Outrageous white label manoeuvres from Manchester mates AR & BS, transporting a Yacht legend to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Psychedelic sprawl, robo-drama, AOR emotion - this disc's got it all !

AR extends, expands and excels on his A-side epic, delivering a dance floor journey which moves from weirdo wonk to the hands-in-the-air heaven in a transformative ten minutes. The loose and lysergic groove of the intro builds into a How Shroom Is Now wall of sound, takes a detour into heavy hip hop headnod and settles into vocal sincerity, all before dropping that HUGE chorus. Festival tested and club ready - everyone say Armen!

On the flipside, we catch up with Stockport staple BS, who puts down the Pet Nat, swaps the grape vape for a gary and gets stuck into a serious slice of cosmic chug. Slo-mo and sleazy, this arpeggiator heavy heater sees a crooning 80's vocal surf a mechanical groove purpose made for backwards dancers and eyeball lickers. The combination of wild emoting and synthetic drama is pretty much everything, but just wait for that breakdown.

Double A-side coz you gotta double drop your GARIES!


Matt says: TD renegades in semi-camouflage, dishing out pEak-powered, maximum buzz energy in that dig, chop and boost fashion that we've come accustomed to from these Manchester splicing stalwarts. Check!


A. AR - Comin' Apart At The Edit
B. BS - More BS

Back in stock Cover of Undercover Lovers Vol. 3 by Psychemagik.


Undercover Lovers Vol. 3

The 1st of 2 singles from the wizards of editing, with lysergic renderings of some well-known pop/dance classics, just not as you might expect. Donna Summer and Doobie Brothers under the knife. Psychemagik still lords of the edit! 

Finally on vinyl after some considerable time, this one has a limited pressing!


Matt says: Huge demand on this one! Psychemagik veer casually into peak time business, twisting out an alternative and exotic version of "I Feel Love" (with maximum clav action), plus a foreign cover version of "I Can't Go For That". These are gonna bust the brains of your local sun lounger / hammock massive and send beach bars into shutdown as everyone scurries for a cold cocktail to jive with.


A. I Feel Love
B. I Can't Go For That

Following last year's wonderful "Anthropomorphic Fantasy EP", Byamm returns with another super limited, private press modern soul release!

Crisp production taking in gospel, heavyweight 80's boogie, classic 2-step soul and downtempo joints, this is another top quality selection...

Timeless song-writing and classic soul music.

Pre-orders advised! 


Matt says: Byamm are back with their second instalment after causing an absolute stampede last year with their debut 12". The formular hasn't changed - modern soul and boogie with smoochy vocals, uplifting energy and highly skilled instrumental backing. Do not sleep on this!


A1. Life Comes From The Sun
A2. Sweet Soul Sister
B1. Last Train To Oblivion
B2. Thank You

Top secret transmissions from the Upgrade crew who bring hip-house back again for summer '24 with four raucous revivals done up 21st century style...I'd love to say the highlight was the Missy Elliot tweak, but the other three give it plenty of competition which pair rugged beats full of ricocheting snares and tough kicks with some killer hip-house vocal parts. It's got that vintage rave energy but delivered with a fresh, speaker-tickling fresh production and plenty of hefty drums. A proper party record! 


Matt says: Hottest house record for a while; and essential for anyone with a penchant for hip-house. An unknown producer (we think from over the Pennines but more on that later) drops four modern hip-house bangers full of tough, rugged beats and brilliantly placed vox. This is my jam!!


A1. Dancing Queen
A2. Jack You Out The Box
B1. She's A Whaaaat?
B2. Bass Face

GAMM is back after a short leave of absence with a grand disco rework (not edit).

Our friend Moplen definitely knows his way around the disco and here it all comes full circle as both music and vinyl artwork (full-color 12" vintage sleeve and labels) look and feel like the sound of New York City circa 1977.
"The Blackout Night" comes in a main extended +9 min long version and reprise mix (dub version), both are soaked in big strings, soulful vocals, and a thumpin' disco backbeat.

One for the for the dancers...


Matt says: Moplen gets his mitts on the stems of a well know slice of peak era disco courtesy of the Trammps, turning out one of his universally adored versions which sound as hot as the original takes.


A. The Blackout Night
B. The Blackout Night (Reprise)

Duval Timothy releases a highly requested repress of his 2018 EP "2 Sim" on split colour heavyweight vinyl via Carrying Colour records.

The project’s title is taken from a Krio phrase that refers to Sierra Leoneans of dual nationality as mobile phones that have two sim cards.

The project was recorded in Sierra Leone and the UK and features Duval’s piano compositions married with field recordings made in and around the landscape of the capital city Freetown as well as interviews with Duval’s family and friends who explore their relationship to the idea of being a ‘2 Sim’.

Botany Rd creates a musical soundscape through a walk with friends starting from the urban centre of Freetown up into the hills through small farming communities.

First Rain takes a field recording of the rain arriving at Duval’s home in Freetown at the end of the dry season. The weather cycle echoing Duval’s cycle of migration between the UK and West-Africa.


Matt says: A truly intriguing and captivating slice of mellow jazz spruced with field records and spoken word from Sierra Leone. The result transports you to the humid streets, full of chatter and exotic scents, but also offers some interesting opinions on dual nationality and such like. A brilliantly thoughtful release.


A1. 2 Sim 
A2. Botany Rd 
B1. All Things 
B2. First Rain 

Takuya Kuroda is a Kobe-born, Brooklyn-based trumpeter and musician, who was also a longtime player for Akoya Afrobeat as well as DJ Premier's BADDER band. Initially playing on the Japanese circuit with his trombonist brother, Takuya went on to relocate to New York City, where he has largely remained to this day, becoming a prominent player in the jazz scene, establishing a devoted fan base with jazz heads across the globe.

Following on from the recent 10 year anniversary vinyl re-issue of Takuya Kuroda's seminal 'Rising Son' album, we revisit his fourth official solo album 'Midnight Crisp', originally released in 2022 on the Worldwide Award winning UK label, First Word Records. Here we have two new interpretations designed squarely for the dancefloor.

Firstly we head to Detroit, with Waajeed's Hi-Tech Jazz remix of 'Choy Soda'. A pioneer in the worlds of house and hip hop alike, Waajeed's career is like no other. From his roots designing sleeves for Slum Village, to founding Platinum Pied Pipers, to running record labels, DJing and working with a ton of luminaries himself, Waajeed carries the spirit of his hometown in everything he does. This mix carries on the flavours he brought to the world on his 'Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz' album: bumpin' broken-beat tinged jackin' house music, this is pure heads-down music to groove to.

On the flip, First Word family, Kaidi Tatham takes on 'Dead End Dance'. Kaidi is a deeply-prolific, hugely-revered Grammy Award-winning multi-instrumentalist based in Belfast. One of the original pioneers of the broken beat sound, he's worked with a ton of legends over the years, including Amy Winehouse, Soul II Soul, Mulatu Astatke and Leroy Burgess, to most recently on various projects with DJ Jazzy Jeff. He stays true to the original vibe and tempo of the track, adding a phat synth bass to the mix, before switching to an uptempo shuffle midway, in his own inimitable style & fashion.

Initial support for this release already in from selectors such as Gilles Peterson (BBC 6 Music) and Dom Servini (Jazz FM), whilst past support has included Pitchfork, Earmilk, Brooklyn Vegan and many more.


1. Choy Soda (Waajeed's Hi-Tech Jazz Remix)
2. Dead End Dance (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Finn Peters

Red, Green And Blue

UK/NL reeds player, composer and producer Finn Peters presents his new 10", Red, Green and Blue; The three track EP of Nu Jazz/Broken Beats is being released on the artist's own Mantella Records imprint and sees a return to solo recording (after a decade hiatus) for the award winning Jazz maverick, beloved of Gilles Peterson and fans of cosmic jazz.

Influences include Compass Point Records, Africa Bambaata, Yusef Lateef and Walter Gibbons. It is heavy sounding with MPC3000 and SP 12 drum breaks, heavy African and Brazilian percussion, ethereal flute choirs and analogue synths a plenty.


1. Red
2. Green
3. Blue

Sticky Dub

Never Give Weapons To A Man Who Can't Dance

Fresh underground talent straight out of Liverpool from certified herbalist Sticky Dub.

The MC/Producer cooks up his own special blend of Broken Beat, UKG, Dub and Hip Hop, as styles collide to unique effect. His Northern roots man, rudebwoy energy is processed through an electronic, inner city engine, resulting in some of the most exciting club ready cuts we've heard this side of the Mersey. Melodic dub baselines rub with skipping dancefloor beats, all laced with Sticky's bouncing Scouse drawl, and lyrical insight, on his quest to understand nature and rhythm. And like Sticky says, if you want to keep the spiritual equilibrium of the world in check, then 'never give weapons to a man who can't dance".


Matt says: Rootsical, funky, deep and forward facing. Bass buggin' future soul from Liverpool which give South London's finest a run for their money.


1. Step Steady
2. Warrior Chant
3. In Me Drum
4. Trample The Beast
5. Right Direction
6. Free Ur Mind

Gledd brings a great mix of funk, disco, Afro and plenty of extra special magic to this hot new 12" on Saint Wax. It opens with 'Papa Bel' which is a steamy cut with florid melodic leads and tribal percussion. 'Tanda' then brings wailing vocals and more organic and jumbled grooves that ooze summer heat. The Afro rhythms continue through 'Rewild' which has a lively broken beat that rides stiff drums and last of all is the most intense of the lot - 'Guado Loop' is heavily layered with drums and perc, vocals, congas and background chants that will get any dance floor in a sweat.


Papa Bel
Guado Loop


Supermarkt - Prins Thomas, Ost & Kjex, Ana Helder, Mijo Remixes

The monstrous "Supermarkt" by Berlin producer Acud gets a vast and top tiered selection of remixes via the Keller label.

Norwegian disco master Prins Thomas kicks off proceedings with a sumptuous and velvety nu disco remix, full of cosmic yearnings as that Human League-esque bassline marches onwards. Ost & Kjex take the track into soulful house territory, adding swung percussion and rising organ stabs.

Argentinian Ana Helder really accentuates the electro-disco chug, turning out a remix that's somewhere between Lucia Ponti's "Dimi Bello" and New Order's "Blue Monday" - all with added cosmic electricity.

Mexican producer Mijo adds a slow techno touch, with intricate mechanization, churning grooves and fizzy textures throughout. Meanwhile Dirty Acid do as their name suggests and pour a highly corrosive and phlegmy concoction of 303s over the stems.

Amount takes us spiraling into the heavens via their remix - ascending arpeggios supplementing pulsating bass, echoed vox and simple drums for a deep late night hypnosis.

Finally, we get the original version by Acud in what can only be described as a bumper and essential pack and one of the best 12"s we've had in this year. TIP! 


Matt says: Electro-disco heads don't wanna miss this one. I'm often left a bit disgrunted when you get a twelve with just one track remixed countless times (why not squeeze another track on there!?) - HOWEVER, in this case, it's totally justified, with all involved turning out brilliant, and varied remixes of this amazing slice of gnarly, cosmic EBM. Hard to pick a favourite but I'm loving the kaleidoscoping ascension of Amount's remix.


A1. Acud - Supermarkt (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
A2. Acud - Supermarkt (Ost & Kjex Remix)
A3. Acud - Supermarkt (Ana Helder Remix)
A4. Acud - Supermarkt (Mijo Remix)
B1. Acud - Supermarkt (Dirty Acid Mix)
B2. Acud - Supermarkt (Amount Remix)
B3. Acud - Supermarkt (Original Mix

Gottwood Festival's imprint Gottwax returns for its eighth installment. At the controls of this release is the London-based duo Make A Dance, whose playful, party-driven sound has been making waves in the underground since their inception. Delivering a lively four-track EP, which includes two originals and two reworks, all of which are club-ready and certainly have the dancefloor firmly in their sights.

Kicking things off on the A-side is "Pocket Beagle", a playful track that exudes energy with its wobbly and wavy production; hooking everything into a bubbly bassline and delicious vocal chops. "Pocket Beagle (Acid Dub)" does what you'd expect and smothers the whole thing in lashings of 303 goodness, electrifying elements with a higher voltage and generally just mainlining the shit outta all the stems from "Pocket Beagle". 

Onto the B-side, we've got "Woof Doof" which powers on at an unrelenting pace, full of energy and vigour as it utilizes concentric grooves, rising atmospheres and quirky melodies to cement its festival friendly rep and send dancers spiraling into the speaker stacks! Said track gets another in house remix - adding rib-punching kicks, weighty bass and thick claps for a proggy-druggy-open air romp which is like Roman Flugel meets Freddie Fresh at the ALFOS studios. Top stuff! 


Matt says: The Gottwood festival massive continue their well executed sister label which always coincided with the festival each year (congratulations to the admin depts as we all know how hard it is to sync to a release date these days!). Make A Dance are perhaps the coolest act in the UK underground scene at the moment; so it seems apt that a festival that prides itself on cutting edge tastemaking has enlisted the deadly duo for this latest instalment. As usual, they don't disappoint.


A1. Pocket Beagle
A2. Pocket Beagle (Acid Dub)
B1. Woof Doof
B2. Woof Doof (Hardcore Labrador Mix) 


Different Kind Of Life - Incl. Massimiliano Pagliara Remixes

The LA-based ASHRR outfit is back with more of their superbly warm and soul-infused sounds here with 'Different Kind of Life'. Their own ASHRR Soundsystem version of the original is a gloriously upbeat and funky bit of space disco with lavish synth lines and chugging drums that lock you in. Berlin electronic mainstay Massimiliano Pagliara, who has landed on the likes of Ostgut Ton, Cocktail d'Amore and more, then brings his own two remixes. The first has some nice indie vocals and dazzling chord work, while the second is a deep dub that pairs things back. All three of these are swaggering and uplifting disco cuts with a difference.


Matt says: ASHRR continue to drop killer 12"s of new disco with a punk-funk styling. They like to enlist some proper royalty for their remixes too, in this case Massimiliano Pagliara giving it an executive seal of approval via two infectious remixes.


Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara Dub)
Different Kind Of Life (ASHRR Soundsystem Version)

New Jersey-born Ali Berger is a drum machine specialist and low-key US electronic music producer, now based in Pittsburgh after spending the 2010s in Boston and Detroit. His catalog of original music runs deep, with over 60 releases on his Trackland label and EPs on imprints like Spectral Sound and Sequencias, all resulting from a lovingly-cultivated studio approach which respects improvisation as a spiritual practice.

Here with this sublime release on Scissors and Thread, Ali shares a multitude of sounds and atmospheres across the five tracks. As Ali himself puts it 'This record collects tracks from the last three years, plus 0221 (Serious Mix) which is from 2018. There's a full cross-section of production techniques represented here, from one-take jams to multi-tracked compositions, but through it all there's a deep melancholy which (I hope) is tempered by enough groove to be uplifting. Maintaining emotional balance takes constant, caring attention; music is a part of that process for me and these tracks reflect that.'

This balancing of melancholic atmospheres and groove is evident throughout. "Rhythm & Simplicity" is a low key thoughtful banger for the more discerning dancefloors, while "A New World To Forget" also exhibits a deep love of cultured house music and analog drum machines. "Tape Jam Pt 2" is the perfect mix of improvisation and pure groove, put down in a rough and gritty fashion. "0221 (Serious Mix)" merges a breakbeat with pads and synths that give off a Balearic sunrise vibe, while "Motion Anthem" wraps up the EP with a tougher groove coupled with wistful melodies and oceans of feeling.


Matt says: Seriously lush and dreamy EP from Ali Berger who merges coastal house, Balearic bliss, baggy breaks and sun lit radiance into one five track package of paradise music.


A1. Rhythm & Simplicity
A2. A New World To Forget
A3. Tape Jam Pt. 2
B1. 0221 (Serious Mix)
B2. Motion Anthem

The faithful Italian duo return with more disco-flecked house action in their trademark cut-up style.

"Cotton & Silk" features 'Em on vocals and is a feel-good slice of summery disco-boogie-house. Electronically powered with a soulful vocal part, decorated with boogie-styled synthlines and adorned in a glitterball friendly aesthetic. "Mary Babe" continues the theme with hefty acid bass complimenting live disco drums and chopped up galvanized vox.

"Emotional Frequency" goes on an electric, new house romp. Loopy vox, bit cruched sfx, and a foundation shaking wooden bass riff all working in tandem to get bodies jiving - be it on the boat, at the beach, or in the club! "Danzin' Days" completes the set with phazed perx, flanging pads, galloping arps and rubber band bass - quite out there production tropes yet resulting in an easily digestible slab of pre-peak house bliss.

Top stuff as always from Larry and David... 


Matt says: Larry & David return with more electric and elastic filter-disco forerunners. They've milked the shit out of the formula but its still as delicious and moreish as ever. The Mike N Ike's of modern disco-house!


A1. Cotton & Silk Feat. ‘Em
A2. Mary Babe
A3. Cotton & Silk (Instrumental)
B1. Emotional Frequency
B2. Danzin’ Dayzz

Salar Ansari was born and raised in Tehran and is now based in Detroit. After his "Feelings from the Future" EP, he returns to his Passed Out On A Persian Rug imprint, breathing new life into four Persian pop classics.

This is seriously strong shit folks! Full of intrigue, yet highly danceable and touched up in just the right manner (it's a Motor City thang!). Flecks of acid, electronic drum machines and warm bass merging beautifully with the mystic and haunting Persian vocals. Ansair is obviously a skilled producer, but his Persian background has gifted him unique source material that few can match in the current climate!

Sick of the same old disco tracks, looped up and turned into house music? Me too! This stuff is a welcome breath of fresh air and sure to get you noticed as a DJ.. or will simply blow the roof of your living room disco!

Don't sleep - limited copies - hot stuff!! 


Matt says: When Tehran-born producers end up living in Detroit these are the breath taking results that ensue! Detroitian, forward thinking mindset, Persian source material - whodathunk it would result in the most arresting musical experience for a good while!


A1. Hayedeh - Gol Vajeh (POPR Mix)
A2. Shahyar Ghanbary - Forbidden (POPR Mix)

B1. Shahram Shabparesh - To Mitooni (POPR Mix)

B2. Hassan Shamaeizadeh - Telesm (POPR Mix)

The latest EP for Tee Mango’s SUPERUNKNOWN imprint drafts in one of our city's rising stars and a much adored DJ & producers - Joey T. Debuting on Levi Love's Mas O Menos label (alongside the gorgeous and inimitable Lady Lady), and fresh of the back of some highly hyped shows with Luke Una (not to mention garnering a loyal following across the city's many late night drinking dens). it's nice to see the long haired loveable rogue receiving props and attention outside our immediate cultural bubble. 

The lead track is by our man and is titled "WYNOMM" (When You Are Not On My Mind) and comes in loose and baggy, with Shae Maunder contributing a yearning vocal part. You can clearly hear the similarities between this and the "Love Language" EP on Mas O Menos. We are also treated to a Tee Mango remix, which channels Joe Claussell’s seminal Instant House via warehouse era Chicken Lips.

The remaining 2 Tee Mango's trax are a left leaning electronica made in his inimitable style. Plenty of wavy feels and colouring outside of the lines.

This is house music for cultured dancefloors; sparse, minimally melodic and just the right amount of weird.

Support from: Mixmag, Tim Sweeney, Crazy P, PBR Streetgang, Hot Toddy, Bill Brewster, Will Saul & Mano Le Tough with others sure to follow.


Matt says: It's another doozy from Joey T who, not being content being in our top 10 of 2023, sets the challenge out early with a sensuous, highly kinetic exercise in sultry, lights-down-low house music. Tee Mango's three tracks are also next level decent with "4 The Loved Ones" really doing it for me. Get on this one early folks!


A1. Joey T Ft. Shae Maunders - WYNOMM (Original)
A2. Tee Mango - Away Away Away
B1. Joey T Ft. Shae Maunders - WYNOMM (Tee Mango Remix)
B2. Tee Mango - 4 The Loved Ones 

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan

A Shared Sense Of Purpose (Inc. Vince Clarke Remix)

    The first track on the album, A Shared Sense Of Purpose, reflects this optimism, and is the lead single from the album. This will be released in 7” and 12” vinyl versions. Both versions will be accompanied by an exclusive remix from the Godfather of New Town Synthology, Vince Clarke. To say that we’re excited about this, would be an understatement!


    Barry says: It's no Secret how big a fan I am of Warrington-Runcorn, and this nifty little twelver (as we never call them) sees, for my money, GCF's crowning glory from the brilliant new LP extended, prog rocked and then remixed by none other than the great Vince Clarke. It's classic WRNTDP, classic Vince Clarke, and classic CiS pressing and printing quality. Beautiful in every way and a perfect companion piece to the superb new album.


    A Shared Sense Of Purpose
    A Shared Sense Of Purpose (Single Edit)
    A Shared Sense Of Purpose (Vince Clarke Remix)
    A Shared Sense Of Purpose (1973 Version)


    Too Slow To Disco Edits 16: Maracatu EP

    Parisian producer and longtime Too Slow To Disco collaborator Vibes4YourSoul returns for his third TSTD Edits volume, this time a 2 track 7” full of smooth, funky Brazilian vibes!

    Too Slow To Disco regulars will remember his name from several releases so far: his standout remix for L’impératrice on the “TSTD - En France” compilation, his remix for Poolside from “The Sunset Manifesto”, his edits on all 5 “Yacht Disco Edit” compilations, and the quickly sold out double 7” released in 2020. He is one of the crème of new reworkers and edit-producers that have specialized in those soulful, smooth slow jams and midtempo tracks that DJs all love for their warm up sets.

    A Parisian DJ and producer whose musical universe blends together elements of disco, rare groove, Afro-Latin and soulful indie, with the deeper edge of contemporary house and nu-disco sounds. A member of Yuksek's Partyfine label crew as well as of BPM DJs collective (Blog des pépites musicales) , he's regularly revisiting old or contemporary tracks through edits and remixes, widely shared and played by numerous DJs.


    Paul says: My buy-on-sight series never fails to disappoint and here VIBES4YOURSOUL give me a taste of summer even if the Manchester weather continues to disappoint.


    Side A. Melhor Assim
    Side B. Aguibá, Aguibá

    Elkin & Nelson

    Jibaro - Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi Version

    Dive into the timeless groove of "Jibaro" by Elkin & Nelson, rejuvenated with an electrifying version and dub by the dynamic duo Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi. Known for their partnership in crafting the legendary Cosmic Sound, Baldelli and Dionigi bring their signature magic to this Balearic classic.

    Transport yourself to the iconic era of The Haçienda, as Baldelli's innovative approach to DJing and production infuses "Jibaro" with an irresistible late-night twist. Picture the indie rave vibe pulsating through the dance floor, as the duo's dubbed-out sound breathes new life into this track while retaining its Balearic essence.


    Matt says: Crazy good dub versions of this Madchester and Balearic favourite, taking it deep into Cosmic realms..



    DJ Subaru

    Lots Of Love - Inc. Prins Thomas Remix

    DJ Subaru has already made their name exciting dancers with offbeat anthems and obscurities as part of their luminous Pleasuremaxxx parties, alongside similarly inclined soirees in Leeds, London, Berlin and beyond. Making their accomplished production debut on CWPT with 'Lots of Love', DJ Subaru instinctively mines the expressive, outsider strains of disco, Italo and pop pleasures in their record bag, revealing an EP that throbs with the pleasures, pain and potential of a life in strobes and smoke.

    Vocalist and muse Tiss Vampiric emerges from London’s shadowy underground to lend their voice to the brooding, disco-Gothic track, ‘My Love’. Stalking a moody paradise amongst DJ Subaru’s EBM-oriented synthesizers, their baroque lyrics conjure an atmosphere that bridges the energies of subversive pioneers such as Soft Cell and Ministry, a sensual maze where denial only leads to more devotion, as well as more dancing.

    Keeping the lights dim but brightening the corners, the prolific cosmic disco pioneer Prins Thomas reinvigorates his legendary ‘Discomiks’ approach for a euphoric remix of ‘My Love’. Incorporating DJ Subaru and Tiss Vampiric into a dancefloor canon that also includes Lana Del Rey, Pet Shop Boys and the Chemical Brothers, this classic arrangement has been road-tested to build euphoria, joyfully reflecting menace from mirrorballs.

    The latter portion within 'Lots of Love' leaves us entirely in DJ Subaru’s musical visions. The only voice on ‘I <3 You’ is soft and robotic, intoning the track’s simple title over a lush, caramelized groove that’s pure circuits and sentiment. In contrast, the moody pads of ‘Just Visiting’ build to a crescendo of breaks and basslines that capture more urgent early hours energy, while ‘She’ provides a beautifully naive melody and a slightly balearic touch for a wide-eyed kiss goodbye.


    Matt says: Lazer guided electro-disco here from this Leeds talent. Prins Thomas blesses it with a legendary post-punk-esque reworking, making it snarl and spit with attitude. "She" also worth checking for its spiralling space arp mantra.


    A1. My Love Ft. Tiss Vampiric
    A2. My Love (Prins Thomas Discomikks)
    B1. She
    B2. Just Visiting
    B3. I <3 You 


    Disco Edit

    Moar continues his 45 Loves series with two killer disco tracks chopped and spliced in his inimitable style. Side A takes Special Touch's early 80s disco-rap classic, "This Party's Just For You" and adds some subtle surgery, cutting out any excess fat and making for a more streamlined snip which loses none of its original style.  

    Side B takes Oliver Cheetham's early Electric Chair anthem - "Saturday Night" and adds some housey flavour via punchy drums and fizzy hats; otherwise retaining the qualities of this uplifting call-to-arms, a universally adored Saturday night classic. 


    Matt says: Moar keeps on the doing the business with his 45 Loves series, which touch up two big disco rockets for the working disc jock.


    A1. O
    B1. OO

    Riot Records offshoot Disco Juice kicks off with 4 massive disco house bangers featuring some big hitters in the scene. Soul Sonic Orchestra Ft the legendary Kathy Brown / Da Lukas & label boss Yam Who?


    A1. Sonic Soul Orchestra Feat Kathy Brown - Good Inside
    A2. Da Lukas - Drop The Funk
    B1. Yam Who? & Rikky Disco - Set Me Free
    B2. Guy Preston Feat Adrian Crutchfield - Purple Heart

    "Hardcore Heaven III", the third in Scuba's series of classic hardcore-inflected vinyl EPs further develops the themes established on the first two installments.

    "Hardcore Heaven III" ups the tempo from the first two EPs, with a focus on early jungle on "Truth" and "Give Up Everything". "I Wna doit nth bckst" is a Reece-led baggy number, very Northern / Bowlers-esque. Meanwhile, "Riding" and "Storms Of Love" hit the vintage hardcore breakbeat plug with vamping pianos and cheeky sample drops and "Pocket Rocket" cleverly twists a huge female vocal chorus into a dark bassline beast also resplendant with vintage hardcore tropes. 

    Top stuff for ravers north and south, old and young. Whistle cru!! 


    Matt says: Scuba delivers another killer instalment of his hardcore influenced series executed with pure authenticity and 90s flavour.


    A1. Truth 
    A2. Riding 
    A3. I Wna Doit Nth Bckst 
    B1. Give Up Everything 
    B2. Pocket Rocket 
    B3. Storms Of Love 

    Precious Bloom


    Two-tracker from Indonesian group Precious Bloom. 'Flashlight' on the A side is inspired by Euro disco with a touch of Indonesian city pop. The track 'Mojo' on the B-side explores a rhyme of witchery...

    "What a lovely tune!" - Mr. Scruff
    "Mojo is the jam!!!" - Gigi Testa
    "Great" - Tama Sumo


    Matt says: Irresistible Indonesian music here with a sleeve that belongs on your bathroom wall. "Flashlight" takes us away on a picturesque cruise through the Java seas while the more electrified "Mojo" keeps us galloping through the night once we've reached destination paradise.



    Peach Discs showcase the talents of Bristol-based producer & DJ Daisy Moon with a playful, energetic and melodic exploration of her club-focused sound.

    Inspired by those anticipatory, unifying moments on the dancefloor, the four-track record is upfront and summer-ready - pairing groovy, intricate drums with earworming synth lines, field recordings, and submerged vocal chops, all mixed with vibrancy and dynamism for maximum vitality.

    Daisy developed her sound and identity through multiple platforms and collaborations across the UK. She’s a key figure in Bristol’s electronic music scene - with early involvement as a resident at club night Housework (co-run with Shanti, Gramrcy and Golesworthy), co-founding Mix Nights - the DJ initiative from Saffron (music-tech courses and community for women, trans, non-binary and minority genders), as part of the sprawling Curl collective (Mica Levi, Coby Sey, Brother May) and most recently founding Off-Kilter, a mix and event series focused on the fringes, probing the boundaries between club music and live performance.

    Following an ethereal debut EP on Idle Hands and excellent contributions to Mica Levi’s Curl label and Rhythm Section’s Shouts compilation, the record marks a distinctive addition to Daisy’s palette, shifting towards 4/4 house and techno, hewing closer to the sounds found in her DJ sets. Proper party tackle!


    Matt says: Peach's remit for fresh as you like house and techno with fun filled party ethos continues in earnest with Daisy Moon delivering four festival favourites. Check!


    System Creak
    Unseen Sunrise
    Pine Odyssey

    DJ Sotofett / SVN

    Current 82 / Dark Plan 5 (2024 Edition)

    Sähkö Recordings offspring and Helsinki's #1 house music label, Keys Of Life presents their first part of two Balearic-tinged 12"s by DJ Sotofett & SVN.

