Johnny Marr

Fever Dreams Pt. 3

    The ‘Fever Dreams Pt 3’ EP features four brand new songs from Johnny Marr’s anticipated first double LP - ‘The Speed Of Love’, ‘Night and Day’, ‘Counter-Clock World’ and ‘Rubicon’. Timed well to follow on from Johnny’s live run with Blondie, the EP will be released on limited edition gold vinyl, with 2.5k units available worldwide.

    Early previews of ‘Fever Dreams Pts 1-4’ have been met with widespread acclaim, with Uncut stating that the double album is "The most ambitious album of his career".

    Singles including ‘Sensory Street’ has been a mainstay on the BBC Radio 6 Music A-List, the album’s electro-soul opener ‘Spirit, Power and Soul’ was also playlisted by 6 Music and BBC Radio 2, described as “his strongest solo composition yet” by the Evening Standard, “an exercise in progressive creative ambition” by DIY, “invigorating” by Uncut, with “defiance in its DNA” by CLASH and simply “banging” by The Telegraph.

    Earlier EP ‘Fever Dreams Pt 2’ has seen Johnny heralded as “a master songwriter” by The i Newspaper and, “a project unlike anything he's done before" by Music Week.


    Side A
    1. The Speed Of Love
    2. Night And Day
    Side B
    1. Counter Clock World
    2. Rubicon

    For our 6th vinyl-only release, Kassian provides an addendum, an addition, a supplement - if you will - to his Leave Your Life EP. Here, he elaborates on ‘Spirit of Eden’, the dreamy B-side of last summer’s well-received EP.

    On side A, we have the EP’s title track; a lush reimagining of the original, which lives up to its ‘Strings’ moniker, but still has enough percussive oomph to get feet moving on the dance floor.

    On the B-side, we have ‘Strings of Eden (Garden Mix) ft: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’. This one foregoes any backbeat and lays the strings on even heavier, utilizing the talents of Los Angeles’ Atwood-Ferguson, who is renowned for his kaleidoscopic string arrangements in the jazz, classical and experimental genres.

    The EP closes out with a new offering: The gorgeous, airy, cinematic ‘Passing Clouds’.

    Please note this will be a one-time pressing of 1200 units only, on 180 gram vinyl. Not to be missed.


    Matt says: Brilliantly timed for the warmer temps due.. A supremely Balearic offering from the highly talented Alex Kassian who seems to live and breath musical serenity. With the sound of gentle waves and endless horizons, this is your mid afternoon garden epic to get sozzled in your sun lounger too. Simple unmissable!


    A1. Strings Of Eden
    B1. Strings Of Eden (Garden Mix) Ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
    B2. Passing Clouds

    Manchester producer, DJ and dancefloor spirit guide Ruf Dug gets fruity on his Korg DW8000, for this homage to Manctalo pioneers Red Laser Disco who have revitalized the Italo sound over the last decade. Given that Ruffy lives on the same street as Red Laser head honcho Il Bosco it’s unsurprising that his latest release is heavily influenced by his noisy neighbour’s antics.

    Manctalo Beach has gone through several versions over the years to arrive, like a chilled Bianco, at the crisp beauty you hear today. Packed with chunky bass arpeggios, pixelated pitch-bent melodies and freeze-frame drum fills, the A-side conjures images of coastline sunsets and waterski waves. Meanwhile on the flip, the bonus beats proceed in a more dubbed disco direction, with acres more space, cascading delays and tripped-out breakdowns. One for your speedboat!


    Matt says: Local cyberpunk and superstar, Ruffy pays tribute to Red Laser via an inspired single complete with killer dub version. The clue's in the title! ;)


    Manctalo Beach - Original
    Manctalo Beach - Version 

    An original member of the Gondwana Orchestra, Chip played on Matthew Halsall's debut album 'Sending My Love' and has regularly played with the Orchestra while also leading his own excellent band.

    We're super delighted that Chip has joined Gondwana Records and even more delighted to be releasing his first ever covers 12" – in our occasional spiritual jazz 12 series alongside past releases from Matthew Halsall and The Gondwana Orchestra featuring Dwight Trible.

    For his release, Chip chose three deep cuts associated with the legendary pianist Lonnie-Liston Smith, subtly updated to create a beautiful 21st Century take on the Spiritual jazz of the early 70s. Sais' from the maestro's iconic Cosmic Funk album is a breezy, beautiful tune that's incessant groove is lifted into the outer reaches by gorgeous horn arrangements and some of the lushed flute playing anywhere. Astral Travelling is driven by glistening harp, contemporary drums and features one of Chip's most beautiful arrangements. And Peaceful One features a low-slung sultry groove, sublime horn arrangements and some of Chip's finest tenor playing to date, creating a perfect slice of mid-tempo jazz perfection.


    Millie says: Spiritual jazz aficionado Chip Wickham sweeps us away with his release on Gondwana Records after numerous appearances on Matthew Halsall albums. Its the perfect addition of peaceful and profound jazz.


    1. Astral Traveling
    2. Sais (Egypt)
    3. Peaceful Ones

    Vacant Gardens

    Field Of Vines / He Moves Through

      Vacant Gardens is Glenn Donaldson (of The Reds, Pinks and Purples and a hundred others) and Jem Fanvu, collaborating on music and with the latter responsible for vocals and lyrics. The project began with the idea of combining heavy fuzz and slow-mo drum machine beats with Fanvu's gentle almost trad-folk style vocals. Almost all of Donaldson's otherworldly sounds are achieved through layers of guitar fuzz and copious delay, while Fanvu offers an ideal counterpoint, taking the listener on a celestial melancholy trip with her opaque poetry and melodies.

      So inspired were the duo by this blend of styles, they immediately recorded at least two albums of material, Under the Bloom and Obscene, released in quick succession in 2020 and 2021 in swiftly-disappearing micro editions on the secretive Tall Texan label. With those records close-to-impossible to find at an affordable price, Tough Love are now reissuing both LPs on May 20th, alongside a 7" containing two previously unheard songs recorded at the same time as the albums. The albums are pressed in editions of 500, and the 7" 300, and all on transparent vinyl.

      This is the second 12" EP featuring reinterpretations of tracks taken from the brilliant Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella's jazz dance album "People Need People" released in 2021. The song "Inner Light" gets here a further interpretation by the great Anthony Nicholson, one of the most respected producers and key characters in the tribal / afrocentric house scene, while DJ Spinna has put his artistry on "New World Shuffle" for an uplifting result: Bridgette Amofah's original vocals shine over a sunny house groove full of keys and moog lushy layers, in a distinctive 'Spinna feel'. Coming next: new versions of "People Need People" songs made by Tall Black Guy, Andrés and Fred P.! Stay tuned!!!


      Millie says: The second instalment of remixes from People Need People and this doesn't disappoint, high energy electronica nu-jazz with a housey vibe. Very very into this.


      1. New World Shuffle (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix) [feat. Bridgette Amofah]
      2. Inner Light (Anthony Nicholson Miquifaye Remix) [feat. Raashan Ahmad]


      H / HH

      Jerome Potin, aka Gallic mash-up artist Moar, returns for his super limited, ultra collectable 45 Loves series.

      This time round he mashes up Ol' Dirty Bastard & Kelis' '99 smash, "Baby I Got Your Money" with a seriously low-slung, sub-heavy disco beat. Maximum head nod factor on this one folks, with just enough umph and shuffle to kick start your Friday night dancefloor early doors!

      On side B he twists and chops the stems of Lucy Pearl's turn of the millennium school disco classic, "Don't Mess With My Man". Moar retains much of the OG, instead getting busy on the echo unit and wave chopper, injecting this smooth smoocher with a huff of poppers for the Saturday night crowd. Mega stuff from Moar! 


      Matt says: Party hip-hop mash-up 7" alert!! Working DJs don't need reminding how crucial these cuts are for the weekend armoury. Keep Sharon and Tracy at bay with this late 90s pleaser.


      Side 1
      1. H (4:25)
      Side 2
      1. HH (3:52)

      Brothers Gerardo and Emanuel Cedillo aka Soul Of Hex are making serious waves right now. Born and raised in Mexico’s infamous border city Tijuana the duo have been immersed in the underground house and techno scene DJing, promoting events, performing live sets on their trusty Elektron hard- ware and releasing underground floor fillers for labels such as Quintessen- tials, Secret Crunch, CVMR and Dirt Crew as well as running their own Vicario imprint. Most recently, they have not only established a new venue Marko Disco in TJ, but also a new moniker Mano De Fuego and release dropping in April on Underground Resistance no less!

      Here on the "Mystic EP" we find a little bit of that UR electro inspiration rubbing up against classic late 80’s US vocal house, crunchy disco grooves and driving feel-good Italo. "Love Is In Control" features the vocals of Steve Lucas of Fusion Groove Orchestra / If Only I Could fame and elsewhere we have vocal features from More Lotion and Temporal Wangan. 


      Matt says: Worth checking for the "Heliocentrico" track alone, which I imagine could do plenty of damage deployed at the right time. Elsewhere the nods to piano house and the housey jams of Underground Resistance tick all the right boxes.


      A1. Mystic (feat. More Lotion)
      A2. Love Is In Control (feat. Steve Lucas)
      B1. Heliocentrico
      B2. Sphynx (feat. Temporal Wangan)

      Aldorande is back! The French jazz-funk quartet returns with a strong new EP “Summer Body / Breakfast in Space”.

      After their first eponymous LP our explorers strike again with two club-friendly compositions joining the dots between jazz-funk and disco-boogie. Recorded with great care, reflecting a penchant towards the authentic analogue sound, both tracks come with Charles Maurice dub versions.

      A-side opens with “Summer Body”, a summery and frivolous boogie jam with magnetic bassline, surrounded by lush synthesizers and catchy backing vocals arranged in the tradition of the best Brazilian songs.

      On the B-side comes “Breakfast in Space”, a sort of cosmic opera with maximum flamboyance! The slap bass and drums combo set up a tight P-Funk foundation whilst Aldorande puts psychedelic vocal lines and rampant percussion bursts over the top causing spontaneous eruptions of energy and pleasure all over the mix!

      Behind Aldorande, you will find a team of great musicians including bandleader and founder Virgile Raffaëlli on bass (Setenta, Camarão Orkestra), Florian Pellissier on keys (Iggy Pop, Guts, Setenta, Cotonete), Mathieu Edward on drums (Chassol, De La Soul) and Erwan Loeffel on percussion (10LEC6, Camarão Orkestra). For this new EP, always looking for more funk into their groove, they’ve been joined by French guitarist Farid Baha (Cotonete, Camarão Orkestra).

      Modern disco and funk doesn’t get much better than this! 


      Matt says: Favourite are on a roll at the moment. Releasing brand new funk, boogie and disco that sounds as good as anything from the golden era. This new one by Aldorande is no exception!


      A1 Summer Body
      A2 Summer Body (Charles Maurice Dub Version)
      B1 Breakfast In Space
      B2 Breakfast In Space (Charles Maurice Dub Version)

      Lined up next on Cosmocities is this trance-indebted EP from Prism, the collaborative endeavour of French producer Pascal Eloy and UK-based Grant Wilkinson. The three-track EP “CMSR006” mixes unreleased music (“Refraction”), a 1996-issued goodie (“Rain”) and an exclusive remix from SYO, better known for his ambitiously retro-futuristic output under the S.O.N.S moniker.

      Originally released as part of Planet Dog’s 1996 compilation “Feed Your Head”, “Rain” retains all of its original mystique and soulful use of modern production tools - letting a cascading flow of arpeggiated synths, stealth bass onslaughts and 303-borne trippiness pour down as a fully immersive digital shower for the senses.

      An unheard gem from the vault, initially written and recorded in 1995, “Refraction” pulls further dynamic traction from a bubbling drum programming and damp, urban jungle-y atmosphere - beaming us straight back in the rave’s most compelling heyday with its feverish maelstrom of fluttering bleeps, spiraling tribal motifs and faux-organic, Neo-Easternmost harmonics.

      Adding his ever innovative spin to the table, SYO cuts into the flesh of the original to deliver a further syncopated and spacious version, flush with complex rhythmic sleights of hand and subtle melodic trickery throughout, bound to keep you on the edge with every bar. 25 years on since it was first designed, Prism’s lasting relevancy shines bright on this all-road, bold-to-the-full trance epic that’s lost nothing of its flair.


      Matt says: Early trance blueprints reimagined here whilst also catering to the kind of free party hedonism that swept through the country in the mid 90s. If you dug the Earth Leakage Trip 12" and the DJ Athome compilation - this ones for you!


      A1. Refraction
      B1. Refraction (SYO Remix)
      B2. Rain



      Takin it back to the old school, EEE return sampling another great from days gone by, working it into a house leaning warper.


      Matt says: A new one from one of my favourite labels for what we used to call secret weapon tackle. Terrace friendly mash-ups that the whole family can enjoy. Unlikely to be aired on NTS.


      A1. Unknown

      Seriously good UK business here from the fledging Creep Woland on brand new label Headset. Hybrids of UKG, bass music, breaks and house music, coalesced into summat fresh, grooving and incendiary for the cluurrb.

      Opening up with the fiery garage of "Blantyre 86 Style", complete with punchy breaks, M1 stabs and subtle echoes of soundsystem culture we move into the more abstract and spacious halftime of "Healing ABle 713". Featuring Usurp the track straddles the grey areas between dub, jungle and halftime beautifully; all with an expansive, big room vibe - perfecto!

      Onto side B and "Luca Benzito" opens with warm piano chords and a big raggamuffin drop; bridging into sublime, bass heavy UKG with those delicious chords and sharp synth licks unveiling a sexy and sophisticated core. Finally, "Eraser Funk" drops the perfect B2 - a downtempo smokers cut that's perfect for the morning after the night before as your roll the last spliff of the session before bed time. It's been a big night, time to get some rest dear raver.

      Limited copies, hot shit - highly recommended! 


      Matt says: Nice n bubbly warm up tackle for your bass-centric and garage leaning dancefloors here. Comes with a bonus, stoned, head nodder for the come down too. Both side A tracks are fire for the club.


      A1. Blantyre 86 Style
      A2. Healing Able 713 Ft. Usurp
      B1. Luca Benzito
      B2. Eraser Funk

      Love Drop

      Love Drops 02

      The mysterious Love Drop continues to blend a taste for quality, eclectic grooves with an ear for making DJ versions that will really work the dance floor.

      Equal parts spiritual and exotic, but also irresistible, the second instalment on his own Love Drops imprint certainly does not disappoint. Side A has a tribal stomp which slowly unveils a squealing horn and general dancefloor hustle n bustle inna Moodymann-esque kinda shuffle. There's even a burst of gospel vocals for good measure. High grade barn stomper this folks make no mistake.

      Side B goes deeper, revealing a sort of enchanted deep house mutant which snakes and turns across a never ending keyboard solo and an Eastern slant to the timbre. It's sure to leave a magic spell across any dancefloor lucky enough to receive its rotation!


      Matt says: Highly anticipated, much hyped release from the Love Drop folks who drop volume 2 of their sell-out series. Side A reminds me of classic Moodymann DJ sets whilst side B offers up a piece of highly scented, exotic dance music that'll leave people scratching their heads in bemusement.



      Levon Vincent

      ETA - Infinitity

      Limelight-era NYC street techno beats from old friend Levon Vincent. The New Jersey stalwart drops two mixes on one theme which demonstrates his uncanny ability to produce long-form club freakouts that total encompass the listener in their simmering, focused intensity. Rattling with the fizzy, metallic percussion artifacts and jolting kicks that made us all fall in love the first time round, it's a welcome return to the producer's original sound and should be a firm favourite with Levon fans around the globe!


      Matt says: Nice to see Levon back on form, offering us up two, side-long nightclub workouts that'll double as killer DJ tools too.


      A1. ETA Infinity (Warm Mix)
      B1. ETA Infinity (Frenzy Mix)

      Edit & Dub

      Lovin' & Dreamin'

      Cult Tokyo imprint, Edit & Dub's latest adventure features extended versions of "Lovin'", an unknown but gloriously energetic authentic, mid-era disco jam; along with the Paradise Garage, boogie-disco classic "I Must Be Dreaming'" by Wanda. Maximum smiles guaranteed on this latest outing from the imperative stable! Limited import copies. 


      Matt says: Worth it for THAT Wanda tweak. Two highly decorated and extra frilly disco joints get cut down to size by the Edit & Dub mob.


      1. Lovin' (6:19)
      2. I Must Be Dreamin' (6:49)

      Orphic Apparition is a new label born out of a transatlantic meeting of minds. Facilitated by a long, hedonistic party in one of present-day London’s ‘meanwhile use’ venues Grow Tottenham, Canadian producer Raf Reza and British acid house luminary Paul Chivers spent a precious day in the studio to record a 3 hour straight to DAT session before Reza's return to Canada. The result of this spontaneous yet intuitive collaboration blurs the lines between Chiver’s long-standing Ramjac Corporation alias and Reza’s genre-spanning approach to dub, breaks and house styles. Part of the early 90s rave scene and an important member of the blueprint-setting Irdial label, Ramjac locks heads with the self-professed ‘lazy music guy from Toronto’ to adapt their studio session into five separate mixdowns.

      ‘In The Grow’ begins with a bouncy, cut-up sounding Errorsmith-esque rhythm, the recurring fright night melody that distinguishes the record coming in all quick and powerful. The A2 ‘Rotten Mix’ offers a more traditional house approach in its composition, with dub FX and a nice DJ friendly outro. On the final uptempo choice the pair opt for a head-scrambling electro take. Choose your fighter! The ‘Swampy Dub’ on the flip really dismantles everything we’ve heard prior, slo-mo drums allowing a much different DJ experience and altering the freaky synthetic propulsion into an almost modern classical sound. A little like Paul Dresher’s eternal ‘Channels Passing’ (tip). Combined with the other edits this version almost becomes a totally different track. The final ‘Rootless Dub’ gives its clues in the title, removing all the tough drum sounds and allowing for an ambient decompression.

      Orphic Apparition will return soon.


      Matt says: Leave the sludge in the warehouse long enough and it mutates into new lifeforms off of all the sweat and ecstasy still circulating around the vicinity. The results are mutations of acid, bass, rave and dubstep into one end-level bossman warehouse killer. You'll need a pocket full of power pills to fend off this beast!


      A1. In The Grow (Rotting Mix)
      A2. In The Grow (Rotten Mix)
      B1. In The Grow (Rahtted Mix)
      B2. In The Grow (Swampy Dub)
      B3. In The Grow (Rootless Dub)

      Proto-future Pop exhumed from '86, Romie Singh's 'Dancing to Forget', could easily be mistaken for an up-to-the minute R&B instrumental from '22. The song's elastic swing reminiscent of a vintage Wally Badarou Compass Point session. Instead masterminded by studio maestros Günther Janssen (more lately of Donna Regina) & Peter Hantke, while Romie's vocals soar above. It's a timeless call to escape life's ill's via the dancefloor.

      Collected here on Strangelove the cavernous, dubbed out 'D.T.F.' (12" version) sits alongside the prescient hope/dystopia of LP cut 'Future World' (cue Covid World) and the killer Balearic-beat sass of 'Credo' A short sharp 3 track jolt into the trio's cult 80's catalog. Shouts to Basso for the original resuscitation!


      Matt says: Haunting, ethereal, jagged-edged - this is brilliant! Long forgotten minimal wave brilliance from 1986 given a much needed resuscitation.


      A1 Dancing To Forget
      B1 Future World 
      B2 Credo

      Upon meeting some years ago in Berlin, Galina & Andrea connected creatively and embarked on a musical voyage. These are studio recordings from Xberg in 2018, at a time when they gave life and animation to a beautiful and young electronic music scene.

      Opening with the foreboding, minimal wave throb of "Notturno Crescendo", underpinned with a simple hi-hat utterance and circling b-line. "Zhiva Sessiya" is up next, slowly floating and ascending with dark angels and celestial spirits, merging the metaphysical world with our current reality. "Sono I’imperatore" concludes with a circuit bent B-line, forceful whispers and eerie leads. Carnivalesque, noir-wave horror core - you can have that one for free!

      Really strong stuff here on the wonderful Space Ritual label - check! 


      Matt says: Mega stuff from the label that brought you Various Lurkers. I'm sure there's a Leeds connection here (?). Anyway, Eva Geist contributes some wonderfully unique sounds here - a bit Dusseldorf a bit industrial and bit wavey; basically if you like it left of centre and a bit scuzzy round the edges, this one for you.


      A1 Notturno Crescendo 
      B1 Zhiva Sessiya 
      B2 Sono I’imperatore 

      Twisted & percussive club brilliance with a kosmiche slant from Düsseldorf’s Niklas Wandt on the amazing Animals Dancing. Four tracks that take on cosmic house, new beat hypnotism, tribal piano breakdown madness & a wavey vocoded synth workout make up the EP for the Australian imprint’s first release of the year.

      Undeniably sounding fresh, with an upfront palette designed for club rigs, it's a club / party record make no mistake; but refuses to tread the obvious and over-explored in favour of something a little bit more leftfield and unusual. There isn't an urgency to push the tempos either, making this one of those deliciously engrossing, late nite record you can get truly lost in. Recommended. 


      Matt says: The Melbourne label proffer up a nicely varied four tracker from Niklas Wandt. Catering to all the flavours of the holiday house dancefloor expect enthralling drug chug and tops off hedonism that's perfect for festival season.


      Im Verborgenen 
      I Wandt To Believe
      300 CE

      Eduardo De La Calle Aka FLEXOL, Acoustic Trauma & Dexual

      Lobotomies And Other Psychosocial Arithmerical Issues EP

      Eduardo De La Calle and crew return with 4 tracks of deep off kilter electro and idm; proper circuit fried head twisters for late night club sessions, after party freakouts and studio wizardry obsession.

      Big tip if you're into Bitstream, Gosub and Silicon; Eduardo De La Calle is himself a bit of a sorceror at the controls; at ease both churning out both skeletal braindance and full frequency audio trips. These four sketches find him in masterful control of his machines, achieving a bilatteral conversion between hardware and human interaction few knob twiddlers achieve in the present day. Recommended! 


      Matt says: Unsurpassable braindance flavoured EP from Eduardo De La Calle that shows off the producer's highly skilled technical abilities whilst conjuring up some intricate machine language. Big one for the circuit benders!


      A1. Arithmetical 1
      A2. Arithmetical 2
      B1. Arithmetical 3
      B2. Arithmetical 4

      The Nightingales

      The New Nonsense

        Robert Lloyd is unique in 'punk' as someone who began his career at the start of the era, never fell prey to cliché or temptations of mass stardom, actually still works and now, in 2022, stands at his artistic and commercial peak . . . not that Robert's saying any of that, but does it matter? His status is due to a number of factors: a gambler's luck, backing by the finest version of Nightingales yet assembled, his faultless wry humour and wit, a difficult but unimpeachably excellent body of work, and the fortuitous timing of 2021's Robert Lloyd documentary, King Rocker. The release of film seems cunningly planned, with its roll-out brilliantly plotted, although it was actually the Covid epidemic which caused the cancellation of this film's scheduled theatrical screenings.

        Rather than postpone, Fire Films' James Nicholls made the unusual choice of making a deal to release the film through Sky TV, where it was an immediate success and has been shown many times since. The audience, captive at home by way of the epidemic, was far larger than hoped, and as a result, The Nightingales have emerged as one of this era's most brilliant, unorthodox and genuine bands of the post-punk. Three planned tours for the band's last album, were Covid-cancelled before a fourth attempt succeeded. With bassist Andi Schmid stuck in Germany and unable to record, the band asked three of their fans to remix tracks from Four Against Fate.

        The titles - let alone the radically alterations hereon - give no clue to which tracks were remixed. Contributing their massive talents are DJ Surgeon, whose stint as an opener for Lady Gaga push the band ever closer to the charts (err, not likely, but the tune is brilliant!), The Go! Team's Ian Parton, who'd posted of his affection for the band and remains a figure of fascination, being a good dollop more talented than other young upstarts, and Randy Kuntz, whose devilish musical skills have added serious sizzle to the last few Nightingales records. As Nightingales toil on new projects, initial plans for The New Nonsense could not be realised. Worldwide vinyl pressing delays made delivery before last year's tour impossible. The project seemed destined for collector status from the start - we pressed too few copies, Robert though it would be 'novel' to set the back sleeve ninety degrees off from the front sleeve, Four Against Fate is now nearly two years old, and the creative efforts of the band did not slow during lockdown

        Matt Berry & Emma Noble


          Matt Berry joins forces with soul singer and DJ Emma Noble for a reworking of Doris’ 1970 underground classic Psych Funk number, ‘Beatmaker’.

          The track is featured as the closing credits for the recent BBC2 series, ‘Toast of Tinseltown’, in which Matt starred as the title character.

          Recorded mid-2021, the two bring an urgency and contemporary feel to the track.

          The single demonstrates further Matt Berry’s range as a musician and producer and is a worthy addition to his impressive catalogue.

          Picture sleeve 7” single with exclusive instrumental version on the B-side.

          The William Loveday Intention

          I'm Good Enough

            Brand new double 7” by The William Loveday Intention! As part of an incredibly productive year by one of the world's most productive and cherished artists, Billy Childish releases a new EP by The William Loveday Intention as part of his attempt at “a career in a year”. “Four tracks that address the game of being a human being.” 'I'm Good Enough' is a fresh look at Thee Headcoats' classic. 'Failure not Success' speaks for itself - and embodies the quest for un-muddied art. 'Becoming Unbecoming Me' is the story of a Jewish girl in Austria who changed her identity and married a Nazi to escape the death camps. 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' is our version of Bob Dylan's version of 'Too Much Monkey Business' by Chuck Berry.”

            TRACK LISTING

            A – I'm Good Enough
            B – Failure Not Success
            C – Becoming Unbecoming Me
            D – Subterranean Homesick Blues (Alt Version)

            On the A side with ‘Joy’, Bruise head in a jubilant direction. Chanting vocal chops ride along deep cut kick grooves and vivid piano riffs; modernising the classic house sound and forming a track that would as likely go off in a club in the UK as it would on the sun-soaked beaches of Ibiza.

            In ‘The Theme’, Bruise switches things up and offers up a weighty, bass-driven progressive techno heater; bolstered with rattling break chops and polyrhythmic analogue synth arpeggios. As the track progresses, rip-roaring, squelching acid-lines are introduced at the crescendo; creating a versatile club record; primed and ready for the clubs reopening.

            On this single ‘When Pianos Attack’, the vibe is instantly recognisable. Piano chords lead the charge of yet another dancefloor destroyer, with that signature sound of swinging beats, layered pianos, lashings of strings, and hosts of heavenly soulful choirs. Just close your eyes, look up, feel the rush, and dance.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Millie says: We needed the original version of this!!! Housey tech with a euphoric energy that will have you coming back time and time again..

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Joy
            A2. Theme
            B1. When Pianos Attack
            B2.  Akiba Choirs


            Sure Pow / Tangerine Shot

            SABROSA pays tribute to the BEASTIE BOYS with two instro-mental cuts that borrow elements from "Sure Shot" out of their classic album, "Ill Communication".

            Sure Pow is a great fuzzy, wah wah guitar Grant Green-on-steroids soundtrack approach to "Pow" from "Check Your Head", while Tangerine Shot is a cover of Suco De Tangerina, an instrumental track out of their "Mix-Up" Lp that takes a twist into Dub territoire…Pure fiyah!

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Sure Pow
            2. Tangerine Shot

            The Goa Express

            Everybody In The UK

              Teenagehood, brotherhood and a genuine love for alternative music has united The Goa Express from the off. Hailing from the industrial town of Burnley and adopted by the Manchester culture carriers, their teenage years can be viewed as something of a hedonistic pilgrimage into the underbelly of suburban rock and roll- their first gig having been 3 songs blasted out their mates garage, the next on top of a local vintage shop where the floor nearly caved in: “when there’s fuck all, you make do with what you got”.

              The intensity of this friendship has resulted in the occasional bust up along the way, yet it only adds to the burning chemistry that the band offer on record and on stage. Together, brothers James Douglas Clarke (Guitar + Vocals) and Joe Clarke (Keys), along with Joey Stein (Lead Guitar), Naham Muzaffar (Bass) and Sam Launder (Drums) all contribute to a fuzzy wall of diverse sound, becoming harder to pin down with their constantly evolving, psych-umbrella’d, rock and roll. What sets The Goa Express apart from other musicians who sit comfortably within scenes is that their identity as a band has been growing organically long before the 5 of them decided to pick up instruments and teach themselves art of killing time.

              Their genuine joy in the everyday; their attitude and antics seem to hark back to the glory days of the NME- if they talk about a night out, you want to be there because these lads ooze charm and wreak havoc. This purist, old school approach to creating music through unified experiences and stimulated good times is married with the plain fact that they are very much young people of this generation, and while they see its flaws its hyperreality, its sheep-like tendencies, they still understand the importance in the immediacy of pop music: of a banging riff, or a glorious chorus and how effective this can truly be, and they want everyone along for the ride.

              With influences ranging from Spacemen 3 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to French existentialism, from Beat Literature to long hours working at the Bookies to the journey into the sunrise on the night bus home, it is their ability to be all these things at once which makes The Goa Express a guitar band for the 21st Century. Nothing is ever a compromise because they are so unapologetically themselves in everything they do- proud Northerners with a DIY foundation that aren’t afraid to look into the often dim future and see themselves shining brightly in it, unforgiving and unpretentious.

              So far, the band have released 3 singles with great success. The first: ‘Be My Friend’, produced by Ross Orton right next Sheffield’s famous ‘City Sauna’ brothel, presents itself to us as a cheeky, snarling pop song, holding undertones of raw cynicism laden with psychedelic sunshine. Ross Orton’s studio was also right next door to where the band recorded their last single ‘The Day’ with Nathan Saoudi of Fat White Family at ‘Champ Zone.’ Both these producers have been able to give these instant pop classics a grittier feel, capturing the essence of the unfettered lifestyle the band were living at the time that they were able to capture themselves in the music video for ‘Be My Friend’.

              After signing with Ra-Ra Rok, (WU-LU/Bingo Fury) the band released anthemic summer hit ‘Second Time’, that went straight to the 6 music B-List before quickly heading up to the A-List 2 for 2 weeks. This was followed by the release of its B-Side ‘Overpass’ that almost immediately caught the eyes and ears of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, who had the band on his ‘Next Wave’ Segment. Closing the year that saw them play to thousand-strong crowds at festivals like Latitude and End of the Road, the band headlined their biggest headline show to date at Manchester’s Gorilla - its fair to say that this really is only the beginning.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A - Everybody In The UK
              Side B - Everybody In The UK (Demo)

              White Flowers

              Are You

                RIYL: Beach House, Cocteau Twins, Cigarettes After Sex, Slowdive

                Isolated from any kind of music scene and enveloped by the cold Brutalism of Preston, White Flowers are a young, enigmatic band developing their own eccentricities away from the influence of big cities. New EP ‘Are You’ is a sonic and aesthetic collage drawing deeply from their environmental and social surroundings. The songs on the EP may at first seem delicate and beautiful, but closer listening reveals dark undertones and dry humour fuelled by the frustration of feeling trapped with no way out. Driven by this sense of claustrophobia, the duo have sought to create a form of escapism outside of their physical and geographical limitations.

                Recorded late 2021 between Preston and Bristol, ‘Are You’ weaves together a mixture of intuitive home recordings and refined studio production aided by producer Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, Portishead, Perfume Genius). The four songs on the EP are an intentional collection of contrasts and paradoxes - beauty and repulsion, calmness and mania, anxiety and stasis - all combined to form a balanced whole.

                Whilst influenced in part by the writings of the late Mark Fisher and his idea that we are haunted by futures that failed to happen, that what might have been may yet be the dream that saves us, White Flowers have also found inspiration in the Brutalist architecture that adorns their hometown - futuristic yet dated buildings that serve as an appropriate visual metaphor for Fisher’s theories. Bleakly imposing yet comfortingly familiar, the monochromatic starkness of these structures has fed into the imagery for the record, as well as the sounds found within. Not intending to wallow in cynicism, however, White Flowers’ art ultimately aims to provide a way out of these dystopian fever dreams and spiralling thoughts into a forward facing place.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Are You
                2. Foreground
                3. This Is Not
                4. Singular

                Once in a blue moon a singer comes along that stops you in your tracks, Lady Blackbird is one such talent. Dubbed by Gilles Peterson “the Grace Jones of jazz”, her album Black Acid Soul dropped in September 2021 to glowing reviews across the board from the likes of The Guardian and New York Times.

