Burial follows up the bleak and desolate "Antidawn", with more shimmering emptiness from the event horizon. The sublime three-track EP "Streetlands". Like being alone in an abandoned lost city long after humans have been made nearly extinct from Earth. I imagine it'd make amazing music for The Walking Dead video game. Or like I said about "Antidawn" - it continues the theme of 'walking through Skyrim loaded up on dissociatives. More brilliance from the master. 


    Matt says: Burial follows up the bleak and desolate "Antidawn", with more shimmering emptiness from the event horizon.


    A1. Hospital Chapel (7:59)
    A2. Streetlands (14:15)
    B. Exokind (12:13)

    SUPER limited edition, clear vinyl dubplate of the new DJ Absolutely Shit EP - "Sloggers Bar". Featuring exclusive track, "Drop The Face" - only available on this 12"!!

    DJ Absolutely Shit has fast injected new life into the old tropes of hardcore breakbeat and vintage rave music - updating the blueprint with fresh, soundsystem tickling techniques and modern sounds for the discerning 2023 dancefloors! Effortlessly becoming cult cultural leaders of the emerging new hardcore movement and easily one of the most collectable artists to grace our dance section for many moons!

    "Sloggers Bar" contains the EPIC, "Close Your Eyes" - with that discombobulated vox that's haunted The White Hotel and anywhere else the Red Laser crew has DJed of late. "Breaktalo Dark" is equally anthemic; it's sub-reinforced rave stabs ricocheting through even the quaintest of rave dungeons whilst a whole manner of pill-poppin' yoof erupt into reckless abandon.

    "My Desire" is perhaps the most retrotastic track of this new set - utilizing classic hip-house / electro vocals, a tidy old breakbeat and with superbly timed drops, this one of those precision arrangements tha’llt cause alchemical bonds to form between dancers and DJs under the heat of a Big Night Out. Imperative!

    Finally, the dubplate only track, "Drop The Face" concludes. This WILL NOT be available anywhere other than on this 12" pop pickers, ensuring the enduring collectability of this wild record! It's another essential from the Ab Shit studio - a foot stomping mid-sessioner with both proto-house and proggy influences; perfect for simmering up a heady broth of tension as the floor fills up and the sweat levels start to rise.

    Limited to 50 copies for the entire world - do not fuck about with this one folks! E-e-e-e-eeessential! 


    Matt says: SERIOSULY exclusive, limited edition dubplate PRESHA! from the Red Laser / DJ Absolutely Shit axis. Only 50 copies for the entire world. Road tested to buggery and the crew's parties and set to become a cult collectors item.


    1. Close Your Eyes 
    2. Breaktalo Dark 
    3. My Desire
    4. Drop The Face (Dupplate Version)

    Those Japanese reel-revivalists Edit & Dub have been back at it - injecting fresh new life into forgotten B-sides and lost gems from the disco and jazz-funk eras.

    Number 14 in the series sees Earth, Wind & Fire's "Can't Hide Love" transformed into a bubblin, buoyant jazz-funk bonanza; with wandering Rhodes, frenetic bass part and gentle 'oos' and 'ahhs' from the backing vocalists. It's a tour de force of jazz dance fun!

    On the flip it's the equally infectious, "Bad For Me" by Dee Dee Bridgewater. Reminiscent of Diana Ross' "Love Hangover", it possess funky, syncopated guitar chops; lavish and sexy boogie vox and a bustling rhythm section. One of those incendiary, feel-good disco blasts that'll have the floor pogoing in no time. Highly recommended!


    Matt says: Tat Dee Dee Bridgewater track's been top of my wants list for a while - and I'm happy to settle for a tasty Edit & Dub tweak who max out the vibe and keep those funky Strat chops ricocheting around my mind till the very last beats. Seriously - if you can't shake a tail feather or two to this one I recommend getting your pulse checked pronto.


    Side 1
    1. Can't Hide Love (extended Disco Mix) (10:50)
    Side 2
    1. Bad For Me (Disco Re-edit) (7:10)

    Having co-produced Duran Duran’s acclaimed fifteenth studio album, ‘FUTURE PAST’, Erol Alkan returns to recent single ‘ALL OF YOU’ to deliver a very special Extended Rework. Paying tribute to the band’s pioneering ‘Night Version’ remixes that tipped their earliest material towards the dance floor, this grandiose reimagining equally recalls Alkan’s beloved reworks from over the years.

    Recorded with founding members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor, ‘All Of You’ also features lead guitar from Graham Coxon and backing vocals by Barli. Blessed with the raw material, Alkan distills each element into a glorious disco odyssey totalling nearly ten minutes, an epic but sensual dance floor trip that already ranks amongst his finest work. 

    Phantasy is proud to release 'ALL OF YOU (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)’ (backed with an instrumental version) on a limited run of 12” vinyl.


    Matt says: Massively over-ordered, so likely to have gone when you read this. But don't panic! The label have already ordered a repress. That's what our 'wish list' button is for. More copies due in a couple of weeks or so, so don't dismay!


    A. All Of You (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
    B. All Of You (Erol Alkan's Instrumental Rework)

    Gems Under The Horizon, the chillout division of Belgium’s Basic Moves returns with its second release, comprised of four original cuts from various artists across the globe. Gems Under The Horizon was launched by Basic Moves label boss Walrus originally as a Sunday daytime party series aimed at sharing electronic music in the chillout, ambient and downtempo sphere to wind down the weekend. The affiliate imprint was launched in April 2021 with material from Astral Industries artist Sonmi451 and Dylan Thomas Hayes.

    Here the label returns with four new tracks welcoming an array of new artists onto its roster and leading the way is &Apos who delivers ‘Vigo’, a hauntingly beautiful journey through swelling textures, plucked strings ethereal voices and synth modulations. Salamanda’s ‘No Vacation’ follows, the Seoul, South Korea based duo of Uman Therma a.k.a. Sala and Yetsuby a.k.a. Manda turn their focus towards an amalgamation of gamelan like chimes, metallic percussion, organic drum grooves and flute like synth work.Ugné & Maria’s ‘Into Orbit’ opens the flip side, as the name would suggest embracing a spaced-out aesthetic with intricately unfolding melodies, cinematic atmospherics, and gritty broken drums. Bogota, Colombia’s Manta Ray then rounds out the release with ‘Mysterious Ways’ as she traverses through off-kilter rhythms, unfurling pads, choppy scratches, broken vocal cuts and meandering subs.


    Matt says: Beguiling Belgian compilation of Balearic beats, Reichian minimalism and electronic serenity. Came outta nowhere this one and really had us by the short and curlies!


    &Apos - Vigo
    Salamanda - No Vacation
    Manta Ray - Mysterious Ways

    The Celebrant

    Re-Calibrated & Re-Celebrated - Opolopo / Captain Planet / Aroop Roy Remixes

    Canopy returns, following up their previously well received singles, with the fourth release on the label. This time around the focus is entirely on the remixes, with the original titles from Nigerian Band The Celebrant to feature on the forthcoming reissue of their self-titled LP. The remixes are built around the afro funk breaks and cosmic synths which the 3 producers have re-calibrated and re-celebrated to devastating effect. Stylistically the vibe sits between searing outer space afro funk and classy afro-disco.

    Opolopo dons his astronaut suit for his first outing on Canopy, propelling “Off Beats” into the off-world stratosphere in a remake that never rests in its irresistible groove. Weighting down the beat with shuffling house beats while his signature funky synth work augments the synth solos of The Celebrant. Together they ignite the rockets to raise this track into another dimension.

    Captain Planet marks his return to Canopy with a deliriously danceable remake of “Off Beats”. Upping the tempo and adding a muscular flex he serves up a bassline with just the right amount of grit. Framed by this powerful electronic architecture, the horn lines and guitar solos do serious collateral damage. Impeccable production values combined with the scorching afro funk breaks make this an incendiary weapon indeed. Once the synth lines kick in, there is no doubt who is in control. Prepare to lift off!

    Aroop Roy blesses Canopy for the first time with this remix of “Funky Music”, adding his infamously smooth and funky touch. The maestro is well renowned for his skill at flipping already killer material into highly addictive dancefloor bombs. Here he adds an undeniably groovy bassline to back the afro horn arrangements and interstellar synth solos. Setting it all ablaze he transforms these afro chops into a proper late night disco affair. When the Balearic pads ascend, the vibe simply levitates! Wide eyed and euphoric, this joint will sooth even the most savage of souls as they start to elevate into the aether.


    Matt says: We're all absolutely suckers for Opolopo here at the moment, so we didn't need much persuading on this one. Thankfully Captain Planet and Aroop Roy also turn out exemplary efforts, gifting The Celebrant with a remix EP of royal proportions. Don't sleep on this one folks.


    The Celebrant - Off Beats (OPOLOPO Tweak)
    The Celebrant - Off Beats (Captain Planet Remix)
    The Celebrant - Funky Music (Aroop Roy Rework)

    Dam Swindle

    Keep On Swindling Pt. 3 - Inc. Nightmares On Wax / DJ Bones Remixes

    We’ve come to the third and final installment of Dam Swindle’s ‘Keep on Swindling’ series, finishing off their 10-year anniversary with a bang. This final EP holds 2 new originals, remixes by Nightmares on Wax and DJ Bone and the long-awaited re-release of their seminal track from 2013: ‘The Wrap Around’.

    ‘Keep on Swindling part 3’ kicks off with ‘You’; a fast-paced slice of electronic funk that sees the boys dive into heady club territory. With this track, they show a new direction in their sound that combines their vintage sampled-based soulfulness with modern percussive and melodic elements. Whether it’s the moody arpeggio, the techno-ish stabs or the bell-driven percussion in ‘You’; it’s all coming together in a way that is both heartwarming and rush-inducing.

    The A side also holds ‘More Love’; a track that takes you back to what has been the center of the Dam Swindle sound in the past 10 years. Conga loops, vocal chops, synth stabs and a simple string to keep the tension; it’s all in there. Add to that a simple funk bass loop and you’ve got yourself a modern-day Swindle classic.

    On the flip, you’ll find a special song from the Dam Swindle catalog: ‘The Wrap Around’. When released on Huxley’s now defunct Saints & Sonnets label back in 2013, the release made its way into many record bags and sold out quickly, never to be repressed again. Discogs prices went through the roof, while the title track became one of the biggest tracks for Dam Swindle in their early years. It's had a few touch-ups in arrangement and mixing for the 2022 mix, but the boys have worked hard to maintain the rough edges that made the original loved by so many fans.

    The B2 is a collaboration with none other than Nightmares on Wax, who delivers a brilliantly creative version of ‘64 Way' feat. Mayer Hawthorne. N.O.W. completely flips the original, opting to use the spoken word intro in a mangled and chopped way on top of a nasty groove and soaring bassline. The main vocal comes in during the second part of the song and adds to the buildup with new Rhodes chords, cowbells, and electronic chops. It's a fitting remix from this legendary UK talent.

    The EP closes off with another special track: DJ Bone’s Doc Ciroc remix of ‘The Wrap Around’. DJ Bone has been living in the Netherlands for a long time already and it was only a matter of time before the legendary Detroit producer and DJ would meet Dam Swindle. Bone goes for pacey percussion with a classic Detroit techno feel. His version is minimalistic and raw, chopping up the vocal and using the original Prophet pad as a base layer of warmth. The track gets even beefier when the bassline comes in: A dirty modded 101 lick with so much electronic funk that makes it impossible not to dance.

    On ‘Keep on Swindling part 3’, Dam Swindle showcase a more electronic side of their sound and sees them connect with likeminded artists who have delivered amazing interpretations of some of the most loved DS tracks of the past years. With that, we’ve come to a banging conclusion to 10 years of Dam Swindle. Where will they go next?! 


    Matt says: Third part of this crucial Dam Swindle retrospective which has boasted plenty of secret bonuses. Aside from three killer originals the DJ Bone and Nightmares On Wax remixes are worth the entrance fee alone. Dam Swindle are proper bastions of modern house music with a flair for dancefloor engineering; demonstrated wonderfully across the EP. TIP!


    A1. You
    A2. More Love
    B1. The Wrap Around (2022 Mix)
    B2. 64 Ways Feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Nightmares On Wax Remix)
    B3.The Wrap Around (DJ Bone’s Doc Ciroc Remix)

    Time for some rare late 70s soul royalty out of Memphis, Tennessee, a top rung rarity on the collector scene, Coco & Ben - Good Feelin'. Ben Robinson was recently tracked down by friends of the label Daniel Mathis and Robert Garcia, lucky for the world he was still sitting on the tapes for this slightly longer take (as well as some unreleased tracks) allowing us to cut this disco floater as a nice loud 12" for the first time, now sounding better than it ever has, don't sleep on the flip either. Utterly essential record.


    Matt says: Loads of AOTN out this week but this baby might have escaped your intrepid ears. A royal excursion into southern American disco which few have laid hands on until now.


    1. Good Feelin'
    2. See The World

    Spechen make a return to the magical world of vinyl with a 4 track release of sublime musical proportions which comes courtesy of Lena C; who's Promenade EP transcendences the smokey basements & subterranean dancefloor dwellings we often inhabit. It's all aboard the Zen-Express for this release that incorporates the musical & cultural influences this French born (but now Hebden Bridge based) DJ and music producer has experienced so far on her journey.

    "Shokran" (from the Arabic 'Shukran' meaning 'thank you') is a breathy affair with hooky arp lines and a chest warming bass with almost playful synth lines joining in along the way. Percussion keeps up the chug factor but never derailing from its beauty.

    "Haku" takes in the sounds of Japan with a hypnotic bass melody wrapped around soft synth stabs, soothing strings and a dream inducing percussion arrangement which when all wrapped up together is destined to be played / heard in the sun with waves crashing, breeze blowing & a mental reset taking place.

    "Breeze" blows in & continues to take us into the unknown and cranks the audible wonderment up to 11. A broken beat carries spaced out synth lines & bass melody with skippy percussion which all sounds like it would be frantic but in Lena's hands its a perfect delivery of aural beauty.

    "Azur" closes off this trip in perfect harmony and we'd maybe even book this under the 'Balearic chuggers' category (though the jury is out!). Hooky melodies with a warped vocal sample (which we think is Lena but she swears it isn't!) and some truly uplifting synth & pads make this the only way to close off this stunning EP.


    Mine says: The latest contributor to the Piccadilly Mix series, Léna C, releases her own record on Manchester based label Sprechen, and just as her monthly Reform Radio show 'Jet Lag' it evokes major wanderlust not just in travel enthusiasts! Lovely stuff.


    A1 Shokran
    A2 Haku
    B1 Breeze
    B2 Azur

    Darius Syrossian’s Moxy Muzik Editions is fast becoming a firm favourite for all manner of reasons, from the consistently top-level tracks from some of the scene’s best producers, to the bespoke hand-drawn artwork from artist Charlotte Archer that decorates each new volume's sleeve. A must have series for any vinyl head out there and volume four is no different. From Glasgow via Leeds through to Southampton, Syrossian shines a light on some of the UK’s rising stars in the world of house music.

    Up first Glasgow’s Tiptoes who provides one of Darius’ tracks of the summer, ‘Cuss Tomato’. Driving, soulful and skippy with nods to Grant Nelson and king Kerri that has been doing damage everywhere it’s been played.

    Next, Syrossian remixes fellow Leeds producer Tomrob with his track ‘ Professor Shellington’, taking the original’s minimal grooves, upping the tempo, filling the breaks with hands in the air pianos and injecting another dose of bounce into the beats.

    The flipside has not one, but two tracks from Southampton’s Ronnie Spiteri, a double header of peak time bombs, one of which entitled ‘Scorpion’ had its first play at Creamfields by Alan Fitzpatrick and Darius in Manchester, leading to a flurry of track ID requests and Darius' TikTok post of the track going viral. A monster of a cut with an Enzo Siragusa style bass, a heavy thundering kick and a solid groove.

    Four absolute winners once again from Moxy Muzik.


    A1. Tiptoes - Cuss Tomato
    A2. Tomrob - Profesor Shellington (Darius Syrossian Remix)
    B1. Ronnie Spiteri - Scorpion
    B2. Ronnie Spiteri - Fusion

    Back in stock Cover of Breathe - Inc. Kessler & Peach Remixes by Swoose.
    The impact Belfast born duo Bicep have had on Irish music is unmeasurable, capturing the hearts and minds of the next-gen with their future-facing sonics. The pairing started their FMB label in 2012, going on to support a plethora of Irish artists in the process, from Cromby and Hammer to Brassica and Brame & Hamo.

    The label's latest record comes from yet another Irish artist. Swoose, a name that should be familiar to any Irish electronic lover, began his career handing out flyers for legendary club Stiff Kitten. From here Swoose went on to become a resident of Shine and AVA Festival, and has released a string of killer records on Shall Not Fade and Lost Palms. Now residing in London, his record on FMB brings the OG Belfast dance music community back together for a fittingly euphoric release.

    Title track ‘Breathe’ produces poignant undertones and contemplative thought, meditative breaks channeling the producer's fascination with wild flora and fauna. The track's interior begins to distort our sense of time and self, liquid textures forming over celestial harmonies like psilocybin. ‘Hyphae’ takes a 4/4 approach, while keeping the EP’s emotional personality present. Its pulsating bassline is balanced by far-reaching syths and dancing hi-hats, resting in a unified space of motion and colour.

    Rotterdam via Belfast based artist Kessler has been on the tip of everyone's tongue since the return of clubbing. He has released music on Sherelle’s BEAUTIFUL black and LGBTQ+ label and his debut Shall Not Fade release was one of the most celebrated EPs of 2021. Kesslers knackt to create beautiful, other-wordly soundscapes that are both functional and edge on the side of melancholy are unmatched. His flip of title track ‘Breathe’ swaps gentler tones for his signature UK-sound inspired drums and crowd-evaporating atmospherics. The arrangements gentle ebb and flow, maintaining that signature blend of pace and etherealness.

    Toronto’s Peach is on hand for the second remix – ‘Hyphae – a stripped-back early-morning groover that mixes psychedelia with flexible percussion. The track gives off a subtly uplifting vibe that blends heads-down club with minimal, punchy aesthetic. Just when you thought it was time to go home too...


    Matt says: Plasma pools, hydroplaning water vehicles, deep ripples; it's a highly textures electronic soundscape provided by FMB newcomers Swoose - get involved!


    A1. Breathe
    A2. Hyphae
    B1. Breathe (Kessler Remix)
    B2. Hyphae (Peach Remix)

    Beyond rare modern soul from 1986 Produced by Willie Harpe and Performed by Tom Lipkins 'TL'. A cover-up for George Mahood and later Soul Sam under the name "Hamilton Connection", surprisingly no more copies of this single have ever turned up but Willie did have the stereo master tape for this release. Big one for the Modern soul and rare disco heads.


    1. Give It Up
    2. Let's Talk It Over

    Deep fried to perfection, Manuel Sahagun is next up to the plate for your favourite potato-based label Pomme Frite. A five-track disco house menu, served extra crispy with all the sauce you could ever need. Comfort cuts with summer firmly in mind.


    Matt says: 'Pigeon tackle' as my friends and co-workers often remind me - repetitive concentric club shit that has you spinning around in circles with your eyes wide shut. As good an example as you'll ever find! Love the centre label too. 10 / 10


    A1. Get Closer
    A2. Boogie Sister
    B1. 1,2...
    B2. Shit And Run
    B3. Spoon

    "Never Been" is the first collaborative release by Loradeniz and Interstellar Funk, who produced the EP at a Volkshotel artist residency in Amsterdam in 2021. The record examines the interplay of synthetic melodies and Loradeniz’s vocals, which are underpinned by meticulously crafted rhythms. Steeped in melancholy, many of the tracks on "Never Been" evoke the essence of departure, complex emotions and fading memories.

    "Freefall" - which has already been caned by DJs last summer - opens with a solid bassline and crystalline melodies. An urgent kick and racing hi-hats intensify the composition, while the dominant topline brings to mind a rapturous dance at twilight. An allegory of communication, "Hidden Tongue" has Loradeniz pronouncing splintered vowels, like a malfunctioning public service recording, over a reverberated snare, deep kick and repeating glockenspiel figure.

    "Fly Me In" begins with an arpeggiated melody, before slowly combining multiple electric accents and delicate vocals with spoken word passages exploring notions of escape. The heroic overtones of "Situational Lullaby" develop subtly with layers of synths reminiscent of mid-90s soundtracks, while "Lurking Orange" closes the release with its listless refrain and snake-like percussion.


    Matt says: Brilliantly inventive and evocative synthscapes; considered song writing with a futuristic sheen. Original whilst also highly listenable. If Interstellar Funk & Loradeniz weren't on your radar yet - they should be now!


    Fly Me In
    Hidden Tongue
    Situational Lullaby
    Lurking Orange

    The Paragons

    When The Lights Are Low / I Want To Go Back

      This is a licensed reissue of the track featured on the album “On The Beach”- Treasure Isle – 1967. This gorgeous and haunting song boasts remarkable singing and musicianship allied to the finest song-writing. A Rocksteady masterpiece that totally deserved being released as a single at last. This is a special limited edition - strictly limited to 500 copies - one release only.

      The Paragons were originally called “The Binders”, a band that comprised Keith Anderson (better known as Bob Andy), Garth Evans (aka Tyrone Evans), Junior Menz, and Leroy Stamp. In 1964 John Holt and Howard Barrett replaced Menz,and Stamp and the name was changed to The Paragons. Anderson left in 1965, and The Paragons continued as a trio. After John Holt left to pursue a solo career, Vic Taylor took Holt's place. The trio initially recorded two outstanding albums: the legendary “On The Beach” 1967, and the equally good “Riding High“- later renamed “The Paragons with Roslyn Sweat” in 1974. Most of their many masterpieces come from these two albums. They carried on recording more albums, the latest being “The Paragons Return” with John Holt. In 1980 Blondie covered their song "The Tide Is High" with great international success. Today “On The Beach” is considered by many as the definitive Rocksteady LP…


      Martin says: A captivating slice of classic '67 rocksteady which perfectly encapsulates the mood of genre. This is heart-wrenchingly powerful music.


      When The Lights Are Low
      I Want To Go Back

      The Maytones

      Call You Up / Barrabus

        This is the very first reissue of two rare and sought-after cult tracks by The Maytones. Attention: This is a special limited edition - strictly limited to 500 copies - one release only. This is a licensed reissue of the very rare 7" vinyl single track…. This wicked Boss Reggay instrumental was only released on the British label “Explosion” in 1970, making it extremely rare and sought after. Don’t miss the lashes in the introduction!


        Martin says: A rare-as-hen's-teeth track from '68, later released in UK in 1970. Perfectly demonstrating the move from rocksteady to ska; its moonstomping groove present and correct from the off.


        Call You Up

        A mainstay of the UK's reggae, soul, funk & rock circuits since the early 1970s, Eddie Capone has played with a diverse and revered collection of acts; Chairmen of the Board, The Foundations, Black Velvet, The Elgins, Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, Arthur Lee's Love, Billy Preston and Edwin Starr to name but a few. Eddie was also part of short-lived group Casablanca, with David Costa & Barry Clarke of early 70's folk-rockers Trees, signed to Elton John's Rocket Record Company.

        Eddie founded the Treatment band in the early 1980s bringing in a revolving cast of singers and players, and created the Treatment Records imprint out of his own Black Rock studio in South East London in 1982. Releasing a string of singles - with efforts from Eddie Capone's Treatment, a side-project with singer Beryl Marsden as Salt & Pepper, and a single from Norwegian group Wave - Treatment Records then followed this up in 1985 with the 12" release of "I Won't Give You Up" with Diane Jones brought in on vocal duties for what has since become a much sought-after slice of UK boogie-funk, and backed up with the sublime "We Would Like To Spend Some Time With You". I Won't Give You Up picked up decent support pre-release with favourable reviews in Echoes, plays from Tony Blackburn on his BBC Radio London slot, and regular club rotation - though the label's distributor started having from problems at the time of release which put paid to any further progress.

        Treatment Records continued through the 1980s through to early 1990s releasing Eddie's music, both as a solo artist and as part of collaborative side-projects, and Eddie has continued to write, perform and produce music from his home studio right through to the present day. As a committed community figure & activist in South East London, Eddie has since 2014 re-started Treatment Records under the name of 3G Treatment - bringing together three generations of people from the local area to ensure young artists & musicians have access to the expertise and experience of their elders for support and encourage successful careers in the industry.


        1. I Won't Give You Up (feat. Diane Jones)
        2. We Would Like To Spend Some Time With You

        Arlo Parks

        Cola / George

          Mercury Prize and Brit Award winner Arlo Parks first came to the attention of music press with her debut single ‘Cola’. It’s a breath-taking, tender, poetic and confessional introduction to an artist just eighteen at the time of its release.

          The then London based singer demonstrated soul beyond her years and with 'Cola' the submissive tones of her powerful voice are laid atop slow guitar melodies that beckon you to stop what you're doing and just listen. The track is written about bad love - in Arlo’s words, "Cola is a reminder that betrayal is inevitable when it comes to pretty people that think flowers fix everything".

          ‘George’, an ode to poet Byron was released in 2019 just weeks before signing to Transgressive Records and set Arlo on the path to being one of the most critically acclaimed artists of the year.


          Millie says: New material from this shining star we backed from the very beginning. I'm so excited to hear what she's got in store for us next.



          Francis The Great "Look Up In The Sky " is taken from the 1977 Ravissante Baby album later re-issued by French label Hot Casa back in 2015 from which this version is licensed. This hypnotic instrumental re edit version has the track's main focus immersed in the irresistible afro funk groove highlighting the pounding bass from Victor Edimo & Toto Guillaume on guitar over 7 minutes . Hand-numbered to 400 only copies with the b side being a unique full side lazer etching of the Mukatsuku label logo.


          1. Look Up In The Sky (Nik Mukatsuku Official Instrumental Re-Edit)

          2023 Starts with a doubler sided disco action from East Coast Love Affair - Taking the vocal from obscure Minneapolis lo-fi band 'Quiet Storm' master tape (Big up Numero Group) and building a whole new deep disco 45. 'Get Down' is deep dance floor chugger using the O.G studio gear that would have been used at the time, strictly analog business. On the flip, 'Can You Deal' is a more uptempo boogie joint. Both killers as always. Lots more from ECLA this year!!


          1. Get Down (feat. Quiet Storm)
          2. Can You Deal (feat. Quiet Storm)

          A rather obscure and fantastical 45 by American jazz clarinetistand tenor saxophonist Wendell Harrison. A moody dusty fingers style downtempo cover of Stevie Wonder's sleeper Rocket Love from the LP 'Hotter Than July'. This one seems to have passed by many collectors, including myself, I was only turned onto it recently despite loving Wendell's catalog.


          1. Rocket Love
          2. No Turnin' Back

          Boy Harsher

          Burn It Down

            Fan favorite dark dance outfit Boy Harsher have contributed a sumptuously eerie track for the David Gordon Green directed finale to the iconic Halloween franchise. Sacred Bones and Nude Club (Boy Harsher’s imprint) are joining forces and releasing a proper 12” maxi single containing four versions of the track “Burn it Down,” to be released in tandem with the original score provided by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies.

            Boy Harsher said of the experience: “During an extremely brief period of rest between tours, we got this call from the music supervisor of Halloween. The director, David Gordon Green, had listened to our music and wanted to use something for the final installment in the trilogy - Halloween Ends. We flew to New York the next day to meet the team and discuss the possibilities. It was totally surreal. Obviously we’re huge fans of Carpenter and the franchise is a fav, but to work with Gordon Green was also so special, his early films (George Washington, Undertow, Snow Angels) were heavy influences on our work. The real kicker is that Halloween Ends was shot in Savannah, GA - the birthplace of Boy Harsher and where we met. Unbelievable. It all felt too synchronous, and we knew we had to make something work although we were about to leave for a multi-month tour that week. We flew home to Massachusetts, dug through old demos, and found “Burn It Down”. In the end it was the perfect energy for the bittersweet love affair between Allyson and Corey, so during a couple days off - we cleaned it up and made it come alive.”

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Mine says: Mega new/old track from Boy Harsher on this 12" that features 4 versions of an old demo they dug out to be featured on the soundtrack for 'Halloween Ends'. After a foray into the film and soundtrack world with their 2022 horror short film 'The Runner' and accompanying soundtrack LP (my album of the year!) it seems more than fitting that they now lend their eerie cold wave sounds to an instalment of the Halloween franchise. I put this on the shop stereo this week and noticed both Tim and Andy sneaking over to check out what was playing...

            TRACK LISTING

            1 Burn It Down - Rework
            2 Burn It Down
            3 Burn It Down - (Instrumental)
            4 Burn It Down - Rework (Instrumental)

            The second single to be pulled from upcoming BBE album ‘Strata Records – The Sound of Detroit – Reimagined By Jazzanova’, ‘Saturday Night Special’ features remixes by Kai Alcé and DJ Amir & Re.decay, as well as The Lyman Woodard Organization’s 1975 original. Possibly the best-known piece of music from the Strata label’s diverse and innovative catalogue, the unique, low-fi, moody, understated aesthetic of ‘Saturday Night Special’ has captured the hearts of music fans and DJs worldwide. “When I first heard the Lyman Woodard Organization ’Saturday Night Special’,” says DJ Amir, “I thought it was a song from a Blaxploitation soundtrack. Once I realized that Lyman was from Detroit, I immediately thought that if there was ever a ’theme song’ for Detroit that ’Saturday Night Special’ would be it. There is such a cinematic vibe to the song full of grit, rawness, and determination that just soaks into your veins. This album/song will always be in my bag of records to survive the apocalypse with!’” When DJ Amir and Jazzanova began work on the ‘Reimagined’ project, breathing new life into the Strata Records archive, this jazz-funk classic was right at the top of the list of ‘musts’ for the band to re-interpret. “I had no idea what direction they were going to go, musically” says Amir. “The original song had been sampled more than a few times, but in my opinion, it was never done tastefully. However, from the first practice session, I knew that they were spot on with the right direction! Their version is the perfect blend of Detroit and Berlin!” Kai Alcé’s ‘NDATL’ remix of ‘Saturday Night Special’ (named, like his label, after his three hometowns of New York, Detroit, ATLanta) brings a sure-footed lightness to Jazzanova’s version of the song, making the absolute most of the track’s stellar horn solos. “After hearing the unreleased Kamasi Washington/Gregory Porter remixes he did, I knew I had to reach out Kai” says Amir. “With this remix, he stretches out the track into a seven minute groove, in the direction of a soulful house/future jazz interpretation.” Alongside his Berlin production partners, Re.decay DJ Amir turns in a low-slung rework of ‘Saturday Night Special’, using as many parts from the Jazzanova version as possible. “We tried to emulate the intro to one of my favourite jazz dance tracks, ‘Expansions’ by Lonnie Liston Smith” says Amir. Mission accomplished.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Tasty selection of remixes, delving deeper into the already extensive Jazzanova / Strata project.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Saturday Night Special (DJ Amir & Re.decay Remix)
            2. Saturday Night Special
            3. Saturday Night Special (Kai Alce NDATL Remix – Extended Version)
            4. Saturday Night Special


            Creative Musicians (Originals & Waajeed & Henrik Schwarz Remixes)

            12” release of The Lyman Woodard Organisation-penned 'Creative Musicians', reimagined by Jazzanova and featuring remixes by Waajeed and Henrik Schwarz. Originally released as a digital EP from the album 'Strata Records – The Sound of Detroit – Reimagined by Jazzanova', 'Creative Musicians' and its remixes now come to you on deep grooved vinyl. The vocalist for these sessions is Sean Haefeli, who originally hails from Indianapolis, and brings a relaxed urgency to his contributions, sounding like a young Gil Scott-Heron. Leveraging his 20 plus year friendship with legendary Detroit DJ/Producer extraordinaire, Waajeed, Amir enlists him for a special four-to-the-floor mix that not only keeps that organic vibe but also adds a unique contemporary Detroit flavour! Henrik Schwarz needs little introduction to fans of eclectic electronic sounds. For over thirty years, his amazing body of work has packed dancefloors worldwide. Henrik takes ‘Creative Musicians’ in a slightly different direction, retaining many of Jazzanova’s original elements while adding his signature sound to the mix, providing another dance floor scorcher! And just to give you proper context, we have included the cult-classic, much-loved original version of ‘Creative Musicians’ by the Lyman Woodard Organization. ‘Strata Records - The Sound of Detroit - Reimagined by Jazzanova’ is no ‘covers’ album, rather a brand-new celebration of the iconic imprint, as Jazzanova’s take on Lyman Woodard Organization’s musical manifesto ‘Creative Musicians’ makes clear from its Afrobeat-inspired horn arrangements, drum track, and syncopated tempo.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Jazzanova cover of this The Lyman Woodard Organisation classic plus remixes from Waajeed and Henrik Schwarz. Proving to be quite the undertaking this Strata / Jazzanove project. Get stuck in!

