. Yes mate!


                            Jazz Carnival (Global Communication Space Jazz Remix)

                            Celebrating the label’s 25th anniversary, Far Out Recordings presents a series of limited edition vinyl 12”s highlighting its contribution to underground dance music. Including reissues of sought-after floor fillers, previously unreleased club tools and brand-new productions from some key players in Far Out history, the series begins with Global Communication’s ‘Space Jazz’ remix of Azymuth’s seminal "Jazz Carnival".

                            One of the label’s most requested reissues, it’s a typically timeless effort from the duo comprising Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton and has stayed relevant within the house/techno canon for over twenty years. The A side presents the original LP version of Azymuth’s 1996 redux of their all-time classic, instrumental disco hit "Jazz Carnival", which originally appeared on Azymuth’s first full-length venture on Far Out, Carnival (1996). Presented in a special 25th anniversary house bag, the full-length 12-minute version of this all time classic has been re-mastered from the original DAT and pressed to heavyweight vinyl.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Nice double headed release containing both the killer original and the amazing GC remix. Disco and techno dancefloors are gonna be equally satisfied!

                            Simply put, only the finest Disco reworks are released on Le Edits. Special versions of classics and rarer than rare tracks, all lovingly re-touched and mixed from the reels and master tapes each time, fully sanctioned and created in conjunction with the artists, rights holders and Above Board Distribution. 100% official and essential. This is no 'under the counter' operation, Le Edit is here to bring back some quality and class to the re-edit game by doing things, once and for all, properly and respectfully. No re-press guaranteed. Utilising the highest end tip-on heavy duty sleeves, and outer protective sleeves, pressed onto 100% virgin vinyl. These new mixes have been legitimately commissioned and will not be available digitally. This product cost 4 times as much to produce than your average disco edit 12’’ because Le Edits believe in quality first and foremost. You really haven't heard these tracks like this before! A truly collectible and desirable item indeed.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: The ubiquitous 'Cosmic Girl' from 1996 gets the royale treatment by DFP who regals you with extended drum breaks, hooks and the full catchy vibe of one of the best Jamiroquai's marvels. The ultimate edit of the ultimate disco pop hit.

                            Named King of the Edit since the 1980’s, pioneering Manhattan DJ Danny Krivit’s (aka Mr K) latest 12” delivery instills the title bestowed upon him some 30 years ago. An esteemed selector Danny’s prolific remixing and production capabilities have touched hundreds of records – with his signature flare shaping the New York City sound.

                            Opening the A-Side of the release, is Danny edit this summer’s seminal track The Vision’s "Heaven", interweaving a gloriously groovy bassline with Andreya Triana’s vocal to produce an extended, DJ friendly mix that he sent crowds wild with at Dekmental Festival.

                            On the flip, Mr K delves a little deeper into the Defected catalogue, trying his hand at The DangerFeel Newbies’ "What Am I Here For (Original NDATL Vocal)". Danny’s stripped back version extends the jazzy, percussive original, as velvety smooth vocals and elegant keys bring this expressive and sophisticated release to a close. A true master of the edit, music as good as this deserves to be heard on wax.

                            A studio project by Tom Sky & Roskow K, two music producers, record collectors and founders of Black Pearl. Coming together under the Mudegg alias and dropping two mighty fine edits for Oye.

                            "Esok Am" should have the cosmic and Balearic fraternity literally salivating at the mouth over its low-slung intergalactic swagger. Sloppy, cocky and further decorated with an exotic vocal part - cosmic bangers don't come much bigger than this folks - form an orderly queue please!

                            "El Disco" hits that eastern disco vibe that's on trend and in vogue and certain to cause a carnival on the floor. Big perc rolls, melodica and bucket loads of mystique fragrence this lavish aural soup.

                            In a stuffed and saturated market, Mudegg look bullish and primed for investment. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: Everyone knows I love a cosmic killer and these Mudegg freakouts flip African / Middle Eastern sounds with disco grooves, freaky synthwork and quirky percussion - This gets the full Talking Drums seal of approval!

                            Etienne Jaumet

                            Etienne Jaumet In Dub Part 2 - Inc. DJ Athome / Etienne Jaumet Remixes

                            After taking us on a trip through strange synths, spaced out soundscapes and jazz via his "8 Regard Obliques" LP, Etienne Jaumet has kicked of a dope dub odyssey with a pair of sick 7" remix discs. Here we have part two, picking up right where DJ Sotofett and I:Cube left off last time out. On the A-side DJ Athome (from the Belgian 'Front de Cadeaux') turns the jazz epic "Caravan" into a slow 90's breakbeat oddball, perfect for dropping in and around General PDC, Aki Aki and that mega Benoit B 7" from the last couple of weeks. Meanwhile on the flip, Jaumet himself revisits his own "Ma Révélation Mystique" in a more Reggae fashion, currently garnering maximum kudos from digi-dub doyen Kicking Pigeon.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: Another gold star showing from Versatile here with the second 7" of remixes from Etienne Jaumet's killer LP. The man himself gets his digi-dub going on the B-side, but I'm all about the breakbeat / retro acid slap of DJ Athome's mix on the A-side.

                            Ciao bellas! Here's another hot shot from the MM Discos stable, this time featuring the musical talents of mighty Italian maestro Marcello Giordani, 'Italo Deviance's capo' and half part of the project "Marvin & Guy". For "Riflessi", Giordani stays on topic, exploring all the influences which have formed the foundations of his own sound over the years. A record where the vocoders play a very important role, mixing old electro-boogie and Italo-disco in order to create an amazing, spacey and a very personal 80's tribute. 
                            Vocoders are set to stun on opener "Non Me Lo So Spiegare", while clicking robo-claves and snapping snares keep time for the swelling synths and weighty bass tones. The "In The Night" Mix of "Rolandio" follows, serving up spaced out melodies, classic Italo vocoders and soaring sequences - this robot is systematic baby. Our trip through the stars finishes with the heartswelling, super emotive Italo of "Se Ritornerai", a personal highlight from the EP. Endless breakdowns, dreamy keys and a melancholic chord progression ensure tops off, hands aloft energy, while the vocoder brings a touch of robot romance to proceedings.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: Marvin / Guy man Marcello Giordani does his thing on MM Discos here, turning out a trio of mega synth jams on an Italo / boogie style. Totally spaced out, always emotional and flawlessly produced, this is a fine homage to the 80s Italian sound.