                One of the standout tracks ‘Lost and Looking’ - a cover of Sam Cooke’s sparsely arranged original, where Lady Blackbird builds the track with her haunting vocal and sparkling piano notes performed by Deron Johnson, gets the rework treatment from none other than Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy.

                Released via Ross Allen, and long-time collaborator Andy Thompson’s Foundation Music, the Classic Album Sunday’s originator, co-founder of the Lucky Cloud System parties and David Mancuso protégé, turns in her ‘Cosmodelica Remix’ muscling up the track for the dancefloor, with a demon bassline, funk fuelled bass guitar, and cosmic acid lines. There’s also a dub for those who prefer a more stripped down but equally pumping affair.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: So good me and Pasta Paul almost conspired not to publicize it. Don't sleep on this absolute dancefloor bomb! Vocal and dub are killer; basement buggin' red light shit. NEED.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Lost And Looking (Cosmodelica Remix)
                B1. Lost And Looking (Cosmodelica Dub)

                Tone Control

                Illusion (incl. Theo Parrish Remix)

                King Theo has landed! You can bet 12 years ago when WOLF Music started the label, they never thought they’d be welcoming certified royalty Theo Parrish to lay down a remix on a release. And what better track for Theo to work his magic on, than the deep depths of Tone Control’s 2008 classic – ‘Illusion’.

                Buttery, soulful deepness, ‘Illusion’ has it all, hitting you right in that soft spot - pure eyes closed business. Late night, early morning, peak time, take your pick. It was an instant classic when it was released, with Theo regularly drawing for it at his legendary Plastic People residency.

                Now sit the man Theo down in the studio with the stems for a track he clearly loves and what do you get? A slice of Theo genius no doubt. His ‘SS Translation’ clocks in at nearly 10 minutes, building, twisting and turning in a way only Theo knows how. Restructuring and relayering the elements to squeeze every last drop of emotion out of Tone Control’s track, Theo’s delectable bass synth playing, at times haunting keys and fresh drum programming give a rawness and punch to the cut that channel that inner Theo spirit in style.

                Flip it to find Tone Control’s mix of ‘Illusion’, Simon Finnegan and Marcus Harris’ biggest hit that’s still played today by the likes of Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and Kerri Chandler. In fact, who better to talk this track up than Kerri himself, with a quote from back in the day:

                “…It is one of my favorite songs. Even the way the song is put together is honestly what house is all about for me. It's got every element I love in one song, dope bass line, a different deep vocal, the sounds are hot (drums, even the way he made them swing, that Rhodes) all of it… Everyone I play it for they freak out about it.”

                All in all, this 12 is a must-have for those that like to get down!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Millie says: Theo Parrish in the house, very nice lo-fi housey jazzy vibes happening here and we're right where its at, Illusion is one hell of a track and Theo has taken it to next level.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Illusion (Theo’s SS Translation)
                B1. Illusion (Tone Control Mix)

                Distangled brings us this re-issue of the highly sought-after house & techno EP called "Roadrunner" by Dutch producer David Spanish. Originally released in very limited quantities back in 1996, this record now changes hands for quite some cash. The tracks off of the Distangled release are re-mastered from the original master tapes and the EP includes 3 previously unreleased tracks. A very versatile 6 tracker which glides through static-riddled dub techno, hard acid and funky, tribal styles. It's mega cos all six tracks are highly playable across the course of an evening. Jeff Mills used to boast about how he'd only buy records were at least 2 of the 3 cuts were playable - so here you're getting maximum techno coverage for just one entry into your record box - back of the net!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Tasty techno re-ish of a lesser known Dutch EP that's lay pretty undiscovered till now. The kinda shit that'd go off at Tribal Sessions and Sequence back in the day; a lot of modern clubland forgets how fierce and tribal it used to get. Feathers n face paint tackle.

                TRACK LISTING

                The Dripface
                Red Flamingo
                Rotor Cream
                Ride The Snake
                Hero With 1000 Faces

                Freaky R&B indebted pop from Monteal’s Laroie. Produced by Gene Tellem with Gabriel Rei and Robert Robert. 150 copies only.

                Seductive sadness. Powerful vulnerability. Precise yet irresistible vocals. A few words to describe Laroie as she steps forward in full possession of her means, following up on her debut and namesake EP released in August 2020, and on the recent singles "Can't Let Go" and "One More". Here she is with “Speed of Life”, an extended play destined to be absorbed and listened to in one sitting. Funny how it sounds both familiar - you feel like you’ve known these songs your whole life - and brand new, all at once. In this nostalgic and emotional territory, standing at the borders of her influences, Laroie's talent shines through.

                Skilfully navigating the electro-pop sonic palette, the artist crafts a comfortable, soothing canvas where dance, soul, and R&B from the late 90s and early 2000 also hop into the mix. From the bewitching slow garage "Elevate" to the cathartic and luminous "Can't Let Go", and through the trip-hop infused "One More", the very danceable "A Place on Earth", "Moonlight", reminiscent of the best of TLC, Brandy and Monica, and the title track’s addictive vocal melody, “Speed of Life”, just like a silky everyday soundtrack, is enjoyable on repeat.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Landing somewhere between street soul, electro-pop and modern R&B, Laroie burst outta nowhere with a fresh sound that's bound to please! Killer vocals from this under-the-radar songstress. Big TIP.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Elevate
                A2. One More
                A3. Speed Of Life
                B1. Moonlight
                B2. A Place On Earth
                B3. Can’t Let Go

                Number six in the highly collectable Golden Lion Sounds series - featuring artists and friends of the iconic Todmorden based hub and released on limited edition vinyl. A true treasure and curio of Yorkshire musical and cultural history!

                Manchester's Henge take over side A with a jaunty, indie-psyche number. Guided by a waspy synth motif and marching drums, it's as reassuringly eccentric and grooving as we've come to expect from this bunch of noisy weirdos.

                Speaking of weird and wonderful, anyone who's witnessed Tirikilatops crazed live show will enjoy "Tomato", which captures all the quirky Korean-influenced madness over a kinda Eurodans / K-Pop hybrid which reflects the luminous colour palette of the 7"'s center label and somehow manages to align itself with International Teachers Of Pop and recent outings by Confidence Man all at once!

                The Lion roars strong once more!! Stupendously limited copies, will sell out pronto! 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Inspired, Korean influenced synth-pop madness here from Tirikilatops and the crazies at The Golden Lion. Meanwhile, local pranksters Henge embrace middle age, swapping the Quaaludes for valerian tea but remaining deliciously outrageous as ever.

                TRACK LISTING

                Henge - Valerian Tea
                Tirikilatops - Tomato 

                Incredible new record from the now well established local firm - Bakk Heia. Fans of the label / clubnight should be well acquainted with the rosters' star, Jorg Kuning; whose exquisitely fizzy technoid party vibes have wigged us out on two out of the label's four previous outings.

                His third record could be his most brilliantly phlegmy and scuzzy record to date; four lysergic squelchers that bend and squirl with nuff tryptamine enhancements. There's an almost regimental stomp to opener, "Simmons"; which also contains an assortment of Kuning's now trademark percussion and synth squiggles. "Transplant" melds distorted perx in contrasting time signatures into a tribal bounce that'll invert yer melon whilst making you trip up over your own two feet. Finding the groove might be tricky on this one folks - but maximum reward is granted when you do!

                Flip and "Dripgroove" is most likely to be my staple go-to in the clubs. Those concentric, trippy grooves embellishing another tour de force of sound design as Kuning conducts highly combustible chemical reactions between all his various sonic elements - resulting in an kinda alien chatter that'd make Jeff Mills blush and most probably engage your nearest mainframe / A.I device into some spiritual conversation. "Bodyscan" concludes with a more stuttered, percussive take on the conversation; a morse-code / sonar bleep symphony which, when the rich chords and dreamy sequence converge takes you off into 5-dimensional realms of enhanced pleasure.

                Unmissable record from an unmissable label. Jorg Kuning smashes it outta the park again. Eat this up at the crew’s late nite parties and you'll feel like phosphorus. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Manchester club night turned record label Bakk Heia never disappoint, and Jorg Kuning adds to their faultless score sheet here with four more mainframe fizzlers from his electrified mind. Every release so far unmissable.

                TRACK LISTING

                1.Simmons 07:02
                2.Transplant 08:05
                3.Dripgroove 07:03
                4.Bodyscan 08:0

                Dirty machine gun funk, dripping in fudgy acidic grooves on this twisted heater from native London badass Shy One. Techno collides with Jazz Fusion across three jams recorded straight out the box and cut exclusively onto wax for Eglo Records. This 7" marks the first in a series of releases from the kinetic, undefinable talent.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Crumb Trail
                2. IP Addy
                3. A New Way Of Looking At An Old Place

                Minami Deutsch & Damo Suzuki

                Live At Roadburn - 2022 Pink Vinyl Repress

                  At the 2018 edition of Roadburn Festival – a congregation of all things obscure, heavy and experimental in Tilburg, the Netherlands – two generations of Japanese Krautrock genius took to the stage for a live collaboration that was just as hypnotic as it was inevitable. The artists in question were Tokyo’s Minami Deutsch and the legendary ex-Can frontman Damo Suzuki. With Minami Deutsch’s heady metronomic jams providing the backdrop on which Suzuki was left free to deliver his distinct improvised vocals, the Live AtRoadburn LP is challenging, raw and, at times, totally alien. Divided into three parts, from start to finish the LP is consumed by an unrelenting motorik rhythm section that never lets loose for a second. At the flick of a switch, intricate guitars veer from hypnotic and meditative to skewed psychedelic freak-outs drenched in fuzz. Where Minami Deutsch’s playing is sharp and meticulous, Suzuki's stream-of-consciousness ramblings steer the music into whatever direction he sees fit. The result is equal parts disorientating, sporadic and totally all-consuming – the only thing keeping you grounded being that distorted and seemingly-endless 4/4 drive. Repetition. Minimalism. Improvisation. Transcendence. That was the ideology of seminal Krautrock pioneers Can, whose 1970-1973 work with Damo Suzuki at the helm unleashed something in music that would change it forever. Some 45 years since Can’s final record with Suzuki - the inimitable Future Days - and the spirit of that era still lives on. Not least because ever since then Suzuki has embarked on an endless one-man tour, travelling around the world and taking to the stage backed by countless different bands. Crossing paths at Roadburn, Suzuki's ensuing performance with Tokyo via Berlin-based group Minami Deutsch is now available to relive on wax. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1) Part I
                  2) Part II
                  3) Part III

                  Bill Fay & Julia Jacklin

                  Just To Be A Part

                    Julia Jacklin’s version of ‘Just To Be A Part’ alongside Bill Fay's original.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Julia Jacklin - Just To Be A Part
                    Bill Fay - Just To Be A Part

                    Bill Fay & Mary Lattimore

                    Love Is The Tune

                      Mary Lattimore’s version of 'Love Is The Tune' alongside Bill Fay's original.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Mary Lattimore - Love Is The Tune
                      Bill Fay - Love Is The Tune

                      Coss & Luca Musto

                      Remind Me Tomorrow - Inc. Noema Remix

                      The Magic Movement celebrate their 25th release with a wonderful selection of late night, tropical house from the Berlin based Coss & Luca Musto. Atmospheric jams that instantly transport you to star lit skies and red glowing neons, it comes with an equally hedonistic remix from label boss Noema. 

                      Coss has been a mainstay at Berlin's Kater Blau club for some time now and has just released an EP on the club's in-house imprint Kiosk ID as well as an EP for his own Metanoia label. Italian rooted but Germany-based Luca Musto returns to the Magic Movement here following his 2018 "Parabel" EP and has since gone on to release further material with Cologne's Feines Tier and Laut & Luise in recent years.

                      Here joining forces with the "Remind Me Tomorrow" EP the two artists deliver more of their distinctive tripped-out, dropped tempo club sound. "Broken Promises" leads the way via dreamy dubbed out textures, gnarly bass tones, twinkling chimes and airy arpeggios atop a galloping drum groove.

                      Title cut "Remind Me Tomorrow" follows and brings modulating resonant synth lines into the forefront alongside elongated subs, cinematic pads, and circling sequences while Luca also stirs in his own rap/spoken word hip house style vocals.

                      The third original "Concept Zero" follows next and lays down psychedelic guitars, choppy stabs, murky bass swells and dynamic delays before Noema rounds out the release with his take on "Remind Me Tomorrow", flipping the switch to raw, crunchy drums and spoken word vocal chants amongst the original's chuggy arps and dreamy melodic elements.

                      All tracks have this lush patina and crisp production that's gonna sound splendidly 3D on the high end festival rigs and nightclub systems. You'll be hearing a lot of this one over Summer months me thinks... 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Highly crafted, transportive music with tons of character and a unique, stylish identity. Shadow lurking nocturnal dance music with hi-def production. Mega.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Broken Promises
                      A2. Remind Santa (feat. Natalia Clavier)
                      B1. Concept Zero
                      B2. Remind Me Tomorrow (Noema's Resistance Rave Remix)

                      Karen Young

                      Deetour - Moplen Remixes

                        When Italian Luca “Moplen” Locatelli asked High Fashion to feast his creativity on this one, they were rather sceptical. In fact, they preferred not. But how quick things can change! Moplen brought this nevertheless classic performance of Karen Young back to it’s basis, took as a tradition all tracks and stems apart, and reconstructed it into what it should have been back in 1982. With a flavour of 2020. Bringing the record to its original speed and key, based on the cosmic feel that comes with the lyrics of the song. And the way Karen performs it.

                        On the B-side Moplen goes wild and makes no compromize where he brings us almost in a cosmic state of trance. But this is NO trance record. This is boogie. This is how Deetour should have basically been in 1982. But this is how Moplen and Karen Young sound in 2020!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Really nice tweaks of this bona fide dancefloor stable. Just don't tell Moonboots!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Deetour (Moplen Paradise Boogie)
                        B. Deetour (Moplen Cosmic Trip)

                        Dames Brown

                        What Would You Do? - Inc. Folamour

                        Epitomizing the very best of their hometown’s unparalleled musical heritage, Detroit’s Dames Brown are the vocal trio you may not yet know by name but are sure to know by voice. Lending their exquisite range to a number of modern house essentials, including Sophie Lloyd’s ‘Calling Out’, The Vision featuring Andreya Triana ‘Heaven’ and David Penn’s ‘Nobody’ in recent years, Athena Johnson, Teresa Marbury and LaRae Starr now release ‘What Would You Do?’ on a limited 7” package. Produced by long-time collaborator of the group and fellow Motor City native Amp Fiddler and Mahogani Music regular Andrés, this slick, funk-filled and typically soulful vinyl release features the exceptional original version as well as Lyon house superstar Folamour’s remix, with his signature groove a perfect match for the Dames mesmerizing vocal. Don’t sleep!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Massive massive massive! Andres and Amp Fiddler on production! Bumps hard, kicks like a mule. With a bassline that'll cause ceilings to collapse.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. What Would You Do?
                        B. What Would You Do? (Folamour Remix)

                        Bolis Pupul

                        Neon Buddha

                        Fresh off the back of a debut album with sidekick Charlotte Adigéry Belgium-Chinese musician Bolis Pupul explores themes of heritage and identity on his new solo two-track 12": "Neon Buddha" - on Soulwax's highly credible Deewee label.

                        Mixing widescreen electronica – think early Mr Fingers-like techno and Yellow Magic Orchestra’s exuberant man-machine minimalism – with the warm-hearted and wonky naivete of Belgian New Beat Bolis’ singular sonics are at once playful emotive unrelenting and tender.

                        The title track is inspired by a dream Bolis had of a pagoda in Hong Kong featuring a contemplative Buddha made of neon lights. The music is similarly bright and exciting – an insistent acid squiggle giving the track the requisite Weatherall-friendly A Love from Outer Space chug.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Wide-screen electronica & stadium braindance from the Soulwax curated label. Bolis Pupul's wild harnessing of instruments reminds me of classic Modeselektor and his synthetic and expansive sonic canvases are an absolute overload on the senses.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Neon Buddha
                        B. Rendez-Voodoo

                        Multi Culti seasonal balance series continues with Equinox II.

                        The EP kicks off with a beautiful Balearic gem from Italian musician Umberto Vitiello paired up with the amazing Donato Dozzy. It’s a spellbinding journey, one sure to be cherished by Tuluminatti ‘ritual’ djs as well as authentic shamans around the world.

                        Ofofo flies solo on the positively-ebullient ‘unlock the future,’ striking a rare note of lightness in its sublimely ethereal groove. Instant sunshine!

                        Flip it over for the funky, badass bassy bounce of the mighty diegors, a name not heard enough since his glory days on early comeme. He’s back in top form and this one is an effortlessly cool slice of groove.

                        Next up, Multi Culti wizard Nicola Cruz delivers a breaks mix of previous cult single Aima. It’s a wiggly modular fun-fest that showcases his endless evolutionary bloom as a super-producer.

                        Finally, a brand new project from Brazil’s Philippi (of deewee and fatnotronic fame). Ubaruh is an anthem designed for Mexican nu-disco dancers. Pinche funky disco!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Millie says: Multi Culti does it again with their second volume for the Equinox celebrations, a multitude of genres spanning from Shamanic-y cosmic disco, cool Balearic, bassy funk, house with a splash of wonky electronica. Pheeeew I *think* that covers it, basically something for everyone there.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Umberto Vitiello & Donato Dozzy – Peul (Dozzy Journey Remix)
                        A2. Ofofo – Unlock The Future
                        B1. Diegors – Lo Valledor
                        B2. Nicola Cruz – Aima (Breaks Mix)
                        B3. Ubaruh – Pinche Funky Disco

                        Tartlelet kick off a new label, DANCEMPORIUM, enlisting Milanese producer Nelson Of The East for a tasty four tracker of cosmic delights and leftfield wonk. Following up his highly acclaimed album “Kybele”, the producer muses: ‘After the release of Kybele, it took me a while to figure out what would be a good sequel, and I found myself deconstructing tracks from the album. I came to the conclusion that the most important thing on the new EP would be the relationship between the different elements, while trying to use fewer layers.’ While the lilt and sway of organic musicality remains at the heart of his sound, the Berlin-based producer applies these qualities in a variety of ways. On “Ellipsis”, for example, live percussive patterns were recorded and recreated using synthesis, which Nelson found to be more effective than the acoustic originals. The result is three tracks that pivot around danceable structures while moving well outside the established norms of the dancefloor. From the pinging textures and staggered beat impulses of “Ellipsis” to the Go Go-flavored funk of “Sub Erotic” and the trance-inducing acid incantation of “Memoria”; Nelson’s distinctive inspirations spill out of his music in intriguing formations.

                        Danish mainstay Kasper Marott rounds out the EP, applying a seductive pulse to push “Ellipsis” towards a psychoactive peak. The perfect brooding partner to the original, while reinforcing Nelson’s vision of an electronically minded album. Sub Erotic marks the first release on DANCEMPORIUM, Tartelet Records’ new home for dancefloor-oriented music. Having grown to become a broad church of musical modes and expressions, the label is now breaking out into more focused sonic spheres. With his use of rich timbres and adventurous spirit, Nelson of the East is the perfect inaugural candidate.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Shamanic / cosmic wonkiness that we f-in love here! Proper esoteric grooves for the witching hours. Comes with free gremlin*

                        *not included

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Ellipsis
                        A2. Ellipsis (Kaser Marott Remix)
                        B1. Sub Erotic
                        B2 Memoria

                        **MUCH NEEDED REPRESS OF THIS EARLY SOPHIE (RIP) HIT!!!** 

                        The cultishly adored Huntleys & Palmers’ new release comes from super fresh talent Sophie, who you might recall from his rapturous remix of Auntie Flo’s "Highlife". His debut release has been a particular highlight at the H&P parties and it’s no surprise that he counts support and approval from the likes of Actress, Jackmaster, Kode9, Jimmy Edgar, Skream, Spencer (Numbers) and Auntie Flo. "I try to make music which is fun to dance to - that should be the loudest voice talking. I think it would be extremely exciting if music could take you on the same sort of high-thrill 3-minute ride as a theme park roller coaster." - Sophie.

                        "Nothing More To Say" gets 'dubbed' by Jackmaster and is ridiculously infectious. So much so even men with extremely long beards will be seen sneaking in a little shuffle to this one; while the less pretentious on the dancefloor will probably be swinging from the rafters and wigglin' that booty like no other. On the flip "Eeehhh" a technicoloured feel-good anthem of the highest order. Using a sound palette of completely synthetic, phosphorus melodies and drums makes the track sound futurist while the catchy licks, optimistic chord structure and superb drops make it totally accessible for a vast majority of dancefloors - this one will blend through the genres like a chameleon. Another massive 12" from Huntleys & Palmers then - essential tackle for your all night tropical discotheque.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Much needed repress of the FIRST EVER EP from Sophie: the era-defining innovative artist and musician who sadly passed away in 2021. Out of print since its release in 2012; you can hear the singular artist's voice and direction slowly come into focus throughout this, now infamous release.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Nothing More To Say (Vocal)
                        Nothing More To Say (Dub)

                        Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech) marked a turning point for Kraak & Smaak who, until this song had been released, were slowly but steadily building an underground fanbase from their Leiden base in Holland. The single and its ground breaking video got them a ton of worldwide attention with the likes of Kanye West and Perez Hilton (big at the time – look it up) sharing and posting about it and ultimately lead to the band signing a US record deal with Ultra Records and them becoming a successful touring band stateside. It remains an enduring club track and has been used many times on film & TV. The flip side Bobby & Whitney is a funky as hell Kraak & Smaak classic (written before the untimely demise of Ms Houston btw..) and makes this an extremely desirable 7" acquisition.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Millie says: Ultimate funk landed here in the shop, Kraak & Smaak nail it yet again its no wonder that they've finally got the recognition they deserve. Sink your teeth into these two absolute bangers!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech)
                        2. Bobby & Whitney

                        Prince of Queens aka Felipe Quiroz lets loose his blissfully rhythms on a four track EP for NYC’s Second Hand Records. From melodic excursions through the realms of house to tougher, percussive, arp laden cuts and atmospheric techy deepness it’s an intelligent and introspective body of work. Toronto’s Ciel then flips the script on the title track, turning it into a glitched out, club ready weapon – the perfect combination to complete the EP.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Millie says: Was vvv intrigued by this Prince of Queens 12", nice smooth chuggy house on a label we haven't stocked from before but this is ace.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Sound Of Life
                        A2. Sound Of Life (Ciel Afterlife Mix)
                        B1. NYC Repeats
                        B2. For Mike

                        Partnering with French label Heavenly Sweetness, Razor-N-Tape delivers the first in a series of EPs by the Brooklyn band Underground System. Showcasing the group’s dynamic global sound, the three original songs of the ‘Into The Fire EP’ range from the Afrobeat-meets-indie-disco vibe of the title track, to the raucous and instant earworm bounce of He Said, She Said, and the smolderingly sultry Desnuda.

                        On the B side the original material gets some heavy DJ-friendly reimagining by Detroit legend Andrés, and French don Yuksek, making this 12” both a proud musical manifesto of the new artist-centered direction of RNT, as well as a knowing nod to the label’s devoted fans on the dancefloor.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Into The Fire
                        A2. He Said, She Said
                        A3. Desnuda
                        B1. Into The Fire (Andrés Remix)
                        B2. Desnuda (Yuksek Remix)

                        There is never any doubt that soul is in the house, when you hear the poetic guitar and organ licks from Cold Diamond & Mink starting to twirl together, and out of nowhere Carlton Jumel Smith steps effortlessly inside the groove. "Heaven In My Arms" is the second in line of Carlton's new trio of singles on Timmion, and what a treat it is: deep as Mississippi mud, light as a feather.

                        This time our trans-Atlantic tag team delivers a melodic beat ballad of the highest order, which should sweep fans of lowrider soul off their wheels. Spanish Harlem-bred Carlton has been steadily churning out gems since meeting the Timmion folks some years back and shows no signs of stopping yet. This is a love song with plenty of heart to give everybody. Just take it all in, and enjoy the instrumental on the flipside while you're at it.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Heaven In My Arms (Vocal) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink]
                        .2 Heaven In My Arms (Instrumental)

                        Carlton Jumel Smith is back on Timmion Records, doing what he does best: grooving, testifying and romancing his way into your heart. His last album for the label 1634 Lexington Ave. left many contemporary soul fans in awe – some in tears of joy – and they will be pleased to know that he has something new cooking in 2022.

                        The first release from an upcoming trilogy of singles, "Devoted To You" packs everything you could want from a mid-tempo jam. A steady tambourine beat rides the mellow Cold Diamond & Mink groove, leaving Carlton all the pockets he needs to fill with his ever-funky but delicate delivery.

                        Keep tuned this year for a bunch of new soulful tracks from Carlton and Cold Diamond & Mink. They will keep you warm and cozy through any kind of weather!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Devoted To You (Vocal) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink]
                        2. Devoted To You (Instrumental)

                        The opening rimshot drums of "Loveliness Of You" by Carlton Jumel Smith and Cold Diamond & Mink have sunday soul written all over them. This easy breezy groover closes Calton's 2022 singles trilogy with a style that echoes classic Hi productions for Al Green from the early 1970's. It's clear that on Timmion Records, Carlton has found a home far away from home.

                        Carlton's soulful demeanor is hard not to like, and if there is any truth to what he's singing here, some even seem to fall in love with it. The recipe is not complicated here, and there is no reason to keep it a secret: just a steady groove by a tight rhythm section, horns that lift the beat off the ground and a voice that wraps itself around your heart. And sometimes that's all you need.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. The Loveliness Of You (Vocal) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink]
                        2. The Loveliness Of You (Instrumental) [Instrumental]

                        Fresh new collaboration between friends Handy x Shall Not Fade, bringing together artists from each label to produce a side each for the VA.

                        Lining up for Shall Not Fade we have London's 9th House & Berlins Ruff Stuff and batting for Handy we have Trouble Makers Adam Curtain, Bobby Cazanova & a collab from Arthur Dudley and the ever on-form Retromigration.

                        As it says on the tin – “Keep it in the Family”

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Millie says: Ooooft @ this. Fresh off the press is this compilation, Keep It In The Family which is catchy and delicious. I'd get on this housey number before it sells out.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. 9th House - Harmonic Convergence
                        A2. Ruff Stuff - Still Dancing
                        B1. Adam Curtain - Wonk That Arp
                        B2. Bobby Cazanova - Big Eden
                        B3. Arthur Dudley X Retromigration – Moodyknight

                        Mr Emotinium goes rogue on a new breaks-heavy bop for Acid Waxa, riding a wave of mid tempo squelchers and industrial strength gurner-churners, pressed on vinyl for the very thirst time!

                        The tough breakbeats, slippery machine funk and fizzier end of the acid spectrum have always been a predominant driving force throughout most of Roy’s impressive output to date but on his new “Fenix Break” slab for Acid Waxa, Nottingham’s finest lays the mid-tempo gurner-churners on thick with a trowel and goes in deep on a wild, cement mixer bop.

                        Employing the use of an old Akai sampler avec floppy discs and the mega rare Cwejman S2 & Synton Fenix 19 synths alongside his usual acidic apparatus - Roy delivers six heavily-processed 303 sizzlers, recorded straight to tape for added rawness and pressed on to vinyl for the very thirst time, following a sold out, limited edition cassette version of "Fenix Break", released in 2019. Get yer bolt cutters and deploy at nearest warehouse rave…. 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Max says: Modern acid poster boy loads up his floppy discs, plugs in his rare synths, ramps up the gains well into the red and hits play and record on his tape deck. The results are gutteral, phlegm-inducing warehouse wreckers that'll scare the shit outta yer parents.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Fenix Break
                        A2. Distance S2 (Part One)
                        A3. Distance S2 (Part Two)
                        B1. Funk Monkey
                        B2. Cold Wind
                        B3. Showdown

                        Sunshine Sound

                        Happy Song - The Francois K & Walter Gibbons Edits

                        Sunshine Sound deliver an absolute doozy for their vinyl debut, treating us to 'Happy Song', the original DJ tool from the legendary Francois K.

                        This is not just a bonus beat...This is THE bonus beat! This iconic rhythm track has been the source of countless samples, imitations & duplications since it first appeared in 1977. Now for the first time FK's original edit is available as a high quality stereo recording direct from tape. You may now put away your bootlegs.

                        Flip it over to find the long lost Walter Gibbons Battle Edit of 'Happy Song'. 
                        Walter Gibbons, one of NYs founding DJs, would skilfully experiment with the rhythm live on turntables at his Galaxy 21 club residency, whipping the floor into a frenzy as well as inspiring FK to create his famous edit.
                        What you may not know is that Walter also worked on his own version of Happy Song. Pulsing with primordial stereo syncopation, Walter's previously unheard Battle Edit could be considered the Director's Cut.

                        This is just the beginning, prepare to amend the history books.

                        Package includes hand-stamped sleeve and information inlay.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Happy Song (Edit By Francois K)
                        B. Happy Song (Walter Gibbons Battle Edit)

                        The Rickie Clark Company

                        Time To Throw Down

                        Originally released in 1983 on Becket Records, "Time To Throw Down" is a slick and futuristic bulldozer of boogie-electro. Somewhere between P-funk & boogie, its high voltage electric bass, face slapping drums and creeping tectonic force is one of Paul Thomas' most masterful creations. The bandleader had produced three 12" single's released under the title Circle City Band in 1983-84, one of those records titled "Magic" became extremely popular in the mid1980's, but this record was supposed to be the 4th 12" single on Becket Records.

                        At the same time in 1983, when Reggie Griffin and Paul Thomas was mixing this instrumental track in L.A, the reverend Rickie Clark originally from Circle City in Indianapolis, came to see them and fell in love with the track, asking if he could used it for himself.

                        Licensed reissue on dinked 7" vinyl with an alternative edit of the track on the flip. Tasty! 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Boogie Butt continue to provide rare-ass boogie and electro-funk reissues on 7". A true holy grail, you'd be looking at dropping at least a ton on this beaut if you were to even lay your eyes on a copy!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side 1
                        1. Time To Throw Down (5:01)
                        Side 2
                        1. Time To Throw Down (45 Edit) (3:46)

                        Nate Manic

                        Remixes Part 1 - Inc. Inc. Derrick Carter / Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts /Justin Cudmore / Lindsey Herbert Remixes

                        Brilliantly bumpety house import here from Nate Manic & a top drawer selection of remixers, kick starting Quaint But Extra's vinyl tenure in fine style.

                        First up is house music's larger than life personality and long serving veteran Derrick Carter who injects his usual skewwhiff, tumbling-down-the-stairs, highly swung grooves to "It's Never Easy" - characterized by searing vocoder line and squelchy synth hits.

                        Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts remix "Late For Work" - a studded, percolating mid sessioner with just the right amount of tension. Rubbery low end push-pulling us into a writhing mass of sweaty club bodies - nice!

                        "You Will Not Ruin Me" enjoys two separate outings. First by the 303-guided stutter of Justin Cudmore while the second is a much heavy, techno re-vamp by Lindsey Herbert. Hold onto your underpants! 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Queen of bump, Derrick Carter makes a welcome return, joined by a veritable selection of modern talent to remix these soulful Nate Manic house tracks. Check the Shelter-indebted "Late For Work" too!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side 1
                        1. It's Never Easy (Derrick Carter Remix) (6:21)
                        2. Late For Work (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) (7:03)
                        Side 2
                        1. You Will Not Ruin Me (Justin Cudmore Remix) (6:29)
                        2. You Will Not Ruin Me (Lindsey Herbert Remix) (7:07)

                        Cult label Acido returns with more of that spiritual electronic vibration. Written and produced by drummer and curator Andres Lõo from Tallin, could be quite easily be from Detroit particularly seems to reference James Stinton's The Other People Place alias.

                        Side A's "Synaptic Sugar" is bright and with a bassline so rubbery it practically bounces off the wax! Neat, crisp percussion keeps the rest of the elements on track; but you can sense the restrain and this one should get you bubbling in no time!

