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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - 2021 Coloured Vinyl Edition

    Elvis Presley is the debut album by American rock n roll singer Elvis Presley. Originally released by RCA Victor in March 1956. The recording sessions took place on January 10 & January 11 at the RCA Victor recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee, & on January 30 & January 31 at the RCA Victor studios in New York. Additional material originated from sessions at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 5, August 19 & September 10 of 1954, & on July 11, 1955. The album spent ten weeks at number one on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart in 1956, the first rock and roll album ever to make it to the top of the charts, & the first million-selling album of that genre. 

    A couple of years on from dropping an era-defining masterpiece, "A Seat At The Table", Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and visual artist Solange Knowles is back on Piccadilly shelves with her new album "When I Get Home". The album is an exploration of origin. It asks the question how much of ourselves do we bring with us versus leave behind in our evolution. In order to answer this, Solange returned to Third Ward Houston, packing the short sonic vignettes with blasts of rim-rattling bass, clattering dirty south percussion and her trademark jazz flecked vocals. Reading like a journey through the city streets to the show, "When I Get Home" serves the varied sounds of street performers, muscle cars, barbers and cook outs - even enjoying a brief flirtation with Jamaica on the stand out "Binz", before getting back on Texan track. Written, performed, and executive produced by Solange, this is a new chapter in her artistic development.


    Millie says: The iconic vocals of Solange grace us again with her new release, When I Get Home. Her emotion and warmth exude from each track and make us realise we had a Solange-shaped void to fill these past three years. Binz, Way to the Show and Stay Flo are on heavy repeat for me, again and again.

    Emily says: Solange siphons the essence of jazz, contemporary R&B and psychedelic soul into her latest offering. Abandoning predictable pop structures, each track develops through a series of short lived motifs and dissolves effortlessly into the next. An album of dazzling minimalist soul which is best listened to in its entirety!


    1. Things I Imagined
    2. S McGregor (interlude)
    3. Down With The Clique
    4. Way To The Show
    5. Can I Hold The Mic (interlude)
    6. Stay Flo
    7. Dreams
    8. Nothing Without Intention (interlude)
    9. Almeda
    10. Time (is)
    11. My Skin My Logo
    12. We Deal With The Freak’n (intermission)
    13. Jerrod
    14. Binz
    15. Beltway
    16. Exit Scott (interlude)
    17. Sound Of Rain
    18. Not Screwed! (interlude)
    19. I’m A Witness

    Candy Bowman

    I Wanna Feel Your Love / Since I Found You (Love Is Better Than Ever) (RSD19 EDITION)


    Candy Bowman's one and only solo 12" from back in '81, housing a funk flavoured, dancefloor disco triumph and a slice of mid tempo R&B smoothness. Remastered

    Everything Everything

    Spring / Summer / Winter / Dread

      Brilliant new Ltd 7" single taken from their third album "Get To Heavern" which charted Top 5. The follow up to "Distant Past" & "Regret", this single is set to follow onto radio playlists across all major networks, plus ad campaign. Backed with exclusive track "Live Intro".

      In case you haven’t heard, D’Angelo is back. The prodigal son of soul and funk dropped his new album online in December 2014, with no fanfare, no hype and no upfront announcement. The soulternet lit up like a Christmas tree. For one so talented 15 years seems like too long a time to wait between albums (we've had to wait so long 'Black Messiah' has been described as “the black 'SMiLE'”), but D'Angelo had demons to slay, issues to resolve, yada yada yada... (for 15 years!?). Anyway, he's back now, reborn, refreshed and sounding as wonderful as ever. The album cooks up a gumbo of the greats - a dash of Marvin, a sprinkle of Minneapolis, some P-funk pepper and Sly salt, all simmered together to make 'Black Messiah' the tastiest real-soul stew around right now. Essential!


      Side A
      1. Ain't That Easy
      2. 1000 Deaths
      3. The Charade
      4. Sugah Daddy
      5. Really Love

      Side B
      6. Back To The Future (Part I)
      7. Till It's Done (Tutu)
      8. Prayer
      9. Betray My Heart
      10. The Door
      11. Back To The Future (Part II)
      12. Another Life


      In A Perfect World

        Debut album on RCA Records from Irish quartet 'Kodaline'.


        1. One Day
        2. All I Want
        3. Love Like This
        4. High Hopes
        5. Brand New Day
        6. After The Fall
        7. Big Bad World
        8. All Comes Down
        9. Talk
        10. Pray
        11. Way Back When

        Smoke & Jackal

        EP No. 1

          Smoke & Jackal is the side project of Kings Of Leon's bassist Jared Followill and Mona's singer/guitarist Nick Brown.

          Dry The River

          Shallow Bed

            Dry the River release their debut album Shallow Bed through RCA Victor. The band is one of 15 artists on the prestigious BBC Sound of 2012 shortlist, making the record one of the most anticipated of the year. The 11-track album, produced by Peter Katis (The National / Interpol), was recorded at his Connecticut home-studio during the summer of 2011. “We were looking for someone who could strike a balance between lo-fi and hi-fi,” says Peter Liddle, Dry the River’s lead singer. “We wanted to record the bulk of it to tape, to use analogue stuff in favour of computer wizardry where possible, but without it sounding like an old folk record. I think we tried to preserve the fragility and honesty of the more stripped down tracks, but still get the intensity of the live show across too - to marry those two aspects of our music without it sounding incongruous.”

            With an esoteric list of influences ranging across Leonard Cohen, At The Drive-In, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, this is a record not to be missed.



              With scuzzy beats, trippy keyboard squiggles and vocals 100% full of attitude and belief, these Midlanders seem to have the lot. Like a more brazen Beta Band (similar 60's references, similar use of beats) or prime-time Happy Mondays, some of these songs are like chants or mantras that get right under your skin. It's powerful, low-slung-funky, effortlessly catchy fun!

              Hiding Place

              At One Time Or Another EP

                Debut EP from this Glaswegian five piece, who, despite being in their early 20s, have an incredibly mature sound. Intense, uncompromising rock for fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden etc.

                Cave In


                  Cave In began as 'a remedy for boring suburban hell' in 1995. Since then they've gone through a couple of line-up changes and have moved onto a more progressive metal sound, but still with the hardcore edge that characterised their earlier releases on Hydra Head. Steve Brodsky lead vocals and guitar, John-Robert Conners on drums, Caleb Scofield on bass and Adam McGrath on guitar have followed up the excellent album "Jupiter" with their major label debut "Antenna" a more polished, but impressively powerful set complete with a DVD of live footage and exclusive videos.

                  Cowboy Junkies

                  The Best Of The Cowboy Junkies

                    Despite their tempos being slow and lethargic, their guitars languid, and Margo Timmins' vocals hauntingly detached, the Cowboy Junkies have become one of the most inventive of the new americana bands recording today. This collection features classics from "The Trinity Sessions" (recorded in an abandoned church for $250) the band's reworkings of "Blue Moon," and "Sweet Jane" earning them a diverse and dedicated cult following. This disc focuses on their early recordings released by RCA.

                    Sahara Hotnights

                    Jennie Bomb

                      Swedish punk grrls with 12 slices of rock'n'roll action.

                      Handsome Devil

                      Love And Kisses From The Underground

                        Handsome Devil is the latest in a line of punk-fuelled rock bands to come out of California. Their influences range from punk fore-fathers, Social Distortion, to today's punk flag-wavers, Offspring. Extensive touring earned them a spot on the world famous Warped Tour and they're tipped for big things in the near future. The album has a pure punk energy and attitude, with a nod to true rock bombast.

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