    Each diving a whole side deep, DJ Sotofett stretches epic coastal synths, shaking tambourines, stomping bass notes and whirling crystal resonance to a 14 min hydrofoil ride. SVN on the flip side goes even deeper, donning his scuba gear for a sub-aquatic bubbler. Spatial rhythms, reverberated back drops and warm pads plunging into underwater air pockets and high buoyancy grooves.

    It's a typically unique experience by both producers, full of their individual idents and tropes.



    Matt says: Welcome repress of this dreamy aquatic house doubleheader by two of the most singular producers in outsider house music.


    DJ Sotofett - Current 82
    SVN - Dark Plan 5

    Re-release of the ‘88 rave house classic 'The Real Life' sampling Queen, Simple Minds, Prince and Scarface here perfectly formed Oppy Mix. Used copies still sell up to £50 with very few cropping up on the market so this official remastered reissue will be a welcome sight to many.

    Flipped with the collectable housey / garage crossover gem 'So Where Are You' harnessing the raw vocal power of Kevin Williams over a tough house rhythm. Both the Hashish Dub and Vocal Mix are included on this release.

    Repressed on Blue 12 inch vinyl with replica Smokin’ artwork.


    A1. The Real Life - Oppy Mix
    A2. So Where Are You - Vocal Mix
    B1. So Where Are You - Hashish Dub Mix

    Groove Culture Bosses Micky More & Andy Tee Provided 2 beautiful jazzy-house djfriendly versions of the Classics 'Gypsy Woman' and 'Special Love'. On Both side everything is played live from the bass to the horns. A Must Have.


    A1. Montefiori Cocktail - Gypsy Woman (Micky More & Andy Tee 7" Remix)
    B1. Jestofunk - Special Love (feat Jocelyn Brown - Micky More & Andy Tee 7" Jazz Remix)

    Surfing on the wave of 1980’s Nippon’s bubble of electronics and economics, fashion and the femme fatale, explosion of its pop culture and computerized technopop, and the world’s sudden fascination with everything Japan, a group of young studio musicians stemming from Tokyo’s downtown of Akihabara and Kanda came together for ad hoc recording sessions between 1982-1986. Their goal… produce the next domestic hit album, a travelogue of city pop inspired by the urban yet lonely sprawl of now globally admired Asia. Yet their vision of the concept album under the City Heights moniker never came to see the light due to the group’s sudden disbandment after the tragic loss of love.

    Led by the guitarist come arranger-producer HASEGAWA Joe (Jô) and keyboardist KATSURAG Mariko, the City Heights sessions drew form Tokyo’s musical melting pot of early 1980s with a distinct blend of jazz, funk, boogie, spiced with a local touch of Nippon’s finest electronic instruments.

    Now, restored, remastered and occasionally redubbed by Japanese music connoisseur Sten Saluveer aka MILDHANS, this second, highly anticipated volume will take you on a journey through the love-longing nights of Aoyama, to the festive matsuri bustle of Jô’s hometown of Kanda, the Jasmine dreaming of Taipei, and a quirky nod to a then legendary musical superhero.


    Matt says: A fiery blend of psyche-funk mellowed out with smooth jazz notes and enhanced with precision Japanese production values with a visually stunning sleeve to boot.


    A1. Aoyoma Nights
    A2. Kushiyaki
    B1. Kuroiinu Hosono
    B2. Jasmine Dream

    This is a surefire way to get any dancefloor energized. The rendition of 'Just Be Good to Me' takes this anthem to a deep house tech dream and amps it up for full effect. Don’t sleep on this one. 


    A1. Be Good To Me
    B1. Let’s Get This

    A remix 12” of three Jura Soundsystem classics featuring interpretations from Quiet Village, Tapes and Good Block.

    'Having released a few EPs and an LP it felt like a fun thing to get some remixes. I’ve ticked off a few musical bucket list items with this 12”, Quiet Village being the big one. I’m a bit of a fanboy and Joel & Matt have not disappointed with a remix that sounds simultaneously futuristic and classic. Tapes brings his unique brand of dub house and Good Block round off the party with a 90’s influenced slice of Balearic house [we say baggy breaks! - Ed]”. (Kevin / Jura Soundsystem).

    3mm spine Kraftboard sleeve with sticker, designed by Bradley Pinkerton.


    Matt says: Quiet Village follow up their brand new single with an equally arresting remix of Jura Soundsystem. Joined by Tapes who gets on a deep, tribal dubby house slant; and Good Block who goes all free party downbeat. Super strong turn out by all!


    Carafe Denim (Quiet Village Remix)
    Udaberri Blues (Tapes Remix)
    Linn Fun (Good Block Remix)

    LIES kick off a new sublabel entitled Risk Management and get no other than Tom Carruthers - Rush Hour's poster boy of future-vintage house music - to open their account.

    The producer's fast become synonymous with banging the box in a similar vein to those classic Chicago producers - Poindextor, Lil Louis, Adonis etc; but without being pastiche or fetishizing the past - somehow using the same machines and work ethic to create exciting, dynamic new house music which nods to its past but keeps things fresh - a difficult task when competing with the brick wall compressed, sample pack driven also-rans but one that Tom executes with sincerity and determination.

    Here we get new tracks from the producer's studio - smothered in a moody red lights and over active smoke machines, rattling drum machines, nagging acid and primitive vocal sampling all mixed naturally, with proper dynamics and separation between the stems. One of those records that truly does sound better on vinyl - with the format's natural warmth combining with Tom's sympathetic ear to create four rich and deep pieces of classic jack music. 


    Cold World
    Pump It Up
    Only Desire
    Lost In A Groove

    BJ Smith

    Umi Says / Runnin

    This neat slice of mashup-Balearic from BJ Smith is a clever exercise in sample combination. First released in 2013 but reissued again here, we hear two iconic hip-hop tracks - Mos Def's 'Umi Says' and The Pharcyde's 'Runnin' - both laid to serene, lackadaisical Balearic backings. Thus two sunrise classics were born, complementing a very particular kind of rave.


    A1. Umi Says
    B1. Runnin

    After making the rounds as a digital “test press”, and getting support from some pretty heavy hitters, Super Badman Riddim finally gets its vinyl release! Double A goes full house mode, with tribal drums, a cheeky soul sample flip, and some big badman vocals. Heavy descending sub puts the icing on this cake. This one’s been killing it on dance floors for a while now, so grab it while you can! A seasoned Baltimore Club veteran, we’re thrilled to welcome James Nasty to the Mountain 45s family. Although this previously circulated as a digital-only gem, this is a 7” vinyl debut for this banger. You don’t see much (any?) B-More on 7” so it’s also a bit of a unicorn. Big Dancehall vocal flip, absolutely banging uptempo drums, and a killer buildup makes for some sure shot dance floor ammo. Don’t snooze!


    A1. Double A - Super Badman Riddim
    B1. James Nasty - Fan Dem Off

    Theo Parrish

    Lovely Edits Vol.1

    Two of Theo's Ugly Edits officially licensed by Mother Tongue and Sound Signature - get your orders in asap!

    Following Chicago’s tradition in special edits and DJ personal reworks to extend crucial parts and surprise the dancers, Theo Parrish has always sparkled his legendary sets with his own versions of classic and obscure disco, funk and soul cuts to maximum effect! Some of those were available to fans in mid 2000s via the "Ugly Edits" series, now it’s finally time for the "Lovely Edits"!

    Officially licensed and using the original parts from the master tapes, here we have Theo’s takes on two absolute staples: BT Express' "Peace Pipe" and George Duke's "I Want You For Myself".


    Matt says: Very excited by this. Theo's new edit series (since THE best edit series ever - his Ugly Edits). Two absolute killers to kick off the label. Likely to become as treasured as unicorn tears. Buy now or cry later!


    A. B.T. Express - Peace Pipe (Theo Parrish Edit)
    B. George Duke - I Want You For Myself (Theo Parrish Edit)

    Tropical Pop

    Volume 1


    Tropical Pop arrive on the scene to serve peak-time refreshment to the stale dancefloors of the world.

    Bursting with flavour, artificial sweeteners and a whole load of E numbers, these cuts deliver totally tropical disco pump and tangy technoid madness - teased, tweaked and transformed for maximum sugar rush.

    Limited edition - illicit ingrediants.

    Feel the fizz, folks.


    Matt says: "Lilt" sees the steel drums, rampant congas and riotous vocal converge for a totally tropical taste while side B sets tail feathers alight with a wavy psychedelic disco jaunt, like its namesake full of exotic e-numbers. Amazing stuff from the same people that brought you T*L*I*G DRU*S (whoops ;) )


    A. Lilt
    B. Rubicon 

    Following the success of their first release with Serpico’s ‘Just Can’t Stop’, Moonworks are reissuing a highly sought-after UK house 12” from The Outsiders, originally from 1995.

    The Outsiders’ Beyond The Ego EP is a lost London gem born from the UK capital’s rich musical heritage and the transatlantic influence of deep house. Produced by two close friends Mark Mellor and Paul Murphy within 48 hours in their Westbourne Grove home studio, its fusion of US house production techniques with a myriad of UK influences has cemented its status as a timeless and unique treasure.

    The record received few plaudits on release but has since become a sought-after underground rarity, with scarce original copies trading hands for hefty prices. Whether you draw for the euphoric Warp Factor 9 Mix, the stripped back Ego Dub or the sun-kissed grooves of Do Dat Scat and Shu Bop, the record epitomizes the tasteful and quirky sound of UK house music from the 90s.

    Moonworks have once again worked closely with the original artists to restore and remaster these tracks to modern standards, as well as revamping the original artwork in their own style.


    Matt says: One The Outsiders 1995 hit they charge up the M1 organs, set the swing to 10 and opt for a heads down rinse out that few from the era could match. Back on vinyl for the true house heads and proving that the UK quickly caught up to the US with this shit.


    A1. Beyond The Ego (Warp Factor 9 Mix)
    A2. Beyond The Ego (Ego Dub)
    B1. Do Dat Scat
    B2. Shu-Bop

    A tempest of intimacy. It's part of the nature of man to start with romance and build to a reality and this is what System Olympia has done with this new 4 track EP. Love, longing, and the restlessness of the heart and body are the foundation forces of this record.

    "Luce Rossa" presents itself as an emblem of a credo, an irreverent manifesto delivered via daring melodies and empowering vocals. System Olympia inhabits a world in which human senses are mightier than religion and "Sanctified" feat Working Men's Club is an ecstatic and highly articulated fusion of passion and redemption - a new truth about reality, whispered to your ear with infinite sweetness.

    Poetic desire as a force of beauty and vitality is all over Lenzuola Di Raso. Fantasising in between satin sheets on the hottest day of the year because art and imagination mean freedom from the solitude of the mind.
    Mi Dimentico makes beauty out of melancholy, and nostalgia out of the oscillation between resignation and demand. "Sanctified EP" is naked skin over a sunken heart, and a soaring mind.


    Matt says: Wearing her sexuality on her sleeve and causing some of our more conservative staffers to blush, System Olympia's rightly hyped new EP is here to enjoy in all its splendidly erotic beauty.


    A1. Luce Rossa
    A2. Sanctified Feat Working Men's Club
    B1. Lenzuola Di Raso
    B2. Mi Dimentico


    Dancing While Falling (Extended Versions)

      Following the release of his latest album ‘Dancing While Falling’ in November 2023, Quantic expands on his work and releases extended versions. A limited double 12” containing more club oriented edits. The extended vinyl versions will sit alongside a long tradition of extended or 12" version, dance, disco, house and soul releases - think salsoul etc.

      Predominantly recorded at his own Brooklyn studio, Selva, Quantic’s initial idea for his new album was to experiment sonically. However, after a while, he changed direction and realised that the record needed to also relate to the human condition - not just his “singular pandemic wormhole”. The demos, then, started off as symphonic, loosely disco-era dance music – a departure from his previous Latin and Spanish instrumental releases.

      Influenced by legendary artists in the scene like Bohannon and Larry Levan, Quantic wanted to make a disco-leaning album at first. “I’m really interested in Latin music and Afro Caribbean rhythms and I think there's a really amazing point in history where the emergence of those rhythms and its combination with American soul sparked what we now know as disco,” he says.


      1. Run Feat. Andreya Triana (Extended Version)
      2. Brooklyn Heat Feat. Andreya Triana (Extended Version)
      3. Subway Lover (Extended Version)
      4. Unconditional Feat. Rationale (Extended Version)
      5. Morning Light Feat. Andreya Triana (Extended Version)
      6. Stand Up (Extended Version)

      After reigniting Fruit Merchant and firing out a string of club-ready releases, Hidden Spheres is back again. This time teaming up with Private Joy for new floor-filler ‘Hold on Me’.

      It's a track about being totally under someone's spell despite the relationship starting to turn and show its true colours.

      Yearning reflections and hard realisations all served over two different mixes. One blending refined deep house rhythms and textures. The other is fierce, acid laced and driving, aimed at those peak moments in the club.


      Matt says: Local heroes Hidden Spheres and Private Joy get together for a sultry, eyes-down box jam. Indebted to the original Trax / Chi-town sound and strangely reminiscent (must be a Manchester thang) of the Ghost Assembly track from last year.


      A1. Hidden Spheres X Private Joy - Club Mix
      A2. Hidden Spheres X Private Joy - Club Mix Instrumental
      B1. Hidden Spheres X Private Joy - Club Mix Instrumental - Deep Mix
      B2. Hidden Spheres X Private Joy - Deep Mix Instrumental

      Kibir La Amlak

      Ascension Rock / Twists & Turns Dub

        Kibir La Amlak drops a killer 7" on Whodem. Originally released in 2020 and recently rediscovered in a warehouse, it's another fine example of modern roots and digi-dub. Limited copies.


        Matt says: Tidy package of Aba-shanti-inspired digi-dub and modern roots - another killer dig from the Whodem archive.


        A. Ascention Rock
        B. Twists & Turns Dub

        ‘Keepsake’ introduces listeners to the record with an energetic blend of grungy, ethereal elements, showcasing Henry’s artistic flair. The track seamlessly intertwines dreamlike atmospheres with raw textures, contrasting these layers with intense drum-driven drama, tying it all together to offer a preview of the musical landscape set to define the entirety of the record.

        The enigmatic soundscape of ‘Cafe Boogaloo’ carefully warps an unmistakable garage arrangement into an eclectic and hypnotic journey. As the track progresses it embraces the unconventional, introducing a disjointed groove that gradually sinks you further and further into it, defying categorisation and serving as a testament to the creative possibilities within electronic music.

        ‘Get The Hell Out’ is a formidable force of relentless rhythms that disregard all agreements. The integration of intense drum work with melancholic undertones opposes listeners as it bulldozes along, emerging not only as a force that invites exploration, but also as one that commands your attention - capturing the essence of its title.

        In its final notes, ‘Cafe Stalker’ prioritises sound design over club functionality in order to instill a feeling of unease and suspense, crafting an atmosphere of palpable tension and lurking dread. The deliberate pace of the track trudges along, deftly building tension until it inevitably brings the record to a grinding halt, leaving an unsettling resonance in its wake.

        Written & Produced by Henry Greenleaf
        Mastered by Precise
        Pressed by Well-Tempered
        Graphic Design by Milkias Gunsa


        Matt says: Henry Greenleaf's back with more of his highly noxious sound design and indescribable club technics. Advance bass movements, pneumatic rhythms and a highly textured patina; thick beats for the future heads.


        A1. Keepsake
        A2. Cafe Boogaloo
        B1. Get The Hell Out
        B2. Cafe Stalker

        Greg Foat is a London-based keyboardist, composer, bandleader and DJ. He claims his life-long love/hate relationship with the piano began at age 3, when he fell off a piano stool at his aunt's house. He started composing around age 11, and at 15 attended a jazz workshop with Jeff Clyne, Olaf Vas, Trevor Tomkins and Nick Weldon, igniting his obsession with jazz music. He furthered to study jazz at Middlesex University, and then studied for 6 months in Sweden on an Erasmus grant. He played his first professional studio session there at 21, and has been working as a professional musician ever since.

        Snake Plant Shuffle and Spider Plant Blues are inspired by the the plants on Gregs bedside tables - which periodically move around the house dependent on his mood. The plants provide a good source of oxygen in the room and create a calm soothing atmosphere for Gregs musical projects. Together the tracks feature live drum kits by Ayo Salawu, Fender Rhodes and a plethora of Vintage Synthesisers.

        Snake Plant Shuffle has had radio plays in Gemany, Poland and Canada, as well as being heavily featured in Amazon Music's Jazz playlists, including 'Fresh Jazz', 'Coffee Shop Jazz' and 'Café Jazz'. Both tracks are featured in Apple Music' 'Jazz Scene: UK' and 'New Latitudes' playlists.


        1. Spider Plant Blues
        2. Snake Plant Shuffle


        Love Contest / Everybody

        The so-far anonymous Funtown outfit proceed with another top drawer double header on their own personal Hot Biscuit off-shoot.

        "Love Content" has all the hallmarks of a classic Black Cock - big bolshy strings, syrupy vox, high powered octave bass and brass stabs that'll give you tingles. Where Funtown are sourcing these jams from is anyone's guess, but I'm sure the more clued up disco aficionado might, just might, clock this floorfiller.

        "Everybody" is another high speed disco rocket - with instrumentation and energy that suggests a late 70s time stamp. Those hooky Strat licks, triple headed brass stabs and meandering saxophone hooks building up a fiery, coursing energy that the vocalist simply has to ride until the end of the track. Urging everybody on the floor to 'have a good time'; it's gonna be hard not to when the uplifting and unrelenting power of this peaktime disco roller hit home.

        Too many unmissable jams coming from the Hot Biscuit camp at the moment! Keep 'em coming...! 


        Matt says: Funtown return with another essential splice for the sizzling Hot Biscuit. Heavy stomping disco here for the Harvey heads and Theo fans. We're in the middle of a disco edits feeding frenzy at the moment!


        A. Love Content
        B. Everybody

        Jordan Fields

        Let Me Dub You / Bongo Dub

        Jordan Fields debuts on Hot Biscuit! "Let Me Dub You" is a frenetic, percussion-heavy disco jam with searing keyboard lines & syncopated bassline. There's a phazed hypnosis across a lot of the stems, emphasising the late night revellry which the track seems to probe at. "Bongo Dub" is an even experimental and percussive affair, akin to perhaps one of the wild experiments by Idjut Boys or even going back as far as Ron Hardy's lineage. It's skillfully done, never losing its grip on the hips as it marches through its wild and frenzied arrangement.

        As usual, copies are limited so haste is encouraged if you want in on the action...


        Matt says: Jordan Fields gets in on the Hot Biscuits, dropping two tasty treats for the ascending label. Unmissable, just like every other one!


        A. Let Me Dub You
        B. Bongo Dub

        Boulderhead debuts on Rhythm Section International with his most expansive EP to date: "I Need Space to Dance".

        The Bristol based producer, known for his intricately crafted, up tempo club records has long been a favourite at RS HQ and has, over the years, garnered much respect from a plethora of influential DJs. His most recent hit "Bread, Butter, Noodles, Spice", was a festival earworm and one of the most played underground tracks of 2023.

        Existing in the sweet spot between tech-house, prog, broken beat and minimal techno - this EP sees Boulderhead widen his sonic palette with a collection of songs that showcase his versatility. Equally appealing to the Ricardo Villalobos contingent as it will be to those delving into the history of progressive house and the golden days of minimal techno - we think there’s a bit of something for everyone here.

        Despite the many different bases the EP touches on - the sound palette and production are unified and coherent. Henry is at the top of his game, and much like contemporary artists like Adam Pits, Priori and Russell EL Butler - his style is developed and sincere. 


        Matt says: Can't get that "Dance And Dance Again" track out mi head right now! Playful and bumpety, its the backroom banger you never knew you needed. Some reet good other flavours explored across this extended EP by the adventurous producer. Peep if ya dig Kyle Hall, DJ Nature, Seven Davis Jr and Detroitian mindsets.


        A1. I Need Space Feat. Overnite Oates
        A2. Dance And Dance Again
        A3. Direct Source
        B1. Saucy Hive Mind
        B2. Sense Hyper
        B3. Adapting

        UR's Santiago Salazar, aka S², presents four funky & soulful, electro-techno tracks for Limited Network’s ninth release. "Dynamic Allocation" starts the EP off with captivating string and bassline arrangements, harkening back to the spirit of UR. "Cache Memory" follows up with dark pads and a UR-sounding deep and detuned grungy bassline supported by an electro drum workout. "Accumulator" is when Miami bass meets Detroit techno seasoned with Santiago’s signature sound design. "Data Hierarchy" closes the EP with a spiritual universal electro jam arranged to move your mind and body.


        Matt says: Trouser shaking, fierce machine funk here that recalls the genius of Mad Mike and some of the finest moments of the Underground Resistance catalogue. Proper Motor City moods from this LA-based producer. Essential electro!


        A1. Dynamic Allocation
        A2. Cache Memory
        B1. Accumulator
        B2. Data Hierarchy

        Vocal house duo Bäs Noir’s ‘My Love Is Magic’ receives edits from British DJs Bushwacka! and Mark Broom on Nu Groove. Hailing from Philly, the female duo of Morie Bivens and the late Mary Ridley first released ‘My Love Is Magic’ as Bäs Noir in 1988, with the Rhano Burrell production going on to chart in the UK. Today, the record remains a favourite of tastemakers everywhere, with Big Love label boss Seamus Haji dropping the OG at Defected Croatia in 2023. The hugely influential British DJ and producer Bushwacka! now returns to the legendary NYC label Nu Groove, following his four-track EP ‘House Sounds Vol. 1’, to bring out the percussive power of ‘My Love Is Magic’ with its distinct piano bassline and modern synth work. Also a Nu Groove returnee, the seasoned DJ Mark Broom delivers a techno A-12 Edit and house Dub Re-Touch of the Bäs Noir vocal house staple.


        Matt says: With the Mark Broom remix lighting the touch paper on this late 80s house rocket and Buckwacka! giving it a suitably twangy, Nu Groove vibe, this is a tasty collection of mixes of this truly classic house anthem.


        A1. Bushwacka! Edit
        A2. Club Mix
        B1. Mark Broom’s Dub Retouch
        B2. Mark Broom’s A12 Mix

        For the first Tessellate record of the year label owners The Trip are returning with another EP, this time taking inspiration from 90s rave and 00s dance. Featuring four high energy nostalgia inducing tracks, expect big pianos, euphoric keys and rolling basslines that will take you back to the golden era of house.


        Matt says: The Trip sample Richie Havens' iconic piano line for a retrotastic trip into 90s hedonism. Elsewhere you'll catch snips of euphoria segued in between slamming house beats and e-soaked nostalgia. Great stuff.


        1. Let Me Show You
        2. My Paradise
        3. Take You Higher
        4. Total 90

        Over the past decade Tuccillo has steadily honed his craft as a producer and is now widely known and beloved for his contemporary twist on raw groove driven House music which has found a home on the likes of Nu Groove, Kwench, Melodeum, Holic Trax his own Unblock label and of course Kaoz Theory where he returns here following 2023’s ‘The Waves’ EP.

        Title-cut ‘Sundown’ leads the release on a deep house tip with a swinging drum groove, airy chord sequences, intricate filtered vocals and a funk-infused bass line. ‘Holding On’ then shifts gears into Chicago House territory via a bouncy bassline and dubbed out vocal chops, intertwined with a playful organ melody, tension building strings and skippy percussion.

        ‘Whatever’ then opens the b-side with a more stripped-back feel, laying focus on crisp, low-slung drums, hypnotic atmospherics, choppy dub stabs and an amalgamation of vocal murmurs. ‘Velvet City’ then concludes the EP, encapsulating the core aesthetic of deep house with wandering jazzy keys, ethereal pads, organic drums and rumbling subs all silkily ebbing and flowing amongst one another.


        Matt says: People that know me know that I can't get enough of the hip-twisting, concentric madness of Tuccillo. The Ibiza-based producer's infectious grooves get me every time, have me spiralling into the speaker stacks in a gleeful abandon. Here we get a prime example of his talents for KC's Kaoz Theory.


        A1. Sundown
        A2. Holding On
        B1. Whatever
        B2. Velvet City

        Michael Wycoff

        Looking Up To You - Mike Maurro Mix

        This 12-inch vinyl, officially licensed by Sony, features a superb remix by Mike Maurro, who masterfully reworks the stems. On the B side, you'll find the original version. Since its release in 1982, "Looking Up To You" has cemented its status as a modern soul anthem, co-written by Leon Ware and Zane Grey (of Grey & Hanks) and produced by Webster Lewis, all titans in the genre. Heavily sampled since it’s original release, notably by artists like Zhane ("Hey Mr. DJ") and Ortega Cartel ("Miami Vice").


        A1. Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You (Mike Maurro Mix)
        B1. Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You (Original Mix)

        Mr. Thelonious

        Soul City / Pinball 6

        Galaxy Sound Co is back with some subtle but sublime new edits, and this time Mr Thelonious turns his hand to 'Soul Town' by The Motherhood from their psychedelic 1969 album I Feel So Free. If you can find this one on 45rpm anywhere it will likely have a high three-figure price tag and this edit is a great alternative with big horn energy and rousing soul-funk grooves. On the flip is 'Pinball 6' which was originally by The Pointer Sisters and made famous for its appearance on Sesame Street in the 1970s when it was used as backing music to the famous segment that taught children how to count. It's an electric bit of jazz-funk that still sounds most excellent.


        Soul City
        Pinball 6

        Nick Bike

        A Lil Respect / A Step Too Far Away

        Nicholas Bicycle is Nick Bike when in music mode and his next ride takes him deep into the world of the Queen of Soul. Once there he turns out a pair of crucial remixes that will slip right into the upper echelons of your collection. Up first is his take on Aretha's Tramp classic 'A Lil Respect' which comes on strong with more heavy and floor-ready drums. Flip it over and you will find 'A Step Too Far Away' which goes from early evening soul to a nice early evening stepper to get the crowd in the groove.


        Mine says: Aretha Franklin's uber hit - which appears here as a more sprawled out but no less catchy edit - needs no introduction. A no brainer for the burgeoning or seasoned bar DJ, and everyone who likes the original...


        A Lil Respect
        A Step Too Far Away

        Mukatsuku back on the Afro funk vibe with two exclusive instrumental tracks from legendary Ghanian artist Gyedu Blay Ambolley .Both tracks originally appeared in vocal form from the Austrian label Agogo 'Ketan' album from 2017 .

        A couple of timeless & exclusive infectious afro funk instrumentals that work just aswell with lashings of organ and brass stabs with hypnotic driving rhythm guitar. Only 300 hand numbered & pressed on 180 gram wax.


        1. Walk For Ground (Instrumental Version With Backing Vocals)
        2. I Get Myself To Blame (Instrumental Version)

        Moxy Editions Vol 7 is packed with 4 absolute gems from House, Disco, to Minimal & a Deep Bassy wobbler.

        First up is Sosa with the track ‘bring it back’ which has been supported by such a long list of DJs we wouldn’t be able to list them all in here, this is a peak time bass heavy bomb track that is guaranteed to do the business

        Jordan Peak’s Disco Nights is as the names suggests is a peak time dancefloor smasher with a thumping & on a disco vibe.

        For those more into the nu skool minimal vibes the Adam Lance track is for you. Tried & tested by Darius Syrossian it has been stealing the show every time. As Darius says you know something is massive when you get hounded with track id requests for a track!

        Finally it’s ’Tear The Club Up’ this is a classic from the Viva Warriors / Tribal Sessions days that was never released on Digital, & will never be released on Digital, this was made by Darius solely for his BBC RADIO 1 Essential Mix recorded live from Sankeys Ibiza in 2013, and was an anthem for a few summers, but never released, here it is Vinyl Only this one time, if you want a copy here is your chance.


        Matt says: Tastemaker Moxie curates another market-leading selection of upfront club pressure - dictating the face of clubland and showing us older long in the tooth hens that the kids still know how to DANCE.


        A1. Sosa - Bring It Back
        A2. Jordan Peak - Disco Nights
        B1. Adam Lance - Hip Movement
        B2. Darius Syrossian - Tear The Club Up

        Maximum vocal power and prime time dramatics by Chrissy and Carrie Wilds. The San Francisco based DJ and producer shows his stylistic versatility and technical capability to work with vocals, melodies and sound sources. Like a facsimile of the late 1980s house/freestyle record that you never owned, "Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever" ticks all the right boxes. Heartfelt vocals (by the great Carrie Wilds): check! Timely social message: check! Melodic euphoria: check! Old school house and true school freestyle flavor: check! Comes in various mixes and with a freestyle bonus beat special.

        Additional airtime is given to the now classic Chrissy production "So I Go Dancing". Done in a traditional remix fashion by Gerd Janson it highlights all the features of the original and again Carrie‘s enchanting voice, extends the included hysteria and adds a few snare rolls. Let‘s go dancing to brighten the darkness. Dance music in its purest and maybe most US-American form.


        Matt says: Bit of an anthem for our troubled times, which sounds deliciously retro even though it's brand new. Piano-house heads gonna go nuts when this here this freestyle-tinged arm raiser.


        A1. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Main Mix)
        A2. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Instrumental)
        A3. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Freestyle Mix)
        B1. So I Go Dancing (Gerd Janson DJ Remix)
        B2. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Freestyle Instrumental)
        B3. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Freestyle Beats)

        Get yourself geared up for summer season with some fierce dancefloor prime time certified with the Groove Culture Deep Stamp. "Deep Into House vol.2" includes some fresh house / deep house actions from Milton Jackson, Sebb Junior, Luca Olivotto and Folkness. Energy, groove, moods and vibes. An essential package for diggers.