                            Legs Pt. 1 / Let My People Go

                            Double A-side 7" featuring Darondo's most dancefloor worthy tune "Legs Pt.1", a slice of proto-Prince type funk with the powerful and conscious ballad "Let My People Go" on the flip. Limited edition release on Ubiquity, licensed from the original tapes and sounding as funky as ever! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Suuuuper tasty funk double header, gritty and slouchy AF; the bass playing alone on both tracks is worth the entrance fee alone. Add some dusty drums and harrowed vocal parts and you've got two deep funk nuggets smothered in gold.

                            After 4 sell-out releases and a sixth month break, The Owl returns with its strongest EP to date containing four certified disco and funk inspired joints.

                            Starting with a lesser known rework, The Owl once again delivers the goods with "On It" adding extra bottom end and percussion making this track alone a future favourite in record bags. The theme continues with The Owl adding his unique disco touch to both "Boogie" and "Getting Down".

                            But the standout track on this EP has to be "Sly Lovin", more like an original disco cut than a rework. It just has so much funk, that this gem could become a cult favourite for years to come.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: With club-ready edits of ORS' "Body To Body Boogie", Hamilton Bohannon's "Me And The Gang" (with added Paul Johnson vocal...), this one already had me hooked but the JB-flavoured "On It" and Psychemagik endorsed, "Sly Lovin" ensured my purchase!

                            Horace Andy / Im And The Agg

                            Fever / The Flue

                            Horace Andy’s classic Studio One cut "Fever" on a super-loud 12” single for the first time ever.

                            A killer track originally released on the legendary Studio One label in 1973, with the Cedric Im Brooks instrumental version on the B side.

                            Horace Andy is one of reggae’s best known vocalists who has had mainstream success with Massive Attack after appearing on all five of their albums.

                            A feel-good dancefloor gem, with huge rocksteady inflections, that hard rockin' riddim will keep the dance jivin' rite thru de session....

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Hard skankin' and emerging out of the remnants of rocksteady, this early Horace number has feel-good vibes written all over it.

                            A mysterious treasure that’s been tearing through the underground finds its way to the surface - "Steady" is a stripped-back techy roller with a UKG tinge that packs a bone-shaking sub bass punch. Hold tight for a warped, well-loved vocal that fits this minimal powerhouse like a dream and is sure to cause a ruckus across dancefloors worldwide.

                            Proper illicit pirate radio vibes here as Soul II Soul's classic "How Ever Do You Want Me" is transformed into a sub-heavy soundsystem roller. The ravers are gonna go nuts for this!!!

                            Limited white label business - move quick! 

                            Craven Faults

                            Lowfold Reworks - Inc. Pye Corner Audio / Don't DJ / President Bongo Reworks

                            Reworks of tracks from across the Yorkshire-based electronic producer’s trilogy of long-form EPs on the Lowfold Works label. This release brings together a celebrated list of progressive contemporaries at the top of their game.

                            Pye Corner Audio, Don't DJ & President Bongo have all made ripples and waves across their various sound pools through some inspired and creative content over the last few years. Unleashing the same drive and desire for audio magc they turn their attention to three of Craven Fault's tracks for the subject of this release.

                            "Intakes" is given a synthetic and opiated wash as Pye Corner Audio injects a subtle 4/4 thrust but otherwise smothers the stems in a comforting, if narcotic, blanket of sound.

                            Don't DJ takes on "Foddergang", creating a mesmerizing, concentric EBM pulse which owes as much to Ashra Temple and Manuel Gottsching as it does to Tolouse Low Trax and Huerco S.

                            Finally, President Bongo brings out the blossoming bright and celestial nuances of "Eller Ghyll", giving them a crystalline, if hypnotic focus. The clarity of the panned drum hits combining with the dreaminess of those softly circling arpeggios is a true feast for the ears. Fluttering, phasing elements gently drift across the stereo field as a motorick meter steadily urges things forward. Dreamboat!

                            Mega release, all three remixes are golden. Highly recommended!

                            'Kin ell we've been waiting a while for this 'un!! One of the most talked about records of the summer is now available to all. A tribute to St Peterburg's legendary Kisloty club and a must have for fans of VTSS, Courtesy, Clouds and all forms of hard n rapid dance music.

                            Opening with the bleak ambience of "Don't Look For Me", gusting icy winds through the deserted cityscape (presumably cos everyone's inside the club getting at it...).

                            "Klub Theme" thrusts us right into that 3am mainline; strobes and lazers on full blast with frequent huffs of poppers thrust down our nose. Reminiscent of the harder edge of techno, skirting dangerously close to gabba but in a tasteful and accomplished style - strictly for the brave!

                            "Kisloty People" is more playful but none less energetic as it deploys a crazed vocal loop over slamming tekno beatz. Surely a big one with Villalobos and DJ Bone, this fiery inferno of techno goodness has ANTHEM written all over its narcy grooves. Don't believe us? Ask the 70K soundcloud users buzzing their tits off this track right now!

                            Anyone needing anymore convincing need look no further than the galvanized metallic techno of "Check It" which concludes this essential record with summat Ben Sims or Surgeon will get plenty use of out int' field.

                            You need this.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Tough but anthemic, if "Kisloty People" doesn't become a future White Hotel anthem I'll eat my own slipmats!

                            Pomona Dream

                            Blame It On The Groove

                            No it's not a tribute act to the now infamous Salford based ill-eagle-rave (sadly), but a new act hailing from Gothenburg who drop some original music for the long established GAMM label.

                            A-side tune, "Blame It On The Groove" is a tasty rare groove jam with sugary sweet vocals and is based on Aged In Harmony's highly sought after, "You're A Melody" track. The new vocal inflections and rugged organic production really bolster the song's estate, and this new addition is at least as valuable as the first!

                            Pomona Dream drop an extra treat on the B-side. Downbeat house gem "San Francisco" brings back that Amp Fiddler / Recloose / Carl Craig vibe nicely, with a nice blend of electronic soul and house bump combining beautifully with another accomplished vocal part.

                            Well good 7" release this, don't sleep! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Sil says: GAMM goes POP! Leaves the disco realm for a sugar coated rainbows and unicorns filled universe. Classy and sparkly.


                            Only Love Can Set U-Free (Bicep Remix)

                            Bicep’s much-loved, anthemic remix of Dyone "Only Love Can Set U-Free" gets its first ever vinyl release on the legendary First Choice.

