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Theo Parrish

Lovely Edits Vol.1

Two of Theo's Ugly Edits officially licensed by Mother Tongue and Sound Signature - get your orders in asap!

Following Chicago’s tradition in special edits and DJ personal reworks to extend crucial parts and surprise the dancers, Theo Parrish has always sparkled his legendary sets with his own versions of classic and obscure disco, funk and soul cuts to maximum effect! Some of those were available to fans in mid 2000s via the "Ugly Edits" series, now it’s finally time for the "Lovely Edits"!

Officially licensed and using the original parts from the master tapes, here we have Theo’s takes on two absolute staples: BT Express' "Peace Pipe" and George Duke's "I Want You For Myself".


Matt says: Very excited by this. Theo's new edit series (since THE best edit series ever - his Ugly Edits). Two absolute killers to kick off the label. Likely to become as treasured as unicorn tears. Buy now or cry later!


A. B.T. Express - Peace Pipe (Theo Parrish Edit)
B. George Duke - I Want You For Myself (Theo Parrish Edit)

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