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Floating Points

LesAlpx / Coorabell

Floating Points drops his first new track since 2017 in the form of "LesAlpx" - with Sam's genre-defining grooves laced through the tracks electronic core. A driving peak time track, it's destined for the bigger playrooms of the dance scene and coupled with its urgent energy, should be on constant rotation during the heady months ahead.

Built around a constantly evolving synth stab which, for some, may recall an aggressive manifestation of Carl Craig, it's not long before FP's idiosyncratic, skittish beats come flailing through, locking us into their garage-indebted, shoulder-dropped rhythm instantly. A cleverly formulated, attention grabbing micro-breakdown almost exactly halfway through the side ensures any lost in the fog will get dragged back to Earth, for a few moments at least, until the final furlong blasts us right back into the stratosphere. It's a huge track, make no mistake, but then did you expect anything less?

"Coorabell" on the flip, is equally urgent, with a technoid bleep melody that hints at Axes-era Jeff Mills (!!). Strung out keys and Detroitian synth flurries make this another one destined for the main rooms and peak hours... Has Floating Points done it again? I'm pleased to say unequivocally - YES! As essential as any of those early EPs many moons ago and a 110% sterling addition to this legendary producer's catalogue. You need. 


Matt says: Big big big release from our man Sam who's been squirreled away in the studio working on his New Sound. Biting harder than ever on those Void horns, both tracks here are mastered for the club - and will surely devastate any system it's played across. He's always had the musical prowess, but it seems FP's delving deep into frequency response and pre-mastering greatness here (much like Moritz and Carl Craig did...) - the results are incredible!


By Your Side - Remixes Pt. 1 - Inc. Calm / Mind Fair Remixes

After teasing us all summer long with sunset plays from the best Balearic names in the game, Hell Yeah finally floored us with the release of Calm's stunning "By Your Side" in the autumn. Delicate, dreamy and filled with cosmic charm, the LP sounded just as good in the winter as it had in the summer, making its mark on plenty of end of year charts.
Now the label revisit the album with a series of special remixes, certain to keep us smiling all summer long. Part 1 sees the Japanese artist revisit one track himself, while Mind Fair also step up with fresh new version of album favourite "My Home Town". 
So, Calm kicks the package off, reworking his own "Mellow Mellow Sadness" into "Mellow Mellow Acid", a sweet and subtle deep house blend with jazzy Rhodes chords, precise percussion and a gentle acid line emerging from the tumbling drums. Warm and breezy, this is midday music for beach bars, boat parties and Mediterranean excursions. 
Golf Channel and International Feel disco duo Mind Fair step up to flip ‘My Home Town’ into a long legged and gorgeously hazy downtempo disco bomb. The chords shimmer and shine, retaining every bit of Japanese romanticism, while that relaxed rhythm will have people swaying for days, eyes closed, hearts open and full of love. 
Two beautiful originals, reworked with passion, pride and respect - don't be surprised if this 12" becomes the soundtrack of your summer.


Patrick says: After that brilliant bonus 7" from Kito Jempere last week, Hell Yeah keep it coastal with this superb remix 12" of Calm's stunning "By Your Side" LP. On the A-side the Japanese producer takes on his own track, upping the acid and transforming 'Mellow Mellow Sadness' into a sunkissed slice of deep house, while Mind Fair flip "My Home Town" on the flip, delivering a proper Balearic disco dreamboat.

Bordello's reissue arm go into overdrive this week, slapping us round the chops with an official Attic Salt Discs re-issue of the Belgian synth-pop evergreen ‘Love In Motion’ (1984) by 1000 Ohm. The band kicked-off in 1979 with their successful debut A.G.N.E.S. / Look Around and later on developed their style from New Wave to Italo-Disco influenced Synth-Pop (‘The Claim’) and a decade later even touches of New Beat (‘You’re The One’). ‘Love In Motion’ is a beautiful mixture of 1000 Ohm’s repertoire, boasting precision engineered drum programs, chiming synth melodies and a very 80s vocal. The release comes with remastered versions of the original 12″ version, instrumental and on top a DJ friendly ‘Vanzetti & Sacco’ edit.


Patrick says: Even in the throws of my wildest chair dancing, I can still find the time to thank Attic Salt Discs for this splendid reissue of 1000 OHM's Italo/synth pop gem "Love In Motion". Heady sequences, heart tugging melodies and a great new wave vocal combine for one of the finest Euro pop cuts ever.

As mentioned elsewhere, Best Records are in shape for summer, swapping the boogie and Italo offerings for straight up Balearic / cosmic classics. This stunner was originally released on F1 Team in 1983, and comes on strong with an irresistible falsetto vocal, which sounds a bit like the Bee Gees covering Phil's "In The Air Tonight". Beneath the totes emosh vocals, we get a low slung bassline, solid and simple maching groove and the hazy shimmer of soft focus synthesis, all of which gets whipped to a peak for the exultant chorus, before wild synth and guitar soloing puts the cherry on the dessert. This remastered pressing includes the original versions from the original 12" release plus the special extended mix.


Patrick says: Remember Moonboots and Mike's Originals comp? Then you remember this absolute stunner which brought the whole thing to an arms aloft close. Soft rock? Synth pop? Balearic killer!

Ahmed Fakroun

Auidny / Njoo El Leyl

Back in 1977, Ahmed Fakroun was doin' it in Libya. The Benghazi born multi-instrumentalist took his training in traditional folk and rai and love of disco, soul and French art rock and translated it into a super groovy cross-cultural hybrid which made him one of the biggest musical stars Libya ever produced. This debut 7", recorded with legendary British producer Tommy Vance is the perfect introduction to Farkoun's style, rolling out the speakers with a loose bassline, funk guitars and rai-styled vocals. Horns, flute and some sick synth licks further spice the pot, calling to mind Demis Roussos in "I Dig You" mode. On the flip, "Njoo El Leyl", shuffled and sizzled with syncopated perfection, delivering dusty rock for the funk crowd and desert funk for the rock fans. Chanted vocals, dreamy melodies and super stoned percussion hold it down perfectly, keeping us moving until that far out and fuzzed up guitar solo brings the psych to the party. Out of press since it's release, this official reissue is an absolute essential folk. Buy on sight!


Patrick says: Forty years since it was last in press, Groovin give us a replica reissue of Ahmed Fakroun's superb debut "Aiudny". Fusing funk, folk, slow disco and Libyan rai, Fakroun drops a couple of deep desert shufflers which still slay in the present day. This one stays in the record bag!

Be With are back on the tail of brilliance with an ace reissue of a total disco destroyer, oft overlooked because it's more or less impossible to find.
In 1980, Randy Muller’s Skyy dropped the monumental “Here’s To You”, comfortably one of the greatest dance singles of all time. Released on Salsoul, “Here’s To You” is now exceptionally hard to find in its original form. On this special Be With double-header, we present the sought-after 12" mix and back it up with the strutting “You Got Me Up”, which has never been on a 12" before. Naturally, both are cut loud and bumping for devastating dance floor power.
A sure-fire classic of the NYC club scene and a true block party rocker, “Here’s To You” beautifully combines sweeping synth-strings, loose cymbal hits and swaggering lyrics delivered with enviable style. But the real hero is *that* bassline. Oh, wait, no, actually, it’s *that* synth refrain halfway through. Harnessing the Oberheim Matrix 12 to emulate a horn section has provided goosebumps on discerning dance floors ever since.
As Muller expressed in his 2007 Red Bull Music Academy lecture, “It’s a very special record, it’s positive and has that spontaneous, life-giving spirit in the groove. Everything locks, just pure chemistry.”
If that wasn’t enough, over on the B-side is “You Got Me Up”, a real hidden gem from Skyy’s Skyway LP. Also released in 1980, the track is a wonderful showcase of the group’s airtight rhythm section and Muller’s uncanny ear for a groove and a melody.

George Benson

Give Me The Night / Breezin' / The World Is A Ghetto

Legendary American guitarist George Benson started out in the sixties, putting his energy and invention into jazz, blues and r&b standards on albums for Prestige, Verve and CTI. By the latter half of the 70s, as the music industry fell under the spell of the disco beat, Benson moved further into fusion, delivering the three jazz-funk / boogie jams we find on this Groovin 12". A1's "Give Me The Night" from the 1980 album of the same name saw George team up with Jacko-era Quincy to cut a true party starting classic, all rubber bassline, neon synths and shoulder-rolling funk guitar. 'Breezin', again a title track, from his 1976 LP gives us flawless instrumentation and vibes for days, but it's the B-side track "The World Is A Ghetto" which steals the show here, taking us on a nine minute flight through conscious jazz funk, driven ever onwards by irresistible bass, fret-burning guitars and a supe soulful vocal.

Best Records change lanes for the summer season, switching away from their recent boogie predilections to serve up two classic Balearic disco burners this week, starting with this bomb. Produced in 1983 by Easy Going member Peter Micioni (whose studio skills added serious weight to tracks by Gary Low, Traks, Mike Francis and Amii Stewart), "Turn Me Loose" and "My Design" pressed here in mixed fashion (as was the original release) take us for a night drive downtown for a full fourteen minutes. Slow disco beat, sultry guitars, emotive chords, delicate keys and a high drama vocal, this has every single ingredient needed for a Balearic classic. If you've never heard it in a club, this makes for the perfect set opener, end of night swayer or mid-set direction changer, and it's absolutely brilliant. Alongside the full fourteen minute bomb, we get a shortened version from German born Ibiza resident SIRS, whose ace productions have been championed by DJ Harvey right from the very beginning.

More emissions land from Radioactive Man’s sessions at Curve Pusher studios on his Asking For Trouble label. This time it features a new collaboration with Ara-u, a friend and a figure whose heritage lies in the rave community of 90s Venezuela. Started in Hackney and finished in Hastings, on "Plastic Attack" the pair present a four track selection of raw analogue machine funk from the bunker for the warehouse floor.

"Datatheft" kicks us off with malevolent undertones across a mechanized superstructure; if the machines are indeed taking over their dark intentions are revealed through the grimy gears and rusty pistons firing off this menace.

"Failure To Communicate" is pure Keith Tenniswood brilliance; as a anthemic 303 decorates a skeletal but snappy broken beat. Much like "Daytime Robbery" which sees the producers squashed, sub-woofer tickling 303 lines growl over another minimalist electro wobble.

Finally "The Last Waltz" carries on like a buzzy UR number; a rabid sawtooth cutting through a frenetic electro hybrid beat. Add a few technoid stabs here and there and you've got yourself a sure fire body popper.


Matt says: One of my favourite producers joins forces with a Venezualian rave vet for a jam packed EP of mechanized mayhem.

Children Of Zeus

Hard Work / The Heart Beat, Pt. 2

Exactly a year on from 'Travel Light', we release the final single from Children of Zeus' debut album. A dinked 7" single, containing one of the stand-out tracks from the album, 'Hard Work', and a re-vocalled Lover's Rock version of 'The Heart Beat' (a demo version of which appeared on 'The Winter Tape' from Christmas 2018).

'Hard Work' is a term than can easily summarise the past twelve months in the life of Tyler Daley and Konny Kon. They've been busily touring Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and the UK twice in that time, as well as rocking shows at countless festivals across the continent.

'Travel Light' was named "Album of the Year" by Complex Magazine, BBC 6 Music's Huey Morgan and Rinse FM's Jyoty, as well as taking 2nd place at the Worldwide Awards (for which their label First Word was named "Label of the Year") and numerous high-placing's from Fact, Mixmag, The Vinyl Factory, Juno, Bandcamp, Mi-Soul, Wordplay & Piccadilly Records, amongst numerous other notable selectors, blogs, tastemakers and musicians, with fans far & wide from Radio 1's Benji B to Chase & Status, Jazzy Jeff to Lily Allen, Stormzy to Goldie.

The depth of styles & genres included on 'Travel Light' confirmed that Tyler & Konny are not easy to put in a box. Their initial inspirations of Manchester pirate radio in the 80's/90's all make up to form the sonic tapestry of hip hop, soul, r&b, broken beat, jungle and, in this instance, reggae.

One of the album's biggest surprises was this now-anthemic track, 'Hard Work', which sees Tyler Daley effortlessly ride a one-drop riddim drenched in positivity, and is a highlight in their live sets, as anyone who's witnessed will testament to. Meanwhile, the flip-side transforms the quiet storm vibe of 'The Heart Beat' into a heavy, heavy dubwise track, creating an essential accompaniment and fitting sequel to the original lick.

Pressed on a limited edition rustic JA-style dinked 7", this one is, of course, essential for any discerning collector, fan and DJ. Released on First Word Records, July 12th 2019.


Millie says: Children of Zeus are treating us again with perhaps two of my favourite tracks (although who am I kidding, I love them all) The Heart Beat Pt. 2 takes a slowed down tempo which is ridiculously smooooth and Hard Work is a COZ classic.

Irie Mona goes for a dub adventure on new label Mystery Booms. He’s a producer based in Lyon and he knows perfectly how to inject new digi-attitude in the old-school way of dub productions. A perfect nu-bass-ballad for some tribal sun dancing. Both sides killah... You need this bass dreads!

Early Support : Judaah (BFDM), Tarba (BFDM), The Pilotwings (BFDM), Sacha Mambo (Macadam Mambo), Leo James (Berceuse Héroïque), Nummer, Chez Emile Crew, NVST, Folklore Crew, Groovedge, Emeline XIII (Sumo Smash), Warzou (Jump, Nous Disques), Eddy Larkin…


Matt says: A surprise Summer stepper for zee dubby dance I hear you say?! Yes sir-ee Bob! Top drawer this...

In 2018, approximately at the same glorious time of the year we’re about to reach (the early days of Summer, what else?), River Yarra released the age-of-content-friendly "#Lucky #Boy", his debut EP on Antinote. Since then, the record has been living a happy life of its own, as a collection of four ace dance melodies unfolding at different BPM’s, being played in various environments – from quality warm-up sets for small-scale dancefloors to indie podcast series. Twelve months (punctuated by short but witty mails) later, River Yarra offers an update for his music, with a second set of four ace dance melodies unfolding at different BPM’s (from 88 to 140).

After focusing mainly on human conditions of living in a post post-modernist cultural mayhem, River very logically turns his back to rotting humanity and pays tribute to our next of kin, frogs (unless humans decimate their whole population before our own extinction). Here we are with "Frog Mania", here we are. “All hail Yarra, thou shalt be frogking hereafter”.
The opening song, "Toad Charmer", is a seductive sarabande to bewitch frogs in which the pied piper of Hamelin is Priscilla Queen of the Desert and there’re acid sparkles in the pond. Now that we know what kind of track we’re on, River Yarra makes his program for SS 2019 clear with "AMFYBYONZZ": it’s going to be all about tranc-e synths, orchestral hits and amphibian gimmicks – and like "Toad Charmer", the lyrics on "AMFYBYONZZ" are not cluttered up with superfluous phrases: “amphibian” is (the only) word.

On the flip side, the BPM keeps on accelerating, reaching whopping 140 BPM with the soberly named closing song, "Prog Frog". But there’s still one tune to go through before reaching Frogmania’s climax… Did I mention how infectious all of these songs are? And "Frogz Ov Gondwana" is no exception to the rule, channeling the particles of MDMA you may have absorbed into the right corner of your brain with its wild arpeggiators and synthetic howling. Finally, it’s time for Frogmania’s anthem, Prog Frog, an up-tempo ballad through time and space, from frogs’ ancestors from the Devonian to their future incarnation; in other words, a song that ensures Frogmania to become an essential record for any batrachian lover.


Patrick says: Not content with dominating more or less every DJ set via his Antinote debut last year, River Yarra is back, bringing us this well dressed 12" of frog lovin' prog and new trance excitement. Kickin' Pidge is putting his money on the racey and pacey flipside, while I'm all about the slow and skew whiff weirdness of the A-side.

Soul Clap returns giving one of Paul Simon’s most beloved records in history that signature edit ‘tidal-wave of emotion’ touch that has taken so many other classics and brought them into new light for today’s dancefloor. The nostalgia is in full effect as this 1985 anthem takes the boys right back in their formative school years. The Clap flips this Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo sample into a tribal house groover. Propelled by tube driven drum machines, cascading scales and melodies, Lady Smith’s rooted in the raw sounds of bygone synths nurtured back to life

Soul Clap breaks the main mix down to its bare essentials on this drum tool bringing the rhythms to the forefront highlighting the vocal chant that gives the original record its signature feeling.


Sil says: Sometimes you gotta take one for the team, throw away your self-constructed ego and just give the floor what they want. If that means Paul Simon's crossover Balearic hit, "Graceland" laid unceremoniously over some fresh houz beatz - then so be it! I'm on board!

On-U follow up the recently released and critcally-acclaimed "Rainford" set from Lee Perry and Adrian Sherwood with this system-ready 10" smasher. The A-side of this EP serves up an extended version of album highlight “Makumba Rock”, with the vocal mashed into dub, and the instrumental elements brought to the fore with all manner of mixing desk insanity in classic Jamaican discomix style. On the flip is the essential non-album track “Heaven & Hell”, a psychedelic funk shuffle with decaying horns disintegrating into the fog of effects and relentless Upsetter wisdom. Both cuts are exclusive to this release, the latest in On-U’s long-running and highly collectable discoplate series.


Matt says: If it's On-U and Adrian Sherwood on 10" then I don't really need much convincing. Add some alien toasting wackiness from reggae's intergalactic spokesperson - Lee Perry - and it's in the bag it goes!


10" Info: Indies exclusive, limited to 1000 copies worldwide.


Regularfantasy and Void Mirror met up at the Dance Music Workshop in beautiful Victoria, B.C. during the dog days of Summer to record these tracks. Shimmering and hazy, cutting blurred lines through the clean Vancouver skyline, these are immediately resplendent with that OG Mood Hut flavour.

DIY houz vibrations from the new school cartel! Drinking from the same soup as the pioneers Larry Heard, Virgo, Raze etc, but emitting their own unique glow and texture. Bedroom house productions 4 the deep heads - get 2 kno!



Matt says: Ya know the crack by now... Vancouver's finest DIY house cartel bring the soulful and saturated side of the spectrum to the sunblushed dancefloors.

The ever-reliable (read; absolutely essential if you like new techno and electro!) Pyramid Transmissions label presents the 1st solo release on the label from on-going partner Pathic.

Pathic aka John Cranmer, is no stranger to electro heads as he has been releasing beautifully crafted trax for 20 years now, releasing on Outside Recordings, Cultivated Electronics, Minimal Soul, Earthlings & Ai.

The "Rebirth" EP is a sturdy, bunker-resistance collection of deep n dirty electro with Detroitian inflections throughout. Ignore the also-rans, this is the real deal shizzle. Gritty, street-ready hardware jams that'll rock the club and car soundsystem in equal measure. 


Matt says: Favourite track for me? The gurgling, Radioactive Man-indebted, "Am I Eating Mushroom Soup". Proper, bassbin buggin' goodness eeks out the motherboards in fine style.

The fourth vinyl release from Banana Hill - the party-cum-record label based right here in Mancunia! It comes from Kenyan producer Jinku who drops the deeply personal "Vagabond" EP. Through sound textures and patterns, the waning lights of a relationship are exemplified through tension, discordant sound layers and African polyrhythms examining the damage caused through infidelity and repercussions faced for one's own actions.

Vagabond's remixes come from El Buho and Sooma, both purveyors of polyrhythmic multicultural music. El Buho's remix of A2 brings his Latin American music rhythms warping and twisting Loa Myst's vocal around accordion stabs and a constantly bouncing bass. Sooma's remix of A1 leans towards her house roots, layering complex polyrhythms, creating a hypnotic groove, majestically tied to a hypnotic tribal call.


Matt says: More solid stuff from this emergant firm. Locals will be well aware of vibrant cartel but now it seems, it's time for the world to listen!

Levon Vincent

Dance Music Pt.4

Levon revisits the now-classic, "Man Or Mistress" EP in both artwork and concept - updating the 2011 release with brand new tracks.

One of house and techno's much loved faces, Levon's Novel Sound imprint is both simultaneously legendary yet delightfully cultish. There's no way your Uncle Jim who listens to Northern Soul or younger brother Kevin who likes Arctic Monkeys will ever come across these jams; but for the followers and believes of the Vincentonian church, the Novel Sound gospels are indeed the holy scriptures!

On verse 29, lord Vincent delivers 4 fuzzy n wobbly slices of mechanized prayer, contrasting jarring rhythms with jubilant melodies; technoid fug with angelic lead lines. Both ethereal and automated in equal measure; his soundscapes accept the machines as gods and warehouse music as a divine experience. Time to transcend! 


Matt says: Levon doesn't revisit the artwork off one of his iconic Novel Sounds sleeves for no reason. It's cos he's right slap bang back in his purple patch (did he ever leave it?), knocking out hit after hit which reminds me of those early NS releases.


Phase Alternating Lines

The impeccable Tartlet label nears ever-closer to its half century milestone, drafting in the illusive 'Nelson Of The East' - N.O.T.E.

The Swiss-born, Milanese artist released his first EP "Night Frames" just last year, making a strong entrance on Tartelet and registering our interest here and elsewhere through some truly intriging vibrations. This time around, N.O.T.E explores 80s electro boogie with "Phase Alternating Lines" on the A side, and delivers his very own take on obscure tribal house with “Burning Palm” on the B side.

N.O.T.E is young, thirsty, and dead serious about his music. His admirable work ethic shows off not only in his own releases but also in his collaborations with other artists. In the past year alone, he has produced for Wayne Snow and several others that are keeping their work under wraps – while simultaneously creating music as N.O.T.E and under his Verner moniker. All the hard work seems to be paying off on this new 12’, where he comes through with two outstanding dancefloor bombshells.

Limited-edition release of 400 copies mixed at Panalama Studios in Copenhagen on the Neve 5088 Shelford console for good measure.


Matt says: Fuckin' love this guy... Dint expect him to come thru with a killer new cosmic-boogie romp! And that tribal number on the flip! - oh monsieur you are really spoiling us!

Munich. 1994. A group buck current trends with a ground-breaking release. Tikitaka by Tamburá left aside the techno of the time to focus on a the lesser known styles of afrobeat and tribal music. The result was three tracks that sail and soar on a primal energy, three works that whisk listeners away to exotic lands of wooden wind instruments, ritualistic vocals and, even, bag pipe majesty. For twenty five years this record has been an unattainable mystery, until now that is. Kalahari Oyster Cult have lovingly restored all three of the trailblazing original tracks alongside two very special remixes. Melbourne’s Tornado Wallace adds new layers of intensity as he cuts and reshapes melodies and beats to set any floor alight with this visionary remake. Dazion offers a very different interpretation. Focusing on vocals, this new talent accentuates the shamanic-like chants of Tikitaka, using them as a base from which throbbing synth lines grow as new depths are explored. An EP every bit as daring in 2019 as it was in 1994.

Last time out Lil Static added a little extra energy and a whole lotta bass to Kraftwerk classics 'Numbers' and 'Computer World 2', and here they flip the script a little, taking a ganja leaf out of the 5 Borough Breaks playbook with a sampledelic 7". Giving much props to Q-Tip and his press pause production method, the label slap Illmatic classic "One Love" on the A-side, then switch vibes  on the flip for the original sample, evocative jazz opus "Smilin' Billy Suite" by The Heath Brothers. Hot!

For their third release, P&F Recordings makes a departure from original compositions in favor of 4 beautiful down-tempo edits, by none other than modern day master of the craft: Jaz.
Known to many as perhaps the only Episcopal minister / DJ / digger, Jaz has had a prolific career of uncovering obscurities, distilling them down, and delivering them to the masses. Only last month did he make his way into the record bag of every respecting Balearic customer with an ace edit set on American standard. In an ode to the slower end of dance music, here we see Jaz survey four of his favorite 100bpm-ish cuts. Start the party, end the party, funk the party with these genre-bending, globe-travelling monsters. 


Patrick says: Whether you're grooving through cocktail hour to the ripe guiro, wild synth blasts and poolside vibes of "Dancing In The Sunshine", cruising through town with the top down to the tune of "Here We Go", soaking in a little city pop joy via "103" or chanelling the chug on cosmic wrong-un "Push Comes To Shove", you're always in safe hands with Jaz.

Here the ever reliable Soundway Records reissue Free Youth’s long sought-after 1985 single “We Can Move” - one of the first known examples of Ghanaian hip hop, emerging at the dawn of ‘hip-life’ (hip hop meets highlife). It was the trio’s only release and originally pressed on 7” vinyl, but now comes fully restored, remastered and available for the first time on 12” vinyl along with the original cover art.
Free Youth comprised three main members: Terry “Sir Robot” Bright, Lenny “Nii Addy” Dimple, and Abednego “King Abed” Ayim Bright. In the early 80s they began performing in clubs and parties across Accra, with friends and other dancers occasionally joining them on stage - including Reggie Rockstone, who later went on to find global stardom.
In 1985, the band were approached by a producer and invited to record at a local studio. Without having written down any music, Terry, Lenny and Abed sang the parts and beatboxed the rhythms to the session musicians prior to recording. Out of this session came “We Can Move”, a blend of hip-hop and Afro-funk with a proto disco-boogie beat, punchy trumpet riffs and melodic rap flow.
Included in this Soundway release is an exclusive instrumental cover version from Welsh ensemble Drymbago. This replaces the original B side track “Freedom Video Centre” which was an advertising jingle for a business associated with their former producer.

The legendary partnership of NYC's Disco godfather Tom Moulton and Philadelphia International Records has long been documented. A truly explosive collaboration that yielded endless classic tracks for dancers and deep listeners alike, Moulton seemed to be totally in tune with the labels output and the direction it should go in. Luckily we've been enjoying the fruits of this labour for the last 30+ years with a lot of these PIR classics becoming ingrained in the psyche of the modern day music fan as the building blocks of House music.

Another stellar volume of what is an essential purchase for any Disco lover. Featuring a host of legends from the height of the Philly era and beyond - Archie Bell & The Drells, People's Choice, Lou Rawls & Teddy Pendergrass are all graced by Tom Moulton's supreme ear on this special PIR reissue 2 x 12" that see's some all-time classics from the aforementioned artists in their full, unabridged, unedited Disco glory. The selections on this EP are absolutely top-shelf, flawless in fact. One could argue that these are the 'definitive' versions of these anthems. Pure Disco gold essentials. Anyone with even a passing interest in Disco will most certainly need this record in their possession, the 2012 pressing of this EP is super in demand among those in the know and it can change hands for big money in the used record world, time, undoubtedly, for a repress. 

Universal Togetherness Band

Dreamality / Lucky Stars

Two brilliant, previously unissued modern soul discoveries from the archive of U.T.B. mastermind Andre Gibson. “My Lucky Stars” rides the 120 BPM crest, with sharp horns, handclaps, triangle, and a wild guitar solo filling out the four and a half minute ride. “Dreamality” cops a Steve Miller vibe and goes on a spaced-out future funk adventure. 

Unknown Artist

17 Days (Zach Witness Version)

Regular customers will remember just how hard we buzzed over the recently uncovered "Piano & A Microphone" demos from our favourite Minneapolian genius, and THE highlight had to be the amazing acoustic rendition of "17 Days", reborn in lo-fi glory as a soulful gospel serenade. Here Zach Witness answers our dancefloor prayers and wraps those chunky piano chords, wild solos and rasping vocals around a solid but nuanced house rhythm, conjuring up a seriously classy dance floor rework which still bumps. Essential tackle for fans of Prince, Theo, Moodymann, having a buzz, good music, etc...
Hip-shaking sacrilege of the highest order.


12" Info: Hand Stamped Purple Vinyl

Periodica is back with another sureshot from the fertile Neapolitan soil, as label favourite Raffaele Whodamanny Arcella explores his love of the 80s club experience. Where previous Whodamanny heaters have found their inspiration in Italian library or experimental synth, we're bang in the middle of the floor here, kicking off with "Future Talk". Boasting a rhythm track which could easily have graced a Street Soul comp, the cut soon switches into squidgy bass, celestial keys and echo laced vocals (from Manny himself?). Stealing a march on most modern boogie cuts by following classic song structure, this is gonna kill it in the basements and terrace bars alike. "Dance To The Bone" keeps the tempo low and the sophistication high, hitting us with an endless string of irresistible synth lines while another classic boogie bassline rumbles round the roots. Over on the flip, the e-funk fun continues via the snapping drums and crisp guitars of "Troublemaker", which comes served in both vocal and instrumental varieties. 