                            Back in ’93 Dyone produced the outstanding "Only Love Can Set U-Free", an uplifting house workout drenched in piano stabs, sweeping strings and Dyone’s alluring vocals laid over the top of a shuffling rhythm.

                            Only previously released digitally, the Belfast boys Bicep loop up Dyone’s chorus vocal whilst honing in on those huge piano chords and beefing up the beat, laying down a fresh set of drums that give that powering, club-ready Bicep touch. It's epic! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Get ready for the big mainroom rush when this one drops. Bicep continue to be an imperative force with this tastefully re-rubbed house anthem.

                            Daryl Cura aka DeeCoy has been an integral part of the Chicago underground house scene for many long years, producing numerous records and running the prestigious @eargasmicrec as well as being part of the legendary supergroup Dirty Criminals alongside Traxx and Jamal Moss. LIES present two seperate, previously unreleased archival 12"s recorded during the Criminals era in the early 2000's. This is a testament to an understated artist from the vast Chicago scene who in many ways was very much way ahead of his time...

                            Second part of the Deecoy excavation sees more pioneering primitive-electronix from this groudbreaking artist. "The Chase" introduces the record through bolt cutter drums railroaded at a high speed. Alien discourse decoded by human interfaces seem to characterize "Tunnel Vision" as a mixed message of bleeps and bangs peppers our inputs. "Chrome" sees tuff body music veer off slightly into more cerebral states, the perfect contradiction of body and mind working in conjecture. "Eights" concludes with some freebase acid, just in case the fiends were starting to get all scratchy. Mega stuff from this Chi-town luminary whose output seems tailor made for Ron Morelli's LIES label... Recommended! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: The spoils of a second dig around Deecoy's scorched studio reveals more black magic studio trickery in the same vein as Jamal Moss, Steve Poindextor, Adornis etc. There's something in the punch I tell thee!

                            Old Chillin back up in the heezy with more certified G-shit for yo- bitch asses. Bouncing out the speaker stacks comes this 1993 classic from North Cali's finest, the mighty Cypress Hill. Taking some drums from Nilsson, a sax skronk from Alice Coltrane and an eventual harmonica from Sabbath's "The Wizard", DJ Muggs cooked up a neck snapping beat, just about perfect for the buckwild lyricism of Sen Dog and B-Real to take us into the future. Hard hitting rap edit on the A-side, instrumental brilliance on the flip.

                            Second repress of CoastDream’s debut X-Kalay release and now cult record, "Soft Moon". With the title track now racking up 1.2m views on youtube (and counting), and both the original and first repress priced at £40 on discogs you'll need to move quick on this one as copies are literally flying off the shelves!

                            Alongside the synthetic lo-fi bounce of the lead track, you get more fizzy fun by way of "Oh La La", whose coastal rave stab shines light on past moments of jubilation thru a sepia-tinted lens. "About You" turns the light down low for some proper backroom lo-fi business that barely registers above 8K on the frequency scale!

                            It's "La Esperanza" that's got us unable to close our mouths here in the shop though. A rough-as-a-bear's-arse cut-n-paste job of hardcore, jungle and breaks, it moves through three sections in a reckless, no-fucks-given way and has totally twisted every single one of our melons in the shop! Madness, and definitely worth checking out, even if the algorithm has driven "Soft Moon" down your throat you never wanna hear it again...!

                            Limited quants - first come first served!

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: As hype as it gets and back in press for I'd guess a nano second, CoastDream's "Soft Moon" serves up beachfront pump, lo-fi house, Bradock-bump and a nanging jungle cut. Buy on sight...

                            Thurston Moore

                            Pollination / Leave Me Alone

                              Each 7-inch comprises an excerpted moment from the THURSTON MOORE GROUP live in 2019, free-mixed and free-created by Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker). The B-side of each is a special cover of a New Order track (recorded in Salford).

                              Thurston Moore

                              Spring Swell / Leave Me Alone

                                Each 7-inch comprises an excerpted moment from the THURSTON MOORE GROUP live in 2019, free-mixed and free-created by Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker). The B-side of each is a special cover of a New Order track (recorded in Salford).

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Ltd 7" Info: 7” Turquoise Vinyl + 8 Page Zine.

                                Thurston Moore

                                Three Graces / Leave Me Alone

                                  Each 7-inch comprises an excerpted moment from the THURSTON MOORE GROUP live in 2019, free-mixed and free-created by Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker). The B-side of each is a special cover of a New Order track (recorded in Salford).

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd 7" Info: 7” Magenta Vinyl + 8 Page Zine.

                                  Peggi Blu / Gregg Diamond

                                  I Want It All Now / This Side Of Midnight - Justin Van Der Volgen Edits

                                  Back in 2009 My Rules label owner Justin Van Der Volgen released a mix cd done completely with his own edits titled Try To Find Me Vol 2.
                                  The mix was received incredibly well and had fans scrambling for years to try and spot the track list. It earned a 4.5 review on Resident Advisor, and had a certain rather known and respected DJ opening their sets with it.

                                  Since then the status has only grown and is now considered by some one of the best mixes of all time.

                                  So to mark the 10 year anniversary Justin has decided to finally release two of the most requested edits from it. On the A-side you get a high powered vocal cut from Peggi Blu which comes on like a lost Chaka Khan anthem. Big bassline, mad fx and screaming lyrics qualify this party starter for tops and bottoms off status. Flip over to the B side and you'll find Gregg Diamond's charging string-laden disco trip stripped back into a hypnotising euphoric roller. Two peak time cuts not to be missed, fully licensed and sure to soar.

                                  Peach Discs kick off a white label imprint although with a printed centre label displaying the producer's face, and heavy mastering, I think they're clutching at straws with the whole 'white label' concept (at least the tracks are unnamed..!).

                                  Thankfully the music is cutting edge and with the aforementioned expert mastering, these two cuts bite hard on the club rigs. Two techno tracks full of squally, lysergic sfx & swirls, powered by some percussive, drum-box techno beats delivered at a smooth and steady tempo. Perfect for getting the club bubbling early doors before deploying some tuffer and harder stuff later on.

                                  Limited copies, mega vibe - move quick! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Exactly as I like it. Totally drenched in drum beats and bathed in all kind of mind blowing effects. Mega tool that you should carry to all your sets. Tops!

                                  Natty / Mala & Benjamin Zephaniah

                                  Word & Sound

                                  Mala joins forces with Natty and wordsmith Benjamin Zephaniah on new single "Word & Sound".

