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Gottwood Festival's imprint Gottwax returns for its eighth installment. At the controls of this release is the London-based duo Make A Dance, whose playful, party-driven sound has been making waves in the underground since their inception. Delivering a lively four-track EP, which includes two originals and two reworks, all of which are club-ready and certainly have the dancefloor firmly in their sights.

Kicking things off on the A-side is "Pocket Beagle", a playful track that exudes energy with its wobbly and wavy production; hooking everything into a bubbly bassline and delicious vocal chops. "Pocket Beagle (Acid Dub)" does what you'd expect and smothers the whole thing in lashings of 303 goodness, electrifying elements with a higher voltage and generally just mainlining the shit outta all the stems from "Pocket Beagle". 

Onto the B-side, we've got "Woof Doof" which powers on at an unrelenting pace, full of energy and vigour as it utilizes concentric grooves, rising atmospheres and quirky melodies to cement its festival friendly rep and send dancers spiraling into the speaker stacks! Said track gets another in house remix - adding rib-punching kicks, weighty bass and thick claps for a proggy-druggy-open air romp which is like Roman Flugel meets Freddie Fresh at the ALFOS studios. Top stuff! 


Matt says: The Gottwood festival massive continue their well executed sister label which always coincided with the festival each year (congratulations to the admin depts as we all know how hard it is to sync to a release date these days!). Make A Dance are perhaps the coolest act in the UK underground scene at the moment; so it seems apt that a festival that prides itself on cutting edge tastemaking has enlisted the deadly duo for this latest instalment. As usual, they don't disappoint.


A1. Pocket Beagle
A2. Pocket Beagle (Acid Dub)
B1. Woof Doof
B2. Woof Doof (Hardcore Labrador Mix) 

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