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John Devecchis AKA The Owl takes flight once again here on his self titled label's 10th outing. Once again it is a head turning mix of disco and funk that carries on where his superb Concrete Funk album from 2021 left off. These are beefy cuts with authentic grooves, starting with the loose limbed playfulness of 'Shake It'. There is a more heavy, purposeful chug to 'Follow Me' which comes alive with lush strings and perfect soul vocals. 'Always Be There' leans into a house groove with noodling guitar riffs a la Chic and 'The Way' is a nice leggy and elastic pumper with expressive diva wails. Super stuff.


Shake It
Follow Me
Always Be There
The Way

Craig Charles

Undercover Cool 1

Owl Records has another 12" that will get your head swiveling and booty shaking. It comes from the BBC 6 Music host, TV legend turned funk and soul tastemaker Craig Charles who has put together a couple of sizzling edits. First up he layers a classic Hot Chocolate sample over a rolling and rubbery beat and bassline that will pump any dancefloor. On the flip is a more slow and seductive sound in 'Rok On' with its funky bass and sleazy vocals over low-slung and slo-mo beats. Add in the playful trumpets and muted string and you have a brilliantly curious and compelling cut.


Matt says: The 6 Music bastion of funk and larger-than-life character Craig Charles doesn't really need much introduction but I bet you weren't expecting him to roll out two of his own edits! Hot Chocolate and David Essex are cut up for maximum dancefloor enjoyment. The Owl sweep in and snaffled them up for its infrequent vinyl outings.


Sexy Thang
Rok On

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