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Genre pick of the week Cover of Unplugged Vol 1 by Ssaliva.
‘Unplugged Vol. 1’ is the first release in a new CD series by Ssaliva. This inaugural release contains 11 synthetic vignettes, a very stripped back affair, much more then we are used of this ever so elegant master of layering and kingpin of the lighter kind of electronic lasagna, digesting the latest flavors long before they get stale. Not on this one though. These are more skeletons of pop songs, bare and glassy, played on a fake nylon-stringed koto for an imaginary court of internet angels. 


Patrick says: Ssaliva leads us through skeletal synth compositions here, capturing the bedroom misanthropy of C86 but in an entirely different style. Flavours range from the beautiful and pastoral "Ever Since" and "Fall W Me" to the queasy "Backfire".

Felix aka Djrum is classically trained in the jazz tradition and influenced by the likes of Keith Jarrett and Alice Coltrane. Previously shy at the prospect of fans hearing his piano playing, his determination has paid off: delivering this new album that ditches the straight up dancefloor moods of before for a much more wide-screened, encompassing listen that traverses electronic, jazz and avant music styles with a poised finesse.

Taking inspiration and solace from performance artist Marina Abramovic, Felix collaborated with cellist Zosia Jagodzinska and vocalist Lola Empire. Jagodzinska recorded several takes of improvisations over the track "Creature" which Felix would chop, pitch and layer into new melodic lines and seed throughout the album. Felix's new approach expanded to experimentation with field recordings, contact micing his beloved piano and purchasing his first hardware synth, all in service of enriching the personal, humane quality of the record.

Anyone expected ten garage bangers will be sorely let down; however existing fans of his work will notice the meticulous attention to rhythm, frequency balance and sonic inventiveness; nodding quite effortlessly to the multifaceted universe of UK dance music - particularly sound system friendly vibrations.

More artistic and cinematic than anything he's previously release it sees the esteemed garage and dnb producer move into the more esoteric and freeform realms - and is a welcome move for this wonderful artist.

Various Artists

Light Sounds Dark: 3, 6, 9: The Trinity Alignment

Possibly the darkest, most voodoo and downright terrifying Light Sound Dark to date - this is some baaaaad acid to get totally freaked out on.

Sounding like a lost artifact from an Aboriginal-era civilization based on a distant, mutated planet; the haunting drones, red-shift didgeridoo and Event Horizon style phaze shift are sure to transport the listener into an alternate reality of menacing and otherworldly elements. Drums and guitars do enter the fray, as the journey reaches its natural apex along with a couple of coldwave vocal nuggets, but on the whole the discogs boffins are gonna have a really hard time trying to identify these lost freakouts.

You know the score by now - mega limited and one of the more sought after compilation labels that we get in the shop - get those orders in now if you want in on the escapades. 


2xLtd LP Info: Super limited, one off pressing in full colour sleeve.

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