Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His Inter-Reformers Band

Eyi Yato Remixes

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Sol Power Sound

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Sol Power Sound is back in a big way with a reissue and remix EP from the legendary Nigerian Ju-Ju king, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey. The double A-side EP features 'Eyi Yato' a tune from 1981 that captures Chief Commander and his band at their absolute funkiest, with a driving drum and bass groove, wah-wah guitar, and signature call-and-response vocals. Remixers include the legendary dub producer Mad Professor, the disco don Eddie C, and the Sol Power All-Stars themselves.

The Sol Power All-Stars keep things organic with chugging drums, heavy analog synth bass and sequences, as well as Daniel Meinecke’s additional keys and solos. The Canadian disco don Eddie C goes a little electro and a little acid with his analog bass-heavy flip.
Like a good dub should, Mad Professor’s version accentuates the drum and bass groove and drenches everything in vintage sounding Mad Professor delay, reverb, and filtered dub-sauce, live and direct from his classic mixing desk. Alongside an extended edit of the original, the Eyi Yato EP is sure to find a permanent spot in DJ record bags around the world.


Matt says: Eddie C's been a busy bee this week; as well as the Sandy B collaboration on his Red Motorbike, he takes time to electrify "Eyi Yato" with his own bbrand of 303 and drum machine tricks. Mad Prof dubs out the track inna disco stylee ahead of his highly anticipated "E2-E4" remix later in the month too. Nice!


A1. Sol Power All-Stars Remix
A2. Eddie C Remix
B1. Mad Professor Dub
B2. Original Mix

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