                                  Word & Sound - a reference to the Rastafari terminology, word-sound power - the idea that the vibrations of speech and music impact the world, far beyond both that we can touch and see.

                                  Speaking about the record, Mala said:
                                  'The making of this record happened so naturally, the words inspired me to create the music. Their message and intention was set. Conscious vibrations using words and sounds.'

                                  The single sees the official relaunch of Mala's I&I Music - famed for its limited and much sought-after vinyl only white labels.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Blink-and-you'll-miss-it, dub-meets-poetry as Mala and Natty introduce Benjamin Zephaniah. Mala rekindles the I&I flames... form an orderly queue!

                                  Following a string of releases this year, Bicep are keeping it green on their label with Sligo local heroes Brame & Hamo’s hauling in the source material for number fifteen on their iconic label.

                                  Fresh from remixing TSHA’s latest track "Moon" on Ninja Tune offshoot Counter Records, 2019 continues to be a big year for Brame & Hamo who have come through the ranks of Irish talent. Having kept all releases to their own imprint Brame & Hamo, this is their first clutch of material made available for export.

                                  Bicep have signed up two of the duo's hottest productions, with "Waves Reach" and "Dust" firing out of the starting blocks with a urgent intensity. Both tracks utilize highly kinetic synthlines that twist and weave through two very different technoid groove patterns. The programming and sound design is killer, with "Waves Reach" hitting an expansive, proggy moment of euphoria through its rippling melody and angelic sampled pads. "Dust" rides a sublime plane into coastal techno exuberance; like you're 3 days into a mammoth session on the Baltics but the drugs and certainly the vibe isn't showing any sign of running out yet!

                                  Voiski takes the highly stimulating energy present in "Waves Reach" and ratchets up the intensity even higher! With nice rhythmic gates powering the synthline through an even fuller and weightier drum palette, you'll need to proceed with caution exercising this beast! Speaking of which, Private Press' take on "Dust" can only be explained as gut-churning, wrecking-ball techno delivered directly to the face! Only the strong survive this onslaught...!

                                  Highly, highly recommended!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Phhwwoooar! That Private Press remix man! Sure to put hairs on the chest of the baldest raver, this low-rumbling, tribal techno hits the jugular everytime. You need!

                                  Daryl Cura aka DeeCoy has been an integral part of the Chicago underground house scene for many long years, producing numerous records and running the prestigious @eargasmicrec as well as being part of the legendary supergroup Dirty Criminals alongside Traxx and Jamal Moss. We now present two separate previously unreleased archival 12"s recorded during the Criminals era in the early 2000's. This is a testament to an understated artist from the vast Chicago scene who in many ways was very much way ahead of his time.

                                  Much like fellow pioneer Jamal Moss, DeeCoy takes the various ghosts and tropes of dance music sordid history and breaks them down to their most primal and primitive forms. A distilled form of house music that resonates from within, unrestrained by glitz, glammer and polish. This music could exist in tribal times and is, as such, an extension of those hypnotic and repetitive rhythms our ancestors danced around too. Voodoo house music by one its true originators.

                                  Part 1 of 2. 300 only. Don't sleep!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Proto-house blueprints beated out on vintage drum boxes like cave paintings. The double-helix of the dancefloor reveals its early incarnations from another Chi-town wizard. Mega.

                                  Hifi Sean & Crystal Waters


                                  Hifi Sean draw an impeccable year to a close with more of their energetic, radio-friend pop-disco-dance that seen them a constant fixture on the airwaves and dancefloor throughout 2019.

                                  Reflecting the current social climate, Crystal Waters sings a blues / gospel inspired track about escapism and world problems.

                                  'I turn on the evening news what the hell are they doing ? The whole worlds in ruins fuck me' !!!

                                  Comes with a tasty dub on side B.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: I love Hifi Sean! Energetic pop music with an air of class and sophistication above that what you normally here on the radio. My family love it... and so do I!

                                  Invisible Inc. follow the will of the people by pressing up some of their digitally released tracks that have come out since the label's birth.

                                  The digital releases DD01 ("The Mamba") and DD02 ("Krokakai") came about to provide a more DJ-focused aspect of the label: dancefloor-friendly tracks that didn't wander off quite so far into the oddball, esoteric & 'psychedelic' territory of the label's primary output. Although the label deemed them to be more suited to a digital release, the masses responded and demanded the vinyl you see before you!

                                  It's the Krokakai track that gets us underway here, "Bodhram Beat. A slo-mo cosmic number wit jagged EBM nuances, it's extroverted spoken word vocal elevates it into philosophical sonic territory that should tickle the mind's eye perfectly. Slovenian Vitorijoski's "The Voice Of Bárbaros" is next, and with its driving eastern-electronics instantly reminded us of Simple Symmetry, Mehmet Aslan, Mekine U Teksi and the great Disco Halal.

                                  The Mamba's "Trails" is the kinda of throbbing, shuddering EBM that the dancefloor laps up right now. With its buzzing synth lines as cascading tones it's set to cause a whole withering coital snake in the seedier dens of iniquity throughout the global village.

                                  Closing with Cantillate from the Netherlands whose album "Machines For Emotions" made waves in June and whose previous EPs have had support from Mr TC, Identified Patient, Gamma Intel and more. His slo-mo, sci-fi, tribal techno chugger "Dust To Dust" is a mesmerising synthetic scream from the depths of the psychic abyss. Slovenian Vitorijoski's "The Voice Of Bárbaros" with its driving eastern feel instantly reminded us of Simple Symmetry, Mehmet Aslan, Mekine U Teksi and the great Disco Halal.

                                  Currently supported by: Andrew Weatherall, Thomas Von Party, Bufi, Cosmo Vitelli, Joakim, DJ Sofa, Ivan Smagghe, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Vladimir Ivkovic, Myako on Boiler Room and more. All tracks have been (re)mastered especially for this vinyl release.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: One stop shop for all your cosmic / kosmiche needs, Invisible Inc. usher forth another V/A and, you've guessed it, it's another essential view of the modern intergalactic body music scene.

                                  Dansu Discs have quietly nudged their way to top of the charts as we draw the year to a close with the last two EPs from the camp nothing short of essential. Responsible for KP's no. 2 dance 12" of the year by Interplanetary Criminal, the label completes the year on an impenetrable high with a tasty second volume of their "Club Culture" series.

