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On the A SIDE: Dreems has taken a little wander over into the Pinchy patch with three mental head spinning tracks that defying categorization.

And on the B SIDE: Dreems meets dub legend Scientist for three mixes from the desk. Each track was reimagined and re-recorded before Scientist took control of the faders to dub them in to oblivion.


Matt says: I came for the Scientist's dubs, but stayed for the OGs! Three tracks of spellbinding synthwork and drum machine trickery. And of course, any new utterances from the dub legend's echo chamber are much welcome. Essential stuff!


A1.  Watchamacallit Machine
A2.  String Gadget
A3.  Here Comes The New Prophet
B1.  Watchamacallit Machine [Scientist Dub]
B2.  String Ting [Scientist Dub]
B3.  Here Comes The New Profit [Scientist Dub]

P&F Recordings takes a quick break from original material to welcome back everyone’s favourite Episcopalian Minister/DJ: JAZ.

When it comes to left-field floor fillers, JAZ (née John Zahl) is in a league of his own. Over the past 13 years, he's churned out celebrated home listening mixes, jaw-dropping DJ sets, and extended edits with a pace that belies the usual slow-motion tempo of the majority of his selections.

Here, he serves up four colourful, cosmic, dance floor delights. EP opener ‘Cloud Worship’ marries a chugging prog-rock-esque bassline with virtuosic synth work. Then ‘Pick a Toy’ gets us sweating with some serious Caribbean flair.

On the flip side, ‘Puzzle’ delivers exotic chants and an infectious, serpentine beat - and lastly ‘Friday Night’ closes things out with infectious, retro positivity.

While one might wonder how JAZ consistently unearths these obscure -yet essential- gems, it's obvious that he's driven by a higher purpose.

Let the ceremonies begin!


A1. Cloud Worship
A2. Pick A Toy
B1. Puzzle
B2. Friday Night

'An The insanely-prolific (as well as simply, insane) Danger Boys are most likely no stranger to your ears. In the past few years, the Neapolitan duo of (Raffaele Arcella) Whodamanny and (Enrico Fierro) Milord has churned out innumerable releases (both as solo artists and with their projects The Normalmen and Mystic Jungle Tribe, of which the duo comprises 2/3) that have infected dance floors the world over.

Here, the duo inhabits their latest incarnation/incantation: Danger Boys. The result: a postapocalyptic, post-punk, disco-not-disco masterpiece that sounds like a record you dug out of a dusty flea market bin in Mexico City in 1982 - or maybe 2082 - hard to truly say.

The EP starts off with the spaced-out chugger, Monsters From the Future - which drags you into their bizarre universe, before ratcheting up the tempo for the rest of the EP.

Next up is Mind Control Musique, which delivers an insanely catchy chorus sung in a non-existent language.

THEN - the B-side - where Danger Boys opt to sing in Spanish for two versions of Gringo Tropicana, a track which is already becoming a staple of numerous prominent DJ’s summer festival sets (including Bradley Zero, Yu SU, and Artwork, to name a few).


A1.  Monsters From The Future
A2.  Mind Control Musique
B1.  Gringo Tropicana
B2.  Tropicana Suite + +

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