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“L’ombre des oiseaux caressait sa peau, elle bronzait au lait de coco…”

Come summer, it’s time to get a tan, a caipirinha in your hand. To complement these delectable moments, Attic Salt Discs hit us with an official reissue of the modern classic that is “Lait De Coco” by Maya. I first heard this digger's delight at a Les Yeux Orange afterparty in Paris. It was about 7am and daylight had just begun to creep through the venetian blinds, and even though I was doing my best to quietly die in darkened bedroom, the warm sax, mellow groove and sound of 50 Parisians singing along prompted a Lazarus-style recovery. It's a classic spin for Growing Bin chief Basso as well, and has since gone down in history thanks to a cheeky Good Plus edit. Now remastered and pressed on a 10″, it comes with the original artwork and a postcard, because souvenirs and sweet words to your loved ones are everything.


Patrick says: My favourite Balearic smoocher-Francais, as edited by my good friends at Good Plus, lands in officially repressed form, and on a 10" no less. Smooth sax, silken vocals and that cover photo! #uberBalearic


Verbana - Inc. Noche Espanola / Pete Herbert Remixes

We've had a World Cup, Wimbledon and a hosepipe ban, all essential ingredients for a spectacular summer, but it's this brand new single from Balearic hero Phil Mison which puts the tin (foil) hat on our San Pellegrino. Operating under his acclaimed Cantoma moniker, the Cafe Del Mar man comes at us with a fiery bit of flamenco guitar, perfectly placed between a polyrhythmic groove and breezy flute. Spanish vocals dub out into the distance, carrying the essence of the White Isle to wherever we may be, it's one world after all. The sunset sorted, Phil turns his attention to the moonlight, manning the controls and lighting up the desk for a bumping Noche Espanola remix. Merging Italian emotion, proto production and an Island offbeat, the Noche Espanola remix is a typically tropical house workout perfect for those saucer eyed sojourns into the beaty end of the Balearic spectrum. On the flipside, Reverso 68 homey Pete Herbert works his magic on "Verbana" twisting the track into a propulsive disco-house heater accented with insistent hats, Latin piano and a pinging synth bass straight outta the nuovo Italo textbook. Shimmering and sizzling, this could cause a riot on a boat party - play with extreme caution. 


Patrick says: Mison's back with another blink-and-you'll miss it bomb, featuring a remix by long time collaborator Pete Herbert. The titular "Verbana" is a distillation of everything dope and dreamy about the summer season, while the Noche Espanola and Pete Herbert mixes move the mood from the poolside to the party.

Bitter End

Vibrating James / The House

Bitter End follow up Piccadilly Record's 12" of the year 2017 with another hot double A-side.

"Vibrating James" on side A makes a funky foundation from the psilocybin soaked bones of the king of soul, and then liberally layers up some chest caving low end. Utterly irresistible and already the cause of many a 'moment' in the world's finest cathedrals of escape and sure to carry the baton of hedonism through the closing stages of the Summer.

On the flip we get "The House" which sees jubilant pianos smothered in bass and sugar coated with a reverb heavy vocal. Sure to get bodies sweaty, it encapsulates that intense moment when the floor suddenly fills up and kicks into action, swaying and undulating under the sheer volume of dancers and energy.

Another winner from this northern star. Recommended. 


Matt says: 'nuther big un fromt Bitter End - Sheffield's worst kept dance music secret. Seemingly incapable of conjuring up anything but searing hot double A-sides, two very different, highly intoxicating flavours showcased with panache on record six from the camp.

More off-kilter magic from the MM Discos camp this week as the ectoplasmic edit imprint enlist Swedish digger par excellence, Mr Albion Venables, to hit us with four cuts of unknown origin. The set blasts into the stratosphere right from the get-go, hitting maximum thrust thanks to the power chords, overdriven funk and disco 4/4 of space disco opener "He Looks Like A Rainbow". Chuck in a breathy female vocal, plenty of proggy synth work and some slightly cheesy brass and we're in mirrorball heaven. The tempo drops off and the funk picks up for the freakbeat Francais of the A2, a squiggly, jiggly little off kilter dancer by the name of "J'aime BB". I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest this one hails from the French Caribbean, though it's bouncy groove, sparkling synths and cocktail hour sway should delight disciples of the White Isle. Albion goes full prog on the B-side with the symphonic, synthetic grandeur of "Universelle", another intergalactic romper that sounds like it could have soundtracked a live action TV movie of He-Man. Play it loud enough and you'll probably teleport to Castle Grayskull. Last but not least comes my current favourite, the strange, psychedelic and Balearic tinged chanson noir of "Discocoloco", a tricolore tonker with plenty of authentic vinyl scuzz.


Patrick says: If you like your disco strange and spacey, you'll struggle to do better than this cosmic curio from Swedish digger Albion. Balearic tinged zouk and a quirky French number go head to head with two progged out cosmic blasters.


Volume One

Night Theatre is a new label from Linkwood dedicated to serving dancers and deejays alike. It's been quite some time since we've seen this stalwart of 'second wave' UK deep house put his name to something, and what a break from the hiatus!

"A" treads a line similar to Vakula's Leleka excursions: dreamy, thick with synth haze and powered by the vintage rhythms of house music. A fluffy bassline seals the deal for complete immersion as a gentle cerebral perc line tickles any remaining and unattended erogenous regions.

"B" sees a barrage of tribal drums converge on shamanic wails and rainforest chatter; conjuring up a fiery slice of dancefloor voodoo that's so on point you could sharpen a pencil with it.

Two completely absorbing pieces for the right now and beyond; and a fantastic return from this UK legend. Totally recommended. 


Matt says: Linkwood's back and he's ready to dance. It's hard to ignore side B's wigged out attack of tribal percussion, especially with carnival season just round the corner!

Imagine a peaceful cyberpunk world where flowers are used instead of laserguns, where bamboo towers are high in the sky and your fingerprints digitalized in a papermade card. This is the utopia you’re living in while listening to this record. From the crowded city atmosphere of "Mecanic Chipo" to the suspended garden of "Lady Chipo", your existence is harmonious and serene. As a casual salaryman you dream of the countryside in "Chipo Sleep" but are woken up by the "Chipo Dub" bonzaï alarm clock. "Chipo Sounds" reflect the reveries of everyday life, which are at the end, not cheap at all!


Patrick says: Parisian synth freak and musical sponge Shelter hits the shelves with a four tracker way beyond his tender years. Serene, delicate and dreamy, these four synth suites call to mind the chiming melodies of Yasuaki Shimizu or Jean-Michel Jarre's "Concerts En Chine".

Australia's Balearic mystic is outback, ready to take us on another sunset stroll through the bush on his own General Purpose imprint. Originally written between 2014 and 2015, these discarded, lost ideas persisted enough to require further investigation. Taking a pause between his dub explorations, "Initials" is an electronic experimentation in forward-thinking Balearic music. "TFTC" opens the set in vintage Leise fashion, freewheeling through New Age melodies, woozy pads and nuanced percussion while a host of otherworldy idents shimmer in the distance. Birdsong and whirlytube introduce the madcapped and metallic rhythms of "MITD" on the B1, a fresh twist on the fourth world vibe built out of the skeleton of '92 ambient house releases. Finally, "STTS" gives us subtle percs, echo drenched sound design and robotic rainforest idents, all filtered into a haunting and atmospheric vision of Balearic dub-techno.


Patrick says: Lysergic, cryptic and kind of mystical, Len's music is like a Monday morning conversation with our own Matt Ward - and I'm more than glad the Aussie producer is back. Where recent releases have crashed and womped through dubspace, "Initials" sees Len return to the outback esoterics of old, offering up a trio of Balearic dancefloor hits tinged with his otherworldly oddness. Killer!

Eli Escobar

Nightshade Edits Vol. 2

Two brand new, dancefloor tested reworks by label boss and Classic Music Company recording artist Eli Escobar. Aretha Franklin meets Bobby Kondors across this double header, with the songstress singing sweet nothings over an electronic drum beat and soulful pianos on side A while side B sees deep house classic "Poem" bolstered with big gospel vocals.


David says: Hearing "Africa" again has given me nothing but goosebumps! Even over this new groove it still does endless damage for the slower and smoochier dancefloor moments...

From the green hills of Albania to the back rooms of New York City, Sworn Virgins bring the light. A stranger's hand on your shoulder, bright red painted finger nails scratching your thigh, all those beautiful things that made you leave that small town you came from. Greased up and ready to go, close your eyes and take it in.
All very good, yeah, but what am I buying you may be asking yourself. You are getting quality. Beautiful, odd, warm, pushing the boundaries, sample heavy and funky as hell - think about a mixture of DJ Koze and Losoul and you start getting close to the beauty that is 'Fifty Dollar Bills'
Flip this very bad boy and you are greeted by a colder yet funky number with slightly more electro undercurrents with freaky vocals filling you up with the reasons why he is burning off his clothes off. Oddity, provocation and gender-bendering on this surprisingly mega Deewee release. I am getting a copy myself and dare to say that this is the house record you need this week. Will be a staple in your sets - if the crowd allows it. Not always easy. 


Sil says: Record of the week for me. Both sides are just gorgeously crafted. Proper alternative house for the freakos out there. You are not alone.

'Manchester has produced some of the world's most loved artists and bands - from indie to acid house - listened to by millions around the world. Ad Hoc Records continues this musical tradition, as a record label dedicated to showcasing the very best of Manchester's music scene - with a firm 21st century, 'post-everything' mentality.'

First up to grace MCR's newest imprint comes Banana Hill's very own Cervo with a track perfectly timed for midsummer. "Hesse Groove" swells with warm pads and skits forward with a simple rhythm, the dual affect is a sweltering piece of mid-session house bliss; perfect for uniting crowds early doors with the day's fug and heat still ripe in the air. Taurtollo follows up a cult adored Reform Radio show with a lively piece that nods to the global funk showcased across his show. Live percussion meets an infectious organ line before Taurtollo ramps up the tape delay and beefs up the beats for the final furlong. Very nice! Paul Chamber's brings a raw, Fela Kuti sampling afro-house cut sure to get your head bobbing before Piccadilly regular and So Flute! star Yadava follows up releases on Church and Banoffee Pies with "Kadampa 125" - a piece driven by heavy-ass double bass and suspended on a crest of tension.


Matt says: Manchester fires one back at Peckham's Rhythm Section and 22A with a jazz-leaning, forward-looking debut from the newly established Ad Hoc records. Watch out Bradley we're comin' for you...!

2Pac & Dr Dre / Ronnie Hudson & The Street People

California Love / West Coast Poplock

I love a good 5 Borough Breaks 7", and this sucka is one of the best. On the A-side we have the all time anthem of West Coast hip hop, Death Row banger "California Love" by 2Pac and Dr Dre. Packing maximum bounce to the ounce, Dre's bomb beat incorporates elements of Kleer's "Intimate Connection", Zapp's "Dance Floor" and most importantly Ronnie Hudson's "West Coast Pop Lock". Boasting a video based on Mad Max, Roger Troutman in talkbox overload and arguably the best verse of either rapper's career, this is dancefloor dynamite, no argument. Over on the flip we get the old school, OG, Compton cook out in the late 80s funk masterpiece "West Coast Pop Lock" from Ronnie Hudson. Bubbling synth bass, wacka guitar and loads of attitude make this a must for any drunk uncle at an LA BBQ. Mega!


Patrick says: "...Out on bail, fresh outta jail California dreamin', soon as I step on the scene I'm hearing hoochies screamin'..." - I rest my case!

Bill Brown & The Soul Injection

Time After Time

Bill Brown and Al Hall jr met around 1971, they were both in south central L.A and shared the same apartment building, also in the same building was Doug Carn and brownstone singer billy Wilson. These studio sessions were don't at Paramount studios Hollywood where Al Hall jr was working for producer Art Smith a&c music. The main distributor for A&C was Accent records. So the Soul Injections very first single "Stay off the moon" was released via Accent, as was Bill Browns "Bip Bam" The group wasn't that pleased with how Accent handle the releases so Bill took it upon himself to set up his own label called Brownstone records. Many musicians were called in for studio sessions these included Doug Carn, organ; Kirk Lightsey, keyboards; Mel Bolton, guitars; Mel Lee, drums; Al Hall jr (trombones), Willaim 'Bill'Henderson strings. The label was met with some confrontation from other Hollywood labels and many of the Brownstone releases were told not to hit the shops by Mafia run labels. Later around 1975 Brownstone released a track by Everyday people feat Alexis "world full of people"....A now cult soul 45 ....But wait, we at Super disco edits have unearthed the original tapes with the very first incarnation of that song and music, different lyric content and sung by Bill Brown. Not just this you get the instrumental on the b side!!


Patrick says: Currently putting our waistcoat expert and social media guru Pasta Paul in a right flap, the first Super Disco Edits in what seems like ages is as smooth and groovy a soul cut as you could possibly wish for.

Luca C & Brigante

Nastro Rosa

After topping the Balearic ID list with the sunset wonder of their first collaboration, "Lucio", Luca C & Brigante are back together with another tribute to the long lost Italian. This time round the duo cherry pick a blue eyed belter off Battisti's 1980 LP "Una Giornata Uggiosa", adding a little percussive thump, frequency adjustment and subtle fx use to bring out every last bit of drama from Lucio's excellent love song. Heart expanding, chest swelling and perfect for sunsets.


Patrick says: Luca C & Brigante in top edit form here, applying a little sunset twist to the utterly emotive "Con Il Nastro Rosa" from Italian hero Lucio Battisti. If you dug on Psychemagik's Fleetwood Mac edits, but you've got a hankering for Aperol, this will completely floor you at cocktail hour.

E. Myers

I Am Alive / Dreamland

E. Myers returns just in time for the summer, with two heaters of contrasting styles. "I Am Alive" is a a fiery dance ritual, cooked up from gated drums, big bass swell and digital perc. Synth-strings and fluorescent pad presets add the required juices and Myers stands back and lets the machines do the talking!

"Dreamland" keeps its poker face on throughout its entire 9 minutes. Threatening to break out through a teetering hook, but staying cool with its restrained bump, it's equally at home in basements as it is on beaches, teasing out all manner of endorphins from our drug soaked recesses. 


Matt says: Expertly programmed box jams here from rising talent E Myers. With a nod to both the dark analogue synths of Europe and the jarring mechanical rhythms of Detroit.

Secret Circuit's 2nd EP for Invisible Inc, the cryptically titled "Out Of Body Interiors".

Featuring four exclusive new tracks of the acid drenched, dubbed out, tropical disco variety Mr Ruscha, as always, delivers a sonic palette you won't find on many other imprints: from the turbo-charged homage to early 90s bleep meets indie rave euphoria of "Stomping Ground", through the chugging, motorik groove of "Crazy Ways" which sounds like it's blasting out full volume from a smoke-filled Space Patrol hovercar gone rogue then flipping over to side B and waking up in Mali, Andromeda in a haze of syncopated percussion, other-worldly guitar licks and a billion new synthetically generated sounds that you may strongly suspect you just imagined.....Finally, "The Feather Drop" which brings entirely new meaning to the word deep and which fires technicolour sounds of profoundly immense variety at the synapses at a rate of knots not many other producers can keep up with as all the while the bass holds court and keeps things deep rooted and dub heavy.

Secret Circuit (aka Eddie Ruscha V) has had a plethora of releases on an equally expansive plethora of labels under such names as The Parels (Lal Lal Lal), Blasé (ESP Institute), Food Of The Gods/Laughing Light Of Plenty (Whatever We Want), Odd Numbers ('No' Label), Shadow Kids (El Diablo's Social Club) and of course as Secret Circuit (Beats In Space, Emotional Response and Invisible, Inc.)


Matt says: Slow and steady, but powerful and heavy, like tectonic plates swaying under great pressure; just waiting for an eruption... Wrought iron tension doesn't come much more pleasing than this.

Legalize Lambada step up for their 4th outing with four delectable Afro disco edits from Sputnik. Starting the party off right, "Superlove" sees Sputnik channel early garage house with a sublime kwaito recut - all Zanzibar groove, echo-laden vocals and tropical synths before melting and smelting "Feeling Fine", a reggae tinged, Afro boogie gem with major Balearic possibilities. On the flip side, "Groove Me" unearths some feel good Cameroonian disco gold complete with killer guitar solo, whilst 'Rick' closes out the e.p. dropping the tempo for a synth soul, slow jam. With early support from Hunee, Lexx and the likes, LEG004 is shaping up to be one of the summers standouts.


Patrick says: Summer sizzler from Sputnik and Legalize Lambada here, hitting us with four different flavours of Afro-disco brilliance. More refreshing than a Supermalt and tastier than chin chin, this should smash it for the Worldwide, disco and Balearic crowds.

Croatian producer Ilija Rudman returns to Classic with his funk-drenched ‘Lovers Change Minds’. Well-known for his distinctive analogue-disco sound, the record’s delivery on 12” vinyl comes as a perfect pairing. He remains reverent to his well-rounded retro style with heavily filtered soft vocals complimented by a deep 70s-centric bassline. Hot Toddy’s bass-focused mixes come laden with electric guitar riffs and synth flares for an even slicker groove on Ilija’s smoothly minimalist masterpiece.


Sil says: Smooth operator Ilja Rudman grace us with a funky slow burner with soft vocals and infectious bassline. Hot Toddy turns things a bit more electronic but keeping the original funky patina well alive. Released under the legendary Classic Music Company record label. Ace!

Casino Times returns to Omena with a second EP, Recoded. For those of you that could not get enough of 'Decoded', released in 2017, here's four more tracks - all hitters, no shitters. 
Casino flexes his muscles once again. The man hits the jackpot more often than not showing his versatility and eclecticism, running away from easy pigeonholing. You are greeted with a weapon on "Voices". Proper house tune to heat it all up with playful effects and gracious synths. 
After making you sweat, we bring things down a notch with "This is My Channel", an electro tune that probably has been heavily influenced by Kraftwerk. The vocal sample is a nice touch. Electro I said, but on the soft warm side of the spectrum. 
You also get two more downtempo pieces. My favourite is the closing track which is worth the entire vinyl imho. "Display End Sequence" is a calm, deep house number full of dreamy effects and a cosy, soft bassline that does not let go. A beauty in its own right  and my top track in this very very good ep. Casino wins once again. No signs of fading away. 


Sil says: Casino Times turn at Omena towers. Uncompromising straight to the jugular house tracks that will not leave you indifferent. But also offering an introspective affair take on the house genre. Synth ridden, bubbly and warm. Casino hitting the jackpot again. True form.

Eureka!'s first release for 2k18 comes from Parisian sample king S3A, who shows off his perfect definition between underground quality emotional house music and dancefloor efficiency. A mixed bag for mixing, "Mountain Charr" give us 3 tracks in 3 completely different styles. "Doop Doop" does its thing in typical S3A style, bounding through characteristic vocal cut up by adding powerful horn section and melodic piano loop. On the B1, "Emotional M1" is a warm and cosy groove track with wonderful depth that is playable regardless of time or place; from lounge to dancefloor. To complete the package we have "Denials", a more downtempo offering, but its melody is fascinating, warm and sensual. This EP definitely brings you his predominant sense of sampling.


Sil says: Great 12" just landed here with loads of good feeling vocal and sample-ridden house. Perfect summer terrace tracks that are both dancefloor-friendly and great for the living room. My favourite, however, is the more downtempo track at the end...smooth and with a certain 90s cut and paste flair.

Over the course of the last decade, Black Pepper label boss Jose Manuel has proved to be one of electronic music's finest contemporary alchemists, conjuring percussive, intoxicating and otherworldly musical treats for such labels as Tusk Wax, Kinfolk, Kill The DJ, Optimo Trax and Music For Dreams.
The genius of Manuel's productions lies in the Italian's ability to conjure cracking cosmic compositions out of a diverse range of global rhythms, instruments and influences. Rarely has this been more evident than on his debut release for NuNorthernSoul, a four-track serving of dancefloor mysticism that puts mind-altering rhythms and saucer-eyed instrumentation front and centre.
Track, for example, the light and dreamy wrapped sumptuous Balearic synthesizer chords and melodies around gentle hand percussion and drifting Zambian vocals on the sublime 'Journey in Lusaka' followed by the feverish, trance-inducing African rhythms, delay-laden chants, psychedelic acid lines and jangling Jew's Harp motifs of intense opener 'Journey in Lusanda', a ritualistic Afro-Cosmic onslaught ripe for peak-time plays. If the EP opener is all about being flat on your back and staring skywards, the follow up is all about druggy, heads down sweatiness!
Manuel's deep love of Indian music is explored on 'Journey in Mumbai', where exotic sitar lines, fluttering clarinets and echoing, densely layered female vocals rise above a thick, tabla-fired groove. It's naturally hugely evocative and atmospheric - a fine dose of emotion-rich spirituality capable of inducing hallucinations in the straightest of listeners.
To complete the EP, our hero travels even further east for 'Journey in Osaka', a fittingly percussive exploration of Japanese music's past and present that also includes audible nods towards the poly-rhythmic drums of West Africa. It's a superb combination of traditional instrumentation, 21st century electronics, heavyweight rhythms and mood-enhancing melodic flourishes.
Like the rest of the Journeys In...EP, it's both hugely alluring and impeccably produced.


Patrick says: I've been a big fan of the mighty Jose Manuel for a long while now, and this four track debut for NuNorthern Soul sees the Italian continue his exploration of exotic electronics and outernational Balearic beat. There's plenty to enjoy here, but it's the acid tinged trance-dance of "Journey In Luanda" that's doing the most for me.

Petre Inspirescu


New outing from Petre Inspirescu on Mule Musiq, his first since the 2017 full-length outing, 'Vîntul Prin Salcii'. Definitely taking cues from the godfather of wonky, "Murgulll" and "Cumva" have Villalobos written all over them - those cushion soft drums, ghost perc artifacts and a subby wobble; all drawn out over a long, adynamic arrangement. I've you've ever spent your weekend chasing the Chilean demigod up and down the river Spree off yer head on a combo on cheap whizz and strong K then this is going to be direkt auf deiner Straße!!


Matt says: Big release for the up-all-nite brigade. 48 hour weekends taken care of here - RIYL: Villalobos, Sylphe, Perlon, Plus8 etc etc.

Cong Burn's third record to date and with another sterling selection of artists. Kicking things off is Chekov who, if I'm not mistaken, drops only his fourth joint to date. "Spring" is a hot lil number, teasing us with synthesized mallets and a glitchy, aquatic atmosphere before deploying soft kicks and low subs for a technical proficient exercise in night club dynamics. Popping up in sets from Lena Willikens, Call Super and the Hessle trio, you can see why this producer's already making waves in the underground. Freerotation star Duckett contributes "Lost In Israel"; characterized by complex arpeggios and glassy synth presets it shimmers exotically like a philosopher's stone in the middle of some enchanted rainforest. Lack is fast becoming known for some seriously advanced and ear-pricking sounds, his contribution here being no exception as intricate rhythms are bolstered with volumous synthwork which seems to probe lesser user frequencies for an inquisitive and exploratory glance into wormhole sub-sonics. "Anabiosis" means a temporary state of suspended animation or greatly reduced metabolism and is the perfect title for Haddon's EP closer which does away with a standard linear arrangement and instead wallows in thick pools of synthesis, electronic textures and red-shift refracted sound effects; drizzling the listener in thick plasma. Quality, upfront sounds from this fledging label - check!


Matt says: Excellent stuff here for those with a penchant for new and techy vibes. Four artists with a solid grasp of sound design and rhythmic foundation.

Just in time for summer, RNT drops a 3-tracker of tropical heat from Brazilian outfit Balako. Although relative newcomers, their production prowess has been known to their Rio de Janeiro musical community and beyond for some time, and is on full display here. The A-side showcases their knack for modernizing the canonical Brazilian MPB sound, from the deceptively demonic build of "Batuque", to the acidic-leaning lilt of "Deixa Acontecer". The flip side takes a hard turn left of field with "Honey Honey Honey", a 9 minute opus of Afro-Brazilian disco insanity, primed for those balmy summertime roof parties.


Matt says: Beguiling, mysterious and enchanted additions to the new disco / nu cosmic camps here. RIYL: Acid Arab, Ptaki, Sputnik or Black Bones.

Oneohtrix Point Never

We'll Take It

Oneohtrix Point Never (aka OPN / Daniel Lopatin) returns hot on the heels of his latest album ‘Age Of’ with a four track EP featuring album single ‘We’ll Take It’ and three new OPN songs.

An album favourite, ‘We’ll Take It’ is given new context here as the lead track and video.

A dark, facetious song that fuses industrial sounds, ecstatic and reckless synths, and something OPN described as “sideways ragtime” piano played by James Blake.

An edited version of ‘Trance 1’ has been heard as part of ‘A Message From Earth’, a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Golden Records sent on both Voyager Spacecrafts with sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on our planet.

Two additional unreleased tracks round out the first in a series of companion releases to ‘Age Of’.

Includes download card.


Barry says: Never one to shy away from innovative synthesis techniques, outsider composition and hypnotic ambience, the great Daniel Lopatin presents a trio of unheard gems on top of the astoundingly superb 'We'll Take It'. Brilliantly evocative, haunting and perfectly balanced. Another OPN stormer.

Ron Modell inaugurated Ario's Astral Industries label with "Lanterns" back in 2014. That album has since become an epic, highly sought after collectable; both of the esteemed producer's catalogue, the well respected label's output and as a pivotal addition to the global dub-techno archive.

Returning to the label for the first time since then, "Immersions", as is often the formula for Rod, consists of two, side-long pieces which traverse into hypnogogic multi-verses and wide-spectrum dream states.

Opening with glistening ambient textures, "Immersion I" grows into an 18-minute piece of deep, rolling dub techno. On the other side "Immersion II" paints pristine soundscapes of soft, lapping waves, underpinned by submerged pulsations that rise to the surface to continue its deep space explorations. Two highly refined and inspiring tracks that sit on the apogee of this sound and are sure to become as treasured as the previous epic longplayer for the label... Don't sleep. 


Matt says: Big Roddie M - back on Astral Industries... you know what that means folks! (he saves his choice cuts for this stable...). Side-long, propulsive hypnogogia by one of the greats. You know what to do!

This is it. The number one. El Numero Uno. The Bomb. The tune that gives you street soul bass up in your face and will destroy your speakers if you're not careful. Quite simply the greatest & most sought after street soul holy grail of them all. The sound of Manchester then and now. Adored the world over and currently (ambitiously) selling on Discogs for £1999.00. Bô'vel - Check 4 U (1996) will finally be available again via Be With in July.

Fully remastered, produced in conjunction with Bô'vel herself and our man RUF DUG and featuring the huge METRODOME remix everyone's been raving about on the flip. Ltd. to 1000. Don't sleep. ENJOY.


Matt says: Here it is folks! Most anticipated 12" of the year following HOT-2-TROT plays at Ruffy's Lab, Red Laser, Wet Play AND Friend's And Family. A taste of pure MCR history, from '96 to now with the original conceived way back during the first bout of Three Lions fever while Metrodome's remix brings the flavour straight back to Moss Side circa 2k18. This is the real shit!!!