                        Meanwhile "Gentle Hell" is a dark n wavy dive into the mainframe; muffled sonar clicks and low tones guiding us through a murky electrostatic haze with no defined trajectory.

                        As always, fiercely experimental yet deliciously listenable grooves from the Acido camp - big up's Andres Lõo! 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Another one of my favourite labels returns to its iconic 'rainforest house' sound. Andres Loo aligning chakras with the phenominal "Synaptic Sugar".

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Synaptic Sugar
                        B. Gentle Hell

                        Lord Funk & Moar

                        Bela Menina / Onda Nova

                        Nova Onda returns with a third 7inch Vinyl, the two sides are edits remixes by our well known Lord Funk & his partner Moar, their wishes was to respect the original song, putting slight additional drums & effects. This 7inch gives you two Brazilian Disco House tunes.Nova Onda returns with their third release. Edits of two lesser known Brazilian disco joints by Lord Funk & his partner Moar. Their wishes was to respect the original song, putting only slight additional drums and effects into the arrangement.

                        "Bela Menina" uses Cuica drums to really accentuate that samba vibe as a funky mid-tempo disco groove slowly comes into focus.

                        "Nova Onda" comes with electronic boogie bass, clavs and heavier beat – surely a mid – late 80s Brazilian boogie cut? Answers on a postcard please!

                        Highly recommended, very danceable grooves. Don’t sleep!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Infectious, samba-fuelled funk and a electrified Brazilian boogie bomb... Pure firepower carefully controlled by Lord Funk & Moar.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Bela Menina
                        Nova Onda

                        Giovannia Damico

                        Ashes / Milky Way

                        Yet another bedroom boogie bonanza from the good folks at Star Creature who've enlisted the Italian stalion, Gionvanni Damico for their latest 7". The well decorated producer has already graced labels such as Lumberjacks In Hell, Bordello A Parigi, Kalakuta Soul and Faces with his slick and star-studded, fresh boogie sound!

                        Lead track, "Ashes" rev's outta off the grid with ruged vintage drum hits, picked guitar lines, Strat chops and plucked bassline. Cue Damico with an inspired vocal, sung in half Italian, half English and a catchy as covid chorus synth refrain. It's stripped back, it's quirky, it's sexy; it's everything your late nite disco needs!

                        "Milky Way" unpacks reverb heavy drums, vocodered vox and retro-future sci-fi leads for a cosmic funk system meltdown with lashings of Italo flavour!

                        Full picture sleeve, limited import copies. Move quick!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Really strong release from the perma-funkin' Star Creature mob. Inspired city pop stylings with 'nuff Italo / boogie references for extra pleasure. You know what to do!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Ashes
                        2. Milky Way

                        Age Of Love

                        The Age Of Love - Inc. Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano / Jam & Spoon Remixes

                        I gotta admit, I tried not to stock this record. Seeing Charlotte De Witte and her fiancé parade around Formular One, exotic mountain sides and some fancy Vancian rooftop locations in order to shoot THREE (count em!) different promo videos of exactly the same song, with them pathetically pretending to 'play' their remix live... OFF A FUCKING DJ CONTROLLER!! I mean, the term business techno could be more appropriate here. Apparently they were selling lame t-shirts promoting the track for $50 each too... fuck me!

                        Anyway, thankfully this version DOES come with Jam & Spoon's beachball friendly remix AND the inspired original track which, when you think that it was released in 1990; pretty much set one of the blueprints and high watermarks of the trance genre before it really exploded post-'92.

                        So yeah, if your original copy is hammered to death, and you can put up with these two clowns attempting to remix a track that they'll never be able to do justice, this record is for you! Honestly, it's worth it for the Jam & Spoon version...Plus some of the comments on Reddit..

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Charlotte De Witte takes it upon herself to have a go at this early trance prototype. The results are lack-lustre but thankfully the original and Jam & Spoons mixes more than make up for it.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side 1
                        1. The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) (8:11)
                        Side 2
                        1. The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix) (6:57)
                        2. The Age Of Love (5:55)

                        ARA-U & Radioactive Man turn a bad situation into a great collection of tracks with their latest collaborative release “The Houghton Blues EP”. Across two sides of vinyl on ARA-U's NO STATIC / AUTOMATIC label, the accomplished electro innovators once again serve up pure analogue vibes and raw machine funk.

                        When cult Norfolk gathering Houghton Festival was cancelled in 2019 because of high winds, this pair had just bought some booze and were already on their way. After a moment's sadness, they decided to turn bad news into good and head to the studio to work on some tracks. For the next two days, they stayed high on music as their Prophet, 101, 808, 303, and the Juno synths whirred and flashed.

                        ARA-U, of course, is the UK-based Venezuelan and longtime live specialist. He runs his own NO STATIC / AUTOMATIC label and, like Radioactive Man with whom he has already collaborated on the “Plastic Attack EP”, he is a master of his machines. dBridge, Posthuman and Alienata have all played his music before now and he remains at the heart of underground electro.

                        Right there with him is Radioactive Man, who has a career spanning 30 years, labels like Warp and many seminal collaborations from Two Lone Swordsman with Andrew Weatherall, with dBridge as dBRm and Billy Nasty as RadioNasty. He is a hugely prolific producer who has kept the quality levels high across five solo albums and countless EPs. He now heads up his own Asking For Trouble label and continues to innovate in the studio thanks to his live approach to making music.

                        The opener “Sounds Like Prince” is electrifying from the off with its neck-snapping drums and perc and squelchy synth lines. It's potent and powerful and perfect for packed dance floors. The superb “Machines Chit-Chat” is a deeper cut with cosmic synths. The drums still bang, but with wide-open spaces around them which are detailed with subtle hits and sci-fi motifs.

                        “What Happened To The Stash” is as dark and urgent as someone who has indeed lost their stash. It's got paranoid lines spiraling around the hurried groove in an inquisitive fashion while the booming bass drives forward. It's high-grade dance floor tackle then closer 'The Houghton Blues' brings a sense of machine soul that will melt your heart. The smeared chords, pixelated pads and melancholic robot sounds all coalesce into something as brilliant as it is beautiful.

                        ARA-U puts it best when he says, ‘This EP has all the moods and the jam really made sense. It has the funk, the stomper, the deep and the raw.’

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: End boss machine tweakers Radio Active Man & ARA-U get busy behind the circuit boards; coercing a whole manner of squidgy funk and Proper Electro from their accelerated and abused sound boxes. The results, as always, are phenomenal!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Sounds Like Prince
                        A2. Machines Chit-Chat
                        B1. What Happened To The Stash
                        B2. The Houghton Blues

                        New music from the illusive UK electro and techno outfit NAD - New Age Dance. Made up of Mustafa Ali and Tony Thorpe, their story is a pretty interesting one with the duo sporadically coming together across a wide 30 year period to produce one or two absolutely brilliant pieces of work before abandoning projects to pursue interests in philosophy, Islam and politics. Their track "Ontologic" is one of my favourite ever tunes which seems to effortlessly traverse Detroit techno, Sheffield bleep and the hedonism of northern warehouse music.

                        Heavily inspired by sci-fi film and soundtracks, this finely crafted four track touches on vintage L.A. and Miami bass styles to UK bleep and deep space techno. Its inspired use of half time drum patterns rendering it suitable for use across much faster tempos. Mega stuff from two true UK innovators. Recommended.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Sci-fi leaning electro from these elusive UK veterans. They don't release much, but when they do - it's killer!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side 1
                        1. Cometh The Butlerian Jihad
                        2. Machine In The Ghost
                        Side 2
                        1. Pax
                        2. Utopia Dystopia

                        Swedish super producer Red Astaire (Freddie Cruger) teams up with Nice & Smooth's Greg Nice for what is sure to be a future rap anthem. Hefty boom-map vibes in it's main inception, with nicely syncopation between beat and  vocalist plus some agro horns to get bargy with. D Frost takes it to the courts and corners with a street-ready beat which nicely accomodates Greg Nice's slick vocal flow. A serious head nodder in all four mixes! Dope artwork by JJ Marley. Full pic sleeve. Don't sleep! 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Nice authentic boom-bap from original players Red Astaire and Greg Nice. Very big on the courts right now!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side 1
                        1. Bounce 2 Da Beatbox (main Mix) (2:21)
                        2. Bounce 2 Da Beatbox (instrumental Mix) (2:19)
                        Side 2
                        1. Bounce 2 Da Beatbox (D Frost Stripped Mix) (2:19)
                        2. Bounce 2 Da Beatbox (D Frost Stripped Instrumental Mix) (2:19)

                        House Of Assembly

                        Hot Rock

                        Originally released in 1988 ‘Hot Rock’ was the final single from Pennsylvanian based roots reggae band House Of Assembly. The band, comprising main songwriter Norman Bailey, Marc Campbell, Claver Campbell and Louis Putman, grew up in the Water House area of Kingston, Jamaica bonding over their shared love of Dub & Reggae. The 4 members moved to Pennsylvania in the US in the early 80’s and released one album ‘Confusion’ on the local Meadowlark label, touring throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and becoming stalwarts of the Pennsylvanian roots scene.

                        The band started their own Concrete label in 1988 releasing ‘Hot Rock’ complete with a Dub Version possessing a potent combination of punchy 707 drum programming, killer rolling bassline, stripped back lead guitar and a rising synth line. For the official reissue there’s an added ‘Rockapella’ version not found on the original 12” and a new full sleeve jacket designed by Bradley Pinkerton.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Isle Of Jury continue to gift us overlooked moments of musical brilliance. Here they focus on House Of Assembly, the unlikely Pennsylvania reggae band who had modest local success but never really broke the big time.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Hot Rock
                        Hot Rock (Rockapella)
                        Hot Rock (Dub)

                        Esa & The Invisible Hand Feat. Special Touch, Franck Biyong & Tasneem

                        I See You / Aweh No Wahala

                        To kick off his new label and musical output - Aweh Music, Esa shares with us two exclusive tracks from his most recent soundtrack LP for The Invisible Hand podcast. This limited 7" features a modern street soul track and a collaboration with the legacy duo from the early 1990s, Doval and Robert Roper of Special Touch, which you might be familiar with from their cult classic the "Garden of Life" LP. On the flip side, Esa collaborates with his sister Tasneem based in Cape Town, for the very first time. They present a musical journey that takes influence from soul with Balearic tones and Afro-beat, all brought together nicely by the talented Franck Biyong on organ, guitar, and paying homage to Fela with his introductory vocals & lyrics. Esa recorded these tracks during the pandemic, with many of the studio sessions done remotely. It also features some rising talents based in London - Ayo Salawu on Drums, Raquel Martins on Guitar, Amane Suganami on Synths and Manu Idra on percussion. All tracks were written, produced and arranged by Esa. Limited copies.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Really nice modern soul with rich musicality and expert song writing. Has classic written all over it. Don't sleep.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        I See You Feat. Special Touch
                        Aweh No Wahala Feat. Franck Biyong And Tasneem

                        Remixes of DJ Koze's "Knock Knock" from a veritable selection of contemporary house artists. Released in 2018, "Knock Knock" was the Pampa label bosses highly acclaimed opus; a quirky yet stylish and singular trip into the wildcat's mind through a selection of songs that defied categorization and bucked trend.

                        Three of the tracks are given a second wind here, including the spectacular, "Illumination" featuring Roisin Murphy. Mano Le Tough providing a sumptuous and fizzy meltdown of this moving slice of futuristic dancefloor soul; and one of the most aurally stimulating records I've heard for a while.

                        Elsewhere, the eccentric "Drone Me Up, Flashy" gets a techy rubdown courtesy of &Me, who accentuates the kind of strung-out nature of the track through a series of stuttering rubber band synthlines before erupting into a beautifully serene piano-led climax. Mano Le Tough provides another top drawer remix before we're done via his "Fuzzy Munster" remix - a wriggly and hi-tech journey into cinematic house music that's textured and multidimensional.

                        It's really quite incredible stuff throughout here folks I have to say! Who knew we'd get to enjoy these tracks for a second time, through a totally different but just as engrossing lens.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Ear-tickling remixes of these adored DJ Koze tracks which take them into tantalizing new realms.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side 1
                        1. Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat Sophia Kennedy - &ME Remix) (9:11)
                        Side 2
                        1. Muddy Funster (Mano Le Tough Fuzzy Munster Remix) (5:38)
                        2. Illumination (feat Roisin Murphy - Mano Le Tough Needs A Birra Light Remix) (6:14)

                        Cascate Emozionali

                        Cascate Emozionali Volume

                        The first release in a new catalog series dedicated to the 7" . Here are two reworks produced between Italy and the United States, inspired by Italian cosmic atmospheres of the late 70s: “Cascades” by Stephen Schlacks (1978) and “Pulsazioni” by Filippo Trecca (1979).

                        “Cascate Emozionali Volume One” is a tribute to these two composers, and to all others that, just like them, have created immortal melodies and atmospheres. This project is also a work of sound archeology, of careful research of the synthesizers and the sounds that have given life to the original versions, here reproduced with a contemporary luster, honoring their original essence.
                        This music is a container full of emotions, of nostalgia for an era that no longer exists, of faded memories that are suspended in the cosmos, of moments that we miss. All of them connected to our childhood, our family, to our loved ones, and to the objects that were there all along, like the ‘Selene’ chair of Vico Magistretti, redesigned for the cover by French illustrator Alexis Jamet.

                        Music to remember.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Italian musings and meanderings that loosely tread a kinda cosmic / library ley line into horizontal abandon.

                        TRACK LISTING


                        Strawberry Switchblade

                        1982 4 Piece Demo

                          1982 4-Piece Demo” is the first official, fully-licensed and unreleased material to be released under the name Strawberry Switchblade in 30 years. Since disbanding amid major record label acrimony and personal differences in 1986, the already-cult band have since grown in stature and legend. Trailblazers in many ways, the band’s mythology justifiably centers around the charismatic duo of Jill Bryson and Rose McDowall, but that isn’t a complete picture.

                          Bryson and McDowall’s growing friendship, having met some years earlier on the punk scene, became a creative partnership: Bryson’s art school background and McDowall’s history in avant-punk group The Poets meant Strawberry Switchblade was a band pitted against many established norms. The band’s very first incarnation, an all-female 4 piece, recorded one demo at Glasgow’s Hellfire Club and played a handful of gigs. Friends Janice Goodlett and Carole McGowan completed the line up on bass and drums respectively. Strawberry Switchblade would eventually pair down to a duo and go on to chart success but it’s in these raw, passionate recordings that the songwriting and vocal elements were being hammered out and explored in real time.

                          Freestyle digs deep to reissue this rare UK boogie 12" by Take Three, originally released back in 1983. Forming the first drop in a new reissue directive from the label, focused primarily on unearthing rare and classic UK funk, soul & boogie.

                          Fronted by former South London lovers rock vocal harmony group, Alpha (sisters Jackie & Jean Heron and Marlene Richardson), Take Three was the brain-child of writer/producer trio "S.H.E." - Steve Sinclair, Peter Hinds & Kevin Ellis.

                          Meeting each other at The Factory community centre in Paddington (now known as the Yaa Asantewa centre and in the last few years, The Yaa Centre) Steve & Kevin began a partnership writing and directing their own theatre productions as part of The Black Theatre Co-Op, which called the centre home at the time. When a song they had written together for one of their productions received praise and plaudits, the path toward writing and producing records began, bringing in more seasoned hand Peter Hinds - formerly a member of key brit funk groups Light of the World and Beggar & Co, and player with Incognito, Imagination & Loose Ends - to complete the circle.

                          The Tonight's the Night 12" was pressed up on their own label Fast Forward with distribution provided by Andy Sojka's Blackmarketing, and would be the first commercial outing for a creative partnership that would spawn multiple projects/aliases spanning the UK soul, funk & dance scenes, and still continues to this day.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Millie says: Re-issue of a ultra rare disco twelve, Tonight's The Night! Pasta has already nabbed one after holding out for so long without, now you don't have to pay an eye watering amount for this absolute tune!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Tonight's The Night (Extended Version)
                          2. Tonight's The Night (Allright) [New York Dance Mix]
                          3. Breakers Night

                          The latest storming 45 from Mukatsuku is a vocal version fronted by Tyra Hammond & is classic textbook explosive femme funk with brass stabs galore and twangy southern styled guitar.On the flipside an exclusive never heard before instrumental unleashes b boy drums and enough melody to carry on its own merit compacted into a loud cut funky dinked 45.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Turn It Up!
                          2. Turn It Up! (Instrumental)

                          The final William Stuckey release unfortunately did not make it on time for the man himself who sadly passed last year, with support of his family we are very happy to do this 45 justice.

                          The previously unreleased 'Everything That's Good In Life' A Very suitable unreleased track up there with his finest moments, it's got everything that would have made this a classic over the years and no doubt will make it a future classic for years to come, flipped with an alternate 7" Mix of 'Hold Me Close' this is a rock solid 45. You know what to do.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Everything That's Good In Life
                          2. Hold Me Close (7 Inch Mix)

                          A Nu Groove deep house BEAST that's astonishingly, from 1990. Composed by Bobby Konders, Boyd Jarvis & Peter Daou, working under the Rydims alias; it's a certified body jacker of the highest order containing five adorable house rhythms.

                          "Rydim #1" and "Rydim #2" (both with two alternating versions) show of the trios expert mix of musicality and machine knowledge; conjuring up an effortlessly luxury house groove with deep bass, chiming keys and syrupy strings. Quintessentially New York; with that sophisticated palette which sounds ahead of its time even now, some 30 years later.

                          Worth mentioning is "(18 & Under (Aah))" mix of "Rydim #2" which to me sounds like a tribute to Ron Hardy as his most twisted Muzic Box acid session; mixing discordant acid lines with reverb soaked screams, reversed SFX and a totally jacking drum beat. So good! 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Lesser-known Bobby Konders / Boyd Jarvis jams that are both highly functional and incredibly mellifluous. Incredible when you consider this was made in 1990 and is such 32 years old.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Side 1
                          1. Rydim #1 (Mello) (6:19)
                          2. Rydim #1 (Deep & Nice) (9:47)
                          Side 2
                          1. Rydim #2 (version) (6:21)
                          2. Rydim #2 (Late Night Horn) (7:01)
                          3. Rydim #2 (18 & Under (Aah)) (6:47)

                          Groovin reissue of this Bostich sampling chart bothering 90's house cut, produced by New Jersey crew Ruffneck aka The Backroom Boys and originally released on Masters At Work MAW Records.

                          Hard to escape at the time, it sounds thankfully delightful some 28 years later. I don't know, there's just something about these late nineties house cuts that really hasn't been matched by the genre since. Big room productions that scream of decadence and frivolity; I guess its the sign of the times that young and woke producers are abandoning the reckless hedonism of this period and opting for summat more dissociative and often darker.

                          Relive the last age of innocence, before the smoking ban, Instagram, digital surveillance and divisive technologies. The ultimate Saturday night warm up tune! 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Big one from the days of 90p buses, nigh-religious dedication to Pete Tong's Essential Selection and questionable MTV videos of house hits.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Original Extended Mix
                          B1: Mousse T Back In The Days Mix
                          B2: The Peppermint Jam Extended Mix

                          Toytonics continue to provide vital vibrations for your four-four focussed 'floor. Delivering us here some 'lost mixes' of some of the finest moments from the catalogue.

                          Folamour remixes "Mangabey", injecting some seriously deep vibes on this funky, housey number rich with musicality and rhythm.

                          Pontchartrain apply one of their high gloss rubs to Felipe Gordon's "Tell Me Something Ture" - transforming it into a rugged and reflective mid session burner that's perfect for long hot days dancing at Carnival.

                          Demuja's "Brissy" is a seriously eyes-down, backroom number - think 3 Chairs, Rick Wade and early Moods & Grooves. Red light not included.

                          Finally, Sano & Kapote's "Sabrosito Tool" concludes with a stripped back but highly functional piece of house music that, as the name suggest, will work great laid over some other track in-tha-mix as they used to say. Don't worry if you're not up to that though - as the horns and the guitar chops converge it easily stands on its own dancing feet regardless. We think it kicks hard, as does the whole EP. Check!

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Tuff and funky house music from Sano & Kapote; moody, eyes-down backroom glow from Demuja; deep spiritual vibes from Felipe Gordon plus a jazzy, syncopated jam from Felipe Gordon. Fully loaded and ready to rock any dancefloor!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Mangabey - GUFM (Folamour Remix)
                          2. Felipe Gordon - Tell Me Something True (Pontchartrain Remix) 
                          3. Demuja - Brissy 
                          4. Sano & Kapote - Sabrosito Tool 

                          Your favourite percussion pals take aim at the peak time on Volume 5, offering some different disco with a Balearic bent.

                          Though the 45RPM button on the TDHQ turntable is finally fixed, these edit idiots managed to spill a spritz on the pitch control, so prepare to read this at -6.

                          A-side 'Slow Motion' sees the crew swing through some Canadian crates, transforming a high energy froth into sweet mid tempo syrup. Hydraulic sequences chug away to a cybernetic 4/4, lasers dance around the vocoder and a spacer woman sends us into ecstasy with an arms aloft chorus. The heads were spinning when this one teased in their radio mix, so don't miss it on wax.

                          There's a double feature on the flip, where TD tackle an overlooked slice of German glam, taming the tempo and turning out a totally cokey bit of disco rock. Repping expert bass grooves, euro boogie breakdowns, unexpected talk box, headband guitar riffs and a killer drum solo, this gives you that tops off at a family function feeling. The vocal version keeps it authentically off kilter, while the dub should appease peeps who think that Barrabas sounds like a deranged Rod Stewart.

                          Limited Press - Numbered Insert - Drum Fun Guaranteed.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Another winner from the Talking Drums camp who dish out two courses of 5* fodder which takes on Canadian hi-nrg and Euro-rock-boogie. As always it's obscure as it is pleasing and guaranteed to light up your all nite discotheque.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A. Slow Motion
                          B. Speaking Drums
                          B. Speaking Drums Dub

                          Nikki Nair & Nala

                          The World Is Always Ending

                          Both Nikki Nair & Nala have had breakout years on Dirtybird. Now they come together on the next installment of their experimental white abel series with "The World is Always Ending”. Nikki’s futuristic productions alongside Nala’s dynamic vocal range highlight these two songs on opposite ends of the spectrum. The frenetic, breakbeat and filtered vocal of “Escape”, is a combo of nasty electro and hardcore jungle distortion. The title track is a modernized twist on Sneaker Pimps and Chemical Brothers vibes resulting in one of the coolest singles on the label this year. Maximum ruffage!

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Nice additions to the currently on-trend breakbeat hardcore gamut. Brutalized breaks with nexus-flipping vocal parts that'll melt yer nethers.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A. Escape
                          B. The World Is Always Ending 

                          Nova Cheq & Samurai Breaks represent the turbo Hooversound here across a hyper accelerated six tracker combining ghetto house, jungle, juke and rave;. Certain to appeal to lovers of Kisloty, VTSS, Steel City Dance Discs, Intrepid Skin and Belgium dance music.

                          A rich palette of influence shines through, making nods to pioneering generations on the way to futuristic, gunfinger euphoria; transforming some of the classic tropes of renegade party culture into new, hyper-realized bursts of ephemera and rebellion.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: FAST anarcho-beat / warehouse crust from two squat-rave trailblazers. Surely the best soundtrack to any protests outside No. 10 this Summer. An offensive six tracker that should have you setting fire to shit in no time.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Nova Cheq - FUK.GOV.UK
                          A2. Samurai Breaks - Turbo Rave Artillery
                          A3. Nova Cheq - Kaos Kage
                          B1. Samurai Breaks - Jitterbug
                          B2. Nova Cheq & Samurai Breaks - Victory Lap
                          B3. Samurai Breaks - Booty Patrol

                          The Ultimates

                          Why I Love You / Gotta Get Out

                            Growing up in West Philadelphia, Monica Thornton, Debra Herbin, & Leona Cummings were not only neighbors, but best of friends. Monica's Aunt, Evetta Valentine, was also on the same block, and in early 1972 Mrs. Evetta invited the girls over to sing for friends & family. Just 14 and 15 years old, the girls were a hit. Later that year, Evetta got the group, now named The Ultimates, into Sigma Sound Studios, and hired local songwriter & musician Kenneth Fuller to play guitar on a new tune he had just penned. Leading up to their session, the Ultimates practiced in Evetta’s home—still occupied by family—for weeks. Once in the studio, the group worked for an hour and 45 minutes on their single, "Why I love You,” before they realized they had only booked a two hour session.

                            They quickly switched gears and cut the b-side, "Gotta Get Out.” in the remaining 15min. It was not the ideal way of recording a record, but Evetta felt both sides were strong enough to release. Originally made in a run of 300, (the minimum required to press a record at Disc Makers), the record came out in late 1972. Though it found a small but dedicated audience, including Kenny Gamble at Philadelphia International Records, the record ultimately flopped. In time, however, the single, “Why I Love You,” began to make the rounds on the Low Rider scene in Southern California and found an audience. To this day, “Why I Love You” remains one of our favorite love ballads to ever come out of Philadelphia. The raw talent displayed on this record hits deep, and the constant groove riding freely in the background drives the song home.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Before Fresh Prince, The Ultimates were the baddest on the block in West Philly - showing the boys how it's done by laying down these two holy grail soul tracks in just one afternoon! No fuckin' about, zero marketing budget; now feverishly collected by those in the know. Take that Carlton!

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Why I Love You
                            2. Gotta Get Out.

                            Lance Ferguson

                            Got Myself A Good Man / Mango Meat

                            Lance Ferguson is back for a killer follow-up 7" to his second volume of classic re-works and re-imaginings, Rare Groove Spectrum Vol. 2 - released on Freestyle in late January on LP, CD and digital formats.

                            We just couldn't resist putting this take on Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers cover of Gladys Knight's Got Myself a Good Man on a 45. Keeping true to the source, yet somehow simultaneously sounding like no-one else, this version is 100% guaranteed to put a spring in the step of any crowd as the sun starts gradually to come out from hiding. Aside from the faithfully executed and expertly recorded drum-track, which sits pretty higher up in the mix than it's precursor, the star of this particular show comes midway through when Lance's lilting and sun-kissed guitar solo comes gliding in. If you can't move to this, even just a little bit, then you might actually be lacking a pulse. Backing things up is the undeniable latin-funk strut of Mandrill's Mango Meat. Given an instrumental work-out here with Remco Keijer's Flute and Daniel Mougerman's keys putting in work over a heavy-as-lead rhythm section, those delectable salsa-inflicted horns upping the spice levels.

                            Lance's work across the Rare Groove Spectrum series can often be looked on as something akin to a "live re-edit" on the originals, at times switching up sections or extending the groove. These two choice cuts however are a masterclass in subtly teasing out some of the original elements on the tracks that really make them work on a dance-floor, and bringing those to the fore while retaining 100% respect for the OG arrangements.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Millie says: Ultra funky 7" here to help those feel good vibes flow, covers of some classics Lance Ferguson always delivers with the goods putting his own spin on it.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Got Myself A Good Man
                            2. Mango Meat

                            Moton Records enlist the expertise of Bali’s best, Marc Roberts, to take listeners on a global jaunt of musical exploration. From London to Rio via New York, and road tested on the dance floors and beaches of Bali, Marc serves up four more Bintang fuelled edits, effortlessly gravitating from low-slung balearica to hi-octane funk - with a dash of Brazilian disco and pop thrown in for good measure.

                            Well here we are a couple of decades later and you cannot ignore probably the best edit label in the world! Now on it's 47th release the Moton gang have commissioned Marc Roberts to slice and splice four beautiful cuts that range from disco, latin, funk and sleazy grooves that fit beautifully into the Moton universe. All cuts are essential. Another killer Moton release! - Ashley Beedle

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: 20 years in the game, Dave Jarvis & Diesel's no. 1 edit imprint continues to be top of the deck, ushering in four refreshed & rejuvenated dancefloor movements for our pleasure!

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. King Of Nice Days
                            A2. Uno
                            B1. Maia Amor
                            B2. 4 Star Max


                            Acrobatic Thoughts - Quiet Village / Luca Lozano Remixes

                            Panoram’s vivid and eccentric new album gets the remix treatment by Quiet Village and Luca Lozano. A cornucopia of possibilities, aural delicacies and pulsating sounds, "Acrobatic Thoughts" would be a rewarding task for any remixer and is a real gift for the relevant guests.

                            Matt Edwards’ and Joel Martin’s Quiet Village project can’t be beat when it comes to meandering, prolix and cinemascope-styled tracks and remixes. Thus, their version of "Seabrain" is a 11 minute long interpretation. Propelled by ocean travel transmissions, deep sea fantasies, sonar tones and a bubbling bassline, it’s the finest piece of submarine house and feels like a long lost cousin to Link’s "Amenity". Addictive and refreshing.

                            "Wandering Frames" follows a similar path on the desk of Luca Lozano. But instead of the abyssal-benthic zone, he takes it higher up in the air. Sitting comfortably on little fluffy clouds, reinforcing the UK bleep continuum and adding skippy beats, Lozano's remix appeals to hypno house collectors, slow-motion b-boys-girls and ecstatic dance fans alike. Peak time can have many hours.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: With both artists adopting a slower, Balearic-dance (or drug-chug as we call it here) tempo and groove for their interpretations of these blissful Panoram tracks, this is the holiday house record you need as we slowly head towards outdoor party season.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Seabrain - Quiet Village Remix
                            Wandering Frames - Luca Lozano Remix 

                            Various Artists

                            Opolopo Tweaks

                            Super nice tweaks from Sweden's Opolopo (which I just discovered is a Yoruban word meaning plenty), who gets his mitts on killer base materials from Jamie 326 & Masalo, Soulphiction and Dirtytwo, alchemically forging highly combustible sonic compounds for your next house party experiment.

                            "Testify" by 326 & Masalo combines busy perx, galloping bass and a riotous gospel vox for a pure statement of spiritual Chi-town wiggle. Opolopo gets the organs firing like pistons and works the filters like a jackhammer taking this one straight to the mainroom.

                            Soulphiction's "Bizzness" is next into the protools suite, a sunblushed, disco-informed funky house number which pour sax and Strat lines outta every orifice. Maximum groove again on this one whilst a flange-soaked vocal urges us to forget our worries and join the dancefloor.

                            Dirtytwo's "Moody" concludes said tweak session with more nocturnal flavours, a grooving M1 coalescing with swung houz drums and a sugar female vocal stab which merges with the dreamy piano and horn lines sumptuously. Really delicious textures on this one folks.

                            Ridiculously strong tweaks of some amazing tracks, it's hard to hear when the genius of the original artist end and when Opolopo takes over; but I ain't complaining - these are 100% winners for any discerning dancefloor. Don't sleep! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Worth it for the "Testify" refix alone, and now residing permanently at the front of my record box for the foreseeable. Grooves don't get much funkier than the concentric wiggle of Jamie 326 & Masalo's gospel, Chi-town banger.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A. Jamie 326 & Masalo - Testify (opolopo Tweak)
                            B1. Soulphiction - Bizzness (opolopo Tweak)
                            B2. Dirtytwo - Moody (opolopo Tweak)

                            Volume 20 of Attack the Dancefloor kicks off with what we think will be a future classic – ‘Atlantia’ by Level 42’s Mike Lindup. A stunning mid-tempo boogie cut with great spacey production, excellent lyrics and an extended mix by Dave Lee.

                            Next up is Lazywax’s synth heavy, 80s soul style rework of the forthcoming Raw Essence ‘Do it Again’, the original being featured on Produced With Love 2.

                            Flip it over for Dave’s much played take of Jungle’s crossover hit ‘Keep Moving’, which gives the song an authentic bassline driven disco mix. Last up Chicago’s Emmaculate delivers a live instrumentation filled afro disco version of Doug Willis feat Zeke Manyika ‘Dougswana’.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Millie says: The 20th instalment of Attack The Dancefloor showcasing the ultimate feel good tracks, nothing less you'd expect from this series, featuring the infamous Jungle hit Keep Moving and my personal favourite 'Dougswana' an afrobeat jazzy number.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Mike Lindup - Atlantia - Dave Lee’s Extended Remix
                            A2. Raw Essence Feat Lifford - Do It Again - Lazywax Remix
                            B1. Jungle - Keep Moving - Dave Lee Jungle Boogie Mix
                            B2. Doug Willis - Dougswana - Emmaculate Afrodisia Mix

                            Dawn Penn

                            No, No, No

                              Stone-cold classic - the ultimate Studio One tune and the ultimate rhythm & blues / soul to reggae cut, as Dawn Penn vamps on Bo Diddley and Willie Cobbs. Floorshaking, speaker-busting seminal tune.

