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The second release on Kon's officially licensed KONtemporary imprint is here and once again he flips one of disco's anthems to devastating effect, deftly reworking Sylvester's evergreen 'Over & Over'.

A true dance-floor bomb, 'Over & Over' is just one of THOSE records that has everyone on the floor and full of feels. Originally written by the legendary team of Ashford & Simpson it's inevitable that this jam oozes class. Kon has lovingly freaked the original master tapes into 2 brand new, fresh versions that will undoubtedly find their way into any self-respecting disco freaks DJ set. On the A-side we have his 'Found A Friend Remix', a beautifully reimagined and restructured version that leaves lots of space and let's those wonderful strings really soar, finally peaking in total disco glory! It's no wonder that the mighty DJ Harvey has been closing his sets with this one. Pure class and perfect for losing yourself in pure emotion. On the other side we're treated to an amazingly bold 'Dub mix', in keeping with the traditions of the classic labels, West End, Prelude, Fantasy and Co, it's sparse, melodic and contains just enough juice to keep the people dancing and asking for more! 


Patrick says: Currently killing it as Harvey's end-of-nighter, Kon's fresh flip of this Sylvester classic comes through with a whole load of hands in the air energy, stranger hugging emotion and soulful Southport power. Killer!

Oiwa - the new subdivision of Aiwo rec. presents "Rave Racing Top Hits Vol. 1" - a various new selection of oldschool flavoured electro / hip-hop crossover / boss- / and breakbeats; compiled for the floor by: DJ Normal Quattro (aka Normal4) & DJ "Volcano" Carrera. As you'd expect from the same camp that brought us The Phazer Boys EP and DJN4 & Bufiman EPs - the quality is high and the edge is sharp!

Latinoz kick us off with "Don't Stop", 're-aped' by Youngg P, a pure freestyle electro tribute in the same vein as Egyptian Lover, swathed in purple synth lines and pockmarked with hard snares before being aggravated by an aggressive rap vocal.

Henry 3000 deploys some authentic robot-boogie on "Cult System", paying tribute to Underground Resistance as a sci-fi tinged, vocoder decorated breakdance anthem is effortlessly rolled out.

DNAonDNA revist early 90s and the North of England with the hardcore breaks of "Am Phantasma" - someone call up DJ Absolutely Shit quick sharp as this is gonna give his cult 12" on Red Laser a run for its money. Zomby-esque stabs, seductive female diva vocal and tight breaks make this one for the big stacks.

Finally, Bellybutton ensure all styles and flavours are catered for as they journey through proggy, early Goa stylings on "Atricapilla". Laced with trippy acid lines, peppered with breakbeats and propelled on a free party energy this should be all you need to bumrush the full moon parties and get that pesky psy-trance off the decks....

Highly recommended and usually cultishly adored... Don't hang around bagged one of these folks! 


Matt says: This firm haven't put a foot wrong with me (or Patch) so far. Excited to see them branch out in a (slightly) new direction. Always big in the dance and at the afters, this Dusseldorf firm are definintely one to watch.


Etire En Avant / XXXX (Abel's Edit)

I have fairly high expectations when faced with a new Versatile release, but this latest 7" is the dog's bollocks, cat's flaps and leopard's pecker. Not only do we get a magnificent (not to mention ingenius) Balearic boogie winner from Red Light legend Abel, we also get an unreleased and largely unheard I:Cube cut from 1996. Holed up in his childhood bedroom at his parents' house, the young Parisian was putting his own twist on the then burgeoning French Touch scene, slapping sampler, EQ, drum machine and synth straight to tape. "Etire En Avant" is a syrupy slow jam which combines hypnotizing French aerobic lyrics over a filtered funk sample, perfect for a tantalising disco sleaze late night set. Totally lysergic and trippy as you'd like, this seems to have sat in the cooler until the world caught up. Over on the other side, we bask in the infinite wisdom of Amsterdam head Abel, who plucks "XXXX" off last year's "Oeil Cube E.P.", pitches it up from 33 to 45 and extends it into a lazy, hazy and hypnogogic groovy perfect for sunny afternoons and early doors DJ sets. While the original carved its own niche as a cinematic slice of slow motion funk, Abel's mix gives the DJ a proper boogie weapon.


Patrick says: I:Cube serves up the sweetest treat here, letting loose with an unreleased archive track from '96 (recommended listening for fans of Huerco S) and a majestic boogie flip from Music From Memory man Abel. You need this in your life and record box.

DJ Koyote & Too Smooth Christ

On Some Party Tunes

    Tasty tackle from the Supergenius Records who reach the micro-milestone of release five. DJ Koyote & Too Smooth Christ aka Alexandre Lotz & Christophe Le Gall pretty much dominate the label's releases thus far, operating somewhere outta France.

    "Error Does Not Compute" is a rough but clever electro-techno hybrid; with skeletal but well programmed drums ricocheting against trickski LFO / quantize patterns that'll tighten the trouser of the more avid tech-heads. "Strike (On A String)" has elements of grime, funky and kwaito - big synth-brass stabs, rampant digital hand claps and a "Township Funk"-era synthline all displaying its three disparate ingredients. Finally "Modern Action" sees funky meet Detroit as rippling synth patterns ride a bouncy UKF riddim. Top stuff here, well fresh! 


    Matt says: Urgent and cutting edge but still purpose built for the dance. Fierce stuff here from DJ Kotote & TSC.

    The last time we heard from Jex, he was cruising through dancefloors with his 2015 slapper "Studio E" on Running Back. Three years later, Jex returns with "Bad Timin' Vol. 1," a four-tracker made for working DJs on the newly christened Bad Timin' label. Ranging from the scorched-earth acid of "Zone Phased" to the melancholic deep of "FEE WIFI," the EP has a bit for all club dwellers and party freaks.

    A pleasant and fun-loving ethos characterizes the EP, but that's not to say that Jex dunt take it deep. His ear for a wobbly lead or squelchy b-line is second-to-none, while rampant and intricate drum programming ensure the tracks are powered with a solid rhythm section. Basically this is ideal fodder for DJs working long nights and extensive circuits - all four tracks are highly utilitarian pieces, no languishing in self-absorbed ambience or spoken word cuts here; just four belters for extended mixing and dancing pleasure - get involved! 


    Matt says: Gotta love records like this... four tracks, all collated in sympathy with each other for the working DJ to get maximum mileage out of. Really nice sounds too...

    Crusaders' flautist and all round gee, Hubert Laws spent a career doing his thang at the groovier end of the musical spectrum. Early jazz dance moves soon gave way for a funk preoccupation and by 1980 our main man had devoured disco and come up with a post disco, pre boogie club soul classic stacked full of funk. That masterpiece is "Family", a unstoppable groove monster driven by punchy bass, punctuated by blaring brass and topped with a stunning vocal from sister Eloise Laws and of course some flute from Hubert. A favourite of the likes of Sadar Bahar, Mr Scruff and The Beatnuts, you'll be hearing this one a lot come summertime. With original 12" copies of this badboy pushing the £150 mark, it's a much welcomed official, remastered reissue.


    Sil says: Serious bassline, catchy vocals, funky funk and boogie. All you need to know about the idea of 'family' is encapsulated in this disco boogie slow paced monster. Brutally essential on any disco heads personal collection.

    Founded DJ and producer Deni-Shain, the man responsible for killer comps "Space Echo" and "Pop Makossa", Atangana Records is the logical follow-up to more than 20 years of travels, constantly on the lookout for new artists and music around the world. As a “tropicalist globetrotter”, in this new project Deni-Shain, in partnership with Thomas Vicente, co-owner of the French restaurant “Le Verre Volé”, aims to dig, reproduce & transmit cross-cultural music, usually unreachable and/or less known by the public.
    The goal is simple: share the love of music and to rediscover the pleasure of voicings, percussions and sadly forgotten harmonies, whether you find yourself in a jam packed club or the intimacy of your home.
    Atangana’s first release heads into the Caribbean, handing the diggers the most in demand Haitian grail "Divizion" by singer Fedia Laguerre. Originally released in 1981, this first 12" comes with a remix by Voilaaa and an instrumental cut exclusively based on the additional work by the French afro-collective. In its original form, "Divizion's" plangent horns, cool keys and politicized lyrics create a powerful yet melancholy sound that pairs raw soul with body moving groove. Taking the controls, Favorite favourites Voilaaa twist the arrangement and up the ante with an extended mix made for DJs and dancers. Bounding in bonus beats territories, Voilaaa also offer a stripped back and sparse variant created from their additional material.


    Sil says: Tropical world music of the highest caliber. Feel good, warm and organic. Blissful sounds from Laguerre to kick off your weekend. 'Divizion' is already pretty dancefloor friendly but if you want the real deal head for the B side where you will encounter a mega remix that will tots turn heads. Defo a winner.

    Not content with packing our record bags with wonked out funk on their main label, Periodica launch Futurible, a fresh faced sibling with an even bigger library obsession. Italian producer, oscillatory sculptor and master of synthesis Modular dives into a deep niche in the landscape of soundtrack obuscurity, taking inspiration from Italy's 70s police b-movies. Reviewing the musical landscape of the "poliziotteschi" flicks - a sometimes forgotten but still infamous sound - Modula has recreated the perfect score for an imaginary movie based on the adventures of detective La Bella. The agent enters "Club Ventuno" on the A side looking for clues as the synth and sax sleaze-fest sweeps the Balearic mafia off their feet. Meanwhile on the flip he's in hot pursuit of his suspect in a frenetic chase - expect breathless sequences, freaky sirens and all manner of odd fx. 


    Patrick says: Modula makes some serious waves on new periodica sub-label Futurible, bringing his own spin on the sound of Italy's cop B-movies. If you're into Italian soundtracks, Italodisco or wine-bar Balearic, this curio is for you my friend.

    Star Creature continue to provide the new boogie bounce for our all nite discotheques. 'Nuther new signing, coming on strong with BIG analogue b-lines, accomplished sax solos and chunky mo-fu**in beats! Star Creature are on a roll right now!

    Written and produced by Wojtek Dlugosz and featuring guest vocals by Azteka and Natalie Olivieri, the EP was conceived in Krakow, Poland, and is a sterling display of this producer's talents.

    Inventive drum machine patterns, seriously squelchy b-lines and leads, celestial keys - allll the good stuff from the big ship boogie but twisted and re-defined jusst enough for modern audiences and dancefloors. A seriously killer release from this camp and crew - recommended! 


    Matt says: Can't get enough Star Creature me! They just do everything right, and introduce some excellent new boogie and funk talent to the world through their many labels. 5*s all day.

    SMX / Koehler

    WHYTBLU 02

    SMX are Max O'Brien and Sam Purcell (Blank Mind). "Sleep" is an intoxicating live jam recorded in October 2015 during a period of emotional upheaval, exploring themes of discordance and euphoria. It contains concentric sawtooth waveforms encased in brick-wall compressed, slightly sidechained drums, with emotive strings attempting to pierce the flatline and get into the headroom. Although skeletal and stripped back, it's a powerful and attacking listen.

    "Thief", by comparison, is a rambunctious and unrelenting modern techno hybrid complete with ruff drums, sharp bleeps and some system pleasing sfx. Likely to cause an eruption of energy wherever it's played, it keeps succinct with some similar fx and sounds but opts for a harder edged, jugular hitting momentum. Mega.


    Sil says: Techno slammers from Whities firm here with SMX and Koehler providing two very different but equally arresting numbers.

    After last year’s “Tribal Trouble”, French duo Nummer strike back on their own Nummer Music label with “Deep Obsessions”, a three track excursion through early breakbeat ambiences and hypnotic soundscapes. "Life Is A Hideout" pairs baggy beats & low slung b-line with cerebral textures and winding leads for a very mad-fer-it, retorist jaunt. "The Magic City" takes things down more esoteric routes through shamanic sfx, tribal perc and spellbound electronix. "Quiet Night" completes the EP with a solid wall of witch-like breakbeats and wubbing basslines. If you enjoyed the Aiwo records by DJ Normal4, Bufiman and The Phazer Boys, then this last track should really float your boat. Reinforced with black magic and razor sharp production it's great to see producers returning to the breaks and blending it with up-to-date methods and tricks. Top stuff!


    Matt says: Nummeer continues to provide beautifully trascendental, 'rainforest house' vibrations. This EP is a delight. Look out for a new label starting from this cat very soon.

    Jamal Moss Presents Allonymous & The Hamitic Building Society

    Gypsy Woman

    Over 22 years and with an artist & label discography that'd take a whole evening to read through, Jamal Moss is one of Chicago's, and the global dance music community's true unsung heroes. A visionary artist through and through, under various monikers, aliases and collaborations he's one of house music's lesser celebrated stars; a bit like that amazing uncle you don't meet until you get married cos your mum's always told you to stay clear, but when you meet him he's the coolest mutha fucker at the party! Jamal Moss has done more to stear the course of house music in new, exciting and pleasurable directions than most people would care to admit and is 100% drafted onto Piccadilly's 'Dance Music Legends' board (I just made that up... but it's legit! - ed).

    Maths102 finds him joined (or invent) a new Chicago house supergroup - Allonymous & The Hamitic Building Society and is possibly the most curveball and surprising releases I've ever witnessed him put out! - a truly astonishing fact when you consider just how maverick and leftfield he's been in the past. I WAS NOT expecting this - sprawling through camp Chi-town romp a la Derrick Carter on side A, which quickly descends into a late 80s NY styled number, somewhere between Arthur Russell and Codek with post-punk / no-wave art grooves on "Path To Wisdom" - and garnished with an evocative spoken word part. Flip and side B starts off with more familiar Jamal tackle - a reflective series of synth patterns marching to a vintage drum box and fluttering with frequency ripples. On "Broken Toy" I actually had to check I still had the phono switch on - I was that taken aback by what came out the speakers - somewhere between Nick Cave, David Bowie and Ghostpoet (!!!!!!!) - what the feck?! Is there nothing this man cannot do?! My heads still spinning about this track tbh....Anyway, "To Stay" concludes the EP with a trippy, flange-soaked vocal acapela...Jamal Moss peels back layers like I peel onions - in his mid 40's we're now hearing more new stuff as this true artist paints his picture and his philosophy. Get on board - one of the most defining artists of our generation. 


    Matt says: Proper had to check mesen when I heard "Broken Toy" - buy dead pleased to see Jamal open up into some new directions. Still impertive in 2018, still doin' what he does...

    Leeds-based producer LK (aka Jordan Saxton) drops some heat for On Loop. The new school house cat has previously graced Adelaide's Big Doint and London's Shall Not Fade (which has housed most of his output thus far).

    "Dreams" will remind fan boys of his sell-out smasher for Big Doint - chunky drums, abrasive hi-pass filter and looping motifs all rocketing us up to the front for a track ID. "(I Wanna) Make Luv 2 U" sees more filtered houz loopz pitched up and supported by a steady beat, making for a sunshine invoking track that'll clear the clouds away from any day. Finally, "Summer Of 93" slows things down to a sub-110bpm crawl; squashed bass and sloppy drum grinding up against gentle piano notes.

    Perfectly timed for the Summer party season, expect these tracks to be blurting out the speaker stacks across the fields, valleys and beaches over the next few months...


    Matt says: It's festival season, so records like this suddenly come into their own... Feel good fun for all the family to enjoy. No messin'.

    Complimenting the long-awaited release of sophomore LP, "Song for Alpha", Daniel Avery presents the "Projector EP". Taking its title from one of the album’s spectral highlights this additional trio of original productions expands on Avery’s regenerated sonic vision. Leaning further towards the rhythmic and propulsive intent behind his recent, marathon DJ sets, the record serves to delve further still into his unfolding, ever-deepening sound.

    Following the lead of "Projector" itself, the record transitions into the first exclusive cut, "Shadow Mountain". Soft in texture and bathed in ethereal feedback, a glitching, transfixing synth line gradually reveals itself as the spine of the piece.

    Throughout "Glass", an intimate, breathy vocal sample contrasts with a more industrially tinged base of heavily processed drums. Influenced by "Song for Alpha"’s embrace of the small hours, 'the light emerging from the darkness', both tracks conjure an almost overwhelmingly tender atmosphere, rich in the hazy strains of rave history.

    On the more experimental "REHBGBV4367", the seams of Avery’s influences lap against one another in a steady crescendo of beautiful yet beatless noise, dissipating into ambience. Expanding on the delicate core ideas at the centre of his creative ethos, the EP invites listeners on a further excursion of transient, psychedelic bliss.


    Sil says: mmm... delicious stuff. 'Projector' is a gorgeous confident number full of reverb and melody. Hypnotic electronica that at times brings memories of Aphex Twin. Beautiful. On 'Shadow Mountain', Avery, goes full on techno just to bring you down again to green and calm prairies (harking back to Aphex Twin again). The closing number is an ambient experimental track. Nice.

    Albrecht La'Brooy's Analogue Attic imprint say hello to summer with a solo project from one half of the duo, Alex Albrecht, under his newly formed Melquiades guise...
    The past couple of years have seen Albrecht La'Brooy steadily hone their unique spin on the ambient end of the house and techno landscape via self-released gems & acclaimed projects on Night Tide, Voyage Records and Butter Sessions, culminating with the release of their debut long player 'Tidal River' on R&S offshoot Apollo earlier this year. This solo material from Alex's new alias combines the textured shimmer of ambient with a rhythmic approach which should add some atmosphere to your standard club set. The material recorded live, retaining an improvised feel and managing to capture the surreal and mysterious atmosphere of the Australian bush. Combining atmospheric field recordings, Jazz tinged double bass-licks and bright piano elements, all woven together with the label's trademark intricately programmed rhythms, the "Bluff EP" is an engaging, mesmerising and addictive addition to the label's already well-loved output...


    Patrick says: Whether he's shimmying through broken beats and jazzy house or drifting through forth world mysticism, Alex Albrecht keeps the quality high and the content original with this solo debut.

    Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud / The Indo Jazz Following

    Bombay Palace

    Outernational Sounds launch a new 45 series in lavish fashion here with this super groovy, totally tripped out early seventies funk bomb by Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud and The Indo Jazz Following. Within the sumptuous royal purple sleeve art lies a limber fusion funk workout, all Mingus double bass licks, ghostly organ tones and GI backbeats, all topped by Ravi's ramped up sitar, buzzing and bristling with electric energy. Numbered and limited, these will fly!


    Patrick says: Eastern spiced, lightly psyched funk here on Outernational Sounds, led by the electric Sitar licks of Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud. If you're riding Khruangbin's groove train but wanna dip into their inspirations, you should probably start here.

    Second on Star Creature offspring label, Elivty featuring Eli Hurwitz aka E. Live, a funk / soul / boogie producer based in Oakland, California and director of this series of records under the SC umbrella.

    The mood is totally in fitting with the Star Creature / Tugboat aesthetic - modern funk and new boogie played with authenticity, flair and panache. "Freaky Creatures" is the more traditional, circa '83 styled number while "Get Down Tonight", which features Rojai treads a slightly newer, beatdown vibe not a million miles away from Detroit's Amp Fiddler or Manchester's Crazy P. Both tracks are killer.

    Limited 7" pressing, move quick! 


    Matt says: Saving the slow tempos and sexed out grooves for the 7" installment this week; Star Creature sub-label Elivity Records drop two absolutely gorgeous slices of bedroom funk and boogie.

    Ron Trent's masterpiece from 1993 "I Feel The Rhythm" back again with an official remaster. Now with the added bonus of including the killer Paul Johnson remix from 1999 (on Prescription). There's none that did 90s deep house quite as well as Ron Trent, and this is one of the best examples of the genre. Sounds literally burst from the wax, with liquid synths, jittering chords and chiming FM bells encompassing a buoyant deep house groove. With one of Big Ron's gloriously long arrangement, it invites the listener to get totally lost in its tantalizing, feel good energy. On the flip Inner Experience provide the first revision, taking the track out of the church and into celestial realms. Floaty but direct, this blissed-out slice of house power should ensure a whole portion of the floor dances eyes-wide-shut, with carefree abandon and tangible pleasure. Finally, Paul Johnson unloads his clickity, jacking drum patterns onto the foundations of the track, keeping true to the OG but adding a different rhythm for the dancers. This is the first time all three versions have appeared on one 12" - don't sleep!


    Matt says: Massive, massive re-ish here from Big Ron. The first time all three essential mixes of "I Feel Rhythm" have been collated on one disc. You need!

    Brian Jonestown Massacre

    Hold That Thought

      This is the new single which announces the band's forthcoming two albums to be released this year . The first track is "Hold That Thought" which comes from the album "Something Else" which is to be released on 1st June 2018 . The second track is "Drained" which will come from the self titled album that will be released in September of 2018 . Both tracks were recorded in Berlin & the band are announcing tours of the USA , Canada , Australasia & Europe throughout the year . All tracks were recorded at Cobra Studios , Berlin in 2017


      Ltd 10" Info: 180g White Vinyl

      The Lovely Eggs

      Big Sea

        With the country in the grip of Egg Mania surreal DIY punk rockers The Lovely Eggs return with their latest single “Big Sea” released on 7” mind-surfing blue-wave vinyl and will take to the road in May for another bout of UK tour dates. Taken from their newly released and critically acclaimed album This is Eggland ,“Big Sea” explores the mysteries of the universe and is a rallying anthem to everyone who wants to live life different. “It's a pretty deep song really,” said Holly, “It questions the ridiculousness of human ritualistic behaviour and tries to look at what life is all about, the universe and stuff, and the mystery that weaves its way through everything.” 


        Barry says: With their newest LP causing quite the stir both before and during record store day, it's no exaggeration to say that this one will fly out the door. A brilliantly dynamic and essential addition to any collection.


        7" Info: Blue wave vinyl!

        Alice Smith

        Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Remixes)

        KAPOW! Intergalactic funk king, the one and only Maurice Fulton at his very, very best. Finally we get his much sought-after remix of Alice Smith's "Love Endeavor" now lovingly reissued on 12", complete with the instrumental mix. 
        This classic rework saw Fulton elevate the original from summertime neo soul jam, into a chuggy dancefloor masterpiece. The Syclops man reimagines the killer bassline (bassline goes forwards - bassline goes backwards), strips back the instrumental elements and gets dutifully dubby, teasing the vocal until the full force of Alice's voice is let loose in one of the best breakdowns around. It's got pianos, mad space fx, killer percussion rolls and pianos! Light the blue touch paper and stand at a safe distance, this shit is gonna go off! The flip side houses the instrumental remix giving you the choice to let Fulton's craftsmanship shine without the vocal. Either way this record is guaranteed to whip any crowd into a frenzy!


        Sil says: It is back! What a surprise. Matt says that this is the remix that Fulton hates the most. The man may have his reasons, but at the Piccadilly Records tower, we think this encapsulates Fulton's genius like no other track. Want to know more? Get it before it flies... This is a timeless and should be on every music lover collection.

        Neapolitan groove experts Periodica proffer another absolute peach here, this time from the dexterous fingers and electronic arsenal of Whodamanny. Where previous Periodica 7"s have pursued the lethargic and stoned side of the library funk universe, Whodamanny's jam jaunts along with mid tempo energy, snapping snares and plenty of disco sizzle. Obviously the library stylings remain, found here in spaced out synth riffs, electronic approximations of violin and the kind of vibe that would suit a softcore nightclub scene, but the higher tempo offers a nice bit of dance floor thrust. As is often with these discs, the "Dub" steals the show for me, extended groove outs and added tape echo / spring reverb making for a proper hypno jam.


        Patrick says: Oof! This month's edition of Periodica provides mid-tempo dance floor thrust and noodley library disco action, with the obligatory and excellent dub mix on the flip.

        Momo Joseph / Le Groupe Podem

        Love Africa Soul - Inc. Nik Weston Edit

        Born in Baleveng, Cameroon in 1952, Momo Joseph is known more for his endeavours in acting than for his musical output, having appeared in numerous French films between 1977 and 2000, including 'L'Africain' (1983) and 'La Haine' (1995). However, his single 'Love Africa Soul', originally released in 1980, is acknowledged by many as an outstanding piece of relentless West African disco, and has recently become highly sought-after by collectors and DJs alike. Momo has lived most of his life in Paris, however has always retained a strong connection to his native Cameroon and to other fellow Cameroonian musicians such as Tala A.M. and Manu Dibango. Here we pair the original 'Love Africa Soul' with an on-point afro disco re-work of the original B side, 'Cameroun Airline', courtesy of Mukatsuku Records very own Nik Weston. We hope that this much-deserved re-release helps to shine a light on Momo's career and musical genius.


        Patrick says: Y'all know the drill with Kalita wax, buy or cry. Their latest reissue heater comes from Cameroon's Momo Joseph, a smooth and soulful cat who knows a thing or two about the disco. Dramatic production and a groove that won't let up are the ticket on the A-side, while the flip struts into disco-funk territories thanks to Mukatsuku man Nik Weston.

        Cyntia / Astaria

        Surinam Funk Force 45 Sampler

        Rush Hour celebrate vinyl appreciation day with a tasty little 7" sampler from their top tropical pop compilation "Surinam Funk Force". This DJ disc pairs the heads down, hands up disco heat of Astaria's "Jamasa Roro", an LP stand out and proper Loft-style banger (jazz funk guitar licks, driving groove, Atmosfear organ lines) with Cynthia's wonderfully weird and sweetly skewed "Jhoom Le", a synth disco destroyer that only made it onto the CD version of the comp. Buy on sight tackle for the adventurous DJ.


        Patrick says: Rush Hour's RSD offering finally makes its way over from Amsterdam, delivering a couple of killers from the Surinam Funk Force comp slapped on one 7". On the A-side we have weird and wonky synth disco (think Lata Ramnasar meets Bappi Lahiri), while the flip dives straight into that disco meets jazz-funk realm which lit up the Loft.

        Trevor Lawrence Jr

        Tiptoe - Inc. DJ Spinna Remix

        Trevor Lawrence Jr. has a CV that reels off a who's who of collaborations: Lawrence's performance and recording credits include Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones to name a few. Here he makes his Local Talk debut (on 7" format too - another first for the label), with original track "Tiptoe" which comes backed with a remix from one DJ Spinna. The track is a summery soul jam full of radio friendly pop inflections; seductive, hushed verses combined with powerful, catchy chorus parts. With the right marketing and major label influence I'd bet you'd be hearing this all over the major stations and playlists this Summer... we shall see!

        On the remix tip, Brooklyn legend DJ Spinna applies his magic touch to the track, flipping the mood and tempo and turning out an accomplished, modern funky house number that'd go down a storm at Southport Weekender (RIP). 


        Matt says: Did we have a blast of Summer last week? I'm sure we did. Since then records like this have made much more sence here in the shop. Fingers crossed they don't fade into a cloudy grey obscurity as the weather subsides and instead enjoy their well deserved time in the sun this Summer.

        Two Music For Dreams releases in two weeks? The Balearic gods are smiling our way. Somehow sunnier than last week's luxurious Dalholt and Langkilde LP, this lush Latin wax winds its hips between house, Balearic and bossa, garnering support from DJ Harvey, Pete Tong, Ruf Dug, Alfredo and Mison in the process. Our beach party opens with "Te Faz Bem", the most played Balearic beauty of Harvey's Mercury Rising residency at Pikes last summer, which flexes its feathers here in true 'Coma Club' fashion thanks to MFD main man Kenny Bager. Solid Balearic beat percussion nods along nicely in support of the swaying bassline before Latin guitar, echo drenched vocals and eventual bursts of brass kick up the warm smell of colitas. Add in flamenco hand claps, opulent Rhodes chords and a mercurial flute solo and you'll find me sharing a cigar with Maitê Proença and Zico in the corner of an exotic beach bar. Italian DJ don Riccio ups the tempo on the A2, injecting those South American elements with a shuffling carnival house beat and buzzing synth lines while dubbing out the vocal for a deeper version that's a dream to mix. Over on the flip we roll shoulders and shimmy along to the Balearic disco delights of "Deixa Música Tocar" (Let The Music Play), a hypnotic offering alive with incessant bass, scatted vocals and extended trumpet solos. Finally K-Bag takes the controls again for an alternate mix of "Deixa Música Tocar" which tweaks the arrangement into something playful, punchy and percussive, like Tony Allen on a South American vacation.


        Patrick says: Another sweet summery treat from the good ship MFD here as the Harvey approved "Te Fez Bem" from Copenema gets a vinyl release. Featuring top reworks from Kenneth Bager and Riccio this is a caliente cut folks. Scorchio!

