Pete Blaker

Harry’s Little Vocoder / Neverending (Cosmic Version)

Image of Pete Blaker - Harry’s Little Vocoder / Neverending (Cosmic Version)
Record Label
Hot Biscuit

About this item

More seriously high quality cosmic music from the rising legend that is Pete Blaker. You don't get hand picked by Harvey to supply exclusive edits for nowt; and since the then-unknown producer handed Harvey a clutch of internet-destroying snips a couple of years back the producer has become one of the most spoke about back street surgeons in the underground.

Two tracks on the killer Hot Biscuit - the first, titled "Harry's Little Vocoder" is an exercise in rampant, Harvey-esque disco-rock jubulence. You'll be dancing your little backsides off after hearing this melee of horns, bass and riotous strings converge on a classic disco groove with immense orchestration. 

"Never Ending (Cosmic Version)" is a more dreamy affair, a slowly building blisswave supported through a gentle arpeggio and 4/4 drum beat which gathers momentum before crashing euphorically onto our senses. Sunset or sunrise? I can't decide! Incredible....

Pete Blaker continues his flawless streak.. get those orders in quick! 


Matt says: Harvey heads take note! One of the DJ's favourite cut-n-pasters at present is this man Pete Blaker. One side, balls-out disco-rock decadence, with a tear-jerking multipurpose sunrise / sunset emotional tidal wave on the flip.


A. Harry's Little Vocoder
B. Never Ending (Cosmic Version)

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