In a move that's frankly left me a quivering mess of giddy fanboy, Smalltown Supersound offer an excellent extension of Kelly Lee Owens' chart smashing debut LP (Piccadilly #1 folks) with a remix 12" featuring the mighty Prins Thomas! I feel like Neil Tennant and Dusty Springfield ("What Have I Done To Deserve This") but in a Wayne's World "We're Not Worthy" style. It's tough for me to choose a favourite track from Kelly's LP, but "Bird" is a cut I keep coming back to. Intricate chimes unwind like an Escher-ed out clock, sumptuous strings harness 'Omar Sharif in Laurence of Arabia' grandeur while the pulsing bass tones and well honed 4/4 lead the way to the nearest big rig. Heady stuff! So what happens when Scandinavia's hardest working production wizz gets his hands on the stems? Well, as you'd imagine it's an epic affair clocking in at an immersive, extensive, this is now the soundtrack to my waking life, 17 minutes. Layered, structured and mixed with Thomas' trademark cosmic flair, the track builds from staccato sequence into techno-tropical percussion pow wow before cooling down for the first breakdown, a stripped back and spacious segment dominated by that girthy bass pulse. Deep as it gets, the track then evolves into a neo-tribal house jam - all precision engineered kicks, nuanced congas and judderring synth pulses before bridging into a classic space disco groover akin to the Norwegian's recent remixes for Pilotwings and Todd Terje. And just when you'd got comfortable there's another shedload of ants in your pants, wriggling and jiggling through de/re-tuning synth blasts, twisted percussion iterations and slinking sound design. Closing with an obligatory cool down, this is up there with any Prins Thomas production, OG or remix! The set rounds off with a more concise edit of this tantric session, designed specifically for DJs who don't get the luxury of an eight hour set! Two thumbs up and one gold hippo - I can't recommend this enough!


Patrick says: I'm absolutely buzzing about this one! Two of my favourite musical forces united on one top 12" cut and mastered for the club! Alongside the excellent original version of K-Lo cut "Bird" we get a ridiculously good remix from Prins Thomas, who stretches, spangles and wrangles the OG into a 17 minute marathon for his best Diskomiks to date. Not content with that killer he also provides an eight minute variation for us regular DJ folks. Buy on sight!

Sweeping in like an African breeze, "Sirocco" is the second EP by Bruxas, the psychedelic, beat-driven, tropical, house group consisting of Jacco Gardner and Nic Mauskovic, featuring the percussive talents of Jungle By Night’s Tienson Smeets. If you're not yet hip to these sunkissed cats, this is a fine introduction, delving into the world of exotic, cinematic, Balearic-sunshine. A leisurely, pleasurely cruise layered with phazed-out, tropical synths. It’s a sound for the summer. Good vibes only please.
Following up from last year’s "Más Profundo EP", Bruxas return with Sirocco, an EP named after the Mediterranean wind warmed up by the sun drenched Saharan sands. Lead track ’Sirocco’ washes over like a sea current of dreamy, tribal, synth-wave, flowing and ebbing in mixed colours of a psychedelic haze. It teases of something grandiose, which later appears in the form of a club version. Remixed for some secret island hideaway orchestrated by DJ Harvey, 'Sirocco (Club Version)' builds on the resplendent melodies and driving percussion of the original, adding some foot-tapping, devilish keys and retro-progressive synth lines to add subtle, summery tension and flare. 'Hermes’ meanwhile drives along at a casual 100bpm, with a cumbia-styled Casio line, and a jaunty, leisure-like, Latin-groove, and fiesta feel. The final track on the EP, 'Maria’s Holiday' has another up-beat, Casio-styled groove, set alongside a poolside party, with bongo-beat rumblings and a disco rhythm. It’s the soundtrack to a summer cocktail party, to watch the sun slowly set on a tropical fiesta.


Patrick says: Wicked worldly grooves from the mighty Bruxas here, as the retro-tropical duo don the safari gear and weave through the undergrowth. Sultry as you like and drenched in sunkissed sound design, this loose grooves are the perfect dance floor scorcher for house, disco and Balearic types.

Emotional Rescue returns with the third (and final?) King Sporty & The Ex Tras releases with the first ever-official reissue of cult boogie jam Do You Wanna Dance? Coming as remastered vocal and instrumental, plus again featuring a special Discomix, this time courtesy of acid-disco slayer Felix Dickinson.
Appearing shortly after the success of the band's only album, "Extra Funky", "Do You Wanna Dance?" pointed the way forward, moving further from Disco and closer to the rising electro-boogie sounds that were sweeping the dance floors.
The confident up / jump electro drum programming, slap bass and trademark Sporty guitar chops are propelled by a monster swamp inducing synth arpeggio that sings the funk electric, while hip-hop-shout-outs ride the rhythm. If the vocals are too much for some, then the original Instrumental (dub) is also included for those just wanting that infectious groove.
As many will recall, Do You Wanna Dance? featured on Felix's "Originals" compilation for Claremont 56 back in 2011, so when the King Sporty reissue project was coming together there was only one name to be asked for the Discomix. With a long history of DJing and music production, as well the man behind the Recycled Records, Fools Gold, Urban Myth and Bastedos labels, as well many, many releases on the long running and aptly titled Cynic Recordings, his remix arrives on point.
Teasingly drawn out, his mix switches back / forth between versions, the interplay between vocals, guitar, bass and electro-glide synths hypnotically building, with Dickinson's deftly dubbing tripping it out, making the title's question irrelevant, as mind and feet involuntarily move.


Patrick says: I first came across the squelching brilliance of "Do You Wanna Dance?" on Felix Dickinson's Originals comp and I've loved it ever since. This top notch reissue gives us the instrumental and original as well as mega Discomix from Felix who wonks things around wonderfully.

Vive La Musique brings you an official reissue and rework of the unique and highly sought after Zouk track 'Tabala Mouv'. The song is is the standout composition from the ultra-rare 'Tabala' series, released on vinyl in the mid 80s. After many months of searching, label head Aroop Roy managed to track down songwriter and producer, Maurice Agad, to the Caribbean island of Martinique. The 12" includes the original track and two brand new versions, making a special package that many are touting as one of the soundtracks of the summer. In the original, Detroit-esque keys and a Balearic beat captivate you from the opening bars and uplifting vocals and a euphoric horn section combine to transport you to an idyllic paradise.
Aroop Roy steps up the tempo and flips the groove for a trademark rework that will have universal appeal to house, disco and tropical music fans. The release is made complete with a subtle extended edit from Truccy. The package is presented with beautiful full cover artwork, limited to the first pressing, which is likely to go very quickly.


Patrick says: Though the house DJs will find plenty of use for Aroop Roy's saucy uptempo remix, it's the original that's blowing my mind here. Rolling along at an excellent mid tempo, this tropical tonker is gonna be a smash for the Balearic DJs.

In 1978, Brian Eno started what would become his seminal Ambient series with Music for Airports. If he was to add a fifth volume to the series in 2018, he would probably call it “Music for Social Medias”, wouldn’t he? Not 100% sure that this is about to happen, Antinote take the lead and invite Oz’s River Yarra to give his own take on Music for Social Medias (and the result doesn’t sound at all like ambient music).
At least, we might accurately call it “music from social medias”, as it sometimes feel it’s been generated by a possessed creative algorithm. Starting with the opening track, Aorsom Wislhs (whose name must have been given by a deficient Messenger chat bot), one might feel disoriented by the extremely weird and wonky lead melody. The melody of Sli Ggogg (sic) – the slow jam opening the flip side – is equally uneven; add to this the unsettling (slightly) human-sounding voice and you’re in for a trip to the Uncanny Valley.
But there’s a sense of non-human randomness infusing all of these four songs. Take the intensely mesmerizing "Respiration Alternée" with Elen Huynh, for example: there’s a high probability that its lyrics come from some random meditation tutorial found on YouTube, translated into French by an anxious Google Translate bot, eager to bring some (cheap?) spirituality to IRL dancefloors.
With this debut EP, the Ozzie producer succeeds in rounding up disparate & dubious elements together in a serious way without departing from a non-serious attitude - the record even rounds off with a very “put your hands in the air” moment with Space Gekko’s ravey sirens. “Music to party on the River Yarra to” (just Google it).


Patrick says: High concept, mid-fi and well current, the latest Antinote EP sees Australian house misfit River Yarra take a bendy and blurred journey into unconventional house music, naive drum machines and jacking new age which should sit nicely next to your Andras Fox and Len Leise tackle.

Parrish Smith

Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal

Parrish Smith makes his Dekmantel debut on the label’s sister-techno imprint, UFO, with a blend of avant garde electronics and industrial vibrations.
"Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal" sees Dutch producer Parrish Smith work outside of the realm of genres and tempos, creating his own unique template of saturated and crunchy music with a punk spirit running throughout. With title track "Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal", Parrish Smith channels his inner Alan Vega, with some screaming guitars, and 65bpm machine-crunching body beats, lurching into a sultry space of slick wave music. "Mute" jacks up the feeling of tempo, rife with energetic drum machines, pulsing synths and retro-fitted vocals, similar to the sound of something Daniel Miller might have released himself back in the early 80s. "Skins", delves further into the mechanical, with a grinding bass that bleeds through the track’s entirety, while "Fall Into Sin" sees him explore the world of deconstructed, gothic-pop yet further. An inspired set from this new signing.


Barry says: Taking the throbbing dystopian pulse of early industrial music and infusing it with a more modern percussive drive and rhythmic flow was never going to be a particularly easy task, but Parrish Smith has managed to give life to the shadowed galvanised beats and distorted vox. Propulsive but nuanced, this is an essential for any fan of industrial, minimal wave or new beat.

Secret Squirrels

No. 18

Those mysterious re-edit rodents are back again, bringing muchos music on a serious stereo scorcher. The crew start the party with a bright eyed bomb on the A-side, serving up a serious refix of a jazz-funk killer with the maximum panache. Spiraling synth riffs, breezy guitar and a rolling 4/4 keep the rave crew locked in, while occasional laser fire, hands in the air vocals and a squelching bass sound offer the kind of fist pumping interludes that leave the punters coming back for more. Over on the B-side another bushy tailed banger keeps the funk on the front foot, shuffling as it does through swooning strings, chicken-picked guitars, walking bass and squirming vocal sleaze. Hot stuff!


Patrick says: The rodents return for an 18th edition of their party starting series, and this time it's all about the funk. Uptempo and off kilter, these two head nodders should cause mayhem in the disco!


Dragon Wave/Vx Ltd

Skipping the completely cryptic sales notes which accompany all Safe Trip 12"s, I'll give you a little audio exposition on this strange groover from Den Hague's Dazion. The A-side slides into tribal territories thanks to tumbling percussion and bubbling electronics, twisted into a hypnotic offering which generally rejects classification. On the flip we have "VX Ltd", a more poignant and melancholic outing, utilising spacey electronic melodies, gently bobbing chords, heart-aching guitar flourishes and a tough but broken rhythm track. 


Patrick says: Dazion follows up his hawt hit on Second Circle with a 5D dance floor bomb on Safe Trip. On the A-side techno-tribal percussion dances around a ritualistic riff, while the B-side brings spaced out electro with a hint of melancholy. Music for the 4-HO-5-MEO crew...

New Zealand based EBM auteur Body Beat Ritual makes his debut on Bergerac with an incendiary EP of full throttle intense dark wave bangers.
Growing up in North West England immersed in hardcore punk and rave culture led to musical experiments and Body Beat Ritual is his unique splicing of both aesthetics.
Using a combination of hardware, audio samples and midi sequencing, Body Beat Ritual reclaims the moment when underground musicians in Manchester, Chicago and Ghent put down their guitars and picked up drum machines and sequencers bringing the intensity, rawness and aggression of the band environment to the dancefloor. "Mortal Sin" is a certified smasher. Absolute dancefloor decimation whenever it's played out. No more description necessary. "No Mercy" evokes the Lost Boys vibe with an equally high octane raw workout. Trent Reznor meets Jeff Mills at a DAF gig on a flatliner. The EP closes with "Body Politics" which lowers the tempo to a chuggier zone, with an ode to female empowerment which keeps up that Body Beat pressure and intensity. 


Sil says: It is all in the title, amigos. This is hardcore body workout that could perfectly be used in military conditioning and training! Uncompromisingly fast, strident at times but dead effective techno here. Your neighbours will not appreciate it though.

As Stroom continue to go from strength to strength with their flawless string of archival releases, they revist the unique audio world of Axel Liebeert for a maxi 12" of unreleased Pablo's Eye cuts. Where "Spring Break" introduced us to the calming coastal and cool ambient ends of Axel's audio spectrum, "Bardo For Pablo" puts the percussion up front, resulting in a rhythmic selection of otherworldly audio. Opener "Amb 8" serves up a solid machine rhythm, floating pads and a hypnotic keyboard sequence, while "Cypher NY Mix" is a tranquilised trip into dreamy downbeat territories - check out the panning! Grooving along, "Today" kills it with heavy tom abuse and a bottom end thrust along the lines of Massive Attacks "Safe From Harm". The percussive processing continues on the B-side via the techno tribal stomp of "My Only Guide Is", a hefty hit of machine voodoo essential for fans of Tolouse Low Trax. Bringing us to the finish line "Self Abandonment" and  "I Have No Other Compass" offer hazy percussion and optimistic ambience respectively. Live in limbo folks.


Patrick says: Stroom revisit Pablo's Eye for a 6 track selection of previously unreleased pearls. Pushing its way towards the dance floor (with predictable sophistication) this set slinks along with touches of trip hop, machine voodoo, valium downbeat and ace ambience.

LIONSPRINTCOMPLETEINTENTHOUSANDPRACTICESTHUSCOMEONE 'A mysterious box arrived at the office labelled 'Tsho-Drong Zimpo'. Inside were incense sticks, a bubble wrapped DAT tape with a telephone number on it. We lit the sticks, ran the DAT and a call was made immediately.'
Well, that was not very illuminating. So here it is my very personal opinion of this truly good techno 12":
Thumping raw harsh industriallish / hellish techno moves on 'Lscittptco'. You will be annoying your neighbours if played loud, on the other hand you will see yourself moving in sync with this tiger of a track. Hypnotic tribal gathering with location sound surrounding the beats including chants to chill things down a notch.  We commence to pump things a bit with a slow paced menacing bad boy coming to get ya on our ascension from the humid, dark and eerie caves of the underground. You will 'see' how terrifying all of this is when you listen 'Ascend to Terra Firma'. And to close it all off, well, we go back to the start. 'Opium' is just that, a drug fuelled fast techno track with some atonal yet captivating melody on top. A bit too fast for old me but surely will cause some damage if played rightly. 


Sil says: Off the beaten track techno affairs here. Slow paced, fast paced, ambient paced, you name it. Proper though. Proper stuff for the open minded soul.

After releasing their "Yantar" LP digitally last year, Hell Yeah now serve up a much anticipated vinyl version of Richard Somerville and Craig Wilson's perfectly horizontal sounds. It features two of the superb originals with remixes from The Beat Broker and Los Gatos Escobar.
Somerville & Wilson have appeared on ISM Records, DWDK (Danny Was A Drag King), Paper Records and Music for Dreams and count the likes of Tensnake and Gerd Janson as fans of their laidback and charming grooves, and this EP is a real slab of heat that will surely sizzle souls across the world this summer.
First up, The Beat Broker proves he is on fire right now with a remix of the classic 'Melt.' His heart swelling remix has impossibly mellow chords ringing out into a yellow-orange sky as melodies rise and fall like a yacht bobbing on gentle waters. It's a blissed out musical sunset of the highest order.
Then comes Somerville & Wilson's 'Cero Gravity', eight minutes of cosmic synth workouts, yawning chords and long legged drums offset by soft acid. Drenched in reverb and rippling out in all directions, it's a warm musical rush that keeps washing over you until your soul melts away.
From New York, Los Gatos Escobar duo offer a more driving but just as tropical remix of 'Yantar' with big rubbery drums, zoned out chords and smeared pads. It's beautifully innocent and honest, heartfelt and meditative music that encourages you to escape to a seaside paradise.
Last of all, a melted Space Edit of Yantar is drowned in saturated chords, scorched pads and heat damaged keys that leave you adrift in a sea of sumptuousness. Music doesn't come much more majestic, melodic and mellow than this.


Sil says: Loads of mid tempo spacey synth to keep balearic and cosmic disco heads stroking their chins. It is also pretty dancefloor friendly whilst Los Gatos Escobar and Yantar - on remix duties - take you back to 'Drive' movie aesthetics. Decent and fresh like a gentle breeze that caress your skin whilst hypnotised by the sunset on some almost deserted Pacific ocean beach. You can bottle that feeling if you buy this 12".

Idris Muhammad

Boogie To The Top - Inc. Young Pulse Remix

A much welcomed reissue of the 1978 Idris Muhammad gem 'Boogie To The Top'. Released a year after, arguably, Idris' most well-known anthem, 'Could Heaven Ever Be Like This' the similarities in style and composition are clear. Expertly produced, rich instrumentation, expansive drum fills, gospel tinged full-bodied vocals, all the while epic and life affirming in its nature - what more could you want?
Young Pulse steps up on the b-side, to add his own subtle touches and tweaks to the original. Looping the guitar and echoing out the vocals whilst working in more of the synth lines. The addition of a crisp clap and extra percussion add an element more vibrancy into this mix, keeping the original feel intact whilst revitalising it for 2018.


Sil says: Feel good, hands in the air disco killer here. You get the super original plus an oomphed, dj-friendly and muscle-toned revision to turn everybody crazy. Absolutely essential.

Black Meteoric Star (Gavin Rayna Russom)

3 Love Songs

A very exciting release, and one not often seen on these shores (unfortunately) comes from LCD's synth-master and all-round legend, Gavin Rayna Russom under the name 'Black Meteoric Star'. '3 Love Songs' is a trio of hardware jams, brimming with analogue grit and shadowy, post-apocalyptic drive. First off, we get the appropriate echoed warning to 'Take Cover' before the snappy envelope and manipulated filters of 'Love Song #1' really take hold. Underpinned by an insistent woody kick and a shuffled hats, the throbbing saw wave near-octave (such is the wonder of modular synths, being innately fiddly to tune, some of the less experienced manipulators among us might stumble upon this microtonal anomaly, whereas in experienced hands such as these, it is obviously intentional and perfectly measured) pulls the piece along with a dystopian momentum, brimming with feeling but saturated and distorted to give the impression of a cast of characters collaboratively playing the leading role through co-operation and cohabitation.

We get a gradual build-up of pressure, through the introduction of space-echoed vocal snippets endlessly looping and slowly degrading, with pinpointed percussive grooves and perfectly manipulated filters. At no point during it's almost 8-minute length does it feel laboured or over-familiar, retaining enough melodic intrigue and stylistic variance to keep the hypnotic drive afloat.

'Love Song #2' retains the same sense of pace and sonic qualities as its predecessor, building on the steady pulses and tentative sonic exploration, but with a more syncopated percussive undertone, alternating between the sonic domination of the weighty LPF sweeps on the primary saw-wave and the lengthy decay on the open hi-hat, creating a sort of call and response duality. The machinated pitch variances led by an offset-controlled quantiser help to break out of the robotic drive by adding a sense of randomisation, and work away from the industrious guidelines of the previous piece, opening up into the majestic closer and groove-led throb of 'Love Song #3'

By far the most humanised piece on the whole collection, but introduced at just the right time, the third piece kicks things off with heavily shuffled hats and resonant oscillator taking the lead role, joined by vocal shards pushed through reams of tape, and brought to the front of the sonic workspace. Once again, there are echoes of the previous pieces on here but unhampered by recidivism, it's a progressive and developmental suite of pieces, designed to be heard together and all the better for the thread of continuity running through the collection. 3 Love Songs is brimming with analogue grit, but at the same time feels almost organic, blooming into a dark but emotive suite of throbbing pulses and hypnotic bunker jams. Stunning stuff. 


Ltd 12" Info: Marbled pink vinyl.

Phonica Records welcomes Spanish producer extraordinaire and Hivern mainstay Pional to its label with the "XME / One Night Stand" 12”.

Pional is Miguel Barros and the Madrid based musician has been producing for over a decade. With a string of well received solo releases on the aforementioned Hivern Discs, as well as Permanent Vacation, Young Turks and Counter, remixing the likes of The XX, Chairlift, The Rapture, Prins Thomas and John Talabot (who he also co-wrote the incredible "Fin" album become somewhat of a treasure part of the modern scene.

For his Phonica release he has produced two versions of two very special tracks. On the A-side, "XME" is a melancholic and uplifting electronic excursion with delicate flourishes of it’s synthesised melody becoming a real ear-worm throughout its six and a half minutes. The slower and more foreboding "Quiet Ceremony" reinterpretation takes the same melody in a darker direction.

On the other side, "One Night Stand" is a bumping, stripped back and moody club track with ghostly vocals floating above metallic pads rising to a release of energy and emotion. The "Slow Drumapella" lowers the tempo and alters the feel of the track, reducing its elements to a bare-bones drum track with the vocal, fx and pads eventually coming to the fore.


Matt says: Unequivically Pional through and through: those tantalizing, edge-of-your-seat melodies and hooks breaking through a taut and tense dreaminess; there's no one sounds like quite like him!

Druk 11000

Zamboling / Sibsoo Bazaar

This 7” is a collaboration between Silverbullit, Fontän and the Bhutanese group AA Yang - Ensemble. The project took shape during a mythical trip to Bhutan where the Swedish composer and multi instrumentalist Johan 'The Count' Westman who’s living in the country, hooked the altitude sick Scandinavian musicians up with AA Yang - Ensemble. The local monks then blessed the musicians under mystical ceremonial procedures. With protection from the dragon of thunder, Druk 11000 has produced some of the most powerful, loving and life embracing music yet to have been released on Höga Nord Rekords! The songs springs toward the top of Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutans highest mountain, building a mighty storm, noticeable all the way to the Scandinavian woodlands!


Matt says: Hoga Nord continue in earnest, on one of their most lysergic trips to date. Druk 11000 sound like the most sherm-riddled band off a lost Light Sounds Dark comp - but is actually a modern day amalgamation of Himalayan and Swedish talent - the result is a technicoloured, magic carpet ride into mountain voodoo rock - and is very good indeed!

Captain Planet is back on Bastard Jazz with the second volume of his Mystery Trip series. Digging deep into his record collection housed in a Flatbush storage unit, the Captain has pulled out a hefty selection of joints from all over the world and has deftly chopped, sliced, skewed, and reworked them into a full mixtape full of his exclusive edits, and an ultra limited run of white label, hand stamped 12"s with the choicest dancefloor cuts from the tape.
Things kick off with "Oluku", a bubblin' Nigerian dubby disco jam with a heavy bassline and pounding drums, followed by "Manman Mwan" - a big uptempo, percussion and chant heavy African killer. On the flip, "Sapatiero" heads to Brasil with it's bouncing synth bass, beefed up drums and dreamy vocals, while "El Marcianito" rounds things off on a chugging, ultra funky Cumbia note.

Volume 4 "Sound of the Summer EP " from Tropical Disco Edits crew brings in the summertime with 4 expertly crafted cuts, each perfectly tailored for the discerning disco dance floor.
This edition comes kicks off with the latest member of their family, Moodena who premieres on the label with his summer groove "Strawberry Jam" a jazzy disco fusion with tinges of George Benson, sure to sweeten up any dance floor. Tropical Disco Edits boss Sartorial comes in with two jazz funk rollers in "Feel It" and "Electric Lane", with both tracks having his signature sound that just makes you want to shake your booty! Finally, "Got You the Floor" sees Simon Kennedy team up with Sartorial to produce a classic groovin Tropical Disco track - a real favourite with in the Tropical Disco family!


Sil says: Tropical and disco. Two words that bring over many good feelings. And that is what this ep will bring to your life and those who will find it impossible to stop dancing once you put the needle on this killer 12". As tropical as Manchester has been over the past four weeks!

SB Traxx returns for their second outing, flexing four original club Traxx from Anthony Fade. 'Mind Games' opens things up - a Jackin' acid drum machine workout awash with 707 hits and 303 squelch. The A2 'M1 Cause Everyones Gotta Have Fun' then hits you with a piano rave weapon - gritty and hard hitting coupled with those classic M1 stabs.
Flip it over for a top-down summer anthem in 'I'm Weak' marrying RnB tinged vocals and shuffling rhythms before 'Dr. Ice' closes it out with a golden-era hip hop inspired deep house groover.


Sil says: A bit of techno and a bit of house in this solid SB Traxx release. 'Mind Games' is the tune here for me - acid house with a touch of industrial techno. Followed very closely by the hands in the air 'Cause Everyones Gotta Have Fun'. Worth its price for these two bangers.

Skymark's "Find A Pace In This Crazy World" is a silky smooth, electronic deep house affair. Jubilant, shimmering and full of vigor, obvious comparisons can be drawn with Ron Trent's Future Vision Records and the Electric Blue series. Hence it was a no-brainer to get big Ron in on remixes duties.

The OG utilizes undulating lead organs and a variety of synths to weave stylishly between the angelic vocal parts, sprinkling quite active solos over the track while a squelchy bassline and a heavenly flute part add extra decoration. In contrast Ron pacifies the excitement just slightly, stripping away the busy solos for a steady, warm chord progression, one of his typically rubbery b-lines and some subtle Chi-town flair n magic. Tip top!


Sil says: Soulful, laidback and chilled deep house 12" with no other than Ron Trent serving the main dish. He applies some light touches to the original (special mention goes to those smooth keys taken from some boogie disco monster I cannot remember now). An organic beat accompanies the track all along making this a lovely and beautiful remix worth the whole 12". Essential I say.

Release number two on the recently birthed Flat White Records, is a 5 track piece of genius from Felipe Gordon, the man who's hot on everybody's lips at the moment. Not only does he run Nomada Records, the Colombian has previously had releases with the likes of Church, Toy Tonics, Quintessentials and Secret Crunch. He has now teamed up with Flat White Records to bring you an EP that proves that Felipe is definitely one to watch! 


Sil says: A little nice pack of feel good disco edits with a cheeky acid number embedded. Mandatory on any summer playlist. Fun fuelled and smile inducing 12".

“Boss Moves”, Luca Lozano's debut for Running Back, and generously spread over two discs, investigates the hybrid sound that once was embodied by groups like Future Sound of London, labels like Guerilla and DJs such as Sasha or Dave Angel. Blessed with the production of skills of today, the eyes of a tailor and the chemoreceptors of a perfumer, the Klasse Wrecks and Graffiti Tapes man delivers nine tracks that do it all: tribal, trance, breakbeats, house, 303s, bleeps, rave, dubby deepness and pianos. A trip back in time when smiley faces weren't clichéd and dance culture was purer, less diluted and much more underground.

Lozano quickly made a name for himself thru solid releases on taste making labels like Super Rhythm Trax and Unknown To The Unknown before starting his own imprint Klasse Recordings. Now for the firmly established Running Back label we see another fully defined artist statement from the Berlin based lover of all things '90s, acid and graffiti based. We heart Lozano! 


Matt says: Modern warehouse acid merchant, Luca Lozano drops a double disc collection for established label Running Back and its a brilliant portrait of this upfront producer. C-c-c-check!

Coach Hop

I Like Taylor Swift

    First release on the Scratchy Records singles club is this  power pop anthem from Florida born, London based Charlie Laurence aka Coach Hop.

    On the surface, I LikeTaylor Swift is a lovesong to the titular popstar but upon closer inspection, is an observation on the state of the modern music industry, “In the song I admit I haven’t really listened to much of her music but I’m inundated with images and stories about her” says Charlie. Throughout the song it verges on an admission that it’s not cool to like Taylor Swift but in his trademark style, Charlie doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, as he sings “I like Taylor Swift and I don’t care who knows it, it’s not a guilty pleasure, it’s just a normal pleasure.”

    For fans of They Might Be Giants, Weezer, Fountains Of Wayne etc.