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Creative Musicians
            2. Creative Musicians
            3. Creative Musicians (Waajeed Remix)
            4. Creative Musicians (Waajeed Remix Instrumental)
            5. Creative Musicians (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
            6. Creative Musicians (Henrik Schwarz Dub)

            A chance first time meeting one morning in Block 9 at Glastonbury 2022 between Graham Massey and Nice Swan Records lead to this serendipitous release between London newcomers Malady and Hacienda legends 808 State. Fitting in line with Malady's remix packages over the last 18 months this seemed like the perfect alignment between old and new.

            The original is a jaunty, electrified indie-dancer number powered by fast AFX-ish beats and high voltage synthesizers with a yearning male vocal that's a bit like Moving Units (remember them?).

            Remixing their own track, Malady emphasis the top drawer synthesis- - deploying wubbing Reeses, precision breaks and ricocheting rave stabs - nice!

            Onto the 808 State side and it's a highly engineered bleeps and breaks workout with advanced sound design and almost Autechre-like drum programming; weaving around the vocal track like a mechanized snake whilst bombarding the listener with a barrage of snares. Their instrumental, as you can imagine, does away with the vocal part and really let's that drum assault hammer home.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Proudly current indie-dance act Malady strike an amazing partnership with 808 State for this rather mesmerizing 12" which perfectly balances intricate sound design with anthemic song writing.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Round The Bend 
            A2. Round The Bend (Malady Remix)

            B1. Round The Bend (808 State Remix)
            B2. Round The Bend (808 State Instrumental)

            Planet People have love for Chicago & New York house, Detroit techno & 90s UK ambient. The crew is coming from the UK and this is their story!

            LTD. to 300 copies.

            RIYL: B12, John Shima, Derrick May, Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Al Bradley, Scott Hallam, Prescription Records, Network etc etc. TIP!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Mega sounds from a fresh new UK group exploring the cerebral dreamscapes of techno and doing a mighty fine job of it. Seriously hot tackle!

            TRACK LISTING

            Hyper Glidin
            Portal Funk
            Reaktor Theory
            Subsurface Nature

            Wipe The Needle Vs. Mobb Deep & Jay-z

            Shook Ones / Ignorant Shit - Wipe The Needle Remixes (Part One)

            Back in the early days of GAMM they used to release hip-hop reworks of classic golden era favourites.

            After tons and tons of disco, jazz, house and Latin reworks they thought it was time to bring it back to the streets of the American east coast with a three part 7" inch series produced (not edited) by the mighty Lee Gomez aka Wipe The Needle.

            The beats are all brand new productions but you'll probably recognize the vocals. Over the 3 releases you'll hear shades of inspiration from classic producers like Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dilla and DITC.

            It almost sounds as if these are the original productions. No's that strong!!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: First part of this two part series which sees Wipe The Needle rework some truly classic moments of hip-hop history with a seriously considered approach.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Wipe The Needle Remix)
            B. Jay-Z - Ignorant Shit (Wipe The Needle Remix)

            Wipe The Needle Vs. Jeru & Mobb Deep

            Playin' Yaself / Hell On Earth - Wipe The Needle Remixes (Part Two)

            Back in the early days of GAMM they used to release hip-hop reworks of classic golden era favourites.

            After tons and tons of disco, jazz, house and Latin reworks they thought it was time to bring it back to the streets of the American east coast with a three part 7" inch series produced (not edited) by the mighty Lee Gomez aka Wipe The Needle.

            The beats are all brand new productions but you'll probably recognize the vocals. Over the 3 releases you'll hear shades of inspiration from classic producers like Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dilla and DITC.

            It almost sounds as if these are the original productions. No's that strong!!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Nice to see GAMM revisit their original template of stylish hip-hop tweaks. Two classics given the sympathy, consideration and time they deserve. The results are actually quite breath taking across both volumes.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Jeru - Playin' Yaself (Wipe The Needle Remix)
            B. Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth (Wipe The Needle Remix)

            Pioneering NYC house label Nu Groovekeeps up the pressure with an EP from Italian born Ibiza favourite Tuccillo entitled "Sunshine City". Known for manual mixing and modulating loops from hardware, Tuccillo has refined his timeless and deep signature sound over the last 20 years. Throughout the title track, the hard beat of the city is juxtaposed with breathy pads evoking the sun’s rays streaming against the concrete. ‘It’s Not Over’ is equally as bold; syncopated synth stabs are accompanied by soulful yet distorted vocals, achieving a blur of sonic textures over the consistent bassline. ‘Let’s Do It’ features a wetter percussive sound over a deeper and more sonorous bassline, whilst ‘I Believe’ (featuring vocals from Howard Perry) sets up a chunky beat before peeling away thick sonic layers to reveal rhythmic complexities with ease.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Nu Groove are properly on a roll now. Delivering fresh new house music in their delectable style on an almost weekly basis. The New York institution has matured more stylishly that many other labels birthed around the same time and should be rightfully celebrated for such feats.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. I Believe Ft. Howard Perry
            A2. Sunshine City
            AA1. It's Not Over
            AA2. Let's Do It

            GAMM welcome back the UK's premier disco freak, and nowadays the in-house designer for their releases!

            Gifting Al Kent 100% free hands to go xxxxtra deep and to also design the vinyl 12" himself so he could go extra plus on everything.
            This release comes in a beautiful full-colour sleeve, inner bags, shrink wrap etc.

            Musically the title track 'Stranger Days' is a Fender Rhodes driven jazz-funk-disco cut that is both mystic and funky at the same...a perfect basement disco jam!

            Flip things over and 'Galaxy21' is a spaced-out rare groove jam that comes across as a blend of psychedelic 70s funk and 80s punk-disco, a truly freaky jam with some amazing strings towards the end.

            To round things up Al did a real number on an Eddie Palmieri track that Walter Gibbons used to play at his parties. It begins in Latin / salsa, but travels far beyond. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Al Kent lets loose on GAMM - the label gifting him full control from sounds to artwork and everything in between. It's a luxurious affair, dipping into dubbed out disco, smoochy string soul and full glitz canter. All housed inna beautiful sleeve that'll look great on your wall! Unmissable really.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Stranger Danger
            B1. Galaxy 21
            B2. Sugar Trip


            Guest Mini Edits No.3

            Precious gems mined from a wall of vinyl, the mini edits always go down a treat and it’s not hard to see why. Full of soulful funk and just a pinch of disco makes this a real shining seven inch. ‘Central Timing’ providing a much for synth / disco vibe… step into the future it’s here!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Breezy Lady
            B1. Central Timing

            Kenyan born, but now residing in Adelaide, Elsy Wameyo might just be the hottest kid on the block right now. With a fast-flowing, sharp lyrical flow which navigates both classic boom-bap rap and more modern hybrids of trap and grime; immediate comparisons can be drawn with Lil Simz and Nadia Rose; especially with the youthful, conscious, empowered confidence these artists all exude. I guess Wameo's gospel background and firm belief in God's path for her give her lyrics a slightly more spiritual edge but that doesn't stop them being both party-smashing anthems as much as they are a statement of deep intent and social philosophy by an obviously intelligent and informed voice.

            A ridiculously strong debut EP, side A begins with the fiery, dominating and controlled aggression of "River Nile" which blends upfront bass and drill patterns to deadly effect. "Promise" is a huge R&B / hip-hop banger, destined for repeated reloads at the best house parties in town before "Sulwe" concludes side A with a jazz-n-bass informed piece of deep introspection that both Giles Peterson and Theo Parrish would both snap up given half a chance.

            Before introducing side B with a thick sweltered piece of ambience, "Nilotic" erupts off the record with a vicious intent and highly infectious groove - highlighting injustices and discrimination with a quick-fired, witty delivery that's surely indebted to Nadia Rose, over a kind-of dancehall-pop beat that's impossible to ignore.

            "Hunger" finishes off this faultless debut with an anthemic R&B / afrobeats hybrid which has almost Rihanna-esque grandiosity and shows an elegance and ambition in her songwriting that few can match at such an early stage in their career.

            Put simply, this is one of the best debut EPs I've heard for a while - a star in the making surely. Get on it! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Have you heard me talk about Elsy Wameo yet? No? - then you haven't seen me!! I'm currently waxing lyrical about this new addition to the musical landscape. Like a cross between Nadia Rose and Lil Simz, with plenty of soul in her belly - big things afoot for this lady!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. River Nile
            A2. Promise
            A3. Sulwe
            B1. The Call
            B2. Nilotic
            B3. Hunger

            Another piano house classic from the early 90s is excavated from the vaults for our dancing delectation by the good folks at Salford City Records!

            Originally released under the DJ Roy Silver moniker, the track is actually credited to one Nick Hussey - half of Awesome 3 who penned the bona fide hardcore classic - "Don't Go". The record was released on Rhythm Of Life and regular fetches over £50 2nd hand.

            "Emotion" takes an eternity to drop; utilizing the first few minutes to create a shuddering proggy soundbed that really ratchets up the tension ahead of that huge piano line - which doesn't actually occur until halfway through the track. This has early Sasha written all over it. Hard electric dance music with that rushing euphoria tailor made for going right at it after a couple of garies.

            "We're On The Move" is a tougher number, led by speaker-busting sub bass and plenty of hardcore tropes as it conjures up its frenetic electric groove. When the pianos start circling overhead it's the perfect moment of tension release; allowing serotonin to flow richly through our bodies and into the collective consciousness of the dancefloor..

            Side B contains two mixes of a really nice downbeat number - perfect for keeping the vibe alive at the after party when energy levels have resided slightly. The original mix of "Promised Land" utilizes more of a hefty breakbeat while the ambient mix just hints at it - allowing the bass, vox, and twinkly synths to really hit home.

            Killer reissue from the label - one of the best so far I reckon! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: A lesser known alias of Awesome 3's Nick Hussey. Salford City Records continue to excavate choice moments of Northern 90s naughtiness.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Emotion
            A2.We’re On The Move
            AA1. Promised Land Original Mix
            AA2. Promised Land Ambient Mix

            The truest Freaks Of Nature, Sleep D, are following up their hot 'n' heavy "F.O.N" series with Vol. 2; rammed start to finish with juiced up club exhilarations - you can't afford to miss this.

            Australia's notoriously prolific duo are celebrating all things bass, the 3 tech-tinged party starters are a force to be reckoned with, an official warning of high voltage (and speed). Welcoming back Butter Sessions alumni Ivy Barkakati & Furious Frank, the sun kissed acid anthem Ahora Sí metamorphosizes into a peak-time prog punisher Border Control where sensual whispers weave their way through a slick sexy drum maze, a darker rendition merging past, present and futuristic fantasies. Post Pump elevates tech house to immaculate status, undeniable deep groove unlocked through their signature bump and bounce; a combination of wild A side audio energies finding their home on freaky finale Bass'd In Berlin. Close your eyes, strap in and surrender control, Sleep D once again showcasing what they do best; modern dance from down under.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Border Control (Ahora Sí) [feat. Ivy Barkakati & Furious Frank]
            2. Post Pump
            3. Bass'd In Berlin

            Acid Jerks join the Refuge ranks with a lead cut build for those late-night sessions where you might forget your name. Heavily committed to their artistry, the peppered 909 groove paired with the guiding spoken word over rhythmic touches makes this a dancefloor weapon.

            Part of the furniture when it comes to Melbourne’s Revolver. Boogs & Ben Silver combine a moodier and deeper perspective with this stomper. Eclectic drum sequence with warm stabs and the acid grooves give you the perfect record for those famous Revolver Sundays.

            ADMN gets enlisted for a slow building chugger straight out of Detroit. Big, stompy drums with all the right amount of percs, an evolving acid line & chopped vocal. The windy and spacious attitude of this record delivers the warm up to close acid record we all needed.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Atomic Ft. Mikey V (Original Mix)
            B1. Atomic Ft. Mikey V (Boogs & Ben Silver Remix)
            B2. Atomic Ft. Mikey V (ADMN Remix)

            Lag & X-Coast Presents XL Traxx

            XL Traxx EP

            Lag & X-Coast drop collaborative project XL Traxx.

            Lag is a DJ / producer who has previously released on MORD, THEM, Elements, and Don’t since his first 12” in 2013. X-Coast has released on Steel City Dance Discs, Unknown To The Unknown and his own Riviera Records following his smash debut with the 90s-tinged "Mango Bay" in 2016. Teaming up for the first time, the Serbian duo unleash their new project XL Traxx with a fierce three-track EP on Radio Slave’s Rekids.

            Leading the release is the energetic "M-Bomb", bringing heaving kicks, rave stabs, and a classic house vocal snippet together for a rowdy affair. On the flip, "E-Dancer" sees clever sampling and atmospheric pads meet over pounding drums before the propulsive "D-Edge" rounds out the vinyl with slick synthesis and shuffling percussion. All tracks possess that clearly defined air and sophistication of Proper Techno. Harking back to the tribal era, they playing with energy and dynamics in the way that only the best moments of the genre have always done. Like I said - Proper. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Devastating main room techno from Serbia. Rocking that classic high octane vibe (a la DJ Rush / Sims / early Hawtin) perfectly. Guaranteed to make you feel feral for at least 15 minutes.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. M-Bomb
            B1. E-Dancer
            B2. D-Edge

            Epitomising the very best of their hometown’s unparalleled musical heritage, Detroit’s Dames Brown are the vocal trio you may not yet know by name but are sure to know by voice. Lending their exquisite range to a number of modern house essentials, including Sophie Lloyd’s ‘Calling Out’, The Vision featuring Andreya Triana ‘Heaven’ and David Penn’s ‘Nobody’ in recent years, Athena Johnson, Teresa Marbury and LaRae Starr now release ‘What Would You Do?’ on a special 12” package. Produced by long-time collaborator of the group and fellow Motor City native Amp Fiddler and Mahogani Music regular Andrés, this slick, funk-filled and typically soulful vinyl release features the exceptional original version alongside house icons Louie Vega and Josh Milan’s Two Soul Fusion Remix and Expansions NYC Dub Vocal. Closing out the package Lyon house superstar Folamour provides his remix, with his signature groove a perfect match for the Dames exceptional vocal. A powerful combination of Detroit’s finest, and with remixers of the highest order involved, this 12” package is not to be missed.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Crucial remix package of one of the biggest hits of last year. Dames Brown have rightfully garnered a huge fan base, and "What Would You Do?" has become their revered anthem. Three really tasty remixes plus a nice 12" extended version of the OG. Absolutely essential.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. What Would You Do (Two Soul Fusion Remix)
            A2. What Would You Do (Folamour 12 Remix)
            AA1. What Would You Do (12" Mix)
            AA2. What Would You Do (Expansions NYC Dub Vocal)

            SIRS kicks things into fifth gear for the latest SIRS Cuts EP with four more, full power, fist pumpers form the disco stratosphere that join the dots between Italo disco, synth pop and AOR-leaning Balearic loveliness.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Deep chugging grooves, sweltering saxophone and loungey keys all come together into a suite of rhythmic dancefloor stormers. Another killer outing from SIRS.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Maybe No
            A2. Der Blaue Planet
            B1. Seventeen
            B2. Tennis

            Limited edition vinyl copies of the new Kassian versions.

            Choice Italo edits from the London-based duo who have gone a little bit more experimental, completely re-recording the drums and adding original synths, with an original vocal on 'Timewarp' too! Transforming these once Italo-numbers into fully fledged acid-tinged club throbbers. Ditching any frivolities whatsoever and heading straight for the jugular with piercing synths, nagging hooks and HARD drums. This is the shit my G's! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Kassian seeks to galvanized and reinforce some choice moments of Italo greatness with titanium plating and high voltage currents - ushering these vintage club motifs into the cybernetic world of the 21st century.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Get Down
            A. Timewarp
            B. Ultimate Warlord

            Harri Stojka Express

            Mother I'd Like To Funk

            Long awaited re-issue of Harri Stojka Express’ “What a Funky Night”, originally released in 1983. The Austrian producer/guitarist took everyone by surprise with this huge boogie-disco-funk meteorite, due to his previous releases, which were mostly jazz-rock-fusion orientated records.

            Previously only pressed in Austria and Spain, Mothers I’d Like To Funk present to you an official re-issue of this lost funk anthem, and the flip side features a stoned, marijuana themed reggae tune to boot - winner! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: A nice curio from Australia. This double headed nugget contains a jubilant, party-ready bedroom boogie bomb & a lilting disco-reggae joint indebted to the world's favourite weed.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1 What A Funky Night
            B1 Marihuana

            "Sztossingery EP" (which means 'BANGERSSS' in English) is the fruit of a creative agreement between Belmondawg (one of the most brilliant polish hip-hop artists of the young generation) and The Very Polish Cut Outs.

            The result are 6 remixes from Belmondawg's highly acclaimed "Hustle As Usual" mini LP that came out in 2020, created by some of the best Polish producers that are often associated with the label.

            The EP starts with a massive remix from Schmoltz of "Pappardelle Al'arrabbiata" - the Belarusian producer transforms the original into a bright-eyed smooth 90's house anthem. Next is the chuggy, rugged, heavy-hitting remix of the cult track "Te Tereny" which has almost kwaito vibes to its mid-tempo stomp. The side A closes with Speek's deep, swirling, broken beat take on 'Wte i Wewte'.

            On the flip we get another house shirt-lifter from Polotronic (1/2 of the duo Holiday80), a crazy re-interpretation by Tamten who transforms one of the skits on the album "Agnihotra" into a crazy and psychedelic 135bpm dancefloor affair and last but not least the record ends with the mighty Pejzaz transforming "Te Tereny" into a breezy jungle jam. Tons of variety across the EP - it's another winner for TVPC. Recommended. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Jam packed full of Polish house heat. A smattering of remixers tackle the stems of Belmondawg's ""Hustle As Usual" LP with staggering success.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Pappardelle Alla Arrabbiata (Viva Italia Schmoltz Wersja)
            A2. Te Tereny (Niemoc Remix)
            A3. Wte I Wewte (Speek Remix)

            B1. Poppyn Universe (Polotronic Remix)
            B2. Warszawa Plonie (Belmondawg Tribute)
            B3. Te Tereny (Pejzaz Remix)

            Public Possession kick off 2023 with Nice Girl, who is back with 4 tracks sitting somewhere between jungle, chillout, club & experimental. Fans will already know about her unique approach to sound, always surprising, slightly heavenly & very captivating. Although the 4 tracks can very much be viewed as an extension of her debut album "Ipsum", the overall tone of the EP is somewhat brighter with more light, at times almost euphoric! All but one roll around a kinda half time jungle time signature; giving the listener the option to drop in at full speed or at a more relaxed swagger. Driving 4/4 track, "MNG With Mike" hydroplanes at a full throttle techno pace but wth gentle hands, tantalizing the listener with fizzy, buoyant synths, rubberband bass and playful sfx. Finally track "2121" has deeply tribal undertones. A really strong 12" proudly standing out their on its own. Recommended! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Interesting release from the on point Public Possession who have no qualms switching streams and ushering in Nice Girl for a killer EP of tribal tinged, shamanic-leaning future beats and beach ball techno.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1) Nice Girl – Take Me Home 
            A2) Nice Girl – Little Bit 
            B1) Nice Girl – MNG With Mike
            B2) Nice Girl – 2121

            Originally released on R&S Records in 2006, Chizawa Q revives his ‘Asia’ release with the surfacing of a new remix, the ‘Asia 4 (Lost Q Mix)’. The Japanese producer, who has enjoyed a modest string of releases for F-Communications and Deka Traxxx, fires out an epically irresistible remix that is sure to soundtrack the summer clubs and festivals that seem far away yet will sneak up on us quicker than April showers...

            With its roots in the Detroit school of techno, it’s easy to hear the influences of such legends as Underground Resistance and Rolando, and the melodic style of jazzy techno established by artists like R&S Records’ Dave Angel, Vince Watson and Steve Rachmand, but the ‘Lost Asia’ EP is no pastiche. Emotive and musical, delivered with the purity and spirit often lacking in modern techno, Chizawa Q’s music is a reminder that the authentic sounds always rise to the top in the end.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Killer lost 00s techno nugget given a fresh lease of life with a brand new mix. Proper coming back round these luminous, full fat sounds. The last years of hedonism before the smoking ban and social media ruinied the Original Spirit of clubland..

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Asia 2 (Lost Q Remix)
            B1. Asia 4
            B2. Panther

            Defected continues to commit the label’s biggest digital releases to wax, delivering some of the best house music on vinyl for the very first time. The thirteenth EP in this series brings some of 2022’s biggest tracks together while spotlighting the experienced producers behind them. The A-side celebrates Harry Romero & Inaya Day’s collaboration ‘Rise Up’, originally released in June, the duo brightened the summer that followed with this instant club favourite. The A-side continues with the Deep In Jersey remix of ‘Rise Up’, offering a deeper and dubbier version of the original for selectors. The B-side showcases two cuts from the industry’s best, ‘Push The Feeling’ by Spanish selector and Urbana Records boss David Penn, featuring expertly layered vocals from Leon Stanford. Next up, ‘When The Dust Clears’ is a soulful collaboration between Defected favourite Mike Dunn and songstress LOA., demonstrating the producer’s revered hip-hop inspired sound.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Harry Romero and Defected go together like butter and digestive biscuits - they're practically inseparable! Joined by David Penn and Mike Dunn, the 13th instalment of Defected's V/A series is not to be missed!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Harry Romero & Inaya Day - Rise Up (Club Mix)
            A2. Harry Romero & Inaya Day - Rise Up (Deep In Jersey Mix)
            B1. David Penn - Push The Feeling Ft. Leon Stanford
            B2. Mike Dunn - When The Dust Clears Ft. LOA. (MD Mixx)

            James Bangura’s "Wichita EP" is sound experience reflecting on the adolescent pursuit of finding freedom through driving.

            Looking back on intense driving experiences with high school and college friends through canyons like Turn Bull, Idylewild, and San Timoteo, This EP represents the transition from childhood to adulthood - from being reckless to being thankful and more self aware.

            There's certainly an urgency to proceedings - with a definite air of recklessness about the opening two tracks on side A. Things get tackle with more precision on side B through the technoid breaks of "Monterrey" before gently slowing down to a dubbed-out house cruiser via "Wichita". I'm calling shotgun! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Thick, dense, slightly claustrophobic, wrought with tension and hovering just inches above the heads of the clubbers like a weighty fug of static, sonics and bass. Top drawer club tackle from Bangura on Incienso.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Barred Entry
            A2. Mixed Signals
            B1. Monterrey
            B2. Wichita


            FIM EP

              Pre-order the EP and you could be in with a change of winning a limited edition test pressing, hand painted by Joy - there are only four of these in existence!

              Joyeria’s FIM (EP) is what happens when a Canadian spends his adult life patiently crafting his own path as a songwriter in London instead of following his heroes and peers in search of an assumed authenticity in Austin or Nashville. It’s what happens when a stubbornly solo artist finds a true collaborator in a producer like Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey. It’s what happens after a songwriter has worked hard for a long time in the dark, looking for lighting in a bottle — and finds it.

              So far, Joyeria has charted his career in invisible ink. Always a shape shifter, never a genre chaser. He’s quit bands when their buzz was the buzziest, he’s released music under names even devotees could never remember how to spell and has insisted on building his backstory entirely with gaps in the narrative. He’s a maths-wiz, a crack chess player, a painter and Dad who smokes on the sly. Built like a hockey player, with a frame carved out by late nights and tour life - he is an imposing figure until you step into the presence of his gently voracious enthusiasm.

              Joyeria's FIM (‘fuck, I missed!’) is a collection of songs about depression, society and a celebration of songwriting in a world that looks a lot less encouraging to be a songwriter in than it did when Joyeria fell in love with the independent bands of the late 90’s. Which might be why it sounds fresh in the way a gem from an older sibling’s record collection does.

              One is reminded of a certain breed of accomplished songwriters in the lyrical wit and natural baritone of Joyeria. But Dan Carey’s exuberant production recaptures and reinvigorates the essential weirdness of what united the early phases of fellow off-beat masters — a buoyant taste for the strange. It’s the sound of two collaborators working fast, wild and free with years of experience under their belts and exacting standards.

              Instead of conceiving middle-age as a personal apocalypse, instead of contriving a barbed authority and pointing fingers — Joyeria breaks ground in the calm devastation of the present he perceives. This is what makes the FIM (EP) a record of the moment, by a songwriter who has plied his craft for a long time to get here.

              Over the course of six songs, a listener has room to luxuriate in electric confessions of fatigue, “Just let the dog eat from the table/ I lay in its spot catching some sleep.” And while the FIM (EP) never pretends to be positive and uplifting, it’s hard to shake the ecstatic thrill of Joyeria declaring: “There’s a wild joy I remember” — as if his voice is about to break its vessel. It’s too necessary a cry to be nostalgic. And if it sounds slightly insane, it is because it’s inspired.

              *NPN - send an email to mail@piccadillyrecords with "Joyeria TP" in the subject.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Laura says: Absolutely loving this! Speedy Wunderground kick off the new year with this superb 6 track EP from Joyeria. With nods to everything from Bill Callahan to Pavement it's a gloriously off kilter collection of songs. My favourite new thing ATM.

              TRACK LISTING

              1 Wild Joy
              2 Death
              3 Colour Film
              4 Performance Review
              5 Decisions
              6 9 To 5

              The Wedding Present

              The Loneliest Time Of Year / Memento Mori

                Final one in the series.

                Following up one of our favourite acid-tinged LPs of last year (Auto Sound City's - "Funk"); esteemed Yorkshire based acid n jack merchants Weapons Of Desire drop a fresh V/A to kick of 2023 in fine style.

                "Machine Funk Vol. 2" sees six more producers (some new to the label, others returning friends) molest the 303s, 808s and 909s in a totally inappropriate yet highly infectious manner; twisting and contorting around jakbeat, sherm-house and warped acid in a style that'd have Adonis and Ron Hardy themself biting off their bottom lip and twirling their underpants around their heads manically. There’s even a Millsian techno wobbler courtesy of Dez Williams.

                Seriously crew, this is some of best low-down, deep n dirty jack shit we've heard for a while - and it's still fuckin January! Get me in a club on a nexus flip quick!

                Andreas Gehm, Auto Sound City, Iron Blu, Steve Summers, Dez Williams and Scott Fraser and churning out illicit, crotch-grabbing box jams for getting sultry in the shadows or going at it hell for leather - your choice. There is no escape from these wild and wicked scorched circuits. Highly tipped here by Kickin Pigeon and likely to fly out before the first warehouse party of the year. You need. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Mega selection of jakbeat and sherm-fuelled acid house box jams from Leeds' Weapons Of Desire. Six warehouse wobblers for your delectation!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1 Andreas Gehm - Canis Majoris 
                A2 Auto Sound City - Loop #27 (Look At Me Jack) 
                A3 Iron Blu - X-Ray Alpha Kilo 

                B1 Steve Summers - Bad Memories 
                B2 Dez Williams - Radiant Guardian 
                B3 Scott Fraser - Moiral 

                Double trouble from the depths with this audacious edit package taking in two ultimate, belt from the bottom of your heart classics. Reworked, reloved and revamped to provide maximum dancefloor elation. Two big, bold edit beasts to help you break on through to the other side.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Phhwwaooar! Sometimes people get too obsessed with the obscure and unheard. Cuts From The Vaults' unknown producer runs wild with stems from Bob Marley and The Doors and turns out what I'm sure will be two of the biggest edits of 2023! Humongous!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Shot
                A2. Shot (Special Dub)
                B1. Bossarocker (Bossa Edit)
                B2. Bossarocker (Break On Edit)


                Fantasmagorii EP

                The illusive Impérieux ventures into the fantastical world of DJ Koze’s Pampa with three tracks of masterful, genre-bending psychedelic dance music.

                It’s little wonder that the Turkish / Bulgarian native finds himself coming into the orbit of the Hamburg-based label head. DJ Koze has been a long-time supporter of Impérieux’s music, his intrepid DJ sets often finding their most dramatic peaks or existential lows with one of the producer's audacious dancefloor soundscapes.

                Now Berlin-based, Impérieux’s music draws deeply on the sounds of his heritage, taking inspirations from Bulgarian folklore, twisted and chopped Turkish dialect as well the gritty underground of his new surroundings. Add in lashings of swirling, lysergic production (almost to a level of dub-like precision), and you've got a heady and intoxicating mix. 

                With "Fantasmagorii", Impérieux explores his sonic boundaries with techniques inspired by the label-head himself. As a producer he is becoming known for his ability to build fantasy worlds through aural experimentation, creating productions soaked with fragility and emotion. His music brings a full-body listening experience of it’s own, laden with intensity and mystery, and full of opposites. He has the ability to pluck their listeners out of reality, to bend the rules of time and space and defy genres in a way that is reminiscent of Koze’s various bodies of work, and it’s no surprise that this selection of tracks feels right at home in the Pampa fantasy.

                'I am permanently seeking for Music that blows my mind. It’s like digging for gold. Impérieux delivers a psychedelic bullion' - DJ Koze

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Possessing head-twisting, cerebrum-busting sound design and synthesis throughout, Impérieux announces his arrival with this excellent EP for DJ Koze's label.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1 - Fantasmagorii
                B1 - Ferishtah
                B2 - Reze

                The Cribs

                Vs The Moths College Sessions 2001

                  Originally intended to be a demo they were planning to send to KRS in 2001 that
                  was never sent. 20+ years later they shared it and we loved it! Companion piece to their current reissue series. You will not want to miss this piece of history!

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Happy In Town
                  2. Diclomax
                  3. Melmac

                  Monks Road Social (Feat Paul Weller)

                  Rise Up Singing!

                    Rise Up Singing! feat Paul Weller is the new single... It’s a collaboration between Miles-WONDERFULSOUND-Copeland, Dr Robert & Paul Weller. It is a spiritual call to arms coming out of this period of lockdowns

                    "Miles had this demo which I worked on a bit, added a guide and sent it to Paul who instantly got the vibe, it’s great to be working with him again”, says Dr Robert and this sets the tone for the rest of the LP... Sketches, grooves in a style of Miles’s old band The Superimposers bounced around to the Monks Road family. Miles Continues... “when we were doing The Superimposers we were always influenced from old records, so this is how I write. With the calibre of musicians involved in Monks Road I knew we could make these initial demos sparkle & shine.”

                    The resulting track album is a timeless, mellow, soulful cinematic classic that rewards repeated listening and pops up with some wonderfulsounding surprises along the way... Enjoy!

                    Monks Road Social Is a band in the loosest sense of the word. It’s more a celebration ofmusical talents and friendships - new and old. The line up may vary but the heartland soul remains. The ethos is in the word Social. A gathering once a year of musicians and producers with simply the goal of making the best music they can within the parameters set for that particular record.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A Side: Rise Up Singing
                    B Side: Rise Up Singing (Instrumental)

                    “Suck A Dick” has been a favourite in PL’s live sets for years. It’s one of the most requested tracks by DJ’s & it’s been through many different versions. After a long struggle to clear the sample it’s finally out! The repetitive hook goes throughout the track while Mutado Pintado delivers another iconic vocal half way through. A more spacey version & instrumental can be found on the other side. As usual Paranoid London make the most of very few elements & twist them into a guaranteed dancefloor throbber!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Expletive and illicit warehouse business from UK stalwarts Paranoid London. NSFW but actually quite catchy! Might make yer granny blush tho... Defo gonna get the club united in a coital, serpentine throb.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Suck A Dick
                    B1. Suck A Dub
                    B2. Suck A Dick Instrumental

                    Paranoid London’s PLEDIT series has been a staple for DJs ranging from Tiga to Ben Simms, Marcel Dettman … even Solomun bought a bunch! Devastating dancefloor must-haves that just keep coming. On this instalment: twisted AF Chicago business – there’s a refix of a classic Poindextor number plus two other mutant edits which could be outta Lil Louis or Adonis’ early fried tape experiments. Whatever they are they’re absolutely crucial for house heads pursuing that original jack beat sound. Big TIP from us.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Accompanying their explicit "Suck A Dick" 12" - UK acid merchants Paranoid London drop another set of their crucial and exclusive edits. Apart from the Poindextor track the other two are new to me. Making them even more alluring. That "From The Back" track is pure fire.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Music's Insane
                    A2. From The Back
                    B1. Poignant Dexter

                    Unreleased material from the lost tapes of the album that Avi Matos recorded in 1986. First seeing the light of day nearly 40 years in excile! One of the first ever reggae and dub records to be made in Israel it's produced by the legendary Dennis Bovell and Yossi Fine.

