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Under The Influence Vol. 9 Compiled By Alena Arpels

Z Under The Influence series continues. Following on from Red Greg, Paul Phillips, James Glass, Nick The Record, Sean P, Faze Action, Winston and Woody Bianchi (all of which are highly collectable), it’s now the turn of one of the scene’s most impressive collectors; the London-based DJ and dancer: Alena Arpels.

Originally pressed on vinyl in very small quantities, these 19 records were issued between 1970 - 1983. Many of the tracks included in this compilation were never commercially released but given away by the artists to family and friends instead. There are no genre boundaries so expect to hear funk, soul, disco, boogie and jazz funk. What is common, however, is talent, groove, drive and passion.

Collecting rare records and DJing for over 15 years, she’s also been a regular DJ and dancer at soul, boogie, house and UK jazz dance parties. Alena is a frequent guest at European soul weekenders. She was lucky to grow up listening to her parents’ ever-expanding record collection (lots of classical music, 70s prog rock, and jazz). King Crimson, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Chic, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, George Gershwin, as well as Sergei Rachmaninoff, all had strong influences on her.

As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.


Matt says: An imperative series for collectors of rare groove, boogie and disco music, volume 9 adds a nice twist from Alena Arpels who may we have contributed the rarest tracks yet to the series.


Side 1
1. Spellboun' - Dance Your Blues (part II)
2. EKG - Give Me Love
3. Eugene Blacknell - Holding On
4. MVP Cloudburst - Specialty Item
5. Pleze - Disco 2000
6. Jeff Burns - Flashback
7. La Voyage - All Nite Affair
8. Executive Jam - I'm Into Your Love
9. Fire Water - Twilight
10. Frederick - Move On
Side 2
1. McNasty - Say, Raise Your Hand & Say McNasty
2. Basic Sounds Of Pittsburgh - Down Beat (Gimme Some Chitt'lins)
3. Chash Money - Seeking
4. Body Heat - Forget Yourself
5. Horizon - Give It Up
6. Rideout - Spend Some Time With Me
7. Jackson-Lee - Space Ghost (part I & II)
8. Sharon Revoal - Reaching For Our Star
9. Reflections - Reflex

Various Artists

Dr. Packer: Operation Disco

    The forthcoming full-length album ‘Operation Disco' that Greg ‘Dr’ Packer has put together for Z Records. On an unstoppable run recently, the quality shows no sign of slowing down as Packer showcases his talent for splicing and dicing tracks. On the bonus second CD he supplies a continuous mix live from his operating theatre, packed to the absolute brim with Packer & other Z Records back catalogue favourites of his.

    “It has been a huge honour working on the operation disco album compilation for Z Records which has been on my radar for three decades now and is possibly my favourite House & Disco label. Dave Lee is a big inspiration to me as his 1991 Single 'Do What You Feel' was one of the first records to appear in my DJ sets in my earliest days as a working DJ 30 years ago.

    In 2013 I started to produce music under the 'Dr Packer' name and when I began doing the occasional remix for Z Records, I never imagined it would end up resulting in an album project. To be able to work on cover versions of some of my all-time favourite soul & disco songs such as 'You Can't Run From My Love' and some of my all-time favourite vocalists such as Leroy Burgess it is really a dream come true.

    Dave Lee is an easy guy to work with and is always open to my suggestions which resulted in me remixing one of my alltime favourite tracks of his ‘Love Fantasy' which is also now three decades old. Not to mention possibly my favourite single from his 'Destination Boogie' compilation, the 80's underground classic 'Colors - Am I Gonna Be The One’ plus two brand new mixes of The Sunburst Band. Making this a very exciting album project with plenty of exclusives and remasters of my older releases, not to mention my favourite gems from the amazing Z Records back catalogue.” – Greg Packer


    CD One (Unmixed)
    1. Colors - Am I Gonna Be The One (Dr Packer Remix)
    2. Jayenne - Love Fantasy (Dr Packer Remix)
    3. Mistura - Runnin' (Dr Packer Remix)
    4. The Sunburst Band & Leroy Burgess - Survivin' (Dr Packer Remix)
    5. The Love Symphony Orchestra - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dr Packer Remix)
    6. Samson & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slippin' Away (Dr Packer Remix)
    7. Raw Essence – Do You Love What You Feel (Dr Packer Edit)
    8. Lisa Hill – I Am On The Real Side (Dr Packer Re-Tweak)
    9. Doug Willis - Skate Dancer (Dr Packer Remix)
    10. The Sunburst Band - We Will Turn You On (Dr Packer Edit)

