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Following the success of his last RS release, 'Ripples,' the enigmatic Wallace returns to Rhythm Section after a series of stellar releases with a highly anticipated follow-up - ‘Papertrip’ that is destined to once again set the dance music community ablaze.

'Wallace's impact on the scene has been nothing short of extraordinary, since Ripples' he has gone on to play in the iconic Panorama bar, tour Japan and release a double LP on Mule musiq. Wallace continues to cultivate a dedicated following among discerning listeners and industry tastemakers alike. Now, with the forthcoming release, Wallace is poised to ascend to new heights, continuing the undeniable Wallace-maina.

Kicking off with the hypnotic, piano-driven house jam, "Papertrip" which manages to restrain a highly energetic core much like a pressure cooker. "BB" has sirens, Reece bass, swung garage beats and echo-drenched soundboy vox - in other words an absolute no-brainer for anyone playing the big rigs this weekend! "The Function" is a poised and futuristic techno trip, again the way Wallace seems to contain explosive energy within a compact arrangement is quite impressive. Final track, "Backwaters", is arguable the most anthemic; with deep chord progression highlighted beautifully by glidein bass and techy dub stabs. 

Probably Wallace's best record to date - Rhythm Section back at'cha! 


Matt says: Rising star of the London underground, Wallace returns to his home at Rhythm Section for, I reckon, his best EP to date. Raw house and garage flavours pulled off with confidence and charisma. Yes mate!


A1. Papertrip
A2. BB
B1. The Function
B2. Backwaters

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