                    "Ish I'm Neshama" (man with soul) was featured on Matos' iconic "Lokeach Et Hayom Leat" album that was released in 1986 - but this dub version, wrapped in a deep hypnosis and stripped right back to its core riddim, has never before been placed on vinyl!

                    A true mystic roots track, with strong Nyabinghi flavours and a sunny groove that Sly & Robbie might themselves have conjured up. It's a true dub classic that few (even the heads) will know about. Proper presha!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Rare-as-hen's-teeth mystic dub from Israel and co-produced by Dennis Bovell. Featuring melodica lines that'd have Horace Andy checking himself. A real gem for dub reggae lovers.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. Ish Im Neshama
                    B. Dub Im Neshama

                    Mato Vs Santa Claus

                    Jingle Bells Dub / Sleigh Ride Dub

                    Stix Records, a sub-label of Favorite Recordings, is back with a special Christmas delivery from label regular Mato, using again from his special skills as a tailor of reggae and dub music.

                    Not much to say as the tracklist speaks for itself… Just the perfect gift to add some jerk sauce in your Christmas’ hood !!

                    If they can have the world cup in winter, then we can have dub at Christmas! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Yea so this arrived about four days before Christmas not giving us much lead time to ram it down your throats. Be more Pasta Paul and get it bagged ready for next year's festivities - as I can't guarantee we'll still have copies left by then. You'll thank me. Also perfect for our Australian bredrin who like to BBQ on the beach at Christmas.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Jingle Bells Dub
                    Sleigh Ride Dub

                    Brussels based soundtrack mastermind Lawrence Le Doux returns to Nous'klaer Audio with a 5-tracks EP: "Insula Dulcamara". Crafting visions of otherworldly bliss through his soothing soundscapes and undulating rhythms.

                    Pairing heart-wrenching beauty with staggeringly sophisticated production has yielded an EP which connects directly to our emotions without having to revisit past tropes or pre-existing successful archetypes. It's new, fresh, arresting; but possesses that warmth and depth which we associate with electronica classics of a by-gone era. Recommended! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Beautifully ethereal and otherworldly electronix bolstered with dub sensibilities and finesse. A mind expanding 5-dimensional listen.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Villa Di Anna
                    Nord Zimmer
                    May Picture
                    Insula Dulcamara

                    Everyone’s favourite Israeli digger is back for another round of gloriously rare edit heat on RNT!

                    ‘Baila’ gets the party started with infectious flamenco chants and claps over a churning acidic groove, and ‘Disco Hummus’ rounds out the side with a bit of joyful disco cheek.

                    On the flip, ‘Sun’ turns an unlikely cover of a classic into an Afro Disco banger, and ‘Simba’ rumbles and rolls with restraint toward a hypnotic peak of brass and vocals.

                    Elado has done it again…Mazel Tov!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Baila
                    A2. Disco Hummus
                    B1. Sun
                    B2. Simba

                    Dar Disku release their fifth installment of middle eastern records flipped for the dancefloor. Teaming up with Milan based duo Eternal Love - the desert island diggers and label have reissued a Cairo calypso inspired Egyptian rarity known as ‘Zawgy Al Azeez’ along with ‘Yom Fil Kahera’ by 90’s popstar Sally.

                    Dar Disku was introduced to this hidden gem by fellow MENA crate digger Moataz aka Disco Arabesquo after his recent trip home to Egypt. Once the duo heard the track, they immediately knew it was destined to be flipped for the dancefloor. After tracking down the original owner of the 90’s Cairo based label Digitec Records the duo embarked on a series of online meetings and idea exchanges between Amr (the original composer of both tracks) and Eternal Love. Over a series of weeks, ideas, voice notes and project files were exchanged and by the end of the collaboration … a calypso tinged groover sprung to life.

                    Embracing the original sonics of 90’s Egypt and combining this with thumping Yamaha DX7 bass, Caribbean percussion and detuned snares - a future classic was born.

                    Pressed on bottle green vinyl and in quite limited supply, early Dar Disku records now fetch upwards of £100 2nd hand, so we'd suggest bagging a copy of this pronto. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Dar Disku have quickly becoming a highly, but quietly coveted label - it's supporters not keen on letting other jocks and dancers in on their private source of some of the most under-discovered but highly engrossing material on the scene. The first four records are now vanished into 5AM folklore, so don't sleep on this - their fifth volume to date and just as essential as them previous to it.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Zawgy Al Azeez (Amr Mahmoud Mix)

                    Zawgy Al Azeez (Dar Disku & Eternal Love Edit)

                    Zawgy Al Azeez (Instrumental)

                    Yom Fil Kahera (Amr Mahmoud Mix)

                    Yom Fil Kahera (Dar Disku Edit)

                    Big Zen makes his entrance on Mood Hut records with “Prayer Bass”, a freely focused collection of euphoric, high energy club-cuts from the much-loved Vancouver underground legend. Those who have seen him play at free parties in the park or at the many under-cover basements of Vancouver City will already know what “Prayer Bass” is all about - rushing with high octane content; a vintage
                    sound palette souped up to hyperactive levels of enjoyment. “Sugar Coated” is a similar beast, urging you to power through on proggy bass, highly swung drum patterns and percolated squelches that’d make Green Velvet blush.

                    “Cash Splash” flies through into 6th gear; like when you think those F1 cars can’t go any faster and they suddenly gain even more traction. Rippling leads and a distant but anthemic rave line keeping endorphins streaming throughout this 4AM belter. “Rumble Ball” concludes with a tribal tinged sunrise bomb. Thoughts of Monday morning still far in the distance as we power through the morning after with wide-grins and free sprits. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: New movements from the Vancouver Riviera and boy has it sent a shiver of excitement down my spine. Big Zen bringing forth a new club sound for all to enjoy. High powered coasting with the Pacific big waves splashing in your face as you manoeuvre the hydrofoil high on ecstasy and mushrooms.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Prayer Bass
                    A2. Sugarcoated
                    B1. Cash Splash
                    B2. Rumble Ball

                    Radioactive Man

                    Sonic Croniclus Vol 2

                    ‘My Idea with these series of 10” records was to do 5 in around a year to 18 months. This got scuppered by the situation at world pressing plants with the extreme wait for records.

                    The tracks are all taken from my live set which I’ve been doing over the last few years which has taken in some huge gigs and festivals including Houghton, Dimensions, Ion and extensive club gigs too.

                    All of them have the dance floor funk and the artwork is from long term design partner Lung.

                    The vibe on these is rolled plasticine using a different coloured vinyl each time. So making the series quite collectable too.’

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Our much loved mainframe mangler, hardware technician and cybernetic b-boy, Radioactive Man returns sounding as fresh as ever. Squigly leads, neck-snapping beats, defined low end – there’s no one harnesses the magic of machines like this man. Recommended!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. Lord Of Dem Tings
                    B. Rubber Dub

                    Toronto based Emissive brings his inimitable sound to Aronia Records with a new four track EP. “Unseen Measures” is a collection of music distinct in tempo and timbre but unified by an emotive quality that is characteristic of Emissive’s productions. “Oxygen Contact” sets the pace with undulating synth swirls and metallic clangs backed by a steady rhythmic pulse. “Grannr” carries the vibe with a distorted and compressed drum pattern, flowering into a cathartic chord progression. The mood swells with Uplink’s shimmering synths and twinkling melodies bursting with peak time energy. This euphoria tapers off to a sensual comedown in the form of an eleven minute meditation on the dance floor, closing off the record with a “Resounding Yes” of hypnotic loops and rhythms.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Deep, highly textured and ethereal music which skirts between dub-techno excellence and deep house joy. If Ron Trent and Moritz made a record it might just sound like this.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Oxygen Contact
                    A2. Grannr
                    B1. Uplink
                    B2. Resounding Yes

                    Laughing Eye

                    An Die Freude / Pass In Light

                    More than three years has passed since her last release on Höga Nord Rekords but now Laughing Eye is back on the label with two tracks of electronic neo hippie beat-music. A departure from the 2019 album (“Laughing Eye”) but still true to the core of psychedelic music, Laughing eye taps in to the early eighties and primitive drum machine driven music on these two tracks.

                    Both “An Die Freude” and “Pass in Light” has an alien and outer spacey feeling to them: the titles suggests this and the music fits them perfectly. If Laughing Eye aimed at your inner space on the last album, these songs goes to seek extraterrestrial life with kind intentions.

                    Gothenburg’s observatory lies under threat of a shutdown due to raised rents, but maybe with help from Laughing Eye and other space freaks like her, we can turn this development around and secure the resources needed in the search for life on other planets!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Laughing Eye returns to Hoga Nord with two tracks of electronic neo hippie beat-music. It's that second track, "Pass In Light" that's got me tingling with its gothy bassline and shamanic pipes.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. An Die Freude
                    B. Pass In Light

                    The third release from Edinburgh-based rave Headset, showcasing unsung Scottish artists making alternative house, techno, garage & breaks in dubby styles.

                    Debut release for DJ Posture, straight outta Livingston, providing 4 tracks of spacey 'n' smudged deep house goodness.

                    Comparisons with Madteo and early Sotofett spring to mind but there's bucket loads of originality on display here.

                    Pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl, mastered & cut by Optimum Mastering in Bristol (Livity Sound, Tectonic, Pressure Dome).

                    DJ approved by Hodge, Daisy Moon, Gulia Tess (Rinse), Chris Farrell (Idle Hands) & many more.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: The illusive Headset label enlists DJ Posture for their third instalment. Glitchy, smudged house in similar vein to Madteo, Sotofett and Jamal Moss.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Itches
                    A2. Luna
                    B1. Nashi
                    B2. Ghosting

                    Monzanto Sound

                    Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow

                    Off the back of their incredible debut Time Lapse EP in 2021 and keyboardist Mali-I's phenomenal debut LP 'In Session', Monzanto Sound return with new vocalist Mimi Koku to deliver exceptional new 4 track EP 'Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow'.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Nuff Blues
                    2. The Fool
                    3. The Letter
                    4. Eja

                    The Outsert carves some cold IDM / breakbeat work outs for the first piece of wax on his elusive Intrasert Sound imprint. Clinical drum programming, fathoms deep bass rumbles, hi-tech mainframe glitches and atmospheres from the event horizon characterize the EP which is essential stuff for fans of Objekt, Batu and classic Skam 12"s. There's a real poise and sophistication at play here which puts The Outsert miles ahead of the pack. One serious sonic alchemist which anyone with a casual interest in synthesis or modular composition should study. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Martin says: Pin-point precision modular techno and bass jams here which twist melons inside out, re-arrange them as a 3D jigsaw puzzle then upload onto the cloud as hi-fidelity holograms. More futureproof than an avatar in the metaverse.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    01 Our Sour
                    02 Reset Tru
                    03 Eurorust
                    04 Out Use

                    After his previously successful outings with Vol. 1 & 2, Nicolas Laugier aka The Reflex is back with the third instalment of his Revisions series of Salsoul catalogue classics. Adding his familiar touch to update the labels renowned disco hits, there’s four tracks to choose from - all with that unique The Reflex flavour. Gaz’s “Sing Sing” and Edwin Birdsong’s “Win Tonight” get the Revision treatment while Rafael Cameron makes a double appearance, with a fresh version of “All That’s Good To Me” and a Cosmic Dub Revision of “Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya”.

                    With three volumes under his belt, if there’s one person who can be trusted with the legendary Salsoul vault it’s The Reflex.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Trusted surgeon The Reflex is back with another selection of choice nip-tucks; smoothing out some classic moments of disco and boogie for a revamped, high gloss finish. Salsoul gifted him the actual stems so these are super clean edits designed for extended nightclub play!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. Gaz - Sing Sing (The Reflex Revision)
                    B. Rafael Cameron - Boogie's Gonna Get Ya (The Reflex Cosmic Dub Revision)
                    C. Edwin Birdsong - Win Tonight (The Reflex Revision)
                    D. Rafael Cameron - All That's Good To Me (The Reflex Revision)

                    Digital Justice / Dorothy Ashby / Frantz Tuernal

                    Melodies Record Club #003: Hunee Selects

                      Following Ben UFO and Four Tet’s selections last year, Hunee helms volume three which includes three tracks this time including music from Digital Justice, Dorothy Ashby and Frantz Tuernal.

                      In his own words: “These three distinct pieces of music tap into different layers of my memory. One being part of the imagination, the other two rooted in the memories of a special morning in the woods of Houghton (and other times and places). On one side we have a beatless ecstatic piece of electronic music by Digital Justice called Theme From ‘It’s All Gone Pearshaped’. Originally released in 1994 on Rob Gretton’s (ex-manager of Joy Division and New Order) label Robs Records, Pearshaped is a 13 minute live jam from two friends messing around in a loft studio full of synths, inadvertently creating magic that can “take many shapes and forms in the hands of a DJ and the movement of a dance floor, whilst its harmonic counterpoint shines through the wildest mixes and combinations”

                      On the flip, we have Dorothy Ashby’s spiritual piece featuring Koto and spoken word “For Some We Loved” from her classic album “The Rubáiyát Of Dorothy Ashby” originally released in 1970 on Cadet and Frantz Tuernal’s “Koultans” originally released in 1986 by l’AMEP (Association Martiniquaise d’Enseignement Populaire) which was also a school in Martinique. “After dancing to a set from Cedric Woo at an intimate, after-closing dance party at Brilliant Corners called “Freedom Suite” which completely re-calibrated my sense of experiencing and dancing to music, I went home and immediately searched through my collection for music to listen to and potentially play with these new found sensitivities - the very physical experience of music, the pulling force pushing one into the transcendence of time and space. Dorothy Ashby’s “For Some We Loved” immediately took me back to that feeling and opened up in front of me an otherworldly-world through it’s free flowing polyrhythms and sparkling Koto playing. I have yet to play my own “Freedom Suite” night, but I hope when that moment comes, I can give back what I have received back then, and “For Some We Loved” is a first step in trying just that. I have been shown Frantz Tuernal’s privately pressed 12“containing “Koultans” by my trusted music friend Nicolas Skliris from Paris a few years ago. An unlikely piece of music (a Zouk song with flamenco-inspired guitar playing) from Martinique that was both a highlight back at Giant Steps when I played the song 3 times in a row in the early morning, and a few weeks later in the woods of Houghton where a few thousand dancers were deeply moved to its melody, when the sun came up in the morning and started descending upon the lake behind the DJ booth, bathing the smiles upon the dancers faces with its reflection.”

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Hunee curates the third volume of the Floating Points-endorsed, Melodies Record Club. I'd heard of Dorothy Ashby, but the other two are new to me - championing the label's ethos of uncovering some overlooked and rare moments of musical brilliance from across the world. It's another winner make no mistake!

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Digital Justice–Theme From “It’s All Gone Pearshaped”
                      B1. Dorothy Ashby–For Some We Loved
                      B2. Frantz Tuernal-Koultans 

                      James Enard was raised in Lafayette and got his start with the Ohio based group "Perfect Element". This all happened during the groups session time in Louisiana recording with Jimmie Mouton and Michael Lockett (Two essential figures form Louisiana).

                      James played an important role with the group and actually wrote their song "Let Me Be The One For You" while he was laid up in the hospital. He parted ways from them after the group made it clear they didn't want to tour even turning down a gig to open for Prince in New Orleans. He linked up with a fella named Kennith and started Kingdom Records and released "How Close". James and Kennith had a falling out over creative differences and as luck would have it James was invited to play at the Apollo with a group "For U2 See".

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. How Close
                      2. How Close (Remix)

                      Race 'N Rhythm was originally a 12 member jazz group out of Oakland. The members were multiracial, which inspired the name.

                      The group was managed by jazz-master Rudolph Peters. He also owned the small Oakland based record label "Northstar Records." After playing the local jazz circuit for a few years, the group decided to put out their first and only 7" single. Luckily for Race 'N Rhythmthey were under the guidance of Harvey Scales's right hand "William Scott Harralson.", William was a brilliant soul pianist and songwriter. Aside from all the work he did with Harvey Scales, he also co-produced two amazing Bay Area record grails; 'Debravon Lewis - The Little Things" and 'The Stars - (We Are The Star's)'.

                      With the local success of the single, the group signed on to record a full album titled "Album One". Members Sharon Nance and Gerald Goudeau worked closely together, finding romance, and eventually they got married. They became the driving force behind the groups further success. For decades Race 'N Rhythm played and toured Japan, Canada and all the United States. Sharon and Gerald continued working together until Sharon's passing last October.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Space Saver
                      2. Candybar Superstar

                      Defected’s vinyl series continues to commit the label’s biggest digital releases to wax, delivering some of the best house music previously unavailable on vinyl. The fifteenth edition celebrates two artists who have put their stamp on the international scene; Chicago’s face of new house John Summit, and internationally renowned Dutch producer Ferreck Dawn. The A-side of this four-track EP begins with one of the biggest hits of summer 2022. A Latin-infused tech house record, the BBC Radio 1 A-Listed ‘La Danza’ is bursting with energy thanks to infectious vocals that we have come to expect from John Summit. What follows on the A is a dark and gripping remix of ‘Whisper’, originally by Dennis Ferrer & Disciples and featuring vocals from James Yuill. The two tracks show Summit’s range as a producer, from the light, inviting sound of ‘La Danza’ to the heavy tech house of ‘Whisper’. The B-side features Ferreck Dawn’s collaborations with two of the London’s most recognisable dance vocalists. ‘Life’ (written and recorded with Izzy Bizu) is an excellent demonstration of the producer’s signature vocal house style, brimming with summertime energy whilst still retaining a cool club feel. Finishing off the collection is ‘Back Tomorrow’, a clubbier house collaboration featuring shuffling percussion, a grooving bassline, and a distinct piano line that contrasts with Jem Cooke’s haunting vocals.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Defected continue their mission to delivery good quality house music to the masses; gifted us vinyl addicts with a smattering of tracks previously in the digital domain (funny how things flip on their head ain't it!). I gotta say, although quite mainstream and accessible, these joints really cut the mustard if you're after peak time and fresh, modern house action.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. John Summit - La Danza
                      A2. Dennis Ferrer & Disciples Ft. James Yuill - Whisper (John Summit Remix)
                      B1. Ferreck Dawn X Izzy Bizu - Life
                      B2. Ferreck Dawn X Jem Cooke - Back Tomorrow

                      Takuya Kuroda

                      Midnight Crisp / Fly Moon Die Soon

                      Takuya Kuroda is a highly respected trumpeter and arranger born in Kobe, Japan and based in New York City. 'Midnight Crisp' is Takuya's seventh studio album, entirely self-produced and following 2020's highly acclaimed 'Fly Moon Die Soon', also released on UK label First Word (winner of the Worldwide Award's Label of the Year in 2019). Consisting of six new tracks, this once again sees Takuya displaying his unique hybrid sound, blending soulful jazz, funk, post-bop, fusion and hip hop.

                      After following the footsteps of his trombonist brother playing in big bands, he relocated to New York to study jazz & contemporary music at The New School in Union Square; a course he graduated from in the mid-noughties. It was here that Takuya met vocalist José James, with whom he worked on the 'Blackmagic' and 'No Beginning No End' projects.

                      Following graduation, Takuya established himself further in the NYC jazz scene, performing with the likes of Akoya Afrobeat and in recent years with DJ Premier's BADDER band. Premier said "The BADDER Band project was put together by my manager, and an agent I've known since the beginning of my Gang Starr career. He said, 'What if you put a band together that revolved around a trumpet player from Japan named Takuya Kuroda? He's got a hip-hop perspective and respect in the jazz field…"

                      Takuya Kuroda is already incredibly prolific, releasing six albums in the past decade and fortifying a solid reputation in the global jazz scene. 2011 saw the release of Takuya's independently-produced debut album, 'Edge', followed by 'Bitter and High' the following year and 'Six Aces' on P-Vine in 2013. Takuya was signed to the legendary Blue Note Records in 2014 for his album 'Rising Son', as well as appearing on their 2019 cover versions project, 'Blue Note Voyage'. He released his 5th album 'Zigzagger' on Concord in 2016, which also featured Antibalas on a reimagining of the Donald Byrd classic 'Think Twice'.

                      His last album was the afore-mentioned 'Fly Moon Die Soon' on First Word, which appears on the second disc here on CD for the very first time, and received plays and support from the likes of Pitchfork, Earmilk, Bandcamp Weekly, Worldwide FM, All About Jazz, Apple Music, Tidal, Stereogum, Treble, Brooklyn Vegan, FIP (France), Tony Minvielle, Jazz FM, Huey Morgan (BBC 6 Music), BBC Radio 3, Novena Carmel, KCRW and tons more DJs, tastemakers, selectors, radio stations, bloggers & magazines.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Midnight Crisp
                      2. Time Coil
                      3. It's Okay
                      4. Dead End Dance
                      5. Old Picture
                      6. Choy Soda
                      7. Fade (feat. Corey King)
                      8. ABC
                      9. CHANGE (feat. Corey King)
                      10. Do No Why
                      11. Fly Moon Die Soon
                      12. Moody
                      13. Sweet Sticky Things
                      14. Tell Me A Bedtime Story
                      15. TKBK

                      Robohands, aka Andy Baxter, joins the Bastard Jazz family with a new EP titled "Giallo." Partly inspired by Italian Giallo (meaning "yellow") film soundtracks of the late 70s and 80s, as well as the experimental sounds of pioneering krautrock bands like Tangerine Dream and NEU! Armed with an old Juno 60 synthesizer, Andy wrote, recorded, and mixed all the parts himself, including the live drums, adding in multiple layers of effects.

                      Spread across 8 tracks, "Giallo" spans atmospheric meditations ("Giallo;" "Claws;" "Relax") to jazzy improvisational explorations ("Fear"), interwoven with brief solo instrumental tapestries ("Horror;" "Float By Like Clouds;" "For the Different"). There is an elegant cinematic quality to the EP, further refined by Robohands' production prowess and technical chops. "Giallo" builds on the Robohands sound, taking it in an exciting, more experimental direction.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Giallo
                      2. Fear
                      3. Claws
                      4. Horror
                      5. Float By Like Clouds
                      6. For The Different
                      7. Drum Break
                      8. Relax

                      Matthew Halsall has already blessed us with one beautifully conceived EP this year, now with Changing Earth he has shared another perfectly crafted four track mini-album or EP. Where the music on The Temple Within came from the energy around the band's monthly sessions at Yes in Manchester, Changing Earth is a more meditative, spiritual offering:

                      "I was thinking about climate change and the profound implication of the human race's relationship with nature and the changes we have wrought on our environment when I wrote the music for Changing Earth. Our world is changing around us, and it is a dark, unsettling period in our shared history, but I still believe that together we can change things for the better and find harmonious solutions together.

                      The title track Changing Earth is a soulful, elevating groover featuring sublime work from the whole band but especially, Matt Cliffe on flute and Maddie Herbert on harp. Positive Activity is one of Halsall's most charming compositions, built round a hypnotic bassline from Gavin Barras it's melody is plaintive but also uplifting and hopeful and harpist Herbert again shines brightly here. Yogic Flying is another soulful, uplifting tune as Halsall and percussionist Jack McCarthy take us on a transcendental journey upwards. Finally our journey inwards and upwards takes us to Upper Space, a quintessentially Halsall tune built around glistening harp and a sublime, soulful sanctuary elevated through beautiful work from the whole band but especially saxophonist Matt Cliffe.

                      Changing Earth features Matthew Halsall trumpet and electronics,Matt Cliffe flute & saxophone, Maddie Herbert harp, Liviu Gheorghe piano,Gavin Barras, bass, Alan Taylor drums and Jack McCarthypercussion. Changing Earth is produced by Matthew Halsall and Daniel Halsall, recorded by Matthew Halsall, mixed by Greg Freeman, mastered by Peter Beckmann of Technology Works and vinyl cut by Norman Nitzsche at Calyx. The distinctive artwork is by Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: I was lucky enough to witness some of this material played live at Matthew's final YES Pink Room residency. It's an astonishingly spiritual piece; bolstered indefinitely by Maddie's towering harp, and the interplay between the musicians is incredible - they're achieving that natural telepathy only the greatest jazz improvisers reach. Halsall is the embodiment of a master, and there's still years left ahead of him. A real treasure of our city and to the jazz world in general. I love it.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Positive Activity
                      2. Changing Earth
                      3. Yogic Flying
                      4. Upper Space

                      Brownswood Recordings releases the 6th edition of the Future Bubblers compilation. An expansion of Gilles Peterson’s network supported by Arts Council England, the ongoing talent discovery and artist development scheme focuses on developing unsigned talent and building audiences for new left-field music. With support from PRS Foundation as Talent Development Partners, the professional recording, manufacturing and physical release of Future Bubblers 6.0 is made possible. Unlike any other initiatives within music, the compilation acts as a springboard for the musician’s careers with the cooperative model providing direct revenue to the artists by a share of the profits resulting in a sustainable income to work from. Previous Future Bubblers include artists such as Yazmin Lacey, KinKai, MC Snowy, Forest Law and Kayla Painter to name a few.

                      The 9 track compilation is a musically diverse collection of tracks, fusing genres that span across Electronic, Alt-R&B, Alt-Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Neo-Soul, Jazz and beyond. Opening the project, Plumm showcases her hypnotic vocals on ‘To Be A Woman’, a stripped-back, live rendition of the track whilst siegfried komidashi combines layers of instrumentation with his dream-like vocals on ‘Voyager One, Lost’. Up next, London-based Zeñel highlights their trumpet and guitar skillset alongside guest vocals from Plumm for ‘Crinje’ followed by Jericho Noguera’s genre-bending single, ‘Keeping On’ which is dedicated to remaining faithful and maintaining an optimistic mindset. Manchester-based Victoria Jane - who has gone on to host her own show on BBC Radio 1 - highlights her diverse vocal range in the emotive track ‘Good & Low-Key’ before Shirkers creates a cloudy instrumental for Ceeow’s vocals on ‘Like Summer’. Maintaining the ethereal sonic, Ceeow’s ‘Twice’ is reflective of his Rap and singing abilities followed by Zimbabwe-born, Norwich-based Tadi The Great’s Hip-Hop-meets-Psychedelic soundscape on ‘Catastrophe’. Rounding off the compilation nicely is nowsm’s epic ‘Rough Of The Felt’ which perfectly combines Breakbeat, House, and Experimental sounds.

                      Spanning just over 40 minutes, Future Bubblers 6.0 is an extremely impressive assemblage of talent who have all delivered top-shelf singles. Released both digitally and on vinyl, the compilation embodies the spirit of the musicians as well as the team behind Future Bubblers.

                      Each year, Future Bubblers are paired with an industry mentor who is tailored to their individual needs and from there, the journey begins. Each Bubbler will receive a number of opportunities that will ideally set them up professionally. The venture offers; one-to-one production workshops from music software company, Ableton, performances at live Future Bubblers showcases, recording live sessions from the iconic Brownswood basement, professional press shots and beyond the year, long-term support throughout their career.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Plumm - To Be A Woman (Live)
                      2. Seigfried Komidashi - Voyager One, Lost
                      3. Zeñel X Plumm - Crinje
                      4. Jericho Noguera Ft Buddy Analogue - Keeping On
                      5. Victoria Jane - Good & Low-Key
                      6. Shirkers X Ceeow - Like Summer
                      7. Ceeow - Twice
                      8. Tadi The Great - Catastrophe
                      9. Nowsm - Rough Of The Felt 

                      For its fourth release, Zen 2000 scales up from the 45 format and releases its first 12-inch, which, coming in at seven tracks (eight with the digital-only bonus) is either a double-wide EP or an LP in everything but name.

                      The artist behind it is Mogwaa, a South Korean producer who's built a reputation on meticulous and clean-lined melodies and sharp, glistening drums. Sometimes we find him in the club, slinking through dubby bass wobbles, flittering across breaks, and sometimes we find him in a grassy park, sprawled atop a soft ambient bed. No matter where he is, the trademark voicing is always present.

                      Here, on A Garden Within, we get equal helpings of both: the A-side is the chill-out room, spacey drifters that pulse through the cosmos and wiggle through underwater currents.

                      The flip is clubbier fare, with “Rejas” being a nod to electro sounds and “Tranquilizer” being a trippy bit of trance. Bookending the journey is “Melting,” an iceberg slowly cracking and falling into the ocean. “Con Fe” is an encore of sorts; it feels like a reconstituting of “Melting,” the reforming of that track's languid dissolution.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Undeniably strong EP taking on downbeat, techno and breaks with a modernist approach. The South Korean producer showing us there's more in his locker than rampant bass and jungle hybrids.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Step Under The Bridge
                      A2. Zone Out
                      A3. Pavilion
                      A4. Musing
                      B1. Rejas
                      B2. Tranquilizer
                      B3. Melting

                      Those Too Slow To Disco cats are back at what they do best - super smooth edits on limited edition 10". Greek producer DJ "S" is a bit of a veteran of the edits scene and with his own downbeat sound he quickly became one of the big names in the European disco scene too. He perfected his craft as a multi-talented music producer, experimenting with vintage black sounds and reviving old-classics in the form of remixes which made a serious impact among the internet and on his YouTube Channel which counts thousands (over 260k) of faithful followers!

                      As usual they've got me scratching my head and Pasta Paul already feverishly ramming them in the front of his record bag ready for his next DJ set. Sub 110BPM throughout, with hefty lashings of beach-side soul - think big choruses, powerful vox, smatterings of horns and strings and of course, those ever important B-lines - rolling and warm like the best rare groove joints. 10 points for whoever emails in with a full house of track IDs! Highly recommended, limited copies! 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: No one quite smooths out the edges like Too Slow To Disco. Theie limited edits series has uncovered 'nuff poolside cool and pure, timeless sun lounger classics time and time again for our discerning ears. DJ "S" keeps true to the remit and delivers four essential joints of slow swagger brilliance.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1 Dj "S" - Groovin'
                      A2 Dj "S" - Sweet Love

                      B1 Dj "S" - Back Again
                      B2 Dj "S" - U

                      Cyrus Posatron And Digby Yakiddin

                      Zodiac Bath Bomb

                      Who are those ridiculous names I hear you ask? A few clues in the label name and quick listen to the record and it can only be the eccentric crazed genius of Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell - aka The Idjut Boys - of course!!

                      After resurrecting their Droid imprint earlier in the year (to much acclaim), the north east boys are back with their infamous Noid label - the one dedicated to the art of the wigged-out n voodoo night club edit. Focusing largely on forgotten moments of sherm-disco, acid-rock and hallucinatory-boogie; the pair's unique label has become somewhat of a cult staple amongst old Electric Chair heads, readers of DJ History, members of World Of Echoes and yer standard dancefloor misfit that should know better.

                      Famed for spring-reverberated wobble, endless tape delays and seriously wonky source material, there really isn't any edits out there quite like the Noid edits. Eric Duncan's (highly coveted) COMBI are the closest things out there for comparison, but then that series didn't last anywhere near as long as this one! (Sorry Eric!).

                      Anyway, back on the 'floor and sounding more trippy than ever, "Zodiac Bath Bomb" finds our boys firing on all cylinders and losing none of their swagger as they mature into middle age (again, sorry lads!). Not only is their music great, inventive, playful and pretty much out there on its own - the lads are seriously two of the nicest and politest men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in the 'biz (FACTOID - I once had to seek emergency medical assistance for Conrad's partner who was having a serious allergic reaction / food poisoning episode in Croatia; possibly my most heroic moment of my life so far!). 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: It's the return of Noid! - The Idjut Boys infamous edit series and responsible for more than its fair share of dancefloor wobbles. Much like Ron Hardy and Danny K, you instantly know when it's the Idjuts behind the dials on the re-edit tip. Five numbers here tackling varying degrees of inebriation, energy and fun.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Zodiac Bath Bomb
                      A2. Spark Life
                      B1. But Why Jeff?
                      B2. Landfill
                      B3. I Just Called To Say I Love You

                      The Wedding Present

                      Science Fiction / Plot Twist

                        Penultimate release in the series.