        Matt says: From the rugged houz beats of "6400" to the more fluttery endorphin-rushes of "Love Is Calling Me" via the swung bassline house of "What I Keep"; it's all hitters no shitters from Groove Culture Deep.


        A1. Milton Jackson - 6400
        A2. Luca Olivotto - Love Is Calling Me
        B1. Sebb Junior - What I Keep
        B2. Folkness - Alter Ego

        Another quick-fire sureshot from the Star Creature camp, one of two new ones this week. "Moonlight Magic" is a high gloss, vocoder led slice of dream boogie. Maximum squelch, glistening keys and kickin' Linn drums. Not only that, we're treated to a passage of classic, b-boy era raps, one of the few hip-hop boogie jams to grace the label. As usual, an instrumental's provided for cleanliness and efficiency.

        "Take To The Sky" also employs the use of the vocoder, as it perfects the art of fairy tale romantic boogie. Half vintage C64-era computer game paradise, half Sunday morning under the covers with a lover. With an added flurry of city-pop for good measure.

        A slice of excellence as always from Star Creature! 


        Matt says: Debuting their new season's disco, Star Creature deliver in their usual stylish manner with a unquenchably funky slice of talk box boogie on side A, and a piece of City-pop meets Commodore 64 end credits theme on side B. Top stuff and dressed to impress.


        Side 1
        1. Moonlight Magic (vocal)
        2. Moonlight Magic (instrumental)

        Side 2
        1. Take To The Sky (vocal)
        2. Take To The Sky (instrumental)

        Stimulator Jones is a new addition to the Star Creature roster, and from the looks of this debut EP; seeks to inject a touch of classic deep house flavours into the mainly boogie-leaning label. "Night Walk" has all the hallmarks of a vintage Mr. Fingers number - walking wooden bass, gentle congas, enveloping strings and moody feels propelled by a mid tempo 4/4 drum pattern. "Precious" ups the swing and shuffle and feels like a lost Frankie Knuckles / Joe Smooth anthem - with a bassline that's gonna tickle the arse of any club goer and a gloriously emotive chorus - this is the one my people!!!

        Flip and the NY / Chicago vibe continues with the acid box jam "Strive To Survive" - a bold statement but easily comparable to some of the best bits from Phuture, Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard et all. Dazzling keys, heavenly strings, well molested 303, infectious jack beats - this baby's got it all. "Moon" concludes this essential 12" riding the NJ / NYC flavours - swung woodblocks and bumpety bass recalling the genius of Kerry Chandler or Todd Terry with a moody Rhodes giving it a suitably deep, beatdown fragrance.


        Matt says: Star Creature does house music - and sticks two fingers up to all the competition! Essential.


        Side 1
        1. Night Walk
        2. Precious

        Side 2
        1. Strive To Survive
        2. Moon

        Quiet Village announces new label, The Quiet Village, and new single, "Reunion". Matt 'Radio Slave' Edwards and Joel Martin's critically acclaimed project's first official single under the Quiet Village name in seventeen years!

        Beginning life as a 'heady 6/8-time urban jazz odyssey, "Reunion" is a stunning piece of modern, hi-tech jazz that draws influences from Pat Metheny, Timeline, Innerzone Orchestra, and Clyde Stubbelfield's drumming.

        While previous Quiet Village material was hewn from a myriad of samples extracted from Edwards' and Martin's notorious digging, "Reunion" and its follow-ups are drawn from a tight-knit crew of session musicians, including the likes of Jon Hester and Thomas Gandey, adding further depth and feel to the QV sound. Already a firm favourite with Gilles Peterson and Luke Una, the latter of which leaked a clip of the release via his inimitable Instagram presence and called it 'something so fucking beautiful. Tony Allen, Sun Ra meets Carl Craig, Underground Resistance, house, tech, funk, everything rolled into one'.

        "Reunion" is the first single on The Quiet Village, Quiet Village's new imprint. Despite continually producing new music and a slew of remixes, most recently for Running Back and Isle of Jura, the long-term friends and collaborators have been unable to release under their Quiet Village moniker since their LP "Silent Movie" in 2008. While a few releases under QV and their sometime DJ aliases of Maxxi (Edwards) and Zeus (Martin) have emerged, "Reunion" is the beginning of a new and re-energised Quiet Village that will see more original material and remixes, DJ and live touring that began in Japan in May and curated compilations of treasures, old and new, in the coming months and years.


        Matt says: Rightly causing a bit of a stir, the infamous Quiet Village return after a long hiatus with a sensuous and luxurious new track that joins the dots between Cinematic Orchestra, Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Floating Points. Creamy, luscious orchestration and depth, unfathomably beautiful and almost naturally effortless.


        A. Reunion
        B1. Reunion (Radio Edit)
        B2. Reunion (Reprise) 

        Gibson Brothers

        Harlem Bound / Dancin' The Mambo (The Reflex Revisions)

        Welcome to the first instalment of a new collaboration between The Reflex’ DISCOLIDAYS label and Because Music in Paris, remixing gems from the Zagora catalogue.

        Created in 1975 by producer Daniel Vangarde (father of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter), the Zagora label created some of the most exciting disco music in France, ranging from cult underground artists Who’s Who and Starbow, to massive international hits by the Gibson Brothers, la Compagnie Créole and Black Blood. Unearthing the multitrack for obscure cuts, The Reflex shifts the focus on the great studio musicians involved in these recordings (Wally Badarou amongst others) and delivers stunning revisions of ‘Harlem Bound’, a 131bpm jazz-funk disco powerhouse cut (1977) and ‘Dancin’ The Mambo’, a 122bpm Chic-esque meets early piano house monster laced with that unmistakable French sound, originally released in 1980.

        Both first time-ever remixes from the stems, released on 180g vinyl with custom artwork on card sleeve designed by Al Kent / Million Dollar Disco.

        Three more releases will follow, to complete the 4 x 12” vinyl and digital package spread over several months in 2024.


        Matt says: You can almost smell the revelry in the air when this one plays. Both sides expressing the charismatic sides of disco at its best. Whether its the jazz-funk footwork of "Harlem Bound" or the hand-aloft party streamers erupting out of "Dancin' The Mambo"; it's irresistible fun all the way from another prize modern editsmith.


        A. Harlem Bound (The Reflex Revision) 
        B. Dancin' The Mambo (The Reflex Revision) 

        Pete Blaker

        Harry’s Little Vocoder / Neverending (Cosmic Version)

        More seriously high quality cosmic music from the rising legend that is Pete Blaker. You don't get hand picked by Harvey to supply exclusive edits for nowt; and since the then-unknown producer handed Harvey a clutch of internet-destroying snips a couple of years back the producer has become one of the most spoke about back street surgeons in the underground.

        Two tracks on the killer Hot Biscuit - the first, titled "Harry's Little Vocoder" is an exercise in rampant, Harvey-esque disco-rock jubulence. You'll be dancing your little backsides off after hearing this melee of horns, bass and riotous strings converge on a classic disco groove with immense orchestration. 

        "Never Ending (Cosmic Version)" is a more dreamy affair, a slowly building blisswave supported through a gentle arpeggio and 4/4 drum beat which gathers momentum before crashing euphorically onto our senses. Sunset or sunrise? I can't decide! Incredible....

        Pete Blaker continues his flawless streak.. get those orders in quick! 


        Matt says: Harvey heads take note! One of the DJ's favourite cut-n-pasters at present is this man Pete Blaker. One side, balls-out disco-rock decadence, with a tear-jerking multipurpose sunrise / sunset emotional tidal wave on the flip.


        A. Harry's Little Vocoder
        B. Never Ending (Cosmic Version)


        Pleasure / For Love

        Another sublabel of Hot Biscuit, Funtown drops its sixth volume. Soley featuring the cuts of the so far anonymous outfit, we get another duo of disco cuts, tastefully chops for our dancefloor delectation.

        "Pleasure" is the kinda of driving, late 70s-styled number we've come to expect jocks like Theo Parrish and Jeremy Underground tease our dopamine glands with. Gilded bass, driving drums, sparkling Strat licks, and that all important, soul-elevating vocal section.

        "For Love" swaps the gender of the vocalist, but otherwise is another exercise of peak time disco enjoyment. More synth heavy than its predecessor, it's still propelled by a hefty slap bass line, and delicately picked guitar riffs; with the vocalist clearly enjoying the tight instrumental backing supplied to him.

        Criminally I've no idea who did either of the tracks on display - so hats off to Funtown for keeping us on our toes and keeping the source material fresh. Recommended! 


        Matt says: Hot Biscuit continue their upward trajectory with sub-project Funtown who mine more secret seams of disco gold with a 24 carrot double header.


        A. Pleasure
        B. For Love

        John Greek And The Limiters

        I'm Hot For Your Body

          RIYL: DJ Harvey, Patrick Cowley & the devil.

          The Pacific Northwest musician John Greek originally released "I'm Hot For Your Body" as a limited private press 12" single in 1979 - rumors abound that only 100 copies were ever made, though much about this record feels apocryphal.

          Across six minutes of sordid, primal disco-blues, Mr. Greek slowly yields to the power of desire, chasing swirling string synths around the shadows like they're ghosts, dousing everything in flange like it's lighter fluid. It is both terrifying and undeniable. With permission from Mr. Greek's estate, DFA have remastered the original and presented it alongside a even-more-unhinged version from Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold, the duo of Gerry Rooney (co-founder of the legendary Black Cock edits label) and Joel Martin (of Quiet Village). Not for the faint of heart, this. 


          Matt says: A mythical dig by DFA has revealed this incredible lysergic disco-blues nugget. Black Cock and Quiet Village affiliates Velvet Season & Hearts Of Gold double drop and head even further down the vortex. They'll be dripping off the walls!


          A1 I’m Hot For Your Body
          B1 I’m Hot For Your Body (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Mix)

          Energy 52

          Cafe Del Mar - Orbital & Michael Mayer Remixes

          Energy 52's "Café Del Mar" is one of the most iconic tracks in dance music. Over the years, "Café Del Mar" has achieved legendary status, regularly featuring in lists of the greatest dance tracks of all time; a cultural phenomenon, encapsulating the spirit of an era and influencing generations of artists and fans alike.

          Now this iconic track is being remixed by two of the most revered acts in electronic music, Orbital and Michael Mayer. Orbital, the pioneering British electronic dance duo consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll, have continued to shape the electronic music scene since their emergence in 1989. Their remix is an ode to the golden age of rave, with clattering breakbeats and an ethereal synth line pulsing through its early stages before the iconic lead warps into view. A key figure in Cologne's electronic scene, Michael Mayer co-founded the influential Kompakt label, contributing significantly to its direction and success. For his interpretation, Mayer leans into head spinning, hypnotic rhythms, with tribal drums and the patiently evolving lead line building towards a climax that is more subtle but no less effective.


          Matt says: Spine tingles and crotch flutters guaranteed when this one starts climaxing. "Café Del Mar" many argue, is the pinnacle of the trance genre, but Orbital still mange to squeeze some new life out of this well-hammered bona fide classic.


          A. Café Del Mar (Orbital Remix)
          B. Café Del Mar (Michael Mayer Remix)


          Thanksgiven Beat / Itz In Ur Head

          Ohh those Chicago cats do make me blush! Seemingly ignorant of the UK's fridget and conservative view on all things *ahem* sex related; our Chicago house brethen have always turned heads in the club with their many evolutions on ghetto house. From DJ Funk to Jackmaster Dick - English nightclubbers sometimes have nowhere to hide from these expilicit murmerings!

          Demonstrated perfectly here by the ever-present and hot-to-trot Dirty Blends crew which on this latest mission enlist Zodiac for the downright filthy: "Thanksgvin Beat". Adult content aside, it's that chuggy, low-tom & woodblock combo that's won me over here - irrestible dancefloor hypnosis from a profecient technician. 

          Label leader The Jak gets busy with Ron Hardy & Robert Owen's Jackmaster Hater track - "Your Mind" - accentuating the dark throb and ghostly drum patterns that populate this anthemic slice of Chi-town voodoo. 

          One of the best from this champion label! Kipping unrecommended. 


          Matt says: Hard not to blush for the x-rated booty track "Thanksgvin Beat"; but I'm really here for the Ron Hardy sampling "Itz In Ur Head" which receives a tasty update in keeping with the TCP-soaked, Music Box aesthetic.


          Zodiac - Thanksgvin Beat
          The Jak- Itz In Ur Head

          Garcia (The Latin Rogue) / Cliff Solomon

          Let's Do It / Give Yourself To The Beat

          More from the singular and especial Dirty Blends crew - no. 1 perveyors of new, vintage-sounding jak beat and raw trax. "Let's Do It" is an 808 style beat track production from the late eighties days of WBMX Radio in Chicago; along the lines of Bad Boy Bill or Julian ‘Jumpin’ Perez. Energetic passion from the newest  members of the clan: Garcia 'The Latin Rogue'.

          The B-side comes from frequent jacker, Cliff Solomon, propelling the label forward another uncompromising doft to the warehouse parties of yesteryear. Those familiar with NYC's Sinnamon might recognize the fractals on this one; a true post 3AM throbber that'll wreck havoc at Manchester's White Hotel whilst symbiotically nodding to New Jersey innovator Tony Humphries. 


          Matt says: I'm still totally enamoured by this label who seem intent on delivering ravenous & primal, golden-era jack beat and stripped back warehouse traxx inna totally seductive and louche fashion.


          Garcia The Latin Rogue - Lets Do It
          Cliff Solomon - Give Yourself To The Beat

          Roll out the handkerchiefs: box jam maverick Legowelt unveils "The Sad Life Of An Instagram DJ" EP on Barcelona imprint Selvamancer. This 5-track release offers a captivating glimpse into how Legowelt's ideal rave would sound, blending techno, acid and electro elements into an immersive and fun sound journey full of trippy bangers. Each track on the EP is meticulously crafted to evoke euphoria, showcasing Legowelt's unparalleled creativity. Like a tear rolling down a cheek in a moment of nostalgic introspection, only to spiral towards the dancefloor. The moment the tear hits the floor, together with the heavy kicks and smooth synth action, it launches your mind back into the ongoing rave. 


          Matt says: Wolfers banging the box in his inimitable style as always. Five tracks ranging from tape saturated acid bangers, gurgling synthesizer phlegm and cybernetic b-boy electrofunk. Essential as ever.


          1. Alpha Juno Storm Watch
          2. Soundblaster Pro Tripper
          3. Kawai K4 Acid Spring
          4. The Sad Life Of An Instragram Dj
          5. No One Wants To Buy My Nft

          Remotif is a fast-rising star with a sound being called 'trance fusion.' He makes his mark again to that end with a new one on Especial that brings more of his modern-day ethnic styles to the driving breaks of techno following outings on the likes of Coymix and Space Lab and sets everywhere from Fabric to Berlin's Warning parties. This one kicks off with 'U 15' which is a busy blend of shimmery timbres and sharp perc, spaced-out pads and psychedelic synths that are ever on the rise. More trance overtones define 'Glint's Pursuit' and 'The Elevated Place' is slick and sleek, ascending and always rising. 'The Sunken Place' shuts down with more slow and percolating dub mutations to round out a superb EP.


          Matt says: Remotif take cues from Altered Circuits, Step Ball Chain and Public Possession; crossing the streams between trance, prog and techno to create a retro-futuristic hybrid that reeks of hedonism and rebellion.


          U 15
          Glint's Pursuit
          The Elevated Place
          The Sunken Place

          Returning to Damian Lazarus’ renowned label for their seventh EP on the label, the Gruuv bosses showcase the latest evolution of their rich and diverse sound, with the dancefloor-driven quartet of hot cuts!

          From their early beginnings between Ibiza and their hometown of Leeds to a near twenty-year-long career that has taken them from Space (Ibiza) to Womb (Tokyo), fabric (London) to Zouk (Singapore), UK duo Audiojack have remained and continue to prove themselves as both ever-present dancefloor hit makers, but artists that have helped carry the UK’s evolving house sound. From their initial releases on Leftroom and 2020vision through to their Crosstown Rebels debut in 2016, and then fast-forwarding to recent music on Solid Grooves, Knee Deep In Sound and their own Gruuv imprint, the pair’s unwavering passion for fresh sounds continues to burn bright. Now regulars on Damian Lazarus’ iconic imprint, serving up five EPs, numerous remixes, and their 2021 album ‘Surface Tension’ on the label to date, Crosstown welcomes the duo’s latest chapter onto the label with their latest EP, ‘Play With My Mind’.

          The skippy and vibrant ‘Play With My Mind’ opens the package with an abundance of nostalgia, channelling 90s sonics via the infectious organ melody and hooky vocals at its core, while ‘Casual Verve’ is trippy and loose while delivering a slice of driving funk to the mix. Next, ‘Connect’ provides a vocal-led, garage-dipped cut that keeps the energy levels sizzling before ‘Delirium’ closes the show with a swathe of pure dancefloor ecstasy.


          Matt says: Long serving club vets Audiojack send it with this EP for Crosstown. Combining circular rhythms, infectious hooks and grooving bass, it's that DC-10 friendly aesthetic designed to make you go cIrCo-LoCo!!


          A1. Play With My Mind
          A2. Casual Verve
          B1. Connect
          B2. Delirium 

          Jacques Renault / The Patchouli Brothers / Paul Older / Elado

          Let's Dance Vol 3

          Funkyjaws Music keeps on keeping on with its Let's Dance series, which now hits volume number three. It is another doozy that follows the tradition of bringing together four different and equally able artists on one 12". Jacques Renault kicks off with some funky and disco-fried fun on 'Such A Tease' and The Patchouli Brothers take it old school with their steamy disco burner 'Wishin' U Would Call.' The flipside keeps the good vibes alive with some lovely cowbell action and mad-funky riffs on Paul Older's 'Dancin' On Your Mind' and then a little steamy psyched-out guitar magic defines the glorious closer 'House Of Rising Sun.'


          Matt says: Feverishly collected already by local disco aficionados, Funky Jaws drops volume three of its Let's Dance series and its another unmissable selection which keeps feet a tappin' through a well curated set of feel-good funky disco cuts.


          Jacques Renault - Such A Tease
          The Patchouli Brothers - Wishin' U Would Call
          Paul Older - Dancin' On Your Mind
          Elado - House Of Rising Sun

          J. Robinson Feat. Darien Prophecy

          Stand Firm

          Another week, another archival release from leading modern roots, dub n bass label Whodem Sound. As usual, it's J. Robinson on the dials, joined this time by vocalist Darien Prophecy for a slice of riotous spiritual steppers. "Stand Firm" imparting a message of resiliance, despite what troubles our world throws at us. Set to a heavy skanking instrumental filled with deep place plumes and phazed offbeat keyboard stabs, it's a certified soundsystem banger and certain to cause more than a rukus at your local clash. 

          As usual, we get a hazy, ganja-soaked dub version on side B with the red-eye level set to heavy zonk as J-Rob sends us into a THC-laced zone-out full of neverending delays, rattling reverbs and ever increasing bass saturation.


          Matt says: Loving these Whodem plates, each one's a bass bin wrecker with nuff roots and culture to keep the rastas noddin'. Especially like a dubwise 10", and the dub on this one is K I L L A !


          A. Stand Firm
          B. Dub



            Following the force of their introductory singles 'Tabernacl' and 'St Agatha', the band return with an invitation to explore their landscape of violent poetry and gothic propulsion to the fullest extent yet. Prepare to be lulled under their spell once more with the slow-burn of forerunning single, 'Remoter Heaven'.

            Produced by long-time collaborator Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard's Tom Rees. It begins in a dream state of hypnotic repetition that mounts in intensity, with vocalist Jack Shephard presiding over it all with his distinctive, poetic drawl. His protagonist is revisiting a memory of the pain inflicted by a thorn as a child; "I was awake with feeling", he confesses, before the song takes on the momentum that feels like a triumph over the numbness attendant to adulthood.

            Of the track, Shephard shares: "I liked the idea of writing a very simple narrative to a big, epic song - something as modest as the story of a child playing in some flowers and then bursting into tears when a thorn pricks their leg. The words are an ode to that sensitivity we embrace when we are young. Then, when we become adults, we insist on subjugating all of that wonderful, absurd rage."

            'Remoter Heaven' follows on from 'Tabernacl' and 'St Agatha' which earned Slate rave write-ups and support from publications including NME, CLASH, So Young, DIY, Buzz Magazine, The Most Radicalist and more, as well as early radio plays from the likes of Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music, Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, John Kennedy on Radio X and Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1.

            Emerging from the depths of Cardiff’s burgeoning music scene and heirs to their country’s lineage of storytellers, Slate are barely touching their twenties, but together, they have command of post-punk which rings with the gravitas of a death knell; a grasp of atmosphere and melody which touches on the ethereal.

            Their debut EP, Deathless, is their most ambitious act of storytelling so far. Recorded in one take, the narrative of its six tracks takes place within a single room - or, perhaps, one mind. It begins with what the band feel is some of the darkest material they will ever write, to reaching, in its second half, a place of transformation and epiphany. On the EP's vinyl edition, the lyrics are written out like a diary entry, each one penned in another member's hand. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Darryl says: Fantastic six track Ep from Cardiff's Slate. Lead track "Remoter Heaven" is 7 minutes plus of pure bliss, revisiting the epic extended grooves of 'A Storm In Heaven'-era The Verve.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Remoter Heaven
            2. The Heir
            3. Sun Violence
            4. Deathless
            5. Shade In Me
            6. Hailstone 

            A very welcome return to the Bitter Ends with an incendiary new 4 dimensional sonic assault!

            Genre-wrecking, top spec machine funk as always. Laced with acid, intoxication and wobble - basement buggin', hi-tek e-soul; limited and loud. Don't sleep!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Already causing a bit of a stampede with local DJs this week, Bitter End get their mainframes twitching with this four tracker of precision dancefloor electronix. Losing none of their ever-present (e)soul in the process.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. U Up
            A. U Dancin'
            B. U Perfect
            B. U Burnin'


            Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remixes)

            After a brief hiatus, the illustrious Dimitri From Paris' Le Edits imprint makes a triumphant return. By now, we trust you're familiar with the hallmark of this label: a curated collection of sumptuous, fresh renditions of deep soulful disco and timeless club classics. Each track is meticulously remixed, remastered, and pressed onto virgin vinyl plates by the industry's finest, encased in top-tier old-school tip-on heavyweight sleeves adorned with captivating artwork. It's a level of care and attention to detail that sets Le Edits apart. Once again, Dimitri From Paris and Le Edits infuse "a little Chic" into the music landscape.

            True to form, Dimitri scours the archives to deliver essential new mixes. This latest offering continues his streak of hits, as the French maestro revisits one of his beloved acts, the UK's own purveyors of jazz-funk grooves, Jamiroquai. This time, their 1999 hit 'Canned Heat,' from the album 'Synkronized,' undergoes a transformative journey deeper into the funkmosphere, emerging as a euphoric disco odyssey of epic proportions. Utilizing only the original studio master tapes, this reimagining showcases both the band's unparalleled talent and Dimitri's knack for crafting dancefloor sensations from classic records.

            The A-side boasts an extended, nearly 9-minute vocal version of 'Canned Heat,' complemented by a stellar Dubstrumental rendition on the B-side. Rest assured, all mixes are fully authorised and developed in collaboration with the artists, rights holders, and Above Board Distribution. These releases are unequivocally official and, therefore, indispensable. This isn't an underground operation; Dimitri and Le Edits are dedicated to restoring quality and sophistication to the re-edit game with unwavering integrity.

            With a no re-press guarantee, each Le Edits release is a testament to uncompromising quality. From the highest-grade tip-on heavy-duty sleeves to outer protective covers, every detail is meticulously crafted, affirming our commitment to prioritising quality over quantity.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Next instalment of Dimitri's cult collected Le Edits series and it's the cosmic funk anthem from '99 penned by Jay Kay and friends that's going under the knife for an extended re-buff and re-shape.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
            B. Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remix Dubstrumental) 


            The Night Institute, the legendary cult club night at the forefront of Belfast's thriving electronic music scene, announces eponymous new record label.
            Spearheaded by scene stalwarts Timmy Stewart of Black Bones fame and Jordan Nocturne, known for his contributions to labels like Correspondent and Polari, this new venture aims to showcase Belfast's true independent club scene on a global scale.
            The Night Institute has long been synonymous with cutting-edge music, providing a haven for the city's electronic music aficionados. With the label, the vinyl and digital project features tracks by both resident artists as well as global artists who've played at the party. The inaugural release boasts a stellar lineup.

            Alongside Night Institute residents Timmy Stewart (Ft. Northern Irish vocalist Megan Sylvan) and Jordan Nocturne, the record showcases guest appearances by Justin Cudmore, resident of New York's renowned The Bunker and regular contributor to Phonica Records, and Hifi Sean, who has been making waves with his collaborative project alongside David McAlmond while working with icons like Ce Ce Peniston and Yoko Ono.

            The label aims to capture the essence of Belfast's underground electronic music scene, while joining the dots with global collaborators across four tracks of acid, odd-ball house and dance floor electronics.

            Good Vibes for Uncertain Times

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Belfast party open their vinyl tenure with a nicely curated platter of new disco, deep house and cosmic vibrations that scream freshness. Should be big with the Sean Johnson & ALFOS massive and seems right at place here in Manchester's current dance scene.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Hifi Sean - The Beat
            A. Jordan Nocturne - C'mon
            B. Justin Cudmore - Arcade Rhythm
            B. Timmy Stewart & Megan Sylvan - Kintsugi

            Stereo:type is keeping busy with a number of releases already lined up from the young and auspicious label. It is UK artist Risk Assessment that has been behind the first couple and is again back in action here with number three. This one kicks off with a slightly deeper disco cut that has a seductive vocal and rousing chords then 'Dreamz' is a nice blissed out roller with magical melodies bringing the richness. 'Someone Like You' is denied by the voice of the one and only Barry White - his buttery baritone riding over loop and funky drums and bass and 'Power' then brings a touch of house to close out.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Mine says: Risk Assessment follows up EP 1 and 2 with number 3 within less than 6 months and continues his signature style of pumping disco house on this 12" series on Stereo:type - as suitable for a sweaty basement as for your next pool party.

            TRACK LISTING

            Someone Like You

            Craft Music's Good For Dance series continues with its second instalment and this one has been curated by none other than DJ Craft himself. Joining him are talented pals Schmoltz, Bogdan Ra, Romain FX, and Outra, also known as Joutro Mundo. These deep diggers are celebrated for their prowess in unearthing hidden gems and transforming them into dancefloor anthems and that's what they do here as each artist brings a unique flavour to the mix. Schmoltz's 'Luv The States' is a peak-time percussive disco jam, Bogdan Ra brings some slap-funk drums and glossy Italo synths and 'Tell Me Why' has crunchy drums and jagged synth stabs before a camp closer in 'Colosso'.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Mine says: Disco and italo lovers rejoice! If the clips are anything to go by then this record is going to be a lot of fun (and most definitely good for dance)! Brilliant stuff from Schmoltz and co.

            TRACK LISTING

            Schmoltz - Luv The States
            Bogdan Ra - Italocombo
            Tell Me Why (RFX Edit)
            Colosso (Outra Edit)

            Continuing their quest, the Treasure team has unearthed another enchanting bunch of gems. Introducing a new compilation of revamped classic tracks from F.R, meticulously tailored to meet the refined preferences of today's dance connoisseurs.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Canny Hot (Vocal)
            A2. Canny Hot (Dub)
            B1. Delicated
            B2. Daddy’s Face


            Supercontinent EP

              London outfit Kassian continue their broadly-evolving yet highly detailed journey through and beyond sound towards something ever more expansive. Their second release for !K7 Records comes in the wake of creating a dedicated hardware-forward studio in a Northeast London container complex, where they have the freedom to interlink their machines. This renewed focus brought them to "Supercontinent EP", named for the ancient geological era when Africa and South America were joined as Pangea.

              A reformulation of rhythmic ideas inspired by South African amapiano and South American baile funk governs the two hemispheres of the record. The pair examine and deconstruct dancefloor material, eschewing 4/4 for interlocking shaker patterns, searing acid lines, cracking breakbeats, and vocal samples in Zulu and Brazil Portuguese.

              The immediacy of the restless rhythm and bass-led funk of “Yena” (the word Yena translates to ‘he/him /man’)forms a sweet spot where double-time and half-time can coexist. “Yami” (‘mine’ in Zulu) is a slinkier proposition which sheds prominent percussion in favour of a weighty, fluid, acid-informed bassline undulating from below.

              An ascending percussive riff marks the arrival of “Pulgueiro”, followed closely by break beats and the nostalgia of distinctly British acid electro; it is an intentionally future-forward retelling of a vintage sound, replete with a mind-melt breakdown of rave pads.