                                  ADMINTi's "Puddle Muddle" gets us underway, immediately shaming us with no previous knowledge of this amazing artist! Over growling Reese bass, ADMNTi fires delicious electro-perx and squealing sfx for a playful and direct jolt of mid-session enjoyment. Super slick, you'll be gliding across the mainroom in no time when this one deploys....

                                  R. Kitt fires up the lasers for his highly accomplished techno romp, "With Somebody". Weighty production and a poised arrangement highlight this top tier techno from the get go, and when those spiraling arpeggios grab hold of you, there's no coming back from its seductive glow.

                                  As per, the label drop some unfathomably hot new garage vibes, here courtesy of Jack Michael whose "The Edition" skits, shuffled and bangs like a tried and tested OG - 'cept it's brand new and most probably from someone born AFTER '97!!

                                  GLOCKTA sees off the set with "HOTSPUR"; another Reese-powered banger which this time rides the bassline / 4/4 vibe perfectly.

                                  Shame it missed festival season but "Club Culture Vol. 2" shows exactly what this label are about and why they should be a priority addition to your weekend weaponry ASAP.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Dansu Discs nudges its way to the front of my record box with the second essential 12" from the camp this year. Check!

                                  Following up on his collaborative EP "Middle Of The Road Less Travelled" with Michal Turtle, Hove is back with another solo EP on his imprint Light of Other Days. This label can do no wrong in our eyes and the five breezy and Balearic-tinged tracks were recorded and produced in Hove's home studio in Zurich between December 2018 and June 2019.

                                  On "In Motion" Hove’s sound evolves from drifting and dreamy ambiences into tape-saturated, mid-tempo bumpers right back into shimmering chords, spiked with echoing guitars and field-recordings. As with its predecessors, he interweaves organic sounds with seductive rhythms and percolated ambient pads into a dense yet familiar sound. "In Motion" is inspired by the pure feeling of listening to house, synth-pop, wave, dub and new age records. It is Hove’s third solo EP and his first release of 2019.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Like that familiar beach-side paradise you return to every year, Hove's tranquil and playful moods are one thing you can reley on to give you pleasure and enjoyment everytime.

                                  X-Kalay continues to bewilder and bedazzle with another label debut from Leipzig based artist Marvin Uhde aka Qnete. An accomplished, yet hugely underrated producer, Qnete's notable solo contributions have come on the respected Berlin label 777, Dresden's Uncanny Valley offshoot Shtum.

                                  The four tracks showcased here skillfully blur the lines between vintage rave excavation and modern precision sound system music. There's a heady and loose vibe to each track, though the moods move between proggy, full on, baggy downbeat and techy breaks indiscriminately. Basically, over four tracks Qnete manages to encompass the very essence of the party; skillfully toying with genre and rhythm yet keeping true to the endorphin-rushing vibration of being surrounded by 1000 like minded ravers in a field in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a rig and generator for company. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: X-Kalay seem to be one of the freshest mutations of free party sprit on wax at the moment. This develish four tracker from Qnete takes us right back to the fields and motorway bridges whilst adding some modern, ear-catching flourishes. Top stuff indeed!

                                  Following on from the excellent 'Le personnage principal est un peuple isolée' compilation, Stroom return to the unique sonic world of Benjamin Lew for a four track EP of deeply psychedelic jams from the early 80's. Opener "Bamako Ou Ailleurs" lays queasy sax over a raga-style sequence and ambling coldwave rhythm, swiftly hooking us into its hypnotic repetition before subtle changes trigger interesting variations in brain chemistry. "Il Les Quitta A L'aube" employs a similarly opiated approach to rhythm, the kick ditching the rest of the kick to mark steady time as the pulsating synths and dreamy keys swell and fade. Opening the B-side, "Dans Les Jardins" sees Lew swirl field recordings, radio samples and garbled electronics into a tribal rite for the mechanical age - perfect for Halloween deployment I reckon. Finally, "A La Recherche De B" leads us into a watery grave of aquatic undulations, dubby fx and gloomy neo-classical touches.

                                  Following Altkat’s "Lakerda" LP, Banlieue Records enlist Benoit B & Cándido who drop the split EP, "Dupla Rítmica", hand stamped and limited to 200 copies.

                                  On the A-side, Banlieue’s own Benoit B delivers a track entitled "100%". It’s a 107BPM affair, featuring solid gated drums, electro bass, sampled vox and bleepy keyboard lines; pairing that old school electro flavour with a druggy, cosmic mindset wonderfully.

                                  On the flip, Buenos Aires-based producer Cándido joins the dots between the sounds of classic European EBM and US freestyle under a common latinx thread. With hard hitting percussion, pitched and gated drums, triggered samples, slapped FM bass and Spanish spoken word, this 115BPM tune has all the dark energy you need to ignite the dance. 

                                  Lanark Artefax releases a new EP titled "Corra Linn" on 24th October via Numbers,

                                  Cinematic, hyper-real soundscapes decorated by juddering, jagged contours and full spectrum synthesis evoke the vast expansiveness of the Scottish producer's homelands whilst catapulting the listener into the virtual and augmented next-worlds of the near future. The three-track EP arrives after last year’s remix of Björk and an extensive period touring his internationally acclaimed live A/V show.

                                  Recorded sometime in the last year and a half, the three tracks across "Corra Linn" materialise like a cascading data flow; combining lazer sharp digital synths and hyperspatial sound design with scaled up, spine-tingling choral melodies, time-refracted field recordings and ethereal childlike vocal arrangements.

                                  The EP’s title track, "Corra Linn", takes its name from a waterfall in the Lanark area of Scotland, the water of which flows into one of the oldest hydro-electric power stations in the UK. The artwork accompanying the EP is a photomicrographic image of Lanarkite; a rare and precious mineral form. Almost all significant occurrences of Lanarkite were discovered deep within the Leadhills in South Lanarkshire, but it is said that an unknown, but large, quantity of it was once unearthed at the base of Corra Linn waterfall.

                                  Visit the Lanark Artefax web portal to explore the digital archive accompanying the release.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Bar 'Featherheap' you would think that some form of alien life has entered teh rest of this ep. Electro and that new life breeding new musical forms. Adventurous minds, this is yours.

                                  Chambre Noire Records is a new label out of Montreal, managed by Peter Bunzinelli. It is the continuation of a mix series and a radio show on N10.AS, active since 2017. For its very first release, it features Puma & The Dolphin’s debut record, the "Primitive EP", including a remix by Michal Turtle. P&TD is a Bulgarian producer based in Sofia. the Primitive EP focuses on firedance grooves, exotic percussion along with a dub and post-punk approach.

