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Goody Goody

It Looks Like Love / Super Jock

Endlessly sampled across the board, for those dreamy guitar licks, killer Rhodes keys and luscious strings, Goody Goody ‘It Looks Like Love / Super Jock’ is a 1978 masterpiece of disco gold. Original copies of the Atlantic Promo 12” sell for upwards of £65 so it’s about time a remastered, officially reissue landed.
Produced by Vince Montana of MFSB and The Salsoul Orchestra fame, ‘It Looks Like Love’ was a Larry Levan / Paradise Garage classic and still commands dancefloors the world over. Flowing flutes, sultry vocals and xylophone twinkles open up proceedings, as those iconic, funk-flavoured staccato guitars and rising strings step up to the plate. Combined they produce a glistening groove that captures the feel-good factor of NYC’s disco apogee.
Delectable disco, fuelled by an undeniable funk that continues to be harnessed, chopped and sampled by some of house music’s biggest players from Nick Holder and Armando, to Tom Trago and Glenn Underground.
On the B side, soul-searching cosmic fluctuations via ‘Super Jock’, with interplanetary vocal refrains stretching out above a full-bodied bass, tight drumming and spacey Rhodes. Montana’s world class arrangement sees bongo-led percussive interludes and dancing keys solos take listeners to a mesmerising galaxy, far far away.


Patrick says: It's three in the morning, I'm surrounded by people I love and the pingers are taking care of a decade of group therapy in about 20 minutes - what do I wanna hear? "It Looks Like Love"! Unequalled disco bliss right here.

What better way than to escape writer's block than to outrun it! International Feel boss, and contemporary Balearic titan Mark Barrott swaps the sunkissed calm of Ibiza for the...sunkissed calm of Uruguay, returning his label to its roots and reigniting his creative camphor. The result, "Sketches From A Distant Ocean" sees Barrott back in his groove, fusing jazzy bass, Methaniac guitar and tropical synth tones for slinking sunset jam (Galileo), offering an esoteric, ethnomusicological excursion (Low Lying Fruit), embracing the anthemic (The Rowing Song) and gliding over the horizon (Xarracó). Welcome back!


Barry says: Synths, sunset guitars and soothing sounds from Mark Barrott here as he returns to his native International Feel. Currently soundtracking my summer holiday perfectly.

Black Midi

Talking Heads / Crows Perch

black midi, the enigmatic London-based four-piece that 'are less interested in proving themselves the future of indie rock than in imagining indie rock from the future' (Pitchfork), present new single, “Talking Heads”.

“Talking Heads” is a calculated intensity, driven by frenzied percussion, bright, vivacious guitar, and spastic vocals. 'We've always tried to make it heavy but danceable, melodic but good rhythms,' says vocalist and guitarist, Geordie Greep. 'It is accessible music, there are experimental aspects that we've taken from when we went crazy at the beginning, we've just reigned it in to make something that is pop music.'

Alongside the band’s recently shared single, “Crow’s Perch,” “Talking Heads” will be released as a double A-side 12” via Rough Trade.

One half of the group Vault, Daniel Holt makes his solo 12 inch debut on L.I.E.S. with a killer three tracker of VHS soaked synthery. 
Spending zero time fucking around, Holt immediately locks in on the a-side with the massive 11:00 minute electro-wave groover "Demonic City", a vital blend of heavy fm synth bass, graveyard strings, and Alesis drum machines all coming together to create a sullen and hypnotic gothic-funk cut - yes that's right, gothic funk (you heard it right). Turn to the B-side for two more wave style jams, each with the finest production...exploring the realms of downbeat electronics throughout. Huge debut by this up and coming American artist.


Patrick says: Oh BARRY! As if he picked this week to go on holiday?! His loss is my gain though, and allows me to wax lyrical about this moody synth wave bomb from Daniel Holt on LIES. Allegedly the work of one half of Vault, this 12" sounds like a Dutch electro gremlin re-scoring Carpenter from a place of sociopathic paranoia and extreme VHS fuzz - so brilliant then...

Brazilian-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Terr makes her Phantasy debut with electro-disco sizzler, "Tale of Devotion". Arguably one of the catchiest moments in Phantasy’s musical history, Terr delivers a wide-eyed vision of sincere synth pop pleasure, backed by a sublime Prins Thomas Diskomiks.
Undoubtedly indebted to the visionary modulations of Giorgio Moroder, Phil Oakey and Wendy Carlos, ‘Tale of Devotion’ flawlessly captures the romance,
ecstasy and opportunity throbbing at the heart of dancefloors for the past fifty years. No mere nostalgia trip, Terr delivers a soaring vocal performance that proves to be the warm, ambiguous heart of the track, driven by bubbling, cosmic electronics and flashes of orchestral melodrama.
Prins Thomas establishes a contrasting groove for the latest in his beloved legacy of ‘Discomiks’ reworks. Somewhat dialling in the conscious hi-NRG of the original production, the Norwegian maestro’s undulating, percussive edit places Terr’s wistful vocal journey centre stage, while branches of halcyon disco blossom around her.


Patrick says: Vintage stuff here from newcomer Terr on Phantasy, think Erol's Fan Death remix crossed with Glass Candy's "Miss Broadway" cover but with added Moroder chucked in for good measure. Things get deep and dank on the Prins Thomas remix. Heady stuff.

We're delighted to share this record from the Moscow-based recording artist OL aka Oleg Buyanov. His most recent work, the double LP "Height Difference" on the seminal Gost Zvuk label, saw him transmit his research in Soviet sound heritage into a range of genres and tempos. On "Dismeteo", we see him inhabit a similar atmosphere, refracted through a different lens of influence. In Buyanov's own words, 'The tracks are like concrete blocks & buildings lost in the woods. It's a point where correct geometry and mathematical constructions meet with organic forms.'


Matt says: Like the previously alien and futuristic sonic worlds of Lee Gamble, Autechre, Vakula, Wanderwelle and such like? Just add this into your 'must visit' itinery - a jagged and cerebral world hybridized with machines and possessing an A.I at least on par with our own humane conciousness.

R&S welcome emerging UK bass and techno producer Yak AKA John Randall for a 5 track EP of rugged broken beat techno, following up stellar EPs for Version, Martyn's label 3024, and VA releases on Le Chatroom and Brotherhood Soundsystem.

A classically trained instrumentalist primarily based in Sheffield, Randall began making his name as a resident at the cities seminal Pretty Pretty Good parties, quickly picking up the production bug and in recent years scoring a number of heaters, most notably the propulsive techno of 2017’s "Mido EP" on Version.

Finding a kinship with the off-kilter grooves found on Swamp 81, Hessle Audio, Livity Sound and Timedance amongst others, Randall's releases have been tipped by the likes of Ben UFO, Martyn, Objekt, Call Super, Laurel Halo and Midland and marked him out as a name to watch.

Restless rhythms are in full attendance in the inspired rush of the tracks "Wide Eye" & "Spore". Yak states: 'I started them the day after going to a sick party when the energy from the previous night was still fresh in my mind'. The idea for the track "Skooma" came to Randall while at home messing with foley samples and processing random noises like scissors cutting and paper being crunched. "Termina" was constructed after a weeklong binge of listening to ambient soundscapes, movie & video game soundtracks and fellow R&S allum DjRum's album on repeat.

Randall's attention to detail and sonic craftsmanship alongside irresistible rhythms are a key part of what makes Yak music so alluring. 'The music I make is always underlaid with a strong percussive foundation first and foremost,' Randall explains 'I think interesting and groovy percussion makes the difference between a track that's cool to listen to and a track that makes you move your body.'


Matt says: Imagine if you smoked a whole pipe of meth, then proceeded to play every single Donkey Kong game at 1.5x normal playspeed and you might experience the blissful, dizzying disorientation of this EP. Arrestingly urgent and with a sumptuous palette, the future my friends, is now!

Esoteric, entheogenic and almost dancefloor focussed, Second Circle is the Music From Memory offshoot for original, contemporary and club-ish 12"s, and has previously housed heat from DJ Normal 4, Dazion, Androo and Tornado Wallace. For the labels first release of 2019, Kaifeng-born, Vancouver based Yu Su joins the ranks, introducing the SC clan to her signature sound of hazy pads, blurred electronics and unconventional melodies. 
Opener "Little Birds, Moonbath" welcomes us into this strange sonic world via rippling arps, billowing pads and vaguely asiatic leadlines, all shifting around Michelle Helene Mackenzie's subtle spoken vocal and the stately machine groove. Next up "Tipu's Tiger" sees Pender Street Steppers join the party, bringing jazzy guitar licks and nuanced synth work to a slow and cinematic cut which sounds simultaneously like a KPM library classic, a lost Preemo Illmatic beat and an outtake from Shadow's debut. From there we drop into the lagoon-like "Of Yesterday", a slippery instrumenal whose lolloping beat calls to mind a wooden craft bobbing on the waves, lost amid misty pads and the bubbling of bong water. "The Ultimate Which Manages The World" works us with treated robo-vocal (think Ground San), sopping slabs of dubby guitar and an everchanging rhythm, before EP closer "Words Without Sound" abstracts a rhythm grid, uncoils a synth sequence and gets gently garbled on its journey to the run out groove.


Patrick says: Yu Su joins the Second Circle clan with a five track excursion through entheogenic groove, medicated dub and mangrove hypnosis in her unique style.

Texan bandpass thrills and some harbour city sorrow on this split Frustrated Funk / DPX twelve which sees two artists, ERP and Duplex contribute to pretty advanced sound design.

ERP is the nom de plume of Gerard Hanson, aka Convextion - Texan grand master of vintage electro & analogue techno and one of the most elusive producers of old school techno. "ZRX" is a classic from his genius mind - bit crushed yet hi-def electro with one of the most unique sound palette's in the game. Just wait till that darkside bass swell comes in and you'll be pulling moves like a mutated gremlin in no time.

Duplex is Chris Aarse & John Matze who famously worked together remotely from 1997, releasing on labels such as Dolly, Clone Records, Frantic Flowers, Klakson etc etc. Here, on "Molecular", they inhabit a minimalist and cerebral space, populated by mellifulous glitches and computerized trills which shift their focus between body and mind. It's a submersive listen yet doesn't squander it's dancefloor potential.

Big hitting twelve from two technological heavyweights - don't sleep!


Matt says: Tidy stuff from two stalwarts of electronic music. Both tracks are understated, inviting the listener to get lost in layers and layers of slowly revealing goodness. Electrostatic beauty for all the earthlings!

Working Men's Club

Bad Blood / Suburban Heights

    With the start-stop sound of Talking Heads, Gang of Four and Television, ‘Bad Blood,’ fuses 70s post-punk with the stomp of Parquet Courts’ positivity and resonates with the start of the weekend...Syd’s half-spoken words jab through Strokes guitar lines with Mark E Smith’s the feeling of a Saturday spent scuffing about in thrift stores and hanging out with friends.

    Like a homage to smoke-filled vaults, aging billiard rooms and crumby packets of pork scratchings in the Working Men’s Clubs of days gone by, Todmorden-by-way of-Europe trio Syd, Jake and Giulia are about to fling open the doors of their own millennial social hub with the fresh post-punk of infectious debut single, ‘Bad Blood’ / ‘Suburban Heights.’

    “We grew up in northern towns trying to get in to pubs in social clubs because that’s all we had. The name is an ode to that,” explains Working Men’s Club’s 17-year-old singer and guitarist, Sydney Minsky-Sargeant. “Our surroundings and their differences has influenced us a lot on these tracks.”

    Joined by guitarist-vocalist Giulia Bonometti, 23 and drummer Jake Bogacki, 18, the trio have always had a clear sense of their whereabouts; quite simply, they wouldn’t even exist without multi-nationalism. Meeting at college in Manchester, Syd and Jake are from Todmorden and Hebden Bridge, but their families hail from Poland whilst Giulia moved to the UK from Lake Garda, Italy. “The songs are based on the culture of walking round Manchester every day then going back to the countryside each night and how the contrast of going back into the hills made us sane,” Syd tells.

    Working Men’s Club are wise beyond their years as they seemingly offer words of wisdom, to be repeated like some kind of break-up mantra, until everything’s ok; “Be happy when the sun shines / Be happy when the sun rains / You know you should do the same.”

    If ‘Bad Blood’ is the day, ‘Suburban Heights' is the night. Recorded with Alex Greave at The Nave in Leeds, steady riffs from Syd’s fingers tap-dance on the strings alongside Jake’s skill in working a jagged snare. Meanwhile Giulia’s heavenly disco ‘ooohs’ recall Donna Summer feeling the love whilst cutting right to the contentious subject of gentrification. “Suburban Heights refers to how apparent it is that cities are expanding to hold more people and buildings are rising, they’re morphing into these dystopian party towns,” tells Syd.

    Already with shows supporting The Wedding Present and Brian Jonestown Massacre behind them, Syd says it’s only the beginning; “Those shows were great experiences and ones we’ll have for life. We love making music and we’re so grateful for what we’ve achieved so far; hopefully there’ll be plenty more to come.”


    Ltd 7" Info: Limited Edition Repress on Blood Red Vinyl.


    A Fine Mess EP

      Recorded during time spent in upstate New York with Dave Fridmann, the five songs that make up A Fine Mess gradually emerged as a body of work with a narrative and flow unto itself. The resulting set is a living, breathing postcard from the band to their fans as they tour the world throughout 2019, and a linear continuation of the visceral and contagious energy set loose with Marauder.

      Echoing its title, the artwork for A Fine Mess is illustrated by a series of lost images, recovered from an abandoned police station in Detroit, MI. In a crumbling evidence room - amongst the rubble - an undeveloped roll of film, dated “1-20-96”, featured latent images of a breaking and entering scene, the rooms in chaos.

      From the beguiling refrain of the title track, to the soulful topsy-turvy of ‘No Big Deal’, cathartic chorus of long sought-after live favourite ‘Real Life’, anthemic swell of ‘The Weekend’, and angular shades of ‘Thrones’, A Fine Mess is a bracing and distinct entry in Interpol’s oeuvre.

      The Wedding Present

      Go Out And Get 'Em Boy!

        Part of The Optic Sevens Reissue Series. 
        Limited White Vinyl Includes Poster & Postcard. 

        Originally released in 1985 on Reception Records. The debut single by The Wedding Present is reissued here on white vinyl using the original (Reception Records) artwork. 



          This is the debut single release from L’Epee, the band are Emmaunelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas). Recorded in Cabestany (France) and Berlin at Anton’s Cobra Studio, this three track 12” single comes in deluxe packaging & precedes the full length album released in June this year. 


          Mine says: If you're a fan of BJM's psych swagger and The Limiñanas' French charm this summery, fuzzy stomper will be right up your street. Love it!

          David Bowie

          Boys Keep Swinging

            Boys Keep Swinging 40th Anniversary limited edition, double-A side, 7” picture disc single will be released on 17th May 2019 and features I Pray, Olé on the AA side which is unreleased since the 1991 Lodger re-issue.

            Written by Bowie and Brian Eno, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ was the first single from the album ‘Lodger’ and became a top 10 hit in the UK.

            ZYX offer us an ace expanded reissue of one of the rarest Italo cuts around, Kel-Air & Band Band's 1986 jam "Tuareg". Despite getting a release on the well known and trusted Italo imprint Discomagic, this slow and sleazy stomper has previously been restricted to all but the highest grade of disco digger. Operating at a slower pace than the usual Italo fare (especially in the Hi-NRG era of 1986!), "Tuareg" is a striking and sparse composition, assembled from a hard beat, punchy bassline, minimal vocals and a string of synthesized Arabic sounds woven in perfectly. After taking in the desert splendour of the two original versions on the A-side, we can turn the corner for a pair of brand new versions from nuovo Italo heroes Flemming Dalum and George Hysteric. It's the Danish digger and Red Laser regular who kicks the flip off with his chunky and hypnotic remix, dubbing the original synth motifs out a little to allow extra bassweight and adding his own synth excellence to put a new spin on the classic. Finally Australian Italo fiend George Hysteric brings us his personal mix, a hypnotic and tracky revision which teases the arrangement for contemporary club play and maximum Arabic intrigue.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: In recent weeks we've had Topo's "Ba Ba Go Go" and now another of the most rare Italo records out there gets a fresh reissue. Alongside the low tempo, high energy Arabesque groove of the original versions, new mixes from Flemming Dalum and Hysteric put a new spin on this classic track.


            I’ll Keep My Light In My Window / Express Yourself

            Groove Line Records return in 2019 with two fabulous cuts of gospel disco from The New York Community Choir (NYCC), “I’ll Keep My Light In My Window” & “Express Yourself”.

            The New York Community Choir (NYCC) began in the early 1970s, a gospel ensemble which developed a style that also gave secular R&B, soul, and pop songs a spiritual dimension; bridging Saturday night and Sunday morning, as it were.

            “I’ll Keep My Light In My Window” is a slice of joyful uplifting gospel disco, which is as needed in these times as it was when it was released in 1978. This was a great favourite of David Mancuso and Larry Levan at the time, and has remained a much loved dancefloor track for the disco cognoscenti ever since.

            This came from NYCC’s second LP for RCA, "Make Every Day Count", produced by Warren Schatz (who also produced The Brothers. NYCC released a self-titled debut album, also produced by Schatz in 1977 included the dance hit "Express Yourself," the B-side of this release in its 11m45s David Todd & Warren Schatz Disco Mix version.

            All Groove Line Records releases are fully licensed and taken from the original master tapes, this 12” has been remastered and cut at half-speed by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering (Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013 & 2018). All vinyl is heavy weight 180g manufactured Optimal Media in Germany, one of the world’s finest pressing plants.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: I'm usually a house head. But when the sun is out and the disco is on I cannot help but move my feet! This is such an example, primo disco from a band in their f l o w.

            The Italian reissue mafia are back to make us another offer we can't refuse this week, cooking up a maxi 12" boasting extended unreleased versions of a pair of Italo disco and proto house anthems : "Who, What, Where, When & Why" on the A-side and "No Promises" on the flip.
            Both tracks are taken from the "Magic Spell" album produced by Mario Boncaldo & Tony Carrasco in 1983, the same guys from Klein & MBO, Plastic Mode, Amnesie and Ris. This unreleased 12" contains for the first time the extended disco versions of these two gems, re-mastered from the archive collection of the legendary Tony Carrasco. A-side cut "WWWW&W" is a super tight trip through the same Italo wormhole as Robotnick's "Problem's D'Amour", so don't be surprised at the deep and funky bass, insistent beat, scratchy guitars and endless cycle of sick synth licks which underpin that brilliantly new wave female vocal. Over on the B-side "No Promises" packs a hefty bassline punch in a more sparse set up, once again wowwing with new wave vocals and strictly sunkissed guitar licks, horns and percussion hits. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Best Records pique my interest and trousers here with unreleased extended versions of these two bombs from Boncaldo & Carrasco. Dopest Italo-disco with infectious new wave vocals - yes please!

            And another one! Best bring the noise yet again with an official re-mastered limited edition reissue of the mega-rare Blow Up records release of the Italo masterpiece "Pink Footpath" by Loui$. Originally released in 1985, this gem has become one of the most highly sought after Italo Disco tracks around. On the A side is Magic Dance which is good, but it's the instrumental version of the track Pink Footpath that really gets the disco DJs drooling. With its killer analogue bassline, dreamy soft synths and balearic guitar riffs, it's easy to see why it became such an anthem at the early Ibiza parties as well as a late night favourite in Chicago and New York.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Essential Italo for the proto house crowd here via this total winner from Loui$. All the heads know you need "Pink Footpath", a sublime combination of solid drum machines, sophisticated chords and sweet synth melodies, which pretty much set the blueprint for Metro Area two decades on.

            Here's a treat for any disco fans out there, a four track sampler of floor fillers from NYC's famed Danceteria, boasting off kilter disco, boogie and new wave jams from John King, Klaus Schulze, Escape From New York and the masterful ensemble jam "Hold On To Your Dreams". 
            What better place to start off than with THE all time Danceteria classic, John King's "Munich". Dated to around 1983, and more or less impossible to find, this cut comes on strong with wavey synths, crazed backing vocals and major new wave stylings all warped round an irresistible electro beat - solvent disco in other words... Next up comes the sci fi power prog of Klaus Schulze's "Macksy", an a-grade bit of space disco which roars with proto-techno power. Originally released as a standalone single in 1985, "Macksy" buzzes with kosmische electronics and otherworldly synth sounds, but it's Klaus' skill as a percussionist which sends this one astral. On the B1 we turn our attention to the white boogie / Balearic soul of Escape From New York, and their lesser known, but equally amazing "Save Our Love". Released on year before the DJ Harvey approved "Fire In My Heart", this high drama synth shunter serves up slick bass, chiming synths and vocal histrionics with the best of them - the perfect disco for the rock crowd. After a trio of full on floor fillers, we bid the night farewell with the hazy majesty of "Hold On To Your Dreams", the finest collaborative effort in the history of music, and strong contender for the most Balearic record of all time. If you're just tuning in now, this winding jam features Jah Wobble on bass, The Edge on electric guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on percussion, Francois K on the mix and Marcella Allen delivering those wonderful Arthur Russell penned vocals. It also manages to take in jazz fusion, bossa nova, Mediterranean pop, dub and kosmische over the course of its 8 minute run time - achieving Balearic nirvana on the way. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Great 12" sampler of Danceteria classics here including the impossible to source "Munich" by John King, Klaus Schulze's space disco burner "Macksy" and all time classics "Save Our Love" by Escape From New York and the divine "Hold On To Your Dreams".

            Originally released way back in 2007, "Melody Day" was the ecstatic and enthusiastic opener for Caribou's third album "Andorra". The pastoral haze of his previous work remained, but "Andorra" and particularly "Melody Day" was a more direct, urgent animal. Informed by ye-ye and psych-pop the track rattles and stomps its way straight to the heart of the indie disco, grabs you by the hand and leads you off into the wildflowers. Over on the flipside, Four Tet (in his post-downbeat, pre-jungle, "Ringer" phase) enlists Luke Lalonde, Adem and One Little Plane to turn "Melody Day" into an aching acoustic folk ballad underwrit by a thunderous kick, thus perfectly capturing that feeling when you've had too many drugs at Glasto and poor programming allows the Chems to follow Fleet Foxes...

            Special edition of this Chicago house classic featuring remixes by Mike 'Hitman' Wilson, DJ Pierre, Neal Howard & Nexus 21. Paris Grey's inimitable style graces vocal duties while those incessant jack rhythms display their early potential perfectly! Rare & limited, this is small quantity, promo stock from a private collection so don't fuck about!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Allll about the 'Medusa Mix' here people. Heady and functional, there's few bodies that won't succumb to this late nite groove. Ohh my!

            Athens based composer Akis Daoutis (Akis) remixed by Tolouse Low Trax, Bartosz Kruczyński, Benoit B and K100 Signal. Excited? You should be...

            Our favourite chain-smoking German, TLT kicks off the release with one of his typically rhythmic, haunted and disjointed numbers, working his magic on "Into The Light". Utilizing the hypnotic marimba lines contained within, this new EBM iconoclast turns out a version as strong as anything off his acclaimed "Rushing To Paradise" EP - essential!

            Benoit B works "Ecological Awareness" into a celestial ascension, accentuating the spectral sound of the marimba with chiming, glassy synth notes that seem to spiral up to the heavens. If there's a Balearic island on planet Pluto then they it's local inhabitants will no doubt be getting fresh and fruity to sounds like this.

            K100 Signal revisits the same track, and ushers a creeping vintage drum beat into play, whilst swamping the stems with long, reverb-heavy guitar line and reversed strings for a very psychedelic outing that would find favour with DJs like Eric Duncan, The Idjuts, Mudd & Harvey.

            Finally, Bartosz Kruczynski deploys a nothing short of sublime rendition of "Into The Light"; toying with those echoed-out marimba passages and smothering them in the most voluptuous pad size since Kim Kardashian started playing keyboards (ed - she doesn't play keyboards!). This is high grade horizontal listening pop pickers and more than deserved of some deeeep listening.

            4 out of 4 then! You need? You betcha!

            After flying under the radar for a few years (comparitive to his chart topping late noughties period!), Bottin is back in business for the summer season, reviving his Artifact imprint and digging into his deep crates to unearth four fresh edits for the ace Violette Szabo. B-dawg starts the party with "Death Express", a chunky extension of Paul Mazzolini (Gazebo) oddity / obscurity "Ghost Of The Samurai", originally released in 1980 under the China Express alias. If you're unfamiliar with this monster jam (and you have every right to be), imagine a floor filling Italo jam somwhere between Japan's "Life In Tokyo", "Ballroom Blitz", Quantum Jump's "Lone Ranger" and a frothy Siouxsie Sioux synth pop demo - in other words it's leftfield disco perfection and a wonderful way to start this 12". Next up, "Electric Bath" brings us a vintage electro disco bassline, odd prepared piano, entirely batshit vocals which I'm guessing are in Japanese and an infectious drum beat - dancefloor weirdshit pop-pickers. Toss that pancake and whack your audio sensors around the dramatic pulse of "Juárez", a floor filling bit of MV-era synth pop which manages to deliver crazed synth toms, Balearic brass, cock rock vocals and DX7 marimba. I don't know the original, though I probably should, but I'd file this next to Ministry's "I Wanted To Tell You", Propaganda's "Frozen Faces" and Enzo Avitabile's "Blackout" - which speaks volumes about the quality on show. Last but not least "Do You Like?", sees Bottin get out the scalpel for a respectful extension of Eminence's 7" only kitsch-a-thon "Erotic Dance", an acid laced Italo frother which liberally borrows from a host of more famous tracks on its way to niche brilliance. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Italian synth wizard and edit assassin Bottin is back! Here he digs into his personal stash for a quartet of killer italo edits and leftfield disco bombs. Ace!

            After a 6 year hiatus, Bottin revives his Artifact imprint with a new private pressing of juicy personal edits. First off, "Domenica" is an upbeat synthesizer disco number, complete with happy chanting and funny instrumental hooks. Second track "Cha Cha Cha" leans towards Italian new wave, with English, French and Spanish vocals. Maybe what Tom Tom Club could have sounded like - if they were from Milan. Side B starts with a thick, throbbing funk groove "Chico Train", topped by hilarious narration of a surreal train ride to, station to station. The closing number "Vital Grace" is a dark, sexy disco thing, with lush female vocals and over-the-top strings. As often in all things Bottin, this EP is all-Italian affair - Vinyl-only and very limited quantities as usual.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Bottin's back in business after a little lay off, hitting us with the first Artifact release in SIX years. Proving he can still rock it post-Brexit / Trump / Vaping, the Italian offers a quartet of quirky disco, new wave and funk movers from his home country. MEGA!

            The well respected Omena travels south of the Mediterranean Sea, antique maps and compass in hand, for the release of Parviz's "Zerzura EP".

            An expedition to the eponymous mythical oasis, west of the Nile river, stirring 'the passion of men', as St-Exupery would put it. Four songs of romance and reverie, taking you through a dizzying jazz journey, full of twists and turns; starting with emboldened trumpets, only to end on a handful of quaint piano notes.

            As dusk settles upon the dunes, the mirage has now vanished, and the forlorn hope turns into a soul-searching journey.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Beautiful, otherworldly, slightly spiritual house vibrations contained within. None a million miles away from Theo's Rotating Assembly or indeed, Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra. With nods to Ron Trent & Glenn Underground also, there's a relaxed and subliminal nature to these tracks that should set them in fine favour with the old school deep house firm.

            Unknown Artist

            Now That We Found...?

            Super limited, super illicit business from an annonymous producer who turns out a superb, spiritual house rendition of "Now That We Found Love", originally by Third World but covered by a multitude of artists over the years. 

            Whoever's working the beats is a pro, possibly trained in the Sacred Music black arts of Joe Classell and co. A bubbly, tribal house beat packed with African perx it pairs wonderfully with the lifted Third World vocal placed on top of it.

            How large...? 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: If you like it smooth, deep and polished this is the one for you. A majestically executed edit of this all time classic that promises to truly entertain your punters on that hard earned dancefloor.

            Adesse Versions

            Blue Monday

            Absolutely killer cover of New Order's most seminal track, "Blue Monday", from Adesse Versions - complete with a dubbed out, acid infused mix on the flip. Approved by the band themselves, this is set to be one of the summer’s biggest anthems and a surefire hit across the festival circuit!

            There's been a few versions over the years but I think you can all chuck out everything prior to this bar, obviously, New Order's OG - THIS IS KILLER!

            Already stowed in most staffer's record boxes for Summer airing...

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Yup it's ANOTHER version of certified Manctalo smasher "Blue Monday"! But wait, don't slip off to the bar just yet; it's Scottish house cat Adesse Versions who's offered up a pretty unique and inspired take - adding a broken beat element and some really tasty new acid sounds. It's certainly gonna blow the canvas off the gazebo at this Summer's garden parties.

            Potatohead People Feat Trailer Limon

            Stop The Games

            Another week, you guessed it, another Star Creature; the Brooklyn stable hitting an average of 4 releases a month at present!

            Old favourite Trailer Limon returns alongside the wonderfully named Potatohead People for A-side cut, "Stop The Games". Deploying the usual formula of squelchy synth, warbly washes and snappy drum hits, a Princesque vocal deliver heads up the action with some nice backing vocals working in harmony with the lead part.

            The mysteriously named 'Nicky's Falling In Love Dub' is a nicely executed dub done in that traditional boogie style; retaining the odd vocal utterance, washing it in echo and stripping back the arrangement to give more focus to the groove. Nice!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Trailer Limon man. He's back! With that super slick funk that graced the previous 7", this Cali-cat is a rising star of the modern funk scene. Get to know!

            David Bowie

            Clareville Grove Demos

              Following on from Spying Through A Keyhole, in early 1969 at his flat in Clareville Grove, London, David Bowie with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson continued to demo ‘Space Oddity’ and other tracks.