                              First time ever on 12”.

                              Cut super loud, and with a killer dub version on the flip.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: THE ORIGINAL RIDDIM!!! Depending on your age and however you got to this tune (there are many covers, but I'm sure The Fugees might be one of the most recognized) you may not have heard Dub Specialist's monumental (and earth shaking) dub. A timeless and as powerful a slice of dub as anything the genre has produced. It's one of those, every-home-needs-one records.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Dawn Penn - No, No, No
                              Dub Specialist - Creator Version (No, No, No Dub)

                              Prima Queen

                              Chew My Cheeks

                                On the new single Prima Queen offer the following: “Chew My Cheeks is a song that centres on an unhealthy obsession with someone who is slightly out of reach. We wrote it in lockdown last year when we were remembering what it was like to idealise people you don’t know and to use them as a form of escapism. We ended up watching The Matrix in isolation together around the same time and were really inspired by the world in which the movie creates” Prima Queen are an all-female indie/alternative rock band fronted by songwriting duo and best friends Louise Macphail (Bristol, UK) and Kristin McFadden (Chicago, USA). Combining vulnerable and nostalgic story telling with light-hearted lyrical imagery, their ethereal yet gritty style draws influences from artists such as Julia Jacklin, Nilüfer Yanya and Lucy Dacus.Discussing their collaboration with The Big Moon, the band say “It was incredible being able to work with The Big Moon since they’ve been such a big inspiration to us and we look up to them so much. They really understood our vision for the song and we were so impressed with how they were able to bring it to life.” Prima Queen have recently played sold out headline shows at The Windmill and the Dalston Victoria and have just come off tour with Billy Nomates.

                                The Wedding Present

                                Monochrome (7” Version) / You’re Just A Habit That I’m Trying To Break

                                  A new project from The Wedding Present. A new 7” single every month throughout 2022. 24 Songs sees David Gedge writing with legendary Sleeper guitarist Jon Stewart for the first time, and a more perfect union could not have been predicted. The notion of a monthly 7” single is not new to The Wedding Present, but 24 Songs shows us that even classic concepts can be reinvented. The series also continues the band’s association with photographer Jessica McMillan, who has created stunning images and films as a visual accompaniment to the recordings.

                                  Explaining 24 Songs, David Gedge said: “In 1991, The Wedding Present were rehearsing in a studio in Yorkshire when we hit upon an idea that immediately thrilled us all. Our bass player [Keith Gregory] had been a member of the ‘Sub Pop Singles Club’ - a service that allowed subscribers to receive 7”s released by that Seattle label on a monthly basis. Keith wondered if we, as a band, could attempt a similar thing. In that instant, The Wedding Present’s Hit Parade series was born and, during 1992, we managed to release a brand new 7” single each and every month. “The Hit Parade went on to become something of a significant milestone in the history of the band and it’s a project about which I’m often asked. As its thirtieth anniversary approached, I began to wonder if we should celebrate it in some way.

                                  A ‘Hit Parade Part 2’ didn’t feel quite right, though. Then, someone said to me: “Other bands have released music in similar ways but there has been nothing like the Hit Parade.” And they were right! A 7” single a month seems, somehow, very ‘Wedding Present’. So, inspired by that little idea from three decades ago, we’ve embarked on this new project, 24 Songs. “Even though The Wedding Present have never been known for taking the easy route, the idea of recording 24 tracks and releasing them in this way could seem daunting to any band. However, I’ve been inspired by the music that has been written since Jon and Melanie joined the group. The thought of celebrating this exciting new line-up with an exciting new series has motivated us all… and I suppose we also didn’t want any of these songs to be hidden away in the middle of an album!”



                                    µ-Ziq says hello again with 'Goodbye'. The six track EP is the first in a series of releases by Mike Paradinas this year, which are all centred around the 25th Anniversary Edition of 'Lunatic Harness’, his classic 1997 album. Inspired by going back through the archives while he was remastering the Lunatic Harness reissue, 'Goodbye' sees Mike revisiting the nineties, taking on jungle and its precursor jungle tekno and upgrading them with the benefit of hindsight and contemporary software. Imbued with Mike's lush sense of melody and his knack for striking contrasts (don't be shocked to hear maudlin piano, 303 and amens in the same track), 'Goodbye' approaches these old genres like a sandpit, and stretches them in directions only Mike might take.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: The perfect braindancing partner to Brainwaltera's "ITSAME" LP (also out this week). µ-Ziq revisits "Goodbye" with some outstanding results. Proper buzzing hearing "Giddy All Over" again.

                                    TRACK LISTING


                                    1/Goodbye VIP
                                    2/Giddy All Over


                                    1/Rave Whistle
                                    2/Rave Whistle (Darkside Mix)
                                    3/Rave Whistle (Jungle Tekno Mix)

                                    For Fans Of:
                                    Job Jobse, Daniel Avery, Scuba, Donato Dozzy, DJRum, Agents Of Time, LCY, Steve Rachmad, Hodge, Forest Drive West, Faithless, Hunee, Marcel Dettmann, Benny Rodrigues

                                    The Psychedelic Romance experience is birthed, combining future-facing electronic music, art and healing. The venture is a collaboration between former Trouw & De School resident JP Enfant, energy practitioner & artist Cuevawolf and artist & label manager Maren Monika Brombeiss. It will offer an immersive sensory experience to its audience via an event series and label, with music produced at 432hz, a frequency known to uplift emotional wellbeing.

                                    The trio linked in Amsterdam last year. JP had been previously running Psychedelic Romance events at the legendary Trouw, an opportunity he used to explore the musical terrain linking techno, UK bass and ambient. Over the years, the cream of the underground scene was invited to play, from Pearson Sound to boundary-pushing dubstep/bass producer 2562. He met Cuevawolf by chance mid-way through 2020, after fate would have the Mexican artist stuck in the Dutch capital during the pandemic. The click was instantaneous. Seasoned music industry professional and yoga practitioner Maren Monika completed the triangle. Together they seek to combine their passion for cutting-edge electronic music with consciousness-raising events and healing.

                                    The label strand of Psychedelic Romance comes to life via JP Enfant’s “Somewhere Else EP”, a veritable musical Rubik’s Cube encompassing techno, ambient and bass. The five-track work includes a remix of lead track “Muzieklokaal” from Bristol’s acclaimed experimental producer LCY, who reworks the playful original into a dynamic pastiche of industrial breaks and techno.

                                    Dubbed a local legend of the Amsterdam scene by RA, JP Enfant has built up a credible reputation with gigs across Europe including Berghain, Melt Festival and fabric. His nuanced approach to techno has seen releases on Planet X, a.r.t.less and DGTL Records.

                                    The conscious ethos of the project runs through every thread of Psychedelic Romance. Alongside the music being produced at 432hz, a frequency believed to support a calm body and mind, at upcoming Psychedelic Romance events, Cuevawolf will play the crystal singing bowls, which will transition the night from an uplifting sound healing session into an immersive electronic rave experience, led by JP. ‘Our goal is to create purposeful healing frequencies through music and art that ultimately raises and harmonizes our audience’s vibration,’ Cuevawolf explains. ‘The idea is to marry electronic music and spirituality providing a safe space for transcendental and self-healing experiences that evolve onto a dancefloor.’

                                    Psychedelic Romance hosted an intimate family and friends gathering during ADE week at Amsterdam’s Pamela, with music led by JP and emerging Amsterdam selector DJ Corridor. On the label front, other artists slated for appearances on Psychedelic Romance include Dutch techno artist Mary Lake and ascendant Austrian talent Arthur Robert.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Big room electronic psychedelia from an incredible artist with some grand ideas. Check the review above - these cats are ON IT. Just what the post-Acid Test generation needs to realign their chakras. Hummmm-mmmm-mmmmm

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1. Dreamwave
                                    A2. Muzieklokaal
                                    B1. Drips
                                    B2. City Whisper
                                    B3. Muzieklokaal (LCY Remix)

                                    Hidden Agenda

                                    One Time (Collectors Edition)

                                    Another shot of classic DnB history presented on Tempo's Collectors Series - picture disc versions of classic UK ruffage and underground jungle.

                                    Originally from Hartlepool, brothers Mark and Jason Goodings began releasing records in the mid-1990's and spread the output across labels like Metalheadz, Creative Source and Straight Ahead. Mark sadly died in 2016 causing an outpouring of love, respect and gratitude from the scene.

                                    Three tracks here representing some of the creme of the duo's output. From the high paced liquid of "One Time" through the dark, neurofunk of "Just Me" and onto the slower, hardcore informed "Something Nu?".

                                    Limited, one off, picture disc pressing. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Tempo follow up on the Source Direct release with another imperative piece of UK DnB history - pressed onto slick picture disc. Hidden Agenda brilliantly combined liquid funk and dark styles of DnB into their own heady concoction that garnered respect from literally every corner of the jungle map - with both dancers, DJs and producers respecting their incredible legacy.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A. One Time
                                    B1. Just Me
                                    B2. Something Nu?

                                    "2099" is the debut EP of the talented Figi who joins the unified ranks of the new boogie brigade next to Star Creature, PPU, Ken Oath, Red Laser etc.

                                    The EP is a clash of sounds from the 70's / 80's on a trip through space, hyping up the blueprint with cosmic synths and an astral mindset. Recorded using session musicians under direction from the producer, it takes the dub reggae aesthetic of construction and applies it to a boogie disco framework, enlisting San Proper on vocals for an added bonus! Fun and playful throughout, some of the tracks are great early doors tackle whilst the others should have you sauntering around red-lit, disco floors with the illuminated lights without a care in the world and your head in the stars. Personal, intimate and with a noticeable degree of yearning this is mega stuff and most recommended by us here at HQ.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Intergalactic boogie with housey flourishes and a decidedly modern palette. Maximum crossover potential here with "Out Of Touch" possibly set take off. Don't miss the quirky but slick, almost Hot Chip-esque "Gotta Make A Call". So good!

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1 Out Of Touch
                                    2 Gotta Make A Call Ft San Proper Dromeda
                                    3 Figi San Whos Your Lover
                                    4 Move All Night
                                    5 2099 Ft San Proper

                                    Pond Life co-captain, Marma Boog reaches for the sixth gear on OTE010 laying down three no nonsense, mind melters. Taking first prize for best song title, Marma Boog hits with an Italo mix of ‘Hypnotizing a Kookaburra’ to kicks things off. Proper hyperspace pumper business, synth hypnotism with that cosmic kookaburra in tow.

                                    On the flip a dark percussive, tribal-tinged chugger in the form of the Mood Mix with a familiar vocal that sits all to sweetly in the midst of the psychedelic stomping.

                                    Keeping it on a similar tip and rounding off the EP in style, ‘East of Canada’ powers on through - a downtempo, piano poised, acid-laden trip to expand your mind.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Millie says: Orange Tree Edits bringing the real OJ with BITS (controversial?!) this mega slice of italo disco cosmic-y goodness with the epically named track 'Hypnotizing A Kookaburra' while 'East Of Canada' doesn't disappoint on the chuggy disco front.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1. Hypnotizing A Kookaburra (Italo Mix)
                                    B1. Hypnotizing A Kookaburra (Mood Mix)
                                    B2. East Of Canada

                                    Three tidy remixes from Krust's "The Edge of Everything", released in 2020. Uncle is first up with a heavy breakbeat refix of "Hegel Dialect". Swirling, phazing breaks inna proper 4 Hero / Bowlers fashion with old skool subs and glistening leads to boot. Hodge gives "Constructive Ambiguity" the necessary bomb-proofing and kevla protection it needs to survive the nastiest warehouse combat. Meanwhile on side B, DJ Nature stretches out "Deep Fields of Lies" across the whole side, turning it into a smoldering shamanic workout with incricate percussion, hypnotic repetition and vision-shifted sequences - very cerebral, very nice! 

                                    The third in the series. Limited copies. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Brittle, granite-tough remixes of Bristol legend Krust from Unkle and Hodge. Meanwhile, DJ Nature offers up a side-long excursion into urban shamanism which'll keep the city slickers tweakin' till the RCs run out.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1 Hegel Dialect (Unkle Reconstruction)
                                    A2 Constructive Ambiguity (Hodge Remix)
                                    B1 Deep Fields Of Liars (DJ Nature Remix)

                                    Various Artists

                                    Peraceamid EP1

                                      Emerging when humanity needs him most, and currently adopting the body of a 60 odd-year old carpenter with a penchant for animation and Red Stripe; Terry Perace teams up with Red Laser’s own Pharaoh Brunson to form a new perpetual EP series. The Peraceamid project begins with
                                      EP 1. 4 x Hyper-ancient, super-hi-tek audio tools for us Earth-dwellers to utilize, corrupting RL’s standard ‘Manctalo’ vigour with abandon.

                                      Perace himself, ditching the Carpenter attire and hardwiring himself straight into basic circuitry, conjures up skeletal, repetitive reduxes, born outta the oldest primordial gloop, churning together into embryonic lifeform rhythms that have now existed since the earliest signals of dual-cell organisms on our planet.

                                      Terry sparkles his Martian magic across Kid Machine’s S.D.M from the 2020 ‘Magico’ LP. An already high Manctalo watermark now given further accreditation by the highest Elders of Ancient Egypt which Terry confers with on the regular. Welcome to the top of the pyramid gee!

                                      The elusive Marcus Paulson we so far know very little about other than that he’s an unconfirmed UFO enthusiast from Warrington.. Terry received “Wrecked In Utrecht” when he accidentally plugged a random USB drive into his earhole (he’s not that up on our basic tech yet) in Pharaoh's studio at Hidden. An otherworldly Manctalo vortex and a holographic, plasma-soaked acid track designed to provide a cross-planetary bridge to raves and free parties on Cygnus.

                                      Terry’s been warmly applying his cosmic voodoo on Red Laser veteran Ste Spandex, nudging him further into the inter dimensional discipline of sonic energy manipulation, the fruits of which are a hyper-driven re-vamp of a ’98, Earth-based club classic which he blasts into 5D thru the galvanized circuitry of his palladium-boosted studio. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Our Manctalo heroes return after a couple of pressing plant delays with TWO max'ed out EPs this week. The first of the 'Peraceamid' project - a long time in the photon tubes this beast. Primordial electric shamanism from the newly unveiled Terry Perace plus two more trad RL bombs from KM and Marcus Paulson. Plus a housey bonus from no other than Ste Spandex - form an orderly queue please!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1.Terry Perace - Trip Pop 2020
                                      2.Kid Machine - S.D.M (Terry Perace's Inslaved Mix) 
                                      3.Marcus Paulson - Wrecked In Utrecht 
                                      4.Ste Spandex - Examples Of You 

                                      Various Artists

                                      Red Laser Records EP12

                                        As we emerge into the Now with a fresh perspective and renewed vigour, Red Laser Records usher in a novel epoch of Manctalo movements for our post-COVID enjoyment. Entrusting piloting duties to four well decorated RL commandos, the EP serves to remind us all that despite everything that’s happened, we can still find solace in red lasers, smoke machines and high-powered strobe lights.

                                        Splitting open the collective dancefloor inertia is Kid Machine’s “Only Machines Allowed”. A cybernetic b-boy jam straight outta the planet MEGOH circa 4044. Guided by electrified vocoder lines and a plutonium-grade, armoured groove this impenetrable battle rocket should issue the much needed power boost to get your body kinetics firing again when they release the e-barriers to hedonism.

                                        Returning star fleet lieutenant Count Van Delicious has been collecting entities from the outer galaxies since his appearance on RL EP 9 (“Dark Fruit” w/ Senor Chugger). Here he announces his return with an end-credits epic, an #inabiteveryoneelse theme from this young vet on a
                                        pants-off permo-buzz, up-scrolling through technicoloured c64 visuals and deploying his now trademark zoopa-arps, euphoric synth stabs and thunderous low-end shudder to deadly effect.

                                        Meanwhile, Ste Spandex continues his cybernetic realignment surgery, dissecting a well circulated disco meme and adding voluptuous gender-neutral enhancements that’ll be getting the next generation of androids frisky, despite their lack of reproductive organs. Fizzling synths, spherical repetition and a multi-dimensional mix of high voltage rhythms leaving that vocal line permanently downloaded in your memory cloud. No sharing necessary.

                                        Scottish deep space observer Ernesto Harmon provides some cosmic ruggedness to close off our mission. Reinforced & galvanized low-end rhymix coalescing with humanoid synth expression and an infinite, carbon-free energy source keeping momentum plateaued through the morning after the night before. There’s no off switch baby!

                                        For astral travelers seeking solace in the new Now, EP12 kindly acts as an upgrade to your possibly dormant dancing system as you stumble out into the new nocturnal environment. Hopefully reminding us that the simple act of moving alongside one another in a pitch black, laser-guided club space hasn’t changed that much... 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: One of two EPs dropping this week from our friends at Red Laser. EP12 has been hyped ta fuck at the crews parties for the last 12 months, waiting an eternity at the plants to get pressed. Here it is, for all to enjoy - dancers will recognize the tracks fromt'floor already but for newcomers - quintessential Manctalo movements here taking the firm into the next decade quite nicely. If you know you know!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Kid Machine - Only Machines Allowed 
                                        2. Count Van Delicious - I Wonder How Flemming Dalum Is Doing?
                                        3. Ste Spandex - Edit 2 (2021 Re-Pop) 
                                        4. Ernesto Harmon - Search For 

                                        Folly Group

                                        Human And Kind

                                          Second EP from emerging East London-based band, Folly Group. Once again they deliver their distinctive, electronic infused post-punk sound full of clattering percussion and angular guitars, which along with their furiously brilliant live shows landed coveted slots at Pitchfork Music Festival, in NME’s “100 Artists On The Rise” and a co-sign from IDLES’ singer Joe Talbot (speaking during a BBC 6 Music takeover - “Pound for pound, them and Wet Leg, every track is so good. They haven’t released anything that isn’t amazing... my favourite song of the year, Sand Fight”).

                                          Cast from the tumultuous melting-pot of the London musical circuit, three of the Folly Group quartet moved in together (the house would eventually become their studio too). Sean Harper (Drums/Vocals), Louis Milburn (Guitar/Vocals) and Tom Doherty (Bass) inevitably found themselves experimenting. The addition of close friend Kai Akinde- Hummel (Drums/Percussion/Sampler), proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Laura says: Another killer from one of my favourite bands at the moment. Went to see them at Manchester Psych Fest on the strength of their debut EP and was blown away by their tight, percussive post-punk energy.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Faint Of Hearts
                                          2. I Raise You (The Price Of Your Head)
                                          3. Paying The Price
                                          4. The Tooth Of February
                                          5. Human And Kind

                                          The Lovely Eggs

                                          Fried Egg EP

                                            The Lovely Eggs will release for the first time on vinyl a rare self-released collection of songs and live recordings. Originally produced as a “fried egg” CDR in 2007 and sold by the band at gigs, the translucent vinyl record will be released in custom replica packaging to emulate the original. Hand designed by the band, the fifteenth anniversary 9-track E.P. includes early songs “I Like Birds But I Like Other Animal Too”, “Jon Carling” and “In Watermelon Sugar” as well as unreleased tracks “Devil in Me” and a number of live recordings. This is a true collector’s edition and a perfect example of The Lovely Eggs commitment to make interesting and imaginative cover art to complement their unique sound

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Barry says: It's ALWAYS worth buying on sight any Lovely Eggs material you don't have, and this wonderful early EP collects some of their greatest and their rarest audio treats. Storming, heavy af and super catchy. Classic 'Eggs.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Jon Carling
                                            2. I Like Birds (But I Like Other Animals Too)
                                            3. Devil In Me
                                            4. In Watermelon Sugar
                                            5. Last Train To Ballard
                                            6. I’m Having A Party And We’re Killing Ourselves
                                            7. Frankie Oh My!
                                            8. Does It Hurt To Lose The Will To Live?
                                            9. I Spy With My Little Eye A Lot Of Really Nice Things A Lot Of Things That Are Nice In This Life. 

                                            If you start with a tune like “Keep On Movin’”, more a national treasure than simply a classic, you really have to do something special with the remix. As you’d expect from the team that brought you the original song back in 1989, Funki Dread Records have revisited their triumph in four unique mixes that bring it right up to date, while celebrating the legacy it left and the heritage that surrounded it.

                                            The Zepherin Saint “Go-Go” mix has all the pulsating rhythm of that DC vibe, but cushioned with horns and keyboards for an almost orchestral, very Soul II Soul street-meets-sophistication arrangement – if they start making blaxploitation films in again, this is where you’d look to find a theme song. Booker T takes a very different approach, as the urgency of the vocal pushes the tempo yet never gets too frantic as the whole thing is anchored by a trancey reading of the original’s melody, which keeps feet on the ground while making them move. The Satta “Dub Mix” is a dub masterclass that doesn’t simply strip the elements out, but opens the tune up with the precision of a scalpel to reveal the intricate layers of the melody lines and how the rhythm was stacked beats and chords to create patterns you just can’t ignore with enough bounce and echoing dub technique to keep everybody on their toes. The “Salsa Mix”, however, is the most exciting and will be a joy for not just Soul II Soul fans, but anyone who appreciates music with a no limits approach. North London meet South America in a explosion of salsa swing and Funki Dred beats, that brings the best out of each - there’s even a flamenco guitar and talking drums.

                                            While this Latin-flavoured mash-up is the epitome of Jazzie B and Soul II Soul’s 40-year history of making moves other people might not have dreamed of, all four of these remixes celebrate daring but meticulous approach to everything they did. And it’s this attention to detail as they reapproach one of Soul II Soul’s finest moments, that ensures each of these tunes lives up to the famous motto ‘A happy face, a thumpin’ bass, for a lovin’ race’

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Matt says: Fresh mixes of a proven classic (love how the label call it a national treasure - I mean, it IS good enough for the Queen!). Personal favourite is the Booker T buzz which takes it to the New York garage dance party - well soulful! But the two slower numbers on side B offer up stunning new interpretations of what is now ingrained into British music's DNA.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1.Keep On Moving (Booker T Mix)
                                            2. Keep On Moving (Booker T Satta Dub Mix)
                                            3. Keep On Moving (Salsa Mix)
                                            4.Keep On Moving (Zepherin Saint Go Go Mix)

                                            Nile Marr

                                            How We Drift

                                              First new stuff since his 2020 album, "Are You Happy Now?" comes in the shape of this two track 7" single.

                                              "How We Drift" is a punchy sub 3 minute pop blast, with choppy guitars and melodic vocals over a relentless drum rattle. But "Only Time Can Break Your Heart" is the one for me. Super-melodic pop reminiscent of Big Star or Teenage Fanclub, with gorgeous guitar jangles and a breezy vocal melody.

                                              Lovely stuff!

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              How We Drift
                                              Only Time Can Break Your Heart

                                              Spirits Rejoice

                                              African Spaces (remastered)

                                              A defining musical statement in South Africa’s jazz canon – pinpointing the moment of social and musical ferment in which the country’s terms of engagement with jazz were irreversibly changed. Forged when township kids were facing down bullets this is an electric mulberry funk – slick, intense and complex.

                                              At a distance of more than forty years, the radicalism and significance of "African Spaces" can be seen more clearly. Ambitious, uncompromising, and resolutely progressive, it represents a unique high-water mark in South Africa’s long musical engagement with the newest developments in American jazz – a response to the cosmic call of "Return To Forever", and an answer to Miles’ "On the Corner".

                                              Spirits Rejoice drew together some of South Africa’s most abundantly talented and forward-thinking jazz players and created a complex and challenging jazz fusion that shifted the terms of South Africa’s engagement with jazz towards new music being made by pioneers such as Chick Corea, Weather Report, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny and others.

                                              "African Spaces", their debut recording, is one of the key documents in the South African jazz canon. Emerging in the aftermath of the 1976 Soweto uprising, and taking its place alongside the crucial mid-1970s music of Malombo, Abdullah Ibrahim, and Batsumi, it is a defining but unsung musical statement of its era.

                                              Remastered audio with new photographs and additional liner notes by Francis Gooding. 

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Millie says: I'm very much into this, funky-esque Jazz piece from Spirits Rejoice it. 'Minute Song' is a particular favourite for some inspired happy-thoughts-inducing Jazz to head bob to.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1. Joy
                                              A2. Standing Here Alone
                                              A3. Savage Dance & African Spaces
                                              B1. Mulberry Funk
                                              B2. Minute Song
                                              B3. Sugar Pie
                                              B4. Makes Me Wonder Why
                                              B5. Electric Chicken

                                              The release of Charles Webster's highly-acclaimed 'Decision Time' in late 2020 marked his first album project in almost 20 years.

                                              An undeniable master of his craft, Webster delivered a body of work that was well worthy of the wait and saw support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Gilles Peterson, Joe Muggs and Tom Ravenscroft. With collaborators ranging from Shara Nelson (formerly of Massive Attack), to Ingrid Chavez (Prince muse & Madonna songwriter) and of course the infamous Burial, the British DJ/producer demonstrated that his ability to draw the right partners to exactly the right projects and execute them perfectly, has only improved with time.

                                              In this vinyl remix package, Webster once more demonstrates his draw, drafting in an impressive cast of remixers to deliver a varied set of fresh takes on his original works.

                                              Tokyo duo Dazzle Drums, South Africa's Jazzuelle, UK stalwart Mark E and the global trotting DJ Luciano present their unique takes on three cuts from Webster's incredible full length release.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: A quiet beacon of UK dance music, the number times Charles Webster has adorned the credits of some of my favourite records is countless. Recently crafting a stunning remix of THAT Progedia track, "We Are The Night", he's also broke a long hiatus with new LP: "Decision Time" - the remixes of which are featured here.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. This Is Real (Dazzle Drums Mix)
                                              2. Music (Jazuelle's Retro Rhapsody)
                                              3. The Spell (Mark E Mix)
                                              4. Music (Luciano Vocal Mix)

                                              Radio Hell

                                              This Is Radio Hell

                                              DJ Hell and Radio Slave are Radio Hell. Celebrating the label’s landmark 200th release, the two legendary producers’ team up for a massive two-tracker with artwork from Alan Oldham, aka DJ T-1000.

                                              Two blistering slices of stadium friendly, soaring techno; as grandiose and mammoth in construction as anything these two titans of techno have produced previous.

                                              "Radio Hell" is a smoke-filled, claustrophobic bunker track; reminiscent of the iconic Tresor sound which both producers are more than familiar with. Incessant, nagging tones occupy an electrified space of hallucinatory vox echoes and 2CB-styled vibrations.

                                              "Lost Souls", it's equally masterful companion, sees gurgling Reese bass, rising chords and infectious vox chops combine to an unbelievably intense drag race; burning through the cosmos on nitros and dark energy. More Detroitian than the A-side, there's hints of E-Dancer about this late night star missile.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: Seriously strong colab between DJ Hell and Radioslave. Pure DC-10 / Watergate vibes on this stadium slayer. Both sides'll devastate even the hardiest gurn-bots.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A. Radio Hell
                                              B. Lost Souls

                                              Tapes & Nikolaienko get comfortable behind an organ. Four highly personal vignettes that take on dub's abstract sentiment and design and apply them to more freeform, experimental song structures.

                                              Take “Rushing To Emergency” with ear-catching reggae lick, dancing with dub whilst line dancing in the daisy meadows, An unconventional mix of bucolic influences and 8 bit production which'll welcome any morning sunshine.

                                              "Countryside Emergency" continues the rural outlook, with its loosely galloping rhythm-loop & alarming arpeggiated keys; manically toying with the tape machine to create a sped-up and stuttered sonic collage determined to unravel your inner most anxieties.

                                              “Time With Burnt” sees deconstructed synth fractals ricochet and echo off into oblivion, as though smashed by a holographic hammer in a gravity free zone, the ripples and cascades of these 5D audio objects likely to resonate for an eternity.

                                              Dub informed free flowing goods, as you'd expect from sonic explorer Jackson Bailey & the boss of beautiful Muscut label Dmytro Nikolaienko. Mastered by The Bastard.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: I bloody love Tapes. Can always be relied upon to twist your melon right inside, out and back again; usually with just enough time to blow a truck of ganja smoke up yer arse in the process. Delightful.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Rush To Closing Gates
                                              Countryside Emergency
                                              Time With Burnt
                                              Jaaksoni Tamm

                                              Superb, cosmic-leaning house music from Lex on the newly invigored Delusions Of Grandeur. The Greek DJ, producer and Radical Soundz shop owner has been immersed in dance music for over 20 years and considered one of the key figures in the Athens underground house scene. Fellow Greek artist Locke joins proceedings for this EP bringing his own psychedelic influences to the table..

                                              Title track "7 Day Path" is both spacious and driving. Rooted to a deep bassline, Lex unpacks funky leads deep in the mix whilst a lively percussion template keeps hands and heads aloft; preventing that hypnotic b-line cementing too much grip.

                                              Cosmic royalty DJ Rocca is on hand for a remix. Here he adds his trademark dubby disco wiggle, pushing the original in a jazzy direction with live flute. Definitely one to be heard under the stars on a Croatian beach for maximum Adriatica effect!

                                              Flipping over, things head into nocturnal territories on "See No Ball" featuring Locomotives, a more stripped back club jam with a repeated vocal, funky guitar chops and a smattering of improvised synth and Hammond B3 keeping things jazzy and musical while that percolated beat keeps the dancefloor on tenterhooks.

                                              Closing out this brilliant EP we have "Catch Up With The Sun" which drops the BPM’s for a low-slung cosmic jam loaded with good vibes. Killer! 

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: Delusions Of Grandeur enlist Lex & Locke for sparkly midnight excursion into cosmic house and future disco. Sure to appeal to lovers of Future Boogie and destined to be a massive hit at Barbarellas in Croatia this Summer!

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1. 7 Day Path
                                              A2. 7 Day Path (DJ Rocca Remix)
                                              B1. I See No Ball (feat. Locomotives)
                                              B2. Catch Up With The Sun

                                              New York House and disco legend Eli Escobar has been releasing music for over 20 years under various aliases as well as running incredible parties and his own label Night People. We’ve been huge fans of his productions over the years so it's nice to see Phonica snap him up for another of their essential 12"s.

                                              The “Find A Way EP” kicks off with “FindAWay2Day”, combining heavy hitting 808 drum work with deeply satisfying vocal samples, a beyond groovy bassline and 80s electro-funk galore. “Something Inside Of Me” leans towards a classic US deep garage blueprint, with sampled chord stabs, mesmerizing vocal hooks and MPC style swung drum programming.

                                              Over on the B-Side, jacking house meets deep Detroit techno on “Down All Day” with a frenzied, chopped and replayed vocal melody melding with lush and relaxing pads until the piano line enters and pushes the track into pure euphoria. Finally “Daywun” conjures memories of the best funk of the 1980s, propelled by a bass riff that weaves through the drum hits and smacks just right, layering it with chords that feel like driving through California’s highways at midnight and an electro b-boy style rap sample to boot. The EP is a perfect combination of house music sensibility and up-to-date production skills which screams of sophistication. Highly recommended! 

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: Phonica are killin' it at the moment with their 12" series. Following the amazing Austin Ato release, Eli Escobar comes thru with a NYC flavoured EP full of soulful house goodness and some really fresh production chops. Mega!

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1. FindAWay2Day
                                              A2. Something Inside Of Me
                                              B1. Down All Day
                                              B2. Daywun 

                                              DJ Bounce

                                              Guess Who's Back / Don't Sweat The Technique

                                              Debut release on Bounce 45s from DJ Bounce who tastefully chops up some classic hip-hop dishes for our delectation. On side A, Rakim's '97 boom-bapper, "Guess Who's Back" gets tweaked and boosted for exclusive DJ use - fattening up the low end and extended the drum intros & outros - ideal!

