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Will We Ever Dance Again / As Above

New Coyotoe on Is It Balearic to rouse your spirits. Unashamedly Balearic-house across the two tracks, A-sides' "Will We Ever Dance Again" shimmers and sways in the 6PM Croatian sun; the emotion lapping in like the waves with every repeating piano phrase.

"As Above", unless I'm not mistaken, takes "Jack The Groove"'s infectious basslines and warm pad-strings and reworks them into summat a bit more baggy. It's a nice touch indeed; just teasing us with the original smiley flavour whist still remaining deliciously Adriatic. I'm having it! 


A1. Will We Ever Dance Again
B1. As Above

As the winter beats a hasty retreat, we're very much ready for a fresh dose of Balearic goodness, and who better to serve it up than Coyote? This new five tracker gives us exactly what our souls are in need of - laconic grooves lingering in an eternal sunset reverie with rock solid rhythm matched by a loose, organic flow as though the tracks just breathed themselves into existence. From the heavy-lidded dream of 'Return To life' to the super-smooth lounge pop of 'Save Me', the meditative mantra of 'The Eagle & The Snake' to the slick, catchy 'Wonderful', this is Coyote doing what Coyote do best.


says: The more horizontal-leaning of the Is It Balearic releases this week; if you're sun lounger-bound at all over the next few week, chilled cocktail of choice in hand with the gentle lap of H2O in your ears; you simply NEED this record as the soundtrack.


A1. Return To Life
A2. Save Me
A3. The Eagle & The Snake
B1. Wonderful
B2. Cafe Con Leche

Long time Is It Balearic collaborator Max Essa brings his usual finesse to the label delivering 2 sublime island grooves.After hearing both tracks the dude that is Eddie C decided he'd be up for remixing both. This heavyweight sound clash 12 is the result.Jigsaw moon is a lively shuffling euro disco groover. Post sunset poolside head nodder. Eddie's remix goes into the realms of acid house to both excite and hypnotise whilst dubbing out the OG version. Jule Y Cnythia is one of those tracks that only comes around so often. Deeply emotional and joyous in equal amounts. Truly Balearic and perfect for an end of night hugfest. Reminiscent of The Cure with a touch of Joy Division maybe. Eddie C turns up the Balearometer to !1 wraps up a draw and lets go.A nod to the pictures of you remix but remaining uniquely IIB. This is a one off 12 grab it quick!


says: Plenty of Is It Balearic to chose from this week as the weather warms up. Max Essa is such a stalwart of the label it'd be hard to turn this one down: pure Balearic house perfection, with Canadian royality Eddie C muscling in for a couple of numbers too - bonus!


A1. Jigsaw Moon
A2. Jigsaw Moon (Eddie C Acid Dub)
B1. Jules Y Cyntia
B2. Jules Y Cyntia (Eddie C Dubwise In Der Wedding Mix)

Coyote offer up some of their wares to the Balearic gods for this remix excursion. Hardway Brothers get two chances to exercise their dubbiest tendencies over 'Sun Culture', leaning in on the live bass and losing themselves in a swimming pool of delay for the heaviest lidders to get blissed-out to. On the flip, Woolfy and Projections face off on a version of 'Shimmer Dub' that comes on with an easy, wistful demeanour that eventually bursts to life in a rush of 80s-licked boogie abandon. 'Ranura De Marihuana' gets reworked by Max Essa, who lays the vintage synths on thick and comes up trumps.


A1. Sun Culture (Hardway Brothers Balearic Channel Remix)
A2. Sun Culture (Hardway Brothers Meet Monkton Uptown)
B1. Shimmer Dub (Woolfy Vs Projections Mix)
B2. Ranura De Marihuana (Max Essa Remix)

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