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Shot At Glory

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Here it is, the song of the summer, the anthem Scotland needed, hated by Sunak & Starmer PLC

The Caledonian Dream is a supergroup from Glasgow, Scotland. They bring you the single, "Shot at Glory", a rousing terrace anthem that will surely help the Scotland National Football Team win their Euro 2024 campaign in Germany.

Radio and TV play on Heart FM, STV, BBC Radio Scotland
Features in The Daily Record and The Sun
Performed live at Dunlop Gala Day
A mammoth 33k views on Youtube
Two of the people who made this have both supported The Fall and been remixed by Ricardo Villalobos :)

Tired of the dirge that is our sporting national anthem, "Flower of Scotland" by The Corries, and the depressing, negative tone of Scotland's previous official World Cup song, Del Amitri's "Don't Come Home Too Soon", three old friends - John 'Sponi' Murray, Dave Clark & Bruce Jolliffe - made the decision to shake things up with a stomper to get the national blood pumping again. They took to the studio, melded proud lyrics, conquering beats, and tear-jerking pipes to produce what surely should be THEE Scottish football song for AT LEAST the next 200 years - our very own trophy-lifting soundtrack. Now the boys hope the tune will go viral, go mental - so please share it FAR AND WIDE!

150 copies only, coloured vinyl, picture sleeve
Produced in Scotland
Cut in Scotland
Pressed in Scotland


Matt says: Aww well, they didn't make it. But show some some solidarity to our Scottish brethren with this batshit bonkers piece of rousing and anthemic donk.


A. Shot At Glory

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