                        Andy Bell

                        I Am A Strange Loop

                          “It was so great to see what came back when I gave these tracks from Flicker to various comrades, friends and heroes to play with,” says Andy. “They’ve given them a new technicolour life.” “David Holmes requested the opening track as he had formed a bit of a connection with it, and what he came up with turns the song into an hallucinogenic beast, taking pride of place here as the opening track but in a whole different way to how Flicker opens. “James Chapman AKA Maps has taken ‘It Gets Easier’ to a bigger, brighter and shinier place, he’s given quite a downbeat track a euphoric and epic sheen. James is an absolute master of electronic production and he’s taken the same care and attention over this remix as he does with his own wonderful music. “I couldn’t put Richard Norris’ lovely widescreen take on ‘Something Like Love’ better than the man himself – in his own words he found the ‘hitherto undiscovered sweet spot between ‘Roscoe’ and ‘Outdoor Miner’’ and he tapped into the melancholy euphoria at the core of the song. “bdrmm’s remix of ‘Way Of The World’ is one for headphones. There are so many great moments to love, all held together by a bassline worthy of Jah Wobble (by way of Andrew Weatherall). Astonishing!”

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: 'I am a Strange Loop' is the first in the trio of Andy Bell recordings this week, seeing the hugely talented Ride legend Andy Bell reworked by a number of today's most renowned musicians. This time we get ambient legend Richard Norris as well as the brilliant bdrmm, Maps and David Holmes. Ace

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. The Sky Without You (David Holmes Radical Mycology Remix)
                          A2. It Gets Easier (Maps Remix)
                          B1. Something Like Love (Richard Norris Remix)
                          B2. Way Of The World (bdrmm Remix)

                          Andy Bell

                          Untitled Film Stills

                            Songs that inspired Flicker by Yoko Ono, Pentangle, The Kinks and Arthur Russell. “The idea was that I would be covering songs which helped in some way to colour in the edges of the picture of the influences that make up Flicker,” explains Andy.“The song ‘Jenny Holzer B. Goode’ on the album refers to a few of the female artists from the music and art worlds who I find inspiring, including Yoko Ono, so it felt right to include a cover of ‘Listen, The Snow Is Falling’, my favourite Yoko Ono song. “Pentangle’s ‘Light Flight’ came out in 1970, the year I was born, and I’ve loved it ever since I heard it on the 1997 folk compilation Transatlantic Ticket. “Nat Cramp, the head honcho of Sonic Cathedral, requested that I cover ‘The Way Love Used To Be’. I’d never heard this song despite being a big fan of The Kinks, but it’s lovely and it felt very natural to do a version of. All hail Ray Davies! “Arthur Russell has been a big reference point for all my music away from ‘band world’. There is something impressionistic and open-ended about his records. I guess you could describe the production style I’m trying for on ‘Our Last Night Together’ as ‘World Of Echo meets This Mortal Coil doing Skip Spence’.”

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: A lovely bunch of covers here seeing the light of day from the ever-talented Andy Bell. Yoko Ono gets the cover treatment as well as Pentangle's brilliant 'Light Flight'

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Listen, The Snow Is Falling
                            A2. Light Flight
                            B1. The Way Love Used To Be
                            B2. Our Last Night Together

                            Andy Bell

                            The Grounding Process

                              Stripped down versions of tracks from Flicker. “On my debut solo album The View From Halfway Down I did all of my promotion via Zoom and pre-recorded interviews and acoustic sessions,” explains Andy of the EP. “I enjoyed making the acoustic versions and decided to do some more for this album.” “‘Something Like Love’ is the most popular song from Flicker and one of the oldest, starting life in the ’90s. It’s probably the only one that dates back to the Ride era.“The riffs for ‘World Of Echo’ were written while I was on tour with Oasis, at the height of my La’s obsession. It went through a few iterations from then onwards, but never had a final melody until last year.“’She Calls The Tune’ was the first song I wrote after I joined Oasis, ending a period of writers’ block which I had started going through some time in 1999. The very first performance of it was to an audience of Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer and Richard Ashcroft in a Milan hotel room. No pressure! I don’t think I ever saw this as an Oasis song, but I have them to thank for the fact that I was able to write songs again at all.” ‘Lifeline’ was another riff I came up with while on tour with Oasis. I remember being on a UK tour with Shack, and sitting around backstage on acoustics with Mick and John Head jamming around the Simon & Garfunkel version of ‘Scarborough Fair’. The riff for ‘Lifeline’ followed soon after. It was always called ‘Lifeline’ but I never found the right lyric for it until recently.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: The Grounding Process has some of the lesser well known (but equally superb) pieces in the Andy Bell canon, being written while on the road and in various cities around the world. Another lovely addition to the discography.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Something Like Love
                              A2. World Of Echo
                              B1. She Calls The Tune
                              B2. Lifeline

                              In 1993, Instant House released their deepest single, "Lost Horizons", through Jungle Sounds Recordings. The A-side, "Lost Horizons (The Mind Travel Saturday Night Sunday Morning Mix)" is a seventeen-minute and twenty-second sojourn into the vibrant club sounds of early 90s NYC. Driven by a Latin-accented man-machine beat that marches into infinity, it comes backed by two shorter mixes, "Lost Horizons" and "Lost Horizons (Percussion Bonus)". Twenty-nine years later, Isle of Jura presents an official vinyl reissue of this slow-burning deep cut.

                              The Instant House story begins in the late 80s at Dance Tracks, an East Village record store established by the businessman, DJ, and graphic designer Stan Hatzakis. Patronised by New York trendsetters like Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan, Dance Tracks was considered one of the world's best underground dance music retailers.

                              During the winter of 1991, Stan got together with one of his best customers, Tony Confusione, to make music. A wall street guy by day and a keyboardist by night, Tony was also a serious DJ. Not long after their first recording sessions, they invited another Dance Tracks fixture, Joaquin Joe Claussell, to join them in Tony’s state-of-the-art home studio in Long Island. He brought a vibrant, percussive edge to the sample-based tracks Stan and Tony were cooking up. Emboldened, the three DJs began recording together as Instant House. That year, they released the "Dance Trax EP".

                              In 1992, after Instant House had dropped two certified classics, "Over" and "Awade", for Jungle Sounds Records, Stan exited the group and sold Dance Tracks to Joe and his business partner, Stefan Prescott. Following Stan's departure, Joe and Tony headed into the studio for a special recording session. 'I just remember how powerful the connection was while we were making that record,' explains Joe, recalling the creation of "Lost Horizons (The Mind Travel Saturday Night Sunday Morning Mix)". 'It was a very spiritual encounter in the studio.'

                              While laying out the drum patterns, sound effects, and arrangement, Joe explained the vibe to Tony, who played the lush cosmic chords and an effortless keyboard saxophone line over the top. 'That was Tony completely feeling himself. He performed majestically.' Joe recalls. 

                              After the release of the "Lost Horizons 12”", Joe received a phone call from Cisco International Corp. A plane flight later, he was sitting in their label offices in Tokyo, talking to a senior record executive who wanted to introduce "Lost Horizons" to Japan. 'What they were primarily doing at the time was pressing classical records - we’re talking thousand dollar plus classical reissues - and they wanted to license and distribute Lost Horizons,' Joe remembers. Three years later, Joe and Tony released "Asking Forgiveness", their final 12” as Instant House, before parting ways with full hearts.

                              In the context of his career as a DJ, remixer, and producer, Joe is known for long songs and compositions. As "Lost Horizons" illustrates, he’s carried that impulse with him since his foundational days. 'When I produce, I don’t believe in the beginning or endpoint of anything. I really despise the rules. To me, that’s not true to the art of creation. I just believe there is a flow in creation. When we were making music in the 90s, we were restricted by format, but that record could have gone on forever.'

                              The 12” is housed in a full sleeve jacket by Bradley Pinkerton based on the original release design.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: An absolute must-have release for house-heads. For me Instant House embody everything that pure, spiritual and tribal about house music. The original triple pack, containing this very record, is one of my most treasured records. A amazing opportunity to own this corner stone of the house music genre.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              The Mind Travel Saturday Night Sunday Morning Mix
                              Lost Horizons Version
                              Percussion Bonus

                              Rush Hour-affiliate and Amsterdam local Relmer is back with what may well be his best work so far. ‘H2O’ expertly displays the vibrant energy he’s known for with two Amazon-inspired deep house groovers; a melancholic walk through the jungle; a Detroit-infused progressive anthem and a hypnotic midtempo floorwarmer. Absolutely stellar stuff from A to Z.

                              Produced to an exquisite standard, with maximum clarity, weight and dyanamic, "Bummer Paradise" opens and forces you to absolutely lose yourself to in the club. Heads-down, fist-pumping, sweat poring from every orifice. "Strange Movement" is a more delicate, enchanted offering, with rippling synth work, ethereal pads and crisp, midtempo disco beat.

                              "Naked Chimp" deploys a tribal chant and broken beat rhythm section, whirring sirens and extreme sound design to a deadly effect before "H2O" sweeps in on galactic chords, phazed hats and twinkling melodies from the outer cosmos. Space age techno funk that'd make B12 or John Shima sit up and take note. Amazing stuff here. the course of a few days. Sweet and savory both, the new material strikes a perfect balance between emotive sensibility and dancefloor appeal.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Check that "Bummer Paradise" track! Proper driving, late night tech vibe. Similar to Manchester's D. Ball. Feelin' it. Rest of the EP ain't half bad either.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Bummer Paradise
                              Strange Movement
                              Naked Chimp
                              Natural Disruption

                              Hell Yeah is proud to present the return of Jazz N Palms with a superb new project following the success of his Ses Rodes album. 'Milano' as a 7" with radio and instrumental versions alongside an original video and expressive artwork by Parisian studio Nokko.

                              Jazz N Palms is a jazz-inspired project from Italian DJ and producer Riccio. He started this project after moving to Ibiza and falling under the spell of its ancestral side, its sweet and slow pace of life and the natural rhythms of the beauty in the north of the island. In summer, he served up his fantastic Ses Rodes double album which was dedicated to the original way of life that had remained almost unchanged till the early 80s party explosion.

                              This new track came about after Riccio heard Piera Martell's 1978 soul-jazz track 'Exotica' in a mix by Phil Mison. The idea was reimagine the song with new lyrics and set in Milan, in the early days when the town was invaded by unusual and exotic palm trees in Piazza Duomo. The song tells the story of a country teenager who is unsure about heading to a big new city after receiving an invitation. The story will retrieve familiar emotions for many of us who have faced similarly important decisions in our life, but this time married to an escapist groove.

                              For this release, the original 'Exotica' has been fully replayed by contemporary musicians from the multi-genre Italian ensemble 291out, with whom Riccio has worked in the past. It has new lyrics sung in Italian by fellow 291out collaborator Giovanna Lubjan after permission was given by original composer Salvo Ingrassia.

                              'Milano' is a luxurious soul-jazz fusion. It has exotic guitar lines and gently persuasive rhythms topped by the soaring vocal from Lubjan. A steamy sax helps the temperature rise as the track unfolds and traps you under its gorgeous spell.

                              This is a timeless package of blissed-out brilliance from Jazz N Palms.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Original Mix
                              B1. Instrumental Mix

                              Vessel recordings present a special artist split featuring label heads Norachi & Miris. A and B. Miris gets us underway with a hi-tek stepper. Metallic atmos, fathoms deep bass rumbles and echoed-out stabs building up a highly electric dub-techno mix. With those on-the-one hats nodding to the great legacy of dub music. Easy to reference Basic Channel here but this is a different flavoured broth.

                              Norachi up the energy and the swing for a dreamy piece of dub-infused deep house music. Containing nice 808 subs, a shoulder-dropped beat and warm stabs with a vox hook swathed in delay there's plenty of room for the fluttery, sparse melodies to make an impact. If you liked CV313 then you'll buzz hard off this joint. 

                              Limited copies and highly recommended if you're into the dubby side of electronic music... 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Rich n dubby nocturnal movements from two artists tuned deep into the echo chamber.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Miris - Mr. Duffy Lived A Short Distance From His Body
                              2. Norachi - Sunshine

                              Bristol has always been a hotbed of innovative producers within the UK's sound system and rave cultures. One of these music makers is without a doubt Lamont, whose massive hit "Titanic" came out on Loefah's influential Swamp 81 imprint in 2016. With a style sitting in between classic 808-driven electro and instrumental grime, his productions are authentic dancefloor slayers: minimal and effective, yet produced with musical sophistication. Just listen to his drum programming and you'll feel the funk. Lamont's latest 4-track EP on Version is his second release on the label. These are certified bangers, rinsed by the likes of Loefah. All tracks are 130 bpm, sub-heavy and fun to mix - translating the darker side of early dubstep into a unique, contemporary club sound. This one from Lamont and Version is not just deadly DJ ammunition, it is also a testament to the label's longtime bonds with the UK's cutting edge.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Big bolshy bass from Bristol! Lamont keeps the party poppin' with an incendiary four tracker that's really FUN. Already receiving heavy rotation from Loefah!

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Cut It Back
                              A2. I Wasn't Even There
                              B1. It's What It Izzz
                              B2. Tailbone

                              New one from the Detroit family. Strick ushers in Ron Cook to kick off proceedings with "Dance Electric". As quintessentially 7 Days as they come it utilizes unprocessed classic drum boxes with a stripped back but incredibly moving arrangement of bass, gentle electric piano / organ chords and phasing percussion lines. Exquisitely put together with a real sense of warmth and sophistication.

                              Butterbandz and OB Ignitt come through next with a destructively funky Ignitt b-line. There's no-one programs those analogue synths like OB and "Anarchy" has to be one of his hottest lower ends to date! Seriously need to hear this through the subs.

                              Generation Next (Big Strick's son if I'm not mistaken) some charging through on side B with a slamming kick and glassy keyboard chords. Again, a thoughtful, stripped back arrangement is what guides things here; harking back to the classic days of house music whist avoid any retro fetish.

                              Finally, daddy Strick gets involved with one of his rhythmic fantasies. A wooden bass ricocheting nicely against a skeletal drum pattern and echoed-out synth shards.

                              Honestly, there's few labels and artists which touch the purity and sentiment of house music like these cats. So emotional! 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Always loved Big Strick's high sentiment, purist take on house music. Here he's joined by his sons, OB Ignitt and Ron Cook for one of the strongest releases to date on the label.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Big Strick - Jamblaya
                              ButterBandz W. OB Ignitt - Anarchy
                              Generation Next - Hot Girls, Cold Beer
                              Ron Cook - Dance Electric 

                              Randomized Coffee

                              Mariama (feat. Kora Hero)

                                The meeting of Alieu and Randomized Coffee gives light to this new project, in which the Roman duo tackles a production that skillfully links Mediterranean influence to ancestral Africa in a patchwork woven of typical African ethnic elements to those of house and electronica in a "groovy" body that enhances the classical side of the African country in a modern musical mood and rhythm.

                                The story tells about the day before an arranged marriage ceremony.

                                Masanneh is a handsome and well-known man in his village of the Mandinka Tribe, born and raised in the village of Kudang, near the river that flows through the entire country; the Gambia. Many in the village believe him to be charismatic and generous, others

                                believe him to be a venal materialist devoted to money. Masanneh decides to consult Cherno Jallow, a wise Marabout, to figure out how to deal with his future. He therefore moves westward to the village of Bondali, in Foni, where before practicing his work as a skilled trader he talks to Landing Sawo, the district chief, from there he hears the sound of a Kora played by Jali, while across the road he sees a beautiful woman Mariama Gomez passing by.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Mariama (Extended Version) [feat. Kora Hero]
                                2. Mariama (Dub Version) [feat. Kora Hero]
                                3. Mariama (Radio Edit) [feat. Kora Hero]

                                Swell Maps / Television Personalities affiliated C86-era indie pop rescued from sheer obscurity and thrust into semi-obscurity by FELT. The Catburgers were a short-lived Scottish group, this recording initially primed for release on Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld imprint yet placed on the perennial backburner as so many creative projects inevitably are.

                                Soundcloud uploads dating back over a decade ago and the odd blog/twitter post aside, the group seemingly lived on only in the memories of those who happened to catch them on the Edinburgh scene back in the day. Until now! With the help of the National Sound Archives, the original master tape containing these three tracks has been rebaked, cut and mastered for seven-inch.

                                ‘Holiday House’ sounds immediately at home in the Postcard Records nexus, the influence of 1980 particularly tangible. Slower paced and with a touch more melancholy than its companions, the song sounds both in and out of time, as if some young teens raised on a hand-me-down diet of Pastels CDs might have laid it down yesterday.

                                Jowe Head of Swell Maps joins the group for ‘The Acid Tree’, whilst EP closer ‘Diving For The Brick’ sees the band ruminating on weak knees, sore lungs and stinging eyes down at the local swimming pool.

                                Accompanying the release is the original demo tape predating this record, recorded at The Rocking Horse Studios in Bathgate in Autumn 1986. The demo is restored from a tape copy owned by journalist Simon Reynolds and contains some of the tracks that made it onto the 7".

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Seriously obscure lo-fi indie here which is an absolute treasure to behold. If you liked (equally obscure) Indifferent Dance Centre, or anything on Postcard Records you seriously need to check this quaint little number. "Diving For The Brick" wins genius lyrics of the month award by a long shot.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Holiday House
                                B1. The Acid Tree (ft. Jowe Head)
                                B2. Diving For The Brick

                                More Amour

                                Nightshift / Don't Look Down

                                Hi Quality Records hit the grounding running with their first release, a spellbinding, full frontal, double disco workout of original material from More Amour.

                                A melding of the minds of two longtime friends, Artwork and Jon Solo, More Amour kick things off with the peak time cosmic warper ‘Nightshift’. A cross-Atlantic cocktail of intergalactic synthwork, beefy drums and celestial pads with an extra shot of disco in there to keep you grooving till the early hours.

                                Flip it to find a Balearic boogie beast in the form of ‘Don’t Look Down’. Full of brain-spangling synths and blissful chords that will have your mind riding off into the sunset before that keytar solo blasts you into another dimension.

                                Package includes free peel off kiss-cut sticker.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Nightshift
                                B1. Don't Look Down

                                Nil's Jazz Ensemble

                                Reflexiones / Siempre

                                Peruvian sax player Nilo Espinosa and his group, also known as the Nil's Jazz Ensemble only ever recorded one album in 1976 and it, remains not only as one of the truly grails for collectors of Latin-American jazz fusion but also as an outstanding piece of music on its own.

                                Two of the best tracks have been licensed for a 45 release for the very first time by Mukatsuku Records.

                                On the main track Reflexiones Oscar Stagnaro dramatic bass riffs kick off the track before heavy drum break beats from Andres Silva lead way opening up to fine funky brass work from Nilo Espinosa, Ary Quispe and Pancho Saenz before Miguel Figueroa on electric piano jazz fine jazz solo and then the dramatic finish with the brass again for the ultimate end of night track. On the flipside with Siempre peak time jazz fusion showcasing Nilo on alto saxophone and Miguel on Mellotron keys.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Reflexiones
                                2. Siempre

                                Cyphon Recordings continue their deep dive into the rich heritage of UK and Detroit electronic sounds with their second label release, this time from Danny Was A Drag King label boss DJ Rocca.

                                Active since the 90s, the Italian producer is a dedicated explorer of the Italo Disco-inspired sounds native to his home. He’s been plotting his sonic journey for decades, making pit stops at labels across Europe including Rekids,Toy Tonics, Slow Motion, Rotten City Records and Roam Recordings. On top of his solo outings, collaboration has played a big role in his production journey to date. He’s worked with artists like Howie B, Jazzanova and Zed Bias, as well as joining forces on ongoing projects with fellow Italian stalwart Daniele Baldelli and Dimitri From Paris, the latter under the name Erodiscotique.

                                Now back on his solo pursuits for Cyphon, Rocca proves he’s still very much at the top of his game. The four cuts on ‘Code 041’ explore all shades of electro, from raw, old school machine funk to futuristic cosmic sounds. It’s electro done the Rocca way.

                                The title track sets the tone. An eerie bass line crawls along, providing a bed for reflective pads to glide and mysterious synth sounds and echoing vocal samples to ricochet above. ‘No Gym’ greets us next, bringing that Italo flair Rocca’s mastered so well. It’s the most vibrant track on the release, matching colourful pinging synths and tropical-tinged melodies with a signature driving acid bass line.

                                On the flip, ‘The Bigger Lake’ takes the EP in a different direction, on a trip through dark glistening pads, tittering percussion and sub aquatic bass before the dusty breaks and moody, jazzy keys of ‘Omega’ bring the release to a close. Mirroring Cyphon’s label ethos, Rocca showcases the best of the past and present of a timeless sound.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Highly decorated cosmic veteran DJ Rocca unleashes a gloriously frenetic four tracker swathed in wobbly arps, dub delay and even a foray into deep house music. The multi-talented little bugger!

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Code 041
                                A2. No Gym
                                B1. The Bigger Lake
                                B2. Omega

                                Following last year’s ‘Pleasure Machine’ EP on 10PILLSMATE, Posthuman return on their own imprint Balkan Vinyl with more acid-fueled electro and rave. On remix duties are WTCHCRFT (New York City), DJ Karawai (Berlin) and LDLDN (London) taking the tracks into more purist electro, techno, and house directions.

                                Picking up DJ support from Erol Alkan, Superdefekt, Anja Schneider, Art-D-Fact, Colin Dale, Addison Groove, Emerald, Vladimir Ivkovic, Alienata, Black Cadmium, Giant Swan, Rob Hall, Luigi Di Venere, Wavefold, Éclair Fifi, Chrissy, John Barera, Bored Lord, ASOK, Jossy Mitsu, Mystic Bill, India Jordan, Nyra, Nikki Nair, Shedbug, Etch, Jason Kendig, Josh Wink, Andrea, Ian DPM, & loads more…

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Top tier acid merchants Posthuman correct with their usual array of drum boxes, 303s and noise generators. Inside whistle cru!!

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Hack Jammer
                                A2. Hack Jammer (WTCHCRFT Remix)
                                B2. Airstrip One (DJ Karawai Remix)
                                B1. Airstrip One
                                B2. Hack Jammer (LDLDN Remix)

                                From the fertile ground that gave us X-Kalay comes a new initiative. Christened Another Place, the inaugural release, courtesy of London’s Ocean Stirs, sets the label’s stall out with a glorious volley of lush breakbeat ballistics. Same faces, new signal, different intent.

                                Complete with a quote from Dune author Frank Herbert, 'Luminescent' sets fathoms-deep bass frequencies against widescreen pads and heart-rending melodic flourishes. Then, not to be outdone, key jungle revivalist Tim Reaper assumes remix duties on the A2. Beefed up with rough-cut percussion and propulsive flex, the Future Retro founder brings a hefty dose of jungle acceleration.

                                ‘Pressure’ does exactly what it says on the tin: serious low-end dynamics laced with euphoric melancholy. ‘Stitch’, on the other hand, melds everything there is to love about its predecessors. The exquisitely calibrated introspection recalling echoes of Goldie's seminal 1995 masterpiece, ‘Timeless’.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Upfront bass and jungle pressure here from the burgeoning Ocean Stirs. Kicking off the Another Place label in mighty fine form.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Luminescent
                                A2. Luminescent (Tim Reaper Remix)
                                B1. Pressure
                                B2. Stitch

                                Ociya (Tin Man + Patricia)

                                Celestial Body Music Part 1

                                Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man) and Max Ravitz (Patricia), two devotees in the cult of the TB-303, return to Acid Test with the “Celestial Body Music” series, a follow up to their 2020 LP “Powers Of Ten”.

                                Recorded in Ravitz’s studio in Asheville, NC, “Celestial Body Music” once again showcases the pair’s penchant for raw yet emotive dance music. With Auvinen’s signature TB-303 programming and Ravitz’s typical melancholic flair, the duo’s styles merge seamlessly over the course of 8 tracks that harken back to the heyday of American techno and house. Following on from “Powers of Ten”, the pair continue to fix their eyes firmly on the stars, as “Celestial Body Music”’s song titles conjure visions of listening to Dance Mania 12”s on the ISS. With a tonal palette that features the well-trodden sounds of classic analog hardware like the TR-808, TR-909, TB-303, and SH-101, Ociya demonstrate their ability to breathe new life into these old instruments through thoughtful programming, arrangement, and mixing. This is made all the more significant when considering every song was recorded live to 2-track with no editing over the course of a few days. Sweet and savory both, the new material strikes a perfect balance between emotive sensibility and dancefloor appeal.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man) and Max Ravitz (Patricia), two devotees in the cult of the TB-303, return to Acid Test with the “Celestial Body Music” series, a follow up to their 2020 LP “Powers Of Ten”.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Helium Flash
                                A2. Red Shift

                                B1. Meteor Shower
                                B2. Solar Wind

                                Ociya (Tin Man + Patricia)

                                Celestial Body Music Part 2

                                Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man) and Max Ravitz (Patricia), two devotees in the cult of the TB-303, return to Acid Test with the “Celestial Body Music” series, a follow up to their 2020 LP “Powers Of Ten”.

                                Recorded in Ravitz’s studio in Asheville, NC, “Celestial Body Music” once again showcases the pair’s penchant for raw yet emotive dance music. With Auvinen’s signature TB-303 programming and Ravitz’s typical melancholic flair, the duo’s styles merge seamlessly over the course of 8 tracks that harken back to the heyday of American techno and house. Following on from “Powers of Ten”, the pair continue to fix their eyes firmly on the stars, as “Celestial Body Music”’s song titles conjure visions of listening to Dance Mania 12”s on the ISS. With a tonal palette that features the well-trodden sounds of classic analog hardware like the TR-808, TR-909, TB-303, and SH-101, Ociya demonstrate their ability to breathe new life into these old instruments through thoughtful programming, arrangement, and mixing. This is made all the more significant when considering every song was recorded live to 2-track with no editing over the course of a few days. Sweet and savory both, the new material strikes a perfect balance between emotive sensibility and dancefloor appeal.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Second part of 303 devotional prayer by acid preachers Tin Man and Max Ravitz. Testament to the machine's great power, it's amazing to see producer's squeezing new fresh sounds out of this humble box some 41 years after its conception.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Orbital
                                A2. Oort Cloud

                                B1. Distant Star
                                B2. Open Cluster

                                Happy Mondays

                                Tart Tart

                                  Happy Mondays release this special 7" in memory of their legendary bassist Paul Ryder, who tragically passed away earlier this year. The 'Tart Tart’ limited edition 7” contains the original of the track, which originally appeared on Happy Mondays 1987 debut album Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) and was produced by John Cale. On the B-Side is a live version of the track from a BBC John Peel session.

                                  Paul’s brother, Happy Monday’s vocalist Shaun Ryder comments: "This special release of Tart Tart showcases the unique musical talent of our brother Paul Ryder who passed from this world ... we will all miss you Horse...he brought the funk and the rock n roll to Happy Mondays … love you long time R kid”

                                  All profits from the release will be donated to Music Cares, a charity chosen by Paul’s daughter Amelia, who comments: "Music Cares is a charity that helps people in the music industry who are struggling with addiction issues. 14 years ago, Paul was given help and support from the organization who helped fund extended outpatient care and therapy that enabled him to have 14 subsequent happy and productive years. Just two weeks ago he mentioned them in an interview and often expressed his gratitude and desire to pay their support forward so others could be helped too.”

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Laura says: In the late 80s The 'Monday's released a handful of 12" singles on Factory Records, combining indie guitars with a loose, funky swagger, topped with Shaun's mad, stream of consciousness lyrics delivered with his distinctly Salfordian bark. Paul Ryder's guitar grooves were the backbone of songs like "Delightful", "Freaky Dancing" and this track, "Tart, Tart" which went on to influence the whole Madchester thing, and well, you know the rest....

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A. Tart Tart
                                  B. Tart Tart (2019 Remaster) 

                                  Alongside (fellow Eastern Bloc worker) Kerrie's Dark Machine Funk, Means&3rd's Unveiled Nuance label is a crucial addition to both the storied Manchester musical cannon and to the global techno village as a whole. Second release from (real name) Ben's arsenal of sonic weaponry and to me one that drifts between Millsian space gazing, the Earth shaking power of UK techno and the precision of modern bass music.

                                  "Aberrance" ushers in the EP under a shuddering soundbed of thick and hefty elements. Like those impressive feats of engineering which drill massive tunnels through hillsides; there's a controlled yet highly powerful force at play here - constructed around triplet-repeating stabs, thunderous low end and hissing noise.

                                  "Life's Glorious Mosaic" follows on side A. Transmitting sonar bleeps, cranium tweaking sfx and punctuated rhythms it seeks to communicate with lifeforms far detached from our own planet or genetics in much the same way that Jeff Mills' output from around 2009 onwards has done. A taut and tense roller that'll open up exciting developments when used creatively in the mix.

                                  Onto side B and "Kairos" smothers us in long metallic washes and lysergic atmospheres (bit like that internal buzz/echo you get off loads of mushrooms! - Ed). Again, a weighty low end provides some tectonic thrust as this one keeps the mutants and gremlins prancing around the warehouse come 6AM...

                                  Finally "Discordianism" concludes with a rattling slice of mainline techno. There's a bit of a nod to Basic Channel's early years and unlike much of its modern day competitors, this one's full of frequency flux, natural movement and flowing dynamics - its stems slowly wrapping themself around your whole body contours until they have you in a pulsating grasp.

                                  There's few producer's inhabiting our city at the moment with as keen as grip on techno's science as Means&3rd - most recommended. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Precision engineered, proper techno from the E Bloc stalwart. Big enough for the aircraft hangers but clever enough to keep the mind engaged. Mega!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Abberance
                                  A2. Life’s Glorious Mosaic
                                  B1. Kairos
                                  B2. Discordianism

                                  J-Walk Vs. Joseph Cotton

                                  Rewind / Gorilla Dust Cloud

                                  A return of the mighty King Spinna records! Manchester dub / reggae / dancehall institution born outta Blood & Fire headed by Bob Harding and Dom Sotgiu. A real coup for this one as they've enlisted the one and only Martin Brew aka J-Walk for a one-drop digi-dub soundclash alongside MC Joseph Cotton. You’ll know J-Walk from his more synth-laced boogie and Balearic pieces (not least his “Mellotronique” from early this year) but he’s a man of many talents and an absolute wizard in the studio! Joseph Cotton is now based in Paris after years spent in Berlin & London after leaving Jamaica in the 80's. He is a regular on the live reggae scene, records frequently for Manu Digital & many others, he is also featured on the timeless classic Rhythm & Sound release “See Mi Yah”.

                                  Godzilla Dust Cloud was a meteorological phenomenon that covered Jamaica.

                                  Voiced by the dancehall icon & reggae veteran as "REWIND", J-Walk provides a fried dancehall riddim and laces the various stems in bucket loads of tape delay. Cotton's on point with soundbwoy shout outs and there's some classic sound system samples thrown into the pot by Brew too. Heavy sawtooth bass and that infectious Casio MT40 keyboard riff ensure this loud pressed 7" gets multiple spins in the dance.

                                  J-Walk's instrumental on the flip is as authentic a slice of B-side digi-dub versioning as one could hope for. Adding extra whistles and cowbells, tweaking the space echo even more than on the vocal version and throwing the focus at the percussion section and that catchy B-line. Yes selector!

                                  Limited copies - don't sleep on this riddim! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Massive Manchester dubwise affair here as Dom Blood & Fire's King Spinna label enlists Martin Brew and JA talent Joseph Cotton for a modern dancehall riddim complete with killer dub on the flip.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A. Rewind
                                  B. Gorilla Dust Cloud

                                  Red Axes continue their long-term dancefloor relationship with Phantasy and boldly embark down the ‘Rhythm Passage’, another triple-hitter of charismatic, out-there club music delivered only as they can.