                                              Side B sees Rakim joined by Eric B for the duo's high watermark hit: "Don't Sweat The Technique". Bounce keeps his surgery quite transparent on this already-masterful piece of hip-hop history, but again, working DJs are gonna enjoy the jazzy injection of energy and find this heavily pressed, smooth playing 7" a useful addition to their arsenal. 

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: Nice DJ friendly tweaks of two classic slices of US rap. Bound to turn heads and shake booties in the Northern Quarter on a Saturday night!

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Side 1
                                              1. Guess Who's Back (4:10)
                                              Side 2
                                              1. Don't Sweat The Technique (4:10)


                                              Reporting Live From The Living Room

                                                'We’re proud to announce the release of our debut EP ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ via Nice Swan Records . A prologue chapter within the world we call Hallan, RLFTLRF introduces the 21st century to the Gumshoe Boy. The boy is always the man for the job. He’s the man on the inside. He’s the Agency’s number one frontman and he’s armed with a tape provided by an anonymous source. An undercover operative in a satirical, Orwellian world, RLFTLRF paints a semi-abstract but tangible image of the new decade, holding a mirror up to not only our modern society but our individual selves. The time is now right. From the corner of his bleak bedroom the boy plans his plan, and from the corner of ours we do the same.''

                                                The EP draws influence from everyday observation, mainstream pop culture and laughable tabloid fiction. ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ paints an semi-abstract but tangible image of the new decade, holding a mirror up to not only modern society but individuals. The first taster of this narrative comes in the form of ‘Hands Up’ a cacophony of post-punk raucousness.

                                                Frontman Conor speaks on the track;

                                                “Our sound changes depending on our agenda at any time, finding a different stride with every step. With ‘Hands Up’ we found ourselves dropped into a western rerun armed with a fiercely cowboyish twang on our six string shooter. We wanted to forth a thematic, semi abstract prose, attacking businessmen and penny pinchers in a flurry of suitably delirious criticisms.”

                                                While struggling to find a studio which didn’t just place Hallan in the cogs of a much larger machine, the band found Rob Quickenden of Ford Lane studios for their last single “Modern England”. Returning to the rural depths of Yapton, Hallan once again join forces with Quickenden on their debut EP. In a studio setting where no ideas were out of the question and experimentation and exploration were the words of the day, expect ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ to be a no-holds-barred exploration into the minds of Hallan.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Reruns
                                                2. Hands Up
                                                3. The White Boys
                                                4. Orwells Idyllic Future
                                                5. Television Show
                                                6. Prime Time Lullaby


                                                Euphoria EP

                                                  Vlure defy the rules, they rip up trends and create new ones. With a certain honesty and a vulnerability, they confront you and get under your skin. They make you feel things, the way music should.

                                                  "One of the most buzzy young bands Scotland has to offer." - Line Of Best Fit

                                                  "With their hard-hitting blend of electro-noir-glam, industrial-rave and post-punk - a sound that's simply designed

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Show Me How To Live Again
                                                  The Storm
                                                  I Won't Run (From Love)


                                                  Urges Vol. 3

                                                  25 years after this cult UK label first emerged, we're very happy to present some of their most sought after releases, in remastered and hand-stamped form for a new generation.
                                                  Primitive represented a stripped down and sonically heavyweight series of essential DJ tools, winning wide support from Techno an House DJ's alike & enduring - perhaps due to their raw, basic construction - way beyond their original inception.

                                                  Despite serious demand, we will only be able to access limited quantities of these special 21st century repress editions, so buy or cry !

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: One of two crucial represses from the pioneering label. Tribal, techy and possessing that unrelenting swing that house heads too could enjoy; these 20-odd year old cuts sound as timeless they did back then! Channelling the primordial rhythms of the dance... Essential release for house and techno DJs!

                                                  New one from the prolific New Zealand artist Borrowed CS on the sublime Planet Trip. Our favourite Sydney-based fort of wonderment. Four tracks, heavyweight vinyl - massive vibe!

                                                  Riding a kinda quirky, cosmic house buzz; as favoured by other dancefloor cosmologists - rAMZI, Pender Street Steppers, D. Tiffany etc. Woozy pads, dub sfx, glitchy, highly swung drums and pumpin' bass! 100% guaranteed to spark a party!  

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Cosmic house goodness that reminds me of Mood Hut and Major Problems. Really nice arrangements that take you on a sunkissed trip rammed with picturesque audio vistas.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Balance
                                                  A2. Ururangi
                                                  B1. Mystic Shuffle
                                                  B2. Ascend (Model101)

                                                  Cult junglist Source Direct guests on Frodo's equally cult Tempo label for the fifth installment of Tempo Speed - the limited run, picture disc collector's series featuring groundbreaking legends of the DnB scene.

                                                  Three tracks highlighting the Herefordshire pioneer's incredibly intricate and highly charged sound. Source Direct (James Baker running the outfit solo since 1999) would become figureheads of the 'intelligent' or 'speed' scene (as it was named around '95 after Fabio's midweek club night that would pave the way Metalheadz), and becoming famous for their 'call & response' production style.

                                                  Make no mistake this is primo SC material designed to reset all internal systems with their patented, galvanized sound.

                                                  Limited copies - no repress! 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Hardcore, sci-fi ruffage from one of intelligent DnB's more innovative stars. Rightfully a cult-adored producer, there's few can mangle dem breaks and growl those subs like Source Direct. A true UK legend.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Side 1
                                                  1. Snake Style 2 (8:04)
                                                  Side 2
                                                  1. Street Wars (6:18)
                                                  2. Diamonds (6:41)

                                                  Bosq Featuring. Pat Kalla

                                                  C'est Quoi, C'est Quoi

                                                  Bosq & Pat Kalla unite again for an uptempo disco funk floor filler with blazing horns, heavy percussion and disco tinged guitar & bass. Pat’s vocals, alternating between his trademark falsetto & hypnotic chants, perfectly tie together the tracks 70’s Funk, Disco & Afro influences.

                                                  The B-Side dub mix is a perfect DJ tool that focuses on the percussion breakdown, stretching out the groove and pushing the drums to the forefront.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Millie says: Oooh I love this, super charged and full of energy this Afrobeat 7" is where it's AT! Gimme Riddim Dub version takes it up a further notch if you can keep up, this one is on fire.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. C'est Quoi, C'est Quoi
                                                  B1. C'est Quoi, C'est Quoi (Gimme Riddim Dub)

                                                  Shawn Lee & The Angels Of Libra

                                                  Bless My Soul

                                                  Shawn Lee goes on a soul trip. Together with Hamburg/Germany based The Angels Of Libra he recorded two modern soul steppers for this special 7inch single release. "Bless My Soul" is truly blessed by it's magic hookline, while "Souvenir" tells a smooth soul story.

                                                  The Angels Of Libra consists of the wrecking crew in Hamburg's soul musician scene. They set out to work and recor with a variety of talented singers and artists, while producer Dennis Rux (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios) aims to create a vintage, but modern sound.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Millie says: If you're in need of some soul look no further, this will sort you right out.. Bless My Soul is a dreamy funk track which will get you up an' moving while the B side, Souvenir is my personal favourite for a proper feel good song.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Bless My Soul
                                                  2. Souvenir

                                                  Jimmy Thomas

                                                  The Beautiful Night

                                                    “The Beautiful Night”, for many UK Northern Soul fans, epitomises the sound of the Seventies All-Night clubs. Originally spun at The Torch in Stoke and then in every club and soul night in the land. It was written and independently produced by Jimmy Thomas and released on EMI’s ‘Parlophone’ label in 1969. It has remained a rare and collectable 45 on the green promo and even more so on the scarce black stock copy. In more recent times the original B-side, “Above A Whisper”, has found favour on the crossover scene with it’s more subdued modern soul flavour. Both sides have been remastered for this prestiguous 2022 release.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. The Beautiful Night
                                                    2. Above A Whisper

                                                    LTE presents its debut release titled “Long Term Evolution”, a 6-track compilation bringing together pieces from six artists from around the world. A highly adventurous outing which takes on acid, breaks, glitch and dub stylings before exploring uncategorizable realms of electronic music with a mission to uncover new and exciting hybrids and mutants.

                                                    LTE is a newly-born music label from Prague. Its goal is to build a platform for local and foreign musicians, producers and sound artists. The label's focus lies on contemporary electronic music and a wide spectrum of genres.

                                                    A highly collectable and adventurous debut release from a label that’s bound to become pretty hyped. If you like the darker dancefloors a la Weatherall, Smagghe, Optimo etc – this one’s for you.

                                                    Comes in beautifully textured, deluxe gloss embossed sleeve! Highly recommended.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Slo-mo space invaders that'll have you rubbing up against strangers in The White Hotel in no time. With a pervasive, sexualized throb throughout, essential listening for fans of Jon K, Ivan Smagghe, Andrew Weatherall etc.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. MR TC - Drome
                                                    A2. Ethno Service - NMA07
                                                    A3. LDY OSC - Suave Duro
                                                    B1. DALO - Trap
                                                    B2. Mayo - Autonomy
                                                    B3. MO-DU - Assimize


                                                    Keep Moving - Inc. The Blessed Madonna / Dave Lee / Gaspard Augé And Victor Le Masne Remixes

                                                    One of the most succesful songs from the London-based duo's third album, "Loving In Stereo", now gets its official 12" single release including amazing remixes by Dave Lee and The Blessed Madonna. 

                                                    Word's can't properly articulate how uplifting "Keep Moving" is. The quintessential start-of-Summer hit, at once anthemic, resplendant and elevating. It's huge crossover potential means that already your mum, kid sister and boss at work are familiar with this 6 Music-sponsered hit but in no way should that put you off. Real, timeless hits often spread to the masses, it's a well crafted science! A single for the ages.

                                                    Suitably, taste defining remixers are drafted in for that authentic maxi 12" single experience. The Blessed madonna and Dave Lee both sticking to the originals 4/4 propulsion as thye dive into the worlds of disco and house; while Gaspard Augé And Victor Le Masne offer up something a bit more leftfield - transposing the track into a smoochy cocktails and sun lounger Balearic curveball. Impeccable! 

                                                    Sure to be one of the most collected 12" of the early Summer. Don't miss out.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Form an orderly queue please! Riot raising 12" from one of THE LPs of last year - "Loving In Stereo" by Jungle. "Keep Moving" was the uplifting, life-affirming lead single; and here we're treated to three amazing remixes alongside that timeless original. A 12" to treasure!

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Keep Moving (Original)
                                                    A2. Keep Moving (The Blessed Madonna Remix)
                                                    B1. Keep Moving (Dave Lee Remix)
                                                    B2. Keep Moving (Gaspard Augé And Victor Le Masne Remix)

                                                    Riton Presents Gucci Soundsystem

                                                    Fuck Me Right Feat. DJ Funk & Vula

                                                    Hot Creations presents Riton’s Gucci Soundsystem who debut on the label with "Fuck Me Right" feat. DJ Funk & Vula. Made up of Grammy Award winning producer Riton and long-term friend Ben Rymer, the single features legendary Chicago house veteran DJ Funk and esteemed Basement Jaxx vocalist Vula.

                                                    The single begins with Vula’s enchanting vocals, the likes of which open into rapid kick-hat combos. A funky, guitar-like bassline swiftly complements proceedings, as 4x4 drum patterns march on to create that four-to-the-floor feel. It’s an outright party anthem - as to be expected from Jamie Jones’ flagship imprint - but one that retains a soulful underlying groove courtesy of DJ Funk and Vula’s signature contributions. It's relentless and totally incendiary, a maximum G-force acceleration sure to rocket propell any dancefloor into excess.

                                                    Riton is a globally-recognized artist in today’s music world. Crossing the bridge between contemporary pop and underground electronic music, the renowned British producer received a Grammy nomination in 2017 for one of the year’s biggest singles: Rinse & Repeat. He followed this up by winning a Grammy Award in 2019, for his production work on Silk City (Mark Ronson & Diplo) and Dua Lipa’s Electricity. Since then, Riton has continued to work with some of the industry’s most iconic talents, including Kylie Minogue, The Chemical Brothers and Gorgon City to name a few.

                                                    Ben Rymer has been a stalwart of London’s club scene for decades. One half of Gucci Soundsystem and formerly a part of The Fat Truckers, the likes of whom toured with Jarvis Cocker’s rock band Pulp, Ben’s club history boasts performances across some of the scene’s most respected night time venues, including Fabric, London and Space, Ibiza.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Raucously infectious loopy house music here with a dirty XXX flavour and a relentless groove that'll have you shaking in no time. Killer.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A. Fuck Me Right Feat. DJ Funk & Vula
                                                    B. Fuck Me Right Feat. DJ Funk & Vula (Dub Mix)

                                                    Once an unattainable record that went for insane amounts of money, but Athens of the North are the saviors once again and bring this incredible soul track back to life. Truly a belter that deserves a space in every record collection.

                                                    ‘Was unsure if to do this Modern rarity on 45 due to there being no master tapes and the original pressing is really rough with loads of sibilance, but having had so many requests to put this out I thought f*** it, the end result came out better than the OG but nonetheless I’ll get crucified by the discogs police but I’ll take it and the rest of us can have this Modern banger in our box without having to sell your car.’ - AOTN

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Millie says: So. Much. Funk. This 7" is practically gold dust with being so rare for so long. Both sides are on fire with soulful funky vibes all round. Deserves a space in every record collection, make room for this one.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. Defected
                                                    2. You Are The One



                                                      On new single “Billy”, Horsegirl push their singular brand of innovative guitar music a step further, expanding their already enveloping wall of sound with three-part harmonies, swelling, overdriven guitars and unexpected tempo changes. Produced by the band and legendary producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile), the electrifying new track not only marks a significant evolution for the young band, but further solidifies Horsegirl as the exciting new bastions of alternative music.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      History Lesson Part Two

                                                      Oonops hand-picked selections for Agogo Records "Resense"-series continue under its new name "Redropped". Same quality, all put on recycled wax and packed full of the hottest versions for all the 45 DJs.

                                                      Volume 001 is starting with the one and only Smoove from the UK. He joined Oonops for his shows on Brooklyn Radio several times as well as appeared on his last Resenses. Now he's back and opens this new series with two absolutely bangers: a beefed up Boogie monster of a stone cold Hip Hop classic plus a headnod version of it on the flip. Be quick!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. String Island
                                                      2. Boogie Island

                                                      Big Mac

                                                      INC / SNL

                                                      Crazy good bootlegs from the genius that is Big Mac. Previously boppin on Nas, Jay-Z and Ol' Dirty Bastard, the esteemed sonic surgeon turns his attention to early 90s rap crew - Masta Ace Incorporated. A loose and breezy Brooklyn jam, "The INC Ride" gets populated with some fresh samples whilst Mac retains the most tasteful elements of this street-hop OG.

                                                      Side B sees "Saturday Night Live" tweaked into focus via the Bobbi Humphrey and Melvin Bliss groove contained within. This is a fiery, Wu-Tang inspired track and Big Mac manages to grasp the energy of the original perfectly.

                                                      Two exquistively ripped bootlegs that bang hard - don't sleep!

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Streetwise raps from early 90s group Masta Ace Incorporated, who get jigged up nicely from tweakmaster Big Mac.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Side 1
                                                      1. INC (Big Mac Edit)
                                                      Side 2
                                                      1. SNL (Big Mac Edit) 

                                                      Transmission two from Hypno Disco Records. In this edition Sam Kin takes us downtown with four cuts of retroactive house music. Deep bleep acid house, dystopian machine groove, street-lit dance tracks and live techno jams! Highly recommended if you've ever buzzed off records on Warp, B12, Tribal, Peacefrog, Trax, Champion etc.


                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Totally feelin' this tribal and proggy leaning 12" from Sam Kin. Moody, electronic dance tracks for the laser lovers.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Balearia (Behold!)
                                                      A2. Something Lurks
                                                      B1. Downtown
                                                      B2. Give Me More (Blue Analogue Live Mix)

                                                      Norfolk & Midnight Love

                                                      Mamas Baby Boy / You Are My Doll Baby

                                                      One of America's finest guitarists, Gordon Banks is most well known as Marvin Gaye's tour bass player in the 70s and co-writer in the 80s (as well as becoming his brother-in-law). He has also played with New Birth, Edwin Hawkins & Gladys Knight & The Pips. Norfolk and Midnight love were Gordon's post Marvin (Passed in 84) local bands, these two tracks were recorded between 86-88. You can hear Gordon's writing skills coming through with a far more late 80s pop vibe, like late Marvin joints, which I love.

                                                      Personally it's an honour to work with such a huge talent, Gordon's bass playing on 'Life is For Learning' still give me goosebumps every time.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Millie says: Disco heaven with Norfolk & Midnight Love seven, loved up soulful happiness pressed on wax right here for your listening pleasure. A welcomed reissue of these two tracks, more where that came from please

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. You Are My Doll Baby
                                                      2. Mamas Baby Boy

                                                      Brooklyn-based musician, producer, and DJ Peter Matson returns to Bastard Jazz with a dance-floor ready 12" and digital EP, "The Right Way." The EP builds on Peter's 2019 release for the label - "Short Trips" - as well as his work as the bandleader for Underground System, and a slew of other solo and collaborative projects over the last two years.

                                                      Working from the ground up to produce a batch of 3 original tracks, Matson takes his sensibility as a DJ and musician and blends them into an unique whole, crafting sprawling arrangements into club-ready productions. With overall recording quality and ear for detail taking center stage, "The Right Way" boasts an impressive list of musical collaborators including a standout A-side feature from Ibibio Sound Machine's vocalist Eno Williams on the Afro-Disco workout "Call and Answer." Two beautifully conceived instrumentals on the flip-side dip into slow burning Italo ("The Right Way") and Balearic ("PB (Ça Va)") territories, while the UK duo Faze Action helm remix duty, pushing "Call and Answer" toward their signature Afro-meets-ProtoHouse & Disco vibe.

                                                      The EP weaves Matson's affinity for club music with the African influences for which he is known, culminating in a release that is both genre-bending and timelessly danceable. "The Right Way" is out digitally on Bastard Jazz Recordings February 25th, 2022, with the 12" to follow shortly after.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Millie says: Peter Matson providing the proper 80s disco tackle, Call And Answer featuring Ibibio Sound Machine is particularly snazzy and feels like a time warp which is very enjoyable indeed.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Call And Answer (feat. Ibibio Sound Machine)
                                                      2. Call And Answer (Faze Action Remix) [feat. Ibibio Sound Machine]
                                                      3. The Right Way
                                                      4. PB (Ça Va)

                                                      Harry Romero / Trilogy Inc.

                                                      I Love / The City / Calling / 313

                                                      The new era of Nu Groove continues to deliver exceptional house that meets the gold standard of the cult label’s original offering, with its latest vinyl package distilling the sound of imprint’s next phase. From a state steeped in house culture, Harry Romero is one of New Jersey’s finest house exports, taking control on the A-Side of this 12” with exquisite two tracker ‘I Love / The City’. Harry plays tribute to classics from the Nu Groove catalogue with his modern ‘Choo Choo’ twist he’s loved and revered for across the two tracks, with enough depth and warmth to get you in the mood. On the flip Trilogy Inc, a new anonymous project from one of the UK’s most esteemed house duos of the 80s and 90s, explore their formative influences with ‘313’ and ‘Calling’. Two tracks destined for the darker recesses of the dancefloor, this is an unmissable package for club heads after serious underground heat.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: The return of one of house music's more flamboyant characters. Harry Romero, alongside someone we won't name, typified the hedonistic sounds of house, especially in Ibiza and with his Subliminal offshoot - Bambossa. Here for Nu Groove we get a slightly moodier palette and four tracks that are absolutely perfect for the label. Really nice to see Choo Choo on Nu Groove!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. I Love
                                                      A2. The City
                                                      AA1. 313
                                                      AA2. Calling

                                                      The label say 'Canadian born, Berlin based producer Aquarian debuts on Dekmantel Records’ UFO imprint with "Mutations I & II", a series of two EPs following his debut album "The Snake That Eats Itself "and his collaborative records as AQXDM. The series marks his return to club focused solo material for the first time since 2017.

                                                      Originally written as inflection points for his typically boisterous and genre collapsing DJ sets, "Mutations" deftly splices the foundational DNA of his earliest productions - electro, hardcore and broken beat techno – with new and vital influences.

                                                      "Mutations I: Death, Taxes and Hanger" finds Aquarian gleefully contorting mid-2000s dnb tearouts, wrong footed IDM and progressive trance euphoria into thrilling new shapes. Fast techno, hi-tek jazz, amphetamine-addled filter house and breakcore join the fray in "Mutations II: Delicious Intent" as he pushes intensity levels past breaking point. Whichever the touchstone, the results are clear: distinctly modern, highly-propulsive body music with an unapologetically emotive core.'

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Bunker busting techno-bass-jungle hybrids that are breathtakingly fresh and insanely strong. I'm loving these accelerated tempos that Dekmantel and Rush Hour seem intent on exploring. We're gonna have to expand our bass section at this rate!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Death, Taxes & Hanger
                                                      Rene Likes The Steak
                                                      Sam Handwich
                                                      Dead Whale

                                                      DJ Protein .

                                                      Stand Up

                                                      Tech-house mash-up renegade DJ Protein returns after what must be about 3 years with another double A-side of fist pumpin' pressure. It might not have that instant sell-out quality of "Say My Name", but the Eminem sampling "Stand Up" will certainly give any party tentetively finding its feet a firm kick up the jacksie! With those bolshy houz beatz, rubbery bass and cleverly manipulated clav line from the original track, a few well placed hi pass filter tweaks here and there are all this lo-fi house monster needs - guaranteed to bring the roof down everytime! 

                                                      On the flip, "Lonely People" is a heads down, clenched fist techy throbber. Perfect for loosing yourself behind the speaker stacks in the early hours of the morning whist the lightning engineer goes mental on the smoke machine. 

                                                      Mad demand, limited copies - you know what to do! 

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Remember that amazing tech-house refix of "Say My Name" from three years ago? That was DJ Protein. Now he's back with a seriously cheeky edit that probs won't make sense to anyone over 25 and not on drugs. Oh well.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A. Stand Up
                                                      B. Lonely People

                                                      Hailing from Liege in Belgium, David Body has been put on our radar with releases on the fine Endless Music, but this EP for Exploited’s cult collected Black Jukebox series is truly next level house music!

                                                      Timed perfectly for that sweet Summer release, "I Bird You" is a seriously charming affair, led by a colourful, sugary-sweet refrain that twinkles and sparkles in cute fashion. A warm deep house groove crafted through swirling Rhodes chords builds the vibe before the flowery melody explodes into life, pushing the track into an altogether more magical direction. Playing this at one of the first festivals of Summer 2022 could be a truly spiritual occassion! There's 'nuff tension from the last two years to warrent a full-on maximum love in; and tracks like this could be the perfect catalyst!

                                                      "Jack Me Baby" channels rubbery bass and a galloping house beat, with minor piano chords creating a dramatic feel as a classic vocal sample whoops away in delight. The enormous snare-roll propelled build-up thrusts the track into overdrive, with a delightful, balmy synth line woven in to provide a mystical counterbalance. Another hand-aloft rush of euphoria to sound track the party season. 

                                                      "The Talking Mouettes" is a supremely feel-good slab of Balearic-tinged peak time house, with choice piano chords cut up and cascading over a high-energy groove. Big squelchy melodic bass wiggles under the chords and shoulder-popping chime riff, with plenty of power and punch scattered throughout to keep the vibes rolling. Cleverly warped vox the icing on this sweet slice of sonic cake.  

                                                      "Endless Love" is an absolute monster to close the EP, a soaring, triumphant electro-disco beauty that overflows with euphoric melody and ecstatic, eyes-closed-and-rolling tingles. It just keeps building and building through layer upon layer of synth mastery to an explosive, epic climax.

                                                      Shir Khan's series has always been a big hitter here at Picc HQ but this is one of the biggest 12"s from the firm for some time. Get them orders in quick! 

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Martin says: It's been an eternity since Shir Khan's had us cantering around the shop. It's with huge delight that I can state, with authority, that David Body's launched us into the party season with this collection of open air festival house anthems.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. David Body - I Bird You
                                                      A2. David Body - Jack Me Baby
                                                      B1. David Body - The Talking Mouettes
                                                      B2. David Body - Endless Love

                                                      Malcolm Joseph


                                                      A live bass player, studio owner, band member, teacher and session player, Malcolm Joseph has seen all the shifts in the music industry throughout his 40-year career. From UK pop-stardom with his band 7th-Heaven in the 80s to mastering the skills of the studio and becoming the first choice bassist for the iconic disco-funk legend, Grace Jones. He's also worked with Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry and contributed a vast array of bass grooves to the iconic Bandlab sample packs...

                                                      Here we get a cheeky, blink-and-you'll-miss-it, limited US import, 3 track EP featuring Keziah Hidgson, Cleveland Watkiss & Dessy Di Lauro.

                                                      Loud, funky, energized; lead track "Robotronics" is like a cross between Prince and Parliament, with a youthful, funky vocal flow from Hidgson which gives the track a light, airy flavour; a contrast to the vigorous drum breaks smashed out the rhythm section.

                                                      Cleveland Watkiss lends a smokey, jazzy mood to "Freedom", a vibe further emphasized via upright bass and a decidedly jazz-informed drum groove. Watkiss' has a mellow, syrupy vocal which recalls the great jazz voices of yesteryear.

                                                      "Falling" concludes with a summery, jazz-funk number; Dessy Di Lauro gracing the track with an empowered and confident vocal with huge crossover / radio potentially. If you're looking for the big, sunny, jazz pop record that'll grace airwaves and lawns of the jazz and funk scenes, then this my friend is it!

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Ridiculously huge three track funk and soul record with some massive names involved and surprisingly zero hype around it. Will disappear fast you have been warned!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Robotronics (feat Keziah Hidgson) (4:40)
                                                      2. Freedom (Just Let Me Be) (feat Cleveland Watkiss) (4:14)
                                                      3. Falling (feat Dessy Di Lauro) (4:48)

                                                      Jacques Renault

                                                      Never / Don't Say Goodnight

                                                      Jacques Renault is back, and it's for no other than cult mash-up, refix house label Stamp!

                                                      Two more peak-time reworks for the esteemed label from this high energy modern disco master, Source material unknown to me, but it's a sparkly, full colour affair on both tracks with lots of orchestration and full throttle grooves looped up for our delight and garnished with extra production - filters and fx and such like.

                                                      If you liked the COMBI, NY Edits and EROS records - this'uns 4 U!!

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Hi-octane disco-house business from no other than Jacques Renault. COMBI and EROS lovers don't miss out on this one!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A. Never
                                                      B. Don't Say Goodnight

                                                      Reissue number three for Heels & Souls Recordings combines the Balearic bliss of Paprika Soul’s, ‘Come With Me’, with Soft Sugar’s dream house gem ‘Métro’ and an unreleased version of the tripped-out groover ‘Swampin'. A cherry picking of the best of three rare and sought after ‘90s EPs from the minds of High Wycombe’s Alan Barnes, Andrew Spiller and Andrew Hughes.

                                                      As anthemic as they get, Paprika Soul's 'Come With Me (Sea Breeze)' is an otherworldly electronic interpretation of Tania Maria’s beloved Brazilian jazz funk classic from '83. Vocalist Sarah Newell's unique delivery combines with a euphoric blend of Barnes’ and Spiller’s crisp drum machine programming and cosmic synthwork. Complete with crashing waves and Balearic birds, it’s a timeless, endorphin-tingling track that feels even more relevant than ever. The A-side also features the brilliant street soul flavoured ‘The Chill’ mix and the ‘Bossa Mix’, the most true in form to the original.

                                                      On the flip you’ll find Soft Sugar’s dream house flavoured ‘Métro (Funk Mix)’, Barnes and Andrew Hughes’ homage to time spent cruising the Parisian train system. Barnes’ favourite of their joint-productions, it blends that riviera feel of classic M1 stabs and sweeping pads with a dreamy bassline and stuttering breaks. Flying under the radar at the time, it’s since become hot property for the eagle-eyed digger out there.

                                                      Closing out the B, an unreleased, alternate version of Soft Sugar’s slung-back ‘Swampin’ from their Basement Records House Department EP. Mesmerizingly smooth, the 110bpm house-groover busts the brain with wigged out chants and intoxicating arpeggiations.

                                                      Fully licensed from Alan Barnes and remastered by Cicely Balston, 20% of profits from Heels & Souls Recordings and Prime Direct Distribution will be donated to Zaatari Radio – a humanitarian collective working with war-affected communities around the world.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Millie says: Ba-ba-baaa! Feels like summer this weekend eh? This Heels and Souls 12 arrived just in time for the sun with this mega catchy Balearic track Come With Me, complete with seagull squawks. The flip side providing just as equally with these two funk mixes from Soft Sugar providing a proper rush.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Paprika Soul - Come With Me (Sea Breeze)
                                                      A2. Paprika Soul - Come With Me (The Chill)
                                                      A3. Paprika Soul - Come With Me (Bossa Mix)
                                                      B1. Soft Sugar - Métro (Funk Mix)
                                                      B2. Soft Sugar - Swampin (Alternate Mix)

                                                      Marché Noir

                                                      Lot'Vie / Y'a Du Blues

                                                      For their next reissue, Parisian crew Discomatin picked one of the rarest and sought-after releases of the French boogie scene, "Lot'Vie / Y'a Du Blues" by Marché Noir. The original 12" from 1984 gets a proper remastering and delivers its powerful mixture of boogie, jazz-funk and West Indies influences. Two amazing titles finally reissued with a loud sound!

                                                      "Lot'Vie" is a perfect blend of powerful funky rhythms with tons of percussion, second to none slap bass and dope synths leads. With its infectious chorus (‘son a bip bip!’), the track seems to irresistibly make you move your feet. Sung in creole, the track speaks about everyone going their own way, knowing that past, present and future are only one.

                                                      "Y'a Du Blues (Tant Pis, C'est La Vie)" is based on a monstrous boogie bassline. the song talks about melancholy and hope, but with joy. In these troubled times, lyrics surely get a special meaning: whatever happens, keep smiling because after all ‘c'est la vie’.

                                                      Marché Noir brought together friends and family around keyboardist Max Marolany living in the south of France, with the band starting in the second part of the seventies. Excited by the new funky sound coming from the USA, they wanted to create Marché Noir to compose and sing their own French songs. With a full range of references, from Zouk to Soul, from Disco to Funk, Reggae and Pop, their first goal was to have fun! The band was playing in clubs and festivals around Marseille, Nice, Aix-en-Provence and Fréjus. With this local fame, they ended up doing the first parts of Touré Kunda and french rockstar Johnny Hallyday. Without a doubt, their live shows were a truly funky experience.

                                                      Thanks to Discomatin, the EP is now available to the real connoisseurs with an exclusive insert that contains lyrics, again with fantastic illustrations from French artist Camille de Cussac.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Man I love some French boogie! And Marché Noir are a particularly splendid, sunny outfit. Discomatin do the business here by reissing two of their finest tracks, a side each, on LOUD pressed 12". You'll have to turn down yer gains this bumps hard!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Y'a Du Blues (Tant Pis, C'est La Vie)

                                                      Released in November 2021, Monument was acclaimed as one of Portico Quartet's most accessible, direct records to date. Carefully crafted as an ode to better times, it pulsed with the energy of dance music and was one of the most melodic and carefully structured records the band have ever released. Next Stop is the brilliant follow-up, a pulsing powerful four-tracker that also features a wistful, elegiac side and perhaps provides a coda to Monument.
                                                      Captured Time is a melodious and atmospheric tune that erupts out of layered synthesisers and strings. It's contrast between melodic simplicity and textural density is what lets it push through to an elated, ecstatic conclusion as the band draw you into an emotional journey as only they can.

                                                      Next Stop is Portico Quartet at full power. Arguably the most rhythmically dense tune they have ever made. It's hypnotic groove driven by am off-kilter 7/8 drum and bass groove that ducks and dives with relentless intensity.

                                                      Youth is a deceptively simple tune, nostalgic in tone, It's a paen to childhood and simpler days, with Wyllie's wistful sax melody perfectly offset by the low-slung slow-mo hip-hop beat of Bellamy drums. But is the beautiful strings that really turn this tune into something special.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Millie says: Beautiful neo-classical record, Portico Quartet's never disappoints and yet again they've blown us away with their stunning, mindful ambient Jazz. An absolute must.

