Believe In You

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Tugboat Editions

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Another week, another duplo of disco-boogie heat from the Star Creature and Tugboat camps. Modern pressure from the US - nobody does it better! 

Featuring George JJ Flores, "Believe In You" is recent signing Knoe1's follow-up to "Do's And Don'ts"; a hard, yet tender, West Coast style funk slapper. Flores lends his delectably soulful vox to a Balearic-boogie instrumental that's both bedroom and beach leaning, depending on your mood. Squealing leads, hand claps, and squelchy bass - reinventing the wheel it is not - making us dance and sway it most certainly IS!

As usual, backed with an expanded instrumental for those times when dialogue isn't necessary. Limited import copies, don't hang around! 


Matt says: Relatively fresh signing, Knoe1 continues to give it his all for team Tug Boat, keeping his coxswain cushty and ensuring his spot on the crew remains secure. This one's got lush, summery, soulful vibes a plenty; the perfect track for early evening slow-cruises down the boulevard.


A) Vocal
B) Instrumental

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