        Omar S

        That's Me

        Holy smokes pop pickers! Alex Smith revisits the classic sample from AOS004's "Day" track. A total revamp, it finds our favourite Detroiter slap bang in the middle of pure purple - every track he's released over the last 12 months has been completely essential! It might only be one track on one side (and at twelve English pounds no less! - ed) but I can't help think its worth it! Funky, gritty, soulful and deep - all four corners of Omar's impeccable style displayed across one fine track. Sure be played at all the biggest parties over the holiday season.

        Limited quants so get those orders in quick! 


        Matt says: Yes yes, one of Omar's early classics gets expanded upon for 2018. This has anthem written all over it, and is destined for end-of-set selfie moments across the festival circuit...


        Release Yourself

        Quality electro-funk-era record here from Aleem and Leroy Burgess. Identical twin brothers Taharqa Aleem and Tunde Ra Aleem began their career as The Ghetto Fighters with covers of Jimi Hendrix's "Cry Of Love" and "Rain Bow Bridge" (they also shared the same apartment with Jimi). They formed Aleem with Leroy Burgess as a vocalist during the early '80s and originally released dance songs on their own label, NIA Records ("Hooked On Your Love", "Get Down Friday Night" & "Release Yourself", featured here). 1985's "Confusion", resulted in a deal with Atlantic where they released two albums.

        It's 1984's "Release Yourself" that's subject to rejuvination here, a fresh, licensed copy of this masterpiece for all to enjoy. Many credit Aleem and this record to help establish the freestyle genre in the mid 80s and you can certainly here the early traits of the style alive and well in this production.

        Licensed courtesy of Taharqa Aleem in conjunction with Kult Records.


        Watcha Got / Saison

        Sneaky lil 10" release from Ukokos featuring two reworkings (not edits) that flips a classic Steely Dan track and a rare Polish jazz-funk gem from Krystyna Pronko.

        "Watcha Got" twists Steely Dan's "I Got The News" into a more fiercer and beefier nugget but still keeping true to the song's original jazz-funk roots. Ukokos uses much stronger, harder hitting drum hits on his version, making this bang harder for the jazz dancers but retaining that essential smooth soulful vibe that marks any good Steely Dan joint.

        "Saison" blends EU jazz-funk (sources currently unknown) and futuristic, funked up clav patterns which a seriously forward leaning outlook - conjuring up a slice of jazz-funk that you could drop in the middle of a techno set - wonderful! Just wait for that breakdown too - an excellent way to swing the direction of music into a whole different direction. 


        Sil says: This is a funky, feel good 10' with a heavy dose of filtering on 'Whatcha Got'. Bar tackle some would say. But do not be misled. Make up your own mind because this is real good. Flip this bad boy and you get a more acidic approach to the edit world. Still a heavy stomper but a less obvious ones. Summarizing: this is gold.

        Funky, rough and tough ghetto disco grooves here from 1977, delivered by the mighty Ted Taylor who was originally a blues singer from Oklahoma. Pairing Taylor's soul-steeped voice with the sunshine-state production values of the legendary Wardell Quezergue ('Mr big stuff', 'Groove me' & more!), this one's a sure fire dance-floor hit. Never has a track been more aptly named. This is a proper underground jam, one that, until now, was the preserve of the heads, diggers and true disco freaks. Pure Disco heat from Miami, yet again. A bonafideTK Disco classic!


        Patrick says: Big disco-funk from the T.K. vaults here as Ted Taylor's appropriately titled "Ghetto Disco" gets the legit reissue treatment. Bumping, soulful and rugged as a Spaghetti bandito, this is a must have for the disco crowd.

        Off the back of the recent Gumba Fire compilation, Soundway selects more sure-fire disco burners: a 4-track, dancefloor-orientated EP drawing from the Heads label out of South Africa. The Heads label lasted a brief two years between 1982 and 1984. Started and run by the late South African producer and singer Emil Zoghby, it released only a handful of records before folding.
        The early 1980s in the country was a time when disco was starting to fade into what was becoming known as Bubblegum: pop music aimed at the black population of South Africa.
        William Mthethwa and his backing band the Young Five started off in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s Mthethwa became a big star not only within his native Sotho community but all over South Africa. As with many of his releases, “You Turn Me On” was produced by the renowned engineer and producer Peter Moticoe. This was a big, meaty, classic early 80s disco jam that appeared on a 12” only, featuring a long instrumental dub version on the B-side. New York’s JKriv takes elements of the vocal and dub and reworks them into a condensed dancefloor winner.
        Adaye were a Heads studio outfit featuring Tom Dollar on vocals, and selected here is their typically 1980s track “Turn it Up” which saw some success in the charts. The Manyane cut “Thabong” fuses traditional Sotho music with electronics, synths and drum machines - a popular style at the time.
        Sofrito’s Frankie Francis gives both the Adaye and Manyane tracks the cut-up treatment focussing heavily on the spaced-out weirdness of the dub versions but adding nothing other than a fine ear for an edit.
        To complete the set we include “Picnic”, another in-demand track from the Heads archives that was originally the flip side to the track “Picnicing” (featured on Gumba Fire) by the mostly instrumental studio outfit Starlight. They recorded one album and a series of 12s that included classic covers of American and Italian disco cuts.

        The second Mount Kimbie remix package and Warp have enlisted another celebrity selection of producers to work with tracks from "Love What Survives".

        The second 12” features two takes on album opener "Four Years and One Day". The first is a slow burning techno throbber from Marcel Dettmann, complete with concentric kick patterns and that Blade Runner growl and metallic flux that he's made his trademark over many years, hundreds of productions and literally days and nights behind turntables. Climaxing in a catastrophic explosion of iron girders and phosphorous explosions it pairs perfectly the visceral punk attitude of Mount Kimbie with the relentless anarco-techno ethos of the Berlin techno scene.

        German house maverick Gerd Janson is enjoying an extended period in the spotlight at the moment, and rightly so, effortlessly conjuring an accomplished remix of "Four Years..." with a driving, fashionably close to EBM kinda sound that'll still work in the purist of house sets. Beautifully decorated with a tantalizing 303 line and angelic pad sequences and arranged with maximum elevation in mind, this is one track you're bound to be hearing on the big stages this Summer.

        Finally, if you needed any more convincing, "T.A.M.E.D" gets drawn out into a mid-session techno romp by another German legend: Ellen Alien. Taking up the entirety of side B this is perfectly for those looong warehouse sessions when you need to give the lightning engineer summat to do while you enjoy watching the dancefloor slowly catch fire. Just the right side of proggy (read: druggy) and with mind melting, time shift vox flowing in the recesses of the mix, this is an impressive display of a producer with complete control of large, uninhibited crowds. Once the dancefloor hive mind gets locked onto this one anything's possible. 


        Matt says: Stupendously strong remix package this folks, one of the best I've seen for some time. Often high budget / max hype remix campaigns seriously disappoint but not this one; across both twelves there's been some really killer moments. Fully approved!

        The Analogue Cops aka Lucretio and Marieu debut on Hot Haus Recs with 5 tape saturated thumping house trax guaranteed to get the party started! I'm gonna cut to the chase quickly and say this only once so pay attention. "Big" has just put a smile on my face and a rocket up by arse more than any record has done this year so far. Slamming, jittery techno that shudders with excitement and kicks with ferocious energy. Anyone playing over 120BPM this YEAR needs this nightclub missile in their artillery. With this essential techno bomb locked in, I was already getting my wallet out; but it's backed with four quintessential Analogue Cops loopers - heavy on the tape buzz and reckless with the sampling. One duo that actually puts Jamal Moss on his toes when it comes to wild experimentation within house music. A completely essential record, I'm on the phone right now tryna bag as many copies as poss.... move quiiiiick!


        Matt says: Booom! There we go... was looking for THAT techno record to keep in my box for the party season... and I just found it! You'd better keep an eye out fer this one as I won't be forcing it out to the masses! ;)

        Raw and pure Detroit electro-techno classics. Straight from the source. Following a sold-out gig here in Manchester and perfectly timed with the current obsession with all things vintage electro comes this six tracker from the Michigan group. Remastered for Clones' pivotal West Coast series (the classics just keep coming from this camp) the original release was out on Clone's mother label back in 2003. Originally made up of Tameko J. Williams & Odell Perry, D.I.E have released over ten choice cuts since 1996; all paying tribute to the blueprints laid down by Cybotron, Kraftwerk and Drexciya but doing with their own tasteful twist. Often rich with melodies and vocal hooks, their output could be considered somewhat more accessible and 'danceable' than the more experimental end of the spectrum, with definite influences from freestyle and electro-funk alongside that highly kinetic vintage electro style. This is sound is huge right now, right across the country kids are juddering and breaking to this wonderful street sound. Get on board!


        Matt says: Big ups the White Hotel crew who got down and dirty to this cat recently. This record should take you back to the smoke filled warehouse perfectly.

        Public Release adds another entry to its 2018 chapter with a four-track EP that embodies the Venn diagram crossover of warm-up house, Balearic beat and frosty chill-out. The 12-inch is the latest from Dylan Khotin-Foote, who goes by the mononym Khotin, a producer and DJ firmly planted at the epicenter of Vancouver’s lively, colorful dance music scene.
        The record begins with “Aloe Drink,” a tune, which, like the beverage it’s named after, is both specifically familiar and vaguely mysterious; it begets questions of origin despite its appearance of recognizability. Built around an acoustic, earthy drum pattern, it kicks off feeling fast-paced, propulsive, but this proves illusory when aqueous pads push into the frame and lend the piece a calm stillness. Force of Nature (DJ Kent and KZA), making a rare appearance as remixers, preserves the original’s intent and architecture while managing to find a way to subtly lift it in energy and register; extra drums and an augmenting synth lick ease it into a territory of dance floor functionality. A version as rousing and bumpin’ as it is intimate and tender. On the other side are “Friend” and “Strange Plant,” a harmonious pair that reflects the A-side’s vibe as it refracts it into a spectrum of new hues and spaces. “Friend” is a kaleidoscopic trip through time-warping trance, and “Strange Plant” a sharper, punchier song that takes keyed-up rave chords and gives them some heart, some soul, by removing all the artificial drama they’re normally consumed by. A cleverly crafted and sincere, sweet record that telegraphs a wink of irony as it carries you through a vortex of technicolor fractals and flickering embers.


        Sil says: In love with 'Aloe Drink' on A side . Top class deep house. Mellow, slow paced and groovy. Force of Nature nails it here. Keeping true to the original he manages to create a rendition of the original worh this vinyl alone.

        Phyllis Hyman

        You Know How To Love Me (Long Version) / Living Inside Your Love

        American soulstress Phyllis Hyman gets two of her much loved anthems officially reissued on 180g vinyl. "You Know How To Love Me" is a 7 and a half minute lesson in love. It's got that full bodied production of this golden era - layering strings seamlessly with a busty brass section and a flute line that even the most hardened can't help but smile at.  Couple this with Phyllis' sultry yet powerful vocals bolstered by a backing group containing, amongst others, the mighty Gwen Guthrie. On the flip, "Living Inside Your Love" hits you with a soul jam, heavy on the funk - complete with hands in the air chorus. Just as perfect to close out a set as it is to warm up the floor. Two essential tracks for any soul & disco aficionado folks! 

        Following on from OTIS002, Jon & Hugh's "Another View" come one half of the production duo and OTIS label boss Hugh B. Stepping out on his own for OTIS003. "Floating On a Trippy Biscuit" is a 4 track excursion through deep textures, roaming drum machines, sliced breaks and dub echoes. With a nod to early jungle, a psychedelic love letter to UK Broken Beat, a remix from OTIS family member Sean Thomas that pays respect to the UK deep scene of the late 90s and a submerged, valium-laced house groove designed for post-rave reflection. OTIS003 is a dreamy meditation amidst the occasional chaos of the rave, a blissful trip through the various styles of 'dance music' this label holds dear.

        Early support from: Ben Fester, Simon Caldwell, Adi Toohey and a load of other selectors that are keeping it deep in twenty seventeen…


        Matt says: Here's some more lo-fi jungle folks, backed with three cutting edge tracks that straddle the house music cannon. 2018 just keeps on givin dunt it?! Hot shit is this!

        Dublin born, world-resided producer Krystal Klear (Cold Tonic, All City, Eglo, Tooth Pick, Rinse) drops his first EP for Running Back. The producer has famously touched on the majority of 'club vintages' - whether it's Sound Factory-era smashers, MAW-era soulful NY house or synth-driven electro-boogie with an 80s tinge, KK has proved himself more than capable across all departments!

        Here we get four tracks and four new flavours! "Neutron Dance" kicks things off with a cheeky, fun loving, Italo-disco vibe, galvanized by KK's rigid outboard but still galloping with that childlike naivety. "Division Bell" sees a deep, late night Balearic number rolled out effortlessly. Twinkling arps, voluptuous synth swells and gated drums take this into sensual territories quicker than you can shake off your trousers! "Shockzoid" sees him spiral into a glitter ball guided euro-disco dancefloor at maximum energy, landing somewhere between hi-nrg and techno it finds Krystal Klear squeezing fluorescent juices out of his synthesizers. Final track, "Moonshake Miner" closes off the EP on a coastal, euphoric high. Big breakdowns, huge melody lines and bright crepuscular rays shining through its stems - this is that holiday house banger than you were looking for for festival season - get in! 


        Sil says: Four tracks with italo disco written all over them. Dreamy and spacious at times. Faster, with overwhelming neon lights, and highly energetic. Great running, swimming soundtrack here. Or if you want your punters to sweat that dancefloor, that is another use for it. Great stuff.

        Susan's 5th release at its new school house and techno stars DJ Swagger, Axefield, DJ Windows XP and Joakim Hellgren firing on all cylinders. sure have spiced up the spectrum of reason on this one. Swagger's "Green Waters" is a rampant machine gun blast of lo-tuned three-o-three, snappy electro beats and the odd synth tear and squelch. Basically it's gonna growl and splurt out of any high end system as your dancefloor spirals into the stacks salivating like a frenzied mad man. Axefrield switches tact for a broken beat, hardcore informed beast full of intertwining rave b-lines paired with a tight warehouse beat. Again it's no nonsense - maximum fun, that anyone playing to a mass of drugged up bodies can get it into. Piccadilly fave Windows XP (that's the DJ not the operating system, we're firmly into Windows 10 here...- ed) slows things down for a summer face melter rich with 4-ACO inflections and a hallucinatory vibe. Joakim Hellgren is a new one us here, but he concludes the EP in amply form by depositing the classic Roland cowbells onto side changed pads, jungle bass plumes and finally, another vintage sounding drum pattern. Top stuff from everyone involved and finally a v/a EP that truly sounds like Summer 2018 has arrived. Get in!


        Sil says: Well well well, look who is here. It is Susan again. This time she is leaving the house behind and bringing the techno forward. Swagger and Axefield give you two slabs of unforgiving techno beauties whilst Dj Windows XP chills the dancefloor a bit. My favourite... dreamy, delicate and atmospheric. Thank you. Joakim Hellgren does not diggress much from XP's path. All in all... another stomper but the (so far) always reliable Who's Susan. Cheerio.

        Balla Et Ses Balladins

        The Syliphone Years - Ben Gomori Edits

        Sterns Edits returns after their well received and recently repressed Amadou Balaké excursions, this time with Ben Gomori turning his hand to Guinea for a third instalment in the series of re-works from the Sterns Music catalogue of African gems. Balla et ses Balladins were one of Guinea's national 'orchestras' formed as a result of the newly elected President, Sékou Touré's 'authenticité' policy of the early 1960s, which sought to promote Guinea's cultural identity following independence from France in 1958.
        Gomori takes the scalpel to two cuts recorded during their years on the state-run Syliphone label, making good use of bandleader Balla's lively trumpet playing. The gently haunting 'Nyo' is taken on an undulating dancefloor trip, rolling along at a club friendly 120bpm (ish) as a head-nodding bassline and stuttering FX creating a shimmering effect around the tropical guitars and pitched up trumpet. Over on the flip, the rousing horns of 'Wilikabo' are underpinned with a rasping synth bass for a punchy juxtaposition.


        Patrick says: I've kept my ear on these Sterns Edits and can happily say that this third instalment is my favourite so far. While the bassy throb of the B-side will undoubtedly do much mainroom damage, it's the trippy, tumbling soundscape and psychedelic shimmer of "Nyo" that's gonna slot straight into my setlists. The minimal revival is on.

        Archeo Recordings chart a course for the Balearics with this laid back delight of overlooked Italian island grooves. Tony Esposito is a long-serving singer-songwriter, and two tracks from his 2004 CD Viaggio Tribale get a vinyl cut here, with "Dove C'e Luce" the recipient of a special, 90s tinged remix from LucaEffeSunset. Antonio Nicola Bruno's "Storia Della Terra Mia" is the first of three unreleased tracks from this little known Lucan artist, striking a curious note with folk undertones and a sunny disposition. There's a more dramatic tone to "Danza E Ridanza," which takes on an almost Talking Heads-esque quality for the "B Version" that closes this high quality 12" from the ever reliable Archeo camp.

        Hiding behind the enigmatic Dcast Dynamics moniker is our favorite Shad T. Scott. Maybe better known as Gosub. The well known Miami based artist once again joins forces with the frustrations department to drop one of his best outings ever. These experiments go deep. Way deep. Melancholic melodies drowning in running tape delays.. wobbling analog pulses that seem to come from beyond the aquatic triangle. Dcast Dynamics continues to explore where The Other People left off.. 


        Sil says: A life from outer space they call it. It is good. Melodic, dark, full of synth chords and dreamy. This could well be the music being listened to by the aliens that will soon colonize us all. Druggy, a bit drunk. Esoteric and essential. Get it.

        Introducing Basic Vision, a new imprint releasing a vinyl series of rare classics from the legendary back to basics club. Selected and compiled by the man who played the first ever record at the club, original resident DJ Ralph Lawson. All the tracks are cut to vinyl from the original master recordings and given enough time on high quality vinyl to ensure clean, loud pressings with original artwork by the godfather of punk design - Jamie Reid.

        Basic Vision 001 features one of the greatest ever house music records - Lil Louis & The World's 'I Called You (The Story Continues), still a firm favourite of Ricardo Villalobos. The flip side boasts perhaps the most rare cut, first championed by DJ Harvey and still highly sought after today, M-I-Cara's 'Casa Beat'. While Mike Perras all time classic 'Keep Movin' completes the EP. 


        Matt says: Mike Perras' "Keep Moving" is 100% in my top 3 records of all time (Lil Louis's "I Called You"'s also pretty high up there...). On constant rotation at Wet Play and it's precussor Detroit Public Radio and obviously massive with Ralph at B2B; floor filling house music doesn't come any bigger than this. This record's got it all, don't let me catch you napping on this.

        New York City by way of Miami, Alex Suarez delivers his debut lp the eight track "Autogolpe" for L.I.E.S. Autogolpe, is a term for military coup initiated by a dictator to take control of an existing government and Suarez uses this loose idea to create the range of emotions associated with said act. Musically he expands on his prior releases for Bank and Primitive Languages as heavy industrialized sonic beatings sit next to somber passages; oil drum slow beat tribal clangers provide a back drop for screams shooting out of the dark. Musically it paints a distorted picture of world in decline, an exile from another land and arrivial to anothers in chaos or the clinging hope of something better on the other side.


        Patrick says: Gloomy and dystopic, Alex Suarez' debut LP muses on military coups, offering hissing ambient pieces, abrasive industrial workouts and polyrhythmic techno snarlers over the course of eight impactful tracks.

        Celebrating 16 years in the business, Sampled Recordings present "Sampled Sixteen", a three-part release, with this final installment dropping just before Movement 2018 in May.

        Vol.3 boasts tracks from Chuck Daniels & Oliver Dollar (feat Amp Fiddler), Claude Young & Mike Clark, and on the B-side Detroit’s own Andrés & long time Sampled artist Tracey Cooper.

        Chuck and Oliver's "Do It" is a perfect example of driving, electronic Detroit house music. Featuring Amp on vocal (inna kinda KDJ, "Sexy MF" way...) Daniels and Dollar create a kinetic and highly stimulating house groove which encourages the listener to get lost in the fog and really move. Chuck Daniels keeps his hand on the desk for "Three Waves". Joined by Claude Young and Mike Clark it's another Detroit showcase of panache and flair; a funky house beat powered by subtle organ pumps and tight vocal snips slowly builds in intensity to one final crescendo. Andres deploys his now trademark style as "Woman Cry" sees another set samples cleverly re-arranged on his trusty MPC for a bumpety, soulful house joint. "Insight" by Tracey Cooper closes off proceedings here, a techy house glider with wubbing b-line and introspective vocal part, pure deep house if you will, executed with all the confidence and finesse of a master.

        Renowned Detroit artist Michelle Tanguay, created the design for all three releases and the record is pressed at Archer in Detroit, Michigan.


        Matt says: Get a taste of the current Deetroit scene down yer lugholes!

        Children Of Zeus

        Slow Down / All Night

        Children of Zeus, have returned with a double-header of brand new material presented on a glorious 7”. Since the release of 'The Story So Far' EP in 2017, Konny Kon and Tyler Daley have proceeded to draw in the attention of tastemakers across the world, receiving big ups from Hip Hop, Soul and dance music royalty, such as US legends Jazzy Jeff & DJ Spinna, and UK heavyweights Stormzy & Rag'n'Bone Man. 'Slow Down' is a sure-shot Summer anthem, with a twist. A deceptively soulful slow jam that lulls you into a false sense of filtered smoothness, before a floor-shaking beat & trill hats drop in from above, as if thrown in via a thunderbolt from Zeus himself. On the flip, we have the up-tempo boom-bap steppa, 'All Night'. Konny sets this one off on some straight b-boy isht, riding a rhythm that's guaranteed to make grown Hip Hoppers reminisce, before Tyler's sweet swing-tinged vocals glide into play to keep you firmly steppin' - this one again illustrating the Mancunian duo's craft of creating timeless Hip Hop Soul music. Manchester has been riding a wave of immense creativity & musical prowess in recent years. Children of Zeus exemplify the heart and soul of Manny's now-movement - but don't get it twisted - the vibe is universal, and they definitely ain't new to this. Two decades on from the inception of Broke'N'£nglish and Hoodman, Tyler and Konny have consistently persistently held their corner, stayed true to the music they love and nurtured their own unique sound. It's almost time to drop that album… But for now, here's more future classics.


        Millie says: Golden Manchester duo Children of Zeus bring us two brand new soulful killers, they’re renowned style is just as on it as ever!

        Rare and in High demand Afro digital Soul EP, recorded in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 1981. Originally from Martinique, Clem Marise Voltine aka Mac Gregor moved to Abidjan in 1979 searching for, what she called, her “negritude quest”. She sang about her love for her adoptive city until her death in April 2004 at CHU of Abidjan, Trechville Hospital.A visionary composer, poet and singer, mixing Creole, French and Nouchi, she made a brilliant musical bridge between the West-Indies and Ivory Coast, backed by a soulful group of top Ivorian musicians such as the great Houon Pierre. This unique and must have record is a pure dancefloor killer and will definitely be the next Afro Tropical Hit of the next decade!


        Patrick says: Hot Casa bring you the hottest shit around it seems! This week we get a massive Afro disco grail, recorded in the Ivory Coast and repressed for everyone's enjoyment. Buy on sight folks, there aren't that many around...

        Doc Severinsen

        I Wanna Be With You - Inc. DJ Harvey Edit

        Uh huh, Yeah and generally unf. Renowned jazz horseman Doc Severinsen hoves into view, dropping some superfly TNT funk on our asses here via the monstrous mid-tempo disco groovings of the AWB style "I Wanna Be With You". Slick bass work, subtle keys and hot horns vibe away, breaking into audacious guitar licks or the big chorus. The original 1976 promo 12" had the same track on both sides as promos often did back then but here we get a special version on the flip, a lovingly tweaked re-edit from the cult leader himself - DJ Harvey. Switching up the arrangement without getting lost in the loops, Harv takes us back to the hypnotic funk of Black Cock classic "Shine On'.  Harv's edit has been around for a minute, but this version backing the OG 76 Disco mix makes this 12" a bonafide 'must grab' for all Disco enthusiasts! Do not snooze. This one's a winner!


        Patrick says: If the totally unstoppable groove of jazz-meets-funk banger "I Wanna Be With You" wasn't enough, Harvey's extended and recut version on the flip seals the deal here. Low slung jazz-funk with a big helping of disco attitude? Yes please!

        Clive Stevens And Brainchild

        Mystery Man - Inc. Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Remix

        The third release on Midnight Drive takes us back to the heady days of 1984, New York City. We find Clive Stevens, a UK born saxophonist, producer, writer and poet at the helm of a truly staggering cast of international musicians known as 'Brainchild', recording an LP entitled 'Semjase' for Brazilian label Vôo Livre. The LP featured incredible session musicians whose CV's include work with some of the biggest names in popular music including Chic, Kate Bush, Miles Davis, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and more (the list is endless). One track from this fairly obscure LP - 'Mystery Man' - somehow managed to find its way into the hands of the one and only Daniele Baldelli, who swiftly turned it into a cosmic classic. Present and correct on a number of the cosmic tapes, "Mystery Man" is a truly unique record melding electro-style programming, live percussion, synthesizers and vocals into a blistering slow motion disco jam that'll have you dancing like a loon and scratching your head trying to work out when, where and how it was made. Not content with offering us ucky bunch a first official reissue of this classic, Midnight Drive procured the original 1984 session parts from Clive himself, enabling a brand new remix from Gerry Rooney and Joel Martin aka Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold. Stretching the track to new tripped out heights, Gerry and Joel transform the cosmic roller into a dreamy and dubby tropical pop killer perfect for your next Balearic dancefloor set.


        Patrick says: Holy interplanetary beach resort Batman! Midnight Drive pluck one of the finest Cosmic classics from the Baldelli tapes and deliver a first official reissue of the mega "Mystery Man". Alongside the original mix of this totally tropical electro-funk killer we get the dubby delight of a brand new extension from Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold. Top one!

        Family Affair Records inaugural release steps out of the shadows bearing a quadruplet of vibrant, imaginative and totally curveball edits by the faceless Yondo. Re-imaginings of 80’s club staples by Mary Jane Girls & Evelyn Champagne King and 90s R&B-sides by SWV & Lucy Pearl breathe new life into some familiar jams while keeping their essence - all updated and re-birthed for 2018. Stylistically it lands somewhere between Bullion, Theo early doors at Plastic People, Dilla and Two Inch Punch - all with some well known source material thrown in for good measure!

        Hand screen-printed and hand-stamped with vibrant fluoro solvent ink. Get it while you can cuz it ain’t ever coming back.

        Family Affair Records is a record label started by Raj Chaudhuri (Livin’ Proof / NTS / Boiler Room). Artwork by Mason London. 


        Matt says: Mad as a box of frogs but oh so delicious! Headturning glitch-hop re-rubs here from some new talent. Check!


        Ltd 12" Info: 12" + screen printed sleeve

        Taking a brief diversion from their usual fare of clattering industrial stormers and minimal wave magic, Knekelhuis take us off into the upper atmosphere this week with a killer 12" from Meo. A pseudonym of Daniele Mei, a key DJ on Rimini's cosmic scene, Meo dropped debut 12" "Fine Corsa" back in 1985. In those days Meo was active in what was later considered to be the most famous Afro Dance Club in Italy: Melody Mecca. As you'd expect, the freestyle approach to sonic selection and total disregard for genre confines informed Meo's production style, resulting in a glorious hybrid of styles and feelings. The set opens with the rolling bass, syncopated percussion and soaring synth-flute of "Chichita", a proggy piece of slow disco with hints of jazz, astral accents and chanted vocals. Next up, "Oriental Lodge" leads us into pastoral plane with calming harpsichord, operatic vocals and a drifting rhythm. Flip the disc and the titular "Fine Corsa" comes through with cop show clavs, pulsating bass and smudged sci fi vocals - totally nailing all those intergalactic ingredients needed for a full scale cosmic bomb. Finally, "Monday's Coma" closes the set with shoulder rolling percussion, prominent bass and trippy keyboards emphasizing the mystical melodies at play.


        Patrick says: Knekelhuis come through with a cosmic killer here, reissuing Meo's debut 12", originally released in 1985. If this one's new on you, expect OG Rimini cosmic packed with loose funk, proggy tones and low tempo grooves.

