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Bosq Featuring The Ibibio Horns & Kaleta

Song For Ehi

A fine collaboration between Columbia's Bosq, Ibibio Sound System's horn section and vocalist Kaleta; the team conjure up an instantly gratifying slice of Afro-reggae-disco goodness with flecks of Edo-funk. A fusion of styles, but united under a lilting disco-reggae pulse; the vibrant brass, frenetic guitars and various syncopated layers harmonize wonderfully with the vocal part of "Song For Ehi". On the dub, vibes and percussion are pushed to the forefront, with tasty dub delays and a bass heavy mix dubbing this out inna mid-afternoon carnival style few can resist. 


Matt says: Unignorably funky disco-reggae grooves here from Bosq and Co. Paying tribute to the greatest musical continent of the globe. Comes with a carnival ready dub to boot!


Side 1
1. Song For Ehi (7:04)
Side 2
1. Song For Ehi (Bosq Disco Dub) (7:03)

General Ehi Duncan And The Africa Army Express

Africa My No. 1

This single features a key track from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Originally released to domestic markets in 1987. The titular track is taken from a difficult to attain LP by Nigerian reggae artist Ehi Duncan. Here he explores a more up-tempo electronic afro funk / reggae-disco direction. Poking organs, a hugely anthemic hook, delicately picked guitar lines and super warm bass, not to mention the brilliant lyrics; all combine to make this tribute to Africa one that you won't forget in a hurry!

Captain Planet provides 2 classy modernised versions. The tracks transition between tight organic reggae funk, afro disco & the fatter electronic beats offered by today's production methods.

Debut release from newcomer label Canopy out of New Zealand. Compiled and conceptualized by label head DJ Sumosui.


Matt says: Huge Benin boogie record from '87 given a new lease of life here via Canopy. The label have chosen this tribute to Africa their debut release - so things are looking good under the Canopy!


Africa My No. 1 (Captain Planet Remix Ft Ibibio Horns)
Africa My No. 1 (Captain Planet Marimba Vibes)
Africa My No. 1

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