                                  The EP opens with wild chugger "Jungle Futura". Layering jungle sounds with loose hand percussion, the mood is at the crossroads between Latin and oriental influences. As the track progresses, the rhythmic section is enriched by skippy snares and a variety of vocal samples, sweeps, and melodies, with undeniable firedance-inducing results. Darker and more synthetic in some regards, "Camel in Dub" is closely aligned to the post-punk paradigm with its bass guitar and Linn Drum groove, and dub techniques skillfully used by the producer to create a rather psychedelic mise en scène. After laying down the foundations of this plodding rhythm, satellite voices, rhythmic and melodic elements follow one another, taking the dancer on a real trip. With vocal samples and a bass guitar at the forefront interspersed with minimalist but highly efficient rhythmic elements, melodies and other bleeps & bloops engaged in ear-catching interplay, there is something loose, sensual and slightly hazy about A3 cut "The Dress".

                                  Taking a similar yet slightly different approach to the post-punk sound of previous tracks, B1"Cobra Dance" features a catchy bassline and groovy percussion of a rather Latin persuasion, alternating between vocal samples, melodic elements, and rhythmic phrases. In a sense, this track is reminiscent of the spirit of Martin Hannett’s work with ESG, that is to say, groovy dance music that feels like the opposite of synthetic.
                                  Highly-esteemed British producer Michal Turtle’s remix of "The Dress" is a stunner. Stripping the track down to its primordial elements and treating sounds in dramatic and psychedelic fashion creates a very mystical and trippy feeling all over the remix which feels eminently balearic but with a unique twist. Light footed and dreamy on one hand, groovy as hell and impossible not to dance to on the other, this is probably what dancing on clouds feels like.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Future primitive, techno tropical, machine funk and tribal dub here from Puma & The Dolphin to inaugurate new imprint Chambre Noir. Coming complete with a killer dub-not-dub mix from Michal Turtle, I'm giving this one 5 mushrooms out of 5.


                                  Numbers hit us with a couple of new Sophie 12"s to get the dancefloor jumping. Samuel Long asks Carol for perhaps one consonant too many on 'MSMSMSM'. She's never going to make a decent word out of that, but she has made a EDM / trap / booty bass banger for the shape-throwing youth. Flipside cut 'Vyzee' is the tweenie child of 'Pump Up The Jam', an electro house jacker with cute / creepy girl rap.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Available once again. The first four Sophie EPs have become cult artifacts of leftfield-dance-pop. Last chance saloon if you missed 'em the first time!

                                  Maestro Opolopo makes his debut on GAMM with two classy (and jazzy) reworks that draw comparisons with his classic Gregory Porter remix from back in the day.

                                  On the Pharoah Sanders rework he samples and gets creative with 4 (!) different versions of this much-lauded, original jazz dance classic. The results are nothing short of brilliant and inject new life into this tried-and-tested smash.

                                  On the B side Opolopo gets deep in Brooklyn with a moody and raw version of the Roy Ayers' classic, "We Live In Brooklyn". It doesn't get more GAMM than this folks, as Opolopo houzes up the stems like no other, allowing the vocal 'nuff room to breathe whilst keepin' booties poppin' rite thru! Recommended!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Opolopo doing what he does best. Transforming a good disco tune in a mega party disco tune. Two grand edits that will not leave your audience indifferent. Will stir some hips!

                                  Tera Octe


                                  Finally something for all the rave goblins out there! A PRR! PRR! related imprint from Belgium, Boosterpack drops some fresh AF new heat from Tera Octe. This producer seems intent on scraping the slimiest sludge from the subterranean lairs; taking hints of Detroit's latest after-hours sub-genre and combining it with tropes of Belgium New Beat, gabba and horrorcore - if you've no idea what to expect, then strap in and prepare to delve deep!

                                  A completely unique and new expression for strictly the most freakish and underground dance parties, "Deafcum" and "Trump" are like if you took the stop-start tension of hoover hardcore, the sound palette of gabba and new beat and the pitched-down grit of Detroit sludge. The result sounds a lot of what DJ David Goblin has been playing out on the acclaimed PRR! PRR! radio show (plus last year's "Ork Musik"). A total favourite with us here that bound to cause a stir at any end-of-year shin dig!

                                  Limited quants, highly recommended! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Heard of ORK MUSIC yet?! DJ David Goblin graced out shelves with an early showcase towards the end of last year. Now Tera Octe is back to reaffirm the blueprint with a fresh array of primevil, orkish marching music - ready to traverse Mordor and vanguish the light. Seriously, you need to check this sound if you play on darker, EBM flavoured dancefloors.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition 7" in blisterpack

                                  London based DJ and producer Dan Shake is a familiar face on our shelves here at Piccadilly. The producer's fast-paced, hi-nrg take on sampled disco-house is as catchy as it is incendiary and provide ample responses to Shir Khan's cult "Black Jukebox" series & Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks In Hell signings.

                                  Perfectly fitting to Dennis Sulta's hype label: "Bert’s Groove" is a high-impact dancefloor weapon with a funk-inflected disco bassline and riotous percussive pulse, whilst B-side track "Daisy’s Dance" is a fine-tuned disco house heater, with looped-up sampled vocals, jubilant horns and an infectious bassline.

                                  Forth release on the Sulta Selects imprint and just as essential as the previous three! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Sometimes all you need is a tasty hook and a prompt delivery of high energy house beats. Dan Shake cuts the brake cables and does just this on his new record.

                                  Martin Jenkins returns to the fold as Pye Corner Audio, exploring the outer reaches of Drexciyan electro and pulsing soundtrackery. We kick things off with 'Storm Cloud', presenting a series of snappy bass envelopes and reverbed cowbell underpinned with a sidechained analogue throb, working through the usual PCA sonic realms but with more urgency and drive. 'Solar Waves' is up next, working the outer reaches of the blipping modular sample / hold spectrum before launching into a syncopated dirge of chunky bass and infrequent saturated percussives. 

                                  Flip over and things get a little more introspective (a little, it's still pushing 125), with 'Darktro' rich in slewed 303 throbs (I suspect it's actually from an Analog 4 though), and skittering hats, before closer 'Explorer' pulls things right back to the murky underground with echoic bass throbs pushing through the melodic counterpoint and frayed 808.  