The four-track EP features the recently released title track which was inspired directly from a recent trip to Mexico City when the band awoke to the sound of a distorted young girls' voice bellowing across the city. Further investigation revealed the source as a recording used by scrap-collecting carts urging people to bring out old beds and washing machines. Returning to the UK filled with inspiration from the trip, Billy, Geoff and Will hot-footed it to the Invada studios to record the EP

The band said their new track ‘We Can Go’ is “the most normal song we have ever written. We like it.”

Features a new version of ‘Allé Sauvage’ from Beak>’s previous album ‘>>>’ by accordion player Mario Batkovic.

Pressed on black vinyl, housed in a heavyweight spined sleeve with artwork by ‘SusanLegPolicy’. Includes digital download card.


Patrick says: Killer new EP from Beak> here, perfect for anyone uncomfortable with summer. Gloom-ridden, slightly sinister and generally disturbed, these krautish concoctions are the perfect gothic groove for when your mood takes a dip.

The Hives

I'm Alive

    It’s been nearly two decades since the Swedish rock-n-roll heroes The Hives unleashed their debut album on the world and almost 5 years since new music has been released. Now, they will drop TWO intoxicatingly brash new songs I’m Alive and Good Samaritan on a limited edition double A-side 7” via Third Man Records. Both tracks were produced & mixed by Dave Sardy (LCD Soundsystem, Wolfmother) in Los Angeles.

    The band explains:
    I’m Alive is a song about crawling up from under a rock and obliterating all resistance that sounds like crawling up from under a rock and obliterating all resistance because it is a band crawling up from under a rock and obliterating all resistance. Use it in your own life to help you obliterate your own resistance! Musically slower and with more chords than usual, but heavy man. Real heavy.
    Good Samaritan is a song about helping people help themselves by not helping them? Are they sarcastic or do they hate people now? Is this punk? You never know with these Hives and it’s been a while since I saw them so let’s all go see them again and see what they are on about? Musically faster than usual but a surprising dive into the chorus that feels like going into hyperspace. Now it’s not surprising anymore. Oh well. 

    Kito Jempere

    Uohha! / To Marvin

    The forthcoming Director’s Cut of Kito Jempere’s "Sea Monster" album on Hell Yeah is filled with gems, and two of them are now getting pressed up on a limited edition run of only 100 7”s. Not only does this special package come mastered and cut by Andreas at Schnitstelle, it's also hand written and hand numbered by Andrea Amaducci with a double sticker in a high quality plastic sleeve.
    The Russian genius Kito Jempere dazzles again on the A-side with “Uohha!”, which swaggers on lazy drums with expressive vocals conveying a sense of carefree emotion. Think the Avalanches soundtracking the emotional finale of a Richard Linklater movie. “To Marvin” is then a jazzed up number, with keys and trumpets, twisted synths and loose drums all getting you up on your toes. This is a sure-fire secret weapon that you need in your collection. 


    Patrick says: Super spezial, ultra limited 7" from the Hell Yeah camp, containing two of the special cuts from Kito Jempere's expanded "Sea Monster". Quirk heavy leftfield Balearic with a late nineties sampledelic feel.

    Bitter End

    Itchicrickitch / Princess (Ascension)

    Ten releases in, and STILL far better than the rest, Sheffield's finest are back with a BANGER! In a more raucous mood, it seems Bitter End have pre-empted the summer of debauchery ahead of us by unleashing their Sweetest exorcism yet... "Itchicrickitch" is the tweaking weirdo in the corner, the unsettling presence that invariably unites the room in the simplistic joy of judgement free release. Woozy, wobbling, wonky bass synth meets chattering, crackling, cicada style percussion with eventual scat eruption. Warning, big rig play will result in outbreak of St Vitus dance...
    'Princess' appeared on the flipside of a frankly far more regal diva originally on GALL005, here she's the smudged mascara version, much stroppier and not due home 'til way after sunrise. Thick slabs of boogie bass lay the foundation for funky guitars and chunky percussion on an irrepressible groove. As always, limited and LOUD!

    The fifth release in the Pleasure of Love edit series features LA’s Daniel T (Heat-Wave, Cascine, Let’s Play House) & Duckcomb (Emotional Rescue, Cultures of Soul, Universal Cave). Both notable collectors of funk, soul, and disco from around the world, DT & DC deliver infectious versions of rare and classic dancefloor cuts.  “Caribbean Son” takes an 80s cumbia classic and transforms it into a daytime italo-balearic groove while the A2, “Kuniko’s TV”, brings the party to the next level with a left field Japanese take on a Queen stomper. “Negra Caja” leads the B side with an acid filled South American hybrid remake of a house anthem. B2 finishes the release with a clean, floor filling edit of a rare cover version of GB disco.

    Following Jaguar Mirror [c.2016] and Night School Of Universal Wisdom [c.2017], psychonaut Thunder Tillman and his personal shaman Pontus deliver another sublime EP, completing an illustrious trilogy with arguably their most expansive work to date, Condor Sunflower. The title track is emotionally overwhelming, a drum procession that carries a righteous battle hymn to epic heights, accumulating primitive instrumentation, ceremonial chants, emotive chord changes and Beach Boy harmonies before exiting on a tear-jerking coda. The intermediary track Sväva is just as vulnerable, a modestly-arranged and leisurely-paced lullaby, where angels coalesce with a droning organ and eventually unfurl into the warm glow of rapture. Before we hit rock bottom, Thunder and Pony halt the elevator, abandoning any sense of melancholy and climbing to new heights with Creation Discoteque, an 11-minute Prog beast that chronicles a myriad of their musical adventures. This retrospective of altered states does seem designed to drop the curtain on their meticulously-crafted narrative, but not without foreshadowing their future and throwing in an air-shaking rave-up that sprints toward the finish line. What we find enviable, spanning 3 glorious Thunder Tillman EPs and short films, is the duo’s creative simpatico, something that many artists in collaboration never truly behold. It’s not their joint musical intuition, their intrinsic understanding of one another’s craft, or even the power of their improvisational tether, but their spiritual alliance that nobody can touch. It’s as if they share a tandem bicycle ride on the highest plane of consciousness to lounge in the members-only spa where they telepathically discuss secrets of high-grade musical alchemy.


    Patrick says: ESP's resident shaman Thunder TIllman switches into ayahuasca folk mode here with Condor Sunflower, a pastoral and proggy jam which could be Fleet Foxes, if they'd arrived on a spaceship rather than the Mayflower. "Sväva" is a super chill and transcendental, man as well be called Blaine brah and "Creation Discotheque" will play nicely with Amaringo, DJ Ground, Whodamanny and a drug addled Empire Of The Sun.


    You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) - Michael Grey Remixes

    Arriving just in time for the summer festival season comes this officially licensed, expertly executed and respectful re-edit of one of Sylvester’s most loved disco anthems, ‘You Make Me Feel Mighty Real’, from former Sunderland left back Michael Gray. While his team mates were dominating the dressing room ipod with ropey R&B and a couple of garage mp3s they borrowed from Rio, Micahel was living a secret life on the disco scene, throwing it down under the mirrorball and spending his salary with Zaf and Nick The Record. Well, after enjoying a few seasons learning the production ropes, the big man comes through with a loopy, synth heavy and sparkling rework of "Mighty Real" in both vocal and instrumental form. Set to storm festivals, clubs, radiowaves, you name it – it’s a summer soundtrack if there ever was one!

    It's a welcome change to see the dance music industry shift from a sausage fest to a decidedly more diverse scene of artists and DJs, one where challenging and marginalized voices can be heard. 

    Miss Represented has such a voice, raw and fearless, an educated woman of experience, who has lived her life on the dark side of Scotland's acid house scene, where she has found plenty of food for thought. Co-produced by Thomas Von Party of Multi Culti, who enlisted the talents of Kris Baha and Matt Karmil to mix, and brought in the elusive UK-underground legend Johnny Aux to rough up the already rugged Crack That Habit into an extended house banger.
    If there's one thing dance music is guilty of, it's escapism. A refusal to confront reality. None of that here. Calling out a culture of lies, empowering female sexuality, facing the perils of addiction, and speaking of the resilience of the human mind, this is heady stuff for the rawest of parties.


    Patrick says: Equally indebted to acid house and electroclash, "Crack The Habit" is a rolling, bouncing bomb of electro house with a lyrical message about the dangers of crack - sounds good to me. "Lessons in Resilience" is an ace slice of Rhodesy house swing, but it's the Alan Parsons sampling "The Prowler" which steals the show for me.

    Que bom! Here we have some more dreamy stuff from the Barefoot Beats family as they continue to look up at the stars while they dance in the sand. Blending the daytime vibes of Bahian beaches and never ending boat parties with the rooftop vibes of hot nights in Sao Paulo and Rio, both cuts here are essential. On the A-side, rising edit stars The Patchouli Brothers cook up a serious cooler via "Like A Dream", as smooth a slice of MPB soul you could ever ask for. Ever grooving horns, intricate guitar licks and a Steely Dan rhythm section with a gorgeous female vocal on top - it's bliss. Flip this 10" tonker and you'll find Bernardo Pinheiro reworking a similarly sunny MPB bomb, swerving through fusion, boogie and copacabana funk on the ace "Deixar A Peteca Cair". Once again female vocals, slick guitars and bright brass do the damage here, though the addition of a squelching bassline takes this cut to the next level. Close your eyes and just dance.
    Isca na pista!

    Boasting a love of Italo and pingers to rival our own fair city, Edinburgh has been making serious sonic waves in the underground of late, and dope DJ and production wizz Donald Dust is at the forefront of that scene. In 2018 he dropped the ace "Mars R-Trax" 7" catching the attentions of the festival circuit and punk contingent in equal measures, and his latest 4-tracker packs all the goodness of his golden-era Italo & Chicago influences into a dancefloor-ready slab of wax.
    The titular "Fluorescent Music" is a sturdy slab of nuovo Italo, powering into dancefloor overdrive via laser-laced rhythms, anti-grav sequences and warp drive roar, all lent the synthetic shimmer of some marvelous melodies. Next up "Ecstasy" totally nails my favourite dancefloor trope (namechecking the drug you're on) then flips it on its head literally with a sampler reverse. Underneath the keyboard vox we get box jacking perx and a gurgling acid line - all the ingredients you need for a Chicago throwdown. Flip the pancake and find yourself deep in the feels of "Rescue Ships Approaching" a turbo-charged Italo cracker with as many killer synth riffs as any bleeping heart could ever desire. More impactful than the slew of throbbing waveforms though are heartwrenching synth motifs which could bring a tear to a glass eye. Finally, "Flashback Souvenir" stomps its way into the midst of any ailing dancefloor and slaps the wallflowers into action with a taut machine rhythm and ACE b-line. Heads down, not hand up, this is a BANGER!

    It feels like a while since we've had one of these killer Stilove edit 12"s and it feels like even longer since we've heard from Devin Dare, the mega production outfit from Brooklyn's Duane Harriott & Sean Marquand. The duo show no signs of ring rust here, keeping their unbeaten record intact with the floor-flaying disco thump of "Saved" - coke fuelled mirrorball music in the Combi / Try To Find Me Style. So, expect a ripped and rugged rhythm section, searing strings, punchy piano and an ear-shredding guitar solo or two. Flip it and we're in basement soul territory with the politicised groove of "Whouvoting4", a delicious melange of Rhodes, guitar, broken beat and RnB vocals.

    Sfire hails from Detroit and has spent some pivotal years in Chicago also. Continuing the legacy of these monolithic musical states, (real name) Jeffrey is a self-confessed WBMX boffin - spinnin' Italo, hi-NRG, house and freestyle - with a leaning towards the mid and late 80s.

    This track, recorded with vocalist Marcella after a chance meeting at a Motherland show, sees the producer turn his hand to lost-in-the-smoke Italo disco. With an ever-spinning keyboard and drum pattern, Marcella's carnal vocals drift into focus, adding a sexualized dimension to this already playful track.

    "Sfire 1" comes with an instrumental track that hones in on the producer's love of 'jack' drum programming perfectly; merging the sugar coated vocals of Italy with the rigid, warehouse rockin' drum patterns of Chicago and Detroit. 

    OK SPIRIT is a new label founded by N.I.B., Kilian Paterson and DJ Neewt. The Frankfurt trio get on message from the off, opening their account with a wild range of contemporary dancefloor adventures prompted by sonic shaman Bear Bones, Lay Low. On the A-side, title track 'Voces De Humo' is an epochal 17 minute journey from the Belgium based producer, twisting searing waveforms and vivid distortion around tribal rhythms in a typically lysergic fashion. The B-side belongs to the remixers, and DJ Plead kicks it off with a growling EBM / Industrial version complete with scattering, almost DnB rhythms, sacred frogs and scorched frequencies. The B2 sees the track taken on a different tack as TNC6 heads for the undergrowth with the humid and transcendental "Needles In The Heart Mix", a ceremonial stunner with a late break into wild rave breaks.

    Fashionable Dutchman De Sluwe Vos joins the Who's Susan ranks with a mauling EP of rabid electro, unsavory acid and disorienting breaks, with a thwomping bass heavy remix from Dexter on board - big for basements and main rooms to boot.
    "Trans Magnetic Stimulation" opens the set with a dramatic blast of sci-fi techno, building from the undulating pads of a shipwide blackout into a full scale cyborg assault. By the time "Alphaeus" rolls round, the Borg are preparing to assimilate, strapping you down and running you through the acid mangle, scrambling your brain with those roving 303 lines. "Epicus" abseils into your disjointed subconscious, sending a search party in pursuit of any insurgent brain cells as the snapping machinery crunches on. Meanwhile in remix land, Dexter reboots the TMS system with aggro bass whomps and urgent machine funk for a tough and rough rework. 

    Early ‘80s boogie business from De De, ‘S & M (Sexy Music)’, gets a much-deserved, official reissue. OG copies regularly trade hands for £30+ so it’s high time this sweet sexiness found its way out of more sound systems.

    With a title like ‘S&M (Sexy Music)’ it was only ever going to be a sleazy, sexy, synthy heater, drenched in tantalising keys, spacey arps, funk guitars and salacious vocals. And with the production prowess of George Kerr & Reggie Griffin behind it - who produced, wrote and arranged for the likes of The O’Jays, Treacherous Three, The Whatnauts and Patti Labelle to name only a handful – it had certified party starter written all over it!

    Two mixes take either side of this full frontal 12 inch. The A side houses the ‘Rated G’ mix, where layered vocals trade off from male to female and sleazed up saxes parade through the later stages as that short but sweet rap rolls around. The B side’s ‘Rated X’ mix adds even steamier verses with ever more female power behind them and extra unadulterated, squelching bass into the pot.

    Sensuous offerings from De De that will get any crowd crying out for more.

    One of the UK’s finest home grown talents are back with new music on their own label since the release of ‘Late Night Party Line’. The killer lead cut "Big Wig"takes us all the way to the late-night discos of NYC and right back to Europe via London and Berlin. It’s richly melodic, sizzling with promise and packed with PBR goodness, and easily their biggest record since ‘Late Night Party Line’.
    The remix from Donald Dust adds some classic New Order-esque club sheen but fully updates for contemporary floors, while ‘Shooting Star’ with its nod to F G T H, is an equally incisive club burner which puts PBR right back where they belong, in the middle of the dancefloor.

    On the A1 Chekov follows up their moves on Peach Discs and Timedance with a proper peak timer, they've been described by Ben UFO as 'king of the build up' and that's evident on this one. At the A2 London's Doppelate makes their Cong Burn debut with an elegant tech-house roller. Fresh from Russia's underground is Camin, on this, his debut 12" release he drops a useful tool which squeezes between electro and techno. Cong Burn founder Howes closes the B side with some warm hypnosis that could have landed in the golden era of Workshop.

    Platform 23 returns with the reissue of songs from Canadian project, Vini Vidi Vici. With just one privately pressed mini-album in 1989 that bridged the gap between the later years of New Wave and the early vestiges of House, the music included in this edited EP highlights a thriving Montreal scene in its heyday.

    Vini Vidi Vici was created out of two different music backgrounds. Paul Klopstock was a classical pianist, while Mario Langlois was a DJ, self-taught musician and radio producer, who came together when both worked at the underground arts / club Le Lezard. Starting in 1986 the space mixed painting, drag shows and bands alongside the latest alternative sounds, from Rap to New Beat, Electro to Acid Jazz.

    As House and Techno started to filter through, Mario (aka Ave Mario) and the other resident DJs laid the ground of what was to come. From this Paul and Mario collaborated from late 1987 through in to 1988 and created the mini-album, however this EP concentrates on the duo's self penned work.

    Recorded at Oliver Sudden Production studio, the A side is made up the raw House of 'Club Stuff" and Native American meets avant percussion of 'Vini Vidi Vici'. Showing a confidence and experimentation beyond their years, the two tracks production and all round hypnotic danceability, highlight why original copies are so prized (and expensive).

    The B side follows with two tracks recorded in Mario's home closet studio. Lo-fi to the max and improvised, the no wave / world beat experience of title cut, 'Ou Sommes Nous?' and the proto-electro-wave of 'AA HHH' are like something again, a mesmerising fusion and quite unique.

    Self pressed, the project ventured to live performance and (sadly unreleased) remix work, before the partners went their separate ways, however this archival document can be seen as their own special conquest.

    More imported edits and dubs from the reliable Japanese stable...

    Number ten in the series and the content quality ceases to drop! Dr. Superman's "Can You Dub It" instrumental has never before been released and sounds oh so seductive!

    Two dubplate mixes: bad bass boogie business from Iyicko - "Tied Up On Love" a sloppy, slow and sexy moocher that's got Full Beam! FM written into its grooves & Lee Aflred ties things off nicely with the hi-energy instrumental disco romp, "Rockin-Poppin Full Tilting"

    Limited quants, high demand - you know what to do! 



    Bonobo returns with new single ‘Linked’. The dance floor-ready new release from the LA-based producer (aka Simon Green) is an atmospheric slow-builder, perfectly tuned for festivals this summer. It follows his compiling of the inaugural “fabric Presents” compilation, which featured a new song ‘Ibrik’ (picked as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1), and comes after the career-defining 2017 album Migration, which reached the UK Top 5, received two GRAMMY nominations and saw him headline festivals and sell out multiple global tours with an expanded live show.

    It lands as he is in the midst of a string of high-profile DJ sets as part of his continuing ‘OUTLIER’ series, launched at iconic New York club Output, as well as playing and curating an array of nights and festivals on either side of the Atlantic.

    He recently curated the Friday Printworks stage at Field Day, featuring the likes of Leon Vynehall, Actress and Kelly Lee Owens, as well as curating Day One at Nuits Sonores, and stages at Love Saves The Day and We Love Green festival, along with OUTLIER shows at De School, Amsterdam, Montreal and DJ dates in São Paulo and Santiago.

    Looking ahead, he’s due to curate further OUTLIER shows at OFFSonar and Dour Festival and to DJ at Melt Festival before heading to North America for more festival dates and a string of headline OUTLIER shows in Montreal, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Brooklyn, featuring support from TOKiMONSTA, DJ Harvey, Derrick Carter and Mall Grab among others.

    It’s the latest chapter in a DJ career that’s seen him play rapturously received sets at the likes of Sonar, fabric, and smartbar amongst many other places, while his two Boiler Room sets recorded in New York and London have exploded with millions of views each.

    Primal Scream

    Velocity Girl

      Velocity Girl was originally released in 1986 and quickly become a landmark single for the British indie scene, inspiring the C-86 movement and a generation of guitar bands. For the first ever reissue – it has never been included on any Primal Scream album or compilation – it will be backed by Broken, a brand new song recorded earlier this year. The 7” will be available exclusively to Independent retail stores only.

      The Wallflowers

      Blushing Girl, Nervous Smile

        The Final Release in First Volume of The Optic Sevens Reissue Series. 

        One of the great lost singles of the C86 era. Peter Brickley was a member The Telephone Boxes who supported The Smiths on their first UK tour. After having recorded a few demos for various uninterested record companies, the band split. In 1985, Brickley formed his own band under the name The Wallflowers. Releasing 3 excellent singles. This, their debut is pure jangle pop perfection.
        Criminally overlooked at the time It makes it’s first appearance on 7” here. 


        Ltd 7" Info: Limited to 500 copies on coloured vinyl Includes Poster & Postcard.

        The career of Patience Africa Spanned over 40 years. After almost a decade of success on a major label with her Zulu Disco sound, and a few years in the early 80s experimenting with a more soulful sound, the funky synths of the 80's would force her to stay relevant in the quick changing times. It would be in 1987 that she would sign to the independent Ream Music which with the help of their tight knit in house production team had released hits for upcoming disco artists Makwerhu, Ntombi Ndaba, Sunset, Athena, Percy Kay and more. The label's success in the traditional market made Patience a perfect fit and could have been their first crossover artist.

        With the help of owner's Danny Antill and Clive Risko they would cut a 4 track EP that like many others of the time ended up being lost in to the hyper saturated market of the emerging Bubblegum demand. Two tracks would be written by Patience, including the title "Wozani La" Musically these were more aligned with her sound of the 70's accompanied by a purely digital production, but it's the two songs written by label boss Danny Antill that appear on this release. These two songs are unlike anything heard at the time. Embracing full commitment to the digital studio and some extensive and risky experimenting the trio managed to slide heavy house bordering electro pop and a haunting swing beat groove alongside the compositions of Patience to complete this EP for both markets. Although the album had great potential, poor promotion and low sales led Patience to feel cheated and after not earning a cent for the record left the label and took her first break from music since the early 70's. She would later return to her original sound recording up to til 2006 when she released what would be her final album before her death the following year. Still loved by her fans and those who knew her, she is remembered through the Patience Africa Foundation. Founded by her son Mangaliso in 2017 to help create a better South Africa in our lifetime.


        Patrick says: TLDR – Aimed squarely at the dance floor, these two forgotten gems from the nascent days of SA house manage to serve synth pop and new beat with an irrepressible African flavor, while remaining first and foremost heavy house hitters.

        Fresh from the Tokyo studio of Balearic wizard Max Essa, comes Barkhan Dunes EP; a collection of exquisite, chilled-out loveliness.

        Opening track The Price You Pay (For Loving That Way) warns of the dangers of careless love affairs. A veritable beach-disco classic in the making; warm, expressive synth rhythms and beautiful clean guitar lines provide an irresistible urge to climb on deck and let your body move. Next up, Kites at Nemoto Beach caresses your soul with blissful shimmering guitar and synths, before some David Axelrod-esque choral vocals carry you across the oceans to a new place.

        Finally, Sundowning is a sublime slice of low-slung, poolside AOR. As the golden-red sun slides towards the horizon, a bittersweet dubby guitar refrain hints at past troubles, but also carries you forward to an optimistic future.

        Getting strong support from Dicky Trisco, Marco Gallerani, Simon Lee, Beatbroker/Dream Chimney and more.


        Patrick says: It may have been a minute since we last had a Palms & Charms release, but the mighty Max Essa has always been a consistent cat - and here the Tokyo based producer continues his recent Hell Yeah form with a trio of Balearic winners. "The Price You Pay" is all about the retro drum programming and loose funk, "Kites At Nemoto Beach" is new age cinema all the way and "Sundowning" is naive Balearic funk in vintage Essa mode...

        'Kin ell it's been aaagges since we've had a new American Standard. This cheeky little label's had a steady stream of hits since around 2009, touching on edits, originals and reworkings with a certain degree of flair which always made them stand out.

        Balearic-disco-oddball maverick Jaz is enlisted for aural duties on this latest effort, smothering some 80s electric wave music in a gloriously fresh patina. If you're currently languishing in the modern EBM thrust n throb in the edgier dancehalls of the globe, then this release should be right up your strasse. Wunderbaa! 


        Patrick says: Deep digger and edit expert Jaz takes the reins on this latest American Standard release, working his magic on a trio of Balearic-leaning synth pop / EBM jams. As 80s as perms and pastel but with truckloads of white funk, these three jams are going straight to the front of my record bag. Already in limited supply, so buy on sight!


        Boliglan / Rist Skjelettet

        Norway's Lyskestrekk arrived on the scene last year with a killer Afrobeat LP from the Flammer Dance Band (If you didn't grab a copy, you need to - future classic alert), and now they're back with newcomers Leoparden. In time honoured fashion, the crew debut with a 7", in this instance packed to bursting with the soulful and dubby funk cut "Boliglan" and the funky moog cut "Rist Skjelettet".
        If you dig on the Mauskovich dance band or the dance floor branch of the Bongo Joe output, I imagine the loose funk, dubby sound design and humid tones of "Boliglan" will be making all the right noises for you. I'd suggest it's a secret weapon for anyone of a Balearic bent too...
        On the flipside, "Rist Skjelettet" sounds like J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Dick Hyman, Dr John and Wolf Muller recreating Basement Jaxx's "Red Alert" while submerged in a psycho-active alien swamp. It's a vibe folks!


        Patrick says: Get a load of this Scandinavian slammer! Somewhere between reggae, funk and world music swelter, this 7" double header (inc. total B-side banger) ticks the same Balearic boxes as Mauskovich Dance Band and Bruxas. Humid freak funk!

        Kelly Lee Owens

        Let It Go / Omen

        Shop fave Kelly Lee Owens releases a 12” featuring "Let It Go", a track made for her DJ set at Fabric in 2019 and now made available through the Adult Swim Single Series. It's a techy and upfront affair as a rambunctious, sharp staccato synth line judders through flatlined techno beatz; Kelly's voice, both ghostly and omnipresent, faintly hovers above the mix like a suspended angel. Wrought-iron tension for your next big release...

        Flip and "Omen" is deep and dubby, skitting along with a gentle but quick paced drum pattern as submerged technoid elements converge on the aquatic mix. Nice! 


        Patrick says: Gwaan K-Lo! Former Piccadilly chart topper and synth pop phenomenon switches into techno mode here for two heads down heaters on Smalltown Supersound. Tight and tense interplay between the perx and vamps on the A-side brings us to a breathy breakdown, while B-side beast "Omen" takes us on an a subaquatic excursion into the Drexciyan deep.

        Holdie Gawn / Micawber

        Gleech Huis / Parsec Telemetry

        Sylphe returns after a brief hiatus with its two leading proprietors, Holdie Gawn & Micawber back at the dials.

        It's a mightily strong effort, celebrating the label's 10th release with the iconic split 12" the label's become famous for.

        Holdie Gawn takes side A with "Gleech Huis" a holographic, gloopy techno track that's tailored to either the warm-up or the post-peak section of any dance party. It's blurred, fractal vox weaves in and out of deep bass wubs and skeletal 808 parts for a highly cerebral affair.

        Micawber heads straight into Villalobos-in-full-party mode: "Parsec Telemetry" skitting into focus with all the careless abandon that comes with 4 bumps of strong K and a 12-hour romp around Berlin after dark. Mega! 


        Matt says: Always got time for a new Sylphe me. Reminds me of that time I spent the whole weekend chasing Ricardo V around Berlin with Death Of Rave's Conor Thomas...

        The next release in ART’s classic Remaster series is another gem from the early Eevolute catalogue. Max404’s (Erwin van Moll) "Recycler" EP was originally released in 1992 during the heyday of European techno meets Detroit influences.

        The legendary Solid Bass DX100 preset sound dominates the opening track ("May The Force Be With Us!) showing its Detroit influences from the off. "Mamoulian" brings the European EBM / synthwave sound to the fore whilst "Hangover" merges the Chicago / Detroit sounds in a funk bass led feast.

        "Fractal View" was the big hit from the EP. A techno-breaks hybrid perfect for the raves of today, tomorrow and yesteryear! The EP ends with the dark, heavy breakbeat number - "Quiddity" - a haunting downbeat track that shows of another dimension to this universally acclaimed record.

        Never previously reissued in its full vinyl format and only previously available as an in-demand original with prices to match - the remaster meticulously brings the sound up to modern standards. Check! 


        Matt says: 1992 continues to offer up its fruits for our aural digestion. It's not just UK hardcore breaks and rave tho - this beauty from Holland shows off a more delicate, poised and hi-tek visionaire way ahead of the pack, effortlessly merging Detroitian and European influences under a futuristic gaze. Dance music historians you need this!

        Ahead of his second artist album on his own Millionhands label, Tee Mango teases us with a fantastic three track EP. The album finds the UK artist stretch himself with a dazzling array of soul drenched, fully-fledged songs featuring his own singing and that of Detroit legend (and Moodymann collaborator) Amp Fiddler.