        The man, the maestro, the mystery..... the Cube! That's right, you read that correctly, new music from the mind of one of Europe's freshest, and not just one record, but two. At the same time. Right here. Versatile's main man (alongside Monsieur Gilb'R) returns to the fray with a hotly anticipated set of forward thinking tracks that swerve the zeitgeist and fully live up to the hype. The sounds here are diverse, impeccably mixed, arranged and designed to rip your nearest club in two. Wasting no time on formalities, I:Cube takes aim directly at the peaktime with the lost world trance dance of opener "Flutes Souterraines", treating us to trippy flutes, shamanic percussion idents and a ceaseless rhythm in line with R&S favourite Techno Grooves. The acid indigestion inducing "Troglo Dance" follows hot ont its heels, hitting us with panning synth bleeps, tough percussion and all kind of eerie fx abuse. "Bifurque" offers a breather of sorts, heading deep with glacial electronic tones, steady percussion and a hypnotic square wave bassline before the rattling and rumbling "La Nuit Des Rats" offers an off-kilter cut of polyrhythmic club weaponry with plenty of bassweight. The cavernous bass-line creepings of "Ramurc" keep th energy high and the mood intimidating before the tripped out echoes of "Fractal P" send us home in hallucinatory style.


        Patrick says: Undoubtedly on his own planet, Parisian house genius I:Cube drops a six track set of future primitive, tribal, tropical and trippy house heaters. One of the best in the game, doing it better than everyone else...

        Detroit producers Omar S & Brian Kage bring forth the third joint on Kage's Michanger imprint. "Thru the Madness" has all the elements of a classic dance music collaboration. The tune showcases Omar S' raw and funky analog bass playing and drum programming combined with Brian Kage signature warm melodic synth lines and chord structures. The clever use of a catchy 90’s vocal sample helps solidify and unify the composition.

        “Thru the Madness (Honk & Nik Mix)” takes a deeper approach by adding a deep Detroit-style DX pad, Nile Rodger-esque funk guitars parts, and vintage drum breaks that will keep the party moving into the late night hours. Top shit from this delectable pair - be sure to cast your ears over it!

        Mick Harris arrives on L.I.E.S. via his Fret moniker. A man who needs no introduction via his exploits in Napalm Death and Scorn among a slew of other projects, Harris returns after his LP last year, bringing Fret back to life once again. Four tracks of absolutely crushing broken techno; dense blasting and unstoppable chaos that lays waste to all in sight. Trancers and candy ravers step aside. An unmissable record from a true originator.


        Matt says: Angle grinding noize, metallic sharps and punishing demolition ball beats. Mechanized audio weaponry locked and ready. A beast.

        Fake Love

        Fake Love Vol.3

        As the early summer sunlight begins to cascade over the red bricks and overpriced flats of our much loved home, those mysterious folks at Fake Love check the barometer and bring us a trio of exciting, exotic and occasionally erotic edits perfect for long summer nights. The A-side here erupts into triumphant technicolour with off beat guitar, calypso keys and all manner of whacky Anatolian synth action, prancing onto the dance floor and getting stuck into some sort of belly dance limbo. Is it a merengue? Is it a meringue? Who knows, it's tasty and it's gonna turn you on! Floating over to the B-side and we're in the Caribbean for sure. As groovy and off kilter as Martin after a sip of rum punch, this mid tempo hip twister comes packed to the rafters with late 80s fusion synth sounds, tropical pop sensibilities and a sort of sexy/sort of silly vibe - one to wind to perhaps? The digi-zouk delights continue on the B2, with a deep and dramatic female vocal topping the steady and strutting beat - I'll looking to Ruffy or Plastic Bamboo for the IDs here...


        Patrick says: Fake Love 3 is here, bringing maximum fun for our minimum sun. Grooving with gusto from a variety of Caribbean islands, this is Balearo-holiday pop at its finest. In my bag!

        The final part in Dekmantel's 10 year anniversary series. Tony Allen’s "Asiko (In A Silent Mix)" is subject to attention. Originally released in 1999, new house stalwart MCDE has been drafted into create the last remix for this iconic series who goes a little bit Joe Clausell as he takes it deep into afro-house spirituality. A deep rooted tribal groove encompasses the track as the vocal parts undergo dubbed out delays and percussion lines are introduced with a keen eye for dancefloor attenuation. Unfolding into quite the feel-good epic, as the beats reside and the true flavour from the original composition is given room and light to breath this is one of those truly universal tracks that'll unite a daytime festival crowd as the energy of the day gives way into the magic of night.

        Also included is the undeniably impressive original version - a deep meditation on Allen's skilled drum work coupled with a hypnotic vocal part and languid, sweltered aesthetic as if you're baking in the African sunshine waiting for the air to cool before commencing more strenuous activity.

        After last year's reissues of the Miami based label, Dancefloor, Emotional Rescue returns to the City's music with a look at the affiliated Konduko Records, with a collection of reissues from the acclaimed King Sporty. A Caribbean musician who found his way to Florida, Noel Williams enjoyed a three-decade career that took in dub, funk, soul and disco that included a number of club hits along the way.
        Initially known as a Jamaican born reggae artist, Williams gained his early tutelage at the legendary Clement Dodd's Studio One, first as studio assistant before making his recording debut as a Deejay in the late 60s. Making the short move north to Miami by the early 70s, he set up first Konduko and later Tashamba Records to release his own music and productions, as well as those of artists he signed and developed. The move to a more club based sound continued as disco took hold, with subsequent albums “Keep On Burning” and “Meet Me At The Disco” tapping in to the nascent sound with some success and recognition. Working closely with Henry Stone's TK Disco, Konduko moved in to the 80s with electro and hip-hop increasingly employed as part of Williams' expanding fusion. With vocalists Connie Case and Johnny Griffin on board, a band - The Ex Tras - was formed around Williams dub tinged production. From the warped electro-dub intro, heavy bass, chopped guitar, a watertight rhythm and driving percussion, “Haven't Been Funked Enough” mixes many of Williams' traits with an incessant vocal repeated infinitum. Backed with the original - here remastered for heavy rotation - is the never before released “Rapstrumental”. A merging of the Instrumental found on the flip of the US pressed Konduko 12", with the Rap vocal version found on the UK import TMT release, this 'remix' offers an updated take on what has been the more discerning DJ's play. This is followed on the B-side by a very special version from the Idjut Boys' Dan Tyler, here in "Nad" moniker mode. Taking all the versions deep to his mixing well, Tyler's dub heavy reversion twists, turns, fuses, dissembles and reassembles in a reverb(erating) 10 minutes of electro-funk manner of heaven. As Mr Griffin says, "Lets unite, come on, let's live!

        Mount Kimbie return with a package of remixes from their critically lauded recent album "Love What Survives". Split over two 12”s, released on consecutive weeks, the bundle explores differing dancefloor twists on the album’s driving, visceral post-punk sound.

        First up, Nina Kraviz mutates album favourite "Blue Train Lines" into an extended techno trip, with snippets of King Krule’s vocals circling the maelstrom while a piercing train tone roars through the mix. Ridiculously techy and playful, yet deep as hell and really quite advanced, it finds one of the world's favourite DJs in absolutely breathtaking form in the studio; more than matching her Berlin and global techno peers across a full remix and two extended tools (which are actually quite realized full tracks in their own right if you ask me). Great stuff. 


        Matt says: Feelin' this one folks... One for the Sonar crowd, a delightfully long, stadium busting slayer from Nina.



        It's time for more Waflles! Ditching the maple syrup and bacon for a smattering of truly obscure source material, the Waffles deploy smooth edits and expert mixing, cooking up a storm on side A as space disco synth work combines with a loose, organic funk before a totally seductive female vox sweeps us off our feet. Gorgeous!

        On side B it's a more wigged out affair, squelchy synth work in conversation with chipping bird song and a really cosmic slant on this one. Surely a big one for Baldelli and Harvey et al? Excellent stuff.


        Sil says: Delicious bongo bongo and cosmic vibes, all nicely wrapped by a contagious bassline and some sweet vocals thrown on top. That is A for you. On B we go underground to some dark passages with sparkling lights here and there. A slow chuggy with acidic attempts and gorgeous synths. As always, Waffles is a must for the modern DJ. Yeah!

        It’s 6:66am when Chinaski elbows his way on to the floor. Leather jacket. Metal studs. Bare arms. Tattoos. With his hand freshly stamped this newcomer brazenly strides into the Bordello. His style? Try to pin it down. Beats parry and pound with the intensity of an EBM hammer. Yet, strolling through those meaty kick drums stride shimmering melodies that sport elements of new beat, italo and techno. The rakish grooves of “Surfin’ Dead” occupies the A-Side. Bold rhythms fly in the face of burbling bass and cascading chords as Chinaski takes control. A body pumping work out follows. “Unschuld Der Sinne” throws beat shaped fists from the needle drop as a brawl breaks out. Born in the smoke machines of Belgium, this bruiser balances its rough edged rhythms with beaming bars. There’s to be no relenting as the closer screams like a nitro-fuelled missle. “Ab In Die Ewigkeit” soars is a muscle-bound sky rocket set to keep any floor rumbling to the break of dawn.


        Patrick says: Bordello A Parigi newcomer Chinaski drops the hammer on our unsuspecting asses, delivering a three tracker which fuses the pitch black intensity of industrial and new beat with Italo grooves. Piccadilly approved floor fire here with possible wrong speed potential!

        Ghost Vision


        A new force on the modern Balearic scene made of up Thomas Gandey aka Cagedbaby (member of Matom alongside Matt Edwards) and Daniel McLewin, half of UK-based production duo Psychemagik. Together they drop their first single on Germany's long running leftfield label Kompakt.

        "Saturnus" is an upright mano a mano between two musicians and their gear, unchained from all preconceptions and biases; real (machine) talk as the hip-hop heads would say.

        On "Zuul Passage" we get a twangy and Tron-esque futurescape generated by a good old Moog Voyager, '70s string machines', Oberheim OBXA, 303, Space Echo and the too little-known and equally little-used Korg Lambda. The track traverses remote kosmische-indebted expanses but hits close to the core with its deft mix of slow-burning spectral funk, textured outerspace pads and further stirring heart-searching harmonics. Subtly arranged yet leaving maximum room to the lively force of its original layout, it is a lovingly crafted piece of emotive and psychedelic magnitude that's seamlessly and almost effortlessly produced; allowing the listener to relish undistrubed in its sensuous offerings. 

        A five track EP from new UK-based label Uncertainty Principle. "fft1" is the first record under the FFT moniker for a young producer who has been making various names for himself for five years now. "fft1" combines super tight high-tech production with ’90s bleep and rave stylings to bring a unique experimental electro / techno sound which sits nicely alongside techno, electro and ghetto-tech in the mix. This ain't no tried re-hash though, FFT's grip on technology is supreme, leaving others still reading their manuals as he gracefully re-programs his machines into a techno super group for the 22nd century! Solid support for this record comes from Kirsti (null+void), Happa, Julia Govor and Mor Elian.


        Matt says: Mindbending new electronix for the modular heads, hardware freaks and anyone with a penchant for experimental tekno and classic electro. TIP!

        New twelve on Hank Jackson's Anno label by Loidis aka Huerco S. aka Pendant aka The Royal Crown of Sweden.

        The producer has quickly ascended the showbiz ranks of dance music to become one of its brightest stars. With a murky, slightly psychedelic aesthetic with nods to dub-techno and ambient music, Huerco S has dropped various game changing 12"'s and a career-defining long player (released on Proibito).

        Here are three tracks, undeniably HS through and through. The buoyant, tape drenched aquatics of "A Parade" opens the EP as darting strings and tumbling waves crash over dancing chimes and a splashing beat. "In A Place Where I Sit" sees thick static and angelic vox strewn out across a flat futurescape; an environment well trodden by the intrepid sonic adventurer. Finally track, "The Floating World (And All It's Pleasures)" is another classic blueprint from the producer as gentle beats propel thought provoking piano notes and steadily simmering, suspended string sounds. Music to get completely lost in, whether its eyes-wide-shut next to your favourite speaker stack or swathed in ganja smoke blacked out in your bedroom. Amazing.

        This week's slew of Bordello bangers concludes with a sumptuous set of summer house from new name (to us anyway) Théo Spécial. "Ivory" is one of those super sultry house groovers you'd expect to hear early in a Move D set. Precise percussion courtesy of tight conga and bongo work, scatted vocal rhythms, lush piano (I can't remember the sample right now and it's gonna drive me craaaazzzyyyy) and dubby fx treatment result in a proper steamroom winner. The frankly exquisite percussion gets its own moment in the spotlight via the drum mix (DJ Tool time) before Tambien man Bartellow brings the techno-tribalism for a nine minute remix. Possibly my favourite musical moment of the week, this mix sees Beni blur up the soundscape with mechanical whirrings, swirl a little sax and underpin the whole thing with a ripping bassline. Occasional piano licks and bursts of the OG's polyrhythms add neat details, but this one's all about the endless hypnotic journey. Last but not least "Oohyaa" slows the tempo, ups the opium dosage and delivers a gorgeous Balearic warm down for the bearded masses.


        Sil says: Hypnotic, relaxing and stupendously refreshing EP here, folks! Is it balearic? Are these downtempo deep house kind of tracks? Whatever you decide to call it, you will definitely play this out - the 'Ivory' (Drum mix) is a funky weapon. Although it works wonders on the headphones too. Watch out with the Bartellow mix... It is almost a Rhythm & Sound thing. Dark, introspective and relentless. Beautiful.

        Sun's out and "We'll Sea Pt.3" is here on bright, yellow-marbled vinyl. This edition brings us five tracks that'll leave your behind tanned. The A Side introduces Cornchild, a new nom de guerre by an established maestro of the low notes. While being a longtime neighborhood friend of Mireia Records in Hamburg, he's a world travelling, record making factotum with releases on house music's finest like Giegling, Retreat and Delusions of Grandeur. Here he reinvents fragments of his record collection into entirely new pieces. Caught somewhere between soulful house, funk and japanese sci-fi soundtrack. The A1 brings the drama via Blaxplo samples and a stone groove, "Throw That Key" fuses soul-jazz and funk, and "Space Dream" properly delivers for the Balearic DJ thanks to it's Japanese intergalactic Western vibe. The flipside brings together two of the dustiest fingers from the south and east LeRoy from Munich, known for his loose style between Kraut, sampling and psychedelics becomes "Like One". Elevating vocal snippets, warm-as-a-dog's-nose bassline and delayed fuzz guitars bring an early summer to your technics. Filburt from Leipzig, Don of O*rs and well-versed producer in his own right hypnotizes and slowly layers "Take it back" into infinity. 


        Sil says: Mmmmm... this is good. Edits. Yes, more edits. I like edits. These ones deserve a focused listening. Loads of reverb on them. They have been carefully crafted and all of them are just great. Chilled, calming and perfectly sunset ready. Great stuff once again.


        12" Info: Limited Yellow Vinyl

        Pointer Sisters / Drifters

        Send Him Back / You Got To Pay Your Dues

        The Pointer Sisters first came to the attention of the Northern Soul scene when the shook the floor at the dawn of Wigan Casino All-Nighters with their storming Atlantic 45 “Send Him Back”. The group, sisters June, Ruth and Anita Pointer went on to fame and fortune with multiple Grammy’s when they switched to ‘Blue Thumb’ Records but nothing could touch the atmospheric “Send Him Back”, famously rerubbed by the mighty Pilooski. The Drifters need little introduction with their string of hits on both sides of the Atlantic. They’ve also enjoyed consistent plays on the rare soul scene including their fifties recording “Drip Drip” through to their late seventies UK rarity “Pour Your Little Heart Out”. But here we hear the pinnacle of their Northern Soul output “You Got To Pay Your Dues” featuring the late great Johnny Moore.

        Love Saves The Date

        LSD 1

        Love Saves The Date kick off their edit series. All pretty anonymous thus far as probably nothing to do with the Bristol based party of a similar name (Love Saves The Day).

        Anyway, it's heritage is of little concern at this point; what matter is the music! What we have here is two reworkings of some classic disco business. On side A, Atmosphere's "Dancing In Outer Space" gets a re-rub, teasing out the percussion before dropping into the familiar, horn-heavy refrain. Meanwhile on the reverse, Tamiko Jones' breathy, synth-laden disco smoker "Can't Live Without Your Love" is given an extra-sleazy tweak. Revival of the re-edit!? Youbetcha! Ace. 

        Slow Motion’s 38th (!!) release comes courtesy of Berlin-based Gallo who you may know as part of Balearic Gabba Soundsystem. Joining the family for his debut solo release Gallo drops the tempo for three deep-cuts of blissful Balearica. First up, "Faron" delivers emotional synth tones, percolating sequences and hazy electronics, then the titular "Orange Stripe" hits us with suspended animation pads, glistening keys and a killer Italian house rhythm section. "Winging" the final OG on offer slips into Mario's flying cap, drops the tempo to a gentle groove and heads skywards with dreamy melodies and subtle percussion. All this comes backed up with an acidic, chugging re-rub of ‘Faron’ from Fabrizio Mammarella which is perfect when the sun goes down, Orange Stripe arrives just in time for Summer. How to get the most of this track: combine it with blissful and dreamy beach-excursions or with a sunset aperitivo. 


        Patrick says: Highly recommended tackle here from Balearic Gabba Soundsystem's Gallo, who hooks us up with a trio of sundowner serenades. Refreshingly different to the run-of-the-mill Balearica, this electronic set should sound perfect in the sunshine.

        Released on Trax in the golden year of 1989, Chicago's Virgo aka friends Eric Lewis and Merwyn Sanders, along with peers such as Larry Heard and Frankie Knuckles, gently pushed house music towards a more musically sophisticated realm that hadn't been explored, previously. Across 8 tracks Virgo took us on a deep exploration of sound that was both masterfully arranged and produced and in direct contrast to a lot of the rudimental and jacking drum tracks that were the flavour of the day. There are few debut albums in the electronic sphere that can claim the title of 'classic', but this is surely one of them. A defining turning point in dance music, the dawn of what would later be referred to as the 'deep house' movement and sound is all evident with the grooves of this legendary record. Often listed as one of the 'greatest LP's of all time', this self-titled odyssey remains an essential, must have record that never loses it's magic, flawless in every way and still trailblazing today. Every home should have one. Remastered in conjunction with TRAX, repressed from the finest audio sources available. Often imitated, never replicated! 100% legit.


        Matt says: A true treasure of Chicago history. They should name a street after these guys. Have they not? Virgo Boulevard where the streets are paved in solid gold house music.


        Temple / Tranquil

        Primarily known as a master of energetic Italo euphoria, Hysteric shuns the dancefloor here, slowing the tempo for a couple of swooning sample-based tracks that should delight anyone on a Balearic tip. A million miles away from his frothy rockers on Public Possession, "Temple" treats us to subtle percussion idents, mystic synth licks and a slow and steady drum box beat. Evocative and immersive, this sounds exactly like you're lurking in the undergrowth staring at an 8-bit altar. Over on the flip, "Tranquil" gets this week's Ronseal award, serving up a dreamy leadline, pastoral accompaniment and a laid back groove. Slip your moorings and float on by amigo.


        Patrick says: Hysteric takes a break from Italo heaters here, opting instead to cool us down with a couple of exotic, esoteric grooves steeped in Eastern spices. Brilliantly Balearic...

        Carl Weingarten / Walter Whitney

        Dreaming In Colors

        Emotional Rescue begins the first in a series of reissues looking at the music of guitarist Carl Weingarten and his Multiphase Records label, starting at his highly sought after collaborate album with Walter Whitney, Dreaming In Colors.
        With an early interest in photography and Super 8 film leading to a degree in cinema production, Weingarten's other, self-taught, love was the slide guitar. Taking its blues roots and merging them with his visual arts background created a unique "painting in sound" style of playing.
        While looking to break into the film industry he began writing and recording his own film scores and other music for modern dance companies. From this, he founded Multiphase Records in St Louis in 1980. By the time of Dreaming In Colors, the label had released a series of cassettes and vinyl albums offering abstract, experimental, jazz-fusion, new wave and increasingly, new age compositions.
        Throughout this period the work of engineer, keyboardist and programmer, Walter Whitney was often present and by the 1985 release of Dreaming In Colors the duo had collaborated for a number of years and released several projects together, most notably as members of the Delay Tactics band.
        Recorded during off days from the Delay Tactics sessions, the album came together at Whitney's Subterranean Sound studio with a focus away from the bands guitar driven instrumentals to explore a multilayered approach to synthesis, blending textures with Whitney's original samples and sound design, while Weingarten's guitar moved from shining solo moments to complimenting the overall oeuvre, all with heavy washes of delay.
        This ecumenical approach led to the creation of this compelling album. A masterful conceptual whole that is linked by rich melodies and a concise playing style, heavy on substance while never forgoing the uplifting vibrations. 


        SIM / Moon Fleet

        The second installment of Safe Trip's Darling dalliance is upon us, bearing another pair of hallucinatory dancefloor hits for the DJ dreamers out there. A-side cut "SIM" delivers rubbery bass wobble, lopsided percussion and nuanced woodblocks, all set atop breathy Italian house pads. Sturdy yet soft, and wonderfully wiggy, the cut really comes into its own with the introduction of a curious keyboard melody that adds a touch of interdimensional jazz to proceedings. On the flip, "Moon Fleet" bleeps the bass sound up a little, then sets it wriggling away against snapping electro drums, taking a detour into wormhole funk while all kinds of spectral sparkles whirl through your field of future vision.


        Sil says: Bubby, clean and suave electro cum techno. All on the soft side of things. Melodic as hell a la Aphex Twin. And very very good overall. Get this pronto as they are flying as we speak. It sounds awesome on the speakers here in the shop.

        Taking the Piccadilly Delorean back to 2016, Mellah made an instant impression on the world with a killer set of mystical edits from Parisian prodigy Shelter. Now the mysterious imprint is back with a 12" double pack of dope, deep and dubby discoid flips on a whole host of Arabic O.G.s. The A1 offers a shuffling beat, sunny bassline and Balearic mood, the Idjut style build up eventually giving way to a Turkish pop chorus and some neat guitar work. The A2 bubbles along nicely, applying maximum filter action to the bass and strings of an Arabic disco winner before bursting into a big vocal and bigger chorus. Over on the B-side things bump up a notch into Acid Arab territories, wild reed riffs and tough Afro-house percussion powering the B1 into the peaktime while the B2 is the kind of tabla tonker custom built to cause dervish whirls.  The pump and bump continues on the C1 with a supercharged and cybernetic desert pinger, complete with acidic B-line and rampant saz licks. Next we get a little disco exotica, proper belly dancing tackle and then it's on to the final side, which ends the set with a couple of warped and wavey curveballs. Yalla!


        Patrick says: If you've been hankering after more of that Middle Eastern magic, Mellah return with a double pack full of Turkish delight. Essential listening for fans of Baris K, Acid Arab and De Los Miedos.


        Bostich (DJ Hell 2018 Remix)

        Who's your favourite Swiss synth pop powerhouse? If you didn't say Yello then you're sadly mistaken. I reckon DJ Hell shares our appreciation of Messrs Blank, Meier and Peron (don't forget Carlos Peron), as he's got stuck into the group's first big club hit (global club hit no less) "Bostich" and reshaped it into a leather clad techno stormer perfect for darkrooms and gas masks. Hell loops up that timeless synth sequence, adds neat percussion idents to hypnotic effect, then plays merry hell with echo and delay, tripping the vocal out into a disorienting blend of tipped out lyrics. Locking you into a new bassline and letting loose with the synth wiggery of the OG, Yello manages to take a definitive classic into somewhere entirely new. Deep, dark and oddly funky, this is a right roller perfect for late night sessions.


        Sil says: We got a mash-up of two mega hits. Add Yello's 'Bostich' to Ben Klock's 'Sub Zero' and you get a hell of dancefloor tomahawk. Brutal, contagious and effective. Cheerio!

        MF Doom Operation: Doomsday 7” Singles. DOOM’s 1999 classic debut album is now available on a series of deluxe 7-Inches. Each 7” is housed in a full color picture sleeve featuring brand new artwork by Lord Scotch, the original artist behind the Operation: Doomsday art. When laid side-by-side, the art fits together like puzzle pieces to form one large DOOM image.


        Opal - Four Tet Remix

        Big release on Ninja Tune with two of dance music's biggest stars on one twelve inch! Kieran Hebden is the more seasoned veteran while Bicep, though certainly not new to this game, could be regarded as the new kid on the block in the premier league of touring electronic acts. Credentials aside, both are known to rock the big stages down to their core so it's lovely to see Four Tet getting to grips with one of their more recent smashers. The Belfast duo's original consists of this hi-tek synth line, programmed to within an inch of its live then let loose across this skitty UKG-informed beat. It's already got nods to the Hebden's Text label and is a perfect slice of specialist, stadium-unifying greatness.

        Enter Four Tet who ditches the syncopated garage beat for a straight up house romp (although the dusty hat sound remains, and seems a favourite of both producers). The weaving, serpentine synth lick continues its offensive as the London producer adds ethereal wind chimes, growling sfx and twinkling arps. Sympathetic to the original but adding a different flavour and mood, it's a brilliant excursion by this dance legend.

        On the flip we get another Bicep OG, "Helix" in unadulterated form. Another sophisticated, techno-learning number with intricate modular melodies colliding with crisp drums and moody pads; a late night / early morning time affair when no one wants to open the curtains and the mind wanders into abstract realms... 


        Sil says: Big things can happen when two heavyweight champs go tete a tete. Sometimes not. However, here beautiful things occurred in the studio and I can postulate that Four Tet has transformed an already beast of a tune onto an absolute killer hipster friendly for the rave conscious heads. Expect the usual groovy, cushy house beats with keys a-la-trance or a la proggy-house. Fellas around me can give you the look for liking a progressive house tune. I am not one of those. I am different! I do not mind a good dose of it if it is of the quality that Kieran has given us this time. The guy is still cutting it. Joyous, melodic, with its well crafted climaxes... you know how this man does it. Get it now!

        The irresistible Al-Tone Edits inaugurates a brand new label - 020312 with four of his choice cuts. Anyone keeping an eye on this firm will know - their records go for big bucks!

        Four uptempo disco numbers presented here, cut and spliced skilled and sympathetically and featuring some pretty obscure source material.

        "Remember Me" is a glitzy and groovy, late 70s disco edit. Rich on keyboard and guitar work and getting us truly locked in the pocket.

        "Beggar" is slightly more eccentric, unloading some emotive guitar solos while a frenetic rhythm section and vocal chorus get busy.

        "Heaven" sees a powerful stomper get re-arranged for our dancing pleasure, while "Long Journey" sounds like an even more upbeat and jubilated version of Joubert Singers feel-good anthem, "Stand On The Word".

        Limited copies of this one so act quick if you want in on the action... 


        Sil says: As usual top notch quality from Al Tone. Feel good, fast paced, warm and funky disco edits on offer on this piece. Will totally shake the dancefloor. These deserve a proper soundsystem and you are ready to crack it. Very good indeed. Buy on sight!

        Invisible City Editions officially re-release the sublime extended 12” version of “Praise Jah” with soaring vocals and wild electronics. Oluko Imo was a Trinidadian born multi-instrumentalist, founder of the legendary spiritual afro jazz groups Mansa Musa and the Black Truth Rhythm Band. He moved to New York City in the 80s and divided his time between teaching music there and touring Africa with Fela Kuti as both his manager and part of the band. Praise Jah is Imo’s crowning achievement. An elevated electronic mantra that perfectly fuses synthy soca disco with his spiritual afro-Trinidadian leanings. It’s a timeless piece of music that sounds as visionary today as it did when it emerged from the aether back in 1979.


        Patrick says: After flying out the store on its initial appearance, Invisible Cities' mega reggae-disco reissue returns to blow your Balearic party away! Don't miss out this time round...

        Listen carefully folks! Absolutely mind blowing, FRESH release straight outta MCR - essential tackle for roots, dancehall and reggae fans and bringin' nuttin' but firepower to any local soundsystem looking to expand its arsenal.

        Label going under the name Heavyweight Killers, info is notoriously thin on the ground at present but rest assured there's some major players involved! Four tracks, cut for maximum pressure and frequency response on the big outdoor stacks.

        Kingston, JA vocal artist going by the name Jallanzo (Dubtonic Kru) who provides fresh lyrics over some roots and reggae staples. This ain't no beige re-hash however, the vocal performances are inspired and contextual. There's "Hussle": a poignant tale of survival in 2018 and the lengths working class men have to go to to provide. "Don't Burn" sees Jallanzo actually give Max Romeo a run for his money as he provides new verses on a "Chase The Devil" riddim - with a truly inspired lyric about keeping people on side and not burning bridges with them. Other tracks include "Reggae Rocking", on a recut of the "Bad Boy" riddim c/o Sly & Robbie while "'My Sound' (on King Tubby's "Bobby Babylon" mixed by Scientist) is one for all sound system owners and is a fitting swan song for this amazing EP. The first release from this camp and demand is going to be high. 300 copies and that's it! - DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! MCR soundsystem essential - T I P!!!