    1988 - The second 'summer of love' - The UK is in the grip of acid house fever, warehouses, sports halls, basements and nightclubs are reverberating to the new dance sounds emanating from Chicago and Detroit. Unbeknownst to most at the time this halcyon year will go down in the history books as a defining time that will shape the future of dance music. All major cities in the UK had their own scene, their own sound and their own legends. Manchester is one such city, a much storied participant with a legendary musical pedigree. Enter Annette, built around vocalist Annette Dos Reis this was a veritable all-star group featuring Quando Quango's Mike Pickering, A guy called Gerald, A certain ratio's Simon Topping and respected studio face Ritchie Close all on production. 'Dream 17' was the group's first outing on the newly minted DeConstruction label in 1988 and boasted a truly original and fresh spin on the US sounds that were dominating dance-floors at the time, so much so that most people didn't believe the record was created in the UK! Obviously it made perfect sense to draft in Detroit's Derrick May to craft a stellar remix that pushed the record even further into the stratosphere. May's remix wasn't included on the original 12" and was hugely sought after by DJ's and jocks alike. This is the first time all of the mixes of 'Dream 17' have been collected in one place, the complete package of this all time classic, a true old school transatlantic anthem available again for today's dance.
    'Dream 17' has been legitimately released with the full involvement of the rights holders and remastered by Bristol's Optimal Mastering from the original DAT tapes especially for this release. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at Mint Condition!


    Matt says: Strong dance moves on display here as we get the 'big fish little fish' creeper, "Dream 17". A big hit with Red Laser's Il Bosco this is a fire re-ish from Mint Condition.

    Roisin Murphy

    Play Thing / Like (Produced By Maurice Fulton)

    Following the release of “All My Dreams / Innocence”, Róisín Murphy unveils the second pair of tracks from the four record series. All produced by our man Maurice Fulton and released via the monolithic Vinyl Factory!

    Combining video and art, "Play Thing" was filmed over a two day residency in London’s The Store X. The track sees Murphy deliver an empowered and silky vocal - with one of the strongest voices in dance music Roisin's always been a favourite with pretty much everyone at the shop. With Sheffield via Baltimore maverick DJ Maurice Fulton at the controls, another stone cold shop fave, this is another breathtaking collaboration from the pair.

    On the flip, "Like" perfectly combined more of Fulton's advanced outboard - synth ripples, cerebral drums, big analogue squelches and that wiggy funk that only he can conjure - into another smashing slice of soulful dancefloor action. Sterling stuff indeed - you need this!


    Sil says: Fulton treatment at its best. We had his album last week and it was... interesting. Here he wears his remixer outfit and the outcome is outstanding. Fulton twisted beats and funky bass are all here accompanying the delicious vocals provided by Roisin Murphy. Great stuff.

    Just less than a fortnight after he flipped communal lids with that wow-factor house version of Marlui Miranda on Selva Discos, Carioca DJ and producer Joutro Mundo digs deep and delivers a stunning collection of reworks on this first release on his own label Outra. Influenced by the melodic sounds of the Amazonian jungle and the explosive Carnival rhythms of his hometown Rio, you can feel his devotion to the diverse music of Brazil, which he now shares with you on the dance floor. The set opens with "Pauleira Dos Panteras" a loose-hipped, disco-ish bit of South American groove music with maximum heat emanating from the psychedelic guitars and synth sparkle. The beach-side vibes continue via "Melo Do Amor", a light and lithe Balearic disco winner steeped in the flute and accoustic guitar of Brazilian folk. Things get altogether more psychedelic on the B1 as "Flechas No Ar" combines rainforest rhythms, trippy fx and post-punk guitars to give us a twisted disco-not-disco brainmelter carnival-style. Finally "Yoruba Baiano" moves, grooves and rolls along in the same Brazilian disco-funk style as Gilberto Gil's "Toda Menina Bahiana", ensuring plenty of plays from the Balearic/cosmic/latin crews. Valeu!


    Patrick says: Killer Brazilian edits from Joutro Mundo here, concentrating on the groovier end of tropicalia and bossa and the more organic fringe of Sao Paulo disco. Perfect for sunsets or star gazers this has major potential for Balearic / cosmic heads out there.

    Mule Musiq's in house production crew come through with their second release this week, featuring the vocal talents of Miyako Koda of Dip In The Pool fame. Following their cover version of Ohnuki Taeko’s "Carnaval", Studio Mule got back in the practice room and rocked out a fresh version of Japanese new wave classic “Shinzo No Tibia" by Mariah. Though the new version stays relatively faithful to the original, extended and unhinged bridges, softer sound design and brand new Japanese (the original is in Armenian) by Miyako Koda, make this a welcome alternative to Mariah's masterpiece. On the flip, Kuniyuki takes full control of the desk for a dub version inspired by Adrian Sherwood's remix of Depeche mode. Stripped back and drawn out with a whole load of delay and echo, the new interpretation is a darker take on the track with nods to Tubeway Army and Razormaid.


    Patrick says: Studio Mule do their version thing to perfection here, offering a new cover of this Mariah classic, featuring the vocal talents of Miyako Koda. Flip it for a Sherwood inspired dub mix (brilliant) and you'll understand why Yasuaki Shimizu was delighted with their efforts.

    'You got the stuff' is not 'Lovely day' - that much is true. This one's a wigged out, extended, trip into deep space from 1978 that is truly baffling.
    Of course, it features Bill singing for the first half of the track but then all of a sudden we're launched into a cosmic wormhole as everything just falls back and the track is stripped of any earthly qualities. People find themselves asking 'this...... this is Bill Withers?' as lazer guided synths and rock solid drums pull us into the sonic vortex. Truly amazing. Obviously a nugget like this has not gone unnoticed and has been edited and chopped and sampled deftly by the more sarcastic, left-field oriented crate diggers out there but it has never been reissued legitimately - Until now!
    A hugely sought after and collectible gem right here, backed with the wistful slow jam 'Look To Each Other For Love' as per the original 1978 Columbia promo 12" version. 


    Patrick says: Bill's blinding cosmic disco groover comes Harvey approved (always a mark of quality) and ready to rock the floor with its zero gravity funk and major vortex vibe. Essential tackle!

    Whilst their countrymen are at home having a generally lovely time at the World Cup, the Russian edit ensemble who make up That's A Steal have slapped their flats on AirBnB and gone East, turning to India for a new quartet of open-minded edits. The tapey sound design, tasty crunchy and low slung shuffle of opener "Hey Hey" gets the party started in madcapped midtempo disco fashion, before we go peak Balearic / completely cosmic with the heart curshing slow jam "Commando". Cod reggae lilt, marimba, playback vocals and dub fx - what's not to love? Props to Beard In Dust & Arsenii for doing it wildstyle on the A-side, let's see how Sputnik and Guido Minisky fare on the flip. Space Cadet supreme "Sputnik" mans the console with aplomb on "Bhangraman", finding an unlikely middle ground between Desi and new beat which completely kills it via an off kilter sampledelic style. Last but not least, Guido Minisky gets good and groovy with the proto-Goa vibrations of "The Villian", an Indian attempt at early 90's breakbeat which misses its mark and sounds all the better for it.


    Patrick says: It's a hat trick for Russia's That's A Steal, who shimmy into my record bag with another ace set of unusual edits. This time round the crew are in India, flipping Bollywood standards and total obscurities into weirdo-disco, Balearic and offbeat house hits.

    Originally released back in 1992 on a very limited pressing from Velvet City Records, Color Of Music was a little side project from Carl Bias (Master C & J) and Carlton Rosebure. Now Curated By Time bring it back to life with a brand new, remastered version. This is Chicago house music at its dreamiest best folks, and (not-so-strangely) has hints of the Italian sound within it- as the Europeans took the Chi-town blueprint and added their own personality, which in turn fed-back to the US!


    Matt says: Sexy lil' number that slipped under my sonar until now. If you've dug the Italian dream house reissues then this is nothing short of essential.

    Ikue Asazaki

    Yoisura Bushi - Inc. Kuniyuki Remix

    More magic from the land of the rising sun here as Studio Mule's sublime series of Japanese gems turns to the emotional clout of Ikue Asazaki. A veteran traditional music singer, Ikue tackles Yoisura Bushi, the folk style of Amami Oshima, a small island of the southern shore of Japan. Working together with Wong Wing Tsan, Ikue translates pain and passion through her intense vocals while the Satie meets Sakamoto piano tugs at the heartstrings below. Over on the flip, esteemed Japnese house head, Kuniyuki Takehashi takes us on a sublime version excursion, submerging the piano in celestial soundscaping, introducing subtle percussion and adding a patient bass frequency, creating the perfect conditions for Ikue's vocals to soar. 


    Patrick says: Stunning traditional Japanese music from Studio Mule here as Ikue Asazaki's passionate vocal dances with the delicate piano of Wong Wing Tsan. The Kuniyuki mix on the flip adds a little rhythm and a lot of feeling, resulting in the kind of dancefloor deepness you'd expect to hear at the start of a life-changing Sprinkles set.

    Following the release of his Projector EP earlier this month, Daniel Avery has enlisted revered London producer Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden for a remix of "Quick Eternity", taken from the former’s long-awaited second album "Song For Alpha".

    Hebden flips the warm, undulating synths and crystalline percussion of Avery’s original in his own inimitable style, building shimmering, skittering flourishes before a pneumatic final half.


    Sil says: Like climbing a mountain and descending it by flying on a paraglide. That is Four Tet's vision of this monster track by man of the moment Daniel Avery. Killer build up, breathless climax, gorgeous finale.


    Urano 2/3

    Strictly limited single sided floor fuel here from Italian upstart Fango on Degustibus. The producer's new EP series enters into its second instalment with "Urano 2/3", continuing the journey of this trilogy dedicated to the God of the sky. As the 8-bit sparkle, future jazz and fractal sampling of the intro sends the room spinning, Fango swiftly switches into peak time mode, powering out a side chain kick and limber bass line along the lines of a lost Roule classic. Shout outs to Braxe, Falke, Bangalter and Falcon!


    Patrick says: Massive filter house mauler in time honoured Roule fashion. Neck a gary and get pumping...

    Boards Of Canada

    Hi Scores

    Skam Records drop a welcome re-release of Boards of Canada killer 'Hi Scores'. This follows the reissue of their other seminal records by Warp in 2013.

    The new edition has been re-recorded and re-mastered from the original DAT tapes and has been re-cut onto heavyweight collector’s edition vinyl.

    The CD is placed in a digi-pak sleeve with some extra art and the vinyl includes a double-sided 12” poster.

    The original image on the back of the sleeve is in colour. There is a spot varnish finish on the images and text alongside the usual Skam Braille sticker to give the whole package new depth and a refreshing look and feel.

    Originally released in 1996, this six track EP signalled the arrival of a major force on the electronica scene. Everything you love about the BOC sound is here; crunching breaks, busy electronic infills, crystalline tones, synth lines reminiscent of the theme tunes and incidental music from 1970s Programmes for Schools and Colleges. Included are the wonderful title track 'Hi Scores', haunting 'Turquoise Hexagon Sun', electro-funker 'Nlogax', dancefloor slammer 'June 9th', sleazy, queasy 'Seeya Later' and melancholic hip hop cut 'Everything You Do Is A Balloon'.

    'Hi Scores' hasn't been available since 2005, so take advantage of this limited remastered repress and grab yourself a copy of BOC history!

    Gnork returns after a slew of hit records on Lone's Magicwire label dropping four, yes four original tracks for the cult label.

    The hilariously named (I wonder if it comes from firsthand experience...? - ed) "Yoga On E" kicks things off. Resplendent in vintage breakbeats, searing strings and luminous synthlines it's a Gnorky affair 100% through and through and epitomizes all what we love about this new school star in just one easy to digest track. "Tokyo Breaks" pairs more vintage breakbeats to luscious and dreamy synth patches, bolstered with some jungle-era subs and swirling keyboard patches. "Magic Arpz" does what it says on the tin and conjures up a truly dazzling display or arpeggio-based delight, that all important breakbeat coming in the form of a fast and frenetic, 'Apache' themed rhythm. Finally, "Ezoteric Massage" sees Gnork get all sultry and sensual as delicate piano trills dance evocatively over rigid drum machine rhythms and fathoms deep pads. 


    Sil says: Old school, shimmering, almost celestial beats and melodies on this excellent Gnork ep. Early 90s house, ravey breakbeats, gentle drum'n'bass a la LTJ Bukem and a delicate acid number to close this lovely ep. Nostalgia riding my mind.

    Alongside Gatto Fritto's stellar and skilfully selected compilation for Love International we get a special 12" sampler packing a pair of tasty vcuts from the double LP. On the A-side we are treated to a special Gatto Fritto edit of Anaalivahie's '10.11.2012', previously only available on a limited 7" single. Ben tweaks this dubbed out afro-kosmiche gem in all the right places resulting in a dancefloor killer which will appear on this sampler only. On the B-side we have Sonny Okosun's highly sought after boogie monster 'Highlife', a truly uplifting dancefloor bomb that will undoubtedly put smiles on faces when dropped at the right time, a real Gatto Fritto tune to the core. 


    Patrick says: Ooof, two killers from Gatto Fritto's recent Love International comp get slapped on one DJ friendly 12". The dub mix of Sonny Okosun's "Highlife" has been a jam forever, but this Gatto Fritto version of the Anaalivaihe 7" is a cosmic bomb in classic Afro fashion.


    Stop Holding Back / Falling In Love - Inc. Shep Pettibone 12" Mix

    A true rarity from Salsoul's vast archive here, one for the bonafide boogie heads out there. This has gotta be one of the rarest Surface records in existence, housing three cuts of that amazing early 80's funk that only Surface can do! A licensed late 90's pressing of this particular EP became highly sought after and has since been impossible to track down for even the most dedicated diggers.

    3 full length jams presented here, including a wondrous mix from the legendary Shep Pettibone of the classic 'Falling In Love', also included are the previously unreleased 'Stop Holding Back' and 'When Your X Wants You Back'. This whole record is pure heat, one for the aficionados. Properly licensed, wonderfully remastered and reissued for the dancefloor! You're not gonna find a more solid, well rounded example of that killer post-disco, electronic funk than this collection of cuts. Essential. Snoozing not advised!

    Glasgow's seldom heard Iridite returns with a track each from label boss Jason Brunton and Broken 20's Production Unit. "Double Edged Sword" is nothing short of blistering, throbbing, late night techno music. The low end bass rhythm sucks you into its tribal outlook while intricate drums and staccato sequences ensure plenty of movement. This reminds me being completely locked into one of the many techno DJs to grace Tribal Sessions circa 2004 - without being antiquated or stale.

    On the flip Production Unit's "5 Clao Rush" is a different kettle of fish - visiting footwork / juke templates and merging it with a tape-fried, hazy aesthetic that'll resonate to fans of Jamal Moss and his Mathematics label. Really strong stuff here for the heads. TIP!

    Comfy Bella


    Comfy Bella is Sara Garvey, ex-vocalist with Nightmares On Wax, radio host on KMAH and now, debut artist on the newly established Released records. She's also previously worked with MJ Cole under the Box Clever moniker. If that doesn't paint a vivid picture of what to expect on this killer EP, then read on dear listener!

    Organic in both sound and nature, "Konkahs" is a product of the producer’s extensive musical exploration up to this point, and a celebration of all that is funky, soulful, warm and languid within the dance music framework. With just snippets of Garvey’s delicious voice lacing the track, focus remains on the slick instrumental layers of a dreamy bassline, ambient, jazzy keyboard melodies and vivid percussion. Each one as divine as the next and all carried by a chilled 111 BPM tempo. CB describes the "Be-Side" as the ‘bubble and squeak’ of the EP, using up any ‘leftovers’ from the A-side single. With 12 minutes of gorgeous simplicity and woozy grooves, it seems the ‘Be-Side’ is as integral to the identity of the EP as the A-side - which by the way, is as sunny a slice of rich and radiant deep house as you're ever likely to hear - essential for anyone into Larry Heard, Rhythm Section, 22a, The Rotating Assembly (and Sound Signature in general...) and Giles Peterson. Amazing stuff - highly recommended!


    Matt says: Gorgeous stuff here from this prolific but reletively under-the-radar star. Perfect for that sweet spot on a balmy summer evening as the sun drops and paints red washes across the sky...


    All The Young People Must Fall In Love (Bob Clearmountain Mix) / Rose Garden (Live At The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville)

      All the Young People Must Fall in Love (Bob Clearmountain Mix) / Rose Garden (Live at The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville) is the fourth 7" release from Morrissey's album 'Low In High School'. Low in High School is Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 and was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with Frank Zappa, The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few). Morrissey’s talent for combining political statements and beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever on Low in High-School, capturing the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.


      Andy says: A jaunty, handclapping sing-a-long vibe belies this song's deeper message of love inspite of the chaos all around us.

      The Beatles

      Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby

        This July marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic and groundbreaking animated films of all time with a limited run of screenings around the world. As part of the celebrations, we are releasing this picture disc of the title song, Yellow Submarine b/w Eleanor Rigby, which together was originally released as the band’s 13th single in August 1966. Featuring images taken from the high resolution 4k restoration of the film, this limited edition single is a fun way for us all to join the party!


        Andy says: From one of the greatest albums ever made The Beatles could casually sling out it's daftest, most child-like song, backed ofcourse, by one of their most mature and stunningly beautiful ones so far. Both are brilliant!

        Les Big Byrd

        A Little Numb

          Swedish psych quartet Les Big Byrd (featuring members of Caesars, Fireside, Teddybears, Viagra Boys etc) are back with the follow-up to last year’s soldout “Two Man Gang” single, one of the biggest hits in their native Sweden. An early teaser to their upcoming second album the “A Little More Numb” single is released via Stockholm label PNKSLM Recordings and showcases a sound somewhere in-between the pop-leaning “Two Man Gang” and the band’s previous kraut-y psych rock, with a guest performance by Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 on the A-side. The B-side is an exclusive cover of The Lemon Drops’ Nuggest classic “I Live In The Springtime”.

          With a brimming catalogue of music that operates in the more adventurous quarters of the techno music genre, A Sagittariun preps his first release of 2018, with a remix disc of one the holy grails from one of the most endearing electronic acts of the 1990s.

          The Sabres Of Paradise, AKA Andrew Weatherall, Gary Burns and Jagz Kooner, released a clutch of acclaimed albums, singles and remixes between the years 1992 and 1995, when the trio disbanded. Three albums for Warp, remixes of The Future Sound Of London, Leftfield & Lydon, Bjork, New Order and The Dust Brothers (AKA Chemical Brothers), and not forgetting the now legendary "Smokebelch II" single, which must have soundtracked hundreds of thousands of sunsets and chillout after hours over the years, have left a huge treasure trove of a catalogue as part of their legacy. One production though has gone down in Sabres folklore, since its release was limited to inclusion on one multi artist compilation CD album only, and it is this track, "Lick Wid Nit Wit", that A Sagittariun has unearthed, licensed and re-moulded, 25 years after it was produced, for release on his Elastic Dreams label. Backed with two very different versions from A Sag himself - from the true-to-original "Sabresonic Re-Dream" to the more trippy, mechanized techno of his "Friday Night At Happy Jacks Remix". Excellent stuff!


          Sil says: Massive classic unearthed, re-explored and remastered in the best of ways. Absolute belter for the open-minded punter. Trippy as they come. A master track by the master Andrew Weatherall and company. Techno heads will totally dig 'Lick Wid a Sag'. I am all over the original. Ace.

          It was only a matter of time before Best Records reissue department turned their attention to this ALL TIME CLASSIC! Originally released by percussion king Tullio De Piscopo in 1983, "Stop Bajon (Primavera)" became a favourite in Rimini Discotheques, the Balearic Islands and even Chicago during the early house days. Impressive stuff, but it doesn't even begin to tell you how unique this Italian anthem really is. Rolling toms, sharp rim shots and a solid kick combine for a groove that's both tough and sensual, while the the jazzy horns, twinkling Rhodes and cool synths convey a distinctly Mediterranean flavour. Chuck in the endless pulse of the one-note bassline, chanted nonsensical lyrics and great guitars and you've got a classic on your hands. An official anthem for Mancunian Balearic legend Moonboots, along with every other DJ worth their salt, this is totally legendary. This special limited edition release from Best Record Italy features for the first time the original acapellas (tracked down during tape restoration) plus the balmy fourth world Balearic bomb "Stadera", previously available only on the first Italian pressing.


          Patrick says: Official remastered reissue of possibly the greatest track to come from Italy. Well Balearic, completely cosmic and kind of jazz funk, this summery scorcher is an essential part of any record collection. Bonus brilliance comes courtesy of the ace fourth world wonderment of "Stadera", previously only available on the original Italian pressing of the 12".

          After kicking off 2018 with Balearic-dub-house from Guiseppe Leonardi and a rainforest rocker from D.K., Second Circle keep the pressure on the dancefloor with a superstellar five tracker from Benedek. ‘Earlyman Dance’ was recorded at Benedek's studio in Koreatown, Los Angeles and fuses mechanistic rhythms and synth work as well as live percussion and trumpet played by friends Chris Parise and Anthony Calonico. With five vibed out compositions of coyote jazz, dance floor fusion and canyon bangers; ‘Earlyman Dance’ is an ode to the urban and natural landscapes of LA, late night noir and early morning sunrises, accented with Benedek's signature chord progressions, bouncing bass lines, meticulous drum programming and dubbed out trumpet.


          Patrick says: Benedek's been bringing it for years now, but this latest EP sees the LA producer doing THE MOST. From the Balearic house meets jazz-fusion greatness of opener "Sub Terra" through the squelching streetsoul and straaaange groove of "Maca" and "Timbalito" to the nu jack/jazz/age pulse of "Nucid", this is too good.

          In 1982, a group of friends deep into post-punk, jazz and dub got together in Mad Professor's studio and lay down their youthful interpretation of a NYC disco cut. Their unique take included trombone, vibraphone, piano, and an ital dose of tape delay. They called the song "Trouble" and released two versions (vocal and dub) on their friend Tony McDermott's !Drum! label with artwork inspired by Russian Constructivism.
          The group, comprised of Justin Langlands, Chrysta Jones, John Schofield, Tom Dixon, and Dave Killen, decided to call themselves A-Team, having no idea that Mr.T and Co. would make them almost totally ungoogle-able 30 years later. The result of their adolescent studio idealism sounds akin to otherdisco misfits like Arthur Russell, Maximum Joy & Talking Drums (The Scots, not our own cosmic weirdos) and wouldn't sound out of place on legendary NYC label 99 Records. This Seance Centre reissue comes remastered with an extended Club Dub formaximum dance-floor action.


          Patrick says: Hells Yeah! After aligning our chakras nicely with a string of ambient and new age releases, Seance Centre switch it up with a big bomb for the dance floor. Originally released in 1982, this disco-not-disco bomb was recorded at Mad Prof's studio and sounds like Arthur Russell, ESG and Tom Tom Club cutting loose at Black Ark. Top drawer!

          Run The Jewels

          Stay Gold - Smiff & Cash Remix Collection

          Run The Jewels’ new release ‘Stay Gold’ is an absolute winner. Their distinct style that they own is better than ever and they are making some noise! Pressed on transparent red vinyl and etched with chain imprints, it’s presented in a Marvel variant gatefold cover. This record is one beautiful record to look out at, visually and just to listen to!


          Millie says: Rap at it’s finest, RTJ are always a clear favourite of mine. This twelve-inch are two killer tracks matched with their instrumental version. Too good for words.

          Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Presents

          Javaroo / Marti Caine

          Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold present the feel-good blue-eyed Disco anthem of the summer! This official 12" version of Javaroo's super rare 'Breakin' In', has been seductively reconstructed into a sizzling string-laden magnum opus by Gerry Rooney & Joel Martin. The song's infectious uplifting power is undoubtedly due the high quality of musicianship featured on this vintage Barry Blue production, aided by legendary Quincy Jones collaborator Rod Temperton (Heatwave) and a wealth of top British Jazz session players (John Cameron, Clem Cattini, Mike Moran etc).
          'Breakin' In' is a nightclub groover complete with catchy sing-along chorus and luxurious love -unlimited harmonies to keep the dance-floor rocking and the crowd squealing for more! This is the soundtrack to a private erotic soiree at 'Tramp' circa 1980, where vintage prowlers Joan Collins and Sue Lloyd hunt for the stroke of a Stud only a Bitch can handle - Satisfaction guaranteed in the Sanctuary of lust!
          On the flipside another heavyweight Barry Blue production from 1981, Marti Caine's sublime sleaze-time soul stepper 'Love The Way You Love Me', receives the full VS & the HOG treatment. Clocking in at over 9 scintillating minutes of extended aural delight, the Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold version has transformed the original LP track into a lavish, expansive, Bass enriched 12" Dub behemoth via their subtle delay and reverb techniques which enrich the song's hypnotic flow with entrancing synergy towards its euphoric climax!


          Patrick says: THE best Velvet Season etc release to date folks, featuring one killer disco edit and a total Balearic bomb. Each track is extended and upended with poise and class, resulting in a frankly flawless record. This one's gonna be in the bag for years!


          Baiana (Brasingles Vol.2) - Inc. Wolf Muller Remix

          The fourth release of Selva Discos is one that has been bursting audiences into flames for a good while. Barbatuques, a well-known Brazilian group of body percussionists, adapted "Baianá" back in 2005 (first released on the "O Seguinte É Esse" album) and since then it became a staple of their concerts, getting crazy reactions from the children to the elder, being featured on soundtracks and sampled by trap duo Tropkillaz. The original is a modern folk song from Bahia composed by Maria do Carmo Barbosa, but it was the mouth harp sound and the stomping beat on the Barbatuques' arrangement that imprinted its trademark sound - like the first lightning strikes before the storm.
          A couple of years ago, Piccadilly favourite and master of tropical drums Jan Schulte heard the song and decided to add an extra punch to it for his DJ sets: more drums, taken from a library record of "drumdrops" (hence the title). In his appearance at 2017's Dekmantel Boiler Room stage as Bufiman, he dropped it to the crowd's awe, and it's been like that wherever its played - believe it, it's been tested all around.
          So now for the first time "Baianá" is issued on vinyl. It marks the second volume of the Brassingles series, a new series on Selva Discos dedicated to releasing loud 12" singles with the original song on the A side and a rework on the B side, to please both the DJ and the listener.


          Patrick says: Ooof two Brazilian bangers in as many weeks! Heavy mouth organ, chant and percussion on this festival-esque smash, backed by the outrageous future primitive groover that is the Wolf Muller mix. Ace!

          Anthony Chambers & High Times Players

          Jah Foundation

          Another 2 track single from the High Music vaults this week as Dub Store faithfully turn their attention to this prolific little 80s reggae label run by Earl 'China' Smith. Anthony Chambers' "Jah Foundation" is pure roots, with a beautifully relaxed groove perfectly supplementing Chambers' poised vocal delivery.

          In-house all-stars, High Times Players provide a hard hitting and ganja-soaked dub; with 'flying cymbals', BIG reverb splashes and ridiculously mega sounding phazer swirls - real deal dub this folks!

          Massive ting!


          Matt says: Personal favourite of this week's primo Dub Store releases. The High Times Players' dub is nothing short of life changing!

          Black Bones are certainly having something of a purple patch, so what better way to celebrate their regal success than with a purple edition in the best-selling series.

          More awe-inspiring archeology afoot here, as we're treated to another invaluable 4-tracker taking in heavyweight Funk, a fired up freestyle beatdown, strobelit, leather-clad Disco and Folky outdoor Balearia

          Limited, hand-stamped vinyl 12"


          Sil says: It is party time once again with Black Bones instalement 4. You get 4 slabs of edit mayhem here. This time is not disco, it is more metallic, more industrial, more dancefloor even via early 90s beats - check that 'Homeward Bound' Absolute beast.

