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Ancient rites of witchcraft and wisdom are the theme for Red Laser's 2nd release of 2020, with chief sound sorcerer Kid Machine consulting the eight schools of magic to create a spellbound opus of Manctalo mystery.

Across the 8 defined classes: Divination, Abjuration, Enchantment, Necromancy, Illusion, Conjuration, Evocation & Transmutation; Kid Machine renders these archaic energies into reactive musical matter. Much like mages and hierophants have kept centuries-old traditions and processes; the studio wizardry of Kid Machine reflects the various epochs of electronic music preceding it: the wistful yearning of vintage Italo coalescing with the charged energy of Northern English dance music and crafted via a meticulously sourced array of esoteric sound tools.

Side A's 'Magico', schooled in Divination, opens the LP.
A rugged rhythmic synth line nicely tweaked and with tasty clavs it's further expanded with glassy keys and a vocal refrain reminding us of its future-predicting powers.
'Make Me Feel Alright', protecting us with Abjuration, employs both squelchy and staccato synthesizer functions to construct its impenetrable gilded fortress. Banishing its foes to far-away lands with classico leads and a chord progression steeped in Italian nostalgia.
Snappy freestyle beats, galloping arps and searing melodies enchant 'S.D.M', an alchemical hybrid of electro-disco and pulsating EBM that would surely convince plenty, previous, non-compliers to frequent the poppers-drenched dark rooms of Europe's nocturnal underbelly.

Meanwhile, channelling dark necromancy, 'You're Love' closes off disc one with some of the most authentic, Italo-inspired keyboard interchanges and spirit-raising sequences available on the album.
Next come the winds & tides of Illusion and Conjuration. 'NGAFFS's' anthemic licks emanate off the wax. Broken down to 'not giving a flying fuck', it's Kid Machine's most spine-tinglingly epic track to date; uniting all under its Tesla-like harnessing of zero-point energy. Add coital thrust and you find us physically trying to grab the holographic, multi-dimensional synth fractals from the air in front of us upon first listen!

'Muszic' continues with another grandiose Manctalo coup de grace, full of sentiment and yearning.

Inviting Evocation through smokes & strobes, 'Modera' sees amyl nitrates recklessly thrown into the cauldron, tantalizing arpeggios stroking our most erogenous zones with abandon.
Finally, 'The White Hotel', assigned: Transmutation - is a tribute to the infamous nightspot contained within Red Laser's immediate territory, and home for the crew's many spectacular parties.
It's a fitting homage as galloping analogue sequences march over sensual strings and moody chord progressions; evoking that irreplaceable feeling of being surrounded by your favourite homo sapiens in one of the most hedonistic locations on planet Earth.

"Those who don't believe in magic, may never find it...".

Various Artists

Red Laser Records EP 10

As we boldly enter a new decade, we cap off the pingin' naughties with another four bangers for your intergalactic nappers on this, the tenth instalment of our various artist EP series!

Red Laser Corp. engage tractor beams once again and beam up an elite squadron of galactic firepower for another of their well-lauded V/A EPs. Featuring two new ascending space cadets, ready to prove their worth on the universal playing field, alongside well-decorated star commanders Ste Spandex and Franz Scala; this latest Manctalo mission is destined for undisputed interplanetary acclaim.

First up, it's local interstellar fugitive, RL regular and black listed hardware abuser, Ste Spandex; whose titular tribute to one of dance music's most notorious labels is as fitting and arresting a piece of glistening, space disco-tek as its namesake deserves. Centered on triplet synth shards and a rugged acid line, Spandex-patented perx snap, crackle and pop as the track careers through the asteroid belts protected by a capacious force-field of electrostatic energy.

New signing Baba & Ganoush deploy a sleek, Euro-disco themed energy ball named 'Stockholm'. It's epochal synth array referencing classic Italo disco whilst revealing a precision sign-writing maturity that belies the fact that this is indeed the duo's first release!
Spurting tantalising synth solos and interlocking leads from its holographic sphere, you could easily been sent spiralling into the speaker stacks, eyes-wide-shut upon hearing this piece - note RLC will not be held liable for any injuries sustained!

Next we enter the cockpit of Berlin-residing, Italo-maestro Franz Scala, who on his debut sortie for RLR, directs the mother ship towards an innocuous star cluster where Ka Zan’s 'Give Me Your Heart' is on permanent repeat. Scala utilises advanced time shift and audio defragmentation devices to re-engage its citizens with this hardcore cosmic climax, transforming it into an erupting supernova of Italo that blasts so far it's now detected across our own stratosphere.

Ondata's Martin Lefteri and Szymek Lawik are two new rookies snapped up from London and whose 'Feel The Drive' parties have established an alliance with Red Laser Disco members nationwide. Delving perilously into deep space via some meticulously programmed sequences and a dark, cold synthesis method, the pair show a fearless exploration of the outer cosmos on this initial exercise for the label. .


Matt says: The nation's favourite returns. No. 1 purveyers of the finest Manctalo © (hell, they invented it!), Red Laser drop another various artists EP showing off their 2020 roster and the firm look in good stead for the year ahead; spreading their net across the globe. Check!

Inner space centurion and local star command operative Tommy Walker III returns with a new mission directive this September. Hardwiring to the Red Laser network and initiating an advanced, beta-tested programme of futuro-manctalo cybernetics, TWIII's meta-level hybridisation of Italian synth disco & northern English rave styles, combined with an expert deciphering of modernised club dynamics has resulted in a faultless system capable of withstanding the most extreme sonic test environments.
RL30's eight tracks are RL Corp. operation-certified to work alongside Human2.0's electrostatic discharge profile. Universally approved usage for sentient earth dwellers offering portals into dancefloor ecstasy and inter-dimensional transcendence. This programme begins with 'Pocsy', and sees euphoric holograms burst through galloping Italo mechanics, fusing retro-tinged optimism with a nu-age release. 'Shoiab' (named after a fellow starship captain tasked to MCR and in alliance with RL Corp...) unleashes red shifted synths and carnal cowbells for the cyberotic lap-dancers to get jizzy too. 'Autopilot' allows the on-board crew to reassemble, a well automated array of arpeggios guiding the shuttle during the first phase, until reconsolidating in the latter stages for full-on interdimensional 5-D funk jam. 'Lightwork' is pure RL endorsed synth-jizz, erupting out of Tommy's arsenal like a mis-timed giant alien cumshot; minus any Manga references. 'Astral Projectile Vomit' address a common problem endemic to protectors of our star cluster; then channels a shiny, serpentine chrome sequence and thrusts it down the rainbow road for maximum belly aches.
More hydraulic collisions between electronic disc-boogie and newly mined atomic particles from passing asteroids ensures Srg. Walker has enough mainroom material to keep the Sharons and Traceys of the main hub dancing in between injections of dimethyltryptamine. Closing with a trio of humanoid hits that'll have Jonny5 ordering kryptonite margaritas for the entire ship, Tommy Walker celebrates with the cosmic conge, 'Gary Blast'. RL Corp is confident RL30's internal algorithm is a future-proofed, cross-species platform for auditory excitement, and will continue to stimulate listeners across a multitude of environments.

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