                                  Beginning with the title track, ‘Rhythm Passage’ all but guarantees slowly escalating madness in disco spaces both vast and discreet. Weaponizing hypnotic percussion, dusty samples from rave eras gone by and all manner of classic Axes studio trickery, this seductive banger slowly, shrewdly unveils a visceral synth-pop melody that touches the heavens, before being quickly absorbed back into the bowels of the club.

                                  In the hands of Red Axes, even a relative DJ tool is a cosmic journey, as demonstrated on the escalating ‘Oh My Arp’, which finds a collection of the finest analogue musical machinery in electronic music conspiring to fry synapses, with traditional Tel Aviv musicality unexpectedly emerging from deep in the mix.

                                  Finally, ‘20Min’ sees the pair turn their attention to both percussive control and their penchant for suspense, using relatively minimal elements to conjure a liquified roller full of dense, subtle drum play and distinctly psychedelic touches.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Freewheelin', buckwild, technoid mayhem that sounds in parts like a freight train careering off its tracks. There's few compare to Red Axes and their much-lauded return to Phantasy is a triumph for both the ears and the dancefloor.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Rhythm Passage
                                  B1. Oh My Arp
                                  B2. 20 Min

                                  “Hypnophobia” is the bleep fueled beginning to a six release series from Dan Piu on Terrestrial Funk. Recorded from 1993 to 2021, the 27 tracks pose a reflection on the relativity of time. Exploring our connection between then and now, all that came before, and what is still to come. Each release will be accompanied by a foldout poster featuring oil paintings of city skylines at different points in time, all painted by Dan Piu himself. We start in present day London. A record for the club packed with retro-futurist sound and tried and tested house rhythms. Half indebted to the bleeps n bass, early Sheffield sound a la Warp records and half Detroitian swagger; it’s moody, bassy, jacking and edgy – all tastefully deployed at the best possible fidelity for the DJs. Really strong stuff that’s a class above the rest. Check!

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Big record of modern bleep and bass that's essential if you previously dug the sounds of Warp, B12, Trax, Network etc.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Aromatic Love Potion
                                  Space Bleepin In A Street Moment

                                  New one from DFTD. The A-side begins with Darius Syrossian & George Smeddles’ collaboration ‘Back In The Dance’. This uplifting dancefloor-ready groove with ‘90s influences marked a solid return to the floor after a long lockdown, and quickly became a favourite of top selectors. Next up on the A-side is the Transcriptions Mix of youANDme’s raw DFTD debut: ‘Moment’. Released in collaboration with Georgian singer-songwriter Kristina Sheli, this record cemented their status as contemporary powerhouses of the Berlin club scene.

                                  The B-side opens with OFFAIAH’s ‘Up All Night’, a fiery track that makes the perfect addition to any house set; the Las Vegas based artist continues to demonstrate his taste for catchy hooks and intense builds. The B-side continues with a record that has consistently dominated dancefloors throughout summer ’22, Marco Faraone’s powered-up remix of R.E.A.D’s ‘Where’s My Phone?’ featuring Sailor Jane, which closes out the package. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Fresh sounds from the DFTD stable who seem to be treading a more tech-house orientated path of late. This is proper up-all-night fun. The kinda stuff you hear emanating off the party island of Ibiza all Summer long.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Darius Syrossian & George Smeddles - Back In The Dance
                                  A2. YouANDme & Kristina Sheli - Moment (Transcriptions Mix)
                                  B1. Offaiah - Up All Night
                                  B2. R.E.A.D Ft. Sailor Jane - Where's My Phone (Marco Faraone Remix)

                                  Fresh off the back of his highly acclaimed debut album on Astral Black, Footshooter returns to the WOLF Music pack following his ethereal remix of Velour last year, with an exquisite six track journey through his signature sound.

                                  An amalgamation of genres, ideas and vibes blend seamlessly together throughout the record, showing a wealth of knowledge, alongside a production prowess to match. From the cinematic opener 'Welcome In' to the soulful, synth-laden broken beat of ‘Turning’ and 'Archetype 7' on the A side. Samples dance next to magical playing and programming, with hats tipped to legends of yester year whilst keeping things completely fresh at the same time.

                                  Flip it for the B, where UK Funky feels mix with bumping house for the fresh to death, dress to impress 'Dojo'. Footshooter then dips the lights down low and and slows the tempo with the beatsy, piano shimmering brilliance of 'Angel(s)' and the eyes closed, soul healing sounds of 'Hold On'.

                                  Six shots, no misses, Footshooter gets deep into the heart of what’s bubbling in London town right now.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1.  Welcome In
                                  A2.  Turning
                                  A3.  Archetype 7
                                  B1.  Dojo
                                  B2.  Angel(s)
                                  B3.  Hold On

                                  Been Stellar

                                  Been Stellar EP

                                    Crackly, bright and distorted - stories of violence, love, and a new, un-glamorous, New York City. 12" EP pressed on red transparent vinyl. Hailing from the suburbs of Detroit, the beaches of Los Angeles, and Brazil by way of Sydney, Nando Dale (guitar), Laila Wayans (drums), Sam Slocum (vocals), Nico Brunstein (bass) and Skyler St. Marks (guitar) have positioned themselves at the glimmering rotten center of tonight's rock and roll. Each member so distinctly themselves, it must be assumed that such a diverse and unlikely gang were drawn tight together in their first year of university by nothing short of serendipitous fortune and a shared, waggish sense of humor.

                                    They are a band of friends - sharing, crying, fighting, and kissing - wreaking havoc together and laughing like how only the jaunty youth can afford to. Been Stellar's arrangements come textured, swooping - pushing past you at a downtown pace and off to find a better night. The songs are of their own time and space, offering a New York City - Been Stellar's New York City - the sounds of growing up young.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Manhattan Youth
                                    My Honesty
                                    Kids 1995


                                    Literary Mind

                                      Sprints bring us another slice of cathartic, melodic and punchy punk-rock.. Produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band and out now on Nice Swan Records, the band will headline The Dome in London on October 13th. The single bookends a busy summer for the band, which included supporting Liam Gallagher in Belfast and a massively popular Glastonbury set. The new run of dates follows two sold-out UK tours. The accompanying video is a feel-good romantic odyssey culminating in the band crashing proceedings with typical exuberance.

                                      Chicago legend Rahaan provides two very special productions for his first release on UK label “Hot Biscuit Recordings”.

                                      “More” is a non-stop foot-stomping disco anthem; a wooden floor jobbie with wicky-wick, gnarly grooves, tribal chanting and rambunctious rhythm section. Set to cause havoc at the barn and the glitterball dances respectively. Meanwhile "Morning Starz" gazes towards the stars ina 80s jazz-funk fashion with digital keys, frenetic bass and tight boogie drum machine sequences. What a way to kick off the label! There's another Hot Biscuit out this week n'all - gotta catch em all! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Chicago legend Rahaan launches new label Hot Biscuit with two killer 12s of disco joy.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Morning Starz

                                      After beginning his career with roots in drum & bass, Nuage shifted his sound to embrace a wider range of styles while maintaining an emotionally charged vibe and finding a home on labels such as Anjunadeep and 20:20 Vision.

                                      Kicking off this EP for Phonica is the title track, “Pink Television”, a floaty and playful yet quite pacey melodic house excursion that reminds us of Floating Points’ synth work on his “Crush” album; with a real optimistic, blue-sky illumination about it.

                                      Next is “Ninety High” which swaps the four to the floor for an intricate breakbeat, highlighting Nuage’s history in break heavy music. A cleverly reconceptualised disco vocal sample and subtly withheld synth lines are combined with a sub rattling and pulsating bassline. The kinda track everyone from Craig Richarids to Ben UFO to Jane Fitz would roll out to rapturous enjoyment; it’s poised yet powerful, deep but anthemic.

                                      “Don’t Forgive Me” recalls classic trance and progressive house tropes with haunting vocal reverberations and a warehouse wall shaking bassline as the track meanders through tension and release of euphoric energy. Lastly, “Glances” opens with a skittish Rhodes riff and unites it with rich and perky melodies that weave in and out of focus. A classy deep house joint to close off this detailed and varied EP. Top stuff. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Phonica records continue their flawless streak with this neon-hued number from Nuage. Real clubby, with sumptuous electronic textures and crisp beats as it navigates a varied and modern soundscape of breaks, techno and bass.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Pink Television
                                      A2. Ninety High
                                      B1. Don't Forgive Me
                                      B2. Glances

                                      Jamie 3:26 & Danou P

                                      What It Is...

                                      Jamie 3:26 and emerging Dutch artist Danou P welcome the next phase of their heady union with a timeless EP on Dan Shake’s imprint. ‘

                                      ‘What It Is’ spreads across three tracks that make up over 34 minutes of music, brimming with peaks and valleys, Danou’s keys elevating Jamie’s authentic beats straight from the heart of the Chicago dancefloor. Dan Shake pays respect to the roots of electronic music through the music he makes, plays and releases, and has been patiently waiting on original material from Jamie for the label since ‘Were You Ready For That’ edit on Shake Tapes in 2018.

                                      Kicking off the EP is ‘Roy Layers’ based around a particular chord Roy Ayers used in his music.
                                      Like a rocket climbing through the atmosphere with Roy Ayers behind the wheel, and you’re hitching a ride with him through the galaxy.

                                      ‘Bushman Boogie’, is a late night track with a deep sound made for dark and sweaty underground spaces. It’s gospel organ work stirring up a storm of excitement across a hefty bass bin testing groove.

                                      ‘Rug Burn’ does exactly what it’s there to make you do” “dance your ass off and burn a hole in the rug!” says Jamie “I always create music from a dancefloor perspective, because that's where I started, on the other side of the booth. I know what's gonna move me emotionally and physically, and so I’m not gonna make anything that's not gonna make me shake my ass!” Danou P - “Jamie always pushes me to be extra funky, to a level where I didn’t even know I had it in me. This is exactly what he did when I laid down the organ on this track”. This one kicks harder than a frenzied mule in season and on crystal meth!

                                      Jamie and Danou first came together in the studio four years ago when Jamie brought him in to play keys on some of his tracks. Jamie quickly realized the energy between them was too special just to leave it at that, and started nurturing Danou’s talent. A deep brotherly connection was formed in and out of the studio, and it’s what Jamie believes creates the magic that permeates into the music they make, already with an impressive catalog of remixes together for HiFi Sean & Crystal Waters, DC LaRue’s ‘Cathedrals’, and most recently for Defected’s Nigel Lowis 'Brotherly Love’. Check!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Buckstomping mainroomers from a duo revelling in their chemistry. Gospel organs, kicking beats, fat bass - this bad boys got everything you need to rouse a riot on the dancefloor!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Roy Layers
                                      B1. Bushman Boogie
                                      B2. Rug Burn

                                      Introducing Jaisiel; The Canary Islands’ answer to Bacalao. After years modestly honing his craft in Madrid and Tenerife and re-appropriating forgotten dollar bin gems for his label Ears On Earth, Jaisiel has found a home on Antinote with his shimmering “On The Universe” EP. Tinged with a late 80s sound are 3 tracks of convertible top down, shirts unbuttoned, neon glow dance music.

                                      Opening the maxi 12” is the ecstatic “Talk To Nature” replete with chirps, coos and woofs. Its catchy melody a subtle nod to ATB’s seminal anthem “9PM (Till I Come)” which was once quoted as sublimating sexuality with its ‘purring titillation’. There is an equally evocative fluidity to “Talk To Nature” found in Jaisiel’s use of pitch bent guitar, climaxing snare rolls and pounding kick drum. However it’s all very lighthearted when compared to “Embrace The Unknown” a driving and mystical track filled with vocoder commands, tinny drones and synth stabs whose accompanying pointed bass line makes this the perfect song for peak time transitions. Raving into the sunrise on the Carretera El Saler is “On The Universe” a contemplative and melancholic closer. Still vibrating with residual dance NRG, the central vocoder breakdown beckons you to reach for trance, to consider The Universe, as it were.

                                      What ties together this “On The Universe EP” is Jaisiel’s penchant to upcycle 80s and 90s trance dance sounds in a clear and fresh flavour, distinctly Spanish, while simultaneously using just-enough-cheese catch phrases without being too cliché or pastiche. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Tropical house goodness from Jaisiel which tips its hat to a well known trance classic! Infact, the whole EP sounds like it's been birthed in 90s Ibiza - proggy, expansive, littered with pan pipes, bird song and tropes from the glory days of hedonism.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Talk To Nature
                                      Embrace The Unknown
                                      On The Universe

                                      "Trembala" is the new multi track project of Dutch artist and producer Tom Trago on his own self-titled imprint. It’s a warm and sunny ride with the typical Trago edge. First track in the series "Forever Whatever" is a serious dancefloor jam and bulldozes the listener with positivity, showing off Tom's finesse with shimmering synth work nestled amongst delicate but driving percussion and the bounciest of baselines. Timed perfectly a nostalgic motif ties the arrangement together creating moments of pure elation and joy in this immediately recognizable aural feast. This vibe continues through all four tracks, making it a perfectly well-rounded uplifting and dancy deep house affair.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: After dropping the recent "Compass Joint" alongside Charlie Soul Clap, Tom Trago flies a solo mission across green pastures of techno and house; keeping energy levels and melodic content high throughout.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Forever Whatever
                                      A Shine Through
                                      Slow Rise

                                      Pedro's House is the dancefloor focused output of Pedro Ricardo, one of the most promising up and coming Portuguese house producers. Based between London and Berlin, Pedro takes cues from the stars of house music such as Glenn Underground or Boo Williams and mixes it with the jazzier influences we find in GAMM or Felipe Gordon records. It's a pure and simple formular but one full of individuality and flair. The four tracks made you wiggle and thrust like the best house tracks do, the bonus being an air of musicality and sophistication which should invite the deeper heads to get involved. A triumph of a twelve and definitely a producer to watch. Check!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Playful, inventive, no nonsense house music just like we like it - dusty round the edges and full of vigour! Pedro Ricardo announces his arrival in fine form.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Side 1
                                      1. Yeah (4:51)
                                      2. I Feel You (5:56)
                                      Side 2
                                      1. To GU (7:08)
                                      2. Yes (5:27)

                                      Raúl Monsalve Y Los Forajidos

                                      Calipso Time / Deo E' Mono

                                      Commissioned for Fela Day in Amsterdam Paradiso Noord, Raul Monsalve y Los Forajidos celebrates the legacy of the father of Afrobeat, Fela Anikolapu Kuti, with this new 10’’ vinyl on Super Sonic Jazz Records, where Nigerian rhythms travel the Atlantic ocean to meet Venezuelan Calipso, sangueos, and more.

                                      First in Venezuela, Monsalve played with a number of bands before forming the first incarnation of his Forajidos band. A move to Paris, via London, led to opportunities to share stages with a vast array of musical giants, not least of all the legendary Nigerian saxophonist Orlando Julius, as well as the Heliocentrics, Venezuelan master percussionist Orlando Poleo and members of Fela Kuti’s legendary bands, Afrika 70 and Egypt 80.

                                      “Calipso Time” is none other than a cover of Fela’s Koola Lobitos’ “Highlife Time”. Taking the original track to the region of El Callao in Venezuela, where the population from Trinidad & Tobago and other islands in the Caribbean settled themselves at the end of the 19th century when they started to work in mineral exploitation. As a result, this region of Venezuela has a particular language, mixing English and Spanish elements, and of course the celebration of the Carnival and the birth of Venezuelan calypso.

                                      Side B brings the Afrobeat madness of “Deo e’ Mono”, the very first track Monsalve did for the project back in the day. As Raul says ‘I just took the opportunity to celebrate Fela’s anniversary by recording this track as I dreamed it should sound when I was starting the project, learning Afrobeat only through records’. For this Monsalve called Chief Uduh Essiet, the original percussionist of the Egypt 80 and with the Forajidos’ Mario Orsinet on drums the rhythm section was without doubt cooking immediately. As on their last record, “Bichos” on Olindo Records, these two tracks are full of psychedelia, rough electronics, powerful vocals and tons of traditional Venezuelan percussion.

                                      Line up:

                                      Raul Monsalve - bass, guitar, percussion
                                      Lya Bonilla - vocals
                                      Edgar Bonilla- keys, FX
                                      Nando Guerrero - guitar
                                      Julien Matrot - trumpet
                                      Andres Vela- tenor sax
                                      Christine Roch- barytone sax
                                      Yves Prudhomme- cumaco, campanas
                                      Chief Udoh Essiet - congas
                                      Dionis Bahamonde- bumbac
                                      Mario Orsinet - drums

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Afrobeat meets calypso! Guided by Fela Kuti's inspiration we get two fiery hot renditions full of Venezuelan charm.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Calipso Time
                                      Deo E Mono

                                      Brussels based master tastemaker, DJ and producer, soFa delivers his first ever solo EP “All My Friends Are Witches”, tipping Planet Trip records into double digits.

                                      Take a head first dive down the wormhole of soFa’s dubbed out trips, made even more special with incredible vocalist collaborations with Saeko Killy, Ank and Nyati Mayi, plus a mind bending remix from fellow PT extended family Mogwaa to close out the EP.

                                      RIYL: Bokeh Versions, Jahtari, 90s downbeat, The Orb, Sly & Robbie etc.

                                      Recorded by soFa & friends during the first Covid lockdown at Rocket 23 Studios Molenbeek, Brussels
                                      Written and produced by sofa
                                      Mixed by Mick t-woc
                                      Mastered by Nick Arks
                                      Artwork By Johann Kauth

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Psychedelic dub with Balearic washes and a decidedly tropical feel. This is the one for the daytime dreamers and late night steppers. A totally beguiling mix of mystic dub. CHECK!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      The Dream Feat. Saeko Killy
                                      Orange Pax Feat. Nyati Mayi
                                      Naked Under The Rain Feat. Ank
                                      Albertos Rules
                                      Naked Under The Rain (Mogwaa Remix)

                                      The primer of techno was barely dry or England already had its own variant of the genre: UK techno. “Original Man” by British producer Dave Angel is perhaps the perfect example of what that variant sounded like, back then. If only you knew where to find it. The single was released in 1993 on a record label that has long since ceased to exist. Fortunately, Utrecht-based record label SoHaSo made this transverse techno-soul classic available again, in a punchy remaster. With its juxtaposed rhythm programming and orchestral arrangements, “Original Man” still lives up to its title, even if it is 30 years later. On the flip you'll find “Quarter Pounder”. With its nervous hi-hats and high paced rhythms, this seems like the perfect soundtrack for a highway chase between two roadhouses. As a bonus, SoHaSo has supplemented the vinyl version of this EP with a rare Dave Angel track which also was released back in 1993 on French dance label FNAC. It's called “4th Symphony” and ticks all the right techno boxes: strings, hihats and a melancholic melody. If you wanna learn more about UK techno, you might as well start with this wonderful re-release.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: A piece of true UK techno history from an oft-overlooked stalwart of the underground - Dave Angel. Before moving onto drum and bass he was concocting scene defining moments like this. Characterized by his unique and highly frenetic drum palette, warm synths and euphoric energy; there's few early blueprints as good as this.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Original Man
                                      Quarter Pounder
                                      4th Symphony 

                                      The Jak has returned with 2 new Dirty Blends in extremely limited quantity. Number six comes with audio back up from Rudy Rugar. Another artist dedicated to continuing the lineage of Chicago house music in its rawest and purist forms!

                                      The Jak kicks the A-side off with "A Lost Religion", an offbeat rhythm with furious undercover drums, an atomic boom effect triggering energized strings fusing an artistic tradition of early basement style production ofThe Muzik Box re-igniting the past to the present into the future for education.

                                      Rudy Rogar beats the B-side with 2 tracks (a first for the label thus far) that both exemplify his keen grasp of body kinetics and ability to conjure up acid trax voodoo ina authentic style. Perfecto! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Digging this series massively. Absolutely essential you're into Jamal Moss / Members Only, Ron Hardy, Lil Louis, Adonis etc - the strong lineage of Chicago house experimentalists which fuck with tape loops and wigged out riddims.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      The Jak - A Lost Religion
                                      Rudy Rugar - Pazuzu
                                      Rudy Rugar - Back To Enterprise

                                      Pye Corner Audio

                                      Let's Remerge! (Sonic Boom Remixes)

                                        Pye Corner Audio releases an EP of remixes by Spacemen 3 legend Sonic Boom. Let’s Remerge! takes three tracks from the recent album Let’s Emerge! – which went to Number One in the Official Charts’ dance chart following its release in July – and gives them all appropriately weird and wonderful twists. ‘Haze Loops’ gets turned inside out, the smoke clearing to reveal some new shoots; Andy Bell’s guitar is brought to the fore on ‘Saturation Point’, keeping things together as the rest of the track spins out of control in the background, like a cross between Khruangbin and Ennio Morricone; previous single ‘Warmth Of The Sun’ is put through an acid blender, blurring all the edges and giving us one much-needed final hit of serotonin as the summer recedes into the distance.

                                        “When Nat from Sonic Cathedral said we should ask Sonic Boom for a remix, I thought he was kidding, but as a huge Spacemen 3 fan I felt we should give it a shot,” says Pye Corner Audio, aka Martin Jenkins. “Happily, he ended up remixing three tracks and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. He really took them somewhere special.” “Friends kept mentioning Pye Corner Audio. Friends with good taste. And when I listened, I could hear why,” says Sonic Boom, aka Pete Kember, who has just released Reset, his acclaimed collaboration with Panda Bear. “When Sonic Cathedral approached me about a remix, with Andy Bell in tow to boot, I asked for the stems of the three tracks that I liked the most… and sometimes in life things just flow. “Three tracks and three remixes later, here we are, finally sending them off into the world to do their thing and for us to float and oscillate into their textures. These songs were medicine during troubled times for me. I can’t think of a better endorsement.” Praise for Let’s Emerge! “It was an amazing thing to realise that people connected so positively with Let’s Emerge!” says Martin, “as it was such a personal record to make.”

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Barry says: Sonic Boom takes his deft hand to three of the highlights from Pye Corner Audio's superb 'Let's Emerge' LP (my personal LP of the year), and twists them into psychedelic versions of the originals. In keeping with the originals, but taken in entirely new directions, it's a brilliant outing from Kember, and a wonderful addition to the considerable PCA canon.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Haze Loops (Sonic Boom Remix)
                                        A2. Saturation Point (Sonic Boom Remix)
                                        B1. Warmth Of The Sun (Sonic Boom Remix)

                                        Walter Gibbons

                                        The Ten Commandments Are The Law Of The Land

                                        'The last time I saw Tee Scott I brought a record for him. It was a mix of "Law Of The Land" with a little bit of "Ten Percent" and the Ten Commandments spoken. He Played it and the crowd roared like I've never heard in my life. Especially after the part where he's saying 'though salt not commit adultery, thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill' - there was such a roar. It was like WOW, compared to what they hear normally/ It was very interesting.'

                                        Speaking some years later, Walter's friend, fellow DJ & mixer Keith Dumpson reminisces: 'One time I saw Walter at Sunshine Sound', says Dumpson of the acetate-cutting studio beloved of DJs. 'He had that red beard and hair like Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments, and he was going to submit a mix show tape or WBLS, so I listened to it on the radio. The music was real nice, and all of a sudden I heard Walter's voice reading scriptures over the records. They took it right off the air, like, you hear silence, and then they put somebody else;s tape in. He was real upset about that.' It's finally time to listen to what Walter has to say.

                                        Holy grail disco edits shit here from its arguably most creative and pioneering period. Walter Gibbons mashes up "Law Of The Land" whilst preaching out the Ten Commandments over the top. EQ'd and spliced with all the dexterity of Larry Levan or Ron Hardy, it's frothing at the mouth, voodoo disco-funk - specialist tackle that skilled DJs are gonna whip up a storm with. Highly, highly recommended! 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Feverishly good edit from Walter Gibbons in a proper old school Muzic Box style - full of wild EQ'ing, phazing and rough cuts. Not to mentioned the inspired vocal delivered over the top by Gibbons himself.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A. The Ten Commandments Are The Law Of The Land
                                        B. Hand Claps

                                        Louie Vega is launches a trio of double pack 12” releases that includes special unreleased versions of select titles from the "Expansions In The NYC" album project. Each package also features unique customized art by celebrated artist Andrew Thiele who also created the art for the album jacket as well. This package is a tribute to two of Louie’s musical heroes, namely the late Patrick Adams and Larry Levan. Legendary producer Patrick Adams was the writer of "Chimi" and "Atmosphere Strut", and equally legendary DJ Larry Levan was instrumental in breaking Bernard Fowler’s early releases with The Peech Boys at The Paradise Garage before Bernard was catapulted into worldwide fame as one of the featured back up singers on tour and in the studio for the Rolling Stones. "Chimi" and "Atmosphere Strut" also feature collaborations with Louie’s renowned Elements of Life band and New York based house and hip-hop DJ / producer extraordinaire DJ Spinna.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Martin says: Kicking off an incredible three record series which develops themes presented on the “Expansions In The NYC” album; Louie Vega revisits three Patrick Adams / Larry Levan joints – giving them a deep house rub-down brimming with musicality and vibrancy. Stunning!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A. Chimi Ft. Elements Of Life (Tribute To Patrick Adams)
                                        B. Change Your Mind Ft. Bernard Fowler (Tribute To Larry Levan)
                                        C. Atmosphere Strut Ft. DJ Spinna (Tribute To Patrick Adams)
                                        D. Change Your Mind Ft. Bernard Fowler (Tribute To Larry Levan Instrumental)

                                        Far over on the West Coast of the USA we find a room full of drum machines, samplers and keyboards. Hard at work is Israel 'Iz' Gravning aka Tone Scientist, who's been using this Seattle studio to produce genre-defying future music for more than 25 years.

                                        Landing somewhere between Luke Vibert's Wagon Christ moniker, Pat Thomas' recently reissued "New Jazz Jungle" LP, Objekt's high-tek bass hybrids and a soundsystem friendly smattering of breaks and bass; Tone Scientist has conjured up something decidedly fresh but totally following the lineage of modern nightclub developments so as to sound natural and logical. An impressive double EP that skirts through numerous tempos and flavours, all with the dub woofers and a heavy sense of rhythm in mind. Recommended! 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: A more breaksy offering from Basic Moves and Tone Scientist who observes the early days hardcore, jungle and broken beat and re-packages the vibe for modern dancefloors. Plenty of bass across a jam packed double 12" pressed super heavy and nice for the DJs sticking two fingers up at the controller brigade.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Tone Scientist - Discrepancy
                                        Tone Scientist - Heartache
                                        Kris Moon - Bossman (tone Scientist Remix)
                                        Tone Scientist - Pyramids On Mars
                                        Tone Scientist - Things Get Done
                                        Zion12 (aka Tone Scientist) - Esoteric Junglist

                                        Welcome to BM-18, the biokinetic realm created by Dana Kuehr, a lush audio environment where organic and synthesized matter coalesce. As we float disembodied above this verdant pixel plain, Dana offers us shifting repetitions and sequences in disguise, each track a landscape within a world created in the utmost detail, from the minute bleeps and chirps to the enveloping and bumping bouncy basslines. Flickering drums explode like dandelion seeds in a breeze, searching for a place to lay, grow, and flourish. Sounds are captured (fingers tapping, rain patter, Belgian parakeets released from a '70s zoo, vocal oohs and ahhs) and hybridized with patterns, samples, and musical manoeuvres (jungle breaks, west coast hip hop, layered drums, IDM crunch and twinkle, reverb, delay, '90s R&B, underwater video game soundscapes). As in any imaginary sphere, there are characters who exchange and converse: rivers, coasts, clouds, lakes, echoes of dolphins, and peaceful frogs. Amidst their complex chatter, the sounds of BM-18 extend an invitation to dance, to feel our bodies alive and present, to acknowledge the impulse of movement and the pulsing heartbeats of each track. An ode to the Taoist consideration that all creatures live together in mystic unity, co-evolving and feeding each other, Dana brings together cloud ethereal with earth pounding, and like an orca's tail upon a restless sea, it slaps!

                                        All tracks written and produced by Dana Kuehr between April 2020 and November 2021 in Brussels, and mixed by Dan Piu at Checkpoint Charly Studio in Zurich between November 2021 and March 2022. Mastered and cut by Stefan Betke at Scape in Berlin. Original artworks by Camiflage and text by Ailsa Cavers. 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: High grade dance music whether your penchant is 4/4 beats, proggy breaks or acid-drenched box jams. Dana Kuehr distils a whole host of nightclub tropes into one, fresh new package for 2022. High quality pressing as well that'll make digi-DJs blush.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        How Do We Continue
                                        Almagest Slide
                                        Cloud B

                                        Great Lakes Empty Branches
                                        Realm 8
                                        Dana Kuehr Because

                                        Fresh off the back of a Number 1 album Wet Leg, are pleased to reveal a new remix of “Too Late Now” by the legendary Soulwax. The Belgian duo have crafted a certified banger for late-night dancefloors looping Rhian Teasdale’s original vocals through distorted synths and pounding bass cranking up the BPM as they go.

                                        Limited 12” vinyl release featuring an exclusive instrumental mix on the b-side. 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Following on in their series which has touched up, thus far, Fontaines DC and Sylvester; Soulwax apply their electronic, stadium-tickling magic to recent upshots Wet Leg. It's a clanging, shuddering lesson in rhythm and discord that'll go down a hoot at both your local indie disco and the mainroom of the superclub.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A. Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)
                                        B. Too Late Now (Soulwax Instrumental Mix)

                                        Yore return with the second Glenn Davis” 12”, a year on from his last 12" “Soul On My Side”, Dublin-based DJ and producer Glenn Davis returns with its sequel, the as-stellar "Better Daze". The dynamic title cut locks in instantly with a pumping kick drum and builds layer by layer thereafter. Percussion, hi-hats, electric piano chords, and synthesizers add to the thrust of the production as it grows ever more urgent. As the track advances, Davis drapes a jazzy keyboard solo across the booming bass as the swing swells to a near-ecstatic level. “Your Time” rounds out the A-side with a cut that suggests pure energy at its outset before quickly morphing into a sleek house strut. With percussion included and late-night synth atmospherics folded in, the breezy tune starts to sound like something you'd hear banging out on the dancefloor.

                                        On the flip, Davis brings the skipping house groove of "Inner Monologue” to a fever while moody chords, hand drums, and a snappy groove set the scene. It's the female vocalist's soulful delivery and vibes-like earworm that make the tune the standout it is. Think of a dark room and a red light bulb and… well you know the rest!

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: With both label and producer synonymous with authentic deep house, you kinda know what to expect. A highly musical offering which tips its hat at Ron Trent, Moods & Grooves and Kerri Chandler along the way. Mega house music.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Better Daze 07:42
                                        2. Your Time 05:51
                                        3. Dance 07:28
                                        4. Inner Monologue 07:35

                                        French firecracker Adrien Calvet shacks up on those sun-kissed Bali shores providing a luscious EP for Pantai People’s fifth release. Soulful serenity underpinned by bumping house grooves with that distinctive French feel.

                                        On the A, title track ‘Le Doigt De Toto’ kicks off the journey with its infectious bassline, sweeping pads and absorbing vocals. Beachside or boothside, this one hits just right. Berlin’s Cinthie then works her magic giving it a late night, heads down, deep house rework.

                                        Flip it for another two gems, the jazz-infused, acid-tinged ‘Riesling’ featuring Coupe Melba that slips down like a smokey Negroni with an added kick and the slap bass channeling, cosmic percussive workout ‘Esperance’.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Millie says: Pantai People continues to be a label to watch. Adrien Calvet debuts here with a vibrant palette of acid, piano and various drum boxes to keep us vibing. Sounds great next to that Bliss Street Queens record also from this week!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Le Doigt De Toto
                                        A2. Le Doigt De Toto (Cinthie Remix)
                                        B1. Riesling (Ft. Coupe Melba)
                                        B2. Esperance

                                        Pina Edits

                                        Vol. 9

                                        Another big-hitting, small format slice from the Pina Crew! Funk-heavy & crisply rendered workouts across A/B here as they go on a decidely deep house tangent.

                                        "C64s" swings and sways with all the sloppiness of a Jose Rico or Rick Wade production. Pumping organs and warped strings ultimately giving way to a hi-pass filtered hook of "Heaven and Hell Is on Earth", super nice.