        Matt says: Brand new MCR-JA business from a fresh local firm. The vinyl sounds super hot as Jallanzo offers some inspired interpretations on these classic riddims. Essential!


        So You Wanna Be A Star - Inc. Danny Krivit Edit

        'So you wanna be a star' - 24 carat Disco gold from 1980 right here. Mtume, led by legendary Jazz percussionist and all-round musical visionary James Mtume had a number of massive hits and can count quite a few 'classics' within their repertoire ('Juicy Fruit' anyone?). This flawlessly arranged, funk drenched jam speaks on the dangers of living life too fast and relying on those who can't be trusted. Remember, this was the beginning of the 1980's, the disco era had begun to fade amidst the drug hazed excesses of the previous decade, while the music continued forging its path skyward with tremendous records like this one. 'So you wanna...' really has a message and that's not surprising considering it has one of the most underrated production teams behind it in the shape of Mtume / Lucas. A true gem of the post-Disco era. Essential and rare. This repress of the original Epic promo from 1980 is backed with a brand new re-edit from one of NYC's Disco kings - Mr.K aka Danny Krivit. With almost half a century spent behind the turntables in NYC and beyond he surely understands records like 'So you wanna be a star' intrinsically, he was, after all, there when it all happened!


        David says: We love a winner as much as the next record shop and winners don't come any more victorious than this sublime slice of boogie disco. Play this loud in a public place and watch the room turn into a party. Just like that...

        Glasgow >>>> Peckham connection!

        Rhythm Section INTL continues its quest to unearth the rawest new talent with this stellar debut from Glaswegian duo ‘String Theory’. Opening up with the majestic ‘Dirty High’ we’re treated to a symphony of modular synthesis, swelling strings and the bounciest drums we’ve heard in a long time. Rarely has house music been so fun yet so musical. Live bass-tip toes over an ocean of synth stabs and piano chords to create an anthemnic track that’s sure to be the soundtrack to long summer nights and early mornings….

        We don’t know where the RS crew keep finding these gems, but long may it continue. String Theory tick so many boxes we just can’t wait to hear more...


        Matt says: Massive EP from Glasgow showing that the funk and future-focus dunt fade as we head north! A big coup for the Peckham stable - don't sleep!

        Gino Soccio

        Try It Out / Dancer / It's Alright


          --- All officially licensed!

          All songs Licensed courtesy of Warner Music UK Ltd.

          Yes that's right, three of this Italo-Canadian legend's most potent jams, available to one and all for a limited period! From the delectable smooth funk licks of "Try It Out" to the amyl-huffing euro-disco romp of "Dancer" closing with the gleeful boogie stomp of "It's Alright". Absolute fire from beginning to end!

          Form an orderly queue please.

          "Try It Out": Published by Good Flavour Songs Inc. / Sons Celestes / Shediac Music, ASCAP (P) 1981 WEA International Inc.
          "Dancer": Published by Prime Quality Music / Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd (P) 1979 WEA International Inc.
          "It's Alright": Published by Copyright Control / (P) 1994 WEA International Inc.


          Matt says: At one point it was necassary for everyone who was in Wet Play to own this record. It still is infact. Huge sonofapizzaman bomb. Every home needs one!

          HIROSHIMA 45. CHERNOBYL 86. WINDOWS 95. Penelope's Fiance (La Beauté Du Négatif). Rawmance + Security (La Beauté Du Négatif / Knick Knack Yoda). Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin). Raw Ambassador (UN.T.O. Records / Mannequin).

          What's that? A brand new label featuring a who's who of modern day noise merchants, hardware vampires and ruthless experimentalists? Yes mate. You can get it right here but have you got the right protective gear? Yes? Ok, then you may proceed.

          Super limited copies on this one folks, if any of the names above tickle your fancy then you'll need to act quick as this is hot shit at the moment. Darkside dirg and interstellar evil from five cats currently tweaking it harder than the rest. T I P!

          I-F, Adult. DIE and Electronome with their own versions of this Detroit electro anthem by the Detroit In Effect boys. Remastered for Clone's West Coast vinyl series. As you'd expect, all four cuts are stylistically in line with vintage electro as they ably display the various facets of this iconic track. Synthesized snares, Casio keyboard rhythms, robo-vox and bubbling arps are order of the day as we shed new light on this underground anthem.


          The fertile soil of Australia has become a hotbed for house and techno talent in recent years, and Perth native turned Melbourne local Roza Terenzi is fast becoming a leader of the new school. Her debut for Voyage delivers a three-piece suite of experimental, rhythmic workouts; forward thinking with a heavy lean on early rave nostalgia. "Weakest Link" gives us bleepy R&S vibes, hallucinatory chords and scratch fx, twisted into a kinda breakbeat rumbler. The slanted percussion continues on "Seminyak Dream" a tough, rough and rude slice of breakbeat house with a tasty line in womping bass. "Lilli’s Dream" rocks up at around 7am, shielding its eyes from the sun and pulling you into a big pilled up hug. The EP is rounded off with a fast-paced remix of the title track from Vancouver's D. Tiffany, who goes fully cybernetic with this CJA banger.


          Matt says: Roza Terenzi heads up the new school of ravers with a warehouse ready trilogy of tunes. Really strong stuff here as she displays a keen ear for hefty beats and thick sounds. All the massive!

          Tsuba welcome back Argentine production whizz Fernando Pulichino for their latest release, inviting their main man to drop a trio of nu disco chuggers complete with a left of centre dub house re-work from the hotly tipped Androo. "Serena" (presumably named after the Gossip Girl bombshell) is a buxom cut complete with Metro Area synths, bubbling bass and a dynamic arrangement, while "Solstice" drops the tempo and turns up the bass, rolling through the kind of boogie tinged house heater we'd have lost our shit to this time last decade. Over on the flip "Sunburst 73" hits us with wiggy slapbass, sustained sci fi pads and a properly mint synth lead before Second Circle associate Androo gets chuggy and druggy with the dislocated island groove of his dub house rework. Secret Balearic stormer this Androo mix, don't sleep...

          NDATL back with new joints from the label's creator Kai Alcé. "Sheeds Move" kicks off the twelve with super lush flute part (played by Rasheed Ali) dancing atop catchy house beats and the odd burst of bass. A gentile but engrossing slice of biotic house music that's perfect for the daytime. "Jam Tight" deploys a heftier beat structure as detuned Rhodes brings that classic Detroit house flavour. Title track, "Back In This Shit" sees Alcé conjure up a hypnotic house-garage hybrid which is certain to please even the most avid dance music aficionado. "Not" concludes with a driving deep house number with warm piano chords, shuffled beats and snappy claps. With gentle vocal infections and a jazzy mood, it again recalls the storied history of Detroit house music whilst keeping things looking to the future. Kai Alcé returns with a bang! - most recommended.


          Matt says: Really feeling the title track, "Back In This Sh!t" - a shuffled and shimmering deep house bomb that's guaranteed to fill the floor.

          Super Rhythm Trax unveil their brand new side label Bleeper, which will concentrate on a slightly tougher strain of techno than the rattling warehouse beasts previously purveyed. First out of the gate are Ford Foster who've previously graced Unknown To The Unknown and Opal Tapes. Joined by Frankie Castle with "Bounce That", an ingenious ghetto house jam with a serious twist. Backed with a Jerome Hill remix that strips the whole thing down leaving the bare ingredients to do damage on the dancefloor. Also included are an instrumental version of the original, and the slo mo banger "Shake That". With its parent label Super Rhythm Trax a highly coveted label we expect these units to move quick sharp...


          Matt says: More illicit nightclub weaponry from the same folks that brought you Super Rhythm Trax.

          Japanese electronic music stalwart Keita Sano returns to Let’s Play House with a slew of fresh tracks, "Kubo" marking the first in a new series of EPs from the star. Electric and charged, "A Place Called Sun Beach" kicks things off in peak time fashion, a highly kinetic groove rippling with excitement and tension as the rubbery arps and darting leads collide across pogoing house drums. "Hmmm" is up next with clattering snares and sloppy kicks. Its intriguing and slightly off-kilter but still dancefloor-centric and destined for nightclub play. "Sweet Fruit" sees the adventurous producer utilize brilliantly constructed patterns and complicated tape delays, making for a heady and lysergic listen - tropical, rhythmic and engrossing; the perfect late night centre piece to blow away the competition. "My Pain" concludes with an exotic, cosmic-disco-house hybrid, the kind you might find on Tusk Wax or To Rack And Ruin, only with a little more gerth and bite. Belting stuff from Sano as always.


          Matt says: Keita Sano goes from strength to strength! Really powerful stuff here for Let's Play House. Seriously, how can we get this cat over to Manchester...?!

          We've been waiting for this for a painfully long time! Hand stamped white label from The Hammer hits. Feel My Bicep’s Hammer delivering a peak time disco-house rework that'll land firmly at the front of most record bags and send crowds into spiraling oblivions when played at the hottest nightspots. Taking the Jones Girls "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else" and ramping up the BPMs, Hammer adds kicking house beats and some hi-pass filter action; turning it into a full throttle main room anthem that'll find favour from the terraces of the white isle to the dancefloor of the White Hotel! DJ Shanté & Haircules of H.O.T. Records Fame, provides the dub remix on the flip, stripping away from of the vox and beefing up the drums. Guaranteed dance floor heat! Do. Not. Sleep. 


          Matt says: Holy shit have you heard this?! Peak time, all encompassing banger that'll wrap itself around the whole dancefloor. Surely big fer't end of year romps

          Ahead of the 10-track album Dimitri From Paris presents Le CHIC Remix, this limited, hand-stamped white label features two of Dimitri’s meticulously reverent mixes alongside their respective instrumentals. In his mixes of Sister Sledge’s evergreen ‘Thinking Of You’ and the unmistakeable Chic staple ‘Le Freak’, Dimitri’s touch underlines the enduring and undeniable power of these timeless disco records. On the A-side, Dim delivers extra polyrhythmic power, kick drum punch and stereo space to deliver the definitive version of Sister Sledge killer "Thinking Of You". Meanwhile on the flip, the Frenchman mixes up the arrangement and ups the intensity to add a little extra dancefloor oomph to "Le Freak". C'est magnifique.


          12" Info: Hand stamped 12"

          Now we're talking! After an endless winter of doom, gloom and cold war revivalism, Noche Espanola is here to herald the return of warmer days, white sands and primo pingers (our current batch are windmills - reassuringly expensive). The man behind the music, Balearic legend, production whizz and melodic maestro Phil Mison, forgets the stress of current affairs and takes us back to the glory days of Balearic house. The Outdoor Mix of "Domino" locks into a precise 4/4, flirts with some gorgeous conga rolls then lets Phil take it away with breesy acoustic guitar licks. From there we feel the force of a girthy synth sequence, delivering the neccessary bassweight to balance out the pitched down vocal sample - the crowd will go wild! On the flip, the Indoor Mix ditches the acoustic guitar, pushes the synths to the forefront and slots into heads down groove mode, additional cowbell and crystalline keys an added bonus. Phil drops a beatless synth outro as the umbrella in our cocktail then takes his lilo elsewhere - job done.


          Patrick says: It's always a good day when a Highwood box arrives, and Senor Mison's latest EP offers a much needed dose of dopamine in these uncertain times. This is Balearic house at its best, effortless, melodic and totally evocative of carefree days on the dance floor.


          12" Info: Limited Hand Stamped 12" + Sticker

          DJ legend, edit addict and all round gee Andi Hanley follows up his smash sell out double pack on Ruf Kutz and his Bat-action on Red Laser with the inaugural release on the ultra fresh Misadventures label. Staying true to my man's uncrimpable style, this three tracker's slick, smooth and well cheeky, working its magic at the very heart of the Balearic/Disco/House Venn diagram.
          Strolling out the blocks in a shimmer of sunscreen, "Heaven" plonks us on a pool bar stool and takes control of the dance floor, throwing all manner of sultry shapes to the warming sounds of woody synths, 80s funk bass and rolling percussion. From there "Girl" drops the tempo and sparks the spliff, locking into a lolling cod reggae riddim that reeks of THC, tastes like Tropicana and looks like Ruf Dug making a perfect run on Donkey Kong. Last but by no means least, "You" lets loose with backcombed bass, lush FM pads and circular mallets, totally rocking that tropical synth-funk sound. 
          The hardest-working, most lovable, least egotistical man in music strikes again. Full marks!


          Patrick says: Much loved member of our extended audio family, the mighty Andi Hanley launches the Misadventures imprint with a top trio of tropical, synth funk edits. Balearic boogie, digi-dub-pop and 80's fusion are on the menu, and you're certain to come back for seconds. Yes mate!

          Made In Thailand


          Audio contraband from a mysterious Southeast Asiatic connection. Info is light but vibe is heavy! A-side touches on that eastern-cosmic style that seems very in vogue at the moment, as producers look even further afield for inspiration and sounds. Side B takes it back to Europe though with an Italian sounding shuffle and shoulder roll with sparse arrangement decorated beautifully with space vocoder. Exotic and enjoyable flavours beamed directly to your lughole! Do not miss!


          Sil says: Electro with heavy Asian influence on A side and a more chilled discoid version with a bit of vocoder included on B side that will smoothly oil up your dancefloor. I am lovin' it.

          Simbad returns with his third seasonal EP on Gamm. Bringing us out of the long dark Winter, three gospel-flavoured church jams to keep us smiling and jiving until the temperature soars. All taken from his own arsenal, the esteemed Londoner tweaks and twists numbers by Dorothy Norwood, William Brothers & Mighty Clouds Of Joy. "He's A Friend" is a classy soul stomper, released on Jewel in 1977. "Never Could Have Made It" is taken from the album, "Hand In Hand" in 1986. Finally, you'd be hard pressed to find a copy of "Glow Love", so SMBD does the do and touches it up again ready for re-sale! Excellent stuff here, full of uplifting, soulful moments.

          Emotional Rescue and Jamwax end their Capo Disco series by returning to Glen Adams and his cover of Bob Marley’s classic. The early 70s Lee Perry produced original raw sound is taken to the disco reggae dancefloors of the early 80s with a bottom heavy jam, while his Capo Crew works a killer dub flipside. 
          “Fussing & Fighting” was originally released on the 1971’s Soul Revolution album and for many came during the pinnacle of Bob Marley & The Wailers output, before the smoothing out of their sound during the later “Island” years. Whichever, the guidance and collaboration with Perry transformed the Wailers from a successful Ska / Rocksteady group towards a visionary, conscious, crossover phenomenon. Perry’s in-house band, The Upsetters, lent so much to this early period, the brothers Aston and Carlton Barrett creating a perfect drum and bass bedrock. With Glen Adams on organ, the original version known simply as is an incessant, rumbling message and in that light, Adams return to it over a decade later makes justified and righteous sense.
          Actually released on both Capo Disco and Marley’s own Tuff Gong, Adams’ vocal marries a disco-dub and guitar groove, dropping, in the latter half, right down to tambourine into perfectly stretched Discomix. Things get even more laid out on “Mad Blank” aka the version. Riding the desk, “Capo” lets each instrument time and space, dropping to just a kick and dubbed piano before slowly coming back with hats, guitar and then when the bass comes, the Gospel purity of dub reggae shines, all before the teasing fade calls for a rewind. Rest and rise, Glenroy “Capo” Adams.

          Emotional Rescue and Jamwax return to Capo Disco with the first ever-official release of a holy grail of the Caribbean disco sound. Fully licensed and remastered especially for this release, there is no now requirement for badly pressed rip offs. While little is known about the Crashers, all leads point to an incarnation of the revolving “house” band of Glen Adams. As often the case, the floating nature of Jamaican born labels, rhythm sections naming and renaming to fit occasions was endless.  Running out of his Brooklyn studio, the otherwise known Outerlimits, Capo And The Crew or even possibly Crashers, the swinging reggae meets funk grooves are apparent. Led from the desk by label owner, producer and writer, Glenroy Adams and co created a 12” that covers bases in one release.
          While funk bass, chopped guitar, harmonica and vocal harmonies created the Caribbean flavours of Flight To Jamaica, they cloud Capo’s closest assent to the disco sound he was tapping in to. As NYC shifted towards the fresh block party sounds of hip-hop it should be remembered those early parties were in essence disco and funk records cut up, looped and rapped over.
          With the over-used grail tag worthy of the A side alone, the flip itself has become a funk-bomb that pushes dealer prices to the heavens. Featuring the unknown Lamour on vocals, it’s as much the female harmonies, slap bass and guitar solo mixed with stabbing piano and drum breaks that make this short, but sweet ‘skank’ a worthy collectors item in it’s own right.
          While Capo Disco was just a yearlong sub label, the breath of style, optimism and intent is obvious. As an archive mission, Flight to Jamaica being removed from the bootleggers hands is justified, but sitting in the middle of 3 killer 12”s rewinds of Glen Adams vision, it should be seen in a broader spotlight. 

          The story goes that Marcel Vogel and Oye boss Delfonic met in Berlin around 12 years ago and started a weekly bar DJ night together with Tinko & Noema at a gay bar in Mitte. After bonding over disco and orange juice, the two have become total BFFs. It makes perfect sense then that the Lumberjacks In Hell boss joins the ranks of the OYE edit crew with this fierce four tracker touching on funk, disco, Afro and dub. The set opens with the funked up bass rumble of "Movin'", a percussive thud of scat style vocals, tribal percussion and warm organ keys which keeps the tension sky high throughout. Next up we funk it up with a sweet number that the Balearic crowd might just recognise. Jump onto the B-side and cop some feels via the shuffling congas, limber bass and female vox of "Lovin'", a hefty helping of mirrorball magic in vintage COMBi style. Finally, the slow and skanking "Talkin'" takes us into the sunkissed realm of deepest dub, with some African-American empowerment vocal samples thrown in for good measure. Right on.


          Sil says: Groovy, funky and cheeky edits by no other than Em Vee. These four cuts will keep you moving and jumping from funk to disco and a touch of balearic.A bit for everyone but all of them of an outstanding quality. And that folks, is not something to oversee when it comes to the murky world of edits. Buy on sight I say.

          Vakulism - here's Vakula in the continuation of his metaphorical ideas embodied in a new alter ego and unifying combination of different genres which makes Vakula as always unique. In fairness, it's not a million miles away from his previous incarnations - but that's alll gravy with us as we heart Vakula through and through! Those dizzyingly hypnotic odes to organic deep house are still as tantalizing as ever, congas patterns, warm bass and reverb heavy hats sitting in a celestially-tuned mix full of darting leads and voluptuous pads. Bits of spoken word float through tracks like audible hallucinations along with bird sound and a rich sonic fauna. There's moments of serene Reichian repetition, and moments of driving deep house pleasure a la Ron Trent - that's the Vakula blueprint, and it's still as killer as ever. Highly recommended!


          Matt says: Beautifully serene collection of Krauty house minimalism here from our favourite Ukranian. It's been a long while but its worth the wait!


          Windbreaker Riddim / Warming

          This release sees Roska dropping some new, serious fun, with the pad-tinged menace of "Windbreaker Riddim" and the carnival flavoured chaos of "Warming", it finds Roska is excellent form - poised, classy and undeniably FUNKY! Two cuts ready to rock the dancefloor and the field over the coming months.

          Released via the impeccable Byrd Out which has previously released killer twelves by DMX Crew, Andrew Weatherall and Mad Professor.

          Limited copies! 


          Matt says: Byrd Out continue to proove their diversity, enlisting UK funky pioneer Roska for a double header of carnival presha. Big ting!

          Girl Ray

          The Way We Came Back

            "The Way We Came Back". The song is notable for being written by Poppy Hankin when she was just sixteen years old, yet had never been recorded until after the release of the North London group's debut album Earl Grey.

            "It's cute, I guess," says Sophie Moss. "You kinda wanna skip to it, you know? Makes you think about arguments but it doesn't make you hate them that much. It's an early, early - we're talking pre-Earl Grey here - banger that we wanted to oil up. A plump cow that needed to be milked. It was one of the first songs Poppy wrote when she was 16 which we all found pretty impressive. Sly arrangement, good vibes here."

            Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins

            All Sorts Of Heroes

              From the shrapnel of the unlikely collision point where Mancunian post punk royalty collides with sci-fi cinema and art house animation, this obscure diamond in the rough shines a new light on the Northern DIY era providing disc detectives with a whole new punk funk perspective. Recorded in 1976 by Invisible Girls’ Steve Hopkins and Martin Hannett for a truly bizarre stopmotion animation called ‘All Sorts Of Heroes’, this hard edged funk instrumental theme reveals another side to this versatile production team, joining the hidden dots between Hannett’s own discoid experiments with ESG, Gyro, A Certain Ratio and the mythical Afro Express recordings from the same year. Embodying as much in common with 1970’s bass heavy European funk soundtracks by bands like Goblin and Placebo, as the expected parallels with John-Cooper Clarke’s backing tracks or early Happy Mondays, this early 1976 session is the perfect example of Hannett and Hopkins’ under-the-radar artistic commissions working to a storyboard brief in what has now become recognised as a fertile arena for lost filmic funk.

              Drawing historic parallels with Leeds based Graeme Miller and Steve Shill’s home recorded DIY soundtracks for ‘The Moomins’ animation and accentuating the connection between Manchester based animation house Cosgrove Hall (‘Dangermouse’ / ‘Chorlton And The Wheelies’) and its employees Bernard Sumner, John Squire and members of Gerry And The Holograms, this lost recording adds kudos to a quirky micro-niche and reveals another dimension to Northern anti-pop’s snarky personality.

              Pressed here by Finders Keepers for the first time on vinyl, in close accordance with the wishes of Steve Hopkins himself, this custom-composed track originally appeared on the short film by Rick Megginson and Steve Hughes which was shown at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 1976 where it might have otherwise remained, preserved in an 8mm film box up until now. As relevant today as it was then, this closely recorded, cosmic cartoon, slappy funk theme provided the films backdrop for a workshop montage scene where an aardvarkian spaceman constructs a giant metal face robot which might well leave fans of Madlib and MF Doom fans pondering time travel. Like much of the lost and unreleased projects that stalled on the peripheries of early proto-Madchester, including the disco-pogo music of Spider King, Gerry And The Holograms, The 48 Chairs, Naffi and The Mothmen, this record has been frozen in time waiting for the wider marathon of independent pop to catch up.

              This 7” might well be another missing link between your Rabid, Absurd and Factory records, backed with another lesser-known Invisible Girls recording, ‘Scandinavian Wastes’, which has also been begging for its first vinyl outing since its recording in the early 1980s.

              Hard edged EBM and industrialized stomp here on the newly minted Ratteznake records. First single also by Effet Rose. "Los" sounds like it's been ripped off a lost Medusa edits twelve, its mix of Nitzer Ebb, Ministry and Severed Heads rippling off the wax with a ferocious intent. "Warschauer" sees concentric dark acid mixed with incomprehensible vocal utterances, recalling some machine darkness from Glasgow's Clan Destine Traxx. Finally, "Dance For Me" sees the gremlins' battle cry eeked out of a frazzled outboard, drawing out all the mutants for a techno moshpit of destructive proportions. Head for the bunkers!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Colon-busting biznis here from newly minted Rattleznake. Tuff enough to blow even the most hardened new beater a new orifice or two. Yowzers.

              Max Abysmal

              Sutekh's Mirage / Donna, Don't Stop

              Young Marco's Safe Trip are back with another high-grade heater for all the microdosers out there, this time courtesy of shadowy Dutch figure Max Abysmal. In keeping with the label's dreamy aesthetic, the mystery man treats us to a pair of hypnotic, exotic and esoteric house jams perfect for sunset, sunrise and fireside romps. On the A-side, "Sutekh's Mirage" moves through circular chimes, airy flute licks and warming bass tones while keeping the mechanical percussion restrained and dynamic. Beautiful and hallucinogenic, this is perfect material for either side of the peak time. On the flip, "Donna, Don't Stop" moves further into the shamanic house territories, teaming woody pipe riffs with clattering beats, hypnotic bass and cascading keys. Whether they're quaffing mushy brew, riding the rainbow highway or experimenting with letters and numbers, Safe Trip spangle you sweetly.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: The mysterious Max Abysmal takes to Safe Trip, donning druid's robes and conducting an ayahuasca ceremony with a DX7 as his assistant. Hypnotic, organic and entheogenic house music here, perfect for the naturists on the dance floor.

              Weird-wave leg-end and dance floor oddball Hugo Capablanca hits us with the middle leg (oi oi!) of his "Lap Top Less Dance" trilogy, inviting Lipelis, Alessandro Adriani and YPY for an international four way. Russia's alt-disco genius Lipelis opens proceedings with his Paper Sound Dub of "Lap Dance", turning out a tapey trance dance decorated with twinkling chimes, burnt out percussion loops and a whole load of wiggy fx abuse. If you chucked an Italian library LP, a NES cartridge and an ounce of Lemon Kush into a Soda Stream, you'd probably end up feeling like this sounds. Next up, Capablanca's "Track 2" gives Shit & Shine a run for his "Texan cough syrup sippin' money", blasting through some Southern States psychobilly with a tape delay pedal, pitch shifter and spring reverb. The result is a total mind-fuck that's currently got me and Kickin' Pidge going wild. From there we segue swiftly into the menacing, metronomic world of Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani, who smears the loose psychedelia, warbled vocals and warped soundscaping all over his industrial techno groove. If you're into wall shaking bass, touch perx and disembodied vocals you're gonna love this shit. Osaka's YPY closes the set in suitably batshit fashion, flipping "Top Less" into a disorienting episode of grinding, panning distortion, molten synth blips and grumpy bass pulses. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: I've been waiting for this for about three months and it's totally justified my excitement. Without a doubt the most fucked up record of the week, this is a bit like listening to normal music at the moment when the bathsalts begin to turn you into a zombie.

              Roza Terenzi is the latest convert to the Kalahari Oyster Cult, and the Australian producer debuts with four tracks showcasing her unique sound. Influences come from far and wide, shifting between electro, house, techno and even early rave anthems. The space bleeps of “Gigi” are soon interrupted by shouldering kick drums. Samples stagger and stumble before key stabs cut through beats in this hazy piece of early morning elation. “Mwah” maintains those euphoric moods. Snapping snares slice through shimmering synthwork and soaring strings to keep the night grooving. Darker tones enter with “Rare High”, but these shades are soon brightened by arcing notes. Acid lines squeak and squirm in this balancing act of disparate colours and chords. Distant lands and exotic encounters are conjured for “Soft”, perfumed percussion and meandering melodies mingle and merge for head swimming close of aromatic audio.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Dreamy, warm, textured breakbeats here from Roza Terenzi plus the odd seretonin-flooded cliamx. Sterling stuff for the old school inclined.

              Next up to bat on Art Alfie’s Velvet Pony is Stockholm talent and Karlovak alumni Cj Scott who hits way out of the park. This EP includes the highly anticipated track "Peaktimekatten", already featured on Baba Stiltz Resident Advisor mix along with two more house bombs both bearing CJ´s signature touch of speed and urgency stretched out over the full length capacity of a record's side.

              "Mixed Emotions" utilizes a traditional funky house sound at full throttle, landing somewhere between Subliminal Sessions and Hot Haus Records! Meanwhile "CJ's Flyby" introduces itself through head turning fx and enveloping beats, galloping into a peak time house frenzy that recalls the steam train power of Delano Smith! Finally, the aforementioned "Peaktimekatten" is the most abstract yet hard hitting of the three, long percussive passages giving way to skeletal stabs and a squashed, low end rumble.

              His previous release on Karlovak gained huge support from the likes of Martinez Brothers and Cassy and this one looks to be equally devastating across clubland... Of you like your house music fresher and hotter than a noontime This & That off Mo, this bad boy burner is surely for you. T I P!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: It's funny, I always end up falling for Art Alfie related stuff. I never realised this was his label and I was already going nuts for this full throttle deep house bulldozer.

