Back in stock Cover of Spring Green Tote Bag - Royal Blue Print by Piccadilly Records.

Piccadilly Records

Spring Green Tote Bag - Royal Blue Print

    Royal blue print of the Piccadilly Records logo on a super fresh Spring green tote bag.

    Piccadilly Records

    Black Tote Bag - Orange Print - Extra Long Handle

      This bag has an extra long handle so you can wear it across body, 'courier bag style'. Perfect if you find the normal totes constantly keep falling off your shoulder.

      Orange print on a black bag.

      Richard Hawley

      Tonight The Streets Are Ours - Music Box

        The third in the series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

        "Do you know why you got feelings in your heart....."

        The Coral

        Autumn Has Come

          ‘The penultimate song on the first disc of The Coral's double concept-album 'Coral Island', 'Autumn Has Come' is a song that foreshadows a time when the tourists would leave the island-town that the record imagines. Recorded in Liverpool & released in 2021, the Band's 10th Studio Album drew comparisons to the Kinks' 'Village Green Preservation Society' and went on to reach number two in the UK charts. It tells the story of "a world of end-of-the-pier day-drinkers and kids who get where they shouldn't”; which The Telegraph called a “carnivalesque cornucopia of strange delights” and Clash Magazine hailed as an "extraordinary piece of world building”. Our version captures the melancholy of the vocal melody and echoes the music box described in the song's lyric. So with this beautiful Coral Music Box you can almost...  TAKE A WANDER THROUGH THE EMPTY FAIRGROUND YOURSELF!

          Acc-sees Pro Vinyl

          Anti-static Record Cleaning Cloth

            Perfect for removing dust, grease and fingerprints from your precious vinyl.

            Franz Ferdinand

            Take Me Out - Music Box

              ‘Take Me Out’ is the second single from Franz Ferdinand’s eponymous debut album. Released in 2004 on Domino, the song reached #3 in the UK singles chart, was hailed by Drowned in Sound as "a work of sheer clanging wonder" and went on to sell nearly four million copies worldwide.The record was accompanied by a Dada-influenced video, blending live-action performance with animated 3D environments and was featured on their recent ‘Hits To The Head’ best-of collection and the world tour that followed. Our version of this Indie anthem is just a shot away from being forever yours, so…


              Beautiful Ones - Music Box

                'Beautiful Ones' is the second single from Suede's seminal 1996 album ‘Coming Up’. Released through Nude Records, the song was a top-ten hit in the UK & quickly became a staple of the band’s live set - capturing the atmosphere of the era. “I wanted the song to be a celebration of the madness of mine and my friends lives” frontman Brett Anderson told the NME, “it’s probably the song that we’ve had sung back to us the most… one of those songs that’s really taken on a life of its own, because it just connects with people - they feel it’s about them, and it is.” Our version of this anthemic classic is guaranteed to make Your Bits Shake to the Hits, so why not…

                Richard Hawley

                Standing At The Sky's Edge - Music Box

                  ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’ is the title track from Richard Hawley’s sixth studio album, which debuted at number three in the UK albums chart in 2012 and was nominated for that year’s Mercury Prize. Named after Skye Edge, a hillside area with views over the city centre, the song went onto inspire a musical which tells the story of three families over sixty years living in Sheffield’s Park Hill housing estate. It premiered at the Crucible before transferring to the National in London and won Best Musical Production at the UK Theatre Awards and the South Bank Sky Arts Award for Theatre. This is another great Music Box version of one of Hawley's best-loved songs, so why not…

                  Richard Hawley

                  Looking For Someone To Find Me - Music Box

                    The latest in the Richard Hawley music box series is  fan favouriet ‘I’m Looking For Someone To Find Me’, from the award winning Singer-Songwriter’s 5th studio album ‘Lady's Bridge’. 

                    Released in 2007, Hawley said the LP was about “leaving the past behind” and was named after another landmark location in his hometown of Sheffield. The Guardian called the record “beautiful, moving pop at its best" and it was lauded by the NME as “an album that has moments that won't be bettered this year or any other.” with BBC Music adding that it “furthers his cause in becoming a proper national treasure".

