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Heart People (Ryan Grieve & Rachel Rutt) is a duo born from a love of Italo Disco, New Beat, and Balearic energy.

For the past two decades, Grieve has impacted underground music on many fronts; founding the Aussie record label HOLE IN THE SKY (featuring early music by Tame Impala, Canyons, Bell Towers, among others), releasing music (alongside Leo James) as Canyons (modular / DFA), and putting out new beat dance floor destroyers under the moniker ABSOLUTE UNITY.

With Heart People, we witness Grieve’s natural born gift of production in perhaps its most ideal setting.

Alongside Rachel Rutt (also Grieve’s life partner) we find a sound that is equally as relevant dancing in the club as it is laying in the sunshine.

Their debut EP, Homecoming (2017) was received with critical acclaim and featured remixes from Toulouse Low Trax, Mr TC, and the late, great Andrew Weatherall.

Here on ADRIATICA, we find the duo setting out on a conceptual journey in search of an oceanic paradise.


A1. In Your Eyes
A2. Adriatica
B1. Secrets
B2. Angel

Ruf Dug

Thru The Night / I Love You

Well known for his kaleidoscopic approach both in the DJ booth and in the studio, Ruf Dug has touched on genres as diverse as street soul, vaporwave, and acid house over the years. He has released material on labels such as Rhythm Section, Klasse Wrecks, and his own Moodymann approved Ruf Kutz.

For his Pinchy & friends’ debut (there's a 6-song EP in the works as well) the NTS radio host distils some of these aforementioned influences and presents a two-track 12" that explores dub techno, Chicago acid, and atmospheric balearica.

Built around a solid, techy thud, "Thru The Night!" rides seismic bass waves and reverb-laden stabs to more tropical climes, thanks to gusts of echoed flutes and a catchy, 8-bit vocal hook.

On the flip, "I Love You" takes a minor-key synth riff and sends it off to music school for some late-night nasty dance floor bliss.


Matt says: People's champion and now esteemed radio jock, Ruf Dug takes some time out from his busy touring schedule to drop a cheeky two tracker of dubbed out acid delight on Pinchy & Friends.


A1. Thru The Night
B1. I Love You

'An The insanely-prolific (as well as simply, insane) Danger Boys are most likely no stranger to your ears. In the past few years, the Neapolitan duo of (Raffaele Arcella) Whodamanny and (Enrico Fierro) Milord has churned out innumerable releases (both as solo artists and with their projects The Normalmen and Mystic Jungle Tribe, of which the duo comprises 2/3) that have infected dance floors the world over.

Here, the duo inhabits their latest incarnation/incantation: Danger Boys. The result: a postapocalyptic, post-punk, disco-not-disco masterpiece that sounds like a record you dug out of a dusty flea market bin in Mexico City in 1982 - or maybe 2082 - hard to truly say.

The EP starts off with the spaced-out chugger, Monsters From the Future - which drags you into their bizarre universe, before ratcheting up the tempo for the rest of the EP.

Next up is Mind Control Musique, which delivers an insanely catchy chorus sung in a non-existent language.

THEN - the B-side - where Danger Boys opt to sing in Spanish for two versions of Gringo Tropicana, a track which is already becoming a staple of numerous prominent DJ’s summer festival sets (including Bradley Zero, Yu SU, and Artwork, to name a few).


A1.  Monsters From The Future
A2.  Mind Control Musique
B1.  Gringo Tropicana
B2.  Tropicana Suite + +

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