        The sound, very much influenced by early Prince and even a little Bon Iver, combines effortlessly with that loose sampled MPC-house feel that you would associate with a Tee Mango production. It also comes with a seal of approval from Radio 6 Music legend Gilles Peterson!

        Opening up the EP, Amp Fiddler features on "Feels Like Whatever". Dancing Rhodes keys ooze jazz charm and float atop a simple house beat, while the Detroit legend’s emotive raw soulful vocal directs proceedings. The heart breaking "No More Tears" is an introspective & mellow soul song that shows another side to Mango’s skills. Tender chords, downbeat drums and vocal hums and coos all melt your very being and you wile away the lonely hours against your rain flecked windowpane. Last of all comes the dazzling "Lay Down (Disco Mix)" with its slapped funk bassline, finger clicks and squelchy synth work all topped off by an effortless falsetto. 


        Matt says: Massive release for fans of KDJ's Mahogany Music. Tee adds to Detroit's grandiose legacy with an organic, soulful flair and a laid back, naturalist funk.

        The first vinyl release from the Texas based cassette label eastdowntothesouth, run by doomshop affiliate DJ Akoza and Natural Science ledge Textasy.

        6 fresh tracks riding the thin line between ghettotech, rap, footwork and jungle; toying with that half-time drop that's killer for the dancefloor.

        This compilation is the debut of the jungle producer Ksetdex, and it also features tracks from DJ Agony and Textasy.

        Limited copies, move quick if you want in. 


        Matt says: As the multi-hybridazation of global bass n beatz continues, Textasy and his merry bunch of rebels are at the forefront of this new scene. Call it what you want: lo-fi jungle, vape-beats or half-time crunk, it's certain to light up the club for the clued-up under 25s...

        Sufjan Stevens

        Love Yourself / With My Whole Heart

          In celebration of Pride Month, Sufjan Stevens is releasing two new songs today on the topic of love: 'Love Yourself' and 'With My Whole Heart', available on limited-edition 7” vinyl and on all digital platforms, via Asthmatic Kitty. A portion of the proceeds from this project will go to two organisations that provide support for LGBTQ and homeless kids in America—the Ali Forney Center in Harlem, NY and the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit, MI.

          'Love Yourself' is based on a sketch Stevens wrote 20 years ago. The original 4- track demo he recorded in 1996 is included as well as a short instrumental reprise. 'With My Whole Heart' is a completely new song that Stevens wrote as a personal challenge to “write an upbeat and sincere love song without conflict, anxiety or self-deprecation.”


          Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition European exclusive Tie-Dye 7”. Indies only.

          For their fourth release, those exotic folks at Atangana team up with Henri Debs & Fils to pay homage to the legendary Guadeloupean producer. Déni Shain and his team dig deep into the label's archives, blowing away the cobwebs on a quartet of rare and unpublished titles and allowing as many of us as possible to discover the pearls of the French Caribbean. 
          The EP opens in ephemeral, tribal and triumphant fashion with the chant-heavy "Pa Dekouraje'w Toni" from Ti Celeste. If you enjoyed that Ziskakan reissue from a couple of years back, you'll be feeling these vibrations. Next up the tempo bumps with the snaking Caribbean jazz of Les Maxels and "Bail Ti Bouin Z'Oizo", a red hot mover with stepping rhythms and mighty horns. The jazzy mood continues on the flip with the gentle zouk groover "Oh Claudy My Love" from Lewis Meliano before Daniel Dimba's "C'est La Vie" sees us home in frantic fashion.

          Neba Solo

          Can 2002

          In 1999, a friend of the young musician Neba Solo informed him that his country, Mali, would host the Africa Cup of Nations in 2002. The balafon virtuoso immediately decided to seize the opportunity and create a national anthem for the competition. More power to him: what happened after is nothing short of legendary.
          Twenty years later, "Can 2002" is still a hit, often heard in African nightclubs, radios, and professional football team training sessions. Neba has to play the song every time he’s on stage, and people stop him in the street to talk about it all over the world.
          Lucky for us then that Secousse present the remastered classic, pressed for the first time on vinyl, right in time for the Africa Cup of Nations 2019.


          Patrick says: With tonking house percussion, balafon melodies and a club friendly bottom end, Neba Solo's "Can 2002" skins Three Lions, Hot Shot Tottenham and The Anfield Rap then slams the rest of the soccer single field into the top corner. Bright and breezy Balafon b-side "Musow" will work wonders in more relaxed settings too.

          After the success of the label first two releases, notably the Fedia Laguerre – Divizion, Atangana is back on the saddle and is re-editing the Guadeloupean gem from Henry Wenceslas Thenard, “Ne Dis Pas Cela”, originating in 1985 from LM PRODUCTION.

          After months of searching for the artist, Déni finally found Henry in his home in Saint-Anne in Guadeloupe. Meeting Henry was a moving moment, he unraveled the story on his title “Ne Dis Pas Cela” being the single of an album that never saw the light, and the version of the title engraved on the vinyl at the time was the not the final version of the song.

          The new maxi that Henry considered to be at the time “the new sound of Guadeloupe” will be accompanied by a remix from Mr. Bird, and an instrumental version comprising his additional production.

          Tarika Blue

          Revelation / Blue Neptune

          Dynamite Cuts do the hard work so you don't have to, delivering super fresh loud 45 cuts of these killer jazz dancers from the legendary Tarika Blue, including a wonderful re-production of the original sleeve. Taken from the rare "Blue Past" LP, this is the first time either track has been available on 45, so don’t miss out. On the A-side we have the dope DJ favourite and freaked out fusion jam "Revelation", complete with that heavy jazz bass line, while the flip offers the more mellow and contemplative "Blue Neptune".

          David Bowie


            Originally released on 29th June 1979, D.J. was the second and final single from Lodger in the UK and the follow up to Boys Keep Swinging. The Netherlands and Turkey would get Yassassin and the U.S. Look Back In Anger.

            The A side of this D.J. picture disc features a previously unreleased single edit of the track from the Lodger (2017 Tony Visconti Mix) included in the A New Career In A New Town box set.

            The previously unreleased version of Boys Keep Swinging recorded especially for The Kenny Everett Video Show features on the AA side. This take was recorded by Tony Visconti in Soho in London on the 9th April 1979 and features Sean Mayes on keyboards, Tony Visconti on bass, Simon House on violin, Andy Duncan on drums, Brian Robertson (of Thin Lizzy) on guitar and Ricky Hitchcock on guitar. The Kenny Everett Video Show was filmed on the following day and broadcast on 23rd April, 1979.

            Nat Birchall Quartet

            Obeah Man / Seeking

            With 20 years passing since his first foray into recorded jazz, Nat Birchall now ranks as one of the premier saxophonists of his generation. With several highly acclaimed albums in the locker, he now returns to JAZZ45 for the second time to wrap his chops around the 45rpm 7" format. This is the format that takes no prisoners - there's no time for noodling - and the result is an intense yet sensitive message of deep jazz, modal jazz, esoteric jazz, spiritual jazz; refined and concentrated into 2 whirlwind sides. Watch out for a double long-player to come later in 2019!


            Hot Peas N' Butter

            Thatmanmonkz on super limited, super exclusive, hi-grade party gear. Continuing the impeccable legacy of Knuckles>>>Hardy>>>Moralles>>

            Four edits that mine all that good stuff from the underground glitterball fraternity>> disco, funk, boogie; without a youtube algorhythm in sight!

            RIYL: Secret Squirrel, Disco Deviance, Eros, Stilove4Music, Dr. Dunks etc etc.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: More edits from o'er th'Peaks as Sheffield's finest dancefloor chef cooks up a new broth of disco & boogie edits for the aural soup!

            Dutch vinyl institution Rush Hour continue their sleight of hand with the latest in their suspicious No 'Label' series, a gorgeous EP from the mighty Suzanne Kraft. Following on from the excellent "U KNO" LP, Diego delivers a trio of unexpected electronic rollers, sub-cortal grooves and and new age dancers, including a collaboration with Montreal outliers Ramzi.
            "Shopbeat" provides a shot in the arm on the A-side, pairing up a wild percussion program (think Max D if the D stood for dancehall) with gated FM vamps and serotonin-soaked idents. Ramzi swings by for the slower, slankier "Founded", a THC laced burner which emerges from the weed fug with hints of Moon B boogie and entheogenic intent. Lastly, "Accelerate Me Wildly" takes a detour through gallery friendly sound design to arrive at new age pads, skitterish beats and a generally rushy vibe - deep breaths everyone.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Spectal, highly rhythmic and unfathomably technical dance machine workouts for nocturnal arenas. Reminds me of being sat around the White Hotel's trapdoor bar come 'Witching Hour'. Mega.

            Deep88 presents "Harmony" with Paul 'Whistle Song' Shapiro in dreamy Balearic mode... Flutes and strings collide wonderfully with synth bass & pad, before an electronic rhythm section adds the throttle. Musically strong with rich tones and relaxing motifs, this is perfect lounging-at-the-beach bliss.

            "Te Quiero" revisits Italian dream house with classic chords, sexy vox and another soft bass preset; bringing to mind the sublime excellence of MBG, Don Carlos and Optik. Top stuff! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: mmmmMM bellissimo! Taking me off into a world of pale blues, bright whites, deck shoes and fried calamari; sharp lines, clean shores & lapping waves... prendo uno spritz per favore!

            Sordid Sound System have already proved themselves expert meteorite-crawlers: traversing some of the most cosmic planes with a deliberate, slow, crater-spanning approach. They've proven themselves able rainforest explorers also - navigating some shamanic territories with confidence and guiding us through spellbound landscapes. Now they've turned their hand to mutant cybernetic electro-punk; unleashing a vicious four tracker with Spanish snarler, Sutja Gutierrez. Aligning the record with the goth-dance / nu-EBM set - think Andy Weatherall, Toulouse Low Trax, Wulf Muller and Optimo DJ sets; "The Void" is a steady psychedelic creeper to lull us into its stratosphere before "Meanwhile When Times Turn Bad" blasts out a cosmic-punk oddity that sounds like alien bikers jamming on a Martian planet! Gutiérrez gets busy with a disorientating 3/4 shuffle on "Everything Leads To An End". Radioactive drones and tectonic shifts filling the audio floor with noise and confusion before "Beheaded Angels", a very stylistic and strung-out, electronic post-punk mini-anthem cries out from the speaker stacks. Truly amazing stuff by both artists and worthy of any leftfield and experimental DJ's attention... check! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Meeeggga stuff here for the new wave of late nite freaks. Existing somewhere between Dusseldorf's punky dance scene, Andrew Weatherall's ALFOS blueprint and the mutant world of Invisible Inc. this is well up my strasse!

            Another classic remastered Italo Disco / Cosmic Classic from Best Record Italy, originally released on Musix Records in 1982, produced by legendary Italian producer Maurizio 'Sangy' Sangineto. (Change, Armed Gang, Firefly).
            If you've never heard this mirrorball missile, imagine dropping the tempo on Debbie Jacobs' "High On Your Love", sticking a super smooth chorus in the middle and replacing the Hi-NRG elements with the smoothest, smooching groove possible and a super low slung bassline. Here we get the original mix and instrumental on the B-side, while the A-side boasts the special electronic cosmic version with totally tough snares, bubbling bassline and outrageous space other words..utter Italo joy! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            David says: Oooft. Italo disco records don't come any better than this absolute BANGER. 6 minutes of ecstacy that probably had a young Silvio Berlusconi sleazing his way to success across any dance floor that came to hand.

            Following his mighty rendition of "I Want You", Soul Sugar (a.k.a. Guillaume 'Gee' Metenier) is back with another massive Soul-Reggae version, this time taking on Luther Vandross' "Never Too Much".

            Fearlessly taking on such timeless classics is serious business, and Leo Carmichael delivers, once again, with a maximum dosage of finesse and feeling. Seductively delicate backing vocals from Carl Lee Sharshmidt and Karene Brown keep it as warm and intimate as one would hope, while Thomas Naim's tasteful guitar licks and Gee's minimal production allow the song to breathe and flow steadily on its own.
            Recorded in Paris, Kingston, Miami and London, the resulting blend of Soul and Reggae riddims has rarely felt so natural. On the A-side, Gee's "Discomix" dubs a generous dose of the sultry backing vocals over a minimal, bassy groove that dips, dives and flows on into the sunset. UK producer Adam Prescott lets loose with an infectious 90's dancehall rerub, aiming straight for the dancefloor... ladies' choice! Finally rhythm legends Sly & Robbie drop the BASS with a heavy dancehall treatment, taking it low, letting it ride, while the vocals float on... Never Too Much!

            Comet presents the first release from its new Disco Highlife series, featuring remastered originals by Ghanaian legends Ebo Taylor & Pat Thomas and disco reedits by LeonxLeon and Leo Nanjo.

            Founder of Comet Records, Eric Trosset, started working with those great heroes of West African music, back in 2010. Taking on the role of manager/publisher, Comet teamed up with Strut Records and musician/producer Ben Abarbanel Wolff to revive Ebo Taylor‘s international career with a string of album releases: Love & Death, Appia Kwa Bridge and Life Stories. In 2014, he collaborated with Pat Thomas & The Kwashibu Area Band on a new album, gathering together the old ‘pals’ (Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas, Tony Allen) in producer Kwame Yeboah’s studio in Accra.

            It is with great pleasure that Comet launches this new series. Let's make this beautiful and timeless music the soundtrack to an unforgettable summer!

            On side A, comes “Enye Woa” by Pat Thomas, originally released in 1988 on Nakase Records and taken from the album Me Do Wiase. It’s killer disco cut, and as innovative a piece of highlife as it was 30 years ago. Paris-based producer LeonxLeon has been cooking up songs in his Parisian home-studio since 2013. He did a remarkable remix of Cerrone's "Funk Makossa" and more recently released his new Rokanbo EP on Cracki Records. His remix of “Enye Woa” is a classy modern disco cut with funky bass and spacey synths.

            On side B is “Atwer Abroba” by Ebo Taylor, a stand out up-tempo track from the album Twer Nyame, originally released in 1978 on Philips West African Records. Tokyo-based multi-instrumentalist/producer/arranger Leo Nanjo formed the first Japanese afrobeat group, Kingdom Afrorocks. Since the band broke up in 2014, Leo has been producing and arranging music with various collaborations, such as DJ Muro, Pushim and Misia. This is a trippy afro-futurist, broken-beat reedit with highlife grooves flying to deep space.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Essential 12" business here for any self respecting Afro-jock as Comet recut a couple of classic funk bombs from Pat Thomas and Ebo Taylor alongside tasty modern reworks from LeonxLeon (big boogie keys and joyous afro funk) and Leo Nanja (broken beat trip).

            Fat White Family

            Feet - Parrot And Cocker Too Remix

              Remix of ‘Feet’ by Sheffield legend DJ Parrot and other legend Jarvis Cocker.
              Vocal version on the A side and instrumental on the B.

              White labels, stamped on both sides.

              Very limited run.

              It seems somehow fitting that on a day when we said goodbye to one of the disco house innovators (Philippe Zdar R.I.P.), Daphni returns with his festival-ready addition to the canon, "Sizzling". Built from Bermudan disco banger "Sizzlin' Hot" by Paradise, the title track of this highly anticipated EP races out the blocks with hot horns, nipple-high bass and plenty of polyrhythmic punch, looped to perfection for hands aloft summer fun. Soon enough the vocal, with its ever excalating energy joins the fray and we're merrily bopping along in nu disco mode - punchy enough to power up a party, but polite enough for the cocktail crowd. That is until Daphni drops a huge side-chained kick and takes us straight back to the pilled up summers of 1999 - MASSIVE! On the A2, "If" throws an early jazz piano feignt, before clocking us right in the chop with a slamming drum program a la Gemini or Paul Johnson. 
              Flip it and the frisky, frothy and frenzied filter disco fun continues unabated, as "Romeo" cuts through the crowd and begins to spin in the very centre of the dancefloor. Working up from the foundations of slick bass and a growling synth sequence, Daphni gradually lets loose with the dramatic, climactic and largely Latin strings and swoons of his source material, pulling the club through ballroom disco and into a narcotic sweat box. Finishing with a bang, "Just" takes us tired dancers into a world of hands aloft, heads high and hugs. Harps, flutes and vocal harmonies drift out of a jazz/folk/soul O.G. and cascade around reinforced percussion, providing a euphoric mood, which takes a deeper turn in the middle third before powering back towards the ecstatic truth for the finale. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Daphni is back with a banger! This summertime number is a red hot refix of Bermudian disco banger "Sizzlin' Hot" by Paradise, and it's coming to take over a soundsystem near you. Elsewhere the maestro takes disco, jazz and soul elements and samples at will, dropping festival friendly bombs throughout.

              Old stalwarts of the edit, digging & comp'ing scene, Psychemagik are also a dab-hand in the studio - turning their hand to a whole manner of styles.

              Here they express some naughty electronic dance moods a la Mr. Scruff, Two Lone Swordsman, Riton etc via the squelchy midtempo breaks roller: "Rattlesnake". A wubbing b-line directs proceedings on this baby while hazed drums and cyberpunk SFX dart around in the background. I can image it finding plenty of favour with DJs like Andy Weatherall, the aforementioned Mr. Scruff and Radioactive Man as well as the natural house and disco camps that already hail Psychemagik as superstars.

              Two remixes to get stuck into. Magda Blotter Traxion remix further distills the elements in the aural test tube, resulting in a gurgling alchemy that fizzes and splurts like phosphorus on water.

              Vyvyan on the other hand adopts a gliding bass-tek aesthetic; low register drones paired perfectly with a frenetic break and plenty other synthesized elements. Hard to pick a favourite between this and the OG, both are gonna destroy the dance... TIP! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Warehouse-ready and rave bunker stable constructions here from the well loved Psychemagik pair. The remixes are mega to so lots to enjoy on this Pet!

              Manchester's Yadava steps up to the plate for the next installment of the High Praise Edits series. A member of the cities infamous party collective So Flute collective, Yadava has steadily been making a name for himself as a incredible selector with productions to match (including recent release on the likes of Church and Banoffee Pies records). He also holds down the 'Expansions' show on NTS Radio alongside co-host Contours.

              We've not really heard Yad turn his hand to the chopping board yet - so it's reassuring to hear that this expert DJ and producer is also a dab hand with the knife! As you'd expect from an acclaimed selector, the source material here is rare, under-presented (barring some Teddy P usage but we'll let him off for that!) but most important fun and incendiary. That first track especially, not only have I never heard it - Yadava perfectly galvanized this killer boogie jam with his subtle, house flavoured beats; giving it a new lease of life and certainly ensuring a proud place in Kickin' P's record nest! Recommended! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Yad garnering some High Praise indeed round these parts atm... Deservedly so as this So Flute golden boy keeps rollin' out hit afta hit! Yeh boiii!

              Evans Pyramid

              Never Gonna Leave You - Joakim & Max Pask Remixes

              Joakim: "About a year ago, I had dinner with a special group of friends obsessed with food like me, we call it the Yum Yum Club. Max Pask is a member and while we were preparing a decadent meal, he played me that Evans Pyramid song « Never Gonna Leave You » that I didn't know of. It blew me away and I immediately tried to integrate it in my DJ mixes. But that proved to be a challenge as the beautiful song is very lo-fi in its production with very quiet beats. OK for a very end of a night, but I wanted to play it more than that, so we decided to make an edit with Max that quickly turned into something closer to a remix. Here it is now. There's a house mix for the pumping hours and a disco mix that is closer to the original. Very glad to introduce you to the amazing music of Evans Pyramid (if you never heard of him), a forgotten genius from Boston, the missing link between Shuggie Otis and Prince."

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: The absolutely amazing soul / funk / disco unclassic, Evans Pyramid's "Never Gonna Leave You" gets a resolution tweaking rework from Joakim and Max Pask, in two different variations. Finally the DJ has a definitive, high def version of this bomb to flip in the mix.

              While Chelsea may have bid farewell to Maurizio Sarri (who I personally think is a genius), the Belpaese crew come the opposite way, crossing the continent to land in store with the fifth edition of their Italian edit odyssey. As ever, the team dig deep into jazz fusion, disco, Mediterranean funk and rare groove to keep us moving and grooving until way after the prosecco's run out. 
              "Navigando" opens the set in low slung funk mode, locking in a deep bassline, big hands aloft vocal and stella synth vs guitar solo battle. Undeniably Balearic, and made for hot summer nights, this leads us perfectly to "Peripatetico" a smoothly grooving jazz funker with slick Santana guitar, totally coastal bassline and yacht friendly sophistication. 
              Flip it for the dramatic, climactic and probably cinematic "Maledetti", a disco funk workout with rock attitude, AOR energy and soundtrack strings. It's great from the start, but the vocal takes this jam up about 15 notches - very good. 
              Finally the pastoral, proggy and organic jazz fusion of "Sa Sa Sa" serves up a scat-led cool down for afternoon DJs and poolside pow wows.

              Scott Fraser

              Together More - Andrew Weatherall Remix

              Been a while for cult imprint Birdscarer, and with Scott Fraser and Andrew Weatherall fronting up number seven on the buy-on-sight series this is certain to cause a twitch in the circuit boards of all the robo-dancers and cybalearic lovers out there...

              It's another love to outerspace, as vocalist Louise Quinn mutters sweet utterances over a rotary, acid-flecked nu-cosmic chug. That familiar arpeggiated twinkle and gentle low end throb perfectly compliment the angelic phrasings of Quinn's ethereal vocal style.

              Wevvers is on hand offering up a remixed version; utilizing the vocal to its full potential but adding a darker and more nocturnal instrumental behind it. Top drawer stuff as always; get them orders in quick 'cos they always sell out! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: Weatherall signature all over the place on the B Side. You know the drill with this genre pioneer on this mega sought-after label. Balearic with a twist I say.

              Dead Horses continue with release number two. After the well received V/A debut, the label enlist Simba in for a solo EP and featuring the additional support of Aroop Roy.

              "Love On Fire" kicks us off and is a perfectly formed early evening groove; effortlessly skipping between house and disco territories with a nice rotary bassline and tantalizing flanging elements. Add a well catchy vocal hook and you've got yourself a high voltage dancefloor magnet to reel em in with!

              "Dory" adopts a beatdown house style, turning up the MPC shuffle settings and chopping up a soulful vocal sample. A few choice dusty keyboard motifs later and you'll be nodding along in appropriate fashion.

              Sheffield mainstay Thatmanmonks remixes "Love On Fire", transforming it into a taut little house beast by adding "French Kiss"-esque synth stabs and suspended strings. Add some cranium twisting SFX and swirls, the odd warehouse vox and a winding lead synth and you've got all the drama and excitement of double dropping two UPS's at Wet Play!

              "Kano's Fatality" concludes proceedings with driving deep house cut; pluming bass, chopped female vox and organic perx giving off a summery flavour that wouldn't sound out of place at any big rig outdoor celebration and certainly ensures repeat plays for this disc thru the party season.

              Top follow up! - keep yer eyes on this label folks... 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Dead Horse got my beak twitching with their first release and with this 2nd drop they've really got my feathers rustling!

              With the artists behind the music slowly being revealed on the labels website, artists such as Sagitario aka Juan Sanchez, Agents of Time, Francois V have now been uncovered. With music being the main focus you'll have to wait another 2 months to find out who is behind this latest release. The curiosity continues and the vibe rides high!

              Serious, this is one cool ass label folks. Another four anonymous artists here contributing what can only be described as the filthiest, gnarliest and grittiest electro-techno hybrids around on the current market! Without famous artist names as reference, you're left with a completely unbiased reference point - adding to the allure of this groundbreaking, genre-stealing winners.

              Head to their Instagram page (ig: cod3qr) for clues to the artist identities of Cod3QR001, 002 and 003!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: This mysterious label goes from strength to strength. Each one's been mega but this one's faultless thru and thru! Be sure to check super emosh last track "Post Death" but tbh it's all kiiller on this excursion...

              Corroded digital shrapnel contained within an amorphous metallic groove pool with an acidic core. 
              Degraded and corrupted club tools for the adventurous DJ.
              All tracks recorded in Chicago, 2014-2016.

              Exael is Naemi, and all references to them should use they/them pronouns.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Suuuuper tight, advanced dancefloor electrix here. Chi-town black voodoo, charged and refracted through the space/time continuum. Special.

              The return of…KiNK. His first original record after the latest album and a few bits here and there, is an ode to the miraculous grip that a piano still holds over almost any dance floor. Unmistakably titled “Piano Power Ep“, the Bulgarian hit factory does what it does best: infectious melodies, moving bass and gnarly acid lines as well as the ill beats around. Born out of studio rehearsals for live sets, “2 love U” is a freestyle jam with regular collaborator Rachel Row (see Hand Made EP or “Follow The Step“): KiNK on keys and Rachel in the vocal booth results in pure positivism, energetic hooks and a certain pop magic. Think Rozalla, Bizarre Inc. or any other sign long and you are almost there. Instrumental included for the faint at heart.
              “I Remember“ on the other hand, which is also available as one of KiNK’s beloved video workouts, is presented here as a “303 Mix“ that loses the classic house sample of the first version, in favour of - well, another classic dance music ingredient - the squelchy sound that DJ Pierre invented.
              Last, but not least. “Raw“ is the kind of happy-go-lucky piano-bazooka that revokes the spirit of Baltimore’s production outfit Basement Boys in today’s pagan parties. Using the minimum amount of music tools (lack of effects, volume changes creating dynamics and no more than four instruments), it all feels like KiNK’s reply to Herbert’s infamous dogma. If the ingredients are good enough, you don’t need any spices.

              Sample based housey numbers influenced by 70’s NYC and the movies of that time. If you've liked recent Eddie Danielle & Bastien Carrara records, and in the past enjoyed Pal Joey, Harvey and the Golf Channel cartel, then this maybe the record 4 U!

              "Electric Drama" perrr-fectly loops up an orchestral disco groover that's smoldering hot and adds a tasty 'think' break for good measure! Seriously, if you don't catch yourself loosing it next to the speaker stacks, talking to wheelie bins (that's you Pharoah Brunson!) jiving to this joint soon - you're not spending enough time in the dance! Destined for extended plays and repeat performances this summer fo' sho'.

              "American Hustle" hooses up some more funky licks; guitar, clav and keyboard all working in tight unison to deliver to nocturnal, Loft-y disco bizniss - ace!

              "Tomorrow" concludes, ditching any allegance to 70s disco and instead re-alligning itself with late 90s house by sampling Armand Van Heldon's never-beaten soulful house classic "Flowers" (!!!). Skillfull blended with plenty other elements, this is a clever curveball with just enough whiffs of AVH's original number to keep us on the edge of our dancing shoes. So good!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: Four cuts of disco house with some heavily recognisable samples. A loopy loop festival to dance the night away. By the way, the four tracks are superb, pay special attention to 'Tomorrow', a St. Germain cum Blueboy beauty.

              Firecracker’s dwarf constellation Unthank thaws down from a small cryogenic suspension and delivers its first 12”!

              Tracks from the vault from Cardiff’s DJ Guy (Other World Music / Cejero / All Caps) who’s been busy since 1992. All tracks designed to be played loud and with the dance in mind whilst taking in all sorts of melancholy, euphoria and pastoral, acid soundscapes. DJ Guy's production is instantly recognizable, - combining a plethora of vintage hardware with an M25-informed, free-party spirit; a renegade with a synthesizer and a dream.

              RIYL Dream 2 Science, Autechre, Unit Moebius, μ-Ziq, RX-101, vintage AFX etc.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: A mid 90s selection from Carfiff's Guy Evans. Brutalist in parts, harmonic in others; with a view to motorway bridges and abandoned buildings. Smiley face not included.

              "Chapter 1: The Black Godess (AΦOR)” is the latest work from the DJ and producer Blake (aka Will Blake) released on his new label Triton featuring the Detroit legend Scan 7.

              Detroit artist Abdul Qadim Haqq (Third Earth Visual Arts), designer of historical releases of among others: Underground Resistance, Metroplex and Transmat, has conceived, curated and realized the entire artwork project.

              If vintage Derrick May and Jeff Mills DJ sets are your thing, then the five tracks here are certainly gonna cause some commotion. After "Tribal Transmissions" first major breakdown, you're catapulted into an Axis-era techno trust. "Hysteria" also utilizing long, tension-fuelled breakdowns before that Motor City stream train comes juddering thru unabashed. Title track, "The Black Godess" carries on like some lost UR / Galaxy 2 Galaxy number. Musical as hell with elastic synthlines and rubbery bass perfectly moulded around swung drum machines and ethereal melodies before a soul drenched female vox takes us off into the stars. Scan 7 take time to remix this crowning glory, turning out a very Detroitian, stadium pleasing techno cut with killer handclap patterns and detailed bass part.