                    Richard Hawley

                    Coles Corner - Music Box

                      The first of a series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

                      Turn the handle to play a snippet of Coles Corner.

                      It'll melt your heart!


                      Black And White Town - Music Box

                        Black And White Town was the lead single from Doves' third album Some Cities and was released in 2005 on Heavenly Recordings.

                        This version of the Doves anthem is an evocative echo of the original track's beautiful vocal melody.

                        John Grant

                        Marz - Music Box

                          ‘Marz’ is the second song from John Grant’s debut solo album ‘Queen Of Denmark’ which was heralded as an “Instant Classic” by Mojo Magazine and went on to be selected as their choice for Best Album of 2010.

                          Recorded in Texas in collaboration with members of Midlake and released on seminal UK label Bella Union, the BBC described it as "one of the most deeply satisfying debut albums of recent times" with The Guardian citing “songs of impossible love recalling Dennis Wilson's masterpiece, ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’."

                          This Official Music Box Co version of this bittersweet classic is an evocative echo of the gold-dust in the original track. So why not go to where the green rivers flow and…


                          What Am I Without You - Music Box

                            ‘What Am I Without You’ is the closing track on elbow’s ninth studio album; ‘Flying Dream 1’. The album was recorded at The Theatre Royal in Brighton in 2021, while closed due to the pandemic. Uncut called it "gorgeously somnambulant, yet softly romantic”, mojo cited “the subtle complexity of the music” and the observer noted it’s “softly articulated warmth and empathy" - drawing comparisons with talk talk's legendary ‘laughing stock'.

                            Raising money for Mat from Vibes Records' recovery fund Elbow are donating their share of proceeds from this music box to help facilitate the ongoing therapy for their good friend Mat Andrew, the former owner of Vibes Records in Bury. We will also be donating our share of the proceeds to the fund.

                            More info on Mat’s recovery and his Gofundme page here

                            The music box version of this plaintive classic is a charming reminder of the beauty of the original melody, so why not…

                            Piccadilly Records

                            Khaki Tote Bag - Burnt Orange Print

                              Burnt orange print of the Piccadilly Records logo on a khaki tote bag.

                              Piccadilly Records

                              Black Tote Bag - Gold Print

                                Gold print of the Piccadilly Records logo on a black tote bag.

                                Piccadilly Records

                                Stanley Chow - Exclusive A3 Art Print

                                  When we first moved to the Northern Quarter, we asked our friend and budding graphic designer Stan to design some flyers and t-shirts for us. Needless to say, he promptly legged it over from his 'office' in Night & Day with some ideas, and they went down a storm.

                                  We've both come a long way since those heady days of the late '90's and to celebrate 25 years of us being here in the NQ, he's come up with an exclusive t-shirt, tote bag and art print for us.

                                  We're only doing limited runs of all of these, so don't snooze on them!

                                  This print is A3 size.

                                  ####Please note this will be shipped separately to other items in your order####

                                  Mr Scruff

                                  How To Be A DJ

                                    Mr Scruff designed t-shirt featuring step by step instructions for all you aspiring DJs out there.
                                    Learn from the master.....

                                    Record Middle

                                    Black Plastic Spider - Pack Of 10

                                      These black plastic 'spider' record middles are perfect for using with those pesky 'dinked' 45s with the big centre holes.


                                      Reprise - Music Box

                                        The penultimate song of Doves’ debut long player ‘Lost Souls’, 'Reprise' revisits the guitar figure from other album track ‘The Man Who Told Everything'.

                                        Released in the year 2000 on the Heavenly record label, the Mercury Music Prize nominated album that Manchester icon Johnny Marr called "a vast 3am melancholic beauty brought to life" went on to gain Top 20 status in the UK and was described by the NME as "the first great album to come from Manchester since ‘Definitely Maybe’...”