              A dubbed-out groove dominates the bottom-heavy “Sistema” - a groovy, steady roller that chugs and propels and chugs with head-nod hypnotism through an intricately minimalistic approach.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Ahead of their soon-to-sell out version of "E2-E4" (few copies left pre-order folks! - Ed), Kassian casually drop a four track EP of futuristic, club-ready bass-techno. With an intrinsic and highly percussive outlook, these tracks should sit nicely next to other modern pioneers Overmono, Two Shell, Bicep, Joy O and the like.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Yena
              A2. Yami
              B1. Pulgueiro Baile
              B2. Sistema Baile

              Austere Recordings are back with their 10th release, having always favoured quality over quantity. LAAK feature once again on a 200 limited hand stamped EP, serving up their usual high calibre tracks. Deep, moody house with intrinsic details and a real ear for melody and warmth. Understated, sexy as hell, house music like it should be... TIP!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Delicious deep house from Laak whose delicate and thoughtful approach to honest, sincere house music has slowly garnered fans across the globe. A bit like Big Strick and Jose Rico, his productions are simple but beautiful, conveying emotion and charm with every passage.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. One Sec
              A2. Norm-alise
              B1. Natural Selection
              B2. Obsolescence

              Joseph Capriati is firmly established as one of the greatest techno DJs in the world, but growing up in Naples his first connection with electronic dance music was actually in the house music genre. “Peace And Blessings” feat. Arnold Jarvis is Joseph’s very personal tribute to this genre, where he produced a track that he felt encompassed the vibe and spirituality of house music. He wanted a song and vocal performance that would equally represent all the best qualities of the genre, and joined with one of the industry’s most iconic and legendary vocal talents Arnold Jarvis to write lyrics and deliver a vocal performance that perfectly complements Joseph’s percussion and synth driven track. Bushwhacka! on board as Mix Engineer on The Groove Mix.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Nervous enlist Napoletano Joseph Capriati who makes a departure for his usual techno leanings to drop a deep, red-lit vocal house track that bumps harder than a sex party in a caravan.

              TRACK LISTING

              A. Peace & Blessings (Main Mix) 
              B1. Peace & Blessings (JC's Groove Mix) 
              B2. Peace & Blessings (Accapella) 


              Shape The System / River Art

              Research return on vinyl with two tracks of punk-funk / lysergic-boogie from their catalogue, with 21 years separating the tracks.

              Bearfunk's Stevie Kotey gives the overall mix of 'Shape The System' a jump up with 'River Art' adding some nice dub effects to the mix, both tracks benefitting from Streaky's remastering.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Off-it punk-funk / disco-not-disco that's squelchy as hell and littered with discord, disjointed rhythms and wild saxophone blasts.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Shape The System
              2. River Art


              Militant Dub / In The Beginning

              Another Whodem 10" relic from the archive. Strong and fierce, industrial steppers by Cessman who touches on proto-dubstep stylings via the A-side's "Militant Dub". Characterized by tuff snare hits, aggressive bass, and an urgent groove that wouldn't sound out of place on a DMZ record.

              On the flip, "In The Beginning" treads a similar path - somewhere in between the eeriest utterances of dubstep and the most futurist of steppers dub. Military snares, eerie melodica licks, rastaman vox and digital brass stabs make for a track that'd sound at home on Deep Medhi as much as Aba-Shanti's pivotal "Jericho Walls Verse III" LP. Big ting! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: One of my favourites from the recent Whodem salvo. Modern steppers dub which seems to have cross-pollinated with the early dubstep prototypes from Digital Mystikz, Loefah et al. Agro bass, neck snapping snares, jump-up energy.. proper fierce.

              TRACK LISTING

              A. Militant Dub
              B. In The Beginning


              Circus Retreat / London Boogie 7

              2000BLACK returns once again with 'Circus Retreat' a song trying to navigate the continuous confusion that surrounds us today.Samii provides the voice and lyrics on a unique uptempo soul fusion track.The originality continues with one of the signature sounds of 2000BLACK 'London Boogie 7'the music giving off the sound of modern boogie and house combined.To round up the ep 'Shrug' displays the marriage of dub and techno residing in the big smoke.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Circus Retreat
              2. Circus Retreat (Dub Mix)
              3. London Boogie 7
              4. Shrug!!

              Otto Taimela

              Clouds / Waterland (feat. Olli Aarni)

              "Couldn't find any acoustic covers of these two masterpieces by Gigi Masin from 1989, so decided to give it a go with one of my biggest local musical idols, Olli Aarni who I am proud to call my friend. I consider the original tracks quite holy, so it took me years of courage to ask Olli to record these with me. Never had any goal to release these in any professional way, we just had an idea, for fun, to salute the golden era of YouTube when people made these poorly recorded acoustic YouTube covers. Thanks Pete & Janne for making the record happen and thank you Gigi Masin for the incredible music!"

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Clouds (feat. Olli Aarni)
              2. Waterland (feat. Olli Aarni)

              Modern soul / disco royalty, written by the talented Mark Beiner and co-writer Ben Iverson about Marks x girlfriend. It is up there with the best modern floaters in the game. I still remember the first time I Heard this on the dancefloor at Prestatyn soul weekender (I cannot remember who played it), I set out on a mission to get myself a copy which failed miserably at every turn. Many years later I finnaly met Mark, he had done a great job looking after the tapes and all the epherma surrounding the band after Ben has passed away.

              On the flip, an early new york rap 45 by the band, previously unreleased on vinyl (we did do it digitally with the LP).

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Paula Marie
              2. Crack (Instrumental)

              A rare but unknown modern soul dancer from band Premonition or Premonitions depending on what release they put out. The A side is well written proto disco dancer, it's no wonder collectors have been calling begging for the TPs on this , as nobody can find an original (my copy is beat to death).

              I actually really dig the sweet soul flip, its almost to cheesy but walks the edge well, and has some great rising moments if that's your bag (which is should be).

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Here In The Name Of Love
              2. Righteous Love

              Ike Noble & The Uptights

              Money Won't Change You

              This month we have three beautifully pressed mostly unreleased Ike Noble 45s with o.g style silver Ink overprinted labels, they look just

              Side A on this 45 is a killer previously unreleased cover of James Brown's classic "Money Wont Change You" stepping up the pressure with The Uptight's on backing smashing it out the part, it probably outdoes the JB version.

              On the flip, it's Big Boy/Girl ballad time. Stunning unreleased deep soul. Sweet Deep soul heads will hoover this up so be quick.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Money Won't Change You
              2. She's Got To Be Loved

              Ike Noble & The Uptights

              Good Thing

              This month we have three beautifully pressed mostly unreleased Ike Noble 45s with o.g style silver Ink overprinted labels, they look just

              On side-A we have the only previously released (but very rare) track on these three 45s. A brilliant, mid-tempo soul chugger that falls between Syl Johnson and James Brown, undeniable, how this did not blow up at the time is beyond comprehension.

              On the flip, HUGE deepsoul anthem 'Look a Little Higher' was release at the time but is mad rare, again a hit that never made it. Solid Gold!

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Good Thing
              2. Look A Little Higher

              Ike Noble & The Uptights

              It's Bad

              This month we have three beautifully pressed mostly unreleased Ike Noble 45s with o.g style silver Ink overprinted labels, they look just

              On side A we have the only previously released (but very rare) track on these three 45s. A brilliant, mid-tempo soul chugger that falls between Syl Johnson and James Brown, undeniable, how this did not blow up at the time is beyond comprehension.

              On the flip, it is Deep Soul time again with a version of 'Best of Luck to You', also recorded by Sam baker and Earl Gaines, but easily toping both.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. It's Bad
              2. Best Of Luck To You

              From the psychedelic soaked streets of Stretford and the mind of Lewis Olsen aka Psychederek comes his next Sprechen E.P. as everyone's favourite cosmic cosmonaut returns with ALT! 4 tracks of spaced-out sound collages where electronic & rock music meet in the middle to create an explosion of avant-garde hypnotic rave soundscapes.

              Title track ALT! has a massive doff of the cap to the driving forces of Krautrock, where Lewis' vocal soars atop stacks of guitars & synths and a solid drumbeat keeps you on track.

              'Nowhere To Nowhere' breaks out of the gate with a full spin of the private psychedelic reel, a track that seemingly has no beginning, middle or end but which draws you in from the get-go with stacked guitars & synth lines, a thumping one note bass line, snappy percussion, and a totally far out vocal breakdown.

              'Hapi' is a stunning stripped-back big bag of blissfullness with soaring synths & arp lines buddy up with a heart tugging 4 note key lines & guitar plucks alongside a reverb drenched vocal sound from heaven.
              Coming across like the soundtrack as you reach the pearly gates whilst also harking back to the true balearic sound of the 70's. There are not enough sunsets in the world would do this justice.

              What better way to finish things off than with a cover version of what is probably one of THE staples of the acid house 2nd Summer of love era as Psychederek gives the 808 State classic a full psych rework!
              A fave from his live performances, the Manchester anthem is ripped right up to deliver a swoosh filled assault on the senses where pads, synths, guitars & even more synths all stacked and set firmly to 'wow man!' and kept tightly on track by the sublime drumming of Donald Johnson from A Certain Ratio.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Already causing a big stir on the local scene with DJs gifted upfront promos. It's all about that cover of "Pacific State" - absolute genius from this wildcard Stretford maverick. Get them orders in quick!

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Alt!
              A2. Nowhere To Nowhere
              B1. Hapi
              B2. Pacific State

              Robert's Diary

              Dinky Bird EP - Incl. Bjorn Torske Remix

              French producer Jerome Barresi assumes his Robert's Diary Palais here for a new outing on Is It Balearic that offers something a little adjacent to the norm. Opener 'Dinky Bird' is a mix of tender keys and hand claps with a soulful vocal sample that reminds of early-era Moby. Norse mainstay Bjorn Torske appears then to remix and brings some scuttling percussive sounds and watery effects over four-four drums. 'Six O Six' is a yearning dub cut packed with wild FX and 'KXP' is a zoned-out and tinny retro-future nu-disco cut that is a perfect B-side.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Mine says: This one is already a winner in my book! Even though 'Dinky Bird' is the one that's getting the royalty remix treatment, I personally think the b-side is the star of the show. Can already see myself playing KXP on repeat... ultra dreamy!

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              Dinky Bird
              Dinky Bird" (Bjorn Torske Remix)

              Side B
              Six O Six

              L.B. Dub Corp - "Only the Good Times" - original version & ultra hyped Burial remix.

              Cut direct from studio tape master to limited white label vinyl. Taken from the forthcoming album by Luke Slater - “Saturn To Home”, which will be out on Dekmantel later this month.

              'For me "Only The Good Times" is a deeply emotional track. It’s one of those tracks that ended up entwined in love and somehow life affirming. My immediate thought was to get Burial to remix it, not only because he is one of the most entrancing producers ever, but also because of our heart felt connection and to get him away from his Playstation for ten seconds. Thank you Arnol, Will and everyone else connecting to the music ♥️' - Luke Slater

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: After being spoken about in hush tones via the more devoted Burial heads for the last few weeks, we've finally secured copies of the vinyl for your enjoyment! Get those orders in folks as copies are seriously limited.

              TRACK LISTING

              Only The Good Times(Original Version)
              Only The Good Times (Burial Remix)

              Another Taste & Maxx Traxx

              Don't Touch It

                Numero’s second bundle of cover 45s is all things soulful. This, the first in the series sees Rotterdam-based Another Taste electrify Maxx Traxx’s 1984 Chicago boogie grail “Don’t Touch It,” which makes its debut on the 7” format here.

                Later in the series we have Colemine Records’ Say She She delivering a glamorous rendition of Jim Spencer’s yacht-disco hit “Wrap Myself Up In Your Love.”

                And even later Columbia Recording artist Leon Bridges effortlessly transforms Pastor T.L. Barrett’s “Like A Ship,” updating the 50 year old gospel soul classic for the 21st century.

                All include the OG and cover version on one side each, and all three are housed in a newly imagined Numero custom sleeve, reflecting the many shades of our ongoing Eccentric Soul 45 imprint.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Another Taste's cover of "Don't Touch It" caused an almighty rukus on Space Grapes earlier in the year. Mega that Numero have licensed it alongside the original in tidy 7" format. First of three in what's looking like a very promising and collectable series of records.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Another Taste - Don’t Touch It
                B1. Maxx Traxx - Don’t Touch It

                Ruf Dug

                Asking For Trouble

                  Ruf Dug, the Mancunian record producer, radio host, and self-professed video game freak is back for round two on Pinchy and Friends recordings with a 6 song ep that truly defies categorization.

                  On this latest outing, Ruf Dug touches on genres as diverse as Dub, Zouk, Melodic House, Balearic Chug, Reggaeton and more....

                  On side A... 'Asking for Trouble' comes brazenly out of the gate with 'buttoned down'- a bold and instantly iconic Zouk-inspired dance floor destroyer.

                  It is then followed up by the soothing, downtempo sounds of 'Pomegranate Dub' - another instantly iconic track featuring a lead horn melody that evokes memories of the late, great John Hassall.

                  Jumping over to side two, things kick off with 'Watching', which, even at it's chuggy BPM, is as deadly as a dance floor track can get.

                  It’s a welcome return to the label with an EP that will sound as good by the poolside in Ibiza or on a wet Tuesday afternoon in Manchester. Buy or cry!

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Ruffy's at it again, roping in local Stretford musician Bob Swans for some stoned rock riffs on "Open Air". The whole EP is a brilliant snapshot of the eccentric brilliance of one of our city's most treasured producers.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Buttoned Down
                  A2. Pomegranate Dub
                  A3. Open Air
                  B1. Watching
                  B2. Pipes
                  B3. Night Blossom

                  Lips & Rhythm sails into summer 2024 with a fresh EP from Residentes Balearicos. The Ibiza-based duo of Alessandro Doretto and Luca Avera have been turning out sun-soaked dance music for several years now from their studio in the islands.

                  The title track 'Paraiso' is a timeless tune with just the right blend of slowed down acid and Flamenco guitar plus plenty of claps. 'Polvo Mineral' is a bit mysterious with ethereal pads, big drum fills and chanting.

                  'I Wanna Dance' harkens back to the beautiful Italian dream house era from the early 90s with lush chimes and driving synth lines over pitched down vocals and uplifting backing harmonies.

                  The remix of 'Paraiso' is from Brazil-born, New York formed, Gaspar Muniz, who reworks the title track into a breaky electro number fit for a late night in Rio De Janeiro.

                  A summer record that's been dancefloor tested and receiving rightful praise. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Tropical disco, star-lit chug, Balearic boogie and hammock house for your paradise trip this party season.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Paraiso
                  A2. Polvo Mineral
                  B1. I Wanna Dance
                  B2. Paraiso (Gaspar Muniz Funky Fresh Remix)

                  Glass Beams


                    The genesis of Glass Beams, which formed around founding member Rajan Silva, stemmed from the rekindling of childhood memories related to his father, who emigrated to Melbourne from India in the late 1970s. Silva, in particular, was drawn to the fusion of Western musical styles and traditional Indian music showcased in his father's music collection. Iconic Bollywood vocalists such as Asha Bhosle coexisted with blues legends like Muddy Waters and DVDs like 'Concert for George'—a star-studded tribute to the late Beatles member George Harrison—were in heavy rotation growing up. This cross-pollination of East and West, of old and new, is a sentiment that the trio have sought to capture in their self-produced, serpentine, psychedelic-tinged music. Throughout their output, Glass Beams present a timeless fusion of cultures and sounds beamed through a prism of live instrumentation and DIY electronica, all wrapped up in a mesmerising visual world of their own creation.

                    Recommended if you like… Khruangbin, Tame Impala, Altın Gün, SAULT, Yussef Dayes, Surprise Chef, Ezra Collective.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Horizon
                    A2. Mahal
                    A3. Orb
                    B1. Snake Oil
                    B2. Black Sand

                    Exo Fender

                    Big Mood - Incl. Justin Van Der Volgen Edit

                    The always hard working Emotional Rescue now unveils the electronic disco project Exo Fender, helmed by esteemed New York producer Eric Calvi and featuring the legendary Steve D'Acquisto. The remastered songs 'Big Mood' and 'Music In My Mind' span two new EPs, with updated edited versions by NYC producer Justin Van Der Volgen. Calvi's journey from Paris to New York's music scene in the 1980s when he engineered hits for artists like Cameo and Africa Bambaataa, and laid the groundwork for Exo Fender. Inspired by clubbing friendships, the project's infectious grooves and tongue-in-cheek nature gained club play and collector's acclaim, with Van Der Volgen's remix enhancing their timeless appeal for today's dancefloors.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Mine says: One of two Exo Fender releases this week and this one does what it says on the tin... if you're in need of a mood booster look no further!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Big Mood
                    Big Mood (Justin Van Der Volgen Edit)

                    Exo Fender

                    Music In My Mind - Incl. Justin Van Der Volgen Edit

                    This is the second of two releases from Emotional Rescue that looks to the music of Eric Calvi who headed up the collective Exo Fender, a project that brought together a bunch of friends, producers, and studio amigos. This one is a live boogie jam with Brooklyn DJ and producer Steve D'Aquisto. He was a regal at The Loft and a friend of Arthur Russell so all that bears out in the music - a loose-limbed disco groove with languid percussion and big vocals. A Justin Van Der Volgen edit rounds out the 12".

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Mine says: Exo Fender - via the ever reliable Emotional Rescue - deliver an addictive disco jam that had Ryan get out the (air) keytar just now... bag a copy now or forever hold your peace.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Music In My Mind
                    Music In My Mind (Justin Van Der Volgen Edit)

                    The Mr K Edits

                    Before I Let Go / Hollywood Message

                    Mr. K has an amazing knack for knowing what will fill a dancefloor, and it's hard to imagine this pair of tunes causing anything less than a roadblock. On the A-side, he pays tribute to beloved NYC DJ and editor Gail "Sky" King by recreating her extended edit of the Frankie Beverly and Maze sureshot 'Before I Let Go'. The edit arrived a decade after the original surfaced on the best-selling 1981 Live In New Orleans LP, although the track was not actually a concert recording but a new studio track made to fill out the final "D-side" of the release. Alas, the gorgeously danceable funk/soul hybrid was pressed at low quality, the harsh sonic nature meaning it never got the support it truly deserved. It comes here backed by 'Hollywood's Message' from legendary hip-hop pioneer DJ Hollywood, a self-released single from the man who was one of the first to grab the microphone at a jam and rhyme over records. As a backing track for his rhymes, Hollywood took a shortcut and used the renowned 'Love Is The Message' edit created by Mr. K that repeatedly runs the groovy clavinet break from MFSB's tune. Here, Mr. K tightens up the instrumental chant version for its first 7" release, adding a touch of Millie Jackson's 'Now That I Got Your Attention Again' as an intro. Two slices of absolute gold.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Cult collected by disco & soul heads across the globe, Danny Krivit's Mr. K series dunt show any sign on letting up yet! Latest instalment has the deep soul stylings of Frankie Beverly and Maze plus the wildcard curveball of DJ Hollywood 'rapping' over "Love Is The Message" - a totally new jam for me and worth the entrance fee alone. Megohhh!!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Before I Let Go (Homage To Gail Sky King - Mr K 7" Edit)
                    Hollywood Message (Mr K 7" Edit)

                    Dub & Sound International returns for a third time and this one welcomes legendary Jamaican trombonist Vin Gordon who is rightly 'Digging The Vibes.' The title track kicks off and pairs his playful patterns with a Dubsetters rhythm and some nice sunny and soothing melodies from Trommie aka Don Drummond Jr. After the horn-led, organic and unhurried instrumental comes a dub that is fleshed out with a little more echo and is a sublime bit of roots. A second version adds another perspective to the original and we already look forward to hearing more from this project.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Breath-taking NEW roots reggae here from a rising star on the scene. Sounds like Bunny Lee & Tommy McCook - with equally impressive dub versions. Those horns man!! A high watermark showing that original JA flavour is still strong.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Digging The Vibes
                    Vibes Dub
                    Vibes Riddim

                    Raven Maize / Pacha / Joey Montenegro / Dave Lee

                    Flashback To The Future EP

                    Dave Lee's Z Records looks back to go forward as it offers up a spiffing new 12" of contemporary reworks of 4 classics cuts of various vintages from the ZR back catalog. Kicking things off in fantastic fashion is a slap bass and wah clav powered take on Raven Maize's 'Forever Together', originally released in1989, this was the first house cut to feature the now iconic keys riff. Dave's Heavenly Star mix of 'One Kiss' (first out in 1991) is pure hip-swinging soulful disco. Joey Montenegro (who could that be?) offers two classic cuts on the flip side. 'Make A Move On Me' (Original Disco Mix) sees the crossover hit from 2005 get a Chic like makeover with its zippy leads and timeless diva vocals. Whilst the special 25th Anniversary Mix of 1998's 'Can't Get High Without U' closes things off with some peak time, tension filled, disco house action!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Dave Lee revisits the past in his disco Delorean, galvanizing some classic moments of dancefloor delight with a fresh new coating. "Forever Together" certainly piqued by beak with its new sfx and driving timpanis.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side 1
                    1. Raven Maize - Forever Together (Closer To The Source Mix)
                    2. Pacha - One Kiss (Dave's Heavenly Star Mix)

                    Side 2
                    1. Joey Montenegro - Make A Move On Me (Original Disco Mix)
                    2. Joey Montenegro - Can't Get High Without U (25th Anniversary Mix)

                    The fledgling Stereo:type label is back with a sizzling second release and it is the UK's Risk Assessment at the buttons. Once again here his sophomore vinyl outing is all about soul drenched and peak time disco cuts with plenty of passion and character. 'Welcome' has all the funky loops and neat keys you need to get you going, 'I Hear Music' is a real stomper with freaky guitar riffs and '5 O'Clock In The Morning' brings some big diva vocals and plenty of lush strings. Last of all is the steamy hot disco funker 'Disco Night' with its slick filter work and rich bass. Another delicious EP, then.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Nice to see an editor get frisky on the filters and loop cutter, injecting some urgency into these lesser known disco bits. Star studded glitter ball treats all the way from Risk Assessment...

                    TRACK LISTING

                    I Hear Music
                    5 O’Clock In The Morning
                    Disco Night

                    Get ready to embark on a hypnotic journey as Full Circle presents the highly anticipated re-release of Danny J Lewis' iconic track, "Spend The Night," accompanied by a brand new Archie Hamilton remix that brings a fresh new perspective to the classic garage anthem. Not to mention not one but two mesmerizing dub versions by H-Man and DJL VIP. These carefully crafted dubs take the original masterpiece to new heights, offering unique perspectives on the timeless classic.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. H-Man Dub
                    A2. Archie Hamilton Remix
                    B1. VIP Dub
                    B2. Disco Dub

                    Erol Alkan

                    A Hold On Love (Reworks)

                    Having already forged a scene-shifting career as a DJ, producer, remixer and collaborator, it was only in 2013 that Erol Alkan released a debut EP, 'Illumination' on his label Phantasy. Its shimmering opener was 'A Hold On Love', the soaring, glossy chords that have remained a staple in Alkan's DJ sets in the decade since.

                    Upon its tenth anniversary, Alkan presents two subtle but hugely effective reworks that transport one of the London producer's most enduring tracks onto contrasting dance floors.

                    The '(dyna-mix)' finds canyons of heady dub and psychedelia among halcyon chords, first means tested on wide-eyed crowds at Houghton Festival and throughout Alkan's ongoing 'To The Rhythm' all-nighters. Meanwhile, the '(trip-mix)' subtly lifts the energy for a pacier take, rich in reverie yet without sacrificing the detail and musicality always at the centre of Alkan's still fertile blend of house, electro, techno and alternative sensibilities.

                    The two tracks are available pressed onto extremely limited edition vinyl featuring manually screen printed sleeves, hand numbered by Erol himself. 300 copies only.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Reminiscent of some lost Kevin Saunderson nugget, but with added stadium-busting energy; two fresh takes on a certified Erol Alkan banger that'll obliterate any large arena.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. A Hold On Love (dyna-mix) 
                    AA. A Hold On Love (trip-mix) 

                    Roman Flügel

                    Hotel Karthago / Energies

                    One of electronic music’s most prolific and beloved figures, Roman Flügel checks in to Phantasy for his debut single on Erol Alkan’s equally storied London label, presenting ‘Hotel Karthago / Energies’, two contrasting dancefloor tracks that capture distinct shades of Flügel’s boundless creativity.

                    Arranged with energy front and centre, ‘Hotel Karthago’ promises to be an essential addition to Flügel’s peerless back catalogue of club classics. Bolting with the requisite tempo of contemporary dance floors, and accelerated by a joyous piano line, this particular property balances the elegance of vintage house with analogue machines operating at their most energetic.

                    In keen contrast. ‘Energies’ expertly pours a measure of melancholy, teasing out a twinkling melody that recalls the warmth and wistful moods of his classic LPs such as Fatty Folders and Happiness Is Happening. Illuminating and then unravelling with ease, ‘Energies’ concludes in underscoring the Frankfurt-to-Berlin producer’s skill as a composer, as well as a trusted rave alchemist.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Techno powerhouse Roman Flugel goes on a hi-nrg romp for Phantasy here. Dreamy and direct, without ever losing the playfulness and child like novelty that's one of the producer's lingering footprints.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. Hotel Karthago 
                    AA. Energies 

                    Frits Wentink’s Bobby Donny Label returns once more for the second BODO-ACE VA release, featuring both familiar and new faces across a six track EP of previously digital only releases. Frits and friends continue to showcase the unique and impeccable sound of Bobby Donny. After the success of the first VA, this won’t be around for long, so buy or cry.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Full to brim of fresh new house music. Frits Wentink and pals deploy a seriously heavy 12" for DJs doing the club thing over the next few months. Elegant and stylish throughout, if yer dig deep house then this'uns 4 U!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Frits Wentink & Malin Genie - Teardrop Renaissance
                    A2. Frits Wentink & Malin Genie - Atricot
                    A3. Tom Paris - L’Enfer Du Paradis
                    B1. Didier Chesto - Ow Yeah
                    B2. Boy Berger - Etherial
                    B3. Joy Jenkins - Flowers

                    A big coup for lovers of Boo! The inimitable and long serving Chicago stalwart dropping FOUR fresh tracks on his iconic Moonman imprint resulting in nearly half an hour of undiluted Boo Williams glide-n-shuffle!

                    Drizzled in his usual electric flair and idiosyncratic drum programming; concentric grooves gallop through neon lit textures and perpetual motion - it's impossible to keep still listening to these wrigglers! Beautifully arranged with crystal clear production, these Moonman records are the creme of Williams' crop - do not sleep!  

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Bit 'o Boo fer't boys (and the girls)! I've always had a mighty soft spot for the iconic Chi-town producer and with his label Moonman, we're treated to some of the finest moments he's produced to date. Shuffle them tail feathers!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side 1
                    1. Can't Forget You (instrumental) (6:42)
                    2. All About The Music (Service Mix) (6:35)
                    Side 2
                    1. Replay (7:42)
                    2. Last Thoughts (feat Jamiel Patton) (6:25)


                    Genesis Domain

                      Making his Dekmantel debut with a flourish of symphonic, transcendental techno, Sepehr takes us into a fictional metaphysical zone he calls the "Genesis Domain". Over the past 10 years NYC-based Sepehr Alimagham’s versatile club music practice has taken in techno, D&B, electro, EBM and acid on a suite of scene-leading labels. This new EP builds on the pseudo-spirituality he explored on recent LP "Fall From Grace" with an exploration of an imagined space 'where your reality can be reinvented at any given moment.'

                      On the A side, the title track sets the pace with a throbbing, sparkling-yet-spooky trip that allows a touch of trance into the mix, while "Delicate Senses" explores snappier, broken beat rhythms and edgy atmospherics with a distinctly moody outlook.

                      The mystical electro shades of "Twisted Solstice" and "Planet Lonely"'s melancholic 4/4 pastures strike a note between contemplative introspection and anthemic main stage energy. "Queen Of Demons" is the consummate EP closer, leaning on brooding low end and snaking, intricate beats with a healthy dose of shimmering beauty up top.

                      Consistent with his versatile approach since day one, Sepehr proves any blend of tempos and rhythms can be folded into his vivid, evocative sound world - the results will draw you in close until his vision becomes yours.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Upfront techno-breaks with dark rooms and big subs in mind. Defo got a bit of a Berghain vibe going on, with some highly detailed low end production.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Genesis Domain
                      Delicate Senses
                      Twisted Solstice
                      Queen Of Demons
                      Planet Lonely

                      Gerardo Frisina

                      Mystical Funk / Spaced Out

                      Currently at work on new compositions for a new album, Gerardo Frisina delights our ears with a 45rpm including two unreleased tracks. "Mistical Funk" and "Spaced Out" skilfully mix "modern funk" elements with electronic influences, creating a unique sonic experience characterized by the hypnotic, incessant groove, capable of drawing the listener into a sound universe full of cosmic percussion and atmospheres, enhanced by Dennis Coffey-style guitars and by a Deodato-like Fender piano.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Mystical Funk
                      2. Spaced Out


                      Szlam / Ścieki

                      A lot of water has flown under the bridge since Błoto released their last album. Sadly, in Polish rivers it wasn't just water flowing, but also all sorts of sewage of unknown origin, which destroyed the condition of these once vibrant bodies of water; it eventually led to a real catastrophe on the Odra River, which, after all, surrounds the entire city of Wroclaw, the band's birthplace. It is time for a decisive response. Błoto is making a comeback with a seven-inch vinyl and their first singles in over two years - "Szlam" and "Ścieki".

                      Climate change had already led to a permanent hydrological drought, which was echoed on Erozje LP. Today, as many as 91.5 percent of Poland's rivers are in very poor condition. It is not only drought that threatens rivers, but also excessive salinity. This is precisely the kind of disaster that happened on the Odra river. It resulted in 360 tonnes of dead fish and death of the river along a stretch of almost 500 km, and the reason for that was short-sighted human activity that could have been avoided. Still, the decision was made to turn the river into a cesspool.

                      Two years of hiatus is far too long. During this time, reality has not let up for a moment, providing new inspiration. Szlam (eng. sludge) is the sediment that forms on the river bed and sometimes the river banks. The Polish word derives from German (Schlamm), which means swamp - or mud. Szlam is therefore a sticky and unsettling remorse that rests somewhere at the bottom of the human consciousness.