              This live demo tape session is set for release as a 7" vinyl singles box set of six home demos, four of which are previously unreleased recordings, Clareville Grove Demos will be released on 17th May 2019.

              As with the Spying Through A Keyhole vinyl singles box set, the design of each single label is presented to reflect the way David sent many of his demos to publishers and record companies, featuring his own handwritten song titles on EMIDISC acetate labels with cover and print photos by David’s then manager Ken Pitt taken in the Clareville Grove flat.

              The singles themselves are all mono and play at 45 r.p.m.

              Due to the nature of some of the solo home demos where Bowie accompanied himself on acoustic guitar, the recording quality isn’t always of a usual studio fidelity. This is partly due to David’s enthusiastic strumming hitting the red on a couple of the tracks, along with the limitations of the original recording equipment and tape degradation. However, the historical importance of these songs and the fact that the selections are from an archive of tracks cleared for release by Bowie, overrides this shortcoming.

              Linda Guilala

              Estado Natural

                Spanish shoegaze trio Linda Guilala's new single is the third instalment in the Sonic Cathedral Singles Club.

                ‘Estado Natural’ (which translates as ‘natural state’) is the follow-up to last year’s ‘Mucho Mejor’ and is an indie-pop classic in the making, all driving rhythms and synths swooping and fizzing like Stereolab in a Soda Stream. The flipside, 'Espacio De Tiempo' (‘space of time'), is a much more Lush and laid-back affair.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Mine says: Pulsing beats, swoony vocals and shimmering synths... say hi to your new favourite shoegaze anthem!

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition of 350 on red vinyl.

                Pedro Zopelar and Benjamim Sallum started jamming and performing live sets in São Paulo in 2016, when Ben was only 15 years old. At that time they were doing freaky improvised live performances in tribute to a popular youtube video called 'My Girlfriend Is Programming The Roland TR-909, Making a House Beat'. Using that huge name the duo performed live before Theo Parrish at the RBMA festival in São Paulo 2017. In 2018 My Girlfriend released their first record on Subsubtropics, (a Brazilian label that previously released Dreams & Design A Wave...)

                The "Apron EP" is a compilation of My Girlfriend’s tracks there are more influenced by a Brazilian approach on neo-soul, house and funk. From the first raw jams to these particular vision from 'what is Brazilian music from nowadays', the duo represents a fresh sample about what is happening into the club music scene there. Benjamim Sallum is resident at the famous party Mamba Negra headed by Cashu and Laura Diaz (Teto Preto, Carneosso), and since his 15yo developed a fast progress on the art of making tracks and DJing. He runs his own label OXI, where he often drops some crazy cassette EPs from himself and his friends. Zopelar is multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer based in SP, responsible for the keyboards, synths and basslines of the record. Based in SP after his studies till now, he runs another well known party named ODD, where Funkineven played in 2017 (both Rio and Sao Paulo editions).

                The opening track "Piercing" brings pads and strings recorded and manipulated on a MPC sampler with some dreamy lead synths on top. "Gidi" is a tribute to all the church keyboard players in the world. And there is also another tribute to a specific music school from late 70’s in Brazil called Club Da Esquina (“Corner Club”), headed by legendary singer and composer Milton Nascimento, is a typical sound from Minas Gerais - the state where Pedro was born and raised till he was 17. A great showcase of current music from underground of Brazil. Recommended.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Another sure shot from Funkineven's firm. New signing My Girlfriend delivers a fun-fried fuzzy formula of house, boogie and all that synthy jizzness we've come to love from the label. Get in!

                After a 2 year hiatus marooned on a desert island surrounded by singing frogs and dancing jellyfish, the incognito re-edit label Balearic Blah Blah is back once again with a fresh batch of DJ delights from the motley crew of editors. Master Editor KB leads the charge kicking things off with an off kilter track "Pheew Position" from the Parade Album which has been maximized for longer dancefloor steel drum-funk, reminiscent of his eighties DJ sets where he used 2 copies of the original 2 min track.
                Hamburg‘s frequency without control follows on to give us a sleazy, soulful German Balearic boogie gem in "Scheidung Nacht", a track for rolled up sleeves, powdered noses and neon lights. Closing the A-side is "Los Ninjas", a finger plucking flamingo fiesta of a track found by KB in a dusty & dirty basement in Aarus, Denmark on his global travels!
                On the flip comes New Yorks finest Balearic Bastardo, with a monster disco-edit which was hammered by DJ Harvey at his Mercury Rising residency at Pikes, Ibiza. KB slows things down for the final cut, another find on his travels, this time in Amsterdam where it was lurking behind a Red Lighted radiator in a notorious coffee shop. Maximized editing for your aural pleasure.
                That’ll do!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Finally back after an extended vacation, the folks at Balearic Blah Blah bring us another fresh batch of Balearic and disco edits from KB, Frwctrl and Bastardo. Dig in for a primo purple extension, swooning German AOR outing (personal fave that!), flamenco frenzy, gospel-disco destroyer and melodica-topped afternoon croon. Predictably unpredictable, and just a brilliant as ever - big up the Blah Blah!

                No-nonsense, 12” releases. Cut loud for your pleasure.

                DJ-focused, functional records made for having fun on the dance floor. Rooted in UK club culture and taking inspiration from techno, house, garage and breakbeat, every release will have at least one track that absolutely bangs. Human Resources christens this new series with two tracks of absolute heat.

                Lovingly delivered by the crew at YAM Records this is essential kit for those keeping to obliterate the more cutting edge dancefloors with summat new, fresh, arresting and killer.

                You need this! - limited quants - don't f**k about!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Sometimes the capitol throws up a New Sound that immediately makes you sit up and take note. This is one such release.

                Analog and funky disco define this new Space Dimension Controller offering. 'Beyond Pulso IV' throws in some kind of guitar notes and a ravingly funky bassline that takes you back to a past that never happened. Early Environ releases come to mind though!
                On 'First Contact With System Lobitso' is peak time material with its faster beats and playful melody and again, funky notes. There is no moody attitude here, it is all very shiny and clean but definetely we are not in outer space now as it has been with past releases. This one is for us earthlings craving to have a good hedonistic dance. SDT (make sure those letters are in the correct order) is providing the soundtrack for your wild night. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Nice, clean, sunny melodies on offer here by well-seasoned SDT who is focusing solely in care-free dancing for those who want to have a good time. You need this!

                “Flat Tummy Tea” b/w “Bandana” feat. Assassin, with instrumentals and bonus beats. “Flat Tummy Tea” is from the forthcoming album "Bandana". Other tracks are exclusive to this 12” release.

                Now, I don't know about you, but we're mightily excited about the new Freddie Gibbs and Madlib album. "Pinata", from 2014, was arguably Freddie Gibbs' best output to date, and a high crown of Madlib's discography too. It's been a 5 year wait but by the sounds of these tracks, it's gonna be worth it!

                'Two of the biggest motherfuckers in the rap game...'.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Freddie's back on potent, visceral form; while Madlib's still got the programming flair and deep sample knowledge to light up these instrumentals.

                Venetian born Simone de Kunovich takes the Superconscious sound into refreshingly bizarre territory with his debut 12” "Mondo Nuovo Vol. 1". A student of film and the arts, Simone digs deep into archives of the mondo and exploitation genres, sampling obscurities and piecing them together with vintage synthesisers and a modern ear, producing mind-melting psychedelia suitable for late-night hypnotica and introspective home-listening.

                From the manic resonance in “Strategia della Tensione” to the blissful atmospheres of “Mondo Segreto”, Mondo Nuovo Vol 1. is an intelligent collage of inspirations that blurs the lines between dance music and cinematic artefacts. A unique experience which sits comfortably amongst the Superconscious back catalogue.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Name to watch! Simone De Kunovich splices, dices and tinkers his way straight into APC, Eric Copeland, Wino territories with this excellent EP of dancefloor psychedelia. Club grade weirdshit on a multi-timbral many textured tip.

                'Keep Hope Alive' is a nice gentle techno offering packed with emotion and subtle keys charged with velvety textures. It sits comfortably on the fast lane but it does not feel rushed. Will not fill your dancefloor but it will definetily warm it up nicely. 
                'When The Story Repeats' breaks the four by four generating an electro hybrid with some seriously strong bassline. No monkey business here. It is still packed with melody and nice atmospheres however, there is a menacing industrial take on the horizon ready to take over the entire track. Does it happen? Give it a listen and be the judge!
                On the flip, Kosh, our man in Morocco, ups the tempo once again and go as funky as it gets with his techno. Fast but not in an alienating way. The dancefloor is in mind and you are offered 3 different takes of 'In A Maze mix', my favourite being take number 2 where the beat goes more electro and the vibes become more ethereal and chilled. Yet maintaining the dancefloor in mind, surely not an easy feat but Kosh manages to effortlessly deliver. 
                Folks, this one is truly good and you would be missing out if you do not give it a good listen!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Top quality techno / electro that is capable to make you feel at home in the dancefloor and in the sofa. Horizontal dancing and hedonistic joy meet at last.

                “Heroes don’t care what’s cool. Heroes care ‘bout what’sright. And that’s what makes them so fucking cool.”
                Joseph Campbell Jr.

                It can now be revealed. Anonymous internet supergroup Drugface is going public, unmasking themselves as Multi Culti audio­visionary Thomas Von Party and Montreal cult legend John Shape, who absorbed the life rights to the Beaver Sheppard Story in an online game of Russian Roulette. If you’re reading this, the Von Party element probably makes so much sense that you’ll never forgive yourself for not realizing it sooner. The vibes, the production; it was there the whole time. Eagle­eared listeners may have ID’d Shape from his Ricardo Villalobos-produced remix pack on Sei Es Drum, or as the singer in German instrumental band Brandt Brauer Frick. Those who guessed both members are now on some kind of list.

                “In the Clouds” is the latest single from the secretly prolific duo, a synaesthetic window into a realm where everything tastes like data and everything sounds like mushrooms. B­side “On the Prowl” is a collaboration with Multi Culti vitamin­-shaman Dreems, with the results entrusted to Finnish synth­-lord Jori Hulkkonen to ensure everything holds up 9,000 years from now.
                For the remixes, Simple Symmetry pull you through a wormhole to the sunny beaches of Moscow, The Beat Escape add massive doses of class and elegance. We tested these descriptions on 50 tastemaker chimps, and all 50 were still at least “somewhat jazzed” about hearing the tracks anyway.

                And of course it goes without saying that Multi Culti is proud to present this.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Bendy, woozy and wonked up astral house here on the ever unorthodox Multi Culti, complete with a Zool (Amiga not Ghostbusters) informed remix from Russian team Simple Symmetry. Hot shit.

                Auntie Flo

                Kabsa - Inc. Nicola Cruz Remix

                Glas-Goan-Kenyan producer, DJ and global traveller Auntie Flo (Brian d’Souza) regularly releases music inspired by different places around the globe. In 2014 he released an EP recorded in Cuba under the ‘Highlife World Series’ banner and ‘Hey, Don’t Make Trouble’ a collaboration with singers from the Ivory Coast. 2015’s album ‘Theory of Flo’ featured collaborations with Ghanianan singer Anbuley amongst others, 2017 saw him release the ‘Soniferous Garden EP’ recorded in Uganda on Sofrito records. He’s also released remixes for African legends Baaba Maal and Oumou Sangare.

                ‘Kabsa’ is a continuation of this trend, this time exploring music from Levantine coastline. In 2017, Auntie Flo travelled to Lebanon to perform at a wedding at the Mir Amine Palace, just outside of Beirut. Not the normal gig, the experience inspired this new EP ‘Kabsa’ on Moscoman’s Disco Halal. Levantine flavours come together with tracks named loosely after dishes from the region, with other trips to Tel Aviv, Marrakesh and Istanbul also inspiring the production. For every Ep, Auntie Flo rebuilds his studio with a completely new set up, helping to create a fresh sound. On Kabsa, all three tracks are 100% analogue jams, mostly recorded in one take on an array of hardware. The main synth is the 1980’s classic Casio CZ5000 used in combination with various effects and loop pedals, a Roland 727 drum machine and MFB drum computer. The result loose and raw and perfect for club play. After playing "Kabsa" on Red Light Radio, Auntie Flo was contacted by revered Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz who asked if he could remix the title track. The result is not one, but three, killer remixes that are also due out on Disco Halal in summer 2018.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Taking his inspiration from the Lebanon, Auntie Flo comes through with a trio of spacious club cuts, stripped back and 100% hardware. Clean, clear and complete with snaking rhythms (no dull 4/4 here), the set is totally fresh, but I have to give the Piccadilly crown to Nicola Cruz for his frazzled, folkloric remix, alive with acoustic guitar, off kilter fx and synthplay.

                Panthera Krause

                Genki Girl EP

                Now, what do we have here... A brand new offering by Mr. Panthera Krause, and you know what that means, irresistible, irrepressible dancefloor fun with a hefty twist in its tail. On the A-side, "Genki Girl" somehow manages to be a terrace friendly piano 'n' strings house number, slightly skewed electrodisco slider and oddly Asiatic YMO-grower all at the same time. Now PK isn't just knocking the names off his genre bingo card, he's coming for your dance floor with some fully inventive shizzle. Just when I had my favourite jam all figured out, he rips the flip with the lunacy of "Spring Irre", a batshit and brilliant cut which wrings a new disco loop through THE MOST SPRING REVERB ever heard on one record. Club ready percs and some modulating wooze make sure this one moves straight into Keita Sano territories - very good. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: This is easy to love, ADHD disco house on the A-side, spangled spring reverb madness on the flip - call Pat Sharp, we're going to the Fun House...

                I wonder how many times I've said 'hot new shit from FXHE and label head Omar S' in my twelve or so years hammering out reviews here in the bunker. Literally countless, the Detroit label has become almost symbiotic with my time spent here, with Alex Smith one of Detroit's strongest, currently-active flagbearers and FXHE pretty much a go-to stable for the latest North American hardware jamz....

                Cue AOS-200 (not, as it happens, the 200th release on the label, but he's getting mighty close!). Four new tracks from the pinball wizard, ready to rock both the dancefloor or late nite high speed car cruises....

                "Better Believe It Baby" pairs finger snaps, a catchy keyboard motif and gentle perx for a classic Omar S beatdown number that recalls some of his earliest works.

                "Catch Ya" is smooth, garage-fused house; again a familiar trope for long term fans (think: "Rewind" off "Thankyou For Letting Me Be Myself") and sounding extra spesh here... Hats off to the vocalist!

                "Cheat" is set-your-pants-on-fire tekno. With Smith's HE-AVY hi-hats weighing hard on growling bass and an incessant vox - 'CHEAT!' - mega this one folks!

                Finally, title track "Pull Ovaa" keeps up the weighted drum sounds as chopped piano notes roll out over the MPC before an inspired beat construction readies the track for habitation.

                Ace stuff as always here from Omar S. Recommended.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Ever-reliable Detroitian business from long serving community record label FXHE who continues to keep both feet in that patch marked: 'PURPLE'.

                Three cuts of hard, punchy and nonchalant techno - which I truly did not expect from our beloved Mall Grab, but all hail to the man for his bravery. Is the result worth your time and your dough?
                Without warning you are drawn to a dark, industrial estate and thrown inside a warehouse with loads of heavy machinery and strobe lighting surrounding you. Accompanied by 500 strong ravers, of course. The music is menacing and dark yet very apt for the environment you are in. The track is called 'Hot Bot', but you need that extra bit more, more speed, slightly more harsher, so you up things a level. You have two options here that Mall Grab & Nite Fleit have been working hard at, that is 'Anatomy of the Senses' and 'Reconnaisance', two very harsh and very fast techno killers that can aptly be spun any night at Tresor. 
                To cap it all off, a direct flirtation with electro occurs in 'Moogie' and ladies, this one is my favourite. Not just because it is not too harsh, but also because it is well done and it reminds me of my 'hero' Carl Finlow. Nice. Very nice. Excellent indeed. 
                A complete change of tackle on this one, Some will love it, some not, but bravado is not lacking.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Teletransport yourself to Berlin's Tresor and you know what you are dealing with when you play this one out. Techno and electro in its purest form delivered by a duo who is not scared to try new ventures.

                Üdytü Ützeltürk & His Male Harem

                Kairo / Kozak2000 (Inc Boris Dlugosch Edit)

                A holy grail of European electronic dance music, and a classic at the Italian disco scene and Hamburg's Front club alike (you might have heard it on their recent Mastermix), is finally available again. Produced in 1984 by two mysterious friends during a hazy studio session in the small town of Aschaffenburg, Germany, it is best described by Discogs member goulashdj as “a funny version of some Imam praying on top of an electronic Groove”, .“Kairo” is all you want from an oddball record: fun and funky, weird and wonderful.

                Featuring original vocals by one of the two friends, it seems to be offensive to religious fanatics and devout Muslims (you better watch, where you play out the original). Therefore, a philosophical advisory or religious warning: “No religion, god or believer was harmed during the creation of this record. We believe in the right to believe or disbelief in anything and everything that isn’t inhuman.” For safety reasons, it includes a persecution-proof instrumental version by Boris Dlugosch as well as the original B-side and completely atheistic “Kosak 2000”. And to close with Mark Twain: Man was made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Skew-wiff weirdo disco shizzle here from Running Back, who reissue this possibly blasphemous bit of Arabesque brilliance. DJs should check out the B-side edit from Front man Boris Dlugosch, who's soon to appear in store! Loving it!

                Is another EP from D.K. about to land on Antinote barely a month after his last release? Well, this looks very much like a series and – spoiler alert – "Riding For A Fall EP" is the second installment in a trilogy. 
                With a BPM crossing the 120 line on 2 out of 3 tracks, there’s little doubt that this second 12” is also meant to be played in a club environment. The 9:37 min long "Voices" sprawls over the whole A-side. Like many production bearing the D.K. stamp, the structure is linear only in appearance: it winds up and down between fantasized exotic landscapes, digital plug-ins mimicking “far east” instruments that are barely recognizable. It gets even snakier with the Samurai Showdown-inspired "Shoubuari (Battle)": pixel swords brushing past our ears, martial drumming and menacing synths (D.K., were you the kind of kid who owned a Neo Geo?) - it’s pretty obvious that we’re in the world of SNK’s legendary fighting game. Things calm down with "Riding For A Fall": less button-mashing, more concentration as we’re witnessing the sacred martial art known as Street Fighter’s quarter circles… But enough with these video game metaphors! No need to be a pro-gamer to enjoy this piece of music. It’s sad & slow house music with a cinematographic quality – and, perhaps, the most moving moment in this series of 12”. To be continued…

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Breathy, gliding house music from D.K. with nods to 90s video games and the melodies of the Far East here. "Voices" could be a classier relative of Watergate's "Heart Of Asia", "Shoubuari (Battle)" yin and yangs away with light (mallets) and shade (pads) before the titular "Riding For A Fall" gives us a moment of introspection, like the realisation we're actually androids programmed to think we're people.

                "Third Space" was inspired by a digital painting of a house by Marilyne Blais. A printout of the untitled work was pinned to the wall in Casa de Haikustudio, becoming an unexpected influence on the record. The duo realized early on they had started to imagine the soundscape inside the dream-like dwelling. The depth of field is fuzzy, angles are confused, and the structural integrity is unclear. On "Third Space", People Plus wander freely between real and psychedelic territories, dipping into trip-hop, downtempo, and jazz. They find their sonic context in a hybrid space - neither the bedroom nor the dancefloor.

                Third Space is the second release from People Plus, a collaboration between Joli B and Mood Hut’s CZW. It continues Mood Hut's flawless run of releases and brings focus back onto the Vancouver stable just in time for Summer. Thoroughly recommended. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: What's that?? A new Mood Hut?! Form an orderly cue please, as People Plus take you on a psychedelic trip thru house and broken beat's inner space. Strap in, take the trip - feel the ride!

                Swayzak Vs. Theorem

                Break In At Apartment 205

                I must say I had no idea this was over 20 years old because it sounds as fresh as it was done yesterday. This 'A Break In At Apartment 205' must have been a mega hit back then with its very cushy yet solid beat and classic Swayzak melodic chords. New elements come in and go in playful fashion to create a sense of beauty that few producers can accomplish as well as these two. 
                'Bad Hair Day' is another hypnotic minimal techno number that sits comfortably in the gentle section techno with its dubby piano keys and held bass note. It is not dark, it is not raw. Polished and beautiful are better adjectives for this one. 
                Loads of techno is released every day but few standout. Although this is not today, it does not sound dated. In fact it will raise your dj cred as soon as you spin this in your local club (or bedroom). 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Swayzak and Theorem serving minimal techno realness because it is needed badly. Few productions nowadays match the quality on this 12". If you need to exemplify what minimal techno is, you got your piece right here.

                The fifth release in the sonic saga of San Francisco's electric noise factory Squirrels On Film is the first solo EP from label co-founder C.l.a.w.s., and his first solo release since 2017's “Stygian Morass” on Left Hand Path.

                His distinctive, idiosyncratic take on Techno has found its way onto the Various Squirrels, and as half of Kit 'n C.l.a.w.s with Joshua Kit Clayton, but “Splat City” is his party, and you're invited.
                The dance begins with “Into The Eyes Of The Zombie Queen,” its Liquid Sky cold-wave disco throb complete with laser zaps, Simmon's tom fills and drunk punk Moroder bass (defo half inched from Miss Broadway). This is C.l.a.w.s. in full-on Fun Mode, so feel free to break out the party favors. “Pacific Fog Authority” escalates the mirror-ball Goth Drama to delightfully inappropriate crescendos, think vamp / zombie B-movie orgy at your high school prom. “Slug Bait” gets a bit tougher, the motorik, leather-bar shuffle exploding in ecstatic strobe light seizures . “Splat City” keeps things heavy and depraved, a sleazy nightmare smoke-machine Strip Anthem. Your next late-night Cosmic Adventure has a perfect soundtrack.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Kinda cosmic, well wavey and goth in the most eye-shadow laden Giallo horror kind of way, Claws serves up a four track EP which would perfectly soundtrack an 80s B-movie where vampires take over the prom, and the bad kid (drum use, leather jacket, motorbike, no fucks given) comes good to save the cheerleaders.

                The First Authorised, Official Re-issue of this Electronic, New Wave, Cold Wave, Pop, Synth, Post-Punk CLASSIC!!! Personally overseen by Stephan Eicher, this killer comes with everything as the original: Art, Tracklist, Cut on 45 rpm - Printed on 350 GSM Paperstock incl. Sticker!

                WRWTFWW Records continue their hot streak with an official reissue of Grauzone’s essential 1981 maxi single with timeless classic “Eisbär", proto-techno beast “FILM 2″, and romantic synth ballad “Ich Lieb Sie", just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Swiss band’s formation. The three-track vinyl is sourced from the original reels, cut at 45rpm, and comes with its iconic artwork on a 350gsm sleeve. "Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein…"
                Written by Martin Eicher after a nightmare in which he saw talking polar bears on the walls, and with music by the Grauzone crew consisting of Martin and his brother Stephan Eicher, Marco Repetto, Christian “GT” Trüssel, and Claudine Chirac (on saxophone), “Eisbär” is the most recognizable track from the band, a sublime mix of ingredients reflecting the transitional era it comes from - the raw energy of punk music still palpable, combined with the audacity of early electronics, the warm groove of a disco gem, beautifully fragile lyrics, and one of the best basslines ever. It became a mega hit, totally unplanned, but how could you resist such a track? “FILM 2″ is the ultimate b-side monster, a menacing all-instrumental pre-techno masterpiece, slowly building to a magnetizing frenzy.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Surely you don't need me to tell you how good this is? The ultimate NDW / wave anthem, as loved by every DJ / digger / collector and music lover who ever heard it. Replicated to perfection and pressed at 45 (allowing B-side beast "FILM 2" to be played at 33 for maximum techno pressure) this is absolutely essential!

                Red Rack’em launches a new series called Disco Banger. Following on from his Wonky Techno Banger monster, it’s time for Rack’em to show his summery side with 3 killer vibes on a soulful tip. Up first "Deep In Love" comes on like the first flush of MDMA on a warm summer night, reprising the "In Love Again" approach but with a techy diversion into slightly darker territories. Next up, "Peace" explores imperfect loops, smudged breakbeats and slinking bass, with the kind of fx fuckery you can rely on Danny for. Tempos drop and the beat breaks for "Ready To Roll" on the B2, a splintered bit of sunshine soul for those moments when you realise it was a research chem, not LSD on that tab.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: A trio of bangers form house hold name Red Rack Em who continues a flurry of well received hits with this three track released via his own label. wOnKy!

                “Band looks for brighter days as Sunstreet” – was the headline from a 1980 Delaware newspaper archive that finally helped Rain&Shine connect the dots and between Minnesota band ‘Haze’ and Sunstreet. "Lovin" was recorded while the band (a subset of original Haze members, including the tight horns section and lead singer Sonny Knight, RIP) were signed to Bear Records in Delaware.
                Their contract required them to shelve their already recorded (and incredible) 2nd album Haze album. 40 years later, officially licensed, re-mastered and cut @ 45RPM Rain&Shine give Sunstreet’s 'Lovin' another lease of life. 'Lovin' was included on Paul Phillips' 'Under The Influence' compilation on Z records, alongside being a favourite of Waxist. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Just in time for festival season, comes two explosive versions of this (now 40 year old) disco rocket. Certain to send Tarqs and Esme into a spin midway through Ruf Dug's headlining set at Gottwood this Summer, get on up on the rest of the masses and pack this heat NOW!

                Davy Kehoe

                The Pilot

                Wino go full Zeppelin! Inspired by a recent trip to New Orleans and the deep South, Davy & Co. wrangle sliding basses and pumping organs into 20 minute rock n’ roll-on odyssey. Chugging locomotives fall into an infinite groove on the A side, while the B takes the underneath perspecitve- rattling out subdued sub bass frequencies. Full sleeve artwork by (the legend) The Germ . Mastered by the Bastard.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: After that Wino-D release made us freak last year, the Irish outfit return with a new style for the new era. The modular bleeps and buzzing circuitry remain, pluming acrid smoke from the fresh solder, but now they play ensemble with motorik percussion, blazing guitars and wailing vocals, raging away until the bassline brings the groove. Flip it and journey further into the freakzone. This is neo-PZYK magik for the next generation - don't get left behind.

                Ahead of his brand new Cantoma LP, Balearic hero Phil Mison whets our appetite, whistle and pants with a brand new remix 12" of forthcoming track "Kasoto", recored in Gambia with the help of Advoms Skhaan and featuring the vocals of Jojo Mendy. 
                Phil starts the beach party himself under his Noche Espanola guise, slipping us a rather frisky Balearic house bomba, all flamenco guitar, hand claps, kora and carefree vocal with a sublime diversion into early Noid dubspace. Not only is this one seriously refreshing treat, but Phil sticks the umbrella in the cocktail on the A2 in the form of a bonus beat for anyone looking to get creative during happy hour. Over on the B-side, the scourge of Easyjet, DJ Speedy Boarding (best name of the week!) strips the more frivolous elements of the original back for a steamy mid tempo jacker topped with an 8-bit motif a la "Dream Beam". Finally, mysterious Japanese do Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu serve up a version for the sundowners, embracing the widescreen with a panoramic variation rich in nuanced percussion, gentle nods to folk and swelling pads. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: With summer just around the corner, Mr Mison trails his forthcoming Cantoma LP with this jolly remix disc including his own Balearic house version (plus bonus beats), an Adriatic jacker from DJ Speedy Boarding (lol) and a sublime sunset edition from Karel Arbus and Eiji Takamatsu.

                In the lead up to part two of the highly anticipated Outro Tempo compilation, MFM drops this teaser EP with the never before heard cassette madness of São Paulo’s Bruhahá Babélico and Individual Industry’s ethereal electro pop on the flip.

                Music From Memory embark on a series of Brazilian releases for this Spring that pick up where their 2017 Outro Tempo compilation left off. Circling around the musical projects that emerged out of the art world in Brazilian cities during the late 1980s and 1990s, “Outro Tempo II: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1984-1996” takes another dive into the depths of the Brazilian underworld, exploring the rhythms that lurk beneath the Ipanema sunset. It shines light on more illustrious unknowns and on the genre-defying music that maintained asymbiotic, yet uneasy, relationship with mainstream popular culture.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Music From Memory herald the arrival of a second volume of Brazilian electronics with this limited 12" featuring demented cassette funk and weird wave pop from Bruhahá Babélico and Individual Industry. Already in the bags of our most future facing customers, this is gonna be a look for 2019 - don't get left behind.

                More material excavated from Telephones attic space, volume 2 sees more coastal brilliance from this impressive act's unreleased catalogue.

                Best described as 'Balearic techno with a Dutch twist', Telephones', to me, sound like the best LSD-fuelled speed boat trip across the bay of Tisno in peak season. That is, your holiday house fantasies realized through sound. No act to me makes house music so breezy, feel-good and bright; with the crystalline blue ocean almost reflecting off the stems as they play off the wax...

                Three more tracks hammering home this message; with big Funktion1 friendly bass meeting crisp houz beats and some of the most anthemic, endorphin-rushing hooks you're likely to hear all year. Sheer amazement from start to finish and the collective sound of a load of revelers having the time of their lives under the nonchalant glow of our nearest Sun. Recommended. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Martin says: Big rig holiday house bangers from the Telephones mob. Love everything these guys do...

                New material on big Ron's Future Vision label - the outlet he saves for his immediate focus and new directions...

                "Night Ride" sees gated perc hits ricochet against those boogie-flavoured synths he's been favouring of late, before a classic male vocal refain swoops in - 'let's take a riiiide...'. Add a warm analogue bass and a few choice keyboard presets and you've got a beautiful early doors house song, meticulously constructed and musically minded with proper verse, chorus, bridge sections to revel in. Perfecto!

                "On A Journey" applies the brakes for a dip into sun-kissed, Balearic paddling pools; a welcome if surprising venture for Ron Trent, showing off his horizontal leanings wonderfully - someone save me a spot in the hammock!

