Earls BOOOM!!! Edits

Vol. 3

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Booom!!! Edits

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Here comes the Booom!!! Edits label with another sublime selection of deep house burners. This third volume from the artist who goes by the name of Earls Booom!!! Edits takes the form of four cuts titled 'NEP.' Th opener is awash with smoky pads and sombre chords over a mid-tempo and dusty groove, but things pick up on the second cut with its gorgeous r&b vocals swirling over warm and humid bass and drums as cosmic synth lines rise out of the mix. On the flip, there is a congo-heavy rhythm topped with a deft little r&b hook and the closer brings more pumping grooves but still with a big heart. These are steamy backroom sounds of the highest order.


Matt says: Silky smooth and deliciously deep; nice selection of cuts referencing the second summer of love and the first wave of soulful US house with focus and style. Excellent stuff from Earls.



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