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DJ Absolutely Shit

Been Diggin' Me Fuckin' 'Ed Off Ant I? Vol. 1

    Strictly limited to 300 / screen printed gatefold sleeves & stamped labels.

    ***Taken from Leaked Whatsapp messages between DJ Absolutely Shit and Il Bosco***

    Yo cousin's ya raisin widge?

    Nice one for that last lot of dough i'm starting to well buzz off all this music industry bollocks now you know...mad what you can do with a catchy DJ name and pure absolutely mega tunes wot are miles better than anyone elses init?

    Anyway i've been diggin' me fuckin' 'ed off ant I recently and got some more well primo gear for yas here...done 8 this time - was thinking if i'm managing to sort me life out banging out EPs for yas - if I do an album or two i'll be mega wedged in no time deffo init.

    Yeah i'm thinking fuck this i need to get out this rank shit-hole quicktime... spotted this sick 3 bed thatched cottage gaff in Cadishead the other day, well smart. Detached n everything G, so can deffo get a proper grow on in there piece of piss. Gran's doin me ed in n all here G, big style the old slapper. She keeps robbin' me cash!
    Turn me back for 5 mins and she's fuckin chonged it all the little turd... fuckin fuming ta fuck g cant wait to do one from that shitty flat...and if she thinks she's keeping me dodgy sky box she suck me widge haha.

    Anyway shout me soon init. fuck knows what to call this album g. ask Pharaoh to come up with a name for it the turd. i can't be arsed thinkin... Seen him the other day actually bumped into him and that Crispy Duck guy who does those sick comics. They was outside some posh coffee gaff in Ancoats with a few other chumps lobbing bricks at a pile of other bricks down near the canal drinking pink hooch the turds. Get em to do the artwork for it n all g. if they want paying or owt tell 'em to suck me widge haha.

    Nice one



    Matt says: Pardon the cryptic fax above. We've been waiting an eternity for this! Taking us back to the sound of Bowlers and Thunderdome, it's Red Laser's international anti-hero DJ Absolutely Shit ready to blast us out of Tory misery in the same way as The Second Summer of Love did way back when. Hardcore will never die!

    SUPER limited edition, clear vinyl dubplate of the new DJ Absolutely Shit EP - "Sloggers Bar". Featuring exclusive track, "Drop The Face" - only available on this 12"!!

    DJ Absolutely Shit has fast injected new life into the old tropes of hardcore breakbeat and vintage rave music - updating the blueprint with fresh, soundsystem tickling techniques and modern sounds for the discerning 2023 dancefloors! Effortlessly becoming cult cultural leaders of the emerging new hardcore movement and easily one of the most collectable artists to grace our dance section for many moons!

    "Sloggers Bar" contains the EPIC, "Close Your Eyes" - with that discombobulated vox that's haunted The White Hotel and anywhere else the Red Laser crew has DJed of late. "Breaktalo Dark" is equally anthemic; it's sub-reinforced rave stabs ricocheting through even the quaintest of rave dungeons whilst a whole manner of pill-poppin' yoof erupt into reckless abandon.

    "My Desire" is perhaps the most retrotastic track of this new set - utilizing classic hip-house / electro vocals, a tidy old breakbeat and with superbly timed drops, this one of those precision arrangements tha’llt cause alchemical bonds to form between dancers and DJs under the heat of a Big Night Out. Imperative!

    Finally, the dubplate only track, "Drop The Face" concludes. This WILL NOT be available anywhere other than on this 12" pop pickers, ensuring the enduring collectability of this wild record! It's another essential from the Ab Shit studio - a foot stomping mid-sessioner with both proto-house and proggy influences; perfect for simmering up a heady broth of tension as the floor fills up and the sweat levels start to rise.

    Limited to 50 copies for the entire world - do not fuck about with this one folks! E-e-e-e-eeessential! 


    Matt says: SERIOSULY exclusive, limited edition dubplate PRESHA! from the Red Laser / DJ Absolutely Shit axis. Only 50 copies for the entire world. Road tested to buggery and the crew's parties and set to become a cult collectors item.


    1. Close Your Eyes 
    2. Breaktalo Dark 
    3. My Desire
    4. Drop The Face (Dupplate Version)

    Finally the full vinyl release of DJ Absolutely Shit's "Chaos Is A Ladder EP"...

    A super limited dubplate with unique track list was issued a while back and going for big money on Discogs.

    Now the full 4 track EP lands on 12" vinyl and full colour artwork. This release includes two heavyweight bangers not on the dubplate: The dark acid breakbeat and club destroying sub drops of "Total Carnage" and this year's summer piano anthem to finish them all "Hope This Makes 7th Sense".

    These two tracks alongside the huge "Chaos Is A Ladder" and "I Really Know We Can Make It" make this a 'Break-glass-in-case-of-emergency' record.
    Every track guaranteed to rock a dance. Don't sleep. Essential!


    Matt says: It's been hammered to death by all the Red Laser crew throughout 2022 - already a certified White Hotel anthem. But we've waited over 8 months for a vinyl copy! FINALLY arriving in ultra neon, super wavy sleeve design, DJ Absolutely Shit's non-stop-poppin' EP will blow the roof off ANY warehouse.


    A1. Hope This Makes 7th Sense
    A2. I Really Know We Can Make It
    B1. Total Carnage
    B2. Chaos Is A Ladder

    Various Artists

    Peraceamid EP1

      Emerging when humanity needs him most, and currently adopting the body of a 60 odd-year old carpenter with a penchant for animation and Red Stripe; Terry Perace teams up with Red Laser’s own Pharaoh Brunson to form a new perpetual EP series. The Peraceamid project begins with
      EP 1. 4 x Hyper-ancient, super-hi-tek audio tools for us Earth-dwellers to utilize, corrupting RL’s standard ‘Manctalo’ vigour with abandon.

