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Second Edition of Wolframs “Automatic Dub”, the Über Hit originally released in 2018. Wolfi has put some new touches on his dub + we handed the material to Rex The Dog and Cabletoy. Rex got back w/ some high energy trance, while Cabletoy takes a whole other route getting extra balearic. Suitable for all dance floors. P.P. Tipp.

Nice Girl

Take A Step - Inc. Bell Towers Remix

Today’s News Flash. Public Possession takes another step forward by signing Nice Girl to the label. Their collaboration w/ the New Zealand born, Melbourne based artist is initiated by a two-track 10” featuring one original song by the artist, plus a remix by long-time label affiliate Bell Towers.
The original “Take A Step” is an instant party starter (does not take long to make its point), layering snappy vocals over some functional perx before siren synths and bass weight carry you into the jacking zone. The remix gets all big (room) & techy, Bell Towers adding a wriggling bassline and nagging chime to the drum track. Two tracks – maximum spectacle. Right on.

Public Possession make light work of dry January, double dropping a pair of powerhouse 10"s on us this week. The second disc sees the Munich crew team up with the latest member of their extended family Eden Burns, who introduces us to his unique sonic landscape with "Paws A Taieri Story". A group of stray felines of all shapes and sizes based in The Taieri, behind the old RSA building.
Bored of the norm and wanting to explore, searching for a purpose they come across a collection of musical instruments out back of the Taieri Court rest home. A Trumpet, Childrens Guitar and a Yamaha electric keyboard. Then What? 
Expect unconventional house, cat sounds, digital basslines and sampler vox, all delivered with a chemically assisted euphoria and great sense of humour.

Regular Public Possession pal Bell Towers touches base again, treating all comers to a off-beat treat in the form of "Juicy Blend". As a DJ, digger and selector, Rohan's pop chops have been proven time and again, and here the producer serves us his slinkiest serenade yet, topped with his own vocal intonations. Stepping into the club wearing a synth pop shimmer, Balearic cardigan and some form of fetishwear, "Juicy Blend" is house in its loosest sense, sounding less like MAW and more like an '88 Frankie Knuckles mix of Flash & The Pan with Neil Tennant on vocals - and if that's not a juicy blend, I don't know what is. As well as the full vocal version, Bell T treats us to the mostly voxless Groove version on the B2, leaving more than enough run time for a pair of ace remixes. Leftfield stalwart Bullion brings the track to the peak time in the back room with electrohouse synthlines and a shuffling 4/4 for his more streamlined mix while alt-pop king Jaakko Eino Kalevi pairs percolating bass tones and snapping perx for a killer Streetsounds-style variant.

Berlin-based producer RIP Swirl (aka Luka) enjoys the more solitary ends of hazy R&B and lo-fi dance music, sharing stages with artists like Nosaj Thing, Tommy Genesis, Chet Faker, Rejjie Snow & Jacques Greene.

His unique production has so far garnered the attention tastemakers Annie Mac, i-D, The FADER, NOWNESS, RBMA and Wonderland just to name a few.

On this extended EP for Public Possession we receive a brilliantly detailed dossier of his style. Seemingly peppered with the ghosts of UK electronica, syncopated drum programming nestles cosily next to deep atmospheres and evocative textures. Utilizing noise gates and a plethora of intricate fx, RIP Swirl nods to pioneers such as Boards Of Canada, AFX and Leftfield without ever being pastiche. These are new tracks make no mistake, they just embody a lot of what was good about vintage UK electronica - blue sky approach, child like naivety, complex sound design, musical synthesis; it's all there for us to enjoy. Dive in ears first and you won't be sorry...


Millie says: Rapid lo-fi brilliance by RIP Swirl here, maxed out glitched electronic creating a vibe! Fueled, high energy beats making ‘9teen90’ an instant hit. If you like Iglooghost and Flying Lotus then this will be right up your street.

Collection of alt-version / remixes from Wolfram's last EP and also released on Public Possession.

"Rein! sees an extended 12" mix and also coupled with a 'Westbam Electro Mix' which adds all the neccessary freestyle flavour you'd expect from this Egyptian Lover commissioned version.

"My Love Is For Real" sees a club-ready 'Dance Mix' coupled with DJ Digola & RIP Swirl's Piano mix - a crazed hardcore-breaks hybrid with rugged AF beat and tastefully, retrotastic vocal chops and piano stabs, before blasting thru into endorphin-rushing infinite. Massive!


Sil says: Superb collection of revisions for Wolfram's Rein and 'My Love Is Real' featuring no other than Haddaway! All great and good, particularly 'Rein'. However, the original blatantly uses the beats from an early 2000s minimal techno monster a la Gui Boratto. Bassline taken out and drum kick left in. Westbam take on 'Rein' reminds me of early DJ Koze with its samples of German phone conversations. Just for these two tracks you really need this. Getting one myself.

Munich's Public Possession pride themselves on doing things differently, and this pre-Christmas power-pack from No Bad Days alumni Møzaika is a welcome breath of pure O2. Pulsing out of the tracks with the 707 perc, shimmering pads and crystalline melodies of "Taba Taba", the EP opens with an optimistic stride, sounding very much like a the soundtrack to a wintery rave in Zora's Domain. If you were expecting "T-T-Tool" to treat us to a sparse rhythm dub of the opener, you'd be very wrong. Instead, the Polish producer pulls together spoken vocals, soaring sine waves and bittersweet chords for an end of season emotional house jam. Flip the pancake and sync into the proto-house pulse of "Voyager", a reet fucking tune which sounds like Boyd Jarvis redubbing Soft House Company for a Prelude acetate. Chunky pianos, dynamic drum machines and an infectious B-line hold it down in the rhythm section, while soaring synths and luxurious leadlines work it in the midrange. Last but not least things get future primitive for "Whistler", a warming combination of nuanced ethno-percussion, funked up 80s synth work and burbling bass, all topped by mega kwaito-lead lines. I reckon it's a must have for fans of Young Marco and Dazion, and a fine finale to this tasty 12".


Patrick says: I'm a sucker for a PP release, and this bad-boy's no exception. A diverse affair, "Aqua" offers tinsel tinged house, Balearic bump, primo proto and future primitive vibrations, without dropping the quality for a second. This one's going straight in the DJ bag...


12" Info: One copy found

Australia's GlamouRatz` revamp the whole ghetto-house / booty rap blueprint here with their own take on xxx-rated dance music. This Melbourne super group make no effort to hide their intentions with a sexually charged lyrical content backed with some erogenous music and carnal beats. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude, their upfront sound palette recalls the best bits of fidget, electro-clash, trap and new bass music while the whole crew contribute on vocal duties. Andras Fox gets lewd with the crew, remixing "Pussy Doctor" under a 'Misogyny' moniker, rounding off the edges with his traditionally warm bass sequences and adding a spoken word piece containing some Australian stateswoman going off on one about misogyny and sexism. A strange and intriguing record that'll appeal to fans of Peaches , Hercules And Love Affair and the seedy, explicit side of Chicago and New York house music. Strictly 18+

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