                      In "Szlam" and "Ścieki" tracks, you will not only hear references to Erozje, but also to Kwasy i Zasady LP. For it is also a metaphor for everything that pours out of the media, smartphones, and then flows into one's head. The constant bickering, conflicts and dirty play in political campaigns, scandals to which we are already numb. On top of this, hate speech, low-quality stupefying influencer content, resulting in an ever-decreasing cultural capital of a society that breeds conformists, individualistically-minded egoists and mindless consumers. This state of affairs spawns a society of egoists, incapable of critical reflection, questioning and rebelling against reality.

                      The sound and genres explored by the band are, as usual, difficult to pigeonhole. These two musical miniatures contain a lot of anxious and neurotic sounds, as well as synth glitches evoking emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and guilt. The quartet consisting of Wuja HZG, OlafSaxx, Cancer G and Latarnik managed to distill this mental state by encapsulating it in shades of breakbeat ("Szlam"), and broadly defined house music ("Ścieki").

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Szlam
                      B1. Scienki

                      Originally released, this soulful gem has maintained its status as a sought-after treasure by DJs and electronic music enthusiasts for years. A favourite of Floating Points, Jeremy Underground and Frederika

                      With original copies becoming more and more elusive, and only released on poor quality styrene, the decision to reissue this soulful gem was an easy one.

                      Celestial Echo proudly presents the re- issue on a limited edition 7-inch vinyl re- cord, remastered and pressed on heavyweight vinyl for an authentic ana- log experience. This exclusive release is adorned with a striking picture sleeve and redesigned labels, adding a con- temporary touch to this soulful master- piece.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Dreams For Sale
                      B1. The Number For Groove

                      Italian Ibiza favourite Tuccillo returns to legendary NYC label Nu Groove with another four-track EP, ‘Frames’, including a feature from Chicago native Ron Carroll. With previous Nu Groove releases like the ‘Sunshine City EP’ and ‘I Believe’ with TradeCraft earning the respect of esteemed selectors including Archie Hamilton, Chloe Caillet and Laurent Garnier, Tuccillo’s expertly crafted sound is revered for its analogue approach. Similarly, his passion and respect for vinyl has earned him respect from crate diggers and house music tastemakers globally ever since the 90s. Tuccillo’s ‘Frames EP’ opens with the eponymous lead, showcasing his malleable sound that comes alive in underground scenes for heads in the know. Chicago house authority Ron Carroll lends his vocals to ‘Don’t Walk Away’, supported by Tuccillo’s fresh club-defining production that also permeates ‘You Got Me’. ‘Everything’ closes out this collection of pure house excellence, with expressive yet softer synthwork creating a cooler feel perfect for the afterhours.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Tuccillo man! I practically coin the term 'concentric house' around this dude's grooves! Incessant wriggle, fluttering percussion, deep bass - the perfect formula, executed with style every time. One of the best to do it.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Frames
                      A2. Tuccillo Featuring Ron Carroll ‘Don’t Walk Away’
                      B1. You Got Me
                      B2. Everything

                      The only proved efficient time traveling method to date is through listening to music, particularly evident when indulging in Jona Jefferies' latest EP released by Spanish house specialists Apersonal Music. It's a refreshing nod to the golden era of 90s electronic music. Across its three tracks, Jefferies masterfully blends elements of ambient, downtempo, and electronica, evoking a sense of nostalgia as if plucked from a bygone era. In contrast to today's TikTok-dominated landscape of short, immediate singles, this EP harkens back to a time when music was crafted with depth and complexity. Drawing inspiration from legendary acts like Boards of Canada and Underworld, it seamlessly transports listeners to the Gen-X decade, when acts like Daft Punk, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers reign supreme and exploited the electronic scene during the MTV era.

                      On the A side, "Es Camp" embodies the seamless influence of British electronic music on the Balearic scene of the 90s, and viceversa. Feels like Moby’s “Porcelain” if the film "The Beach" had been set in Ibiza. Max Essa's "Romantic Breaks Mix" elevates the track to pure Balearic bliss, setting the perfect mood for any sunset terrace around the globe.

                      Side B, tailored for the dancefloor, runs through “Lost in Paradise”, a track that channels euphoria reminiscent of the underground rave culture during the final years of the 20th century. Apersonal's trusted remixer, Eddie C, delivers an extended rendition of the track that continually evolves, echoing Jim Morrison’s words: 'the music was new, black polished chrome, and came over the summer like liquid night.'

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Two pastoral electronica bliss-outs, reminiscent of a weekend spent in the back of some Welsh hippy's camper van on a cocktail of drugs visiting various free parties along the way. Eddie C and Max Essa do their thing - moulding them into more typical dancefloor movements. Nice to see Apersonal back in the fold too.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Es Camp
                      A2. Es Camp (Max Essa Romantic Break Mix)
                      A3. California Sunrise… Do You Remember?
                      B1. Lost In Paradise
                      B2. Lost In Paradise (Eddie C Remix) 

                      Next up and with a label debut is one of the leading Female artists on the circuit, Tini Gessler! Tini dropped some straight-up club fire on our sister label Toolroom Trax earlier in the year alongside Juliet Sikora and digs deep into her clubby roots once again with 'Do What You Want'. After releases on the mighty Drumcode, Sola and Kittball in recent years, her 10 year career is going from strength to strength which is seeing her DJ all over the Globe on a weekly basis and her music production is making huge waves within the industry, and rightly so. Next up Italian born DJ and producer, CASSIMM is back on Toolroom with a straight up club weapon! After laying down the delicious disco number last year called 'Get On The Funk' with Kid Enigma, this follows suit perfectly and fuses chunky beats, disco licks and has Bruno Blanc sharing some sentimental lyrics about how important house music is to all of us. Last but not least, French artist Tony Romera is back on Toolroom with another slice of Tech House fire. Tony Romera first stepped onto the scene 10 years ago as a fresh-faced 20 year old looking to make waves and disrupt the electronic music world with his unique style and French-house inspired beats. Since then he's been busy releasing music and experimenting with different sounds and styles, putting out music on a range of powerhouse labels and gaining support from the likes of Diplo, Fisher, Chris Lake, Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5, Vintage Culture, Adam Beyer and more. House Y'all's distinct character is built upon a warped, creeping bassline and tough, relentless beats providing an irresistible pulsing backdrop as the familiar chanted vocal emerges. A sonic trip that transports you deep into the heart of the underground.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Piero Pirupa - Party (Extended Mix)
                      A2. Tini Gessler - Do What You Want (Extended Mix)
                      B1. CASSIMM, Bruno Blanc - House Affair (Extended Mix)
                      B2. Tony Romera - House Y'all (Extended Mix)

                      The consistently on-point Heist hit us with another doozy of tech house brilliance via the mighty Dutch duo - Fouk.

                      "Mirage" is built around a stuttering synth loop and a seductive female vocal chanting ‘What made you wanna…” The real star here is the bassline, which propels the track into a seriously infectious groove. Add some Detroitian strings (very UR / Galaxy 2 Galaxy") and moody changeovers and you’ve got yourself a full-blown dancefloor weapon.

                      "Coffee" has that familiar bounce we've come to love from the pair. Rising strings and keyboard stabs also bring forth that Detroit flavour but without being too pastiche; whilst the skillfully executed breakdowns, coupled with a hooky arrangement give the track more of an exuberance, terrace-leaning sound.

                      "Tapioca" unpacks some serious electric funk into proceedings, and with its shuffled drum beat, I'm again reminded of Galaxy 2 Galaxy - it's clear that Fouk are fans of the Detroit supergroup!

                      Milan techno princess Eliza Bee ups the tempo and intensity of "Mirage" - adding slamming 909s and a very techno mindset before "Abalone" closes off proceedings with a very wavy, psychedelic house jaunt that's great for the warm up or the wind down. Top stuff! 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Heist continues to be my one-stop shop when looking for that killer new house track for the weekend. Tasteful A&R, nice pressings, strong themes - they've nailed it!

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1 Mirage
                      A2 Coffee
                      B1 Tapioca
                      B2 Mirage (Elisa Bee Remix)
                      B3 Abalone

                      Second instalment of Jaycee Indamix's "Ginzu Edits" - taking cues from Glenn Underground, Vick Lavender, Dave Maze etc as he adds some  Chi-town bump into some well versed dancefloor classics. 

                      Gil Scott-Heron's "Grandma's Hands" gets bolstered with highly swung drums, warm Rhodes and flecks of scintilating electric licks - his voice riding the new instrumental as if it was made for the track. 

                      Luther Vandross' "Until You Come Back To Me" seems equally at home atop of Jaycee's dexterous instrumental - a more Shelter-esque groove accentuating the soul into late night deep house abandon. Both tracks should go down a treat with your Southport Weekender / vintage Red Light massive, or lovers of deep, soulful house.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Big double header of soulful house edits / mash-ups. If you dug that Erykah Badu "Honey" cut by Glenn Underground, these are for you!

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Gil Scott-Heron - Grandma's Hands
                      2. Luther Vandross - Until You Come Back To Me

                      An integral figurehead of the new hardcore revivalists, Dawl drops a three razor sharp EPs on the newly minted Under The Radar. Hyped up breaks, bleep melodies, square bass and undiluted rave energy are order of the day as he updates the formula laid down by the early 90s pioneers. Part 1 of a three part series. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Finally someone to give DJ Absolutely Shit some competition on the waltzers. DAWL heads up the southern charge with a 3 part EP series of hardcore, acid and bleeps n bass carnage.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Side 1
                      1. Are You Ready 
                      2. Chamber 
                      Side 2
                      1. Azeotrope 
                      2. Automatik 

                      This EP focusses primarily on two releases: "Energy Exchange Records Vol. I" and 30/70's "Art Make Love". In the spirit of the Energy Exchange family, they have shared the duties of remixing / re-imaging some of their most in demand cuts from the year utilizing thief in-house production team and extended family 30/70 collective. Brimming with jubilance; broken beats, soulful house, jazz and moody beatdown are all given consideration throughout - it's a suitably technicoloured journey into the unique label and the charismatic 30/70.

                      Support from : Severino (Horse Meat DIsco), Stu (Wolf Recordings), Mali (Rhythm Section), Quinton (Strut Records), Mr Redley, Jonny Alexander, Aly Bandcamp, Gilles Secretsundaze, Lucas Benjamin, Dean Chew (Darker Than Wax), Aroop Roy, Alex Attias, Louis Mixmag, Marcel Vogel, cosmosofi, Delfonic

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Tasty smattering of house and broken beats from 30 / 70 and pals Energy Exchange Ensemble. Standing proud and independent, just doing their own thing unvexed by developing trends or anyone else.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. 30/70 - Acceptance - Zeitgeist / Goodmood Sex And Candy Flip
                      A2. Energy Exchange Ensemble - Lime Green Skies - Zeitgeist / Goodmood Edit
                      B1. 30/70 - Pleasure - Maytra Roller Edit
                      B2. Energy Exchange Ensemble - Brighter Star - Close Counters Remix
                      B3. 30/70 - Acceptance - Concrete Souls Sikly House Edit


                      Exposed To Some Light / Average Boy

                        Hailing from varying parts of the North of England  and now based in Manchester, set behind a backdrop of haze with the mid 20s coming knocking, Nightbus (Olive, Jake and Zac) found common ground in their mutual taste in music. Amongst those late nights and the hedonism that comes with them, partnered with somewhat of a compulsive nature, The question of; what next? Rang around.

                        In summer 2022, a desire to collaborate and make their own music was almost telepathically manifested. Evidently their sound is a testament to the scenes, eras and bands that have inspired them to make music that would stand out in an ever-expanding alternative scene.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Exposed To Some Light
                        Average Boy

                        DJ Absolutely Shit

                        This EP Is Not Called Memoirs Of A Crust Monster

                        It's the one all the massive have been waiting for! Part 2 of the Salford sage - DJ Absolutely Shit's 'Memoirs Of A Crust Monster'. More hyped up tear outs, soundsystem ruffage, and bass 'n breaks love songs from our Hell's Angel-dodging beat freak.

                        Kicking things off with glowing neons and super-charged subs is 'Higher', a modern jungle monster decorated with classic hip-hop samples and a well known diva vox squealing through the melee.
                        A serious 'watch your bassbins' track - RL HQ have safety tested this on the most robust car stereo systems and so far have yet to avoid any cabinet damage - proceed with caution!

                        'Lost In Space' rolls outta the speaker stacks with a b-boy swagger and loose breaks. A tribute to classic breakdance electro galvanized with Ab Shit's intricate trademark production chops. You'll want to crack out your finest red Puma classics and a slick tracksuit for this one.

                        Onto 'Out On Love' and between you and me, someone needs to call the social service for samples - as it's unlikely you'll ever witness a more blatant case of sample molestation. Squeezing every last drop out of a catchy piano lick, TV snippet and drum break; the track really does highlight the unrivaled programming prowess of our Irlam renegade who's taken SP1000 trickery to its absolute zenith.

                        'Money Talks' sees our cheeky ragamuffin dictate a life affirming sunrise over Pomona - pre-gentrification of course; a thousand smiles and memories of old Mancunia shimmering in the early morning industrial haze. And an abject slight at those who put profits above people - another poignant ode to our changing cityscape driven by the most addictive boogie-based groove and clattering Linn drums.

                        Spine-tingles and fanny flutters guaranteed ALL DAY on this one cru!
                        Look out for the full 16 track album due on C90 cassette and digi download coming very soon...

                        RL x

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Not left my USB sticks since I got the digi promos last year. Can certify that all four tracks are absolute dynamite! "Higher" shows that ruffneck jungle can have a feminine side, "Money Talks" (poignant given the current Tory downfall) is a pure anthem; and "Out On Luvvv" is the most trickski bit of programming you're ever likely to hear. The perfect follow up to "Boing Boing Boing" - do not sleep on this massive!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Higher
                        A2. Lost In Space
                        B. Out On Luvvv
                        B2. Money Talks


                        Aunts & Uncles

                        The anonymous B-Edits finished off 2023 in fine style with exquisite re-edits of Sade and Change. Now they return with a jazz-funk heavyweight on one side and a deep tropical cut on the flip. Slightly more elusive source material, I grant you, but none the less incendary for the working party and festival deejay; both with that irresistable Latin spirit.

                        Seriously limited copies, exclusive content, unavailable digitally. Move quick! 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: More exclusive, vinyl only, blink-and-you'll-miss-it genius from the so far anonymous B-Edits cartel. Latin fire and jazz-funk jubulence with an almost Fela-esque groove. This is the dog's gonads people!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Aunts & Uncles
                        B. Free

                        Sandy B & LJ Simon

                        Sukuma - Inc. Eddie C Remix

                        A new style of dance music created by South African Kwaito legend Sandy B, Berlin boogie-funk monster LJ Simon and Canadian crown prince of downbeat disco, Eddie C.

                        Brought to you through Red Motorbike Records, 'Sukuma' is the first vinyl release to showcase Sandy B's pioneering Kwaito rap and r&b vocal stylings over the mid-tempo electronic funk championed over the years on the Red Motorbike series. 'Sukuma' is the anthem summer 2024 needs!

                        Join Sandy B as he embarks on his 30 year anniversary World KwaiTour this year introducing the world to the new dance sound of BINK!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: A match made in heaven. I've been digging both Sandy B and Eddie C for ages now - so to see them collaborate on a new Kwaito subgenre is music to my ears! Already in my record bag for the weekend garden parties!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Sukuma
                        B. Sukuma (Eddie C Remix)


                        Axxanxxan / Axxiove Instrumentals

                        The second instrumental installment of these dancefloor shakers lets the focus shine on the masterful and playful production work of Opolopo. Impossible to sit still to, the producer has fast cemented a frenetic and funky sound which effortlessly traverses disco, tropical and house flavoured floors with a dexterity and pinache like no other. 

                        Both tracks here are insatiably grooving, heavy on the percussion and muted guitar licks; broiling things up to a frothing stew of heated disco hedonism. Fresh but transparent production mean they bang on the latest rigs but still allow the organic and human nature of the instrument playing shine through. Unbeatable stuff that all the top jocks are hammering out at the best day raves around the globe - got a real Dekmantel Selectors vibe to it. Big tip! 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Tropical house instrumentals of a huge Opolopo number from earlier int year. Impossible not to shake a tail feather or two to these jams. Got Dekmantel Selectors written all over 'em....

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Axxanxxan (Instrumental)
                        Axxiove (Instrumental)

                        Falko Brocksieper is a cult German minimalist who was favoured by the likes of Craig Richards and his Tyrant project. This new EP from 20/20 Vision takes a deep dive into his back catalogue to unearth a gem that first arrived via Treibstoff Recordings almost 20 years ago in 2006. 'Frantic Formula' is a nice liquid cut with wispy sci-fi pads and rolling grooves for early evening warm-ups, while 'Outrun' gets more upright with its jumbled drum loops and gurgling bass. 'Covert Action' is another masterfully languid and elastic rhythm that layers up cowbells, wobbly low ends and silky loops that soon lock you into the groove. A welcome remaster and reissue for sure.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Mine says: Wobbly, spacey and weird, this is techno I can get on board with...

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Frantic Formula
                        Covert Action


                        Get Ready EP

                          Berlin's king of disco-house, Delphonic is back with a solo EP on the Berlin based, vinyl only underground label Disco Disco Records, which has fast become a hot and highly collected new imprint in our racks. 

                          Four uplifting disco-house tracks for the dancefloor in that rough-n-ready, sampletastic fashion. Recorded nice n hot and pressed loud n fat! 

                          500 limited copies, hand numbered, vinyl only, mastered by DJ Steaw.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Disco Disco continue their remit - delivering rough-as-a-bear's-arse sampledelic house music to the masses in a limited, vinyl-only form. Delphonic hits his four track quota in epic style - rafter swingin', barn-buckin' pumpers for the peak time. TIP!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1: Turn Me Loose (feat. CC)
                          A2: Get Ready (Delfonic Rework)
                          B1: Funny Bones (Delfonic Rework)
                          B2: Cycles (Delfonic Edit)

                          Absolutely buzzing to see Manchester's Kerrie on Tresor - one of techno's first spiritual homes, A real coup, but totally deserved as the Irish producer has carved out her own uncompromising brand of wreckin' ball techno that's totally in spirit with the iconic label. Aside from releases on her own Dark Machine Funk, this has got to be the most extensive and complete formation of her sound to date - raw, throbbing, serpentine techno that sounds like your blasting a new tunnel out of concrete some ten meters deep.

                          Nagging synth lines, reverbed and reversed stabs, snares that snap and crackle, a bottom end that'll knock the wind outta ya, and hats that rattle around your cerebrum like a loose pinball - this EP has it all. 

                          Four tracks on the vinyl - pressed beautifully loud and high fidelity - and three digital exclusives (only available to those who buy the vinyl so nerrr to all the digi-only-DJs). 

                          A true local techno legend in the making - massive props to Kerrie, let's hope there's plenty more in the scuba tank! 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Yes Kerrie! Fierce, tunnel-boring, hammer-drill techno from the Manchester stalwart which sees her finally grace the heady heights of Tresor. Bound to set this star on an upward trajectory - look out for her demolishing aircraft hangers and steel girded warehouses near you very soon.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1 Machine Alliance 05:38
                          A2 Symbiosis 05:25
                          B1 Technopoly Dream 05:21
                          B2 Ode To The D 05:13

                          Digital Bonus:
                          DX1 Replicants 04:55
                          DX2 System & Structure 05:08
                          DX3 Human In The Loop 04:35

                          Originally released on the cult V4 Visions label in 1991 & 1994, Ashaye’s 'Dreaming' and 'What’s This World Coming To' showcased the sound of Steet Soul, a genre that emerged in the 1990s, blending elements of soul, R&B, and hip-hop, that could be heard playing across London’s pirate radio stations. As the popularity of UK soul has grown in the last 5 years, DJ’s and tastemakers have put 'Dreaming' and 'What’s This World Coming To' into heavy rotation which has only increased demand & price for the original vinyl considerably. At present this demand is so high that it’s not even possible to purchase 'Dreaming' on the second hand market, while copies for 'What’s This World Coming To' are changing hands for £50+. On this fully licenced, RSD release, two of Ashaye’s biggest tracks are together on one 12 inch for the first time! Don’t sleep on this double header of premium UK street soul on South Street International's debut foray into vinyl!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Dreaming (Original Mix)
                          A2. Dreaming (Jungle Mix)
                          B1. What's This World Coming To (Original)
                          B2. What's This World Coming To (Instrumental)

                          The label say: 'During our search for souvenirs from imaginary cities, we stumble upon other curiosities. We present our new sublabel ‘Curio Cabinet’. A Series of 7-inch records in-between the Souvenir releases. The first curiosity comes from Mills Boogie's moniker Sly Boogie. He kicks off the series with an electro infused 130 bpm dub track that asks to head nod at half speed. Weird Dust juggles a solid stepper version of the Bushman Slyde track on the flip side. Heavy subs included!'

                          Indeed - a proper fresh carnival classic if you ask us. Steppers and subs, neck snapping snares, rastaman vox - this shit's got it tightly packed into a heavy pressed, limited edition 7". Top drawer tackle.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: Deep as you like dubwise steppers with a nod to the great Abi-Shanti. If you've been digging the recent Whodemsound then this bad boii's 4 U!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Bushman Slyde
                          Bushman Slyde (Weird Dust Stepper Version)

                          Kerri Chandler & Dennis Quin Featuring Troy Denari

                          You Are In My System

                          Kerri Chandler, Dennis Quin and Troy Denari join forces to deliver ‘You Are In My System' this September, a modern take on the iconic 1998 ‘You’re In My System’.

                          The original mix of ‘You’re In My System’ has been a staple for many in House music DJ sets for the past twenty-five years, a record that perfectly encapsulates the soul of House and Kerri’s distinctive sound. Here we see Kerri Chandler put a contemporary twist on this celebrated cut from his back catalogue, this time collaborating again with vocalist Troy Denari and Dutch artist Dennis Quin, who’s delivered numerous hits on Kerri’s Madhouse imprint such as ‘Move Out Of My Way’ and the last collaboration between the three, ‘Be Strong’.

                          Here the three artists collaborated to rework and replay the entire composition and create this new 2023 version, Kerri and Dennis using the same hardware used in the original composition and singer/songwriter Troy Denari, lends his vocals to this new version of the track, reimagining the vocals of Mic Murphy to capture the essence and spirit of the 1980's hit by American Synthpop band The System.

                          Throughout 'You Are In My System' Kerri Chandler’s signature soulful keys, bouncy bass line and dynamic synth work ebbs and flows amongst Dennis Quin's sturdy, swinging and crisp drum style while Troy Denari's refreshed vocals then bring a modern soul and warmth to things, resulting in the dynamic future classic presented here, destined to work its way onto many late summer dancefloors and beyond. Dennis Quin also offers up his 'DQ Dub' for a more raw groove focused fix.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Extended Club Mix
                          B1. DQ Dub

                          Norman Connors

                          She's Gone / Mr.C

                          Norman Connors' 'She's Gone' is a timeless blend of Soul and R&B from his 1981 album, 'Mr C'. 43 years since its initial release, 'She’s Gone' still endures as a masterpiece, showcasing Connors' musical prowess and ability to create unforgettable compositions. Lush arrangements, masterful instrumentation, and heartfelt vocals define the track with Norman Connors seamlessly fusing horns, strings, and rhythm instruments for a rich sonic experience. This 7'' heavyweight vinyl single, presented here exclusively for RSD is the first time this single has been available since 1981 & gives fans old and new the chance to own a slice of this classic, in demand Norman Connors production. remastered, but with slick early 80's aesthetics as was.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. She's Gone (7'' Version)
                          B1. Mr. C

                          TMD Volume 1 kicks off with 4 tracks of sure fire, rare as …. NYC tracks from THEEEEEE golden era of NYC house that saw David doing his Red Zone thang, along with Simonelli, Frankie and all the other leading the way.
                          These 4 to the floor house dub gems are taken from the legendary Tommy Musto’s DAT vaults, remastered just for you. Don’t sleep.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: There's certain tracks of certain eras of certain geographical locations that are impossible to dislodge. Tommy Musto epitomises the early spirit of NY house perfectly across these four lost tracks.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Love Is Needed
                          A2. Holdin' On
                          B1. Baby's Right
                          B2. Keep It Movin'

                          It's been 32 years since Hyper Go Go's 'High' crashed into life, combining the best of Italo House and rave into an exuberant, floor destroying piano anthem.

                          Fast forward to 2024 and HOOJ reissue this 92 classic with the Original & Cloud 9 Mixes on the A side with 2 newer remixes on the B side.

                          Remixes come from Fast rising Scottish duo Testpress, who strip things back a bit, working the original riffs around a thumping kick and hooky new synth line & Kyle Starkey, the youngster takes no prisoners, tearing into the OG with slamming 135bpm drums, big drops, the odd snare roll, and lots of drama, for an energy driven update.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: An absolute f***in belter from the Hooj Choons catalogue receiving a tasty fresh renovation here. Another UK rave track that samples the iconic "Strings Of Life" but does so with sincerity and dexterity; and let's face it, we're not getting bored of that piano riff in a hurry...

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Original Mix
                          A2. Cloud 9 Mix
                          B1. Testpress Remix
                          B2. Kyle Starkey Rmix

                          Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His Inter-Reformers Band

                          Eyi Yato Remixes

                            Sol Power Sound is back in a big way with a reissue and remix EP from the legendary Nigerian Ju-Ju king, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey. The double A-side EP features 'Eyi Yato' a tune from 1981 that captures Chief Commander and his band at their absolute funkiest, with a driving drum and bass groove, wah-wah guitar, and signature call-and-response vocals. Remixers include the legendary dub producer Mad Professor, the disco don Eddie C, and the Sol Power All-Stars themselves.

                            The Sol Power All-Stars keep things organic with chugging drums, heavy analog synth bass and sequences, as well as Daniel Meinecke’s additional keys and solos. The Canadian disco don Eddie C goes a little electro and a little acid with his analog bass-heavy flip.
                            Like a good dub should, Mad Professor’s version accentuates the drum and bass groove and drenches everything in vintage sounding Mad Professor delay, reverb, and filtered dub-sauce, live and direct from his classic mixing desk. Alongside an extended edit of the original, the Eyi Yato EP is sure to find a permanent spot in DJ record bags around the world.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Eddie C's been a busy bee this week; as well as the Sandy B collaboration on his Red Motorbike, he takes time to electrify "Eyi Yato" with his own bbrand of 303 and drum machine tricks. Mad Prof dubs out the track inna disco stylee ahead of his highly anticipated "E2-E4" remix later in the month too. Nice!

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Sol Power All-Stars Remix
                            A2. Eddie C Remix
                            B1. Mad Professor Dub
                            B2. Original Mix

                            Precursor EP to Mr Raoul K's new album, which will be released in autumn 2024. The afro house pioneer has returned to his home country Côte d'Ivoire. Raoul K: "Since I know how good and easy it is to live in my home country of Côte d'Ivoire, I drew a line in Germany and set off." So he's back in full effect with spiritual afro-tinged gems, catching the vibe and easier living there, and discovered new voices from Kenia, South Africa and India, too. "Sinkere" got mixing skills from Rancido, while Compost head honcho Michael Reinboth delivered a tempered stripped down remix of "Loni Kè".

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Feelin' this. "Urure" is the perfect mix of exotic dreaminess and direct breakbeats. "Sinkere" is more on that Henrik Schwarz / Innervisions tip, while "Loni Ke" is an epic slice of sunrise afro-house. Full marks across the board.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Urure
                            2. Sinkere (feat. Sidney Simila)
                            3. Loni Ké (Michael Reinboth Remix) [feat. Abou C]
                            4. Loni Ké (Extended Version) [feat. Abou C]
                            5. Loni Ké (Original Version) [feat. Abou C]

                            Speed Dealer Moms

                            Birth Control Pill

                            Speed Dealer Moms, the combustible live electronics duo comprising John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) is over a decade into their idiosyncratic run. On "Birth Control Pill," the duo's third release, the parameters of the chaotic and elegant project come into focus.

                            If there are virtuosos patching modular synthesizers and slicing up breakbeats, then they were in the room when these two tracks were recorded. The epic title cut is perhaps the most "functional" track the duo has ever recorded. This is ruffneck dnb business, but it's also the Speed Dealer Moms, so there is the requisite descent into chaos. The track's precise melodies are unceremoniously dunked into Funk's signature, ripping breakcore, the drums picking up speed until the crash test dummies hit the wall—a thrilling, extratone breakdown.

                            More madness lurks on the B-side, "Benakis," which seemingly nods to the visionary Greek composer. With its unconventional time signature and intricate melodies, this song cycles through breakcore and hard techno before eventually giving the listener a reprieve with a dreamy, beatless outro.

                            Speed Dealer Moms drive their own, crooked road built on friendship and a telepathic musical connection—the collaboration and encouragement of Funk ushered Frusciante into the dense world of hardcore machine funk. The results of these sessions don't sound quite like anything else, they are electronic records made in fearless pursuit of the new. Funk and Frusciante follow ideas to an illogical endpoint, and this hurtling approach has now resulted in the best and most concise Speed Dealer Moms record yet.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Hahah this is a madness! As if Red Hot Chilli's John Frusciante and Venetian Snares have got together to make a modular jungle tear-outs EP?! It slams hard - think Ceefax, Brainwaltzera, Vibert, AFX etc; but with plenty of its own ingenuity. What a curveball!