                "Exhale" concludes with more atypical shit from the Chi-town grand daddy who decides to merge jazz-funk guitar parts with Brazilian percussion traits and a walking, bossa-styled bassline. This isn't a totally new sound to Ron Trent, but it comes as a bright and cheery surprise when it fruits at the end of this record. Three very different flavours to get stuck into here folks - enjoy!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Nice to see Ron exploring some new styles and flavours for the change of season... Balearic Ron!

                Those freaky folks at Belpaese gift us another one-way ticket to Pleasureville, breezing through another four courses of Balearic, disco and exotic from their beloved Italy. Opener "EoEO" certainly leans on the exotica influence as wonky brass rides a rolling polyrhythm, calling to mind a comedy elephant falling down stairs. Chuck in some slinky flutes and chanted vocals and you've got yourself a ceremonial stomper. Brimming with optimism, bucolic tones and proggy electronics, "Xanadur" offers another take on exotica, its playful mallets and gentle guitar matched by pitch bent synth riffs and ethnic percussion - head music for the beards. Flip it for a coastal cooler on a Italian jazz-funk tip, as "Vino E Falo" swings its pants and sways in the moonlight with passionate vocals and a little Latin spice. EP closer "Il Respiro Del Leopardo" shifts the scene from the cocktail bar to the red light district, sleazing around with low slung bass, singalong vocals and some hot solo action.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Team Belpaese offer us another four Italian edits covering dancefloor tribalism, prog exotica, jazz funk and Balearic throb, all harnessed from the most obscure originals. High grade edit tackle for any fans of rare musica.

                Delicate Wash is back with its third offering of classy edits built for the most discerning of dance floors. It delves deeper into the cosmic cosmos, and unveils more of the lesser known, but brightly shining disco stars you've come to expect. First up we get an ultra dramatic Italian funk smoocher in the form of "Oh, Angela", riding high on slap bass, maximum syncopation and swooning strings while those arresting vocals keep you pinned to the dancefloor. The tempo takes a bump on the A2 as the dynamic "Rhythme D'Or" blasts into space disco territories, sharing some poppers with Elon Musk, Iron Man and Mandre while the synth funk solos ride the grunting bass sequences. The B1 brings the funk for "Protracted Moment", which beguiles with whistful end of season chord progressions, loose guitar licks and trippy Moog solos, doing more than enough to make this humble reviewer go in for a second listen / new pair of underwear. Finally "Clouds" puts us horizontal on a hillside, musing on Methany and Italian library LPs. Uber funky bass underpinning synth harpsichord while you soak up the equinox? Super cosmic si?

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Delicate Wash do it again for the Balearic / cosmic crowd, serving up a quartet of sophisticated edits on a space-disco / solar funk / perrier prog tip.

                The track "Blind" by Rheinzand first came to the attention of Music For Dreams label honcho Kenneth Bager after he heard the track being played by DJ Harvey at Mercury Rising, in Pikes Hotel, Ibiza last summer.
                A month later he got the soundcloud link to an album by Belgian trio Rheinzand and suddenly "Eureka moment” yes there it is! Kenneth jumped on a plane to Belgium to meet them. Rheinzand got signed and have just finished their superb debut album, which will be released later this year on Music For Dreams.
                The first taster of the album is the bouncy and balearic "Blind". Reinhard from the band explains "The original of "Blind" started as a very rough 4 chord progression within a half hour before leaving to the studio to record some other stuff, with the intention to have the bass player and the drummer jam over it, so we could take that home and make it into a proper song. It had a very harsh and irritating synth on that initial version, so everybody kind of hated it at first. It was only after the vocal by Charlotte came in, that everybody started to see the potential of the track. From zero to hero, so to speak "

                As part of the limited 12” is an excellent Dub Version.
                Rheinzand is a collaborative project between the creative masterminds Reinhard Vanbergen, known from 'Das Pop' and Mo Disko, from the renowned disco duo 'The Glimmers'. Their tracks are a blend of psychedelic funk, disco-rock infused with some wild electronics. Joined by the lush vocals of Charlotte Caluwaerts they played many a festival over the last 4 years. Live on stage they are accompanied by the likes of Stéphane Misseghers (dEUS, Disko Drunkards) on drums and Bruno Coussée (MannGold) on bass.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Buoyant Balearic house here from the Glimmers-related Rheinzand with touches of Yello, Krautrock and e-funk to spice the pot. Another sure shot from MFD.

                A7 Edits is back with its second installment from JD Twitch (Optimo). Following in the fashion of the first record by Stefano Ritteri, Volume 2 offers two edits alongside their sought after original counterparts from Africa Seven favourites’ M’Bamina and Tala AM.

                The A-side sees JD Twitch take on M’Bamina’s 1982 "Kilowi-Kilowi", from the group’s third album "Reflexion".Twitch takes this already dance-friendly number and stretches it out, producing a laidback disco groover with added effects for good measure. A delightful organ line pops us near the beginning, reappearing throughout the edit, often taking turns for centre stage with the vocals or the horns, whilst the funky bass keeps the pace and style throughout. Following Twitch’s version is the original which starts with a rather trippy, meow infused intro before slipping into the type of groove that M’Bamina became known for.

                On the B-Side we have Tala AM first up re-edited in classic Optimo eclecticism. "Arabica" was the lead track on Tala André Marie’s 1978 album on Fiesta records. JD Twitch goes large with his version, amping up the already powerful original into overdrive with heavy drums, plenty of reverb and some trippy Frankie-goes to Hollywood-esque effects glittering over the top. It’s not what you expect, but exactly what you wouldn’t expect from a man like Twitch, and definitely works on the floor. The B-side closes with the original version, more disco but all the same power behind it.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Party pocket rockets and flamboyant firestarters from the Optimo cat who refuses to relinquish his crown of leftfield dancefloor demigod!

                Il Giardino Dei Semplici

                Carnevale Da Buttare

                Massive summertime Balearic vibes going on here! After a couple of cult contemporary cuts, Neapolitan firm Futuribile set their sights on the past with a reissue of Il Giardino dei Semplici's "Carnevale Da Buttare". Originally released on the Italian funk / boogie / jazz-funk team's 1982 LP "...E Amiamoci", the track is packed with coastal cool and cocktail hour groove, fusing bubbling bass, refined percussion and a whole load of Italian emotion as it skirts the shoreline to the wine bar. In addition to the original song, this 45rpm 12" record provides an instrumental rework of "Carnevale Da Buttare" by Raffaele 'Whodamanny' Arcella, the son of Il Giardino dei Semplici's keyboardist and founding member Andrea Arcella. Whodamanny makes a nice balance between the sophistication of the original and the functionality of the 21st Century club, swapping the blazing saxophones for mind-melting synth solos that takes things into other realms. Hot stuff!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: More Neapolitan magic here as Futurible reissue the Balearic groove of Il Giardino Dei Semplici's "Carnivale Da Buttare" on a maxi 12". Keeping it in the family, Whodamanny (son of Il Giardino's keyboardist) chips in with a killer synth laden instrumental version on the flip. This baby is red hot!

                "Prophecy" is your first taste of the impending apocalypse. Fear not, Danalogue The Conqueror (synthesiser), Betamax Killer (drums) and King Shabaka (saxophone) are here to spread light and joy and fire, for they are The Leaf Label’s new saviours.

                These three planets aligned in 2013, having between them played with bands including Melt Yourself Down, Polar Bear, Soccer96 and Sons Of Kemet.
                "Prophecy" is five tracks of freewheeling psychedelia and honking jazz punk mayhem. Here is the universe in a microcosm; the life-force distilled down to its raw essence: sex and dancing. Sub-bass, slamming analogue, unhinged sax breaks. The rhythm of life.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Millie says: Originally released in 2015 and scarcely seen since, this is the debut 12" from trailblazing London jazz-punks The Comet Is Coming. Buy on sight alert!

                4 underwater trippers extracted from another planet featuring Konsistent, Second Life, Jack Patern & Andy Rantzen.

                Konsistent scrapes the bedrock of the moon's crust with his space-hopping neo-cosmic cruncher, "Love In Orbit".

                Second Life's "Got To Be Free" send interstellar rays thru the remnants of boogie, resulting in a freestyle hybrid of space music and 80s funk - all fed through a refractive delay unit. Nice!

                Jack Pattern kicks off side B with "Love In Orbit", a dark and cinematic homage to Italian horror underpinned with a creeping electro beat.

                Finally, Australian avant-dub merchant Andy Rantzen is also on hand to drop the minimalistic bass test of "Play The Bones", which, if I'm not mistaken also features the man's gruff vocal tones himself! What a coup!

                Mega stuff from Space Ritual - recommended! 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Nice new selection from the Leeds-based Space Ritual. RIFL: Dream House, Crow Castle Cuts, Blind Jack etc.

                Woah! How good is this? Three tracks taken from the latest Unloved LP "Heartbreak" given the remix treatment. First up to the plate is guvnor and ALFOS field marshall Andrew Weatherall who continues to exploit that fertile ground between post punk, dub and space psych on a stripped back and chugging mix characterised by low slung bass and mechanical mutterings. Next up The Limiñanas offer their take on the same track, "Devils Angels", turning up the fuzz, applying a nice psych break rhythm and adding a little of their European sophistication for an entirely heady experience. Over on the flip, the artist formerly known as Bwana brings us a remix of "Love Lost" that totally vibes with his "Blue Spring" LP (released this week!), harnessing slow breakbeat, buzzing bass tones and transcendental keys to take us to a higher state of consciousness. Finally pastoral prog / space rock / Finders Keepers power couple Andy Votel & Jane Weaver get collaborative with "Lee", turning out a textured and trippy varient, equal parts medicated Yé-yé, post Spector and pre daydream - frankly a show stealing turn from the local legends.

                Spring is in the air, and there's a spring in my step as I listen to this latest edition of the might Magic Wand. The evergreen imprint invite Craig Bratley, Kacper Kapsa, 1-800 Coolguy and Mursia to supply the soundtrack here, with the world's oil magnates and climate change providing the scorching weather.
                Taking a break from the gothic drug chug he's better known for, Craig Bratley shows his sensitive side here, applying a subtle extension to a smooth folk-funk groover, allowing the AOR vocals and dreamy flute space to work their hippy magic on even the most committed punk. Next up Kacper Kapsa takes on Lazy Ligers cut "Pinball Dreams", upping the reverb, pushing the envelope and lending the whole piece an aquatic filter bath. The result of all this tinkering is an immersive, ambient offering deep enough to sleep in. Over on the B1, 1-800 COOLGUY reminds us that it's not simply a funny name, but an appropriate one too, taking all the most ridiculous bits of the 80s and turning them up to 11 on the Club Med killer "Jungleboy". Finally Mursia takes a vintage approach to the disco edit, stripping an OG back to micro loops (think Tiger & Woods, vintage YSL, Revenge etc) then letting the track unfold with a chunky intensity. Muy bien.

                Midnight Magic

                Beam Me Up - Inc. The Loving Hand, Jacques Renault & Gavin Russom Remixes

                When Midnight Magic popped up on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space ‘Best of 2009’ they really should’ve had a record out. They also should’ve had something available for download when they appeared on a recent Best of Myspace U.K. And it probably would’ve been a good idea to have something in the shops when Patrick Adams of Waves at Night told his readers that Midnight Magic was “going to be a very hot prospect for ’10.” But they didn’t. Not the best idea. No: not the best idea at all. The best idea was for them to release their first single, ‘Beam Me Up,’ on Permanent Vacation Records this summer—And that wasn’t even their idea! We have to thank the Germans for finally putting an end to the madness. Midnight Magic appears on stage as Tiffany Roth, Morgan Wiley, Carter Yasutake, W. Andrew Raposo, Max Goldman, Nick Roseboro, Caito Sanchez, Jason Disu and Andrew Frawley. They are servants of a secret fire—a psychedelic-soul army inspired by electro, funk, and disco from all around the world. You may recognize some of them from when they played in ‘Hercules & Love Affair’ or from the myriad of DFA Records releases on which they are featured.

                Based out of an abandoned Jazz factory in Northern Brooklyn, Midnight Magic would do well to remind you of their forthcoming release on Permanent Vacation featuring remixes by Gavin Russom, Jacques Renault, and the enigmatic Tim Goldsworthy (known to the night creatures as The Loving Hand). But Midnight Magic can’t do that because they are currently scoring a Dario Argento film on the moon. Apparently, there is very good boogie up there.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Another reissue of a classic Perm! Memory lane to the forefront with that Jacques Renault mix - that great bassline hook and the trembling vocals until exploding into the 'Beam Me Up' chorus. Absolute gold.

                Are you in need of some atmospheric, gentle yet deep and punchy house? You found the right 12". 
                Windows delivers three beautiful cuts with plenty of goodness to be enjoyed. 'Life Knocked Me' is a great start with its respectable bassline and key riff that comes and go as it pleases as it does the atmospheres and very low key voices that are used as sample. 
                On 'Dont Forget Me', Windows makes use of a very well known strings sample that the entire shop is trying to reveal. No joy so far but it must be taken from some 1970s production. Maybe a soundtrack a la Ennio Morricone / John Barry. We will perservere and find out. Anyway, it is used along the whole track to great effect I must say. 
                Gerd's take on 'Life Knocked Me' is pretty respectable with particular attention given to the bad boy bassline and vocal sample used in the original delivering what is, in my opinion, the standout number on this 12"
                Beautiful deep house done right.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Three slabs of respectable deep house techno with some great samples in heavy use. The result is great and definitely one for your delicately curated dance music record collection.


                Schatzi 05

                NYC's Schatzi back with their fifth release!

                Filled to the brim with five scoops of disco fun that wiggle between Italo-inflected goofiness, suave, greased-back swagger, and schmaltzy ballroom twillers.

                For good measure, the 12-inch is capped with a charged-up drum track that's a tumult of percussion, hoots, hollers & jungle noise.

                Proper party gear from start to finish! 

                Leeds disco dynamo / house heretic Dan Shake is right back at it with two tracks of fresh dancefloor napalm on his label Shake. Keeping with his usual sample heavy style, the tracks are made for the club and guaranteed to get people shaking.
                On the A-side "Freak" chucks some everybody-dance, instructional disco vocal samples over a romping electrohouse beat, making excellent use of an acid line and bleeping sequence. Flip it and "Can't Take It" is a more conventional disco house heater, taking the diva vox and bassline sprint through the filter before adding a sizzling hats, snapping snares and club ready kicks. Think Salsoul Nugget or Black Science Orchestra at their most bumpin'.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: The UK stalwart continues to give the rest of the globe some worthy competition thru two excellently executed electronic house tracks which scream of mid-session energy and wild abandon.

                Propriété Privée is the pinnacle of Congolese musician Sammy Massamba’s style: a successful fusion of African and American music heritage, halfway between Franco and Otis Redding, Fela and Wilson Picket, King Sunny Ade and Aretha Franklin.
                Home made in Paris, self-released in 1987, with only 1000 copies hand distributed, the 4 tracks EP features the nastiest funk, boogie, soukous, rumba and electro pop soundclash the Eighties could offer.
                Carefully restored, remastered and repackaged in total respect with its original release. The vinyl lacquer reissue was even made by its original author, the legendary André ‘Dédé’ Perriat. Sammy Massamba’s life story is printed together with photos and liner notes on the innersleeve of the 12". He still lives in France and is available for interviews, showcases, live shows and any sign of the gratitude he deserves.

                With a celestial voice that's graced acclaimed releases from The Kite String Tangle, Golden Vessel and label mate Sampology, Brisbane-based artist Tiana Khasi (Kah-see) shares her debut EP, "Meghalaya".

                The Sampology-produced debut is a rich tapestry of styles and influence, with inspiration drawing from themes of self-empowerment, family and heritage, collaborating with contemporary musicians while studying jazz. “‘Meghalaya' is both geographic and spiritual. It's a place I creatively resort to seeking affirmation of my identity and for true holistic inspiration. I wanted to create a body of work that honestly showed where I was at musically and personally. I felt the growing pains of being a young woman, mixed race/Australian born and studying jazz. I was neither here nor there.”

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Millie says: Swooning over this debut EP from Tiana Khasi, drenched in beautiful jazz rhythms and soul. Khasi explores themes of identity and finding her space in the world. If you’re a fan of the likes of Yazmin Lacey or Poppy Ajudha then you’ll love this.

                Between 2014 and 2017, DJ Slyngshot's Yappin label delivered some of the most interesting, off-kilter dancefloor excursions around. The imprint has been dormant since, so it's great to see Slyngshot bring it back to life via this 12" from close pal DJ Neewt. There's something particularly inspired about opener "Hymn", where an increasingly intense acid bassline, raygun electronics and trippy electronic motifs wrap around a skewed breakbeat groove. Slyngshot joins in the fun on the deep, tribal and quietly psychedelic thump of "Pearls For Knives" - all dense drums, dub delays and mind-altering motifs - before Neewt finishes things off via the meandering lo-fi synth lines and chugging deep house grooves of "Mud Voices". It's good to have Yappin back, that's for sure.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Ridiculously tasty but stylishly understated club traxx here from the newly reinstated Yappin Records. Top drawer.

                Chuggy house with a gospelian / rock and roll tinge will present on the vocals that serve as sample. The sax is on a league of its own. Steals the show in fact. Great synth and killer bass make this original piece worth a listen or two. 
                If the original is not quite hitting the dancefloor for you, A lister DJ Spinna makes sure your dance needs are well covered. Soulful and deep kinda house smoothly served by a well seasoned producer. In top form. 
                Ashley Beedle adds more floritude and a certain jazzilicious flare that makes her revision truly disticntive. A piano and a harp join the already outstanding jazz solo to create an orgy of aural beauty rarely seen in dance music. Beedle has outdone himself this time. 
                Mr Rocca goes more synthetic and serves classic tight melodic, euphoric and clean house but still manages the certain melancholy that the original contains. 
                A surprisingly good 12" that cements my idea that when you add real instruments and a great vocal sample, the rest comes on its own. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Ladies, this one is intensely good. Not the type of obvious, in your face good, but the type of good that comes after repeated listening. Multilayered and with substance. The remixes are as great as the original.

                Part two of a great remix package for the outstanding Danilo Braca's 'Oh My Lord'. 
                To open the package the honours are given to underground deep house maestro, DJ Nature. His remix is one of the most intricate in the whole series. The warmest by far, here is all about the sax and the jazz. Tight and deep. 
                Radius etc... goes decreases the pitch, takes you out of the dancefloor and into the darkened booth in the corner dimly illuminated by a burgundy red table lamp. Delightful. 
                The Revenge goes all smooth and polished to offer you a jazzy, laidback take on the original. As expected, the bassline gets all the attention which in conjunction with the sax create an underrated weapon that you will only appreciate with time. Spot on. 
                And closing proceedings is no other than Beedle himself serving class with a slightly different take on the remix present in part one. It is a piano rich piece. Two pianos actually engaging in a very uplifting dialogue. Bass is almost gone but you will not miss it. Extraordinary. Beedle does it again. 
                Believe me when I say that there are very few series that are worth your hard earned cash. This remix package and part one are one of those cases. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Part twos are really good. But there is always a exception to the rule. Here you have it. As good as part one.

                Brainwaltzera represents all that is fervently adored about electronic music - unrelentingly forward focused, experimental, fearless and detailed, but also melodic and rhythmically stimulating; accessing ancestral genetics that appeal to mind and body; shunning the cold, industrial, fear-inducing palettes of contemporaries in favour of something more optimistic and expansive.

                A new six track mini album from the modern electronica giant and features more glamorously constructed additions to his shimmeringly beautiful catalogue. A cult icon across the current electro landscape, his dreamy, post-everything hue perfectly encapsulates both the digitized interfaces of New Society and the dwindling grip on reality that we all engage in. Another masterpiece from a master - totally recommended! 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Martin says: Brainwaltera continue the lineage of cult electro icons with more impeccably produced machine music. Fast becoming the present day's answer to Keith Tucker or Gerald Donald, Brainwaltera update the classic electronica blueprints with a youthful and exploratory edge.

                The latest edition of the 3024 V.A. EPs lands in store with a handy re-up of peaktime ammo for the frontline DJs in the battle against mediocrity. Label head Martyn takes the lead here, repurposing UK rave stabs over a skitterish broken beat and occasional blasts of lung wobbling low end for the warehouse cut "Recon". Next up NKC picks up where YAK left off, serving us the full throttle percussion workout "Honest Drums", a neo-tribal dose of speaker rattle for the mainroom. Flip it and Jacques Greene mans the B1, bringing AFX keys, rubberized bass and a steppers rhythm to the party on tropical bass number "Say Nothing", while Washington's Djoser dissects kalimba samples and digitised vocals with brainmulching efficiency.

                Those forward thinking (but backwards dancing) folk at Düsseldorf’s Themes For Great Cities keep the killers coming with their second release of 2019, this time from new school synth-funk pin ups Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge. After dropping a dope debut 7” last February, the deviant duo of multi-instrumentalists Joshua Gottmanns and Niklas Wandt chomp through the full bratwurst here, taking their time to lead us from the night before to the morning after…

                Opener ‘Am Scheitelpunkt’ takes the wrong route to the right party, bounding down the backstreets and bursting into a red-lit rave up. Easy on the one, but heavy on the two, the shoulder rolling rhythm oozes NDW funk, while the buzzing electronics and echo-soaked vocals balance punk attitude with art-house poise.
                Gig over, you follow the crowd into the green room to compare notes, share lines and let cupid do his thing. The breezy guitar work, rolling bass and sleazy synths move and groove you, eventually slinking into a slow jam with just a hint of G-funk. Sophisticated and smooth, ‘Meine Nöte’ works the room like a pro, leaving you loose lipped and tripped out on the nearest sofa.

                ‘Wovon Ich So Erschöpft Bin’ is a hit from the heart of the afterparty, distracted with details of dreams and nightmares, but desperate to shake a limb. The slow motion synths, cocaine sparkle and louche funk form a slightly wobbly groove which might be a little more drunk than it first thought. Grab a little water and keep your wits sharp, I think Roxy Music are sipping champagne with Achim Reichel on the other side of the room. Realising you’re too high for public consumption, you grab your dance partner and head off in search of horizontal mambo or hypnotic tango.

                Barging through the bedroom door and rattling the headboard ‘Bettgeheimnis’ brings the nipple chaffing bass hits and Yamaha fanfares, edging us ever closer to a fist clenching climax - party til you pass out people. Sailing through the blinds on Aurora’s first bus,

                ‘Du(b) und. Ich’ is cosmic cod-reggae for the lover that rocks. As the psychedelic sounds swirl off into the digital domain, Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge twist a cryptic sonnet into a romantic raga, leaving the outboard bubbling in the bongwater and the coffee on the stove.

                Punk poetry, loose limbed rhythms and the sickest synth sounds around, Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge ladies and gentlemen...

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: New TFGC alert! Niklas Wandt and Joshua Gottmanns revisit their Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge project for a five track trip into NDW stomp, superior synth funk, daft digidub and narcotic art-pop. I've hammered this on the promo tip - "Am Scheitelpunkt" might just be my favourite TFGC release yet.

                Fans of the leftfield, footloose and frisky end of the disco, Balearic and house spectrum know the score with Eccentric Edits - all styles, speeds and flavours, all obscure, all reworked with superior class. Volume 3 is no exception to this rule, rocking into the Piccadilly shelves with four tracks of A-class musica. The crew kick us off with "Canoe Song", a loving extension of "Water Walker", an AOR / folk funk groover plucked from the soundtrack of a 1985 documentary short about a canoeist and his relationship with the great lakes - like I said, super obscure. It's not just the rarity rating which gets my muso meter twitching, this is an instant classic, and would have worked wonders at Nado on Easter Sunday. Next up, they house up Deux's "Everybody's Night", turning out a deep and pulsing club cut which reminds me a bit of that house mix of Flash & The Pan's "Walking In The Rain". Flip it for Spacetrick's "Why", a much needed extension and expansion on Fred Aucagos' "Pangua Zo Pile Moin", which you might recognise from one of the Beach Diggin' comps. Here the track is harder, better, faster and stronger, while retaining all the thick tropical funk charm of the original. Finally "Erotic Stiff" takes us on a trip to the Pyramid Suite, entirely electrifying a bit of soul glow boogie for peak time deployment in your next Social Service set - someone ask Randall Marsh for the ID!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: The Eccentrics crew do it again, bringing us a killer quartet of obscure upgrades, not least the majestic "Canoe Song", already my Balearic bomb of 2019. Chuck in housed up takes on Euro synth pop and big room boogie and a massive tropical funk roller and you've got my vote any day. Superior edits from the A-team.

                After flipping everyone's lid with their sublime self released LP "Phase", Aussie's astral jazz heroes Mildlife land at Heavenly for their brand new single "How Long Does It Take?", which comes backed with two remixes from cosmic disco legends Daniele Baldelli and Marco Dionigi. 
                “’How Long Does It Take’ is an homage to the dance floors and clubbers who championed our music from Day 1,” the band say of the single. “We’ve been delighted to watch heaving crowds burn holes in the dance floor as we close our set with it so now we’re equally delighted to offer it up on record as a late night thumper.” And a thumper it is, driven ever onwards by a kraut-funk bassline (think vintage DFA), trippy flute trills and an irrepressible polyrhythmic rhythm. 
                After a chance meeting at the Giles Peterson Ricci Weekender on the outskirts of Catania, Mildlife approached the Cosmic man for a remix, and in tandem with longtime production partner Marco Dionigi he offers not one but two versions. First up, the standard remix,simmers the O.G. down to find the condensed cosmic, all pink floyd or pink project set to a solid and hypnotic disco 4/4. The "Malba mix" ups the electronics and enters the upper atmosphere via ring mod sequences, pulsating bass and an insistent drum machine, all topped by that irresistible flute and interdimensional arps - majestic!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: The latest instalment of Heavenly's ace disco singles features a brand new track by Aussie jazz-funkers Mildlife and two remixes from Baldelli and Dionigi. Interplanetary disco jazz with added astral remix action? You know what to do...

                Phantom Island's founders Kejeblos, Lexx and Foster all delivered the goods over the first two years of the young Swiss label's existence. Now Drumpoet Community's Ron Shiller teams up with longstanding friend Foster for this delicate endeavour. Hitting the studio together for the first time since their Soultourist days, the duo spent months carefully bringing the Fuga Ronto project to a simmer. Listen close and you'll hear how rigorously they tinkered around with these five precious tracks to form a story-telling, mood-setting unity. The intentional eclecticism and the adept on-point beat savviness is the common theme and makes Fuga Ronto's music hard to define. From ambrosial downbeat dubbed-out to the max (“Camel Ride”) to appeasing guitar licks, original Swiss cowbells and inspirational words (“Daydreams”) as well as a bunch of carefree anything-can-happen-mentality (“Journey Unknown”) and phoneticized Italian poetry (“L'Uomo Invisibile”) you can find the best Phantom Island has to offer on “Invisible Escape".

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Full of the joys of spring, and with two hot new 7”s hitting shelves this week, Phantom Island repress one of their heaviest hitters, the majestic “Invisible Escape” from Fuga Ronto. Mediterranean movers, arabesque groovers and good natured sounds all round.

                The Gagosians

                Run For My Honey - Inc. Lexx & Kejeblos Remix

                Switching things up a little from their usual blend of cocktail friendly Balearic cool, Phantom Island bring us something angular and drenched in eyeliner. The collaborative vehicle of Suzana Rozkosny (vocals), A.C. Kupper (Guitar) and Kay-Zee (synths), The Gagosians are a retrofuturist rock'n'roll combo sat somewhere between a minimal Yeah Yeah Yeahs, maximal Kills and technicolour Raveonettes. Driven forward by a metronomic drum machine and buzzing bass tone, "Run For My Honey" takes a no wave attitude, rockabilly guitar and a Spector style xylophone and hits the open road. Top down, shades on, cigarette between its lips, "RFMH" is here to save rock n roll, one sassy vocal snarl at a time. The B-side sees the acidic drop to the PH we're used to as Lexx and Kejeblos cook up a wall shaking 1991 Balearic beat, add a rolling digidub bassline and let those original elements breeze in and out of the mix. Already getting the nod from Nado man Jason Boardman, this limited 7" is gonna fly.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Oddly enough, this Phantom Island 7” somehow soundtracks a decade of my musical journey across two 4 minute tracks. The A-side a drum machine driven rock n roll snarler (think the Kills with slightly more going on) covers the 18-23 era the B-side, a Balearic house burner takes us to my late 20s. Excellent stuff.


                No Silver Bird / Narcissus (Tunng Remix)

                  A long-time personal favourite of TVAM and something of a rare psych, curio ‘No Silver Bird’ was originally released by New Mexico underground act The Hooterville Trolley in 1968 , More recently ‘No Silver Bird’ has featured in the TVAM live sets and generated lots of interest and questions on Socials as to what is was and when it was available - the wait is over. The Tunng remix of ‘Narcissus’ came about via a remix-swap between the acts, this version is also previously unreleased /unheard until now. Tunng have stripped back the original elements and have offered a reinterpretation in their inimitable psych-folk styling. All pressed onto transparent yellow vinyl.

                  For their fourteenth release, Phantom Island turn to their resident spirit animal, digger, dj and production conjuror Lexx, who trails his long awaited LP with this tasty reggae disco roller for the Balearic massive. Taking his inspiration from the UK producers of the 80s as well as Easy Street classic "Go Deh Yaka" from Monyaka, Lexx rolls a fat one and lets loose with a lover's rocking digidub masterpiece, perfect for deployment next to Ruffy's equally fragrant "Sorta Rican".  Big rolling bassline, trilling synths and tropical atmospheres, lifted to another level by Woolfy's sultry vocal. If you wanna hear the effects of high grade THC on a mixing desk jump to the version on the flip and get the full frequency impact!