    CD Two (Dr Packer Live From The Operating Theatre Mix [Continuous Mix])
    Dr Packer Live From The Operating Theatre Mix [Continuous Mix]
    The Sunburst Band Feat. Leroy Burgess - Survivin’ [Dr Packer Remix]
    Mistura - Runnin’ [Dr Packer Remix]
    Samson & & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away [Dr Packer Remix]
    The Sunburst Band - Thin Air [JN 2017 Re-Tweak]
    Magnum Force - Cool Out [Dr Packer 2021 Re-Tweak]
    Opolopo - Feels Good 2 Me
    Joey Remix - Overnight Sensation
    Colors - Am I Gonna Be The One [Dr Packer Remix]
    Patrice Rushen - Never Gonna Give You Up [JN Re-Grooved Mix]
    Crackazat - Fly Away
    The Sunburst Band - We Will Turn You On [Dr Packer Re-Edit]
    Foreal People - Shake [Dr Packer Remix]
    Horse Meat Disco, Joey Remix Ft. Angela Johnson - Dancing Into Stars
    Doug Willis - Risky Bizznizz
    JKriv Ft. Adeline - Vertigo [JN Spirit Of ‘78 Mix]
    Antonello Ferrari Ft. Jennifer Wallace - Make Room For Me [JN Extended Disco Mix]
    Jayenne - Love Fantasy [Dr Packer Remix

    Doug Willis returns with a club banger in the form of “The Mighty Douglas”. A euphoric ride in the sky with live gospel organ-led instrumentation, whilst vocals are provided by Taka Boom (Chak Chak Chaka Khans Lil sis). Hallelujah! We then have Mr Basejam delivering one of his groovy chugging mid-tempo mixes of this forthcoming ZR release by Mr Wrightangle. Live strings, syncopated clav and overly loud organismic dog howls are the order of the day here.

    On the flip we have the prolific Atjazz who turns his hand on that classic Jakatta track ‘American Dream’. He reconstructs it elements with great precision as he lays out swinging drums & sparkling percussion to back up a seriously groove led bassline and slick synth work. The legendary US soul funk act of “Come Go With Me” fame release a brand new song in the shape of optimistic gospel tinged “Work It Out”. Dave Lee works his magic on the mix to tease in some of their classic old sound into the instrumentation.


    A1. Doug Willis - The Mighty Douglas (Doug's Godbizniss Mix)
    A2. Roland Wrightangle Feat. Darcus - In Your Blood (Ron Basejam Mix)
    B1. Jakatta - American Dream - (Atjazz Remix)
    B2. Pockets - Work It Out (Dave Lee Rework)

    The 17th edition of the strictly vinyl only Attack The Dancefloor Series is here, and this time it's all about exclusive remix tackle.

    First up we got the Freerange boss in to remix the classic Sunburst Band track ‘He Is’. The mighty Jimpster has turned in a rich and sublime mix that truly deserves to be called Deep House. Warm Rhodes licks twinkle over deep kicks dubbed out guitars and hazy echoes. The whole track is drenched in Jimpster's deft touch as a producer and we think this is one of his best remixes. A Heavenly rework you might say.

    Next up is a long lost remix from Andrés of ‘I Recoginise’ by Joey Negro. Never before released this was unearthed deep within a hard drive in the ZR vaults, now seeing the light of day it deserves. Andrés does what you would expect of him delivering a bass heavy MPC driven rework, utilising the synth lines and vocoder to great effect.

    Fresh off a run of hot remixes for Glitterbox is Razor n Tape’s JKriv who turns the disco arpeggios up to 11 with his soaring remix of Prospect Park’s ’The Kinda Love’ complete with live strings and percussion.

    Last but not least, The Visions’s dreamy piano led remix of the classic 'My Vision' by Jakatta featuring none other than Seal on lead vocals.


    A1. The Sunburst Band - He Is (Jimpster Remix)
    A2. Joey Negro - I Recognise (feat Sacha Williamson - Andres Remix)
    B1. Prospect Park - The Kinda Love (Jkriv Original Vibe Remix)
    B2. Jakatta - My Vision (feat Seal - The Vision Remix)

    Z Records offer up another unmissable 12”. The A side combines the production prowess of Dave Lee with the vocal talents of The Valentine Brothers, Billy Valentine for a brand new song “Power of the Mind”. An intelligent lyric about thinking for yourself and not buying into fake news is soulfully served up over a classic piano house track in the JN Redemption mix. Whilst the JN Mind Meld Dub is complete with much cosmic synth revelry.

    On the AA side Dave dons his AC Soul Symphony alias to deliver the kind of string heavy, epic orchestral production that harks right back to the golden era of disco . ‘Manhattan Skyline’ clocks in at 11 minutes and progresses through many sections, breaks and solos, always building in intensity to a climatic end.