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Birth Control Pill
                            2. Benakis

                            In 1984, Jasper Van’t Hof, a prominent European jazz pianist, propelled to fame with the energetic ‘Pili Pili’ a 15-minute trance collaboration with Guinea's Isaac Tagul Group. Inspired by a fiery red pepperoni, the track sold over 100,000 copies, leading the group to adopt the name Pili Pili, becoming a hit in the club and disco scene.

                            Pili Pili's musical roots trace back to Van’t Hof's 1982-83 tour in Central Africa, where he discovered a love for African music. The band embraced authenticity by collaborating with diverse African musicians from Mali, Congo, Senegal, and Guinea. In 2000, Van’t Hof initiat-ed a project with the young Zulu choir Phikelela Sakhu-la from Durban, South Africa.
                            Pili Pili's style, described as experimental fusion, blends intricate African rhythms with jazz, fusion, funk, and dance. Van’t Hof emphasized the importance of groove over complex solos, stating that intellectual approaches are lost in their music.

                            The band's performances, marked by their energetic fusion of jazz and African rhythms, gained acclaim across Europe. Regular tours and festival appearances, such as the Jazz Festival of Montreux, solidified Pili Pili's reputation as an excellent live band. Reviews praised the band's dynamic and explosive music, turn-ing every performance into a rhythmic and fiery expe-rience.

                            Pili-Pili is essential, every home should have one, and to that end NuNorthern Soul are doing a legit reissue (the album and 12 have been out of print since 1984). On the A-side of the new single is an edit from the mid-90s, which does a terrific job of tightening up the OG album mix, losing the Burundi breakdowns and fuzz guitar washes, but still rolling and building beautifully for over 15 minutes. That’s backed by a Coyote remix, which is full of subtle twists to keep old heads on their toes. The cowbell and chants are dropped into echo, the drumming further doubled by delay. Loops, filtering and phasing, adding to the track’s trance-inducing properties. The duo’s dubwise trickery pulling in favourable comparisons to Adrian Sherwood’s seminal seismic shake of the aforementioned Unknown Cases’ Ma Simba Belle.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Real deal cosmic musica here, with the original penned at the peak of Baldelli-era afro funky, whilst the edit (from '95) sets itself amongst the sunshine and sun loungers of the Balearics - expanded on by Coyote who drops a brand new edit for 2024.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Original New 1995 Edit
                            B1. Coyote Double Drop 2024 Edit

                            Next up on our exciting new Fool’s Paradise vinyl sampler series is a very special two-tracker, kicking things off is British peak-time House Music connoisseur, Soul Avengerz (aka Paul Gardner), who joins forces with US vocal legend, Adeva, on a potent remake of her 1989 House classic with Paul Simpson, ‘Musical Freedom’. Having re-recorded all the vocals, Adeva belts out a dazzling new version of one of house music’s most iconic songs. Retaining a dash of nostalgia, whilst propelling the song onto 2024’s dancefloors with a bang, Soul Avengerz delivers an uplifting piano house soundtrack loaded with brass, string stabs and bumping beats to ramp up the hedonistic vibes on this much loved classic.

                            Rounding off the EP is the hugely talented French producer, Sebb Junior, with ‘Colors’. Bringing his magnetic deep touch to Fool’s Paradise and centred around one of Sebb’s signature cut-up style vocal hooks, ‘Colors’ is a punchy hypnotic groover dressed with warm bubbling synth melodies that flow over a deep effervescent bassline, bringing all the right feels to the dance floor.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Soul Avengerz, Adeva - Musical Freedom (Extended Mix)
                            B1. Sebb Junior - Colors (Extended Mix)

                            Joy Orbison

                            Flight FM / Schiloh's Revenge

                              Joy O returns with a highly anticipated 10" double header. Now, I don't say the phrase: 'hang onto your underpants' very often, but in this case - 'HANG ONTO YOUR UNDERPANTS!!!'.

                              "Flight FM" sounds like a rocket powered by subwoofers is about to take off from the runaway. Niggly, granular synths breaking down as thrusters engage before soaring into the sky with jet-propelled bass. There's plenty of Joy O signatures - rickety hi-hats, rib-punch kicks; but the intensity has been ramped up to max velocity on this one... a true speaker testing watermark for the festivals and big rig raves this Summer.

                              "Shiloh's Revenge" is no wallflower either; with more intricate synthesis paired with jaw smashing drums, wubbing subs and a cavernous, warehouse-filling presence. There's even a bit of Overmono-esque vox towards the end of the track which sets the arrangement on fire.  

                              Likely to fly out faster than limited bottles of Prime on a tictok viral vid... Don't sleep on this absolute BEAST massive!

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Underpant tearing business from modern bass luminary Joy Orbison which is certain to cause a whole manner of accidents during the festival season.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Flight Fm
                              Shiloh’s Revenge

                              Joaquin Joe Claussell

                              Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Praise So Much To Live For (Special 12 Inch Sampler)

                              After a long hiatus from his world of Edits & Overdubs, Joaquin Joe Claussell brings you this Limited Edition 12" sampler taken from the forthcoming Joe Claussell "Praise" 6xLP box set. Joe raids the vaults of the legendary Savoy Records, the Strictly Rhythm of Gospel music! On the A-Side he takes the mid-tempo stomper 'So Much to Live For' by Myrna Summers and invokes the holy ghost, fortifying the drums and rearranging the vocals so you are left humming the chorus long after it has ended. The hook 'So Much to Live For' in itself sums up all of the 'Praise' series, a cry to instill hope and meaning in what is often perceived as the mundane of daily life. On the flip is a previously unreleased Joe Claussell take of 'Jerusalem' by Bishop Jeff Banks. Here the sermon takes off right from the jump, a floor filling call and response four to the floor version finished in classic Claussell style. Wailing organs, driving percussion and vocals that will make you want to jump out of your skin. Both sides cut LOUD at 45RPM! One press and gone forever. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Riotous gospel house business from one of the most spiritual in the house game - Joe Claussell. It's been ages since we've had new material from the Body & Soul don, and these amazing moments of house devotion should please even the most agnostic dancer.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Myrna Summers And The Combined Choirs Of The Refreshing Strings -
                              So Much To Live For 5:15
                              B1. Bishop Jeff Banks And The Revival Temple Mass Choir - 
                              Jerusalem (New Edit) 8:30

                              Nourished By Time

                              Catching Chickens EP

                                Nourished By Time won the hearts of everyone at Piccadilly HQ last year with his debut LP "Erotic Probiotic", which later appeared in many other End Of Year lists (we're were there first though ;) - Ed).

                                The "Catching Chickens EP" - marking his signing to XL Recordings - sees the singular Baltimore artist further cement his stylistically eccentric; lyrically poignant brand of songwriting even further with five tracks that could only have emanated from his own astral plane.

                                Written between 2022 - 2023 in his home studio in Baltimore, "Catching Chickens" takes inspiration from the iconic scene in Rocky II where his trainer makes him chase and catch chickens as a test of agility. With tracks like “Hell of a Ride”, in which Nourished By Time contemplates the fall of the American empire and late-stage capitalism loneliness, and “Had Ya Called”, which deals with the frustrations of growing distance in friendships, Nourished By Time chronicles his own test of agility as he weaves through the motions of his newfound notability.

                                “Hand On Me”, complete with music video shot by Josh Renaut, explores paranoia that corrodes love and trust in a traumatic relationship. As he puts it, 'the video is about being reminded that you’re an angel by other angels, featuring a surrealist commentary on celebrity culture'.

                                As we've quickly come to expect, NBT has no problems laying bare his own truth with painstaking honesty; and thankfully he's seen no desire to change the production process on this outing, with a DIY take on freestyle, soul, RnB and boogie built around a humble collection of synths and drum machines. It's a beautifully succinct, well-rounded follow up to "Erotic Probiotic" which should see him expand his cult adored fan base and rachet up a whole heap of accolades as the year progresses. 

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Highly antipated by us all here at Picc HQ. One of the hottest acts of 2023 follows up with a killer EP further cementing his unique songwriting prowess. We love you Marcus!

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Hell Of A Ride
                                2. Hand On Me
                                3. Poison-Soaked
                                4. Had Ya Called
                                5. Romance In Me

                                Various Artists

                                Soup Edits 3

                                  The now infamous, still anonymous Soup cartel return with volume three of the cult series. 

                                  Four more cuts that delve deep into low slung discoid deviance. Never letting the tempo dictate the energy, instead relying heavily on mood, obscurity and rhythm. The only one I recognize out of this lot is the Greg Wilson favourite "XR7 - xr7 instrumental"; but the other three cuts are equally enticing.

                                  Essential stuff for those who like to get closer to the edit - RIYL: Andi Hanley, Greg Wilson, COMBI,  Eros etc etc. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Swiftly onto their third dish, the illusive Soup collective dish out four more well blended bowls of sonic goodness. Tweaks and re-edits for the more adventurous DJ!

                                  Various Artists

                                  Almacks 03

                                  Ohhhh Shiiiiiiii...After a triumphant reception, ALMACKS return for a third sortie...

                                  Hit-n-run blends and vinyl only amends. L I M I T E D !!

                                  ALMACKS provides community in secret spaces.
                                  The sublime liminal.

                                  Check for pleasure... 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: ALMACKS return with a five track smorgasbord of soulful, slow house offerings. We still don't know who's behind these edits, but on this outing we get authentic beatdown styles somewhere between Amp Fiddler, Andres and Peven Everett. Mega!

                                  TRACK LISTING


                                  Back in 2004 a 4 track 12'' EP appeared from Omar's own label to wide acclaim with one track in particular, a driving heady slice of peak time broken beat soul receiving global appeal and mass attention. Championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge & IG Culture 'It's So' went on to become a highlight in the live sets and remains as fresh today as it did over 20 years ago. An instrumental version was never released so this completes the package on the flip as a Mukatsuku exclusive. 'It's So ' featured on the Mukatsuku Records feature on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show in January of this year. 500 hand-numbered copies. Strictly no repress. As played by DJ Koco, Dom Servini, Rob Luis, Kevin Beadle, Shuya Okino, Smoove & more.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. It's So
                                  2. It's So (Instrumental)

                                  Naya Beat continues to champion South Asian musical heritage with the aptly titled "Bhangra House Xtc" EP featuring music from the late great Manjeet Kondal with remixes from Mr. Scruff and new tracks from label heads Filip Nikolic and Raghav Mani aka Turbotito & Ragz. It celebrates the overlooked influence of late 80s dance and dub music on Bhangra and comes complete with over-the-top artwork, an ode to Bhangra sleeves from the era.

                                  This EP pays homage to a special and relatively untold time when Asian and Western producers collaborated to bridge musical cultures on the dancefloor and when British Asian youths were finding their own space at daytime raves. It is in part a tribute to Bhangra innovator Manjeet Kondal, who passed away late last year, and part a tribute to the forgotten yet scintillating confluence of acid house and dub music with late 80s and early 90s Bhangra, now highly sought after as long out of print 12”s.

                                  Kondal, a founding member and percussionist of the legendary band Alaap, left to pursue his solo career as a vocalist. He helped broaden the Bhangra sound by incorporating elements of dub and house into Punjabi folk and traditional instrumentation. His first album, "Holle Holle" became a household hit, and it is from there that the originals for this package are taken.

                                  The famously deep digging and eclectic selector that is Manchester's Ninja Tune regular Mr. Scruff remixes Kondal’s proto-house banger "Ishkaan De Mamle". He first became a fan of Turbotito & Ragz after their label’s superb "Naya Beat Volume 1" release and doesn’t disappoint here with a sublime acid house-inspired take with the most infectious and bounciest of basslines. He also serves up an Instrumental Dub that twists the original into subtly different moods.

                                  Next up, Turbotito & Ragz deliver a dub tribute that works with Kondal’s vocal stems from an assortment of tracks from his album "Holle Holle". It's a compelling and vibrant sound with exotic instrumentals and dubbed-out low ends, all held together by hooky Punjabi vocals. It also comes as a Lovey Dubby Dub version.

                                  With dance music now coming full circle and South Asian DJs increasingly regular faces on the mainstream festival, club, and underground circuit, this release is a fitting and timely modern tribute to the pioneers that came before.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Mr. Scruff dives back into the world of bhangra, remixing a well regarded high watermark of the genre. We get the richly scented, ethno-dubwise joint "Pyaar" alongside the heel kicking wild bhangra of "Ishkaan De Mamle".

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Ishkaan De Mamle (Mr. Scruff Remix)
                                  A2. Pyaar

                                  B1. Ishkaan De Mamle (Mr. Scruff Instrumental Dub)
                                  B2. Pyaar (Lovey Dubby Dub)

                                  Pax Romax Feat. Fred Ventura

                                  Remember - Incl. Flemming Dalum Remix

                                  Gino Soccio's 'Dancer' is a standout record when thinking about the early days of disco, mainly thanks to the lush synths crafted by the Canadian producer. His magic on the keys helped set the sonic agenda of those times and led him to six hit singles and four albums. After all that success, though, he vanished in 1984 and left behind only a fine musical legacy. Random Vinyl pays homage to it with a revamped release of 'Remember,' featuring Fred Ventura's vocals and Ivy Sharrard's French verses. Producer Marc Hartman delivers a 2024 rendition, while Flemming Dalum adds a banging remix to make this a great tribute.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Mine says: Wake up italo heads! Pax Romax and Fred Ventura pay tribute to an absolute classic and Flemming Dalum is on remix duties - sounds like a dream come true? Well it is. MEGA!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Remember (Flemming Dalum Mix)
                                  Remember (Master Mix)

                                  A J Brown

                                  Human Nature / Human Dubwise

                                  This is a Lovers version of an absolute classic! Licensed from the catalogue of the legendary Harry J Studio, in a signature late 80s Digital keyboard & drum-machine style. Originally written by Toto, and made famous by Michael Jackson! As well as being sampled in SWV’s big 90s anthem & by Hip Hop legend NAS.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: More from the Planets stable - fine, high quality reissues of lost soundsystem gems. The third in the series and its the turn of A J Brown's heavily sampled digi-rubadub smash, "Human Nature".

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Human Nature
                                  B1. Human Dubwise

                                  Sunshine Sound

                                  Birthday Medley / X Medley - Edits By Francois K

                                  Francois K is back on Sunshine Sound with more exclusive edits from the Loft and Paradise Garage days. 

                                  "Birthday Medley" is a hard grooving, disco-funk jam. With rampant woodblocks & cowbell, incessant guitar chops, street shouts and a slap bassline that'll make your arse cheeks red raw; FK has the mixer burning white hot throughout - a sure fire winner for the dancefloor. 

                                  "X Medley" is a more psychoactive affair. Heavy on the spacey flange fx, and looping up the drum sections for a more taut and tense, cosmic disco DJ tool; just wait for that bassline eruption and the keyboard drop! If you dig the Idjuts Boys' lysergic disco edits then you'll defo dig this!

                                  SUPER limited copies - buy now or cry later!  

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Possibly my favourite of the Sunshine Sound edits thus far. Francois gives heft and bump to the Bohannan-esque, "Birthday Medley"; whilst "X Medley" sees cosmic drum workouts lead into seriously euphoric sugar rushes of disco bliss.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A. Birthday Medley (Edit By Francois K)
                                  B. X Medley (Edit By Francois K)

                                  Franc Spangler & Hudson's Choice

                                  Myatts Field EP

                                  Jimpster dons his Franc Spangler cap and joins forces with up and coming London-based producer and DJ Hudson’s Choice for a four track EP entitled "Myatts Field". Touching on trippy slo-mo electronic grooves, tropical moods and percussive house jams it brings a more experimental and leftfield sound to Delusions Of Grandeur.

                                  Opening track "AcidMan" sets the tone of the EP with a bubbling 303 line taking centre stage while pitched down vocals add a hint of menace, heightening the psychedelic mood. Dubby FX and analogue synth lines drift in and out of focus and give a live jam feel to the arrangement reminding us of something that might grace the decks of A Love From Outer Space.

                                  "Heavily Percussed" continues offering up a crazy percussion tool loaded with wonky cross rhythms, glitchy found sounds and a hypnotic synth sequence for good measure.

                                  Flip over for M"yatts Field", another slower tempo mutant discoid house groove which takes us on a deep trip into the jungle. Echoing sax and hazy vocals transport us to another world where Weather Report experimented with rolling four on the floor grooves and spacious dub.

                                  Closing out the EP "Roots" picks up the pace with another percussion-heavy slice of tropical sounds which doffs a cap to masters such as Gregory and Osunlade. Steel pan melodic lines intersperse with chiming synth sequences making for an unusual yet hooky club track which will lock the dancers into its incessant groove.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Fresh new tropical house flavours for the feathers n face paint massive. Up-all-nite energy with a star-lit, neon-coloured aesthetic. Well tasty.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. AcidMan 
                                  A2. Heavily Percussed 
                                  B1. Myatts Field 
                                  B2. Roots 

                                  Real deal, high impact disco-houz flavours from Giuseppe Scarano! Thumpin' hard with loopy sample usage and brash, in-the-red, tape saturation plus trace elements of strong acid on A2 track, "ACID Banger" which verges on techno with its uncompromising, high energy drum programming and arena-levelling bass drops. 

                                  Heavy shit for fans of MCDE, Sound Signature, Lumberjacks In Hell, Moods & Grooves, Dave Angel etc etc.

                                  500 limited copies, hand numbered, vinyl only, mastered by Acoustic Sound Studio, Made in Europe

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Barn storming, high energy disco-house business here that kicks like a mule and bucks like a rabid donkey!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1 Giuseppe Scarano - Feel Da Groove
                                  A2 Giuseppe Scarano - ACID Banger
                                  B1 Giuseppe Scarano - Living Da Life
                                  B2 Giuseppe Scarano - Jazzy Swing

                                  Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers of the time with a series of its vital tracks revisited by leading selectors of today. The label, born in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez as an outlet for the experimental works of the Burrell Brothers, quickly became a home for up-and-coming genre pioneers. ‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 6’ begins with the late Soulphiction, one of Germany’s most prolific house producers, and their Tweakin Edit of Emjay’s ‘Come ‘N Get It’, originally produced by Rheji Burrell. Next up is another Burrell production, the eponymous single by Tech Trax Inc. receives a Dub Edit from enigmatic genre-bending duo Acid Jerks. Italian house and disco experts Dirty Channels return, unveiling their edit of ‘Better Than Sex’ by Dee Gorgeous, before the Grammy award-winning production duo of Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon close the package out with their edit of ‘Ravenswood House’ by Rheji Burrell’s N.Y. House’n Authority.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Another tasty clutch of acid house rarities, edited and re-presented by some modern machinesmiths. Much like Paranoid London's edit series - they hone in on that fruitful period between '87 - '92.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Emjay - Come 'N Get It (Soulphiction’s Tweakin Edit)
                                  A2. Tech Trax Inc. - Tech Trax Inc (Acid Jerks Dub Edit)
                                  B1. Dee Gorgeous - Better Than Sex (Dirty Channels Edit)
                                  B2. N.Y. House'n Authority - Ravenswood House' (Honey Dijon & Luke)

                                  Mexican sensation Pahua comes to Razor-N-Tape via a huge remix project featuring some of the hottest producer names in current outer-national dance music.

                                  Remixers on this 12” includes both staples and newcomers to the RNT production stable. Label co-head JKriv turns in a late-nite bass mix of the exceedingly popular ‘Porque Yo,’ Captain Planet delivers a percussive & thumping afro-house flip to “‘Espantapajaros’, Tigerbalm brings her chugging international disco flair to ‘Pa’lante,’ Prince of Queens digs deep with a housey dub of ‘Calla,’ and Londoner Clive From Accounts takes ‘Cana Brava’ into moody nu-disco meets amapiano territory.

                                  With a collection of remixes as prolific and solid as these, RNT opted for an expansive 12” and 7” package which features seven of the remixes across two slabs of vinyl, with gorgeous artwork that flips the moonrise eclipse motif of the original Habita album cover perfectly in a slick device that reveals a crescent moon as the record is removed from the jacket.

                                  This package honors the essence of the original music, while flipping it in quintessential RNT club-ready fashion.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Espantapajaros Ft. La Perla (Captain Planet Remix)
                                  A2. Pa’lante Ft. Acid Coco (Tigerbalm Remix)
                                  A3. Cana Brava Ft. NIKOLA (Clive From Accounts Remix)
                                  B1. Porque Yo Ft. Eva De Marce (JKriv Remix)
                                  B2. Calla Ft. EnEskay (Prince Of Queens Dub)

                                  Gitte & Inger

                                  Ud Af Buret (Can't Hide Love)

                                  Danish popstars Gitte and Inger bring forth 'Ud Af Buret', their 1978 high energy cover of Creative Source's hit, 'Can't Hide Love.' Gitte and Inger infused their unique style into this timeless classic, an electrifying experience that captures the soul of the original and bringing their own energy.

                                  Presented as a reissue by the newly launched London-based record label curated by miche, PANORAMA Records, 'Ud Af Buret' takes on a fresh perspective under the label's discerning curation. PANORAMA Records aims to reintroduce this Danish pop duo's rendition to new audiences, establishing itself as a tastemaker in the business of reissuing global grooves.

                                  With this release, record collectors can anticipate a discovery of Gitte and Inger's twist on a classic, a full blown party starter, as Panorama Records presents 'Ud Af Buret' as a timeless reissue. Buy or cry!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Ud Af Buret (Can’t Hide Love)
                                  B1. Det Bil'r En Dejlig Dag

                                  49North revisit Duncan Forbes’ debut solo album ‘Return Of The Strobelight Kid’ with three wonderfully fresh takes on three different tracks from the album.

                                  First up we have Kassian who tackles ‘Floating’ and they step up to the mark with grace and turn in a peak time, hypnotic, yet melodic, tech house groover that will lget any dancefloor simmering red hot. 

                                  Next Borai takes on ‘Another World’ and using the sweeping analogue strings from the original he lets them soar over funk fuelled shuffling hats and clattering snares. He draws you in gently and when the bass drops, buckle up for theride!

                                  The third and final remix comes from none other than Legowelt. His no holes barred high energy take on ‘Serendipity’ is full of analogue warmth and grabs you right from the start. Layers of electro charged arpeggiated lines fuse with the strings from the original underpinned by a driving rhythm to propel you forward into the future and beyond.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Most likely gonna fly due to the in-demand Kassian remix. Really feeling Borai and Legowelt's contributions on this too. If you've got laser-guided dancefloors in your sights, then look no further.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Floating (Kassian Bio Remix)
                                  B1. Another World (Borai Remix)
                                  B2. Serendipity (Legowelt Remix)

                                  Hybrid sounds are offered up by Sunderland born producer Dharma on his Lone Romantic debut. His ‘Clear Glass’ EP lands on Maceo Plex’s left of centre imprint, offering up four tracks of futuristic garage and electro-tinged sounds.

                                  Having previously released on esteemed labels such as R&S Records, Man Power’s Me Me Me imprint and Permanent Vacation, Dharma readies a bustling EP for Lone Romantic that showcases the young producer’s deft capabilities at working through various shades and rhythms with ease.

                                  From the shuffling beats and choppy vox of EP opener ‘Clear Glass’, to the low-slung hip hop meets IDM influences of ‘Work Over’, Dharma serves up a highly accomplished release that effortlessly traverses genres and tantalizes the big rigs. Recommended! 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Future-proof, precision bass n breaks manoeuvres here by Dharma who unpacks a whole lot of pressure over four club friendly trax. TIP!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Clear Glass 
                                  A2. BMO Tune 
                                  B1. Scatty Brain 
                                  B2. Work Over 

                                  Robert Hood

                                  Alpha Key

                                    Robert Hood returns to his spiritual home on a solo mission after recent exploits with daughter Lyric as Floorplan.

                                    "Alpha Key" sees four tracks of maximalist, wreckin' ball techno; perfectly mixed and mastered for explosive nightclub abuse. With rattling perx, a low end that'll knock the wind outta ya, and loopy, incessant repetition that'll have you howling like a banshee and swinging off the rafters. 

                                    Top drawer stuff from the Detroit techno luminary and a real beast for lovers of real deal techno music! 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Detroit techno legend, minimal innovator, and gospel-house don Robert Hood has many strings to his bow. For his M-Plant imprint however, he saves real deal techno wrecking balls. Four tracks of chest-beating primal shit to get you swinging off the rafters.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side 1
                                    1. Alpha Key (6:08)
                                    2. Future Remedy (5:50)
                                    Side 2
                                    1. Pathetic (5:45)
                                    2. Outsider (6:02)


                                    Si Algún Día Has De Caer / Papeles Rotos

                                    Mampön are back! unleashing their Afrobeat enchantment on a new 45 release.

                                    Crafted for the dancefloor, "Si Algún Dia Has De Caer" combines party beats with Spanish lyrics. Hectór Rodriguez, the band's guitarist and lead singer, creates a deep connection between celebration and introspection on an enchanting vocal-rhodes introduction before the rhythm takes you for a dance.

                                    On the B-side, Mampön maintains the Afrobeat tradition as more than just dance music—it's a protest, a resistance. "Papeles Rotos" portrays people as slaves with rights on wet, torn paper, urging listeners to forge their path regardless of the cost.

                                    Mampön emerges as a true soft power, destined for every dance floor, spreading Afrobeat magic.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. Si Algún Día Has De Caer
                                    2. Papeles Rotos

                                    Expert record collector, skilled DJ, Moodyman collaborator and beatmaker Andres aka DJ Dez is back not long after the release of his last album with a new 7" on David A-P's Hot Pot Records. He opens up this one with 'I Can't Understand It' which has the exact sort of dusty drums and subtle hip-hop stylings to the groove that you would expect of this storied groove specialist. It will get the floor popping off in no time and on the flip, he shows off his skills on the MPC by chopping up 'Loleatta Disco Flip' with plenty of hefty drum work and a sprinkling of percussion that keeps whitings moving. Another irresistible drop from the Detroit mainstay.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Following up the highly collectable edit of Fleetwood Mac, DJ Dez turns his attention to two big disco hits, adding that signature bump n grit we've come accustomed to.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1. I Can't Understand It
                                    B1. Loleatta Disco Flip

                                    Marcellus Pittman

                                    Pick Yourself Up

                                      New heat from the Detroit legend Marcellus Pittman (the nicest of the 3 Chairs!) who drops one of his inimitable beatdown house jams for Unirhythm via the red lit, neo-soul infused "Pick Yourself Up". Featuring the unmistakable voice of Crystal Procedures it's thick, creamy low end, stomping MPC drums and head bending sine tones are the very epitome of the genre he's helped to shape. Deep house doesn't come much better!

                                      Well, actually, "Ode To Juan" actually gives it a run for its money with a totally different opus operandi. Finger click hats, bubbly bass and wavy pads injecting a more technoid influence into the track - perhaps it's an ode to fellow Detroit innovator Juan Atkins.. who knows? All we know here is that these are two cuts from the illusive producer you ain't gonna wanna do without! Limited copies - you now what to do! 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Red lit, suave and stylish deep house tackle from the indelible Marcellus Pittmann. It's been a while since we've heard from him but these two tracks remind us why we've always loved him.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A. Pick Yourself Up (feat Crystal Procedures)
                                      B. Ode 2 Juan

                                      Subb-an joins the Semi Delicious family for their 17th edition with the aptly named ‘Wobble’ EP, complete with a remix from label head Demi Riquísimo. The release marks another progression in the label’s sonic development as Subb-an contributes a heady, all killer no filler collection of tracks that fit snugly in the diverse, forward thinking back catalog of the imprint. ‘Liquid Sun’ kicks off the release. A subtle, chugging track that utilises a classic organ with a bass acid lines to get rolling. A low end heavy ‘Contact’ is next bringing with it a deep brooding tone and housy shuffling drums. The A-side wraps up with ‘Balance’ a more ethereal track that uses classic deep house motifs whilst remaining inherently modern. The title track ‘Wobble’ opens up the B-side doing exactly what it says on the tin and the EP closes out with the main man, Demi on remix duties putting his own imitable spin on the aforementioned track.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Wonky Brum producer Subb-an possess an unrivalled energy for such stripped back tracks which seem to focus in on the essential elements and leave everything else in the cutting room. High order terrace tackle from the don.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Liquid Sun
                                      A2. Contact
                                      A3. Balance
                                      B1. Wobble
                                      B2. Wobble - Demi Riquisimo Remix

                                      To live again has never been so good. So sexy. So groovy. Reelow's reeturning to the game with 'Reeborn' - his highly-anticipated second album on his own Reecords label. This one's not just about the music: Reeborn is the resume of adventures, friendships, missed flights, collaborations, and hundreds of hours in his Barcelona studio: a magnet that attracts artists, buddies, and music enthusiasts, becoming a meeting point and exchanging fulcrum. The Hungarian groove master and Solid Grooves resident delivers four irresistible cuts in perfect Reelow's fashion, diving between skipping drums, shuffling grooves, and jackin' bass tones, taking listeners on a road trip deep into his trademark rough and funky sound. Reeborn, now.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Loud and wobbly, ketty house staples in a similar vein to Acid Mondays with big basslines and infectious, intricate rhythmic programming. Kinda shit we heard Suat playing over lockdown and buzzed off.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Toilet Secrets (feat. Anaisa)
                                      A2. Bitchthatsnake
                                      B1. I’m With Them (feat. Joe Harris)
                                      B2. Free Your Mind (feat. Hana)

                                      The next chapter in Axis Expressionist Series, A collection of vinyl releases, curated by Millsart, an alias of Jeff Mills, of his most eclectic and transcendent compositions that derive from his Every Dog Has Its Day project aswell as new unreleased works. Fans of his post 2008 catalogue will find plenty to delve into hear. Red-shifted instrumentation, alien chatter, sine wave transmissions, morse code utterances - all that good stuff - delivered at a decidedly slower tempo than his 'Exhibitionist'-era tackle! Highly enjoyable stuff from, in my opinion, the greatest techno shaman to have existed in our universe. 