              Initially paying tribute to the analogue absurdity, sonic diversity and sheer imagination of the early 90s dance music landscape, Future Four returns after a hiatus of several years, pushing into new eras, machines and ideals with 'Connection'. Initially a solo project of Andy Meecham, the brains behind Emperor Machine, Chicken Lips, and Bizarre Inc., 'Connection' is the first Future Four release to feature the contribution of Erol Alkan as a permanent member, and is a coupled with a remix from I:Cube.
              A veritable powerhouse of synths, vintage drum machines and all manner of effects, 'Connection' unfolds with minimal tempo and maximum impact, as sequences of unexpected electronics gradually build from every direction, each landing with the razor sharp precision associated with their composers. Cascading synths overflow like fizzy drinks, pro-pelling the track along an electronic patchwork of FM synthesis and psy-chedelia.
              On the remix, I:Cube takes the unpredictable rhythm of 'Connection' and coaxes it’s versatile, multiple elements into a timeless slice of boogie house. Nurturing the outsider Casio feel of the track under a musical heat-lamp, the always forward-thinking Frenchman emerges with a cut that could easily soundtrack both sun deck and space station.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: Electro good times yeah! Rawish menacing beat accompanied by some wacky synths on A Side will open proceedings for the big act on the B Side (at least for me). Good old reliable I Cube cranks up things couple of notches. It makes the original more palatable and dreamy for your punters while keeping the essence of the original present. I Cube loves synths and so do I.

              Two killer cuts from the recent Levon album re-pressed for our pleasure - and on a full side of wax each for maximum fidelity! "Kissing" is the slow, steady, smoke and strobe flicker; a powerful, tectonic sway pushes things forwards as the thick, heady atmosphere engulfs the floor; one simple strobe flash signaling it's separate kick drum beat. Like the beating heart of the dancefloor enshrined in fog. "Only Good Things" is a technoid glider, peppered with modular perc artifacts as a hi-tek bassline wraps itself around angelic pad stabs and suspended strings. Both tracks epitomize the NJ producer's idiosyncratic style at the top of his game; amazing stuff do not sleep!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Couple of nice tunes off Levon's last album made available to those who might have missed it. Couple more on the way too so keep those peepers peeled.

              Ludgate returns to West End Communications (following the wonderfully named Perth Drug Lord...!) with a high energy, maximum impakt, club record. Ranging from fast paced techno to distorted electro, showcasing a diverse pallet with a more ambient cut to finish. All round 12/10!

              West End Communications continue to spearhead the dirty tekno frontline, RIYL: June, Powervacuum, Midnight Shift, LIES etc.

              **TIP - check out "Huh?"!! ;)

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: More ridiculously named but hard hitting techno from the West End Communications camp. Ludgate Squatter joins Perth Drug Lord as best named techno act in 2018. His beats ain't bad neither!

              Gliding in on wave of summery shimmer, DJ Koze heads up his own latest 12" on Pampa, just in time for those feel good moments of house hedonism throughout the holiday season. Both "Pick Up" and "The Love Truck" should transport the listener to carefree moments dancing next to big speaker stacks while crepuscular rays shine warmth on face and feet, Joyful and redolent, "The Love Truck" is the slightly more mellower of the two, destined for late afternoon / early evening when a red hue tinges the air and the hustle and bustle of day gives way to a more languid and atmospheric mood. "Pick Up" on the other hand is a spellbound piece made up of intricate disco loops and reinforced with house drums; one to get the whole field rocking towards the end of a headlining set; a closing centre piece to elevate them into the sky.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: Refreshing and a glimpse of hope shines through the boxes of records we open on a daily basis when you know that Stefan Kozalla is there. I have been in love with this man's music since I was 22 and I purchased a mixed CD by him convolutingly called 'Music is OK'. He brought humour to electronic music, hip hop and later on onto house! You can't go wrong with the house experimentalist that is DJ Koze. A true provocateur and gender bending master. On this supwerb 12'' you get two cuts of the highest caliber (those who stand the passage of time gracefully - not many do!) on the also great Pampa label. Years pass by, the man gets older but also wiser. A Side offering 'Pick Up' is peak time disco house tune, but me, the introspective and complex soul I am, I lean towards 'The Love Truck' with its atonal and asyncopated sensual beats that bar Dj Koze few tend to play with. Ladies and you too, gents... this is my 12" of the week.

              The Kwaito train continues to gather steam amongst new kids and seasoned professionals alike, Highlife getting in on the action with a piece of Kwaito from South Africa’s DJ Call Me.

              A track sweeter than Irn Bru, "Marry Me" was championed by New York DJ, Sadaf. Already with over a million youtube plays, and declared 'track of the Summer' at the start of the decade, the track wasn’t available to buy in any kind of format, and so began an elaborate quest to track down the artist via his defunct Facebook page. After many an unanswered email and a couple of years persistence, Highlife finally managed to track down a manager still in touch with DJ Call Me, and sealed the deal via an exchange of WhatsApp messages!

              Decorated with marimba, powered by a typical Kwaito riddim, it contains this heart wrenchingly powerful and wonderfully childlike vocal (unaccredited) which opens it up to a vast range of audiences. Its pop like charm but in vogue palette mean this could well be the 'tune of the Summer' OVER HERE.... ten or so years after it was originally released... Ridiculously good! It comes boosted with another, more experimental track - "Dictionary" which touches on EDM vibes with its stadium-filling sound and euphoric crescendos but I reckon it'll be the A-side you go to ever time... Every home needs one! Most recommended.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: 'Marry Me' hides no secrets. All the clues are in the title. A song with a clear message to the listener. Heavy bass, slight tinges of reggaeton (nothing major but it is there) and catchy vocals that a toddler can sing-a-long. On the flipside we carry on with similar vibe regarding the beat but we go a bit more ravy and hands in the air. Feel good track for the summer lurking around the corner.

              After a short break in the African wilderness, Black Rox return for the fourth part of this acclaimed series. Opening cut "Date With The Rain" sees Soft Rocks turn in an 11 minute 'One For The Lion King' manipulation of a joyous and uplifting jam that fuses traditional rhythms (think a humm-ba-ba) and vocals that are underpinned with a strong 4/4 kick.On the flip side,Roots Unit perform some major surgery with a 'Pump Up The Jam' reconstruction on 'Le Beat Is Technotronic'. Crazy percussive jungle rhythms and wonky vocal hooks rule the roost until it merges into a future 'techno-techno' Amazonian world.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: If you know, you know. Soft Rocks' riotous Black Rox series has delivered nothing but heat from the mother continent and this wax is no exception. On the A-side, Soft Rocks themselves take us into the Township for the ultra-extended, outrageously groovy and altogether delightful Mbanqanga stylee. Club kids and wave freaks flip the disc for Roots Unit's mega Afro-electronix excursion "Le Beat Is Technotronic" - a future Talking Drums tonker if ever I've heard one.

              Fake Love

              Fake Love Vol.2

              More illicit edits from the elusive Fake Love crew. The A side is a stonkingly huge Japanese boogie thing from 1982. Cosmos and "Midnight Shuffle", taken from the album, "Bourbonsuite" and previously titled in Japanese! A copy of the full LP'll set you back between 50 or 75 sheets, but here we get this killer lead track presented on a full clean side of wax and sounded super hot and heavy! - yes cru! Featuring sugary sweet female vox, galvanized bass and big powerful piano chords, this shows the Japanese band equally as apt and conjuring big bolshy disco-boogie crossover hits. Next up a fast paced, Moog-led, disco-funk blaster with fiery synth work, big slap bass and vamping piano licks; jubilant and rambunctious from start to finish, answers on a postcard if you know this one folks! Concludes with a smooth-rolling erection-section groover, with sunshine brass, detailed guitar licks and sloppy boogie drums, this EP is all the working DJ needs to keep the majority of nighttime establishments more than happy as they dance away the evening sipping cocktails. Big smiles all around - 10 / 10.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Bloody hell don't sleep on this pop pickers. Rare-ass Japanese album track boogie and two even harder to identify disco jams from the Fake Love cru.

              Bjorn Torske

              Kickrock / Blue Call

              Norwegian house and techno producer Bjørn Torske started experimenting with electronic music in the late '80s in his hometown of Tromsø. As a teenager he was inspired by other Tromsø musicians, especially Geir Jenssen, the musical prodigy later to be known as ambient pioneer Biosphere. Torske started releasing minimalist techno in the beginning of the '90s, primarily under the name of Ismistik.

              Very interesting but "Kickrock" is anything but minimal techno! Featuring that patented Torske sound palette - centred around cowbells and squelchy synth - the track marches on with a focussed but carefree attitude. deploying full rhythm section breakdowns at will and adding vibing keys and guitar sections as the track nears its conclusion. On the flip "Blue Call" sees a more tropical house flavour jam slowly permeate through the sweltering midday fug and slowly encapsulate us in some tribal flavoured firepit dancing. As usual a hallucinatory and totally engrossing affair from (one of) our favourite Norwegians... Recommended. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              David says: If I could put Kickrock on a 5 hour loop I would. It's one of those house records that sounds so simple but increasingly grooves and grows into a hypnotic monster guaranteed to leave any dance floor in a hot wet mess.

              Here we have a trio of Cult Edits from Manfredas, Simple Symmetry, and Siabus guaranteed to burn the house / club / teepee down. These top-secret jams have been extensively tested, ended countless epic parties, soundtracked highlight-reel Boiler Room moments, and prompted innumerable feverish attempts at track IDs. Heard in the sets of illuminati DJs, the cult exclusivity now extends with this limited edition vinyl only release. The set kicks off with some psych funk insanity from dance floor renegade Manfredas via "Mani From The Block". Funk backbeats and a niggling bassline lay the foundations for hot horns, a soulful organ drone and some entirely unhinged vocals. Tasty! Turn it over for some post punk / freak funk attitude from Siaubus and his angular, aggro "Hare Hare", a prefect combo of rough drums, spiky guitars, low slung bass and skronking sax. Finally, Simple Symmetry play us out with "Yalla", a tribal and tirppy bit of exotic action with chanted vocals and an insistent bass throb. Drink the Kool-aid...

              Exceptional return of L/F/D/M aka Love’s Flacid Disco Muscle on Midnight Shift, with a remix by Nick Dunton of 65D Mavericks, resurfacing under his latest moniker D-56M. Abrasive acidic trax from the edge from this mainstay of machine music. "Sixteen Snakes" is an all out sensory assault, not a million miles away from the darkest of Ste Spandex's Cerberus output - rattling metallic perc, buzzsaw distortion and flailing sine tones combining like a battering ram of hardware tekno. "X-Enter-O" is characterized by growling, low-tuned LFOs that spit analogue phlegm over static hats and incessant modular rhythms; an expert display by a producer with a total grip on his instruments. "Silver Grain" sees aerial-born leads circle above crackling electronic discharge for an experimental but nonetheless engrossing piece that concludes the EP on a high. Wonderful stuff here.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Martin says: Midnight Shift continue their interstellar war cry with hardware molester L/F/D/M on the guns for this latest campaign.

              Silvana Noris, Italian-German singer, is an artist who has embraced theater, sport (she has been awarded on various occasions in various martial arts disciplines), writing and singing. The cult song "Din Don" published under the pseudonym of Evo in 1983 for the Italian label "Cultura & Musica" is regarded by many as one of the sweetest anthems in the Italo music cannon. With Silvana's voice in a very deep and dark intonation, accompanied by technicoloured synthesizer chords, it's at once yearning, melancholic and cosmic AF. Recently rediscovered by DJ Harvey & Il Bosco and played into the 'Sarcastic-disco' sessions and "Red Laser Vol.1" compilations respectively. Now's another chance to own this absolute beauty on highly quality fresh 12" vinyl.

              New York's Marcos Cabral steps up for his first full release on Dimensions Recordings, with the "Nature Walk EP". Following on from his epic Prochainement masterpiece on Dimensions 002, the EP provides a glimpse into the mind of a well-established and hugely respected artist. "Nature Walk" is a broad EP that demonstrates just why Marcos's records have been finding their way into a multitude of DJs' bags for the last fifteen years.
              From his work with Jacques Renault as Runaway, and his coveted Hamilton Dance Records output to his more recent deeper and darker leanings for leading labels such as Clone, L.I.E.S. and Mule Musiq, Marcos has quietly and studiously worked at developing an impressive catalogue which most folks who have brushed with house and techno will have heard…whether they know it or not. The EP provides a snapshot of some of the tastes and styles that Marcos has experimented with over the years, the rolling, energetic and optimistic sounding, not quite house, not quite techno of "Wishful" gives way to the brooding, dub techno of title track, "Nature Walk".
              "Cape Cod" sees Marcos in classic house mode with a cut that could easily have dropped on NYC's Nu Groove Records, whereas "Rice A Roni" is a no nonsense nugget of twisted, grinding, acid. The EP rounds off with "Let's See How The Light Goes Through It", a spacey hypnotic workout for the late hours and a fitting end to a stand out EP from the self proclaimed, Hardest Working Man!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: The Dimensions series continues in earnest with Marcus Cabral the latest producer to drop some heat.

              Alan Shelly

              Party Freaks / Dance Together

              Those good folks at Best Records in Italy drop a reissue of the terrific disco-funk groover "Party Freak" by Alan Shelly, b/w the organ grinding funk n hustle of "Dance Together" on the flip. Previously only released as a 7" in Italy, Best Records have managed to get access to the original tapes and now present this as a fully extended 12"maxi single with no fades! Yipppeee!!

              Here it is folks! The eagerly anticipated new EP from local firm Swing Ting arrives just in time for the warmer months ahead. 

              "Junction", a six track EP produced entirely by Samrai & Platt, features vocalists from Jamaica, Ireland & the UK and rounds off an excellent 12 months for the label & crew who’ve toured across North America, Mexico and Europe in 2017.

              The set kicks off with ST favourite Alexx A-Game (originally voiced at his studio in Kingston in 2016) urging listeners to ‘free up’ their mind and souls and let the ‘good times take control’. It sets the tone for upcoming Jamaican talent Blvk H3ro to step up on the soulful party number "Can’t Wait" (recorded at Equiknoxx’s studios in Vineyard Town in 2016), which has been a staple in Swing Ting sets over the last 18 months.

              Slowing the pace is "Addiction", a link up with Irish artist and frequent Murlo collaborator Gemma Dunleavy who lays down an impressive vocal over the skittering drums, muted guitar and glistening keys. The listen is interrupted momentarily for an interlude from Gavsborg whose moving voicemail is accompanied by a poignant piano line from JP aka Without Understanding. One for the clubs - "Turn it Up" features Equiknoxx’s Shanique Marie riding a stripped funky-esque riddim with ease.

              Fittingly the set closes with "Contagious" which finds two of Manchester’s finest vocalists - Fox & Tyler Daley searching for an escape from the reality of our turbulent times over a refined yet sparkling production. 

              Support from: Murlo, Toddla T, Jamz Supernova, HDD & Equiknoxx across NTS Radio & BBC Radio 1 / 1xtra.

              Limited to 200 copies, this is an essential slice of music history, showing Manchester as the joint epicentre for a global-wide scene which spans Kingston, Dublin, London and the cybersphere. Samrai and Platt are two the nicest, most humble and understated guys in our city but their credentials already set them amongst the music business elite. Following some expert A&R, DJ'ing and general brand curation, it's great to see they've also got the skills in the studio. Top one lads, as ever, massive props. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Samrai and Platt are two of the nicest, most humble and understated guys in our city but their credentials already set them amongst the music business elite. Following some expert A&R, DJ'ing and general brand curation, it's great to see they've also got the skills in the studio. Top one lads, as ever, massive props.


              Ltd 12" Info: Limited edition, full picture sleave

              Sordid Sound System

              Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV

              Having recently relocated to the remote redwood forests of Northern California in order to set up a satellite mixing studio for his old stomping ground, Glasgow’s Green Door Studio; Sordid Sound System returns to Invisible Inc with 4 cuts of "Psychedelic Dungeon Disco" - volume 4!

              The EP opens with his most blissed out track to date "Die Ewige Nacht", an eight and a half minute inverted sun ritual based around shimmering cascades of dubbed up electronic percussion and an overdriven tintinnabulated FM arp.

              Hi-NRG meets 80s B-Boy electro on "Crescent City" with a careering off-road excursion into tripped out mutant carnival cavalcade territory.

              "Dia De Muertos"’s offbeat eerie percussion and driving low frequencies are met with spectral buzzing melodic refrains from the furthermost reaches of a decaying Oaxacan cemetery.

              The acid drenched ambient lullaby "You & Me" brings proceedings to a fittingly fucked up close.

              Already big with the right side of freak, DJs Manfredas, Trevor Jackson, Sascha Funke, Optimo’s JD Twitch and Thomas Von Party are big supporters and this should also appeal to the current wave of Dusseldorf obsessives and EBM lovers. TIP! 

              Lo-fi jungle (!!!), party ready house and distorted club jams on this killer 12" from Online Conversations, highly highly anticipated from our inhouse party freak Kickin' Pigeon! Yes, you heard right - lo-fi jungle, with SZCH adding to D. Futures' "I Care" blueprint set out on Natural Sciences, ramping up the chipmunk vox, adding a saturated VHS hue and layering up the breaks as "Ana's Theme" gives us all a taste of that saccharine-flooded mayhem we first tasted back in 2016. Vancouver's taste making MPC songstress, D. Tiffany demonstrates just why she's regarded as one of the most important producers of the new school as "Hoppin' In" flies out the stacks in 5th gear - intent on wrecking havoc across any fun loving dancefloor it's given airtime on. A joyful amalgamation of booty / ghetto, Dance Mania and lo-fi attributes, its undeniably 2k18 whilst possessing a fuzzy sense of dance music nostalgia, which should ensure its enjoyment by the under 25s as much as the over 40s. SAKI's "U Make My Head Spin" keeps us locked in a lo-fi glaze as he fires up the compressors for a pumpin', scuzzed-out deep house ride. Finally, Tlim Shug's "Dream Control" sees us end the EP in a moment of synthesized serenity, somewhere between DJ Boring, Legowelt and Subjoi - again with a mid-shelf frequency load and rib-tickling 150hz kicks. A breathtakingly good EP this, featuring the celebrated sounds of RIGHT NOW. You need.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: All four tracks tickling my beak here pop pickers. This is my jam!

              Lindigo & Salem Tradition

              Mayola EP - Lma Negra Remixes

              After the blink-and-you missed it Afro-house banger that inaugurated Alma Negra's eponymous record label, the Swiss trio turn their attention into the midst of the Indian Ocean with a 12" dedicated to the folk traditions of the Réunion island. If you copped the Ziskakan LP earlier in the year (my most played record in recent months - Patch), then you'll know all about Maloya, a traditional Réunion style which dates from the dark days of the slave trade. The release revolves around two contrasting Alma Negra re-workings of Lindigo's "Tany Be". The first takes a classic call & response structure in 12/8 and 6/8 rhythms, adding a driving bass line and guitar licks. A solid 909-kick locks things in step, along with a sax flourish and FM synths. Their re-imagining of African and Tamil influences for modern dancers is a triumphant manifestation of the music's origins. With the main reworking focusing on a rolling dance floor groove, the dub mix concentrates on trance-inducing aspect of Maloya. Using a modular set up to pick apart layers of percussion, it is a dense and heady trip into the spirit world. The B side focuses on Christine Salem, one of today's stars of the Maloya scene. Without wanting to squeeze the soul from her deep tones, "Kabaré" is slowed down a notch, with drums added sparingly. This sensitive treatment gives the track just enough weight and tension to punch in on today's dance floors without losing the intent of the original. The source material for this EP has been road tested from the very beginning of Alma Negra's journey. The collective have gone to great lengths to ensure the original creators are on board.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Swiss trio Alma Negra have long been favourites of Piccadilly, and this latest release is perhaps the most soulful and sophisticated offering to date. Pulling off the gas a little and taken some thump out of their trademark drums, they ensure the focus is on the groove, paying a fitting tribute to the music of La Reunion.

              Carlos Cezaro

              MJ's Vacation / Marvin's Day

              Desert Island Edits is an outlet for forgotten disco, Italo and Balearic gems, reworked into brand new extended versions and modified remakes from the talented and elusive Carlos Cezaro. Starting off the series on a high with Cezaro's "MJ's Vacation" which (apparently) transforms "Rock With You" into a 21st century Balearic groover. I'm not hearing much of ol' MJ I'll be honest - more just a rock solid, galvanized electro-funk with teasing arps, darting leads and a impenetrable foundation. Over on side B, Carlos takes on the 80's soul classic "Sexual Healing" and constructs a tropical flavoured canter through palm trees and olive groves, with lush Rhodes keys and ethnic hints, perfect for those lazy sunsets and warm evening sessions.

              Limited hand-stamped numbered copies...

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: We are a very cautious bunch when it come to edits. We gatekeepers let a few selected, top draw, essential material get through our shop. That is all you need to know with this 12". We let it through on its own merits. There is more than some filtering and cut and paste here and there. Masterful edits just for you, discerning listener.

              Danyb (of best-selling "Busted Edits" fame) returns with the next intergalactic installment of Jupiter Dance - a label spring-boarded from the radio show of same name which takes a regular tour through the lesser known avenues of synth pop, space disco & Italo. Three explorations of international oddities, we find Yugoslavian synth pop a'la League Unlimited Orchestra from the early 80's sharing a side with some wigged out Italian synth-pop prog-rock. Meanwhile the A side reworks and overdubs a Japanese locomotive synth shinkan
              sen for strobe-lit commutes. Shiny, slinky and ready for a romp, DanyB continues to be a worthy nightclub provocateur. Top stuff. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: This is what Danyb has been cooking just for you. A slow burner that is 'Drone' - a chuggy, heavy and groovy must have! If you want some amazing italo stomper with amazing vocals go for 'New York'. A hidden diamond. On 'Cesem ljos U' you will find the perfect oddity to close your set. All in all as good, if not better, than volume 1. Very limited!

              For years Nathan Church has been cutting up floors in his native Bilbao. Recently the Basque man’s attention has turned from the Dj booth to the studio. Under his WLDV (We Love Dolce Vita) this Iberian electronic inspiration has cast long shadows and brightened rooms with his blend of horror score intensity and disco exuberance. WLDV arrives at the Bordello with a four tracker of serious intent. Sepulchral and sinister synthlines characterise A Dying Feast, nowhere more than in the haunting samples and clean drums of “A Bucket of Blood”. Cold chords gleam with icy menace while crisp claps punctuate the entrancing funk of “Danza Macabra”. Ecclesia toys with set parameters, exploring what lurks in the twilight between terror and titillation. This flirtation with the divine and the profane is plain to hear in the uneasy elegance and uplifting elation of “Far, Far Away”, a work of steady kicks, unsettling extracts and soaring strings. This “feast” ends on a delectable note. Keys dance and spiral in the intoxicating “Laying Down On Cosmic Dust”, an enthralling end to and enthralling EP.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Synth heavy, darker than a goths eye liner and funkier than Barry's stink hat, this four tracker of synth heavy Italo and cosmic house should kill it in the club.

              After harnessing the power cosmic with a wiggy wax from London's Mytron & Ofofo, Les Yeux Orange return to La République for release number five, getting super deep and meaningful with a-grade house head Ringard. Hailing from Rennes, Brittany's biggest city, Bapiste Letertre (AKA Ringard) continues an impressive stream of hometown talent to deploy high-def club monsters on his own Dance Around 88 imprint (so-called because he was born in 1988.) "Lacrima Rossa" is his first 12" outside his own label so props to the Parisians for securing a total coup.
              If you like your house sleek and steamy, the title track is for you, brimming as it is with wavy pads, subaquatic sonar bleeps and a rolling groove. "Les Balearek" offers a little emotional impact, fusing melancholic melodies with swathes of spiritual strings and red-lined percussion. The hiss and hammer of the rhythm section returns on warehouse jacker "M.S.H.", a Lobster style slice of bleep, boom and bass, before "Tromb Horn" twists the dreamy frequencies into a low slung stroll through a Thai opium den. Strung out and slammin in equal parts, this is a breath of dry ice and a blinding flash of strobe - get on it.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: LYO score a real A&R heist here, tempting Ringard away from his Dance Around 88 imprint for a quartet of steamy house rollers. You'll love this.


              Reigi / Haipa

              New EP from Slowglide which was previously only available on cassette. Vapeur is a Reims-based collective including Puzupuzu, CLAP42, Shonen Bat, Bruit Fantôme, Sans Tord, Gustine & Slowglide. "Reigi / Haipa" was originally self released by the crew, which caught the attention of Antinote who came sniffing around for a vinyl release. Now, you might not expect music from the capitol of Champagne to sound like this. Indeed, you might be forgiven to thinking that Slowglide grew up in Sheffield or Manchester or London - his penchant for bleepy leads, robotized vox and mechanical rhythms synonymous with the early sound of UK dance music. Rugged and rolling, "Reigi" is a lost dance classic from then and now. Everything about the piece, from the rib-tickling kicks, compressed snare hits and Kraftwerkian treatment (the obsessive robotic 'arigatō gozaimasu' and the 'pocket calculator' bleeping melodic line) is perfectly balanced with little superfluity - every last element is desired and indeed required! "Haipa", the atmospheric B-side, is an even stronger throwback to a time when Intelligent Dance Music was ruling over electronic music, the likes of Aphex Twin and his fellow Warp-affiliates were about to be crowned kings and Ghost In The Shell was establishing itself as one of the most culturally significant pictures of the late past century. Beautifully constructed, pummeling drums appear out of nowhere against a backdrop of glassy atmospheres and futuristic washes. Slowglide's debut EP may well be the most exciting thing to happen to you all week - make sure you check this guy out! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Phwooar! New producer from the Champagne region (!!) and it's an exercise in bleep-era pleasure seeking. So good. More please!

              Mr Assister


              After the uneventful resolution of a labour dispute at Assistance HQ, the resident pencil-pushers turn their tempo dial to a leisurely 105bpm, at long last serving up lukewarm plates of BEAM-03 to the more sluggish peak-time massive. In 'Mambala', the now-obligatory bongo jostles with squelchy synths, whilst echoed claps and ominous bells should see even the most hesitant rabbit dragged down the hole. 'Bebny' experiments with low pH levels, metallic clutter, and some surprise horn cameos.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: According to me this monster 12" is the best that has happened to the dance section of Piccadilly Records this week. It was played on the shop stereo and I jumped off the stool about 30 seconds into the A side to enquire about it. What a beast. This is timeless. Not too slow or fast, just at the right speed of chuggy, ravey and with a healthy dose of bass and oddness. This label does not give up. Quality all around. Beam me up all the way!

              Natural Sciences pushing their sound into new extreme directions. Must have for fans of Christoph De Babylon, Demdike Stare and Mego-esque electronics

              'We are not where we live, but the valley we built'

              Enjoyment through suffering. Beauty in chaos. African Ghost Valley apply these principles to create their heavy doomsday electronics pulled in from the Black Bunker; a D.I.Y space under a multi-story car-park.

              Separated from any scene on the surface, the record was put together by European / Canadian duo Childle Grangier and Gabriel Ghebrezghi; a partnership formed in the heat of heavily improvised recording sessions, where the pair would thrash out their versions of power electronics, industrial waste drops and rhythmic dub rumble to the cities homeless.

              Keeping these raw final cuts away from any studio trickery, the microphone would be left on to archive field recordings and wayward audio drops, capturing the hum and lifeblood of the Bunker and the wheezing lungs of the dense concrete that surrounded them.

              Titling this work 'Colony', the album is a open-ended and multi-edged tool for AGV to explore, allowing the listener to interpret the work as they see fit, bringing to mind images of corroded space settlements and the darkest recess of human history. You decide.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Strong release from local firm which sees the label tread a new path. Fittingly, the new Space Afrika LP on Sferic seems to join them in hand, exploring industry-scorched futurescapes and electrostatic discharge with an undeterred focus. A fierce and alien listen!

              With previous releases on Rythm Section, Echovolt and Les Yeux Orange, Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. return with a selection of tracks of Dopeness Galore. Kicking off with the goosebump inducing shimmer of "Maze", which seems to tip its hat to Omar S and his FXHE label and build into a crescendo of synthy goodness. "Where There's A Will, There's A Way" sees a tumbling breakbeat met with neon keys, bringing to mind a heady and ecstasy-fuelled night in Manchester's Soup Kitchen nightclub. "Acid Burn" sees those thick analogue waveforms return under a backdrop of starry sky pads and galloping delay fragments. "TechNoir" is a futuristic reprise, resplendent with fluorescent fauna and suspended in time. A really nice EP showcasing the multifaceted skills of this dynamic duo. 

              The debut record from Low Budget Family's DJ Cat aka Ivan Fomin. A Moscow local and DS Bar regular, here he shows off his wide ranging influences across three original tracks.

              "Calling Gigolo" is a frenetic, electronically powered new disco / house hybrid, rich in detail and tastefully arranged for dancefloor activity.The track gets dubbed out, and taken deep into 80s territory by Lipelis.