                                        "Billy Dance" is more low-slung, moody backroom vibes with a subtle 303 guiding proceedings in the background. Sexy horn stabs and a swamp of intoxicating Rhodes plumping up what is already a very bustling deep house instrumental. Reeeal nice. 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: A housey offering from the Pina cartel who keep things swaying nicely through two exclusive edits on another instalment of their infamous pocket rocket.s

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A. C64s
                                        B. Billy Dance

                                        Brown Sugar

                                        I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks

                                          A stone-cold classic conscious Lovers Rock tune from the seminal British reggae group Brown Sugar. ‘I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks’ was originally released in 1977, and is now pressed loud for the first ever time on this new one-off press edition 12” on Soul Jazz Records.

                                          Brown Sugar formed in London in 1976, made up of teenagers Pauline Catlin, Caron Wheeler and Carol Simms. After Brown Sugar, Caron Wheeler became known worldwide as the vocalist in Soul II Soul. Carol Simms launched a successful solo career under the name Kofi.

                                          I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks’ was originally released on the Lovers Rock label, a fledgling reggae label formed by Dennis Bovell, John Kpiaye and producer Dennis Harris.

                                          Brown Sugar were unique - not only were they one of the most important of the first wave of lovers rock groups, they were the only group who managed to successfully blend together a reggae roots consciousness with a lovers rock sensibility.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: One of two loud-cut Soul Jazz reggae twelves this week. The lover's rock classic by Brown Sugar has become of the most enduring tracks of this homegrown sub-genre. Complete with dub version there's simply no better pressing of this currently available!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks
                                          2. I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks (Version)

                                          Pacific Rhythm returns with a heady new offering entitled the “Deep Hows EP" from NYC based Producer and DJ, Arsenii under his Bliss Street Queens moniker. The EP effortlessly trips through the cosmic and psychedelic sounds of the hazy and hopeful 1990's in a refreshing and modern style, all while shining a light on Arsenii’s undeniable ear for rhythm, energy, and feeling on the dance floor.

                                          This one can carry you from the chill-out room to the main stage and is an essential pick-up for all of the Interesting Audio enthusiasts out there looking for machine funk of the highest caliber!

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Though NYC based, this EP brings back all the scents and feels of the Vancouver Riviera. Multi-dimensional analogue house that recalls Pender Street Steppers, Andras Fox and Moon B.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Celestial Frogs
                                          A2. Find Me
                                          B1. Enjoy The Sirens
                                          B2. Spiritus Sanctus

                                          This is a fat package of remixes. David Morales, Kai Alce, Atjazz, The Checkup. All reworked songs from the upcoming debut album by Kosmo Kint.

                                          Discovered by Toytonics about 3 years ago whist looking for a singer to work, Kosmo Kint is a soul vocalist raised in New York. He now lives in Berlin, after studying Opera singing in Vienna and was looking for the right crew to hook up in Berlin.

                                          After 4 collaborations on songs of different Toy Tonics artists (Kapote, Rhode & Brown, Mangabey, Sam Ruffilo) Kosmo is preparing to unleash his debut solo album later next year. In the meantime, the label have gifted him the remix talent of David Morales (they must think he's good!) as well as Kao Alce and Atjazz.

                                          I don't know about you, but seeing David Morales on a record always gets me going. The NYC legend has put magic house touches onto pretty much everyone whose anyone over his decades long career. Madonna, CeCe Peniston, Kylie Minogue, Jamiroquai, Lisa Stansfield, Loose Joints; he's EVEN done an alright job on the bloody Spice Girls FFS! Here he deploys his driving deep house percussion, spiritual organs and expert filter use across two different mixes, using the vocal stems of "Invisible" in a quintessentially Morales fashion that's easily worth the entrance fee alone.

                                          Meanwhile Matin Iveson aka Atjazz goes on a gliding neo-soul / broken beat tip, edging the catchy "Too Big" into club territory and Kai Alce gets to grips with "Fake Love" - chopping vital bits of the vocal and layering up fluttering leads, swirling pads and heavy atmos for a deep, late night house jaunt full of jazzy flavour and a post 3AM energy.

                                          Massive TIP on this one folks - an artist to watch and a set of remixes that'll surely become highly sought after. Don't sleep! 

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: I'm an absolute sucker for a David Morales remix. Deep spiritual house that bumps beautifully, with anthemic qualities rendering it deep into your psyche. So good!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1) Invincible (David Morales Club Mix)
                                          A2) Invincible (David Morales NYC Remix)
                                          B1) Too Big (Atjazz Remix Extended)
                                          B2) Fake Love (Kai Alce Remix)

                                          Beatconductor firing off these Gatt guns in quick succession at the moment! Number four in the crowd pleasing mash-up sevens series. 

                                          "Think About It" uses one of Whitney Houston's strongest vocal performances over her career over a stomping live instrumental guided by pounding piano chords. Add a gospel choice backing and you've got a tasty mash-up that'll slay the masses on a souped up Saturday night!

                                          On side B, Sjöberg revisited a universally adored high point of the Beatconductor catalogue - his reworking of Vangelis' "Let It Happen". Editting it down for 7" formular it does away with the huge extended breakdown that featured in the 12" version and just concentrates on those rolling bass grooves and vocal hook that instantly makes you want to raise your hands in the air. 

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Yowzers. Is it Christmas party season already?! BC adds some weight to Whitney Houston's crowd pleasing classic whilst his "Let It Happen" gets dragged from his discography and condensed down to 7" format.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A. Think About It
                                          B. Let It Happen

                                          Bruce, K-Lone, Rhythmic Theory and Glances line-up on this tearing 12" comp. The 12" brings these four artists who have close ties to Chris Farrell’s Bristol-based label and shop.

                                          Bruce with a contemplative dancefloor dub in tribute to Alex T, esteemed Leeds record shop worker and DJ - sadly taken from us too young.

                                          K-Lone delivers a subtle and subby house roller.

                                          Rhythmic Theory makes a final appearance with a bumpy and bassy techno track.

                                          Glances bring a deft funkiness to the broken techno sound.

                                          This is the end of a chapter. The last Idle Hands release for the time being. The shop continues and new projects beckon.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Bristol-based record shop and label Idle Hands complete their recent run of discs with a forward-facing, future-proof V/A offering that'll satiate those with a penchant for bass n beats.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Glances - Swagger In Bricks
                                          Rhythmic Theory - The Black Forest
                                          Bruce - Gary Deep's Snyder Dreams
                                          K-Lone - Sub Club

                                          Glenn Underground teams up with rising vocalist Swaylo on dreamy soulful house "Happy Hour". First mix comes courtesy of Mark Francis who, utilizing warm piano chords, catchy percussion and rich musicality, unleashes a track so Body & Soul you can almost picture yourself at their infamous Sunday session bathing in this rich spiritual house track with Joe Claussell commanding proceedings from the booth. The main mix is more rhythm rooted, slightly more stripped back and with more bass prominence. Finally the dubb mix does what we'd expect and do away with the vocals leaving our attention firmly immersed in the rich instrumental section; which get bolstered by intriguing synth patterns, even more percussion and lavish strings.

                                          An exemplary offering from Chicago's finest. Best deep house record I've heard for a while.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Second wave Chicagoan Glenn Underground returns to his Strictly Jazz label with a seriously strong collaboration with vocalist Swaylo. There's a bit of that Peven Everett soul resplendent throughout "Happy Hour", taking to dazzling heights on Mark Francis' remix. Check!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Side 1
                                          1. Happy Hour (Mark Francis Remix) (7:28)
                                          Side 2
                                          1. Happy Hour (main Mix) (7:51)
                                          2. Happy Hour (Dubb Mix) (5:48)

                                          After appearing on Acid Test’s 10 Year Anniversary compilation Patricia, aka Max Ravitz, debuts an EP on the label with “Less Than 7”, a collection of tracks that sits squarely in the club-focused end of the label’s output. Ravitz grew up in Chicago and has family roots in Detroit; these cities cultivated his affinity for mid-western dance music, with early Trax Records being a standout favorite. Years later, while living in New York, collaborator Alexis Georgopoulos introduced Ravitz to Tin Man’s “Neo Neo Acid” LP (released on Acid Test in 2012). This album struck a particular chord, impacting his creative vision for the Patricia project and setting him on the path towards a fruitful collaboration with Tin Man as Ociya (also released on Acid Test).

                                          After 2021's IDM-leaning “Blue Ridge” LP, the “Less Than 7” EP marks Patricia's return to the dancefloor. Here, Ravitz explores four dimensions of acid music, each track deploying that classic squelch to differing effect. Both tracks on the A side pack a gut punch. The almost industrial beat on “At A. Gallop” stomps along under moody pads and dripping acid lines until, midway, new harmonies reveal fresh vistas. “Head Gap Width” is the EP’s most direct statement, a bolt of dubby techno energy with gurgling acid bass and rhythmic Detroit stabs. The B side then shifts things to a more emotive plane. “Winding To The Side” uses its 9 minutes to fully explore the harmonic interplay between its buoyant braindance acid lines, which are engineered to suspend the late morning dance floor in time. “Coffee Computer” closes things out, with its detuned pads, walking acid bassline and child-like piano lending it a wistful air that falls between house and IDM.

                                          “Less Than 7” was recorded at Ravitz’s home studio in Asheville, NC, and mastered by close friend Josh Bonati.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Phhwoooaar! Get on that "Head Gap Width" track! Driving, late night Detroit techno up there with some of the best examples. Feeling the sumptuous, 303-led braindance of "Coffee Computer" too. Yep - a solid addition to the Acid Test archives.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. At A. Gallop
                                          A2. Head Gap Width
                                          B1. Winding To The Side
                                          B2. Coffee Computer

                                          Aiden Ayers

                                          Up To You / New Tie Bow

                                          Another unmissable 7” release from Public Possession ; “Up To You” is a celestial yet driving folk rock record with an irresistible groove. One of those perfect crossover moments that accidently skirts into Balearica without sounding forced or cliched.

                                          The B-Side cut “New Tie Bow” is more like deep, spiritual, desert electronica. Tranquil, a rich and well balanced mix comprising of hovering synths and brushed drums; it possess a warming, calm quality that’s hard to place but impossible to ignore. Aiden Ayers is proving to be a diverse and skilled songwriter / instrumentalist, and we’re thrilled to share his musical journey. 

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Vancouver's Aiden Ayers continues to make splashes in the Balearic ocean. A skilled song writer whose more than a one trick pony, we also glimpse into his more electronic flavoured side on B-side track, "New Tie Bow". One to watch for sure. Manchester debut please!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Up To You 
                                          New Tie Bow 

                                          New single from Caroline Polachek entitled “Billions” and the second to be taken from her upcoming, sophomore album. The single features new B-Side & rework of Brooklyn-based musician, artist, composer & Mercury Music Prize nominated producer Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Long Road Home” from his 2020 album “Magic Oneohtrix Point Never.” Caroline Polachek is a Grammy-Award winning artist and songwriter who’s lead single “Bunny Is A Rider” was chosen by Pitchfork as their “Best Song of 2021.” The LA-based artist released her solo album "PANG" in 2019 to critical acclaim, receiving praise from Pitchfork (7.3), The Guardian (4/5), NME (4/5), TLOBF (9/10), Paste (8/10), & more. She is confirmed as direct support for Dua Lipa across her North American Stadium Tour, as well as Coachella 2022

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Martin says: Glistening, heart-felt synth-pop to make you woozy. Delivered by this Grammy decorated LA-based artist.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Billions
                                          2. Long Road Home

                                          Tropical Fuck Storm + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

                                          Satanic Slumber Party

                                            Tropical Fuck Storm + King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – need we say more?

                                            Recommended If You Like: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Slits, Amyl and The Sniffers, The Drones / Gareth Lidiard, black midi, Iceage, Bad Brains, The B-52s.

                                            Satanic Slumber Party is a collaborative 12” by two of Australia’s finest - Tropical Fuck Storm and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Pumped full of booze and adrenaline, our heroes offer up 20-minutes of sax skronks, brick-heavy distortion, and punchy riffs. It’s a packed party full of four guitars, three drummers, two synths, bass, harmonica, electronic sax and loads of singers and silliness. It’s like ‘Love Shack’ by the B52’s except more evil.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Satanic Slumber Party (18:50)

                                            Four remixes of tracks from LoneLady's "Former Things" Featuring reworks by The Other Two (Stephen Morris of New Order), DJ Stingray, DMX Krew, and LoneLady herself.

                                            Speaking in-depth about the remix EP, LoneLady explains: 'As a huge fan of all things Stephen Morris, I was beyond delighted when he was up for doing a remix of "(There Is) No Logic’" The result is an ecstatic merging of LoneLady and New Order - with amazing attention to detail and driving propulsion so recognisably and brilliantly Stephen-esque - he’s created an irresistible, swaggering banger! It's a dream come true!'

                                            'DMX Krew’s remix of Fear Colours has got the playfulness ramped right up with some cheeky but soulful nods…It has shades of a late night at the studio with Wendy & Lisa, the champagne corks and Linn Drums-a-popping, and I love it!'

                                            'Working with Bill (Skibbe) again was a joy and we had lots of fun with this. I had dug out a couple of old-school hip-hop samples and reworked a section of "(There Is) No Logic". Me and Bill then went to town creating choppy sections and textures, adding tons of percussion, congas and a wild guitar solo. I was re-reading a favourite book at the time - Wide Sargasso Sea and the vivid colours and tropical atmosphere definitely infused the mix. Enjoy the journey - Manchester meets Jamaica via Michigan!'

                                            'The genesis of the Former Things album was early electro / techno, and DJ Stingray’s Vigilance Mix provides the perfect conclusion to the EP, coming full circle with "Threats" receiving the authentic Detroit techno treatment. Revelling in dystopian shadows, brute beats and an ambience of shivery fear - just how I like to end a party.'

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Matt says: Amazing to see LoneLady really cement her underground electronic credentials by personally selecting and working with this roster of remixers. I always knew she was a massive dance / club music lover and this EP proves it!

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. (There Is) No Logic (The Other Two Remix)
                                            A2. Fear Colours (DMX Krew Remix)
                                            B1. (There Is) No Logic (LoneLady Sargasso ReWerk)
                                            B2. Threats (DJ Stingray 313 Vigilance Mix)

                                            Richard Formby / Spectrum

                                            Sweet Running Water / The Drunk Suite

                                              A first time release for 2 untitled demos from Spectrum’s 1992 classic “Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)” LP.

                                              Listed here as “untitled”, the pair of tunes here were penned by Richard Formby initially and were developed into the classics “Sweet Running Water” and “The Drunk Suite” for the LP which represented Sonic Boom’s first project as a band post Spacemen 3.

                                              Lovely stripped down minimal pieces which represent a fascinating insight into how the tracks were first laid down and presented to Sonic and Mike Stout in the band.

                                              Definitely one for all Spacemen (and post S3 bands) afficionados and released as a one time pressing of 500 45s dressed up nice in PY’s BBC ‘70s library ‘tip of the hat’ sleeves and additional backing card. 

                                              Orange Tree bossman Jimmy Rouge gets his shears out for another round of evergreen edits from deep in the depths. Soundsystem crunchin new wave and synth pop sounds, sit side by side with mind expanding downtempo melters for this all hitters, no critters four tracker.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1. Bay Leaf
                                              A2. Rounders
                                              B1. Night Train
                                              B2. Fever Dream


                                              Out Of Luck / We All Fall Down

                                              More old skool flavoured rollers from the Beyond Electronix camp, enlisting Law for a double header for heavy breaks and hard ruffage.

                                              "Out Of LucK" delicately pairs phazed rave pads, rude boy air horns and deep sub bass to a rampant classic jungle break. "We All Fall Down" swamps a tight punctuated break in wide wubbing Reeces and electrified sweeps - dropping in a familiar female rave vox at the crucial point.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: More old skool flavoured rollers from the Beyond Electronix camp, enlisting Law for a double header for heavy breaks and hard ruffage.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A. Out Of Luck
                                              B. We All Fall Down

                                              Eyes Of Others

                                              Bewitched By The Flames - Blue Ink Edition

                                                Eyes of Others - have been described as making ‘post-pub couldn’t get in the club music’. Really though, you’ll recognise it as the sound of the small hours.

                                                It’s The Blue Nile lost on the dancefloor at an Optimo night; John Martyn working magic with drum loops and Logic; a copy of the first Suicide LP washed up on the shores of Portobello Beach. It’s drawn curtains and an overheating stereo in your friend’s living room after the rest of town has called it a night, it’s hours spent watching the windows before sunrise in a slumbering city.

                                                Bewitched by the Flames is a very limited vinyl only EP of home recordings. The songs are intimate, compelling and strange - electronic yet completely human, stories of everyday life set to woozy, lolloping rhythm tracks.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Laura says: Dreamy hypnotic grooves - like a slow-mo Beta Band or early Panda Bear - perfect late night / early hours listening. We really love this here at Piccadilly!

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Once, Twice, Thrice
                                                2. Escalation
                                                3. Well-thumbed Letters
                                                4. Jargon Jones And Jones
                                                5. Granny
                                                6. Mother Father

                                                XL Middleton & Saucy Lady

                                                Go Steady

                                                Decorated Star Creature veterans XL Middleton & Saucy Lady combine forces for a spectacular slice of modern funk here. Not only does "Go Steady" have an impossible to ignore chorus, it features some serious slick and funky synth work from Middleton; and a yearning, sugary vocal from Saucy Lady. An instant classic for the label, this is exactly why Star Creature was conceived to showcase the best in modern boogie and funk records like this! 

                                                A complete no brainer for any dancefloor, it'll have dancers won over in second with it's full array of instrumental goodness and heavenly sweet vocal. Come with instrumental version. 

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: Star Creature doing what it does best - exemplary modern funk for the aficionados and new inductees of boogie school.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Side 1
                                                1. Go Steady
                                                Side 2
                                                1. Go Steady (instrumental)

                                                New EP from Oceanic on the Dutch label Nous Klaer Audio. This is pretty special - reminding me a little of Space Dimension Controller meets Four Tet. It's at once anthemic and hi-tech - advanced synthesis techniques colliding with catching riffs and propulsive drums.

                                                While "Lucie's Love" is the most Hebden-esque - with coke can drums, rushing vox and urgent energy; "Other Side Of The Shell" sounds more like SDC - gated synthlines falling like crystal rain across luminous glades and deep bass ripples. Both tracks ushering in a futuristic aesthetic that's sure to dazzle and astonish when played at louder volumes.

                                                "Green Blue" is the most anthemic number; a singular, heavily reduced piece that centers on an epic three note motif and decorated with expert sound design and radiant sfx.

                                                Really strong stuff here from Oceanic, dead excited to hear more from this producer. Apparently there's an album due - watch this space! 

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: Who's this then?! Apparently due with an album later next year, Oceanic seems like one to watch if this EP is anything to go by. Uplifting space-age tapestries with an anthemic quality and high sheen.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Lucie's Love (blond Edit)
                                                Green Blue
                                                Other Side Of The Shell

                                                Adam Curtain turns out a record of breaks, electro and bass-heavy tracks. Includes a 140 remix from the legendary Ciel and also a UK Funky tinged remix from Bakongo (aka Roska). These are cutting edge, subversive nightclub hybrids custom built to cause a whole manner of havoc. Hi-spec mastering, expert drum programming and specialist synthesis techniques coalescing to create a future-proof and highly sophisticated amalgamation of dance styles. Not to be missed! 

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: Exploring the shadowy realms between techno, bass and breaks, Adam Curtain uncovers mutant sonic lifeforms that have previously lay dormant and / or undiscovered.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Elsitas Dreamland
                                                A2. Elsitas Dreamland (Ciel’s Outta Tune Remix)
                                                B1. Rugpull
                                                B2. Rage In The Cage
                                                B3. Rage In The Cage (Bakongo Remix)

                                                Super limited edition pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl housed in a picture sleeve and clear plastic outer sleeve – never to be repressed. Only 175 units.

                                                Tokyo-based DJ, producer and sound artist Yuu Udagawa inaugurates the freshly launched Cyphon Recordings with her debut EP, ‘Forever’.

                                                Growing up on a cocktail of everything from rock, hip-hop and Latin jazz to techno and house, Yuu’s immersive musical output draws inspiration from this diverse pool of influences to create ‘uplifting and healing’ music for the mind and body. There’s an elegance and sophistication to her productions, which stems from her desire to make music guided by the Golden Mean philosophy of finding a middle ground between two extremes: excess and deficiency.

                                                Active as a DJ since the millennium, which saw her playing at clubs, festivals and fashion shows across the country, she soon turned her attention to music production and has since self-released a handful of singles and contributed audio commissions for Sony Playstation3, museums, theatres and apparel brands. Yuu’s meditative pallet of sounds instantly grabbed Cyphon’s third ear which led to the tracks that make up ‘Forever’: a collection of analog slo-mo electronica and leftfield minimal house that strike a perfect balance between warmth and depth.

                                                The release opens with the titular track: a deep, emotive electro cut punctuated by a twinkling synthline and blissful vocals. ‘Mojito’ continues the EP’s voyage into the deep, matching softly spoken word with jazz-tinged chords and meandering melodies, before ’Hug Close’ strips things back, guided by a crunchy minimal groove, warm, resolute keys and reflective synths.

                                                The B-Side steers things on a soulful course. The dark, enveloping atmosphere of ‘Illuminated Night' is lifted by bright synth stabs and harmonic R&B-flavoured vocals. These influences continue on closer ‘Stay With Us’. Slowing down the pace, the track is a wash of shimmering funk-inspired chords and shuffling rhythms, laced once again with effortless, soaring vocal tones.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: Luminous, futuristic R&B hybrids with the odd dip into propulsive house music. Japenese producer Yuu Udagawa knows what's up! An adventurous start to this new label.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Forever
                                                A2. Mojito
                                                A3. Hug Close
                                                B1. Illuminated Night
                                                B2. Stay With Us

                                                Florence Adooni


                                                After her surprise debut "Mam Pe'ela Su'ure", Ghana's Frafra gospel queen Florence Adooni is back with her second single on Philophon. Born as Frafra in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti, she combines the best of both cultures into a unique fusion. The meandering, mostly pentatonic melodies of the Frafra glide over the high-life rhythm of the Ashanti with incredible ease. "Yinne" means The Creator and is one of the songs sung at the culmination of the Sunday service. Its driving rhythm usually guarantees a collective ecstasy in the community. "Fo Yelle", on the other hand, has more of a meditative effect on the listener. Its rather solemn rhythm leads you into tranquility and opens your soul to receive the divine spark.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Fo Yelle

                                                The gift that keeps on giving, Purple Disco Machines' 'Exotica (Deluxe Album)' is being treated to some epic remixes of your favourite songs now available on vinyl.

                                                On show here, ‘Opposite of Crazy’ gets a juicy rework by The Emperor Machine and the one and only Art Of Tones takes on ‘Loneliness’ in trademark style.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Opposite Of Crazy - Feat. Bloom Twins - The Emperor Machine Remix
                                                B1. Loneliness - Feat. Francesa Lombardo - Art Of Tones Remix

                                                The Versatiles

                                                Lu-Lu Bell / Long Long Time

                                                  This is a licensed release of the very rare and very much in demand Lu-Lu Bell by The Versatiles. It was initially released in Jamaica in 1969 followed by Amalgamated in the U.K. in 1970. It has never been released on a single since. Only one copy is presently on sale at USD 1200. Beside its rarity and monetary value, this cracking song combines suggestive lyrics with a cheerful call-and-response tune delivered on a frantic rhythm with the chorus strongly reminiscent of Ray Charles’ “What I say”. Rock on! The B-side was originally released as the B side of Lu-Lu Bell on the 1969’s 7inch vinyl single on the Amalgamated label. This song has never been repressed on 7” vinyl until now. This lovely gem is another great example of the popular Rocksteady/Reggae hybrids with its sweet harmonies on top of an infectious Reggae beat. A brilliant B-side and a perfect flip for this killer double sider. Long long time indeed!

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Hens-teeth-rare rocksteady from 1969 Jamaica which shows the early development into reggae. The kinda shit collectors would give their right arm for - never before reissued.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Lu-Lu Bell
                                                  Long Long Time

                                                  Pseudopolis returns to Redstone Press with Eris Drew for a remix under her Bassbin 23 alias!

                                                  Label co-boss Pseudopolis touches down on Redstone Press for the third time. If you’ve heard the last two you know the drill.

                                                  Taking no prisoners from the outset, “High For Life” establishes the mood of the EP, combining unrelenting breaks, bouncing basslines and a big-room energy that acts like a pressure release after many nights making music with no clubs in sight, a track that doesn’t loosen its grip throughout.

                                                  "Euphoria Inc." keeps the room at boiling point with Pseudopolis expertly fusing climatic rave energy, broken breakbeats and a murky Reece bassline into an equally euphoric yet foreboding warehouse tool.

                                                  “Haze Runner” continues with the ruffneck breaks but raises the bpms and dread level, sounding like something that would soundtrack your teenage weed psychosis or your current 6AMs spent in front of your favourite jungle sound system’s bassbins.

                                                  Speaking of which, Eris Drew hits up the label under her new guise Bassbin23. Years of dancing, rejoicing and playing dusty warehouse raves have informed this rendition of “High for Life”, stripping it back to a fun filled 4x4 rave weapon. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Bad ass raggamuffin breakbeats that bite hard. Some nice hardcore / jungle work outs contained within also. Killer release from Redstone Press.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. High For Life
                                                  A2. Euphoria Inc.
                                                  B1. Haze Runner
                                                  B2. High For Life (Bassbin23 Remix)

                                                  All Nations Records comes back again with a 12" composed and mixed by established sound system and rising producer Agobun out of Lille, France. It features the sweet voice of Jacko, well known by the French sound system followers, here singing in his unique style, about the constant efforts and works that man and woman shall do all their life to be a better person. In a pure sound system tradition, this record comes with two dub cuts and a mesmerizing guitar cut for maximum playability in the dance.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Modern sound system pressue from this French talent. Deliciously rootsical yet poised with a modern prowess.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  All Life Long
                                                  Dub Life
                                                  Dub Action (Guitar Cut)
                                                  Dub Reaction

                                                  Cutting edge label Incienso is hyped to announce the next release of 2022 from one of the UK’s most interesting and distinctive producers, Shiken Hanzo.

                                                  While known primarily for his hybrid halftime d&b and techno sound, Shiken switches it up with new diversions in tempo and rhythm throughout "Eternity of Echoes", all the while maintaining his idiosyncratic blend of dystopian soundscapes, industrial drums, and pulsating, deep basslines.

                                                  It's got that thick, claustrophobic fog hanging over it like much of DJ Python's catalogue yet with a more much technologically focused dissection of rhythm, atmosphere and movement. It'll work alongside grime, cumbia, dembow, techno and UKF extremely well and should intrigue both club goers and home listeners with its punishing yet exquisite sound design. Recommended! 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Thick, fuggy, claustrophobic dembow, industrial dancehall and Cumbia hybrids that shudder and quake. Quite fearsome in parts, perfect for causing vast swathes of tension across the arena.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Darkest Entities
                                                  A2. Eightfold Blessings Of Amaterasu
                                                  B1. Eternity Of Echoes
                                                  B2. The Reaping

                                                  Roger Damawuzan

                                                  Fine Fine

                                                  Since his introduction in the 60’s, Roger Damawuzan has lit stages on fire, whether it be with The Rickers Orchestra or with The Melo-Togo Orchestra (taking home 2nd place for the first National Festival of Tologese Music). His first 7" vinyl "Wait For Me" is a holy grail for diggers all around the world. It was such a hit that Togolese music is and will forever be stamped by Roger Damawuzan. He was principal in introducing Gazo, Akpesse and Kamou rhythms to modern day soul music. Relentless and unstoppable, Roger Damawuzan is now making a comeback with a heavy funk 7 inch!

                                                  This release contains an unreleased single from the album "Seda". Such a force of nature, this album could have been only captured, if not mastered, by one studio. Such mission was accomplished by the legendary studio OTODI (Office Togolese of Disks) by utilizing solely analog equipment to translate and to breath all of Damawuzan’s soul into this album. Roger Damawuzan could have been supported by only one group. Led by Peter Solo, the members of the Vaudou Game and Lomé’s most talented musicians are at Damawuzan’s disposal for this new record. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Tologese fire from one of the country's well regarded music proponents. Unequivocally funky and infectious!

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Fine Fine
                                                  Red Light

                                                  Highway Motion

                                                  Clap Hands / Double O One Disco

                                                  Freestyle dig out another rarity in the form of a DIY brit-funk 7" from Highway Motion aka David Humphrey (a session drummer who played with Sparks, and with PiL on the iconic Metal Box LP & Death Disco 12"). Tinged with raw post-punk edge and 70s library music-style synth leads, this 45 is quite simply massive amounts of fun.

                                                  David Humphrey's professional career as a drummer began aged 19 with Public Image Ltd, providing some of the drum tracks on their iconic Metal Box album and Death Disco single. Humphrey would then go on to work with Mike Oldfield and then Sparks, playing with the latter on their Number One Song in Heaven tour, Top of The Pops and recording sessions for Beat the Clock and Tryouts for the Human Race (those sessions were included and featured in Edgar Wright's recent film The Sparks Brothers).

                                                  In 1980, Clap Hands and Double O One Disco were recorded under the name 'Highway Motion' - intended by Humphrey as "raw experimental tracks" they were both laid down on a 4-track and subsequently released on the DIY Star Records imprint. Rough, grooving, candid and playful; these two tracks seem to somehow simultaneously meld the burgeoning brit-funk sound of the early 80s with a riotous post-punk edge, along with a good dollop of synth-led library music.

                                                  Following it's release David formed the group Reflex, recording and releasing the Funny Situation 7" in 1981 - forming the only other title in the Star Records catalogue. A more straight-up brit-funk dancer yet still pressed and sold in small quantities, Funny Situation became a sought-after record on the second hand collector's market, and finally saw reissue last September 2020 on the start-up Paint A Picture label - garnering plays from from Gilles Peterson on BBC 6 Music and Worldwide FM, StreetSounds radio and reaching No 1 in Juno records Chart. David has now started to working on new music using the name Davey H, and released his first new material in decades recently on Six Nine Records.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Clap Hands
                                                  2. Double O One Disco

                                                  Invisible City Editions returns with an official repress of a fantastic double-sided private press rarity from 1989 Detroit. Featuring two legendary Inner City alumni: producer / keyboardist / engineer Art Forest and Inner City background vocalist dancer/singer Shawn Pittman. On the A side a lush slow modern soul slow burner. “Dreams'' features a deep, spatial throbbing bass line with glistening synths floating underneath cool, angelic, hypnotic vocals by Ms Pittman. 'Dreams are only Dreams till you make it real' chants Shawn Pittman and we’re lead down a dazzling maze of mirrors. With “I'm Losing Control (Extended Bass-ment Club Mix)” on the flipside a wild late night warehouse dub remix features sci-fi vocal effects, fostex tape loops and ultra-heavy bass and driving drum machines. Providing that minimal, lush, e-soul perfect for early mornings and the post-club world and a wild sci-fi house winner for late night club sessions. An IC fave! Remastered by Brandenberg / The Carvery (they've also removed the drum machine going out of sync that was on the original press). Official repress via Art Forest and his label Wildboy. Essential stuff!