              If you're a fan of vintage Detroit techno you need this in your life right now!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Phwoooar! I'd somewhat turned my back on Detroit of late, but Blake's reinvigorated my interest immediately with this authentic addition to the cannon... We almost lost Detroit? Well it's back baby!

              George & Glen Miller


              After furnishing us with a fine reissue of the Rebbles' take on "Sweetest Taboo", Soundway stick with the Caribbean, bringing us another soca-tinged treat from music's forgotten past. Long since a holy grail for dance floor diggers, George & Glen Miller's 1979 groover "Easing" perfectly encapsulates the melting pot of late seventies NYC, fusing disco, soul and soca into a swooning, soaring triumph. Restored, remastered and cut loud for the dancefloor, the 12” single features the original vocal on the A-side and the essential instrumental on the flip.

              The Miller brother’s musical journey began in Trinidad and Tobago in the early 70s. During their teenage years they formed The Groovy Millers - a five piece band made up of George, Glen and their three siblings. After a chance meeting with Lord Shorty, they went on to collaborate with one of the Soca stars of the time and firmly plant their feet in the Soca scene of the musically rich Caribbean island.

              Of the five siblings it was George and Glen that pursued a career in music, and in the late 70s the two brothers made the move to North America to develop their music style. Disco dominated the airwaves at the time and a studio session with the prolific Frankie McIntosh resulted in the masterpiece that is ‘Easing’.

              Drawing influence from the blossoming disco and soul scene, George and Glen added Caribbean flavour to the New York sound to startling effect. Soft, subtle keys and guitars are punctuated with layered trumpet and violin riffs, complimenting George’s silken, restrained vocal. Frankie McIntosh’s arrangement shines through with what might be his finest work, placing this track on the mantle with other New York classics of the time.


              Tonic Edits Vol 6 (The Japan Reworks)

              Coeo have been travelling in Japan and discovered the magic of City Pop: That Japanese Disco movement of the eighties. Back then there were amazing dance tracks coming out of Japan. Some with Japanese lyrics others with American vocals. Often so perfectly played and recorded that it was hard to tell if the music came out of NYC basement studios or for real Asiatic studio musicians. Coeo found a lot of rare jams and did edits for their DJ sets. As at the Toy Tonics office everybody is always searching for the rare and unknown the crew was totally excited. And so the decision was made quickly: Put out a few of these rare jams & edits. Here they are.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Coeo take us on a trip to Tokyo on this volume of Toy Tonics edits, serving up a quartet of J-boogie, city pop and Asiatic disco reworks, including a mega female vocal version of Sakamoto's superb "Tibetan Dance".

              Møzaika returns to Public Possession with another four track EP of varied dancefloor styles and musical moods. For the titular “Drive”, he collaborates with Australian Sui Zhen, who you may recognize from her previous work with Tornado Wallace, Andras Fox and No Zu. Together they produce a beautiful, mystic synth pop track, which sounds a little bit like The B52's soundtracking a John Hughes movie which only exists in Gwen Stefani's grade school daydreams. A dub version of that track completes the A-Side, splintering fragments of vocal over a beefier, DJ friendly variant of the title track. Over on the B-Side we find the mellow cowbell boogie / new age dance of “Crépuscule”, and the utterly ethereal “Never see You again”, which should be of particular interest to the Balearic DJs out there.

              Dearly beloved, we are gathered here BUZZ over Best Records! The Italo disco heroes and funk fans are on a mission to furnish any serious collector with fresh, remastered copies of any and all the great Italian releases of the late 70s and 80s - and I love them for it. This time round we get a limited edition re-mastered reissue of this Maurizio Sangineto produced Italian funk cut from 1983. Featuring the vocal prowess of James Otis White Jr, but mostly the outrageous production chops of the aforementioned Sangineto, "Baby Come On" has not one, but two girthy basslines, working in tandem to touch your pleasure centres. Chuck in scratchy guitar, slow burning drum machines and some killer clavs, you're onto a winner here, and that's without the big time boogie vocals of James Otis. In appreciation of that mighty production power, the label have ditched the short radio edit and instead dedicated the B-side to an extended instrumental dub.

              June Records presents their seventeenth release, "Diataxis" by Ioannis Savvaidis, which is comprised of 4 recordings and their accompanying texts.

              "Diataxis" is an audio interplay between Optical Networks terminology and the main artwork of the release. The sound is transmitted throughout abstractly and emotionally structured spaces.

              Recorded live in Savvaidis’ studio in Athens between July and December 2018.

              Blanket thick atmospheres heavier than air smother the listener; whether its neutron heavy static, or red shifted solar winds, the result is far from ambient; impenetrable and haunting this is what it sounds like to be lost in space...

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: Bloody love a bit of dark dark ambient I do, and this one's a corker. Think of a beatless Biosphere, all glacial ambience and cold, crystalline drone mixed with the churning low-end and organic development of Tim Hecker or Fennesz, and you're in the right area. Huge pads and face-melting cosmic drift complete the trifecta, helping to round out the pieces into a multi-layered and multi-faceted exfoliating audio bubblebath.

              Modeselektor revived their Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten label around this time last year, and have since delivered nine top drawer releases traversing new and vintage vibrations from the vast world of underground electronic music.

              Toronto based producer Graham Bertie aka Nautiluss returns for his second outing and the label's 10th overall release.

              Contrasting technically proficient, rhythmically intricate production with the kinda of tactile, body pleasing playfulness often associated with the label's leading duo, "Guccifer" is a fierce, whiplash breaks roller that's riddled with a gnarly attitude.

              "Snakes & Ledgers" is a dreadlocked steamline techno track, combining rastaman vox, jungle subs and incessant 4/4 to devastating effect.

              "Wi-Fi Oasis" cleverly deploys gated and panned stabs to create a shimmering jungle odyssey that's dreamy, cinematic and heavily indebted to Photek's vast songbook.

              "Moment Of Clarity" completes the set, a track with a unique rhythmic footprint, you can tell why Modeselektor would enjoy playing this out due to it's head-turning, attention grabbing form. Cerebral, evocative and picturesque, it could soundtrack many a moment of blissed out, serene conclusion; the crown joining together to reconcile the epic DJ that that's played out before it.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: Megatronic release here. A side is dancefloor bliss with its dark undertones and merciless bass whilst B side invites you to chill a bit still brandishing some industrial aesthetics. Highly recommended.

              Those cool cats at Rollover Milano saunter into summer with a third volume of their Rollover Edit Service, a DJ friendly series which is every bit as good as the homophonic hot dogs served at football stadia and convenience stores. The resident jocks kick off this edition with "Mimi", locking us into an organic groove of shoulder rolling toms, folk strings and chanted vocals, perfectly picking their path through Balearic and Afro-cosmic waters. Next up Balearic heroes Leo Mas & Fabrice drop in and turn out a totally trippy rewire of Tom Tom Club's "Genius Of Love", dubbing the O.G. into another galaxy while an elastic groove reigns supreme. The unknown (to me) Mark:eno takes the controls for the B1, bringing us a sapced out disco smoocher with a sultry female vocal, luxurious bass and celestial mid range. Finally Abbrangeli sees us out with a similarly spaced out disco number, delicated teased into a modern dancefloor bomb.

              The masterful, supergroup of Phreek lead by Patrick Adams, sees three of its sought-after masterpieces, two of which have never been on a 12 inch, officially reissued and remastered on a label that’s fast becoming a go-to for in demand reissues, South Street Disco.

              A pure classic, ‘Weekend’, was born back in ‘78 written by Leroy Burgess and James Calloway and produced by Patrick Adams and Burgess, they lead an expertly curated troupe for this massive Paradise Garage staple and Larry Levan favourite. That late ‘70s sound where synthesisers rose to prominence, sees a combination of cosmic keys, freakish strings and power-play funk guitars, tied together with tight percussion, bold basslines and Christie Shire’s lead vocals, that whole heartedly captures the spirit of disco. Famously remade into a house anthem 10 years later by Todd Terry, ‘Weekend’ is a timeless slice of celestial magic.

              In a similar fashion ‘Everybody Loves A Good Thing’ does another blast around the cosmos - a Universal Robot Band feel emanating from the buzzing synths and awe-inspiring vocal prowess of Leroy Burgess, coupled with ‘Shining’ star, Venus Dodson. As uplifting as it gets, complete with a killer piano breakdown to draw out every ounce of anticipation.

              Flip it over and a whole side is devoted to the greatness of ‘I'm a Big Freak [R*U*1*2]’. A mesmerising, fast-paced, disco workout with sensuous groans, sleazed up, supernatural keys and a heavy bass that just goes and goes and goes! Favoured by the biggest and best out there, from Ron Hardy to Theo Parrish, it’s got the power and energy to light up even the most demanding of dancefloors. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Three big'uns here for fans of that original Patrick Adams sound. "Weekend" and "Everybody..." for the Saturday nite disco party, "I'm A Big Freak" for the sherm-stick powered Ron Hardy / Members Only adoration society! ;)


              Claustro / State Forest

              Ok chaps and chapettes, new Burial here for you to get your filphy mits an ears around...!

              "Claustro" occupies side A and sees Burial's formula given an urgent update. There's a killer female vocal hook, fast paced n skitty garage beats (thoroughly Burialized with hiss and coke can pops as always...) plus some nice bass plumes, ravey hoover lines and a kinda ascending / descending, slightly computer game vibe to the mid-range riff. Gotta make it to the end on this bad boi too - there's a killer switch around to see off the last 32 bars or so.

              It's destined for repeat plays across the radio networks and cutting edge club nights but there's nothing better than a Kode9-approved, 180g wax pressing to bring out all those gritty details and smash outta your bedroom window for all the neighbours to enjoy!

              B side track, "State Forest" is an ambient atmosphere, nicely constructed and full of some very interesting, bleak soundscapes; but you'll be disappointed if you're looking for another club banger to compete the package. Thankfully, that A-side track absolutely slays it, so you won't feel hard done by forking out eight quid. It's also nice to see the producer confident and inspired as ever. We heart Burial! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Urgent, endorphin-rushing greatness from the UK master. "Claustro" is hooky enough to get repeat radio plays, but deadly enough to soundtrack that peak moment of release in any club environment. He's still got it!

              Barry says: There's never a reason not to order a new Burial record on sight, and this one will almost certainly fly like the rest. Get on it.

              James Booth

              Space Echo Track / Locus Of Control

              The Growing Bin may have taken a hiatus for AW18, but don't be fooled into thinking this is a deciduous operation; after all the most powerful plantlife grows from below. Moving through the mulch, Basso traces the mycellium network from Hamburg's forests to the gentle slopes of Hasenheide, reconnecting with James Booth for the first Growing Bin release of 2019.

              Emerging from the green house with a heroic dose of wavy caps, the Mancunian export unleashes A-side sizzler 'Space Echo Track', a little post-minimal magic for the peak time shamans. Built around the polyrhythmic patter of organic percussion, a touch of UK shuffle and the occasional blast of soundsystem bass, the track rolls and rattles from start to finish, tailor made for mid-set hypnosis. And while neon leadlines dance with disorienting sampler vox and papaya whistles summon the ethno-flute melodies, Booth brings us to a new level of future primitive consciousness, unlocking the Stargate once and for all.
              Onto the B-side and we're hurtling through galaxies, submerged in the entheogenic frequencies of 'Locus'. Shimmering swathes of angelic synth vox and dreamlike pads drift freely, forming a perfect counterbalance to the warp factor thrust and rasping resonance of the wormhole sequences. Beatless in space, 'Locus' balances ambient techno and acid gurgle, cleansing your synapses like a Sven Vath warm down circa '94. This is music for the microdosers...

              Modern disco innovators and Balearic heart-throbs Faze Action return to our humble store with frequent collaborator and one time Orange Juice percussionist Zeke Manyika for a brand new EP of summertime DJ delight. Their latest offering is called "Kubatana", which aptly means "Together" in Zeke's native Shona, and is certain to unite one and all on the dancefloor. The pinging bass and clean rhythms call to mind South African bubblegum as well as Balearic house, while the half sung / half chanted vocals from Zeke, topped with buoyant horns are pure party business. The tempo drops for "Hapana", a shuffling, mallet led cut which wouldn't sound out of on South African crime drama. Female backing vocals and breezy guitar add their own subtle flavours, rounding out a track perfect for the midnight hour. 
              The B-side brings us a pair of alternate versions of the title track from the Faze Action camp. First up, Rudy's Midnight Machine strip back and beef up "Kubatana" into the ultimate Balearic house heater, teasing the arrangement into a classic club mix, before the "Paradise Dub" gets taut and tracky, landing somewhere between "Ye Ke Ye Ke" and "Hafi Deo". 

              Soundway Records ventures back to the Caribbean: re-mastering and reissuing the original classic 12” single “Sweetest Taboo (Soca)” by Rebles. In the late 80s, as electronic music permeated popular culture, Rebles helped define the soca genre outside of the Caribbean. A wider audience was reached via this cover of Sade’s hit 1985 song “Sweetest Taboo”, with its distinctive synth hook and drum machine picking up the pace, helping push the version to late night dancefloors.

              Also known as D’ Rebel’s Band, the group were the house band for prolific Caribbean label Strakers Records, based in New York, through which this single was originally released. Lead member Denniston Young was a founding member of the disco-soca group Asterisks. He went on to work with many calypso and soca artists, earning plaudits for his composition and musicianship - including from his cousin, legendary calypsonian composer Alston Becket Cyrus, who had hoped to work with him but missed the opportunity before Young passed away in 2009.

              For fans of: Sade, Shadow's "Sweet Sweet Dreams” album, the “Beach Diggin” compilations and of course, Soundway regulars and collectors. 

              Deepfunk / soul super rarity flipped with one of the best deep soul sides ever recorded, the family had some great images so we opted for a picture sleeve on this one, 400 copies only. forget about finding an O.G. Researched by our man, Brian Sears

              Papa Bear And His Cubs were the brainchild of Eddie Disnute Sr., aka Papa Bear. A native resident of Hampton, Arkansas. Eddie started his music career in gospel then transitioned into secular music after moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1963. While living in Milwaukee with his wife and children, Eddie played with a group called the Fenders but eventually decided to start a group of his own with his kids aptly named Papa Bear And His Cubs.

              Eddie Sr., a naturally gifted musician, taught his children how to play music. Creativity is a part of the Disnute DNA and before long Eddie's cubs were perfecting chops of their own. Papa Bear And His Cubs started performing together around the late 1960s. Although a few memorable gigs came their way, Wisconsin proved to be too cold for the Disnutes so they made their way back to Hampton, Arkansas.

              The group continued to perform until the early 1980s, at which point the cubs were bears themselves, who decided to go their own separate ways. When thinking back to their prime days, one thing will always remain clear in Eddie Sr.'s memory, "we could play, all it took was a countdown of 1, 2 ,3, 4 and we're gone".

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Millie says: A soulful treasure from Papa Bear & His Cubs, this two-sided rarity of pure soul, ‘You’re So Fine’ providing those irresistibly catchy lyrics and Motown ballad ‘Sweetest Thing On This Side Of Heaven’, that you can’t not sway along to.

              Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

              Black Star Dancing EP

              Noel says of the single: "It manages to combine the influences of David Bowie, INXS, U2, Queen, Indeep AND ZZ Top FFS! ... I might have been watching too much Top Of The Pops recently ... anyway, it's ‘dope’ … not my words, but the words of Nile Rodgers who literally danced in the studio when he heard it!”

              Featuring new kaleidoscopic artwork by Gareth Halliday, the EP includes 2 new tracks ‘Rattling Rose’ and ‘Sail On’, a 12” mix of ‘Black Star Dancing’ plus a remix by London-based French DJ/producer Nicolas Laugier, aka The Reflex.

              This release follows a hat-trick of Number 1 albums for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – most recently the Mercury-nominated ‘Who Built The Moon?’, which achieved gold certification less than two weeks after its release in 2017. It’s also a record breaking 10 consecutive chart-topping studio albums in the UK for Noel.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Andy says: Noel gets deep, moody and funky on this streamlined cosmic groover of a track. Light years from home. Nice!


              Ltd 12" Info: RSD Stores Exclusive Light Pink Coloured Vinyl.

              Levon Vincent


              Levon's cannon keeps firing as the Novel Sounds battery drops another dancefloor bombshell in our bunker...

              A1 sees our honourable rogue continue to mine the ghosts of trance music's dark past; fusing a simple kick with an uplifting yet slightly melancholic synth pattern that ignites the same, almost saudade feelings that the best 90s stadium fillers conjure up.

              A2 sees a truly Vincentian palette (vintage hand claps, dry keyboards, synth-strings and buzzy acid) batter out an emotive box jams that's aimed at the stars yet rooted in the club - so good!

              Flip and if you still needed convincing, B1 should ensure the record's now on your to-buy list; its drifting arps, monumental bass and fizzing white noise taking the listener on a cerebral magic carpet ride into blissed out abandon. Yes Levon!!!

              The gifted New Jersier gives us one more bonus to contemplate; the deep cavernous throb of the final track takes us through to the early hour sessions in big warehouses. One for the late nite club dwellers, when energy levels have peaked and it's a more lucid & loose state of being....

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Full marks for Mr. Vincent here as he rolls out one of the hottest Novel Sounds for quite some time! You need this pop pickers!

              Delroy Edwards returns to Apron for a second time, bringing a proper rinser for a 12" that's set for repeat plays in the basements...

              Opening with, for me, the hottest track of the six, "Live And Let Live" combines Edwards' idiosyncratic perx with a phat-ass distorted bass. As usual the whole thing fizzes and cracks like it's been scorched into tape by the sun itself; then this gorgeous pads come in and takes us plummeting into the stars... so good!

              "Fat Dynamics" also ensures this is gonna be a best seller - combining wooden gated bass synth with vintage pads and a killer hi-hat pattern, it's that classic acid sound, updated in a very Delroyesque style and I for one am truly on board!

              There's four more tracks, all very good and skirting between dusty space acid and industrial jack; but it's that opening pair that I'll be opting for most of the time... absolutely killer! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Mega this. Worth it for those opening two tracks which add a whole new dimension to Delroy's House Sound.

              If heavy industry is a thing of the past, no-one told Identified Patient. For the past few years, he has been a one-man factory: by day, assembling component parts of acid, techno and all varieties of wave (dark, cold, minimal) on the production line; by night, a DJ dynamo pulsing with so much energy he could power a small city. His style is the kind of churning, lithe, fractured machine funk that could make Trent Reznor weep with envy – mean but clean, sinister and stomping but crucially, never overconfident or overblown. After two show-stopping performances at the parent festival last year, Signals In Snakes marks Identified Patient’s first Dekmantel release, for the technoid UFO sub-label.

              Opener “The Drip” lives up to its namesake, slowly lowering elements into the field of play with partner in crime Sophie Du Palais. No prizes for guessing what exactly might be dripping through this fetishistic slow burner, so we’ll let your sordid imagination run wild. “Let Me Do It” takes the pent-up anguish and lets rip with the mood of unearthed electrical wires sending sparks flying, an upscaling of intensity that continues on “Chantal Chant.” Envisioned as the moments of tension before a gladiator fight in ancient Greece, the acidysound is that of barely restrained militant chaos. Our battered fighter’s swan-song, “Lucy’s Comeback,” marshals the dark undercurrents of bass and brings us to a close. Giving a new lick of shiny paint to a well-weathered industrial exoskeleton, Signals In Snakes is one to unify the cold-blooded villains and hot-blooded lovers all summer long.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Absolutely loving this - sleazy, sexy and seriously skew-whiff industrial funk from Identified Patient on Dekmantel's more out there UFO arm. Dark dance for the freakz!

              Gianni Marchetti

              Disposta A Tutto (DanyB Revisions)

              Gianni Marchetti is one of Italy's best kept secrets...
              A composer with a long and elaborate list of writing credits in both pop music and movie soundtracks, he penned proper anthems in Italy's post-war melodic tradition. Amongst his large and varied oeuvre, in 1977-1978 he composed and recorded the original soundtrack for the skin flick 'Disposta A Tutto'. As you'd imagine it's a slow-burning mix of funky clavinets, scat vocals, wah wah guitars and sultry tenor sax lines, all tied together by a distinctly Italian sensibility.
              Rather than fading into obscurity, the soundtrack became a prized collector's item for DJ's and rare groove enthusiasts. In 2019, Heristal and Danilo Braca (AKA Dany B) are very proud to present a new version of 3 tracks from the Disposta A Tutto soundtrack, edited and extended for maximum dancefloor impact. On the A-side, there's the pant swinging groove of "Un'altra Donna", a killer bit of clav heavy white funk, while the flip houses personal fave "Free Pop" (slow mo cosmic fuck-funk with added dub sax) and the Balearic swoon of "Tromb In Chiave D'Amore", a must have for any fan of a coastal cooler.

              Nick The Record, Dan & The No Commercial Value Band

              Record Mission 5

              Nick The Record & Dan Tyler return with the fifth mission, continuing a series which has become a staple in any expertly packed crate. Always built for the floor, and assembled from the finest secret ingredients, not to mention thoroughly road-tested, each Record Mission comes from the deep in these guys' legendary collections, extended and edited to perfection.
              Volume 5 and the boys are in the mood to party, kicking things off with the leg shaking syncopation, wobbly moog, semi-cheesy vocals and brilliant brass. Popping an electric slide from funk to disco, the duo drop "Gee No" next, a dubby delight with echo laced percussion (maximum cowbell), walking bass and occasional vocals. Switching it up a little on the flip, "Un Dub Bonus" is a thoroughly wonky diversion into oddball disco house with wobbling bass and textured percussion taking centre stage. Finally the electro-disco stomp of "Fruity Juice" arrives to close the set, bringing the kind of tropical heat, lime-like acidity and unique fusion of electronic and organic elements you'd find on a Konduko 12".

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: Disco bonanza passed through the filters of the always reliable Nick The Record and done with the dancefloor in mind!

              Is there another DJ out there like Loud-E? The guy operates in his own universe, soaring through absurdly obscure dance floor records and flipping them with his dusty, demented and wildly psychedelic sound. This contribution to Discos Capablanca is no exception, kicking off with the sequined disco stomp of "Get Down On Me", a Soul Train moment viewed through a thick fuzz of radio static from a UFO in high orbit. In fact, as the hot brass, celestial arps and breathy vocal twist in on themselves, it seems we've taken residence in an alien brain which can't quite make sense of our human noises. Next up "Marathon", my all time favourite former chocolate bar and new wormhole funk anthem. The nuanced percussion brings an organic funk to the party, while that gnarly synth sequences serves as gut loosening bass and face melting riff, locking us in for the mind melding prowess of that proggy lead line. If you've ever had one too many Jean-Michel Jarres and stumbled into the topless bar, you know what this sounds like. Finally we freak it to "Yeah Clavilove", a low slung and sleazy dancer centered on that timeless ribbet of the clavinet. Right at the sweet spot between funk, soul and AOR, this strange and brilliant jam will do it for Balearic beards and Cosmic explorers alike - believe the hype!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Loud-E moves another couple of places up my all-time favourite editors here with a mindblowing three tracker of whacked out space disco, intergalactic sleaze and Balearic funk - keeping it psychedelic throughout.

              Secret Squirrel

              No. 21

              Secret Squirrel continue their annexation of the disco front line, supplying another double header of firepower for the glitter ball soldiers.

              As they creep further behind enemy lines, the elite squadron deploy two WMDD's (weapons of mass disco destruction), complete with extra loopy, lost-in-the-smoke extensions, some tasty filter jabs and a faultless re-arrangement that keeps energy levels on high throughout. Sure to blow the opposition away and rewards the troops with some disco regalia. Limited quants.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Sil says: More Squirrel goodies for those terraces, bars and clubs hungry for some top draw disco house edits. Couple of tension and release exercises that would keep many hips wiggling!

              Awww shit son. Bahnsteig 23 is back with another bunker bustin' bit of audio ammo, this time from Ziggy, who conquers many a style and flavour on his label debut. How about a little new beat fist pump for starters via the bristling "Trance Gigolo". Take one part industrial clatter, one demonic top line and a hefty bass sequence and away you go. Looking at the name, I really hope this is a DJ Hell romper circa 2003 slowed way down. Enough of my electroclash obsession, what's on the A2? It's the hooded and clandestine goth-pop of "Yo Let Her", a goth groover which makes excellent use of slide guitar, chanted vocals and that particular strain of feeback you can find on any dark ambient record. Onwards and upwards (tempo wise) we go on the B1, falling under the black magic of "Amfobia", a rather sinister bit of post disco froth with a punk funk rhythm section, vocal casting and horror organs. All of which witchy action leads us to the cauldron bubbling B2 "Freaky Leaches", a haunting post punk dubber with a particularly damp aesthetic. Hubble bubble bitches!

              A.M. Muhammad

              What Freedom Means / Tenderly

              Recorded in 1980, four years after the seminal ‘Open Your Heart’, Ishola Muhammad recorded what he describes as “The funkiest, most exciting session I had done, and the drummer, a white guy whose name I don’t recall either, was “the best””.

              The idea that, "responsibility is what freedom means", came from a speech given by, the late, Imam W.D. Mohammed, leader of the, then, American Muslim Mission. “Subsequently, I chose to use the pseudonym, A.M. Muhammad, which was a play on the American Muslim Mission acronym, AMM. Since the speech was heralded and echoed throughout the community and around the country, I hoped the song would catch on, but it didn't.

              40 years later, and “What Freedom Means” is now hot in demand with spins by top DJs across the globe.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: Another pocket rocket from Rain & Shine here via the conscious soul vs disco stomp of A.M. Muhammad's "What Freedom Means". I'm guessing Floating Points, MDCE, Jeremy Underground and Tom from Cosmic Slop are all over this, now you can be too!


              Automaton / Quiero Ser Tu Perro

                Stockholm quintet Sudakistan return with a brand new double A-sided 7” featuring “Automaton” and “Quiero Ser Tu Perro”, a Spanish language translation of The Stooges’ classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog”.

                Featuring the band’s trademark blend of punk, garage rock, psychedelia and latino rhythms “Quiero Ser Tu Perro” finds bassist Maikel Gonzalez taking on lead vocals.

                “Quiero Ser Tu Perro” was initally recorded during the sessions for last year’s acclaimed second LP Swedish Cobra and “Automaton” was recorded in January-February 2019, both at Studio Rymden, Stockholm with producer Daniel Bengtson (who the band worked with on Swedish Cobra).

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Mine says: Sudakistan bring us a heavy, thumping garage stomper with a percussion interlude (oddly satisfying) and a true to the original cover of Stooges' classic 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' with added Spanish vocals that only add to the charme (if anything or anyone can be more charming than Iggy Pop...)!

                Juan Ramos and Trent AKA Greenvision are back for "pENE d'Amore part 2", a collaborative release between Berlin's Cocktail d'Amore Music and Ene Tokyo. This precious 12" follows Rambutan, the duo's offering to Los Angeles' ESP Institute. The cover is made by visual artist Giulia Munari and reminds of the melting pattern of a Murano glass, referencing indeed the abundance the listener is soon to discover putting the needle on this record. A multitude of acid lines tinged with a touch of trance and a carefree melody roll over an almost off-beat groove in "Mountain of Madness", taking over A side. On the flip, the didgeridoo-based "Rolling 2 Joints" takes the listener exploring a mystical forest on a distant planet. Again disorienting, psychedelic and explosive, Greenvsion's productions sound like riddles to be solved, puzzles to be composed. Their unique sonic layering philosophy results in an almost unclassifiable music genre ready to please the thirstier dance-floors.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Proggy, mid 90s acid sounds seem all the rage at the moment as maybe the over commercialized dance music™ world tries to re-connect with its spiritual side (ie. Goa). I'm not sure how I feel about it per se, but when it turns up such inspired genius as this, I guess I gotta get on board! Pass me the patchouli oil!


                EEE 007

                Ain’t no rest for the wicked! EEE show no signs of letting up with another masterful melding of styles, taking a well known jazz motif and flipping it into one of their trademark tribal rollers. Sure to turn heads the world over and always a favourite with the DJs playing to the prime dancefloor demographic of 18-25 year olds, I like the way this firm never take themselves too seriously but always put out a pleaser! Full marks.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Here's the cheeky ass EEE crew back with another naaawty refix. You'll recognize that clarinet riff off a plethora of 90s furniture adverts; now watch the club-ready jet set get all gurny to it!