                                                      Massive debut release for UK producer Social Rhythm on new blockchain art collective Oblivious Transfer! Black vinyl pressings / super LTD 150 pink vinyl pressings + spot varnish sleeve and poster insert by London street artist The Real Dill, with digital download card included. The record highlights rave and sampling culture, whilst paying homage to previous innovators across multiple genres. Hot tip for the 90's intelligent drum & bass enthusiast!

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Highly frenetic modern dnb, technically highly advanced with some crazy, head mangling chops and manipulations. The arrangements are thankfully just as sophisticated, leaving us hooked till the very last breakbeat.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Holding On
                                                      Loving Sum
                                                      Eternal Love

                                                      The salvo of 7"s from the Star Creature bunker continues to rain down on us - with another two arriving this week! E. Live is back, adding his patented boogie shimmer to newcomer Gillies' lead track "What About Luv".

                                                      Rich with Italo nuances, "What About Luv" is drenched in sensuality, a laser-guided, pheromone-fueled, late night mission into decadence and excess. The Bay Area boogie boss injects a playful, stripped back sensibility into the equation, mellowing it out into an early evening groover.

                                                      Both tracks are winners for me, with two very different moods explored. Star Creature remain the most crucial force in modern funk! TIP. 

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Are Brooklyn's Star Creature secretly challenging MCR's Red Laser to a battle of the boogie? Firing over an Italo-tinged missile at our Manctalo brothers, inviting a return fire bedroom boogie blast from Il Bosco and co.? The plot thickens in the boogie wars saga... stay tuned for more info.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A. What About Luv (E Live Remix)
                                                      B. What About Luv


                                                      Guest Mini Edits No 2

                                                      Precious gems mined from a wall of vinyl. Cut, polished and mounted for maximum love. Mini-edits is baaaack with number 2 of the mini edits and better than ever. ‘Jozefina’ providing the divine silky funk with dreamy soulful vocals, side b ‘Central Timing’ is dramatic film tackle music which just has endless groove. 

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Millie says: Funky lil' 7" packed with sass and attitude, Central Timing feeling like it's straight out of the 70s with style straight into 2022, it's a switch up from the b-side, slow chuggy funk number. So so good.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Central Timing
                                                      B1. Jozefina

                                                      After the collaboration with DJ Durbin on 'Can't You Tell' Manu is back as MNL to release his first solo EP. He mangles the sounds and rhythms of his surroundings without limits and builds his own bittersweet world from them – full of glitched and saturated fractals and sonic holographs.

                                                      Hodge's remix turns the track 'I Don't Know What I Want' into a hi-tek UKG-esque dancefloor killer which’ll please fans of Four Tet, Overmono, Floating Points etc.


                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Really intriguing record which skirts between intricate electronix, fuzzy hardwired techno and a hi-tek garage glider. Well good.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. I Don't Know What I Want
                                                      A2. Longing For Distance
                                                      B1. When I Think Of The Barrier
                                                      B2. I Don't Know What I Want (Hodge Remix)

                                                      "Inner Light", featuring Raashan Ahmad on vocals is the first song from "People Need People" (SCLP/CD 491) chosen for a series of reinterpretations that will be released throughout 2022 - this EP being the first one in a trilogy of 12". Joaquin Joe Claussell needs no introduction: Body & Soul founder and Sacred Rhythm label honcho, a true legend and purveyor of spirituality – a cosmic messenger that brings us two new proper versions of "Inner Light". Further releases in this series will feature none less than Anthony Nicholson, DJ Spinna and Tall Black Guy!

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Millie says: Jazzy, spoken word infused with dub is hitting all the right spots. This is dangerously low so I wouldn't sleep on getting a copy, it's as equally as good if not better than their last release 'Sun Song / Nigeria' in 2018(!!)

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Inner Light - Joaqui Joe Claussell Sacred Rhythm (Cosmic Arts Version)
                                                      2. Inner Light - Joaqui Joe Claussell Sacred Rhythm (Cosmic Arts Dub Version)

                                                      Inner Zone

                                                      Carpet Shark EP (featuring D. Tiffany Remix)Carpet Shark EP (featuring D. Tiffany Remix)

                                                      Off the back of almost two years without dancefloors, London imprint Feelings Worldwide come out swinging to bring you a wedge of fast paced euphoria from Inner Zone.

                                                      The Carpet Shark EP delivers three slices of blissed out freshness, with shades of trance, new age and house, ready to sling out the speakers at the now open rave spaces across the land.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Millie says: Some proper chunky house just landed in the shop, finishing with a D. Tiffany remix adding some extra spice to the mix.

                                                      Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the name Carpet Shark - need some emojis up in here.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. High Loon
                                                      A2. Carpet Shark
                                                      B1. Strange News
                                                      B2. Strange News (D. Tiffany Remix)

                                                      Max Dean and Prunk come together in superb fashion for a new EP on South. It features three new cuts from Max, with a Prunk remix making it another explosive package.

                                                      Up first is "Loving Saturday", a driving house track with a nagging, soulful vocal that really tugs at the heart strings. The bass is warm and the drums kick hard, but this one really has some standout emotion to it. "This Party" is a more loose, fluid, ducking and diving groove, with rich percussion making it a perfect late night groove. More deft vocals add some human emotion as this one drives on.

                                                      "This Party (Prunk Remix)" is a nice spaced out deep house cut that has real bite. The kicks and hi-hats fuse together perfectly, while balmy pads encircle the groove to bring the vibes. Last of all, "Sunshine Upon the 33" is another big hearted out track with an irresistible groove. The dynamic drums never let up, while the spaced out pads work and great vocal samples all elevate the track.

                                                      This is a fantastic four track package from this new one to watch label.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Tech house has a dirty name these days but red light rollers like this suck me back into the scene! Max Dean with that kinetic energy its hard to ignore. Make sure you stretch your shoulders!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Loving Saturday
                                                      A2. This Party
                                                      B1. Sunshine Upon The 33
                                                      B2. This Party (Prunk Remix)

                                                      Joshua James

                                                      Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty - Inc. Peaches Remix

                                                      ‘Boot licking, piss drinking, finger frigging, tit tweaking, love biting, arse licking, shit stabbing, motherfucking, spunk loving, ball busting, cock sucking, fist fucking, lip smacking, thirst quenching, cool living, ever giving…’

                                                      There’s no fairer introduction to “Fist”, Joshua James’ latest contribution to Phantasy, than to advise one simply to prepare themselves. Sampling iconic performance artist, club promoter and designer Leigh Bowery, James connects the expert dancefloor pressure he exacts each weekend as one of London’s best-loved club residents with the unapologetic, defiant legacy of a personal hero. None other than Peaches then takes up the remix mantle for “Fist”, intertwining the provocations of two radical performers and connecting three generations of underground queer culture in one sonic menage-a-trois, perhaps the straight-up rudest club record in recent memory.

                                                      On the original production, James shifts his sound in a heavier direction still since last summer’s euphoric “Amber Rush”, which was remixed by labelmate and friend Daniel Avery. A bouncing industrial tilt underscores the heavy-duty production, as Bowery, originally recording alongside Richard Torry in their band Minty, espouses a catalogue of sexual acts - some specialist, all sensational - as James pushes dancers further down into the belly of some revolting rave beast.

                                                      A multi-faceted match to Bowery themselves, Peaches continues a decades-long journey dedicated to genre and gender deconstruction with her wild and playful take on ‘Fist’. Dripping in cybernetic club juice, Peaches wraps herself around Bowery’s own teaches on the mic, easily matching his demands as she careens towards a system-rattling techno conclusion.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Certain to make even the most potty-mouthed gawp and blush at the lyrical content. I have to say though it works! Think Modeselektor meets Sophie meets Soulwax. Engineered for the big rigs and with a hook so filthy it'll need 3 washes to get outta ya head. I'm expecting a tik tok video to accompany it soon!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A. Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty
                                                      B. Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty (Peaches Remix)

                                                      Joe Armon-Jones & Fatima

                                                      Tinted Shades

                                                        Fatima and Joe Armon-Jones unite for Tinted Shades; a three track EP that asserts personal truths whilst juxtaposing dark times with hopeful optimism - spanning soul, hip hop and R&B. The Tinted Shades collaboration will be released on Armon-Jones’ imprint Aquarii Records.

                                                        Swedish soul singer with Hip Hop in her blueprint, Fatima is a vocal powerhouse with a beautiful tone who has written and collaborated with the likes of JD Reid, Purist, Larry Heard, Floating Points, Knxwledge, Scoop DeVille, Flako, Dam Funk and Shafiq Husayn.

                                                        Between his highly acclaimed solo work and his work with the influential Ezra Collective, Joe Armon-Jones is at the epicentre of the London underground scene and has collaborated with the late Tony Allen, Mahalia, Nubya Garcia, Greentea Peng, Poppy Ajudha, Moses Boyd and Ego Ella May.

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        Millie says: The collab I've always wanted, favourites Fatima and Joe Armon-Jones combine their talents to deliver this soul-drenched 12", a perfect balance of jazz and R&B this just slips down.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Tinted Shades
                                                        Love Life Hope

                                                        Arab Strap


                                                          These two songs were written, recorded and mixed during the sessions for Arab Straps' first album in forever "As Days Get Dark". As much as they loved them, they couldn't find a place for them on the final album. Maybe it's because they seem to have their own distinct identities, but sometimes a song just sounds better on its own, when it's not part of a crowd and vying for attention. So, to celebrate the anniversary of the album's release, we present As Days Get Dark's two runaway loners; a couple of black sheep who might not click with the rest of the family but, even though they aren't very happy, are still worth a cuddle.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Side A - Aphelion
                                                          Side B - Flutter

                                                          Crazy P

                                                          If Life Could Be This Way

                                                            "During lockdown we delved deep into the Crazy P vaults to see what might be lurking in there. Plenty of buried treasure to be found, but these 2 little beauties grabbed our attention and seemed to fit well together. The lead track, If Life Could Be This Way, was a jam we had between the 3 of us, the vocal's a bit of a one take wonder from Dani, and we didn't touch it! It featured in our set and was the title of our last tour Nov 2021".

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Most Mancs with an ear to the streams will be aware of this highly adorable record dropping this week. Already championed by James Holroyd, Ron Basejam and Neil Diablo - one of the most poignant, heart-fluttering, down-right-beautiful songs this shining gemstone of a band have ever created.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A: If Life Could Be This Way
                                                            B: How Could I Know?

                                                            Adam Chini Featuring Zackey Force Funk


                                                            Tasty 7" from the Star Creature stable featuring new signing Adam Chini who contributes a veritable slice of modern funk for the esteemed label.

                                                            "Boomerang" comes in vocal and instrumental versions and pairs up sloppy synth work, blue-sky synth patches and shuddering slap bass. The infectious and clever vocal yearns for the return of a lover's desire - hence the title: "Boomerang".

                                                            Limited copes and high demand as always....

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Deeply personal bedroom boogie from the SC camp which should appeal to fans of PPU and the more lo-fi end of the spectrum.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A. Boomerang
                                                            B. Instrumental

                                                            J Scienide

                                                            Mark Maker / Troubled Waters

                                                            Hip-hop heads cop a load of this! New Manchester based label, Music Please, which kicks off its tenure with this 7" double A-side from the Charlotte born, now Washington residing J Scienide. For newcomers, this skilled wordsmith and beat maker has been quietly ascending the ranks of the underground scene and has recently secured a deal with Fat Beats to distribute his forthcoming LPs. Music Please have signed two singles from the esteemed rapper, the first of which is this!

                                                            Starting with "Mark Maker", which pairs a soulful and dusty, Dillaesque beat to Scienide's unlimitable east coast flow. The rhymes come thick and fast, with that old school flavour, and you'll be endlessly rewinding verses to catch the vocalist's sharp witted and eloquent lines which keep poppin with invention and novelty right to the last bar (no repeating two-word phrases like the trap lot! - Ed). Look out for that well catch chorus too - this is fire people!

                                                            On the flip "Troubled Water", supposedly concocted in an hour before a performance in NYC, is another fast-flowing, hard hitting old school boom bap joint. J's beats are as slick as his rhymes, and his use of dusty soul samples sure to appeal to anyone with a penchant for Dilla, Madlib, Babu, Statik Selektor etc.

                                                            Both songs were mixed and mastered by Damu The Fudge Munk. Artwork provided by Mr. Krum (Daupe!, Slice of Spice, ALC Records). Serious, if this what to expect from this brand new local stable then we're all in for a treat!

                                                            Two unmissable slabs of boom-bap heat nicely pressed across a tidy, dinked, 7" single. Limited copies - cop now or cry later! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Monstrous hip-hop 7" on a brand new, MCR-based label. If you like it old school, conscious and head-noddingly good - this one's for you!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A. Mark Maker 
                                                            B. Troubled Waters

                                                            Form an orderly queue! It's Sworn Virgins on Deewee! The front cover might have Martin in a hot flush but it's the barnstormin, oddball hay disco of the "The Male Man" that's really twisting our melons! Bucking hard in your finest Levi's, cowboy hat not included on this ode to postal delivery persons across the globe! 

                                                            Three more tracks of wierdo-wave disco accompany the lead track.     Then there's "Searchin For Hiro" which is like Baxter Dury on meth; concluded with the electroid hynagogia of final track, "RWA" which again, has Baxter Dury inflections set to sequences of strung out old drum boxes and broken keyboards.

                                                            The vinyl is housed in a UV Gloss Sleeve with a heavyweight printed inner. Limited edition. 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Barndancing eccentricity from the quirky darlings of oddball disco - Sworn Virgins. Kicks like a mule and possesses one of the funniest lyrics we've heard for a while. Don't sleep!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. The Male Man
                                                            A2. Slide Little Monster
                                                            B1. Searchin For Hiro
                                                            B2. RWA

                                                            Third in the Tiger & Woods Unleashed Tapes series and it's a solo outing from Larry Tiger (aka Valerio Del Prete) under his Delphi alias. Loopy, electronic disco-house in the typical Tiger & Woods style. Much like partner in crime Marco Passarani, he offers updates to the classic blueprints of Italo, disco and new wave records, unleashing an absolute barrage of step-sequenced synth expression and gated vintage drum boxes in the process.

                                                            Highly kinetic, with that rotary robo-chug characterizing much of the content, these are highly functional, late night dance tracks with tons of energy and a clear, direct focus. Tiger & Woods roam once more! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Ram-jammed 12" from the Tiger & Woods main gee who offers up four tracks and two tools of red lasered robo-chug. Dancefloor functionality guaranteed!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Side 1
                                                            1. Silicone Emotion (5:26)
                                                            2. Metropole (5:16)
                                                            3. Metropole (beat Tool) (2:40)
                                                            Side 2
                                                            1. Vector (4:39)
                                                            2. Riscio (5:41)
                                                            3. Riscio (beat Tool) (2:52)

                                                            In 2021 Bristol hip-hop duo Ree-Vo released two singles from their forthcoming album ‘All Welcome On Planet Ree-Vo’. The first was the electro-fused, LFO-surfing ‘Combat’ with a remix by techno legend Surgeon. The second was the dark, submersive ‘Groove With It’ remixed by New Jersey’s legendary Dälek and ‘Protein’ remixed by The Bug.

                                                            Ree-Vo begin 2022 in contrast with this their hookiest track on their album, a party throwing chorus spinning tipsy visitors around the intergalactic control booth of mission control. “Lift off, blast off, shirt off, pants off, bra off, Dance off! Naked in the dance hall SPACE BOX!” is the beamed mantra, rapper Relly transmitting to all occupants of the galaxy. “We wanted to make a hedonistic and colourful dancehall track, a bold response to the suppressive circumstances of the last two years”.

                                                            Helping them on this seven’s mission are two remixes, one by NØISE (the musical collective of Joe Cassidy, Shepard Fairey, Merritt Lear and John Goff) and BATBIRDS (the duo of Joe Cassidy and Aaron Miller). Common to both of course is Joe Cassidy who recorded for Dell’Orso (as well as Rough Trade and Dedicated) as Butterfly Child. These mixes were made at the end of 2020, the record sent off to print in February 2021, five months before Joe’s incredibly sad departure from this planet, at least physically. So for all involved it’s a very bittersweet release, but another piece of art that Joe was undoubtedly thrilled to be involved with.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A) Spacebox (NØISE Remix)
                                                            AA) Spacebox (Batbirds Remix)

                                                            Birds’ second Höga Nord offering is a 4 track EP created entirely during the first UK Coronavirus lockdown in spring / summer 2020. The themes throughout the record are inspired by various thoughts, feelings and coping mechanisms adapted by herself and her peers; from live streams to micro-dosing, to exercising patience and trying to feel comfort in the fact that there will be other opportunities and we’ve just got to wait this thing out whilst trying to stick together for emotional support. Sonically it moves around a lot from gurgling 303 bass lines, to breakbeats, to dubby guitar breakdowns, to heavy club inspired 909 kick drums, whilst always maintaining a droney undertone.

                                                            It's another wonderfully sincere and individual crafted document from this incredibly singular label - one of our 'best label's of 2021' infact! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Warehouse mutants and nightclub goths have yet another instalment of freakishness from our good friends at Höga Nord Rekords. Black eye-liner not included.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Solitary Dancers
                                                            A2. Night Time Life
                                                            B1. Dont Drink The Acid Water
                                                            B2. Young Blood

                                                            Shanti Moscow Radio enlist an up-to-date roster of minimal and tech-house producers for their 34th release to date.

                                                            Volen Sentir gets us underway with the enchanted and ethereal ""Priprava" which wraps sitar and other ethnic instrumentation around a crisp and percussive groove. Nicely bubbly, it's got that day-time Tiki bar vibe nailed down nice. Hiroko Arakiaki's "Lion Song" gets a subtle Mule tweak - highlighting the poignant and heart-felling vocal part that decorates this supremely dreamy and emotive track. One for end of session sunrises!

                                                            Onto side B and Gorje Hewek & Facundo Losardo's "Endless History" is a fluttery, delicately propelled house number with more beguiling vox and otherworldly instrumentation. Finally Amonita concludes with the reflective philosopher’s stone that is "Ainu" - a crystalline track set with deep emotion, it's angelic vocals lifting it into heavenly and ambrosial realms. 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Deliciously exotic tech & house flavours with that crisp and high def aesthetic which keeps the Funktion 1's ticking till dawn. Mega!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Side 1
                                                            1. Volen Sentir - Priprava
                                                            2. Hiroko Arakiaki - Lion Song (Mule Edit)
                                                            Side 2
                                                            1. Gorje Hewek & Facundo Losardo - Endless History
                                                            2. Amonita - Ainu

                                                            Super exclusive upfront copies of Tom Carruthers' Non Stop Rhythm label. A four-track compilation which brings together three, top drawer productions from '91 plus a new one from Tom himself inna authentic vintage stylee!

                                                            Lab Technicians kick things off with the Sheffield-indebted bleep of "We Gave You Life". The only record these guys did, I'm not sure where they were from but this undeniably sounds like one of the early blueprints of Yorkshire bleep n bass. Da Noyz Boyz are up next with "I Need Something Stronger" - an ode to recreational drug use set to a skeletal jack beat and taken from their Nu Groove release: "The Myth".

                                                            Carruthers gets the B-side underway with "Fantasies" and I have to say he's more than capable at recreating that old skool flavour. Nicely shuffled drum boxes, 303 and vintage keys working beautifully in unison. How & Little close off this retrotastic trip with "Raise Your Hands" - a breakbeat laden warehouse cut with catchy vox and gritty drums. Again, that prominent 'bleep' b-line poking away at the low register incessantly.

                                                            Mega stuff that'll appeal to fans of Tone Dropout, I Love Acid / Balkan Vinyl, Chris Duckenfield's Primitive alias, DJ Absolutely Shit, Paranoid London and pretty much anyone with a passing interest in the fascinating world of UK dance music! BEEP BEEEEP! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Tidy UK bleeps n bass revival ting with three sought after joints from the halcyon era plus a brand new brucy bonus from mastermind Tom Carruthers.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1 Lab Technicians - We Gave You Life (1991)
                                                            A2 Da Noyz Boyz - I Need Something Stronger (1991)
                                                            B1 Tom Carruthers - Fantasies (2021)
                                                            B2 How & Little - Raise Your Hands (1991)

                                                            The Magic Twins

                                                            Gilles Tribute

                                                            This one's for all the jazz-fusion heads out there and a celebratory tribute to the undisputed king of anything jazzy, Mr. Gilles Peterson. It's mental how popular this sound has got with 'young folks' these days, but that's largely in part due to Petersons untiring representation of the genre and all it's developments.

                                                            And so Japanese duo The Magic Twins deliver a strong 3-track EP which is full of jazz-fusion reworks that would make the dancers at the legendary London Club Dingwalls swing just a little longer and harder in all directions! All three tracks are frenetic, high energy numbers and with a dare-I-say-it, light, skippy feel that reminds one that Summer might not be that far away after all! What really strikes is the detail in both the arrangements and the production, with a plethora of instruments recorded in beautiful high definition and sounding super lush and incredibly detailed off the record. Audiophile heads get your latest tackle round this record you won't be sorry! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: GAMM enlist The Magic Twins for a suitably top drawer tribute to the UK's jazz authority Gilles Peterson. Not only that, the care and attention to pressing and mastering is second to known, so this'll sound grrrreat at your next high brow listening session / Klipshorn powered loft party.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A. Happy
                                                            B. Desde De Mar
                                                            B2. Wings

                                                            Tim Jackiw of Ukrainian/Australian descent grew up in Adelaide, where he is making impressive sounds on his Amiga 500 computer since the early nineties. As the techno scene thrived during that period he began to explore the cities clubs and radio stations and contributed with DJing and numerous radio shows up till 2005 when he moved to Melbourne for a permanent home. Since then he has been producing and releasing on many quality labels and running his own underground label: Offworld Records Australia.

                                                            The "Amnesia EP" is a follow up to 2019’s successful "Monuments" LP containing 4 tracks of deep, dubby and moving aquatic housey techno. "Lucid" takes us down a mysterious corridor of twilight space and fleeting hypnagogic imagery, deep basses and layered percussion threaded with Tim's signature live improvisation throughout. Next up is "Amnesia" the title track with its haze and watery backdrop taking us through a long distant fragmented memory, a broken and decayed film reel recalled through lush expanded pads and rich strings. Side B lifts us up into "Pillars of Creation", a deep space cosmic interpretation of universal birth. Finishing off the EP is "Gravity Loss" a funky string laden exploration using off beat percussion and slivers of delayed melody swimming through the atmosphere of some distant planetary sky we can only imagine.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Deep aquatics, rich musicality and lucid electronics characterize this highly proficient EP from Deeptrax and Tim Jackiw. If you liked the Outime and Firescope tackle this one's for you!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Lucid
                                                            A2. Amnesia
                                                            B1.Pillars Of Creation
                                                            B2. Gravity Loss 

                                                            Shota Ikawa aka Igaxx is based in Tokyo and debuts on the wonderfully eclectic Macadam Mambo for a cheeky 10" release which succumbs to the temptations of the deep - conjuring up a highly psychedelic tapestry of LSDigi-dub, quasi-spiritual house & new age liquid refraction which is sure to please.

                                                            Delicate, shimmering and intrinsically constructed; the tracks seem to tread across a crystalline, cellular surface which gentle flexes and springs with elasticity. Sounds and effects seem to fly in and fluctuate from beyond the stereo field, almost giving the impression that the listener is tuned into some higher celestial frequency.

                                                            This is very good, You'll want him to carry on across a full length album! But for now this 10" will satisfy all lovers of psychedelic space music. Fully recommended! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: I've been a long term fan of Macadam Mambo, watching them go from cosmic / disco edits to all out cerebrum-tweaking acid madness. I'd say this recent effort definitely falls into the latter category!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            T1. Garden
                                                            T2. Deep In Fog
                                                            T3. Here And There
                                                            H1. Space B
                                                            H2. Future Raw 

                                                            Fitness Club is the dance-floor focused alias of Melbourne's Sinj Clarke and Berlin-based Ziggy Zeitgeist (Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange & 30/70 Collective).

                                                            The original concept being an amalgamation of humans and techno machines, the duo have quickly begun carving out a sound for the underground, exploring the depths of house, techno and nu-jazz. “Intimate Fitness” by Fitness Club is the end result of a year long international creative partnership. A long-distance alliance creating a sound that has proven as unique as its creators.

                                                            This 5-track EP delivers a diverse range of sounds that carefully curate the sonic landscape that is Intimate Fitness - a sophisticated and sexy auditory experience that appeals to the discerning home listener and nocturnal ravers alike.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Beach-ball Balearic and jet ski house gliders from this Melbourne - Berlin pairing that oozes class. Pack a towel you're gonna need it!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Push
                                                            A2. Fitness Club
                                                            B1. Tribal Feat. Zima
                                                            B2. Crunch

                                                            The Frenzied Bricks

                                                            The Frenzied Bricks

                                                            Crossing over to Adelaide, odd wave minor players The Frenzied Bricks completely bypassed the history books with indifference. This madcap union of school friends Chris Merchant and David McCarthy cut void-entering motorik and weirdo monologues in bedrooms and suburban rehearsal studios. Rumoured to be an individual, they never bothered to disprove the gossip with live performance. They did however submit aspiring demos to community radio station 5MMM, where they were fortuitously stored for four decades.

                                                            The 7” marks the non-band’s debut release, combining two should-be classics from the vault. ‘(Can I) Bridge The Gap’ apathetically tunnels with Neu! Order energy, dual bass and McCarthy’s laconic vocal delivery, while their only instrumental ‘Entropy’ calls in guitarist and unofficial Brick Dave Warren to send the TR-808 into the stratosphere. Unknown until now, this is down under synth-wave at it’s finest.

                                                            The Frenzied Bricks is pressed in an edition of 327 hand stamped white labels, wrapped in white ink printed coloured card.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: One of two highly anticipated Efficient Space 7"s dropping this week that's got our weirdo clientele buzzin. It's got that DIY, lo-fi vibe nailed down right with deadpan, off-kilter song writing to boot. Don't sleep!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            The Frenzied Bricks - (Can I) Bridge The Gap
                                                            The Frenzied Bricks - Entropy 

                                                            None come much bigger than the pairing of legendary synth alchemist Patrick Cowley and the incredible gay icon Sylvester. 'Menergy' is such a classic record, recorded a year before Cowley's death in 1981; a slamming piece of HI-NRG funk that will have everybody within the nearest vicinity on the dancefloor in a heartbeat. The sound of early 80's gay San Francisco; unashamed, proud and ridiculously ahead of it's time. Pair this music with the skills of cult producer and editor extraordinaire Purple Disco Machine and you have a potential new classic on your hands! This PDM extended mix is backed with the killer original mix and is undoubtedly an unmissable reissue package beautifully presented by your friends over at Unidisc.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Everyone knows that Sylvester and Cowley are the best combo of hi-nrg heat one can muster. "Menergy" is one of their camp high water marks sure to instigate groin grabbing, nitrate huffing pleasure across the more homo-erotic dancefloors.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Menergy (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
                                                            A2. Menergy (Purple Disco Machine Remix Instrumental)
                                                            B1. Menergy (Original Mix)
                                                            B2. Menergy (Original Mix) (ft. Sylvester)
                                                            B3. Menergy (Reprise)

                                                            Unfathomably fast and futuristic music here from this Icelandic talent who takes cues from VTSS, Kisloty (Schacke, Rune Bagge etc) and others to create a highly energized form of modern techno that’s monstrously reactive, hyper-charged and specialist engineered for maximum impact.

                                                            The lead track, “I Wanna Go Home” references Arthur Russell’s iconic vocal line as it charges through at break neck speed complete with rattling 303s; a full frequency demolition ball that occasionally pauses to offer bursts of light through this rampant hard-techno romp. “Wool” deploys metallic shards, some granulated vox manipulation and this big ‘WOO’ sample – a battle cry for the technoid soldiers out post-4AM doing battle with the speaker stacks.

                                                            “Electric Ppl” might just be the most restrained out of the whole bunch as it’s ricocheting, bucking groove feels like you’re holding a snake by its tail. “Toilet Roll" shudders and judders with electrical energy; its rolling machine-code low-end puncturing the cerebrum incessantly as atmospheric washes and mangled vox swirl overhead. More words are merely superfluous – get this beast on the turntable and witness it’s powers! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Chest beating, stadium-blasted techno that's ever-so virgin on gabber. Closer listens however reveal a poise, sophistication and technological know-how that puts Bjarki right at the front of the pack. This is expert electronic music, regardless of the high tempos. Almost like what Sophie did for 'hyper pop', Bjarki is doing for 'hyper techno'. I love it - if not for the sole reason that it made Darryl nearly shit himself when played on the shop system!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. I Wanna Go Home
                                                            A2. Woo!
                                                            B1. Electric Ppl
                                                            B2. Toilet Rush

                                                            Cousin unleashes some modern sorcery on Nummer. Jackson Fester, hailing all the way from Sydney, concocts a suitably shamanic offering for our favourite late nite spellbook. Five meticulously crafted slices of modular dance ritual that channel both the ancient wisdom of the rainforests, the mystique of the deep ocean and the infinite knowledge of the cosmos. Humbling and healing, a stream of universal conciousness harnessed by a skillful soul and transmitted through a finely tuned selection of modern technology. Transcending past and future trends and existing solely in the now. Unfathomable greatness from a true wizard. You need! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Our shamanic section's been looking a bit thin of late. Cue Cousin with his electro-dance-rituals that'll rouse your inner 5-D avatar.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Patrol Shrimp
                                                            A2. Moon
                                                            A3. Homing Loop
                                                            B1. Locked
                                                            B2. Nemo’s Dream

                                                            Jeb Loy Nichols

                                                            The World Loves A Fool

                                                            For the last single release from Jeb Loy Nichols' album, Timmion takes us back to the beginning. Of the recent "Jeb Loy" album that is, since its first track graces the single's A side. If you've not yet hopped onboard with this talented American-born but Welsh-based songwriter/singer, this is a great place to start. The spoken word intro, following on the coattails of Cold Diamond & Mink's guitar licks and horn transition in "The World Loves A Fool", is a classic storytelling move. Through his mother's interesting proverb, Jeb sets the scene for what's to follow, a lesson for the listener about life's complexities.

                                                            On the B side, we find one of the most beautiful tunes of the album, "Not There Yet". It's a gentle southern-style soul groover where Jeb lets his writing truly shine. Backed with a shimmering organ and CD&M's pulsating rhythm, Jeb recants the experiences of a musician on the road through the eyes of a crow.

                                                            Jeb Loy Nichols can crank out songs that touch and make things move inside the listener. If you're looking for that personal hit that will fly far over the heads of the masses, you've come to the right place. Double-sided pleasure for your ears, mind and soul.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Millie says: Has Jeb Loy Nichols the most soothing voice? Yes, yes I can confirm he does. Beautiful soul as always that just makes you feel like everything's going to be ok (needed extra at the moment).

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. The World Loves A Fool
                                                            2. Not There Yet

                                                            Billy Bruner is not only Tulsa's OG soul man, but he also wrote the best 80s soul tribute to his home city, T-U-L-S-A, not just a great nod but an earworm of the highest order. Flipped (as we love to do) with an unreleased ballad called 'I Want To Hold You' found in the archive. It came from a rough tape so we have done our best to bring it back to life, we pulled it off pretty, so don't sleep on the B-Side kids.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Millie says: Be still my beating heart! All the right amounts of disco, romance and 80's soul. It's not that often that the B-side is as good as the A but this is just divine on both. Highly highly recommend.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. T-U-L-S-A Song
                                                            2. I Want To Hold You

                                                            Incoming, a massive EP from Anderson. After his recent easter eggs EP, this four tracker is a blend of trance, breaks, drum & bass and experimental electronica.

                                                            Starting off the A side with the ‘Jelly Bean (Virus Outbreak Mix)’, this monster of tune will rattle your subs (and brain) with his crunchy kicks and trancey sequencing. This track will blast you off into oblivion eventually bringing you right into A2, ‘Level Quest’, a trancey chugging progressive tune building energy from the moment the first kick ignites.

                                                            After a much needed break, the B1 puts you in an immediate trancestate lasting just a few minutes and before you know it you will be blasted into drum and bass land with ‘Tasteful Nudes’ closing out the EP.