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Barry says: Another brilliant outing from Jenkins here, showing that he is as capable of smashing out a set of urgent, propulsive electro as he is crafting a slo-mo horror soundtrack. Superb.

                                  Essential electro-techno classic. This is the second record from Ectomorph and second record for the label Interdimensional Transmissions, from 1995. This is the first time it has been repressed in over a decade, and its been done using the original masters by two wizards of Midwest mastering. The A side was mastered by Mark Richardson at Metropolis (who later founded Prairie Cat Mastering) and the B side is complete with lock grooves cut by Ron Murphy. Manufactured in Detroit!

                                  Vintage electro sold gold! Limited quants, don't sleep! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Superb, great, refreshing. Excellent electro record here that has the possibility of working that dancefloor but also entertaining your guests in your next house party. Exquisite beats for you erudite folks.

                                  UK based Tecwaa's background is in the early Yorkshire rave scene, which makes you understand his music on a deeper level. His tasteful turning of the knobs on the Roland 303 takes you back to in time to an early morning somewhere round 1990 with a diesel generator pushed to the limit roaring somewhere in the background. But Tecwaa's music is a lot more than a trip in time: the sound is modern and extremely well produced where the few but exquisite sounds hook in to each other naturally and creates a round, solid groove.

                                  The sound varies from airy and light in "Xentaeh" to warmer and heavier in the other track "Ci". Both possess an ethereal, dream-like quality which lends itself to inebriated mind states. Teecwaa's music bare traces of trance, rave, early techno and so on but you could call it 'uplifting, psychedelic leftfield house' and this is his first release on Höga Nord Rekords. Recommended! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: The Piccadilly love affair with Hoga Nord continues this week with a ripping 7" from Yorkshire's Tecwaa. Razor sharp electro beats collide with percolating 303 lines amid all kinds of narcotic electronics. Club sounds for mature ravers!

                                  The Patchouli Brothers

                                  BDSM / Get A Chance

                                  Another fine slab of that Disco goodness from the mighty Kojak stable.
                                  Toronto party machines & re-edit maestros The Patchouli Brothers step up to the plate this time with 2 monstrous sides of peak-time Disco heat.
                                  'BDSM / Gert A Chance' will not leave your bag, these cuts are primed, ready and able to lift the roof off of your discotheque, road-tested by the bros and deemed suitable by the gods at Kojak Giant Sounds & Disco Promotions. Say no more. The A-side offers a looped up and suped up ultra-cut of Grace Jones '79 smasher "On Your Knees" with maximum emphasis on the instrumental breaks and sassy backing vocals. Flip it for a sultry, saxy and sexy version of "Dream Dancer", a mega Carol Lucas B-side from the same year. Here the galloping bassline gets added attention, driving the track onwards while the killer solos and celestial vox occupy the top end. Essential wax for the discerning mirror ball fiend right here. Limited, as always. Do it!

                                  A standout choice on any playlist, Master Force’s 1979 release ‘Hey Girl’ c/w ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ has become a staple classic across generations tuned into the soul-funk-disco sounds of late-70’s New York and all its makings.

                                  Originally released on both 12” and 7”, both singles had different mixes and are equally sought-after. Whilst Greg’s work has been heavily bootlegged over the years, the Master Force 45 mixes favoured by many have remained both untouchable and unavailable to most.

                                  For the first time, Backatcha reissue the original 45 versions on a remastered official 7” licensed direct from Greg Henderson.

                                  French wielder of exotic machine music Epsilove debuts a full EP of sensuous, melodic electro on Dekmantel. Formerly one-half of Syracuse, Isabelle Maitre depicts a vision of daring, yet euphoric vocal-led, dreamy electro that oscillates with sturdier, warehouse sounds full of heaving 808s, and experimental qualities.

                                  ‘Time is the longest distance’ preaches the qualities that brought Antinote’s Epsilove to the distinguished status she has today. It is the sound of chic dancers, shuffling-together leisurely under neon lights, pressing against each other along to nostalgic acid basslines, interstellar synths, and dreamy, cinematic vocals. Rich with harmony, emotion, and cold-wave sensuality. ’Sea Snakes’ pulses faster under a Drexciyan dream-state, painting kaleidoscopic motifs, as the 808 rattles out multi-paced tempos, driving levels of uncompromising Detroit velocities, through to Lynchian-mirror-world listlessness. It’s an acid-acid test of colourful, pulsing electro.

                                  On the remixes are fellow Parisian’s Ali Bobo (Bruits De La Passion) and Shelter (Bigwax Records), who rework ‘Time is the longest distance’ into something more sinister, reflecting the dystopic IDM aesthetics of early Rephlex Records with playful, darkened electronics. The more elusive pairing of French producer HAJJ (Dawn Records) and Lastrack (BFDM) meanwhile, team up to turn ‘Sea Snakes’ into something that harkens towards the world of Warp-like experimental and progressive contemporary post-trap, and breakbeats.

                                  "À dix mètres sous moi, l'eau invisible. Entre l'eau et la brume, pas de frontière, la brume aussi lourde que l'eau, l'eau aussi irréelle que la brume. Passage dans un autre monde, transition par une osmose où toute forme ancienne est désagrégée et dissoute.” Raymond Abellio, Heureux les Pacifiques (1946)

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Dekmantel mine the fertile French scene for their latest release, inviting Epsilove to work her cosmic, coldwave magic across two electro-influenced cuts. The A1 brings the interplanetary drift for the cosmic clubkids, while 'Sea Snakes' is a snapping electro banger with a wriggling bassline. Featuring HAJJ, Lastrack, Ali Bobo and personal fave Shelter on remix duties, this is the complete package folks.

                                  Tata Toto


                                  Eyes down and look in! Landing in my lap fresh from Paris on a direct connection, I have snagged a handful of copies of this super limited (100 worldwide) new wave / industrial audio nasty from Tata Toto, featuring mastering work from the mighty Alan Briand (AKA Shelter). Rather than wasting their time on a conventional format for their inaugural release, new Parisian imprint Association Fatale have instead opted for a postcard size flexidisc, which only increases the fuzz, hiss and grit of this machine funk monster. Tune in for weird grooves and punk vocals. Totally crazy and I'm wager utterly collectible, these are wicked!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Crazy machine punk / industrial funk from new Parisian label Association Fatale here. Limited as fuck and pressed on a postcard flexi, this madness sticks the middle finger up to everything from the basement of an artschool somewhere near Saint-Ouen.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd 7" Info: 7" x 4" Postcard flexidisc.
                                  Limited to 100 worldwide.