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                12" Info: hand-stamped 1-sided 180 gram vinyl 12"

                Kota Motomura

                New Experience

                Brand new Hobbes Music signing from Tokyo, Kota Motomura is a slightly mysterious character with an ear for idiosyncratic music that runs the gamut from Exotica and Jazz to House and Techno. Highly original, it all adds up to a confection perhaps best described as Balearic. This is his second release.

                Motomura started sending the label demos in late 2017, off the back of the success of international underground hit "Web Of Intrigue" (from Leonidas & Hobbes’ last EP, The Rags Of Time). These demos immediately pricked up the ears of label boss Hobbes who asked to hear more demos. These were also good and the pair agreed on an EP release. And then the line went dead... for more than six months. When Motomura got back in touch, he explained that he had been sick (and would soon be returning to hospital). In any case, label scheduling and other commitments meant it hasn't been possible to release this music until now.

                Opening track ‘Aboy’ sets you afloat down a psychedelic stream, plucked strings lulling you into a dreamy state, while the occasional image from some long-forgotten Miyazaki film flows past. It’s a rare gem, sounding a bit like few things from the past but like nothing else out there right now. A2 ‘Yes’ ups the tempo and adds beats, saxophone and vox but is no less unusual, occasional bird calls and other fx dropping into a mix which gets stranger as it progresses over for a marathon ten minutes. Accelerating hyper-actively towards the end, it’s sure to leave a few DJs scratching their heads...

                The B-side is a bit straighter: opening track Stars is a bossa nova style house number with infectious piano motifs, while B2 Cry Baby sounds a bit like Carl Craig’s seminal ‘Throw’ re-imagined with different vocal and a wonky piano.

                Multi Culti strip down and sling low with this EP of restrained early-morning house from UK don Jamie Paton. One half of Cage & Aviary, the London-based producer follows up releases on Emotional Especial and Holga Nord with virtuosic depth.
                It may be the power of suggestion, but "Squeeze the Prime Time" sounds like a well-worn night-life wayfarer wringing their very last brain cells for more serotonin on the dance-floor. On 'Syrens' especially, there is a sense of subdued, spectral ecstasy. Squelchy, spacey, bumpy, this is a masterful soundtrack to synapses firing to the world's most cherished tryptamine.
                Multi Culti production duo Dreems & Thomas Von Party add a 'Self-Help' remix, an unashamed attempt to lend 75% more hippy to the package, taking holotropic breath-work to the masses as only a pair of gurus can do.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Multi Culti mega record just arrived. Our ears are salivating for this mega 4 tracker oozing off the beaten track dancefloor ammo. As always with Multi Culti, plenty of oddity and variety!

                For those that don't remember first time around: 'Pioneering techniques, over-dubs and an exploratory period of pop production resulted in many lost dub versions and mixes. Mixes, which invariably were left on the shelf, deemed too 'out there' by the bosses of the hedonistic label managers who commissioned them. Shelved will present a series of limited double 12" releases comprised of carefully reconstructed and rebuilt lost classics from someone who was there the first time around!'

                We're still under strict obligation to keep the lid on who or what indeed is behind these majestic edits but we can 100% guarantee you that this is more crucial heat from one of the deftest knife-wielders in the business....

                "2.1" suggests there's gonna be another installment following the theme, which is great news as "Into Minds" sets out a heavenly stall through some exotic, proggy Balearic number that's spine-tinglingly beautiful and comes packed with one of the greatest climaxes this side of a Greek orgy.

                "All Night Long" moves into the shadows for a minimal wave, goth-disco flavoured offering that should pique the interest of the new EBM mob as much as it'll soundtrack your next pitch black, late night tantric practice.

                "What?" has been in the armory of the select few that get this cat's edits upfront... Defying words, it's an instrumental version of The Who's "Eminence Front", extended to provide maximum impact and making use of some extra musical sections. Quite literally breath-taking, it takes a brave man or woman to fuck with this crossover epic, but somehow Shelved's added new life into this tried and tested dancefloor winner. Hat's off whoever you are geeeee!

                Completely crucial. One-press only. Do not fuck about!

                Omar S reissues Marc Pharoah's Detroit house classic "Soul Sounds 3" which was originally released on Mad Mike's Soul City label and currently demands large figures second hand. It's not wonder as there's few records epitomize that lo-fi swing n shuffle that characterises the best of the early US house blueprints as well as this.

                There's plenty of producers who utilizes the combined magic of the Akai sampler plus some choice Roland drum boxes. Pal Joey over in New York, Glenn Underground in Chicago, and of course, much of Omar S' selected FXHE roster over the years! But these three tracks ride ahead of the pack. Pristine samping with just the right amount of Detroit grit left between the cracks. Drums fizz and splat, not overbearing and never loosing focus on the groove. For fans of this sound, it doesn't get much better than this! 

                Craven Faults adds to his burgeoning discography with another carefully developed collection of modular murmurings. The technologically advanced producer conjures up kosmiche futurescapes thru a vast array of US & European modules and based around the Moog / Oakley Sound System design (there's a really interesting article below on his set-up for the techno geeks!.. - ed) . If this arresting new UK synth shaman has yet to register on your radar, then this is brilliant entry point!

                Hypnotic & undulating, there's an organic flow and natural evolution to the patterns and sequences, with the feeling that once CF has programmed his machines, he stands back and lets them breath and interact with each other without constant supervision.

                That said, the level of control, precision and detail is outstanding. Utilizing common triplets and syncopation, the typically Krautian gallop and canter is achieved, with very little interference from drum machines. The modules has a pulse all of their own, Craven Faults is simply harnessing it somewhat within a songlike framework; though you could argue that for the machines, time is irrelevent - their patterns non-linear and infinite.

                RIYL: Gabe Gurnsey, Factory Floor, Eat Lights Become Lights.

                Alex ‘Kiwi’ Warren’s passion for music has been a fire that has long burned within. With acclaimed releases on Disco Halal, Optimo and others, Kiwi’s work has earned him a wealth of support from some of the scenes biggest names such as Andrew Weatherall, DJ Harvey and Gerd Janson. He now joins Edinburgh’s Paradise Palms for the latest installment of their highly regarded 7” series which has previously seen groovy, off-beat offerings from Tom Blip and Justin Robertson.

                "You Want Her To" is a playful, low slung, slightly cosmic plodder featuring a slowed-down, flanging house pattern, pads and a catchy oddball chant from Warren himself. It's so incredibly simple yet so stylistically beautiful that there's no danger of this burning out in a hurry, and I wouldn't be surprised at hearing this soundtracking Summer dances well into NEXT year, nevermind this one! "Peeling Oranges" ups the NRG and uses an Italo-strength arpeggiated bassline to great effect, resulting in a shuddering peaktime climax.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Slo-mo moocher with tons of class, Parardise Palms' pocket rocket, delivered on tiiiight 7" format, battle ready and mobile. You need.

                Two years ago Credit 00 was lucky enough to find a flat with a winter garden in the midst of the city's concrete vastness. Setting up his studio there, surrounded by plants, facing the backyard oasis with its trees, bushes and birds singing all day was quite the opposite of his usual work environment. The contrast of being in nature whilst surrounded by an urban neighbourhood is explored on Credit 00's latest outing on Uncanny Valley. Two different settings represented on either side of the vinyl record. The street side of the building is Credit 00's typical habitat: rough drums, face melting acid and ghetto style track arrangement. "R U Ready 2 Jack" pays tribute to Belgium New Beat and wants to sound like Hardcore that is coming from the heart. "True 2 The Gehm" is an ode to one of the true German Acid innovators, Andreas Gehm (R.I.P.), originally written in 2016 for a compilation, which raised money to help him cover expenses incurred due to his severe health issues. The backyard side reveals the influence of flora and fauna on Credit 00's work. On both "The Garden" and "Deep In The Jungle", you can hear his synthetic interpretation of mother nature's repertoire. Birds chirping, acid frogs croaking and the wind blowing through the trees to the sound of jungle drums. Despite all the differences between the concrete and the green jungle, there are also a lot of similarities. As the artwork (hand-drawn by Credit 00 himself) illustrates, graffiti spreads all over buildings like wild vine grows on rocks: chaos reigns everywhere, whether in natural or man-made environments!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Credit 00 turns out a typically raucous combo of breaks, beats, bleeps and acid on the A-side before heading deep into the jungle with a pair of rainforest rockers on the flip. Top marks from me.

                Prescription Pricing Authority

                Pick 'Em Up / Cali' 76

                London based Prescription Pricing Authority returns to GAMM with another 7" monster, packed to the rafters with heavy doses of soul, funk and jazz infected disco. On the A-side, "Pick'em Up" is a real disco thumper with big horns and powerful vocals that just works. Expect expert filter use, obscene clavinet and sizzling hi hats on this A grade roller jam. Over on the B-side, the "Cali' 76" comes out the cosmos swinging, rolling everything great about 70s jazz-funk into the blunt and smoking it up. Slick guitar licks, wild synth solos and a groove which just won't quit combine for a puff, puff, passer for the jazz dance crowd. Dope!

                The legendary partnership of NYC's Disco godfather Tom Moulton and Philadelphia International Records has long been documented. A truly explosive collaboration that yielded endless classic tracks for dancers and deep listeners alike, Moulton seemed to be totally in tune with the labels output and the direction it should go in. Luckily we've been enjoying the fruits of this labour for the last 30+ years with a lot of these PIR classics becoming ingrained in the psyche of the modern day music fan as the building blocks of House music.

                The names alone fill one with awe, The O'Jays, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, Archie Bell & The Drells and Lou Rawls. All of these artists were, and still are, huge stars. Turning in classic after classic, and with Moulton's supreme ear assisting, this special PIR reissue 12" see's some all-time classics from the aforementioned artists in their full, unabridged, unedited Disco glory. The selections on this EP are absolutely top-shelf, flawless in fact. One could argue that these are the 'definitive' versions of these anthems. Pure Disco gold essentials. Anyone with even a passing interest in Disco will most certainly need this record in their possession, the 2012 pressing of this EP changes hands for £100+ second hand, so a repress was desperately needed.

                For the benefit of the uninitiated out there, Charlie Smooth is the Berlin based music lover and DJ who curates the Smooth Operators label, promotes the Disco Train parties and formerly promoted the Get Deep parties. Now Delfonic invites the main man to add his name to the roster of Oye Edits talent, taking four of his finest edits and whacking them on one fresh wax.
                Hot horns, nipple chaffing bass and pastel suited vocals zing out of the stylus on exuberant opener "Italienischer Breitweg", combining for a joyous jazz funker with just the right amount of filtered fun. Next up, "Highway To Brazil" hits us with the organic percussion, acoustic guitars and carnival atmosphere, working the dance floor into a frenzy before the chant-a-long vocals, monkey drum and jazz flute blow us all away. Flip the pancake and power through the fuzzy mbira, propulsive bass and hypnotic arrangement of "Aborigen Dub" before "Mental Drums" closes the set in totally tonking, kitchen sink stylee...maximum percussion - minimum fucks. 

                Unlimited Love

                Unlimited Love #20

                Those frisky and fearless folk at Unlimited Love continue to fly in the face of international copyright law, sticking two fingers up to the man to bring you a quartet of eye wateringly expensive disco / soul OGs on one bargain price 12". 
                But are they any good? Hells to the yeah my disco freaks. The A1 rocks us righteously with a soulful slice of disco, brimming with raw funk power from solo to solo, BIG VOCALS and a killer break into bassline brilliance. Things take a turn towards to the electronic on the A2, which somehow sounds like a Halloween boogie bomb and a Spanish guitar stroller at the same time. The B1 sticks with the E-funk style, bursting out like a Clinton / Parliament / Bootsy etc banger with scat vocals a big chorus and lewd bass. Closing the set the B2 brings us a disco rock slam jam with strange vocals, bells whistles and brass. If Supertramp took loads of garys and jammed until the wee hours, it'd sound like this.

                Steve Monite / Tabu Ley Rochereau

                Only You / Hafi Deo - Frankie Francis / Nick The Record & Dan Tyler Edits

                The ever-reliable Soundway come more than correct this week with a vinyl only DJ 12" featuring two mega re-edits of GIANT Afro dancers from Steve Monite and Tabu Ley Rochereau. Now a firm favourite in many a DJ's record bag, Nigerian disco-boogie king Steve Monite's hit "Only You" (featured on Soundway's recent "Doing It In Lagos" compilation), is given a rework by Sofrito's own Frankie Francis. Frankie switches up the arrangement, boosts that pinging bassline and adds a little extra club thwomp to deliver a definitive dance floor mix of this Afro-disco bomb. Sublime synthlines, impassioned vocals and insane space echo fly at you from all sides as this masterpiece unites the club in bass-led ecstasy. On the B-side, Nick The Record teams up with Idjut Boys' Dan Tyler to take on "Hafi Deo" - a beautiful taste of breezy tropical Congolese pop from Tabu Ley Rochereau. Dubbing out most of the vocals, tweaking the arrangements and adding the requisite amount of tape delay, Nick and Dan reshape this proto-house scorcher in time honoured fashion. Imagine hearing Boyd Jarvis and Shep Pettibone back to back in a Congolese jungle - ace!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Soundway's biggest dance floor heaters get the edit treatment here, with Frankie Francis turning up the heat on Steve Monite's synth disco smasher, and Nick (The Record) and Dan (The Idjut) offering a classic dub mix of loved up afro winner "Hafi Deo".

                In case you haven't noticed, us hobbled veterans of the disk shop inquisition effing love disco. In fact, we buzz off disco so hard, we enjoy every one of its forms; be it slow and syrupy, French and frothy, slack, sleazy, smacked out or whizzed up - delivering a diva scream or a dubbed out instrumental. But deep down, what we love most is the kind of stomping uptempo assault which leaves you reeling in the middle of the dancefloor, love hearts fluttering across your vision. Enter Debbie Jacobs and here HUGE "Don't You Want My Love". Now Debbie has a bit of form here, and you may be aware of her equally incendiary "High On Your Love", but this particular platter thunders through smooth strings, wild clavinets, pumping bass and a killer clap-heavy 4/4, making moves like a dance floor UFO taking off. Then there's the vocal, soaring from the purest powerhouse contralto into massive mezzo-soprano, spinge-tingling and life affirming in every way. Alongside their reissue of the original, Glitterbox now hit us with a special remix package that features Joe Claussell’s 1986 Reel To Reel Edit - a disco extravaganza of a mix - and Cratebug’s house-infused and funk-laden More Love Remix. 


                DB7 004

                Duca Bianco adds another sureshot to his tally this week courtesy of edit comrades Dane//Close whose sterling work on the Common Edits imprint has always entertained us Piccadilly masses. So, what do we have here? Well, the A-side boasts and extension and exploration of the unlikely groove behind Aussie punk troupe X, and their angsty "I Don't Wanna Go Out". The vocals make the cut, but it's the rhythm section who take all the limelight here. Over on the flip it's the ace "Bolass'd" doing the damage, scuzzing, scuffing and totally refucking the great Austrian synth B-side "Love Can Destroy" by Cosmetics. Slow as syrup, tacky as fly paper and fully demented for your next basement romp.

                Emotional Rescue returns to the Caribbean with the music of Glen Ricks and the infectious JA meets West End goldmine that is "I've Been Waiting For You." A performer since the age of 7, Glen Ricks (born Ricketts), established a reputation for his singing range and ability to seamlessly shift from tenor to soprano, going on to sell over a million records around the world.

                Having immigrated to Canada as a child, after teaming up with his first band The Fabulous Flames Ricks returned to Jamaica to create his first records. Moving effortlessly from reggae to lovers, and dancehall to soul, R&B, disco and boogie, Ricks established a successful career and he continues to perform to this day.
                "I've Been Waiting For You" is indicative of that cross-pollination of style and sound. Released on 7" in 1983 on the short lived Seraff label, the mix of Ricks' soul voice with laid back boogie groove creates a sound full of lazy JA swing.
                Now highly sought after, this special 12" reissue includes the stand out vocal and is backed with an instrumental that builds on the interplay between bass, drums, piano, guitar, keys and finally, backing vocals. To seal the deal - and in true label style - LA's rising star DJ Duckcomb presents the perfect Discomix, seamlessly cutting between both versions with some respectful dubbing in the mix.

                Mogwaa's an interesting cat. He's so far captured our attention through some very different releases: two on Star Creature and one on Red Seal that demonstrate a very multi-faceted approach for this Seoul, South Korean producer.

                For its 12th release, one of our favourite new house labels, Spring Theory presents four more, totally different experiences from this rising producer. Apparently inspired by his experience in livingin Peru and Vietman, in his own words: 'The first track is kind of ode to Lima, Peru. It was the first country that I lived besides Korea so everything was so new to me. And it made lost in thought of their culture: colonial era, dictatorship, and even Japanese president. And second track I made it remembering where I lived in Vietnam, a place where the Mekhong river find its way to the sea. Which is full of mangrove forest and mango trees. And third one is scenery of my neighborhood: at some point I could find feelings from my Seoul neighborhood in Peru and Vietnam. And last one is kind of nostalgia for Peru and Vietnam looking forward to coming back someday.'

                Evocative, slightly otherworldly sounds in very much that Spring Theory fashion, collide with Mogwaa's ear for the unusual, shunning obvious melodies and motifs for something deeper, magical and shimmering with a holistic goodness. Get involved.

                Upfront and galvanized, techno-leaning house music for late nites and exuberated bodies. The interestingly named Psy Def X brings the nrg and elation via three tracks on leading dance stable Klasse Wrecks. You gotta give it to KR's A&R department, this producer dunt even have a discogs entry yet! Reveal yourself Psy Def X!

                Anyway, three tracks to pull shapes and body gurn to; all with a retrotastic influence yet crisp, ultra hi-def production lends them a modern sheen. The arrangements are captivating and possessive, capturing the listener in a bombardment of acid, keys, electronic drum beats an gurgling analogue synthesizers - you know, all that good stuff :o) - get the garies in lad!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Inspector Patrice has but his ear to the ground and garnered new info! Psy Def X is infact no other than Tornado MF Wallace & Luca Lozano (!!!) - no wonder it sounds so f***in sweet!

                Kickin' off our Natural Science's new off-shot: Dolphin Traxx, D. Futers takes the rains with a pounding two tracker of aqueous goo, molecular body deposits and corrosive laser stains, pressed up loud & hard. Cyber-hounds might recognize the first track "I Care" - a pitched up vocal garage house jam bootlegged on your bros Samsung RazorBlade and running piano keys hoisted in the back of the multi-changer. An exceptional track which plays on the current trend of solid breakbeats powering the best house records, tried and tested for months in the field by our own Kickin' Pigeon and guaranteed to set any dancefloor alight with its unique but highly infectious groove. On the flip, "Never Givin' Up" is for the jungle heads, bringing back the oscillating machine gun funk of the warehouse, crashing between broken beat euphorics and shimmering pads. It's another moment of dancefloor harmony that should see whoops and whistles erupt from any discerning crowd as you bring back the full flavour of the underground! Highly recommended, move quick!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Back in stock for 2019. One of Natural Sciences' / Dolphin Traxx's finest moments and a true underground anthem.

                Liam Gallagher


                  Liam is back, following his debut solo album "As You Were", which stormed to the top of the charts, selling over 100,000 copies week one, to become one of the best selling albums of that year.

                  "Shockwave" is the brand new single from Liam's forthcoming album.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Martin says: Everything you'd want from a Liam Gallagher single. Swash-buckling, glam-stomping, life-affirming fun!

                  Girl Band


                    Nearly 4 years since Girl band’s critically acclaimed debut album, hailed by some as one of the best debuts of that year – they return with new single ‘Shoulderblades’. Sonically, the landscape warps from a dissonant, distant horizon to a threatening “shh!”, the sawing note panning from ear to ear, the uncomfortable atonal blanket that wraps around you, initiating you into the new world of Girl Band. Shoulderblades is a moment, a study, a significant detail from the greater surrealist portrait to come.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd 12" Info: Custom etch design.

                    Kit Sebastian

                    Mantra Moderne / Kyutu

                    ‘Mantra Moderne’ is a stunning, contemporary masterpiece that fuses Anatolian Psychedelia, Brazilian Tropicalia, 60’s European pop and American jazz. A must for fans of Khruangbin, Portishead, Arthur Verocai, Goat, Caetano Veloso, Tom Ze, Os Mutantes, Cortex and co. The duo is formed of Kit Martin, who lives between London and France and plays all instruments on the album, and Merve Erdem, vocalist and multi-disciplinary artist from Istanbul, now based in London. This is the debut single from their debut album.

                    Dubbed by Kit and Merve as ‘lo-fi-hi-fi’ in reference to the high-end tube equipment that helped it find its way to 8-track cassette tape. The style owes its sound to narrow tape width, valve distortion, spring reverb, the mixture of high end gear with lo-fi equipment as well as a disregard to the norms of hi-fi studio techniques. All instruments were analogue and no samples were used. The instruments that are used range from tablas to darbukas, balalaikas to ouds, MS20 synths to Farfisa organs and a lot of cuica. The mixing techniques were done on-the-fly, tracking immediately to tape: compression, EQ, delay and reverb; meaning mixing could not be revisited!

                    Mantra Moderne was hugely influenced by Italian library soundtracks. The first backwards sound that occurs at 0.26 was an earlier recording of the track that was meant to have been recorded completely over, an example of the amount of mistakes that were present in the recording process that became desirable!

                    Kuytu is strongly influenced by Turkish Anatolian Rock and Azeri Mugham folk but also the works of someone very important to Kit and Merv, Vagif Mustafazadeh. The lyrics, written in Turkish are about a mysterious figure whose presence brings a heavenly love and joy into the poet’s life. However, his unexpected disappearance leaves a black sorrow in her heart.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Mine says: A very unique and somewhat irresistible blend of sounds, combining slow grooving bass lines, charming vocals and a good portion of jazz into a psychedelic haze. Delightful!

                    Nice new sounds from Ax Sound and producer Redbridge who deploy a quirky, double-headed leftfield dance nugget.

                    "The Last Talon" invites the kind of playful interactions you'd usually associate with Bjorn Torske and Mungolian Jet Set; a soft, cushiony, Balearic-house hybrid with pure optimistic infections and squelchy cosmic groove. Said track gets a alt version (listed here as 'dub') which electrifies the stems somewhat and galvanizes it with some additional outboard effects, whilst keeping true to that fun-loving and dreamy groove - ace!

                    "Lifeforce" places a gentle, buoyant house track on side B - again rich with paradisiacal nuances, expect chiming leads, a beat that rides the crest of the wave and metallic bass sounds coalescing into a slice of lens-flaired joy; this is the perfect boat party number folks! Redbridge strips "Lifeforce" down to its ambient and celestial elements for a tasty reprise to seal off the record. Understated but totally necessary number this for DJs doing the rounds over Summer - superb.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Totally feeling this one. Someone please take me away to a world of crystal oceans and sun so bright you have to squint. Sniff the calamari!

                    Finally back in print, the second FKA Twigs EP. Originally released September 2013 on Young Turks and fanning the flames of this. soon-to-be star.

                    Six years later it's lost none of its stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks, fragile beauty. As if suspended on a tightrope of otherworldly desires, tracks crumble beneath crushing beats as listeners precariously step into the unknown with each and every passage.

                    The smudged dreaminess flirts with the post-vapourwave fall-out, even skirting into benzo-rap before sticking two fingers up at the opiated, lackluster also-rans as they wallow in self pity whilst FKA rises like an angel from the ashes of a fractured society. Don't miss your chance to cop this second time round....

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Hold my hands up. Slept on this back in 2013 (think I was obsessed with a world of galloping techno and US house...); WHOOPS! Massive fail on my part. Sometimes our fertile soil truly gestates a truly unique musical life form. FKA Twigs is one such species and should be celebrated as a indigenous UK sonic landrace.

                    DJ Nature follows up 2018’s "Ultimate Delusion" EP with another set of pure heaters for one our favourite UK labels, Futureboogie.

                    The Bristol born DJ and producer, also known to many as Nature Boy, comes with an exemplary track record, but that’s to be expected from one of the scene’s early pioneers. Releases for Golf Channel Recordings, Jazzy Sport and Ruff Disco Records are considered true classics, and rightly so!

                    Breezy MPC house jams of the highest quality, "Flutter" manages to fuse David Lynch style pads and earthy vocals with a marching rhythm, whilst "A Moment" gets cosmically charged with a spiraling modular lick over a chugging guitar hook and spacey chords.

                    NB’s mix of "Siliconada" goes straight for the jugular, with looping disco rhythms and off kilter jazz licks, whilst the OG version lays heavy and disorientating synth work down for a killer techno injection.

                    As always, DJ Nature delivers a unique, well crafted and distinctive sound that he can most definintely call his own. Excellent work! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: It's a Bristol ting thru and thru here folks, a cross-generation amalgamation of style and class as new school stable Futureboogie enlists old school veteran DJ Nature for a four tracker of his inimitable grooves.

                    Dusty archives, the backrooms of record stores, private reel to reel stashes, master tapes - these are the environs of the Dynamic Range experience. Dynamic Range is a label focused on unearthing deep Soul, Funk and Disco jams that continue to resonate with todays dancers and DJ's. Time spent scouring the bowels of the majors and independents has unsurprisingly resulted in numerous gems being added to the DR wants list. High quality, fully licensed reissues are the order of the day, always taken from the correct master source and re-presented to hungry record heads the world over. To repeat, this is a fully legit operation - Avoid the sharks at all costs!

                    Javaroo are perhaps not the most well known of Soul / Funk acts, but this UK outfit dropped on full length LP in 1980 that yielded the monstrous 'Breakin In' that has become a hugely sought after 12" single that is a bonafide killer in the AOR / Modern style. It's no surprise then, that this bullet was penned by none other than Heatwave's head honcho, the late, great Rod Temperton. A true visionary and legendary figure in the music industry, Temperton's skills wouls touch the careers of luminaries such as Michael Jackson, George Benson, Quincy Jones & many more. Not bad for a lad from Cleethorpes! 'Breakin In' is one of those records that sends the dance wild, it has had collectors and DJ's clamouring for a copy for many years with the deepest selectors guarding the secret! This is a fully legit repress, complete with Capitol Records OG 12" artwork, featuring the hot as long version 'Breakin In' backed with 'Change It Up' and 'Bring Out The Women' as per the 1980 promo 12" release. Incredible, essential and funky - get some Javaroo into your life!

                    For the first release of 2019, Thina Records warmly welcomes the young Mzansi artist T. Siza. Hailing from Witbank (eMahlaleni), a city of notable musical history, Thando delivers 3 original productions that find their home most comfortably on a technically proficient soundsystem and peaktime!

                    Featuring the vocal talents of Alan Portable on "Don't Let Them Know" and Thando himself on "Should've Let You Gone", the EP is completed by the acid soaked "High Fashion" and an instrumental dub of "Don't Let Them Know" by label boss Mculo.

                    There's a heavy emphasis on rhythm interplay throughout, plus a keen ear for some seriously inviting sounds. For deep house with a penchant for the techier end of the spectrum, this is essential.

                    Though we haven't heard from NuNorthern Soul in a while, it seems they've been holed up working on their beach body, ready to dominate the summer with a string of gorgeous releases. As the weather begins to warm up, the label serve up a taster of the talent on offer, handing us this three tracker of Balearic bliss. The A-side opens with 'Waves Take Hold' from Nick J Smith, a kaleidoscopic, life-affirming exercise in late 1980's style Italian Dream House, that's so warm and rush-inducing that it's likely to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention. Full of ricocheting drum machine hits, sun-bright lead lines, elongated chords and rich bass, it sounds like it was tailor-made to soundtrack sunrise in Rimini...
                    There's a deeper and dreamier feel to Bonnie & Klein's 'Ocean Leap' on the A2, whose bubbly melodic motifs and synthesizer panpipe flourishes offer subtle nods towards 1980's Greek new age electronic composers such as Vangelis Katsoulis and Dimitris Petsatakis. Bonnie & Klein's synthesizer-heavy melodiousness comes accompanied by dub disco strength bass and undulating, off-kilter drums, but retains the rush-inducing bliss associated with the pioneering work of their Greek predecessors.
                    The full length of the B-side belongs to the ten minute majesty of Mirage's "Engless Ocean", plucked from their "Reflections Of The Sun EP". After a hushed, atmospheric opening, the track bubbles away on waves of hazy bongo beats, lapping water sounds and seductive chords before rushing skywards in a swarming swirl of trance-style synthesizer lead lines, echoing electronics and picturesque piano motifs.

