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Bobby Womack

How Could You Break My Heart / Give It Up

Two huge Bobby Womack classics, the heart-on-a-sleeve ‘How Could You Break My Heart’ and the sweet soul love song, ‘Give It Up’ get a much deserved, official remastered reissue.

Produced and composed alongside Patrick Moten, who worked with the likes of Loleatta Holloway, Anita Baker and Rosie Gaines, ‘How Could You Break My Heart’ was a massive record on the modern soul scene and still a favourite across the board with the biggest selectors and DJs on the circuit.

The blend of warm woozy keys and magical piano touches, over energetic strings, powerful horns and tight percussion, are near impossible not to get swept up by and provide the perfect backing for Womack to bare all. Arguably one of the greatest soul singers to have ever done it, endless amounts of passion and raw emotion emanate from his rugged tones as he swallows the bitter pill of heartache and rejection.

On the B side the bittersweet ‘Give It Up’ where soaring strings and sumptuous chord progressions, marry with the full range of Womack’s vocals and those expert backing harmonies. A luscious sax solo and funk bass give a sultry feel that mixes with the tenderness on show, providing a powerful metaphor for the swirling emotions that come part and parcel with this ever-relatable tale of reaching out for love.

Harvey Mason

Groovin' You / Modaji / Till You Take My Love

A trio of Harvey Mason classics - 'Groovin' You' and 'Till You Take My Love' capturing the heyday of the New York discotheque and 'Modaji' with Hubert Laws' flute powering it's jazz dreaminess. Remastered for 12" audio power.

Patti Smith

Radio Ethiopia

    Originally released in October 1976, on Arista Records - This was the follow-up to Patti Smith's widely acclaimed debut album "Horses". In interviews around the release, Patti Smith explained that she chose producer Jack Douglas, in the hope of making the album a commercial success. This is an x8 song album, pressed on standard Black LP Vinyl with download code insert. 

    Linda Williams

    Elevate Our Minds

    Classic 1979 officially reissued for your listening pleasure has just arrived in our lovely shop.

    ‘Elevate Our Minds’ became a huge rare groove record in the mid to late ‘80s. It is supremely arranged, blending a bossa nova beat and trumpet thrills with Linda’s distinctly New York authenticity that comes through in the vocals. Like a trip to the blissful beaches of Rio whilst bringing a touch of the New York disco glam along for the ride. Exotic yet familiar, all in the same breath.

    On the flip, ‘City Living’, a straight up New York disco killer - oozing with funk, dripping in brass blasts, off beat hats and spruced up synths, it’s a primetime ode to the hustle and bustle of the city. Williams’ glorious tones, assisted by a majestic troupe of backing singers, glisten alongside the classy drumming and polished bass badness that lays behind it.

    A solid 7" that should become a staple on every record box out there.


    Sil says: Essential 7" for those who like bossa nova and/or disco. It is not cheesy, it is a classic and we already have the A side on repeat!

    Patti Smith


    Patti Smith, godmother of US punk, political activist, poet and freedom fighter, was the first artist of the New York CBGB scene to get a major label deal (even before The Ramones). Smith's debut album invokes the spirit of her 1960s influences (Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix etc), updating them with a typically cool twist of NY art-rock. Produced by the Velvet's John Cale and featuring a powerful sleeve photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, this inspiring 1975 set includes the classic gender-bending cover version of Van Morrison's "Gloria" and seven other self-composed tracks. In 2003 Horses ranked in the Top 50 of Rolling Stone magazines' "500 most influential albums".


    Mine says: To be honest with you, I hardly know anything else in Patti Smith's back catalogue (and when she plays 'Because the Night' live I make a run to the ladies) but I have once been told that I don't really need to know anything else she released and maybe that's true. If a record deserves to be called a classic it's this one.

    This 1978 LP is the only recorded output of Quazar, the follow up project of Parliament members Glenn Goins and Jerome 'Big Foot' Brailey. Very much in the P-funk style of crazed vocals, bubbling bass and supa-funky breaks, the album is a must for Parliament-Funkadelic collectors (originals go fo a tidy sum). Sadly Goins died before the album was completed, leaving his brother Kevin to finish the job using the vocals Glenn had laid down.


    LP Info: US import reissue with original sleeve artwork.


    American Made

    Wakefield have honed their skills on tours with Homegrown, Reel Big Fish, Alkaline Trio, Early November, Autopilot Off, All American Rejects and Avril Lavigne. From St. Mary's County Maryland, the four members of Wakefield recorded "American Made" in Los Angeles in 2002. They're a mix of brash and sometimes poignant songs strung together by guitar riffs, staccato drum beats, and three-part vocal harmonies underscored by hook-heavy melodies that bounce around like ping-pong balls. Tracks range from the fierce guitar strains of "Sold Out" and the straightforward punk-pop morsel "Un-sweet Sixteen," to the ska-tinged, celebrity-jabbing "Infamous."


    Let It Come Down

      Having ejected most of the original members, 'Let It Come Down' , Spiritualized's fourth album, was Jason Pierce's singular vision released in 2001. The album has an assured epic feel to it and finds Pierce in a slightly reflective mode. The new musicians appear to have added a gospel feel to the sound but without it distracting from the ongoing Spiritualized voyage.

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