Drums Ov Sage 1 (Edits & Dubs 2016-2023)

Image of Dreems - Drums Ov Sage 1 (Edits & Dubs 2016-2023)
Record Label
Especial Specials

About this item

Especial Specials has recently helped to take the Japanese label Chill Mountain Record into the world of wax after it previously operated only in the digital world. Now it carries on with a similar MO as it works with Multi Culti label head, DJ and producer Dreems on a new set of limited-edition EPs. He has already landed on the likes of Kompakt, Pinchy & Friends and Futureboogie and now digs into his vaults to serve up some edits and dubs that are hard to pin down but often doused in psychedelic overtones, acid and dub. Each one is a unique work in its own right but they all add up to one helluva good EP.


Mine says: Dreems provides all your psychedelic dancefloor needs across two new aurally and visually pleasing 12" compilations on Especial. This one is worth it alone for the addictive groove of 'Battaki'.


An Ancient
Piska Power - Dumm Dumm ~ Ex Riemen (Dreems Rebirth)
Un Peu Sage
Eye-Mah, Yeah-Mah
Umeko Ando - "Battaki" (Dreems Luv It Dub It)

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