                    Il Bosco

                    Bare Hits From The Manctalo Diskotek

                    Il Bosco is back at the controls ably assisted by The Bat & Flemming Dalum. Intriguingly labeled as 'edit not edit tackle' throughout, it sees Bosco and his select knife wielders tackle more forgotten hits from the Italian and Euro-synth underground; subtly transforming their arrangements into Y2K19-friendly jizzers and splurters. Change the sheets immediately after playing.

                    Limited press comes with wrap around riso print poster sleeve in pvc cover...

                    Limited copies, highly recommended. Red Laser is MCR's No. 1 dance outlet at the moment, fervently sought out by global dance movers and shakers with a keen ear for the 'Good'. Don't sleep. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Bosco allows us back inside the top ring of the pyramid with The Bat and Flemming Dalum sat alongside him as New Emperors of The Modern Church of Synth. Specialist tackle for those in the know...

                    A 7-track collection of tracks, five appearing on vinyl for the very first time, along with a double-header of remixes from Zed Bias, previously only released on a limited edition 10". This is an assortment of cuts plucked from the trio of full-length releases from 2017-2018; the afore-mentioned LP 'Travel Light', the loosies compilation 'The Story So Far', and the mixtape 'The Winter Tape'.

                    An edit of the feel-good, heads-down bruk track 'Vibrations' sets off the EP, produced by K15, before we get into Zed Bias' take on proceedings with his UKG dancefloor smasher from late last Summer, followed by Zed's heavy remix of the first single from 'Travel Light', 'Slow Down'.

                    The flipside begins with two of the standout cuts from 'The Winter Tape'; '10 Toes' features Mancunian newcomer HMD on the hook, whilst Konny Kon & Tyler Daley trade bars on some future soul sci-fi boom bap. This is followed by the ethereal R&B stepper 'Ghost'; a bit of a fabled Tyler Daley fan favourite from the archives.

                    Next, the track that effectively bridged the gap from 'The Story So Far' to 'Travel Light', the Sunset Version of the anthemic 'No Sunshine Tomorrow', before we get into the killer quiet storm closer, 'I Want You', aka the slow jam that wasn't on the original 'Story So Far' vinyl EP.

                    This EP is a snapshot of Tyler & Konny's various projects over the course of the past year or so, and exemplifies the eclectic approach they've become known for within their own unique pocket of hip hop and soul, which has rightly seen Children of Zeus garner acclaim from a variety of DJs, fans and artists alike.

                    Since the release of 'Travel Light', the duo have been doing exactly that, continually on the road performing shows across the globe, and are about to commence the second leg of their UK tour, before a busy Summer of festivals, and sneaking into the studio when they can. There's always a bit of room for some 'Excess Baggage' though. New music ready when it's ready, but for now, here's another essential piece of Zeus wax for the collection.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Millie says: An extra helping of Children of Zeus is a very welcomed release, geared up a notch with remixes from Zed Bias and some tracks from the cutting room floor of their last release Travel Light. After their stunning performance at Manchester Cathedral last week, this pair are killing it as always.


                    The Weathertenko

                    New Youth 7" following in the same footsteps as last year's legendary Sin Falta record. ie. Crunchy industrialized goodness heavy with tectoid inflections and seriously good with it!

                    One side's a cavernous stomper for the cave dwelling rave mutants, the other side is more creeping, eeking out the gremlins from various corners of their subterranean lair ready to dance under the moonlight for some ritualistic space voodoo.

                    Oh, yeah, it's by rising Manc sound-smith, Howes. Ex-Soup Kitchen mafioso who's destined for big things...

                    The second "Keep on Wankin EP" continues Hell Yeah label boss Marco’s on-going quest for the perfect remixes. This time out he serves up the most Balearic Gabba influenced material yet and takes you on a trip to the clouds with Bjorn Torske and Fango both stepping up.

                    First up is Bjorn Torske’s take on everybody’s favourite Luminodisco tune ‘Oh Mary.’ It’s an impossibly adventurous 11 minute epic with buoyant chords dancing over trilling guitars. Lush, multi-layered and brimming with musicality, this is the sort of dubbed out yet percussively lively masterpiece that will mark the high point of any set as it washes over you time and time again.

                    Then it’s to Fango’s chunky and spaced out take on Somerville & Wilson’s ‘Yantar.’ It’s been the final track of all recent Fango sets around the world for a while now and that won’t change any time on thanks to the slow build to a colourful dub disco peak. It takes you ever higher on wandering lead synths as the fat drums pump away below. Essential stuff.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Everyone's favourite Italian label continues to pitch its tent somewhere between the Balearic, disco and house camps via the second volume of "Keep On Wankin'", celebrating Martin's favourite pastime with an outrageous Scandi house remix from Bjorn Torske and a cosmic thruster from Fango. Glorious stuff!

                    The Dusty Donuts crew are back at it again, and if ten releases weren’t enough, the eleventh, which features Jim Sharp is what we love to refer to as a certified banger. You see, this crew is deep with the digging knowledge, DJ experience, and the production skills to reinterpret classics for not just disc jocks but for the mainstream public to get up off of their seats and jam. Number eleven features two very prominent tracks, “Rising To The Top”, an eighties classic from Keni Burke blunted out to the max, as well as an edit of Rick James’“Mary Jane”with enough buddah funk in your trunk to get it moving. “Rising To The Top”in its original form is a feel good, get up out of your seat joint that makes you wake up your body and move it around. The bass line/ drums in this mix are so infectious, so damn good that if people can’t move to this relick, you might have to keep a doctor on hand to check pulses. Sharp’s edit of “Mary Jane”, one of the best tracks dedicated to weed in the history of weed songs, is completely on point. Like MJ, it’s not the type of track you can just tie, down, it likes to spread its love around.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Millie says: The eleventh instalment of Dusty Donuts doesn’t disappoint, full on funk classic with this Jim Sharp remix. You won’t wanna take this off the turntable!

                    Tel Aviv superstars Red Axes continue their world tour on K7, following their disection of the African diaspora with a freewheeling journey through Vietnam. This four track of post-everything, gloabalised goodness sees the duo stick with their genre melding framework, teasing house, disco, post punk, world music and synthwave into a freaked out melting pot for the deep dance floors. Getting loose and limber on the A1 the duo dish out a slinking live bassline, nuanced percussion and a steady, club ready 4/4 under a dreamy fx laced vocal from a lost Ca trù shellac. Things only get weirder on the A2 as a pulsing one note bassline underpins tropical idents, bamboo flute and another beguling vocal, which gradually gets lost in the electronic abstractions, off key bleepery and psychedelic interference. Flip it for "Track 3" and see what happens when you follow the trail from Hanoi to Goa. Tunneling trance bass-sequences, traditional flute tones and fire poi everywhere on this one - someone take me to Cyberdog! Things get a little more airy on Track 4, as bending strings, chanted vocals and optimistic melodies ride a calming beat, cleansing the palette and closing the EP out in fine form.

                    Electro, disco-chic, doused in gooey pop, sultry silk, and retro synth-boogie. Dekmantel welcomes the good time vibes of Canadian selector, and retrotastic, vibe-poppin’ producer Jex Opolis. Cult figure, obsessive Discog-er and Good Timin’ boss, the Brooklyn-based, Canadian has etched out a global reputation with his exotic taste of lo-fi, party productions, with this — his Dekmantel debut — not straying far from the formula. On Earth Boy, the hit making powerhouse turns up the synth furore to maximum, with electro and Italo all blending together, in a powerful melee of beachtime house, and crushing sunset disco. Leftfield soul that’s not just for the diggers, and the perfect introduction for his summertime debut at Dekmantel’s galant showcase festival in Amsterdam later on this summer.

                    Title track 'Earth Boy' pays homage to the classic electro of the early 80s, with its 123bpm rolling breaks, and throbbing synth basslines. It’s as if Drexciya has a disco-baby with Spacer Woman. With its cliquey stomps and robot pulses, and nods to the wave-style records that empties so many of Jex’s sets, 'Earth Boy' is classic future disco. 'Desolation' is bridled with greater depth and emotion, with Italo-pomp and a certain rhythms digitales flare. Braver souls may embrace the vocal mix when it comes to playing out, with its compassionate overtones and soft celled-bassline. Its time to brush aside the winter hue, and say hello to those good-time blues, and frolic along to the jetset, neo-Balaeric house stylings of Jex Opolis.

                    Hailing from Montreal, M.S.L is the project of Edouard Le & his pal Francis Latreille (also known as Priori and co-founder of NAFF label with Ex-Terrestrial, he also produces as Jump Source with Project Pablo). After two much acclaimed releases on Model Future and dutch label BAKK, the duo settles down on Les Yeux Orange with a deep and melodic electro four tracker. " Periphery EP " is due to arrive early march 2019, don't miss!

                    Etienne Jaumet

                    Etienne Jaumet In Dub Part 1 - DJ Sotofett / I:Cube Remixes

                    Parisian pop-pickers Versatile present the first half of a limited 7 inch series featuring dub versions of selected tracks from Etienne Jaumet's latest album, "8 regards obliques", in which he gathered and covered his personal jazz favourites. The first volume sees DJ Sotofett turn 'Unity' into high grade, and highly psychedelic digi dub on the A-side, whilst on the flip I:Cube revisits Miles Davis' classic, 'In A Silent Way', turning it into a stellar 135bpm version for the post peak gliders out there.


                    City Life B/w Fantasy

                    Escort kicks off a new series of 7” releases with a bang! On the A-side is "City Life", a bubbling party starter of a track, which features disco royaly Fonda Rae on vocals, while on the flip "Fantasy" blends echoes of 70s Tropicalia with dubbed-out disco vocals for a super groovy trip.

                    Bill Brandon / Lorraine Johnson

                    We Feel In Love While Dancing / The More I Get, The More I Want

                    Prelude Records is easily one of THE most influential Disco labels of all time. The label released classic upon classic and launched the careers of many now influential artists and producers and engineers. Names like Francois K, Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries and more were all intrinsic to the Prelude story. The music this label released throughout its life has shaped modern day club culture and continues to do so....

                    1977 saw the release of one of Prelude's most sought after, desired and rare offerings. A 12" promo that features 2 insanely deep cuts from the labels impressive repertoire. Bill Brandon & Lorraine Johnson's split DJ promo '‎We Fell In Love While Dancing / The More I Get, The More I Want' - 2 megaton Disco bombs that will have your dancefloor in a frenzy. This essential release has changed hands for hundreds of pounds on the used market and has never been legally reissued before, there are sub-standard boots around and they sound awful. This official reissue has the full unedited versions of the tracks and has been repressed from the master sources and with the full involvement of the licensors to provide 2019's clubs with a true Disco rarity, as it was way back in '77!

                    France's Camisole take a trip back through their national heritage, turning up this superb and long sought after post-punk / coldwave 7" from 1986 and giving it the remastered reissue treatment. We all have lost memories and dreams, shattered hopes we hide to people and try to live with. Like the feeling of missing someone you’ve cherished in the past but who doesn’t need you anymore. This obsessive melancholia infuses the two tracks of this now highly sought after record, while haunting lyrics and subtle production definitely set them apart from their contemporaries. Coldreams was a french female fronted post-punk band hailing from Clermont-Ferrand. There's too much heart here to call it coldwave, maybe melancholic pop is more appropriate.

                    Dope Demand is a brand new hip-hop reissue label bringing you the cream of underground and golden era rap on 7", 12" & beyond! All releases are fully licensed, remastered and legit. This is not a fly by night operation, Dope Demand is helmed by true heads, fans who grew up on this music and have the utmost respect for the art-form. These are NOT bootlegs, we repeat - NOT BOOTLEGS! They've done a lot of hard work, and there are a lot of exciting classics and rarities to come from the DD crew. Snoozing is not advised!

                    To begin proceedings they take it back to '87. We enter the court of a King Asiatic (Nobody's Equal) for some of that 'genuine like Gucci' flavour. That's right - Big Daddy Kane's all-time, game changing, stripped back, battle rap classic 'Set It Off' gets the reissue treatment. This one is slays, it's easily up there with the greatest rap records of all time. We dare you to disagree. Nobody can touch this dream-team pairing of Kane & Marley Marl, this one is FIRE. Oh, if that wasn't enough, they threw the ultra hard to get instrumental on the flip. Happy? We are!

                    As mentioned before, these super limited 7's are fully licensed and all audio is sourced from the license holders and is top shelf quality. On top of that they got some fresh original artwork from the Atelier Superplus design house. All in all, a tight release right here that will 'cold rock a party 'til the A.M.'. These will not stick around for long! Until next time...

                    Dynamite Cuts give you a super fresh loud 45 cuts of this monster rare groove club classic. Including a wonderful re-production of the original Brazilian sleeve.
                    On the A-side, club classic and DJs favourite "Struss Mania" explodes with wild dancefloor power, flirting with Deodato's version of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" before veering off into wild Rhodes and guitar solos, tough breaks and hot horns, all riding that insatiable bassline. Flip it and the South American shuffle of legit jazz dancer "Baiao" brings the carnaval energy to the stylus.

                    There are records you want and records you NEED. Here is one containing 2 massive re-edits from the master himself Danny Krivit. The A-side sees him tease the massive "Let Me Down Easy" (known as the main riff for David Morales slammer "Needin You") to over 8 minutes of uptempo disco bliss. On the B-side, things get a little spicier as he pumps the Fatback Band's percussive "Spanish Hustle" into a peak time monster. First time for both tracks on 12" in a very limited edition from the people who delivered the HOMEHIT 7” series.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Ranked by Dave Walker and myself as one of the top five disco tracks of all time, Rare Pleasure's "Let Me Down Easy" is a must have magic for anyone approaching a set of turntables. Here, Danny keeps all the brilliance intact but extends the track past its original four minute run time, keeping us smiling for longer. Chuck another total classic on the flip and you're laughing!

                    Been a while since we've heard from Internasjonal, Norway's primo exponent in Balearic / Nordic / paradisiacal deep house music. For this new release they've enlisted Cooper Saver, whose got a modest three releases under his belt previous to this.

                    "Hill Street Beat" b/w "Star System" comes backed with two sterling remixes from Matt Karmil and star Nord, Prins Thomas.

                    "Hill Street Beat" is a deep acidic throbber, instantly hitting the erogenous zones at a mid tempo flirt, it's reverberated one note 303 motif, combined with those grinding, low register lines, is sure to encourage spontaneous bursts of love and sexual energy come 10am the morning after the night before at any of the favourable rave spots dotted around the global coastlines. Karmil's remix does little to subdue to the fervent sexual energy, but it's method is more tantric, slower to climax and with a gentle approach; but before you know it you're in the throes of passion with that acid line once more...

                    Flip for "Star System", which deploys a more mechanized, structural 303 pattern; stuttered and jagged, it's peppered with bell chimes and sonar rumbles and is pretty stripped back and hypnotic throughout. Prins Thomas sets to de-stabilizing those rigid edges, making the whole mix stretch and contract like a gloopy, non-Newtonian liquid and adding his trademark lysergic perc artifacts. Top dollar from all involved. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: The trusty 303 is order of the day here as Cooper Saver demonstrates its versatility over two tracks. Matt Karmil and Prins Thomas ably offer up two nice versions making this a killer four tracker.

                    Thomas Lea Clarke returns to the wider Optimo Music family with his third label offering as MR TC and his first on Against Fascism Trax. This collection of five tracks (4 on the vinyl release + 1 digital exclusive) were recorded over the past couple of years in Clarke’s home studio and sees him diving deeper into the psychedelic dance explorations that you heard on ‘Soundtrack For Strangers’ and ‘Surf & Destroy’.
                    If you're gonna stick two fingers up at fascism (which you most certainly should), you may as well do it with the kind of primal percussion voodoo designed to terrify privalaged tory backpackers as they slum it at an ayuhuasca retreat. "Batucada" brings on hypnotic percussion, eerie bells, rainforest squawks and an eventual detour into moody electronics - packing a serious witching hour punch. "Mind II" emerges out of the primordial soup with swampy low end and paranoid synth forms, buzzing guitars lending an ALFOS edge as the psychedelic ingredients begin to take hold. On the B-side, "Salz" stomps along with razor sharp electro percussion, squelching bass and woozy saw waves, while "Bad Habits" hits you like a lost no wave experiment from Alan Vega and Klaus Schulze. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Great tracks, great cause - are you honestly not gonna commit?! The record buying public needs as many reasons as possible to stick two fingers up that racist prick's arse and if it means investing in some top drawer tunage as you do so, then to quote Hot Chocolate - everyone's a winner baby!

                    The first release from Heat Rock, and it’s all about The Emotions' classic Soul track “Blind Alley.” Featuring remixes based on the original master stems. Altered Tapes(Chicago) adds a boombap flair, brings the horns to the front, with enough bump for the dancefloor. Phoreyz+Brisk (LasVegas) focus on one of the most influential Hip-Hop tracks to sample “Blind Alley” with their remix of BDK’s “Ain’t No Half Steppin.”

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Millie says: It’s hard to imagine how one seven-inch can pack in so much punch, soul and hip hop married together in ‘Blind Alley’ and ‘Aint’ No Half Steppin’’ on the flip-side is one to play loud!!

                    Hieroglyphics / Southside Movement

                    At The Helm / I've Been Watching You

                    5 Borough Breaks takes another trip to the west coast for another hip hop classic, this time from Oakland's Hieroglyphics crew with the banging "At The Helm", a fine example of Del The Funky Homosapien's superior flow and lyrical mastery with a neck snapping beat. As always, the B side presents the original sample source, the fuzzed up funk of Southside Movement. As always only 400 copies - get on it.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Millie says: It’s always a great release week when there are two brilliant re-issues on one 7”, hip hop classic and a belter of a soul tune both paired together on wax!

                    Ahead of Esa's "Amandla: Music To The People" comp, Soundway hit us with a heavyweight 12" featuring Penny Penny's impossible to find 2001 kwaito house smasher "Shilingu" with a fresh remix on the flip. The original is a super tough, hypnotic, percussive, groove-driven anthem featuring chanting in Tsonga, celebrating South African icon Penny Penny’s Shangaani roots. On the flip is the acid-soaked “Shilungu (Esa & Mervin Granger ‘99 Mix)”, re-interpreting the track with key elements from the original which are extended into a late night, Chicago House influenced chugger. Esa Williams is an ambassador for the South African music scene within the crowded landscape of the European nightlife - balancing a hectic DJ schedule, a monthly radio show on Worldwide FM and various live projects. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Ooh yeah. Nice bit of tribal house action to keep me bouncing in my chair this Thursday afternoon. Back with a deep and techno Esa & Granger mix I'm sure you'll be hearing me and Mr. Levi Love smashing this record out at the heady summer dances...

                    Mainstay of the Manchester DJ scene, Yadava is perhaps best known as a founding member of now legendary club night, So Flute. With 2018's "It Rains Here" released on Church Records to critical acclaim, he makes a welcome return to Ad Hoc Records with his latest release, "Velvet House On Sackville Street", continuing to win new fans through a mix of samba, house and jazz on this one-of-a-kind EP. Luxuriate in the effortless seduction of these choice cuts and transport yourself to a Latin paradise - it's time to groove. Tones of St Germain, Folamour and Gilles Peterson run through every sun-soaked beat of Yadava's music - watch this space and remember the name.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: So Flute's golden boy returns to the burgeoning Manc label. It's been a long time cometh but boy does it deliver.

                    Ghost Vision


                    Pinchy & Friends burst onto the Piccadilly playlist a couple of months back with an awesome inaugural release from Amaringo, bringing pure ayahuasca dancers for the shamanic set. Now the label returns with a a candlelit space opera by the Ghost Vision. This record (the duos third) is a multi-part suite that blend the old and the new into a retrofuturist tender sunset disco and chillingly cerebral kosmiche.
                    The journey begins with “Mirador,” a song which itself has been on a long journey; for some time now, it’s been mysteriously floating around from one mix to another, acting as a sonic salve, providing aural nourishment to those who listen. A sensuous, snaking piano groove sparkles atop a velvety bed of electronic mysticism that slowly swells and stretches over its seven-minute runtime of Balearic absolute. Shades of Quintus Project and a tinge of end of summer sadness linger throughout, only adding to the sublime beauty of the track.
                    From there, we tumble into a more nebulous headspace with “Ozen,” a gravity-defying instrumental mantra and guided meditation, a live recorded composition that pensively glides across the new age and ambient tropes while being beholden to neither but featuring pentatonic scales and mysterious phased string synthesisers.
                    A deeply felt musical expression that balances the chakras as it stirs the spirit and awes the intellect.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Sublime Balearic business here on the second outing for Pinchy And Friends. On the A-side Ghost Vision tap the well of melancholy lurking within any decent Balearic record, conjuring thoughts of lost love and failed holiday romances, while soothing the soul via Night Flight "Mirador". The flip offers a more new age outing - no less spectacular despite the haze.

                    Sworn Virgins

                    Lazer Beam

                    After shmaaaashing it with their rambunctious club cut "Fifty Dollar Bills", Sworn Virgins are back on Soulwax's Deewee imprint with another couple of dancefloor classics, once again inspired by EBM and electroclash. A-side cut "Lazer Beam" sees a murky LPF bass sequence snake away under lazer laced percussion and echo drenched vocals, causing massive flashbacks to Nag Nag Nag, Trash and MCR's own Tramp. Eventually, the vocal drops out into a string of Suicide style yelps and the lazer gains in face melting intensity, peakin for the weekend. Flip it and feel the force of "Take Your Lady", a dirt road electro-rocker which sidesteps from Suicide, through Bruce's "State Trooper", to DJ Harvey mainrooming it in a motorcycle helmet. Sleazy shit!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: Man, this record label rocks and rolls proper. Every release is fun (those lyrics, folks!), original and dancefloor in mind. From Belgium with love and limited run as usual!

                    Mega, wide-screen take on the various hybrids of hardcore, jungle and drum and bass; pairing modern tracks with a killer remix from stalwart Jumpin Jack Frost!

                    "Laugh Track" kicks us off with a perfect post-ecstasy downbeat jam; BOC meets the Orb with a peppering of Moving Shadow to keep us rolling long after the club kicked out. Said track is accelerated by OG jungle veteran Jumpin Jack Frost who ups the tempo, adds some classic breakbeats, and packs some adrenaline into this noxious piece of wax.

                    "Photosphere" returns to head-in-the-clouds DnB-ambience - like Photex on a heavy dose of xanax while "D.E.B" goes even deeper and sees classic 90s string presets and exquisite perx converge on a radiant core before, once more, dropping into beautifully blissed-out nearly-jungle-rhythms.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Old vet JJF returns, 'longside new schooler Dataroom, for a Photek / sci-fi / afterparty themed excursion into jungle and hardcore rhythms.

                    Bitter End

                    Thelma Hous / Leave Me This

                    One Thelma it seems, is never enough and following a rousing response to GALL008, Bitter End return with two more interpretations from their private stock.

                    As the Crooked Man alias continues to cement his soundsystem friendly aesthetic, "Thelma Hous" perfectly pairs Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way" vocal with a growling, razor sharp bassline and those crisp house drums he's synonymous with.

                    On the flip, our Sheffield star makes more use of that indelible vocal, allowing more of the disco flavour from the original to shine through as takes us through a 5am, floor-uniting moment of house music euphoria. Anyone got any garies?

                    You need. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: Hot hot and hot. Bassline lesson 101 here for the chuggy house with disco tinges fans. The vocals are tremendous. We are witnessing a banger in all its splendor. Make it yours or repent in future times.

                    Almost four decades since its domestic release, Karen Marks’ 1981 single Cold Café has finally reaped it’s deserved international credit to become one of Australia's most recognised minimal wave recordings. Efficient Space now showcases the Melbourne artist’s brief but entire discography, including two previously unheard demos, all produced with experimental synthesist Ash Wednesday (The Metronomes, Modern Jazz, Thealonian Music).

                    A rarity in the then male dominated industry, Marks found her footing in music, first through rock journalism and then in band management. Formally of Adelaide, newly arrived synth-punks JAB (Johnny Crash, Ash Wednesday and Bodhan X) approached her for representation, subsequently contributing tracks to seminal 1978 snapshot Lethal Weapons and playing the Crystal Ballroom's opening night. Wednesday and Crash would soon dissolve JAB, enlisting Mark Ferry and Sean Kelly to create Models. Still under Mark's management, Models became one of the fastest rising new bands of the punk movement, playing to full houses of dedicated and frenzied fans everywhere. Sadly, internal frictions forced Wednesday and Marks to leave after two years, with Crash following three months later.

                    Her creative relationship with Wednesday fortified with the co-production of his 1980 machine-pop prank Love By Numbers, her swooning chorus uplifting his deadpan count to 100, before the two collaborated on Marks’ own recording persona. Immortalised by the icy Oz wave of Cold Café, her Astor issued 7” also boasted the caffeinated flip Won't Wear It For Long - a should be hit with guitar from future Icehouse member Robert Kretschmer.

                    Fans know of one more recording - You Bring These Things, a forlorn arrangement of an otherwise unreleased Paul Kelly song, gifted to her by the revered wordsmith. The track only ever appeared on the Astor promotional LP Terra Australis, sinfully alongside Up There Cazaly and Joe Dolce - hard proof that the label grossly misunderstood her talent (Marks recalls their persistent requests to show midriff and cleavage). Locked in a dissatisfying label arrangement and at this stage unwilling to follow her peers to greener pastures overseas, she felt her only way out was to cease all further activities.

                    At the 11th hour of preparing this retrospective, two tracks unexpectedly surfaced via two cassettes - a paranoid demo version of her signature tune Cold Café, and a long-lost fourth song Problem Page. Both living room recordings follow Marks and Wednesday’s ingenious framework of minimal lyrics, minimal chord progressions. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: After bringing Karen Marks’ oz-wave wonder to wider attention via “Sky Girl”, Efficient Space dip back in with an expanded EP featuring an ace alternate version alongside three other wavey delights.

                    Melbourne’s Left Ear Records return with an EP release extracted from a lost ’93 CD only album by famed Nigerian artist ‘Jay U Xperience’. Here, modern technology meshes with timeless African Rhythms and the heartfelt influences of New York City.

                    Jay U Xperience is the pseudonym of acclaimed Nigerian musician Justus Nkwane.
                    His first release ‘Enough Is Enough’ was a heavy blend of psychedelic rock and funk epitomising 1977 and yet foreshadows Justus’ experimental and genre-spanning inquisitiveness. Justus wouldn’t record another album until 1993 while living in New York City. Here he emerged with ‘Ancestral Call’, an album that he describes as a “once in a lifetime event”, something from his “inner spiritual guts”. Equipped with a Roland R-5 drum machine and a Roland U-20 synthesizer to extract melodies he was able to create tunes that encapsulated contemporary technology with timeless traditional African rhythms, creating a work that sounds just as relevant Today as it did then. Tracks like ‘Back To Motherland’ & ‘Ancestral Call’ personify this sound, while ‘Okokobioko’, is an onomatopoeic excursion in losing yourself to the rhythm, the EP is then rounded off with the title track ‘Abuja’, a ghostly striped back piece.

                    Melodies International reissue the two highly sought after remixes from New York house legends Mood II Swing" of "Flame" by Crustation - atrip-hop group from Bristol formed by Ian Dark, Stig Manley, Mark Tayler and singer BronaghSlevin

                    The vocal mix of "Flame" centers around full segments from BronaghSlevin’s chorus and an incredibly satisfying progression of synth stabs based on the chord changes from the original which alongside Slevin’s silky vocals intimately captured the melancholy in the lyrics depicting recovery from someone’s unconditional love being taken advantage of repeatedly. However, Mood II Swing’s club treatment, subtle arrangements and sequencing bring an added sense of closure which feels somewhat cathartic and liberating, therefore resolving the song’s predicament. A true anthem for emotional dancefloors!

                    On the flip, we have Mood II Swing’s "Borderline Insanity Dub" mix which essentially discards the vocal version’s “'song' aspect, focusing mainly on John Ciafone’s dexterous drum programming and an extremely simple and repetitive three note bass pattern, which alongside subtle use of overarching synth lines and chopped up elements from the original bring the track to an all time creative high shining in its full 7 minutes of dark, hypnotic bliss. Both these remixes would go on to become club classics, the Borderline Insanity Dub mix in particular which embodies one of Ciafone’s brightest and most inspired moments in the studio, which would go on to influence a whole new generation of producers.