                                        This Official Music Box version of this instrumental classic is a haunting coda to the beauty of the original Doves track.

                                        Frank Wilson

                                        Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) - Music Box

                                          Frank Wilson's Northern Soul gem - "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)" immortalised in this lovely little music box.

                                          Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

                                          The Charlatans

                                          The Only One I Know - Music Box

                                            How lovely is this? A music box that plays The Only One I Know!

                                            Richard Hawley

                                            Open Up Your Door - Music Box

                                              The 2nd in the series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

                                              Wind the handle to play the gorgeous refrain from Open Up Your Door.

                                              An absolute gem!

                                              Vinyl Storage Cube


                                                PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE A PICK UP INSTORE ONLY ITEM!!!

                                                WE DON'T SHIP THESE!!!!

                                                This solid wood 12" / LP record storage unit is professionally built and assembled by a crack team of skilled craftsmen, FSC approved 18mm Medite™ MDF wood.

                                                Stylish rounded edges and corners and are hand sanded for an ultra smooth finish. The 12'' vinyl record storage cubes are modular so can be stacked on top of each other or wall mounted using the rear panel.

                                                Each 12'' / LP vinyl record storage CUBE holds approx 110 x 12'' vinyl records and is supplied fully assembled.

                                                Dimensions (mm): Ext. H:366 W:366 D:330

                                                Piccadilly Records

                                                Ben Lamb Designed Greetings Card

                                                  These rather lovely greetings cards feature Ben Lamb's amazing illustration of our shop front.

                                                  They're printed on recycled paper and blank inside, so you can add whatever message you like.

                                                  Icons Cards - Sugar & Spice

                                                  Debbie Harry

                                                    The Sugar & Spice series celebrates some of the lovely ladies of the music world.

                                                    Blank inside for your own message.

                                                    Icons Cards - Fatalities Series

                                                    Jim Morrison - 1943-1971

                                                      The Icons Fatalities Series features some of our late great heroes.

                                                      Blank inside for your own message.

                                                      Icons Cards - Fatalities Series

                                                      Barry White - 1944-2003

                                                        The Icons Fatalities Series features some of our late great heroes.

                                                        Blank inside for your own message.

                                                        Lubomyr Melnyk

                                                        Continuous Music : Selected Works

                                                          Erased Tapes presents Continuous Music: Selected Works, the first printed collection of scores from prolific pianist and Continuous Music pioneer Lubomyr Melnyk, making his unique technique available to piano lovers all around the world. This first volume contains selections from each of Melnyk’s releases on Erased Tapes, including Corollaries (2013), Evertina (2014), Rivers and Streams (2015) and a very special handwritten score of Pockets of Light, serving as an entry point to his technique. Continuous Music Selected Works also contains a previously unreleased score, The Moving Window, plus detailed notes from the composer himself. Every copy comes with audio recordings of all six pieces including a new version of Butterfly, specially recorded for the reader. Melnyk’s mission with this sheet music book is for musicians and piano enthusiasts to gain a greater love and understanding of the instrument, while being inspired to delve further into the world of Continuous Music.

                                                          “This music offers you a new dimension of your own self that you did not know existed … a delightful place where you feel the total freedom of the music opening up before you, a vast open plain where you can sail and frolic freely anywhere you wish to go … Your ship is awaiting you, and the sea is endless and at peace … there are no dangers, and no reefs to shatter your journey … only the open, endless water for your discovery.” Only Parasol and Pockets Of Light are what Melnyk calls “pure” Continuous Music. The other four works are in a standard notation format and include Evertina, Awaiting, a hybrid of Butterfly — a mixture of both regular and Continuous Piano — and The Moving Window, containing elements of both worlds. Since Continuous Music is very different to standard piano music, it has been challenging to present it in a readable and playable notation as there are simply too many notes. Instead, Melnyk developed a new method of notation that can give a clear and immediate impression of the piece; “a notation that lets the music live in your fingers, a notation that offers you Freedom instead of Conformity!