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Lexx follows in the footsteps of local hero Ruf Dug and hits that sweet spot between reggae and Balearic. Suitably stoned, this green tinged winner reminds me of "Go Deh Yaka" but with more synth sparkle and a much heavier sound - 'ave it!

                  Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca on Toy Tonics!? Some might wonder, other will understand. The reason: Toy Tonics records is made by the same guys who used to run the (currently sleeping) indie disco label GOMMA. And Dimitri & Rocca did a couple of EPs on Gomma some years ago. Now it's 2019 and some of their older works sound still/again so fresh that it made sense to release them again on Toy Tonics. That's why you get this package. Three jams perfectly for the summer: The ultra 1990ies house remix for Italian duo Hard Ton. Then their all time disco superjam Ero Disco Theme and the long time sold out and currently highly looked for Ray Mang remix of Dimitri's collabo with band Los Amigos Invisibles. That "Glad to know you" version goes for a lot of $$$ on Discogs, so why not put it out again. Have fun with Dimitri & Rocca. Old school house and disco dream team.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Sil says: Peak time disco vibes from A-list remixers. No need for intros here. My fave is Dimitri's revision of Chad Jankel cheerful classic 'Glad To Know You'. Gold.


                  Spirit Of Desire

                  So, four releases in and we're fully au fait with the Digwah style - vinyl only reworks of soul or RnB classics with the ultimate in tech house roll. This time round it's Womack & Womack soul killer "Conscious Of My Conscience" which comes under the knife, splintering into a million pieces around the Funktion One bassline, clipped 4/4 and Riccado style bleeps - Massive from P-Bar to Warehouse Project, this is your jam.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Sil says: Uber classic given the full house treatment for the dancefloor hungry. Not a bad one this one so surely it will fly off our very selective shelves!

                  Omena label boss Tooli delivers three tracks all inspired and dedicated to Tompkins Square Park. Now, I've not personally been there, but judging by the mellow; languid jazz of said title track; I picture bell bottom pants, flowered shirts and live musicians a plenty. Moving thru "It's A Riot" I picture live percussion ensembles breaking through the foliage before a huge double bass player emerges on the scene to blast bass notes through the park on a clear summer's day while a boater-clad flautist appears all paisley-shirted ready to dance around the track with his instrument.

                  Two of the UK's unsung heroes NY*AK and Mark Hand transform the title track into a Theo Parrish-indebted, 15 minute journey with plenty twists and turns that deserves a place on Sound Signature if you ask me!

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: A very musical selection taking in lush instrumentation and dreamy focus; it's the perfect balance of emotion, with just enough urgency to groove.

                  Dublin's Fatty Fatty continue to supply us with party smashing barn dances that the house and disco fraternities can get firmly stuck into.

                  Their latest outing sees Yorkshire based machine squelcher Perseus Traxx coming heavy on the A side with "Pump It", which grinds a crashing jack track in and out of some choice disco snippets to create a relentless floorburner for 2019.

                  Sir Leon Greg is another of the Traxx-man's many pseudonyms, and "Shakey" is an acid house tinged makeover of an old Northern Soul classic he made a few years back. Fatty Fatty head honcho Pablo supplies his 'Warehouse Mix' of the track, which strings it out into a wild 10 minute trip that teases and caresses you before the strings and that chorus send you over the edge completely.

                  Last but not least, "Last Days" will be, to some ears, the pick of the bunch - a rich, ever circling slice of funked up house music that will touch you in all the right spots, rounding off the package in erogenous style...

                  Following on from the standout D.J. Rogers release, South Street Disco turn their sights to reissuing two seminal and much sought after ‘70s jazz funk Loft classics. One side houses Miroslav Vitouš’ cosmic disco delight ‘New York City’, the other uncovers the Latin infused whirlwind ‘Whistle Bump’ from Eumir Deodato.

                  First up the Czech jazz bassist and founding member of Weather Report, Miroslav Vitouš, supplies the infectious vibrations of ‘New York City’. Harnessing the spirit of the bubbling NYC underground club scene of the mid ‘70s, Vitous lays down a proto Arthur Russell flavoured jam, that blends whirling new-wave-esque vocals and brazen basslines over trademark cosmic keys from the master, Herbie Hancock. Combined with tight drumming and fiery, overdriven riffs it paved the way for this to become a dancefloor hit and a clear precursor to the early house scene. With originals trading hands for £120+ it’s high time ‘New York City’ got an official remastered reissue.

                  On the flip side, a timeless Brazilian instrumental jazz-funk gem from Eumir Deodato that likewise became a certified classic through heavy rotations on New York’s revered dancefloors, most notably via David Mancuso at The Loft. Feel good feelings amplified by spirited Rhodes, psychedelic strumming and that sure-fire Latin infused bongo / whistle carnival combo. Carefree, unbridled energy that sees Pops Popwell’s funk bass perfectly accompanying blazing guitar solos and a horn section from heaven, it’s impossible not to get down to. Pure South American sunshine bottled up and ready to be supplied at will.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: In much the same way that Dire Straits' guitar George "...knew all the chords", South Street Disco have all the classics. Fresh from official reissues of DJ Rogers and those Nina Simone remixes, the label give a fresh press to a pair of Loft classics from the glory days of the disco scene. If you don't own these two gems, you'll never get a better chance.

                  Is it me or am I hearing echoes of maestro Arthur Russell all over the place? And those cowbells...mmm I love cowbells and Russell used them very often. This is definetely no Arthur, but his spirit is well alive and kicking all over the Marching Orders.
                  The vocals ondulate smoothly between ghostly and falsetto, while McNany’s arrangements and instrumentation bump, click, and whirr like a lovingly tuned Rube Goldberg jukebox. Not too surprising, perhaps, considering they named the band after a song by schizophrenic outsider favorite Daniel Johnston, and they cite Harry Nilsson and Roxy Music as influences - perhaps they forgot Russell and his disco not disco sensitivities; perhaps not. 

                  You get 'Marching Orders' in four different flavours: the original, the instrumental, the acapella and... the drumapella!  What a package!

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Sil says: As said above, it has an 80s diy Arthur Russell feel to that it is difficult to shake off. This is not a semi-covert way to say this is rubbish. It is not. It is a decent track and you definitely got to listen to it. We like it here at the towers. If you do not dig the vocals, go straight for the instrumental!

                  Foundation shaking tekno beats from two stalwarts of the new school, Blawan and Pariah's Karenn project always attracts the more eager and fervent techno heads out there in the underground. Both producers have added rewarding and creative updates to techno's blueprint - with industrialized rhythms, metallic space sounds and rumbling low frequencies just some of their unique trademarks. This is only the project's 5th record to date, and equals if not surpasses its predecessors with four tracks of piston-force, bunker-shaking, cranium splitting techno that's only for the headstrong and fearless!


                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Techno futurists Blawan and Pariah continues to inspire and awe with their New Sound. Wiki credits them as kick starting the 'industrial techno resurgence'. I say: these guy's invented Event Horizon Tekno. Check!

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Ltd 12" Info: **UNFORTUNATELY SLEEVES HAS SEEN A TOUCH OF DAMAGE IN TRANSIT** - We have reduced the price to reflect this. Don't worry, it's not that bad!!

                  Harmonious Thelonious

                  International Dance Record 2 Featuring. Tolouse Low Trax & Wolf Mueller Remixes

                  Stefan Schwander aka Harmonious Thelonious presents with International Dance Record 2 four expansions of his latest album International Dance Record (ITA108). Two new tunes, as well as two remixes each from Tolouse Low Trax (Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf) and Wolf Müller (aka Jan Schulte, Bufiman - Themes For Great Cities, Düsseldorf).

                  The new tunes, condensations of the 2016 album: the waist-deep sway Blinky - the title may be read as a tribute to the artist Blinky Palermo - and the pumping Shark Dance. Walkmen set too loud, ghetto-blaster too quiet, crosstalks in the bazaar, sun-bleached fabrics shimming in the Mediterranean wind. Tolouse Low Trax's Rivera Remix drags on a hoarse scratch, relentlessly spurring on in the rhythm of approach, into the distance, a sand fortress, where a yearning horn is calling, promising comfort. Wolf Mueller's remix of RFS (Vol. 3) does not detour, and takes no prisoners. Breaking straight into the aluminum can factory and shreds what he can find. Love actually, of course. A four-fold rattling and clanking, overdriven speakers, the groove is dirty. Dancers rub against each other and on the walls. The disco machine is a human.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: More deep, dark and techno tribal dance floor hypnotism here from Harmonious Thelonious, who rejects the Goa revival in favour of some back street Bangkok smack hovel. In terms of OGs "Blinky" probably shades it, while Wolf Muellers chugging breakbeat mix of "RFS" just pips Detlef in the remix stakes.

                  Blair French continues his second wind with another sun-kissed selection of tracks for NuNorthern Soul. Just in time for the warmer climes with a laid back and relaxed mood, these tracks sashay across the beach with a divine flair.

                  Drowsy organs, glistening pedal steel and undulating hand percussion characterize opener, "Patio Pastel". The Serge Gainsbourg style chanson-goes-tropical bliss of "La Playa De Tercipelo", which features some deliciously breathy vocals from Stephanie Lyon, comes next. Then there's "Morning Sail", a sumptuously evocative soundscape rich in toasty, dub disco bass, shuffling percussion and lilting, Jonny Nash style guitar solos (see also the effortlessly horizontal "Lounsbury Gardens"), and the kaleidoscopic, saucer-eyed Balearic pop brilliance of ; "Human Make Human", where new age synthesizer melodies and the fuzzy vocal refrain of Kasi Seguin gently dances above an Afro-flecked, mid-tempo groove.

                  Throughout the EP, French mixes electronic and acoustic instrumentation, drawing together musical elements from myriad styles to create sumptuous new fusions. It's particularly evident on superb closer "Belle Isle Sunsets", where colourful synth motifs, eyes-closed guitar riffs and Mediterranean-warm chords wrap themselves around a gently pulsating, impressively layered groove.

                  Now excuse me as I empty the sand from inside my trainers...

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Ah Summer's here!! Dreamy music time. Blair French keeps us laid back and blissed out on this sublime offering.

                  Two track from cult label Schnitzel Cuts with fly producer DS on the dials who heads straight to the club for two peaktime tracks that traverse the disco-house spectrum beautifully.

                  A-side cut "Strategy" deploys crisp drums to a hooky B-line while rising strings permeate through a gentle side chain for a pumping arousal containing eyes-wide-shut, glitter ball energy and mayhem.

                  B-side cut, "Were You Ready For That" sees more loopy hooks layered up on the old sampler while skippy drums, clamoring horns and bougie strings - creative a flamboyant and impressive peak time baller. You want / need. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Sil says: Loopy, melodic and warm house remixes for those evenings you are going to be spending admiring the breathtaking sunset on your favourite beach. Here is your soundtrack and look no further.

                  Adelphi Music Factory

                  Feel Right Now (Power!)

                  Back in quick-fire succession comes the new 12" from mainroom powerhouse Adelphi Music Factory. Anyone that missed the "Javelin" release from last July probably doesn't know that we're currently in the middle of a European parliamentary crisis, such was the level of hype and energy around that record...

                  Nice to see the boys back doin' what they do hear - full throttle shirt-rippers for the main room and peaktime. "Feel Right Now (Power!)" sounds like Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx reworked by Jeremy Underground or MCDE - stadium busting levels of largeness all over the shop, insanely decorated with a diva-disco vocal hook.

                  "Juicy" dunt let up as pumpin' horns are met with a jagged house beat and a feistiness that'll see any loose club furnishings ripped down from their respective wall / ceiling / toilet; as an eruption of cardio-vascular house turmoil bursts of the wax.

                  Surely destined to be as big as its predecessor, AMF002 is here to blow up the dance this Summer. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Sil says: Wow and wow again. Mega muscular and sweaty tunes here for peak time hedonistic pleasure. Heavy bassline and strong vocals. This is for you if you want dancefloor dynamite.

                  Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being)

                  Gherkin Edits

                  Pure Chi-town mysticism on this new 7" from Taiwan's R=A.

                  RB & MB sour up the dance with Jamal Moss enlisted on archival, re-edit / remix duties. Fans of Poindextor, Africans With Mainframes, Members Only, Adonis, Ron Hardy etc need only apply.

                  Pickles on 45 (70g, 7inch). TIP!

                  PS. It might say Trad US House on the description but this is as far away from the template as you can get. BONKERS Windy City dance voodoooo!

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: My favourite, long standing sound merchant Jamal Moss continues to awe and inspire, introducing new label R=A into my receptive head space.

                  Mr. Ben & The Bens

                  Nova Scotia

                    Building on the success of their first year, DIY-pop favourites Mr Ben & the Bens release two of their most popular songs on a limited 7”. The release comes just as the band embarks on its second headline tour of the UK in just a few months. Released on Bingo Records, the Nova Scotia 7” sees the band put out two live favourites, along with a vinyl-only bonus track. It showcases a band known for their excellent live show taking that chemistry into the studio and recording as a unit for the first time. Ben explained: “The tracks were recorded over a four-day holiday in Margate at PRAH Studios. We arranged the songs as a live unit and recorded them in the same way. We used loads of percussion and old analogue synths; going for a new wave sort of sound inspired by power pop and Elvis Costello.

                    “Nova Scotia is about finding footage on YouTube of a festival called Pop Explosion. It takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is still going. I saw videos of the festival from the 90s and it seemed like a real destination for alternative art and music with people travelling from all over the world to be there. “I love the idea of fringe places becoming the centre of something, so I guess that song is about learning about that, but also about being able to do it from the comfort of my bedroom in this information age. “Valley of Moons is about the Lune Valley where I am from. The etymology of the place name has its roots in the lunar cycles.

                    The song is written from the perspective of somebody living in the small town I grew up in planning to murder their boss on the full moon, but eventually bottling it.” Mr Ben & the Bens broke through in 2018, receiving regular airplay on BBC 6 Music and performing live in session on Marc Riley’s 6 Music show three times. The band has also been played on a number of other UK radio stations, as well as across the world in America, Canada and Australia. Last year they had their first headline UK tour. They have also played with The Wave Pictures, The Lovely Eggs and British Sea Power, earning great numbers of fans along the way. Nova Scotia comes as a limited edition coloured vinyl in a screen printed PVC sleeve. Included is a zine, artwork and a number of other special items. Another secret track is also included on the vinyl, and will only be released in the physical format.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd 7" Info: Orange 7" vinyl.

                    Our Girl

                    Live At St Pancras Old Church

                      Our Girl ‘Live At St Pancras Old Church’ showcases tracks from the bands acclaimed debut album like you’ve never heard before. Recorded in London on 19th March 2018 during the snow storms and some of the coldest weather England had seen in decades, Our Girl returned from an overnight flight from the US to play the legendary St Pancras Old Church. The bands specially re-arranged set captivated the capacity crowd and reinforced their standing as one of the most diverse and brilliant new acts in the U.K.

                      Anderson .Paak


                        Anderson .Paak’s Grammy-nominated “Bubblin” is now available in an exclusive, never-before-seen vinyl colorway made especially for RSD19. This is the first time the track has been released physically making it a rare and desirable piece to add to your collection. With the “Bubblin” (Remix) ft. Busta Rhymes included on the B-Side, you don’t want to miss out on this limited release.

                        Love Committee

                        Pass The Buck (Tom Moulton Mix And Joe Claussell Edit)

                        Tom Moulton's fabulous mix of Love Committee's "Pass The Buck" was never given a proper 12" release back in 1978, instead making its way onto the band's debut album, "Law and Order". Here it finally gets an airing across a side of a record, with a new "edits and overdubs" revision by Sacred Rhythm boss Joaquin Joe Claussell on the flip. The latter builds on the soaring, grandiose power, swirling strings and urgent group vocals of Moulton's classic version, building from a layered, densely percussive start towards a sweaty conclusion via waves of instrumentation, swirling synthesized strings and everything-but-the-kitchen sink production. It is, then, a thoroughly brilliant rework of a classic - if under-celebrated - disco cut.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Patrick says: Times is undoubtedly hard, so why not boogie the blues away with one of the finest examples of recession-proof disco around. Soulful, gritty and still utterly euphoric, both mixes of this masterpiece should cause untold destruction on the dancefloor.

                        Roxy Music

                        Debut Album Remixes

                          This exclusive double 12” edition grew out of mixes that were undertaken to celebrate the release of the Super Deluxe version Roxy Music’s debut album in spring 2018. Unused at the time, the mixes, overseen from Bryan Ferry’s London HQ, celebrate the essential otherworldliness of Roxy Music’s space age vision, stardate 1972. This strictly limited double 12” features out-takes of Karl Stoecker’s legendary photo-session from the debut and was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road in Autumn 2018.

                          John Grant

                          Remixes Are Also Magic

                            Featuring remixes of tracks from his last 2 albums from: Nik Void, Blancmange, Carter Tutti and Anna Meredith.

                            Joe Strummer

                            The Rockfield Studio Tracks


                              Joe Strummer's ‘The Rockfield Studio Tracks’ features 'Forbidden City (Demo)’ and 'Cool Impossible’. This limited edition 12" is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and the artwork features an image of the original audio mastertape with a removable photo of Joe.  These previously unreleased tracks from 1993 are taken from the Joe Strummer Archive and follows the recent release of the critically acclaimed 'Joe Strummer 001’ - the first compilation to span Joe’s entire career outside of his recordings with The Clash featuring remastered and unreleased recordings from the 101ers, The Mescaleros, solo albums, soundtracks, and rarities.


                              So Long

                                This release marks 20 years of Wah Wah 45s as a record label, and to celebrate they have tempted internationally renowned producer, videographer and film-maker Kutiman to the fold for this one-off RSD special. ‘So Long’ sees the man famed for his Thru You videos and Netflix documentary Presenting Princess Shaw, delivering some deep psychedelic, orchestral soul. On vocal duties is none other than Wah Wah 45s family member, Honeyfeet front woman and member of the Afro-Celt Soundsystem, The Breath and so much more -Gaelic powerhouse, Rioghnach Connolly. Remix duties come courtesy of another family member, Gene Dudley, with his first production for a couple of years, taking Kutiman’s composition into string laiden Balearic dance floor territories. “So Long” will be Wah Wah 45s’ third ever 10-inch release, with another specially designed custom sleeve courtesy of our in-house designer Animisiewasz.


                                Surfing On A Rocket

                                  THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2019 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                  Limited 1 x 140g 12" picture vinyl single for RSD 2019.

                                  Fatboy Slim

                                  Right Here Right Now

                                    THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2019 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                    20 years since its first release, ‘Right Here Right Now’ has long graced the dance floors and festival fields of the world. This iconic anthem has been reworked and sampled by many over the years and this Record Store Day exclusive release pays tribute to the original and the best of the remixes, featuring the hugely successful CamelPhat remix from 2018. Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook stepped back into the studio to produce a new track inspired by this chart hit and you can hear the track for the first time on this 12”. Featuring a die cut sleeve and bright yellow vinyl – this is a dance lovers’ essential!


                                    Only Human

                                    Form an orderly cue please. After months of agonizing wait following exclusive plays across Boiler Room and sneaky blasts leaked via the WWW, Four Tet finally releases "Only Human" to raptous adoration.

                                    If you weren't aware of this, prepare to be amazing as the legendary producer manages to wrap Nelly Furtado's "Afraid" vocal around a DC-10 / CircoLoco / Villalobos friendly terrace groove that percolates harder than Ancoats Coffer in morning rush hour.

                                    A sure fire hit for the Big Days Out across the UK summer and open air raves across the globe, they don't come more hyped than this folks! Move quick!

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: Four Tet adopts his KH moniker, turns the vocals from Nelly Furtado's "Afraid" into a pseudo-African chant and creates the biggest system rinser of 2k19! Massive! Flying off the shelves right now so get it bought! #nellylovesapinger

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    12" Info: One sided 12".

                                    Peggy Gou

                                    Moment EP

                                    International house sensation Peggy Gou launches her own Gudu Records with the "Moment" EP, a killer double header of dance floor majesty, informed by 30 years of club music and transformed into something all of her own.
                                    The A-side kicks off with "Starry Night" (surely the only Radio 1 daytime play in history with a Korean vocal?) a beautiful fusion of emotional SAE melodies and proto house elements. The pinging bassline and punchy piano could come straight from a Prelude classic, while the sweet synth strings are totally AZN, providing an infectious and energetic backdrop for Peggy's fierce vocal. Top. On the flip "Han Pan" hits us with glassy / metallic synth melodies, a stepping rhythm and hints of island life in the lead line, once again topped by a choice vocal from Peggy. Timeless, anthemic and totally irresistible, this is another essential release from the latest house superstar.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: How does she do it? Peggy Gou distils Prelude boogie, proto house and bubblegum style groove into a glorious two track 12" on her new Gudu Records. Featuring her bilingual vocals once again, along with a perfect combination of bump and melody, surely this is 2019's summer anthem?

                                    P-fun motor booty over here on this Kon feat. Reworked and crafted from the stems with George Clinton blessing. 
                                    This is an unrushed edit, no house beat. Introducing all the parts in due course, patiently. Vocals, trumpets loop, keys, bassline. A slow chugger that has been composed with love and respect for the original. The chorus solo which is the climax of this track will cause more than one some goosebumps. 

                                    There is a dub on the B Side, but for us is the vocals that bring this masterpiece to the forefront. This is a 1975 mega track given a refresh almost 45 years after.

                                    This is how we like to see edits done. Kon needs no introduction and needless to say this one is essential. We are getting a few copies so do not sleep. 

                                    Record of the week for me!

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Sil says: The question remains. Why to release this beauty on a 7" and not on a glorious 45rpm 12" for the delight of the fierce DJ? Format aside, this is a great edit worth all these years of patient waiting.


                                    How I Made My Mom & Sis' My Sexbot Slaves

                                    Repress of this highly sought after 7" from Brothers From Different Mothers - a painfully hype label showcasing the best of the modern shamanic and esoteric warehouse music scenes. Think Pilotwings, DJ Normal 4 and this, tasty double-A side 7" release from J-Zbel.

                                    One track split across two themes; "ZHF" first comes as 'poppers mix' which aptly describes the hazy, strobe-lit flair and disorientation after a massive hoof of the world's favourite room deoderizers whilst this fractures and very technoid breaks journey unravels behind the backdrop of narcosis. Expertly constructed and arranged for maximum drama on all-nite dancefloors, that wide-screen, 'rainforest breaks' sound also favoured by the Aiwo lot is perfectly reprezented here.

                                    Flip for 'gale mix' of "ZHF" which ditches any expansive psychedelic qualities for a snarling 303-driven acid bangers. There's still lashings of breaks, but overall the vibe is much proggier and conjures up images of filthy warehouse inhabited by militant mutant dancers all locked into a united, coital throb.g

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Space breaks and earth core tekno from the one of the market leaders in leftfield rave music. Cult collector item this from Brothers From....

                                    Linda DiFranco

                                    TV Scene / My Boss

                                      Linda Di Franco only released an album in 1986, "Rise Of The Heart" and it is still considered a Balearic classic. The main tunes are "T.V. Scene" and "My Boss", of which extended versions are featured in this official repress remastered from the original tapes. Up till now there was just a dodgy bootleg from the Sunkissed guys ("The Balearic Sounds Of Linda De Franco") which, let's be honest, sounded pretty weak on wax. Groovin' have done an excellent job in the transfer here, making these two beach-warmers an essential grab for anyone making the annual pilgrimage to Croatia, Ibiza or indeed any tropical party island of your pleasing! Someone get the calamari in!

                                      Don Laka

                                      Stages Of Love - Inc. Prins Thomas Edit

                                      Donald Laka (Don to you and I) is a South African jazz and funk musician, who spent the 80s and 90s bossing the game, working with the likes of Sipho Mabuse, Brenda Fassie, and Sankomota. In 1986 he released a four track EP, "Stages Of Love", from which this glorious synth-driven disco song is taken.
                                      For their first release, Neppå press this killer SA boogie bomb across the whole of a side, lending the hydraulic bassline extra heft and the proto house rhythm a little more snap. Seriously, even when you get past that floor filling boogie groove, there's still the hands in the air vocal and a wild organ solo to fuck you up - MINT!
                                      On the flipside, Norway's cosmic kingpin extends the ecstasy for a nigh on nine minute journey into this unstoppable groove, keeping us locked into hypnotic instrumental passages, adding tasteful delay and echo to vocal sections and generally doing everything in his power to hurry along the next stage in human evolution.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Hot like chakalaka, tasty like bunny, this South African boogie bomb will fuck up your dance floor. Mega bassline, tight percussion and uplifting vocals do all the damage on the original, while Prins Thomas' edit keeps the whole pot on simmer for twice the track length, additional elements bubbling up to make the whole thing zing.

                                      Tony Benton was the driving force behind the Seattle sound during the late 70s & 80s and formed his group Teleclere, who went on to release their first single in 1982, Fantasy Love / Ultra Groove. Through the success of their independant release, Teleclere followed up a year later with their Affection/Defection album. The group disbanded shortly after and now, 36 years later we have the pleasure to announce the Tony Benton & Teleclere - Fantasy Love EP.

                                      The tracks have been sitting on DAT tapes until early 2018 and this release is the first step to reviving their iconic sound via an initial 5 track steppers EP. 4 tracks are previously unreleased and haven't been heard since they were recorded back in the early 80s.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: A casual glance at the sleeve should leave you in no doubt that Tony Benton is a GEE and the A-grade boogie which reveals itself once you slap the platter on the player only goes to confirm it. MEGA!

                                      Bosq Ft Kaleta

                                      Backstrokin’ / Goin’ To See My Baby

                                      In your hands you have two slabs of heavy afro disco funk worth your pennies. On the A Side you get 'Goin' To See My Baby', a very organic full fledged mega tune for your hedonistic dancing packed with a full horn section, live percussion and plenty of afro beat feeling. 
                                      On the flip we get 'Backstrokin', another mega tune that places the emphasis on the beat and bassline. The live vocals and the horn section are present with cowbells included. This one is dynamite and also my favourite. 
                                      Definitely one for your shortlist as they do not come this good this often. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Two sides of live organic afro disco with full horn section and beautiful vocals. Plenty of sunshine is oozing from this vinyl. Make it yours!

                                      Lorna Bennett / The Revolutionaries

                                      It's My House

                                      Heavy reggae-disco-dub stylings here from Lorna Bennet & The Revolutionaries who, via Miss You's 2nd tasty reissue this week, provide a nothing short of eeessential 12" release for fans of that Jamaican groove.

                                      Lorna Bennett (born 7 June 1952 in Newton, Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica) is a reggae singer who twice topped the Jamaican singles chart in the early 1970s, and who is best remembered for her reggae version of "Breakfast in Bed".

                                      "It's My House" was originally released, with little fanfare, on High Note sometime in the mid 80s. Fetching pricely sums online and feverishly collected by those who know, the vocal version is a heavy roots cut - resplendent with horns and loud bass. Bennet's vocal sits beautifully atop of the groove; sugary but not too sweet, melancholic but not depressive. It's on the flip that the instrumental really comes to life, a ridiculously well produced cut which is so far going unaccredited! It's clear and focused, hinting at the more digital, 16-track studios that became popular in the mid 80s but I have to hold my hands up I don't know anything about this record. What I do know is that I'm nodding my head harder to this instrumental than some of Wackies best efforts.. and that's saying summat! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Another sterling dub to compliment the recent slew of Wackies / Scientist freak-outs. Unbeknownist to me until now, this is what you need for the warmer months ahead.

                                      Unknown Artist

                                      Tropical Jam 3

                                      Another of Vakula's limited edition edit records. This time the Ukrainian wonderchild turns his hand to South African synth boogie as he unearths and tweaks three house-not-house, mid 80's bangers from the SA 'underground'. Now, we're not getting all arsey on Vak here - but we're well accustomed to a bit of this here at Piccadilly following the amazing "Gumbo Fire..." comp plus loads of reissues from Don Laka's amazing catalogue (basically, if it's dance music, from South Africa, and it was made between '82 - 2002, you can confidently bet that Don Laka was involved.. - ed).

                                      Anyway, trusty old Vakula's chosen some great numbers, none of which we've heard before so thank goodness for that. Just grab it and have a listen - you won't be disappointed!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Summer 2019: South African synth boogie / proto-Kwaito sounds become the rage. Vakula joins the charge. Everyone dances.

                                      Calling all glue sniffers and mirror kissers, Duca Bianco unleash their first 12" featuring freak-beat, fucked up and scuzzy DJ edits by Smagghe & Cross, Tom Bolas, Hanoben & ADSX and Schmoltz, a fine collection of kerazies I'm sure you'll agree. 
                                      Kicking us off are post punk loving electronic heroes Smagge & Cross with the weird, warped and fuzzy wave of "Drug Of A Nation", an unorthodox anthem critiquing the perils of square-eyed subserviance. Well whacked out but still a sing-a-long, this is gonna hit hard with adventurous floors. Next up, Tom Bolas reaches deep into the bag to hits us with a fast paced and fucked up cover of AWB's "Pick Up The Pieces" topped with a robotised schlager vocal and the occasional scream - insane and irresistible I reckon. Over on the flip, Hanoben and ADSX rock us with a VHS saturated space disco hit, extended and upended for the underground, while Schmoltz comes through with an end of night / afternoon groover for the Balearic crowd in the form of "Starnight". Jazzy acoustic guitar, Stevie styled chorus and plenty of feels - 5 sandals out of 5.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: More wavy weirdshit from the Duca Bianco camp here as Smagghe & Cross, Tom Bolas, Hanoben / ADSX and Schmoltz offer post punk, daft disco, cosmic and Balearic rerubs respectively.

