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Full Beam - For Gees Only Vol. 1

'Open wide for some BOOGIE! 8 bombs of the highest calibre - All hitters - no shitters, brought to you by Manchester's hardest boogie crew. Screen printed gate-fold sleeves & hand-stamped whites. Essential tackle for your boxes & bags. Floor filling, club rattling grenades plus pre midnight growlers and extra special end of the night gear.' - Randy Marsh.

Yes that's right folks, MCR's most celebrated boogie / modern funk cartel, Full Beam finally get round to dropping a V/A compilation of raw fyar. Listeners to their universally-adored NTS show (Full Beam!FM) will recognize some of the hits here, while MCR's top dance squads will have boogied to more than their fair share during one of Marsh or Pizzaman's countless DJ sets. I'm not gonna blow the cover on any of these tracks, as the FB team have scoured pound bins, chazzers, car boots and beyond to unearth these primo boogie blasts for your lug-holes. Completely un-shazamable, there isn't a duff track across the eight; honestly you can literally pack this in your bag knowing that every joint's gonna get hammered. Stupendously limited and ridiculously anticipated this is gonna get sniffed up quicker than a free boing in A'Vucciria. Top stuff, highly recommended. 


Matt says: Ridiculous! Randy Marsh & co. single-handedly turned me, and many others, onto the galvanized sound of 80s soul and this comp perfectly displays the many facets of the sound. Essential!

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