                    Presented for the first time as a standalone release, remastered to the highest possible standards and cut to half speed lacquers at 45rpm, "Flame"’s Mood II Swing remixes are presented in loud 12" format! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: Mood II Swing doing what they do best, deep house realness for the masses. Unfettered dancefloor ecstasy.

                    Oh maaan, the majestic "Shadows From Nowhere" gets another outing, this time from SPQR and Best Records, and with a hot new remix from Danilo Braca AKA DanyB. In its original form, the cut is a melancholic Italo-disco dreamboat complete with Bee Gees style vocals, sombre synths, electronic percussion and gliding bass. Lush as you like, and better than 99% of your other records, this is a must have. In any other release, the cinematic "Marie" would be the headline act, but you should be happy you get both beauties on the A-side here. Now flip it for that fresh rework. A New York resident, and frequent visitor to Ibiza, Danilo perfectly emphasises the disco beat at the base of the track, adding echo and hazy pads which wash like the waves on the sandy beaches of the White Island. But far from delivering a standard re-edit, Danilo enlists Mario Gentili from Layer Bows and Alvise Marino to add string arrangements and guitar power respectively, treating us to 9 minutes of pure bliss and infectious rhythm.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: Released many decades ago, reissued officially some years ago, and reissued again, now with a remix on the flip. Folks, this one is a timeless underrated tune you so need. It is all about the original. Pure class.

                    Here's Joey-C back with more spiritual house musings to elevate your innards!

                    This time it's the story of a Japanese artist who travels to a foreign land and finds her true calling through the guidance of melody, rhythm, dance, mentorships and friendships.

                    Although the music on this record was written, produced and performed by Joaquin Joe Claussell aka Mental Remedy. 'it should not be mistaken as a Mental Remedy album. What is this, however, is a music soundtrack based on a story which was shared with Joaquin Joe Claussell by a good friend and fellow artist Naoyo Terada.'

                    Born and Raised in Japan, Naoyo set out on a journey to America that began around 20 years ago. In pursuing her dream and new way of life; Naoyo set her sights on America. While there and within a relatively short period of time, she has been blessed with valuable lessons, as well as gained profound insights that would not only bring out from within-her calling as an artist, but more profound, bestow upon her lessons on spirituality, creativity and a love for music that would dramatically change her life moving forward…

                    Musically it's a lush and lavish tapestry of organic house goodness. Gentle guitar passages are picked and plucked, congas feature heavily, as do strings and of course, that ever-present thud of the kick drum. It's a fine example of Sacred Rhythm Music executed by its founder and forefather - Joe Claussell. For those that feel the healing rhythms, there is no-one comparable.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: If, like you, me you like your house music spiritual, soulful and seductive - then this my friend, this is for you!

                    Bakk's back on the racks with six fresh tracks from Utrecht based newcomer Tala Drum Corps, brought together under the "Parade" banner. Though I was initially disappointed to hear this wasn't a Prince tribute, the acid-laced invention, playful percussion programming and lovely leftfield focus of TDC's output soon won me over. Whether you're snaking your hips to the pinging toms, undulating 303 and ululating vocal of opener "Clear Fall", embracing the Dozzian acid roll of the crystalline "Refraction" or diving deep into the dreamy "Lake Technium" (which is essential dripping in neo-tribal lysergia), you'll be having the time of your life. Flip it and the off-kilter "Frog Marches" syncs up with recent cuts from Whodamanny and Amaringo, "Spoon" harnesses 606 percussion, Township two step and esoteric dancehall and "Modernity (Poisoned)" (tell me about it) offers an unorthodox take on the electro and breakbeat revivals, offering you a mint midset gateway between styles. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: You can always count on Bakk to bring you something unorthodox and exciting, and this debut from Tala Drum Corps is no exception. On the surface a standard acid tinged string of percussion tracks, dig deeper and you'll find a producer pioneering his own sonic pathway. Shamanic, system ready and utterly inventive, records like this are why we do what we do!

                    Emiliano Comollo

                    Pakaya - Inc. DJ Normal 4 Remix

                    Land Of Dance hit our sunblushed behinds with a lush lysergic roller from esteemed Turin DJ Emiliano Comollo here, kicking off with the euphoric "Pakaya". Driven headlong into the sun via a well chopped breakbeat and wobbling acid line, the track soon swells into technicolour via optimistic pads and cascading bleeps - utterly majestic shizzle this. If you like your breakbeat a little more direct, with more bottom end buzz, turn to DJ Normal 4's "Mood Mixx" and embrace the old school. On the flipside "Isle" slices and dices an electro rhythm over a grumpy acid bass while "Phol" rolls its shoulders and smoulders away in a darkened alley somewhere. Fiyah all round!

                    Collection of alt-version / remixes from Wolfram's last EP and also released on Public Possession.

                    "Rein! sees an extended 12" mix and also coupled with a 'Westbam Electro Mix' which adds all the neccessary freestyle flavour you'd expect from this Egyptian Lover commissioned version.

                    "My Love Is For Real" sees a club-ready 'Dance Mix' coupled with DJ Digola & RIP Swirl's Piano mix - a crazed hardcore-breaks hybrid with rugged AF beat and tastefully, retrotastic vocal chops and piano stabs, before blasting thru into endorphin-rushing infinite. Massive!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: Superb collection of revisions for Wolfram's Rein and 'My Love Is Real' featuring no other than Haddaway! All great and good, particularly 'Rein'. However, the original blatantly uses the beats from an early 2000s minimal techno monster a la Gui Boratto. Bassline taken out and drum kick left in. Westbam take on 'Rein' reminds me of early DJ Koze with its samples of German phone conversations. Just for these two tracks you really need this. Getting one myself.

                    The subversive electronics duo is back at it again for the sixth release on Planet Euphorique. Ambien Baby brings you another slab of total sonic disorientation, the good kind; the one that invites you to dance, but also questions the stifling boundaries of genre within electronic music. Dreaming up a sound that welcomes confusion and experimentation over the tried and true. Here we have a spectrum of colour and vibes; electro, experimentalism, and primal sensibilities mash and clash in an odd harmony that begs the question, where are we now?

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Proper lovin' this label me... Only six releases in but every one's a belter! Shunning convention but accepting the body's yearning desire to dance, Terenzi's label continues to dazzle! TIP!

                    Galaxian's "Golden Armageddon" on Natural Sciences pulls at the virus that is lodged deep within the collective consciousness of mankind.

                    A record challenging our ideas of bounty and material wealth by placing the human race in the palms of blood-sucking cultural institutions. Institutions such as big pharma, religious mega-structures, consumer trends and tax schemes which have worked to reduce human behaviour to fetishised objects and de- humanised masses. It's a record that pulls away the shackles, asking for a new trail of thought through de-programming.

                    Electro pulses for enlightenment. Get woke.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Best one on NS for a while this folks... Title track plays like sumamt plucked outta Jamal's "So Much Noise 2 Be Heard" series, "Ride The Spiral" takes glory in the sound of crumbling machines (and societies), while "Psychic Purification" sinks into that mutant grease and noxious sewer swamp that we know and love from the camp.

                    Ghostride The Drift

                    Ghostride The Drift

                    Apart from possessing one of the more alluring names to grace dance music in recent times, Ghostride The Drift also make some of the most arresting and aurally disturbing mutations of electro and tape-fried techno we've ever heard!

                    Recorded in Berlin by Shy (uon, Caveman LSD), Naemi (Exael) and Brian (Huerco S, Pendant; READ: a who's f***ing who of sound benders and hardware boilers) - and brought to you by D. Tiffany & uon this is 100% circuit-bent power for the more expanded minds out there. Sounds ooze, there's an interplanetary slant to the whole damn thing and tracks shimmer out of focus at will. It's thoroughly engrossing and totally head-twisting - just the kinda shit we go absolutely ape shit for here at Piccadilly Records. I can't implore you to buy this release enough! Fully endorsed. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Flying out before it even hit the website (never mind the shelves) last time.. Music to turn your brain inside out as Huerco S, Caveman LSD & Naemi re-invent the rule book in terms of dubbed-out hardware bliss clouds. An imperative release, bound to be one of my faves from the year...

                    New house music imprint Dead Horse rides into town with a motley crew of old and new jocks in the saddle.

                    Glasgow house merchants The Revenge get us underway with the superb electrical shudder of "New Weekend". Coming packed with late nite sentiment and delicate poised to rub the floor up into an erogenous climax.

                    Felipe Gordon's "Para Berta" is a creatively constructed piece; a series of disparate sounds and discombobulated rhythms all somehow gelling under the majesty of DSP effects and resulting in an ear-catching and head turning listen.

                    Dicky Trisco & Love Drop are on hand with the peak time disco-house flavour; skillfully dissecting a tasty orchestral number to devastating effect.

                    Finally some classic NY-styled house closes off the EP with the Kerri Chandler-indebted throbber, "Bassmeant." So good!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Gettin' this one bagged for that Revenge track alone ("New Weekend")... Juddering, squelchy, body tickling business from this slick Glasgow cat.

                    Kito Jempere

                    DB7 003

                    Saint Petersburg disco spinner, deep house don and advanced level digger Kito Jempere joins the ranks of the Duca Bianco mafia, shunning the fancy handshake and instead securing his entry with two top notch edits of exceptional obscurity. On the A-side, "FKA Lany" chugs along like a peak time power ballad, with a killer synth riff replacing any guitar histrionics. Armed with a bassline which walks slowly downstairs, plenty of fx use and a big emotive female vocal, this is primed for end of night deployment. Over on the flip, "Drakon" shakes asiatic melodies, pop-fusion and Fairlight stylings into a killer bit of 80s pop - in other words, well Balearic!

                    Especial returns in 2019 to celebrate a 5th year by carrying on it's mission to mix and match influences firmly worn, with a welcome to one the UK's most respected 'old skool'producers, a man who can flip from Garage to Breaks, Digi-dubto Deep House, all while riding a killer riddim. Little is known about Peter Riley aka Persian, except the near 20-year stream of superlative productions, more often than not self released on his blink and you'll miss it, Existence Is Resistance label. "Empire" takes two cuts from these sought after slabs of vinyl and presentsthem here in specially extended versions, backed with remixes by newcomers Project Runaway and old hand, Alphonse. In Project Runaway, the label presents a new project from Alek Lee (Antinote) and Stephan Bazbaz (No Waves), two respected producers in their ownright, coming together to a deep heavyweight bass-percussion-dub reimagining, where Arabic and Hebrew sit side-by-side in literal (musical) harmony. The flip pauses to presentthe raw power of "Parvaaneh". Again extended especially for the EP, this bass and acapella, is a call to simply listen. Who else but to ask for a rework than another mysterious 'who he?', in Alphonse. First (re)discovered by thelabel in 2015, he has since goneon to release for Klasse Wrecks and Hypercolour to acclaim. Taking "Parvaaneh"'s vocal to a labyrinth basement, the squelching bass, raw sequencing and afro-vocals submerge and converge tohyno-effect.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: I am sucker for middle eastern vibes and vocals when mixed elegantly with some electronics. A four tracker offering blissful, smooth and evocative soundscapes for the dancefloor and your soul.

                    Hoshina Anniversary


                    Safe Trip take a tip from their Japanese branch to serve us two tracks from Tokyo house heretic Hoshina Anniversary. On the A-side "Hakkenden I" womps through a hip wriggling percussion grid, while an electric keyboard and gurgling 303 line play an acid jazz duet up top. Fusing house, techno, acid and jazz, this could be a 3 Chairs jam if you replace the Detroit scuzz with that airy Japanese aesthetic. In contrast, “Hakkenden II” is darker and more hallucinogenic in tone. The use of restless, arpeggio-style bass and creepy-sounding chord sequences suggest some sort of ego death, resolved in the melodic bliss of the final third stages. High grade house music.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: Playful and melodic acid interlocutions with laidback drumbeat that is not rushing to tell you how good this truly is. We do not hear this quality this often so when we do, we go bananas! Top draw for the imperfect mind!

                    Goody Goody

                    It Looks Like Love / Super Jock

                    Endlessly sampled across the board, for those dreamy guitar licks, killer Rhodes keys and luscious strings, Goody Goody ‘It Looks Like Love / Super Jock’ is a 1978 masterpiece of disco gold. Original copies of the Atlantic Promo 12” sell for upwards of £65 so it’s about time a remastered, officially reissue landed.
                    Produced by Vince Montana of MFSB and The Salsoul Orchestra fame, ‘It Looks Like Love’ was a Larry Levan / Paradise Garage classic and still commands dancefloors the world over. Flowing flutes, sultry vocals and xylophone twinkles open up proceedings, as those iconic, funk-flavoured staccato guitars and rising strings step up to the plate. Combined they produce a glistening groove that captures the feel-good factor of NYC’s disco apogee.
                    Delectable disco, fuelled by an undeniable funk that continues to be harnessed, chopped and sampled by some of house music’s biggest players from Nick Holder and Armando, to Tom Trago and Glenn Underground.
                    On the B side, soul-searching cosmic fluctuations via ‘Super Jock’, with interplanetary vocal refrains stretching out above a full-bodied bass, tight drumming and spacey Rhodes. Montana’s world class arrangement sees bongo-led percussive interludes and dancing keys solos take listeners to a mesmerising galaxy, far far away.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: It's three in the morning, I'm surrounded by people I love and the pingers are taking care of a decade of group therapy in about 20 minutes - what do I wanna hear? "It Looks Like Love"! Unequalled disco bliss right here.

                    What better way than to escape writer's block than to outrun it! International Feel boss, and contemporary Balearic titan Mark Barrott swaps the sunkissed calm of Ibiza for the...sunkissed calm of Uruguay, returning his label to its roots and reigniting his creative camphor. The result, "Sketches From A Distant Ocean" sees Barrott back in his groove, fusing jazzy bass, Methaniac guitar and tropical synth tones for slinking sunset jam (Galileo), offering an esoteric, ethnomusicological excursion (Low Lying Fruit), embracing the anthemic (The Rowing Song) and gliding over the horizon (Xarracó). Welcome back!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: Synths, sunset guitars and soothing sounds from Mark Barrott here as he returns to his native International Feel. Currently soundtracking my summer holiday perfectly.

                    Black Midi

                    Talking Heads / Crows Perch

                    black midi, the enigmatic London-based four-piece that 'are less interested in proving themselves the future of indie rock than in imagining indie rock from the future' (Pitchfork), present new single, “Talking Heads”.

                    “Talking Heads” is a calculated intensity, driven by frenzied percussion, bright, vivacious guitar, and spastic vocals. 'We've always tried to make it heavy but danceable, melodic but good rhythms,' says vocalist and guitarist, Geordie Greep. 'It is accessible music, there are experimental aspects that we've taken from when we went crazy at the beginning, we've just reigned it in to make something that is pop music.'

                    Alongside the band’s recently shared single, “Crow’s Perch,” “Talking Heads” will be released as a double A-side 12” via Rough Trade.

                    One half of the group Vault, Daniel Holt makes his solo 12 inch debut on L.I.E.S. with a killer three tracker of VHS soaked synthery. 
                    Spending zero time fucking around, Holt immediately locks in on the a-side with the massive 11:00 minute electro-wave groover "Demonic City", a vital blend of heavy fm synth bass, graveyard strings, and Alesis drum machines all coming together to create a sullen and hypnotic gothic-funk cut - yes that's right, gothic funk (you heard it right). Turn to the B-side for two more wave style jams, each with the finest production...exploring the realms of downbeat electronics throughout. Huge debut by this up and coming American artist.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Oh BARRY! As if he picked this week to go on holiday?! His loss is my gain though, and allows me to wax lyrical about this moody synth wave bomb from Daniel Holt on LIES. Allegedly the work of one half of Vault, this 12" sounds like a Dutch electro gremlin re-scoring Carpenter from a place of sociopathic paranoia and extreme VHS fuzz - so brilliant then...

                    Brazilian-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Terr makes her Phantasy debut with electro-disco sizzler, "Tale of Devotion". Arguably one of the catchiest moments in Phantasy’s musical history, Terr delivers a wide-eyed vision of sincere synth pop pleasure, backed by a sublime Prins Thomas Diskomiks.
                    Undoubtedly indebted to the visionary modulations of Giorgio Moroder, Phil Oakey and Wendy Carlos, ‘Tale of Devotion’ flawlessly captures the romance,
                    ecstasy and opportunity throbbing at the heart of dancefloors for the past fifty years. No mere nostalgia trip, Terr delivers a soaring vocal performance that proves to be the warm, ambiguous heart of the track, driven by bubbling, cosmic electronics and flashes of orchestral melodrama.
                    Prins Thomas establishes a contrasting groove for the latest in his beloved legacy of ‘Discomiks’ reworks. Somewhat dialling in the conscious hi-NRG of the original production, the Norwegian maestro’s undulating, percussive edit places Terr’s wistful vocal journey centre stage, while branches of halcyon disco blossom around her.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Vintage stuff here from newcomer Terr on Phantasy, think Erol's Fan Death remix crossed with Glass Candy's "Miss Broadway" cover but with added Moroder chucked in for good measure. Things get deep and dank on the Prins Thomas remix. Heady stuff.

                    We're delighted to share this record from the Moscow-based recording artist OL aka Oleg Buyanov. His most recent work, the double LP "Height Difference" on the seminal Gost Zvuk label, saw him transmit his research in Soviet sound heritage into a range of genres and tempos. On "Dismeteo", we see him inhabit a similar atmosphere, refracted through a different lens of influence. In Buyanov's own words, 'The tracks are like concrete blocks & buildings lost in the woods. It's a point where correct geometry and mathematical constructions meet with organic forms.'

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Like the previously alien and futuristic sonic worlds of Lee Gamble, Autechre, Vakula, Wanderwelle and such like? Just add this into your 'must visit' itinery - a jagged and cerebral world hybridized with machines and possessing an A.I at least on par with our own humane conciousness.

                    R&S welcome emerging UK bass and techno producer Yak AKA John Randall for a 5 track EP of rugged broken beat techno, following up stellar EPs for Version, Martyn's label 3024, and VA releases on Le Chatroom and Brotherhood Soundsystem.

                    A classically trained instrumentalist primarily based in Sheffield, Randall began making his name as a resident at the cities seminal Pretty Pretty Good parties, quickly picking up the production bug and in recent years scoring a number of heaters, most notably the propulsive techno of 2017’s "Mido EP" on Version.

                    Finding a kinship with the off-kilter grooves found on Swamp 81, Hessle Audio, Livity Sound and Timedance amongst others, Randall's releases have been tipped by the likes of Ben UFO, Martyn, Objekt, Call Super, Laurel Halo and Midland and marked him out as a name to watch.

                    Restless rhythms are in full attendance in the inspired rush of the tracks "Wide Eye" & "Spore". Yak states: 'I started them the day after going to a sick party when the energy from the previous night was still fresh in my mind'. The idea for the track "Skooma" came to Randall while at home messing with foley samples and processing random noises like scissors cutting and paper being crunched. "Termina" was constructed after a weeklong binge of listening to ambient soundscapes, movie & video game soundtracks and fellow R&S allum DjRum's album on repeat.

                    Randall's attention to detail and sonic craftsmanship alongside irresistible rhythms are a key part of what makes Yak music so alluring. 'The music I make is always underlaid with a strong percussive foundation first and foremost,' Randall explains 'I think interesting and groovy percussion makes the difference between a track that's cool to listen to and a track that makes you move your body.'

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Imagine if you smoked a whole pipe of meth, then proceeded to play every single Donkey Kong game at 1.5x normal playspeed and you might experience the blissful, dizzying disorientation of this EP. Arrestingly urgent and with a sumptuous palette, the future my friends, is now!

                    Esoteric, entheogenic and almost dancefloor focussed, Second Circle is the Music From Memory offshoot for original, contemporary and club-ish 12"s, and has previously housed heat from DJ Normal 4, Dazion, Androo and Tornado Wallace. For the labels first release of 2019, Kaifeng-born, Vancouver based Yu Su joins the ranks, introducing the SC clan to her signature sound of hazy pads, blurred electronics and unconventional melodies. 
                    Opener "Little Birds, Moonbath" welcomes us into this strange sonic world via rippling arps, billowing pads and vaguely asiatic leadlines, all shifting around Michelle Helene Mackenzie's subtle spoken vocal and the stately machine groove. Next up "Tipu's Tiger" sees Pender Street Steppers join the party, bringing jazzy guitar licks and nuanced synth work to a slow and cinematic cut which sounds simultaneously like a KPM library classic, a lost Preemo Illmatic beat and an outtake from Shadow's debut. From there we drop into the lagoon-like "Of Yesterday", a slippery instrumenal whose lolloping beat calls to mind a wooden craft bobbing on the waves, lost amid misty pads and the bubbling of bong water. "The Ultimate Which Manages The World" works us with treated robo-vocal (think Ground San), sopping slabs of dubby guitar and an everchanging rhythm, before EP closer "Words Without Sound" abstracts a rhythm grid, uncoils a synth sequence and gets gently garbled on its journey to the run out groove.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Yu Su joins the Second Circle clan with a five track excursion through entheogenic groove, medicated dub and mangrove hypnosis in her unique style.

                    Texan bandpass thrills and some harbour city sorrow on this split Frustrated Funk / DPX twelve which sees two artists, ERP and Duplex contribute to pretty advanced sound design.

                    ERP is the nom de plume of Gerard Hanson, aka Convextion - Texan grand master of vintage electro & analogue techno and one of the most elusive producers of old school techno. "ZRX" is a classic from his genius mind - bit crushed yet hi-def electro with one of the most unique sound palette's in the game. Just wait till that darkside bass swell comes in and you'll be pulling moves like a mutated gremlin in no time.

                    Duplex is Chris Aarse & John Matze who famously worked together remotely from 1997, releasing on labels such as Dolly, Clone Records, Frantic Flowers, Klakson etc etc. Here, on "Molecular", they inhabit a minimalist and cerebral space, populated by mellifulous glitches and computerized trills which shift their focus between body and mind. It's a submersive listen yet doesn't squander it's dancefloor potential.

                    Big hitting twelve from two technological heavyweights - don't sleep!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Tidy stuff from two stalwarts of electronic music. Both tracks are understated, inviting the listener to get lost in layers and layers of slowly revealing goodness. Electrostatic beauty for all the earthlings!

                    Working Men's Club

                    Bad Blood / Suburban Heights

                      With the start-stop sound of Talking Heads, Gang of Four and Television, ‘Bad Blood,’ fuses 70s post-punk with the stomp of Parquet Courts’ positivity and resonates with the start of the weekend...Syd’s half-spoken words jab through Strokes guitar lines with Mark E Smith’s the feeling of a Saturday spent scuffing about in thrift stores and hanging out with friends.

                      Like a homage to smoke-filled vaults, aging billiard rooms and crumby packets of pork scratchings in the Working Men’s Clubs of days gone by, Todmorden-by-way of-Europe trio Syd, Jake and Giulia are about to fling open the doors of their own millennial social hub with the fresh post-punk of infectious debut single, ‘Bad Blood’ / ‘Suburban Heights.’

                      “We grew up in northern towns trying to get in to pubs in social clubs because that’s all we had. The name is an ode to that,” explains Working Men’s Club’s 17-year-old singer and guitarist, Sydney Minsky-Sargeant. “Our surroundings and their differences has influenced us a lot on these tracks.”

                      Joined by guitarist-vocalist Giulia Bonometti, 23 and drummer Jake Bogacki, 18, the trio have always had a clear sense of their whereabouts; quite simply, they wouldn’t even exist without multi-nationalism. Meeting at college in Manchester, Syd and Jake are from Todmorden and Hebden Bridge, but their families hail from Poland whilst Giulia moved to the UK from Lake Garda, Italy. “The songs are based on the culture of walking round Manchester every day then going back to the countryside each night and how the contrast of going back into the hills made us sane,” Syd tells.

                      Working Men’s Club are wise beyond their years as they seemingly offer words of wisdom, to be repeated like some kind of break-up mantra, until everything’s ok; “Be happy when the sun shines / Be happy when the sun rains / You know you should do the same.”

                      If ‘Bad Blood’ is the day, ‘Suburban Heights' is the night. Recorded with Alex Greave at The Nave in Leeds, steady riffs from Syd’s fingers tap-dance on the strings alongside Jake’s skill in working a jagged snare. Meanwhile Giulia’s heavenly disco ‘ooohs’ recall Donna Summer feeling the love whilst cutting right to the contentious subject of gentrification. “Suburban Heights refers to how apparent it is that cities are expanding to hold more people and buildings are rising, they’re morphing into these dystopian party towns,” tells Syd.

                      Already with shows supporting The Wedding Present and Brian Jonestown Massacre behind them, Syd says it’s only the beginning; “Those shows were great experiences and ones we’ll have for life. We love making music and we’re so grateful for what we’ve achieved so far; hopefully there’ll be plenty more to come.”

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 7" Info: Limited Edition Repress on Blood Red Vinyl.


                      A Fine Mess EP

                        Recorded during time spent in upstate New York with Dave Fridmann, the five songs that make up A Fine Mess gradually emerged as a body of work with a narrative and flow unto itself. The resulting set is a living, breathing postcard from the band to their fans as they tour the world throughout 2019, and a linear continuation of the visceral and contagious energy set loose with Marauder.

                        Echoing its title, the artwork for A Fine Mess is illustrated by a series of lost images, recovered from an abandoned police station in Detroit, MI. In a crumbling evidence room - amongst the rubble - an undeveloped roll of film, dated “1-20-96”, featured latent images of a breaking and entering scene, the rooms in chaos.

                        From the beguiling refrain of the title track, to the soulful topsy-turvy of ‘No Big Deal’, cathartic chorus of long sought-after live favourite ‘Real Life’, anthemic swell of ‘The Weekend’, and angular shades of ‘Thrones’, A Fine Mess is a bracing and distinct entry in Interpol’s oeuvre.

                        The Wedding Present

                        Go Out And Get 'Em Boy!

                          Part of The Optic Sevens Reissue Series. 
                          Limited White Vinyl Includes Poster & Postcard. 

                          Originally released in 1985 on Reception Records. The debut single by The Wedding Present is reissued here on white vinyl using the original (Reception Records) artwork. 



                            This is the debut single release from L’Epee, the band are Emmaunelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas). Recorded in Cabestany (France) and Berlin at Anton’s Cobra Studio, this three track 12” single comes in deluxe packaging & precedes the full length album released in June this year. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Mine says: If you're a fan of BJM's psych swagger and The Limiñanas' French charm this summery, fuzzy stomper will be right up your street. Love it!

                            David Bowie

                            Boys Keep Swinging

                              Boys Keep Swinging 40th Anniversary limited edition, double-A side, 7” picture disc single will be released on 17th May 2019 and features I Pray, Olé on the AA side which is unreleased since the 1991 Lodger re-issue.

                              Written by Bowie and Brian Eno, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ was the first single from the album ‘Lodger’ and became a top 10 hit in the UK.

                              ZYX offer us an ace expanded reissue of one of the rarest Italo cuts around, Kel-Air & Band Band's 1986 jam "Tuareg". Despite getting a release on the well known and trusted Italo imprint Discomagic, this slow and sleazy stomper has previously been restricted to all but the highest grade of disco digger. Operating at a slower pace than the usual Italo fare (especially in the Hi-NRG era of 1986!), "Tuareg" is a striking and sparse composition, assembled from a hard beat, punchy bassline, minimal vocals and a string of synthesized Arabic sounds woven in perfectly. After taking in the desert splendour of the two original versions on the A-side, we can turn the corner for a pair of brand new versions from nuovo Italo heroes Flemming Dalum and George Hysteric. It's the Danish digger and Red Laser regular who kicks the flip off with his chunky and hypnotic remix, dubbing the original synth motifs out a little to allow extra bassweight and adding his own synth excellence to put a new spin on the classic. Finally Australian Italo fiend George Hysteric brings us his personal mix, a hypnotic and tracky revision which teases the arrangement for contemporary club play and maximum Arabic intrigue.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Patrick says: In recent weeks we've had Topo's "Ba Ba Go Go" and now another of the most rare Italo records out there gets a fresh reissue. Alongside the low tempo, high energy Arabesque groove of the original versions, new mixes from Flemming Dalum and Hysteric put a new spin on this classic track.


                              I’ll Keep My Light In My Window / Express Yourself

                              Groove Line Records return in 2019 with two fabulous cuts of gospel disco from The New York Community Choir (NYCC), “I’ll Keep My Light In My Window” & “Express Yourself”.