          French deep house hero and former karate kid Pepe Bradock gets back to the regular Atavisme catalogue numbers with a new EP of smokescreen deep house rollers. On the A-side, "Is This Really A Party?" is Bradock at his mercurial best, a perfect filtration of thick bottom end, nimble hats and twisted sound design which is at once strange and soulful. Smudged guitar samples and jazz vocals lend a rish musicality to the track while the film noir chords and buzzing signal interference keep it nicely nocturnal. Over on the flip "Grandgousier" gives us vintage Pepe deepness, all swelling strings, playful vocal samples and outrageous club bass set to an irresistible rhythm. A populist lead line holds down the midrange here, keeping the club kids happy while the Frenchman works his idiosyncratic magic all around. Pepe even chucks in an odd diversion into downbeat, acid and techno at the end, which is perfect for keeping the lazy jocks on their toes. 


          Patrick says: No messing here from the French house blackbelt, who hits us with two straight up house heaters, albeit in his own inimitable style.

          Herrrre's Luv*Jam with more international nippiness from all corners of the globe. Featuring prime time bobbers from Deep88, Dawn Again, RNR, Mr Fiel and L*J himself and illustrations from the mighty Rubber Hedgehogs this is a true celebration of holiday house culture!

          A who's who of Dream House talent has been rostered in for the occasion, with L*J directing proceedings towards the sunnier end of the spectrum as they charge up a plethora of vintage synths, VSTs and DSP units, classic drum boxes and electronic mallets. The result is an EP that plays like you're sat soaking in the waves and sunshine at any of the famous coastal soirees, cocktail in hand and joy in your heart. Summer has landed!


          Matt says: A truly neo-tropical excursion into vacational excesses. Pour yerself a margarita and pull up a pew by the ocean, it's gonna be a loonnng session baby.

          Captain Over

          No One Ever Really Flies (Feat Trim)

          Some straight up UK biznis here on the ever-eclectic XVI Records. Captain Over enlisting Trim for EP opener, "Sick". Showcasing why he’s one of the most iconic and forward-thinking MC’s to grace the mic, Trim’s dulcet tones twist through a jungle of shuffled beats and subterranean sub-bass, an eerie child-like melody drifting overhead.

          "Clack Clack" and "No One Ever Really Flies" inhabit a more dancefloor friendly space, their unique syncopation, fierce instrumentation and relentless energy opening up for some real get loose moments.

          On remix duties, they hand the controls over to XVI homestay Books who expertly crafts a cosmic footwork jam, full of his trademark soulful chords and eerie midnight saxophone licks.

          Next up in Tartelet’s limited-edition series is renaissance man N.O.T.E. with “Night Frames” - a compilation of barrel-aged sounds for the warm nights ahead.

          Starting with “Falsa Laudis,” N.O.T.E. takes the listener back to the 80s with clear references to Italian boogie and jazz-funk of that era. The track is warm, fat and sparkly, and best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand. Following this is the title track “Night Frames” – a bruk-jazz escapade not shy of elaborate Rhodes solos and filthy funk.

          The B-side opener moves further south: “Obaleyako” is fueled by tropical energy, mixing African percussions with soft piano chords. It’s weird, mysterious and red hot! Last but not least, N.O.T.E takes on the finest deep house sound with “En Route,” where endless layered melodies and percussion form the farewell.

          This is an ultra limited-edition release of 250 copies (strictly no repress!), written and produced by N.O.T.E. and mixed at Panalama Studios in Copenhagen on the Neve 5088 Shelford console for good measure. Enjoy!


          Matt says: Tasteful and stylish EP of jazz // broken-beat //house hybrids with a body warming radiance that'll appeal as much to the 22a / Rhythm Section crowds as it will to Yadava's recent long player of exotic rhythms.

          Four cuts from Joey's acclaimed "Produced With Love" album get that all important remix treatment. 

          Kicking it off Chicago legend Ron Trent takes the original funked out, Arthur Russell flavoured, "Distorting Space Time" and turns it into a deep house groover complete with a strong walking bass alongside adding a soul & richness to the elements that only he knows how. Crackazat step up next to take on "Lactican Boogie" crafting it into an uptempo piano driven, emotionally charged stomper sure to do some damage this summer. Flip it over and Lay-Far delve into "In Search of The Dream", adding squelchy synth stabs and a deep bass to give a more hard hitting edge to the track whilst retaining that disco flavor with Angela Johnson's emotive vocals. Closing out the EP Fouk come full circle, bringing their hazy, jazz tinged style to "Distorting Space Time" - building the remix around those warm Rhodes chords, shuffling rhythm and dynamic bassline. Pure gold once again from the Z Records camp!


          Matt says: Big big big uptempo floor slayers from four hot house producers, working with some great source material from Joey N. TIP!

          After stepping in on remix duties for their first Miskotom release Kito is back on Pleasure Unit with a nicley rounded EP that shows the full extent of his production skills. "Houstrack" does what it says on the tin and pumps it up in true old skool house style, "Damp firecrackers" sounds like it could come from a long lost Italian Library Lp. On the flip "Never been to Ibiza beaches in 1997" is a nice laid back Balearic ode as you might expect, lastly "Jungle Mantra" is a dense tropical treat. Check for Kito's previous releases on diverse range of labels from Bahnsteig 23, Freerange, Dirt Crew, Hell Yeah and Bordello A Parigi and lovely myself, the one and only DJ SIl aka SilboFM. 


          Sil says: Curve ball for your record collection this one. Atmospheric, retro and analoguish sounds here for the discerning listener. Totally in love with 'Never Been To Ibiza Beaches 1997', partly because it is true.

          Miss Red

          Dagga / One Shot Killer

          PRESSURE presents the limited edition red vinyl of Miss Red 'Dagga / One Shot Killer', produced by Kevin Martin aka The Bug, limited to 500 copies worldwide and hand stamped with her K.O. logo.
          Miss Red’s fierce flow rides roughshod over warped bashment anthems and showcases her ability to adapt to different flavours. The Bug’s riddims are a masterclass in restraint, retaining his trademark heaviness but taking a step back from the atmospheric ambience of his recent work with Burial and Earth. Instead this is an example of the dexterity with which Martin can deploy a minimal arrangement, taking a bassline, beat, FX and vocal
          and sharpening those elements for maximum dancefloor devastation.
          In 2015 Miss Red dropped her first solo mixtape, Murder, with The Bug’s riddims supplemented with contributions from other producers such as Mark Pritchard, Mumdance and Andy Stott. Subsequent singles on her own Red label and the in-house imprint of iconic London record shop Sounds Of The Universe have sold out straight away, and she has received acclaim for her collaborations with Warp Records artist Gaika.


          Patrick says: Ahead of her "K.O." double LP Miss Red drops the boisterous bashment thump of "Dagga" (essential for heating up the dance, backed with "One Shot Killer" a deeper darker track with trademark sonics from The Bug.

          The O'Jays

          For The Love Of Money / Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)

          Two incredible 70's soul cuts from The O'Jays get the reissue treatment for 2018. The A side contains the mighty 'For The Love Of Money', a near 7 minute cautionary tale to the dangers of greed and exploitation. "For the love of money. People will lie, Lord, they will cheat. For the love of money. People don't care who they hurt or beat." As pertinent now as it was in the 70's if not more so considering current affairs. A much sampled record, loved by many!
          On the flip 'Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)', the second hit single off the O'Jay's album 'Message In The Music', is a romantic soul serenade with that killer Gamble and Huff production - Philly's finest!


          Patrick says: Another week another killer Philly reissue, this time from the O'Jays. On the A-side you get the timeless funk brilliance of "For The Love Of Money", while the flip houses the soul ballad "Darlin' Darlin' Baby", classics both!

          After hitting us with Starship Commander Woooo Woooo’s "Mastership" LP a couple of years back, Left Ear Records have continued excavating the archives of the artist more formally known as Omer Coleman Jr. The result is two handpicked mid 80’s instrumentals salvaged from the original master tapes, as well as an extended vocal edit on the flip for good measure.

          After laying his alter ego to rest Omer made a handful of electronic releases on his own Kansas based ‘Remo’ label. Of these releases Left Ear has selected their two favourite instrumentals: ‘Lovin “Babe” Sure Is Fun’ and ‘So Good’. ‘Lovin “Babe” Sure Is Fun’ was originally released in ’85 and was created to celebrate a time in America where “the economy was good, people were happy and love was in the air”, the essence of which Omer captured using his Roland 808 and 303 in what may best be described as Acid-Boogie. ‘So Good’ on the other hand is a sensual downtempo cut shaped with heavy-bass, telephone samples and guitar solos that conjures images of late night rendezvous and compromising scenarios.


          Patrick says: Massive erection section tackle here from the Starship Commander formerly known as Woooo Wooooo. Left Ear go deep into the Omer Coleman archives and give sultry, slick and tropical 303 boogie and quayside sleaze from the heady days of '85.



          Naughty AF one-sided white label business here from EEE who takes Kelis' 2003 RnB hit "Milkshake" and stretches the acapela over some clunky, tom-heavy tech-house beats. Apparently a favourite with one Ricardo Villalobos & Zipp and it's certain to cause a twitch at your next Hackney Wick warehouse rave as it bobs outta the speaker stacks with an unabashed recklessness causing a ripple of excitement and fist-bumps at the front...

          Super limited copies so don't dwiddle daddle.


          Sil says: Hot stuff, papi! Dale bien! Milkshake re shaken for 2018, folks. What is not to love about it if it is done right? The beat is damn good and the bassline is as groovy as they come. Kelis does the rest. It is a refreshing, ice cold, summery milkshake. And most importantly, it has the Villalobos seal of aprooval stamped all over it. You truly want it and need it.


          Kama - Inc. Fuga Ronto Remix

          Enigmatic producer Waxwood has a genuinely global outlook. Born in Russia, resident in Brooklyn and a regular visitor to Los Angeles, he can often be found jetting off to far-flung parts of the world in order to make field recordings and immerse himself in different musical cultures. You can hear these disparate global influences and inspirations in Waxwood’s first single for Claremont 56, which comes on the back of a near legendary 2015 cassette for NYC’s Styles/

          Upon Styles, "Sahasraha", which magically fused tropical hand percussion and densely layered field recordings with lilting ambient chords, hypnotic electronic rhythms and all manner of intoxicating aural flourishes.

          “Kama” is a slightly different beast from its’ predecessor, with a sunny disposition and laidback breeziness throughout. Although underpinned by a sturdy kick-drum pattern, its chiming melodies and metallic percussion flourishes - reminiscent of indigenous music from far-flung nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia - combine with gentle acoustic guitar motifs and waves of acid-esque electronics to create a beguiling and life-affirming mood. It offers more proof that Waxwood is a producer with a unique musical vision.

          The track’s inherent gentle breeziness is explored in greater detail on the accompanying remix, which has been provided by Phantom Island regulars Fuga Ronto (AKA Swiss musicians / producers Ron Shiller and Tobi Schweizer). Riffing on Waxwood’s original, they’ve added superb new vocals and instrumentation - think dreamy harmonies, tumbling synthesizer melodies and mesmerizing guitar parts - to create a sunset-friendly Balearic revision that’s both stunningly beautiful and dazzlingly sun-kissed.

          Michael White & Clive Hylton

          Cease Your Fire Arms

          2 track split 7" single from Michael White & Clive Hylton, re-released by Dub Store in collaboration with High Music.

          Originating from 1982 both tracks are stripped back, riotous slabs of commentary; with a tuff & live instrumental section and proper suffers vox from the two talented vocalists.

          No dubs on this release unfortunately, but you'll more than make do with these highly prized cuts cut nice n loud n full of bass. 


          Matt says: Powerful and poignant double header here from White and Hylton with reggae's timeless message more apparent than ever in these testing times! One of two re-ishes from the High Music camp, in collaboration with Dub Store - exceptional quality!

          James Stewart is the host, resident DJ and co-promoter of monthly night 'Black Atlantic Club' at Le Sucre in Lyon. Borrowing the term 'Black Atlantic' from renowned scholar Paul Gilroy's 1993 book, Stewart presents 'black music' as a transnational, incredibly diverse cultural exchange. An avid lecturer on the subject and founder of the Blog Afrosouldescarga, he merges an intellectual approach with the musical and creative side of things: as an active conga player and percussionist, member of Voilaaa Sound System and showhost at Radio Nova.

          The EP begins with the empowering hi-life that is "Cotounou" - named after the Benin captial and decorated with congas and plucked guitar lines. "Mugara Ndega" features Martha Thom & Jacob Mafuleni as sees a heavy b-line flooded with delayed guitar lines and a Fela-esque vocal delivery. "La Danse D'Achille" contains a plethora of traditional percussion instruments, African vocal chorus and more thin, picked guitar lines. A rambunctious and highly rhythmic affair before last track, "Juju Chil" concludes proceedings with an anthemic Afro-beat number with funky organ keys highlighting the cerebral and groovy nature of the track. Top stuff! 


          Sil says: Who could venture back in the 90s that cultural studies god Paul Gilroy was going to somehow end up on vinyl. Well, here it is, the irrevocable importance of black culture in music is ever present in these brief compendium in the form of a killer four-tracker. Truly good, truly essential.

          Beneath the still waters of Lonely Sound there lays the ruins of Howland Abbey, its 3000lb bell still hanging in the belfry, only swayed by the currents of the regular tides across the estuary, over 100 years since it was rang by the order of Carthusian monks who lived in the nearby priory. At the turn of the last century during a heavy storm the Abbey was plundered by an unknown gang of marauders, as they left on horseback carrying with them all the gold from the Abbey the sea defences around Lonely Sound were breached, flooding the Abbey, Priory and the surrounding land, the Monks ran for dry land as they watched their beloved bell tower disappear beneath the rising waters, unable to chase the thieves, cut off as the water rose around them. Some locals say these ransackers were in league with the elements, some say they had just intentionally damaged the sea defences before making their raid. Local folk-law claims that the morning bells of the Abbey can be heard ring out from beneath the murky waters of the Sound every year on the anniversary of the great storm, ringing the peel that was never rung. 


          Sil says: Is it Italo? It is house? No. It is a combo! Rough and unforgiving yet danceable enough.
          Timothy on the flipside, polishes the edges and introduces a heavy dose of acid making this twelve your acid dose for the week.

          Joe Morris

          Cloud Nine - Inc. Max Essa, Coyote And Aimes Remixes

          For WS23 we head to Leeds where Clandestino crew member Joe Morris vibes us out with a stunning balearic house tune, Cloud Nine. On remix duties we are thrilled to feature two masters of the balearic house scene, Max Essa and Coyote, who lend their signature sounds to the mixes, with label boss Aimes bringing up the rear with an uplifting flip of the original


          Sil says: What it says on the tin, folks. Mega fresh tune with winks to early 90s productions from the likes of Mr Fingers. You also get some Balearic approaches to this beauty. Summery stuff!

          Chicago's Justin Aulis Long and Ken Zawacki return to L.I.E.S. with their second ep under their Circling Vultures moniker. On this offering we get four tracks of tough yet psychedelic machine music. From slow bpm beaters to metal on metal floor cuts, these are executed with precision to do maximum damage whenever played. Sinking their teeth in and never letting go, looming over and waiting for the right moment to strike...tense music for the end times! Another killer from these seasoned club vets.


          Sil says: You know what you are getting with this label so no need to hammer it home. Hardcore, eerie, end of the world kind of soundtrack for the times (probably not far away) when the social contract breaks for good and we all have to fend for ourselves. Only the strong survives and all that jazz. As long as you have your music player of choice properly charged and able to pump these tracks at high volume, just sit and contemplate the wonders of human chaos. Wonderful stuff and LIES will be there with you.

          Best Italy hop across the Med to soak up the coastal cool of Cannes with a dope reissue of THE best cosmic boogie cut to be produced on French soil. Written in 1984 during the MIDEM conference in Cannes, "Ecoute Le Son Du Soleil" is a spacey and summery slice of Mediterranean boogie complete with well Balearic choral vocals and heavy use of the Publison DHM 89, an early harmonizer with a ton of weird energy. If you got down to Ahmed Fakroun's "Soleil Soleil", you'll be all over this similarly sunny groover. This limited edition reissue from Best Record Italy contains the vocal, instrumental plus the unreleased dub version and Yannick's radio jingles, a perfect tool for the playful jocks out there!


          Patrick says: Brilliant Mediterranean boogie here from Best Italy, who head to Cannes with a reissue of Yannick Chevalier's red hot cosmic groover. Sunshine on a slab of wax...

          Cypress Hill / George Semper

          Insane In The Brain

          Super limited and quite illicit 7" press of two musical delights from very opposite ends of the spectrum. Cypruss Hill's "Insane In The Brain" has soundtracked many a teenage bong inaugaration, as well as providing the slackness at hip-hop / rock fusion nights such as the infamous 'Gilly's Rock World' and 'Siberia' in Bury.

          On the flip, the jazz-funk / surf themed, "Get Out My Life Woman" by George Semper no doubt saw a plethora of adults from a different generation getting high and down to its infectious guitar lines and powerful organ vamps.

          I like what 5BB are doing here - providing high content, high usage 7"s for your old skool vinyl / scratch DJ - tip top.

          Calendar / Braxton Holmes Presents Cabrini-Greens And Cornbread

          Comin' On Strong /Stomps & Shouts (Jamie 3:26 Edits)

          Just ahead of a brand new album, edit kingpin and Chi-town poster boy, Jamie 3:26 introduces a double-A side of prime cuts.

          At the top of many a vinyl digger’s wish-list since its highly limited white label release in 2010, the Jamie 3:26 edit of Calendar’s 1977 disco stepper "Comin’ On Strong" has become the stuf of legend, played to devastating efect by Theo Parrish among others over recent years. On the fip, Jamie 3:26 heads into classic Chicago House territory with a fiery reworking of impossible-to-find Braxton Holmes banger ‘"Stomps & Shouts", taken from his mythical "Cabrini-Greens and Cornbread" project.

          A scintillating teaser of what’s to come later this year when BBE release the full length, "Taste Of Chicago", these two hi-octane edits should keep even the most hot-footed dancers on their toes. Recommended!


          David says: Back in the day, when I used to be able to stay awake beyond midnight, this Jamie 3:26 edit was both a permanent fixture in my record bag and a certified floor filler. I'm guessing my version might be 'unofficial' but Jamie has done the decent thing and gone all legal on us. Massive.

          The brothers Dewaele tempt Ghent outfit Asa Moto back to their irresistible Deewee imprint for a third EP,  this time delivering six radically different pieces of music, providing something for everyone. Dance floor : covered. Kitchen: covered. Hi Fi: check. Car: sorted. EarPod: done. Up to you to find out which one was made for which.
          The unhinged action opens with the wonky electronix and odd synth-funk of "Soon Please", a shoulder rolling hit of gurgling bass and garbled sequencing which sounds like a load of amphibians on amphetamines. "Kifesh" and "Playtime"  stomp and romp their way through New Beat idents, NDW vocals and electrodisco bass, coupling cosmic quirk with krautish sound design. Skipping to the B-side we get hit with the rolling bass meets City Pop melody of "Hynek Maneuvre" (as tasty an Asian fusion dish as you'll sample all year), the warping leadlines and bleeping rhythms of "Worrying", and classic synth pop of "Twenty Six". Slo-mo with energy! 


          Patrick says: Wicked set of electro-pop oddities here on Deewee, as Asa Moto cook up six frisky dishes at the crossroads of EBM, New Beat, NDW and cosmic.

          Four tracks of full spectrum, steam train techno here in that late nineties / turn of the millennium style. It's actually UK techno stalwart Ben Sims who's behind the Assailants project - joined by another UK mainstay - Truncate. This is their first release under Assailants and precedes an extensive b2b touring schedule to boot. Early support from Robert Hood, Ben Klock, Luke Slater and Mark Broom.

          There's a nod to vintage 'Purpose Maker'-era techno, but some of the glassy, punctuated hooks sound painfully current while the bottom end weight could only have come into fruition through the last five years or so of advanced sound design and better mastering processes. All in all though, anyone who used to lose their shit to Mills, Clarke, Sims, Francois K and all those Tribal Sessions cats that used to fire rockets up our arse every Friday night here in Manchester - you've got summat new to get your ears around! Fully endorsed. 

          Ryan Adams

          Baby I Love You / Was I Wrong

            A ONE TIME pressing on PINK COLOURED vinyl with backed on the B-Side by "Was I Wrong".


            No, it isn’t a cover of the Ronettes classic of the same name, but it’s "A song to one’s baby, whom they love - a unique twist on Ryan Adams’ classic recipe, with key ingredient ‘sad’ replaced by ‘happy,’” according to the press release. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Andy says: Massive ringing, descending chords and a yearning, killer melody make this RynAds' most heartfelt and direct single in a long time.


            Ltd 7" Info: Indies exclusive pink coloured 7". Limited to just 750 copies.

            John Swing

            Unreleased House Dubs Vol.2

            John Swing's steadily been doin' his thang, based out there in Berlin, sometimes conjuring up fiery pieces of late night house music voodoo, other times keeping it stripped back with functional, mechanized DJ tools and rhythm tracks.

            "Unreleased House Dubs Vol. 2" sees some truly hot shit from our main man, and I'm gonna stick my beak out and say this is some of his finest work to date folks!

            "Desire" kicks us off with a dusty and saturated nod to Larry Heard and Boo Williams - radiant, grooving deep house with optimistic chord progressions and bustling beats; decorated wonderfully with the odd spoken word passage. John's layering up of different yet perfectly intertwining rhythms gives him the edge over other producer's that just run out a preset sample pack rhythm across the masters..."I Say House" has got our resident Pigeon flapping his feathers already as John skillfully dissects a bass line from classic disco (track ID to follow! - ed) and loops it up over delicate beats and this sexy AF female vocal sample. Pure house bliss! "I Like It" gets those elbows out as rollin' beats accompany some DJ Sneak-esque vocal hooks and gliding low-pass filtered bass. This EP just keeps on giving! - closing up on the rambunctious stomp of "Keep Moovin'". Rough-as-a-bear's-arse but absolutely loving life at every possible moment, this is house music done as it should be. John Swing's back in our hearts, and in our record boxes! - Recommended!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: John Swing's best record to date bar none! This is the real deal folks - 100% OG house spirit, alive and kickin' in 2018. Essential stuff.

            Marlui Miranda

            Tchori Tchori (Brasingles Vol.1)

            Selva Discos kick off a new series of singles with this truly sublime piece of music by Marlui Miranda. As a musician and ethno-musicologist (she's a doctorate on native Brazilian music, so you know) Marlui's spent the last four decades dedicating herself to keeping the indigenous music of Brazil alive. 
            In 1995, Marlui released the album "Ihu: Todos os Sons", a collection of native Brazilian chants she gathered in her field researches and released only in CD through two small labels (one in the US, the other in Brazil). This research started in 1986, funded by the John Simmon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and it investigated the sounds of different tribes in the Rondônia state, northern Brazil, namely the Suruí, the Makuarap, the Aruá, the Tupari and the Jaboti tribes - the latter being the one identified with the "Tchori Tchori" chant, which praises a bird called biguá.

            The haunting, beautiful melody of "Tchori Tchori" couldn't get a better companion than the exquisite musical palette of Uakti, one of Brazil's greatest instrumental groups, known for creating their own instruments (you've heard them before in Selva Discos alongside Maria Rita). That's what the listener gets on the A side of this release - the deep sound frequencies of a 45RPM cut, fully remastered, of a song never put on a vinyl record before.

            For the B-side, the label handed the original to Brazilian disco king and house head Joutro Mundo, who excels himself with an 8 minute interpertation intended for the DJ. The producer adds subtle bass weight and additional percussion to carry the dreamy mallets and stunning vocals to the dancefloor, while the new, hypnotic arrangement should keep the crowd moving for the duration.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: It’s been an excellent week for new releases, but this beats the competition hands down. The first installment of Selva Discos new Brasingles series provides a first time on vinyl for the ethereal rainforest majesty of Marlui Miranda’s “Tchori Tchori”, with a subtle and hypnotic club version from Joutro Mundo on the flip.

            Yazmin Lacey emerged onto the new jazz scene with her beautiful sound, her new release When the Sun Dips 90 Degrees is on First Word Records.The EP follows on from her two recent singles, '90 Degrees' and 'Something My Heart Trusts', both of which are included here, along with three previously unreleased tracks, 'Heaven', 'Body Needs Healing' and 'Burn & Rise'. This set illustrates again Yazmin's candid songwriting delivered in her uniquely laidback soulful style, whilst a glorious fusion of neo-soul and jazz performed by Pete Beardsworth and her trusty band rides throughout. Initially a Brownswood 'Future Bubbler' graduate, Yazmin self-released her debut EP, 'Black Moon', last year. This lead to a Maida Vale session late 2017 with Jordan Rakei, Moses Boyd, Oscar Jerome and now label-mates, Children of Zeus. She kicked off the year with a performance at the Worldwide Awards with Skinny Pelembe, and has recently done shows with artists such as Ezra Collective, Tall Black Guy and Fatima. Yazmin has a UK tour scheduled for later in the year, as well as several festival appearances across Europe locked in. There's a lot more to come from this Notts-based Londoner yet. In Yazmin's words: "'90 Degrees' is about that time of the day / night when there's a shift in pace and energy. When you decide to lock off from the 'outside' world and create your own atmosphere, take some time to give thanks for what's breathing love into your life and smoke off the fuckeries. Everyone needs a little routine for self preservation."

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Millie says: Beautifully warm vocals layered on top of relaxed neo-soul vibes and jazz elements has created this perfect sound that I’ve fallen in love with.

            Prescription Pricing Authority

            Song For You / Green Machine

            The PPA duo outta London is back with another red hot 7" on the nation's favourite Gamm. Like the previous release, they source some great jazz-funk source material, before bolstering with extra instrumentation and tweaks in the edit.

            "Song For You" (by Popcorn) has got a real nice, early boogie funk feel, with thick B-line and optimistic chords and vox. Though it sounds like it could come from the UK, it's actually a rare Florida production.

            "Green Machine" is a jazz-funk original by O'Donel Levy but here it's re-tweaked and with vintage clavinet and percussion added over the original track.

            Another PPA home run!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Tasty 7" release on Gamm full of funky flavour which is perfect for your next discerning bar-room DJ set.

            For its third release, Chuwanaga goes back in the past with the reissue of “(Where Is The) Sunshine” by Kalima, a rare 7” originally released in 1981 and produced in Baltimore by Afro-American pianist and producer Derrick Amin. Part I on the A side and part II on the B side form a real journey, a beauty in its own style fusing jazz, soul and spirituality as well as political values.

            Back in the mid-seventies Derrick Amin brought together young musicians from his Afro-American Muslim community in Baltimore. He told them that “all black music in America is a response to racism and slavery” and “(Where Is The) Sunshine” was their own answer, “a plaintiff query of one immerse in darkness. The darkness of lies, lies that deny the humanity, justice, and equality of people. It’s the impetus of this song”. 
            With its splendid vocal parts (thanks to vocalist Sabreen Shareef), a unique major-to-minor chord progression, subtle synthesizer melodies in the chorus and amazing electric piano and sax solos, it really is a very special release. It’s been discovered in a Motor City Drum Ensemble’s jazz set with Gilles Peterson at the J.A.W. Family Reunion in Berlin back in 2016. Still, one must not forget its yet poetic still political message now shared once again with the world. The question asked by Kalima sadly still remains as relevant in 2018: Where is the sunshine?

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Oooof! Big reissue here for the MCDE / Gilles / Floating Points crowd, as Chuwanaga excavate and recreate this spiritual soul / jazz fusion gem from Kalima.