              On the flip, "Mocambra" mixes a stuttered breakbeat with flailing arps and atmospheric sweeps, adding some staccato vocal chops for good measure. Meanwhile, "Bakshi" concludes with a heady blend of dub and boogie, gated drums receving plenty of tape delay as an 808 cowbell pulses against rubbery bass, evocative vox and delicate strings. Expertly done! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: Folks, chillax now. Not everything that comes out of Russia and enters UK soil is nerve agent Novichok. Ivan Fomin aka DJ Cat is cleaning up the act and replacing the noise for the real poison that will blow your dancefloor in pieces. On offer here is a melange of disco, house, a tinge of 80s, 808s, boogie and dub. Your punters will thank you for this.


              I Only Did These For Myself But Now It's For Everyone

              Animals Dancing takes another swipe at the dance floor with a dope double A-side from Russia's king of weirdo disco and tripped out house Lipelis. Plucked from his private arsenal of over-powered club cuts, "Children's Song" and "Video Track" are further examples of the producer's penchant for edit-not-edit / sample-based bangers, first evidenced on his L.I.E.S. Black release or recent Beard In Dust 12" on Bahnsteig.
              Lipelis brings the party to the village square with the fireside antics of A-side cut "Children's Song", fusing a grooving proto-house rhythm section with field recorded chants and addictive mallets. It's techno-tropical pop at its finest, and should find favour with open minded house DJs, the weirdo disco fringe and the acid house survivors on the Balearic dance floors. The B-side sticks with the African inflection, offering village chants and and sanza psychedelia atop a tough b-boy rhythm. Everything we've ever had from the producer or label has flown out the door, so get on this one ASAP.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Personal favourite Lipelis lets a couple of his secret club cuts slip into the collective consciousness with a dope two tracker on Animals Dancing. Tropical and tribal, but with plenty of nods to vintage funk and proto house, these cuts are destined for the setlists of all your DJ heroes. Buy now or spend double in six months...

              Volcano / The Beat Gangsters

              Vanonyana Lava / Chappies

              Johannesburg bastion of everything groovy, the mighty Afrosynth Records follow up their MASSIVE reissue of "Burnin' Beat" with a new 12" boasting two bass-heavy cuts of obscure '90s kwaito from the depths of DJ Okapi's vaults. 
              Founded in the early 80s by Richard Makhubele, Volcano’s signature brand of Shangaan disco made them one of the most popular bands of the ‘bubblegum’ era, releasing a string of big-selling albums with the Gallo label. But by 1993 things in South Africa were changing fast, both politically and musically. Volcano had left Gallo to join Eric Frisch Productions (EFP) in search of greater independence. On their 1993 album "Tshigubu Tshanga" they began to experiment with the new house-inspired sound of kwaito courtesy of producer Malcolm ‘X’ Makume, with one track in particular standing out: ‘Vanonyana Lava’. A Shangaan tale of thwarted courting in the local bars, this bass-led monster saw Volcano experiment with a tougher, heavier sound while absolutely nailing the uplifting chords of classic US house. Unmistakably South African, irresistibly danceable, "Vanonyana Lava" is the kind of record you can change lives with on a club system.
              On the flip-side of this new release is an even more obscure track plucked from DJ Okapi's high grade collection. The Beat Gangsters were a short-lived studio project made up of Willi Mau Mau and Mad T Doctor, in-house producers for Mob Music, an independent label set up by Eric Frisch (after the demise of EFP) that put out a string of influential club releases in the mid-90s, among the last albums to be pressed to vinyl in South Africa. Named after a popular South African brand of gum, ‘Chappies’ was originally released on the 1995 album Mob Table Dance. Powered by percolating drum programming, weighty bass and glistening keys, "Chappies" sounds a little like a South African take on a Peech Boys hit, bringing melancholy and dubspace to the heart of the dance floor.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Afrosynth main man DJ Okapi follows up the phenomenal success of "Burnin Beat" with a second 12", this time dedicated to a duo of Kwaito rarities. "Vanonyana Lava" leads us through euphoric chords and speaker freakin' bass on the A-side, while "Chappies" serves up a South African take on Levan's housier sound on the flip. Top stuff.

              It's been on the cards for a while, but Hell Yeah are finally making a foray into the reissue market with new offshoot Perdio (which sort of means lost in Portuguese). The aim of the game is to employ their knack for A&R expertise by finding only the finest forgotten gems, then pairing them up with the perfect remixer. As such, the primo Perdio is a newly remastered instrumental version and new Francisco Dub of Giorgia Morandi's 'Children of the Sky', a cover of the Italo-classic "Figli delle Stelle" by Alan Sorrenti which just happens to have been released 40 years ago. 
              The label has been two years in the planning and all started when label boss Marco was at the Gratis Club season closing party a few years ago when cult Italian figure Francisco (of Edizioni Mondo/Jolly Music) was DJing. "At some point, he came out with the instrumental of this tune, and I was in heaven," remembers Marco. "It was a super cheap Italo 12" from Ala Bianca in Italy, a "bad" cover of Figli delle Stelle... I asked Francisco if he was up for editing the track in case I got rights, and here we are."
              In its original instrumental form, the track packs all the coke-fuelled emotion, sparkling keys and synth brass you could ever hope for. As the pristine production soothes the speakers with flawless Italo chintz, you're instantly transported to the heat and humidity of a Mediterranean club, surrounded by beautiful women in daring eye shadow and coked up men in headbands. Over on the B-side, Italian hero Francisco strips things back a touch, locks into the groove and lets loose with the sampler serving up a classic 80s dub mix. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Finally our good friend Marco unveils his reissue offshoot Perdio, in spectacular fashion no less. The first release sees the neon tinged cocktail joy of Italo/Balearic winner "Children Of The Sky" by Giorgia Morandi, presented in Instrumental fashion and backed with a flawless dub version from Italian legend Francisco.

              With its latest reissue, Majik’s "Back Into Your Heart", Melodies International dig deep into the back catalogue of Hi Records, legendary soul label from Memphis founded in the 1950s.
              Originally signed as a recording artist, Willie Mitchell took the reigns of the label and guided it through its most successful period in the 1970s, notably producing a string of studio recordings for Al Green, Syl Johnson and O.V. right among other eminent soul musicians of the time. Whilst the Hi Records catalogue shifted hands multiple times since the late 1970s, it was mainly exploited as a means to reissue recordings from Al Green and other high profile Hi Records artists (notably by Motown) while the label’s more obscure back catalogue remained largely untouched. Years later, a few of the lesser known one offs from the label’s vaults have found a second life amonst collectors, DJs and dancefloors the world over. Instilled with the distinctively raw Hi records production and a floor ready 4/4, cuts such as Africano's "Open Your Hearts" have become classics at You're A Melody, and their latest reissue looks set to join it. "Back Into Your Heart" does its thang with the uptempo bump of a disco winner, the emotive vocals and outrageous playing of a soul classic and the aggression and attitude of a funk bomb. Think Theo, Jeremy Underground, MCDE or Floating Points and you're in the right record bags. Skip to the flip and "Dance. Dance, Dance" keeps the party powering on with a squelching bassline, wild clavinet riffs and an incessant groove. Licensed and re-mastered, MEL010 comes forth in its original 7” format with a folded 14”x14” poster designed by Mafalda.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Outrageous disco funk here on Melodies International's latest reissue heater. Rescued from the vaults of Hi Records, Majik do their thing with two unstoppable uptempo jams that are guaranteed to make you "ugh" with their total funk power.

              Jane Weaver

              The Lightning Back

                An independent retailers exclusive.

                Widely considered the standout protonic pop song from Jane Weaver's unanimously revered Modern Kosmology, The Lightning Back sees the meteoric collision of micro-chip modulations and homespun harmonies courtesy of a self-sufficient artist who has in recent years become regarded as one of the countries finest in the field. This 3.5 minute pocket-pop implosion fuses subtle patch-bay arpeggios evoking the stylings of Wendy Carlos and (previous collaborator) Suzanne Ciani providing a deftly constructed framework for Weavers songwriting talents. Celebrating the intimacy and inhibition-free methodology found in her solo-power approach, The Lightning Back hears Jane's yearning lyricism rise through unique agile melodics seldom found in synthesised pop music. This limited vinyl single also comprises a B-side in the form of a remix from London based art-noise-jazz-rock supergruppen Sex Swing.


                When She Hates Me / Isle Of Red

                Young Marco's psychedelic hub, Safe Trip, returns with another precision dose of dreamy trance dance, perfectly filtrated by frequent flyer Darling. On A-side cut "When She Hates Me" our club chemist puts together shuffling drum patterns, sparkling chords and a circular bassline, augmenting his paradise electronics with glitching arps, tropical idents and steamy pads. The result is a moving and melodic slice of dream house, perfect for deployment when the body's tired and the mind's at its most susceptible. Over on the flip "Isle Of Red" uses laser guided bass, exotic mallets and evocative delays to place us in a distant jungle clearing, bathed in primal rhythms and a cooling mist. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Another winner from Safe Trip here as Darling delivers a two tracker of textured and melodic house for the rainforest crew. Expect to hear this in my next Naturist warm up...

                Hugely sought after repress of the first record on Tone Dropout, with original copies already fetching big bucks amongst the UKs ardent acid collectors. Coming out in 2013, and to some extent superseding what would become the nu-acid resurrection, this tasty battle pack featured three tracks by Dawl and Sween - who'd go on to contribute to much of the label's output. "TRK 1" from Dawl is a skeletal number characterized by compressed claps n snares and decorated by narcotic bleep melodies and rugged low end. "Strange World" takes us plummeting into subterranean world; its juddering beats and advanced sound design painting a multicoloured futurist environment for us to dance and be merry in. On side B Sween takes charge, dropping militant snare patterns of a serotonin-tickling piano line and more acid house infectious. The record that started a revolution! And sounding as fresh as ever, 5 years since its original release. An essential item for acid heads and warehouse DJs and not likely to hand around long.... Move quick!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Second chance saloon to own this guaranteed slice of future UK dance history. Tone Dropout have become one of the go-to stables, spearheading the new acid resurgence and this, their first record, is pure gold.

                Klasse co-boss Mr. Ho steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park with a new EP of brand new and original material. Inspired by listening to various library music and funk records found whilst digging in Asia, the Hong Kong based artist lays down three tracks of boogie-disco and funk inspired house music. Mr. Ho starts the party with the walking bassline, proto house percussion and glittering synth leads of "Western Lake Boat Race", before stomping through the Italo-groove of "Nice View Driving" a punchy club cut perfect for fans of Morgan Geist or Fort Romeau. Finally "A Gathering Of Old Friends" brings us swaying synths, dreamy chord progressions and spacey snares, delivering the kind of discoid delight you usually find lurking on a vintage Balihu disc.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Mr. Ho takes a little inspiration from obscure library jams found lurking in the orient to treat us to three Italo disco winners lightly spiced with a touch of US house. If you dig on vintage Balihu, Bordello A Parigi or the riotious Manctalo of Red Laser, this is for you.

                The Pendletons, a long-standing boogie-funk and modern soul return with their latest EP, Funk Forever, a Jazz flavored boogie affair with soul inspired song-writing that evokes old school vibes while still staying fresh and relevant. Horn lines, Yamaha dx7 keys and snapping hip hop inspired drum programming topped by sweet singing with heartfelt themes, the group carves out a bold new sound on these 5 solid tracks. Featuring the likes of Elive, Potatohead People and Ishtar. The Pendletons emerged with their very first release in 2010, a 7" inch of "Coming Down/Waiting On You" on the Slept On record label, which set the tone for the group to emerge... it instantly became a cult classic receiving constant play at nights like Sweater Funk and Funkmosphere, and fetching for serious sums among collectors. Most recently, in 2016, they released the EP "Gotta Get Out". The title track caught the ear of renowned DJ Gilles Peterson, who liked it enough to release it on his Brownswood Bubbler compilation.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Millie says: The Pendletons nail their sound with this EP, creating a fresh and initiative road for funk and Jazz with their own unique twist.

                Following recent excursions channeling the big room sound, Project Pablo returns with a sleeker, more refined EP for Technicolour. Opening with the sun scorched hardware buzz of "Napoletana" - 'a rough and ready duet between a MFB 522 drum machine and Juno 106'; we move through to the dreamy, nostalgic piano loops of "Last Day" - recorded in an hour just before he packed up his gear at the studio of fellow Montreal residents Braids and moved it all home. Hazy breakbeat business is featured on "Less and Less", which pairs glowing chimes with a snappy, syncopated riddim and gliding sub line. "Remind Me Tomorrow" sees a delicate, dubbed out deep house mood explored with aplomb while "I Heard You Breathing" concludes the set with a tracky number complete with sonar bleeps and tuned perc hits, creating a fleeting moment of cerebral pleasure that's tailored towards emotive, end-of-nite climaxes and sunrises over plasma lakes. Interesting, unique stuff here from the Canadian mega bod.   

                Last edition from the Nature Boy re-issue series. You know the score: five pumpin' club tunes in that typical Nature Boy style. Phazed and funky, packing some serious bottom end weight but laced with organic instrumentation and biotic sensibility that places it alongside luminaries KDJ, Theo Parrish, Ron Trent and Wyndell Long. Think classic Peacefrog & mid 90s house records, the MPC2000 and big spliffs; c90 mixtapes, exuberantly styled shirts and sharp undercuts. All that good stuff that's getting repackaged and dumbed down in 2018 reppin' here in fully authentic, OG form. Strictly 4 da headz....!

                MM Discos return with another super limited, vinyl only release. Helsinki based producer Stiletti-Ana has previously graced Sex Tags UFO, I'm a Cliche and Haista with his swirling, space-aligned sound. Focusing his style into an industrial, post-apocalyptic landscape "Saturn 02" is a gleefully melancholic, Lynchian trip; possessing a similar kind of eeriness as Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein's "Stranger Things" motif and scorched with analogue saturation. Modern Obscure Music's' head honcho, Pedro Vian takes over the controls on the B-side, leaving his own personal signature: a shadowy epic, subtle in stature but gigantic in feeling, it's evocative synth lines and arps perfectly emboldening the cinematic, wide-screen nature of the track. A final mix is provided with no drum support as we let go of the space cord and float out into infinity...ha!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: If you dig the waxes series (tusk, horn and, of course, porn) then you are in safe territory. Intergalactic sounds filter through the machine with strong cinematic feelings attached.
                Loving the original and the beatless version. Give it a listen, will not dissappoint.

                Ooof! Here we get a timely repress of a true underground club classic and rarity perfect for the disco heads and the boogie crew. Larry 'Wu' Wedgeworth dropped this sublime piece of Boogie in 1984 on the Atlantic label and both sides have long been firm favourites with serious soul aficionados for many years. "Let Me Show You" was one of numerous major label dance records from that golden mid 80's post-Disco era that caused a storm in the underground clubs of the day. This one's long been sought after on 12" and has been bootlegged numerous times, often with inferior sound quality and no care taken, not this time though, this high quality, official, 100% legit reissue has been lovingly restored from the master tapes. Beat that. Both the original vocal mix and dub version are included here with og Atlantic label artwork. Don't waste your time on the fakes! This one's the real deal!

                Here's Unlimited Love with more illicit cuts and fixes for your all nite disco. First up its Sir Ted Ford aka Horace Henry Ellis, a gospel singer from Montgomery Alabama where he still preaches today. "Disco Miusic" was released on Ardent Records in 1979 and 7"s go for upwards of £120!! It's got a summery feel, with brass, flute and wah-wah guitar meeting an empowered, soulful vocal performance. Next up, "It's True" is taken off The New York Disco's 1978 long player, "Reverie / Get Up And Dance", another expensive and difficult to acquire item of which this is one of the stronger tracks...Winner! They don't get much bigger than Pike's holy grail boogie-funk masterpiece, "Good Feelings". God knows where these guys are getting their source material from as trying to find a copy of this anywhere is impossible! Super slick, galvanized slap bass and rampant conga lines take this number deep into the groove. Finally, the lead track off The Thompsons' 1975 album, "I'll Get Over It", "Message" sees the record off with another essential cut, virtually impossible to get hold of for less than half a grand and sounding super moody, gruff and masculine as it rides a hefty Northern Soul vibe throughout. A wonderful set of rarities and for some the only realistic option to acquire these mega expensive records. Nice one!

                Unknown Artist


                Mysterious Berlin imprint Mask drops its second release and it's a doozy! Continuing the theme of the first release, "Noah" has been produced and recorded live in one take using a selection of analogue gear, including an EMU SP 1200, Mutual Instruments Ambika, Nord Rack 2x, Octatrack, Vermona Action Filter 4. An elastic, Carl Craigian B-line pushes and pulls on A1, embellished with lush chord stabs and flurries of hi-hat and snare action, this is space techno of the highest order! - and sounding like it could be pulled off Craig's legendary "Just Another Day" EP. The second of four untitled tracks pairs a cavernous bell chime preset with rumbling kicks and the odd reverberated perc hit. Tension-fraught and slightly claustrophobic, one of those track's that'll make most sense playing to a pitch black dancefloor with one red light. The B side opens with a kind of mechanized techno roller, somewhere between Anthony Naples and Surgeon with its grating and tumulus grooves. The final track off the EP glides with a suave and poised demeanor, a classy exercise in post-peak floatation that should turn heads and move bodies with its vibrant kinetics and expert production.

                A sterling release, essential for fans of D. Ball and the Ourtime label, the techier end of Tusk / Horn / Porn wax and anyone with penchant for advanced dancefloor electronics. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: If you like your house with clean synths, polished beats and smooth melodies, this is your release for this week. Snatch on sight. It is not boring, it is an underrated stomper in its own right. Tops!

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                12" Info: Limited to 200 copies worldwide #norepress

                True intergalactic freakery by No Moon on the latest Craigie Knowes expedition. Three elegant electro tracks by the highly talented English up-comer, Brain Nourishment aka No Moon. Very in vogue right now with its hi-tech, space age aesthetic and mechanized electro rhythms. What sets No Moon ahead of the also-rans are his luscious textures and beautifully poised sonics. No frequency sticks out or insults the listener, it's all a very balanced and dare I say it, serene affair; that is until the thundering kicks and side chained pump of EP finale, "Mallet Fury" charges off the wax with a muscular intent. If you've enjoyed the recent Deeptrax records or the Muscle label, along with vintage Juan Atkins and Derrick May, then this record is for you!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Electro beats for the left of field fella. This is as good as it gets. A rare example of horizontal listening that is able to teletransport you somewhere special. Glistening synths, playful melodies and unrelenting energy to propelled you to a distant galaxy. I said horizontal listening, but can cause some serious damage on your punters if dropped at the right moment. Cheers!

                A compilation from world renowned Swedish label Borft. Four different tracks by four different artists, all originally released by Borft between 1996 - 1998 and re-mastered by Andrea Merlini. Pher contributes a shoulder-rolling slice of deep house pleasure via "Tja Boo", more akin to the Prescription or Cajual labels but sounding super funky here with its rampant snares and highly swung hats. Dan Fun drops some otherworldly quirkiness in the form of "DFSS1" with its traditional talking percussion paired with a jolty technoid stomp. Crinana returns to vintage house goodness on "Killimanjaro"; which in retrospect looks like an early blueprint for the lo-fi house scene with its frequency reduced hats, skeletal construction and radiant pad stabs. Finally, "Smooth Lover" by U sees a euphoric, strobe lit lead line pair up with subtle kick, sexy male vox and delicate ride cymbals for a surprise moment of dancefloor euphoria that's cuddly and unimposing yet captivating and uplifting in the bucket load. Mega.

                More excellent house vintage from Javontte's DATS and hard drives. The esteemed Detroiter supplies four more tracks, following on from a killer EP on Let's Play House and his work with Cool Peepl. Big, balshy house numbers with their elbows out and shoulders rolling. As I've previously mentioned Javonntte's drum programming is second-to-none while his hooks instantly suck you into their forward thrust with ease. It's delicious, no nonsense house music that recalls Chi-town powerhouse Prescription, Detroit's Moods & Grooves and New York's taste making Nervous Records in equal measure - a tour de force of house music brilliance for all to enjoy - get in!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Pump n jerk haus muzik from Cool Peepl collaborator and faithfull Detroier, Javonntte.

                Currently generating some serious heat and momentum amongst the global dance elite, Northeast poster boy Man Power rocks up with a single for Bristol's Futureboogie that further cements the reputation of this rising British talent. Coming backed with a remix from MCR's Ruf Dug this is truly an explosion of UK-based talent, ready to take on challenges from all corners of the globe...

                In its original form, “Barranquilla Trifle” features rave-lite stabs and deliciously sweeping pads over woody percussion and an omnipresent, sturdy bassline. A dash of acid darkness only energizes the mood, for what must surely be one of the best ‘sunrise moments’ tracks of the year thus far! Ruf Dug takes "Barranquilla" further on its trajectory towards summertime vibes; the sounds of the ocean sea gently breeze over the soca beat, as the Ruf Kutz main man adds splashes of percussive hits, huge M1 pads, and melodious keys to the party - ready for action across the Summer months. More 303 business coats “Kaon” from its opening bars, as Man Power delivers his second sonic missive. An urgent breakbeat and wandering mega-bass soon evolve into thunderous beats and heady synth arpeggios as an almost post-punk funk atmosphere creeps into the bustling yet succinct ambience. Winning stuff as ever from MP, FB and RK. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Yet another big Future Boogie release as the label enlist local darling, Ruf Dug in on remix duties.

                After the smash success of Talking Drums, Delicate Wash become the latest in a new wave of cosmic collectors sifting through the pound bins and flea markets in search of tweakable tackle. Their debut release is a synth-heavy selection of spaced out jams, floating freely between the Balearic, Italo and disco realms. "Oh, Michela" opens the party in dreamy fashion, drifting through Laurel Canyon strum and somnolent groove like a long lost Fleetwood Mac experiment - destined to be big with Picko-d on a One Million Sunsets tip I reckon. From there we blast into the cosmos with the sparkling arps and disco shuffle of "Web Objects", a jazzy blend of funked up riffing and far out vibrations that'll have the dance floor soaring. Flip it for a little trip to the cosmic homeland with "Meravigliare Di Salvazione", another essential cosmic groover who's ribbiting bassline underpins all sorts of sci-fi madness in the synth department. Last but not least, "Christian Does It Better" drops us into the low slung swirl of the mirrorball dimension, serving wild sine waves and launch pad fx over a perfect marriage of bass and drums. You'll struggle to pick a favourite from this quartet of quality, but you'll be everyone's favourite DJ whichever track you drop.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Mega cosmic/Balearic tackle here from new outfit Delicate Wash. Synth-heavy and uber funky, these four cuts each explore a different corner of the dance floor universe while keeping the quality sky high. Don't miss out!

                Satari / Nicky Featuring Satari

                Smile / Nobody To Love

                La Casa Tropical open their account with some synth heavy South African Boogie from the glory days of the mid 80s. First issued near the end of the synth-pop era that gave boom to the local record industry, this release takes the B-sides off the mysterious group’s first 2 singles recorded at Johannesburg’s legendary Satbel and Ovation Studio. Combining live instruments and the electronic gear that was already standard in all studios city wide, the newly formed supergroup was able to create a unique sound at a time the word ‘Disco” was starting to be associated with a different emerging movement.
                Initially a side project for the group Image (later changing their name to Ymage to avoid confusion after some success in Europe), the new outfit re-enlisted the help of their original producer and long time friend Sidwell Duda, followed with the addition of novice artist and songwriter Bibi Msomi . Their first release was a new take on a song they had recorded for their hit EP which became their first record to see a run outside their home country. Snuck on the B side was a steady 4/4 beat with fat bass synth and the quick funky keyboard licks Don Laka was known for.
                After an unsuccessful debut the newly formed group hoped to draw attention with a single front man. For their second release they used a tactic common amongst producers 10 years prior during the reign of the 7” single. Bringing two of his own compositions to the session, but unable to lead the group himself, Bibi’s independence and unique voice led to the creation of the ultra suave, party playboy known as Nicky Love.
                Although neither single saw any real success and failed to make it past an initial run of 500 copies, the now backing group known as Satari managed to produce a few more titles into the fast changing market that left their sound behind.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Hotter than hot SA boogie/synth funk here, hitting all the right notes with rolling keys, slappy synth bass and dreamy soul vocals. Both sides are the shit, but it's the flip, "Nobody To Love" which is rocking my personal socks off - imagine an African proto-house version of "Going Back To My Roots" with the end of night appeal of "Long Train Running" - BOMB!


                Pretty Pure

                  The fourth release on Yala! Records. Whenyoung from Limerick release their second single and it's another sugar coated golden pop nugget that sparkles with a slick production and a song that demands repeated plays. Pretty Pure sits between the powerhouse sound of The Pixies and the indie jangle of Sleeper. On the flip The Collector starts all skeletal and delicate before things pick up and it moves in the same circle as some of Big moon's more delicate moments. It shows a different side to Whenyoung's canon. Both sides are worth the admission price alone.

                  Flame 1

                  Fog / Shrine

                  The Bug and Burial come together like Voltron for two bass-bin heaters as Flame 1, cementing the first release on his freshly formed label Pressure. Following on from The Bug's recent sidewinding 12"s for Ninja Tune and a colossal album recorded with Earth, Fog / Shrine is possibly Kevin Martin's most soundsystem decimating collaboration yet, joining forces with the most elusive figure within the UK underground and Hyperdub mainstay, Burial. ‘Fog’ rolls along at half-speed steppers tempo, submerged deep within the roots 'n' future aesthetic of The Bug's signature beats, yet perfectly balanced by Burial's hollowed out and haunted night vision. ‘Shrine’ delves deeper inwards with the beats slowed to a crawl, the bassline hanging heavy in an atmosphere thick with smoke.

                  Bill Withers

                  Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

                  Back in 2012 when I met the love of my life, I was playing records upstairs at Oddbar. As I spun this seminal, micro-house mix up of Bill Withers' sad and sexy tale of jealousy, I saw a beautiful barmaid strolling through the wreckage of a boozy NQ weekend, collecting glasses and singing along. Laded with irresistible hooks, a propulsive groove and percussive power, not to mention an overload of soul, Henrik's version is the definitive dance floor mix of this classic, better even than Creative Source's psychedelic funk odyssey. Six years later and we're still all over this bomb, and as happy as the day we met.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Out of press for years, Henrik Schwarz storming micro house mix of this Bill Withers classic is probably the highlight of his career. If you don't own it, you need it, coz it will tear any dance floor a new one...

                  Nicolette Larson

                  Lotta Love - Jim Burgess Disco Mix

                  Well here's something that's got us in a tizzy at Piccadilly HQ! At long last, some sensible soul has seen to it that Nicolette Larson's sublime Balearic-disco rarity gets the official reissue it well deserves. For about 20 years now, the promo only 12" version of Nicolette Larson's "Lotta Love" has been the sole reserve of the A-list disco heads and imposing beards of the Balearic mafia. Mixed by the legendary Florida born and NYC dwelling mixer and DJ extraordinaire Jim Burgess, this gorgeous cover of the Neil Young classic combines the wide eyed soft rock of Laurel Canyon with a deep disco groove to life changing effect. Along the same lines as Carly Simon's "Tranquilo", but way more emotional, this is about as Balearic as it gets, and deserves a place in any boat party / sunset DJs record box. A truly sweet slice of music here backed with a nice cover of Sam Cooke's classic standard 'You send me'. Often bootlegged, there's been some shoddy facsimiles kicking around over the years but this high quality, official, 100% legit reissue has been lovingly remastered from the master tapes. What more can you ask for? Buy it now!

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  David says: Oh man, they really don't make records like this anymore. Coming across like the love child of Barry White and Stevie Nicks after an especially loved up Cali pool party, if this doesn't get you on your feet you might as well donate them to science. HUGE.


                  Nero Di Seppia / Scogliera

                  I went to Naples as a teenager - and despite delightful weather, delicious pizza and a cheeky spliff in nearby Capri, I never experienced anything as cool as this shit. Proving once again that the Periodica crew do it better than the rest, Pascal picks up exactly where Space Garage left off, serving up a sublime 7" of loose and languid funk drenched in new age synth tones, balmy production and delicate space echoes. "Nero Di Seppia" rolls on and on for days, tracing lapping waves and bubbling pools as the low slung bass and synthy squelch take turns to twist our hips. "Scogliera" ups the tempo a little but retains the soft focus shimmer of the A-side, breezing through Badarou-style leadlines and precise percussion idents. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Hot on the heels of the mega Space Garage 7" comes another Periodica sure shot, this time by Pascal. Slow, low and stoned funk with a dreamy new age feel - sounds like summer to me!

