Kumoko Feat. XL Middleton

Moonlight Magic

Image of Kumoko Feat. XL Middleton - Moonlight Magic
Record Label
Star Creature

About this item

Another quick-fire sureshot from the Star Creature camp, one of two new ones this week. "Moonlight Magic" is a high gloss, vocoder led slice of dream boogie. Maximum squelch, glistening keys and kickin' Linn drums. Not only that, we're treated to a passage of classic, b-boy era raps, one of the few hip-hop boogie jams to grace the label. As usual, an instrumental's provided for cleanliness and efficiency.

"Take To The Sky" also employs the use of the vocoder, as it perfects the art of fairy tale romantic boogie. Half vintage C64-era computer game paradise, half Sunday morning under the covers with a lover. With an added flurry of city-pop for good measure.

A slice of excellence as always from Star Creature! 


Matt says: Debuting their new season's disco, Star Creature deliver in their usual stylish manner with a unquenchably funky slice of talk box boogie on side A, and a piece of City-pop meets Commodore 64 end credits theme on side B. Top stuff and dressed to impress.


Side 1
1. Moonlight Magic (vocal)
2. Moonlight Magic (instrumental)

Side 2
1. Take To The Sky (vocal)
2. Take To The Sky (instrumental)

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