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Timeline marks the third and final record to emanate from the UR camp this year and displays the label's love of hi-tech jazz to an unconquerable power. "Light My Fire" is just pure Detroit jazz house joy, live licks meeting a loose and sloppy house beat while liquid soul vocals fly over the top. Bumpety basement / loft house music - so good. "Moment In Marseille" is an eyes down groover, delicate piano chords meeting a subtle refrain and gentle saxophone licks. Again, ever-so-subtle vocal sections are finely crafted into the mix. Another smooth burner undeniable Detroitian. Finally "Next Step 4wrd" returns to the infectious grooves of the first track; mixing weaving piano lines, staccato string stabs plus undeniable funky drums to a slow but breathtaking crescendo. UR is back with a vengeance! Recommended. 


Matt says: Back in stock! Proper banger from the last salvo of UR bombs. Was fetching big money blah blah blah. "Light My Fire" - UR house music at its very best

Underground Resistance

Inspiration / Transition

    It was Mad Mike himself who produced this amazing 12" from Detroit's most uncompromising label. "Inspiration" is the next level in the jazzy, bleepy techno tradition of "Amazon", "Ambush" and the like. It could only be UR and Mad Mike! The flipside, "Transition", is well in my top three techno records EVER (- Matt) and should be more than familiar with anyone for a penchant for Detroit or techno and is also a staple at Wet Play here in MCR. Exceptionally funky techno with an infectious, mind-altering (and life improving!) vocal part, UR's urgent pace and grit coupled with one of the most cerebral-tickling lead lines ever written. It's sheer gold and had me running around the shop in excitement when I learnt I could replace my worn out, battered copy. Who knows how long this new fresh copy will last, but so long as UR re-issue this classic once every 10 years, that should keep us all happy I reckon. Essential.


    Matt says: An Underground Resistance record is for life, not just for Christmas. Better make sure it's like, one of the best techno records ever made then eh?

    Underground Resistance

    Knights Of The Jaguar EP

      Without doubt, one of the greatest techno records of the last decade, perhaps even one of the greatest tunes of any kind of music, ever. DJ Rolando produced this stunning piece of music in 1999 and its reverberations are still being felt today. Instantly recognised as a Detroit techno classic, it slowburned its way into the brains of clubbers of every persuasion, becoming a Body&Soul anthem along the way. Not since "Strings Of Life" has a crescendo of techno rhythms and strings caused such a dynamic collection of soundwaves. This is a re-issue the original UR 12" pressing (with "Ascesion" on the B-side), albeit re-credited to UR rather than Aztec Mystic.


      Matt says: Don't fuck about if ANY OF YOU still don't have this amongst your shelves! Simply every home needs this, one of the best tunes ever made. I'll be checking!!

      DJ John Collins

      Yeah / All We Need


      Take a deep breath folks, fresh new shit from the institution that is Underground Resistance (now up to UR-80!) and I am glad to inform you all that this is UNADULTERATED FUNKY UR booty-shaking tackle! DJ John Collins takes us right back to the grinding Detroit booty parties of yore with "Yeah". Turn the shuffle up to 100%, turn the 909 right up, bang in some super chopped up funk samples and you’re certain to get any crack-house bumping wildly. "All We Need" continues along the same lines with its use of a dirty gospel soul sample coupled with a huge piano line and banging UR beats. "All we need... is funky music!" the lyrics proclaim and Mr Collins certainly brings us that. After a heated intro we're treated to one of the best choruses I've heard in house or techno for a long time. Epic chord progressions, sing-a-long vocal line and breathtaking drops. This is gonna rock the shit out of any main room with a beating heart and will unite the girls and boys in dancefloor euphoria. DO NOT SLEEP!


      Matt says: Another highly sough after UR nugget, repressed and repackaged for our listening, dancing and DJing pleasure! John Collins on the choppy, funky, Deetroit bounce tip. Mega!

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