                  King Sporty & The Ex Tras

                  Rock Attack - Inc. Faze Action Mix)

                  The King Sporty reissue series continues with the lesser known, but no less worthy, "Rock Attack". Previously released under the name of the vocalist from The Ex Tras, Johnny Griffin, this release gives King Sporty the credit, bringing into focus the breadth of music, numerous alias and versions used by Noel Williams on his Konduko label. When compiling the series, numerous DJs and collectors suggested that the dubby instrumental track "No Wonder", found on King Sporty & The Ex Tra's sole album, "Extra Funky", should be included on a loud 12" pressing. What many did not know, however, is that it had already appeared as the flip to what is a vocal version, "Rock Attack".
                  Released under the name J Griffin, the song appeared on Konduko and its sister label Tashamba, with all the hallmarks of a King Sporty production. An incessant, reggae "picking" guitar solo is matched with freaky freestyle synth interplay, with Griffin's rap-vocal matching the rhythm and electro-funk bass stabs, working around the repeated phrasing to create a groove that could swing for days. Recorded, as always, at Miami Sound Studios, with writing, arranging and production handled by Noel William's, the recording was the early incarnation of King Sporty & The Ex Tras. Its stripped-back version, "No Wonder", sees Griffin's vocals reduced, dropping in and out of the mix with over dubbing to measure that makes the inclusion of what is effectively vocal and dub, in its rightful place as an Ex Tras song complete. This is backed with another specially crated Discomix, this time done in fine style by discoid forefathers, Faze Action. The Lee brothers (Robin and Simon) have worked closely behind the scenes with Emotional Rescue since it's inception, with Robin often providing invaluable remastering support- from Bob Chance's "Wild It's Broken" (ERC001) to this King Sporty series - combined with the fact it was Simon who suggested the idea of putting "Rock Attack" and "No Wonder" together for this release. It seemed therefore, only right that as they are giving up a long held, secret play, that they should be let loose to create a long form vocal / dub reversion. Merging the main vocal interplay of "Rock Attack" with the dub of "No Wonder", while deceptively removing the stop / start nature of the original arrangement, as Faze Action they bring all their production experience to bare, sending the results to the echo chamber for a reinterpretation that really lets the fun happen as a true Discomix should.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Emotional Rescue continue their King Sporty series with another Konduko killer, which boasts a scene stealing dub mix from disco legends and Balearic heroes Faze Action. The brothers Lee take the space echo down the overground and get super dubby on this extended version.

                  We jump aboard the good ship Love Creation for another leisurely excursion into the heady waters of the Balearic / cosmic dance floor. Volume 4 promises us a touch of acid chug, a slo mo groove and an extended dalliance with some left of centre funk. Powering into the highly playable, dance floor demolishing realms of Eros, Secret Squirrels and Unabombers, the A1 serves Earon's Balearic-graded proto-house bomb "Land Of Hunger" a pint of acid punch courtesy of a gurgling 303. Next up comes the slow, slick and groovy "Luther's Jam", a low slung roller decorated by intricate percussion and liberal space echo. The whole of the B-side is given over to "Space Talk", allowing the killer cosmic bomb enough room to lock us in and freak us out. A classic for Baldelli, Levan and Alfredo, this irresistible bomb goes on and on, working through class vocals, galactic synth lines and soaring chord progressions.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Love Creation keep their hit rate sky high with the fourth instalment of their series, serving up chugging acid, stone cold funk and a space disco stroller, all tweaked to breathy perfection.

                  For the uninitiated, the Austin based band Shit & Shine have been creating mutant, repetitive, technofied noise for labels such as Mego, Riot Season, Gang Signs, Load and the afore mentioned Diagonal since 2004. It is always hard to describe exactly what each Shit & Shine release sounds like as they are a band who treats each record as it’s own entity and so their sound changes dependant on their mood at the time of making it, but whatever that mood is, it will always be something thrilling and uniquely original. The three tracks on ‘That’s Enough’ EP (that clock in at just under 40 minutes) ‘sort of’ sound like what would happen if The Necks got trapped in a lift with the Butthole Surfers and Schwefelgeb for 12 hours. And after they manage to get out, the Australian 3-piece return to their studio to discover their instruments have been stolen and replaced by some fuzzy synths and a laptop - the resulting music they would make could possibly sound something like this...or in fact, maybe nothing like this? 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: The return of everyone's favourite cough-syrup swillin', venue-wreckin', speaker bustin' Texans and they're sounding as fierce as ever! Run for cover!

                  Rudy's Midnight Machine

                  Midnight Safari EP

                  Don the safari suit and shine up your solar topi, we're following Rudy on another expedition into the verdant climes of the Balearic domain. August's "By Nature EP" introdcued us to Rudy's steamy and sultry sound, and "Midnight Safari" only takes us deeper into the undergrowth. The titular opener offers shoulder rolling rhythms, sophisticated keys and exotic leadlines alongside the evocative sound of the marimba. Following this we drop anchor and appreciate the evening breeze of "In The Air" with its haunting cello, drifting arpeggios and North African spiced percussion. "Reach Backless" points squarely to the dance floor with chunky drums and solid bass, synth hooks galore and that piano solo that launches into starry evening skies. From there it's back down to earth with the ECM bass harmonics and slick guitar of "Windchimes" before the soulful "Solar Plex" takes us for a slow dance on a tropical fusion tip. Rich and varied like any ecosystem should be, this is a sumptuous set of Balearic exoticism.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Rudy returns to Faze Action Recordings to take us on a nocturnal expedition into the undergrowth with five steamy cuts of grooving exotica. "Midnight Safari" offers contrasting moods and tempos while retaining only the finest vibes. Don't hang around in your hammock too long or you'll end up missing out.

                  Light Touches

                  Light Touches 02

                  According to first-wave disco re-editors such as Danny Krivit, the perfect re-edit should simply be a rearrangement of an existing track that makes it more suitable for club plays. That seems to be the ethos behind the Light Touches series. Certainly, there's no attempt from editor Andrea Passenger to add contemporary production effects or beef up the bottom end with new beats; instead, this second volume in the series serves up a trio of tidy, club-ready rearrangements. On the A-side you'll find "Get Up", a groovy disco-funk outing rich in eyes-closed guitar motifs and restless horn lines. Turn to the B for the low-slung, up-tempo, string-drenched peak-time disco swirl of "Let's Have It" and "Around", a glassy-eyed, loved-up disco slow jam full of jaunty orchestration and hazy vocals.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Sil says: Proper elegant, massive and off the beaten track edits alert. THese are peak time bombs without being generic. First volume flew as we opened the boxes, this one will follow suit.

                  Trouser bursting rip curlers from big bad Toni M here on Textasy's FTP label. Dee-troit patented power from one of the new school. Touching on allll that good stuff - ghetto-tek, booty, grind, electro-funk; five steam train twerkers for bitches and ballers. Surely very big with one Mr. Mark Turner? and most recommended by everyone here at Picc HQ.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Taking in back to DJ Funk-era sillyness but with a swarve edge that should ensure its rotation across the board. Toni M is making ghetto cool again!

                  After curating a slew of totally essential reissues, Adelaide's Jura crew kick off a new offshoot, Temples Of Jura, catering for original artist material from a variety of genres. Their inaugural 12" brings us an intergalactic journey into dubspace piloted by Melbourne sensation Len Leise and the Jura Soundsystem themselves. Bouncing out the A1 with a boing of spring reverb and a swirl of space echo, "Dear Adrian" is Len Leise's tribute to On-U soundbwoy and dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood. Though the track grunts and moans like a Sherwood classic, Len's trademark blend of sunny melody and organic texture moves things in a more Balearic direction. Jura Soundsystem make their debut with a dub tryptich, spinning "Udaberri Blues" into three distinct versions. Rootsy and grooving, the track boasts a gorgeous psychedelic guitar line, echo drenched vocals and trippy fx, which truly come into their own on the uber-Balearic and entirely beatless "Space Mix". First among equals however is the MASSIVELY baggy, pilled up pump of the Dub Version, an immersive chugger in tune with Holy Ghost Inc.'s "Walk On Air". 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Isle Of Jura take a break from their expert reissue program with a four track grand slam of sonic excellence, served on a dub tip. Len Leise gets loose with the pedal board, paying homage to UK dub king Adrian Sherwood, while the Jura Soundsystem steal the show with Balearic smash "Udaberri Blues". Expect to hear the "Dub Version" rip 'Nado apart in the very near future.

                  Disco Dub Band

                  For The Love Of Money / Disco Dub

                  A Danny Krivit and Harvey favourite, as sampled by J Dilla and Glenn Underground - a dubby disco cover of the Gamble & Huff penned O’Jays classic. Also featuring on Kenny Dope's amazing "Disco Heat" compilation and receiving plenty plays at Mancusso's legendary Loft parties.

                  This sound was later pioneered by the likes of Arthur Russell and Larry Levan, and is especially present throughout the Sleeping Bag records catalogue. Replica original 7” artwork, official Mr Bongo reissue, mastered from our original DAT copy.

                  Strongly recommended dancefloor weirdness from Gila (of Gorgeous Children / Purple Tape Pedigree fame). Must have for fans of MESH & the Time Dance crew and currently massive love from from Mary Anne Hobbs, Optimo & Hudson Mohawke.

                  "106 Slipper" sees a frenzied 3/4 pattern turn itself inside out before settling into a more familiar 4/4 direction. One of those club tools that'll really come into its own when its blasting the nuts offa crowd of 21 year olds on strong narcs. "Trench Cadence" takes a more tribal route into dancefloor oblivion. Brick wall compression meeting some interesting reverb presets for an intense, thundering masterpiece of voodoo rhythms and upfront production. Breathtaking!

                  Two brand spankers for the dance. You need! 

                  Jackie Mittoo

                  The Sniper

                  Slow and moody, black and bluesy, Jackie Mittoo has you in his sights with this first ever 45 issue of his classic hit "The Sniper." A Striker Lee '77 sharp shooter that's taking no prisoners and it comes complete with heavyweight back-up from King Tubby and Aggrovators menacing "Dub Fi Gwan." Miss this one at your peril - for at last these two sides are totally together!

                  Following an extended break, Tsuba returns with an official reissue of "Dreamworld" by Westworld. Originally released in 1990 on the unimposing and frankly criminally under-published West records, the charms of this record have endured 27 years of dance music evolution; its twinkling melody, starry eyed piano line and emotive bassline still holding court next to today's releases....!

                  Taste defining DJ Gerd Janson adds subtle touches to "Dreamworld" and the old school flavoured "The Slam", along with a DJ tool of 'dub siren beats' to boot. Taking it back to the warehouses and air fields of Britain circa '92 with its middle finger raised firmly at the Tory party and the criminal justice bill.

                  What a release! 

                  Comprised of Polish duo Kruczynski and Brocki, Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. return after some dope deep house recently for Rhythm Section Int'l. For Les Yeux Orange, here they deliver four sublime cuts on the dusty and retro tip. Starting off with the chunky, squelchy analogue grit of "Hypnosis" which does exactly what it says on the tin with its roaring/delay drenched basslines and spangling FM tones. Next up "Mirage" is like a much more lo-fi version of MCDE and Marcus Worgull's ambient balearica as Vermont. The sun bleached vibes continue on the flip, with the somewhat Sueno Latino sounding "Just In Time" by Newborn Jr until we are treated to one more gorgeous and evocative dancefloor experiment in the form of "Nemesis" by Earth Trax: who also flies solo for this offering. Following up some stellar releases by Wav Fuzz and n.stal, this Parisian label is off to a flying start and we're keen to hear what they have in store for us next!

                  On the A side BFTT and Lack follow on from their debut release on the fifth Cong Burn Tape. BFTT crafts a peak time sub heavy techno weapon which beautifully collapses in on itself before its final ascent. Lack layers polyrhthmic splashes of Shackleton-esque percussion over dubbed out bass growls.

                  Flip it over and you've got Chekov following up his ace debut on Shanti Celeste's Peach Discs with electro 808 patterns and swells of low end weight. Howes lowers the tempo with a low key bubbler that further explores the texture's laid out on Cong Burn's first 12".

                  Kazumi Watanabe

                  Garuda - Inc. Kuniyuki Remix

                  Celebrating its 10th release, Jazzy Couscous dig in their Japanese crates to bring us a forgotten gem produced by Japan's Jazz legend Kazumi Watanabe. ‘Garuda’ was originally released in 1984 on a private press dedicated to a famous Japanese wrestler, Antonio Inoki. Nearly 5min of an ambient beauty taking you through the mysteries of South East Asia's deepest jungles. If you enjoyed the Eastern exploration of Cybe on Stroom, then this mallet-laced moment should calm your cortex nicely. On the B side, Jazzy Couscous invite Japanese genius Kuniyuki, who shows no fears when faced with a raw diamond like Garuda. He delivers an outstanding remix, taking the listener on to a musical journey of exotic deepness. Using traditional drums, he tints the track with an authentic tribal and epic color while synth and pads are creating a dreamy atmosphere in the second part. A true beauty.

                  Xen & Yovav

                  Etmol Hayom

                  Xen & Yovav return to Malka Tuti in 2018 with full thrust and eyes to the future. After being responsible for the first 2 releases on the label, this time the enigmatic singer and the influential producer collaborate and deliver two original songs. "Hayom Etmol" treads an exotic, DIY, post-punk vibe with a flowing synthetic B-line, Balearic guitar riffs and dreamy foreign vocals. The B-side, "Shavit", sees the vocalist lead the track, supported by plucked bassline and trippy guitar riffs, swirling flutes and a minimalistic drum machine. Lo-fi in its production "Shavit" feels as if it has been dug out of an abandoned 80s record store in the outskirts of Glasgow or Amsterdam, with a strong cold wave feel to it.

                  The first in a series of 7" dedicated to the DIY approach to electronic music, song writing and production. Some exciting names on the bill so hold on to your seat pop pickers...

                  Hayom Etmol’s artwork design was made as always by Morey Talmor, with a printed inner sleeve designed by the Israeli artist Kobi Swissa and a special silkscreened outer PVC sleeve.


                  My Love, I'd Do Anything For You / Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? (Live)

                    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You / Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? (Live) is the third 7" release from Morrissey's album 'Low In High School'. Low in High School is Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 and was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with Frank Zappa, The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few). Morrissey’s talent for combining political statements and beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever on Low in High-School, capturing the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.

                    Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge

                    Ich Verliebe Mich Nie

                    Here we have something very spezial from Dusseldorf's mighty Themes For Great Cities - the debut release for new outfit Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge, which seems to be a collaborative project from Joshua Gottmanns and recent Growing Bin sensation Niklas Wandt. "Ich Verliebe Mich Nie" is an A-grade NDW dancer, stomping through the smog of your nearest punk club fuelled by grumpy synth bass, neon tinged keys and hushed vocals. Neat nocturnal melodies, warped fx and a snappy song structure recall the best bits of DAF, Grauzone und Der Plan, but this is fresh and forward thinking enough to offer more than a plain pastiche. Over on the flip "Pfleg' Mich" (something like 'care for me' in English) extends a warm embrace and leads us through some optimistic synth riffs and uplifting vocals while the motorik rhythm section drives the track from synth pop serenade into the more kosmische end of the NDW spectrum. As limited as it is lovely, this is every bit as essential as you'd imagine.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: TFGC can do no wrong in my book, and the Dusseldorf label join Growing Bin at the top of my most recommended releases this week. This slender 7" hosts the NDW grooves of Joshua Gottmanns and Niklas Wandt, who join the dots between the contemporary German scene and the 80's pomp of Grauzone, Za Za and Eiskalte Engel.

                    Last we heard from Aiwo, the Dusseldorf label were flipping our lids with jungle mysticism from Bufiman and DJ Normal 4 (a Piccadilly Records single of the year don't you know...) and now they blow our hive-mind with the loose, limber, languid and lysergic sounds of the Phaserboys. The mysterious debutants open the EP with "Ice", a robotic, hydraulic roller which falls in between a Street Sounds Electro classic and that Space Garage 7" on Periodica last month. Thick with unorthodox funk and percussive idiosyncracies, this is the kind of freakbeat you only get from Dusseldorf. From there we bound into the neon tinged synth pop / white boogie / cosmic jiggle of "Including No Information", a mystical, melodic and moody slow jam that could easily of landed on an Originals comp alongside "Stars & Bars" and "Don't Turn Me Away". The tempo takes a bump on the B-side, soaring into the mid twenties for the trancey tribalism of "Phase Energie", a breakbeat acid outing in vintage R&S style. The free party vibe continues to the close as "Hallo!" romps through reach for the lasers sequences, breakbeats and bass weight without neglecting the shamanic stylings its hometown has become known for.

                    HAllo! Here are the Phaserboys with their full Debut on Aiwo rec. and they show up with a full equiped dance floor record including Love Mission Disco Adventures and Sequenced Breakbeat Dream Dance - be fast and take the ICE as long as you can - Winter is coming! *All rec. at Aiwo Railway-View Studios Ddorf

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: The Aiwo stable show us exactly why they're one of the hottest labels around right now with this mega debut from the Phaserboys. Possibly another alias for Bufiman and DJ Normal 4, this 12" picks up where AIWO003 left off, powering through free party mysticism and wonky wave jams from start to stop.

                    After the well deserved critical success of Tornado Wallace's 'Lonely Planet' (No.5 in the only chart that matters...) Running Back enlist a crack team of remix heroes to transform the Talk Talk-inspired Balearic pop of "Today" and the new age thrust of "Trance Encounters" into the floor filling club cuts the DJs have been dying for. First among equals is Versatile boss I:Cube, who calls on decades of dance floor experience to twist "Today" into a esoteric, Asiatic, Balearic house groover awash with precision percussion and a rolling boogie bassline. So far so fantastic, but then the Frenchman blows us away with his beats mix, a rambunctious rhythm track topped with fx soaked vocal idents and mixed to within an inch of its life. Say YES! Elsewhere, semi-professional sommelier and deep house deity Move D delivers his own version of "Today", treating the light and airy elements of the OG to a burrowing bassline and pulsating 4/4, before Prins Thomas offers an interdimensional acid disco overhaul of "Trance Encounters", reminding everyone exactly why he's the Prins.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: I'm having this! The best bits of our No.5 LP of 2017 get pulled apart and re-rendered by I:Cube, Prins Thomas and Move D. Expect deep house drama, Balearic bounce, lysergic space disco and powerhouse percussion across these four mixes...

                    After blowing my mind with a couple of expert edit 12"s over recent months, Parisian crew of diggers and DJ’s Discomatin go official with fully licensed and remastered reissues. For this new adventure, they chose an incredible in-demand French boogie EP from Diva, an eighties funk band from Bordeaux. Diva only released only one EP "La Nuit", a sentimental, almost poetic boogie banger with great synth, guitar and vocal parts. The track could honestly have been a radio hit in the eighties with some real promotion. Today, it’s still time to make it right and it is already an anthem in the French underground disco scene. Originally on the B-side of the 1985 original release on Cactus, "La Nuit" is here available with its two different versions (12’’ and 7’’ mix) and comes also with “Prise Au Piège”, a more synth-pop influenced funk track which gave its name to the original release. The band was formed by Gabrielle Andriampanana, Alex Louisor and Olivier Renoir. Before Diva, these last two already played together in the local new-wave band Bolton (twinned with Le Mans remember!) which was one of the first of the area to use synthetisers. Even if they had a small recognition at the time, the original release stood quite underground. Thanks to Discomatin, it’s now available to the real connoisseurs and still with the fantastic illustrations of French artist Camille de Cussac on the back cover.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Anyone who's seen my summer wardrobe (socks, sandals, pastel shorts and an Aloha shirt) could probably guess that I'm all over this! Parisian diggers Discomatin make my month complete with a great reissue of this sunkissed boogie Francais, nicely spiced with the kind of gauche, holiday on the continent naffness I adore! Tres Balearic!

                    I first heard "Tick Of The Clock" on Chromatics' 2007 LP "Night Drive", tucked away amid a variety of Italo disco rompers and synth pop serenades to provide a moment of Carpenter style suspense. So far, so brilliant, but the track really came into its own when Nicolas Winding Refn picked it out to soundtrack a particularly intense chase scene in the neo-noir classic Drive. This new two-tone 12" features that condensed "Film Edit", a chuggy, lo-fi, drum-machine-heavy cut with a gorgeous bassline and intricate atmospherics, alongside two new versions; the Visione The Stroke Of Midnight edit is louder and packs a meaner punch in its groove; the extended overdrive mix goes back to the original but plays around with the arrangement more, darting in and out of the dark for added suspense.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: One of the finest moments in the Italians Do It Better gets a welcome revisit here, as the Carpenter styled "Tick Of The Clock" finally gets its moment in the spotlight. Alongside an extended version which flips the arrangement for added drama, we have the condensed intensity of the "Drive" version alongside the Daft Punk punch of Visione's chugging re-edit.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd 12" Info: 180g vinyl pressed on ultra-clear dipped in icy blue vinyl.


                    Wakayama / Mejiro

                      Polytechnic Youth enter the fray once again, continuing an already productive year (these new 45s are 4/5/6th releases in 2018 already!) with a trio of quite brilliant yet totally different 45s.

                      Alpár aka Hungarian Bálint Zalkai, is the co-founder of ‘Farbwechsel’, the Budapest based record label, and his own recordings of electronic compositions (often built upon random looping sequencers in a minimalist style) are key to the label’s release output thus far. His goal as he sees it is to “catch a random pattern, loop it and build up a piece with that randomly pulsing theme. Just let to flow the voltages and sound waves and try not to disturb them or change their basic behaviours”.

                      The two tracks here were recorded with this approach very much in mind. The atmosphere of 'Mejiro' is “not unlike a bird observation. Attempting to find the right spot, getting closer and closer to the bird, which almost controls you and your movements as you attempt to near it”. Whereas 'Wakayama' is a more direct piece, and maybe the most melodic song Alpár ever recorded. While 'Mejiro' is a woozy, cautious piece, ‘Wakayama’ is like a tropical fruit or the ume, (the japanese apricot); colourful and full of flavour yet -with thanks to- the slowly humming theme in the background, an element of sourness grips you at the back of your tongue as it ends!

                      A beautiful pair of tracks released as a double A side 45 early March 2018. Pressing of 250 numbered copies….

                      Adam Leonard

                      Entkommen - Pt. I & II

                        The second of March’s trio of killer Polytechnic Youth 45s is a mighty extended piece of slow building Berlin school-esque electronica extended over 2 sides of a 33rpm disk, recorded by Adam Leonard; initially from a batch of 18 tracks recorded at varying times over the last six years.

                        ‘Entkommen’ is his first release for the label here, and both artist and label rather liked the idea of one extended track across two sides of a 45, whereby the listener must flip the disc at a half way point to continue the piece. It struck us as increasingly unusual and works a treat here…

                        Adam has amassed a number of acclaimed releases in varying styles, and across a number of esteemed labels over the years. Last year’s full band release (Invaderband) being shortlisted for a Northern Ireland music prize 2017 and was 6Music recommended. Not to mention previous releases in collaboration with The Owl Service and P.G Six.

                        His electronic home recordings are all well worth investigating and Polytechnic Youth proudly releases the first fruits of those sessions right here. A numbered, limited edition vinyl only 7” hand numbered to 250 copies.

                        Detox Twins

                        In The Hospital Garden / Transformation

                          The third of March’s trio of PY 45s, is a revisit to the always enjoyable dark electro world of Berlin’s mighty DETOX TWINS.

                          The new record offers up a pair of killer synthpop gems which, in the words of the bands’ Mark Vorderhaus “drift into the arena of the unwell with their latest outing 'In the Hospital Garden', and pose the curious questions: Is it so unfortunate to surrender your mind to a permanent altered state? Can losing oneself irreversibly to a manipulated insanity, actually prove to become a rare and wonderful freedom? Attraction battles control as the transformation completes itself. The b-side, 'Transformation' depicts the liberated insanity without challenge, now thriving and pulsating beyond the point of any return.”

                          Two more ace tunes which precede a full length later in the year for Polytechnic Youth. Killer hooks from synth maestro Mark, aligned with glorious effect to Devi’s icy Nico-esque vocals. Another winner for both artist and label!

                          A pressing of 250 copies. Hand numbered with sticker insert and destined to fly out super quick.

                          Label, shop, occasional caterers and perennial party starters Public Possession kick of 2018 with a magical Maxi 12" from their main man Wolfram. The Austrian crosses the Central Eastern Alps on the A-side, swapping the waltzes of his homeland for the emotional electro disco of Italy. That's right folks, "Automatic Dub" is about as I-T-A-L-O as it gets, storming to the heart of the dancefloor with driving bass sequences, dramatic chord progressions and glistening keys. Throw in some vocoded vocals and wiggy synth fx and you've basically become one with intergalactic FM. Skip to the flip and PP enlist their BFF (Born Free Friend) Samo DJ for a deep and druggy acid remix, laced with stuttering echo, wall shaking percussion and snaking bass swells. Alexi3d joins Samo on the B2 to bring a little other worldly atmosphere, K-hole cacophony and mechanical funk on a deeper remix variation. 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Patrick says: Public Possession start the year with a proper club killer here, pairing Wolfram's action packed Italo OG with a pair of deep acid inversions from Samo & Alexi 3d on the flip. Play it loud and watch the dancers freak.

                          Kamel Oil Company

                          Mustapha / Petroleo En Bruto

                          From the darkest corners of the RCA vaults comes this super rare and wonderful, tripped out cosmic-psych rarity on 45! From 1977 this double-header is an Eastern themed, moog driven oddity from the mysteriously monikered Kamel Oil Company. Written by the legendary Bob Azzam, Eddie Barclay (founder of Barclay Records) & Greek record company owner Antoine Flamaritis, "Mustapha" is an exotica soaked orchestral monster with choir vocals and string arrangements that only the big boys could call in. This is a serious left-field nugget from the vaults of one of the biggest majors - why begs the question, 'how the frig did this happen?!'. On the flip-side we have "Petrolo En Bruto", which is the real gem here, undoubtedly this one will appeal to fans of the far flung reaches of world music and psych, even those of you who dig the various flavours of funk from around the globe. A truly special and unique record here, often sought after by the deepest of the crate diggers and obscure sound searchers on a promo 45, this rare EP now sees a fully legit reissue. 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Patrick says: Heady little nugget from the furthest corners of the RCA archive here, bringing us neat break beats, Eastern promise and a thick bass synth, along with some cinematic orchestral action. Diggers' delight folks!

                          Abstract Orchestra

                          New Day (feat. Illa J)

                          Led by Saxophonist Rob Mitchell, Abstract Orchestra have been a consistent presence on the u.k. music scene, touring constantly in the promotion of their debut LP "Dilla" and steadily building a loyal and supportive fanbase.Inspired by the legendary live performances of The Roots with Jay-Z and the 40 piece orchestral arrangements by Miguel-Atwood Ferguson of the work of J Dilla, classic arranging techniques underpin modern loop-based structures, breathing new life into familiar material.The band itself is based on the classic jazz big band instrumentation of saxes, trumpets, and trombones and features the cream of the north of England's jazz scene, who collectively have played with Jamiroquai, Corinne Bailey Rae, Mark Ronson, Martha Reeves, John Legend & the Roots, Roots Manuva and Amy Winehouse.

                          "New Day" is the eagerly anticipated new single and features rapper and J Dilla's brother Illa J on vocals. Supported by a U.K. tour with Illa J throughout February, "New Day" takes the blueprint laid out on last years LP "Dilla" and expands it with Illa J's understated vocal delivery. Radio support anticipated from BBC6's Gilles Peterson who has been an advocate for Abstract Orchestra on both his BBC6 and Worldwide FM shows, as well as Huey Morgan (BBC6), Shawn Lee (Soho) and Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s). "New day" is the first original work by Abstract Orchestra and builds on the foundations laid on their debut. Flutes and electric piano lay out a gentle pad, propelled forward by Joost Hendrickx's insistent drums. Occasional fragments of saxophones add an urgency to the insouciant groove laid out by the rhythm section as soft trumpets and trombones are gradually added to the flutes. This provides the perfect foil to Illa J's laid-back vocal delivery as he describes a typically relaxed Tuesday morning spent contemplating the day ahead. The B-side is the AO remix which takes the instrumental performances of the A-Side, chopping and fragmenting them and re-framing the original with a slightly harder edge, which should be popular with those DJs and listeners looking for something with a tougher sound.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Millie says: It’s been a long wait for this and it’s finally here! Illa J, Dilla’s younger brother performs the smoothest vocals over the top of Abstract Orchestras’ distinctive instrumental hip hop sound. Fans of Children of Zeus will love this!