            Jah Mel is a recording artist, songwriter and musician from Jamaica. Beginning his career as a performer on the stage shows of the Twelve Tribes Of Israel of which he has been a member since his youth, Jah Mel made his debut sharing the stage with artists such as Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott, Brigadier Jerry & Denroy Morgan. His writing credits include songs written for Marcia Griffiths, Cecile, DaVille, Itana & Jah Mali for whom he also produced tracks on his debut album "El Shaddai". As you'd expect, Mel has worked with the creme of JA's riddim section: Sly & Robbie, Steely & Cleevie, Earl Chinna Smith, Steve ‘Lenky’ Marsden & Donovan Germaine to who’s Penthouse label Jah Mel was signed.

            Seeing himself as a musical bridge between the original reggae sound & the dancehall sound of today, representing what he calls the real dancehall revolution, merging the spirituality of the old school & the energy of the new school. "Guiding Star" and "Stand Up To It" are the perfect examples to reinforce this direction. Both songs were produced by Roydale Anderson and released slap bang in the middle of the 80s on his own, Andy's Records.

            "Stand Up To It" pairs a bubbling rub-a-dub riddim to sharp off-beat keys while Jah's sufferers vox is evocative and fluid. The dub pushes all that clean 80s digital instrumentation to the foreground, and isn't a million miles away from the Jammy's dancehall sound only with much looser, wilder dub inflections like flailing tape delay and big reverb splashes.

            "Guiding Star" instantly turns heads with its meandering piano line, while Mel sounds empowered and riotous on the vocal version. The dub, or 'Dance Mix' is another skilled display behind the dials, with more expressive tape delay and snappy reverbs creating a shuddering, heady dub that's worth the entrance fee alone.

            Originals of this release fetch upwards of £300, if you can snag a copy. Jamwax continue our love affair as they officially license this true holy grail of 80s reggae for us all to enjoy... Get in! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Jam Wax really do the do here, re-issuing some mid-80's holy grail type shit. Phenominal!

            Informed by a love of repetition, rhythm and the transcendent power of dance, Berlin's DISK finds a kindred spirit in Jakarta's DIVISI62, a collective who draw from the rich musical heritage of Indonesia whilst also embracing global club culture and bass-music. This collaborative EP sees three of DIVISI62's leading lights deliver four cuts of mind-bending rhythm hypnotism showcasing their unique approach to sound and structure. 
            Marsesura opens the set with the polyrhythmic pulse of "Asmoro", a slow and low sway through twisted field recordings, ritualistic sound design and exotic synthesis. Uwalmassa follows suit with the post gamelan clatter of "Untitled 10", an otherworldly assault of rhythmic intricacies, warped mallet sounds and disorienting effects. Staying in the hotseat for the B1, Uwalmassa serves up the stand out cut with "Untitled 6", a shoulder rolling hit of unpredictable rhythms, warped vocal snippets and hallucinatory sound scaping that finds the middle ground between Tolouse Low Trax and Mala. Last up, Wahono weaves a loose, wall melting spell with the gradually unfolding "Pakar Gula Gending", a post-minimal, machine funk freakout which incorporates all the sounds of a traditional Indonesian orchestra into a totally spangled DMT trip. 
            All of this adds up for the most intriguing listening experience: Strange virtual spaces mixing with all-too-real ones, creating a hyperreal spacial feel in which musical structures unfold in a highly unpredictable and deeply entrancing way!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Totally unhinged, off kilter rhythm business from a trio of top Indonesian producers. Taking the hypnotic rhythms of gamelan and soaking them in a massive vat of LSD, the DIVISI62 crew serve up exactly the kind of club weirdshit I can't get enough of.


            12" Info: All artworks were delivered by DIVISI62, the covers were silkscreen-printed in Bandung, Indonesia and the inner sleeves are stamped in Berlin.

            As regular customers can attest, we love a bit of shamanic shit here at Piccadilly, and this latest dose of ritualistic rhythm has me ready to dust off the DJ Froglicker moniker. After a couple of years spent honing his new sound in the studio, French producer Bambounou leaves the mainroom maulers of his 50 Weapons days behind. The music on Parametr Pureskja has a strong and original characteristic which fits exactly DISK’s style: Crisp beats interlocked in edgy grooves shaping a hypnotising drive with a dark tension. Opener "Dernier Metro" fuses the off kilter rattle of organic percussion with eerie synth tones, locking us into a late night mushroom ritual. Bambounou continues his pagan preoccupation with A2's "Kosovo Hardcore", syncing a swinging, lopsided drumbeat with the disorienting melodies of clockwork chimes. Over on the B-side the relentless pulse of "VVVVV" pushes the dance floor ever onwards, entangling one and all in its infectious repetition. Three techno-tribal sounds for psychedelic dancers - buy on sight!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: France's Bambounou lands at DISK with a trio of mesmeric, shamanic club cuts, aimed as far from the mainroom as is humanly possible. Dark, tense and way off kilter, this is A-grade mushroom shit.

            A few short months after volume 1 blew everybody's mind (limited repress copies still in store..) Cult Edits returns with more secret weapons from the stage hypnotists and voodoo priests of the international DJ scene. This time round Inigo Vontier, Pletnev, Dreem Lion and Alexis Le Fan run the rituals, hitting us with the best in rhythmic weirdshit. 
            Cloaked and hooded, Inigo Vontier lights the ceremonial pyre with the stomping EBM of "Cha Cha Cha", a dislocated scream of afterlife chants, trancey keys and Belgian drum programming, before Lithuania's Pletnev knuckles down for some polyrhythmic wrongness via the mallets, militaristic percussion and frazzled chants of "Nathan". Skipping onto the flip and Dreem Lion inject a little acid thrust and techy percussion to Roberto De Simone's finest hour, while Piccadilly favourite Alexis Le Fan goes full tribal rite with the jungle rumble of "Mambo Jambo". 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Channelling the unbridled intensity / insanity of Mad Mel's Apocalypto, the Cult Eds crew come through with a killer 12" of head twisting tribalism. Very voodoo, clatter and chant...

            Ebo Taylor

            Yen Ara Remixes Part 1 - Inc. Ron Trent / Natureboy Flako / Nick The Record Remixes

            Those reliable folks at Mr Bongo hit the shelves with the first 12" in a series of remix packages curated from Ebo Taylor's brand new album 'Yen Ara'. The 81-year-old composer, arranger, guitarist and vocalist has been a key figure in the evolving afro-funk sound since the Seventies, working with the likes of Apagya Show Band, CK Mann and Pat Thomas. For the first in the series, the Bongo crew enlist production experts Ron Trent, west coast talent Flako, and disco connoisseur Nick The Record. Chicago OG Ron Trent kicks the set of with an extended A-side mix of "Krumandey", adding hard hitting percussion, shades of his jazz-funk experiments and system ready sound design to Allen's Afro-beat original. Over on the flip West Coast beat freak Natureboy Flako brings sunkissed synth licks, warming psychedelia and sultry echoes to "Mumudey Mumudey", while London digger "Nick The Record" twists the same track into a hypnotic proto-house / dub disco stomper perfect for Idjuts / Harvey play back in the day.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Here is a true summer record. If only summer was really summer in this island. You get three cuts. A house mix by Nick the Record - tropical vibes are there. And two broken beat / world music combos that are funky, warm and even if it is totally overcast, they make you feel alive. Ace release.

            Already a well-established presence on the outlandish fringes of experimental, alternative and dance music, celebrated Israeli duo Red Axes make a surprise left-turn onto Phantasy with a three-track 12”, ‘Sipoor’. Unsurprisingly, the results are as pleasingly out-there as the occasion requires. 
            Following on from last year’s self-released LP, ‘The Beach Goths’, ‘Sipoor’ immediately announces the Axes’ uncompromising return to the front and centre of the dancefloor with the raw, provocative ‘Bad Time Story’. Brazen, brash acid triggers this particular tale, as Red Axes briskly modulate their way through a ruff, tuff but never less than musical landscape of 303s and 808s.
            ‘Sipoor’ takes a more gradual approach to building offbeat rave tension, featuring an unknown male using his native tongue to request some kind of house, some kind of techno and some sort of release. His wish (and we hope, yours) is the Axes’ command, as the music goes deep before seamlessly unfolds around a throbbing bassline and a playful, familiar keyboard sample, beckoning feet to the dancefloor and perhaps tongues ever so slightly to cheeks.
            Concluding the 12”, ‘Teroof’ takes each of Red Axes’ signature ingredients - deeply rhythmic EBM-inspired drums, spiralling electronics, unapologetically odd vocal distortions - and reconstructs them amid what sounds like the Monaco Grand Prix, as high-velocity motors speed past the soundscape, kicking up some serious dust.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Israeli masters of the dark wired sound, land at Phantasy with a three tracker of off-beat heat that would have killed it at Trash or Barbed Wire Kisses back in the day. Post-punk, acid, EBM and electro all go in the blender, emerging in their most concentrated form.

            Soul Clap enlisted certifiable diva legend Nona Hendryx to voice "Shine" on their self-titled 2016 album. Now Ray Mang has got his mitts on the parts and turned out three versions for his own Mangled label - the classic combination of extended vocal, instrumental and radio edit versions. Whichever cut suits you best, the vibe is the same; a bold and bright summer party track splashed with horns, keys and plenty more besides, although the smart money is on Hendryx's legendary vocal, which soars as though no time has passed since her days working with Material in 80s NYC.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Dub, reverb, echo, edit? Sold. That is me. That is how I like it. Veteran Ray Mang does not go wrong. Massive edit here very much in the likes of Idjut Boys et al. Absolutely essential bar the radio version. Why is it there?

            Second release on new LA based Pleasure of Love label, Barcelona's Pau Roca on editorial duties. Soulful disco grooves and rare south african funk are subtly retooled, teased out, and extended to perfection for DJ use. Born out of a dingy basement club in Hollywood, Pleasure of Love has grown from anything goes disco house party to adventurous re-edit label. Reworks reflect the spirit of the party and limited pressing of 300 matches the capacity of the venue that holds it each week. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Set of edits to kickstart your party in style. You get a bit of disco, world music and an instrumental funky banger all beautifully crafted and retouched for the modern DJ that you are.

            People's Choice

            Here We Go Again / Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)

            A classic slice of Philadelphia funk from People's Choice, officially remastered and reissued for 2018. "Here We Go Again" is a definitive, feel-good disco stomper combining a full frontal bassline, infectious keys and staccato guitar licks that effortlessly build and build throughout the track. Cries of 'Here We Go Again' ring out at its peak epitomising the feeling that this groove could last forever. Keeping up that perpetual good time groove the B side houses the mighty 'Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)'. A track doused in the funk, from the rugged vocals to the addictive hooks, it'll worm its way into your head for weeks.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: A-grade disco-funk here from the mighty People's Choice, brought back to the racks by Philly International. On the A-side, "Here We Go Again" is the kind of raw, rugged and relentless peak timer that just don't quit, while B-side burner "Jam, Jam, Jam" hits you with a stone groove.

            Örtmek comes back round, digging deep into the crates to turn out another trio of top notch Turkish delight for a vinyl only pressing. Following the raw, percussive experiments of the first release. Opening track 'Özil Dans' rains down crashing cymbals and freak-out-worthy wah guitars, maintaining an irresistible and authentic groove that doesn’t falter for five minutes of Eurasian hypnosis. 'Dokuz Sekiz' weaves traditional string elements alongside bursts of wild chanting. Finally, 'Mozart'in Davul' stitches a frantic, dense rhythm from the fuzz and feedback of an unknown slab of Turkish psychedelia.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Ortmek swings through with volume 2, twisting our melons with more tripped out Turkish tackle. Packed with far out FX abuse and twisted sound design, the three cuts boast tough funk breaks, wild guitar licks and hypnotic bass. It's everything you need to turn a dancefloor inside out!

            Two Berlin underdogs and a Detroit ravemaster. A driving force in the very early Frankfurt electronics since the late 80s, to hardcore acid in Brooklyn in the early 90s, producing legends as Carlos Peron among many others along his way, ADSX aka Andre Fischer might sound new to many but has been an active part of the underground electronic movement for the last 30 years. Benji DF aka Hanoben is no newbie to the scene either and might have soundtracked your night if you were to be found at clubs like Tresor or Snax in the late 90s. Together they recorded an ode to aural sex, its acid counterpart, and a genius sketch of a club banger.

            When label honcho Capablanca heard the latter had little doubts about commissioning an extended mix to Motor City's Special Forces Gen. Sharif Laffrey aka thee Activator, who needs little introduction to the discerning raver ears as the man behind instant acid classics Turn It Up and Always, among others. After countless studio days and nights and endless versions (we stopped counting at 56th) Sharif delivers what is possibly his best work to date, an unstoppable 12 minute dancefloor annihilator. To wrap such special release we asked legend Alan Oldham aka UR's Minister of Information aka DJ T-1000, (also responsible for label designs for Transmat, Djax, Submerge, Pure Sonik and a long etcetera) to create one of his classic artworks. Capablanca deconstructs his center pieces for the fully printed sleeve, and everybody S.C.R.E.A.M.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Mega dancefloor tunes here made by people who has been in the game for a very long time. Slow paced dark acid techno is on the table. Expect top draw quality. All killers.

            Cobby & Moore

            Left-handed Books - Inc Ashley Beedle Remix

            Two titans of North England dance music join forces for a brand new single, whilst a naughty southern rascal with plenty of credentials sneaks in on remix duties...

            Do Danielle Moore and Steve Cobby need introducing to Piccadilly customers? I think not; the former Manchester-raised, globally adored songstress and superstar has seduced us with her voice for near enough the last two decades whilst the latter, deeply rooted in Hull, is one of the Balearic scene's prized curveballs and a true artistic maverick.

            Together, they have produced "Left-handed Books", a laid-back, summery house jam perfect for lazy nights or gentle saunters. It's a glossy, cushion soft production rich with delicate piano trills, a typically low-slung bass and gentle, prodding synths. Dani's vocals drift and bob in a coastal, oceanic manner; music that reflects the crystalline blues and sharp gilded edges of the Adriatic coast; a location that the two are more than familiar with as long term baton bearers paradisiacal island musica.

            As remixer, DJ, producer and label owner, there's very few aspects of dance music culture that Ashley Beedle hasn't been involved in. Here he applies a very sympathetic hand to Cobby & Moore's original, keeping with the coastal, holiday house flavour as he adds subtle instrumental flurries and a sweeping, tidal wind through the stems. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Two personal heroes (blush!) deliver a superbly relaxed tickler for sumertime beach maneouvers - it's a doozy!

            Michal Turtle Feat HOVE

            Middle Of The Road Less Travelled

            "Middle of the Road Less Travelled" is not only the debut release by Michal Turtle on Light of Other Days, it is also his first new material released since the amazing reissues put out by Music From Memory in recent years. The three tracks on this EP were written and produced by Michal in 2017 with additional production and guitar playing by Light of Other Days’ very own HOVE.

            The two met back in 2016 when HOVE contacted Michal after he heard the 12“ "Are you Psychic" and was blown away. As it turned out Michal was living in Basel which is only a short train ride away by train from the Light of Other Days home base in Zurich. The two started meeting and playing music together. Soon after, they put together a live-show for Michal’s music which had its debut show at Phono Festival in Denmark in 2017. During this time, they started working on new music together as well. The result is this EP.

            The music on "Middle of the Road Less Travelled" is a continuation of Michal’s musical exploration into other-worldly territory. Michal is a master in building hypnotic textures from repetitive rhythms that collide with trippy and atmospheric synthesizers. The delayed and dubby guitar lines by HOVE were recorded during rehearsal sessions in Michal’s living room in Basel and the last track of the EP "Agallo (Real)" ends with vocals performed by Lucianne Lassalle. Besides playing in local bands with Michal back in the 80s, Lucianne also performed and co- wrote early Michal Turtle tracks like "Phantoms of Dreamland" or "Village Voice" from his first record "Music from the Living Room".

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Exquisite release on the superb Light From Other Days exploring Michal Turtle's Reichian side: repetitive, minimalist compositions featuring staccato, tuned instruments and humanoid electronix. A masterpiece!

            For over a decade now the Melbourne, Australia based producer Kloke has been dropping releases across pretty much every electronic music genre imaginable: from garage to dubstep, acid to IDM, techno to house.

            Last year he decided to try his hands at producing a couple of jungle cuts, which landed him a spot on Diamond Life's roster of talent. Both “Artificial Memories” and “Other Worlds” will take you right back to 1995, an era when jungle music was morphing into D&B proper, whilst still retaining its choppy breakbeat roots.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Myor sub-label Diamond Life bring more nineties rukus with this ravey double-header from Kloke.

            The third release on Alma Negra Records is dedicated to the music of Eritrea, a small (in African terms, that is) country nestled in between Sudan and Ethopia on the south end of the Red Sea. Drawing from its native spiritual roots as well as the christian and islamic influences of conquering factions, this multiethnical country is home to an amazingly diverse plethora of cultures and musical styles.
            The Swiss outfit showcase the music of the Saho People from the Region of Zula, which is located in between the coastal lowlands close to the Dahlak archipelago. The word "Saho" roughly translates (translated?) as "Nomad", pointing towards a lifestyle where tradition and culture is being passed on orally over generations. The exact source for these edits of the Saho Sound are thus lost to the murky depths of history, as they are based on traditional folksongs.
            Complete with that global clarion call of partying it up, the ululate trill (google it), A-side offering "Haleto Late Lalo" is a spiritual house stomper which sees a call & response vocal pattern ride a somber backing track. Exploring a deeper, jazzier mood, the crew added moody piano chords and a balafon, with a subtle but big bassline and some hefty 808-thud holding everything together. The B-side packs a previously unreleased edit of the band SOL.The cut starts life as a minimalist percussion belter, driven along by an eerie vocal-loop which ratchets the tension throughout. Finally a male vocal introduces a main melody that eventually bursts into a full call & response chant with a female choir. Never underestimate the power-combo of nothing but drums and vocals. No more words needed, feel for yourself.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Stunning, stomping and spiritual, the third edition of Alma Negra's new series is nothing but Afro-house fire. Certain to sell out, I'd recommend you nab a copy asap.

            The Patchouli Brothers

            Edits Vol. 2

            The Patchouli Brothers strike back with a second edition of their edits for Basic Fingers. On the A-side we get a big dancefloor bullet with piano luxury, euphoric vocals and 110% party vibes as "Shout On" delivers a feel-good funky nugget for the floor. On the flip there's more of that uptempo business that stylishly straddles the disco and proto-house borders. This one includes THAT timpani solo (as made famous by one Daniel Wang) alongside some catchy vocal hooks and bright, rising strings before opening up into a foot stomping, hi-octane disco frenzy. Excellent!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Patchouli bros are at it again. Two mega edits here. 'Shout On' is a more a disco funk affair with prominent vocals. 'My Love' on the flipside is my favourite, a fast paced trip with a catchy bassline and couple of breathtaking breaks. Do not be put off by the 'patchouli' in Patchouli Brothers. Their edits will help you look further from their name. Me thinks.

            Conjunto Jovens Africanos

            Nhu Djon / Volta Pa Terra

            Continuing Ostinato's series of Cape Verde 45s showcasing diasporan bands that are staples in Europe's Cape Verdean communities, Ostinato Records presents timeless dance music for the summer by Conjunto Jovens Africanos, founded by Ze Orlando, a respected producer originally from São Tomé. Formed and originally based in Lisbon, the band fused raw Funaná rhythms from the Cape Verdean island of Santiago with syncopated electric guitars, raucous synthesizers, relentless percussion, and addictive vocals that kept their compatriots on their feet across little known Krioulu nightclubs in Europe's major cities. First released in 1984, Conjuntos Jovens Africanos' "Nhu Jhon" and "Volta Pa Terra" are stellar representations of modernized Funaná's endless energy.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Millie says: Energetic percussion makes this upbeat seven inch on fire!

            What a nice way to start your working week. Pre listening to this thumping and infectious yet warm and elegant deep house twelve. 
            This is an atmospheric affair, subtle bubbles of sound pop around and without noticing they disappear. Gorgeous melodies pop up from nowhere and they are all joined together by the cosy bassline. This is the narrative underlying the four tracks here. Pleasant deep house of the highest calibre. My choice got to be 'Nearly There' on B1. Playful beats, groovy bassline and some piano keys. Kind of reminds me of the best Chicago's Guidance records from the late 90s.

            B2 is perhaps the most dancefloor oriented track here. Well made deep house that will turn heads. Again, amazing bassline and playful melodies are the fuel that pumps this vinyl to the top. Get it fast because honesly, this will fly when it arrives. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Astonishingly good 12" this one. Deep house of the highest standard for the discerning dancer. It sounds as good out there on a club and at home. Great horizontal dancing.

            After their Butterfunk EP from last year, Fouk are back again with their new offering 'Mating Call EP'.  As the name suggests, this three track EP is made for the hot & heavy moments while dancing away, during those infinite summer days. The title track 'Mating Call' is a funky beast, driven by a very infectious bassline and live instrumentation, edging the line between disco and house, as has we have come to expect from the duo. The next track on the flip furthers the fact that this release is all about the groove. Housey vibes with a classic hint, Rhodes floating on a solid rolling funk bass. 'Just Feel Good'? Yup! Finally we come to 'Down Below'.
            You might wonder what's down below?. Well, there you can find a dreamy thumper, driven by te compact kick, repeating drone and deep bassline, while the synth pads in the middle tie it all together.
            All in all, a great essential DJ weapon of mass destruction that you tots need. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Funky, playful, accessible, happy and positive. A feel good, let your hair down and non-pretentious music affair here. Surprisingly good house music.

            Instalment three of the highly popular and sought-after Dolo! Dolo percussion. Expect intricate beats on this beast because it is all about percussion as the title rightly hints. 
            A1 or Dolo 9 is a warmer up, works well when heating up the dancefloor. By the time you hit 'Dolo 10' you are entering Trilogy Tapes territory head first. Things become a bit more challenging and intricate. Atonal melodies accompany the already crowded beats here. Not bad. 
            Turn this vinyl over and you get 'Dolo 11', it sound like made with a Casio in a good way. Dark? Yes. Playable? Yes. And the triangle in here is sweet and friendly. My favourite track here. Again pure unadultered percussion tools here, folks. 
            And closing act is 'Dolo 12', this is perhaps the one that deserves the adjective of 'banger'. It is a bad boy. A simple one but effective it is. Seductive and dark at times but dead good and you will get a reaction. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Here it is number three of my favourite percussion tools that have been released in recent times. Four tools that will not dissappoint with a banger in disguise. Total destruction.

            Producer, DJ, NTS radio host and label head, Finn is at the spearhead of Manchester’s burgeoning new dance scene - one with its eyes ever-forward, constantly looking to innovate & excite.

            "Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough" sees Finn's youthful, energetic formula expanded upon - at 135bpm it creeps closely up to the booty bass and juke tempos - two of Finn's highly celebrated influences; while the sped-up, 'chipmunked' vox is a stylistic ident found throughout his body of work thus far - and likely to continue in doing so. Playing directly into the hands of the festival crowd; its saccharine vocal and unrelenting beats should see hordes of under(and over)-25s pogo-ing manically as this bursts outta the stacks. Yes mate!! Gathering over 2m (that's TWO MILLION) Spotify streams on its initial release via Tom Lea’s London imprint Local Action, the track also received radio support from the likes of Annie Mac, Skream and Monki and support from DJs as diverse as TQD, Diplo and Martin Garrix. The appeal is universal and the execution is perfect, making this the kind of life affirming record that 2018 needs. Limited 7" press via Defected records - a true future classic! You need. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Top lad Finn hits pay dirt with this release. You gotta admit, it musta been joyfully hilarious seeing this go from a small-scale digi-release on Local Action to Defected sniffing on the studio door looking to license it... and it then taking off the way it has done. Finn's time is now!


            Give It Up - Inc. Medlar / Christophe Remixes

            Ibizan legend and chillot chief Steve Miller looks to build a bridge to the dance floor, with a pair of remixes released on a 12" with one of the lead singles ahead of the album. ‘Give It Up' gets the treatment from two of the underground's current finest. WOLF Music's Medlar changes up the percussion and gives it a more tropical flare, all the while using the main arpeggiated elements of the original, adding his own airy synth work and groovy bassline that's just bound to set dancefloors on fire. The second rework comes from Futureboogie's mainstay Christophe. Choosing to work with atmospheric strings and vocals, this version utilizes plenty of the producer's own groovy ingredients. Managing to inject some funk into his take, the bassline and disco toms give it a fresh, playful vibe that pleasantly contrasts the original.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Tropical vibes and Balearic spirit are all embedded in these three cuts. Medlar oomphs the bassline, whilst Futureboogie funks things up a notch. It is, however, the original that got my attention. Give it a good listening because it is a guaranteed future classic.

            Jungle return with a set of new songs, each showcasing a very different side of their sound.

            AA-sided single cuts 'Happy Man' and 'House In LA' are the first tracks to be revealed from Jungle's forthcoming second album which was recorded in London; J and T describe it as "a post-apocalyptic radio station playing break up songs”.

            If Jungle’s first album was their imaginary soundtrack to the places they had never been, their new record captures the landscapes they had so often dreamed of. To write and record the new album, J and T swapped Shepherds Bush for the Hollywood Hills. Their romanticization of The California Dream clashed with the reality of living it—although the experience led them back home to London to finish the album, the journey itself ultimately defining the music it produced.

            'Happy Man' sees the band visiting themes of disenfranchised youth in an era where the dreams of the Baby Boomers are out of reach for a younger generation (lyrical terrain previously explored in Jungle's crossover anthem 'Busy Earnin’).

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Millie says: Jungle’s new sound is irresistibly good, the lyrics and rhythm are pure goodness and oh so catchy. They’ve come a long way since their self-titled album nearly four years ago (!!) and it’s good to have them back.

            Grammy award winner Louie Vega follows up 2016's acclaimed album "XXVIII" with an album of collaborations paying tribute to dance music's grandmother - disco!

            Louie’s connection with Nervous Records and it’s father / son founders Sam and Michael Weiss goes back to the label’s very early years, as Masters At Work gave the label some of its earliest hits along with its signature release “The Nervous Track” by Nuyorican Soul. Louie was always aware of the many disco hits that had been released by Sam on his Sam Records label back in the 70’s and 80’s. But it was not until recently that Louie suggested Michael send him the 24 inch multi-track masters of seminal Sam Records disco classics like Gary’s Gang “Keep On Dancing,” John Davis & The Monster Orchestra “I Can’t Stop,” Convertion “Let’s Do It,” Vicky D “This Beat Is Mine,” as well as several others.

            The multi-tracks are a treasure-trove, including musical contributions from some of disco era’s finest musicians and engineers. Going through the various percussion, horn and string tracks inspired Louie to create a series of remixes that became dancefloor anthems that topped the Traxsource and Beatport charts and reverberated on dancefloors worldwide. That response, and the common drive that Louie and Michael both share to constantly promote quality music that is both song and rhythm based, inspired them to take this endeavor a step further, and to create brand new songs. When Louie’s creative energies start flowing, his team knows to rise to the occasion, and so the fruits of said labour are here for us all to enjoy! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: One of two records that showcase Louie Vega as a skilled disco producer as well as defined house head.

            Grammy award winner Louie Vega follows up 2016's acclaimed album "XXVIII" with an album of collaborations paying tribute to dance music's grandmother - disco!

            Louie’s connection with Nervous Records and it’s father / son founders Sam and Michael Weiss goes back to the label’s very early years, as Masters At Work gave the label some of its earliest hits along with its signature release “The Nervous Track” by Nuyorican Soul. Louie was always aware of the many disco hits that had been released by Sam on his Sam Records label back in the 70’s and 80’s. But it was not until recently that Louie suggested Michael send him the 24 inch multi-track masters of seminal Sam Records disco classics like Gary’s Gang “Keep On Dancing,” John Davis & The Monster Orchestra “I Can’t Stop,” Convertion “Let’s Do It,” Vicky D “This Beat Is Mine,” as well as several others.