                                      Various Artists

                                      A Love That Never Dies

                                      A little mystery goes a long way, but it's fair to say the appetite for unearthing those secret tunes and lost classics has rarely been stronger. "A Love That Never Dies" give us a peek inside their formidable archive with three wonderful pieces of coveted music, in very short supply in their original form. Faint memories of proto-techno collide with Zanzibar / Cosmic friendly afro-funky and a solid dose of sherm-fuelled, rambunctious disko. No f***in about on this one - straight into the deep end and dazzling.

                                      One super limited, clear vinyl pressing.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Three styles and flavours to cater for the different moods and feels of a good weekend on the rocks.

                                      O Yuki Conjugate

                                      Insect-Talk - Inc. Tolouse Low Trax & Howes Remixes

                                      Following releases by Trevor Jackson and Jack Latham (Jam City), this new 12" on Utter features a rare alternate 'Dry' version of legendary post-industrial group O Yuki Conjugate's "Insect-Talk" from their 1995 album "Equator". Alongside this long lost treasure we get contemporary versions by Tolouse Low Trax (Salon Des Amateurs), Howes (Cong Burn / NTS Radio) and OYC themselves.

                                      "Insect-Talk" is pioneering in that in 1995 it seems to have discovered the entire sonic landscape that much of the modern entheogenic and esoteric producers are occupying now. 'Rainforest'-aligned and shamanically guided, this is evocative music from another dimension but seems completely normalized in our current neo-hallucinatory, augmented reality.

                                      German electro-goth Tolouse Low Trax is the first obvious choice for remix action; his version almost sounding like a continuation of the original's theme, his creeping, step-sequenced approach lending an even eerier edge to this already tense workout.

                                      Local lad Howes drizzles plenty of Mancunian plasma over the stems; conjuring up a thoroughly unique version that is both nestled in shamanic and science fiction realms; if witchcraft exists on Mars; then this is what the medicine men and women are listening to whilst they brew their potions! Finally, O Yuki themselves offer up a re-vamp of the track; emphasizing its future vision through forward>>reversed paraphrasing, celestial SFX and a minimalist, ambient approach.

                                      This is amazing! Difficult to find words, impossible not to be captivated....

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      Ltd 12" Info: 12" + insert

                                      Hot on the heels of their Hawkwind reissue, Emotional Rescue continue their vague reish/rework series this week by turning their attention to London's synthpop, new wave and bedroom pop prince Thomas Leer.
                                      Signing to Cherry Red in the early 80s, he released the heralded '4 Movements' in 1981 and followed with 'All About You' in 1982, and it is from these 2 EPs that this release is sourced. The release starts with "Saving Grace" from the latter, a long famous Cosmic classic, its mid-tempo, spacey, lifting repetition is the perfect soundtrack for those Baldelli trips straight to the stars.
                                      This is backed with "Tight As A Drum", a quintessential Leer production, where Teutonic drums is overlaid with sequencers and synth tones to elevate the song to some kind of disorientating outer-dimensional dub, while his lucid, spoken word vocals instill degradation and reinvention.
                                      Asking Bullion to offer his own take on these two songs was the perfect pairing. A revered artist in his own time, the warmth and depth of his versions takes the originals to his own inner world; sampling, rewiring, reprogramming, resigning and replaying. An EP for the floor, the head and the heart.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: I effin love Thomas Leer, so I was delighted when I saw this one in the pipeline. "Saving Grace" is a total cosmic classic, all A-grade synth chug and soaring pads, while "Tight As A Drum" is a crazy, kosmische inspired gem perfect for late in the session. Reinterpreted here by modern day maverick Bullion as well as in their original form, the tracks sound every bit as vital as ever.

                                      Wall of sound made of unadultered bass is what Mark Broom serves you today. Piano looping exercise a la Sound Stream and those vocals! That mega high pitched Patti Labelle's vocals lifted from her The Spirit's In It' uber known disco hit. This one is a belter and definitely peak time, big room artillery. 
                                      Mighty Mouse focuses more on the vocals and a very long climax build-up that ends up with a chunk of Labelle's original followed up by a heavy house beat Derrick Carter style.  
                                      This one is a summer banger, Terraces, clubs and festivals will be playing this one well loud. What about you? 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Mega disco hit given the house treatment for the big club scene and the daring bar dj. Mark Broom steals the show effortless for us, giving you all the parts in due course. Not all at once. Give this bad boy a listen.

                                      Baldelli needs no intro. A veteran in the music making scene deliver 4 slabs of cosmic beauty. This time his partner in crime is Dario Piana. Together they forge the very solid and clean 'Double Yellow Line'. Cosmic keys and effects are dropped with not warning on a bad boy bassline and a chuggy balearic house beat.

                                      Followed up by 'Just The Time Of A Trip', which ups the tempo and adds some crazy psych, almost jazzy synths on top to keep the fun going. 
                                      On the B Side, we go full cosmic journey with the aptly titled 'Cosmic Mood'. The tempo is slowed down again and a beautiful melody meanders in and out to produce a classic Baldelli futuristic trip.
                                      Closing affairs is 'Closer To The Source'. A very nice chugger with a heavy bassline and gorgeous synth keys. Some vocals sample with heavy reverb and echo effects thrown in to complete what is my fave track of the pack. 
                                      Classic Baldelli sound that shows the man is not ageing badly. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Baldelli in true form delivering 4 tracks of blissed cosmic cum balearic house with the help of Dario Piana. No surprises here if you know Baldelli's game. But that is not a bad thing if you love his take on cosmic house.

                                      A set of on trend remixes are presented for our listening enjoyment on this latest 12" from Swiss collective Alma Negra who enlist Bambounou, Glenn Astro and Michal Turtle to remix a trio of tracks from their exquisite catalogue.

                                      First up, "Kabare" is deftly transformed into a deep rooted percussive workout, subtle nuances in the various hits providing a natural push-pull to this most tribal of rhythms.

                                      Money $ex boss Glenn Astro provides a nice downbeat rub-down of "Haleto Lale Lalo", resplendent with humming organ lines, punctuated with his MPC and decorated with analogue swirls and fx. It's delcate and poised and really quite beautiful.

                                      Finally, Michal Turtle injects "Tany Be" with a certain level of horizontal sophistication only he can muster. Unusual drum patterns reminiscent of Wally Bandarou's ""Echoes" cascade under lounge sax and twangy bass; while the odd suspended jazz chord keeps us in titillated suspense. This is really good folks.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: One of the more spellbound releases of the week; a choice selection of remixers breathes new life into three Alma Negra tunes and turns out a beauty of a 12" in the process. You need!

                                      The elusive HAND camp drop some more illicit offerings simple alluding to their tempo on the forth secret missive from the label.

                                      With tempos from 120-128BPM you know what realm we're here don't you folks? HOUSE MUSIC! With gated drums, analogue synths, stepped sequences and loads of dubbed out fx I think we can hone in even further to the source material - I'd say these are proto-house cuts from between '84 - '88 but obviously don't quote me on that.

                                      No IDs from my end I'm afraid, TBH they MIGHT even be original traxx, just executed in that classic vintage style... The quality is HIGH GRADE; I guarantee these are gonna go off in the dance. Stop thinking just buy it! 

                                      Sound Metaphors treat us to another dance floor romper here, rescued from rarity and put back into the hands of working DJs everywhere. Conceived in Spain in 1989, Madrid Groove's sole 12" fuses jacking percusion, sampler vox, acid touches, flamenco guitar, huge pianos and driving basslines into a trio of summertime house killers. The titular "Arsa" is the most maximal jam here, somehow finding a way to marry Chicago piano madness and extravagant flamenco guitar solos over a bass driven house track. On "Madrid Groove" the team drop the chopped up sampler vox, synth brass and a body jacking bassline for some serious h-h-h-house music. If you're looking for something slightly more subtle, B-side jam "Suave" twists a new melody out of "Love Honey", lets the bass bubble under the freestyle-tinged beat then tops the whole thing with a sultry spoken female vocal. The B-side's the winner for me here. Boasting pristine restored audio and a nice remaster, this is ready to rule the dance floor once again.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Latin house insanity here featuring flamenco guitar, massive pianos and all the period features you know and love. Flip it for "Suave", a more subtle take on the same style with spoken female vocals for the ultimate club seduction.

                                      South keep the classics coming with these three incredible reimaginations of Nina Simone classics from Francois K, Tony Humphries and Coldcut each with their own unique touch and trademark style weaved within.
                                      Francois K kicks off with a sublime deep house rework of "Here Comes The Sun". Reminiscent of Larry Heard’s more emotional output, Francois nods to Mr Fingers with a bassline that harks back to those early Chicago classics, coupled with deft mbira touches that create an other-worldy feel to the remix. Celestial waves and singing rides mix with a buzzing top line melody that lay the foundations for Simone’s spiritual voice to hang in the air with a perpetual elegance and grace. A timeless slice of house music that earned Francois’ version a spot on one of Innervisions acclaimed ‘Secret Weapons’ compilations.
                                      Next up, Zanzibar royalty Tony Humphries lays out a bumping remix of ‘Turn Me On’ turning the bluesy soul leanings of the original on their head and flipping it into an uplifting summertime groover. Simone’s words take on a different tone with this revitalising rework backed by staccato guitars and chopped up vocal melodies that give a playful yet soulful character to this slab of sunshine.
                                      Rounding off the EP in classic Coldcut style, the duo meld ‘Save Me’ into a chopped, screwed and crunched remix. Lo-fi percussive elements and distorted textures blend with glitching samples and stuttering sequences that turn Simone into a tripped-out goddess. An atmospheric piece of electronica but with a harden edge purpose made for the dancefloor.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Reworks of uber classic 'Here Comes The Sun' with Francois Kevorkian delivering yet another masterclass in remixing with another suave, chilled house number. Humphries goes more full on and Coldcut go a bit more breakbeat. Great package!

                                      Alexander Robotnick

                                      Undicidisco Remix EP - Inc. Justin Vandervolgen / Bawrut / Prins Thomas / Vendetta Suite Remixes

                                      Hell Yeah returns with four remixes of this Alexander Robotnik 'Undicidisco' track from the archives, taking you down a different path with each cut. The A side sees the classic Justin Vandervolgen Edit layering the beat and synth bassline, before unleashing the all too familiar melody whilst re-imagining some of those synthesiser arps over the top. Bawrut then provides an acid laden interpretation of the original coupled with latin styled whistles, percussion and vocal cry of 'uno, dos, tres, eyhh'.

                                      Flip it over and Prins Thomas offers up a tougher Discomiks remix with a gritty bassline, interspersed with filtered arps and the warped Robotnik melody. To close out the e.p. The Vendetta Suite Stone Tape Remix takes you down a weird and wonderful path of wonky tape delayed goodness - contorting, reversing and reworking the synth lines to create a unique slowed down version of Undicidisco.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you'll have heard the ripping electrodisco pulse of Alexander Robotnik's "Undicidisco" tearing the club a new one. Now the ace Italian label send the stems to an A-team of experts for a killer remix 12". JVV does his edit thing, adding extra psychedelic splendour to the O.G. before Bawrut flips it into an NY / Miami fusion. Flip it for an intergalactic techno excursion from Prins Thomas, before Hell Yeah affiliates Vendetta Suite take us on a strung out journey into outer space.


                                      Runaway / Love Money

                                      Holy mirrorballs batman! Live and direct from NYC, fresh imprint Armstrong lands on the Piccadilly shelves with a scorching inaugural release. After enduring years of substandard edits and ropey house versions, a bona fide genius from the formative era 12" remix era of NYC's Disco explosion opens up his secret vault and unleashes a pair of beauties, custom built to create mayhem wherever they go. Previously unreleased, even on acetate, these two cuts come from a true pioneer, and the quality speaks for itself.
                                      On the A-side, TM runs the scalpel over The Temptations' 'Runaway Child, Running Wild', extending and expanding the soulful disco classic into an irresistible, unstoppable psychedelic groove laced with heady desk fx. Pushing the already spectral effects and soundscaping of Norman Whitefield (taking his first steps into psychedelia with this 1969 production) to the next level, our NYC pioneer ditches the tired doo wop of the original's first half and picks up where the groove starts to roll in the second half, making excellent use of those syncopated hats, slick bassline and wild vocals. Red hot! 
                                      Over on the flip, TM takes us deep into Paradise Garage territories with a stripped back and stomping multitrack edit of Brit Funk legends Funk Masters and their 1980 banger "Love Money". While most people duke it out between the Bo Kool rap of the A-side and heads down instrumental assault of the flip, this editor unearths an awesome female vocal, apparently rejected by the label at the time, and puts it front and centre. Energised with an infectious vocal riding that demented dubwise groove to dance floor ecstacy, this version pushes the others out of the way to gain definitive status. Amazing stuff on both sides.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: We only get edits this good once every few years, so make sure you snap this up. An unnamed NYC disco pioneer (he totally is, and maybe if you ask me nicely I'll tell you his name), opens his personal vaults with two scorching disco edits, old school style. The Funk Masters rerub on the flip is a thing of 3 a.m. beauty, but it's the psychedelic disco shuffle of his Temptations edit on the A-side that's currently blowing my mind. Double good.

                                      Landing in store with a suitably saucy cover (think Kiss Me Quick but replace Blackpool with Beirut), the fifth volume of Jonny Rock's highly prized Disco Hamam brings us four fierce and frisky edits of different disco, Arabic funk and beard-pleasing badness. And speaking of Beards, it's that renowned Russian digger Beard In Dust who takes the lead here, rubbing up one of his better known favourites for alternative dancefloor play. Perennial pounder "In Zaire" gets looped up and suped up, energized with a tough EQ, additional percussion and plenty of rushy fx until it grows into a towering tribal monster. Onto the A2 and we have a track so illicit, underground and intense that it must remain hidden, grab the wax to see what we're dealing with. Skipping the flipside and new outfit Tales Of Voodoo light a fire under the ceremonial cauldron with an uber-funky disco-rock jammer packed with zaatar and ras-el-hanout. Taking the thick and swampy wah guitars of "For The Love Of Money" on a magic carpet ride, the crew cook up a rolling groove topped with Rai riffing, apply a crescendant organ line then drop us into an infectious drum break before the whole party starts again. Fireside freakout now well under way, mysterious and shadowy newcomer Esen Gunduz drops "Deve Gucu" on our unsuspecting asses. Powered by a whistle heavy drum loop, this post disco / proto house heater drive through tight slap bass, tumbling percussion assaults and unstoppable Arabic autoharp as it packs the dancefloor for days!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Jonny Rock's irrefutable A&R expertise wins out once again on the fifth volume of Disco Hamam. Beard In Dust puts his spin on In Zaire on the A-side, while newcomers Tales Of Voodoo and Esen Gunduz take their inspo from the middle east for two psychedelic disco winners on the flip.

                                      The standout track on Porter's 2010 LP "Water", "1960 What?" was soon picked up by Expansion, introducing the wilder world to the expressive vocals and jazz-flecked style of the  now universally acclaimed soulman. Taking a civil rights flashpoint as his inspiration, Porter offers a lyrical narrative of injustice, police brutality and rioting, his rich voice expressing emotional complexity and moral maturity as he goes. When taken with the propulsive double bass line, crashing jazz percussion and thunderous brass, the message takes on a revelatory weight, especially considering the contemporary issues of racial discrimation and police brutality overshadowing the USA. Alongside the deep and political soul jazz of the A-side, the Expansion release offered a STELLAR remix from boogie revivalist Opolopo, who quantised the track for easy mixing and dance floor consistency before adding a weighty club kick and thick synth bassline, resulting in a fresh version which filled dancefloors for the house, soul, jazz funk and disco scenes. Killer stuff.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Expansion give a fresh press to one of their finest contemporary releases (It's 7 years old, but Dave swears it was yesterday), Gregory Porter's protest soul smasher "1960 What?", with that killer Opopolo house remix taking the lead. Essential stuff.

                                      Red Laser Records return to Earth after nearly a year hiatus with the first of aslew of new material due in the pipeline this year. Sporting the tag line: #inabiteveryoneelse, the well respected Manc firm deliver four more gems from the Manctalo underground with new signing Senor Chugger & Count Van Delicious opening the EP with the bonafide anthem that is "Dark Fruit". Wher the fuck is label head Il Bosco pulling these acts from?! This has 'classico' written all over its shuddering analogue stems and scary-good 'Count' vocal section. Starion charges up the laser beams for a certified all-nite-robo-disco smasher which should have you reaching for the air trigger as this one beams outta the stack of your favourite dance club. Luca Dell'Orso is on hand to drop some fully authentic, mid-80s' styled Eyyee-Tal-OOO disco 'ar kid, and accomplishes so much you'll be forgiven if you end up cracking out the poppers unceremoniously to this erotic thruster. Old fave Kid Machine cracks out some more narco-electro-disco via the anthemic, end-of-night throbber, "Stadio". It's another steller ride thru the chasms of the current Manctalo scene and we find it in stronger form than ever before; both nurturing new talent and further developing existing acts. The most important label in the world right now for those wanting to visit that classic, analogue dancefloor sound. Totally recommended.

                                      Limited press with riso print wrap around poster in PVC sleeve.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Phhwwooooar! Cop a load of this you c**ts! Everyone knows Red Laser distribute the hottest Manctalo vibes this side of Salford Van Hire, but this my friends - THIS IS THE ONE!! You'll have doubtlessly heard Marsh or Pizzaman caning "Dark Fruit" out n about, now "Stadio", "Dystonia" and "Loose Ends" are here to make the Summer thrust n throb and climax in synth-jizz abandon. Get in.

                                      Any student of Italy's cosmic scene will tell you that the likes of Baldelli, Loda and Lodola had a healthy respect for the prog of the 70s, so it makes total sense that one of the scene's all time classics was based around a Mike Oldfield record. The work of Giorgio Giordano, Giorgio Dolce and Roberto Zanetti under the G.A.N.G. alias, "Incantations" takes the trippiest elements of Mike Oldfield's stadium filling opus and replays them over a steady slow beat as a white funk groove for astral projecting. Totally over the top, and thus entirely irresistible, the track's already got you hooked with its pagan melodies and percolating groove, so when Stefania Dal Pino stops by to offer her ethereal vocal interpretation of "Foreign Affair" we're in game changing territories. If you're too cool for life changing vocals, there's an instrumental dub on the flip, ensuring all boxes are ticked for the cosmic jock.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Peerless proggy madness here from Best Italy, who hit us with a pristine reissue of G.A.N.G.'s Oldfield inspired cosmic bomb "Incantations". Play it loud enough and you'll unlock next gen abilities.

                                      John Kongos

                                      I'm Dreaming (Any Moment I May Wake Up Screaming)

                                      Calling all space cadets, sofa surfers and audio astronauts, we have an abundance of cosmic heat in store this week, not least this ripper from John Kongos. Rinsed by Baldelli, Roberto Lodola et al. on the Italian scene, "I'm Dreaming..." was produced by John Kongos in 1981 and released on 7", sadly only containing the short vocal version. Now extended and given a fresh and fat 12" pressing by Best Italy, the track powers through dramatic strings, strange (and nonsensical) spoken vocals and that tough sequencer and drum machine groove with newfound energy - ready to rip up a set all over again. Over on the B-side the tone generators, buzzing fx and big bassline take centre stage on a tripped out instrumental version for the more psychedelic club moments.

                                      Cosmic disco classic played regularly by Baldelli, Lodola and in the underground scene, produced by John Kongos in 1981and released on 7 inch, containing only the short vocal version. Now remastered and reissued by Best Italy on 12" containing the full vocal original version plus the instrumental version on the flip.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Best Records smash out another cosmic classic, giving John Kongos' quirky synth and strings chugger a fresh 12" pressing with a respectful extension. An excellent fixture on the Cosmic cassettes, this one's been tough to find for a while, so snap up a copy while you can.

                                      The newfly minted Tempo Dischi is an Italian label dedicated to the discovery and reissue of lost classics from the Italo Disco, Afro and cosmic scene. Their first release, much to the delight of this Piccadilly staffer, is a repress of the total cosmic classic "Boss Man" by Steel Mind (bootlegs be gone!). The work of Piero Torsani, taking a break from his time with space rockers Caelestium, Steel Mind was born out of a desire to explore the sonic landscape of Krautrock. Now, while he may have missed his target a little, the Italian producer did deliver one of THE GREATEST COSMIC TRACKS EVER. In case you haven't heard it, "Boss Man" brings us mechanical percussion (sort of like the slowest steam train ever), a badass bass sequence and the widescreen white funk guitar typical of Baldelli and Loda's tripped out selections. Also available in a club friendly edit from the Tempo Dischi crew, this bomb is primed to get hammered for another 35 years. On the B-side we get "Boss Man's" original B-side "Lionel", in all its stomping space synth brilliance. The sequencer belches and gurgles, drums snap and sine waves soar while the infectious live bass keeps your hips swinging from below. Finally, the Tempo Dischi crew take a trip through Pietro's archive to turn up an unreleased cut featuring the Caelestium vocalist Marisa Luca. As Italo is its likely to get "Summer In The City" kills it with pitch bent bass, dramatic vocals and a vintage drum program - how did this never make it out?

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Oof! Italo / cosmic / afro reissue-ists Tempo Dischi open their account in incendiary form with a much needed reissue of cosmic disco classic "Boss Man" by Steel Mind, alongside unreleased Italo screamer "Summer In The City". S'all good, but we're here for "Boss Man" really - uber tune!

                                      Joakim takes a break from Full Circle exploits with Alexis Le Tan for the latest volume of his infamous Jimi Bazzouka series, dropping a quartet of edits within his imaginary tropical trance genre. Even the most cursory glance at the centre label suggests things are about to get skew-whiff, and we're in wavey territories from the off. Opener "Elm Yolo" rolls into being with a didgeridoo rumble, cicada style shaker and all sorts of tribal rite ambiance before locking into a hypnotic rhythm of solid kick and tumbling drums. The village kids start the chant and the club starts to dance - elevated shamanic action on show here! Speaking of which, "Nothing Happens" shakes a leg at a totally tripped out 80bpm, welcoming us to a world of birdsong, bongwater and ring modulator, where a drum box can groove through the undergrowth and synthesizers gurgle at will. If you're still high on that Bartellow / DJ Ground kick, this bad man's only gonna freak you further into oblivion. The B-side brings us flying over terracotta tiles and bamboo forests, making the most of the moonlight with the Italo synthline and space age pads of "200 Force" ramping up the energy for a peak time trance dance. If that wasn't enough to get you tripping into the next dimension, the brain mulching marimbas, industrial feedback and off kilter rhythm of the EP closing "Angry Hands" should ensure that you're well on your way to a permo. Muzik for froglickers!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Not sure about tropical trance, sounds more like shamanic dance to me, with a good measure of cosmic wonk packed into the peace pipe. Joakim’s latest edit offering brings us tribal stompers, super slow grooves, a moonlit glider and some wonderful weirdshit for anyone on that Mori Ra / DJ Ground tip.

                                      Kyoto / Zoe Sinatra

                                      Venetian Blinds / Mais Qu’est-Ce Que Tu Fumes?

                                      Stroom stay on message with their latest maxi 12", offering a fresh press to a pair of Belgian synth pop rarities from the era of patched denim, heavy eye shadow and Swatch watches. On the A-side, we travel to 1986, where Belgian outfit Kyoto have hit the studio with the sadly uncredited Belinda de Bruyn, whose glacial vocals rest perfectly in the steely synthwave groove. Built out of white funk guitars, tight bass, metallic percussion and the full range of the DX7, this track paints a picture of a Secret Agent Man on the streets of Brussels, a slick Soft Cell with more on their mind than the right direction to the red light district, or Vienna without the melodrama. Moody 80s magic in other words. On the flipside, we get the sought after B-side from Zoe Sinatra's 1990 7" "Size XXL", a breathy synth pop stroller which serves up a mostly spoken vocal francais on a synth laded groove somehow reminiscent of both JMJ's "Souvenirs De Chine" and "Blah Blah Cafe". Wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful, this pervo pop winner should hit home for Balearic, cosmic and synth fans alike. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Another ace maxi from Stroom, offering a new lease of life to a pair of previously unobtainable synthwave beauties. Suitably seductive (looking at the sleeve, I think that's the idea here), both cuts give us a spoken female vocal, metallic percussion and grayscale synth sounds of a superior quality to their competitors. Straight in my record bag I reckon.

                                      Bitter End

                                      Kneel B4 Thelma / Mast Song

                                      The Crooked Man like Parrot runs things till the Bitter End for the label's eighth essential installment to date.

                                      Once again, the producer somehow finds new ways to freshen up the house blueprint, adding a deep knowledge of soundsystem dynamics and main room engineering. "Kneel B4 Thelma", recently debuted on Kickin' Pigeon's Galactic Bounce NTS show, demonstrates this uncanny ability perfectly - re-using one of the most sampled vocals in dance music history but transforming it into a tweaking, never-come-down narco-house jam that should unite bears, queens, string-vests and cameo shirts under its stack-splitting intensity. Yes mate!

                                      "Mast Song" on the flip subtly works its way under your skin. Think some of those tripped out cosmic house jams on ESP, or Dr. Dunks mid boat party set with the sun burning through the sails and bouncing off the crystalline ocean... Sublime!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: 'Been smashing this on promo' since Alec snided me a digi a few weeks back. Now on trademark thick wax, Parrot's not-so-secret alias drops more speaker tweakin' damage.

                                      Another from the delectable Ene Record this week who seem to be intent as present on shining a spotlight on the best of the Eastern and South Asian underground music scenes. We're definitely not complaining her as both this, and the Komodo 12" released this week scream of evocative, transportative and dramatic sonic landscapes that are a million miles from the grey and mundane.

                                      "Shadow Dance" is taken from a 2017 album by J.A.K.A.M. called "Counterpooint". Here we get the original plus two fiery remixes from Chida. The original verion, recorded with various musicians from Morocco, Kurdistan, South America & Africa, is a rich electro-folk flavoured epic; led by an evocative violin part and carried on galloping timpani. Add some eastern flute, rattling sitars and a desert-rooted psychology and you've got a mystic brew of dance music shamanism.

                                      On side A Chida compliments the hypnotic percussive groove with electronic flourishes, instantly taking the track to the proggy, all nite Goan raves of the mid 90s minus the dread, patchouli oil and bad acid. On side B we get an even more stripped down dub version, not as flamboyant or grandiose but certain to suck you into its ancient grooves.

                                      Majestic stuff from this label which seems destined to keep catching our ear here at Picc HQ.... 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Proggy, ethno-rave music here for the LSD / freeparty set. Mystic melodies, percussive rhythms and psychedelic spirit roam free on this shamanic opus.


                                      Make It Scream / Night Time

                                      Jakarta, Indonesia based DJ & producer Gerhan Ferdinal brings the flavour of the early nineties Goa scene on this new double A-side for Ene Records. The Akamady Records boss keeps things crucial be re-injecting life into this whole musical lifeform that's primed and set to have the lid popped off it this year.

                                      Darker and more primal than its Balearic cousin, whilst half of Europe soaked in the sounds of the White Isles, the other half of the dance music global village were out dancing under full moons around the beaches of Indonesia, Thailand and India, enjoying their own brand of holiday-based decadence that would eventually morph into the various mutations of Goa Trance. Before the ampetamine-driven tempos and psychedelic excesses came in however, namely between '88-'92, the scene enjoyed a creative spell to rival Italy, Spain or indeed our own dance music epoch that has recently become subject to investigation due to our modern facination with all things EBM.

                                      "Make It Scream" and "Night Time" take you right backt those exotic, full Moon-lit parties that you always read about; with unusual smells in the air, and dashes of colour breaking through the darkness. It's fiery, tense, but sexy and dramatic.

                                      The underground party scene in East South Asia continues to develop and there are still many great artists unknown to us over here. Lucky for us Ene seem to be on hand to shine a spotlight on these crucial dancefloor tracks. Recommended. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: At once tribal, psychedelic, proggy and hedonistic; it's like the best parts of the Goa / EBM, acid house, prog and cosmic scenes all thrown into one record.



                                      Holy shit it's a NEW Eros X!!! What with all the re-presses of the first three era-defining cuts, I almost got complacent and nonchalantly brushed this aside. Turns out it's a brand new addition to North England's worst kept secret in edit history....

                                      This buy-on-sight collection of homages to the raw, decadent & formative birth of club music moves towards the final chapter with four more tracks mining proto-house, electronic disco and raw, primal dance grooves. Maybe over time we'll concern ourselves with the originals (I know some of you will now! - ed), but I'm happy for the time being just to enjoy the vibe. A1 revisits a proper heavy slice of disco-boogie; female vocal-led with BIG bass, piano vamps and a seriously tight groove - it's impeccable! A2 sees a heavily electronic palette cross the streams of disco and house; with extended percussion bridges giving way to ridiculously out-there lead hooks - where is Eros getting these from?! On side B we open with more HEA-VY disco; the instrumentation and vocal quality confusing me as to why this isn't more well known, while on B2, we get a wild MC guiding a percussive disco jam on B1. Keeping with the label's tradition, Eros 2X deserves a place in every disco and house lovers' home! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Eros has always been in my record bag AND in my playlists, at home and on the go. Always. The quality of these edits are second to none. This instalment is no exception.

                                      Great edit accommodating some hip hop / r'n'b sample on top of a faster than usual beat and bad boy bassline. I am told the sample has been lifted from Lil Yachty's 'SaintLaurent YSL'. Be ready to be asked what this tune is because it is one of the best 'edits' we have heard in a good while. Risky business but outstanding results. 
                                      The flipside offering looks to the African continent for inspiration and the result is a mosnter house track with a heavy Joe Claussell imprint. Absolutely stunning and the production is second to none. These two edits are very much needed in any good DJ record bag. 
                                      We insist, we have not had this dancefloor quality in a good while so come and get it now because this will disappear pretty quick!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Half the shop thinks this is outstanding, the other half do not gives a damn. You, my friend need to give more than a damn and get this spectacular 12" now. Dancefloor in mind on both sides and will definitely stand the passage of time elegantly.