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Jeff Mills with more alien communications deciphered for our human biology. Some believe Jeff is an actual alien - an intergalactic time travelling techno overlord - and with records like this under his belt, I'm inclined to agree.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Side 1
                                      1. Tear Drop Nebula (Reworked Mix) (5:27)
                                      2. The Phonetic World (5:03)
                                      Side 2
                                      1. Neptunian Landing (4:03)
                                      2. Unidentified (7:49)

                                      "Congo" by Nkrumah is a hypnotic slice of deep roots by Nkrumah aka Toronto's Kwame Salmon. The city that was home to Johnny Osbourne, Leroy Sibbles, Jackie Mittoo and countless other reggae legends has produced another artist following this great lineage, a singer with a voice unlike anyone else. Originally released in miniscule quantities as a self produced dubplate/lathe cut, the 45 caused a sensation among DJs and sound system operators world wide.
                                      This official release features a different mix with an extended version and a spare, mesmerizing dub version by Toronto's Heavy Manners crew reminiscent of late 90s/early 2000s Rhythm and Sound releases.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: The strongest of two killer Nkrumah 7"s to land this week. Nkrumah is a new reggae posterboy from Toronto. Both vocal and dub display exquisite dexterity. OG copies were lathe cut and now fetch a hefty price tag. Now available as a limited run, dinked black vinyl press - they won't hang around long!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Congo Dub

                                      "Rough and Rugged sees Toronto Reggae Don Nkrumah pairing up with the analogue production wizards behind the enigmatic Local Dish label for a wild, synthy dub excursion.

                                      Sounding something between 80's Dancehall and a late 70's Cabe Verde grail, Nkrumah's cool baritone rides this deeply funky, synth soaked analogue riddim. Originally released as a lathe cut 7" in miniscule quantities this is an edition of just 500 copies. Just wait until you hear the dub!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: One of two killer Nkrumah 7"s to land this week. A new roots sure shot from Canada of all places! Both vocal and dub riding high here - original copies were lathe cut and now fetch a hefty price tag. Don't sleep on these properly manufactured plates as again, it's a limited run and highly desired by the reggae fraternity!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Rough & Rugged
                                      Rough & Dubbed

                                      Two fabulous funky tracks originally released on the award winning album Goma-Laca – Afrobrasilidades in 78 rpm which updated Brazilian Music originally recorded on 78's in the 1920s to the 1950s. With musical direction and arrangements by Letieres Leite, the vocal pyrotechnics of Russo Passapusso and Juçara Marçal masterfully accompanied by double bassist Marcos Paiva, Hercules Gomes on piano, Sergio Machado on drums and percussion master Gabi Guedes. Under the direction of Letieres, the group created with the singers arrangements of jazzy tones over Afro-Bahian rhythms, and everything was recorded live at Estúdio Traquitana, in São Paulo.

                                      The version of Cala Menino Boca best known from the version by Joao Donato that's been doing the Dancefloor round since the early Acid Jazz days here gets a funky and rhodes led percussive update and of course the traditional tune "Ogum" gets a soulful jazz run through, folky funk like you've never heard before. This is yet another welcome addition to the Jazz Room canon, watch those dancefloors light up when this wax spins!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. Cala Boca Menino (feat. Juçara Marçal & Russo Passapusso)
                                      2. Ogum (feat. Juçara Marçal)

                                      Gareth Cooke / Don Carlos

                                      Dynamik / A Room Coloured

                                      Producer extraordinaire and Italo legend Don Carlos, along with cherished London clubland phenomenon Gareth Cooke combined in 1997 to deliver two timeless HOUSE classics on one record that seen copies changing hands for £50 on a one-off label that totally makes sense when you hear them. Now on reissue label, NATSUKASHII, (a Japanese word that means happy nostalgia), you can get these ageless underground classics. Limited to 300 units.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Matt says: Another under-the-radar late nineties house bomb gets unearthered and repackaged. Two very different tempos and styles - but both high watermarks of this thing we call HOUSE.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Gareth Cooke - Dynamik
                                      B1. Don Carlos - A Room Coloured

                                      Jason Merle


                                        California house music maestro Jason Merle returns to Whiskey Pickle in 2024 with a revamped mixdown of his slow burning deep chugger 'Fester' paired with the previously unreleased jackin' house groover 'Can U Handle It'.

                                        On the B side coming in from London town we have ALFOS very own Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros) turning in an absolutely wicked rendition of 'Fester'. Hardcore you know the score, acid house for the headstrong. Whiskey Pickle will make you wiggle!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Fester (Merle’s K-Hole Rework)
                                        A2. Can U Handle It? (Original Mix)
                                        B1. Fester (Hardway Bros Acid Dub)

                                        Long Gone (Are The Old Traditions) is a label out of London.

                                        A label focused on DIY electronics, post punk, dub and techno from now and before.

                                        The first release is from West London artist, singer and songwriter Tutu Ta. A mini LP of out there, dubbed up, post punk mutations meeting old sounding industrial electronics following from his highly acclaimed debut album last year.

                                        Its already seen the light of day on soundsystems across the city and further afield as well as stations like NTS, Rinse & Tom Ravenscroft's BBC 6 New Music Fix.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. The Shrine
                                        2. Bridging Water
                                        3. You Funky Devil
                                        4. Keep On Steppin
                                        5. Smoke Coming From The Steel Mill
                                        6. Pelican On A Bike

                                        Irlam's infamous upstarts DJ Absolutely Shit are at it again with four more tracks to rattle yer spines and rupture yer spleens.
                                        Utilizing the classic approach of sourcing a sick sample, adding a rugged breakbeat, then tweaking out the buzz for maximum enjoyment, the pair deliver an explosive EP of global hypercoloured mayhem that burns hotter than an oz of 'Ells Angels sputnik.

                                        'Bridge To Your Heart' grabs Sade by the hand, shoves two purple doves down her throat and queue-jumps to the front of Bowlers for an endorphin-rushing hardcore workout full of modern beat engineering and sample manipulation.

                                        Switching approach, 'Bolivia' shuns the dreamy feminism for an altogether more masculine affair - roping in the Wu for an argy-bargy, elbows-out speaker shaker full of hi-definition laser stabs and destructive, land mine subs.

                                        Hitting the accelerator, 'Rocking You Eternally' traverses the jungle boarders in a blacked out Nova, Ab Shit's flair and panache at drum programming and contemporary production chops beautifully on show throughout this big system roller with a carp-hunting vocal hook.

                                        'Gong' closes off proceedings, merging moods inna more seductive flavour. E-soaked pianos and a gentle throb coaxing us to that end-of-night climax that'll have us humming the piano line all the way down the M65 home.

                                        No jokes cru, this is some of the best tackle to emerge outta the DJ Absolutely Shit studio to date. One of two, vinyl-only EPs and ahead of their debut album that follows on C90 tape.

                                        Boing boing boing, boing boing boing, boing boing!!

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: The strongest stuff TO DATE from the DJ Absolutely Shit studio. The catchy hooks, the technical breaks mangle-age, the nods to hardcore - it's all there - but our Irlam renegade seems to have a reached a zenith in terms of mixing and mastering; meaning this (and part two following in a few weeks) are the heaviest, soundsystem ready wax platters to land from the RL camp. Watch ya bassbins!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A. Bridge To Your Heart 
                                        A2. Bolivia
                                        B. Rockin' You Eternally 
                                        B2. Gong

                                        Pyramid Stage Specials, wrong-speed 3rd wave Koln tekkers, Priceless Zouk & totally unknown Stockport Psych all bunch up on this debut record from Manchester’s OPEN SECRET crew - 2 of the city’s most esteemed DJs who joined forces to put on the best underground night anyone’s seen in years… here come 4 of their secret weapons, from an undisclosed Miles Platting location to ur ears.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Ruffy and Boggy join forces to cement some of the psychedelic sounds from their now cult adored mushroom speak easy onto wax. The results are spectacularly lysergic renditions and tweaks of tracks you'd have to jump down the wormhole to discover.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Untitled
                                        A2. Untitled
                                        B1. Untitled
                                        B2. Untitled

                                        Reissue of early Japanese house outing by Junichi Soma, Shuji Wada and Katsuya Sano. Comes with insert with liner notes.

                                        All musical movements require a spark to set them alight; in the case of Japanese house music, that spark was provided by the forward-thinking resident DJs of The Bank in Roppongi, Tokyo. In 1989, to celebrate the ground-breaking club’s first birthday, the venue released a 12” EP featuring first-time productions from three of its DJs, Junichi Soma, Shuji Wada and Strong Katsuya AKS Katsuya Sano.

                                        Widely considered to be one of the first ever EP of house music produced in Japan, 1st Unit was never officially released. Instead, 500 of the 1000 copies pressed were given away at The Bank’s first birthday party, with the rest initially being sold not in local record stores, but rather the venue’s own in-house shop. Three decades on, the 12” is finally set to get its first worldwide release via Rush Hour’s Store JPN Series.

                                        The record has its roots in The Bank’s willingness to give its ever-changing roster of DJs a free hand to play what they liked - at the time a rarity in Tokyo nightclubs, whose musical offerings usually revolved around strictly defined playlists. At The Bank in 1989, it was not only common to hear European body music and the kind of post-disco New York productions associated with Larry Levan’s sets at the Paradise Garage, but also acid house - something not offered at the time by other clubs in the city.

                                        This cutting-edge blend of sounds, combined with the venue’s unique decor (it was modeled on the inside of a London bank, complete with a cashier’s window to take entrance fees), made The Bank a go-to spot for young party-goers, celebrities and forward-thinking Japanese musicians (Ryuichi Sakamoto was reportedly a weekly visitor).

                                        When it came to celebrating the club’s birthday by cutting a unique record, it made sense for The Bank’s owners to turn to three of their most exciting resident DJs, who were assisted by Heigo Tani and Jun Ebi. The collective name, 1st Unit, was chosen to reflect the fact that all three resident DJs were debutants with no previous studio experience.

                                        As this reissue proves, the music remains timeless, magical, and authentic to the sound of American house productions of the period - albeit with occasional twists. Katsuya Sano’s EP opener, ‘I Need Love’, sounds like a twist on Larry Heard productions of the period - all jacking TR-909 drums, undulating analogue bass, dreamy Juno synthesizer chords and evocative vocal samples.

                                        The influence of Chicago acid house is also evident on Junichi Souma’s ‘Ubnormal Life’, whose unusual title contains what he says was an intentional misspelling. Driven forwards by restless drum machine handclaps, sweet chords and rising and falling melodic motifs, the track is an energetic and uplifting treat.

                                        Perhaps the most influential of the three tracks at the time - within Japan at least - was Shuji Wada’s similarly misspelled ‘Endless Load’. Deeper and more melodic with a more expansive arrangement, the track’s combination of marimba-style lead lines, tribal drum patterns, dreamy chords and jazz-funk influenced bass offered a loose blueprint for the more successful and better-known Japanese deep house tracks that followed.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: True treasure from Japan's early house scene unearthed by Rush Hour and presented to us in earnest. I love hearing the worldwide adoption of house music play out, with each country injecting its own character onto the Chicago blueprint. Three timeless examples of the genre by three pioneering Japanese producers.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Katsuya Sano - I Need Luv
                                        Junichi Soma - Ubnormal Life
                                        Shuji Wada - Endless Load

                                        Luke Vibert & Posthuman

                                        Unitary Covert Sonic Procedures IV

                                        Originally pressed in 2022, as a vinyl-only release, an edition of 100 fluorescent green 12” and sold exclusively at venues in the USA as part of Luke Vibert & Posthuman’s I Love Acid tour, never made available anywhere else. This second edition repress is in randomly assigned cobalt blue, solid orange vinyl, or split red/black with multiple differently coloured labels.

                                        On the A side - Luke Vibert is “Still In Love” with acid lines & breakbeats here as a sequel to his classic anthem. “Android Webber” strips it back to pure 303, 808, and JX3P analogue action. On the flip, Posthuman opens with the fierce ravey electro of “Grad” before seeing off the 12” with some signature acid slo-mo chug in “Forever Circles”

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Likely to fly out quicker than double stacked Mitsubishis at a London warehouse party; these Balkan Vinyl limited runs never let up on pure acid house ecstasy.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1: Luke Vibert - Still In Love
                                        A2: Luke Vibert - Android Webber
                                        B1: Posthuman - Grad
                                        B2: Posthuman - Forever Circles

                                        The Mr K Edits

                                        Trans Europe Express

                                        The crucial Mr K is back with a special repress for Record Store Day 2024. This one throws it back to his two superb edits of Kratwerk's 'Trans Euro Express' which is cited often as the start of techno. Side A offers stripped-down, bare drum bones, with naked drums shaped into futuristic fusion, while Part II adds synthetic context. Deconstructing Kraftwerk's original sci-fi masterpiece at a slow, smouldering pace, it presents a classic in an entirely new light. This release unlocks doors of serious DJ creativity and should be snapped up quickly before it's gone again.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: You don't need me to tell you how good "Trans Europe Express" is. However, this cheeky little percussion edit from the masterful Danny Krivit extends the dancefloor ecstasy of that metallic drum break into THE GREATEST DJ TOOL ever. Buy two copies and lock into the robot rhythm.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Trans-Europe Express (Mr K 7" Beats)
                                        Trans-Europe Express (Mr K 7" Part II)

                                        Especial Specials has recently helped to take the Japanese label Chill Mountain Record into the world of wax after it previously operated only in the digital world. Now it carries on with a similar MO as it works with Multi Culti label head, DJ and producer Dreems on a new set of limited-edition EPs. He has already landed on the likes of Kompakt, Pinchy & Friends and Futureboogie and now digs into his vaults to serve up some edits and dubs that are hard to pin down but often doused in psychedelic overtones, acid and dub. Each one is a unique work in its own right but they all add up to one helluva good EP.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Mine says: Dreems provides all your psychedelic dancefloor needs across two new aurally and visually pleasing 12" compilations on Especial. This one is worth it alone for the addictive groove of 'Battaki'.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        An Ancient
                                        Piska Power - Dumm Dumm ~ Ex Riemen (Dreems Rebirth)
                                        Un Peu Sage
                                        Eye-Mah, Yeah-Mah
                                        Umeko Ando - "Battaki" (Dreems Luv It Dub It)

                                        Especial Specials always deal in releases with a story often as interesting as the music itself. This time out they enlist DJ and producer Dreems for a fine collection of limited-edition 12"s. Angus Gruzman aka Dreems is the man behind the vital Multi Culti label and has dropped his own wares on the likes of Kompakt, Pinchy & Friends and Futureboogie but somehow remains rather in the shadows. This deep dive into his vaults should change that - these are edits and dubs that come doused in psychedelia as they trip through several genres. There is off-kilter dub, melon-twisting dub, intensely percussive and tribal dub, and more across the five fantastic tracks.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Mine says: Part 2 of a collection of shamanic edits and dubs by Dreems. A bit more on the dubbier side and every bit as good as Vol. 1... Nice to look at too!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Jungle Gym
                                        Peter Power - Adamo Waro (Dreems Horn Dub)
                                        Zulu For Who
                                        Ground & Kabamix - 2099 (Dreems Acid Dub)
                                        Simonas & Gustavas - Undubbed (Dreems Redub)

                                        Originally released in 1986 ‘Power’ was the work of Philly producer Derrick Graves and vocalist Terrance T. The machine lead production on ‘Power’ was part of an emerging wave of post disco producers embracing a dub aesthetic that proved to be the precursor to the emergence of house music. The vocal harmonies from Terrance were influenced by Cameo and Prince and combined with the powerful production results in a dancefloor bomb in the Larry Levan style, stripped back and dubby with a strong song at its core. This level of musicality and production was no fluke, Derrick was a seasoned session musician who worked extensively with the likes of Sister Sledge, Dexter Wansel & Donny Hathaway. Derrick had a clear understanding of emerging studio trends “Music production was evolving into a new phase where home studios were developing and it was becoming more possible for real recordings to be made! From there, I eventually enhanced my production skills by learning how to compose using sequencers, computer software (DAWs), and midi instrument implementation in the 80's and 90's. I went from a 4-track to eventually a 24-Track 2" tape machine setup!”.

                                        The fully remastered 12” includes the essential instrumental mix.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Isle Of Jura reissue a classic slice of mid-80s boogie which, though not in the £200+ club, will have remained pretty illusive for most. It's all about that cracking drum machine programming and beautiful interplay between guitar, synth and vocal. A perfect example of raw boogie power!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Power (Extended Vocal Mix)
                                        Power (Extended Instrumental Mix)

                                        Peach Discs hits 20 releases, they celebrate with an EP from Saoirse, who delivers five techy rollers in her signature tough but sensual style.

                                        In her own words: 'Vampire Heart and Catfished were written in the midst of lockdown - I was spending so much time in the studio (even sleeping there some nights) and was really able to explore different sounds and vibes. Vampire Heart still gives me a strange feeling as it was written the day the government announced that we had passed the peak of Covid and might be able to go outside again, something I tried to convey with the pads and break - that positive feeling of opening up. Conversely, Catfished was written during Covid’s peak - it felt like we were on this haunting loop that just kept going round and round, not knowing when it would end.

                                        Mangomouse and Heated Cloud were written more recently and tie into what I’m calling “my tribal era.” I was a drummer for years but put the sticks and djembe down once I found electronic music… this is a path I think I’ll keep following as the rhythm comes naturally to me.'

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Came for the loud and wobbly "Mangomouse" terrace trembler, bound to make even the stiffest torsos quiver. Stayed for the minimalist fist-pumper "Driver" and cried with delight at the bassline groover, "Catfished". Saoirse giving the Circoloco massive plenty to devour this summer.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Heated Cloud
                                        Vampire Heart

                                        Canadian deep house don Nick Holder's Fruit Loops EP is next to get the remaster and reissue treatment from Definitive Recordings. This label, now overseen by Get Physical Music, first released the EP back in 1995 when Toronto-based Holder had already become one of house music's most tasteful operators. He went on to release over 125 EPs and singles under countless aliases, in various groups, and on his labels DNH Records and Treehouse Records, as well as !K7 Records and NRK. His style spans house, disco loops and minimal Chicago grooves and is always high on immersive atmosphere. Opener 'Dance Dance Dance' brings together all those aspects of the Holder sound with its funky guitar riffs looping beneath raw drums and disco basslines. Classic Chic samples burst out of the mix to bring an air of celebration and party, and it makes for an irresistibly feel-good sound. 'Keep on Running' is a steamy and sweaty house jam with loopy drums and bass and more smartly chosen samples, this time from Roy Ayers, that bring the funk and never let up. It has long been a go-to anthem for house DJs, and the realness and rawness of the emotions in Holder's work also shine through with the filtered synths and jazzy keys of 'The Message of Love', which is complete with bumpy and irresistible drums. Last of all is the unfettered party spirit and diva vocals of the brilliantly lo-fi funk-house pumper that is 'Clap Ya Hands'. This EP hasn't aged one bit and remains a definitive piece of early Deep House history.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: A truly amazing piece of early sample-house from Canada of all places. Up there with the strongest joints from Pal Joey, Glenn Underground etc - you'll likely know most of the disco originals these are taken from but somehow they still possess a timeless, magical quality that you know any dancefloor worth its salt is gonna buzz off.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Dance, Dance, Dance
                                        A2. Keep On Running
                                        B1. The Message Is Love
                                        B2. Clap Ya Hands

                                        Joey G Ii X Klein Zage

                                        New Cross To Ridgewood - Inc. DJ Python,

                                          Klein Zage and Joey G ii join forces to deliver a captivating fusion of spoken word and electronic beats in their latest collaborative EP, "From New Cross To Ridgewood" featuring remixes from Local Artist, DJ Python and Ariel Zetina.

                                          The originals tread a fine line between delicate intimacy and intriguing sound design - easily detachable from the club environment and suitable for solo / group listening where the emphasis isn't on the dancefloor. Not to say "Folks Not Guys" won't get your early evening warm up sizzling nicely...

                                          Rhythm Section enlist Ariel Zetina and Local Artist for two abstract club friendly remixes; the former twisting melons and hips with loopy repetition and enveloping atmospheres; the latter with a low-slung, bass-driven organic house jam which fans of Romare, Dan Shake or MCDE are gonna dig (plus tons of dub delays and sirens as an added bonus!). DJ Python is the final cat to contribute and, like Ariel beforehand, opts for a hallucinatory journey into the stems of "A Little Dissonance" which sees fragments refracted and red-shifted through a thick celestial gloop.

                                          It's a multifaceted and highly original EP from the esteemed London camp! Fuckin impossible to find a section in the shop which this neatly fits into - the bastards! ;)

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Rhythm Section continue to keep us on our toes with a nicely expanded EP that works both in the living room and at the dance. The originals are delicately intimate, and the remixes freshly twisted; props to the wide range of main characters involved and another winner from the prolific London label.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1 Folks Not Guys
                                          A2 The Commute
                                          A3 A Little Dissonance
                                          B1 Folks Not Guys (Ariel Zetina Remix)
                                          B2 Folks Not Guys (Local Artist Disco Dub)
                                          B3 A Little Dissonance (DJ Python Remix)

                                          Lee Tracy & Issac Manning

                                          Is It What You Want?

                                          The rarest and best genuinely outsider soul 45 to come out of America (I know that's a controversial shout), Lee Tracy's super rare single outing from the outskirts of Nashville is a dream of something bigger that never came in time for him. A beautiful, haunting song cut to cassette with help from his friend Isaac Manning (on the Casio). Flipped with an almost unrecognizable version of Whitney Houston's hit "Saving All My Love For You" which stands all tall as what was the original B-Side. Beyond essential cut of outsider soul.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Is It What You Want?
                                          2. Saving All My Love For You

                                          One of the longest-serving and most consistently intriguing artists within the fold of Phantasy, U returns to the label with another two-track trip of sonic mystery and erratic magic, ‘Parade / Watchers’.

                                          Presented on limited-pressing 12” vinyl with a sleeve riso printed by U with London's Error Press.

                                          With the texture and earthy promise of a psychedelic mulch, ‘Parade’ presents a glorious timelapse of acid-inflected minimalism. Unfolding defiantly at nearly fifteen minutes, U’s driving but subtle composition transports from guttural, electronic uncertainty to a wide-eyed denouement in one illusionary transition.

                                          With inverse effect but no less power, ‘Watchers’ unexpectedly drops listeners into a rough wash of digital hardcore, spinning it’s initial warehouse chords into a collage of decay and regrowth, a nephilim-scaled journey and arguably U’s most ambitious production to date.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Haunting techno-bass music which unravels its tension over extended track lengths. Thick, imposing textures, plasma green machine phlegm and ghosts from inside the mainframe are punctuated by niggly glitches and squelches which suggest some primordial soup of a futuristic alien species.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A. Parade
                                          B. Watchers 

                                          Simply an iconic track from Swiss brothers Mandrax and Seb K aka Shakedown, ‘At Night’ is one of the most recognisable house tracks of the last two decades. With one of the most-hyped remixes of the year, artist of the moment Peggy Gou delivers with a squelching 7 minute groover, bringing in that iconic synth motif to lift the production and keep it rolling. Stepping up to tackle this masterpiece with a nu-disco dance track, Tiger & Woods use cowbell to accent a b-boy beat, with drum machine breaks bringing it back to the dancefloor. With a sophisticated house remix with a nu-disco edge is Purple Disco Machine, fusing a funk-infused bassline with Terra Deva’s unforgettable vocals. Finally is a brand new version from the Shakedown duo themselves, the Galactic Boogie Mix. With saturated synths and interplanetary breakdowns, Shakedown bring a carefree 80s quality to this iconic track’s irresistible after-dark charm.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Fresh copies of this absolute essential record from the last decade. Still one of Peggy Gou's finest moments in my opinion (and two year's before she released "It Makes You Forget"), the other remixes are also killer. One of the best house vocals from recent years.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1 At Night (Peggy Gou's Acid Journey Remix)
                                          A2 At Night (Tiger & Woods Remix)
                                          B1 At Night (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)
                                          B2 At Night (Shakedown's Galactic Boogie) 

                                          SOLO 500

                                          1-2-3 / Glass (Edits)

                                          SOLO 500 is back on their own self-titled label with the third entry in Galaxy Sound Company's series and again it digs deep into jazz-funk to turn out some killer breaks. Up first is the main theme from 1974's subway hijack movie The Taking Of The Pelham One Two Three and it is one with a funky, jazzy, high-octane sound that has been sampled by Company Flow, Mix Master Mike and many more. On the backside is an edit of a tune from Manfred Mann Chapter Three's self-titled 1969 LP. This one has been famously sampled by The Prodigy. Another great little 7".

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Andy says: Manfred Mann's "One Way Glass", which is the glass in question, is just one of those incredibly infectious, groovy late 60's classics with the greatest horn riff and coolest bass. Don't wanna spoil it by saying that you'll know it from samples and adverts, but I just have and you surely will. Doesn't make it any less brilliant though!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1-2-3 (Edit)
                                          Glass (Drum Breaks Edit)

                                          Originally released on Nice & Ripe in 1994 produced by Grant Nelson, Si Firmin & David Thackeray. Re issued & Remastered for the first time on DTR. This is an essential piece of UK Garage & Classic House in the same style as their 24hr Experience / GOD releases. Limited Pressing so act fast!

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Elbows-out, UK garage / house with hard swagger and 4x4 flavour (before it went all two-step). Still cutting it amongst today's piers, this should nice up the dancefloor no end.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. 1 2 LUV
                                          A2. SAMPLER
                                          B1. GROOVEMENT
                                          B2. DUBMENT

                                          Savana Funk & Gaudi

                                          Raha / Orewa

                                          The terms "Afro-disco / Cosmic-disco" are used to describe various forms of African-influenced and Synth-based dance music with a particular method of DJing originally developed and promoted by a small number of DJs in Italy from the late 70s through the mid-80s, a freeform music-journey created with vinyl records, mixing and beat-matching a very diverse range of musical styles, from electro-funk to Brazilian-jazz, incorporating live percussion and effects. Pioneers such as DJ Mozart, Daniele Baldelli, Loda, Pery, Spranga, L'ebreo, Tosi Brandi, Lelli and venues such as Cosmic, Baia Degli Angeli, Typhoon, La Mecca, Chicago, Arlecchino to name but a few, had truly expanded and helped the development of the club-culture in Italy and subsequently in Europe. In his youth, producer and musician Gaudi was one of the punters who regularly attended these venues and followed the whole "Afro" scene, experiencing from the dancefloor that 90-110BPM hypnotic sound and subconsciously absorbing the essence of it. In fact, it is no coincidence that many of the productions he has released in his 35-year career have a strong Afro-influenced imprinting, the last of which is "Raha", the new collaborative EP released as a combo with Savana Funk, a vibrant tribute to what is considered one of the most exciting and original movement in the club scene.

                                          This "afro-cosmic" 7" will be available next April 26 via Record Kicks on limited 500 copies edition crystal clear vinyl worldwide. On the A side the first single "Raha" that is driven by a solid "afro-cosmic" groove infused with an eclectic krautrock sound, very distinct and very psychedelic at the same time. A texture generated by analogue synthesizers and "space-funk" riffs from guitar and bass. RAHA means "Peace of mind" in Arabic, the native language of the Italian-Moroccan drummer Youssef, who also appears as a vocalist on this track. On the B side the groovy and sexy "OREWA" a funk track to dance to on the beach surrounded by a psychedelic-coloured sunset, with hypnotic guitar riffs that take us into a journey without time and without space.

                                          Active since 2015, Savana Funk are one of the most sought-after "afro-funk" band in Italy, with hundreds of successful live shows nationwide including performances with Kokoroko, Seun Kuti and Nu Guinea, they have released 5 albums so far: 'Musica Analoga', 'Savana Funk', 'Bring in the New' 'Tindouf' and the latest 'Ghibli'.

                                          London based music producer Gaudi has contributed to a number of albums nominated for awards and prizes such as: Grammy Awards 2019, with the album 'Mass Manipulation' by Steel Pulse), BBC's World Music Award, with the album 'Dub Qawwali' by Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His work and music contributions have topped international charts such as: Billboard Reggae Chart no.1 with the albums 'Heavy Rain' by Lee "Scratch" Perry, no.1 with 'Mass Manipulation' by Steel Pulse and again no.1 with 'Vessel of Love' by Hollie Cook. Studio works include name acts such as: Groove Armada, Simple Minds, African Head Charge, Lamb, Horace Andy, Brian Ferry, Don Letts, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Mad Professor, The Beat and more.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Raha
                                          2. Orewa

                                          AC Soul Symphony

                                          Special 45 Versions

                                          Dave Lee's "AC Soul Symphony" alias has been releasing delectable and sultry disco since 2005 but reached his magnus opus in 2023 with the release of the "Metamorphosis" LP. Here we find two tracks handpicked from the album and delivered, for the first time, in a 7" format. The single starts much as the album does with the track "Windy City Theme", beautifully scored, recorded, and produced legato strings envelope the track, punctuated with horns and vocals reminiscent of a Love Unlimited Orchestra production. This version of the track has been rearranged, speeding up the pacing of the track and reaching the juicy parts in a really satisfying way. On the flip side we have the title track from the album "Metamorphosis", which is the first time the vocal version has been made available on Vinyl. A bass laden intro gives ways to glistening pianos and those signature strings (have we mentioned how good the strings are?). A more laid back and seductive track than the A side, but no less appealing. Again, due to the limitations of the 7" format, "Metamorphosis" has been expertly rearranged with loving care and attention.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Mine says: As disco as disco gets (and therefore not for everyone) - but with a b-side like this who can possibly resist? Metamorphosis with its catchy motif and sultry vocals has me well and truly hooked.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Windy City Theme

                                          An obscure late 80s double sided killer brought to light! Originally released as a 12 inch, this was dug out of a white label box by Planets head honcho on a North London digging mission. 1989 fusion of Lovers, Street Soul & Soundsystem music from T-Dynamix & Lisa Ellis. Originally based up North near Manchester!

