Manjeet Kondal Feat. Mr Scruff, Turbotito & Ragz

Bhangra House Xtc

Image of Manjeet Kondal Feat. Mr Scruff, Turbotito & Ragz - Bhangra House Xtc
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Naya Beat Records

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Naya Beat continues to champion South Asian musical heritage with the aptly titled "Bhangra House Xtc" EP featuring music from the late great Manjeet Kondal with remixes from Mr. Scruff and new tracks from label heads Filip Nikolic and Raghav Mani aka Turbotito & Ragz. It celebrates the overlooked influence of late 80s dance and dub music on Bhangra and comes complete with over-the-top artwork, an ode to Bhangra sleeves from the era.

This EP pays homage to a special and relatively untold time when Asian and Western producers collaborated to bridge musical cultures on the dancefloor and when British Asian youths were finding their own space at daytime raves. It is in part a tribute to Bhangra innovator Manjeet Kondal, who passed away late last year, and part a tribute to the forgotten yet scintillating confluence of acid house and dub music with late 80s and early 90s Bhangra, now highly sought after as long out of print 12”s.

Kondal, a founding member and percussionist of the legendary band Alaap, left to pursue his solo career as a vocalist. He helped broaden the Bhangra sound by incorporating elements of dub and house into Punjabi folk and traditional instrumentation. His first album, "Holle Holle" became a household hit, and it is from there that the originals for this package are taken.

The famously deep digging and eclectic selector that is Manchester's Ninja Tune regular Mr. Scruff remixes Kondal’s proto-house banger "Ishkaan De Mamle". He first became a fan of Turbotito & Ragz after their label’s superb "Naya Beat Volume 1" release and doesn’t disappoint here with a sublime acid house-inspired take with the most infectious and bounciest of basslines. He also serves up an Instrumental Dub that twists the original into subtly different moods.

Next up, Turbotito & Ragz deliver a dub tribute that works with Kondal’s vocal stems from an assortment of tracks from his album "Holle Holle". It's a compelling and vibrant sound with exotic instrumentals and dubbed-out low ends, all held together by hooky Punjabi vocals. It also comes as a Lovey Dubby Dub version.

With dance music now coming full circle and South Asian DJs increasingly regular faces on the mainstream festival, club, and underground circuit, this release is a fitting and timely modern tribute to the pioneers that came before.


Matt says: Mr. Scruff dives back into the world of bhangra, remixing a well regarded high watermark of the genre. We get the richly scented, ethno-dubwise joint "Pyaar" alongside the heel kicking wild bhangra of "Ishkaan De Mamle".


A1. Ishkaan De Mamle (Mr. Scruff Remix)
A2. Pyaar

B1. Ishkaan De Mamle (Mr. Scruff Instrumental Dub)
B2. Pyaar (Lovey Dubby Dub)

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