                                                            See you at the afters....

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Air-tight electronic shamanism from Anderson who conjures up the spirits of rave's past for a future-gazing dive into the wormhole.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1 Jelly Bean (Virus Outbreak Mix)
                                                            2 Level Quest
                                                            3 Tree Ring
                                                            4 Tasteful Nudes

                                                            Parisian multi-instrumentalist Will Galland has been with First Word since late 2014, providing several releases for us over the years, from his acclaimed debut album 'The First Day' to his last EP release, the organic opus 'Human Being - The Short Story Of The Reed'. Collaborations have included Makaya McCraven, Oddisee, Miles Bonny and First Word crew such as Eric Lau, Bastien Keb and Sarah Williams White, who he teamed up with on his classic remix of the track 'Hum' and most recently on the track 'One By One' which appeared on the compilation EP 'A Family Affair' at the start of 2021.

                                                            For his latest project, 'Movements' sits firmly in the realms of broken beat, after being heavily inspired at First Word's infamous 14th birthday party at Total Refreshment Centre, where he played alongside label-mates such as Kaidi Tatham and Children of Zeus. This delectable six-track EP encompasses a series of deeply percussive grooves and squelchy synths. This is a predominantly instrumental affair, though does feature the supremely soulful vocals of Oliver Night on the track 'Change Must Come', following on from Oliver's work with the CoOp Presents crew amongst others.

                                                            Quiet Dawn says "after the birth of my son, I took the time to get back to making new music.

                                                            And when I started to work on new tracks, I wanted to compose something without concept, unlike my previous records, just because time is precious and I wanted to find pleasure again when I composeand not be fixed to a concept, or a story.

                                                            These new tracks are instinctive; made with my main instruments, rhodes & piano, synths, percussions, vocals, bass and guitars. They are naturally oriented towards my big musical crush, BRUK, along with different rhythms, vibes and grooves. For me, it's definitely a record for the dancers. For this reason, the new EP is called 'Movements'. Aside from the dancer's element, the title relates to everything that is happening in the world at the moment, working on this record over the pandemic. Affecting people in all countries, friendship, mutual aid, solidarity and movements in many instances are very important to me, my family and my musical family, First Word.'

                                                            The influences on this particular EP come largely from the West London music scene; DKD, Bugz, Neon Phusion, 2000Black, Domu, IG Culture, Jazztronik, MdCL, the First Word fam and many many more artists. There are also heavy vibes inspired by 70's jazz, funk, disco, latin & african music."

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Millie says: First World Records are the label that just keep on giving, this is my new jam of broken beat jazz from Quiet Dawn has the best energy heading into the weekend.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Yellow
                                                            2. Change Must Come (feat. Oliver Night)
                                                            3. Breathe
                                                            4. Swirl
                                                            5. We Can Do Everything
                                                            6. Coming Up

                                                            Radikal Kuss joins Barro, with a totally intrusive a 5-track EP that's the aural equivalent of being dragged across scorched asphalt by motorcycle. Quite obviously and sincerely tipping their hat to industrial & proto-techno groups such as Nitzer Ebb, DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten and Severed Heads, this Belgium duo include clever poetic, erotic tension and razor sharp synthesizers amongst their repertoire of sonic weapons with which to decimate the dancefloor.

                                                            Whilst obviously influences by that incendiary late 80s period, Radikul Kuss haven't relied on carbon copies - updating synth patches, complicating rhythms and delving further into darkside sound design to create their own brand of rhythmic dystopia that's carnal, infectious and snarling with punk spirit. Feels like you're entering day 6 of an amphetamine fueled biker festival set in the woods between Berlin and Poland with a cast of Mad Max extras setting fire to steel structures and shipping containers.

                                                            Their sound is a perfect match for the Madrid based label and its 5th release, with previous references of artists such as Esplendor Geométrico, Amato or Years of Denial, consolidating itself as a benchmark label in EBM, electro, techno and industrial music in Spain. The above references have been supported by artists such as Dave Clarke, Phase Fatale, The Hacker, Lokier, NX1, Unhuman, Alienata, Reka, and many more.


                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Big one for the leather-clad electro-punks. Rekindling the spirit of Jilly's, Medusa's and Ancienne - body music clubs drenched in poppers and flesh.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1 War
                                                            2 The Priest, The Boy & The Holy Spirit
                                                            3 Vereinsamt
                                                            4 Ausser Kontrole
                                                            5 Ignorance Is A Crime

                                                            Peach Discs kick-off a busy 2022 with a five-track EP from one of their favourite new artists. Buen Clima’s "Transferencia Electrónica" is an exploration into pared-down dance music, where interlocking rhythms, percussive synthesis and quasi-looping delays meet to form smooth, efficient and pointed club tracks.

                                                            'Stylistically the tracks on this EP owe a lot to the great Black musicians from Chicago and Detroit, namely Herbie Hancock, Mr. De', DJ Rashad, Lil' Louis, Frankie Knuckles, James Stinson and Gerald Donald. I feel like the EP is kind of a love letter to the styles they pioneered, done in my own way, which in turn has been influenced by my background in classical music and improvised music but also so, so heavily by my friends and teachers: I've learned so much just from interacting, working and just plain witnessing eggglub, Lorelei, Maxi Cat, il sentimento, Hola Papá/Annunaki, Lavina Yelb, Jorge Pepi, and the whole music scene I belong to in Santiago.'

                                                            The sounds are decidedly fresh and upfront. Reworking well established tropes into a holographic interpretation of modern dance music that power slides between 4th & 5th gear. If you enjoyed Park Hye Jin then this one’s definitely for you! Bring on the faster tempos! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Fast, high energy, cross pollinated dance music that's fun and infectious. Somehow taking the best bits from Chicago, Detroit & Sheffield's electronic music legacy and moulding it into something fresh and shiny. Mega.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Tranferencia Electronica
                                                            Pensad Cada As
                                                            Bauhouse Eq2
                                                            Ninguna Despedida Podra Ser Suficiente

                                                            Chilean producer Massiande returns with another record 'Through The Walls' EP landing on the deep house focused Karakul imprint this time round.

                                                            Since his well received 'Freedom EP' on Phonica White, Massiande has had a string of strong releases on Freerange, No Fuss and Midnight Riot, adding to an already formidable back-catalogue including 12's for Housewax and M>O>S.
                                                            'Through The Walls' may be his most accomplished project to date, with the level of production at a particular high, ranging from the crisp, punchy title track to the submerged dub techno of 'Dub At The Beach'. Of particular note is the melodic beauty of 'I Remember When I First Met You' – picture perfect house music with literally every element ratcheting up the euphoria levels till you’ll be so giddy you’ll burst!

                                                            He rounds the 12" off with 'New Life', another future classic sounding like a rediscovered anthem from yesteryear...

                                                            Tipping his hat to the original deep house sounds but injecting pure personality and sentiment into these life affirming tracks. Highly recommended! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Earnest and sincere house music with a keen attention to harmony and texture. Worth it for the tingly optimistic "I Remember When I First Met You" but the rest of the EP is a beaut too.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Through The Walls
                                                            A2. Dub At The Beach
                                                            B1. I Remember When I First Met You
                                                            B2. New Life

                                                            Danny Red / Dougie Conscious

                                                            Roots Time Daughter / Roots Time Dub

                                                            All Nations Records offers another splendid roots tune produced at Conscious Sounds studio by master chief Dougie Wardrop. This is another great one drop riddim with the notable participation of some top musicians regularly working for that studio: I David on keys, Hughie Izachaar on guitar and bass and Zinxx on drums! With the addition of great lyricist Danny Red from Kingston Jamaica delivering another very relevant song warning all bad minded men to not trouble any roots daughter, this is a very fine roots tune fit for 2022.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Heady roots and dub here, one of two absolutely crucial 7"s on All Nations Records this week. Both vocal and dub are gonna slay the dance and the bass weight on the pressing is to die for. Essential dub!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Danny Red - Roots Time Daughter
                                                            Dougie Conscious - Roots Time Dub

                                                            Mineral Cuts come through with an archival release of killer, mid 90s deep tech house here. Thotful Spot's "Trans-Sylvania" was released in 1994 on Basic Energy and is a buoyant, tribal-tinged number that recalls Andrew Weatherall's Deanne Day alias - techy, proggy and bouncy, and rooted in an electronic hypnosis.

                                                            Nüw Idol's "Restore" is from 1993 and originally released on Nüw Communications. Its sweeping synth patches, rubberized bass and vocodered leads all giving it a very proggy, expansive sound that you could compare to Deep Dish or some of Danny Tenaglia's Tribal imprint.

                                                            Both tracks sound well up to the job of making modern dancefloors move - their kinetic energy and wide-screen gloss suited to both big stadiums and low roofed backrooms equally well. Don't sleep! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Much needed repress of this mid 90s house gem that'll appeal to fans of Andrew Weatherall, Tribal, Deep Dish etc. Proggy... techy... very tasty!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Thotful Spot - Trans-Sylvania
                                                            B1. Nüw Idol - Restore

                                                            The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks

                                                            El Cid

                                                            Reuniting on record for the first time since 2015, The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks arrive on Phantasy with a double-barrel delivery of legitimate weirdo disco, ‘El Cid’. Comprising of Chicken Lips’ own Dean Meredith and crate-digging DJ extraordinaire, Eric Duncan, both tracks come complete with additional playing from

                                                            Andy Meecham, AKA, The Emperor Machine. Initially rolling like an eighties-era cop show theme, ‘El Cid’ gradually prises open a wormhole of rubbery machine funk, unleashing an electromagnetic weapon that seemingly triggers each and every drum machine and synth in the duo's respective studios. The resulting jam, comprising patches of wonky key work, frenetic
                                                            percussion and an anything-goes approach to FX, is a nail-biting, hip-shaking showdown between collaborative chaos and dancefloor (dis)order.

                                                            In response, the hide of ‘Fast Leather Jacket’ arrives stitched with a parallel patchwork of sonic pleasures. Cosmic and tropical in even measure, this is hard-wearing club apparel tailored with a deliciously catchy melody and guaranteed protection from musical tedium, subtly shapeshifting from is-it-balearic charms to a delightfully mixable freestyle conclusion.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: A host of old guard renegades back at it and causing mayhem. A frazzled and jagged electro-disco freefall that recalls the wild days El Diablos and naive melody. So damn good!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A. El Cid
                                                            B. Fast Leather Jacket

                                                            Fresh material from the most talented Mr Trago. Locked in during 2020/21, Tom Trago kept himself busy by increasing his daily music-making activities. As he had done pre-pandemic, Trago set aside time each day to improvise and record tracks in the studio attached to his home in Bergen on the Netherlands’ North-West coast.

                                                            "Tide Will Turn", Trago’s third release on the Jong Nederlands label he established to share his work, showcases three such outings. As with previous EPs on Jong Nederlands, each of the tracks was created using a small selection of electronic instruments, drumcomputers and effects units.

                                                            EP opener "Number Own" is typically emotive and quietly colourful, with chiming lead lines, sustained synthesizer chords, stirring riffs and fluid electronic motifs rising above bustling, body-popping beats and a smooth, jazzy bassline. Bubbly and ear-pleasing, it’s the aural equivalent of watching sunlight bounce off the waves that wash up on the beach just a few hundred metres from Trago’s studio.

                                                            Title track "Tide Will Turn" is an altogether more relaxed and becalmed affair. Its drowsy chords and gentle, undulating melodies slowly sashay their way between clicking drum machine percussion and slow-motion beats. Trago picks things up again on "Understood", wrapping attractive synth stabs, cascading lead lines and fizzing electronics around a pulsating bassline and breathless, all-action, electro-influenced beats. It provides a fittingly attractive and emotion-rich conclusion to another fine batch of straight-to-tape improvisations.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Familiar face Tom Trage gives us some personal sketches from an introspective lockdown period. Luckily for us, the views inspiring the music where more than picturesque, so these dazzling sonic tapestries are a feast for the ears!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Number Own
                                                            Tide Will Turn

                                                            Le Butcherettes / Death Valley Girls

                                                            The Universe / When I'm Free

                                                              Is there a better pairing of kindred spirits than a split seven-inch single featuring Le Butcherettes and Death Valley Girls? We're hard pressed to think of one. Sure, the interaction is fleeting, but damn is it satisfying.

                                                              We've got Le Butcherettes on side A taking on one of Death Valley Girls' most cosmic numbers, the kaleidoscopic centerpiece off Under the Spell of Joy album, "The Universe." Le Butcherettes' fearless and charismatic mastermind Teri Gender Bender takes the tune into even trippier territories, replicating the original song's sonic tapestry of synth, sax, and guitars with layer upon layer of vocals. Only the sparse accompaniment of acoustic guitar and modest percussion keeps the song from being fully a capella. It's a perfect interpretation of Death Valley Girls' communal and choral aims.

                                                              On side B, Death Valley Girls offer up a new tune - the deliciously ecstatic "When I'm Free." Like every great Death Valley Girls song, it's a celebration of life bolstered by fiery rock n' roll riffage, spiritual organ, dizzying sax, and Bonnie Bloomgarden's defiant and triumphant vocals. Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to offer up this meeting of mystical minds on vinyl and digital platforms on February 11, 2022.

                                                              Raf Rundell

                                                              Always Fly (featuring Terri Walker)

                                                                A modern soul funk classic taken from Raf’s second full length album O.M. Days, Always Fly is gloriously laidback, the kind of languid RnB you can imagining booming out of the rolled down window of a souped-up whip anywhere from South Central to South London. Featuring a guest vocal from London born and based Terri Walker, a singer famous for a series of UK-G singles and her Mercury and MOBO nominated debut album Untitled.

                                                                The newly pressed 7 of Always Fly comes with a Re-Freak by DãM-FunK on the flip side - four perfect minutes of Prince inspired late night digital soul music.

                                                                Debut release on ONO Records and it's the illusive Perth producer e-Plume who conjures up some floaty breakbeat science, rantzenian digi-dub and twisted illbient manipulations to create five mystical yet utterly unique tracks that remind us slightly of the rainforest breaks of Aiwo - think Bufiman, DJN4, Yre Den etc.

                                                                Side A embarks on a tripped out subaquatic voyage, discovering a flurry of liquid breaks and swirling organs on "Fountain Trip". Eventually docking on a concrete mainland with the trip-hop induced "End of Voltaire".

                                                                Side B ventures further inland at a breakneck speed with the frenetic soundclash junglism of "Channel 3", before launching into the atmospheric slo-mo breaks n’ bass of "Lorizon". Ending up well into the outer-rim with the otherworldly melodic communique of "Kiki’s Gambert". Captivating and challenging, with swaying, weighty grooves that channel your inner animal. Highly recommended. 

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Matt says: Shamanic breaks, spiritual jungle & rainforest braindance that should take you right up onto the astral planes and beyond. Peak experience dance music rituals for all.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A1. Fountain Trip
                                                                A2. End Of Voltaire
                                                                B1. Channel 3
                                                                B2. Lorizon
                                                                B3. Kiki’s Gambert

                                                                Fresh as you like UK hardcore here from our very own locale. Erupt are two releases in and are causing a ruckus across the warehouse and industrial spaces currently being repurposed for the party people across the northwest. Specializing in hardcore, jungle, bounce and even donk (!), it's an edgy, grassroots label the kind of which your Eclipse-sporting, pill head casualty of an older brother would have gone nuts in '94.

                                                                Brigjht Lights is Daniel Behan and across five tracks he amply demonstrates a depth of breakage programming and rave dynamics that set him alongside the original innovators. Hyped-up breakbeats, growling bass, twinkly leads, chipmunk vox and noisy hoovers - all the stuff designed to make you rush - I can feel another rush comin' ooooonn!

                                                                There's a massive hardcore rivival going on right now, but this fare is one step ahead of the rest - keeping it ultra heavy, dark, and ramped up to the max. Whistle cru inside!

                                                                Super, super limited copes massive - you know what to do! 

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Matt says: Locally grown hardcore breakbeat that takes it straight to the fairgrounds and the Thunderdome. Unsurprisingly (this is Manchester remember) 20x more edgy that half the other rave revival records out at the moment. Whistle cru inside!

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Side 1
                                                                1. You Time (Intellirave) (part 1) (4:34)
                                                                2. Zero Time (Intellirave) (part 2) (4:53)
                                                                3. Cyberfunk 3000 (4:22)
                                                                Side 2
                                                                1. Timebreak (Intelliroler!) (4:23)
                                                                2. Zero Time (Schoco's Post Rave Edit) (7:09)

                                                                Hailing from Sydney, Australia, prolific producer Cabu has come a long way; from his successful remix work – from Joe Hurtz's "Stay Lost" edit to Big Wild's "Empty Room" flip – to his consistently catchy original productions, Cabu's only getting started. He keeps this momentum alive with the EP "So Far To Go", his first to be released by Ta-ku & Jakarta Records' sublabel 823 Records.

                                                                823 is a perfect place for Cabu's bouncy, hypnotic grooves and is a return to form for what "Cabu" represents: a driving force in the pursuit of happiness through sound. It's a well-timed collaboration, as Cabu's fanbase has continuously grown over the past few years through features on Australia's Triple J, DJ Complexion's Future Beats Radio, Soundistyle, The South East Grind, Mutual Friends, ThisSongIsSick, Majestic Casual, Soulection Radio, BBC 1xtra, Pilerats, Maison Kitsune and more. To that end, "So Far To Go" features some of the most talented artists to come out of the Pacific continent, such as Milan Ring (95K monthly Spotify listeners) – coined "Australia's R&B Princess" by Apple Music – Brisbane native hit-maker Young Franco (1M+ monthly Spotify listeners), Kamaliza (123K monthly Spotify listeners), NOÉ, Gabby Nacua, Pastel and of course label-head Ta-ku himself.

                                                                1st single, "Process" featuring Ta-ku & Milan Ring was released on November 3rd. Hypnotically bouncy, with heavenly synth pads, crisp percussive elements combined with the ethereal voices of Ta-ku and Milan harmonically push the sonic envelope to make this track an infallible groovy knockout. As Cabu says, "Process" is "the dream-like state in which you take gratitude in your current situation whilst being hopeful in the future." The track provides a perfect taste of these artistic and creative powerhouses. The stunningly beautiful music video – directed by Sydney based Redscope Films and premiered on The Sound You Need – is the perfect accompaniment.

                                                                2nd single, "Sun & Moon" featuring Young Franco & NOÉ is set to be released on December 10th along with an announcement of the EP and pre-order. The song is a contagiously bouncy bop, with the different vocal harmonies and synth chords giving the track an almost prime 00's throwback, it's the perfect year-end anthem to keep dancing and growing through the good and bad.

                                                                The album's focus track, "About U" featuring Kamaliza will be released along with the EP release on January 28th, 2022. The song perfectly blends electronic elements within an R&B / Soul aesthetic, and is all about moving forward with intention, from the lyrics to the groove, making you feel tipsy on life.

                                                                All singles off the EP will be accompanied with custom visualizers by Perth-based design / creative firm Gesture Systems. The album's single-releases and videos will be promoted in-house via the artist's and the label's social media channels in Germany and Australia.

                                                                The 823 label represents the appreciation for the people, ideas and places that inspire and push their protagonists forward. "823 celebrates the simple beauty of everyday life and the people in it that inspire us." (Regan Matthews aka Ta-ku)

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Millie says: I've been waiting patiently for this one, smooth R&B sound with high energy which hits just the right spot. Exciting things coming from Sydney, this is one to watch closely for sure.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. Reintroduction
                                                                2. About U (feat. Kamaliza)
                                                                3. Over Me (feat. Gabby Nacua)
                                                                4. Interlude (feat. Pastel)
                                                                5. Sun Moon (feat. Young Franco & NOE)
                                                                6. Process (feat. Milan Ring & Ta-Ku)
                                                                7. Falling In

                                                                Ladybug continue to provide an essential platform for new Japanese electronic music talent. Release no.3 is another subtle but bold EP from Tokyo's Mayurashka.

                                                                Her selections for NTS, Community Radio Berlin and more have set her apart as a vital force in Japan's new wave of DJ's and producers. With a clear flair for hypnotic, tribal club jams across the three original cuts on the A side, we also get a precision rework from NZ's hot-to-trot Eden Burns alongside a dreamy interpretation from label regular Igaxx. All very fresh sounding with some really interesting sounds and rhythms to offer.

                                                                A forthcoming compilation on Planet Trip and a cassette on Osare! Editions are also underway.


                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Matt says: I'm basically creaming off anything Eden Burns does at the moment. Not only have we got another instalment of his Big Beat Manifesto this week; he's dropped probably the remix of the year so far on this killer percussive house ritual by Mayuraska. Big T I P!

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A1. Waterskipps
                                                                A2. Straw House
                                                                A3. MandMMaps
                                                                B1. Waterskipps (Eden Burns Remix)
                                                                B2. Straw House (Igaxx Remix)

                                                                Originally released in 2001, Omni AM's highly sought after 'Kastmaster' EP reappears for the first time with all the tracks in their OG context.

                                                                This EP perfectly encapsulates the US duo's vision to challenge the conventions and boundaries of what defined house music throughout the late 90's.

                                                                First up, 'Tubes for Allah', is characterised by heavy driving bass and sub-aquatic sonics. Punchy kicks drums drive the track forward, whilst swinging snares create a skeletal jack that underlies the track's eerie synths and haunting vocals.

                                                                Berlin favourite 'Chill New Body' is up next. Out of print for over 20 years this track is slightly more restrained, the dub bass-line interplays with a hypnotising and unforgettable organ riff, until deftly programmed chords send the track off on a remarkable late night mission, with no less energy and atmosphere than its predecessor.

                                                                On the flip, 'Beat Dis', is one of Adam & Marky's most highly revered and well-known productions in all it's full glory. Opening with a wailing guitar, this broken, breakbeat Tech-House masterclass, builds with an incessant acidic bass, there's additional percussive effects and a repetitive vocal to keep the track moving but it's those sparse beats and bottom end that are the hook, a perfect example of how 'less is more' can be so effective. This track became such a firm favourite with Craig Richards & Lee Burridge that they included it on the 2nd instalment of their Tyrant compilations.

                                                                This is another essential release from the Omni AM and Euphoria catalogue, lovingly remastered from the original sources by Lawrie at Curve Pusher
                                                                for the new generation's hearts, minds and dancefloors.

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Matt says: Curveball nugget from the early 00s that's pretty under the radar and fuckin' killer! "Chill New Body" is the perfect combo of body kinetics, airy synth work and deep rooted bass - lovers of Nu Groove are gonna dig this massively.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A1. Tubes For Allah
                                                                A2. Chill New Body
                                                                B1. Beat Dis

                                                                Aleksandir's debut album on Omena, "Skin", was both musically and conceptually, a truly personal and expressive record. Here we have three tracks from the album in glorious remix form.

                                                                Tom VR has managed to carve out a unique sound with his music, released on labels such as All My Thoughts, Intergraded, Lionoil Industries and Valby Rotary. He delivers a dreamy, lucid and melodic take on "Skin & Mind" and makes an already beautiful track almost implausibly wide-eyed and holographic as its steams through at breakneck speed.

                                                                Ikonika remixes "I Used To Dream'" Her take on the track is a futuristic electronic beat construction, polished with class and driven by weighty and intricate rhythms and production. It's sassy and slinky, and'll have you rubbing up against a random stranger in the shadows of your favourite nightspot club 4AM at the weekend.

                                                                John Dunk launched the Cameo Blush project in 2019 with the "Murky Waters" EP on Nick Hoppner's Touch From A Distance label and released a follow-up "Lucky" on Ross From Friends' Scarlet Tiger label. Both showcase his inventive rhythms and sunrise-ready melodies. His remix of "Prado" is both colourful and vibrant, a melting pot of swirling sounds that gives the original new life... Mega, mega stuff here - you snooze you lose! 

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Matt says: A richly modern record that rosters in a cutting edge trio of producers for remixes. The result is three inventive reworkings accentuating the soulful yet highly contemporary sounds from the original. Hard to pick a fave but Ikonika's mix of "I Used To Dream" will be receiving plenty of rotation out in the clubs.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A. Skin & Mind (Tom VR Blossoming Arp Mix)
                                                                B1. I Used To Dream (Ikonika Remix)
                                                                B2. Prado (Cameo Blush Remix)

                                                                Jozef K continues with part 2 of this stunning project on Takeout under his Eternal Blood moniker, showcasing his stunning take on post-rave tinged House & techno.

                                                                These tracks will tick so many boxes for those who love the atmospherics of Jamie XX to the rawness of 808 State as both EP's take you on a fascinating journey with the vibe of the magnificent North West's free party legacy its central focus.

                                                                Jozef's material is regularly supported by the likes of Dixon, Mano le Tough, The Blessed Madonna and Sasha but these smiley bangerz are gonna get rinsed around the holy boroughs of Blackburn, Shropshire, Wales, Manchester and anywhere with a young population of free spirited hedonists eager to surrender to the rave. Most recommended. 

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Matt says: As the rave and breakbeat resurgence tightens its grip, Jozef K unleashes another update to the classic formula with some futuristic adaptations on the sound. If you liked A Guy Called Gerald's recent slammer, this is 4 U!

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A1. Horizons
                                                                A2. XXIX
                                                                B1. Barcelona Fire Soundsystem
                                                                B2. Hecate

                                                                Anorak Patch


                                                                  Following breakout tracks ‘6 Week Party’, ‘Irate’ and ‘Blue Jeans’, the 4-piece share new single ‘Delilah’, a tale of wanting more than the small town you call home, and further proof of why Anorak Patch are one of the UK’s most exciting young bands to emerge in recent times. Of the track, the band say, “‘Delilah is a story. It’s about a girl who’s struggling her way through life... the song is sort of a snapshot of how difficult life can be when you are in a bad headspace without good people around you. It’s a lonely place to be. The ‘town’ is just a reference to wanting something more than the place you grew up in... I guess in that sense it’s a little autobiographical. We are from a little place in Essex, it’s not a bad place, but we collectively dream that by playing our music we will have a chance to move out of its orbit.”
                                                                  Anorak Patch are also set to perform their debut headline shows, including in their hometown of Colchester next month, and in London next year. Keyboardist Effie Lawrence formed the group in late 2019 with high school friends Luca Ryland (drums), brother Oscar (guitar) and bass player Eleanor Helliwell. The drummer being just 15, and the oldest member 18, the new single continues to show the band’s immense musical talent at such a young age.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A1. Delilah
                                                                  B1. Blue Jeans

                                                                  Planningtorock, the nom-de-plume of Jam Roston, has been creating celebratory queer music with a political edge for over 15 years. Initally working with James Murphy and DFA, alongside releases on Chicks On Speed before starting their own imprint, Human Level; they've opened for LCD Soundsystem and contributed to some amazing collaborations with fellow culture subverters Peaches and The Knife.

                                                                  Comprised of three celebratory, joyful, saccarine-sweet house tracks, "Gay Dreams Do Come True" is Planningtorock’s aural mission to own their queer happiness, and to share that joy with anyone who wants to listen. Thru heavily manipulated vox, cheeky lyrics and super crisp digital beats, "Gay Dreams Do Come True" finds natural bedfellows alongside fellow PC Music innovators Sophie, Charlie XCX and GFOTY.

                                                                  'This song is a dedication to my love, my wife Riinu and to the Black trans women who fought for the rights we have today as queer, gay, non binary lesbians.' 

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A1 Gay Dreams Do Come True
                                                                  A2 Gay Dreams Do Come True (Instrumental)
                                                                  B1 Girl You’ve Got My Heart
                                                                  B2 Her Heart Is Now My Home

                                                                  U.S. Velvet

                                                                  U.S. Velvet

                                                                    ‘U.S. Velvet’ is the debut release from the LAbased duo of the same name, made up of Zahara Jaime and Collin Davis. Their debut single is a raw, post-punk mission statement about the anxieties of living in the 21st Century.  The 12” single includes an instrumental version (exclusive to the 12”) and a dub version by ATOsigned artist, Pachyman. 

                                                                    Collin is currently an engineer and producer at Stones Throw Studios in Los Angeles and Zahara is a touring musician with The Simps and Eyedress. Zahara and Collin both create solo music as Zzzahara and Ynes Mon respectively. The duo will release a video to accompany their ‘U.S. Velvet’ single, which features a cameo from Stones Throw’s founder Peanut Butter Wolf’s alter ego, Folerio. 

                                                                    Dub version of the single by Pachyman, who just released his new album ‘The Return of…’ with ATO Records and opened two shows for Khruangbin.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    1. U.S. Velvet
                                                                    2. U.S. Velvet (Pachyman Dub)
                                                                    3. U.S. Velvet (Instrumental)

                                                                    Matt Berry

                                                                    Summer Sun / Like Stone - Sean Ono Lennon Remixes

                                                                      After a busy, successful and critically acclaimed year Matt Berry offers one final salvo to his fans. A unique 12” single featuring his two collaborations with Sean Ono Lennon.

                                                                      Sean worked on two tracks from ‘The Blue Elephant’ album and applied his mind to give us distinctive re-interpretations of ‘Summer Sun’ and ‘Like Stone’. Psychedelics mixed with a stomping beat for ‘Summer Sun’ and something a little bit weird and reflective for ‘Like Stone’.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      Summer Sun (Sean Ono Lennon Remix)
                                                                      Like Stone (Sean Ono Lennon Remix)

                                                                      Deep Tan

                                                                      Tamu's Yiffing Refuge

                                                                        The 38th release in Speedy Wunderground’s singles series is from East London’s deep tan who consist of Wafah (vox/guitar), Celeste (bass) and Lucy (drums).

                                                                        Part of the city’s thriving post-punk scene, deep tan make music that draws on the traditions of postpunk and new wave but with a distinctly modern take on the genres. Their stripped-back, minimal sound is a vehicle for songs that engage with contemporary themes, from deepfake revenge pornography to quarantine drinking sessions.

                                                                        Shedding the atmospherics of earlier releases in favour of a darker, more driving sound, this evolution is developed further on their most recent EP, ‘creeping speedwells’, which expanded the band’s range to include psych textures and German experimental elements.

                                                                        On the provocatively titled ‘tamu’s yiffing refuge’ the band explain ‘it’s a story of furry lust. A furries convention has hit town and at an afterparty at a nearby hotel (hosted by tamu himself) there are scenes of unbridled hedonism unmatched since the days of Freddie Mercury’s legendary parties at New Orleans’ Fairmont Hotel. The track was recorded to tape at Dan Carey’s South London studio with some very welcome additions, including percussive elements, custom-built drum fortress and a mind-bending swarmatron.’
                                                                        For the uninformed minority – furries are a community of people who dress up in animal costumes as a hobby who meet up IRL and online as their ‘fursonas’. All clear so far.

                                                                        The resulting track is probably one of Speedy’s most stripped back affairs so far but no less compelling. Taut, seductive and enthralling – it channels legendary indie heroes like The Slits, Young Marble Giants and The Raincoats with influences from contemporaries and peers like Jessica Winter and Dry Cleaning to create something that is undeniably their own.

                                                                        And you can’t say fur-rer than that.

                                                                        Holy Fuck

                                                                        Airport Dreams / Lost Cool

                                                                          Moving slightly away from the label’s penchant for the classic minimal synth / synth pop sound, HF offer up two super dancey tracks; each with a guest female vocalist across a double A sided 45. “Airport Dreams” featuring Sarah Bonito vox (guesting from Kero Kero Bonito here in the UK), and “Lost Cool” with vox and added synth parts from Madrid based synth pop artist Lucia Tacchetti.

                                                                          Upon “Airport Dreams”’ initial digital only release, Lauren Laverne’s breakfast show on BBC Radio 6 Music nominated the track as the ‘While You Were Sleeping’ tune of the week, whilst ‘Under The Radar’ called it “an unforeseen delight that brings together branching talents for something new and unexpected.” Sarah’s catchy vocal parts were initially intended for a different idea altogether, but further catalysed that which formed "Airport Dreams” in to a frenetic and energetic song that’s the antithesis of being held back or restricted.

