Salar Ansari

68 Edits Vol. 1

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Passed Out On A Persian Rug

About this item

Salar Ansari was born and raised in Tehran and is now based in Detroit. After his "Feelings from the Future" EP, he returns to his Passed Out On A Persian Rug imprint, breathing new life into four Persian pop classics.

This is seriously strong shit folks! Full of intrigue, yet highly danceable and touched up in just the right manner (it's a Motor City thang!). Flecks of acid, electronic drum machines and warm bass merging beautifully with the mystic and haunting Persian vocals. Ansair is obviously a skilled producer, but his Persian background has gifted him unique source material that few can match in the current climate!

Sick of the same old disco tracks, looped up and turned into house music? Me too! This stuff is a welcome breath of fresh air and sure to get you noticed as a DJ.. or will simply blow the roof of your living room disco!

Don't sleep - limited copies - hot stuff!! 


Matt says: When Tehran-born producers end up living in Detroit these are the breath taking results that ensue! Detroitian, forward thinking mindset, Persian source material - whodathunk it would result in the most arresting musical experience for a good while!


A1. Hayedeh - Gol Vajeh (POPR Mix)
A2. Shahyar Ghanbary - Forbidden (POPR Mix)

B1. Shahram Shabparesh - To Mitooni (POPR Mix)

B2. Hassan Shamaeizadeh - Telesm (POPR Mix)

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