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: As the months turn brighter and the clouds clear we look towards carnival season and this record in particular could cause more than a casual rukus at your local Mancunian sounds soundsystem. A huge single that traverses that golden boundry between reggae, street soul and lovers rock. Essential!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Alone
                                          B1. Your Love

                                          Robert "Dubwise" Browne & Dean Fraser

                                          Sun Goddess

                                          Soul Jazz of the First Order from Robert Dubwise Browne with two epic takes on tunes that should be in every DJ's grab bag of goodies. Sun Goddess originally by Ramsey Lewis and written by Earth, Wind and Fire's Maurice White together with a Ruff and Tuff version of the Grover Washington Jazz Funk classic "Mister Magic" featuring Jamaican Sax Man Dean Fraser. Guitarist Browne's appearance credits include the likes of his father Dennis Brown, as well as Gregory Isaacs, Beres Hammond and Toots Hibbert.. Produced by Japanese Reggae Legend Hayassen for his label Vortex and signed up on first hearing by Jazz Room Supremo Paul Murphy. If you've got a dancefloor you need these tunes!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Sun Goddess
                                          2. Mister Magic

                                          The 3rd installment of Razor-N-Tape's Family Affair series is back and hotter than ever! Now an annual end-of-year tradition, Family Affair Vol. 3 features a heavy hitting 5 track sampler of standout tracks from the full compilation.

                                          The A side features two spanking new remixes of RNT material — Ezel’s dub of Cor.ece & JKriv’s Possibly Impossible takes the track into classic & soulful house territory, while Bruce Leroys flip fellow brasilian artist Guinu’s Amanha into a mid-tempo afro stomper.

                                          The B side starts with boogie-funk bomb Better Than Her by JKriv ft. Saucy Lady & Tortured Soul on vocals. Kim Ahn delivers the deep & sensual vibrations of In The Stars, and Cody Currie rounds out the EP with Ghost, a funk live instrumentation heavy UK broken beat jazz-dance serving.

                                          With gorgeous art lovingly designed by The Myno, in true RNT style the collection is a lovely listen from beginning to end, and naturally boasts some serious dance floor heat!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Cor.ece - Possibly Impossible (Ezel Dub)
                                          A2. Guinu - Amanha (Bruce Leroys Remix)
                                          B1. JKriv Ft. Saucy Lady & Tortured Soul - Better Than Her
                                          B2. Kim Anh - In The Stars
                                          B3. Cody Currie - Ghost

                                          The now 10 year old Acid Test 09 sees a special 10th Anniversary Edition repress with a new vocal mix of track “Test 3”.

                                          The original EP saw acid nomad Tin Man team up with techno dreamweaver Donato Dozzy for three slices of deep acid and dubby, bleepy ambient.

                                          In this special 10 Year Anniversary Edition "Test 3” comes with a new vocal mix and it’s a welcome return to the mic for Tin Man. Perfectly-placed words sit among chiming bells and are layered deep into the echoes, almost like the synths themselves are speaking.

                                          Acid Test 09 proved to be a pairing in 303 paradise, but the results outclassed even Dozzy and Tin Man’s special partnership - they created simply a timeless signal that could broadcast through space ad infinitum. A bit like Roy Of The Ravers' "Emotinium" - it stands proud in the Acid Music Hall of Fame. An essential record for lovers of the Roland TB-303.

                                          Mastered and recut by Rashad.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Tin Man & Dozzy revisit this classic moment from the Acid Test archive - adding a vocal to arguably the label's biggest hit. It's a great, sincere idea from a humble but captivating imprint. If you don't know - get to know!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Test 7
                                          A2. Test 3 (Vocal Version)
                                          B1. Test 2
                                          B2. Test 3

                                          Emotive Technology

                                          Walk Into The Light EP

                                          One of the most consistent new labels around, Cyphon Recordings, marks double figures with another standout release that gleans from the past, but faces the future. This time they look to the talents of Emotive Technology, a new alias from Chilean Massiande who provides a five-track EP of machine-wielding, soul-rousing techno from across the spectrum.

                                          Although this may be the first release under his new moniker, Massiande has spent the last decade putting out productions with labels such as Housewax, Phonica, Freerange and Groovin. Firing on all cylinders from the get-go, ‘Rise’ kicks off the Walk Into The Light EP. A hyperspace melding of new beat, Italo and arp-operating techno that opens out into a slice of peak-time revelry.

                                          The swirling textures of ‘It’s On’ follow, pushing you into the next dimension. A hypnotic, entrancing and arresting heads-down powerhouse. Crunchy and considered it's the kind of strobe-stuttering basement jam that turns heads inside out.

                                          Two Detroit-leaning tracks ‘Your Zone’ and ‘Walk IntoThe Light’ are up next. The former is a heavyweight machine workout. Layered synth lines and crisp drum programming transfix, as that grooving low-end powers bodies into bedlam. The latter, a Motor-City-influenced tour de force. One that sees Massiande recode the circuitry to hit with a piano-laden stunner, balancing power and presence, with emotion and nuance.

                                          Closing out proceedings, ‘The Swing’ sucks you in deeper. A resonating world of synth stabs, pulsating basslines and atmospheric electronics.

                                          Doing the Emotive Technology namesake proud, Walk Into The Light is machine music hardwired with a heavy sense of soul.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: Power house electrics, lazer guided leads and floor stomping beats make this Emotive Technology are sure fire warehouse wrecker.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Rise
                                          A2. It's On
                                          A3. Your Zone
                                          B1. Walk Into The Light
                                          B2. The Swing

                                          Ten Fingerz

                                          Flip Da Floor EP

                                            Ten Fingerz produces tracks bursting with dancefloor energy, influenced in turn by acid house, 90s techno, the French Touch, or jazzy Afro-House sounds. An insatiable vinyl collector, it's when he's at the turntables that his ten fingers twitch to play furious, powerful and groovy house, flirting with the funkier side of techno.

                                            With an ep of 4 tracks on the Swiss label Black Pattern Records, he returns to the forefront of the scene accompanied by solid house music warriors such as The Checkup, DJ Merci and Dexter Troy.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Matt says: DJ Merci continues to take the glory in the sample-house stakes, and while Ten Fingerz are new ones on me, they're certainly tickling my housey itches on this highly fragrent EP.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. High N Risin
                                            A2. High N Risin (DJ Merci & The Checkup Heavy Bottom Remix)
                                            B1. 2 The F
                                            B2. 2 The F (Dexter Troy Remix)

                                            New tackle from our favourite 303 wielding football hero! You want find any re-hashes of "Emotinium" here. Instead, Roy drives his trusty soundboxes ever-so-slightly into the red, giving us warm and fuzzy tape saturation as he drops some squelchy and skeletal jack trax, bleepy goodness and his own brand of UK electro. There's no one quite like our Roy - and this new EP finds him in fine form. Best move quick on this top signing! 

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Matt says: Acid poster boy Roy is back at it! Banging the box with a plethora of overdriven drum machines, his trusty 303 and some granular synthesis madness.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. You Don't
                                            A2. Sinesub Dub
                                            A3. Bomber
                                            B1. Mr. Slinky
                                            B2. Iso-E-Super
                                            B3. Wednesday

                                            Leonidas & Hobbes

                                            Pockets Of Light

                                            "Pockets Of Light" is the first full release from the London / Edinburgh duo since 2021's acclaimed "Aranath EP" and Bill Brewsters 2017 ROTY the "Rags Of Time EP". 

                                            "Pockets Of Light" finds the duo deploying wavy, spellbinding neons for the suitably titled "Magik". Twangy leads and dipped red lights further the mellow enchantment as the tracks gentle propelled by classic electronic drum boxes. 

                                            "Reboot" begins with a more Detroitian flavour, with synth patches that'd make Martin Bonds blush hightened with an inviting spoken word snippet before dropping into a very Model 500 esque groove. A formular expanded on through next track, "Reality 2.0" which adds swirling dub delays to the mix and plays with drama and dynamics through stop-start arrangement with cinematic qualities and great textures throughout - a real winner that'll find favour in a variety of environments.

                                            "RSVP" deploys perfectly aligned bleep-n-squelch; in a nod to both Sheffield and Detroit but with its own unique squiggly flair. Again, there's some underfloor neons lighting the way; with some staccato leads and constantly morphing bass underpinning it all. A real tour de force of production prowess that's remained the Leonidas & Hobbes trademark throughout their discography. 

                                            "Keep Livin'" concludes with a nicely low-slung, syncopated beat and bass pattern accompanied by toybox piano melodies, blue sky synth licks and general sense of rising optimism to get us through these troubled times. It makes for a childlike, fairytale quality; sumptious and redolent of running across daisy-laden fields in the late afternoon sunshine as a carefree younger... or maybe that's just me! 

                                            Anyway you look at it - it's a delightful return from the treasured duo.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Matt says: Pairing intricate programming and synthesis with captivating arrangements and a decidedly humane touch is no easy feet. But our sonic shamans Leonidas & Hobbes have done just that on their phenomenal new EP which plays like an enchanted garden of rhythm, texture and sentiment.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. Magik
                                            A2. Reboot
                                            A3. Reality 2.0
                                            B1. RSVP
                                            B2. Keep Livin'

                                            "It’s True What They Say" is the debut EP from Edinburgh-based, husband-and-wife duo Sarah / Shaun aka Sarah and Shaun McLachlan

                                            'Sarah and I both have a love for nostalgia,' explains Shaun. 'We watched that amazing old 80’s Sci-Fi, (John) Carpenter movie, Starman, a few months back. Myself and my brother David used to watch it all the time. We must have been, roughly, 5-7 at the time. I remember loving the movie but the end, you know, with the beautiful, atmospheric, synth ending, I love that particular moment the most - best part of the movie, you know, when he goes home… It’s heartbreaking but stunning, all the same. It’s the music that moves you most… It did when I was 5 and it still does to this day. It must have had some form of a (much deeper) impact on me.'

                                            The duo narrates stories across themes of love, hope, family, friends, dreams and sadness - the good that comes with the bad in everyday life, not just on a personal scale but within a community as well.

                                            'Starbed is the first song I have ever written and just came out of the blue really, with Shaun playing a melody and me singing along,' says Sarah. 'It’s simple and just about two people in love. Love songs are always the best songs, after all… Music has been a big part of my life from a young age. I was unwillingly dragged to piano and violin lessons, which I’m thankful for now! I’d say the first band I really became obsessed with growing up were the Beatles, and on the back of that a lot of 60s music and fashion. From then on, I had a love for music. Shaun definitely opened my ears to a lot of sounds and got me thinking about soundtracks and all the noises that can be made. We love just spending time experimenting in the house with instruments, pedals etc and Ali is a real magician to work with, too…'

                                            The recordings took place over the summers of 2022 and 2023, with fellow Delta Mainline member Ali Chisholm (aka Jaguar Eyes) plus long-term friend and collaborator Gavin King. Further collaboration then came via the ‘net from the (international) likes of Chris Dixie Darley (Father John Misty), Darren Coghill (Neon Waltz) and Daniel Land (The Modern Painters), among others (see a full list of credits below).

                                            Both Sarah and Shaun have a love for uber-soundtrack producers such as Hanz Zimmer, Max Richter, Cliff Martinez plus live acts such as Beach House, Spiritualized, M83, Suicide, Moby and OMD (to name a few). Shaun also credits the work of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (from Survive) on the Stranger Things score…

                                            The result is a cinematic, synth-wavey, dream poppy and downright beguilingly beautiful body of work. And they’re just getting started…

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Matt says: Beautifully formed dream-pop here from this husband-and-wife duo. There's an astral projection at play which, combined with the detailed instrumentation and skilled song writing; makes for a highly evocative listen which has already got plenty of tastemakers, DJs and producers clawing after copies. Don't sleep!

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. Dust Tears
                                            A2. It's True What They Say?
                                            B1. Keep Your Eyes Closed
                                            B2. Starbed
                                            B3. Dust Tears (Instrumental) 


                                            Standard Tuning

                                              Standard Tuning is the final song recorded at The Knave Studios, Leeds as part of the bdrmm's recording sessions for their acclaimed 2nd album "I don't Know" released last summer 2023. The 10" comes with a remix of album track "Alps" by Nathan Fake, an etched b-side and exclusive artwork by band member Jordan Smith.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Barry says: A superbly atmospheric distillation of BDRMM's sound with a lot more propulsive electronics and airy shoegaze breeze. Backed with a lovely remix from Nathan Fake too! Nice.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. Standard Tuning
                                              2. Alps (Nathan Fake Remix)


                                              Couldn't Hate You / Open Ended

                                              Digwah is back with yet another standout release, showcasing two new rollers that expertly fuse timeless late '80s vocals with an infectious tech house rhythm and pulsating synth lines.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: The trusty Digwah label returns with more exclusive, vinyl-only white label business. A techy outing this one, laced with the ghosts of Ian Brown and Sade.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1. Couldn't Hate You
                                              B1. Open Ended

                                              More exquisite house music from Toytonics label boss, Kapote. Imbuing the fun and party ethos of the label, the producer drops four tracks that traverse sample-based disco-house, old skool 90s flavours, tuff Nu Groove styled thumpers and on final track, "The Slide" more contemporary flavours a la GAMM and Local Talk.

                                              It's a brilliantly dazzling and high gloss affair, with the veteran producer demonstrating no lack of skills behind the dials. But rather than get bogged down on EQ fidelity, the quest for the perfect kick drum, or synthesizing the latest cranium splitting sounds; he simply takes cues from the decades of party music that proceed it - disco and early house music, particularly from the US, and coalesces it into his own funky and friendly style. Don't let this irreverence fool you though - this is top drawer tackle for the club, disco, car, or after party; and well deserved of a place in your house section! Recommended. 

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: We get excited every time a new Toytonics drops. The label's quality control department do a sterling job of making sure there's absolutely no tripe across its catalogue. Kapote's on the dials for this latest joint and it's another sure fire winner for the house fraternity.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1) The Party (Extended Version)
                                              A2) The See Me (Extended Version)
                                              B1) The Come On (Extended Version)
                                              B2) The Slide

                                              DJ Agitated, the alias of a well known producer, first appeared on Steffi's "The Red Hunter Remix" LP and now joins the acclaimed Dolly TS series. The "Magic Overlooked" EP is music that lasts. Beautiful high quality, Detroit infused melodic techno for the soul. Much like Dolly's recent output, it joins the dots between early Motor City machine music, turn of the millennium tribalism and balls-out European clang. Absolutely storming techno music that's both feral and futuristic. Check!

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: Dolly's gotta be the hottest vinyl techno label at the moment. With each release proceeding the last under a trail of fire and chest-beating tribalism. Setting thrusters to overdrive DJ Agitated careers through the cosmos at full pelt with four highly kinetic peak timers.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. Phoenix
                                              2. DNTSTP
                                              3. Wat Dan
                                              4. Vallinote

                                              Franck Roger

                                              Cosmic Tree EP

                                                Parisian producer Franck Roger lands on Nu Groove with Cosmic Tree EP, a four-track outing of deep house perfectly at home on the legendary NYC label. An established DJ, crate digger and label boss of Real Tone Records, Franck is known for his loop-based approach to sound, with his focus on beats earning the respect of house heads and underground selectors worldwide. This latest offering demonstrates his distinct style flawlessly; ‘Part Of My Soul’ features Detroit tastemaker and radio stalwart Rimarkable, showing two trusted authorities at their best as Rimarkable’s vocals, combined with Franck’s production, add a cool downtown feel to the future classic. Franck goes solo for the next three, with ‘The Music’ carrying deep club weight, while ‘Radik’Hall’ brings with it a certain percussive groove as only Franck can. ‘Cosmic Funk’ is a love letter to the genre with synthy basslines, vocoder rhythms and spacey trebles combining in hypnotic bliss, completing this collection of modern deep house excellence with flair.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: I remember Franck Roger from his output on Carl Craig's Planet-E. This new quadruplet for Nu Groove sees him venture towards e-soaked house flavours in fine style.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Part Of My Soul
                                                A2. The Music
                                                B1. Radik’Hall
                                                B2. Cosmic Funk

                                                London-born-and-raised DJ and producer Parris has announced his new EP Passionfruit, via his own co-founded label can you feel the sun. Following his stand-out 2021 album Soaked In Indigo Moonlight, described as a “masterful” take on the pop genre (Crack Magazine), Passionfruit continues Parris’ affinity for polyrhythms and bouncing synths, but diving deeper into his love for clubbing and UK soundsystems, the result is a heady house compilation.

                                                Each track on the EP is in contention with the one before it, a counterpoint to a sonic argument; melodic bubbly pop against heavy drum and bass, morning rays of sunlight against dark and swampy rhythms. Where the title track “Passionfruit” was described by Parris as imagining the “early morning of a set with the sunrise coming through the shutters”, the very next track “Slipping, Falling, Crawling” is much like the title suggests: a sludgy, percussion-heavy track which has fun with creating melody from the beat itself, stripped back and raw intent.

                                                “Why Can’t Rabbits Wear Cowboy Boots” and “Underwater Fantasy” are almost alternate universe club classics. “WCRWCB” takes a club-formed structure, and uses it to explore the limits polyrhythms, layering chaotically over eachother, and building through the first half of the track, until it peaks with the introduction of an explosive bassline. “Underwater Fantasy” on the surface is the straightest-sounding track to come from Parris, but the disco-style vocals fight with the beat, pushing and pulling at eachother.

                                                Parris (aka Dwayne Parris-Robinson) has dedicated himself to club culture from an early age, never missing a week at FWD>> (the club night where a generation of bass and techno DJs made their names), and was constantly tuning into Rinse FM. Immersing himself into the distinct sound of London built the foundations of the productions we hear today, with grime and drum & bass bubbling alongside slick pop references.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: Tricksy, playful tech-house vibes here from Parris who recalls a bit of Madteo, Sotofett and Julio Bashmore as he injects bucket loads of fun into the dancefloor.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Why Cant Rabbits Wear Cowboy Boots
                                                Underwater Fantasy
                                                Slipping Falling Crawling

                                                Kaito Ian

                                                Lo-Fi Hip Hop Instrumentals

                                                Son of Todd Osborn (Soundmurderer/Ghostly) Kaito Ian makes a hugely impressing first outing on the Galaxy Sound Co label with a series of lo-fi hip-hop beat-strumentals that cannot fail to get your head nodding. He is a dedicated music lover and skater with a deep knowledge of his craft and that shows here with some refined sounds starting with the soul drenched 'Revert', then on to the warped angelic vocal samples of 'Sequoia' and the percussive jumbled and scratching of 'Trek'. 'Wait Up' is another excellently blissed out joint and 'Sloan' is a sunny, laid back, lazy vibe to close down a superb EP.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: Phwoooar 'ave some of THAT! Todd Osborn's son (!!) drops a tidy package of hip-hop instrumentals which lands somewhere between DJ Dez (Andres), Madlib and some of the beat tapes we've had through Fat Beats. You'll be clambering after a whole LP once you've digested this 7"!

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Wait Up

                                                Our no. 1 Swedish mash-up maestro sets his sights on Jamaica for this 7 track EP of dubbed out pop. The Wailers play back up for Adele, Dua Lipa, Christina Aguilera, and Duran Duran, while Amy Winehouse & The Pretenders join forces to become a ska super group. 

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Matt says: The cheeky Swede's at it again - dubbing out a smorgasbord of well known hits inna party mash-up stylee. Essential tackle for the working bar DJ; fans of Taggy Matcher & Mato you know are gonna dig this!

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1 Grass In Pocket
                                                A2 Aint No Other Man
                                                A3 Don't Worry
                                                B1 Girls On Jamaica
                                                B2 DC Skank
                                                B3 Boogie Down Jammin
                                                B4 In To You

                                                Nick & Astro are reunited as Potatohead People on this sweaty teaser 7" for their latest album 'Eat Your Heart Out'. On "Paradise", the boys have hotly tipped Canadian artist Diamond Café on for vocals. Diamond delivers a stunning vocal performance on this early 80s influenced slice of digital sex funk that comes in somewhere between Sade, El Debarge and Prefab Sprout. The man describes his music as "bathing in a cloud of honey on a very foggy night", and we couldn't agree more.On the flipside, Nick Wisdom dubs out the original, flexing the bassline's muscles with additions of swirling synth work and little bites of keyboard funk.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Paradise (feat. Diamond Cafe)
                                                2. Paradise (Nicky's 1 Nite Only Dub) [feat. Diamond Cafe]

                                                Scruscru / Dwaal

                                                Destination? Funk! / Camelot Chill

                                                This is the third installment in the Local Sugar Diggers Series from Scruniversal in which old and rare records from the label head's friends' collections get reworked and edited. This one is a collab between ScruScru and an equally passionate digger from Cyprus known as Dwaal. Both tunes offer quite different looks but with great results. The first is the steamy and loose-limbed 'Destination? Funk!' with its squelchy bass and neat guitar riffs, while the flipside is a super deep and lush downtempo jam, 'Camelot Chill'. This one has romantic sax notes and gentle grooves with jazzy keys finishing it in style.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Destination? Funk!
                                                Camelot Chill

                                                Random Factor's 'On The Air' EP is a hugely sought-after classic by those who know. It came on Ralph Lawson's ever-reliable 20/20 Vision and now, as it turns 25 years old, he has decided it is the right time to get it remastered and reissued. 'On The Air' is first up on this fine EP from Carl Finlow and it has serene synths that bring to mind Detroit techno soul over pulsing bass and slick drums. 'Lockdown' has a raw vocoder vocal over punchy drums and twitchy synth stabs and 'Undercurrent' is another weapon that has more than withstood the test of time as it bumps along on funky drums and is overlaid with more playful synth patterns. 'Disconnect' is a crunchy and 8-bit closer with pixelated synths and screwy acid lines. Superb.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                On The Air

                                                Purple Disco Machine Featuring Roosevelt

                                                Higher Ground

                                                Purple Disco Machine has been setting the world on fire for years, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. He has teamed up with German artist Roosevelt for their latest collaborative single, 'Higher Ground.'

                                                'Higher Ground' sounds straight out of the 80s. It’s a club banger with an infectious synth loop that will keep you sweating on the dance floor.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Extended
                                                B1. Instrumental


                                                Kemickal Affairs EP

                                                  Once regarded as an up-and-comer to watch, it’s fair to say that the past eighteen months have seen Dutch DJ/producer and live artist Locklead establish himself as one of the most in-demand artists emerging onto the global house stage. From his collaborative ‘Across Boundaries’ with close friend Chris Stussy to music via Dungeon Meat, Pilot, and Up The Stuss, the Utrecht-based talent has set his stall and is showing no signs of slowing. Adding to a first outing on sister label LOCUS two years ago, April welcomes a big debut appearance on FUSE as head honcho Enzo Siragusa invites him to the label for the first time to release his latest EP, ‘Kemickal Affairs’.

                                                  Opening the record, A1 ‘Zero’s Delight’ is a funk-fulled and spacey ride armed with resonant chords and swirling leads, while ‘State of Peace’ is a blissful ride through rich yet driving house spheres and showcases the second of two heavily requested anthems that have been go-to records for the likes of Stussy and Siragusa over recent months. The flip sees title cut ‘Kemickal Affairs’ open the b-side with authority, as bumping kicks and slinking grooves go to work beneath swirling synth lines and hazy tones, before wrapping things up with more modulated goodness and off-kilter vocal snippets on the chunky and trippy ‘Morning Krew’ - expect this to come out to play in those weird and wonky early-hours afters!

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: He might be Dutch, but there's a distinctly UK flavour to Locklead's house manoeuvres that should find favour with fans of Ashley Beedle, Terry Farley and the original Back 2 Basics mob.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Zero’s Delight
                                                  A2. State Of Peace
                                                  B1. Kemickal Affairs
                                                  B2. Morning Krew

                                                  Da Lukas

                                                  Satisfy Your Soul EP

                                                    Salvo De Luca, a dedicated enthusiast of house and disco music who goes by the moniker DA LUKAS, has delivered a stellar 4-track EP of Funky-House/Disco-Boogie on Groove Culture. The EP's standout track, 'Satisfy Your Soul,' is currently making waves as one of the most played tunes in clubs globally, even finding its place in the latest set by French DJ Folamour for Boiler Room in Australia.

                                                    Additionally, the EP features a new project by Da Lukas named 'Supergood,' available exclusively on vinyl. This funk-infused cosmic delight promises to get you grooving to its unique and captivating vibes.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Satisfy Your Soul
                                                    A2. Let Your Body Be Free
                                                    B1. Supergood
                                                    B2. Music Turns Me On

                                                    Two house staples from the minds of Soulfuric founders Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy appear on wax alongside remixes from DJ Fudge and Micky More & Andy Tee. Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy’s impact on house as a genre is undisputed, nurturing the Soulfuric label from cult favourite to renowned powerhouse through their tireless commitment to creating and reinvigorating classics. Collectively the two have released under many monikers including Jazz-N-Groove, Urban Blues Project and Soulsearcher - the name associated with Defected Record’s debut and UK top 10 hit ‘Can’t Get Enough’. Now ‘Feelin’ Love’ by Marc Pomeroy’s Soulsearcher project and Urban Blues Project’s ‘Your Heaven (I Can Feel It)’ are spotlighted by this special vinyl release. On the A, longstanding French selector DJ Fudge’s 2023 remix of ‘Feelin’ Love’ features alongside the original Club Mix from 20 years prior. Next up, Groove Culture’s Micky More & Andy Tee’s celebrated remix of an Urban Blues Project classic, ‘Your Heaven (I Can Feel It)’ featuring Pearl Mae appears with the 1996 original.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (DJ Fudge Remix)
                                                    A2. Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (Soulsearcher Club Mix)
                                                    B1. Urban Blues Project Presents Mother Of Pearl - Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) (feat Pearl Mae - Micky More & Andy Tee Remix)
                                                    B2. Urban Blues Project Presents Mother Of Pearl - Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) (feat Pearl Mae - Soulfuric Dub) 

                                                    On side A, Adam Stegemann presents a stunning new mix of a timeless classic. Stegemann’s No Control Mix is a nine and half minute sing-along party starter and end of night club burner. A Brooklyn based producer, key player and disco DJ since 2006, Stegemann was coaxed out of semi-retirement in 2019 spurned largely by the purchase of a used Ensoniq Mirage sampler. He is currently producing under aliases Video Burnout and My Left Speaker among others yet to be revealed.

                                                    Universal Cave brings up the B side with two dubby, downtempo, disco groovers perfect for when any ray of light feels too bright and the walls are starting to move. Up All Night is dedicated to Philadelphia’s legendary Making Time parties, and Too Much is a nightlife testimonial for the ages.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Self Control (Adam Stegemann’s No Control Mix)
                                                    B1. Up All Night (Universal Cave’s Making Time Edit)
                                                    B2. Too Much (Universal Cave Edit)

                                                    Duo Lucas Brell and Marvin Uhde deliver fire-powered percussion to Osàre! Editions. Longtime friends and collaborators, they channel a liquid medley of drum menace that flips sideways, swiftly pivoting between wildly different tempos. As disorientating as it is formidable, "Purest State Confusion" offers up a fractal prism of ever-shifting beat patterns - an endlessly warping vortex of guttural, narcotic sounds. The titular number, a wormhole techno ordeal, builds steadily, layer upon layer. A crystalline dancefloor pleaser, it subverts classic four-to-the-floor with a delayed kick drum that punctuates every 8th beat. Like black oil diffusing in water, the bass creeps in menacingly to "The Disappearer", in hard and fast contrast with the sharp fluctuations of the amen break. Slamming in mercilessly, "Channeling Bryn Jones" opens up the B-side, its fluttering rhythms joining together with an infectious klaxon melody before the IDM stylings of "Brain Massage" closes out. "Purest State Confusion" was recorded at various locations in Leipzig and Berlin. Final touches and mixing assistance were performed by Mike Bierbach at the WSNWG studios. The pioneering techno producer inflects the record with his staunch taste for aerobic club rhythmics, teasing out the whirling tempos and
                                                    pointillistic harmonics.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Future-proof breaks, bass and tek here from Kinzua who adopts an aggressive aesthetic to separate the wheat from the chaff.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Purest State Confusion
                                                    Rio Doro
                                                    Channeling Bryn Jones
                                                    Andreas Grotesk
                                                    Brain Massage Happy End

                                                    Ital Horns / J. Robinson

                                                    Jericho's Ancient Horns / Walls Tumbling Down Dub

                                                    Heavy horn-laden steppers dub here inna similar vein to Aba Shanti-I's "Horns Of Jericho" release. Uptempo and fierce steppers that's tailored for maximum soundsystem enjoyment and riotous soul ascension. Proper carnival tackle that'll unite the tribes under the blanket of bass and horns. Comes with echo-drenched dub...Tip! 

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: More from WhoDem's J. Robinson archive, joined this time by Ital Horns. It's a juggernaut of heavy steppers digi-dub that should be enough to see off any competition inna clash.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. Jericho’s Ancient Horns
                                                    2. Walls Tumbling Down Dub