                                  It’s been all go at the Safe Trip Institute of late, with a visiting professor of Cosmic Numerology and Solar-Psychic Channelling joining the laboratory team to conduct intense analysis on more audio artefacts. Dr Prins Thomas is currently on secondment from the Full Pupp College of Scandi-Science in Oslo and has provided his own aural interpretations of audio held in the file ST012, colloquially known as “Tulipa Moves”. This file was said to be the work of an associate fellow of the Institute known only as “Darling”.

                                  After careful consideration of his musical re-configurations, which can be found in file ST016, the institute would like to offer the following observations:

                                  • His extensive experimentations on the artefact known as “Kiss The Glass” tie in closely to his exploration of astronomic numerology. By adding together the various numbers used to represent specific musical elements contained in the recording – synthesizer leads, TB-303 style’ acid motifs, machine drums and so on – we arrived at a startling total: 84626852. Coincidentally this number is also the given codename for one of the galaxy’s most confusing stars.

                                  • Dr Thomas’s other re-framing (of ST012 artefact 05, “The M Song”) is even more ear catching and eye-opening. We observe that the echoing electronic note sequences, chiming motifs and shuffling rhythm represents the transfer of data between two points; one above the surface of the Earth, the other within its hollow interior. This is a significant breakthrough on many levels.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Norwegian disco genius and king of cosmic techno, Prins Thomas takes on a pair of Darling delights, turning out a couple of fresh versions inspired by italo, electro, acid and Balearic house. Check out Thomas' version of "The M Song" if you wanna take a mid set trip to a happier place.

                                  Alarm bells ring when a record with a beautiful cover reaches our hands. It tends to be the case that the artwork tries to cover the mediocrity being recorded on the wax. But do not fret. It is exactly the opposite here. 
                                  Go straight to the floor filler that is 'You're Into Me' with its dark and mysterious bassline and Arthur 'Milleresque' house beat. Reaction assured. 
                                  'Chase Thoughts' is pure dynamite for the punters - a late night affair with a menacing  bass and vocal sample. But if you are looking for something a bit more broken, more robotic, more old school, head straight to the Head mix version on the flip. 
                                  As said, this is not just a pretty face! The contents match the standout cover.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Top notch and top draw house music to turn your loose accompanied by ridiculously beautiful artwork!

                                  As the divide between rich and poor widens, as the planet suffers under the unending CO2 blanket our greediest humans create, as we build more walls, fences, borders, prisons and smart weapons.........As the music you love is flooded with more and more rich, over publicized, totally untalented computer beat matched DJ’s!

                                  Originally released in 1991, UR's "Riot" EP gets a timely reissue, at a time when we need it most! Are there any daring DJ’s left? Or are they all in it for the private jets, exotic locations, the fame, the fortune and getting laid??

                                  These four tracks reek of rebellion, that feral energy that techno summons rife throughout their duration. Rough, jagged and littered with imperfections, it's a million miles away from the seamless, clean cut, white middle class techno that peppers a lot of the beatport and global digital retailers.

                                  Start a fire with UR this Winter as political unrest and social inequality freeze out the nation.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Classic, incendary UR firepower, available once again to the peasantry and underclasses when they need it most... Unite and defy the establishment with this rampage of early techno!

                                  Jon Sable continues the feel good vibes emanating off the In Dust We Trust label. Following the last serotonin-flooding release, the New Zealand native and label owner drops three tracks of smiley house goodness, perfect for your next session on the Blue Punishers!

                                  With pad presents as expansive as the ocean and bass as warm as hot chestnuts, all that's left is to add some authentic and ridiculously infectious house drums - which Jon does with a supreme sophistication. Seriously, future classic doesn't even come close. This is 110% pure spirit thru and thru, and should be top of your purchases this week if you're in any way into authentic HOUSE music. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Top house record here for the true diggers. Deep as they come, as soulful as you like. Top draw!

                                  New record from our friends on the Riviera...

                                  "Gravity" was finished in a Moroccan Air BnB after Jack J offered up a tasty arrangement of a previously loose ass live demo. It's low slung beat & deep sub offer up a firm foundation for funky guitar licks & organ stabs with an honest and pure vocal part placed tastefully on top. Bedroom boogie future classic alert!

                                  "Touch Tone" started as a jam with Cloudface then was completely remained, keeping his keypad melody, and later touched up with Jack adding live drums. Again, it's beauty lies in its niave simplicity, nodding to DIY electronic / wave scenes with its lo-fi but song-led approach.

                                  "Boys Cry" is dedicated to the memory of the artist's Dad and is a 303-guided house number laced with timpani rolls, toy piano chords and a VHS-fried aesthetic which complements the moody vocal delivery perfectly.

                                  "Fruits" utilizes male and female vocal interplay alongside strewn out metallic atmospheres and more timpani / tom flurries. It's a cerebral and psychedelic offering which drifts in on clouds of THC.

                                  Essential musica from the Mood Hut! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Beautiful 4 tracker ranging from italo sensibilities to sensual boogie funk. Mood Hut still rockin in 2019.

                                  Inspired by cosmology and ancient mythology, the Anunaku project is a continuation of TSVI’s debut album "Inner Worlds" and aims to explore the use of various drums from around the world combined with elements of UK underground club music.

                                  A melting point of future funk and global dub, it's hybridization is synonymous with our fertile lands and especially London with its at once disparet and cohesive influences. Add to that TSVI's Italian heritage and you can see why the EP is a celebration of world frequencies and rhythm.

                                  "Temples" is a hard-edged affair mixing grime-indebted synth-wind and eastern scales to an aggy breakbeat. "Bronze Age" melds metallic drums to deep chanting for a very ritualistic workout while "Forgotten Tales" concludes with a totally different vibe - a digital acid lullaby for the big sky horizons. Soaring into the sunset like an angel before commencing its midnight drum circle... Epic stuff indeed. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: M25 rave nostalgia vibes strong on this one. Whities at its best. Accessible, dancefloor friendly. This one will fly off the shelves.

                                  Liam Gallagher

                                  Now That I've Found You

                                    1 sided limited single - the B side is etched with lyrics.

                                    Housed in a white card sleeve.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    Ltd 7" Info: 1 x 7 black vinyl 40g – Audio on the A side.
                                    B side is etched with lyrics.