                          2 Down 2 Dance / Harmless

                            Sorry are a new London band centred around Asha Lorenz and Louis O'Bryen, two 19-year-old childhood best friends, who along with Lincoln Barrett (drums) and Campbell Baum (bass) have been playing on London’s underground circuit since 2015.

                            This 7” is their second official release for Domino Records, featuring Asha and Louis’ twisted twin vocals punctuating a typically catchy chorus laden with grungy guitars and surging beats on lead single ‘2 Down 2 Dance’.

                            Both tracks are produced by Ollie Barton-Wood (Alaskalaska, HMLTD). This spring they will support Sunflower Bean on their UK tour.

                            Hotly tipped by the likes of NME, DIY, Dazed, Dork, Loud & Quiet, Noisey and championed by Radio 1 Huw Stephens, the band are moving from strength to strength, due to appear on the cover of So Young magazine in the March issue.

                            “I’m really excited about this band... I think that’s brilliant. Definitely a band to look out for in the future, I like that a lot” - Huw Stephens, Radio 1

                            “I’m into this lot, they’re just the right side of misery” - Tom Ravenscroft, 6Music

                            “There’s just a different vibe to this band than a lot of other acts in the UK at the moment. They remind me a bit of Nirvana in a way, in the weirdness and the leftfield-ness of it… I think their strongest point is the weird Avant-garde-ness of it.” - Matt Wilkinson, Beats 1

                            Following up the First Touch album from a coupla weeks back, Star Creature continue to be the one stop shop for all things new boogie and modern funk related, signing up Birdbone Unlimited for a killer funked-out boogie duo. First up, we get the smooth-as-silk "Freaky Things We Do", with hefty slap and tickle, clavs all over the shop and phazed chorus lines tripping us out to the max. Glitzy Rhodes keys slowly grow from the background into a sparkling downtempo disco odyssey, all joined by heart melting vocal harmonies and languid west coast beach vibes. The flip side sees the sun slowly setting on the upbeat but restrained funk of the original, with rolling bass licks backing away slowly from the uncharacteristically minimalistic instrumental, before introducing another bout of swimmingly hypnotic vox. Shimmering and elevating, perfect for invigorating its listeners with supernatural power and buckets of emotion. Mega stuff as always from this now buy-on-sight firm. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: Another killer outing from Star Creature, setting the boogie bar high with silken instrumentals and sassy but relaxed vocal flourishes. Killer.

                            Yellow Sunshine

                            Yellow Sunshine / Don't Tell Me Later Girl

                            In case you didn't know, "Yellow Sunshine" by the band of the same name is an essential proto disco jam from back in 1973. A big one with the underground disco heads and B-boy DJs in the Bronx alike this record is a sure-shot winner! Often early Hip-hop DJ's would buy 2 copies of this 45 or the LP and cut it up long enough for the crowd to get loose and into the groove. Produced in Philadelphia, originally released on Kenny Gamble's 'Gamble' label and featuring some heavyweight players including Dexter Wansel, Roland chambers and more, "Yellow Sunshine" is the perfect blend of funk, rock & disco - old school style. Backed with 'Don't Tell Me later Girl' a la the original '73 Gamble Records promo this one's an essential for anyone who digs that Funk! There's always been poor imitations, but this 2017. Same as it ever was! Buy on sight!

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: Featuring the immeasurable talents of Dexter Wansel and Roland Chambers, "Yellow Sunshine" grooves its way through disco, funk, jazz funk and rock to reveal its self as the kind of incendiary party starter you'd imagine Theo has a private 15 minute edit of!

                            Athens of the North yet again suppling the best disco going, sourcing these beautiful reissues which need returning to their full former glory. ‘Love Explosion’ is funky yet smooth, the perfect combination for the song you want to listen to again and again. On the flipside, ‘Your Love is Dynamite’ consists of even smoother rhythms, drenched in disco love! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Millie says: Look no further for your new favourite funk seven inch, this provides all the funk-disco needs to solve all your record digging needs, this has been found!

                            Trinidadian Deep

                            Presents: The Tribute Songs

                            Trinidadian producer and long respected deep house soldier Damien Lee Ah Yen aka Trinidadian Deep returns on the legendary Shelter label for an EP of sun drenched, soulful sounds entitled "Tribute Songs". This EP marks the start of a new run of releases for the newly regenerated NY house label that has long been at the forefront of the deeper end of house and garage for over 2 decades. Trinidadian Deep's latest effort see 2 brand new cuts - "Dear Owen" & "Snake Hips" cover a wonderfully emotive and rhythmically driven pair of cuts that can work on the dancefloor at any time of the day or night! On "Dear Owen" gorgeous melodic pads envelope around recordings of children playing far off in the distance, weaving guitars and live percussions drive us into a dreamlike state, a truly sublime and blissed slice of music indeed. "Snake Hips" sees things move in a more stripped back, techy direction that still maintains the TD trademark deepness, a blend of Detroit leaning synth notes and live cowbells combine to create a joyful mood that will undoubtedly take the dancers off into a new cosmos, heads down and hands up to the sky. A truly original 12" here and one that sees the Shelter label heading off into a new and exciting direction for the future, essential house music.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Iconic, trend setting house label SHELTER make a much, much welcome return to the market with this absolute doozy of dreamlike abandon from TD. I'm mega buzzed about this!!

                            Timeless drum-machine soul music from genius Brit-Funk pioneer John Rocca. Pink Rhythm were a mid-80s evolution of Rocca's London-based band Freeez, featuring the great Andy Stennett and Peter Maas.

                            "Melodies Of Love" was first released in 1985 yet, still sounding staggeringly fresh, it's no surprise that discerning DJs call on it now more than ever. As the title suggests, it's so melodically profound and so effortlessly funky, once you hear it, you never forget it. Accordingly, it has been growing in demand on 12" for the past decade.

                            Gliding serenely, its epic, melancholic synths appeal to fans of Italo, whilst its stabbing Moog bassline and wall-shaking drums retain an unmistakable boogie / electro-disco feel. Rocca himself delivers a memorably androgynous vocal that only adds to the majesty.

                            Backed with the strutting sax workout "Walking In The Rain", this officially licensed, remastered 12" - presented in a heavier sleeve than the original - is one not to miss.

                            A year after the release of her brilliant debut album The Meeting Legacy, Emilie Nana returns to the front of the scene with a stunning new single, reciting the poem "Still I Rise" by American poet, author and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou in her very own, personal way. ‘I Rise’ is the reflection of Emilie Nana's hatching and metamorphosis. With this record she makes us to witness her transformation from a state of chrysalide to butterfly. ‘I Rise’ is the synonym for self-assertion, as a determined African black woman and an ode to inspiring women, throwing in their energy in order to transform themselves. Both drawn, carefully edited and immortalized with Danny Krivit's magic touch!

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Millie says: The simplicity of this record is so powerful as Emilie recites a poem close to her personal experience and growth as a person. Beautifully done.

                            Re-release of this techno-bass classic from 1993. "The Technology", amazingly, carried the AUX88 brand into radio, mainstream club and dance parties - hard to believe now, at a time when Paris Hilton commands larger fees than Jeff Mills and 'clubbing' itself has been diluted into a selfie-driven instagram fuel... anyway; rugged electro from Tom and Keith, "Technology" has a certain Model 500 / "No UFOs" feel to it, as the rich pollination of Detroit's underground exploded in the inner city breeze, carrying its influence across the entire city and state. The second version ("Rhythm Mix") is more frenetic and direct, aligning itself to the uptempo techno sound of Europe as it did the man-machine hybrids of Detroit. When that stuttered 't-t-t-t-tek vibes' vox drops you'll understand this is one subterranean anthem you can't be without. Essential stuff from the Direct Beat Classics series - don't sleep!

                            Joey Pastrana And His Bag Of Trix

                            Breaking At The Party

                              You'd be forgiven for not knowing "Breaking At The Party", the sole single release from NYC outfit Joey Pastrana & His Back of Tricks. It was originally released in 1984 on the short lived Tropic Of Buddha Records, a label dedicated to Latino takes on electro and disco. Such is the record's obscurity and cult status amongst collectors that you'll struggle to find original copies for sale for less than £500. This City of Dreams reissue presents both of the original mixes ('Vocal' and dub style 'Instrumental'), both of which fuse elements of boogie, electro and dub disco in a fabulously eccentric and wonderfully funky way. The synthesizer sounds, in particular, are superb.

                              Brian Bristol here remixed by Londoners FYI Chris and newcomer Nutrasweet. "Ear Candy" harks back to the classic days of New York house. Urgent and jacking it should recall heady nights dancing in the Sound Factory or at Twilo or even at our own Paradise Factory here in Manchester. Bristol's use of panning and echo really elevate the track, sending elements darting around the stereo field in a very inspiring. FYI Chris injects some of their SE-sensibility into the stems, addings some tasty swirls and tentative stabs before coating it in some glistening armour and stewing in rich plumes of bass. Both musically and texturally very profound. Nutrasweet, in this instance, does not refer to the aspartame containing sweetener but to a new producer, who transforms "Ear Candy" into a neo-tropical mallet jam, retaining the vox off the OG but otherwise making it a much more percussive and rhythmic affair. Great stuff by all involved!

                              With Star Creature, oft cometh the Tug Boat, with label heads Tim Zawada and Ben Van Dyke, based in Chicago somewhat father figures of the new boogie and modern funk scene. A couple of sleazy, pitch-bend heavy numbers by Diamond Ortiz are order of the day here. We start off with the robot funk of "So Square", snappy drums and soaring synth swells work out below the smooth machinated lyrical syrup, punctuated with sharp syncopated rhythm and those swirly 'wasp's nest' synth licks. "You Bring Out The Best In Me" arrives on the flipside, announcing its intent with the heavily swung kick / snare combo, before chucking in some cosmic space stabs and bitcrushed synth chords. Perfectly balancing the panning of both of these complimentary but wholly similar synth parts seems to be the key here, with the stereo spread providing the perfect functional wall between the snappy, smooth percussion and the jagged saw waves on the peripheries. It's another big room boogie blast from the firm and sure to cause ripples of excitement through the 'Manchester Groove Scene'! 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: Killer robotic boogie from Diamond Ortiz, rich in synthy silk and svelte, machinated vox. Killer.

                              'So Low is an occasional night in Glasgow run by Iona Fortune, JD Twitch, Katie Shambles and Becky Marshall. So Low is strictly for creatures of the night and plays music that could perhaps be described by the words dark wave / cold waves / minimal synthesis / maximal industrial / lo-nrg / forgotten Flemish goth Bands, teutonic apocalyptic Beats +++'

                              It is now also a label, administered by Optimo Music.

                              Third release on this carnal new hub of nastiness comes from Ian Hicks, formerly one half of Soft Metals. 5 tracks of seriously analogue wavage ranging from the post-XTC fall-out of “Character Collapse” and “Depths Of Psyche” to the shockwave klang of “Chemical Environments” and “Specter”, perhaps leaving the very best to last with the ultimate erotic hypno-throbber: “Continuous”. Wicked and unrelenting but with a deliberately slow and meticulous pace, examining the body from top to toe and inflicting its filthiest, fleshiest desires on the listener.

                              Full colour picture sleeve designed by So Low collective member and acclaimed Glasgow artist Katie Shannon. 

                              Following last week's curveball, where Max Graef delivered some KP-approved weirdness on Money $ex, our disjointed German is back once again and joined by Funkycan, Graverock & DJ Neumann, not to mention the in-house all-stars - VAT Supergroup! With an unfathomably fresh palette of sounds and rhythms all five acts here deliver something head turning and stimulating. Personal favourite is the Max G effort, a percolated beat squashed through a resonator and with some enchanted melodic flurries. "Tax Free Theme" sees a fast paced, electro-themed number put through its paces while Gravrock's sine tone bleeps and drum box rhythms should keep those with a penchant for the wacked out and wonderful more than happy. Plenty to get stuck into here folks, get involved!

                              'I first met Spandex when we were both 16. Before we were old enough to drink in bars he used to steal his mum's car and we'd drive to raves over Snake's Pass off the party line; to Tribal Sessions and Red Light at Sankey's; to Floppy Disc at One Central St, Sequence @ the Attic and of course forays to the subterranean pleasure dome that is the Music Box (RIP)... When the night or day ground to a half we'd high-tail it back in his mum's Vauxhall Cavalier and stay awake until it was safe to go home to our parents. At that point Spandex would get out whatever gear he'd amassed and start recreating the sounds and feels of the previous night....often to incredibly devastating effect. He's basically been doing that for the last 15 years - constantly honing his craft, adding new equipment and, in time, finding his own, completely unique sound. I can honestly say that in 2018 there is no one out there that sounds like Ste Spandex.' - Kickin' Pigeon.

                              And so it's with great pleasure we announce the arrival of "Home Extraction EP" - the first vinyl release on Cerberus Future Technologies (which previously housed Spandex and friend's wild experiments on c60 cassette tape) and dedicated to the art of DIY DMT manufacture. We start off with "Naptha", which my limited chemistry knowledge suggests is the 'base' for extraction. Anyway, it's an incendiary and quite sexualized number, that patented Spandex throb ever present as a coital groove thrusts itself into our nether regions. "Mimosa", the precursor is next up. As the key ingredient in the extraction and the bit that 'holds the magic', the track lives up to its expectations as one 5d-traversing space shuttle vortex cruiser. If you've ever plucked up the courage for the modern day magic carpet trip into the Other, then these vibrations should resonate inwards dear explorer, take heed! Ste Spandex has just gone and raised the bar of space techno well into the stratosphere - yeah booooiiii! "Caustic", the catalyst, sees the lively, unpredictable stage of the process represented sonically through highly frenetic beats and thick acidic slabs. Heavy n hypnotic, one of Spandex's many styles displayed here in superb form as he pairs volatility with harmony in ways you'd never expect. "Water", the simplest of elements needed here is given just as much importance as Ste drops some polychromatic synth shards over one of the most squashed and saturated mechanics off the whole EP - a nod to some of his previous work whilst taking his methodology and sonic philosophy spiraling into a future as yet unchartered. For those familiar with one of our city's finest producers, you'll know this EP's been a long time coming. To anyone that's seen his historical live sets at Wet Play - this your moment to grab that energy onto timeless black plastic.... to anyone else, this is as close to inter dimensional travel as you're likely to get on a slab of wax - take the trip!

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Finally it's here - the vinyl debut from the Northwest's most highly charged synth molester / groove generator. Never-come-down greatness that only a few can authentically create. We heart this!

                              'Dipped in blues and marinated in jazz...' reveal the sales notes for this new record by Luca Musto for The Magic Movement. Reflecting on his father's immigration from Italy to Germany, "Once Upon A Grind" kicks things off with a bright and breezy downbeat number which recalls pot-drenched teenage bedrooms across the dimly lit northwest from 1996 - 2001, but with a touch more elegance and jazz than a 14 year skateboarder might pick up on. Littered with dub delay and a future world funk kinda groove, this melting pot of influences will keep THC-soaked minds active throughout whilst providing a stylish and classy setting for hotels snugs, All Bar Ones and over-hospitable craft food establishments across the UK. "Parabel" introduces itself with some exotic spoken word before dropping into a low slung chugger with token guitar part and rolling b-line. If this doesn't take you right back to 2008, dancing under the stars in Petrčane then I don't know what will - nu-cosmic never sounded so good! Soundtracking in the next day's sunrise comes "Let Me Down", the ultimate come-down number to languish in as the waves lap at your feet and the subject of your desires rushes off to source a Mojito and some extra boing, Musto's gently realized theme unfurls beautifully through its duration, making its intentions felt and making the whole record suddenly make sense. The story told, Iorie takes things to the Black Forest for a more polychromatic excursion; injecting the melodies with more dynamic, climaxing undertones high with desire and a coital lust. Mega stuff here, makes me wanna roll around naked in the sand whilst tripping my head off with a beautiful woman. And not many records make me wanna do that....

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Mega stuff here, makes me wanna roll around naked in the sand whilst tripping my head off with a beautiful woman. And not many records make me do that....

                              Whities introduce a fork and drop the first of their Blue sub-series. "Blue 01" features Tessla and Lanark Artefax and comes with a future-proof build guarantee. Tessela’s "Glisten" has been feverishly anticipated since Joy O's Essential Mix from 2016. With its pneumatic beats, techy stabs and strung out aesthetic you can completely understand why it got the taste defining DJ's attention and why you'll want it right at the front of your record box ready for your next attack. 'Longside is the Intimidating Stillness mix Of Lanark’s "Touch Absence", which was first released as a limited edition Whities dubplate back in 2016. One of those techno-breakbeat hybrids that always hits the spot, it has been remastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven and sounds super crisp. Artwork as always by Alex McCullough. Top stuff. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Firing up the pistons, "Glisten" should shake any club to its foundations... Whities providing more demolition ball technoid shizzle.

                              Soundway Records presents “Down In The Basement”, the debut EP from The Mauskovic Dance Band - a heady, tropical blend of cumbia, Afro- Caribbean rhythms and space disco, resulting in a vibrant hypnotic groove destined for bustling dancefloors. The Mauskovic Dance Band is the brainchild of the Amsterdam-based producer and musician, Nicola Mauskovic. A seasoned drummer, he finds himself constantly in demand - as part of Turkish psychedelic outfit Altin Gun, a recent tour with the revival of Zambian legends W.I.T.C.H., and a worldwide tour with psych-pop artist Jacco Gardner, with whom he then went on to form the dance-oriented duo Bruxas (released on Dekmantel).

                              Throughout this hectic schedule Nic still found time to begin studio experiments that would eventually lead to several 7” singles, released on Swiss label Bongo Joe Records in 2017 under the name “The Mauskovic Dance Band”. Following this, he tapped long-time collaborators Donnie Mauskovic (vocals, keys, effects), Em Nix Mauskovic (guitar, synth, percussion), and Mano Mauskovic (bass) to make the jump from record to stage. Soon they caught the ear of fabled underground Cumbia producer Juan Hundred, who left his home on a Caribbean island to join the band on drums.

                              With each band member of varying heritage, the group draws inspiration from diverse genres: primarily Afro-Colombian styles such as champeta, palenque, cumbia and the pic soundsystem culture, as well as the Afro-Disco and No-Wave scenes in their current base of Amsterdam. The city’s hotbed of underground producers has also brought an electronic edge to the band, with vintage drum machines and synthesizers effortlessly melding with Afro-Latin rhythms and slick guitar riffs to create a contemporary sound rich with cultural influence.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Millie says: The Mauskovic Dance Band providing all the tropical disco grooves, bright and zesty this is the exact sort of twelve inch to get the Summer vibes in full swing. Take a listen and float to a faraway island of your choice, ahhhhh.

                              New single by our the fun loving arty indie mob that is Django Django. "Surface To Air" is catchy AF, radio-ready and mixed and mastered ready for your all nite indie dancefloor! Featuring Self Esteem, it's got a slight MIA vibe to it - ready for scorching hot, empowering days with a riotous flavour. Comprise of solely electronic elements and not featuring the band's usual vocalists, this single is a step in a new direction for the band which has featured everywhere from Parklife stages to Soccer AM. Alongside the tasty instrumental come three remixes, with LuckyMe regular Lunice the first to twist up the stems. He transforms the track into a bass-ladled future beats jam, chopping up the vocal into a catchy vox pattern and adding piston drums and big bass rumbles for a Jeep-pleasing crunker for the purple mob. Nightwave lifts the track from the 42s / 5th Ave dancefloor and plonks it right in the middle of the more techno / bass inclined club spaces; with a hard hitting, hi-def take on the OG which the DJs'll surely get on board with. Finally, Body In The Thames dubs it out into a tech-house glider, super crisp and with a panoramic scope, it'll suit early evening moments of serenity across the playas of Ibiza and the more glitzy end of the holiday house market. Excellent!

                              Goat Girl

                              The Man

                                ‘The Man’ on 7” backed by exclusive B side ‘Topless Tit’.

                                Goat Girl head up an emerging set of groups from South London who have been inspired by the burgeoning local scene there.

                                A classic sketch by the late great comedian Bill Hicks inspired their band name.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Ltd 7" Info: Indies exclusive 7"!

                                Meandyou return with the ninth instalment of the collective's record label, this time presenting Manchester cult techno artist J.S. Zeiter.  Zeither resurrects his Analog 1 alias for his second outing on the label, after 2012s mini album on the collective's first edition of the TAPE series - the cassette featured original material split per side between Zeiter and Meandyou's Herron.
                                In the late 1990s, J.S. Zeiter reached cult status by releasing a string of dub-infused techno EPs under his SJ moniker, each becoming sought after amongst collectors and DJs. Styrax Leaves recently reissued a number of his classic tracks, including new edits of the previously released tracks. He has released music on his own MCMLXV and JS imprints, as well as Pleasure Music and Phorma. 'Restoration EP' features 3 new productions that float between slow-mo techno and electro, plus the previously CD only track 'Interude 3' that appeared on the acclaimed 'Decade' album.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Sil says: Killer track here, folks. It is all about 'Mistral' on A2. A gentle walk in space led by sparkling synth notes accompanied by beautiful melody and loops. All of it underpinned by an electro / techno beat. It sounds simple but it is not. To make outstanding music you have to go farther and this track will take you there, farther. As per the rest of this EP, expect atmospheres of soundtrack proportions and beatless dark passages bar 'Skiv Loop' on A2 that brings to mind the best Basic Channel output. Strong similarities with a the beat slowed down to make it even more loungier.

                                I say buy this because it will grow with every listening session. Again, 'Mistral' will captivate you, but the rest is as solid and it will become a classic on its own. For those who likes their techno bathed in dub, Echocord or even Nils Frahm.

                                Holy grail of early 80's UK boogie with originals going for £40 upwards on the second hand market, if you know this one then you'll already want it, if not then you'll definitely want to. 

                                Think Melody's 'Stop Fantasy', pulsing synths, portamento saw waves and swirling spacey key stabs, underpinned with a funky, sweetly polished edge. On The Flipside, we get a dubby redux, full of panned space echoes and barely restrained resonance, coupled with spoken word samples and cascading reverb on the 'Astro Mix', and an edited version for the truncgated but punchy 'Short Wave Mix'. Superb stuff, totally essential. 

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Ya might wince at the price tag but you simply CANNOT get a clean copy of this OG boogie bomb (from '83 no less) for less than forty sheets 2nd hand. Espacial Discos do the do and let us peasantry in on the action.

                                The mighty voodoo masters Black Bones put the third line in their disco pentagram this week, as another back-breaking digging session has unearthed some sacred remains, primed for modern dancefloor re-animation! The set opens with the psychedelic squelch and symphonic strings of "Love Sick", a pounding peak time disco bomb topped with wild moog lines (a la Debbie Jacob's "High On Your Love"), sultry female vox and a rhythm section that just rolls on and on. Next up, "Desert Flower" takes a subby, dubby approach to the polyrhythmic fourth world house sound, providing plenty of esoteric instrumentation and echoes of Funny Bones. Flip it for the big and beefy 80's maxi-mix stylings of "She Should Know (Dub 3)" a properly Balearic dancefloor bomb, that sounds like a vintage FK mix of Willie Colon or something off a Hysteric 12". Lastly the dubwise depth charge "Lion Of Judah" connects with the land of Jah to give Matt Ward a reason to shout 'CHALICE'! This is limited hand stamped 12" tackle that is certain to fly.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: Black Bones return with a little rattle and clatter for the voodoo people out there, summoning up their best 12" yet (I reckon). "Love Sick" is the kind of A-grade edit action Dr Dunks used to hand to Harvey for peak time dancefloor demolition, "Desert Flower" is entheogenic house exotica of the highest order and the dubby diversions on the B-side offer proto house and break-ish brilliance. Buy on sight!

                                5 years since Midnight Shift’s first release in 2012, the label assembles a collective of artists, most of them are in advance of their full EPs releasing later. A motley crew of agro hardware hustlers, there's some household names hid amongst a plethora of alter egos. The Hacker takes on Amato guise, Marco Bernardi becomes Terry Lambogini and Hodge & Gramrcy join forces on the opening track - it's a family affair alright! From abstract acrobatics to the abrasive side of the spectrum, interspersed by some big fat techno gob smacks. Plenty of styles and flavours contained within but all kickin' hot and spicy! Personal favourite is the schizoid tech-step-wobble of Terry Lamborgini's "The Gurning Vineer" but there's more delicate and gentile moments for the more fragile and heart worn. A really solid compilation for late night club dwellers across the universe.

                                Artwork by Tzu Ting Wang 王 姿 婷, Layout / concept by Fiona Luigi.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: PPHHWWOOOR! If "The Gurning Vineer" doesn't melt your face off into a pool of acid puddles then I'll attempt to break the land speed record on the back of 303....

                                Yowzers... outta nowhere comes Rhythm Section International with a f-f-f-frresh new release for 2k18! The SE stable has been somewhat of a go-to for the last few years, a big proprietor of what would become 'the Peckham sound', it's branched out of late with releases from Melbourne and Manchester and now this new release coming from Paris. The record itself takes cues from the broken-beat-centric sound of London while paying homage to the Parisian house dance scene. Largely sample based, but also employing much more live instrumentation than ever before, Neue Grafik’s music is informed by movement and in turn offers so much for dancers to respond to. It sits perfectly on RS Int, but also offers a full and expansive vision into this producer's inner mechanics. Somehow timing its arrival for the onset of Spring (I guess you get some sway over pressing plants when you're Bradley Zero... ;) ) this is beautifully optimistic music but weighed down with the languidity of a changing season. It's lacks the balls out hedonism of Summer and carefully treads into new beginnings. Expert stuff. 

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Bradders and his crew showing just they are an essential force in 2018. With BZ hosting his own 6Music show, it was only a matter of time till the rest of the country / globe got on board. We've been with 'em since the start - what label!

                                After last year's stellar EP on L.I.E.S. Records, veteran, Brooklyn-based producer and DJ Jake Reif (Savage Hymn, Upsetting Keys) continues to make waves with his Device Control brand. The first side of the new "EP2" begins with "Silhouettes": a robotic, techno-funk work out with a nasty kick drum, swirling modular sounds and a Timothy Leary inspired vocoded vocal. An instrumental version has been included for selectors who prefer tracks to songs. On the flip, "Joystuck" continues the aural assault with a slightly more stripped-back approach. Hard-hitting metallic percussion and screaming, alien-esque synth bleeps are all that's necessary here to decimate a dance-floor. Finally, "Divisive" rounds out the EP with a stomping vengeance, its jacking claps and dissonant harmonics have been carefully designed to deliver a sonic gut-punch, taking no prisoners when played on a club system.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: Those of an EBM/Industrial bent will be all about the klang and bang of A-side offering "Silhouettes", but it's the broken modem madness and cyclical groove of "Joystruck" that steals the show for me.

                                Hailing from Modena, playful, irreverent, Balearic heroes, Italo legends and Eurotrash pioneers, Ciao Fellini marked the 80/90s decade with several covers and bold Italo-pop singles. They won a Festival Bar, got photographed by genius Luigi Ghirri, sold more than 100.000 copies of “La Mia Banda Suona Il Rock”, were invited to the trendiest TV shows of the time such as Discoring and Super Classifica Show and ran one of the most prestigious night clubs of the 80s in Northern Italy, the Graffio. The Caribbean House is Billy Bogus' new project: a new blend of creepy atmospheres, sunset grooves, analog feelings and constant rhythms. Bogus leads this new collective formed by Federico Bologna (Ohmega Tribe, Technogod) and Cristiano Santini (Disciplinatha, C.S.I,), proper landmarks of overt 90’s underground Italian electronica and noise rock, once again ready to tie their receptive minds to something new. The deep background and the intense attraction for oddities brought them together, making The Caribbean House remixing Rita!!! A demo tape straight from 1983, for In Flagranti's new trademark: Hotfoot!

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: In Flagranti's Hotfoot imprint continue to bring us the waviest disco burners, this time courtesy of Ciao Fellini, as interpreted by Billy Bogus. Tropical drums, dubby guitars and a propulsive bassline cut through the wonky soundscape perfectly. Perc mix on the flip - get twisted.

                                Originally released as part of Eskimo Recordings acclaimed compilation 'The Red Collection', Dutch duo SHMLSS's 'Train Ride to the Middle East' has proven to be a perennial favourite with openminded DJs attracted to its heady psychedelic brew of twisted disco and Middle Eastern sounds. Now to kickstart 2018 Eskimo are releasing the track on vinyl for the first time, complete with a brand new remix from Marvin & Guy.

                                Whether running their own XXX label, curating the disco playlist at 22Tracks Amsterdam or spinning wild sets featuring everything from disco cuts and gl