                                      Superb keyboardist and driving mind of the British jazz funk scene, founder of the seminal and finest band called Atmosfear, Mr. Lester J. Batchelor is also the composer behind these three timeless gems and most refined eletronic disco tracks as Equa. This is an istant buy if you like the style of Motorcity Drum Ensemble, Sadar Bahar, Red Greg and (most famously) Piccadilly allstar Kickin' Pigeon!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Here it is folks! The top tune off that "In The Red" comp on Chuwanaga (duh - the clues in the title!); and if we're being honest, the sole reason behind the release. Now we get our filthy mits on a whole side, 12" pressing, plus two sick AF tracks on the flip! "In The Red" blows up EVERY TIME people - do not miss out!

                                      Lhasa is the brainchild of Alain Raes from Siegen, Germany. As a teenager he was inspired by Tubeway Army's “Are Friends Electric” and Art Of Noise’s “Beatbox”. In 1985 he began collecting analog equipment (Prophet-5, Oberheim OB-X, Linn LM-1) as digital synthesizers had started to become more popular. In 1986, New Beat was born in Belgium. Dancers tapped into the darker side of synth pop, and DJs would play 45 rpm records at 33 with the pitch control set to +8. Alain was playing in New Wave bands and had started production work and synth programming for other acts.

                                      In 1988 he self-released the debut Lhasa single "Acetabularia / Acetatechno", with help from Kris Tremmery on vocals and concept. The record combined the icy melodies of Gary Numan and John Foxx with the mechanical rhythms of Detroit techno and EBM. Thematically, both tracks revolve around the end of life on Earth, and include samples from ‘Dr. Strangelove’. For this first time reissue, 4 bonus tracks are rescued from a 1990 recording session DAT tape. These demos show further development of the Lhasa sound with updated instruments (Roland D-20, Yamaha TX16W, Korg 707), faster tempos, and menacing proto-rave energy. All songs have been mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each copy includes an 11x11 poster with photos and liner notes by Alain.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Ever reliable Dark Entries shine a light on some absolute EBM fire from Lhasa; shuddering into focus across a dancefloor of smoke, green lasers and stentch of poppers. Mega.

                                      Classy electro here on Hardbeach Entertainment. All tracks by Pyramid Of Knowledge. Tight, neck-snapping pneumatics open the EP via the rigid funk of "The Elevation", which doses said pistons in drifting 303s for a truly stadium-slaying, proggy outlook. Hybrid breaks harking back to the classic years of prog! "Secret Order Of Jaresiwald" follows, an argy-bargy electroid beast with a big fat hook blasting outta its percolated 808 beats from the off - megoh. "The Afterworld" follows and has as much in common with Clark and James Holden as it does the electro forbearers of olde. Thick, advanced sound design encompasses the track; with a distinct. galloping rhythm that's gonna sound blistering at high volumes. Top stuff. "Son Of Edjo" concludes and returns to that cybernetic b-boy jive, straight up robo-rude-boy / cyborg gangsta shit. Recommended!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Hard Beach Entertainment might be one of my fave labels of the nu-electro resurgence. This offering is pressed HEAVY; those kicks rumble and the snares snap hard. Certain to damage even the sturdiest of rave strongholds.

                                      Alliance Upholstery casually switch between reissue treasure and new material magic, with "Sky Miles Volume 1" presenting a global perspective of fresh music from the label, a round trip from Stockholm to Osaka, stopping off in Savannah and Rio along the way.

                                      Bobby Bricks (Dream Time, Sweden) kicks us off with "Orchid Island”, an enchanting and uplifting number that conjures images of clear skies and crystalline oceans, the gentle sea breezes lapping against our beaming faces as we arrive at our tropical island soiree in buoyant form. The crew will be around shortly with drinks, so ease into Séculos Apaixonados' (Future Times / 40% Foda / Maneirissimo, Brazil) slow burning love jam, “As Velas da Cantareira (DJ Guerrinha Mix)”. Low BPMs and timely synth stabs bring this bright, leisurely track from Corcovado to your turntable. Great for beginning of the night drinks or post sunrise smooches.

                                      As we reach cruising altitude, C Powers' (Sweat Equity / CGI, USA) eponymous “Sky Miles” gets us popping, broken beat syncopation, breezy production and playful percussion making this one dancefloor ready from the get-go.

                                      Roy Comanchero (Running Back, Japan) is always greatly admired here at Picc headquarters and “Moon Hike” aptly brings the EP to a natural concludes, a skeletal and quite serene track littered with 303, Roland perc and bright scales.

                                      150 gram vinyl from Brooklyn Phono and mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Nice n varied selection of coastal moods to ingratiate the label's roster into the sunnier climbs ahead. It might only be 10° outside but listening to this I could be completely horizontal in my speedos sippin on a Daiquir with not a care in the worod...

                                      Tastefully executed eleco-disco chuggers here Aksel & Aino on the Public Possession label. "Fading Pictures" will be a welcome sonic intrusion for existing fans of Chromatics and much of the Italians Do It Better label. Resplendent with analogue optimism and decorated with a dreamy female vocal, it's the tracky, VHS-hued 80s homage you never knew you needed! "Belong Here" continues the theme but drops the BPMs; rolling out an angelic moment of psychedelic pop perfection as wave after wave of analogue arpeggio ripple over our primed ears and bodies, before the same vocalist is on hand to hold our hand as we elevate into the heavens. "Fading Pictures" was so good, the pair revisit it for an extension, closing off this most crucial release in superb style - you need!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Public Possession show their sensitive side here via this sophisticated hit of suave synth pop from Aksel & Aino. Like the best bits of Italians Do It Better with the New York diner swapped for a ristorante on Capri - prosecco disco maybe?

                                      Salute! Internasjonal's A&R department knock it right out the park all over again here, introducing the wider world to Italian producer, DJ and all round class act Daniele Tomassini. Working under his Feel Fly alias, Daniele dropped a killer cassette in 2016, seduced dance floors all over with his emotive and playful take on house and disco, then landed at Internasjonal with a full length double LP due for widescale release imminently. Here, the label hook up with unconventional hero DJ Sotofett and invite the Norwegian to get creative with a track of his choosing, which turned out to be the LP closing "Dromo Celeste". In Sotofett's hands the track twists out into a loose and lysergic dub disco-trip through the stars. Galloping along with a vintage disco 4/4, infectious bass and that slick sophistication of a jazz funk classic (I'm thinking Powerline or Atmosfear), the track packs the floor into one grooving consciousness, before the soaring keys and digital strings explode into euphoria.
                                      Over on the B-side Internasjonal chieftain and cosmic warlock Prins Thomas opens Sigourney Weaver's frigde and takes us on a rollercoaster ride through Zuul's dimension, applying HQ acid lines and gliding vibes to "Il Teorema Del Delirio". 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Not content with composing a debut LP of playful, moving and musical house and disco on Internasjonal, or being an unbelievably sound chap, Feel Fly gets the remix treatment from none other than DJ SOTOFETT and PRINS THOMAS! Legend! DJ Sotofett's slick disco-house mix reminds me of mid nineties Noid tackle, Harvey and the Idjuts ripping up the MoS back room, while Prins Thomas does his intergalactic acid thing. Hot as it gets folks!

                                      In January 2016 Jan Schulte escaped a chilly Dusseldorf, accepting an invitation from the Santuri East Africa organisation to join the Nile Project gathering in Aswan, Egypt - an intensive two week musical experiment featuring musicians drawn from all around the Nile Basin that functioned as both a creative cauldron for cross-border collaboration, and a forum for artists and cultural activists to discuss the issues affecting the Nile river. In the past few years, Santuri East Africa have enabled a string of great releases from the likes of Msafiri Zawose, Auntie Flo and Mugwisa on Soundway, Sofrito and On The Corner.
                                      This time round, the label is Nouvelle Ambiance and the producer is Wolf Muller, the Dusseldorf drum king who's been a Piccadilly favourite since day one. Taking over the whole of the A-side at 33, "Mabomba Dance" is a high tension, low slung exercise in dance floor hypnotism based around the taut, tight and tonking percussion of Kavisa Mutua. Enjoying the extra space and time, Jan allows the layers of hand drum and shaker to rise and fall around a solid 4/4 and percolating bass sound. Dissonant synth washes add a sense of disquiet in the background, while the garbled sequences and occasional burst of acid gurgle transport the action from Aswan to Arrakis. On the B-side, "Ruoth Radido" and "Moso Radido Wuod Ndege" see Jan get down with Owiny Sigoma Band collaborator Rapasa Nyatrapasa, who lends his Nyatiti harp and vocals to the polyrhythmic percussion and subtle electronics. The B1 is a heads down, hand aloft slice of African electronix, while the B2 brings us a snake hipped and shuffling Afrobeat-inspired groover. Finally "Southern Voice" repurposes Adel Mekha's hang drums and vocal over a classic Wolf Muller beat, resulting in a New Beat nasheed for the global dancefloor.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Jetting from Dusseldorf to Aswan, Jan Schulte gets collaborative with a crack team of African musicians to deliver this powerful blend of club rhythms and folk traditions. Hypnotic, infectious and red hot stuff on Nouvelle Ambiance.

                                      Awwww sheeeeit - fucking regal funk from the Crown Ruler crew here, who do their thing all over again with this tasty archival 12". I say regal because a) this is the highest grade thrust-fodder you can find, b) the label is Crown Ruler and c) it's as rough as the blue and black cigarette brand. 
                                      “Boomerang” was first recorded in 1979, when the Broomfield Corporate Jam leader was attempting to plot a solo career. It was the first cut Aaron Broomfield recorded under his own name, initially, at the family band’s home studio, Kilimanjaro, and later at professional studios in L.A and Miami, but it was never released.

                                      “I always wanted to be able to share ‘Boomerang’ with my fans some day – I didn’t release it back then because I thought the time wasn’t right,” Broomfield explains. “It was so different to what was considered commercial then and felt ahead of its time.”

                                      Before deciding against releasing it, Broomfield had two test pressings made. It was the accidental discovery of the one remaining record by digger Arun Brown (the other perished when Broomfield’s Kilimanjaro studio was damaged by a fire in 1996) that set in motion the chain of events that finally led to its release. The jacket boasts a written essay by Broomfield himself, telling the remarkable story behind the song. The wax features the two versions of Boomerang, of which both were meticulously restored and re- astered by celebrated Australian sound engineer, Dan Elleson.
                                      Head to side A for the “test press” version, a cosmic, starry-eyed chunk of elastic Miami disco-funk where the Broomfield family’s killer instrumentation – all rubbery bass, deep space synths and crunchy Clavinet motifs – arcs around the sound space like a boomerang in flight. The vocal arrangement, in which Aaron Broomfield’s conscious lyrics come through loud and clear, brings it home. On the flipside, you’ll hear how dynamic the band was through the “Demo Version” - a relaxed, loose and spacey groover that sounds as ahead of its time in 2018 as it would have when it was recorded in 1979.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Crown Ruler dig deeper than ever to treat us to a heavy 12" of Aaron Broomfield's unreleased funk bomb "Boomerang" in two different versions. The A-side is a punchy, peppy bit of quayside funk, while the flip slackens off and slinks into a super loose cosmic groove. Blessed with the same tacky, tapey aesthetic we expect from a PPU classic, this is gonna fuck you up cuz.

                                      General PDC

                                      Amazon Dub - Inc. Beesmunt Soundsystem Remixes

                                      HLM38 at the controls under his General P.D.C guise. He's still exploring diverse and forward thinking dub music. Coming with deep exotica vibe and sharp Uk 90's chopped up break.

                                      Beesmunt Soundsystem version on the flip takes the tempo up. David and Luigi are serving a little more upfront style remix. Thunderous and infectious vibes mixed with rolling breakbeat making the track as addictive as it is effective. Late at night, crowds rise. Peace!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Fuck this is a bit good. A lush mix of dreads loose vibe and a tropical palette ensure tryptamine-boosting rainforest goodness for your next guided bass meditation. T I P!

                                      Philipp Otterbach has been around for a while, publishing records at Grokenberger and Tour Messier Records. Although he is now based in Berlin, Philipp was one of the first residents of the famous Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf. Together with his friend Vladimir Ivkovic he has organized the Substance parties for many years.

                                      His productions sound like floating in the unruly waves of life, reflecting its flow and resistance. Otherworldly beauty is conveyed through cinematic, pulsating soundscapes, where contextually sampled and poly-rhythmically designed, electronic percussion generates impulsive rhythms.

                                      The Rest is Bliss conjures up the stillness of dawn, where fog shrouds a pristine forest far away from civilization. The damp confines of a sauna come to mind as well. The heat slowly overtaking the senses, leaving you with nothing more than the urge to breathe and a feeling of being alive.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: My first introduction to Phillip Otterbach came via his Growing Bin mix last year, which was so mindblowingly good it quickly made me realise that my whole purpose as a DJ/Selector/Collector was pointless. Here he takes his love of sound collage, ambience and sound design and creates an intangible five track journey into his world. Referential but unique, tough but forgiving and indescribably beautiful. Doctors hate him, click here and find out why...

                                      Soundway take another shimmy through our collective wantlist this week, hooking up a fresh reissue of an indemand dancefloor banger. Originally pressed on a 7" in 1987, "Hinde" was both African Vibration's final release and their finest moment. A unique piece of East African synthesised soul from 1980s Kenya, it was reissued by the label as part of the "Kenya Special: Volume Two" compilation in 2016, but following the recent acquisition of the master tapes it has now been revitalised to a standard surpassing its former glory, and cut loud on 12” vinyl for the dancefloor. 
                                      Built on a sturdy foundation of ultra funky drumbox percussion (a la Andras Fox or Young Marco on a naive tip), the track rolls through whistle synthwork, soulful vocals and marketplace ambience while a thick and slick synth bass holds down the bottom end. 
                                      For this 12" reissue, Soundway hand the master tapes over to recent recruit Julien Dyne, who continues his rich vein of form from 2018's "Teal" to deliver an extended, expanded rework complete with dubbed out echoes, glistening synth motifs and a gliding vibe. Think Domenique Dumont on safari and you're in the moment.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Not only have Soundway done us a favour by reissuing this synth soul classic from 80s Kenya, but they've allowed Julien Dyne the opportunity to transform the track into a super chill synthwave variation I can't get enough of.

                                      If you've had your head blown by a Joe Claussell set lately, or followed the career of Jamie 3:26, chances are you'll have heard of Masalo - if not, let me provide the introductions. Young, gifted and based in Amsterdam, Masalo is a DJ and producer blessed with the ability to absorb, transform and recreate any style he comes across, in this case Italo. Following a remix for Bassekou Kouyate and the killer "Testify" and "Redlight" club cut with Jamie 3:26, Masalo makes his solo debut here with the Italo pound of "New Dance". Cut loud enough to drown out the Brexit mooings, "New Dance" romps through seesawing Italo sequences, clattering drum machines and moonlit melodies, purring like a Testarossa on a coastal road. On the flipside, "Cycles" gives us the other side of the Italo coin, deeper, trackier and jacking like an unheard Robotnik demo. Snapping hats, white noise snares and snipped vocals top the punishing sequence, absolutely packing the club for good.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Chrome exo-suit? Check. Neon sweatband? Check.
                                      De Palma extras? Check. Giant bag of coke? Check!
                                      Jamie 3:26 associate Masalo lands at Rush Hour with a two track jacker of sizzling Italo heat. Vegan friendly and made for the club...

                                      Everyone's favourite hardware house heroes are back, bringing us another quartet of club weaponry for your next DJ set. As ever with J&J and their "Slack Trax", the vibe is fluid and freaky, designed for tops off dancing inside an early noughties video game. Opener "Flashback Slack" trades in detuned glass tones, crystalline melodies and skipping, slapping percussion, all neon cocktails and happy pixels. Conversely "Spooky Rhodes Slack" drills into the sub cortex with pummeling bass, trainline perx and randomised sequences, all caked in ghostly sound design. On the flip "Jupiter Slack" harnesses the planetary power of Roland synth to decorate a breakneck drum grid with big bass tones and cosmic keys, while "Heavy Swing Slack" shimmers and skips into the trippier end of the mid 90s Chicago / New York nexus like a lost Gemini banger.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Italo bassline on 'Flashback Slack' is worth a listen. The other two monsters are pure techno dynamite! This is techno muscle for your record bag.

                                      Star-aligned electro here from Cygnus decide to travel thru their nearest cluster via a fairly vintage set of kit - with a characteristically lo-fi, bit reduced but nonetheless trustworthy equipment list in order to get them into orbit.

                                      All the standard electro tropes are well and accounted for - vocodered vox, fluttery keys, sine waves swirls and jagged beats but don't chuck this in the slag heap with the other mechanized also-rans - there's a degree of panache and synchronicity amongst machines here that keeps the listener hooked; occupying a similar desirable plane as RX-101 and Lowfish. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: A melange between Kraftwerk and electro. Done very nicely and definitely one to keep in mind when you come to the shop (the virtual one counts too).

                                      Erol Alkan

                                      Spectrum - Inc. Mano Le Tough And Baris K Remixes

                                      Though he's been pleasing dancing feet and techno heads non stop through his killer DJ sets and excellent Phantasy Sound imprint, Erol's "Spectrum" EP was his first original solo material in FIVE years! Crazy shit...Well the Trash-man delivered big style with the hydraulic technoid somersault that was "Spectrum", and now he extends the ecstacy thanks to a pair of trademark reworks from Mano Le Tough and Baris K. 
                                      Ireland's king of melodic techno and synthetic house Mr Mano Le Tough works his familiar magic on the A-side, leading "Spectrum" through glittering solar flares, galloping sequences and an irresistible Moroder style bass sequence. Harnessing the full power cosmic, this one leaves space time billowing in its wake. Flipping the disc we find famed Istanbul digger, DJ and edit king Baris K in imperious form, hauling Erol's original through a dense web of Turkish lysergia. Twisting "Spectrum's" playful percussion into a living, breathing groove, Baris adds Anatolian rhythm guitar, blobby bass sounds and all manner of aquatic electronics to create an epic excursion into the psychedelic fringes of disco and house.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: The Erol remix roadshow continues, this time stopping by Ireland and Turkey with Mano Le Tough and Baris K. If glistening, melodic house is your thing then Mano's your man on the A-side, while fans of dancefloor psychedelia will flock to Baris K's dope mix on the flip.


                                      Panokorama Remixed - Inc. Florian Kupfer, Skudge, Gilb'r & Ground Remixes

                                      In 2017, Bartellow deviated from ESP Institute’s celebrated Tambien, the Bavarian trio (alongside Public Possession’s Marvin and Valentino) whose two prior releases had stormed castles across the land, and graced us with his debut 2xLP "Panokorama". He set a high bar for discerning listeners, painting grand gestures from a refined palette and bending unconventional audio sources into a rich textural mélange. Now, two years later, a motley crew of producers reimagines two of Bartellow’s captivating album cuts. Side A leads with a blistering bastardization of "Sala Sensi" by Florian Kupfer, a down-and-dirty mechanic from the neighboring L.I.E.S. camp who’s built a base of thick relentless drum patterns that batters beneath disorienting machines and a haphazardly stabbing piano. Following this, Stockholm depth-charger Skudge strips away the filth, reducing "Clypp" to a few tidy elements and focuses on their warm hypnotic nature. Side B holds a distorted mirror to its former, leading again with "Sala Sensi" but Chateau Flight’s Gilb’r twists the music into an exquisite corpse, a loose amalgamation of late-night sessions from his Amsterdam studio interwoven as one. Rounding out this bizarre exercises is another remix of "Clypp" by longtime collaborator from Osaka, Ground. This reciprocates Bartellow’s remix of 2018’s "Logos",and the musical approach here is somewhat of a Ground calling card; playful, psychedelic, organic and dripping wet. Upon first listen, this collection may feel disparate as utensils in a kitchen sink, but with time spent pinging between all four corners, we discover a sense of freedom in amongst their disengagement, an unapologetic 'fuck you'.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: It's another winner for the ESP Institute who are nearly always a solid bet. Look at that list of producers involved! A sound shamen's wet dream surely...

                                      Superb 4-tracker by Frenchman Jules Etienne drenched in menacing acid that never quite comes to the surface. Barring the mellow ambient and sacharine flauvored 'Thyle II', the rest are just variations on the same theme - well executed though. 
                                      'Biscotte' comes very strong with punchy 1990s early proto house bassline and some dubby and echo filled synths. When the conga appears and joins the beat is when you know you are facing a fairly solid tune. Dancefloor reaction must be great if played at the right time. 
                                      'MS20 The Revenge' is a pulsating beauty both delicate and strong. This one may not draw everyone in but will get things going no doubt. It is pretty trippy in a safe way. 
                                      'Pyongyang Blues' is the 'harshest' number here. Menacing and dark yet totally accessible. True reflection of the Chinese regime I guess. You can set your factories there but you know things are pretty murky. 
                                      Great production and excellent results. We salute you, Jules. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Excellent 4-tracker that must not go under the radar. A bit of gentle acid excursions is what everyone needs to kickstart your dancing session. There is even a gorgeous ambient track to send you home all calm and chilled.

                                      Pear’s co-founder Fio Fa drops a couple of Kickin' Pigeon approved(™), certified techno bangers. With remixes from New Jackson and Folds too this is one blaster that's seriously worth your attention.

                                      "In To Da Groove" channels the spirit of Kevin Saunders, loading one of his classic vocal hooks into the samplers and proceedings to lay a wrecking ball of a techno beat behind it. Add that late night sheen - reversed strings and a jolty two note riff - and you've got a fireball of energy and hedonism for the up-all-nite posse. New Jackson utilizes that catchy vox, adds a funky bassline and cosmic rhythms and before you know it he's flipped it into a space-techno odyssey - yes boiii!

                                      "Dead Money" is a mid-tempo tribal piece; the kinda you'd probably catch Mills or May ramping up to +8% and layering up over three decks. The rhythms are incessant, working their way into your hip with little resistance for your mind. Folds transforms said track into a glitchy skipper, snare artifacts rattling around a mix generally littered with scratchy perc and eyes-down pads.

                                      Absolutely storming record - don't sleep!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Best record on Pear to date by a mile... And certain to tickle the fancy of old Detroit heads out there.

                                      Garum comes on pretty strong, unapologetic and merciless with its straight to the jugular 'machine have taken over the world' electro. 
                                      On 'Germ Identity' the tempo has slowed down., This a post-apocalyptic landscape now. Anything and nothing can happen. Again, this is electro and again, Carl Finlow springs to mind. 
                                      Flip this naughty fella and you get 'Pickle Eye', Now, what the hell is this? The machines have not just taken over, they have anhilated the overrated human spacies for real. Perhaps to start up again and create an ecosystem without them where only plants and animals are allowed to exist. I do not know if you can visualise it with this monster track. I can. 
                                      As usual with TTT, expect the unexpected. Expect provocation and loads, loads of machinery. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Harcore electro, suave electro and brutalism. All part of the latest TTT instalment. For you daring fellas that want something different, here is your fix.


                                      Amour Propre - Inc. Die Wilde Jagd Remix

                                      After a fizzing contribution to the blink-and-you'll miss it badness that is Brasserie Heroique, Heap is back at the helms on his own Neabau label with a deadly 12" of razor sharp electronics, new EBM and nasty slo-mo techno. The titular "Amour Propre" kicks us off, all moody New Beat rhythm synth, nagging neon lead lines and chugging bass, the perfect recipe for an inhospitable warehouse romp with a sense of general disquiet. While you move as one with the pre-apocalypse throng, a corrosive acid line proves your pessimism correct. The grump goes on on A2 cut "Hague" as a solid kick and scuzzy synth duke it out over the last of the earth's oil reserves, after over a minute of high tension throb the karate chop snare gets those shoulders rolling and a percolating sequence flutters away at the top end. Over on the B-side, Die Wilde Jagd offers a krautish mix of "Amour Propre", throwing in live drums, interdimensional breakdowns and even a little unconventional funk.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Heap fires out a missive from Neubau HQ, treating us to two club cuts for an era of societal collapse. Dark, wired winners with a krautfunk mix on the flip.

                                      Nathan Melja

                                      Karibuni Music

                                      Antinote's assault on clubland continues this week as the Parisian label follow D.K.'s dreamy retro-inspired 12" with a rugged and rocking EP of contemporary club sounds from Nathan Melja. "Karibuni Music" is the Parisian producer's debut for his local boutique label, and on the strength of these three system smashers, it's going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
                                      Clattering percussion, restless sub bass and expansive pads rule the roost on opener "Deadrums", a UK-influenced hybrid of house, techno and bass music that could easily slot into a Hessle set. Warp-style bleeps, R&S ecstacy and a Bristolian bottom end, all twisted into an ever changing arrangement? Sounds mega. "Angels" offers a breather for any tiring warehouse crowd, soothing soles with warm bass and a subtle electro rhythm while the predictably celestial synth washes cleanse your synapses from above. Finally "Candy" powers along in ruffneck mode, all electro snap, boisterous bass and gangsta samples duking it out until the radio friendly synth motif prompts clubwide gun fingers. NTS vibes right here.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Antinote continue bringing the dancefloor voodoo, following up that hot DK release with this three tracker from Nathan Melja. Fractured electro, extreme bass weight and warehouse clatter on a UK influenced club 12".

                                      Will this be our house record of the week? I asked myself as soon as I listened to the first beats of 'Nokia Nostalgia', a gentle track that menaces with becoming a giant house tune but flirts with actually becoming a smooth electro tune - it does become an electro candy full of sparks and glitter. 
                                      'Giro Di Notte' is a more direct road to the dancefloor. Solid bassline and a more 'serious' tone accompanied by a more Permanent Vacation trance vibes. Pretty decent if you ask me. 
                                      Now that things have heated up a bit, head straight to the old-school spirit that is well alive and kicking in 'Do You Love Me' with its breakbeat beats and menacing bassline. Proper. 
                                      To finalise this journey, you get taken to the 'Garden of Eden', a gentle deep house track full of birds and country and nature samples all with a fine wrapper of piano a la Robert Miles. Yes, you read it right, good old Robert Miles. Do not let the comparison throw you aback. It is a sweet track. My fave in fact!
                                      Enjoy this 4 tracks that are as varied as they come but oozing production quality and originality left, right and centre. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Excellent 12" that should be a contender for record of the week. Original and varied, it brings you up and down and up again. Another Royal Oak triumph that deserves your full attention.

                                      Munich's fashion, lifestyle, music and wellness centre Public Possession team up with South American heart throb Sano for a third volume of "Latino Body Music". As ever the mood is playful and punchy throughout, getting off on the good foot via the conga inducing rhythms of "I Want You". Rocking our erogenous zones via a jaunty piano refrain (comes on like Miami Sound Machine on Xans) and perfectly programmed machine drums, Sano locks in, leading a dance floor charge through pitched down vocals, caliente trumpets and skewed house synths. It's an unconventional floor filler right off the top shelf. Flipping it, "Ya No Eres Una Niña" bursts into life with a dramatic disco flourish, orchestral vamps crashing over a South American drum machine until the cheap and cheerful 1992 synthline drops. Queasy, uneasy and creative with tonality, the track layers mallets on top of its already maximal soundscape then lets loose with a MASSIVE latino pop vocal, popping off like a festival firecracker. Last but not least "Menealo" moves and grooves us with a bass heavy rhythm, carnival brass, M1 organ and a more hypnotic, tracky feel. More subtle than it's associates, I think this one's gonna be my regular play...

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Back in business on Public Possession, Barcelona based Colombian Sano swings through with a third volume of Latino Body Music. Hotter than my own personal chipotle blend (recipe available on request) the EP sees the producer apply his rhythm heavy, rolling style to a trio of South American pop scorchers. Tough to pick a favourite but the skew-wiff and stripped back "Menealo" wins out for me.

                                      After solo releases on Malka Tuti, remix duty on Les Disques De La Mort and vocal contributions to Red Axes ouput, Xen lands at Garzen for her latest artistic statement, the strange and psychedelic "Pere Adam". Written and produced with Red Axe Dori Sadovnik, the four tracks on show flit between synth driven beat poetry, bedroom dub and sixties psych, like hearing Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe slowly surrender to Anika and Geoff Barrow at the centre of an Israeli spy drama. The titular "Pere Adam" twists post punk tonality into a minimal wave procession from the light into total dub darkness, while "Zel Meshooga" amps up the gothic via gloomy Magzine bass, dramatic vocal melodies and gliding Middle Eastern synth lines. Over on the B-side, the dub production, accoustic guitar strumming and bittersweet vocal lend "Ir Beton" a resigned resort vibe, perfect for failed holiday romances and visa related misery. Finally "Sugar & Wine" sees Xen embrace the playful and trippy sound of sixites psych, filtered through the electronic squirm of narcotic electronics. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Described by Ivan Smagghe as "pure angst in dub", Xen's first release on Garzen finds the weird and wonderful middle ground between coldwave, post punk and dub - coming on like an Israeli On-U release. Big support across the Piccadilly board.

                                      Karen Young, the famed US singer who sadly died far too early, was criminally overlooked during her lifetime but as is often the case, posthumously has become a familiar voice on the dancefloor. "Detour", though never charting at the time; has become a disco and Balearic anthem, receiving plays throughout the White Isles, Adriatics and even sunny Mancunia during the 'third wave' of dancefloor hedonism (counting Northern Soul weekenders and 'Madchester' as the 1st & 2nd - ed).

                                      "Hot Shot", released in 1978 at the peak of disco, was one of her only singles to chart across the UK and US, and even reached no. 1 in the US dance chart. Here UK stalwart of all things disco, boogie, house and soul, grabs at the master stems and deploys two more of his masterful edits.

                                      Much like John Morales in the US; Negro's tweaks re-edits have become the stuff of legend, often surpassing the original versions and if not, more than injecting fresh life into the tracks. His "Remixed With Love" series has become cherished by disco-boogie collectors and his compilations via Z Records have unearthered genuine treasures that have been previously overlooked by dancers and DJs alike.

