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Mato’s back with on Stix with “Jazz-Funk Dub Tribute”, a new project by the French producer with exclusive dub versions of some of the most famous jazz-funk, soul-jazz, funk & fusion tracks.

After the amazing success of his “Summer Madness / Maiden Voyage” single, respectively covering Kool & The Gang and Herbie Hancock, Mato got deeper within the American black music repertoire. He worked on tracks that can be considered as serious classics of the jazz-funk scene.

We all remember the melodies from Eddie Henderson ("Inside You"), WAR ("The World Is A Ghetto"), Weather Report ("Black Market"), Deodato ("Caravan"), Grover Washington Jr. ("Loran's Dance"), Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra ("Midnight Groove"), Herbie Hancock ("Maiden Voyage"), The Meters ("Cissy Strut") or Lonnie Liston Smith ("Visions Of A New World"). Imagine them reworked and tailored by the modern dub master. Needless to say, Mato, who’s playing most instruments and synthesizers, did a fantastic job and you’ll be blown when hearing these versions.

Starting his reggae production career in 2006, Thomas Blanchot (aka Mato) has released music through various projects on EDR Records, Big Singles or Makasound... In the meantime, he developed a real trademark: taking over classic French, hip-hop, OST, classical or pop songs, into roots reggae-dub new versions. Besides, since 2010, Mato has built a solid reputation thanks to his hot remixes of hip-hop classics on Stix Records. Last year he also released “Scary Dub”, which focused on scary movies' soundtracks.


Summer Madness Dub (Album Version)
Inside You Dub
The World Is A Ghetto Dub
Black Market Dub
Caravan Dub
Loran's Dance Dub
Midnight Groove Dub
Maiden Voyage Dub
Cissy Strut Dub
Visions Of A New World Dub


If you're a regular shopper at Piccadilly Records, you can't have missed the onslaught of Dynamics 45s over the past year. Their brief is a simple one; take some classic pop songs and remake them in a reggae style, but each cover is done so well that they've proved to be completely irresistible - their White Stripes "7 Nation Army" version was our biggest selling reggae tune for 2007. This album brings together all the best cuts from the 45s, and throws in a few newies too. Essential.


The Dynamic Sound
Girls And Boys
7 Nation Army
Land Of 1000 Dances
Green Onions
Miss You (Long Edit)
Brothers On The Slide
Lay Lady Lay
Whole Lotta Love
90 % Of Me Is You
Feel Like Making Love
The Creator Has A Masterplan
Move On Up

Favorite Recordings offshoot Stix Records is back with a full album of reggae cover versions of pop / funk / soul songs. This time round we get a selection of old favourites given a reggae-disco twist, along with four new and exclusive productions.

Many artists faithful to the stable of Favorite Recordings and its various sub-labels are invited for the occasion: The Dynamics, Blundetto, Grandmagneto, 7 Samurai, John Milk or Taggy Matcher. All came and brought their respective touch to this first compilation, with among other things some of the rarest titles from their Big Single Records’ years. Each of them delivers a great reggae-disco version of classic hits by some artists as diverse as Madonna, Herbie Hancock, Justin Timberlake, The Commodores, The O’Jays, Curtis Mayfield, Harry Nilsson or Sugarhill Gang.


Side 1
1. Chameleon (Taggy Matcher Disco Mix) (4:46)
2. Money (7 Samurai Disco 12" Version) (5:05)
3. Music (The Dynamics Disco 7" Version) (4:45)
4. Brick House (Taggy Matcher Disco Mix) (4:14)
Side 2
1. Suit & Tie (John Milk Reggae Version) (4:29)
2. Everybody's Talkin (Blundetto & Grandmagneto Original 7" Version) (3:18)
3. Rapper's Delight (Taggy Matcher Dub Version) (3:36)
4. Move On Up (The Dynamics Original 7" Version) (4:55)
5. Saturday Night Fever (Grandmagneto Original 7" Version) (3:43)

The king of hip-hop reggae returns! Taggy Matcher needs very little introduction here; Bruno Hovart has spearheaded and contributed more titles to the genre that anyone else. Here he follows up “Singasong” with another eight tracks, further exploring the cannons of dub and reggae with a host of new MCs - LMK, Birdy Nixon, Alexandra Charry, Hawa, John Milk & Elodie Rama.

The album starts with "Push Push", a title already released last year as a vinyl single 7", in collaboration with rising singer LMK, who you may know from her successful previous reworks on Taggy's last album ("No Love Allowed", "My Man"). Sharing the same love for the early 80's digital rub-a-dub productions, lyrics are about street harassment of women…with a pinch of humor!

On "Little Things", Taggy invites old mate Birdy Nixon for a cover of an early rocksteady classic by Hemsley Morris. With the vintage bounce we love combined with modern sounds and productions, the song is all about tenderness and simplicity.

"Volvere Mañana", the song has this very cumbia hip move with the participation of gifted singer Alexandra Charry from Cali in Colombia, where they both composed the song. Then, Taggy invited Boris Pokora to play the ‘gaita’ local flute to give the song its proper Colombian Caribbean coast flavor.

The album continues with "Two Dimes" featuring longtime collaborator Hawa (from Mr President to Mr Day and other numerous projects). This shaky disco reggae rockers is all about getting ready for the party with only ‘two dimes’ in your pocket!

"Q Fashion" is a song full of wittiness and self-mockery wrote during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Parisian Soul singer John Milk was stuck in Paris while Bruno was in Lyon. On this minimalistic digital reggae tune, they give the ingredients to perfect your next quarantine outfit.
Discoish reggae tune "Get Enough" featuring Birdy Nixon has a simple and successful recipe: just mix a big dose of Lovers with the same amount of Rockers and you've got this 100% soulful song.

On "Suit and Tie", Taggy and John Milk go Pop with this version of Justin Timberlake, which fits perfectly with John's tender and mellow style.

Finally, Elodie Rama with Taggy Matcher pay tribute to Erykah Badu and her legacy to the soul music scene at the end of the nineties. The mood is jazzy, mellow and warm, with tiny Lee Scratch Perry early 70's vaporous vibes.


Side 1
1. Push Push (feat LMK) (4:09)
2. Little Things (feat Birdy Nixon) (4:12)
3. Volvere Manana (feat Alexandra Charry) (3:38)
4. Two Dimes (feat Hawa) (5:31)
Side 2
1. Q Fashion (feat John Milk) (3:51)
2. Get Enough (feat Birdy Nixon) (3:58)
3. Suit & Tie (feat John Milk) (4:29)
4. On & On (feat Elodie Rama) (4:10)

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