      Perace himself, ditching the Carpenter attire and hardwiring himself straight into basic circuitry, conjures up skeletal, repetitive reduxes, born outta the oldest primordial gloop, churning together into embryonic lifeform rhythms that have now existed since the earliest signals of dual-cell organisms on our planet.

      Terry sparkles his Martian magic across Kid Machine’s S.D.M from the 2020 ‘Magico’ LP. An already high Manctalo watermark now given further accreditation by the highest Elders of Ancient Egypt which Terry confers with on the regular. Welcome to the top of the pyramid gee!

      The elusive Marcus Paulson we so far know very little about other than that he’s an unconfirmed UFO enthusiast from Warrington.. Terry received “Wrecked In Utrecht” when he accidentally plugged a random USB drive into his earhole (he’s not that up on our basic tech yet) in Pharaoh's studio at Hidden. An otherworldly Manctalo vortex and a holographic, plasma-soaked acid track designed to provide a cross-planetary bridge to raves and free parties on Cygnus.

      Terry’s been warmly applying his cosmic voodoo on Red Laser veteran Ste Spandex, nudging him further into the inter dimensional discipline of sonic energy manipulation, the fruits of which are a hyper-driven re-vamp of a ’98, Earth-based club classic which he blasts into 5D thru the galvanized circuitry of his palladium-boosted studio. 


      Matt says: Our Manctalo heroes return after a couple of pressing plant delays with TWO max'ed out EPs this week. The first of the 'Peraceamid' project - a long time in the photon tubes this beast. Primordial electric shamanism from the newly unveiled Terry Perace plus two more trad RL bombs from KM and Marcus Paulson. Plus a housey bonus from no other than Ste Spandex - form an orderly queue please!


      1.Terry Perace - Trip Pop 2020
      2.Kid Machine - S.D.M (Terry Perace's Inslaved Mix) 
      3.Marcus Paulson - Wrecked In Utrecht 
      4.Ste Spandex - Examples Of You 

      As we emerge into the Now with a fresh perspective and renewed vigour, Red Laser Records usher in a novel epoch of Manctalo movements for our post-COVID enjoyment. Entrusting piloting duties to four well decorated RL commandos, the EP serves to remind us all that despite everything that’s happened, we can still find solace in red lasers, smoke machines and high-powered strobe lights.

      Splitting open the collective dancefloor inertia is Kid Machine’s “Only Machines Allowed”. A cybernetic b-boy jam straight outta the planet MEGOH circa 4044. Guided by electrified vocoder lines and a plutonium-grade, armoured groove this impenetrable battle rocket should issue the much needed power boost to get your body kinetics firing again when they release the e-barriers to hedonism.

      Returning star fleet lieutenant Count Van Delicious has been collecting entities from the outer galaxies since his appearance on RL EP 9 (“Dark Fruit” w/ Senor Chugger). Here he announces his return with an end-credits epic, an #inabiteveryoneelse theme from this young vet on a
      pants-off permo-buzz, up-scrolling through technicoloured c64 visuals and deploying his now trademark zoopa-arps, euphoric synth stabs and thunderous low-end shudder to deadly effect.

      Meanwhile, Ste Spandex continues his cybernetic realignment surgery, dissecting a well circulated disco meme and adding voluptuous gender-neutral enhancements that’ll be getting the next generation of androids frisky, despite their lack of reproductive organs. Fizzling synths, spherical repetition and a multi-dimensional mix of high voltage rhythms leaving that vocal line permanently downloaded in your memory cloud. No sharing necessary.

      Scottish deep space observer Ernesto Harmon provides some cosmic ruggedness to close off our mission. Reinforced & galvanized low-end rhymix coalescing with humanoid synth expression and an infinite, carbon-free energy source keeping momentum plateaued through the morning after the night before. There’s no off switch baby!

      For astral travelers seeking solace in the new Now, EP12 kindly acts as an upgrade to your possibly dormant dancing system as you stumble out into the new nocturnal environment. Hopefully reminding us that the simple act of moving alongside one another in a pitch black, laser-guided club space hasn’t changed that much... 


      Matt says: One of two EPs dropping this week from our friends at Red Laser. EP12 has been hyped ta fuck at the crews parties for the last 12 months, waiting an eternity at the plants to get pressed. Here it is, for all to enjoy - dancers will recognize the tracks fromt'floor already but for newcomers - quintessential Manctalo movements here taking the firm into the next decade quite nicely. If you know you know!


      1. Kid Machine - Only Machines Allowed 
      2. Count Van Delicious - I Wonder How Flemming Dalum Is Doing?
      3. Ste Spandex - Edit 2 (2021 Re-Pop) 
      4. Ernesto Harmon - Search For 

      Various Artists

      Full Beam! For Gees Only Vol. 3

      *HUGE FANFARE!!!* Full Beam! is back for the third (and possibly the best yet) installment of the "For Gees Only" series - choice boogie selected from deep within Pharaoh Brunson's mythical pyramid for the dancefloor fellaheen to indulge themself with.

      No tracklisted as per the norm (good luck trainspotters!) but we here at Picc HQ have already unveiled a Stinger J & Special Occasion track so you don't have to! You know the score though by now surely? All hitters no shitters! 8 premium grade numbers pressed two per side for max fidelty and headroom. 

      Riso-printed, snazzy AF insert to boot. You know what to do! 


      Matt says: Manchester's no. 1 boogie cru return with volume 3 of their eagerly collected cult series. Featuring all the hits from the infamous NTS Sunday show, 'longside nuff sizzlers aired by Brunson and co. at nights like Wet Play, Social Service and Red Laser Disco etc. BOOOGIIIEEE!!!

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