                                      For "Hot Shot", Dave Lee focuses on the musicality and the energy of the track; driving the bassline and piano to the front of the mix alongside that empowered vocal from Young. There's a dub provided too, which snips out much of said vocal allowing the brimming instrumentation to do it's job - igniting the floor with a non-stop party ride that's destined for that magical time between 1am - 3am - when you've got the floor in the palm of your hand. For sheer completion and consistency, the original version of the track is included on the B-side of the vinyl - making this a definite and must-have copy. Don't sleep! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Did you know Karen died at just 39 years old?! She crammed so much in. This was one of her bigger hits but Dave Lee respectfully gives the track some fresh legs with two brilliant new versions.

                                      Proh Mic

                                      In My System / Between Us

                                      Modern boogie / funk conglomerate, Tugboat Motion Co. have a variety of leads across the globe - distributing the finest fresh sounds outta the present scene to the devoted. Here Michael James Jamerson brings some turbo-charged electro-funk to Tugboat Editions - the strictly 7" series seeking out original jams from the bedrooms and DIY studios churning out huts...

                                      Jamerson's alter ego, Proh Mic, covers The System's "In My System" to open proceedings here. Switching tact from the OG, Jamerson deploys stepped analogue sequence, gated snare snaps and plenty of squelch, before delivering a seriously empowered take on the original track's lyrics. You'd be quite easily forgiven into thinking that THIS version was the definitive one; it's effortless musical passages fitting in perfectly with that soulful delivery - an excellent cover!

                                      Side B drops a typically smoochy jam, perfect for romancing your chosen one back at the crib after the club's closed. Keeping true to the style we get wide-screen keyboard patches accompanying a dominant bass lick while Proh Mic drops another winning combo of verse and chorus. Top stuff!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Tugboat Editions keep the Social Service & Full Beam! FM jams going steady rite thru till Monday - no kipping! Dog house rules... if u don't know then u need 2 know..

                                      Some proper wacked out Italian shit here folks - and to be honest it's only really the Italians (and maybe the French that could get away with it...). .

                                      Incredibly good Italo / cosmic instrumental tracks get garnished with some semi-tongue-in-cheek crooning / dead pan spoken word by F. Bernardi & A. Valente. Add a heavenly female vocal chorus (unaccredited unfortunately on sleeve) and you're in end-of-night dancefloor paradise! I wish I knew what they were going on about, 'cos it sounds mega not even understanding the lyrics, and something tells me that the lyrics are gonna add a whole new dimension of enjoyment - oh those crrrazzy Italians! I heart this!

                                      A remix and a dub are provided by an artist named Pellegrino - it's an all Italian affair through and through! Recommended.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Fusing the Italian love of scatted jazz vox / husky rap (think Pino D'Angio) and boogie tinged Italo disco, I Blagueur released their only single in 1984. Now it's back in all its brilliance with a pair of ace mixes from Neapolitan maestro Pellegrino. Bellisimo.

                                      Ooomph. The Degustibus fam come through with another edible offering, this time from label mainstay Ditongo, who channels his inner Soundstream on two chomped, chopped and chunky club cuts. On the A-side, "Copacabana" is a vintage disco-sampling house bomb, all tight loops, filters and bumping percussion. Success in these matters relies on two things; sample selection and groove management, and Ditongo teaches us all a lesson here. Plucking all the finest ingredients from his source material (sparkling synth vamps, Chic-style rhythm guitar and Brazilian vocals), the producer leys out a perfect arrangement, balancing hypnotic repetition with unexpected diversions, infectious drum breaks and a pelvis thrusting swing. Chuck in the system ready heft of his added percussion and EQs and we're ready to rock out under the mirrorball. Over on the flipside "Internazionale" opens with a breathy Brazilian scat, sizzling boogie rhythm and mid tempo groove, before letting loose with a totally irresistible synth bass. Working the sequencer like a Soulwax classic, Ditongo eventually drops in some neon tinged lead lines and takes us strutting into killer mainroom boogie territories. Ace!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Imagine a cross between Sound Stream and some Disco Deviance regular editor and you get what 'Copacabana' is about. 'Internazionale' is slow burner perfect to give your punters an idea of things to come!

                                      Light Touches

                                      Light Touches

                                      Andrea 'Passenger' Di Maggio deploys more deft and deliberate re-edits to the Light Touch label, his skill with the scalpel a touch above the also-rans in terms of style and substance.

                                      "Flashed" opens proceedings here, a low-sling AOR groove decorated beautiful with funky clavs, wicky guitars licks and a sick blue-eyed soul vocal. "Changes" adopts the energy and title of the Brass Construction classic of the same titiel, whilst delivering the same gut-wrenching vocal power of Donald Byrd'es ALSO eponymous track ("Change" in this case.. - ed). It's a powerful slice of mid-session disco that hits hard and long; just wait for that electric organ solo to contort bodies and elevate souls; absolute gold. "Do" completes the set with a very Balearic offering which sounds something like the Doobie Bros and Hall & Oats after they've been suitably chilled out by a rich sea breeze and plates full of calamari. Ace!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: You know we're both a sucker and a stinker for a good edits record. Sometimes we love em, sometimes we hate em! There's no formula I'm afraid (so don't try working it out!), but thankfully Light Touches falls into favour with us all instantly due to its obscure subject matter and well executed chops.

                                      Jaxx Medicine come back with yet another great 12". Serious house beats for you dancefloor mercenaries. All sprinkled with touches of jazzy synth flares - justifying the 'Jaxx'' bit on the artist name. 
                                      'Astral Changes' is the standout tune here with a great break and a powerful rich melody. It is a synth party and a well crafted beat party. You need to play this to your punters. They will appreciate it. 
                                      'Ten Thousand Fingers' chills the vibes a bit and takes us to more jazzy lands. Cosmic synths and bad boy bass underpin this beauty. 
                                      On B2, you are lifted once again with 'God of Water' a true electronic funky that in my books is like a chilled take on a Galaxy to Galaxy track. Very decent and worth your while. 
                                      Let Jaxx Medicine gives you the oomph you need to go to extra-terrestrial lands filled with funky and jazzy melodies. Earth is packed with dross at the moment. In other words, you need this. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Electronic cosmic trips that work wonders in the club and at home. At times, Underground Resistance sprang to mind. I know you are curious now, come on, give it a listen!

                                      New York's indie disco freaks Phenomenal Handclap Band is back with a second single on Toy Tonics: Jail. With remixes by Detroit's Waajeed and Marcel Vogel of Lumberjacks in Hell. Including a club edit by Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote.

                                      The band was responsible for one of Toy Tonics' biggest tracks in 2018: Judge Not: The Ray Mang version became a hit on open minded dancefloors around the globe: with support from DJ's like DJ Harvey, Cassius and Gilles Peterson (who put it int his "best track of the year" list) but also more house DJ's like Berlin's Keine Musik Crew, Soundstream or Superpitcher.

                                      The band's members are kind of heroes to many connoisseurs of the funk/ disco scene. The band leader Daniel Collas was playing keys in Amy Winehouse legendary backing band. Other members are connected to Mark Ronson's crew or San Francisco's Stones Throw universe.. just to give u the bigger picture. With The Phenomenal Handclap Band they blend the unique vibe of 1970ies Power-Soul in the traditon of Charles Stepney and Rotary Connection with today's new disco vibe. Parcels, Toro Y Moi, Roosevelt are not that far.

                                      Important fact: All played live, no samples. Mixed by the champs at DFA. The band is part of Toy Tonics's masterplan to expand their dancevibes into more live played scenarios.. stepping out of the strict DJ context.

                                      Fun fact? Paul McCartney wrote the band a letter saying how much he loved their music when he first heard the band on BBC Radio 1.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Perhaps not the banger that 'Judge Not' - the Ray Mang version was, but... that organic feel, the energy and the pop elements are all in here too. Definitely worth a go.

                                      With love from Seoul! We always get giddy and excited when we receive wax from the far lands of this world. One of the main reasons is because we want fresh sounds and takes on electronic music and understand how other people interprets them. But also is that take of the English language, that like mine, tends to be slightly pedestrian. I am mainly referring to the lines on A2 'ABC': A, I love you, B I want you C I miss you. Maybe it is all sophisticated me trying to score an easy one.

                                      Intro done with, let's talk about the music. You get couple of deep house bangers with 'If You Want It' - smokey pianos, sensual lyrics, clean cut synths and a punchy, cotton wrapped house beat. This one is my fave and I hear that it has received strong support from many DJs way more renowned than me. Thanks to this I know certainly that I am savouring a banger of the highest order.

                                      'ABC', you know my take on the lyrics already, the rest is as good as it gets on this vinyl. Piano-laden and very sensual house beats. Production is spotless here.

                                      'Close Eyes' has an industrial aura around it but we are still in the house genre. The vocals enhance this sombre mood but the beats remind you are dancing like a maniac in an illegal warehouse party. Excellent.

                                      'Call Me' is the exception here, a track that could perfectly have been lifted out of a HNNY 12". Looped piano sample and Aphex Twinish beats, almost hip hop style. Pretty decent though.

                                      If it was under my control, I would declare this 12", dancefloor record of the week. Yes, it is that good. Keep them coming!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Very very good house record here. Very clean production, excellent vocals and pretty varied. Strong support from Picc towers and also from DJs from all corners of the world. You have in your hands a true banger.

                                      Palms Trax

                                      To Paradise

                                      Very clean and sun drenched house music by well established act Palms Trax. 'To Paradise', the title track, is all about melodic journeys and balearic tonalities riding on top of a very italo bassline. What is not to like now that the sun is shining again on rainy city. And this leads to 'Love in Space' with it offers plenty of climaxes riding across sensual and soft as puffly clouds melodies. 
                                      'Heron' is nothing to ignore either. This one is a calm house tune filled with synths, reverb and sparkling atmosphere - as if you were looking at the ocean reflecting the sunshine. Just the same. No need to book any hols. Needless to say that it is very italo (baslines again!)
                                      Palms Trax vibes all along as you are well used to. Perfect summer time record which is going to be on rotation at the shop surely. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Positive, calm and warm house tracks that are perfect to warm up your summer bbq but can also used on the discerning bar dancefloor. If you are familiar with Palms Trax you know what you are getting. No surprises here and that is a great thing!

                                      Techno waves and pop lysergy go hand in hand on this 12" by London Modullar Alliance, at least that is what is given to us on the opening track, 'Moons Delux'. Could easily being lifted from a Colder album. I love Colder. 
                                      'No Response' is a cold and well executed electro track that remind us that electro still can kick us. Where is Carl Finlow these days?
                                      Although we were introduced gently to the electro realm, 'Chrome' changes course and dares to immerse us in the subterranean worlds of electro. Definitely sporting a darker shade of electro vibes and always keeping you on your toes. A soundtrack of our strong and stable times I guess. 
                                      'Super Jupiter' is classic electro a la Space Invaders are Smoking Grass. This one is perhaps less poppy and moodier. 
                                      If you dig electro this one is totally for you. And if you do not like it, this vinyl may change your view on it. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Make this your electro purchase of the week. It will restore your faith in the genre. I say it again, what is Carl Finlow doing these days? An inspiration highly visible on this EP, me thinks.

                                      Whiskey Disco's latest fun-time excursion comes courtesy of Kayroy, a Melbourne-based producer who has never before released music on vinyl. As wax debuts go, "Pavlova Casanova" is very strong, with the up-and-coming producer serving up a quartet of heavy peak-time disco-house treats. Particularly potent is raging A-side cut, "Like Damn!": an all-action affair that stretches out and beefs up a killer old chunk of high-tempo disco with audible Latin flourishes. Title track "Pavlova Casanova" is a slightly sweeter but no less thrilling affair crafted from what sounds like a familiar disco staple, before sending us spiraling manically into the nearest speaker stack. While "Sandy Shackles" gets just the right balance between guitar-flecked disco sweetness, dubby boogie brilliance and rolling peak-time house. Bonza!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Big choonz for fans of that classic Revenge / Tiger & Woods / Eddie C vibe; add Kayroy to your watchlist folks...

                                      Mancunian Hidden Spheres has showcased himself as one of the most innovative producers out there, releasing across the likes of Lobster Theremin, Rhythm Section International and his own imprint Fruit Merchant, all of which have been the perfect outlets for his inspiring blend of house and jazz. Church now features as the latest addition, who continue their stellar discography with 'Words Can't Explain', a collaborative EP which sees Hidden Spheres alongside singer-songwriter and guitarist, Oscar Jerome.

                                      The collection begins with the original mix, lowering you into slick jazz guitar licks and echoing vocals, before Hidden Spheres provides a tight groove to lock around the melodies in fine form. The hybrid creation of jazz meets house binds perfectly as warm keys hang effortlessly in the air and popping guitar lines carry you onwards, supporting the sublime vocal from Oscar.

                                      The dub version opens up room for the guitar licks and synth top lines to take centre stage, a real opportunity to marvel at the arrangement here.

                                      On the flip is Yu Su's rework who ups the tempo and dims the lights for a punchier rework.. The half way point welcomes a percussive led break before the hats return and pick up the groove once again, closing the 'Words Can't Explain' EP in style.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Our man's on a roll; ahead of a forthcoming US tour the Rhythm Section and Distant Hawaii prodigy drops a killer single for tastemaking label Church.

                                      Full Circle

                                      Back To Disco Valley Vol III

                                      If you're after obscure, alternative and brain mulching edits, Crowdspace always have your back. Operated by edit expert, production wizz and DJ hero Joakim, the label specialises in dope and trippy reworks of unknown originals, but this latest edition is fully off the hook. Ahead of his forthcoming trance reboot for Idle Press, Alexis Le Tan teams up with label head Joakim for another Full Circle affair, this time focussing on two retro-futurist body paint bangers that come on trend and in demand. Take "Age Of Time", it rolls out the traps with a sizzling mid tempo breakbeat, picks up a Goan synth lead, bleeping Beltram bass sound and ethno-vocal ident and swiftly reframes the fire-poi idiocy of the mid to late 90s as a slow and syrupy club sound for 2019 - top marks. On the other side, "Pure Pose" opens with tough as fuck neo-tribal percussion, eventually peaking into the kind of psy-trance synther you'd expect to watch someone hack to. Moody guitar work offers a welcome touch of the unexpected, while the doppler - effect electronics coat the whole thing in a neon shimmer.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Alexis Le Tan and Joakim join forces as Full Circle for a pair of slo-mo trance bangers reframed for the modern dancefloor. Thick, stomping and swimming in neon body paint.

                                      While you were chasing the clickbait and obsessing over Brexit, Highlife have steadily crept up to twenty releases, keeping the quality lofty and the dancefloor packed with a variety of globalist dance music from the likes of Auntie Flo, Alma Negra, Esa and Cain. Flipping over the latest ace in their pack, the label play a little blackjack for their twenty first release, a hypnotic hit of Turk-esque tackle from German-based duo Mekine U Teksi. Presumably enjoying a little down time now Dusseldorf's legendary Salon Des Amateurs is on hold, the duo have switched into studio mode, sprinkling a fine dust of Baharat Karışımı into the hardware for an all night session of cosmic dance. 
                                      "Exile Emotive" provides an atmospheric opening through dramatic percussion, plodding bass and cascading melodies (think Lindstrom and Prins Thomas in "Turkish Delight" mode), before the percolating sequencer bassline and linn snare combine for a heartswelling trip into the melancholic end of the Italo spectrum. Deeper, darker and slower, "Wüstenfall" chugs along with  sub 100bpm energy, corrosive acid bass, ethnic flute trills and psych guitar riffs - where's Mine when you need her? 
                                      Sticking at the bottom end of the tempo range, B-side opener "Altere Affekte" serves up a subtle breakbeat, sonar-style melodies and a trance-inducing sequence tailor made to melt minds at 4 a.m., while the tongue-twisting "Liquidlibruim" explores midtempo chug, acoustic guitar and psychedelia like a long lost Mountain Of One masterpiece from a decade ago.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: German based, Turkish born duo Mekine U Teksi follow up their excellent 2017 mini-LP on Themes For Great Cities with a new release for Highlife, offering a hypnotic and robotic journey through postanatolian eclecticism. Cosmic killers all round here!

                                      The Cod3 QR battalion fire off another salvo of techno rockets into our receptive air spaces. Now revealing clues as to the labels assailants via their Instagram page (ig: cod3qr), whoever will end up being behind these exemplary technoid workouts is still a mystery but all the tracks have been seriously high end so far; effortlessly traversing a creative line between techno, industrial and electro music but with a fine level of production and ingenuity which sees them run miles ahead of the pack. Possibly my favourite one yet, but they're all mega.

                                      Highly recommended! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Who da fux behind these amazing Cod 3QR records I hear you ask??! Well, now you can find out! - via their Instagram page. I can't, cos I don't have the cursed thing. So if someone can check and please fill me in I'd be eternally grateful. Cheers!

                                      Redstone Press co-founder Pseudopolis returns to the label for his second 12" with a harder edged, faster paced and very current flirtation between UK techno, electro and breaks.

                                      The A-side dives straight into kaleidoscopic hypnosis with an intense drum workout on “Yaris Crew” & the haunted synth lines and tripped out dub stabs of “Pressure”. Whilst the B-side hikes up the bass-weight with urgent twisted breaks on “Frenzied” and peaks with the patient building euphoria of “Dirty Palette Cleanser”.

                                      Support from Midland, Batu, Re:ni, Laksa, Addison Groove, Gramrcy, Eris Drew, Object Blue, Andrew Thomson (Huntley & Palmers).

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Fuck that's fresh! No resting on your laurels here cru. Embrace the new!

                                      With louche charm, suave groove and Gallic shrug, Antoine Kogut's "Sphere Of Existence" won our hearts here at Piccadilly, providing the follow up to Sebastin Tellier's "Sexuality" we wish we'd had. Now Versatile drop a remix disc, featuring fresh interpretations from a quartet of French champions. French Touch veterans I:Cube and Chateau Flight, trendsetting DJ Raphael Top Secret and newcomers Flegon translate Kogut's experimental pop into a new language designed for dancers. 
                                      On the A-sid, Chateau Flight transforms the title track "Sphere Of Existence" into a 90’s Italo house banger (all ocean sounds, M1 stabs and solid percussion) while I:Cube does what he does best in his unexpected dub version (wall shaking bass, shades of jack).
 On the flip, Raphael Top Secret reworks "Current density" into a hip house track full of jaunty vibrations and newcomer band/label Flegon fulfilled their goal of working with their all time favorite French Touch pioneer label Versatile giving us a Nu-Disco remix of the song "L ‘oeillet noir".

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Versatile indulge my Francophile predilections here with an all French remix package tinged with italo house, French touch, hip house and disco flavours. TOP!

                                      Claremont 56’s latest release is very much a family affair. It sees Idjut Boy Conrad McDonnell - a regular remixer of Claremont 56 releases since the label’s inception - serve up two spaced-out, dub-wise revisions of a little known cut by Bison, the imprint’s very own “super-group”. The 12” has extra emotional resonance for Bison’s Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy and Ben Smith, as it marks the band’s first release since the passing of fellow founder members Holger Czukay and Ursula Kloss.

                                      Clutching his cherished space echo and tape delay units, McDonnell has delivered two tasty new dubs of “Salmon Spungcake”, a spacey, gently throbbing Bison cut that he co-wrote, produced and mixed for Claremont 56’s 10th Anniversary box-set in 2017. While the original version shied away from the dancefloor in favour of creating a hazy, horizontal mood, McDonnell’s “Zip It Shrimpy Mix” re-invents the cut as a hypnotic dub disco shaker rich in weighty bass, layered hand percussion, locked-in kick drums and spaced-out vocal snippets. In true dub fashion, flashes of the band’s original instrumentation - effects-laden guitars, hazy electronics and meandering, deep space chords - float in and out of the mix at irregular intervals. It’s the kind of remix you want to get lost in while wearily shuffling at 5am in a dark, sweaty basement.

                                      The glassy-eyed, head-in-the-clouds fun continues on the “I Think I’ve Got Gout Mix”, an even more spaced-out affair that recalls some of the other inspired dancefloor dubs McDonnell has produced alongside Idjut Boys partner Dan Tyler. Stripped back, heavy, percussive and driven forward by sturdy kick-drums and the track’s rich, warm bassline, this is a deep space dub disco tailor-made for space cadets and intoxicated sunrise dancers.

                                      Big mega room, probably more stadia techno fodder than room ammo really. All very sombre and end of the world like. Almost a wall of sound is what is offered on 'Live Without Friction'. Terrifying track if played loud. 
                                      'Lucid In the Sky' maintains the same narrative but goes a bit more Aphex Twin in its playfulness and collapsing of beats and rhythms. 
                                      'Hold The Line' is the one for me on this 12", perhaps because of its more lineal structure. Very industrial but without being aggressive. You can drop this one on your techno set and you will thanked for it. 
                                      Now you know what you are getting with this very good 12".

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Very noisy at times and definitely very dark and indsutrial. Who needs more darkness I ask myself? Perhaps you do. But remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Such light is fed to you via the excellent 'Hold The Line' - a bit more lineal and pallatable for myself.

                                      'Spat out of Helsinki's underground punk and metal scene of the Lepakkomies institute, Sansibar steps up with his debut vinyl release of chronic electronic plague pulled from winters of darkness, new beat and discarded political manifestos. This is the final conflict.'

                                      Does this mean Natural Sciences is ceasing to do sonic battle? Moving onto 'peace-time sounds' instead of the usual gut-rupturing filth and gravel attacks? I sincerely doubt it, but if that's the case then Sansibar's more than provided the legion with an ample last battle cry.

                                      "White Swan" opens with darting lasers seeking out the ghosts of Italo disco under analogue crosshairs. "Mandate My Arse" shudders into focus as the remnants of your last blast of sherm stick wears down to base level. "Nolla" pulls your face against the asphalt, effectively issuing you with a sonic wedgie before "Wallah" treats you like an abhorant sex slave, thrusting and grinding up against your catatonic, drugged-out body in some rancid, poppers-drenched sex dungeon. Nice!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Feelin' these new one on NS me. Helsinki native Sansibar swathing us in a blanket of darkwave detritus.

                                      Red Rack'em is back with a heavy EP of genre crossing magic which ushers forth a more edgy, psychedelic sound.

                                      Like its disco leaning predecessor, 'Wonky Techno Banger' is just simply a track that you have to have in your life. Combining a demented fairground melody, flappy off beat bassline and manic peak time flavour, it’s an absolute thumper which has the potential to radically transform your night/life.

                                      Devon Analogue 4.2 comes from the same session and sees the Bergerac boss man go into euphoric electro funk mode with distorted claps, an ‘ecstasy’ synth and live slap bass.

                                      The final track 'Nave Gazing' was written using just the Waldorf Nave for a thoughtful ambient number to close off the EP. And this B2 is the one we are more keen here at Picc. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Like the very successful predecessor, Red Rack'em procures you with his understanding of a techno banger for you to enjoy. However, the one we are raving about is the B2 'Nave Gazing', a smooth operator, chilled bassline 'banger'! Enjoy.

                                      Best Effort transmit some more truly infectious vibrations from all the way over there in Australia; the multi-faceted personality of Phran littering their latest wax gem.

                                      Introducing his DJ Phidias alias on side A, we witness an instantly arresting slice of house music via "Sisplau" - as hooky and hypnotic a slice of tribal tinged house you're as likely to catch all year - just wait for that SA-inspired acid bleep to light up the floor like touch paper.

                                      "Diamantera" also catches the classy producer laying down some fine percussion lines, while niggly synth likes, bird song as classic acid house timpani litter the rest of the mix. Are U tribal?! I truly thing Phras was smothered in feathers and facepaint when he made these tracks.

                                      "Dummy Text Generator" concludes the A-side with some b-boy friendly 808 & 303 working in that well-trusted unison with some added flair and sfx delivered by what sounds like a (Roland?) tape echo - nice!

                                      Side B opens with “Fleursky”, where later, Phran's joined by constant co-conspirator Ivy Barkakati on a Casio SA-39 keyboard. Amplifying the beautiful spaciness of the original while retaining the bass pressure, it’s a perfect implementation of dub’s alchemical processes. In original form however it's a snarly, attitude ridden warehouse dweller designed to stick two fingers firmly up at any surrounding authority.

                                      Early support from Luca Lozano, Roza Terenzi, Ben Fester & Adi Toohey and certainly all us here at PIccadilly. This is ace!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Best Effort back on top delivering some fine flavours from the southern hemisphere. Don't miss this one.

                                      After an appearance on the second volume of Rollover Edit Service last November, Milanese DJ Joseph Tagliabue goes solo with this debut four track EP. Coming highly recommended from the Leng camp, the four tracker covers Afro-cosmic, Balearic Gabba and slow trance, offering a modern interpretation of his country's club heritage. 
                                      Cut loud as my summerwear, "Afro Spazio" hits us with a dreadnaught kick, shuffling hats and folkloric flute, the thick sequences and gurgling acid lines lending the whole track a "1995 progressive house at the wrong speed vibe". The Goa-on-downers vibe continues through "Dune" as Jospeh conjures up the kind of interdimensional trip Paul Atreides might enjoy after enough spice to turn his eyes blue - resonating synth vamps, chunky seqeunces and mystical synth vox? Sounds like a new-trance anthem to me. "Ikaro" keeps the tempo low and the intensity high as pulsating bass, clacking woodblock and occasional sitar power us through pyschedelic breakdowns and backmasked solos. Finally "Notte Stellata" twists Tagliabue's trademark sounds into an ecstatic finale, thanks to the addition of angelic synth vox and a tribal drum break. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: In recent weeks, Joakim and Alexis Le Tan took us to Goa, Pilotwings offered Trance En Aubrac and I caught Barry and Matt talking about fire poi. Now Milan's Tagliabue comes through with a debut EP of slo-mo Goa vibes which should smash it for the Balearic / cosmic club crowds.


                                      Sun Ra / Elder Jeffrey Roberson & The New Life Singers

                                      Perhaps taking cues from Mike Huckaby, SMBD gets his mitts around Sun Ra's classic "Space Is The Place" Already receiving heavy spins by Gilles Peterson, it seems like dancefloors are more and more willing to embrace the jazz spirit at the moment, which we are fully behind.

                                      Also included is a phazed-out and super dreamy 'gospel flip' of "We Need Love" which is as heavenly slice of house-tinged soul music you're as likely to hear all year... Recommended!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: How do you handle something as special and challenging as Sun Ra and make it dancefloor friendly? And by that I mean house friendly. SMBD might have the answer in these two excellent edits done in sophisticated fashion. No cheese here!


                                      GO NICE And HARD

                                      Nice n naughty bootleg versions of Drake, Moby and Jill Scott that are already in heavy rotation for Mella Dee and Patrick Topping…

                                      "Go" gets dissected and re-constructed for the ADHA-afflicted youth of today, doing away with Moby's original, long and proggy arrangement. "Nice" speeds up some classicLauren Hill vocal loops before deploying a slamming house beat. More likely to make sense when you're two pills deep in some fog filled mainroom smashing the ceiling with your fist but hey, I'm sure you could give it a swirl round the in-laws this Christmas...."Hard" sees sultry songstress Jill Scott given a typically downbeat finished that recalls the remixes / colabs she did with Matthew Herbert and Theo Parrish. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Ha. Bound to bring a smile to anyone's face this, mainroom twists on Moby and Lauren Hill whilst Jill Scott's included... well, 'cos it's Jill Scott - duh!

                                      Dean Zepherin

                                      Blue Moon / Flying High

                                      Dean Zepherin is born and raised in London - a suitably eclectic city for a man of his musical persuasion - he is renowned for his consistently genre-pushing productions. making him a perfect match for Local Talk - the label that embraces cross-genre pollination and multicultural ethos.

                                      Opening track "Blue Moon" is an organic, funky, lavishly decorated slice of deep house / broken beat. A full realized set up instruments - live drums, keys, horns, guitars, the lot! is thrown at the mixing desk, resulting in a vibrant and highly engrossing cut.

                                      Next up is "Flying High", also riding that broken beat syncopation, it's got a beefier low end than the previous track but other than that keeps up the live, musical elements, garnishing the track with lush horns, bright keys and plen-ty of perc.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Funky and jazzy are the words attached to this release. Feel good and summery vibes spilled over both sides of this 12". Pefect bar tackle for me!

                                      Fresh off a busy year touring in Milan and across Europe, Ayce Bio, Turenne and Borbo bring forth installment no. 2 of their amazing Funclab series. As well as looking like super nice guys (see sleeve art - ed), Funclab run a monthly radio show on Rocket & a club night at Apollo, both in Italy, but have toured across Europe in a van, old skool style, promoting their vinyl and personalities and resulting in some well received DJ sets from the collective.

                                      Ayce Bio kicks us off with the skewed sample house of "Come In To Get Her". Surely powered by the infamous MPC displayed on the twelve's record sleeve, various keyboard snips are layered up alongside a chopped bass guitar. DJ Rou journeys across to Milan from Bologna to remix the track; keeping the dusty deep house spirit alive and well as he throws in a plethora of samples and scratches into the brew.

                                      Borbo offers up "Stuntman Mike", a beat-down flavoured number which utilizes space and texture very well, allowing the nuances of a dreamy female vocal and the atmospheric detail of a recorded piano plenty of room to make their mark on this sedated, somnolent track.

                                      Turenne concludes with "Really Cool", a playful and powerful which hides it's sophistication under a banner of fun; and certain to tickle for the fancy of selectors like MCDE, Shir Khan and Jackmaster.

                                      Mega stuff from these Italian boys - stylistically succinct but without taking themselves too seriously which is definitely what a large proportion of the dance music world are guilty of at present...

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: This roudy bunch of Italians return with more of their quirky idiosyncratic styles. Winning the race for me at this derby is Turenne's loopy "Really Cool".

