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This EP Is Not Called Memoirs Of A Crust Monster

It's the one all the massive have been waiting for! Part 2 of the Salford sage - DJ Absolutely Shit's 'Memoirs Of A Crust Monster'. More hyped up tear outs, soundsystem ruffage, and bass 'n breaks love songs from our Hell's Angel-dodging beat freak.

Kicking things off with glowing neons and super-charged subs is 'Higher', a modern jungle monster decorated with classic hip-hop samples and a well known diva vox squealing through the melee.
A serious 'watch your bassbins' track - RL HQ have safety tested this on the most robust car stereo systems and so far have yet to avoid any cabinet damage - proceed with caution!

'Lost In Space' rolls outta the speaker stacks with a b-boy swagger and loose breaks. A tribute to classic breakdance electro galvanized with Ab Shit's intricate trademark production chops. You'll want to crack out your finest red Puma classics and a slick tracksuit for this one.

Onto 'Out On Love' and between you and me, someone needs to call the social service for samples - as it's unlikely you'll ever witness a more blatant case of sample molestation. Squeezing every last drop out of a catchy piano lick, TV snippet and drum break; the track really does highlight the unrivaled programming prowess of our Irlam renegade who's taken SP1000 trickery to its absolute zenith.

'Money Talks' sees our cheeky ragamuffin dictate a life affirming sunrise over Pomona - pre-gentrification of course; a thousand smiles and memories of old Mancunia shimmering in the early morning industrial haze. And an abject slight at those who put profits above people - another poignant ode to our changing cityscape driven by the most addictive boogie-based groove and clattering Linn drums.

Spine-tingles and fanny flutters guaranteed ALL DAY on this one cru!
Look out for the full 16 track album due on C90 cassette and digi download coming very soon...

RL x


Matt says: Not left my USB sticks since I got the digi promos last year. Can certify that all four tracks are absolute dynamite! "Higher" shows that ruffneck jungle can have a feminine side, "Money Talks" (poignant given the current Tory downfall) is a pure anthem; and "Out On Luvvv" is the most trickski bit of programming you're ever likely to hear. The perfect follow up to "Boing Boing Boing" - do not sleep on this massive!


A. Higher
A2. Lost In Space
B. Out On Luvvv
B2. Money Talks

Irlam's infamous upstarts DJ Absolutely Shit are at it again with four more tracks to rattle yer spines and rupture yer spleens.
Utilizing the classic approach of sourcing a sick sample, adding a rugged breakbeat, then tweaking out the buzz for maximum enjoyment, the pair deliver an explosive EP of global hypercoloured mayhem that burns hotter than an oz of 'Ells Angels sputnik.

'Bridge To Your Heart' grabs Sade by the hand, shoves two purple doves down her throat and queue-jumps to the front of Bowlers for an endorphin-rushing hardcore workout full of modern beat engineering and sample manipulation.

Switching approach, 'Bolivia' shuns the dreamy feminism for an altogether more masculine affair - roping in the Wu for an argy-bargy, elbows-out speaker shaker full of hi-definition laser stabs and destructive, land mine subs.

Hitting the accelerator, 'Rocking You Eternally' traverses the jungle boarders in a blacked out Nova, Ab Shit's flair and panache at drum programming and contemporary production chops beautifully on show throughout this big system roller with a carp-hunting vocal hook.

'Gong' closes off proceedings, merging moods inna more seductive flavour. E-soaked pianos and a gentle throb coaxing us to that end-of-night climax that'll have us humming the piano line all the way down the M65 home.

No jokes cru, this is some of the best tackle to emerge outta the DJ Absolutely Shit studio to date. One of two, vinyl-only EPs and ahead of their debut album that follows on C90 tape.

Boing boing boing, boing boing boing, boing boing!!


Matt says: The strongest stuff TO DATE from the DJ Absolutely Shit studio. The catchy hooks, the technical breaks mangle-age, the nods to hardcore - it's all there - but our Irlam renegade seems to have a reached a zenith in terms of mixing and mastering; meaning this (and part two following in a few weeks) are the heaviest, soundsystem ready wax platters to land from the RL camp. Watch ya bassbins!


A. Bridge To Your Heart 
A2. Bolivia
B. Rockin' You Eternally 
B2. Gong

Various Artists

Mega Misses From The Manctalo Discotheque - Compiled By Il Bosco

As the fable goes: pre-discogs, intrepid disc jocks would often take trips to Italy (many tricking their spouse into believe it was a ‘holiday’!) to source records from the seemingly endless supply of top tier Italo, disco and cosmic record shops across the country. According to legend, the classified sections of local yellow pages and information booklets which would contain the addresses of the record shops and dealers in the area would often be ripped out unscrupulously, thwarting – or at least making it more difficult for – the next vinyl tourist to source out the rare gems amongst the rich seams – a wild west vinyl gold rush if you will.

Such stories are a rarity these days, with youtube making some of the most underground tracks common knowledge, and discogs almost making any record obtainable – at a price of course. Upgrading his digging methodology, Bosco has developed a secret New Technique to side-step the machine and in doing so obtained a clutch of amyl-soaked fluffers that are so rare, that upon writing they aren’t even listed online! Seriously, he must be communicating with some interdimensional, upper echelon Italo overlords; taking us on a primo-thrust tour through the most unexposed recesses of the Italo disco galaxy.

Don’t be hoodwinked by their sheer obscurity however; we wouldn’t give a toss if they couldn’t tear the arse off the dancefloor. But they’re all fuckin rhodium grade tackle peeps! Eight neon-drenched late night roman candles of Italo disco decadence that’ll defo have you jizzing rainbow skittles over the dancefloor as you search desperately through the fog for another huff of poppers off Darren.

Total Discogs market value: as yet undetermined
Pharaoh Brunson’s Pyramid Points: 9999999999999

Various Artists

Full Beam! For Gees Only Vol 4

Ok here we go again boogie nuts! The fourth volume of Full Beam!'s infamous "For Gees Only" series is finally upon us. Another 8 nuggets from the depths of Pharaoh Brunson's pyramid suite presented in a super fresh, screen printed gatefold sleeve.

You must know the drill by now - vinyl only, no digital, no tracklist (yet!). Rest assured these are primo boogie bombs that have been doing the rounds at the Red Laser club night as well as exported to all the best underground festivals not to mention receiving 'nuff rotation on Pharoah Brunson's Full Beam! FM radio show on NTS.

Super limited edition - future collectors item. Move quick! 


Matt says: Another top drawer selection from the Pharaoh's cabinet that'd take serious leg work and a few bitcoins to amass on an individual basis. People are already saying this is the best volume to date - and given the pedigree of the last three, that's some serious clout! Worth the entrance fee for the White Limousine (whoops!) track alone - it's (to quote the curator) 'all hitters no shitters' from start to finish.

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