    A1. Dave Lee Feat Billy Valentine - Power Of The Mind (JN Redemption Mix)
    A2. Dave Lee Feat Billy Valentine - Power Of The Mind (JN Mind Meld Dub)
    B1. AC Soul Symphony - Manhattan Skyline (JN Spirit Of ‘77 Mix)

    Celebrating 30 years in the game for Z Records with a series of 12” vinyl EP’s containing some of the most sought-after remixes from the esteemed Z back catalogue. Part 2 sees highly desired cuts from Doug Willis, Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band, Mid Air and The Revenge.

    First up, Doug Willis’ ‘Crystal Lover’ is a bass heavy jam slathered over the top of a toasted slice of percussion, cosmic vocal swoons, and eternally echoing horns. Next, the 1991 classic that really put Dave Lee on the map ‘Do What You Feel’ saw a standout remix from the man himself in 2015. The JN Revival Mix keeps much of the original music but beefs up the drums and bass to make for a super punchy sounding update.

    Flip it over and find yourself lost in Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band ‘Only Time Will Tell ft. Angela Johnson (JN City Connection Mix)’. This jazzy, Latin-tinged and unashamedly musical dance cut showed the full force of soulful house music, made ever sweeter by Angela’s wonderful voice. Closing out proceedings, The Revenge unleashes a signature slammer of an edit of Mid Air ‘Ease Out’, perfect for blasting out across the highway or teasing in across the night.


    A1 - Doug Willis - Crystal Lover
    A2 - Joey Negro - Do What You Feel (JN Revival Mix)
    B1 - Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - Only Time Will Tell Ft. Angela Johnson (JN City Connection Mix)
    B2 - Mid Air - Ease Out (The Revenge Edit)

    Various Artists

    Under The Influence Vol.8 Compiled By Woody Bianchi

      Z Records continues its commitment to unearthing the obscure and long forgotten tracks from the last 40 years through the ever-popular Under The Influence series. Following on from Red Greg, Paul Phillips, James Glass, Nick The Record, Sean P, Faze Action and Winston. It’s now the turn of one of the Italy’s most impressive collectors; Woody Bianchi.

      The story behind U.T.I is this, being a seasoned record collector Z label boss Dave Lee (Joey Negro) has made the acquaintance of many of the worlds other vinyl junkies. People that may be unknown to the general public but are hardcore enthusiasts who have built some of the best collections of soul, funk and disco on the planet. The idea of UTI isn't about big name djs but is to give a musical platform to those who have the knowledge to put together a track listing of killer tunes.

      Woody Bianchi is a prolific DJ, producer, remixer and record collector. His International collaborations with Bob Sinclar,Todd Terry, Arthur Baker, Full Intention, Eric Kupper, Jocelyn Brown, Marshall Jefferson and many others have created an remarkable profile for him. He has released over 300 productions worldwide and has toured side by side with many of the scenes greatest names. Here we get the pleasure of delving into his vast collection and plucking some of the rarest records out there, with many of the tracks costing hundreds if you were able to find the originals.

      As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.


      Patrick says: For the eighth instalment of their Under The Influence series, Z Records hand the controls to Italian record obsessive Woody Bianchi, who showcases an impressive set of disco rarities from his personal collection.


      Side 1
      1. Original Just Us - "You're My Latest Inspiration" (6:20)
      2. Coco York & Serge Ermoll Ensemble - "Come On Everybody" (8:32)
      3. Ciecle - "Disco Break" (Woody Bianchi Edit) (5:19)

      Side 2
      1. GC Cameron - "If I Love You" (3:24)
      2. Rev Jerry Burns & The Youth Ensemble - "Rapture" (6:43)
      3. Sunny Gayle - "I Wanna Know" (6:01)
      4. The Magic City Band - "Hot Flashes" (3:37)

      Side 3
      1. Arlana - "Springtime" (6:00)
      2. Jay Player - "Love Is The Answer" (5:47)
      3. Razz Ma Tazz - "Sugar Sugar Sugar" (7:26)

      Side 4
      1. Rideout - "Someone Special" (4:24)
      2. Formula One - "Can You Feel It" (6:11)
      3. Ipanema Brothers - "Rio De Janeiro" (Woody Bianchi Edit) (6:06)
      4. The Variations - "I Know Why You're Here" (3:26)

      Various Artists

      90's House & Garage Compiled By Joey Negro

        Founded way back in 91, Z Records have since amassed a lauded and plentiful collection of singles, albums and compilations. Run by Dave Lee aka Joey Negro, the label has enjoyed success through his unique ability to foster the principles of underground dance music whilst also remaining mindful of commercial appeal.