                                                  Art Forest is an electronic engineer and production wizard from Detroit Michigan. He originally recorded 2 of Inner Citys’ biggest hits: “Good Life” and “Big Fun”, and continues to record to this day. Art Forest still finds and repairs equipment to add to his studio today. He also recorded for Paula Abdul “Straight Up” and Madonnas’ “Justify My Love”. Shawn Pittman was a singer and dancer from Detroit who was a good friend of Inner City vocalist Paris Grey. Shawn Pittman sang backing vocals and harmonies on “Good Life” and “Big Fun”.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Cosy, lovers bedroom boogie from Shawn Pittman here, dug from the pillow sheets by Invisible City Editions. There's a new jack swing on the flip which moves into proto-house territory on the remix. Top stuff.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Dreams Remix Version
                                                  Im Losing Control
                                                  Im Losing Control Extended Bass-Ment Club Mix

                                                  Big Love boss Seamus Haji commits four of the label’s latest cuts to wax for the second edition of ‘A Touch Of Love’. Kicking off the A-Side, Dirty Channels’ dreamy disco cut ‘Let Love In’ sets the tone, soul-steeped with a heavy dose of funk. Up next, Seamus’ remix of Brazilian house legend DJ Meme ‘I Can’t Get You (Out Of My Mind)’ follows, a silky down-tempo cut with flawless composition. On the flip, Boston singer-songwriter Saucy Lady delivers ‘Reunite Under Starlight’, exuding confidence and sensuality on the 70s inspired cut. Finally, Razor-N-Tape boss JKriv closes out the EP with ‘Not That Serious’ featuring Angela Johnson, a soulful and uplifting dancefloor track that’s an authentic slice of disco goodness.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: House record of the week for each of its two current EPs, Big Love looks set to be a label to watch for house heads as they deliver another sick four track v/a EP.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Dirty Channels Ft. Debbie Jacobs - Let Love In
                                                  A2. DJ Meme - I Can't Get You (Out Of My Mind) (Seamus Haji Remix)
                                                  AA1. Saucy Lady - Reunite Under Starlight
                                                  AA2. JKriv Ft. Angela Johnson - Not That Serious

                                                  For EPMmusic's 100th release they're throwing it back to another milestone. Last year, EPM celebrated 20 years in the business with a series of vinyl EPs and a compilation. Now they've enlisted Shed, CYRK, Inigo Kennedy and Works of Intent to remix some of those 'EPM20' tracks.

                                                  On the A-side, the highly acclaimed and always uncompromising Shed (one of the many aliases of Berlin's René Pawlowitz) delivers a raw and tribal take on Regis 'Beyond The Reach Of Time'. From one legend to a current electro phenomenon CYRK, fresh off the back of their collaborative 'Freundschaft' album on Burial Soil turn their hand to Freddie Fresh's 'ProMars' adding their own style of tuff 'lectro funk.

                                                  Flip over for one of the UK's techno warriors, Inigo Kennedy, as the Asymmetric man goes all out on his ominously epic and bass laden remix of 'Io' by Bryan Chapman. To close the EP is UK electronic artist and DJ, Works of Intent (f.k.a. R.O.S.H) with a twisted remix of Paul Mac's 'Nothing Remains' bringing in elements of rave, breaks and sci fi sonics.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Been a while since we've had a proper techno record blow our balls off. Queue EPM with another instalment of their 20th anniversary series. If your nethers are intact after that Regis opening blow; I'm sure the remaining three wrecking balls should have you scanning the underwear section of Primark pretty pronto.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Regis - Beyond The Reach Of Time (Shed Remix)
                                                  A2. Freddie Fresh Aka Modulator - ProMars (CYRK Remix)
                                                  AA1. Bryan Chapman - Io (Inigo Kennedy Remix)
                                                  AA2. Paul Mac - Nothing Remains (Works Of Intent Remix)

                                                  New Zealander via Berlin music maker, Philippa, is a producer and DJ whose passion for house music, tireless commitment to her craft and ear for what makes a dancefloor tick is slowly and surely starting to pay off. Having been a prominent DJ and promoter back in New Zealand she relocated to the European mecca of electronic music in 2013, where she embraced not only Berlin’s nightlife but also its rich heritage of synthesisers, samplers and sound design. She immersed herself in a new world which saw her lecturing at an institute of arts and technology by day and creating beautiful and unique house music by night. Launching At Peace Music in 2019 led to her music falling on the ears of Jimpster who was suitably impressed and eager to hear more.

                                                  Cut to 2022 and Freerange present “There’s A Ghost In My Synthesizer”, an EP which showcases Philippa’s musicality and production nous across 4 tracks which takes in funk-infused, rolling grooves, blissful, string-heavy atmospherics and crunchy disco beats. On the title track Philippa goes heavy on the strings and horns bringing some welcome Philly Soul vibes to a track which is guaranteed to bring something special to the party. “I Guess I Have Boy” puts a live bassline front and center whilst sweeping pads keep things deep and warm. The uptempo, funked up groove of “Dimes” follows, giving us a little hint of Philippa’s love of jacking Chicago house but with her own unique twist with that live, jazzy feel which she does so well. Closing out the EP we have “Slow It Down” which brings a smooth, soulful touch to the release with lush strings and vocal from Mo Van Zandt.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Freerange are on a roll right now. Next up on the long running label is Philippa whose no-nonsense, high-groove take on house music is literally music to my ears. Hard not to shake a tail feather when the groove are this slinky! Killer stuff from this New Zealander which adds to the argument that the antipodeans hold the house music crown at present! (controversial I know)

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. There's A Ghost In My Synthesizer
                                                  A2. I Guess I Have A Boy
                                                  AA1. Dimes
                                                  AA2. Slow It Down Ft. Mo Van Zandt

                                                  Leon De Winter

                                                  Apollo Jazz

                                                  Tobias Menguser, AKA Leon De Winter, was a very influential figure in the 90's Frankfurt techno scene, releasing around 100 records under various aliases, including collaborations with Ricardo Villalobos; but it was his Leon De Winter alias that really caught the ears of legendary London label Eukahouse, who originally released this 12" all the way back in 1997. A one-off, it is not only unique in its sound design but also genre defying, spanning deep house, tech-house, techno, electro and breaks.

                                                  A-Side 'Apollo Jazz' is truly that, sounding like it was composed from a freeform jam on a trip to the Moon. Opening with emotive chords, the track lifts off and builds, melodies effortlessly twist and turn, superbly pulling together a variety of well crafted synths, bass and percussion whilst keeping the energy to the fore. Over to the B-Side, 'Metamat', is bold and more playful in its execution, more sonic trickery abounds as the opening riffs and breakbeat percussion give way to a solid 4/4. The bass is as memorable as it is quirky, but again it's the strength in the way all the elements build and combine that creates some real tripped-out musical moments without ever losing its dance floor appeal.

                                                  This is one of Tobias's most sought after releases and it's no wonder his collaborative work with Ricardo Villalobos is legendary. The tracks themselves have remained exciting and relevant, achieving cult status amongst the most discerning DJs, record collectors and music heads alike. Legitimately re-released with the full involvement of Tobias Menguser, lovingly remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original DATs especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at your favourite reissue label - Mint Condition - get in!

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Still on this label... Mint Condition man - they've replenished more worn copies and shone lights on some of the more unexplored areas of house and techno more than most reissue labels going. Never heard this one - absolutely buzzing off it now. Detroit's hi-tech jazz meets UK techno and composed by a Frankfurt producer! Wild styles across both sides which instantly had me salivating.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A. Apollo Jazz
                                                  B. Metamat

                                                  'Hypnotise' is the spellbinding new single from sampler slayers, The Allergies. Who, once again, build funky new worlds out of dope beats and loops from their wild and wonderful record collections.

                                                  Here, the Bristol-based duo break new ground, sampling the incredible Deli Sosimi and heading out on the housier side of things, working a deadly dancefloor 4/4 around their signature soulful stylings.

                                                  Pulsing kicks and playful percussion keep the pace, as euphoric Afrobeat horns and insistent vocal lines build the energy in the room.

                                                  It's a captivating cut, made for discerning DJs and discos. But, as soon as you let the infectious double bass-led groove hit you, you'll mesmerised by the music.

                                                  'Vamonos' on the flip laces old school boogaloo and salsa samples with sizzling hi-hats, claps, and club-ready breaks. It's an anthem for beach bodies, holiday heroes, and sun-seekers, hell bent on escaping the rat race.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Hypnotise
                                                  2. Vamonos (feat. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith)

                                                  Hip Horns Brass Collective

                                                  "Thunder" B/w "Marathon Runner (Street Version)

                                                  With the band's first single pressed on wax, Rocafort Records and Say It Loud join forces to bring the sound of Barcelona's finest street brass band to the dancefloors.

                                                  'Thunder' is a fresh and energetic tune with jazz and funk arrangements based on a groove that hip-hop music lovers will quickly recognize.

                                                  On the B-side, "Marathon Runner" takes the form of a modern New Orleans brass band and its raw sound with all the groove and horn solos you would expect.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Thunder
                                                  2. Marathon Runner ((Street Version))

                                                  French dynamo LB aka Labat returns for his second EP on Steel City Dance Discs. The Lyon-based artist delivers another collection of full fat bangers, displaying his trademark ability to provide both weight and ingenuity for the heavier-learning dancefloors.

                                                  "Skincare" is a hefty house throwback featuring Labat’s swirling synths, speaker punishing bass and a hypnotic vocal line; sure to get any dancefloor moving.

                                                  "I Can See You My Way" has an emotive female vocal line combined with frenetic floor toms and wavy synths whilst "Make My Drum Machine" bang chucks a plethora of crumbling claps, fizzing hats and distorted snares at another wavy, swirling, synthy tapestry. "MG" contains slamming kicks, gurgling pads and a deep growling vox. "All Girls Are 808" is Labat visit the classic ghetto-house blueprint, albeit at a slightly slower tempo and slightly higher distortion. A nice twist on a tried and tested blueprint - every DJ needs a coupla booty bass records in their collection to get the floor percolated!

                                                  Tough, controlled aggression paired with creative synthwork and a sophisticated dancefloor mindset make this a must-have 12" for the working nightclub DJ...

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Proper dig this label. Uncompromising trax for the headstrong. Tempos have dropped on this release but the energy and heft remain the same.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Skincare
                                                  A2. I Can See You
                                                  A3. Make My Drum Machine Bang
                                                  B1. MG
                                                  B2. All Girls Are 808

                                                  The legendary N.A.D. follows up the aptly titled "Electro EP" with the punishing "A Day in May", a scorching hot four track technofunk monster that marries the Detroit and Kalamazoo techno traditions with classic UK techno. Absolutely exceptional high-octane material destined to set any dancefloor on fire. Do not sleep!

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Fuckin' love that twangy electroid goodness that NAD exude. Much like B12, John Shima, Nu Groove and much of the Network roster - their synthesis skills and ability to create highly kinetic electronic grooves is second to none.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A Day In May (Instrumental)
                                                  What Race The Cyborg
                                                  Singer Of Siren Songs

                                                  Ólta Karawane

                                                  Deep Cover #6

                                                  New Deep Cover! Ólta Karawane ventures beyond borders once again, luring a pair of perfect peaches from the hands of two welcome wanderers who have strayed far from their homeland... Imagination is knee-deep at this, the dream station, though our companions in dub are around the corner.

                                                  Deep Cover's infrequent but mythical forays into the cosmic undergrowth continue to beguile and mystify! Join the cult.. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: The cult collected, highly eclectic imprint turn their spotlight onto Cosa Rosa's 1983 German masterpiece. Whilst we also get an un-ID'd squishy, Molusc-dance number that's had us pulling funny shapes all afternoon. As always, something different from this illusive camp.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A. Galocher
                                                  B. In Freunde Mit Dub

                                                  Latest offering from J. Rawls, the super producer who has worked with the likes of the Beastie Boys, Yasiin Bey ( formerly known as Mos Def ) & Talib Kweli, modern Soul stars, Aloe Blacc and Eric Roberson, as well as founding and producing the coveted Hip-Hop / Jazz outfit, The Liquid Crystal Project.

                                                  These are a few amongst the many collaborations J. Rawls has done over the last two, plus, decades in music!

                                                  This 7" is the followup release to his 2022 #JazzHop LP, which is sold out. This is the first dancefloor record from Rawls, mirroring where his soul is now and reflected in his personal DJ style

                                                  "I Believe" features big drums and synth bass that lead the way, a chilling organ, a funky tambourine and vocals that are chopped and embedded into the track, with precision.

                                                  #Brazil, the stand out track on #JazzHop, is an instrumental sonic tribute to the beautiful country that has brought Rawls so much musical inspiration. On this one, horns soar and the percussion drives. Beautiful woodwinds and Jazz harmonies envelope the rhythm section, creating a higher vibe! Plug up the sub-woofer and let this limited 7" bump!

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. I Believe
                                                  2. #Brazil

                                                  Mathew Jonson / Freedom Engine

                                                  Diamond Eyes / Rain In Kyoto

                                                  Mathew Jonson on The Nothing Special!. Specialist tackle here for lovers of that Craig Richard's-esque dancefloor. Featuring a moody, groovy, high silk tech house glider on side a from Mathew Jonson. Meanwhile on side we get a face melting electronic saga from Freedom Engine.

                                                  Really incredible stuff from both artists here. Highly recommended. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Slinky-as-you-like, endlessly grooving tech-house music that's synonymous with Craig Richard's label and club night. A sound that comes in and out of fashion but never relents its grip on the dancefloor.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Mathew Jonson - Diamond Eyes
                                                  B1. Freedom Engine - Rain In Kyoto

                                                  Emkay debuts on Craigie Knowes after outings on Radiant Love and Post Sonics. The Helsinki resident brings 5 warped electronic beats that span a spectrum of club and come-down sounds. There's a delicious analogue weight to the productions which suggests a hardware approach. Whilst stylistically there's lashings of prog, trance, jungle and both downtempo and uptempo breaks; all hybridized into whole cohesive sound that's completely the producers own. Comparisons could be drawn to Roza Terenzi and artists on the Step Ball Chain label but these are mere waymakers on the way to the rave.

                                                  A completely upfront and fresh artist intent on carving his own sound whilst keeping things reassuringly club focusses. Most recommended. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Futureproof new sounds from Craigie Knowes and Emkay. If you're a regular on the more cutting edge dancefloors you're bound to hear this slamming out of the Voids or Funktion 1's over the coming months. Serious pressure!

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1 Antithesis 
                                                  2 Aeon
                                                  3 Drop Down
                                                  4 My House
                                                  5 Shy Partiboi


                                                  Let The Lights On

                                                    Sorry’s blistering new single, ‘Let The Lights On’, on 7”, backed by earworm b-side ‘I Tried 4 U 2’.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Let The Lights On
                                                    I Tried 4 U 2


                                                    Finger On The Trigger

                                                    The second seven from Swedish scalpel chief Ture Sjöberg's new salvo of edits. Gatt is a new label from the infamous mash-up wizard: Beatconductor.

                                                    Two fresh chops; one sees a stomping Philly / Detroit soul track tastefully resected for our digestion. More obscure than an albino albatross, this one's sure to tickle the digits of our deepest diggers.

                                                    The other side is a crowd pleasing Beyonce tweak, utilizing the vocals from "Crazy" over a stomping disco-reggae riddim. Rekindling the fires of this unbeatable bar beat with a fresh facade - very big in the NQ right now!

                                                    Hand stamped, limited copies - highly recommended! 

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Stockholm's finest surgeon, back with a fresh imprint. Keeping our ears and feet in harmonious symbiosis with heart warming soul and a superb RNB-reggae mashup.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Side 1
                                                    1. Finger On The Trigger 
                                                    Side 2
                                                    1. Crazy In Kingston 

                                                    The sixth release on Italian imprint Tempo Dischi comes from Alessandro Bernabeo, aka Raduan, the Italian DJ and producer behind 'Taki-Naki-Naki', one of the most eclectic and unconventional electronic records made in Italy in the late 1980s.

                                                    "At the age of 7, I started attending a music school learning to play the piano. At 11 I began working as a speaker in various radio stations, and at 14, I joined Punto Radio where I grew up professionally and launched my own radio show, PLAY MUSIC, under the name Alessandro Giordani. The success was impressive, and thanks to my friend Gianfranco di Lizio, I also started my DJ career by playing in some of the best dance clubs under the artist name Raduan or Rad-one. Mixing funk, soul, afro and cosmic disco in my music gave me a chance to meet and establish relationships with many of the protagonists of this new musical scene, like l’Ebreo, Fari, Maselli, Claudio Mozart Rispoli, Pery, Rubens. In 1988 I was a resident DJ in a well-known club at the time, the 'RIO CLUB', and together with my keyboardist and percussionist, I had the idea to produce a maxi single. The song was recorded in about 40 hours without sleep at the Cicero Bros studio in Cassino in April 1988, with the support of Lino Rufo, a great artist from Molise, as well as his dear friend and old producer Toni Ochiello. The initial project was completely reworked. The original sampled drums were coupled with an acoustic one, and new melodies and fantastic spacey new sounds and effects were created by keyboardist Bengha. The hypnotic and repetitive voice of Cristina, Claudio Baglioni's background vocalist at the time, and that of Jamaica, originally from Mauritius, made the project even more interesting.

                                                    'Taki Naki Naki' is an Italo song, with Cosmic disco and Afro influences, and it's the title track of the EP originally released in June 1988 on Bmg Ariola, ex RCA. The EP includes two other songs 'Nightflight' and 'Hiroshima'. The record was a big hit in all the Italian Disco clubs and launched me into the international dance music scene. It was a fantastic time, with different styles of music and House Music was also on the way. There was a lot of research spirit and the people of the club were ready for various types of change. This record has left a mark, international DJs and shops from all over the world still contact me to ask if I have a vinyl copy left in my archive."

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: A rightfully stalked, rare exotic Italo hybrid here; subject to many a jock's aural wet dream. Author Alessandro Bernabeo lets us back in on the action with a timely reissue in conjunction with Tempo Dishi.

                                                    TRACK LISTING



                                                    Biceps Brachii / Epicranial Aponeurosis

                                                    Our favourite industrial-dancehall machine tweaker, Krikor rolls out a bass flexing mutant dancehall rhythm on the A side with some deep hypnosis synth action on the flip. Stupendously limited, full flex action on Soul Jazz. Krikor's one of a kind. If you know you know - big tip! 

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Biceps Brachii
                                                    Epicranial Aponeurosis

                                                    Another one from Salford City Record's extensive piano house reissue campaign. Originally released via MCR International on a promo only white label in 1992, (made up of Elliot S & Steve Burgess) Part-E's "Give Me Your Love" comes bolstered here with fresh remixes from Project-D and James Sempie.

                                                    A highly regarded staple of the Danceteria / Hacienda / Paradise Factory-era; the track's heady concoction of 'Think' break, discordant rave stabs and inevitably euphoric piano drop made it a big hit with Northwest ravers looking for something a more looser and baggier.

                                                    Limited edition with fresh artwork and heavy pressing. 

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Taking us back to a time when you went out on Friday only to return on Monday morning. 48 hour weekend shit from Elliot S & Steve Burgess - one of just two of their genius releases from the early 90s.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Give Me Your Love
                                                    B1. Give Me Your Love Piano Mix
                                                    B2. Give Me Your Love (Project-D & James Sempie Remix)

                                                    Nick Manasseh / Earl Gateshead

                                                    Lion's Paw / Dirty City

                                                    One of three new 7"s out on Golden Lion Records and it's a UK reggae bonanza featuring two absolute legends from our home soils.

                                                    Nick Manasseh owns The Yard, Ladbrook Grove; and has been pivotal in the London scene since the 1980s. Earl Gateshead originally gained momentum in Bradford's West Indian Centre before gaining a residency in Soho which he pilotted for 20 years before working at Plastic People and going on tour with Dr. Alimantado and Big Youth.

                                                    Manesseh wields a the 'reggae flute' (or melodica as it's more commonly known) on "Lion's Paw"; a creeping slice of jungle dub somewhere between Pablo, Perry and Tubby with ancient percussion and plenty dub delay.

                                                    On the flip, Earl Gateshead showcases some impressive lyrical direction on the track, "Dirty City"; which, as well as containing a supremely infectious chorus, includes some delightfully introspective and insightful lines as it moves through a steady roots groove populated with shimmering psychedelic elements. 

                                                    Maximum vibes up inna Todmorden areee-ah! 


                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Proper reggae royalty on this GLS 7". Manesseh with his storied London soundsystem history and Gateshead with his celebrity tour DJ credentials. Both collide inna soundclash stylee on the highly collectable Golden Lion series.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Nick Manasseh - Lion's Paw
                                                    Earl Gateshead - Dirty City

                                                    Lux Lyall & Andy Votel / Andrew Liles

                                                    Six / Care In The Community

                                                    It's our favourite mushroom quaffing quasi-spiritualist musical leaders Golden Lion Sounds, fresh with new aural delights for the changing of the seasons! Nothing quite excites me as much spotting Waka at the door clutching a new set of records from the now infamous Todmorden stable.

                                                    Lux Lyall & Andy Votel kick off number eight in the series in superbly witchcrafty style; a paganish guitar riff supplementing Lux Lyall's cryptic deadpan, spoken word monologue. A truly spellbinding piece, the mysteries of which you'll be trying to unravel throughout the night.

                                                    Over on side B, it's another Piccadilly favourite: Andrew Liles. This long-serving experimental stalwart contributes as suitable an out-there piece of electro-exotic, semi-soundtrack, semi-acoustic tomfoolery. Featuring a whole range of found sounds and sonic sorcery it sounds like a wizard got into your child's toybox and starting painting pictures.

                                                    As usual - limited copies and stupendously high demand. Orders in QUICK.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Mushroom season is upon us, and who better to soundtrack our midnight moon rituals and post-forage freakouts than the crazy cats from Todmorden. Enlisting known sonic occultist Andy Votel and pagan synth wizard Andrew Liles for a spellbound missive.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A: Lux Lyall & Andy Votel - Six (4:07)
                                                    A: Andrew Liles - Care In The Community (3:03)

                                                    A coup to have The Lovely Eggs on GLS! Both band and label fiercely independent, staunchly creative and, of course, based right here in North West Great Britania! First outing for Hannibal Rex, which I hypothesize is one of the in-house Golden Lion loons on guest cameo. Either that or just a friend of band or label.

                                                    Our Lancastrian mavericks contribute a rotating behemoth of spiraling krautpunk that Mark Smith himself would be envious of. Like a rockabilly spinning out of control listening to Can; this 7" rocket blast should have bar stools swinging and tables flailing by the end of its rotation.

                                                    The mysterious Hannibal Rex gets totally Todmorden and mixed knackered drum machines, eastern ragas, western guitar and a cloudless state of mind conjuring up from the mighty a hills as technicoloured storm of conspiracy theories and chaos. An unguarded at one the senses that'll make compete sense after foraging around the fields of the record label's basecamp.

                                                    An unmissable edition to the GLS catalogue and one that's certain to be feverishly collected by The Lovely Eggs' cult fanbase! Speed is off the essence heathens! 

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Can't get enough of that Lovely Eggs track. I have indeed, got it on repeat! Proper Can / Fall-esque growling repetition that really gets inside your melon. Ace!

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    The Lovely Eggs– Repeat It (Andy Votel Remix)
                                                    Hannibal Rex– Cosmic Yolks

                                                    Opus Kink

                                                    'Til The Stream Runs Dry

                                                      Partnering up with the cult indie label for their first extended release, the enigmatic collective – comprised of Angus Rogers, Sam Abbo, Fin Abbo, Jed Morgans, Jazz Pope & Jack Banjo Courtney – lend a blend a dizzying array of influences in their ever-evolving enigmatic style, producing an experimental patchwork of explosive material that’s consistently earned widespread plaudits since bursting onto the scene.

                                                      With EP lead singles ‘I Love You, Baby’, ‘The Unrepentant Soldier’ and ‘Dog Stay Down’ attracting praise from all corners of the press landscape (NME, DIY, So Young, Dork, Clash, Gigwise), not to mention countless BBC 6 Music (Steve Lamacq, Lauran Laverne) spins, the six-piece are clearly primed for a busy summer. Having already ticked off live dates alongside label-mates Malady and Mandrake Handshake, in addition to a sold-out headliner at London’s legendary 100 Club last month, the band have a slew of festival appearances lined up in the months to come, as well as shows with FEET and Bull.

                                                      Detailing their EP, Opus Kink stated: “You may begin by dipping one stained and rancid toe, but you know that once those waters have been tasted there’s only one way to go – into the stream, away down the valley like flotsam and windfall. Here lie six songs of bad love, ill winds, possession, stagnation and earthly delights”.

                                                      A Mountain Of One enlist UK dub legend Denis Bovell to remix “Custard’s Last Stand”. True to dub music's evolving and technically advanced ethos, Denis' more recent output has been much more experimental and electronically guided than the traditional dub crafted by the original pioneers.

                                                      This release is no exception as the producer naturally takes to the strewn-out, long form nature of A Mountain Of One, drawing "Custard's Last Stand" into a psychedelic-prog-dub epic - throwing the entire stems through a vibrating dub delay, allowing huge waves of strings and choir vox to crash onto our ears and pushing to the foreground those buzzing lysergic synth lines that burrow right into our cranium.

                                                      Inna typical style we get a vocal and instrumental version; both awash with echo chamber dreaminess and presenting themselves as hi-definition tapestries for the rig. It's an exceptional outing from Bovell, and yet more reasons to love one of the best Balearic-soft-rock bands in recent history. Recommended! 

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Martin says: I've been really feeling Bovell's recent direction. Ditching the traditional tropes of original dub and tuning himself into the mixing board for a fresh take on the echo chamber.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A. Custard's Last Stand (DUBfinity Version)
                                                      AA. Custard's Last Stand (DUBfinity Vocal Version)

                                                      The latest single from the album "Stars Planets Dust Me". Featuring vocal and instrumental versions.

                                                      Harking back to the golden era of downtempo, "Soft Landing" contains vocals by Japanese artist dip in the pool; and with that syrupy female vox combined with headnodding breakbeat and dreamy instrumental backing, it's hard not to reference Portishead on this after hours slice of sonic silk.

                                                      Instrumental replaces dip in the pool's vox with more instrumental layers, creating an even richer experience and one of that stoners are gonna get really sucked into. Play next to DJ Shadow or Boards of Canada for maximum effect.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Seems like we're in the middle of a fleeting downbeat resurgence at present. This single from A Mountain Of One will sit beautifully next to tracks off the recent "Fell From The Sun" compilation.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A. Soft Landing (7 Vocal Version)
                                                      B. Soft Landing (Instrumental)

                                                      Telfort makes a return with a fifth stellar EP via TLFT, comprising three potent and sophisticated deep house cuts.

                                                      ‘Phantasmata’ provides that wholesome rhodes deepness of Telfort’s, placing itself firmly in the middle of the floor with its driving grooves and tight bass stabbery, while it’s sprinkled with elegantly phrased euphoric plucks, unfolding into earworm territory.

                                                      On the flip, the machine-heavy ‘Instruction Through Metaphor’ elevates you into the stratosphere with its astral textures and discordant rhythmic slap. Classy as ever, deft dusty sample cutting and alluring melodic warmth radiates for the journey.

                                                      Title track ‘Basic Trajectory’ pulls no punches and closes out the EP with a reduced and self-assured sound. It’s a fast-acting dose of stomping house that evolves into a blissful and uplifting trip—a restorative place you will want to return to enough times that you might consider it a classic in time.

                                                      Since 2015 and with an ostensible sense of precision, Telfort continues to subtly modify the house music blueprint with this sporadic yet impactful emblem.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: One of my favorite and most under-rated producers of the last decade returns on his own imprint with more of his patented blend of suspended ethereal brilliance. Constructed wit the syncopated pinache of Salford’s D. Ball, driving pads, Detroitian bass and snappy sampling compliment his harmonious keyboard work and machine rhythms beautifully.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A. Phantasmata
                                                      B1. Instruction Through Metaphor
                                                      B2. Basic Trajectory

                                                      Good Block’s third release of original material, 'Naiad / Dryad' is an exploration into the deeper side of ambient dub, which sees a different ethos and approach to production, with all four tracks individually dubbed live on the console, evoking a deep listening experience.

                                                      "Naiad" is an emotionally charged digi-dub roller which draws influence from the ambient mid 90’s output of labels such as Dubhead, Lion Claw Records and Lion Inc, with a spaced out alternative mix to follow.

                                                      "Dryad" on the flip, fuses an 80s slap-bass sensibility with a deeper, more exotic feel. Delicate tribal samples rest on a heavy dub framework as the track drifts away. The alternative mix offers an even more sparse take, ditching the sharp slap-bass in favour of distant flute samples.

                                                      "Naiad / Dryad" is limited to 300 copies written, produced, mixed and artwork by the duo.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Already massive with the Talking Drums mob, Good Block tastefully skirt free party steppers dub with a cosmic flair and psychedelic approach.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Naiad Alternative Mix
                                                      Dryad Alternative Mix


                                                      Functional Extraits 1

                                                      Detroit's deep techno master, Deepchord, makes a more than welcome return to Soma after 5 years. With a brand new album dropping, Rod Modell delves deep into his ethereal sonic world to bring you 'Functional Extraits 1'. The first single to be taken from the forthcoming album. Built in a way that only Deepchord can, he transports you to different realms with lush soundscapes and perfectly processed electro-acoustics giving you an insight to the mind of the unique artist.

                                                      "Shale" glides across a field of electo-static noise, guided gently by crisp, fleeting percussion and gently warping synths. "Lateral" begins awash with waves of sound and glistening dub stabs while rolling beats acts as the heart beat of the track with a building intensity adding a sense of urgency. The uplifting yet dystopian sounds of "Mapping" spiral into existence urging you down the rabbit hole as more classic techno percussion manoeuvres this track on it's journey. Modell seeking out his roots as yet more traditional dub techno prevails via the final track, "Ricochet". Pumping kicks and sub set to a perfect pace and ambience is a perfect, contemporary nod to the time honoured Deepchord sound.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Big Roddy M back doing what he does best - the most luxurious, hi-def dub techno excursion into dreamstate bliss.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Shale
                                                      A2. Lateral
                                                      B1. Mapping
                                                      B2. Ricochet

                                                      Bristol based producer Gilbert steps into the time machine with this wonderful EP that sonically and spiritually connects to the early works of Warp pioneers such as B12, LFO and Speedy J. First track "Ylem" starts with a strong kick but is nevertheless a subtle builder that directs youJo straight to deep space. Shift the Focus, the opener on the flip, may well be the EP's most suitable track for the (dreamy) dance floor - the cut's dense melodies and subtle 303 flavours work well with Gilbert's rhythm section and would slowly but surely draw you into a psychedelic swamp when played in a club. The tracks "Lucid Dream" and "Are We Alone" are even a bit more otherworldly and fitted for an armchair listen. A big tip for anyone into layered, mind bending UK techno!

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: A bit of a flip on the usual Bristol vibe, beautifully dreamy braindance techno here for fans of John Shima, RX-101, B12 etc. Gilbert should move to Manchester!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Ylem
                                                      2. Lucid Dream 
                                                      3. Shift The Focus
                                                      4. We Are Welcome

                                                      Long-time west coast collaborator RA-X aka Drvg Cvltvre comes with some fractured, crainium splitting industrial musica - in his usual sludgy and industrial style.

                                                      Slow and haunting tracks that make you watch your back every other minute. The perfect companion to Front De Cadeux's coatial throb.

                                                      Limited supplies, don't sleep!

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Argy-bargy narcy industrial throb and circuit fried anarchy here from market leaders Drvg Cvltvre. The perfect accompaniment to Front De Cadeaux's "We Slowly Rot".

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. You Got Me Running
                                                      A2. Reprisal 
                                                      B1. The Deep End
                                                      B2. Phosphor

                                                      Retro house sounds from Italy on this release... tunes that still go down well with some of the big name festival dj's during their summer tour! A track that remained unpublished for 33 years until Devil Dee decided to make it public and bring his own voice to the spotlight joined by jazz-blues singer Joan Faulkner, (former supporting voice of Boney M and Milli Vanilli, also known by her stage name 'Dee-Vah'). Devil Dee is Davide Mancori - a cinematograph with a flattering career as a club-dj from 80s-90s onwards - who lovingly produced this release which differs from most of the releases on Best Record by its housey vibe. 'And The Beat Goes On' was written in Germany in 1989 by Leonie Gane and Ryan Paris laying the crucial foundations for an evolutionary step of the italian disco music. A step forward for the 'Italo' movement considered obsolete and defunct. In fact, the track is also referring to the latest Italo-Disco which entirely covered the scene of the 1980s with furious activity, If the meeting between Devil Dee and the famous interpreter of 'Dolce Vita' - Mister Ryan Paris - creates the alchemy, the explosive mix is completed with the precious work of Marco Magrini. The arrangement by Pierluigi Cerin and the executive work of Claudio Casalini close the magic circle. Five friends and a great singer from Indiana to fill the dance floors all over Europe, while the images of the provocative and surreal video-clip capture the audience by splitting in two. There are those who do not want to see certain issues publicized and those who appreciate their cheekiness, such as Best Record which by publishing the vinyl printed at 180 grams celebrates the 40 years of activity.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Can you believe this sat unreleased for 33 years? Can you believe it's actually 33 years old?! Unfathomable questions to a record that, if it had been released, would be WAY ahead of its time. Instead, we get it now, and it makes complete sense. Devil Dee - a timing genius.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      01 And The Beat Goes On (marco Magrini Extended Edit)
                                                      02 And The Beat Goes On (instrumental)
                                                      03 Devil Dee Ft Joan Faulkner And The Beat Goes On Club Version
                                                      04 And The Beat Goes On (electro Dub By Devil Dee Claudio Casalini)

                                                      Pye Corner Audio

                                                      Circuit Rot / Pocket Disco

                                                        A second release on the label for Martin Jenkins’ always amazing Pye Corner Audio. Riding high with acclaim for his current full length on Sonic Cathedral, Martin offers up 2 fantastic new pieces in tandem, unique to this vinyl only 45.