            The multi-tracks are a treasure-trove, including musical contributions from some of disco era’s finest musicians and engineers. Going through the various percussion, horn and string tracks inspired Louie to create a series of remixes that became dancefloor anthems that topped the Traxsource and Beatport charts and reverberated on dancefloors worldwide. That response, and the common drive that Louie and Michael both share to constantly promote quality music that is both song and rhythm based, inspired them to take this endeavor a step further, and to create brand new songs. When Louie’s creative energies start flowing, his team knows to rise to the occasion, and so the fruits of said labour are here for us all to enjoy! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Second record this week of modern disco collaborations from acclaimed house legend Louie Vega. There's some big names and even bigger tracks on this installment, so expect some... big things!

            "It Rains Here" is the debut album from Manchester's Yadava - the So Flute co-founder and darling of the local scene. Anyone that's been to the esteemed clubnight, or caught this cat in action behind the 1s-n-2s should be more than satisfied with the smorgasbord of sounds and influences contained with.

            A melting pot of global styles, the self-confessed Mr. Scruff obsessee has taken the baton of eclecticism and held onto it tightly, as he expresses his own personality over Latin, Tropicalia, house, downbeat and lounge blueprints. Live percussion features heavily throughout the course of the LP, a facet that can also be applied to his outlandish, meandering DJ sets.

            There is however, a natural warmth, rich musicality and organic glow that holds the album together in cohesive form; a natural reaction to growing up in the industrialized, often grey, rainy city and our unrelenting pursuit of colour and hedonism through music. It's a languid and laid back affair, but one that should soak the listener in a balmy, sedative patina; perfect for late afternoon beach sessions, back garden BBQ-raves and early evening meadow parties. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: So Flute's most attractive member (sorry Dan!) and general all star human being Yad finally drops a full artist statement. Released on taste making label Church, it's been a long time coming, but hammers home the gifted DJ / producer's message of warmth, soul and unity - through house music, broken beat and updates to the funk and soul blueprint. Full marks dude.

            The Collective Rhythm Network (Hamilton, Canada), is a weekly radio show that focuses on underground dance music past and present. This EP was produced in celebration of the radio show’s 20th Anniversary, featuring tracks by Detroit's Rick Wilhite, Ron Allen and Terrence Parker!

            Rick 'The Godson' Wilhite is a Detroit born producer / label owner / record store owner /DJ / all-round-gee; and founding member of Detroit’s 3 Chairs. Rick also releases music under his Vibes New & Rare Music label. For this release Rick drops a brand-new track entitled “Mind Control” - a thumping late night dancefloor stomper reminiscent of early 3 Chairs, that is sure to keep the crowd jumping.

            Ron Allen is a Toronto based JUNO-nominated music producer / songwriter / DJ and founder of legendary dance music label Strobe Records that was instrumental in developing the house and techno genres in Canada in the early 90’s. “Whispers” by The R.A.S.E. (Ron Allen Sound Experience), features melodic keys, dreamy vocals and a groovy, head-nod inducing bassline that sounds just as fresh now as it did when it was originally released in 1994.

            Terrence Parker was born and raised in Detroit and has become legendary for his skillful, turntablism-indebted style of playing house music. Terrence has released more than 100 recordings on his Intangible Records & Soundworks label and various other international record labels. With lush keys, and soaring vocals, “Embrace (The Original Melody Vibe)” is one of the deeper cuts in the Intangible Records & Soundworks catalogue.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: US / Canadian house royality on one 12" here with all three producers legendary in their own way. Personal favourite? The emotive, end-of-session brilliance of "Embrace" by Lenni Gait's got me all dewy-eyed

            Leeds' casuals (in the horizontal, grooving by the palm trees sense - Andy Pye is NOT a hooligan) Balearic Social signpost the summer with a sumptuous split EP from Bonnie & Klein and BlackBush Orchestra. Slow as Viduka but steady like Nigel Martyn, these three cuts conjure stunning coastlines and the deepest azure - slip the needle into the groove and dive deep (like Harry Kewell?).

            Putting aside the football references, (World Cup season init!), we can enjoy the lilting excellence of "Motmot", a beautiful bit of sundowner Balearic courtesy of Greek duo Bonnie & Klein. The time-honoured combo of melancholy pads, bossa beats and a winding double bass bring to mind "My Boss" before the echoing Spanish guitar, delicate pianos and evocative organ come on like Knopfler and Richard Wright jamming at Aptera. Lush as you like and bare Balearic fam. We stick with the cradle of civilisation for A2's "Iris", as B&K bring us an audio embodiment of the rainbow goddess. As befits the west wind's wife, the track is a breesy affair, all limber bass sounds, gentle percussion and sublime melody - the well read out there might even find flavours of Mulatu at play...

            In this case the B stands for BlackBush, with the Beauty & The Beat affiliated Orchestra expanding our mind and moving our bodies with a folkloric life changer inspired by Cedric Woo, Jeremy Gilbert and Cyril Cornet's extraordinary party. Suitably psychedelic, the track opens with the gentle clatter of organic percussion, backwards guitar licks and panning rainforest idents. A spheric kick signals a move from the bean bag to the dancefloor, nestling seemlessly into the Brazilian rhythm section like a carnival veteren. Haunting strings and heartwrenching guitar remenisce like childhood friends and suddenly the track's so pretty it hurts. Lysergic bass swells, hallucinatory sound design and an endless supply of soul offer sensory immersion for around fifteen minutes, with the latter stages building into something truly ecstatic.

            Idris Muhammad

            Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - Inc. Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix

            They don't get much more anthemic than Idris Muhammad's 'Could Heaven Ever Be Like This' and who better to rework it than edit royalty, Late Nite Tuff Guy. Though subtle in his touches, the Australian producer incorporates a more DJ friendly, dancefloor orientated beat and tension building intro which teases elements of this classic, before that instantly recognisable bass riff and staccato guitar chords come into play. That subtlety is key when it comes to handling a record as epic as this, elements are accentuated and looped, delicate effects are woven in, but the soul and feeling of Idris' music is lovingly maintained by LNTG.
            And for the purists out there, the flip houses the original mix so you've got two paths to heaven to choose from.

            Carnal tek-booty here from an allstar cast of house music royalty. This outstanding release was produced by L.A. Williams, Roy Davis Jr. and Phuture founder Earl Smith Jr. who died too young in 2016. Four trax that tip their hat to Chicago jack and Detroit booty; matching unrelenting thrust to lascivious vox and endlessly-peaking synthlines. A bit more substance and style than the hundreds of also-rans that populate this genre; this is up there with Poindextor, Drew Sky and DJ Funk and should keep those with a penchant to get down more than happy. Recommended!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Don't ignore these trax!! A cut above the rest of the pack in terms of mixing, mastering and pressing - these sound PHENOMINAL off the wax. Essential trax!

            As everyone obsesses about all things related to the decade following 1990, there was one pioneering video game character from the 80s which rave culture held onto and made its posterboy. The manic, pill-munching lead protagonist in cult game 'Pacman' became one of the lasting emblems of smiley culture with early Cornish free party pioneer Aphex Twin, amongst others, remixing tracks from the game and aligning themselves with the ident.

            We've come a long way since then, but it seems that the clubbers of 2k18 are resorting back to our old tricks, as traces of rave culture and 90s fashion once again rear their head across the dance music omniverse.

            Mystery release that seems to tick all the above boxes, "Powerpill 1" contains four untitled tracks that hark back to a golden age of dance culture. Before GPS and I-phones, when illegal raves and free parties were free from corporate sponsorship and difficult to find; yet life changing in their execution.

            'Acid-tekno-ket-bangers' a famous Mancunian raver once said, and its yet to be beaten. If your idea of fun is consuming too many empathegens as loud repetitive music shakes the ground beneath you, against a backdrop of humans that look like they've just missed the casting for Mad Max and Total Recall, then this is the record for you folks! Very big in Pomona! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Big ups all party line posse, HS2-Cru, Smarties Factory massive, Trafford mental asylum (and all the crack heads that showed up to jack us...), Snake's Pass free parties and the Stoke / Hebden Bridge OGs..


            Tusk / Aku

            Cleveland is forever in search of the brown note. This is his second offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s "Tusk" is a beautiful paradox—rhythm programs that churn like the inner workings of a grandfather clock, unmistakably mechanical, yet fashioned through muted analogue instrumentation that paints a deceptively organic picture. The crystallized jangle of FM synth voices toy with the softened drum patterns and vibrant animal-like chord gestures over nearly seven minutes of splendor. On side B, "Aku" digs further into mysticism, manifesting digital jungle themes, cleverly abstracted through erratic bleeps, distant tribal drums, atonal flutters and synthetic bird calls. The cinematic quality of Clevelands production shines through both tracks, but its "Aku" that sweeps us from reality to embark on a moonlit expedition in search long lost treasures, proving Cleveland a virtuoso skilled in building complex narratives with sound. These two songs will modulate your frequencies.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Cleveland's back on ESP with more ritualistic business for the club, skirting round the fringes of minimal techno and micro house to offer something hypnotic, exotic and esoteric that we like to call rainforest house.

            Eddie C

            Atlantic Jam / Ponderings

            Canada's king of the groove lets his engine idle and coasts the Red Motorbike back into Piccadilly, delivering another hand stamped 7" for all the yacht-rockers, head nodders and sundowners. On the A-side "Atlantic Jam" finds Eddie in frisky form, chopping and dropping an unknown slice of optimistic jazz funk into a shuffling groove that screams summer. Over on the flip, "Ponderings" flicks and finger pops into the funker end of the soul spectrum, delivering BBQ friendly grooves, nimble guitar licks and a tasteful amount of FX abuse. Tasty stuff.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: As a wise woman once said, "I don't wanna go to work, I wanna see Eddie C"! The Canadian groove expert is back with another pair of precise edits, working his hypnotic magic on two sun kissed jazz funk jams.

            Various Artists

            Unlimited Love #12

              Another bout of Unlimited Love floods our receptors as the label continue to plunge the pools of disco, soul and boogie for our listening and dancing enjoyment. Volume 12 in the collectors set (..just don't try snagging a copy of discogs! - ed) sees Aura's "Phreex" alongside Bobby Sanders & Magic's "Strung Out" on side A. The former, a 1978 7"-only release that'll set you back a cool two ton while the later is THE ONLY TRACK ever recorded by Bobby Sanders with Magic and again, is only previously available in 7" format. Side B sees Gloster Williams And Master Control's 1979 album track "No Cross, No Crown" lifted from gospel disco crossover LP "Praying Spirit" while Infinity close off the EP with "Queen Of My Universe", a record-breaking, £700-demanding 7" (yes, seven f****in inch!) single that's pure feel good soul vibes and is rarer than a filling in a hen's tooth! More e-e-e-essential selections for the non-purists and lazy / skint vinyl DJs out there! Big ups!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: A no brainer. Just gerrit! You won't be sorry... Slowly chipping away at people's discogs estate net worth; the Unlimited Love camp seem intent on delivering ridiculously hard to aquire soul dance hits to everyman and his dog, and we're not complaining!

              Various Artists

              Unlimited Love #13

                Second installment this week, and thirteenth volume in the grand scheme of things... those cheeky buggers at Unlimited Love are intent on supplying us meagre peasantry with some truly royal disco, soul and boogie offerings from the last 20 years of dancefloor regalia.

                On the banqueting table this time round: Jeancy's "Reservation" regularly breaks the hundred pound barrier ont second hand market, a tasty 12" boogie record from 1982, originally released on Lotus. Karizma's (no not the Baltimore house DJ... - ed) 1984 boogie (or should that be electrofunk...) hit "Will You Dance With Me", written by Marie Williams, is somewhat of a holy grail for those in the know, with copies often reaching the £500 mark. Also up for grabs is Makonde's "Manzara", a B-side track from 1977 that, although not fetching to heady sums of previous tracks on the series, is an absolutely killer Afro-disco stomper, often overlooked but rarely matched in energy and vibe - breathtaking! Another mid-table 7" is given fresh legs: Marion Javius' "Waiting In The Winds", whilst Neo Experience's "Human" closes off the EP with another pricey (and rare) 7" soul release from 1975. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: A no brainer. Just gerrit! You won't be sorry... Slowly chipping away at people's discogs estate net worth; the Unlimited Love camp seem intent on delivering ridiculously hard to aquire soul dance hits to everyman and his dog, and we're not complaining!

                Yuri Shulgin is a multi-instrumentalist music producer from Tajikistan. His discography includes a small number of releases from the Greek label Modernista and the French Escapade Recordings. "Animal Planet" is his contribution on Cocktail d'Amore Music.

                Pretty much cementing our self coined 'shamanic house' section into history - it doesn't get more entheogenic than this folks! Proper ritualistic, spellbinding tackle that flirts with house music's framework but exists as a totally unique, breaththrough experience. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: It's apt that Yuri shares his surname with the inventor of many a psychotropic substance; as this is some of the most psychoactive musica to reach the shop this week.... trRrRipy sHiT from start to finish! Yes!

                Black Deer

                Baseball Shorts / Lasso

                I've been all over each one of these little 7" treats from R=A, and their latest release is just as crunchy, corrosive and strangely funky as the others. Taking a suitably psychedelic approach, Black Deer dives deep into the machine world for "Baseball Shorts", layering buzzing synth drones over a wavey beat while stuttering guitars put a pagan spin of proceedings. Over on the flip, 'Lasso' sees the producer chucking a CR-78 bossa through milky tape hiss, glooming around with a square bass and topping it all off with a little spicy guitar noodle.

                Lionoil return with Edinburgh’s Telfort who's previously self-released three superb EPs to much acclaim here at Piccadilly (Move D, Axel Boman, Smallpeople, Moxie, Tim Sweeney, Jane Fitz & Jacques Renault are also fans...)

                With “Rooms For Speculation”, he delivers four versatile deep house cuts for his fellow city-dwellers. The title track opens with rapturous piano chords and stirring sample-work, before deploying burly bass stabs under wholesome Rhodes deepness. “Some Other Time” accelerates on, sweeping through layers like a dreamy dystopian car chase. On the flip, “Barberweed” turns the temperature up to ‘peak summer scorcher’ as dulcet samples float above another of Telfort’s boundless basslines tempered with those spiky 909s. Lastly, “Exploding Car” mellows off the EP, despatching a warming orchestra of dusty strings, a driving weapon for the warmup.

                This essential Summer record is undoubtedly Telfort’s most accomplished to date, cementing his deep, idiosyncratic yet highly playful style. Totally recommended!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: There's no shortage of good house music this week, and Telfort's 'Rooms For Speculation' is particularly tasty. Nuanced percussion, warm keys and squidgy acid lines take the title track to the next level.

                The Moscow duo is back with another dose of haunted industrial techno punches. 
                We start proceedings with 'Incident', a relentless, menacing and not so dystopian end of world scene plagued with metallic, industrial and machine ridden sounds that create a soporiphic and dense atmosphere. Is it techno, or is it breakbeat? I think it sits at the crossroads rather comfortably. 
                Flip this monster and it becomes clear that at the end of the day this is a techno record. 'Haunted Tales' prolongs the narrative from above and makes it darker and that slight breakbeat aura is left behind. Menacing, hard and unforgiving tonalities swim in and fade out in this 'metal' techno track. 
                Things do not change much on 'Navy Fit Republic', This is perhaps the most dancefloor oriented track, with a blatantly dark bassline being the engine. Aggressive, dark and futuristic. It can cause serious damage on the dancefloor but you need the right crowd to make it effective. 
                Another super 12" by the always solid Born Free.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Sil says: Every Born Free 12" deserves attentive listening as they are almost always bangers. This one is no exception.

                Baba Stiltz


                'This EP is a collection of songs that were recorded during the past couple of years,' says Baba. 'They all represent things I’ve been going through, just day to day stuff; travelling, DJing, meeting people, being alone a lot, falling in love, parties, hang-overs etc. 'Showtime’ as a title just means it’s showtime. Before every gig, every day of travel. Always somewhere. Pressure, stress, excitement. Gig-economy self-loathing and megalomani.'

                Swedish-born 24-year-old Baba Stiltz (real name) has been steadily releasing his idiosyncratic take on dance music to growing fanfare. His is a playful brand of electronic music, injected with a personal touch that crosses boundaries and genres unlike anyone else. Opening the EP with jazz inflected slow-jam "Showtime", with a direct address of his current life situation; the EP peaks with "Maze" - the kind of Summer floor-filler Baba is such a natural at crafting. Alongside a duo of other unique, soul-flecked jams, Baba finds his full range on show for this XL released, "Showtime EP". Fun, musical and most enjoyable - a future BBQ favourite surely and an EP you don't wanna be without during this, one of the best Summer's for years.... Tip top.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Unique vocal stylings meet an advanced but crowd pleasing sound design resulting in a fresh sounding EP with loads of commercial, radio and cross over potential to the clubs and outdoor parties.

                Sub-heavy, dreamlike AI techno from the mysterious Yugen Disciple. "IBEX 2" is hypnotic techno that would kill in a big-room, "Luxury Flat" is a pulsating, monotone banger. On the B side "Pattern Recognition" is a timeless slice of electro finished with the late night trip on the Japanese bullet train with "Shinkansen Blur".

                For fans of Shinichi Atobe, Donato Dozzy, DJ Sprinkles, Lee Gamble, Other People Place.

                Played by Pearson Sound on Rinse FM, Kowton / Livity Sound on NTS and Tony Poland on Netil Radio.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Best release on this label thus far for me easily. Beautifully realized deeeeep techno with that cushion soft, playful touch.

                Various Artists

                Re-Edited Volume 1 - Inc. Dimitri From Paris Kon, LNTG, Norman Jay & Todd Terje Edits

                TK Disco - THE Miami disco and boogie label, dominated throughout the 1970's and 1980's with back to back classics revered by dancers and disc jocks alike.

                It's no wonder the labels catalogue still gets played today and still makes people dance, inspiring new fans and the old school alike to hunt down the ubiquitous yellow labelled 12 inch singles with fervour. It's in this spirit that TK present some of the finest contemporary reworkings from their legendary catalogue, classics reimagined with todays dancefloor in mind, nipped and tucked in just the right way by some of the finest names to flirt with the discotheque. Across 2 lovingly mastered and selected slabs of wax we have versions from Dimitri From Paris, Norman Jay, Todd Terje, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Kon and Danny Krivit - A truly allstar cast right there - all showing their love for this sunshine state disco powerhouse. Resplendent in original TK Disco label art and with the classic 'palm tree' sleeve this 100% legit and official selection of re-edits is now available for your disco dancin' pleasure. Dig in, and enjoy!

                Forest Flame is the debut solo effort of the Texas-based Shea McGilvray. His previous works have been featured in compilation and remix releases on labels such as Echovolt, Shimmering Moods, and Bokhari’s Swamp Tapes.

                Second release from the KP-approved Online Conversation and a different vibe this time round. Polyrhythmic, neo-tribal vibrations are delivered on EP opener "Redsky Porch" which sees a meandering, echo-drenched lead wind its way through a series of interesting perc hits and tuned metallics. "Terra" sees a swirling, hazy soundbed converge on shuffled lo-fi hats and a half-time kick. The very epitome of shadow-sculling, outsider house; blunted AF and groovy as hell. Yes mate. Title track "Forest Flame" sees deep atmospheres peppered with reverb heavy drum hits, hinting at some evocative and cinematic moods. Final track "Manzanita" sees another heady whirlpool of influences, somewhere between Deepchord's "Hash Bar Remnants", Anthony Naples Proibito output and the delicate poise of Ricardo Villalobos.

                Already getting support from Best Available Technology and Will Lister.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Big label currently on my radar drop record number two. Ditching the lo-fi jungle and uptempo house bangers for a more sedative, hypnotic and shamanic affair. One for the smokers as much as the dancers this one...

                Dark wave techno / goth / electro-punk business here from Poison Arrow on the seductively named Pleasure District. A-side tracks, "If You Don't Love Me" and "Casa Show" both pair skeletal drum machines with gothy, pitch black female vocals and eerie metallic washes. A little Chris & Cosey, a little Massive Attack and a little Tropic of Cancer all thrown into one heady, black eye-linered muse.

                Side B sees two remixers, Konrad Black and Razor take turns on the lead track. KB keeps "If You Don't Love Me" deeply in the sex dungeon, soaked in amyl nitrate and scarily carnal. Meanwhile, the Razor dub of said track sees it strung out into a highly taut bubbler, smothering the vocal in tape delay and allowing the various elements plenty of room to make their impact.

                Causing an immediate stir around Piccadilly HQ this afternoon this is a beautifully dark and arresting record and one that should more than stand the test of time. Highly recommended! 

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 12" Info: 12" with full picture sleeve.

                Lay-Far & Phil Gerus

                Solitary High Social Club

                Two of Russian electronic music’s rising stars, Phil Gerus and Alexander Lay-Far, invite you to join them at the Solitary High Social Club. While table service is provided, they’d much rather you throw caution to the wind and head to the dancefloor.

                Before joining forces in the studio, both Moscow-based musicians have delivered a string of memorable solo productions. Lay-Far has previously released a wealth of material on such labels as Local Talk, City Fly, Lazy Days and 4Lux Black, while synthesizer fetishist Gerus has showcased his electrofunk and disco-fired cuts on Futureboogie Recordings, Sonar Kollektiv, Public Release and Superior Elevation Records.

                The five tracks that make up Solitary High Social Club deliver a perfect marriage of the two producers’ distinctive solo styles, combining the rich musicality of Lay-Far’s house productions with the spacey, intergalactic electronics of Gerus’s discoid adventures. In many ways, it’s a marriage made in heaven – or in Lay-Far’s celebrated In-Beat-Ween Studio, at least.

                The duo’s spacey and melodious musical fusion is arguably best exemplified by lead cut “City 2 City, Star 2 Star”, a widescreen, mid-tempo disco epic rich in tactile Rhodes riffs, supernova synth solos, delay-laden drum beats, tumbling melody lines and heavy analogue bass. Fittingly, the track returns in “Reprise” form – think sweeping, weightless ambient bliss – to round off the EP.

                Elsewhere, the duo provides further proof of their combined musical talents. Check, for example, the gentle drum machine electro beats, cascading new age melodies and sparkling, stretched-out synthesizer chords of the impeccably beautiful “Am I Tripping”, or the devilishly percussive, mind-altering brilliance of “Love Life”, where mutant electro bass, wide-eyed chords and alien melodies rise above a heavy, Afro-influenced groove.

                As for “Snowflakes On Her Lips”, you’ll struggle to find a more confident and positive dancefloor workout all year. Blessed with killer piano parts, darting analogue synth-bass and a range of disco-tinged musical flourishes, it’s by far and away the most celebratory moment on an already happy-go-lucky EP. It confirms, too, our initial hunch: at the Solitary High Social Club, life is always good. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: On the eve of the World Cup, Leng line up two of Russia's hottest producers for a 5 tracker of smooth grooving dance music flavoured by funk, boogie and disco.

                After another short hiatus, the OG crew are back with another bomb. Side A sees Bristol’s Mr. Fantastic put the knife to Joe Farrell’s all time classic, “Upon This Rock” and cuts it down from the 12 minute original to a dancefloor friendly 3m50s – a perfect fit for our favourite format. On the flipside, we have chosen The Artifacts “Whassup Now MuthaFucka” from their 1994 debut LP “Between A Rock And A Hard Place” which is kinda where we at right now! Don’t sleep – doubles essential!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Millie says: Joe Farrell and Artifacts teamed together to be side by side on this funk induced 7”, the sound between them both has an incredible bass and ingenious beats alongside. This is golden stuff!

                Coming at you hard with a brand new release, thats moved away from or usual unissued releases. DJ Rude Lead played me a demo he and Tom Noble from Superior Elevation cooked up whist Tom was in Denmark deejaing.
                They approached in indemand vocals of Jay Nemor from the states., who layed over some killer sultry lyrics and tones.
                The song was only in demo form, so Super Disco Edits in house engineer Matt Fletcher and Owner of Super Disco Edits Russell Paine gave the song the boost and heaviness it desired! We really are pleased with the result, thats cut super loud and sounds awesome over a big system. Promos will be available this week. 

                Not much info on this one. Two serious cuts on a hand stamped red record with a D2B logo. Think fast, these won't hang around for long and both tracks are sounding super!

                "My Love" pairs proper techy stabs with a gritty, slightly lo-fi technoid beat which should appeal to everyone from MCDE & Red Axis to Jackmaster and Dennis Sulta.

                "Never Ending" has a similarly grating beat to which it marries elastic synthlines and a barrage of mid shelved snare hits. Proper club tackle on both tracks and more than worthy of your attention. Check!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Mystery secret weapon business finding us fully in the thralls of festival season. More suited to the indoor environment, I can see this going down a storm at Barbarellas or in one of Berlin's heady nightclub spots.


                Schatzi Vol. 4

                Faster than my yahtzee quick maths, Schatzi returns with its fourth chapter!
                As with those that preceded it, this one's a vinyl-only 12" of... indeterminate provenance. Behind every Schatzi ditty is a dash of homespun crate-digging mischief, a dollop of crunchy, swinging drum loops, and a determination to inject into the tropes of today the carefree heart and funky soul that made the dance music of decades past feel so alive. Though names have been omitted to protect reputations, these five ultra funky disco cuts include a stunner from Margaret Reynolds, a Ron Hardy classic from Made In The USA, some classic NY tackle and a obscure bit of Latin magic. All in all it's a royal flush of raw, untamed disco that desperately wants off this slab of wax and onto fogged-out dance floors and into strobe-lit basements.

                Various Artists

                Escape To The Red Mountains / Who The Fuck Is Cup Of Tea? Inc. Lockwood

                After teasing our pleasure centres with that excellent sampler and the Studio58 album, Lemonade serve up their newest press of fruits: Lockwood's 'Escape to the Red Mountains' EP. Picking up right where they left off with "Blue Heron" on the sampler, Lockwood's debut EP on Lemonade is a perfect slice of musical escapism. With influences from jazz, house, garage & ambient, Lockwood tell their story about a boy's adventure of becoming a man. Packed with bleeps, bloops, cats in space and broken rhythms, these are  some astral travellin', speakers not handlin', dance floor tremblin' vibrations. Take the trip folks!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Millie says: This really does have it all, mainly jazz instrumentals but it incorporates different genres seamlessly such as house elements, spoken word, merging an electronic jazz-funk groove and broken beats thrown into the mix too for some good measure. The outcome is brilliant, you’ve got to hear this one.

                Passport To Paradise get their Venusian stamp this week, initialising launch protocol and blasting off with space disco ambassador and legendary digger Loud E. Picking up right where he left off on last year's Brasserie Heroique edits, the underground hero hits us with the scuzzed up, cassette deck bump of opener "1,2,3", a deep disco funk nugget drenched in astral fx and hissy fx. Buzzing synths add a touch of glam while the playful vocals call to mind a lost no wave experiment. This one beats its drum at the nexus between Ron Hardy and Daniele Baldelli, and that's some serious real estate if you ask me. Over onto the B-side and our intergalactic pilot goes deep into space funk mode, hooking up a weirdo-disco heater that marries new beat stomp, EBM energy, kosmische sequences and pinging fx to properly fill the floor. Finally "7,8,9," weaves its way through gravitational fields, nebulous sound scapes, solar winds and progged out tones - mid-session mind bender right here!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: 'kin 'ell this is good! Loud E lands on Passport To Paradise with three totally out of this world cosmic edits, drenched in the psychedelic sound design he's made his own. When records as good as this exist, you wonder why anyone else bothers?

