Baz Bradley

Magic Wand Special Editions Vol. 9

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Magic Wand

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Magic Wand welcomes Baz Bradley for a series of Special Editions that keep blissed-out late summer dancing sessions alive and possible even as days shorten and the sun fades away. He opens up with 'Soul Boys' (Acetate edit) which is an 80s disco jaunt with superb vocals and noodling funk rifts. 'Super Maxi' is a more stripped-back and aloof groove with sung-spoke vocals and hook melodies making for a weird yet wonderful vibe. 'Flight 207' (Gate One) is another slow-motion and dubbed-out disco funker then 'Burn The Candle' has a raw percussive twist.


Mine says: I'm more than partial to the odd edit and I have to say Baz Bradley has knocked it out of the park here. Weird but catchy is my jam!


Soul Boys (Acetate Edit)
Super Maxi
Flight 207 (Gate One)
Burn The Candle

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