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Mega Misses From The Manctalo Discotheque - Compiled By Il Bosco

As the fable goes: pre-discogs, intrepid disc jocks would often take trips to Italy (many tricking their spouse into believe it was a ‘holiday’!) to source records from the seemingly endless supply of top tier Italo, disco and cosmic record shops across the country. According to legend, the classified sections of local yellow pages and information booklets which would contain the addresses of the record shops and dealers in the area would often be ripped out unscrupulously, thwarting – or at least making it more difficult for – the next vinyl tourist to source out the rare gems amongst the rich seams – a wild west vinyl gold rush if you will.

Such stories are a rarity these days, with youtube making some of the most underground tracks common knowledge, and discogs almost making any record obtainable – at a price of course. Upgrading his digging methodology, Bosco has developed a secret New Technique to side-step the machine and in doing so obtained a clutch of amyl-soaked fluffers that are so rare, that upon writing they aren’t even listed online! Seriously, he must be communicating with some interdimensional, upper echelon Italo overlords; taking us on a primo-thrust tour through the most unexposed recesses of the Italo disco galaxy.

Don’t be hoodwinked by their sheer obscurity however; we wouldn’t give a toss if they couldn’t tear the arse off the dancefloor. But they’re all fuckin rhodium grade tackle peeps! Eight neon-drenched late night roman candles of Italo disco decadence that’ll defo have you jizzing rainbow skittles over the dancefloor as you search desperately through the fog for another huff of poppers off Darren.

Total Discogs market value: as yet undetermined
Pharaoh Brunson’s Pyramid Points: 9999999999999

Tranquil Elephantizer


    An overlooked nugget from San Fran's celebrated WICKED label.

    Red Laser's Il Bosco had his mind blown when Felix Dickinson dropped this monster remix when playing the labels club night at the legendary White Hotel in Manchester.

    The RL crew were surprised to learn this remix had never been released and immediately contacted ET to secure a full vinyl only release along with the epic original mix.

    Since then, this has been an anthem at the Red Laser White Hotel residency and beyond. Don't sleep on this epic slab of anthemic synth jizz.

    This one's mega-limited, so heads up!


    A. Trisha (Felix's Live Drum Italo Monster Mix)
    B. Trisha (Original Mix)

    Various Artists

    Full Beam! For Gees Only Vol 4

    Ok here we go again boogie nuts! The fourth volume of Full Beam!'s infamous "For Gees Only" series is finally upon us. Another 8 nuggets from the depths of Pharaoh Brunson's pyramid suite presented in a super fresh, screen printed gatefold sleeve.

    You must know the drill by now - vinyl only, no digital, no tracklist (yet!). Rest assured these are primo boogie bombs that have been doing the rounds at the Red Laser club night as well as exported to all the best underground festivals not to mention receiving 'nuff rotation on Pharoah Brunson's Full Beam! FM radio show on NTS.

    Super limited edition - future collectors item. Move quick! 


    Matt says: Another top drawer selection from the Pharaoh's cabinet that'd take serious leg work and a few bitcoins to amass on an individual basis. People are already saying this is the best volume to date - and given the pedigree of the last three, that's some serious clout! Worth the entrance fee for the White Limousine (whoops!) track alone - it's (to quote the curator) 'all hitters no shitters' from start to finish.

    DJ Absolutely Shit has fast injected new life into the old tropes of hardcore breakbeat and vintage rave music - updating the blueprint with fresh, soundsystem tickling techniques and modern sounds for the discerning 2023 dancefloors! Effortlessly becoming cult cultural leaders of the emerging new hardcore movement and easily one of the most collectable artists to grace our dance section for many moons!

    "Sloggers Bar" contains the EPIC, "Close Your Eyes" - with that discombobulated vox that's haunted The White Hotel and anywhere else the Red Laser crew has DJed of late. "Breaktalo Dark" is equally anthemic; it's sub-reinforced rave stabs ricocheting through even the quaintest of rave dungeons whilst a whole manner of pill-poppin' yoof erupt into reckless abandon.

    "My Desire" is perhaps the most retrotastic track of this new set - utilizing classic hip-house / electro vocals, a tidy old breakbeat and with superbly timed drops, this one of those precision arrangements that’ll cause alchemical bonds to form between dancers and DJs under the heat of a Big Night Out. Imperative!

    Finally, "Pee Pee Soaked Heck Hole" replaces the dubplate-only cut (that was available on the 50 dub plate edition copies) - a blunted MPC jam showcasing some nice vintage break manipulation (one of the duo's trademarks) alongside jazz-informed keys and heavy phasing. It's reminiscent of the kinda jams that used to populate the shelves over the road at Fat City Records - perhaps hinting as to the background of one half of the outfit.... 