                                      This is very good, so read closely! Another record emerging from their locale, 12th Isle bring Glaswegian-based producer Lo Kindre into their fold with a mind-bursting selection of modern dub, bastardized Kraut and a flowing selection of sonic futurescapes that immediately make you want to grab a phone and compliment the producer on his originality! Daniel Magee has created a masterpiece! 'Crawling out from the undergrowth at the speed of a snail with dreadlocks', "Chlorophytum" should be a welcome paradise for fans of Adrian Sherwood, Bokeh Versions, sci-fi electronix and analogue soundscapes.

                                      Lo Kindre's sound has recently developed by way of countless hours spent twiddling with delay units alongside vintage Italian football commentary and murky casks of Tennents, and has culminated here in the following six tracks. Believe us when we say this is essential! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Fast becoming a buy-on-sight label for me. 12th Isle bring a magestic pot of wacked-out dub and frazzled Kraut via Glasgow wonderkid Daniel Magee

                                      It seems like everyone's getting on the 'ardcore revival at the moment: Red Laser's Il Bosco, Pelvis Records down-under, local lads Natural Sciences, and now UK south coast hardware maniac Chris Moss Acid turns his attention towards ’92 style hardcore oldskool breaks and rave. Getting serious props from the likes of Truss, Anja Schneider, Colin Dale, De Sluwe Vos, Lauren Flax, Chrissy, Photonz, Boxia, Justin Robertson, Volvox, Alienata, Skream, and loads more.

                                      Four tracks that blissfully and recklessly take you thru an authentic nite on the tiles at Bowlers or under some motorway bridge off the M1, I like the way it focuses on different vibes that you'd encounter as the long sessions developed. "Myrmidon" sounds like the big wobbly one you'd hear early doors, once everyone had got to the rave and their first garies had kicked it. Good vibes! "Strontium" definitely explores the peak and plateau, traversing from dreamy breaks to slamming 4/4 with ease. "Machine Heavy" deploys the hoovers and hyper breaks for the feisty, 'bad drugs' period of every rave where the DJ would vanquish demons from the floor via the power of maniacal music! Finally "Querida" completes with some sunrise jungle - we've made it through till the next day without OD'ing, or getting jacked by those ruff lookin' lads in the carpark and now we're sat enjoying a massive doobie with our best mate as the sun comes up over a grey industrial estate. Time's don't get much better than this mate. Fuckin' love you man.

                                      Vinyl is limited to 303 copies, hand numbered edition.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Whistle cru! There's been few pretenders that have even come close to DJ Absolutely Shit's new hardcore-breaks revival classic "Stop It Your Killing Me", but long serving UK synth stalwart, Chris Moss Acid, may have given it come competiion! A hardcore opus!

                                      The regular Bobby Donny producer gets his groove in check with 4 UK garage style edits of 90’s era songs. Big vox, bigger basslines and a shoulder-dropped, swingin' drum palette keep all the gals an geezers bubblin' across these jams. Whether deliberate or not, Wentink has touched upon an energy and vibe that's massively in vogue here in MCR at present, and these four tracks are gonna get lapped up by DJs and dancers working the late shifts...

                                      Comes as a vinyl only, hand numbered series. 

                                      More edit action aimed straight at late nite disco dancefloors!

                                      Disco Bits return to the 12" format with another collection of varied cut n paste edits.

                                      Side A
                                      1. Funk Freak
                                      Disco Bits are suckers for a bit of hip house and here they take a slept on 80's rap classic and polish it up for modern dancefloors.
                                      The addition of beefed up drums and percussion turn this into a guaranteed floor filler. We've already lost count of how many people have asked us what this is when we tested it out on the floor.

                                      2. What You Want
                                      Here the crew take a Nu-Yorican Disco classic and put the break where it was always meant to be, right at the centre of the track. Drums, drums, drums to make the dancefloor rock, rock, rock!

                                      Side B
                                      1. Dance On
                                      An edit of a timeless afro-tinged disco underground classic. An unstoppable percussion-heavy groove teases a build-up to a heady mix of horn stabs and vocal chants.

                                      2. A Thousand Megatons
                                      A rework of a 1980's slept on Jazz Fusion album track puts the groove front and centre, building around an up-front bass and brass workout that underpins an irresistible vocal hook. Destined to detonate any party-time dance floor.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Sil says: Drum heavy, bass rich, vocals ahoy, funk filled and groove drenched edits to totally freak the hell out of the dancefloor. Top quality with an 80s hip hop flavour in places and of course tons of funk!

                                      Patti LaBelle

                                      Get Ready (Looking For Loving) (Braxton Holmes Edit) / Supreme Beats

                                      Super limited white label pressing of this Braxton Holmes edit of Patti LaBelle's killer disco track "Get Ready (Looking For Loving)". Released at the turn of the 80s, it features incessant percussion lines twinned beautiful with staccato lead guitar licks and empowered vocals that loop over and over and really get stuck in your head! Anyone with a penchant for dancing and nightlife is bound to have heard this number at some point belting out the speaker stacks; but they may not have heard this amazing extended trip which somehow managed to whip the listener up into a salviating beast, awaiting each successful drop with an even more fervent energy - killer!

                                      B/W Braxton's own "Supreme Beats" which distilled the percussive black magic from the track and delivers it to us as a mainline injection. THis fiery and demonic workout should only be reserved for the real late night freaks and delivered with appropriate caution! So good. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: I'm always up for a bit of Patti LaBelle, but this particular hit ranks alongside "The Spirit's In It" at the top of her tree. Here we get the extended, repeated, groove heavy recut from Braxton Holmes, which flips the OG in the time honoured Ugly / Hardy style. Class. The bounty doesn't end there though as Braxton's included the percussive voodoo of his sick DJ tool "Supreme Beats". These are currently flying off the shelves, and we can't get more, so get on it ASAP.

                                      Halo Maud

                                      Des Bras - Andy Votel Remix

                                        Andy Votel says: "Working with Halo Maud's song came extremely naturally to me, and I thank Jeff [Barrett, of Heavenly] for recognising this connection. The contrast of her strong melodic songwriting combined with the fragility of her vocals is a real secret weapon and much more than just a breathy pastiche. I think Maud effortlessly captures many unique subtleties in French language music which so many contemporary bands seem to forget, and it's ingredients like these which gave me the confidence to take a more minimal route with this mix, which I appreciate.

                                        "In the past I could only dream of finding a singer that comes close to Léonie Lousseau or Ann Sorel so working with Maud's vocals was an enjoyable experience and I already regard this short track as one of my personal favourite production achievements.... which I can't wait to play on the radio... off 7" vinyl naturally."

                                        Maud says of the track, "I wrote the basis of the song in a few minutes, the day before a show. It was just the guitar and the voice, very simple. The rest of the track is a mix between a band jam, improvisations, ambient sounds, happy studio accidents, and all this material has been re-cut and tinkered with, until I felt it made sense. "It’s an amazing feeling to discover another vision of your own song, and Andy Votel’s version really overwhelmed me, in a good way. This is another song, but it’s still me. Thank you for this huge present.”

                                        The original song features on Halo Maud's debut album, Je Suis Une île (which translates as "I Am An Island"), released on Heavenly Recordings last May.

                                        Emotional Rescue embark on a new non-defined string of reissues here, selecting cult classics from some of their favourite artists then hand picking a complimentory contemporary producer for the re-interpretation.
                                        The whole shebang kicks off with a couple of lesser known cuts from Brit-psych legends Hawkwind, reworked by lysergic disco maverick Cherrystones.

                                        Following the departure of Lemmy to the Motorhead hinterlands, Hawkwind's sound took a wider but more defined style, including their burgeoning interest in electronics. With that, the 1976 album "Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music" contained a song that has become a secret spin for the more leftfield and adventurous. "The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon" - itself referencing cult psychedelic band Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band's alien invasion opus "The Eggplant That Ate Chicago" - with its use of loops, synthesiser and motorik drumming is a short instrumental that has gained cult status in its own way. Focusing on much of Hawkwind's musicality in one song, mixing psychedelia, fusion and humour with a killer groove, all in one short blast of repetition meets experimentation.
                                        This is backed with the album's other stand out, in the beautifully laidback stoner vibrations of "City Of Lagoons". Lanquidity rules as West Coast meets Floyd touches abound. A hazy Gilmour style guitar and heavy phasing and reverb drums underpin space rock key solos that carry you to the horizon.
                                        An Esteemed excavator, musician, compiler and oracle, the choice of Cherrystones to rework these instrumentals is a given. With two decades of production chops from beats, breaks and jazz for the likes of Stark Reality, Twisted Nerve and Brutal Music to the abstract, psychedelic acoustics for Whatever We Want Records, he has gone on to become a respected composer of soundtracks for Adidas, Stone Island and YMC.
                                        His heavy retake of "The Aubergine" pulls up the drum and bass and overlays freeform synth stabs atop a warped Riley arpeggio loop that takes the smoke hazed original and give it doses of codeine and rum. To close, his City Of Lagoons rework becomes 'Head' outtake overkill. Trippin' beyond the light fantastic.

                                        Words from Cherrystones:

                                        "When the prolific and albeit consistent Emotional Rescue label & head honcho Maestro Chuggy proposed this as a potential project to me I was initially excited as much as honoured, but also hesitant. Why you ask? Because that which is to the heart is often the most sacred and foreboding to envisage or should I say take out of context or possibly leave in context via sympathetic realisation.

                                        My history with Hawkwind is as murky as anyone that truly let the band into their hallowed cerebral bandwidth whilst following their smoke signals and oily pipes serenading the riff fuelled synth washed sunsets where dogs on strings jugglers tents and paratrooper boots were standard issue on stage and backstage. This is more than a mere band, these wrote the book on themselves, used pages to roll with and smoked their own scriptures and blew smoke rings that became parables with no care to any place scene or need to fit within or out.

                                        This entire project was created using no stems, no multi tracks hence we did not use remix as a theme, these are re-works which I made via intense hacking at open sections in the songs whilst manipulating and treating those hard. The only parts added were the synth I played, added and re -chopped with a view to colour these re-imaginations. It was essentially making a new meal from the existing but adding and subtracting flavours to create a new
                                        Essence, a new sensation and believe it, it was not easy which kept it exciting and close to me. By no means am I metaphorically adding a moustache to the Mona Lisa, I'm more to the point tickling her or poking my tongue out with a view to get a response or smile. Hurry on sundown so I can see your shadows dancing in the grassy lucid light.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Emotional Rescue serve up a real treat for the cosmic / Balearic / psych crowd here, lifting the two best moments from Hawkwind’s “Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music”, slapping them on a DJ friendly 12” then getting Cherrystones to work his usual off kilter magic.

                                        Finding their way to the SVS camp in Budapest, kindred spirits Bartellow and DJ Ground turned three days of improvisation and inspiration into one of my favourite 12"s of 2017, the "Shiroi Uma EP". Now two years later, the intercontinental duo reconvene at Kabamix' studio in Osaka for a second journey into their psychoactive dimension. 
                                        "Gekko No Odoriko", the 'Moonshine Dancer' calmly slices a rift in the fabric of space time, taking us on interdimensional conga as the ever changing cube of organic and mechanized percussion mark a steady rhythm. Soon enough a winding bassline begins to rumble underfoot and ominous waveforms arc across a dark sky, reanimating lost Thetan souls and introducing us to the machine elves, whose exaltant chant echoes through the ages. "Holy Water" continues the journey of discovery, surrounding us with neon lakes, impossible animals and waterfalls which flow slowly upstream like smoke in a vacuum. Hypnotic drums suggest a techno-tribal civilisation, and the delicate mallets and swirling fx act as their siren song, leading us slowly towards the ritual chants of a forest clearing. Paranoia and fear become constant companions as the tribe push us towards the ceremonial fire, but there's no reason to worry - this isn't death, it's rebirth in the milky way. An interplanetary lullaby set to a subtle rhythm, "Amanogawa" sees an invisible deity blessing us with ancient wisdom before sending us back to earth on a beam of light and magic. And as we re-materialise imbued with the power cosmic, the dramatic percussion of "Ortovision" soundtracks our entheogenic awakening.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Being as their Shiroi Uma 12" has remained in my record bag since its 2017 release, I was absolutely buzzing to see that Bartellow and DJ Ground had reunited for a follow up, this time among the Cherry Blossoms of Osaka. The four track EP gives us tribal percussion, shamanic dances, interdimensional lullabies and cosmic knowledge, but words can't do this trip justice - buy a copy and travel the shadowplane.

                                        If you've kept your ear to the underground, you'll have picked up major waves from French duo The Pilotwings over the past five years. Emerging out the left field with a string of releases on the BDFM label, the duo pulled influences from trance, zouk, Balearic, deep house and breaks, arriving at their own sound of the near future. Fresh from a breather after their all-conquering "Les Portes Du Brionnais" LP, the boys land at Animals Dancing with a scorching four tracker of alternative dance floor business.
                                        Break-laced and bubbling, "Trance En Aubrac" opens the set with major nods to 80s film soundtracks, Goan keyboards and body popping electro. Bass-line gurgle + mystical synth flute riffery? Count me in. From there we sidestep into the sparkling synth, stacatto bass and suspenseful atmosphere of "Futur Glouglou", the soundtrack to a quayside showdown in a coked up cop flick. Turn the corner and tear off your shirt, "Yakado" is an acey, pacey slab of chest beating proto house with a sunrise breakdown plucked straight from late 80s Japan. What else? How about "Gig In The Ocean" a lysergic dub roller which reminds me of the potion shops on the plains of Hyrule.  

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: I'm always excited to see a new release from Animals Dancing, and the latest EP rivals the very best on the label (even Dude Energy)! Lyon crew The Pilotwings do their thing with aplomb here, offering their usual fusion of Balearic, trance, breakbeat, proto house and 80s shirts across four brilliant tracks. All the quickest customers have already mailed me to reserve their copy, don't miss out.

                                        Music From Memory are back with more essential action on the archival tip, this time combining the ultimate techno-tropical tonker from Curt Cress with the finest dancers from his most celebrated solo LP "Avanti" - providing those with a thirst for the deeper dancefloor experience with the best of Cress in one easy place.
                                        Prolific as a percussionist and producer, Curt Cress came to fame during the 70s, lending his rhythms to a who's who of German prog groups, jazz rockers, fusionists and popstars, before finally stepping out on his own with the "Avanti" LP in 1983. Inspired by his time with the fusion groups, the burgeoning NDW scene and cutting edge synths, Cress swept through backbeats, breakbeats, syncopation and solos, providing melodic intricacy via tumbling mallets and otherworldly electronics. The three tracks which make up the B-side on this retrospective 12" all appear on the second side of "Avanti", and give an instant impression of the impact, accomplishment and ambiance of the LP. "Sundance" sprints through syncopated hits, tumbling talking drums, ace electronic passages and a hypnotic mallet refrain made for dancing feet. Taking a tougher approach, "Power Vein" thumps out the toms, rock snares and white noise hats in true mechanical funk fashion before "Flying HIgh" offers us dreamy Asiatic melodies, bouncing Linn idents and an intricate, ever changing web of pure percussive joy - a true dancers' delight.
                                        From a DJ's point of view, all this was just foreplay ahead of Curt's '92 12" "Dschung Tek", pulled from a point in his career when the veteran drummer was experimenting with techno and tribal house, with the confidence to have a little fun. Played with passion by Ruf Dug, Talking Drums, Basso and Bufiman over the past half decade, "Dschung Tek" takes us on a trip through the undergrowth, pairing warped synthetic metal hits, a pounding beat and all sorts of tropical tropes (birdsong, cicadas, crickets) with a gurgling sequence a bit like an army of ants chomping their way through a DX7. Add in an elephant trumpet, ace pads and a break with a fly swatter and you're having the time of your life.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: My favourite and most played dance record ever, and the essential Talking Drums track! Play "Dschung Tek" loud enough and you'll actual land in Jumanji! If that weren't enough to have you buzzing harder than an irate mosquito, the flip pulls three of the best tracks off Curt's excellent "Avanti EP" and gives them a fresh pressing for club use. Top!

                                        Good Block have been throwing parties in and around London for the past six years. Nomadic and sporadic in form and function, their parties are centred around danceable odd-ball gems and have hosted the likes of Jamie Tiller, Jon K, Esa, John Gomez, Selvagem, DJ Nomad, Bradley Zero, DJ Okapi, Jonny Rock, Apiento, DJ Vegetable and Cosmic Slop.
                                        After a series of DJ friendly edits issued gratis, Good Block finally put out their first fully fledged EP of original material; a composite soup of influences and styles from around the Orb, trekking through slow jungle chug, cosmic Caribbean Juno jams, Japanese synth pop snares and New-Age meanderings.
                                        We get off to a fucking glorious start with the sharp mallets, sampled vox and rainforest ambience of techno-tropical opener "Jungle Fly", an instant and eternal Talking Drums classic. From there we drift into the digi reggae meets Balearic funk heater "Dub 4 Joy", a Ruf Dug styled diversion into shoulder rolling ecstacy which sits perfectly next to that Monyaka dub we all hammer. Skip to the flip and lock into the metallic rhythm of "Ryu's Dream" a post Paisley machine funk heater which somehow combines new beat, Japanese Synth pop and Minneapolis' finest into one strange and sexy club cut. Finally, "Cabo Trek" takes us out of the club and into the pixel mountains with its misty fourth world invention - if they ever made a video game of Romancing the Stone, this would have been the perfect soundtrack. 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: I am all over this! Good Block take inspo from the coolest shit out there (Japanese synth, tropical funk, B-word boogie and new age dancers) to make a four tracker of ORGINAL productions. Every single track on here slays, but it's "Jungle Fly" and "Ryu's Dream" that we'll be hammering at Talking Drums.

                                        Cold & James Bernard

                                        Strobe Light Network / Lapis Lazuli

                                        Here we are with our weekly dose of Stroom, a two track trip back to the 90's chill out room courtesy of James Bernard & Isar L. Arnarsson. On the A-side we revisit one of the finest ambient techno / relaxed trance compositions ever, from Icelandic producer Cold. Originally relaesed on Iceland's first techno label Thule, this expansive, cinematic synth serenade came to prominence at the conclusion of the 1995 Love Parade. Sven Vath, at the height of his powers had just played one of his marathon sets, keeping the dancers in constant motion until the sun began to stretch out across the city. To close his set, pay tribute to the crowd and mark the end of the whole festival, Vath reached into his bag and pulled out "Strobe Light Network", filling the space with crystaline ambient motifs, swelling synth sounds and the slow and steady beat which carries the track through a series of crescendos during its fifteen minute duration. 
                                        The B-side plucks a beauty off James Bernard's 1997 LP "Symphony For A Biomechanical Breakdown", the lysergic and bendy techno-meets-wave cooler "Lapis Lazuli". Percolating sequences mark the passing off time for the first three minutes until some skittering trip hop drums join the party, while shifting synth sounds ape detuned guitar for that Matrix soundtrack disquiet.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Stroom's relentless release schedule continues with an on point reissue of some superior chill out tackle from the 90s. On the A-side we get the Icelandic epic Sven Vath chose to close the 1995 Love Parade, and on the flip it's a claustrophobic and paranoid piece of late nineties electronica from James Bernard.

                                        4 tracks, 2 bangers: D.K. starts a new season in the Antinote league with a 12” 100% dedicated to the dancefloor. There’s a perfume of jungle (not the genre, the one from Donkey Kong Country, in case someone has still not made the connection between Nintendo’s #1 gorilla and the French producer) emanating from the whole record. The Parisian producer has also been taking a peep on some early 1990’s rave records (but who isn’t at the moment?), as demonstrated by the two first songs, "Mystic Warrior" and perhaps even more flagrantly "Elements" – with its emotional pads and sad mock Jon Hassel-like trumpets.

                                        "Worries In The Dance", and "Earth People" are more of a warm up business – so to speak, in the language of the club. D.K. takes a step back, BPM-wise, only to allow a deeper exploration of the surroundings – namely shamans with bamboo flutes circling around you, monks meditating under a cascade, others ringing a prayer bell – that have more to do with Age Of Empire or any 1990’s adventure game set in a fantasized Asia than anything that actually exists IRL (probably a distinctive signature of the French producer). Anyway, there’s a Bruce Lee sticker on the sleeve that says it all, in a much more concise way.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Parisian hero D.K. makes his first appearance of 2k19 with a DJ friendly 12" for the mighty Antinote. Inspired equally by shimmering 80s synthtones and '92 rave idents, "Mystic Warrior" and "Elements" are tie-dyed club killers feat major faux-pan pipe, while B-side offerings "Warriors In The Dance" and "Earth People" twist the same ingredients for the warm up. Highly recommended!

                                        Nu-skool rave they call it. It is a trip back to the early 90s rave parties and that idea of a hedonistic free spirit. That is what this Texan music maker has to offer. That is the Textasy mission, bringing light to the doom and gloom of current times! Differ if you wish.

                                        This time, Textasy decides to side-step away from his usual (if there is such a thing for Textasy) electro, hardcore or 'terror tech' sounds and lands firmly within the realms of a more gentle electro and breakbeat vibes. And it is done to sublime effect. I mean, listen to 'Magick 101'. Melody and playful notes dripping on top of that breakbeat and badass bassline - killer track this one with such drippy notes evolving into a friendly acid.

                                        On 'Mystique', things become more seriously party-oriented - do you remember that cheesy 90s sax. It is here. But so is a great oriental sample and some Goldie-like melodies. Not bad.

                                        He brings up and he brings you down, like in all normal relationships. 'Sub-Aquatic Rift' is the track that tells you it is time to chill and conserve a bit of energy. A more introspective melody rides this track all the way along a rough beat. Still manages to chill you down a tinsy bit. just to get you ready for the electro number on this 12", 'Texlectro'. It sounds like a Carl Finlow homage to me with that killer bass. Delightfully done.

                                        My favourite Textasy to date. More to come, sir , please.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Sil says: Delightfully great Textasy. Less aggro, more gentle with electro flirtations on my fave track 'Texlectro'. Give it a listen as it is an understated classic!

                                        Konrad Wehrmeister


                                        Yeah, we get it: You can’t technically be clinically paranoid if everything you’re afraid of is actually happening. It’s been a few years since we were scared shitless of letting cell phones anywhere near our crotches and suddenly, the electromagnetic waves mess with our brains big time. Let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s all true. Your thoughts are being supervised, the government even has taken complete control over them, all while your moral compass is spinning at 78rpm like a broken shellac. It’s bad, it feels weird and just so wrong. It doesn’t even pay well, for fuck’s sake. We know, we know: You need a remedy and you need it, like, yesterday at the latest. What we can offer for now is Konrad Wehrmeister from Munich, whose handcrafted alpha waves will interlock with your brain activity and set your will free by taking it over - it hasn’t been yours for a while now, after all. Wehrmeister’s pummeling techno is the B2B (business to brain) or even B2B2B (business to brain to booty) solution your sorry existence needs in these dire times, and he will professionally lead you to your destination with a little splash of »Radiation« to fire you up. He’s done it for Public Possession, he’s done it for Ilian Tape. He can do it for you, if you trust him enough. So please come and join us in eternal dispersion. RSVP by the complete loss of your sanity.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Though the rolling techno of "The Normal" and textured breakbeat of "Gel" are both pretty fly, it's Konrad's A-side killer "Kitchenblade" that's doing it for me. Marrying an irresistible rhythm, knife chops, gurgling synths and a subby bassline, Wehrmeister serves up a peach here.

                                        Originally released in South Africa in 1994 on the Mighty Good Sounds imprint, Sea Bee’s debut album was a hit in the earliest days of kwaito, epitomising the house-infused soundtrack of a newly democratic nation.

                                        While it may have been Sea Bee’s release, the key to the album’s success was the magic touch of Spokes H, who composed, produced and arranged all the tracks. Sea Bee would soon disappear off the radar, while Spokes remained an influential and popular figure in SA until his untimely death in 2013.

                                        The latest release on DJ Okapi’s Afrosynth Records removes two tracks from the original six-track album, keeping four of the choicest downtempo dancefloor bombs – "Home Boy", "I Wanda Why", "Thiba" and "Stoppa" - all heavy on the bass, with uplifting vocals and unique lyrics guaranteed to increase the energy on any dancefloor, in any country at any time.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: DJ Okapi flicks through his record box, picks out a total Kwaito classic and trims off the excess fat, offering us the solid sounds of Sea Bea as a DJ friendly 12". Chunky and funky with all the African flavour you could ask for!


                                        Thsilidzi / Siya Jola

                                        Patience, Violet ,and Pinky recorded their first Album in 1992. Knowing each other from the music scene, the back up singers turned friends teamed up with Emmanuel Diale and signed with Mob Music to embark on their music career as their own act. The first two albums were straight African disco, a leftover sound of the 80's that some had still hoped to capitalize on. By the time they released their third album "Why O Nketsa so Baby", loosely translated to "Why are you doing this to me Baby", Kwaito was still called either Disco or International House, and it was new sound that was taking over. The third album was influenced by the Shangaan sound made largely popular by artists like Penny Penny and Peta Teanet. Looking back now, at the time Mob Music was really leading the pack with this new sound. Being one of the last labels to have official releases with artwork and a group of young talented producers given full creative freedom they pushed the sound in a way only few other labels of that time can be given the same credit.

                                        For their fourth and final album on Mob Music they worked with legendary producer/songwriter Malcom "X" Makume. With three years of songwriting experience and stellar talent behind the desk the result was the LP Malende. Eight tracks that would combine the early kwaito sound with the more uptempo International House topped off with productions heavily inspired by what had been slowly making its way from Chicago over the last 10 years. At the time they had some success and to this day are well known amongst the real heads.

                                        The girls would go on to record one final album once their contract with Mob was up and then after a 5 album catalog would hang up their matching outfits for work a in a newly free South Africa. They remain friends to this day.

                                        *For this release LCT have chosen two of their favourite tracks from the album Malende, wonderfully remastered and pressed loudly on a 12" single for the Deejays

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: In a moment of rare synchronicity, the latest La Casa Tropical lands in my lap the day I first sport shorts for the year. The label dip into the back cat of PVP and pluck out their two finest kwaito cuts for a mighty double header. Low tempo, high NRG house music from the heart of South Africa.

                                        Australian reissue champs Left Ear hit us with a dope DJ 12" featuring previously unreleased full length versions of Space Farm’s mid 90’s Egyptian inspired tracks. Both, ‘The Dawn of Birds’ and ‘Camels in Desert Air’ were initially cut short to allow for additional remixes on the original release but for this 2019 issue, Left Ear have decided to focus on these dope downtempo originals, allowing the heavy percussion and synth workouts to shine through on a loud 45RPM press.
                                        Dropping the needle into A-side offering "The Dawn Of Birds", I'm instantly hooked. Tribal percussion loops, digital bird calls and cosmic keytar? Totally having it. As for the ominous bass swells underneath, that's just a Brucey bonus as far as I'm concerned. Mythic club moves at around 105bpm - pure post apocalyptic Shaman shit folks. 
                                        On the flip "Camels In Desert Air" wears the Egyptian influence even more openly, twisting those snaking Rai melodies through filter envelopes and dropping them over a laser-laced perc grid. Boasting more mad synthlines than a decade of AFX sketches, this is an interdimensional club cut for the DJs who have no fucks left to give. 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Man, Left Ear are on FIYAH! Last time out they rocked the system with a pair of Township groovers, this time it's a completely otherworldly dose of slow and low Egyptian inspired mid-90s house. Play it loud and get that portal glowing.

                                        Reissue of the 1997 underground house classic T.H.C. by Cloud City, a one time joint project between Scott Clifford of Bugz in the Attic and Adrian Miller. 

                                        If what you are after is a 90s house throwback, here you have it with a stunning beat on the Luke Live mix on the A Side - memories of Masters at Work do come to mind. It must be the 'almost' live drumming what give this release a great 'organic' sound. Bugz in the Attic are involved so you know the origins. 

                                        On B Side, much of the original live mix is present, but the vocal sample is employed less. Instead, esoteric melodies and an emphasis on the 'live' drumming is applied. 

                                        A trip down memory lane for me, but for others probably a very refreshing deep house sound ready to be discovered and enjoyed!

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Sil says: The quality is present on everything Bugz in the Attic has touched on. This one is no exception. Loving the slightly more chilled 'Next Day Arrangement' with its organic drumming.

                                        Hi-grade vintage Running Back tackle here from Genius Of Time who contributes a three track EP so in tune with the label's harmonics I'm surprised that glass is shattering all around me.

                                        Running Back, if you didn't know, practically invented the term 'coastal house' here at Piccadilly - their blend of crisp drums, euphoric riffs and hedonistic outlook define what it feels like to have the sun burning down on your carefree face as you blissfully dance away your troubles on some exotic island (or simply knee deep in mud in some UK field praying for a break in the clouds...).

                                        Genius Of Time decides to show the rest of the label just what holiday excess sounds like as three tracks tickle all areas of our outer spectrum. If "Peace Birds" the anthem that'll have your arms raised, "Smiling Into Eternity" is surely what'll soundtrack star-lit dancing as the day turns to night. "Rymd01" concludes with a deep technoid chugger that's primed for extended plays in Barbarellas, Space or Vortex as night becomes the next day...

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Grandiose holiday house vibes from market leaders Running Back who, with Genius Of Time in tow, juice the summer sun nice and early and get us reet in the mood!

                                        Delroy Edwards follows up his smashing "Aftershock" LP from 2018 with a new six track ep of pure old school 80s style Chicago House. While many may have moved on, Delroy Edwards steers the course, carrying the torch like not many cannot do, as he executes stripped down 808 beat tracks with a Gherkin bounce to perfection.

                                        Sounding like cuts from a lost WBMX tape, this timeless six tracker is sure to get the all house fiends mouths watering. Think of the primitive styles of Virgo meets Harvey Harris meets Saunders and you're on the right path.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Phwoaaaaar! Delroy SMASHES it on this EP, dropping six totally legit Chicago wall shakers on a BIG retro tip. Jacking perx and mind-bending acid lines - hot!