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The next chapter in Axis Expressionist Series, A collection of vinyl releases, curated by Millsart, an alias of Jeff Mills, of his most eclectic and transcendent compositions that derive from his Every Dog Has Its Day project aswell as new unreleased works. Fans of his post 2008 catalogue will find plenty to delve into hear. Red-shifted instrumentation, alien chatter, sine wave transmissions, morse code utterances - all that good stuff - delivered at a decidedly slower tempo than his 'Exhibitionist'-era tackle! Highly enjoyable stuff from, in my opinion, the greatest techno shaman to have existed in our universe. 


Matt says: Jeff Mills with more alien communications deciphered for our human biology. Some believe Jeff is an actual alien - an intergalactic time travelling techno overlord - and with records like this under his belt, I'm inclined to agree.


Side 1
1. Tear Drop Nebula (Reworked Mix) (5:27)
2. The Phonetic World (5:03)
Side 2
1. Neptunian Landing (4:03)
2. Unidentified (7:49)

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