                                                                          As for “Lost Cool”, HF explain; “In the spirit of online collaboration, we sent song ideas out to some incredibly talented artists to collaborate. Lucia Tacchetti brought her amazing voice and jittery synth parts from Spain, cementing the perfect danceable vibe for "Lost Cool.” Lucia added "It´s been an honour to collaborate with Holy Fuck and being able to be part of the process. We had the opportunity to do everything remotely and communication flowed perfectly. I worked from Argentina with some ideas and luckily we understood each other super-fast. I'm really happy with the result. Our universes coexist very well. I loved putting some words in Spanish. I am very grateful to the band for making me part of this track and super anxious for everyone to hear what we have been working on, I hope people dance to it everywhere!” 

                                                                          Lucy Gooch

                                                                          Rushing EP (Expanded Edition)

                                                                            Following Lucy Gooch’s acclaimed ‘Rain’s Break’, her first release on Fire Records earlier this year, the artist’s acclaimed debut EP ‘Rushing’ is revisited with new artwork and a brand new track, ‘Orthione’.

                                                                            “Lucy’s sound marries the etheral qualities of ambient music with buoyant, effortless pop” Crack

                                                                            ‘Rushing’ in its original shorter five-track incarnation was heralded as a touchstone beneath the cascading torrent of modern times and an oasis for turbulent times. An intimate collection of songs built around Lucy’s emotive vocals and unique ambient dream pop, the newly added stand-out track ‘Orthione’ trips into the esoteric world of Laurie Anderson and Philip Glass; here her voice is the grounding force that travels to a space that heals and grows.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            Side A
                                                                            1. My Lights Kiss Your Thoughts Every Moment
                                                                            2. Rushing
                                                                            3. Stalagmites & Helicitites

                                                                            Side B
                                                                            4. Sun
                                                                            5. There Is A Space In Between
                                                                            6. Orthione


                                                                            Harmonic Frequencies

                                                                              London-based multi-faceted producer, label boss and DJ, Elkka returns to Technicolour with a new EP titled ‘Harmonic Frequencies’, a fitting follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Euphoric Melodies’ released earlier this year. 

                                                                              Elkka has garnered a wealth of great radio and tastemaker support from the likes of Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Jamz Supernova, Mary Anne Hobbs, Four Tet, Caribou, Floating Points, Ben UFO and George Fitzgerald to name a few. Critical press acclaim across two EPs with coverage from The Guardian, Crack, Billboard, NME, DJ Mag, Mixmag, Resident Advisor and many more. 

                                                                              Written at a time of uncertainty during the last few months of 2020, ‘Harmonic Frequencies’ sees Elkka process the emotions she was feeling at the time, “the journey from being deprived of all those things back to feeling fulfilled once more.”

                                                                              Elkka is also making waves within the electronic scene for founding record label femme culture - which stands for inclusivity amongst all genders, backgrounds and beliefs, and strives to champion voices of LGBTQI+ talent.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              1. Harmonic Frequencies
                                                                              2. Music To Heal To
                                                                              3. Voices
                                                                              4. Escapism

                                                                              London's Slim Papi follows up his critically acclaimed 'Excellent Adventure' EP with the first drop from his forthcoming 'Châteauneuf-du-Papi' project. Described as 'somewhere between Anthony Bourdain and Action Bronson...’

                                                                              The 4-track project sees the orator trade lyrics, recipes and wine recommendations alongside Westside Gunn collaborator Sonnyjim and Blah! Records stand out Jam Baxter over production from Goya Gumbani collaborator, Kiina & Tru Thoughts producer Forest DLG.

                                                                              Ridiculously limited copies – think there’s about 40 for Europe, 100 in total! Move quick! 

                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                              Matt says: Seriously, seriously good. With all the flamboyant swagger of Action Bronson, the wordsmithery of Your Old Droog and the playful experimentation of Ratking. Remember Jesse From SE – similar London centric flow on this cat. You might not know Slim Papi yet, but it's certainly this UK-based rapper's time.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              A1. Emidio Pepe Ft. Sonnyjim
                                                                              A2. Le Corbusier Ft. Kiina
                                                                              AA: Cosmo Kramer Ft. Jam Baxter

                                                                              The Wedding Present

                                                                              We Should Be Together / Don't Give Up Without A Fight

                                                                                24 Songs sees David Gedge writing with legendary Sleeper guitarist Jon Stewart for the first time, and a more perfect union could not have been predicted. The first release includes a gorgeous duet featuring David and Louise Wener [also from Sleeper] on ‘We Should Be Together’, and it’s coupled with a rousing new track called ‘Don’t Give Up Without A Fight’ which combines classic Wedding Present feistiness with a Krautrock finale.

                                                                                The notion of a monthly 7” single is not new to The Wedding Present, but 24 Songs shows us that even classic concepts can be reinvented.

                                                                                The series also continues the band’s association with photographer Jessica McMillan, who has created stunning images and films as a visual accompaniment to the recordings.


                                                                                John Peel 07.05.94

                                                                                  Legendary Sarah band’s second session for John Peel, released on vinyl for the first time and featuring versions of some of their favourite songs – among them Dumpster, set to become Three Star Compartment on the Decline And Fall of Heavenly LP later in 1994. Includes free download of original BBC session recordings plus sleeve notes from Cathy and Peter and a set of postcards.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  Itchy Chin
                                                                                  Sperm Meets Egg
                                                                                  So What?

                                                                                  The Weather Prophets

                                                                                  Janice Long 10.10.85

                                                                                    Recorded before the group had recorded even a single, this is the 1985 debut session by Creation stalwart Pete Astor’s post-Loft project, released in full for the first time. Features a totally unreleased track in live favourite Love Song No.1, plus early versions of other songs and the nearly-hit single Almost Prayed. Also included are sleeve notes from Pete Astor, free downloads of original BBC files and a set of postcards.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    Love Song No. 1
                                                                                    24 Years (Head Over Heels)
                                                                                    Lighthouse Room (Wide Open Arms)
                                                                                    I Almost Prayed

                                                                                    Reissue of Kitty Grant's cover of the Chaz Jankel (with help from Ian Dury!) classic from 1983. Given a slightly more boogie-centric palette; electronic drums, a polished production and squelchy bass define this dancefloor friendly workout that bites that little bit harder than the original.

                                                                                    On B-side track, "Stop Wasting Your Time" you can really here the Blockhead's influence as it struts down the podium with a confident awkwardness. A twangy, hovering groove and ultra suave execution on this disco-not-disco mini-anthem!

                                                                                    Two top drawer hits for the disco! Both in extended form - yesssirree!!

                                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                    Matt says: Amazing to have two bona fide Chaz hits back on fresh, and more importantly, 12" format. These extended versions are the business. Bar DJs - you can throw away your dusty 7" copy now!

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    A. Glad To Know You
                                                                                    B. Stop Wasting Your Time

                                                                                    Secret Night Gang

                                                                                    The Sun / Journey

                                                                                      Brownswood Recordings present this Double A Side 12” vinyl by Secret Night Gang, featuring outstanding tracks ‘The Sun’ and ‘Journey’.

                                                                                      ‘The Sun’ was inspired by a poem written by Callum Connell at the top of Greenwich Park viewpoint looking over the infamous London cityscape as the sun set. Inspired by four bass chords flowing like a stream of consciousness, Callum’s poem sprung to life, with the melody being polished and refined by Kemani on keys and vocals. ‘Journey’ captures the essence of new wave Jazz Funk with its infectious joyful bassline, dynamic melodies and striking brass accents prominent throughout. Spreading that uplifting vital soul sound, transcending space and time, inviting you into the effervescent world of Secret Night Gang.

                                                                                      Secret Night Gang were handpicked by Gilles Peterson from Manchester’s vibrant live music scene. Newly signed to Brownswood, 2021 is set to be the main stage for them to breeze on to the scene, as a multi-generational band breathing new life into the classic British street-soul sound, founded by singer/song-writer Kemani Anderson, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Callum Connell.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      A. The Sun
                                                                                      AA. The Journey

                                                                                      The Magic Twins

                                                                                      Magic Theme

                                                                                      Two legendary Latin-jazz dance cuts here, given some extra dancefloor power by Shiho & Yuhiro aka The Magic Twins. On the A side, the Twins goes all in with "Magic Theme"; a driving, percussive, exploding Latin groove that's relentless in its pursuit of dancefloor pleasure. It's heavy on Rhodes and jazz funk solos, a jazz dance bomb for the peaktime hours, what's not to like?

                                                                                      They also bring us "It's Bright", a joyously celebratory piano jam, the perfect fit for your sunshine filled dancefloor that might not make sense in the depths of a Mancunian Winter but will certain rouse some spirits and conjure up wide smiles played out at your next Tiki bar residency...

                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                      Matt says: Jazz dance spectacular from The Magic Twins team who confidently deliver some Latin-fuelled love to the dancefloor.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      A. Magic Theme
                                                                                      B. It's Bright

                                                                                      Ridiculously rare & vintage UK house vibrations here, sourced and reissued by the intrepid cats at Rush Hour. One On One Crew are Leslie Lawrence & Danny Arno. They experimented with various styles and directions in the late 80s & early 90s with the aim of creating their own deep house sound. There are strong influences from Detroit and Chicago, but still with an unmistakable London style and identity. Nodding to the acid and bleep and hardcore sounds that were slowly moving their way up and down the country in those heady days of freedom.

                                                                                      Both tracks were produced in 1989, and this is the first time either are released on a full length 12". Benefiting from a bolstered remaster and sounding super clean and crisp - don't sleep on this one house heads! 

                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                      Matt says: A truly classic and oft-overlooked slice of UK house music here given the specialist Rush Hour treatment. Crafted in '89 and guaranteed to rock ur club NOW!

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      1. Give It Up (Piano Mix)
                                                                                      2. Bassin'

                                                                                      Timothy J Fairplay


                                                                                      Fontela Games is proud to launch its very first boardgame Mascara…
                                                                                      Presented on a vinyl gatefold 7 inch sleeve, "Mascara" is a mystery game for 2 players.

                                                                                      The game soundtrack comes courtesy of Timothy J Fairplay (Asphodells, Dungeon Module) and contains 2 exclusive tracks. The prolific British producer presents 2 deft synth workouts recorded in a seedy studio in Tottenham. Goth-wave cyborg chuggers done in that welcoming ALFOS style. 

                                                                                      The sleeve contains the board, instructions, one insert and a 7" record.
                                                                                      Numbered and limited edition of 150 copies.

                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                      Matt says: Badass ALFOS-patented robo-chug / cyborg-emo done by the masterful Timothy Fairplay.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      A. Counterforce
                                                                                      B. The Red Circle


                                                                                      Sweet Morning EP - Signed Edition

                                                                                        “It was important just to get some new music out sooner rather than later,” says Thomas Sanders, the singer and guitarist of Teleman. “Making an EP felt like we could be more spontaneous and try things out without the pressure and expectation surrounding an album release. So it was a more fun experience I'd say.”

                                                                                        However, a fleeting, throwaway stop gap this is not. The EP is as realised a piece of work as any the band have created. Although the sense of fun, spontaneity, and intuition that Sanders speaks of can be palpably felt across the breezy five tracks here that span art rock, electronic pop and that unshakable idiosyncratic tone that is always unmistakably Teleman.

                                                                                        Despite possessing such a distinct sense of tone and personality in all that they do, the band are also keen collaborators having previously worked with producers Dan Carey, Bernard Butler, Bullion, Moscoman and Boxed In. Here they are working with Al Doyle and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip on production duties. “They created a super relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to work in, it was all about experimentation and fun” says Sanders. “We've been mutual admirer's of each others' bands for quite some time so it seemed to us like a really good pairing.”

                                                                                        The EP has come after the band’s keyboard player Jonny Sanders left the group to focus on his film and design work (he actually directs the new video for 'Right As Rain' from the EP). However, the forced recalibration of the band’s line-up has reinvigorated them as a unit, opening new areas for exploration and possibilities with Peter Cattermoul taking over most of the keyboard duties and Hiro Amamiya sliding seamlessly between drum machine, live drums and even the odd keyboard solo. “The fact we’ve lost a member forced us to be a bit more flexible and open about how we approach playing the songs,” says Sanders. “You have to try and turn events like this around and make them work for not against you.

                                                                                        The opening ‘Right As Rain’ combines taut guitar work, sparse rhythms and a soaring vocal take to explore the murky middle ground where contentment and hollowness are often inseparable. “I felt especially over lockdown like life was becoming an endless series of little vignettes of short lived moments of pleasure punctuating a weird void,” says Sanders. “I think quite a few other people felt the same way and I hope people can relate to it.”

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        1. Right As Rain
                                                                                        2. Sweet Morning
                                                                                        3. Free Bird
                                                                                        4. Simple Like Us
                                                                                        5. Storm Chasing

                                                                                        After supplying a couple of the hottest selling singles in recent years on their first two vinyl releases, Sprechen are back with another utterly spectacular offering on this magic number. Enlisting the talents of Manchester 6 piece See Thru Hands, and making maximum use of the fattest Rolodex around to secure remixes from Skream and Jorja Chalmers, label boss Massey (who offers his own interpretation on the B2) makes a series challenge for 12" of the year here!

                                                                                        'Connectivity' is a self-produced alt-pop banger from See Thru Hands which delivers 'disco-not-disco-synth-funk-dancefloor heater' vibes from start to stop. The feisty rhythm section and snappy vocals call to mind dance-punk sensations Friendly Fires, while funked up synthesisers trill and quiver around the spiky guitars, conjuring a loved up studio jam between ACR, Prince and Rufus.

                                                                                        There are remixes for every occasion on this one with Skream cranking up the Italo disco-o-meter to 14 on his bass driven peak time banger for large room raving while Jorja Chalmers takes the party back to a smokey shebeen on her mix that sounds like Tricky sharing a blunt with Aphex Twin whilst King Tubby twiddles the dials!

                                                                                        Main man Massey finishes off the package with a mucky tops-off style gutter pumper which belongs in those basements you'll often find him and many like-minded souls dwelling within.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        A1. Connectivity
                                                                                        A2. Connectivity (Skream Remix)
                                                                                        B1. Connectivity (Jorja Chalmers Electricity Remix)
                                                                                        B2. Connectivity (Massey Remix)


                                                                                        I Just Wanna Love You (Give It To Me)

                                                                                        So illicit I can't even find them on discogs! TNT Rap Classics serve up another dish of classic 'hop, with two massive Jay-Z numbers collected for one heavy pressed 7" disc - yessirreee!!

                                                                                        'I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)' was released as the first single from his 2000 album "The Dynasty: Roc La Familia". Featuring Pharell, its hook is one of the best known of the era, while those Jeep-bumpin' beats still sound fresh pumpin outta the Benz in 2021. 

                                                                                        "Big Pimpin" is taken from "Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter", released in 1999 and with a suitably grandiose music video that'd go on to iconify the world's biggest rapper. It''s another instantly recognizable hook with some fiery verses from UGK and that cool Timberlake production. 

                                                                                        Perfectly timed for Christmas party season! 

                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                        Matt says: A chance to own two of Jay-Z's biggest millennial singles here on a nicely pressed 7".

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        1. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me) Featuring Pharell3:51)
                                                                                        1. Big Pimpin (feat UGK) (4:46)

                                                                                        NYC-based rap lyricist and jazz trumpeter Pan Amsterdam returns on Def Pressé with a distinctly fresh sonic swagger on single Retail, announcing the P.A.&JSammich EP 4-track EP.

                                                                                        Retail exemplifies perfectly the mood of the EP (which sees a very limited vinyl release), four tracks of cheerily ominous storytelling set to synth stabs and trumpet flourishes, with a smattering of personality disorder. The release follows up BBC 6Music favourite, the GUTS-produced single Carrot Cake, and its mother album, HA Chu. Carving his own niche of a jazz-rap very different to and darker than its Golden Age cousin, Pan Am’s sophomore LP (“one of the strangest rap works of recent times”, thanks, The Independent) saw him hit the buttons of leftfield hip hop fans and word association enthusiasts.

                                                                                        Ha Chu saw Pan Am reflect on his touring life over the years, from his jazz scene displacement in NYC to becoming a songwriter and bandleader for Iggy Pop under his real life pseudonym, Leron Thomas. HA Chu featured collabs with the aforementioned GUTS, Jason Williams of Sleaford Mods, Malik Crumpler of Madison Washington (and Def Pressé) and Coup Diablo - aka Jimi Goodwin of Doves. Pan Am’s first album, The Pocket Watch, saw him tour with DJ/producer Mr.Shn and rapper-wrestler/‘What Had Happened Was’ podcast host Open Mike Eagle.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        1. E. Honda
                                                                                        2. Lone Ranger
                                                                                        3. Retail
                                                                                        4. Son Of A Gun

                                                                                        Lee Gamble

                                                                                        A Million Pieces Of You EP

                                                                                          Lee Gamble completes his ‘Flush Real Pharynx 2019-2021’ album cycle with ‘A Million Pieces Of You’, the third EP of a triptych written in a time when the subjective experience of overload came to a halt, giving way to an overbearing sense of loss, burnout and a desperate need for hope. These seven tracks feel more reflective, more human than the two preceeding EPs; the serpentine dopplers and seductive supercar engines of ‘In A Paraventral Scale’, and imploding motion sculptures of ‘Exhaust’. A deepfake of Lee’s voice appears from the chaotic slow-mo crash of ‘Balloon Lossy’, timidly telling of “[garbled]… good news”. The uncanny spectre of deep fakes, AI and deep learning models give way to the melancholic loneliness of the solo piano in ‘Empty Middle Seat’. Then glimmering, golden pads on ‘Hyperpassive’ slowly crawl into the hopeful, bright arpeggiations of ‘Balloon Copy’. ‘A Million Pieces Of You’ is a ride through a part-synthetic, part-modelled, part-imitation, part-taught, part-human, part[1]hopeful, part-reflective and paradoxically affirmative space – an involuntarily fitting finale to an album originally conceived in a world different to the one we now inhabit.

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: Lee Gamble continues to lead the way in terms of experimental electronics and post-everything nightclub deconstructions. A bit mellower in parts than some of his recent outings, it's nonetheless an arresting and encompassing listen throughout.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          A1. Balloon Lossy
                                                                                          A2. Newtown Got Folded
                                                                                          A3. Obsession Model
                                                                                          A4. Empty Middle Seat
                                                                                          B1. You Left A Space
                                                                                          B2. Hyperpassive
                                                                                          B3. Balloon Cop

                                                                                          Wally Puma and Jim Sharp inaugarate DRPN Gems with a double header of mash-up pressure. Coersing myriad R&B and hip-hop flavours into a smouldering pot of body popping pleasure, both side should have samples, breaks and vox that even the most casual b-boy should recognize. There's even a nicely extended breakbeat routine for the breakdancers! 

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Paul says: Big time mash-ups for party season! Already packed and road tested across Manchester's finest drinking establishments. Keep the Sharons and Neds at bay with this party starter!

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          Side 1
                                                                                          1. La Di Stepper (Wally Puma Edit) (4:15)
                                                                                          Side 2
                                                                                          1. Step Into A Break (Jim Sharp Edit) (2:22)
                                                                                          2. Something In The Way (Jim Sharp 10/9 Tribute Blend) (2:01)

                                                                                          Mori Ra strikes back at MM Discos with “Gaia Edits"! After the successful release back in May on the label, Da Silva and DJ Katah welcome again Osaka’s best record collector with 4 new high quality editions. Staying loyal to his eclecticism, Mori Ra approaches the dancefloor with a hedonistic direction; more exuberant than his previous release on MM Discos. Mixing unknown sources with ethnic references, wicked percussion, charming marimbas and an endless reel of psychedelic elements, this is a record done for the soul - spiritual, mystic, highly addictive and 100% danceable. A very special release where the Japanese artist has involved his son who helped with choosing the source material for the record. Enjoy the trip!

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: Osaka's cosmic wonder boy Mori Ra graces us with a quadruple clutch of cosmic power edits. Completely new source material given that psychedelic twist we love. Essential.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          Side 1
                                                                                          1. Gaia Chaos (8:34)
                                                                                          2. Goreate (5:29)
                                                                                          Side 2
                                                                                          1. Gaia Disco (5:05)
                                                                                          2. Penguins Repair (5:13)

                                                                                          Tkay Maidza

                                                                                          Last Year Was Weird Vol. 3

                                                                                          ARIA and BET nominated rapper and artist Tkay Maidza announces the highly anticipated follow-up to 2020’s ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2’ (The Needle Drop’s #1 EP of the Year). ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 3’ is the final act of Tkay’s EP trilogy, featuring eight new songs produced by long-time collaborator Dan Farber.

                                                                                          Tkay Maidza recently wrapped a stratospheric 2020 that propelled the Zimbabwe-born, Australia raised artist to new heights. From billboards in Times Square, to features in Pitchfork and Vogue and a placement on the FIFA Soundtrack, her ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2’ EP presented a compelling new stride for the young artist whose craft spans genres. The ARIA-nominated EP for Best Soul/R&B Release received plaudits from the likes of Pitchfork, Stereogum, Crack, The Guardian and PAPER.

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: Weird-ass alt-RnB that's so meta you'll believe you've handed in all your chips for bitcoins.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          Onto Me (with UMI)
                                                                                          So Cold
                                                                                          Kim (with Yung Baby Tate)
                                                                                          High Beams

                                                                                          Orange Tree Edits build on their rock solid catalogue with this stellar Vinyl EP debut from Ukranian DJ Yucca Mü.

                                                                                          Richly textured A-side ‘Bluebird’ samples a Soviet era Sci-Fi film to assemble a delightfully weird and wonderful, at once ethereal, refreshing and playful dancefloor heater. Church bells, choral hymns and villainous voiceovers layered on top of a rolling, chuggy low-end propel this tune into peak time territory. A tender church choir acapella outro is a joyous highlight - think festival closing time.

                                                                                          The flip side cut ‘Femme Symbole’ offers up organ stabs alongside swirling grand piano and a sensuous vocal to produce a belter of an edit built for the dark and steamy dance zone.

                                                                                          With support from Hunee, Jonny Rock, Lauren Hansom, Bell Towers, Nicola Cruz & Paula Tape you know you need a copy!

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Millie says: Crazy good edits from Yucca Mu! I really love this guy. Cosmic music given a Ukranian twist.. so much fun!

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          A1. Bluebird
                                                                                          B1. Femme Symbole

                                                                                          Working Men's Club

                                                                                          X - Remixes (Paranoid London And Minsky Rock)

                                                                                            Following the recent release of 'X', the first new music from Working Men’s Club since their acclaimed self-titled debut was released in the autumn of 2020, the band share remixes from Paranoid London and Minsky Rock.

                                                                                            A side project of Syd from the band and producer Ross Orton, the Minsky Rock remix channels the energy of the primetime Detroit electro of Aux 88 or Cybertron while Paranoid London, the duo made up of Quinn Whalley and Gerardo Delgardo, turn in a bubbling 303 drenched acid workout.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            A1. X Paranoid London Remix
                                                                                            A2. X Minsky Rock Remix

                                                                                            B1. X Paranoid London Remix (Instrumental)
                                                                                            B2. X Minsky Rock Remix (Instrumental)

                                                                                            Farren Laen's delicately DIY label reminds us here of what those early Firecracker releases were like - heartfelt, earnest excursions into dance music pressed in low quantity with tones of sentiment.

                                                                                            Here he follows up last year's "Attention Renders Our Reality" with another clutch of dreaminess, hand stamped and numbered from his base in NYC.

                                                                                            Sure to entice hardware house lovers and box jammers the world over. Laen's patches and presets exhibit a certain finesse which has me referencing more techno-orientated artists like John Shima, Octave One and Radioactive Man; whilst his deep house, eyes-down grooves have me thinking 'has Ron Trent heard of this guy yet?!'.

                                                                                            While wrapped ina blurred and dreamy patina, these three tracks still snap and crackle with electricity and drift into hi-def focus through sheer mixing and instrument prowess. His signal processing is so clean and well balanced!

                                                                                            Seriously house lovers, you need to get on this guy sharpish. And it looks like he's keeping true to his word and not repressing or letting anything loose digitally - so you truly have a magic gem of a record that not many souls are gonna possess - isn't that what REAL underground DJs want? :0)


                                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                            Matt says: Record one was a personal favourite and a widely missed hit that I secretly coveted. I'm letting you in on the action this time but blink and you'll miss heartfelt house missives straight outta NYC. Recorded with pure sentiment and feeling, yet totally in sympathy with the dancefloor. Really rate this guy me.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            A1. Reality
                                                                                            B1. Leave Me Now
                                                                                            B2. Wonder, Wander

                                                                                            The Bastards Of Soul return with 2 more killer modern funk / soul tracks recorded at Niles City Sound in Ft. Worth during lockdown. A feel good 70s styled summer scorcher on the A-Side b/w "Lizzy Louise" a tune about past loves. Whilst there's no let up on side B with the heartfelt soul burner, "While It's Hot". Both are recorded red hot with analogue, gritty production making it sound authentic to the genre and sure to whip Craig Charles into a salivating whirlwind of funk!   

                                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                            Matt says: Modern soul with the same high calibre we're accustomed to from Dapton. I can't help throw a Charles Bradley reference in here too.. What's not to like? It ain't reinventing the wheel but the wheel is there for a reason!

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            Side 1
                                                                                            1. Lizzy Louise (3:43)
                                                                                            Side 2
                                                                                            1. While It's Hot (4:37)


                                                                                            Stay / Hot Footing It

                                                                                              Far Out Recordings presents a double bill of two monumental Brit funk classics. Keep In Touch and Stay were the first two 12” singles by the iconic Freeez, both self-funded passion projects of its founding member John Rocca, for his own Pink Rhythm imprint.

                                                                                              It all started over the counter at Derek’s Records on Petticoat Lane, London in the mid-70s. Rocca - at the time a budding teenage percussionist - met the prolific guitarist, composer, producer and all round brit funk fixer Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick (also the father of Far Out producer Daniel Maunick). Best known as the founding member of Light of the World, Incognito, and more recently Str4ta, Bluey’s involvement in the origins of Freeez are lesser known, but no less crucial. Bluey invited Rocca to a weekly jam session in an East London basement, where they would develop their craft, form their first band Freeez and develop the idea for ‘Keep In Touch’: “Back in the basement there was this one particular track we were playing that I really loved. It had a groove that I thought I could sell” Rocca reminisces.

                                                                                              Going against the advice of all the musicians involved, who thought he was mad and set to lose all his money, John decided to go full DIY, hire out a high end studio in the West End to record ‘Keep In Touch’ and release it as a private press, birthing his now famed Pink Rhythm label. Featuring Bluey on guitar, Peter Maas on bass, Paul Morgan on drums, Jason Wright on keyboards, and John Rocca on percussion, Keep In Touch was a surprise underground hit selling over 5000 copies and reaching #49 in the UK, leading Freeez into a record deal with Pye / Calibre.

                                                                                              Still giddy from the experience of having produced and pressed his first record at the age of just 19, John set out to do it all again with ‘Stay’ and ‘Hot Footing It’, enlisting Bluey & co once again. This time Rocca attempted to take things to the next level by adding vocals into the mix. Though this new arrangement initially backfired and cost John the deal with Pye / Calibre who weren’t feeling the slight change of vibe, original copies of the Stay 12” have become one of the most in demand from the brit funk canon.

                                                                                              These foundational DIY 12” singles paved the way for Freeez to become a household name in the history of British funk who went on to record hits like ‘Southern Freeze’ and ‘IOU’ as well as underground cult classics like ‘Melodies of Love’ and ‘India’ as Pink Rhythm, John Rocca’s later formation of Freeez named after his imprint.

                                                                                              Far Out will be releasing a very limited run of the two 12”s (1000 copies of each), both redesigned in the style of the original private presses.

                                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                              Matt says: Another essential Brit-funk group headed by John Rocca. You probably know "Southern Freez" but I think "Stay", featured here, pips it to the post. Either way, these fresh reissues are a welcome addition to any boogie / funk / disco record collection.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              1. Stay

                                                                                              2. Hot Footing It

                                                                                              The Boo Radleys

                                                                                              A Full Syringe And Memories Of You - Black Friday Edition

                                                                                                AVAILABLE ONLINE ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 27TH FROM 8AM.

                                                                                                LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                                Critically-adored sonic explorers, The Boo Radleys return with their first new music in over two decades. Originally immersed in the category of cult band for those in the know thanks to their 1993 classic album Giant Steps, the last music fans heard from Merseyside-originated band was 1998’s Kingsize, their final album for Creation Records.

                                                                                                Led by pure, creative restlessness The Boo Radley’s first new music in almost a quarter of a century stems from reconciliation, chance meetings and curiosity.

                                                                                                A Full Syringe And Memories Of You is layered with instantly recognisable vocals, rich orchestration and the type of instant, alt-pop sensibility that found them swept into the mid-nineties mainstream. The single isn’t to be a one-off release from the band. Promising a full-blooded return, The Boo Radleys include A Full Syringe And Memories Of You on an upcoming, to-be-confirmed EP with album sessions and rehearsals for a tour later this year all in advanced stages.

                                                                                                Singer-songwriter, Simon ‘Sice’ Rowbottom says of the new and unexpected release: “A Full Syringe And Memories Of You tackles the religious hypocrisy that privileges the longevity of life above all other measures of worth and seeks to redress the distorted view that life is always worth living whatever the cost.”

                                                                                                Having originally formed in 1988, The Boo Radleys developed a reputation for adventurous genre-indistinct songwriting, starting with 1990s Ichabod and I, which emerged on Lancashire’s Action Records and gained such a response amongst discerning music fans that Creation put a deal on the table. Their rapid follow up, Everything's Alright Forever was released to positive reviews in 1992, but it was the following year’s Giant Steps, acclaimed by NME as the album of the year, that secured The Boo Radley’s status as unpredictable sonic explorers with few peers.

                                                                                                The Boo Radleys were famously swept into the slipstream of the mid-nineties, British guitar pop revival, with 1995’s runaway hit, Wake Up Boo, lifted from their UK Album Chart Number One album, Wake Up! Their 1996 follow up, C’Mon Kids! took a thrilling, more caustic turn out of the retro, anthemic sound of the era, yet brought the band further success with three Top 40 singles, including What's In The Box? (See Whatcha Got). The four members, including influential guitarist and songwriter, Martin Carr, retreated from life as The Boo Radleys shortly after the release of sixth album, Kingsize.

                                                                                                Having been largely out of contact since the end of the sessions for that final album, all members of The Boo Radleys have come together in recent years to discuss future plans. As a result, The Boo Radleys in 2021 are Tim Brown (bass/guitar/keyboards), Sice (guitar/vocals) and Rob Cieka (drums). Martin Carr does not appear in the current line-up. 

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                A1. A Full Syringe And Memories Of You
                                                                                                A2. Life Is Getting Better
                                                                                                B1. See It Through
                                                                                                B2. I'll Put The Bars Around My Heart 


                                                                                                Low Era / Smoke In Japan

                                                                                                  Geese are a band that begins and ends in Brooklyn, as a project between friends to build a home studio out of a basement.

                                                                                                  Their debut album, ‘Projector’ (from which this single is taken), is born from the same ambition: make music by any means necessary. The songs were recorded with sneakers as mic stands and blankets draped over the amps, all within the afternoon following a school day, up until they ran the risk of noise complaints. 

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  A - Low Era
                                                                                                  B - Smoke In Japan

                                                                                                  Quantrells / Promise

                                                                                                  Can't Let You Break My Heart / I'm Not Ready For Love

                                                                                                    Quantrells’ only single release from 1972 goes for two to three hundred pounds if you can find a copy on the Chicago-based Yambo label. A deep soul smoocher with a glorious vocal with enormous brass stabs, it’s like a roughed up version of The Jackson 5. Backed with Promise’s ‘I’m Not Ready For Love’; one of two singles from the mid ‘70s by this all-girl teenage four piece on the New Directions label. Built with a driving bass and the girls’ gorgeous vocals dropping into party mode over a funky guitar break midway through, it’s a classic ice breaker. Copies go for around £100.

                                                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                    Matt says: Deptford Northern Soul Club continue to attack the market value of this elite scene by repressing some of the most memorable and must-have records at an everyman's price. I've always championed such behaviour and I'll be honest, it was one of the things that always left a sour taste in my mouth about the Northern scene. It's nice to hear these tracks on vinyl without having to worry about auctioning off your liver.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    Quantrells - Can’t Let You Break My Heart
                                                                                                    Promise - I’m Not Ready For Love