                                                        As a longterm fan, label head Dom has always been intrigued by Martin’s love of label hopping and recording pieces especially geared to what he feels is each label’s aesthetic; and sharing a massive love for Spacemen 3 and Stereolab, it is always hugely exciting to receive new music from him. These two tunes were all we could possibly ask and then some; in his own words Martin says: “Pye Corner Audio return to the haunted dancehall with a brace of stripped back analogue tracks. Casio-tone rhythm meets Moog bass line on “Circuit Rot”, while “Pocket Disco”’s title speaks for itself”.

                                                        Two absolute beauties, all dressed up nice in PY’s Red / Tracing paper homage packaging concept to the BBC’s library releases of the early to mid ‘70s. 

                                                        UK techno pioneer Steve Pickton has dug deep into his DAT tapes collection to unearth 2 previously unreleased recordings from the golden era '92-'93. Both rarities offer a trademark lush and retro-futurist Detroit inspired sound that is totally unique. Fellow Likemind legend Nuron provides a stunning remix. The track was built up from scratch as no stems were available, giving you another sneak peek of the genius musical mind that is Nuron.

                                                        The vinyl version comes with impeccable sleeve and label artwork by Abdul Haqq (Third Earth).

                                                        Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis and pressed on 180 gr vinyl.

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        Matt says: Vivid imaginary outer space worlds and sci-fi-technologies emerge from this stalwart of IDM / braindance and techno. Essential if you're into: John Shima, FireScope, B12, RX-101 etc.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1. Of All The Worlds
                                                        A2. The Embrace (Nuron Remix)
                                                        B1. The Embrace


                                                        Walking Machine

                                                          Having moved into their North London flat together back in September 2019, FEET are now living “like a hive mind” and have level-upped their kinship - both as people and artists - several times over. Spending endless days making music, the band’s journey since their debut has been a rollercoaster - one with a definite U-turn. An initial batch of songs ended up being entirely scrapped after a sobering practice room realisation that, far from sounding like a cohesive second record, “one song sounded like a covers pub band, and another sounded like Eminem could throw some bars over it,” notes Callum.

                                                          And so, they sat down to write a manifesto: one that would tame their overflowing pot of ideas and put some necessary parameters around what they were doing. “No wanky guitar solos, no sailor outfits, no bringing a broom onstage,” jokes George. All fair points. But as well as that, the band started digging into what they actually wanted to sound like, setting up their home studio and taking a bigger interest in production and the atmosphere of the tracks, trying to hit the cross-section of pop music and something a little darker that they’ve always loitered around.

                                                          “We’re not a post punk band, we don’t sound like a ‘London band’ whatever that is, but the indie reference in our shared hive mind is related to a major label, squeaky clean sound which isn’t what we want from our band,” explains George. “You either go the mainstream route or the sleazy South London route and we’re slap bang in the middle, so we’re trying to state our spot. We’re pretty comfortable where we are and this is the direction we wanna take it in”.

                                                          ‘Walking Machine EP’ takes these ideas and moulds them into four tracks that show a band still more than willing to throw in a liberal smattering of humour at the right moment, but who aren’t relying just on japes to get them through. They’ve still got a classically FEET name for their new direction, Crease Pop, but even that’s got some logic to it. “It’s taking the pop music formula - hooky choruses, nothing too self-indulgent - but it’s still got a bit of edge,” says George. “With Indie music, there’s an element where it can get quite soft and it’s quite easy to go through that phase where you think you sound like The Beach Boys, but we’ve come off the end of that where we want to be a bit grittier.”

                                                          Having beamed fans into their living room over lockdown with a series of livestreams imbued with more genuine live show energy than most, the tight-knit camaraderie the band have honed over the past year is there for all to see. Far from the group of novices they first emerged as, FEET are now a proper unit.

                                                          The Rills

                                                          Do It Differently

                                                            With taught, propulsive rhythms and witty, acerbic vocals – the omnipresent backbone of small-town living lies front and centre in everything that The Rills create, coupled with the driving ambition to make something bigger of themselves that chime through in every cutthroat riff. Early tracks from the new EP hear front-man Mitch Spencer quip about local outcasts from the band’s hometown and how younger generations should go against the grain of the cultural norm. On new single ‘World Leader’, the trio are pointing their fingers in an ironic fashion towards the stuffy, political gatekeepers of the world. “World Leader is an ironic bashing of modern politics” explains Spencer. “It’s a stab at our modern political figures, the way we digest media and the way voters express their views online”.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Skint Eastwood
                                                            2. World Leader
                                                            3. This Is Hell
                                                            4. Do It Differently
                                                            5. Never Around

                                                            Canadian producer Hrdvsion makes his debut on Posthuman's I Love Acid imprint, with 4 tracks of wonky & off-kilter acid for playing loud and dancing to. All styles all flavours on this one! High grade warehouse music that kicks like a mule.

                                                            100 copies only. Buy now or cry later! 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: The blink-and-you-miss-it I Love Acid series is rightfully coveted and horded by acid freaks and warehouse dwellers across the country. Number 26 and it's an absolute doozy from Hrdvsion.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Startup
                                                            A2. How The F It Trax
                                                            B1. Revenge Body
                                                            B2. Went Through My Heart

                                                            Back in 1997, UK house legend Charles Webster, this time under his DJ Profile alias, unleashed these killer tracks. Originally released on the sorely missed London nightclub The End's label, this fine 12" set a benchmark for what would become a very exciting time for the UK's underground scene, both tracks are widely considered to be up there with Charles' most sought after work.

                                                            A-side 'Prove It' kicks off with swinging drums that deliver the funk, percussive elements rattle & shake and the low slung bass line keeps the track firmly on the dancefloor. The soothing chords, acid overtones and the evocative vocal hook are mesmerizing and soulful.

                                                            Over on the flip, 'Realization' is a bumping analogue monster. The kicks are solid, the snares swing and an infectious rolling bass line carries the track throughout. Darker acidic touches sit alongside delicate synth riffs and emotive chords that lift, drift and lose you in a world of wonderfully woozy deep house sonics.

                                                            Never has the late night dancefloor sounded so good, and this slab of wax is a must have that typifies a halcyon period in underground house history. The tracks themselves have remained exciting and relevant, achieving cult status amongst the most discerning DJs, record collectors and music heads alike. Legitimately re-released with the full involvement of Charles Webster, lovingly remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original sources especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at your favourite reissue label - Mint Condition!

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: More from the many faces of Charles Webster. This one's from '97 and swings from the hip. Chunky, tasty house beats with warm, lavish licks - a trademark of this UK mainstay.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A. Prove It
                                                            B. Realization

                                                            Latest release from Francoid K and Scan 7’s ‘Artist Code’ series, and as always a focus on eclecticism, open-mindedness, divergence and non-conformity. Expect to hear a wide range of electronic music from house, techno, electronica, spoken word, HIP-HOP (for the first time) cherry picked by these to stalwarts of electronic music.

                                                            Gotta say I’m loving this new one. Some driving, technicoloured techno tracks and wavy, shoulder-dropped house vibes as per the norm; but that A4 track – “Permission” – a fiery and street-ready joist of visceral hip-hop. Sounds like a New York based rapper but no idea who! Mega.

                                                            Incase you missed the announcement 010 artist reveals were: Laurent Garnier, Speaking Minds & Amarcord, Scan X, Diego Infanzon.

                                                            Previous releases have included tracks from the likes of Agents of Time, JoeFarr, Nicolas Bougaieff, Madben, CYRK, Biz, Sagitario, Kmyle, Marco Bailey and rising talents Works of Intent fka R.O.S.H, LOIS, Softly Voltaire, Joaquim Plossu, Loloman, Prequel, Athven, City 2 City, LOIS.

                                                            Head to their Instagram page (ig: cod3qr) for clues to the artist identities.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Francois K & Scan 7's imperative series continues. I'm especially digging this one due to the inclusion of one of the hottest hip-hop cuts I've heard in a while - "Permission". Can't wait to see who the artist behind it is!

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Artist Code 46554E - Get Down
                                                            A2. Artist Code 534147 - Meraki
                                                            A3. Artist Code 564F4C - Midnight Run
                                                            A4. Artist Code 544553 - Permission
                                                            B1. Artist Code 4F4E49 - No Joke
                                                            B2. Artist Code 554E53 - Flexible Life
                                                            B3. Artist Code 4D4952 & Artist Code 555253 - It's That

                                                            7072822377205602508275968888072404120607396653454DMX Krew

                                                            Second Moon EP

                                                            The unstoppable DMX Krew returns for his third full EP on the label. As classy as ever and packed with different flavours.

                                                            The A side opens with the wigged out and intense techno assault of 'Spasm', clearing the path for the tortured alien beauty of the more electro-flavoured track 'Second Moon'.

                                                            Over on the flip, DMX revisits 'The Wiggly Worm', giving it some DMX acid with a sardonic stomp for the dancefloor and the EP closes with a nod to Detroit with 'It Isn't What It Was'.

                                                            Also included are two tools, useful bridges for the discerning DJ! Super Rhythm Trax + DMX Krew = one happy warehouse! Recommended.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Acid madness from the wizard Ed DMX. Summat about these gnarly Super Rhythm Trax pressings that bite and crunch hard. Rawkus shit.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Spasm
                                                            A2. Second Moon
                                                            A3. Radio Noises 1
                                                            B1. The Wiggly Worm (Remix)
                                                            B2. It Isn't What It Was
                                                            B3. Radio Noises 2

                                                            Braxe + Falcon

                                                            Step By Step EP

                                                              We know now that Smugglers Way is a new project by Alain and Stéphane Quême, or Alan Braxe and DJFalcon - the indisputable architects of the French Touch - the emotive house music conjured from looped samples with an inimitable Gallic flare that emerged from Paris in the mid-90s. Behind those two names you'll find the legendary acts of Stardust and Together - responsible for tracks like "Music Sounds Better With You", "So Much Love To Give" & "Together".

                                                              Now, as the pair mature into middle age, they've slowed down the tempo on their inimitable formular. The release represents a sublime distillation of their shared musical essence, a revelatory realization and a compelling expansion only conceivable for them at this point in time.

                                                              It opens with ‘Step By Step’, featuring Animal Collective's Panda Bear, an ecstatic celebration of Balearic joy, met with a French Touch production aesthetic; as if Braxe’s "In Love With You" had been baking on the playa for a quarter of a century. The track transcends anything in the catalogues of all three artists to something completely majestic, resplendent in its glowing, lush simplicity.

                                                              "Love Me" gallops to a satisfactory mid-session pace; loopy vox and fat synths filtered to perfection keeping us in that French state of mind. "Creative Source" deploys a tasty soul hook across the sampler pads for an almost Andres-esque beatdown jam before we settle into the cosy and intimate Balearic-pop of "Elevation", featuring modern R&B star Sunni Colon. What a trip! 

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: Brought to you by the same French Touch innovators behind Stardust and Together; it sees the formula applied to more downbeat and Balearic moods that are simply divine. Perfect for the hammock or the beach!

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Step By Step (feat. Panda Bear)
                                                              Love Me
                                                              Creative Source
                                                              Elevation (feat. Sunni Colon)
                                                              Step By Step (Bonus Beat)

                                                              The Havoc guys have been on an enforced hibernation through the winter due to a lurgy that had been affecting the planet. They have remained in the cave throughout this time huddling up to keep warm and exploring what had become their home away from home for months on end. One night, whilst lighting a fire, trying to find motivation for the next release (basket weaving had lost its appeal) they spotted a glint across the way – On further inspection, it was a small bottle and had a label of sorts – It looked to be medicine or smelling salts – Liquid Gold. Curious creatures they are they all took a long good sniff of this elixir. And just like that, they rummaged around the records stacked in the corner put some more coal in the old computer and began their work.

                                                              Soon the A-Side of the new EP was born. Most certainly a step up in the BPM from the previous A-Side off EP1. A1 kicks off with a Germanic Proto Throb Job, that's sure to cause errr...Havoc on the dance floor. Whilst A2 is a Bassline Driven, Reconstructed Austrian Euro Pop Monster. One for late-night Discos.

                                                              After a while they had stopped sweating, hearts had stopped beating quite so quick. Whilst the creative juices were flowing a few more records were dug out and a log put on the fire and a cup of fungus juice imbibed. B2 came rattling out the speakers in no time at all in all its chugging glory, the vocals take in a nod to god after the devil has done his dirty work.

                                                              At this point, the sun was starting to peek through the mouth of the cave and a new day was upon them. One last record had been found, earlier, that was decided would work at this time, actually after consideration, any damn time... B2 Is like a familiar Balearic Back rub with pop-infused French vocals and beats for days...So now EP2 is complete. Back out into the world our intrepid or is it tepid threesome went... Let's only hope their wives haven't left them after all this time locked away.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: The cult followed Wrekin Havoc crew return with their highly anticipated second 12". Covering electro-disco, euro-pop and Balearic beat, they dig deeper than your average excavator, bringing you the lost sounds from forgotten discotheques.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              A1. Heavy Breathing
                                                              A2. Work It
                                                              B1. Dirty Devil
                                                              B2. That Is The Question

                                                              The gift that keeps on giving, Purple Disco Machines’ ‘Exotica (Deluxe Album)’ is being treated to some epic remixes of your favourite songs now available on vinyl. For this double header, Floorplan Justified channels that soulful gospel energy into a house heater on ‘Hands to the Sky’ and Italy’s own The Cube Guys take on ‘Money Money’ with some serious disco spirit.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: Detroit techno legend Robert Hood avec daughter Lyric, delivers a seriously weighty, soulful take on "Hands To The Sky". Meanwhile The Cube Guys get fists pumping on their expertly remixed mainroomer: "Money Money".

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              A1. Hands To The Sky Feat. Fiorious & House Gospel Choir - Floorplan Justified Remix
                                                              B1. Money Money (The Cube Guys Remix)

                                                              Ant Orange

                                                              You're Super In Diagonal - Ricardo Villalobos, Ada, Tolouse Low Trax Remixes

                                                              This EP is more than your usual remix package - "Remixed" is a meeting of kindred, idiosyncratic spirits. Ricardo Villalobos, Ada, and Tolouse Low Trax each give a new spin to one track from "You're Super In Diagonal", the latest album by Ant Orange. Their versions of "Monogome", "Flutter", and "Cracker" are complemented by a brand new track: "FFF".

                                                              Villalobos keeps it short and sweet - at least by his standards. His rendition of "Monogome" translates the mutant jungle vibes of the original into an entirely different dialect while maintaining its psychedelic qualities. The chugging, nine-minute-long 'Siebhouse Remix' is at once rhythmically intricate and positively disorientating. Ada proves to be as imaginative as ever with her first remix in three years. Her take on the album opener "Flutter" extracts the track’s warmth and transplants it into a laid-back downbeat track. She also incorporates the vocals from "Monogome", but gives it a very different spin and adds a healthy dose of autotune to it in the process. Dreamy, hazy, blissful.

                                                              On the flipside, Detlef Weinrich approaches things very differently. His 'Bo Bo Zy Remix' of "Cracker" offers industrial at its most inebriated, dub riddims after a bottle of hard liquor instead of a spliff. Ant Orange’s "FFF" then seems to mediate between those three very different approaches: danceable yet melancholic, challenging yet restrained, it picks up on the underlying concept of "You're Super In Diagonal", combining IDM’s penchant for complex rhythmic structures and a directness inherent to hip-hop music since the early days of the genre up until the age of UK drill.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: I'm still a sucker for a Villalobos remix! The ketty-techno demigod's crisp-packet textures and disassociate production sending my into 5D again on this epic remix of "Monogome". Elsewhere, IDM and EDM fanatics are more than catered for on this forward-facing and highly sophisticated electronica showcase. TIP!

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Monogome (Ricardo Villalobos Siebhouse Remix)
                                                              2. Flutter (Ada Remix)
                                                              3. Cracker (Tolouse Low Trax Bo Bo Zy Remix)
                                                              4. FFF

                                                              The Konduko 7" series ends with the 4th and possibly best single with Noel Williams aka King Sporty's cover version of Bob Marley's "Them Belly Full", here released as "Dance To The Music".

                                                              First released on the Natty Dread album of 1974, it was Marley's first album working away from Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer and was a spiritually charged political and social statement, also featuring classics "No Women, No Cry", "Lively Up Yourself" and "Rebel Music".

                                                              As an associate and friend from their Studio One days, William's version makes sense, in the tradition of covers throughout reggae's history. Appearing a year late, the 1975 single came in Jamaican and US pressings, a nod to Konduko's roots, having started in Kingston before the move to Miami in the earlier part of the decade.

                                                              A warning against allowing the poor to go hungry, with the prophetic 'a hungry mob is an angry mob', the cover includes a lot of the Miami feel Sporty was incorporating. With instrumentation again from the Ocean Liners KC And Sunshine backing band, the horns and guitar raise the soul, with counter keys, Part 1 is a straight vocal, while Part 2 is close to a Version but more than an instrumental and in its title, shows its funk and soul background too. A perfect end to the series, the uplifting tracking belies the powerful message, bringing the Miami swing to the JA groove once more. 

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: More from King Sporty's early period with a riotous cover of Bob Marley's "Them Belly Full". One of two releases on Konduko this week - both essential collectors items and strong relics of reggae-crossover history.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Side 1
                                                              1. Dance To The Music (part 1)
                                                              Side 2
                                                              1. Dance To The Music (part 2) 

                                                              The second 7" in the Konduko series reissues this mega-rarity, Noel Williams aka King Sporty's own version of Bob Marley's Concrete Jungle. The connection between Marley and Williams was long-standing, both living in the tenements of West Kingston and gaining their musical foundations as part of the Studio One, that would reach fruition when they later co-wrote Buffalo Soldier together.

                                                              Clement Dodd's organisation was more than a label, running a sound system, studio, pressing plant and its own distribution. As Deejay on the system and later releasing his debut single on the label, William's learnt his craft, taking this knowledge to Miami and replicating much - expanding the Konduko label to encompass studio, plant and distribution.

                                                              First recorded with Lee Perry, Marley's 1971 original was famously rerecorded for The Wailers move to Island Records and their 1973 album, Catch A Fire. Here, a rare Williams' vocal is backed with horns atop a reggae-funk groove. The songs message of struggle is universal and everlasting, even with a touch of Miami swing.

                                                              This is backed by Young Girl, a single in its own right, from the same period. A rocksteady, breakbeat shuffle bely the songs roots in late 60s soul, with a powerful counterpoint vocal from wife and partner, Betty Wright. A collector's item itself, together they are essential.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: One of two King Sporty 7"s in this week. Hard to pick a favourite - they're both killer. And so nice to see his pre-disco evolution from Jamaica, to Miami and with more reggae focussed stylings from what would flavour his later discography. The Bob Marley and Lee Perry connection also makes these two 7"s highly desirable.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Side 1
                                                              1. Concrete Jungle 
                                                              Side 2
                                                              1. Young Girl

                                                              Moreish Idols

                                                              Float EP

                                                                London's Moreish Idols arrived fully formed a couple of months back with the frenetic "Speedboat", their debut single for tastemakers Speedy Wunderground. Following widespread support on that track, the band return today with news of their debut EP for the label "Float" set for release on August 12th, and a brand-new single in the insistent "Hangar".

                                                                Born from humble beginnings in a Cornish coastal town, the band recently relocated to the capital, expanding scope in the process to create something that not only stands apart from their peers, but also manages that aural diversity song to song within the same set.

                                                                Created with a strictly implemented manifesto: writing solely as a group so as to allow the blending of each member's widely divergent personalities and influences. This melded a sound that combines jazz, funk, krautrock, dub and punk into something decidedly... moreish.

                                                                In January 2022, Moreish Idols laid down the four songs that would make up "Float" over an intense five-day studio session spurred on by Dan Carey. The opener, "Hangar", started life as a mistake, a chord strummed on a detuned guitar. This happy accident gradually morphed and grew into a song about feelings of disenfranchisement and boredom that comes with the inescapable nature of late capitalism.

                                                                Beginning with an intro steeped in orange-sunshine psychedelia and led by a Swarmatron chordal drone, you’re lulled by the rhythmic arpeggiating melody before the revving Scalextric guitars kick in and the song takes off. It's an eclectic, thrilling cut that shifts sounds and shape several times across its duration, even switching vocalist between Lilley's verse and Kellett's chorus, it's a genuine highlight of an EP that is full of them.

                                                                The band's own Jude Lilley had the following to say about "Float" as a whole:

                                                                "The most exciting thing for us as a band is capturing our performances live, which something Speedy is renowned for. Everything you hear in the EP is us in the room working together as unit - apart from Dylan (sax) who recorded his take across the whole EP in one! There’s something really cool about listening back to the takes and realising ‘this is what the room sounded like 5 minutes ago… and that’s us making the noise’. To us "Float" is a collage, and a demonstration of the band putting everything in the mixer and seeing what comes out (lyrics included) and it’s exactly what Dan heard before getting us involved with the label."

                                                                Produced, as ever, by the label's own aforementioned Carey, "Hangar" and "Float" showcase more of the mercurial magic that is ever-present across the Speedy Wunderground catalogue.

                                                                Carey's most recent credits include Wet Leg, Kae Tempest and Fontaines DC while Speedy Wunderground have worked with the likes of Black Country, New Road, Sinead O'Brien, black midi, Jane Weaver, Squid and more.

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Laura says: Speedy Wunderground are on a real roll atm, with their recent compilation LP and The Queen's Head 7" flying out and a couple of superb forthcoming releases from Lounge Society and Joyeria due soon. Sandwiched in between these is this cracking 4 track EP from Moreish Idols. Frenetic jazz-infused art-rock, with rattling drums and chugging guitar riffs. RIYL Squid, Parquet Courts, Folly Group.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1 Hangar
                                                                2 W.A.M.
                                                                3 When The River Runs Dry
                                                                4 Speedboat

                                                                Coach Party

                                                                Nothing Is Real

                                                                  Coach Party grew up on the Isle of Wight (“it's only a matter of time until you meet pretty much everyone else on the Island,” says Eastwood) and eventually crossed paths as avid music fans - working in venues, playing together and meeting at the same gigs. Coach Party eventually formed after Eastwood and guitarist Steph Norris decided to start playing music together; quickly realising that there was something special about the pair’s songwriting and bond, guitarist Joe Perry and drummer Page joined the ranks. Musically, Coach Party are inspired by a broad palate of artists, but always find themselves drawn back to Nirvana, Sonic Youth and The Strokes, and contemporary artists like Wolf Alice, The Big Moon and Tame Impala. Ultimately though, Coach Party’s primary drive to write and perform music comes from “the often entertaining struggle of real life.” The band still live and work on the Isle of Wight (Jess at a farm park, Guy in a music studio and Steph & Joe in cafes), and describe life on the island as going “through pretty distinct phases of being a great, and a really frustrating place to live.” 

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  1. FLAG
                                                                  2. Shit TV
                                                                  3. 3 Kisses
                                                                  4. Weird Me Out
                                                                  5. Nothing Is Real

                                                                  Fresh as you like UK hardcore here from our very own locale. Erupt are two releases in and are causing a ruckus across the warehouse and industrial spaces currently being repurposed for the party people across the northwest. Specializing in hardcore, jungle, bounce and even donk (!), it's an edgy, grassroots label the kind of which your Eclipse-sporting, pill head casualty of an older brother would have gone nuts in '94.

                                                                  Third release in and it's label head Bullet X providing the ruckus on this excursion. Kicking off with the brutal hardcore of "My Mate From The Estate", which bombs around said housing project in a souped up Nova with this blaring from the cassette deck and the subwoofers turned up to the max! Reminds me of being driven home from year 11 by a sixth former from Edenfield wondering if I'll make it home in one piece or not. Ramped up pianos, blazing subbass and a plethora of vintage rave samples - monstrous Bowlers vibes on this one massive!

                                                                  "That Drip" continues the stranglehold with more plumes of deep bass, agro rave stabs and breakbeats to rip you a new one. Add a few well placed rastaman vox and some sharp twists to the arrangement and you've got another hyperactive beaver in bassbins!

                                                                  "No Loss" sees the Thunderdome erupt into a blazing finale, a kicking 4/4 gluing together donk sounds, hip-house vocal snips and an array of tumbling breaks until a spine-shuddering female vox hook propels us into a loved up euphoria - keen for one last rush before the lights come on. 

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Matt says: Third release from this burgeoning Manchester label. Boosting the musical cannons of the feral northern dance tribes with a tasty mix of hardcore, jungle, donk and breaks. Whistle cru!

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A1 My Mate From The Estate
                                                                  B1 That Drip
                                                                  B2 No Loss

                                                                  More from the emerging Salford City Records - a wonderful local label intent on dishing out the most wide-eyed, smiley faced, XTC-soaked piano house from the archives of UK house music history. Ninth release on the label, Manchester's Suddi Raval aka Together, most notably of "Hardcore Uproar" fame, released "Love Bug" originally in 1991 on white label for Thumbs Up Magic. It's since became impossible to track down, in part due to the nature of white label culture at the time - these discs were hammered to death at the parties and the raves - there was no digital equivalent keeping the vinyl in mint condition on the shelves!

                                                                  Comes with the original two spine-tingly, sugary sweet bangers "The Love Bug" and "Click" plus a tasty remix of "Storming Heaven" from no other than Sasha! The kinda record to go down a storm across the nightclubs, walterz and the green fields of the UK, then and now. One of my favourites on the label so far. Recommended!

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Matt says: Massive scenes from the newly minted Salford City Records. Big Hacienda / Bowlers / Angels vibes a plenty as they seek to reissue some of the finest moments of piano house and rave music history. Bolstered with new remixes, new versions and unreleased mixes, you've gotta admire the efforts of this crew from our sister city. There's loads more to come too - watch this space!

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A. The Love Bug
                                                                  B1. Click
                                                                  B2. Storming Heaven (Sash's Broken Table Mix)

                                                                  Salford City Records come through with a seriously strong dubplate edition of this infamous DJ Welly track from 1992. Void were actually made up of three producers: Paul Welding, Daniel Nolan, Dave McBurney, but it was Paul aka DJ Welly that hammered the track at raves across the UK resulting in the track's cult following.

                                                                  "Orcana", released on Manchester Underground in 1992, is an early example of trance meeting piano house. It's got a tough, highly digital groove whilst the piano riffs are sharp and rushing. Some of the synth sounds would go on to be popular across hard house and psy trance scenes whilst the vocal part ('the ultimate seduction') will get massive crowds in e-harmonious euphoria - an absolute belter of a track that's rightfully worshipped by ravers from the era. On this version with also get a remix from Stu Chapman who gives the track a proper hardcore makeover - deploying proto-jungle breaks and a rugged bottom end synth hook. Nasty, bass bin rattlin' rave for the crusty systems...

                                                                  On side B we get a more bouncy, almost Balearic-house version of "Orcana" tweaked by Analysis. The bucolic, blue sky nature of Britain's rolling countryside coming through strong on this free-party sizzler.

                                                                  Finally, Salford City's Project D & James Sempie remix "Special" - a hi-nrg vocal cut with a kinda handbag house feel with uplifting pianos and hyperactive vox - a fitting endorphin-rushing rocket blast to close off this most crucial of 12"s. Do not sleep on this one massive! 

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Matt says: Massive coup for Salford City Record who have managed to drag the DJ Welly-hammered "Orcana" from the archives for an official repress. Originally released on Manchester Underground which was right round the corner from our current shop - this is a true slice of underground Manchester music history. Updated with some new remixes.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A1. Orcana 2021 (Welly's Return To The Rave Remix)
                                                                  A2. Orcana ( Stu Chapman Remix)
                                                                  B1. Orcana 30 (Analysis Remix)
                                                                  B2. Project D & James Sempie - Special

                                                                  Salford City Records turn their attention to Powerhouse - the duo of Hamilton Dean & Julian Slatter who had a brief run of club records in the late 90s. "The Finest" was a self-released promo 12" from 1997 and has become a rare relic from this era.

                                                                  Salford City hit the power thrusters and drop four tasty remixes of the track by Pierre Feroldi, Paul S and the inhouse team of Project D and James Sempie. Feroldi's version probably stays closest to the anthemic original - utilizing that pitched up, sugar soaked yearning vocal to devastating effect and adding extra vocal chop SFX.

                                                                  Paul S's 'Euro' remix is dangerously happy hardcore in its execution, containing proper hoover breakdowns, 'rock the place' vocal chops, non-stop breakdowns and relentless pianos. Whistle cruuu!!

                                                                  On the flip "Not Forgotten Movin' Now" slows the tempos and deploys some sweepings 303s; utilizing fierce stabs and a psychedelic groove for a juddering, mid-session slather that should have gurnbots writhing all over each other in a pilled up mess! Excellent! If that wasn't enough, Project D and Sempie head straight to the waltzers for an flawless demonstration of Proper Fairground Tackle. Candyfloss and a chase of older lads not included!

                                                                  Another retrotastic stormer from Salford City Records! 

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Matt says: Phwwwaooooor! Sugar-rushing fairground tackle here strictly for the waltzers and feral nightclubs of the north. Strange how tracks as sweet as this can unify hordes of the most hardy working class warriors who'll have their tops off in no time when this drops. Like main-lining 10 Rockstars for breakfast.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A1 The Finest (Pierre Feroldi Remix)
                                                                  A2 The Finest (Paul S Euro Mix)
                                                                  B1 Not Forgotten Movin' Now
                                                                  B2 The Finest (Project D & James Sempie Remix)

                                                                  Bosconi Gang Band

                                                                  Live At Manifattura Tabacchi

                                                                  After the first jam experiment back in 2019 here we have the second chapter of the Bosconi Gang Band session pressed on this limited white label hand stamped & numbered wax. This jam was recorded in front of an actual crowd in an event held at Manifattura tabacchi Florence on the 21st February 2020 just a couple weeks before the pandemic started and the first lockdown happened in Italy.

                                                                  The concept is the same as the previous one with Fabio Della Torre on the mixer conducting the gang mystic gulf this time with: Ennio Colaci from Minimono, Dukwa, Rufus, Andrea Giachetti & Antonio Pecori from The Clover and Dj Rou. As it happened with the previous release, the actual jam follows the order of the live execution which naturally developed in a crescendo of speed and intensity.

                                                                  The result is a collection of 5 of the best takes slightly mixed and revisited afterwards but very much faithful to those performed live. This is another adventurous release that goes well off grid, plays with strange temps, original textures and moods. There's a punk-funk, acid house & cosmic slant to their vibe which is infectious, fun and cutting edge all at the same time!

                                                                  Bosconi Gang Band aims to be an itinerant live improvisational project open to all artists who have released on Bosconi Records that sets the goal of always being unpredictable and special, naturally affected by the artists who perform always creating something unplanned new, and unexpected.

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Matt says: Really nice n varied EP which traverses electric punk-funk, acid house and cosmic styles with a live approach, fuzzy aesthetic and held together by some incredible basslines.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A1. 90 Dial 
                                                                  A2. 122 Merge 
                                                                  A3. 128 Wave
                                                                  B1. 160 Wasp 
                                                                  B2. 105 Keen 

                                                                  Mad good UK pressure here from the Warriors Dance vaults, "Rightous Rule" getting a nicely remastered reissue here. If you liked the Two The Hardway reissue then this one's for you baby!

                                                                  Warriors Dance label was a unique operation and a pioneering London label during the late 80's acid house phenomena. Home to an assortment of DJs, MCs and soundmen, they went on to make their own original and indelible mark on the rave scene from the infamous Addis Ababa studio on Harrow Road on the North-West side of the city. A fo