Forbidden Zone

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Fundamental Frequencies

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Early UK hardcore gold from House Crew stalwarts Floyd Dyce and MC Juice.

The missing jewel in Dyce’s Production House crown, this sole FZ outing was released on one of a handful of short-lived Production House sub-labels that served as platforms for Dyce’s prodigious output, and can now take its rightful place alongside his other production and writing credits with the likes of Acen, The House Crew, Brothers Grimm, DMS and Baby D.

Despite recent speculation and curious confirmations of an association with the pivotal Production House from those close to the source, the identity of those behind this mysteriously initialled 1991 breakbeat hardcore banger has remained a closely guarded secret for over thirty years.  Despite not having a follow-up and not benefitting from the hype of big name credentials to justify inflated asking prices it has remained in high demand for over three decades as a constant in informed record bags and on discerning wantlists. It will come as little surprise to many then to find out that it is in fact the work of none other than House Crew stalwarts Floyd Dyce and MC Juice. 

Available once again on 12” black vinyl and licensed with the full-cooperation of Dyce himself it has been faithfully remastered from the original studio source material with the lacquer cut by Beau Thomas.


A1. Forbidden Zone (Mix 1)
B1. Forbidden Zone (Mix 2)
B2. Forbidden Zone (Mix 3)

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