                Best have been consistently smashing it since they entered the reissue market a couple of years back, but every now and again the Italian imprint totally excel themselves. Well folks, this is one of those occasions. What we have here is an official reish of a undeniable Italo masterpiece from 1983 produced by dynamic duo, Francesco Paolini (Pasta DJ) and Alessandro Novaga (appearing here as Stopp). Entirely incendiary, "I'm Hungry" hits us with bubbling bass, bombastic sequencing and lightly jacking drum machines, laying the perfect foundation for some playful synth work and choice Italo vocals. Aside from its success in the Italian club scene, the track also became a massive dancefloor classic in Chicago thanks to regular Ron Hardy plays and spins on WMBX's Hot Mix 5 show. Backed with the equally awesome "Caramba Mix" (a dubbier, jacking variation with reversed vocals), this piece of house history will eat your other records for breakfast.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Best Records delight my Talking Drums fam with an official reissue of this squiggly Italo bomb which blew the doors off the Muzik Box in the hands of Mr Ron Hardy. Weapons grade banger folks.

                Pork & Tony Feat Private Agenda

                Tusk Wax Twenty Five - Inc. Jay Shepheard & Coyote Remixes

                Another from camp Tusk. You know the drill, strictly limited to 500 copies on 12" 180g viny, hand stamped, individually numbered records.

                This installment comes from Pork & Tony Feat Private Agenda who drop two OGs before Jay Shepheard and Coyote muscle in on a remix bumrush.

                "Rhythm Ride" is crisp and elastic, the kinda soundsystem friendly tackle you'll hear across the Adriatic coast and the Balearic isles all summer long. Chuggy, full frequency and emotive, it's the perfect tackle to strip down to your shorts and bikiki and start knocking back the tequila sunrises.

                "Luke's Summer" sees another holiday favourite sweep across the decks with a languid, drunkard swagger. Embellished with fat plumes of synth and decorated with twinkling starry-eyed elements it's a perfectly atmospheric way to move from the daytime into the night...

                Jay Shepheard and Coyote get to work on "Luke's Summer" and "Rhythm Ride" respectively, the former sees us submerged in wubbing bass as a skeletal rhythm holds the groove while the latter is transformed into a blissed-out, slo-mo Balearic house epic complete with cascading vocal washes, rising strings and bouncy, '89-styled beat.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Landing in good time for festival season, this latest Tusk Wax tonker is all about the Adriatic, with Pork & Tony totally nailing the sultry groovy and rhythmic stomp of a balmy evening at Love International.

                [Emotional] Especial returns in 2018 after a supremely quiet 2017 as batteries were recharged and life happened. The break their fast with the introduction of new duo, Weird Weather and their debut EP, "Bamboo Room", a perfect addition in the label family boasting 4 cuts covering dark basement club music through to calmer, balmier moments.
                The brain/love child of LJ Horstman and D Thornley, conjoined metal nerds from opposite ends of the London suburbs who bonded over love of dub mixes, Weird Weather emerge from the home studio after four years of jamming, constructing, dubbing and re-dubbing. Expect cheap synths played with strict finger musicianship; deep bass over 4/4, clattering Roland drum boxes and analogue pads and submerged vocals calling out over the noise of the digital Coffee Maker. Taking influence from Yello, Jah Shaka and the Horn "Megamixes" of the ZTT alumni, the duo poured their favourite elements of 80s club music through the dub blender before calling in the mixing desk skills of Timothy J Fairplay and Jamie Paton for extra impact.
                To start, "Sequence 5" is a one-take body-music desk dub. The relentless riding rhythms, rubberised bassline and faint harmonics and turn the packed floor into a smoldering sweat box, before "Trash Dolphin" follows as an aquatic New-Wave meets NY-house in-joke that went too far. Future primitive riffs, tropical drum programs and poolside samples signpost the way to nirvana. Over on the flipside is the titular "Bamboo Room" a sub 90 BPM euphoric mind-melter that's a must have for the cosmic/Balearic crowd. The impossibly groovy rhythm section calls to mind "Lamuka" while the blissed out melodies and velveteen pads above are straight out of a 93 CDM mix. The set is seamlessly completed with the poolside cool of the 'Ormus Mix' for the suave recliners out there.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Where has this been all my life? New London duo Weird Weather make their debut on [Emotional] Especial with four top tracks covering chugging EBM, balmy house, cosmic syrup and dopest Balearic. Ace!

                Andi Otto

                Bow Wave - Inc. Nicola Cruz / Golden Bug Remixes

                In our most private moments, we have often thought of Multi Culti as an educational enterprise: as you listen to our music and stare at our artwork, you are absorbing information in a way that might conceivably be defined as "learning." Our latest release brings this theoretically reasonable fantasy one step closer to fruition, as we welcome Hamburg-based musician and composer Andi Otto (Ph.D) to our roster of artists. A deep listening experience focused on repetition and timbre, Bow Wave was made using rare and unique instruments such as a special sensor bow for cello (and other string instruments) known as the "Fello," which Otto developed during his residencies at the STEIM research centre in Amsterdam. The album also features vocals from award-winning Indian playback singer, actor, and TV anchor M.D. Pallavi, a frequent Otto collaborator, recorded while the two were touring Japan. The six-track vinyl features remixes by Ecuadorian folklorica wizard Nicola Cruz and Parisian "adult disco" purveyor Golden Bug.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Global folklorica HQ Multi Culti are back with their most out-there release to date, the fourth world, free associating, esoteric groove music of Hamburg's Andi Otto. A heady fusion of the organic and synthetic, this EP weaves a weird and wonderful spell, delicately adjusted for the dancefloor by Nicola Cruz and Golden Bug.

                Nicolette Larson

                Lotta Love - Jim Burgess Disco Mix

                Well here's something that's got us in a tizzy at Piccadilly HQ! At long last, some sensible soul has seen to it that Nicolette Larson's sublime Balearic-disco rarity gets the official reissue it well deserves. For about 20 years now, the promo only 12" version of Nicolette Larson's "Lotta Love" has been the sole reserve of the A-list disco heads and imposing beards of the Balearic mafia. Mixed by the legendary Florida born and NYC dwelling mixer and DJ extraordinaire Jim Burgess, this gorgeous cover of the Neil Young classic combines the wide eyed soft rock of Laurel Canyon with a deep disco groove to life changing effect. Along the same lines as Carly Simon's "Tranquilo", but way more emotional, this is about as Balearic as it gets, and deserves a place in any boat party / sunset DJs record box. A truly sweet slice of music here backed with a nice cover of Sam Cooke's classic standard 'You send me'. Often bootlegged, there's been some shoddy facsimiles kicking around over the years but this high quality, official, 100% legit reissue has been lovingly remastered from the master tapes. What more can you ask for? Buy it now!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                David says: Oh man, they really don't make records like this anymore. Coming across like the love child of Barry White and Stevie Nicks after an especially loved up Cali pool party, if this doesn't get you on your feet you might as well donate them to science. HUGE.

                Nils Frahm

                Encores 1

                  Encores 1 is five track 12" vinyl EP previously only available as an exclusive, limited release via Rough Trade. It was recorded in Nils Frahm's studio at the Funkhaus in Berlin, as part of the same sessions for the recently released and universally acclaimed new album, All Melody (Official Album Charts #21), released earlier this year on Erased Tapes. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Darryl says: Suddenly arriving as a top secret release on Friday morning, Frahm delivers five accompanying session tracks to his rather wonderful 'All Melody' album. Top drawer stuff!!

                  Kapowwww bitches! Bahnsteig 23 is back with another beefy (should it be boeufy) set from Parisian powerhouse Alexis Le-Fan. Wasting no time in tonking it out, Alexis opens proceedings with "Agre", an...erm...aggressive EBM/electrodisco hybrid boasting gnarly sequencer growls, vocoded vocals and Bombay style synth strings. Next up, "Pune" sees the Parisian paint from the same sound palette but at a super slow tempo! Chiming synth harp and tumbling toms make this one stand out from the crowd. Flip the disc and enter the freakzone with "Hubli", an odd fusion of eerie horror film atmosphere, psych guitars and unpredictable drums. Last but not least, "Kulem" is a 80s rock groover featuring emotive chord progressions and frazzled guitars. Hot shit.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Mega edit action from Alexis Le Tan here frazzling your frontal lobe with muscular EBM and chugging cosmic. James Murphy approved folks!

                  The Charlatans

                  Totally Eclipsing

                    The four track release was recorded earlier this year, with lead track ‘Totally Eclipsing’ produced and mixed by David Wrench in London. Wrench has previously worked with the likes of The xx, Frank Ocean, Jamie xx and many more. ‘Standing Alone’, ‘Indefinitely In Your Debt’ and ‘Hopelessly Hoping’ were recorded by The Charlatans and Jim Spencer at Big Mushroom in Cheshire and mixed by Oliver Wright (Hot Chip, Dream Wife) in London.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd 12" Info: Limited edition green vinyl.

                    Thomas Meinecke & Move D here with some darn right filthy trax for Hell's International DeeJay Gigolo Records. Needing little introduction to regular Picc customers, David Moufang founded his own imprint Source in the 1990s, but releases his own productions on many and varied labels. Since 1980 Thomas Meinecke plays in the band F.S.K. that he co-founded & directs; and moderates the music program of the Bavarian Broadcast since 1985 and ever since 1986 publishes belletristic books on Suhrkamp press (!!!) The last joint production of Meinecke and Moufang (‘übersetzungen/translations’) was awarded with the Karl Suzuka price for radio art at the Donauenschingen music festival in 2008.

                    This is EP is less art more bang, as the pair contribute some darn right filthy trax for Hell's International Deejay Gigolo Records. "Say My Name" begins the EP with a carnal call matched with an equally lascivious groove; big on the lower freqs and shuffled to oblivion. "(Time) To Work The Box" sees that OG jack / booty flavour reduced to a valium-soaked sway that's bound to work wonders for the more creatively inclined DJ on multiple turntables. "Work Me (That's Fierce)" sees a nice M1-kinda sound deployed that should prick the ears of the lighting engineer as a strobe-lit, lazer-guided smasher take hold of the floor. Finally, "Work Me (Please Don't Stop)" returns to the unabashed sexuality of the first track; as Meinecke & Move update the booty blueprint for dancers with a slower and more deliberate persuasion... Mega stuff here from two dance music stalwarts. Recommended!

                    Best Records show no signs of slowing here, continuing their mission to bring us the finest slices of rare 80s club tackle with another wicked boogie joint originally released on Delirium. Cut from the same cloth as previous pearls from Jagg and Neddy Smith, Steve Kahn & Co's "Got To Have Your Lovin" is A-grade 80s disco, powered to the heart of the dance floor by thick bass, conga laced percussion and smoking guitar licks. Chuck in the totally infectious vocal and you've got yourself a dub-disco-funk fantasia, perfect for packing the floor. As a big bonus, this official 12" reissue boasts the highly playable instrumental and the soulful vocal version both mixed by the legendary Tee Scott. Don't sleep!

                    Jack Cutter / Paqua

                    Serpent Strut / Ruby Running Faker - Larry Heard / Emperor Machine Remixes

                    Bonus cuts from the Claremont 56 Box Set featuring tracks and mixes not featured on the original release. Chicago legend Larry Heard is joined by UK mainstay Andy Meecham in his EMperor Machine alias as they remix the amazing Paqua and Jack Cutter. First up, "Serpent Strutt" by Jack Cutter gets a spacious and soulful rerub by Mr. Fingers who emphasizes the relaxed nature of the track through a beachy, waves lapping at your ankles kinda vibe that really resonates with the OG whilst simultaneiously shining a light on Larry's unique, effortless style.On the flip, EM takes Paqua's "Ruby Running Faker" into squelchy new disco territory complete with boogie bass, dubbed out delays and echo laden hand claps. Rock solid but with a bit of give around the hips, this'll make ideal warm up tackle... Super limited and really quite good - you know what to do! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Nice Brucey bonus for fans of the ultimate Balearic collection. Larry Heard and Emperor Machine's remix never made the boxset, but they're more than worthy additions to this most pretigious collection. Super limited too so don't dilly dally.

                    Harmonious Thelonious

                    Background Noise

                    After releasing a brilliant and stomping three-tracker on Kontra-Musik White Label last year, ex-Durian Brother Harmonious Thelonious returns to the Kontra-Musik family with an absolute gem of a record. If you've followed the producer's career you'll know exactly what to expect here; polyrhythmic proto techno tackle that's both playful and impossible funky. Harmonious Thelonious is a master of crafting organic sounding rhythms but arranging them in a manner that reminds one of a 1970's car factory. Primal pulses running through modern assembly lines, gears and pistons covered in green lianas. The result is a perfect symbiosis between living tissue and mechanical parts - dance music for primitive cyborgs.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Harmonious Thelonious returns to Kontra with more groove heavy polyrhythms, conjuring a humid rainforest scene, then pulling the curtain back (DMT style) to reveal the arcane machinery which makes everything tic.

                    Please form an orderly queue... MCR's Swing Ting follow up the imperative 2017 single "Braver" with their second 7" release. First heard on the Equiknoxx Music Fader mix this dub of "Fly Away" features Gavsborg on the boards dubbing & scrubbing things good and rotten launching dancehall deejay Alozade's vocals into another dimension along with wayward cymbals & wonky hats. Included is the fiery OG vocal version.

                    It's another essential joint from the label and sure to fly out. You need to move quick on this one crew!

                    300 copies.
                    Artwork by Karen Cazabon.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Back in stock!! With militant precision, Swing Ting offer up this incendiary, future-dancehall cut from Equiknoxx and Gavsbourg.

                    Young Pulse

                    Paris Edits Vol. 5

                    Holy sheeeeitt! Parisian disco don Young Pulse hits back on GAMM with another pair of powerhouse peak time slammers forged at the funky fringe of the disco landscape. Exploding out of the A-side, we get a chest pounding, hair raising, hands to the ceiling reshape of Billy Paul's "Only The Strong Survive". Ditching some of the original's cruiseship cheese, Young Pulse stretches out the massive, high octane hit of the tracks bridge into an extended, life affirming blast of groove magic. This is the kind of grunting disco funk you'd expect to hear Rahaan or Theo dropping to an ecstatic sweatbox. The B-side boasts a more subtle flavour as Young Pulse gets his scalpel stuck into the rare groove / boogie banger "Dreamin" by Greg Henderson, unleashing and extended feel good frolic on the early doors crowd.

                    The California EP pays homage to Diplo’s first full-length release, Florida, where he spent much of his youth. The sonics on California share a similar tone: slow, vibey, & melancholic, a bit of a departure from the sound he has been known for in recent years. The EP is a succinct and powerful presentation of the right now, featuring up-to-the-minute hotness from Lil Yachty, Santigold, Trippie Redd and Lil Xan to name a few.

                    We've always had a soft spot for Diplo's 'Neo-tropical-Dancehall-RnB' here in Piccadilly, going back to when Toddla T and MIA were regular big hitters in the shop. Now, around 14 years after his first releases Diplo has risen to a monumental force in the modern pop and hip-hop world.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says:

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Ltd 12" Info: Purple coloured 12" vinyl, gatefold sleeve, printed inner-sleeve, CD included.

                    Really strong stuff here from Ditongo on established label Degustibus. Two tracks with a stylish, hypnotic flair coursing through their veins.

                    A-side track, "Berimbau" updates the samba blueprint for the house heads, giving the lead role to a dizzying organ line.

                    On the flip, "You Know Nothing" is equally mesmeric, switching the precursor to a more mechanized funk containing looping guitar licks, a flurry of live drums and a concentric fretted bass hook. The mad groove draws you in before dropping into some sublime disco business later in the track.

                    Two seriously beguiling tracks that'll work wonders in the dance - ideal! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Sil says: Summer bomb here. On B Side (my chosen one!) memories of Mark E at its best come to mind... Slow chuggy and mesmerising edit that flourishes when the sweet vocals come out. Absolutely stunning.
                    On A Side, Berimbau, is a discotech number that will turn heads and shake hips. Very very good edits here from Ditongo. Not to be missed I'd say.

                    Aussie oddball and master of audio bathos Bell MF Towers is finally back with a new jam on Public Possession. Originally produced for the runway (desert oasis is my S/S 19 inspiration) the hilariously titled "Ikea Hack" was too good to leave to the fashionistas. Once again the production perfectly showcases BT's ability to transform emotions into melodies and bridge gaps between various musical influences. The Dance Mix merges propulsive Depeche Mode in Detroit bottom end with tough percussion, celestial keys and heavenly vocals arriving at a previouly unimagined fusion of Mediterranean, Balearic and Midwestern club sounds. Ditching the pumping percussion, the "Chillout Mix" is a brilliantly Balearic bit of deepness in the vein of "Little Fluffy Clouds" or "Moments In Love". In addition to these fresh flavours, the material was handed over to Baba Stiltz, who delivered his very own more minimalistic, extremely hypnotic take on the "Ikea Hack", creating a stripped back micro house mix for the emotional dancers out there. 

                    This double A-side treat brings together two killer cuts from the band's 1978 debut album, 'Help Us Spread The Message'.Pressed onto a 7" single for the very first time. A-side "Star Children" is a  deep and spaced-out affair, while on the flip "Help Us Spread The Message" is a horizontal soul folk classic.

                    Mighty Ryeders

                    Evil Vibrations Collection

                    40 years since the release of the Mighty Ryeders' single album, 'Help Us Spread The Message' their best song, 'Evil Vibrations', still sounds as fresh as it did all those years ago. Famously sampled (to great effect) by De La Soul on 'A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday' if you can find anything better to do in three minutes forty seven seconds we'd love to hear from you...

                    Ombra bring the heat for their newest outing, imaginatively titled 'Ombra 006'. We kick things off with the throbbing synth pulse and reticent Italo percussion of 'Boogie Melody' by csk, pushing forth a driving 2-tone synth strut ahead of the simmering ambient drone and skittering reverbed percussion, before breaking down into a cosmic redux of oscillators and noise only to launch back into the hypnotic main refrain. 

                    Dame Bonnet are up next with the gothic pop swing of 'New Romance', slowly growing from a dipping bass melody, and shiny metallic synths into a cacophonous rolling groover, eyeliner and all. 

                    Flip over and we take a trip to Italy for the Red Laser friendly octaved bass and cavernous reverb of 'Drums Across Death', at once dynamic but nuanced, leaving room for the instruments to breathe before launching into the soaring chug and progressive guitar lines that give this tune it's sense of depth and sleek passage from the home onto the dancefloor. 

                    To finish things off, we get the full-spectrum comedown electronica of 'Never Forget That You Are Alive', mixing the hypnotic driven vibes of Underworld with a perfectly produced hypnotic melody, adding in the feedbacked vox, ready to take things up a notch from simmering melodic electronics into innovative, Tropic Of Cancerian goth-pop.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: A brilliantly varied, but perfectly cohesive suite of simmering gothic electronics, driven percussion and soaring melodic stormers. Another killer from the Ombra camp.

                    On the Magic Movements latest trick, Xique-Xique from Sao Paulo paint a psychedelic panorama of the mysterious world of Amazonia, full of waterfalls, bellicose woman, and an endless flora & fauna. By combining Brazilian rhythms with elements of techno, dubby house and plenty of bird sounds they create a unique bunch of vivid slow jams to get lost in. The set opens with the rolling rainforest rhythm of "1542", a floglicking trip complete with tumbling drums, sci-fi sine waves and buzzing synths. Ritualistic bells, spoken vocals and unnerving field recordings all combine for an out of body experience in the upper reaches of the canopy. Already a classic for those who enjoy 'romantic DJ dinners', "Xaxoeira" is finally available on vinyl for the rest of us. This vibey masterpiece is the straightest of the bunch, a proper slow-mo house tune, with a dark flute sample and a broken organ that grinds its way into the deepest corners of your brain. If you got down to the "Moon Faze Sun Gaze" series or Ruf Dug's tribal masterpiece on Balearic Blah Blah Vol. 10, you'll be all over this one! Over the corner, "Rio Negro" utilises dark sequences, chilly pads and subby bass swells to soundtrack the darkest jungle night, continuing the trip without overpowering our addled mind. Finally Nicola Cruz, fresh off the back of a stand out contribution to the aforementioned Moon Faze Sun Gaze series delivers a superb remix of 'Xaxoeira' which adds rolling percussions and delay madness to the original material. It's time to take a little trip!

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Trippy slo mo rainforest tackle from Zique-Xique here on Magic Movement, culminating in a killer, post minimal - future primitive take from the mighty Nicola Cruz. Everything suddenly got a whole lot wonkier folks!

                    Roy Davis, Jr.'s Undaground Therapy Muzik label re-launches after almost 20 years with Piccadilly favourite, Al Zanders dropping four tracks under the title "Guidance EP". Al Zanders approach to his first EP of 2018 is as precise as it is whimsical, and the reason he regularly gets names checked by a who's who of taste-making DJs.

                    Opened by the ecstatic yet disjointed piano lines of "Martha's Revenge" which should please fans of his early ventures on Wolf Music as it couples a big euphoric vocal wash with chopped, fucked-up melodies that shouldn't work but always do! Massive bass swamps this track making it perrrfect for those big, chunky outdoor stacks.

                    "Television" sees the producer chop boogie-flavoured licks into house-sized bites, re-arranging them over the hi-pass filter for maximum taste and flavour! On the b-side, "Likes For Cash" sees Zanders poke fun at the current social backdrop while niggly thin melodies and tight breaks jostle for position.

                    Closing the EP is title track, "Guidance", a deep and reflective cut rich in Zanders' soundsystem detail but with a unhurried and peaceful vibe perfect for those last days of the festival when energy levels are low but emotion is high! 

                    Dutch psych-rock artiste Jacco Gardner, and production partner in crime, the percussive culprit behind many a twisted tropical beat, Nic Mauskovic, have teamed up for a devilish EP of cinematic, Balearic disco for their debut EP as Bruxas. Wielding a love for the wild and exotic, "Más Profundo" is a record influenced by the black arts, the sun, and the love of making nostalgic, summertime music. Gardner's self-titled solo project, featuring Mauskovic on drums - has to date, won him many, global plaudits, comparing him to the likes of Broadcast, and Tame Impala. Mauskovic meanwhile garnered himself a reputation for sub-equatorial percussion, featuring in bands such as Altin Gün, Eerie Wanda, and of course, the aptly-titled cumbia, new-wave act, The Mauskovic Dance Band. Bruxas came together when the two were playing backing band for the 70s James Brown-meets-Black Sabbath act, Witch (!!!). Feeling inspired, they began their collaborative musical odyssey by writing new music together in Portugal (Bruxas is Portuguese for witch by the way). Gardner states, (what started the project was) 'our love of 70s soundtracks, library music, African disco, and Afrobreat.' Mixing together their well-honed percussive rhythms, along with layered synths and the occasional vocal, Bruxas was born; a project less on the side of fuzz-rock, and more on the side of an occultist rhythmic, devil-dance. The Dekmantel EP is a kaleidoscope cabinet of curiosities, unearthed from the tropical wilderness. "Más Profundo" is the deepest of all the treasures, while "Tropicacovas", with its wistful island ambiance, conga beats and rolling bass, soundtracks the whole affair, before delving into the jungle with "Selva Cosmica". Animals gasp as the energy becomes more electric, while the Dutch duo play on, with "Plantas Falsas". A true carnival of wild assorts. Drinks are free. Fun, and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone. 'Each track is a little journey, some through Africa, others just at a fancy Italian pool party,' Gardner says about the EP, 'there is definitely a worldly character about them, which ties into the exotica element that connects all the tracks' and we'd certainly agree. Set to be very big here at Picc HQ - we recommended getting those skates on sharpish if you want in on the action. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Jacco Gardner and tropical beat freak Nic Mauskovic get behind the console for a Dekmantel debut of otherworldly exotica, Balearic disco and cosmic safari. It's rhythmic, psychedelic and full of hooks - just the way we like it!

                    Acronym City


                      A little while before Metro Area came into life, there was Acronym City. Originally released on Sub Freq Recordings in 1996, Darshan Jesrani's moniker deals with the impact that electronic music from Detroit had on some inhabitants of said metro area. Long out of print, now carefully restored, re-mastered and slightly re-edited by Gerd Janson, Darshan Jesrani finds the missing link between techno, soul and the sort of contemplative and playful, heavy deep house that New York's underground was bringing forth in the early nineties. Without plagiarizing the one or the other, Acronym City naturally explores form and function of a sound that will never grow old. Backed up by an ethereal stop and go remix version of “Powermoves” by DJ Sprout and escorted by “The Push”, this one is for the heads, dancers and DJs alike and comes fully endorsed by team Piccadilly.

                      Fake Love

                      Fake Love Vol.4

                      More hot shit from the Fake Love camp - intent on bringing lost classics from the global disco, boogie and soul village to our receptive head spaces; the previous three volumes have all introduced some sterling stuff from all over the world and from the last thirty years of disco dancing.

                      Three odd-ball disco / boogie / soul tracks that are highly infectious but head-turningly original. There's a mixture of languages and dialects on offer, leaving me scratching my head as to the origins of these mid 80s jams but enjoying them nonetheless.

                      Wherever Fake Love are mining their source material from, it's of exceptional quality. Recommended as always! 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Here come Fake Love again to make us all feel hopeless at ID'ing obscure world disco. I managed to get a few off the earlier volumes but not a single one off this one. 0/10 for KP, 10/10 for FL.

                      Omar McCutcheon, operating under his Batu alias, has been on the frontline of Bristol’s innovative electronic music scene since 2013. In 2015 he founded his record label Timedance, a platform for showcasing his tastes utilizing a close knit group of young producers and DJs.

                      Batu’s glistening broken techno productions are pushed through a deeply UK-sounding prism, one informed by Batu being brought up on a diet of dubstep and UK dance music from a young age. Trying to tie his sound to those genres however, would be a mistake. Having been earmarked already by The Guardian as an artist to watch for 2018, Batu’s sound is very much his own.

                      Batu’s "Rebuilt EP" marks his third release in just over a year. Not one for complacency, his debut release via XL Recordings shows Batu pushing his sound forward in every way possible, creating his most uniquely slippery sounding tracks to date. 'I wanted to try and challenge myself a bit for this EP. Every track represents a different phase of experimentation - and also different tempos, I wanted to push my processes further than I ever have done.'

                      From the sub-aquatic glide of opener, "Rebuilt" thru the footwork informed but xanax-laced shudder of "Pillars", the all out future-juke of "Flash React" and closing on the tectonic sway of "Tuff Cookie"; it's all very ear-catching and futuristic stuff and comes with massive props from us here in Picc HQ. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Futuristic bass pressure from this rising star. I'm really feeling title track "Rebuilt" - a sturdy foundation on which to build an epic DJ construction.

                      Various Artists

                      Beppe Loda Presents: Obscure Italian Disco Rock

                        From Northern Italy, the maestro Beppe Loda kick stars yet another series: "Obscure Italian Disco Rock" explores rare tracks that blur the line between disco and rock from 70's and 80's Italy. The tempo is fast, the mood and frantic and the groove is wild!

                        Limited copies! - move quick!

                        Debut release on Mule Musiq by Italian DJ & producer Toto Chiavetta who's previously graced MCR's Something In The Water label (ran by Irfan Rainy and Yoruba.

                        The EP begins with the floor-killing, tropical tek-house of “Higher Than A Bird”. Decorated wonderfully with synth-mallets and a plethora of biotic fx it's one of those festival-friendly bangers that'll have hordes of peoplle gyrating manically to its futuristic buzz.

                        Over on B-side,“Magnus” is a pitch black, lazer guided, late night excerise in modern tribalism while "First Day Without Her" is more dark techno for the big rooms with some lush musical embellishments. Mega this!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: First two tracks are fair to good (IMO), but it's that last track, "First Day Without Her" that I'll be reaching to every time to melt people's faces off.

