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Kerri Chandler returns to his own Kaoz Theory with Vol.3 of his archive focused ‘Lost & Found’ series.

Kerri Chandler and his Kaoz Theory imprint continues to move from strength to strength still after decades at the forefront of House music. In this ‘Lost & Found’ series, Chandler dives back into his vault to unearth forgotten gems and bring them into the limelight today. For this release, Kerri also revisits ‘Let It’ from his recent ‘Spaces and Places’ LP, reworking it with a new vocalist this time round, namely AbbieLee.

Kicking things off is new version of Let It (Give Me Back My Love), laid out across six minutes, employing shimmering Rhodes melodies, fluttering arpeggios, a bumpy bass groove and crisp drums intertwined with AbbieLee’s soulful vocal stylings. ‘Another Dawn (Vocal Mix)’ follows with jazzy, bruk-tinged drums, uplifting piano chords and pulsating subs running alongside enchanting vocal lines,On the flip-side, Kerri dives into more underground basement realms with the murky basstones, shuffled dusty drums and expansive reverberations of ‘The Bassline (Kerri’s DarkMix). ‘The Breeze’ then rounds out the EP with an electro tinged 808 jam, utilising the machines classic cowbell chimes, skippy snares, rumbling toms and thunderous kicks.


A1. Let It (Give Me Back My Love) Ft. AbbieLee
A2. Another Dawn (Vocal Mix)
B1. The Bassline (Kerri’s Dark Mix)
B2. The Breeze (Original Mix)

Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory welcomes the return of Dj Steaw in January 2024 with his ‘Get Back To The Fonk’ EP.

Parisian House stalwart Dj Steaw has grown to become a widely respected figure in the field of raw, underground, classic House over the past decade, racking up releases on many leading imprints of the genre such as Hot Haus, Meta, Local Talk, Step and Phonogramme as well as his own Steaward, Rutilance and House Puff. Here though he returns to Kaoz Theory following the success of his ‘Colour Of Mind’ EP in 2022.

Title-cut ‘Get Back To The Fonk’ opens and sees Dj Steaw lay down a jazzy keys and stab sequences, a bouncy bass line and heavily swung drums alongside an amalgamation of spoken word vocals and chants. ‘Don’t Stop’ follows next and shift focus into deeper realms with warm, fluttering chords, swaying subs and airy strings running atop of a robust rhythm. ‘In My Body’s House’ is up next to open the B-side, embracing a true House feel this time through the use of organic piano melodies, sax licks and organ lines intertwined with a bumpy bass hook and dubbed out vocal effects. ‘Grey Matter’ then concludes the original material, focusing on multilayered dreamy keys, resonant flutters and skippy percussion.


Matt says: DJ Steaw knows what Kerri Chandler likes - swinging those elbows like a podium star with nods to the Church of House music. Perfectly epitomizes across these four tracks. It's definitely got that Kaoz spirit coursing through its grooves.


A1. Get Back To The Fonk
A2. Don’t Stop
B1. In My Body’s House
B2. Grey Matter

Back digging in their prized vaults, Kaoz Theory cherry pick another two classics to be released for the first time on vinyl. Up first, one of Toronto’s finest Demuir enlists the signature soulfulness of Bluey Robinson for a bumping RnB-tinged, hazy house bomb entitled ‘Lusting U’. On the flip, Chicago legend DJ Sneak hits with a underground jackin’ groover ‘Judy Russell’ in trademark Windy City style.


Matt says: Kaoz Theory cross the streams of Toronto and Chicago with a double header of soulful house goodness that's sure to please. It's also the second outing this week from DJ Sneak who returns to the floor in fine form.


A1. Demuir Ft Bluey Robinson - Lusting U
B1. DJ Sneak - Judy Russell (Original Mix)

Kerri Chandler & Dennis Quin Featuring Troy Denari

You Are In My System

Kerri Chandler, Dennis Quin and Troy Denari join forces to deliver ‘You Are In My System' this September, a modern take on the iconic 1998 ‘You’re In My System’.

The original mix of ‘You’re In My System’ has been a staple for many in House music DJ sets for the past twenty-five years, a record that perfectly encapsulates the soul of House and Kerri’s distinctive sound. Here we see Kerri Chandler put a contemporary twist on this celebrated cut from his back catalogue, this time collaborating again with vocalist Troy Denari and Dutch artist Dennis Quin, who’s delivered numerous hits on Kerri’s Madhouse imprint such as ‘Move Out Of My Way’ and the last collaboration between the three, ‘Be Strong’.

