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Sunflower Seeds

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Finland's own Otto Taimela, a pro-skateboarder-turned-producer-pianist, makes his Cold Blow debut with "Sunflower Seeds”, merging jungle breaks with Boards-of-Canadaesque nostalgia with mesmerizing results. Led by the  big hitter "Sunflower," the EP feels like a hazy, late spring morning sun filled with childlike energy, abandoning the roots of its inspirations in favor of his native landscapes.

Looking at Otto's discography, he could be described as one of the most versatile and prolific contemporary artists in Finland. His debut vinyl, "Kimmeltie," launched in 2020 under the famous avant-garde label Ultraääni Records. Word spread globally, and records sold out quickly, making "Kimmeltie" a rare collectible among experimental music lovers. Since then, Otto's cassettes and vinyl records have been distributed, sold and played all around the globe.


Matt says: Landing somewhere between the dreaminess of LTJ Bukem, the sci-fi aesthetic of Photek, and the heavy ruffage of Moving Shadow, Otto Taimela manages to also inject plenty of contemporary feeling into this multifaceted release on Cold Blow. One to watch for sure.


A1. Sunflower
A2. Sunwarmed Window
B1. Sunshine: Reloading
B2. Imagined U

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