    Matt says: Our favourite Irlam upstart returns with another bumper pack of hardcore goodies. Fast becoming a household name after a well lauded Glasto appearance and Radio 1 mini mix - DJ Absolutely Shit leads the charge of the modern rave brigade!


    1. Close Your Eyes 
    2. Breaktalo Dark 
    3. My Desire
    4. Pee Pee Soaked Heck Hole

    DJ Absolutely Shit

    Been Diggin' Me Fuckin' 'Ed Off Ant I? Vol. 1

      Strictly limited to 300 / screen printed gatefold sleeves & stamped labels.

      ***Taken from Leaked Whatsapp messages between DJ Absolutely Shit and Il Bosco***

      Yo cousin's ya raisin widge?

      Nice one for that last lot of dough i'm starting to well buzz off all this music industry bollocks now you know...mad what you can do with a catchy DJ name and pure absolutely mega tunes wot are miles better than anyone elses init?

      Anyway i've been diggin' me fuckin' 'ed off ant I recently and got some more well primo gear for yas here...done 8 this time - was thinking if i'm managing to sort me life out banging out EPs for yas - if I do an album or two i'll be mega wedged in no time deffo init.

      Yeah i'm thinking fuck this i need to get out this rank shit-hole quicktime... spotted this sick 3 bed thatched cottage gaff in Cadishead the other day, well smart. Detached n everything G, so can deffo get a proper grow on in there piece of piss. Gran's doin me ed in n all here G, big style the old slapper. She keeps robbin' me cash!
      Turn me back for 5 mins and she's fuckin chonged it all the little turd... fuckin fuming ta fuck g cant wait to do one from that shitty flat...and if she thinks she's keeping me dodgy sky box she suck me widge haha.

      Anyway shout me soon init. fuck knows what to call this album g. ask Pharaoh to come up with a name for it the turd. i can't be arsed thinkin... Seen him the other day actually bumped into him and that Crispy Duck guy who does those sick comics. They was outside some posh coffee gaff in Ancoats with a few other chumps lobbing bricks at a pile of other bricks down near the canal drinking pink hooch the turds. Get em to do the artwork for it n all g. if they want paying or owt tell 'em to suck me widge haha.

      Nice one



      Matt says: Pardon the cryptic fax above. We've been waiting an eternity for this! Taking us back to the sound of Bowlers and Thunderdome, it's Red Laser's international anti-hero DJ Absolutely Shit ready to blast us out of Tory misery in the same way as The Second Summer of Love did way back when. Hardcore will never die!

      Various Artists

      Peraceamid EP1

        Emerging when humanity needs him most, and currently adopting the body of a 60 odd-year old carpenter with a penchant for animation and Red Stripe; Terry Perace teams up with Red Laser’s own Pharaoh Brunson to form a new perpetual EP series. The Peraceamid project begins with
        EP 1. 4 x Hyper-ancient, super-hi-tek audio tools for us Earth-dwellers to utilize, corrupting RL’s standard ‘Manctalo’ vigour with abandon.

        Perace himself, ditching the Carpenter attire and hardwiring himself straight into basic circuitry, conjures up skeletal, repetitive reduxes, born outta the oldest primordial gloop, churning together into embryonic lifeform rhythms that have now existed since the earliest signals of dual-cell organisms on our planet.

        Terry sparkles his Martian magic across Kid Machine’s S.D.M from the 2020 ‘Magico’ LP. An already high Manctalo watermark now given further accreditation by the highest Elders of Ancient Egypt which Terry confers with on the regular. Welcome to the top of the pyramid gee!

        The elusive Marcus Paulson we so far know very little about other than that he’s an unconfirmed UFO enthusiast from Warrington.. Terry received “Wrecked In Utrecht” when he accidentally plugged a random USB drive into his earhole (he’s not that up on our basic tech yet) in Pharaoh's studio at Hidden. An otherworldly Manctalo vortex and a holographic, plasma-soaked acid track designed to provide a cross-planetary bridge to raves and free parties on Cygnus.

        Terry’s been warmly applying his cosmic voodoo on Red Laser veteran Ste Spandex, nudging him further into the inter dimensional discipline of sonic energy manipulation, the fruits of which are a hyper-driven re-vamp of a ’98, Earth-based club classic which he blasts into 5D thru the galvanized circuitry of his palladium-boosted studio. 


        Matt says: Our Manctalo heroes return after a couple of pressing plant delays with TWO max'ed out EPs this week. The first of the 'Peraceamid' project - a long time in the photon tubes this beast. Primordial electric shamanism from the newly unveiled Terry Perace plus two more trad RL bombs from KM and Marcus Paulson. Plus a housey bonus from no other than Ste Spandex - form an orderly queue please!


        1.Terry Perace - Trip Pop 2020
        2.Kid Machine - S.D.M (Terry Perace's Inslaved Mix) 
        3.Marcus Paulson - Wrecked In Utrecht 
        4.Ste Spandex - Examples Of You 

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