Here the three artists collaborated to rework and replay the entire composition and create this new 2023 version, Kerri and Dennis using the same hardware used in the original composition and singer/songwriter Troy Denari, lends his vocals to this new version of the track, reimagining the vocals of Mic Murphy to capture the essence and spirit of the 1980's hit by American Synthpop band The System.

Throughout 'You Are In My System' Kerri Chandler’s signature soulful keys, bouncy bass line and dynamic synth work ebbs and flows amongst Dennis Quin's sturdy, swinging and crisp drum style while Troy Denari's refreshed vocals then bring a modern soul and warmth to things, resulting in the dynamic future classic presented here, destined to work its way onto many late summer dancefloors and beyond. Dennis Quin also offers up his 'DQ Dub' for a more raw groove focused fix.


A1. Extended Club Mix
B1. DQ Dub

Italy-born, Ibiza-based producer and DJ, Tuccillo, joins the roster of Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory with ‘The Waves’ EP, made up of five original compositions.

Based on the balearic island of Ibiza, Giuseppe Tuccillo, better known simply by his last name is a producer synonymous with a groove driven sound which blurs the lines between House, Deep House, Disco and Micro House with unparalleled finesse. Over the years his music has graced the likes of Nu Groove, Kwench, 20:20 Vision, Defected and Holic Trax, run by Tomoki Tamura with whom he collaborates on the Doublet project.

Here though, Tuccillo’s latest works come via the much-loved Kerri Chandler helmed, Kaoz Theory. Title-track ‘The Waves’ leads the way and winds through bright stab sequences, crisp drums and processed vocal textures. ‘Breaking Leds’ follows next and divers deep with diva vocals, classic house chords, pulsating subs and skippy drums before ‘Apple Eyes’ shifts the focus over to reduced percussion, dubbed out stabs and a snaking bass line.

Opening the flip side is ‘Good Vibration’, as the name would suggest a feel good journey through a bouncy bass line, intricately programmed organic drums and hypnotic vocal chants before ‘Around Five’ then concludes the EP, piecing together gritty bass flutters, a bumpy drum workout, subtly unfurling atmospherics and psychedelic, swirling guitars.


A1. The Waves
A2. Breaking Leds
B1. Apple Eyes
B2. Around Five

Kerri’s Kaoz Theory label unlocks the vault to two key tracks from the early days of the label that have never pressed on vinyl before.

First up the man himself, Kerri Chandler with a deep, heads down stomper ‘Who’s Afraid Of The Dark’. Kerri at his hard hitting best, as vocal refrains wash over the chunkiest of synth stabs and basslines with crunched up percussion laying the basis for a track that is readymade for smoke filled clubs and pumping sound systems.

On the flip, Josh Butler ‘Sunday Club’ goes deep down the rabbit hole effortlessly moving from ethereal elegance to twisted machine energy, showcasing that light and dark can sit together seamlessly to produce something seriously special.


A1. Kerri Chandler – Who’s Afraid Of The Dark (Original)
B1. Josh Butler – Sunday Club (Original Mix)

Kerri Chandler

Lost And Found EP Vol 2

Kerri Chandler delivers ‘Lost & Found Vol.2’ this March, marking the second instalment of the series which focuses on tracks from his archives.

Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory unveiled the label bosses ‘Spaces & Places’ LP in 2022, showcasing Kerri’s globetrotting career of the past few decades and featuring recordings produced on the dance floors of many leading clubs such as DC10, Sub Club, Rex, Printworks and more.

Here the label kicks off 2023 with a glimpse into Chandler’s archived material, offering up four cuts in his inimitable, iconic style.

‘Fluff Rehab’ leads the way and see Kerri offering up crisp drums, spiralling dub stabs and fluttering low-end pulsations throughout.

‘What If’ follows and tips the focus over to a more soulful feel, fusing a wandering bass line and airy textures with vocal chants, choppy keys, and a gritty drum groove.

‘Who Are You (Main Vox)’ then opens the B-side, retaining a similarly soul drenched feel, bringing Kerri’s own harmonious vocals into the mix alongside a crunchy, swinging rhythm and jazzy elements.

‘Dem Joy Ride’ rounds out the EP next, flipping the switch to a funk-infused, organic feel as brass lines, hypnotic keys, dynamic drums, and guitar licks collide across an ever unfolding five and a half minutes.


A1. Fluff Rehab
A2. What If
B1. Who Are You
B2. Dem Joy Ride

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