                                                          “ Although his scores might look daunting at first — some pages are reminiscent of the avant-garde notation of composers like John Cage, Cornelius Cardew or George Crumb — these pieces offer the pianist a great degree of freedom to formulate their own personal vision of the moment they are playing. A particular kind of improvisation is a key part of performing this music and a technique that Lubomyr uses himself. Melnyk’s scores therefore are a unique combination of traditional notation, text and the occasional use of slightly more avant-garde symbology. Importantly, the written scores of Lubomyr are a fascinating insight into his mind, character and personality. “Do not be dismayed by any difficulties you might face in learning these pieces! It is more important that you use these notations to help you generate a living piece of music, rather than playing every note on the page…As the (in)famous pirate Jack Sparrow once said: “They are more a ‘guideline’ … than a ‘Book of Rules” — Lubomyr Melnyk.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          1. Pockets Of Light ? With Handwritten Score
                                                          2. Evertina
                                                          3. Awaiting
                                                          4. Butterfly ? New Recording Included
                                                          5. Parasol
                                                          6. The Moving Window ? Previously Unreleased

                                                          Last Shop Standing

                                                          The Rise, Fall And Rebirth Of The Independent Record Shop - Deluxe Edition

                                                            THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2013 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                            Deluxe Edition Of This Critically Acclaimed Film.

                                                            Now With 74 Minutes Of Extras Including New And Extended Interviews.

                                                            This is an independent film from an independent film company about independent record shops featuring music by independent bands completely financed by music fans and independent record labels.

                                                            The film charts the rapid rise of record shops in the 1960's / 70s and 80's, the influence of the chart, the underhand deals, the demise of vinyl and rise of the CD as well as new technologies.

                                                            The Smiths

                                                            Salford Lads Club Postcard

                                                              One of a pair of postcards featuring classic Smiths photographs by Stephen Wright, produced to coincide with the mini exhibition of his Smiths photos on show in the shop right now.

                                                              Visit Stephen's website to see more of his iconic Smiths photos.

                                                              The Smiths

                                                              Morrissey And Marr Postcard

                                                                One of a pair of postcards featuring classic Smiths photographs by Stephen Wright, produced to coincide with the mini exhibition of his Smiths photos on show in the shop right now.



                                                                  Starting out in the commercial sector, Ian Armer has written corporate scripts and had work published in film music magazine Music from the Movies and The Film & TV Yearbook before working on his own short films. Ian worked with the BBC, Shoreline Films and Pure Television before developing his own style and he’s since been a regular contributor to The Illustrated Ape – his work appearing alongside Maximo Park’s Paul Smith and Radiohead’s Stanley Donwood. Funding from the UK Film Council enabled him to shoot cult short The Clenched Tw*t of Notre Dame, which was nominated for an award at Manchester’s Commonwealth Film Festival. Ian’s films have screened at various UK festivals and his roles have included director, writer and editor, plus he’s been a guest programmer at Kino’s International Film Festival. In 2010 Ian co-wrote a short script with Amanda Webster – Cherry Lips & Liquorice Whips – which was due to be directed by Ken Russell, who passed away before the project reached fruition. Ian continues to write and direct and his first novella Mad Gods and Englishmen has since been published to great acclaim. More recently, he’s been commissioned to direct a series of art installations by experimental artists. He also co-wrote the feature film “Introspectum Motel” .

                                                                  Possimiste is a singer, songwriter and alchemist who writes songs in a dream-like state. She has collected all her songs,trips and dreams together in the magical notebook named “Youniverse” in which she tries to understand the secrets and wisdom the Universe has revealed to her during the moments of writing songs. This is an ethereal journey through fantastical pop soundscapes full of mystery, magic and endless surprises.

                                                                  Piccadilly Records

                                                                  2022 Mug

                                                                    The Piccadilly Records mugs are back for 2022  and I'm sure we probably say this every year, but these are the best ones yet! Perfect for sipping a brew while listening to your favourite records.

                                                                    As always these are limited, and once they're gone, they're gone!

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