                              The New York Community Choir (NYCC) began in the early 1970s, a gospel ensemble which developed a style that also gave secular R&B, soul, and pop songs a spiritual dimension; bridging Saturday night and Sunday morning, as it were.

                              “I’ll Keep My Light In My Window” is a slice of joyful uplifting gospel disco, which is as needed in these times as it was when it was released in 1978. This was a great favourite of David Mancuso and Larry Levan at the time, and has remained a much loved dancefloor track for the disco cognoscenti ever since.

                              This came from NYCC’s second LP for RCA, "Make Every Day Count", produced by Warren Schatz (who also produced The Brothers. NYCC released a self-titled debut album, also produced by Schatz in 1977 included the dance hit "Express Yourself," the B-side of this release in its 11m45s David Todd & Warren Schatz Disco Mix version.

                              All Groove Line Records releases are fully licensed and taken from the original master tapes, this 12” has been remastered and cut at half-speed by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering (Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013 & 2018). All vinyl is heavy weight 180g manufactured Optimal Media in Germany, one of the world’s finest pressing plants.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Sil says: I'm usually a house head. But when the sun is out and the disco is on I cannot help but move my feet! This is such an example, primo disco from a band in their f l o w.

                              The Italian reissue mafia are back to make us another offer we can't refuse this week, cooking up a maxi 12" boasting extended unreleased versions of a pair of Italo disco and proto house anthems : "Who, What, Where, When & Why" on the A-side and "No Promises" on the flip.
                              Both tracks are taken from the "Magic Spell" album produced by Mario Boncaldo & Tony Carrasco in 1983, the same guys from Klein & MBO, Plastic Mode, Amnesie and Ris. This unreleased 12" contains for the first time the extended disco versions of these two gems, re-mastered from the archive collection of the legendary Tony Carrasco. A-side cut "WWWW&W" is a super tight trip through the same Italo wormhole as Robotnick's "Problem's D'Amour", so don't be surprised at the deep and funky bass, insistent beat, scratchy guitars and endless cycle of sick synth licks which underpin that brilliantly new wave female vocal. Over on the B-side "No Promises" packs a hefty bassline punch in a more sparse set up, once again wowwing with new wave vocals and strictly sunkissed guitar licks, horns and percussion hits. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Patrick says: Best Records pique my interest and trousers here with unreleased extended versions of these two bombs from Boncaldo & Carrasco. Dopest Italo-disco with infectious new wave vocals - yes please!

                              And another one! Best bring the noise yet again with an official re-mastered limited edition reissue of the mega-rare Blow Up records release of the Italo masterpiece "Pink Footpath" by Loui$. Originally released in 1985, this gem has become one of the most highly sought after Italo Disco tracks around. On the A side is Magic Dance which is good, but it's the instrumental version of the track Pink Footpath that really gets the disco DJs drooling. With its killer analogue bassline, dreamy soft synths and balearic guitar riffs, it's easy to see why it became such an anthem at the early Ibiza parties as well as a late night favourite in Chicago and New York.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Patrick says: Essential Italo for the proto house crowd here via this total winner from Loui$. All the heads know you need "Pink Footpath", a sublime combination of solid drum machines, sophisticated chords and sweet synth melodies, which pretty much set the blueprint for Metro Area two decades on.

                              Here's a treat for any disco fans out there, a four track sampler of floor fillers from NYC's famed Danceteria, boasting off kilter disco, boogie and new wave jams from John King, Klaus Schulze, Escape From New York and the masterful ensemble jam "Hold On To Your Dreams". 
                              What better place to start off than with THE all time Danceteria classic, John King's "Munich". Dated to around 1983, and more or less impossible to find, this cut comes on strong with wavey synths, crazed backing vocals and major new wave stylings all warped round an irresistible electro beat - solvent disco in other words... Next up comes the sci fi power prog of Klaus Schulze's "Macksy", an a-grade bit of space disco which roars with proto-techno power. Originally released as a standalone single in 1985, "Macksy" buzzes with kosmische electronics and otherworldly synth sounds, but it's Klaus' skill as a percussionist which sends this one astral. On the B1 we turn our attention to the white boogie / Balearic soul of Escape From New York, and their lesser known, but equally amazing "Save Our Love". Released on year before the DJ Harvey approved "Fire In My Heart", this high drama synth shunter serves up slick bass, chiming synths and vocal histrionics with the best of them - the perfect disco for the rock crowd. After a trio of full on floor fillers, we bid the night farewell with the hazy majesty of "Hold On To Your Dreams", the finest collaborative effort in the history of music, and strong contender for the most Balearic record of all time. If you're just tuning in now, this winding jam features Jah Wobble on bass, The Edge on electric guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on percussion, Francois K on the mix and Marcella Allen delivering those wonderful Arthur Russell penned vocals. It also manages to take in jazz fusion, bossa nova, Mediterranean pop, dub and kosmische over the course of its 8 minute run time - achieving Balearic nirvana on the way. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Patrick says: Great 12" sampler of Danceteria classics here including the impossible to source "Munich" by John King, Klaus Schulze's space disco burner "Macksy" and all time classics "Save Our Love" by Escape From New York and the divine "Hold On To Your Dreams".

                              Originally released way back in 2007, "Melody Day" was the ecstatic and enthusiastic opener for Caribou's third album "Andorra". The pastoral haze of his previous work remained, but "Andorra" and particularly "Melody Day" was a more direct, urgent animal. Informed by ye-ye and psych-pop the track rattles and stomps its way straight to the heart of the indie disco, grabs you by the hand and leads you off into the wildflowers. Over on the flipside, Four Tet (in his post-downbeat, pre-jungle, "Ringer" phase) enlists Luke Lalonde, Adem and One Little Plane to turn "Melody Day" into an aching acoustic folk ballad underwrit by a thunderous kick, thus perfectly capturing that feeling when you've had too many drugs at Glasto and poor programming allows the Chems to follow Fleet Foxes...

                              Special edition of this Chicago house classic featuring remixes by Mike 'Hitman' Wilson, DJ Pierre, Neal Howard & Nexus 21. Paris Grey's inimitable style graces vocal duties while those incessant jack rhythms display their early potential perfectly! Rare & limited, this is small quantity, promo stock from a private collection so don't fuck about!

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Allll about the 'Medusa Mix' here people. Heady and functional, there's few bodies that won't succumb to this late nite groove. Ohh my!

                              Athens based composer Akis Daoutis (Akis) remixed by Tolouse Low Trax, Bartosz Kruczyński, Benoit B and K100 Signal. Excited? You should be...

                              Our favourite chain-smoking German, TLT kicks off the release with one of his typically rhythmic, haunted and disjointed numbers, working his magic on "Into The Light". Utilizing the hypnotic marimba lines contained within, this new EBM iconoclast turns out a version as strong as anything off his acclaimed "Rushing To Paradise" EP - essential!

                              Benoit B works "Ecological Awareness" into a celestial ascension, accentuating the spectral sound of the marimba with chiming, glassy synth notes that seem to spiral up to the heavens. If there's a Balearic island on planet Pluto then they it's local inhabitants will no doubt be getting fresh and fruity to sounds like this.

                              K100 Signal revisits the same track, and ushers a creeping vintage drum beat into play, whilst swamping the stems with long, reverb-heavy guitar line and reversed strings for a very psychedelic outing that would find favour with DJs like Eric Duncan, The Idjuts, Mudd & Harvey.

                              Finally, Bartosz Kruczynski deploys a nothing short of sublime rendition of "Into The Light"; toying with those echoed-out marimba passages and smothering them in the most voluptuous pad size since Kim Kardashian started playing keyboards (ed - she doesn't play keyboards!). This is high grade horizontal listening pop pickers and more than deserved of some deeeep listening.

                              4 out of 4 then! You need? You betcha!

                              After flying under the radar for a few years (comparitive to his chart topping late noughties period!), Bottin is back in business for the summer season, reviving his Artifact imprint and digging into his deep crates to unearth four fresh edits for the ace Violette Szabo. B-dawg starts the party with "Death Express", a chunky extension of Paul Mazzolini (Gazebo) oddity / obscurity "Ghost Of The Samurai", originally released in 1980 under the China Express alias. If you're unfamiliar with this monster jam (and you have every right to be), imagine a floor filling Italo jam somwhere between Japan's "Life In Tokyo", "Ballroom Blitz", Quantum Jump's "Lone Ranger" and a frothy Siouxsie Sioux synth pop demo - in other words it's leftfield disco perfection and a wonderful way to start this 12". Next up, "Electric Bath" brings us a vintage electro disco bassline, odd prepared piano, entirely batshit vocals which I'm guessing are in Japanese and an infectious drum beat - dancefloor weirdshit pop-pickers. Toss that pancake and whack your audio sensors around the dramatic pulse of "Juárez", a floor filling bit of MV-era synth pop which manages to deliver crazed synth toms, Balearic brass, cock rock vocals and DX7 marimba. I don't know the original, though I probably should, but I'd file this next to Ministry's "I Wanted To Tell You", Propaganda's "Frozen Faces" and Enzo Avitabile's "Blackout" - which speaks volumes about the quality on show. Last but not least "Do You Like?", sees Bottin get out the scalpel for a respectful extension of Eminence's 7" only kitsch-a-thon "Erotic Dance", an acid laced Italo frother which liberally borrows from a host of more famous tracks on its way to niche brilliance. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Patrick says: Italian synth wizard and edit assassin Bottin is back! Here he digs into his personal stash for a quartet of killer italo edits and leftfield disco bombs. Ace!

                              After a 6 year hiatus, Bottin revives his Artifact imprint with a new private pressing of juicy personal edits. First off, "Domenica" is an upbeat synthesizer disco number, complete with happy chanting and funny instrumental hooks. Second track "Cha Cha Cha" leans towards Italian new wave, with English, French and Spanish vocals. Maybe what Tom Tom Club could have sounded like - if they were from Milan. Side B starts with a thick, throbbing funk groove "Chico Train", topped by hilarious narration of a surreal train ride to, station to station. The closing number "Vital Grace" is a dark, sexy disco thing, with lush female vocals and over-the-top strings. As often in all things Bottin, this EP is all-Italian affair - Vinyl-only and very limited quantities as usual.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Patrick says: Bottin's back in business after a little lay off, hitting us with the first Artifact release in SIX years. Proving he can still rock it post-Brexit / Trump / Vaping, the Italian offers a quartet of quirky disco, new wave and funk movers from his home country. MEGA!

                              The well respected Omena travels south of the Mediterranean Sea, antique maps and compass in hand, for the release of Parviz's "Zerzura EP".

                              An expedition to the eponymous mythical oasis, west of the Nile river, stirring 'the passion of men', as St-Exupery would put it. Four songs of romance and reverie, taking you through a dizzying jazz journey, full of twists and turns; starting with emboldened trumpets, only to end on a handful of quaint piano notes.

                              As dusk settles upon the dunes, the mirage has now vanished, and the forlorn hope turns into a soul-searching journey.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Beautiful, otherworldly, slightly spiritual house vibrations contained within. None a million miles away from Theo's Rotating Assembly or indeed, Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra. With nods to Ron Trent & Glenn Underground also, there's a relaxed and subliminal nature to these tracks that should set them in fine favour with the old school deep house firm.

                              Unknown Artist

                              Now That We Found...?

                              Super limited, super illicit business from an annonymous producer who turns out a superb, spiritual house rendition of "Now That We Found Love", originally by Third World but covered by a multitude of artists over the years. 

                              Whoever's working the beats is a pro, possibly trained in the Sacred Music black arts of Joe Classell and co. A bubbly, tribal house beat packed with African perx it pairs wonderfully with the lifted Third World vocal placed on top of it.

                              How large...? 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Sil says: If you like it smooth, deep and polished this is the one for you. A majestically executed edit of this all time classic that promises to truly entertain your punters on that hard earned dancefloor.

                              Adesse Versions

                              Blue Monday

                              Absolutely killer cover of New Order's most seminal track, "Blue Monday", from Adesse Versions - complete with a dubbed out, acid infused mix on the flip. Approved by the band themselves, this is set to be one of the summer’s biggest anthems and a surefire hit across the festival circuit!

                              There's been a few versions over the years but I think you can all chuck out everything prior to this bar, obviously, New Order's OG - THIS IS KILLER!

                              Already stowed in most staffer's record boxes for Summer airing...

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Yup it's ANOTHER version of certified Manctalo smasher "Blue Monday"! But wait, don't slip off to the bar just yet; it's Scottish house cat Adesse Versions who's offered up a pretty unique and inspired take - adding a broken beat element and some really tasty new acid sounds. It's certainly gonna blow the canvas off the gazebo at this Summer's garden parties.

                              Potatohead People Feat Trailer Limon

                              Stop The Games

                              Another week, you guessed it, another Star Creature; the Brooklyn stable hitting an average of 4 releases a month at present!

                              Old favourite Trailer Limon returns alongside the wonderfully named Potatohead People for A-side cut, "Stop The Games". Deploying the usual formula of squelchy synth, warbly washes and snappy drum hits, a Princesque vocal deliver heads up the action with some nice backing vocals working in harmony with the lead part.

                              The mysteriously named 'Nicky's Falling In Love Dub' is a nicely executed dub done in that traditional boogie style; retaining the odd vocal utterance, washing it in echo and stripping back the arrangement to give more focus to the groove. Nice!

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Trailer Limon man. He's back! With that super slick funk that graced the previous 7", this Cali-cat is a rising star of the modern funk scene. Get to know!

                              David Bowie

                              Clareville Grove Demos

                                Following on from Spying Through A Keyhole, in early 1969 at his flat in Clareville Grove, London, David Bowie with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson continued to demo ‘Space Oddity’ and other tracks.

                                This live demo tape session is set for release as a 7" vinyl singles box set of six home demos, four of which are previously unreleased recordings, Clareville Grove Demos will be released on 17th May 2019.

                                As with the Spying Through A Keyhole vinyl singles box set, the design of each single label is presented to reflect the way David sent many of his demos to publishers and record companies, featuring his own handwritten song titles on EMIDISC acetate labels with cover and print photos by David’s then manager Ken Pitt taken in the Clareville Grove flat.

                                The singles themselves are all mono and play at 45 r.p.m.

                                Due to the nature of some of the solo home demos where Bowie accompanied himself on acoustic guitar, the recording quality isn’t always of a usual studio fidelity. This is partly due to David’s enthusiastic strumming hitting the red on a couple of the tracks, along with the limitations of the original recording equipment and tape degradation. However, the historical importance of these songs and the fact that the selections are from an archive of tracks cleared for release by Bowie, overrides this shortcoming.

                                Linda Guilala

                                Estado Natural

                                  Spanish shoegaze trio Linda Guilala's new single is the third instalment in the Sonic Cathedral Singles Club.

                                  ‘Estado Natural’ (which translates as ‘natural state’) is the follow-up to last year’s ‘Mucho Mejor’ and is an indie-pop classic in the making, all driving rhythms and synths swooping and fizzing like Stereolab in a Soda Stream. The flipside, 'Espacio De Tiempo' (‘space of time'), is a much more Lush and laid-back affair.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Mine says: Pulsing beats, swoony vocals and shimmering synths... say hi to your new favourite shoegaze anthem!

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition of 350 on red vinyl.

                                  Pedro Zopelar and Benjamim Sallum started jamming and performing live sets in São Paulo in 2016, when Ben was only 15 years old. At that time they were doing freaky improvised live performances in tribute to a popular youtube video called 'My Girlfriend Is Programming The Roland TR-909, Making a House Beat'. Using that huge name the duo performed live before Theo Parrish at the RBMA festival in São Paulo 2017. In 2018 My Girlfriend released their first record on Subsubtropics, (a Brazilian label that previously released Dreams & Design A Wave...)

                                  The "Apron EP" is a compilation of My Girlfriend’s tracks there are more influenced by a Brazilian approach on neo-soul, house and funk. From the first raw jams to these particular vision from 'what is Brazilian music from nowadays', the duo represents a fresh sample about what is happening into the club music scene there. Benjamim Sallum is resident at the famous party Mamba Negra headed by Cashu and Laura Diaz (Teto Preto, Carneosso), and since his 15yo developed a fast progress on the art of making tracks and DJing. He runs his own label OXI, where he often drops some crazy cassette EPs from himself and his friends. Zopelar is multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer based in SP, responsible for the keyboards, synths and basslines of the record. Based in SP after his studies till now, he runs another well known party named ODD, where Funkineven played in 2017 (both Rio and Sao Paulo editions).

                                  The opening track "Piercing" brings pads and strings recorded and manipulated on a MPC sampler with some dreamy lead synths on top. "Gidi" is a tribute to all the church keyboard players in the world. And there is also another tribute to a specific music school from late 70’s in Brazil called Club Da Esquina (“Corner Club”), headed by legendary singer and composer Milton Nascimento, is a typical sound from Minas Gerais - the state where Pedro was born and raised till he was 17. A great showcase of current music from underground of Brazil. Recommended.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Another sure shot from Funkineven's firm. New signing My Girlfriend delivers a fun-fried fuzzy formula of house, boogie and all that synthy jizzness we've come to love from the label. Get in!

                                  After a 2 year hiatus marooned on a desert island surrounded by singing frogs and dancing jellyfish, the incognito re-edit label Balearic Blah Blah is back once again with a fresh batch of DJ delights from the motley crew of editors. Master Editor KB leads the charge kicking things off with an off kilter track "Pheew Position" from the Parade Album which has been maximized for longer dancefloor steel drum-funk, reminiscent of his eighties DJ sets where he used 2 copies of the original 2 min track.
                                  Hamburg‘s frequency without control follows on to give us a sleazy, soulful German Balearic boogie gem in "Scheidung Nacht", a track for rolled up sleeves, powdered noses and neon lights. Closing the A-side is "Los Ninjas", a finger plucking flamingo fiesta of a track found by KB in a dusty & dirty basement in Aarus, Denmark on his global travels!
                                  On the flip comes New Yorks finest Balearic Bastardo, with a monster disco-edit which was hammered by DJ Harvey at his Mercury Rising residency at Pikes, Ibiza. KB slows things down for the final cut, another find on his travels, this time in Amsterdam where it was lurking behind a Red Lighted radiator in a notorious coffee shop. Maximized editing for your aural pleasure.
                                  That’ll do!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Finally back after an extended vacation, the folks at Balearic Blah Blah bring us another fresh batch of Balearic and disco edits from KB, Frwctrl and Bastardo. Dig in for a primo purple extension, swooning German AOR outing (personal fave that!), flamenco frenzy, gospel-disco destroyer and melodica-topped afternoon croon. Predictably unpredictable, and just a brilliant as ever - big up the Blah Blah!

                                  No-nonsense, 12” releases. Cut loud for your pleasure.

                                  DJ-focused, functional records made for having fun on the dance floor. Rooted in UK club culture and taking inspiration from techno, house, garage and breakbeat, every release will have at least one track that absolutely bangs. Human Resources christens this new series with two tracks of absolute heat.

                                  Lovingly delivered by the crew at YAM Records this is essential kit for those keeping to obliterate the more cutting edge dancefloors with summat new, fresh, arresting and killer.

                                  You need this! - limited quants - don't f**k about!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Sometimes the capitol throws up a New Sound that immediately makes you sit up and take note. This is one such release.

                                  Analog and funky disco define this new Space Dimension Controller offering. 'Beyond Pulso IV' throws in some kind of guitar notes and a ravingly funky bassline that takes you back to a past that never happened. Early Environ releases come to mind though!
                                  On 'First Contact With System Lobitso' is peak time material with its faster beats and playful melody and again, funky notes. There is no moody attitude here, it is all very shiny and clean but definetely we are not in outer space now as it has been with past releases. This one is for us earthlings craving to have a good hedonistic dance. SDT (make sure those letters are in the correct order) is providing the soundtrack for your wild night. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Nice, clean, sunny melodies on offer here by well-seasoned SDT who is focusing solely in care-free dancing for those who want to have a good time. You need this!

                                  “Flat Tummy Tea” b/w “Bandana” feat. Assassin, with instrumentals and bonus beats. “Flat Tummy Tea” is from the forthcoming album "Bandana". Other tracks are exclusive to this 12” release.

                                  Now, I don't know about you, but we're mightily excited about the new Freddie Gibbs and Madlib album. "Pinata", from 2014, was arguably Freddie Gibbs' best output to date, and a high crown of Madlib's discography too. It's been a 5 year wait but by the sounds of these tracks, it's gonna be worth it!

                                  'Two of the biggest motherfuckers in the rap game...'.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Freddie's back on potent, visceral form; while Madlib's still got the programming flair and deep sample knowledge to light up these instrumentals.

                                  Venetian born Simone de Kunovich takes the Superconscious sound into refreshingly bizarre territory with his debut 12” "Mondo Nuovo Vol. 1". A student of film and the arts, Simone digs deep into archives of the mondo and exploitation genres, sampling obscurities and piecing them together with vintage synthesisers and a modern ear, producing mind-melting psychedelia suitable for late-night hypnotica and introspective home-listening.

                                  From the manic resonance in “Strategia della Tensione” to the blissful atmospheres of “Mondo Segreto”, Mondo Nuovo Vol 1. is an intelligent collage of inspirations that blurs the lines between dance music and cinematic artefacts. A unique experience which sits comfortably amongst the Superconscious back catalogue.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Name to watch! Simone De Kunovich splices, dices and tinkers his way straight into APC, Eric Copeland, Wino territories with this excellent EP of dancefloor psychedelia. Club grade weirdshit on a multi-timbral many textured tip.

                                  'Keep Hope Alive' is a nice gentle techno offering packed with emotion and subtle keys charged with velvety textures. It sits comfortably on the fast lane but it does not feel rushed. Will not fill your dancefloor but it will definetily warm it up nicely. 
                                  'When The Story Repeats' breaks the four by four generating an electro hybrid with some seriously strong bassline. No monkey business here. It is still packed with melody and nice atmospheres however, there is a menacing industrial take on the horizon ready to take over the entire track. Does it happen? Give it a listen and be the judge!
                                  On the flip, Kosh, our man in Morocco, ups the tempo once again and go as funky as it gets with his techno. Fast but not in an alienating way. The dancefloor is in mind and you are offered 3 different takes of 'In A Maze mix', my favourite being take number 2 where the beat goes more electro and the vibes become more ethereal and chilled. Yet maintaining the dancefloor in mind, surely not an easy feat but Kosh manages to effortlessly deliver. 
                                  Folks, this one is truly good and you would be missing out if you do not give it a good listen!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Sil says: Top quality techno / electro that is capable to make you feel at home in the dancefloor and in the sofa. Horizontal dancing and hedonistic joy meet at last.

                                  “Heroes don’t care what’s cool. Heroes care ‘bout what’sright. And that’s what makes them so fucking cool.”
                                  Joseph Campbell Jr.

                                  It can now be revealed. Anonymous internet supergroup Drugface is going public, unmasking themselves as Multi Culti audio­visionary Thomas Von Party and Montreal cult legend John Shape, who absorbed the life rights to the Beaver Sheppard Story in an online game of Russian Roulette. If you’re reading this, the Von Party element probably makes so much sense that you’ll never forgive yourself for not realizing it sooner. The vibes, the production; it was there the whole time. Eagle­eared listeners may have ID’d Shape from his Ricardo Villalobos-produced remix pack on Sei Es Drum, or as the singer in German instrumental band Brandt Brauer Frick. Those who guessed both members are now on some kind of list.

                                  “In the Clouds” is the latest single from the secretly prolific duo, a synaesthetic window into a realm where everything tastes like data and everything sounds like mushrooms. B­side “On the Prowl” is a collaboration with Multi Culti vitamin­-shaman Dreems, with the results entrusted to Finnish synth­-lord Jori Hulkkonen to ensure everything holds up 9,000 years from now.
                                  For the remixes, Simple Symmetry pull you through a wormhole to the sunny beaches of Moscow, The Beat Escape add massive doses of class and elegance. We tested these descriptions on 50 tastemaker chimps, and all 50 were still at least “somewhat jazzed” about hearing the tracks anyway.

                                  And of course it goes without saying that Multi Culti is proud to present this.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Bendy, woozy and wonked up astral house here on the ever unorthodox Multi Culti, complete with a Zool (Amiga not Ghostbusters) informed remix from Russian team Simple Symmetry. Hot shit.

                                  Glas-Goan-Kenyan producer, DJ and global traveller Auntie Flo (Brian d’Souza) regularly releases music inspired by different places around the globe. In 2014 he released an EP recorded in Cuba under the ‘Highlife World Series’ banner and ‘Hey, Don’t Make Trouble’ a collaboration with singers from the Ivory Coast. 2015’s album ‘Theory of Flo’ featured collaborations with Ghanianan singer Anbuley amongst others, 2017 saw him release the ‘Soniferous Garden EP’ recorded in Uganda on Sofrito records. He’s also released remixes for African legends Baaba Maal and Oumou Sangare.

                                  ‘Kabsa’ is a continuation of this trend, this time exploring music from Levantine coastline. In 2017, Auntie Flo travelled to Lebanon to perform at a wedding at the Mir Amine Palace, just outside of Beirut. Not the normal gig, the experience inspired this new EP ‘Kabsa’ on Moscoman’s Disco Halal. Levantine flavours come together with tracks named loosely after dishes from the region, with other trips to Tel Aviv, Marrakesh and Istanbul also inspiring the production. For every Ep, Auntie Flo rebuilds his studio with a completely new set up, helping to create a fresh sound. On Kabsa, all three tracks are 100% analogue jams, mostly recorded in one take on an array of hardware. The main synth is the 1980’s classic Casio CZ5000 used in combination with various effects and loop pedals, a Roland 727 drum machine and MFB drum computer. The result loose and raw and perfect for club play. After playing "Kabsa" on Red Light Radio, Auntie Flo was contacted by revered Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz who asked if he could remix the title track. The result is not one, but three, killer remixes that are also due out on Disco Halal in summer 2018.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Taking his inspiration from the Lebanon, Auntie Flo comes through with a trio of spacious club cuts, stripped back and 100% hardware. Clean, clear and complete with snaking rhythms (no dull 4/4 here), the set is totally fresh, but I have to give the Piccadilly crown to Nicola Cruz for his frazzled, folkloric remix, alive with acoustic guitar, off kilter fx and synthplay.

                                  Panthera Krause

                                  Genki Girl EP

                                  Now, what do we have here... A brand new offering by Mr. Panthera Krause, and you know what that means, irresistible, irrepressible dancefloor fun with a hefty twist in its tail. On the A-side, "Genki Girl" somehow manages to be a terrace friendly piano 'n' strings house number, slightly skewed electrodisco slider and oddly Asiatic YMO-grower all at the same time. Now PK isn't just knocking the names off his genre bingo card, he's coming for your dance floor with some fully inventive shizzle. Just when I had my favourite jam all figured out, he rips the flip with the lunacy of "Spring Irre", a batshit and brilliant cut which wrings a new disco loop through THE MOST SPRING REVERB ever heard on one record. Club ready percs and some modulating wooze make sure this one moves straight into Keita Sano territories - very good. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: This is easy to love, ADHD disco house on the A-side, spangled spring reverb madness on the flip - call Pat Sharp, we're going to the Fun House...

                                  I wonder how many times I've said 'hot new shit from FXHE and label head Omar S' in my twelve or so years hammering out reviews here in the bunker. Literally countless, the Detroit label has become almost symbiotic with my time spent here, with Alex Smith one of Detroit's strongest, currently-active flagbearers and FXHE pretty much a go-to stable for the latest North American hardware jamz....

                                  Cue AOS-200 (not, as it happens, the 200th release on the label, but he's getting mighty close!). Four new tracks from the pinball wizard, ready to rock both the dancefloor or late nite high speed car cruises....

                                  "Better Believe It Baby" pairs finger snaps, a catchy keyboard motif and gentle perx for a classic Omar S beatdown number that recalls some of his earliest works.

                                  "Catch Ya" is smooth, garage-fused house; again a familiar trope for long term fans (think: "Rewind" off "Thankyou For Letting Me Be Myself") and sounding extra spesh here... Hats off to the vocalist!

                                  "Cheat" is set-your-pants-on-fire tekno. With Smith's HE-AVY hi-hats weighing hard on growling bass and an incessant vox - 'CHEAT!' - mega this one folks!

                                  Finally, title track "Pull Ovaa" keeps up the weighted drum sounds as chopped piano notes roll out over the MPC before an inspired beat construction readies the track for habitation.

                                  Ace stuff as always here from Omar S. Recommended.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Ever-reliable Detroitian business from long serving community record label FXHE who continues to