                        This killer series continues... yet another mysterious batch of edits from the east. Guaranteed heat for the most discerning of the dancefloor. Touching on the darker and sleazier end of the disco spectrum on this super tasty three tracker. Touching on 80s-wave music, there's a Gary Numan & Bill Sharpe number from 1985, one track of crazy sherm-stick fuelled Ron Hardy-esque madness and another phenomenal, wave track with male & female duet, low slung metallic bass and excellent chorus. It's got both me and Dave (self confessed 80's obsessive) scratching our head and eager to seek out the original. So, as always - answers on a postcard please!

                        Rumours are that a certain Ukrainian sound wizard is behind these 10"s. It's so far unsubstantiated but I wouldn't be surprised it ol' Vak's involved. Anyway, limited copies as always to get those orders in quick! Most recommended. 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: A really subtle but quite breathtaking series - I own them all!

                        Star Creature are on a roll at the moment, week after week we get a fresh deposit of new boogie and disco pleasure; as authentic as the original innovators but adding enough new juices to reignite the flavour. Ourra is Simon Tappenden, who been active with his synthesizers for the last couple of years.

                        "Don't Back Down" is a highly charged and electric cut, with the producer's synth section driving it forward under technicoloured rays and sparkly textures. The chorus hook ' 'don't back down' is catchy and powerful while the drum programming is sympathetic and respectable to that early 80s style. Just for an added bonus we get a lush, twinkling solo backed up with galloping arps during an inspired and extended bridge section. Big on the synth jizz as Il Bosco would say, and another strong offering from the world's leading label for all things new boogie and modern funk. TIP!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Another week, another coupla Star Creature doozies to get stuck into. I keep trying to stay away, but they keep luring me back in!

                        Millionhands head honcho Tom Mangan is back as Tee Mango on Aus Music - his third appearance on the label in less than a year! "EP#2" begins with "Make It Last Forever" featuring that awesome Inner Life sample throughout and pairing it to soft n groovy sonic for a typically Mango flavoured offering that's super tasty! On the flip, we have the fizzy bounce of "Wazoo" that's perfect mood lighting for the early evening, while something a bit more energetic and harder hitting exists in the form of "Prototypical". A soulful and emotive house journey featuring gritty rhythms, a tough bouncy bassline and trippy stabs that's perfect to take crowd into the later hours - we absolutely loved this one!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: That pesky Tee's bin at it again! Sneaking in samples and elevating our soul like it ain't no ting. mmMM...Pass the Mango!!

                        Tom Dragebo

                        How Long / Perler For Svin - Inc. Prins Thomas Diskomiks / Prins Thomas Rett I Fletta Versjon)

                        Tom Dragebo is a Norwegian born, Berlin based DJ and producer Hailing from a small leafy town in Norway, Dragebo has been DJing for over 10 years and has been producing tracks since 2008.

                        Saving some of his best work for Full Pupp seems a clever decision, and has resulted in the esteemed label head remixing two of Dragebo's tracks for this release.

                        OGs "How Long" and "Perler For Svin" are both vibrant, technicoloured, coastal acid tracks; steady on tempo but full on frequency. They're at once suited to the Full Pupp aesthetic - driving, cosmic disco informed but rich with their own unique energy. Prins Thomas drops two different flavoured remixes - the first his 'Diskomix' of "How Long" sees that coastal exuberance drawn out into a trippy orgiastic celebration; full of serpentine leads and bubbling step sequences; tailor made to encourage removal of clothing and slackening of inhibitions. On his 'Rett-I-Fletta' mix of "Perler For Svin", PT shows of his more techno aligned side of his personality. A nasty, snarling mid-tempo technoid beast far removed from the smiley blue sky ascension of the original. As with most things Full Pupp and Prins Thomas related - this is excellent! 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Patrick says: The Norwegians have always had us covered for long form dance floor action and Tom Dragebo flies the flag with a flourish on this Full Pupp 12”. Riding the rainbow road, Tom treats us to a balmy blast of mid afternoon delight on ‘How Long’ before locking into late night lysergia via the mindwarping ‘Perler For Svin’. As usual Thomas takes care of remix duties, hitting us with a space disco groover and acid techno jacker to round the package off.

                        Pol & Pox (Ricardo Villalobos & Argenis Brito)

                        El Malekon / Rikileaks

                        Coinciding with their 8th year, Toitoi enlist dance music monolith Ricardo Villalobos & Argenis Brito, who team up user the Pol & Pox. "El Malekon" kicks things off in typically trippy fashion with loose percussive groove and a subdued bassline line whilst disembodied vocals swirl in and out of the mix. Undeniably 'Lobos, through n through. "Rikileaks" conjures up more aquatic joy, this time with a more defined male vocal anchoring us to another beautifully meandering 11 minute ride which delicately displays the various intricate and nuances of these two highly acclaimed producers. Recommended!

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Patrick says: Villalobos & Brito join forces for a pair of immersive, extended and truly trippy minimal cuts here on Toitoi. The propulsive and textured A-side is a peak time chugger for the Berlin crowd, while the flip goes deeper into the K-hole with that mournful male vocal - heady not heavy...

                        Joe Goddard

                        So Much / Human Touch

                          In 2017 Joe Goddard released his second solo album Electric Lines, after spending the past 15 years as a member of Hot Chip, production and DJ duo The 2 Bears and founder of tastemaker dance record label Greco Roman.

                          This summer Goddard returns with two standalone singles, a double A-side 12”, in his own words: “I just want these next few 12"s to be simple club tools really... musically one is meant to be a deep house belter and the other is meant to be dark electro with a romantic touch- like the Boards of Canada mix of 'Midas Touch’”.

                          Mazzy Star


                            ‘Still’ is a 4 track EP and is the first new music from Mazzy Star since 2014. The 12” includes three new tracks along with an alternative version of ‘So Tonight That I Might See’ from the artists biggest selling album of the same name from 1993, which also featured the seminal hit record ‘Fade In To You’.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            Ltd 12" includes MP3 Download Code.

                            Tim Burgess

                            Inspired Again

                              Limited edition pressing of 300 copies on 7” of “Inspired Again” taken from the Record Store Day album “As I Was Now”. The single comes backed with an exclusive track, a cover of Suicide’s “Cheree” .

                              Dinosaur Jr

                              Blue Room Sessions

                                Third Man Records, as a record label that makes a specialty of 7" pressings AND live recordings from its famous Blue Room in Nashville, TN, is excited to share the two newest titles from its famed Blue Room Series. Dinosaur Jr. and No Joy are the latest to contribute to the legendary series, following artists like Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Margo Price, and Coupler.

                                Jack White

                                Over And Over And Over / Everything You've Ever Learned

                                  The second single off of Jack White’s acclaimed, challenging and diverse third solo recording Boarding House Reach. This 7” features the anthemic Over and Over and Over on the a-side with buzzy, spoken-word track Everything You’ve Ever Learned on the b-side.

                                  No Joy

                                  Blue Room Sessions

                                    Third Man Records, as a record label that makes a specialty of 7" pressings AND live recordings from its famous Blue Room in Nashville, TN, is excited to share the two newest titles from its famed Blue Room Series. Dinosaur Jr. and No Joy are the latest to contribute to the legendary series, following artists like Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Margo Price, and Coupler.

                                    What a coup! The fruits of about a decade's worth of events, all colliding together in 2018 for a magnificent record which perfectly depicts the New Balearic Scene in 2018 - aka The Adriatic.

                                    Dave Harvey's Love International festival is the natural progression and evolution of the building blocks laid down first, by the Garden Zadar (later to become the Garden Party) and later Electric Elephant - both of which were responsible (much the same way as Danny Rampling & Co. brought back that original Ibiza flavour many suns ago...) at transporting a new generation of Mancunians (amongst other Brits) to sunnier climbs and gentler vibrations. Many of the records we now label as 'Balearic' are actually more inspired by events around Petrcane and Tisno than any party on Playa Den Bossa or at Space.

                                    Throughout the last ten years (and, to be fair, long before that), one producer and DJ has pretty much remained a permanent fixture around this coastline - Begin. The Manc-based, globally-celebrated producer perfectly encapsulates that paradisiacal place in sound - the gentle lap of the ocean tide, the smell of fried fish across the bay, and of course, the hedonistic freedom that comes with holidays in the sun. A natural choice then, as Dave inaugurates the first Love International Record!

                                    From the docile guitar picking of meditative EP opener "Wood Trees" to the slow daybreak funk of "Daypulse" where synths pierce through the track like sun rays through the Adriatic dusk, the EP is a holistic reflection of what one might hear at one of the festival’s fabled sunrise sessions. "Garden Interlude" ushers in a fresh burst of energy, with the revitalizing sounds of piano house, paired with warming neo soul vocals. "Into The Fun" is a self fulfilling prophecy, closing the EP on a quintessentially Balearic note.

                                    There we have it then, get your ticket, take the cruise, and revel in the gloriously radiant sound of the New Adriatic.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: The holiday season starts here!! Essential listening from our man with the plan. Calamari not included.

                                    Womack & Womack

                                    MPB - Missin' Persons Bureau

                                    Any Melodies International release causes a certain amount of hullabaloo, but their latest disc has had eager customers beating down our door in anticipation. Dedicating their 11th release to both soul and house royalty, the digging crew have licensed a pair of tough to track down Frankie Knuckles remixes of Womack & Womack soul classic M.P.B. Originally appearing on their late 80s "Conscious" LP, "Missing Persons Bureau" is a beautiful slice of modern soul all about a lover running out on you. Though the Womacks were initially apprehensive about the idea of a rework, Island impressario Chris Blackwell won them over and sent the masters to all time house hero Frankie Knuckles, who turned out a pair of pearls. Working his magic for 9 A-side minutes, Frankie splices the club soul of the original into a slow and soulful house groove, flipping our lids with a wondrous SH101 bassline, subtle percussion, bright vamps and a sparing use of the original instrumentation. Spacious and special, this is up there with the legend's Loose Ends remix. If you're peaking already, I suggest you call to mind the pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre (something to keep the wolf from the door), because the money shot is over on the B-side. A long time Balearic holy grail, Frankie's Folk Version takes some of the 'Hallucinagenic' sound design he brought to "Ain't Nobody", applies it to the Havens's style guitar and vocals, then gradually introduces synth bass, subtle drums and some very familiar piano to create an absolute masterpiece. As good as any of Frankie's productions, and the best moment in the Womack and Womack catalogue, this is total must have tackle.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: Melodies International come through with an ESSENTIAL reissue here, delivering some psychedelic folk splendour courtesy of Frankie Knuckles sublime 'Folk Version' of MPB. Soulful, grooving and folky in a Richie Havens kind of way, this is a must have record for soul fans, house heads and the Balearic crowd.

                                    Roisin Murphy

                                    All My Dreams / Innocence (Produced By Maurice Fulton)

                                    After wooing one and all with her gorgeous Italophone EPs on Vinyl Factory in 2014, Róisín Murphy returns to the expertly curated imprint (and killer cultural hub) for four 12" singles produced by possible alien / probable genius Maurice Fulton. Murphy's always had a keen ear for a killer groove and in Futon (As he's hilariously known in these parts), she's found the perfect production foil to create the most hip-twitching, pleasure-centre-stimulating music of her life. And it's being released in the only correct way for sounds so intimately connected to the dancefloor: on a series of 12” singles, with stunning graphics from Portuguese New Yorker Braulio Amado. The first EP in the series opens with the off kilter "All My Dreams", a dark and dislocated bit of mirrorball magic which sees Róisín's sassy vocals swaying over a twisted disco-not-disco groove. Seductive and scary in equal measure, this leathed-clad banger demands your attention on the dancefloor. B-side bomb "Innocence" is a classic Fulton freak-out, all intergalactic synth riffs, rubberised bass and syncopated percussion topped by Murphy's misty vocals. It sounds like the perfect companion to the upcoming Syclops LP to me....

                                    Here are Piccadilly we're big fans of Parisian imprint Antinote, and one of our favourite records of recent years was Alek Lee's label debut "Sfarot". Now the Israeli producer returns with more of his signature sound design on a stylistically diverse four tracker. "Time" kicks the EP off with a deep house twist, treating a gentle jack to some dubby jazz trumpet, NYC vibraphones and even a civil rights vocal sample. In the hands of a lesser producer this could be cheesier than Zaltan's raclette, but Mr Lee works his usual magic, employing all sorts of dub fx to turn out something special. "Kesef" harks back to the brilliance of "Sfarot", serving up a strung out acoustic groove awash with echo, rinsed with reverb and soaked in psychedelic shimmer. There's almost a Mediterranean mood at play here, but the wiggy sound design and sinister whispered vocals signal something darker than your standard sundowner. On the flipside, the producer pays a peculiar homage to his previous single in the form of "Colors" and its nemesis - "Dark Colors". Borrowing some of the ingredients he put into Sfarot, Alek Lee cooks a set of two eerie dubs. On "Colors", the dark and thumping instrumental backs the voice of an impossible child, a creature bred in Tel-Aviv musician’s most twisted fantasies. Meanwhile, "Dark Colors" paradoxically takes a much more sentimental path. No voice this time but an emotionally-drenched melodica-lead breaking through a foggy environment of ominous synths and enigmatic noises to round off Lee’s mistiest record so far.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: Alek Lee keeps his winning streak intact here, delivering a superb follow up to the Piccadilly approved "Sfarot". After offering his own wavy take on deep house, Lee pulls us into the psychedelic splendour of his unique sonic realm, merging dub, minimal, slow disco and acoustic elements into three trademark cuts.

                                    That tricksi Mutable character's still lurking in the shadows, chucking us pure fire on wax but refusing to reveal his identity as he drops the 2nd record on his elusive self titled label.

                                    Four tracks this time round, all rich in holiday house flavour whether its the steel drum-led house canter of A1, or the percussive hustle n bustle of A2 with its churchy and riotous organ lines. Side B sees more modern flavours explored - the cosmic disco / acid squelch hybrid of B1 (the most obvious clue to who's behind these productions! ;)... - ed) and finally the tropical nu-disco of B2.

                                    Someone order me a mojito! 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: If you don't know me by now (If you don't know me)
                                    You will never never never know me (No you won't)
                                    If you don't know me by now
                                    You will never never never know me.

                                    DJs' DJ and all round gee, Gerd MF Janson resurrects the Running Back drum track series for six beat-filled bangers from Poland's Ketiov. As DJ friendly as it gets, the six cuts come complete with hefty helpings of discoid 4/4, tribal percussion, smoked out dub-house, UK Funky, tough techno and atmospheric beatdown, all augmented with speaker freakin fx, occasional acid basslines and the odd vocal sample. Versatile, virile and brilliantly beefy, these will be a pleasure to mix with. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: Currently causing a stir amongst the Piccadilly DJ circuit (even Dave Walker's got involved) Ketiov's batch of batshit drum tracks is way above your usual DJ tool 12". Don't sleep...

                                    For the latest EP on their offshoot record label, Birmingham party collective Shadow City has turned to young producer Jeigo. The producer may well be one to watch in the months and years ahead, because there are few faults to be found on this impressive debut EP. Check first the gentle, tech-tinged deep house shuffle of "Everywhere I Go", which makes fantastic use of a crackly, heart-aching vocal sample, before admiring the layered drums, darting synth bass and heady scat vocal samples of heads-down workout "Lordbuck Jazz". Jeigo successfully turns his hand to drowsy, ultra-deep house on the luscious and warming "Not Used To Love", before Big Miz reaches for the vibraphone solos on a surprisingly jaunty deep house makeover of "Lordbuck Jazz".

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Sil says: Wow, what an entrance. New kid on the block rams it proper with this four tracker, dancefloor dopness, funky, catchy and effective.
                                    Definitely I am getting this one. Great label and excellent release.

                                    Wax Doctor

                                    Heat / Offshore Drift

                                    Classic drum & bass from '96, recorded at Acid Lab Studios, London and produced by Paul Saunders. A 'jazzy' standard from its golden era, big with the Metalheadz / Goldie crowd when it was originally released, prices on this beauty have sky-rocketed of late, hence this well timed re-ish from the label on which it was originally release: R&S.

                                    On the flip "Offshore Drift" languidly introduces itself through wandering keys, swirling ambience and suspended pads before dropping into some light and skitty dnb flavoured with summery chords and nice subs.

                                    Mega release, hopefully opening up the floodgates for more records to those who missed this iconic, groundbreaking UK sound the first time round. One thing we SHOULD be proud of being British...!

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Pull up pull up! Lost dnb classic from '96 gets a much needed re-wind; easing us into a slew of amazing records which are due a second outing this year I rek...

                                    Kito Jempere

                                    Sea Monster Remixes Part 2 - Inc. Jimi Tenor / Miskotom / Max Essa Remixes

                                    Hell Yeah keep the killers coming, via a weighty 12" featuring fresh interpretaions of Kito Jempere's ace "Sea Monsters" album last year. This second batch of reworks sees accomplished musician Jimi Tenor, Miskotom and Max Essa work their magic before a 7", also taken from the album, lands later in summer.
                                    Kicking the party off we have legndary Finnish musician Jimi Tenor, a man who has released on Warp, collaborated with Tony Allen and occasionally plays sax with Kito Jempere Band at live gigs. He flips "Puzzled" into five minutes of stripped back and moody electronics with plenty of his own flute frolicks. Busted drum sounds, spooky sci-fi synths and scattered hits make it woozy late night transmission that is utterly absorbing. If you've kept an ear on the sounds coming out of Pleasure Unit and Balearic, you'll already be acquainted with Lithuanian outfit Miskotom. Here the husband and wife duoreimagine "Ampa" as a beatdown bit of deep house with trudging drums staying low and shimmering synths drifting out in all directions. Crunchy hits bring a subtle sense of funk and reverb drenched vocals bring a heavenly feel to the soul drenched grooves and summery keys.
                                    Then comes Max Essa, the Japan based Brit who is a regular on Hell Yeah as well as the likes of Is It Balearic? and Aficionado. His first remix is a huge one that is sure to soundtrack many a boat party this summer. It's a gorgeous rework of 'Ampa' that puts achingly blissful vocals front and centre as low slung bass and slowly turning drums sink you into a pan-pipe laced reverie. Secondly, Essa offers a Dub Reprise that removes the vocals and places all the focus on his churning drums and new age grooves. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: There's a lot to love about this latest Hell Yeah release, not least Max Essa's supremely summery remix and audacious dub reprise. Elsewhere Miskotom turn Kito Jempere's OG into a blissful Balearic house heater, while Jimi Tenor trips "Puzzled" into a fractal blast of crepuscular electronics.

                                    Another Record Store Day, another late Joey Negro special to enjoy after the main event! Yipee! - jokes aside these special edition RSD twelves from our man Dave have been flawless through the first two volumes, and volume 3 in the series seems to be keeping bar raised high.
                                    Special mixes and fixes from JN, the source material isn't gonna win any prizes for obscurity, but Joey's flair behind the mixing console, plus his fine tuned understanding of our modern dancefloors mean these versions are worth checking out - even if you're well versed on the originals. Personal favourite is his dub of "Keep The Fire Burning" which I'm sure, if you had the stones, could be mixed with the OG vocal version for tiiiime out in the mix; in a kinda Danny Krivit / David Morales stylee - chooo chooo!
                                    Of course, "Space Princess" and "The Power Of Love" can't be ignored, with both receiving a tasty touch-up by one of modern disco's best tweakers... Fabulous! - don't sleep. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Ahh, the "Remixed With Love" series... Just gerrit! You won't be sorry. I've got em all, even if they seem a bit obvious, Joey's deft touch and fresh mastering breath fresh life into these disco staples.


                                    Arisen My Senses Remixes - Inc. Kelly Lee Owens / Lanark Artefax / Jlin Remixes

                                    Björk famously loves a remix, always reaching out to the most exciting talents in the electronic realm and giving them free reign to reinterpret her work. Here she hands the stems of her sensual electronic suite "Arisen My Senses" to Piccadilly fave Kelly Lee Owens, US rhythm queen JLin and the duly hyped Lanark Artefax for a fine addition to her 12" catalogue. The A-side of this 'slug genital coloured vinyl' (kind of a milky lilac to you and me) belongs to Whities alumni Lanark Artefax, who tessellates the sultry harp and soft vocals of the original around radioactive bass pulses, blackened percussion and buzzing electronics, turning out a post-everything love song from the near future. On the B1, Indiana's Jlin chops and drops the original around a frisky nu-juke rhythm, hewn out of sizzling snares, subby kicks and a surprising amount of organic sounds. If Zaytoven and Joe Claussell ever got short on dough and shared a studio space, I imagine it'd sound a bit like this. Bringing proceedings to a brilliant close is the incredibly talented Kelly Lee Owens, who surely puts big tick on her bucket list by remixing her biggest influence. K-Lo's been bringing it on the remix front for a while now, often turning out the kind of tense and sleek techno nodders you'd expect to hear in the middle of a Tama Sumo set. Here the Welsh star takes things in a dreamier direction, building a hazy wall of sound from misty synthesis, additional vocals and spooling tape sounds, then laying the whole thing out over a subtle rhythm. Perfectly play-out-able but just as suited to the home setting, the track builds into full thrust before blissing out into a gentle harp outro. Exceptional throughout, this is undoubtedly the best Bjork remix 12" in a long time.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    Ltd 12" Info: Coloured vinyl.


                                    Nothing Compares 2 U

                                    Working in conjunction with Warners, The Prince Estate bestow us with some brilliance from the genius mind of the purple one, releasing the original version of the classic "Nothing Compares 2 U" on a limited 7" single. This previously unreleased version was recorded in 1984, six years before 1990’s classic reimagining by Sinéad O'Connor and 15 years before the rest of world adopted Prince's syntactic lead with the release of the 3210. The track was recorded at the Flying Cloud Drive 'Warehouse' in Eden Prairie by Prince’s long-time engineer Susan Rogers, and originally composed, arranged and performed in its entirety by Prince, aside from the backing vocals by Susannah Melvoin and Paul "St. Paul" Peterson and Eric Leeds' stunning saxophone work. In case you're one of the 14 people in the world who doesn't know this track, it's Prince in full funk ballad pomp, pouring his heart and soul into utterly impactful, everyday lyricism about a fading love, while riffing, synthing and grooving his way through a slow soul backing. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: The best ballad ever written, by the best musician ever.

                                    A first for anyone, we were granted full access to the separate tracks of a Ned Doheny masterpiece. Accordingly, Claremont 56 maestro Paul "Mudd" Murphy was selected to preside over the full stems for Ned's classic "Think Like A Lover" and asked to deliver one of his famed remixes. His gentle disco rework blew us all away. An extended triumph of strung out balearic bliss, it is presented here on vinyl as a limited edition of 500 copies, complete with the dub on the flip. With mastering handled by the wonderful Simon Francis - engineer for both Claremont 56 and Be With - you know this sounds every bit as good as it feels. Housed in a beautifully produced disco sleeve, designed by Mudd himself, these will not be around for long. Just in time for Spring/Summer parties and festivals, ensure your set is flavoured with this slow-motion, string-drenched gift.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: Claremont 56 boss and total dude Paul Murphy takes a break from his busy schedule to deliver a blinding mix of Ned's blue eyed groover for Be With. More refreshing than Solero in a boiling record shop, this is Mudd's best remix work since the second Nado 12".

                                    Two seminal 12" mixes of a pair of enormous tracks from The Whispers. Both boogie/street-funk flavoured, these sought-after versions have never been paired on the same record. Side A features the notorious anthem "Keep On Lovin' Me" (the one with *that* life affirming video) whilst Side B houses the outstanding, semi-slept-on "Turn Me Out".

                                    Massive team effort here from a brand new firm; exciting stuff for techno twitchers and hardware heads alike, Dance Sacred Records kicks off with a four pronged attack of modern sonic warfare...

                                    Modulator AKA Freddy Fresh's "Slider" kicks things off, a sonic piledriver of unparalleled intensity complete with enough main room fuel to keep the gremlins stomping!

                                    Acid Jakal, who runs the label, has ties to the US Midwest AND Detroit. Here he deposits some worm-hole traversing space-fuel which many have reported allowing them cross-dimensional travel enhanced sensory perception...

                                    Mucci Gain's "Slow Punk Rock" closes off the EP with a deep and bubbly, Detroit-indebted flatliner. Pitch black and lazer cut, this is the distant sound of future industry in action. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: The Mid-West techno revival starts here!! Absolutely stonking, crevice-tearing tackle here from the crème of machine manglers past and present. Freddy Fresh should need no introduction to anyone with a fleeting interest of dance music while The Acid Jakal, though wishing to remain anonymous at present, has serious credentials and connections to a global leading techno firm operating out of North America... Massive TIP on this one folks...

                                    The mythical Liquid Pegasus returns - this time on Clandestine Boogie, firmly setting out his stall as one of the best around when it comes to modern synth boogie. ‘Makin It Hot' opens up proceedings, synth stabs and squelchy basslines a plenty, married with layers of intricate melodies and a vocoder transported straight from the 80's. Matt Hughes takes on remix duties converting that squelchy bass synth into a more straight up funk bass guitar, adding shuffling high hats and weaving in a little jazz flute for added effect.
                                    On the flip side it's prime low rider cruising courtesy of 'Sparkle´ combining a full-bodied bass, cosmic pads and woozy synth flurries to create a soundtrack perfect for late night coasting. To close out the e.p. Dave Allison adds his own sparkle to the track, upping the tempo, adding a range of hazy arps and sweeping synthesis alongside a perfectly executed bass breakdown, taking 'Sparkle' from midnight cruiser to boogie bomb.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Sil says: Make it hot baby! The sun is out, summer is here. And this, fellas can easily be your soundtrack for such day. Great synth tabs, Daft Punk vocoder and a beefy Matt Hughes edit. A belter for this summer!

                                    It seems like Coastal Haze have been holed up in their log cabin of late, whiling away the winter months rewinding their tapes and working the high speed dubbing for a pair of cassette releases. Thankfully for the vinyl fans, the firm return this week with a wax offering from Pacific Coliseum that should find favour with house heads and Balearic beards alike. We're in warm and wavy territory from the off here, as the titular "Ocean City" glides through filtered bass, vaporous pads and nuanced percussion atop the breaking waves. "Last Night In Paradise" drops the tempo and hits the hammock, marrying accoustic guitars, Mediterranean synths and a relaxed rhythm like a stoned cult leader. Moving onto the B-side, "Beach Runner" throws its towel on the sunlounger for a fully horizontal slice of Balearic boogie (in a Club Med, Max Essa on Nado style) before "Wave Catalyst" introduces kosmische sequences and New Age motifs for a fantasy finale.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Patrick says: Killer Balearic business here from Pacific Coliseum, who gets the house business out the way early to concentrate on the poolside cool down. Very nice stuff.

                                    Three midnight rollers supplied by the mysterious Guy Incognito, complete with shuffling percussion, lo-fi echoed vocal snippets and soaring pads, tied together with dynamic basslines.
                                    As atmospheric, ethereal and incognito as you like. And yes, thiese tracks do wonder on the dancefloor. This is peak time DJ weaponry. Mass destruction? Possibly no but hey.. close enough it is, 'I Think I Need You In My Life' is infectious and driving. Supagood. Supa danceable.  
                                    But hey fellas. it is not all about going mad on the dancefloor. we can also go deep. For that, flip this naughty boy and you will have a good example of deep house with class. That is what 'Swept Under' is all about. Closing the act is another deep house number with delicate piano keys. A truly outstanding 12". I am getting a copy myself. 

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Sil says: Yo yo yo... this is deliciously good house, deep and uptempo too. Crowd can potentially adore you when you drop 'I Think I Need You In My life'. You and I need this!