        Through various compilations, Mr Lee has consistently delved deep into the heart of a specific genre or era and selecting a lesser-known series of tracks that give a real insight into the spirit and energy that made that point in time special. Whether it's been gogo, Brit-funk, boogie, Italo house or straight up disco, he has mined deep into his extensive bank of influences and also enlisted the help of some of his most clued-up comrades in offering some unforgettable collections of classics. Next up - he pulls together a collection of his favourite moments across a definitive decade for house and garage: the 90’s. Inclusive of material from Kerri Chandler, Robert Owens and MAW as well as remixes from Mood II Swing and Ron Trent - the compilation is packed with sultry vocal lines and the sort of slick, irresistible grooves that defined the era. Sticking with the ethos of his series, Joey Negro has dug out an olio of music that may have until now ‘slipped under the garage doors’ meaning a lot of the material on this compilation is being digitised for the very first time. In searching deeper and wider than the average compilation, the package provides a thorough insight into why this was such a fertile period for production and gives a nod to the sort of drum patterns, sampling techniques and vocal lines that have inspired the likes of Bicep, Brawther and Huxley amongst many more.


        CD One:
        1. Fonda Rae - Living In Ecstasy (Mood II Swing Groove Mix Edit)
        2. Voices - Voices In My Mind (CJ Mackintosh Remix)
        3. Danube Dance - Unique (New York Underground Mix)
        4. Donnie Mark - Stand Up For The Soul (Vocal Mix)
        5. Janet Rushmore - Joy (Kaoz Gone Insane)
        6. Robert Owens - Gotta Work (Final Take)
        7. Station Q - That Special Melody (Club Mix)
        8. A Bitch Named Johanna - Freak It (Instrumental)
        9. Thelma Houston - All Of That (Joey Negro Club Mix)
        10. Bougie Soliterre - Got The Bug
        11. USG - Ncameu (Ron Trent Main Mix).

        CD Two:
        1. Gisele Jackson - Love Commandments (Original Vocal Edit)
        2. Mateo & Matos - New York Style
        3. Leee John - Mighty Power Of Love (Mood II Swing Vox Mix)
        4. Club 69 - Let Me Be Your Underwear (Underground Mix)
        5. Kerri Chandler - Ladbroke Grove
        6. Michael Watford - Love Change Over (Fire Island Club Vocal Mix)
        7. Ralphi Rosario - An Instrumental Need (Club Need)
        8. Astro Trax - The Energy (Feel The Vibe)
        9. BOP Feat. BJ Crosby - Thinkin’ About You (The TM Perspective)
        10. Mike Delgado - The Murder Track.

        Various Artists

        Under The Influence Vol. 4 - Compiled By Nick The Record

        Z Records tap Nick The Record for their fourth volume of the 'Under The Influence' series. Packed to the brim with disco, boogie, electro-funk and tropical gems, it's another essential offering from Z.

        "My whole life has revolved around records. I was buying hip hop and house in the 80s as it was released and I got heavily into tracing the steps back through breaks and sample sources that were used in hip hop records. I also joined the dots between disco and modern club and house music and spread my music explorations from rare groove to rare disco. There were very few people interested in this vein of music history at the time and even fewer as obsessed as me so when the reemergence of disco exploded I was well ahead of the curve, not only in collecting but historical knowledge. The best thing about record collecting is it never ends and after 35 years of buying, after 25 years of selling and playing records there is still old stuff to discover and new releases to endeavour to keep up with. So as something of an expert in all things disco I get quite a few offers to release compilations but as a record obsessive my natural hoarding mentality makes me cautious to give up the goods. I feel this 'Under The Influence' series offers the chance to put together a more personal comp, which reflects the many different flavours of my taste and my collection and gives you a feel of my DJ style at the same time." - Nick The Record


        01. Boogsie - Can't You See Me
        02. The Family Tree - 150th Psalm
        03. Proton Plus - Pay Up (Remixed Rhythm Track)
        04. Jean Adebambo - Say That You Love Me (DJ Nick The Record Re-edit)
        05. Bill Campbell - Boogie All Night
        06. Katunga - Palo Bonito (DJ Nick The Record Re-edit)
        07. Wild Fire - Try Making Love
        08. MC And His Great Googa-Moogas - Keep Your Shoes On! (Stuck In The Groove) (DJ Nick The Record Concise Edit)
        09. MC Roscoe - Feel The Beat (Instrumental) (DJ Nick The Record Minor Tweek Edit)
        10. Leston Paul - What A Surprise

        CD 2
        01. Sugar & Spice - The Beast (Instrumental)
        02. Santth - Do You Want Me Baby, Like I Want You Re-united Re-Edit)
        03. KL Hamilton - I'm Trying
        04. Skye - Ain't No Need (DJ Nick The Record Part 1 & 2)
        05. Betty & Beverly Prudhomme - Tut Tut Twins (DJ Nick The Record Re-edit)
        06. Shelbra Deane - You Move Me
        07. Ronnie Jones - Video Games
        08. Charlie Mike Sierra - On The Moon
        09. Victor Vick – Rescue
        10. State Of Grace - Touching The Times (Instrumental)
        11. Blackway & Helene - Music For Us (Instrumental)

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