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Burns & Tubbs finally return! 4 massive, percussive house tracks dubbed out, sax'd up & driven by large basslines, these tunes will not miss to lighten up any dancefloor!

The pair have miraculously carved a whole niche of percussive party music out for themselves - full fat productions which, although never taking themselves too seriously, still kick like a mule and refuse to relent their grasp on the hips! 


Matt says: Australia's house music poster boys Burns and Tubbs return with more of their bouncy, flamboyant house music that recalls the feathers and face paint of vintage Tribal Sessions whilst keeping things fun and party-focussed.


A1) Shaker
A2) Timmy's Dream (Ritual Dub)
B1) Made Of Brass
B2) Timmy’s Dream (Monday 5am Mix)

Public Possession kick off 2023 with Nice Girl, who is back with 4 tracks sitting somewhere between jungle, chillout, club & experimental. Fans will already know about her unique approach to sound, always surprising, slightly heavenly & very captivating. Although the 4 tracks can very much be viewed as an extension of her debut album "Ipsum", the overall tone of the EP is somewhat brighter with more light, at times almost euphoric! All but one roll around a kinda half time jungle time signature; giving the listener the option to drop in at full speed or at a more relaxed swagger. Driving 4/4 track, "MNG With Mike" hydroplanes at a full throttle techno pace but wth gentle hands, tantalizing the listener with fizzy, buoyant synths, rubberband bass and playful sfx. Finally track "2121" has deeply tribal undertones. A really strong 12" proudly standing out their on its own. Recommended! 


Matt says: Interesting release from the on point Public Possession who have no qualms switching streams and ushering in Nice Girl for a killer EP of tribal tinged, shamanic-leaning future beats and beach ball techno.


A1) Nice Girl – Take Me Home 
A2) Nice Girl – Little Bit 
B1) Nice Girl – MNG With Mike
B2) Nice Girl – 2121

Incredibly vibrant set of remixes of the delectable Eden Burns, who's really won us over the last couple of years with his buoyant, feel good and energetic house energy.

DJ Boring keeps that flavour on his remix of "Invercargirl" - adding techy squeaks n squeals plus some nicely synthesized lead patches to create an incredibly scintillating piece of house music that's bound to uplift and invigorate.

Nice Girl matches if not supersedes energy levels with his fist-pumping power-boost of "Hands Off My Beat". Approaching those BPM levels the under-25s seem to going crazy for right now; it'll work alongside those Finn, Roza Terenzi and Telephones records that you've been wondering 'how will I find something equally as fast to mix into this?' - now you've got it!

Stalwarts of emotional techno, Red Axes get tricky with "Choir Song"; utilizing those manipulated choral sounds to great affect. Add a humming bass section and crisp drums and it's a great mid-session tool to get the crowd simmering white hot.

Finally, not wanting to be left in the shade, Eden himself steps up to remix his own "Big Bark" track. Adding those playful tribal elements we've come to love from the producer, echoed-out dub shards and quirky percussion elements all convene to make this joyous little number a real treat on the ears and feet. Hard not to shake a tail feather to this one I have to say! Fully endorsed by us here at Picc HQ. Don't sleep! 


Matt says: Public Possession celebrate the mighty Eden Burns with a glorious EP featuring some right royal remixers.


A1) Eden Burns - Invercargirl (DJ BORING Emotional Mix)
A2) Eden Burns - Hands Off My Beat (Nice Girl Remix)
B1) Eden Burns - Choir Song (Red Axes Remix)
B2) Eden Burns - Big Bark (EB Spezial Dub)

Public Possession presents Aiden Ayers’ debut album “Venus Copper Rose”. A few words by the artist himself: ‘”Venus Copper Rose” came to me in a dream. The three words are all the same thing, symbols of beauty and material formations of love. Together they are a VCR (videocassette recorder) - a memory machine, a portal into fantasy and myth + a transcriber of dreams. The songs on the album represent the past five years of my life. The oldest of them were written and first recorded in 2017 and the youngest barely made it to the mastering session on time. I am always writing and recording, travelling to and fro, on little islands off the coast of BC, down to the California desert, or in makeshift basement studios throughout Vancouver. Every song has grown up and been captured in a different way - the album is a wild garden of misfits, flowers and weeds. I hope that people feel nourished by this album - I believe that is the ultimate role of music, like another kind of food, light, or love. I hope these songs and this album can help people see the beauty and poetry that flows through their own lives.’

It’s certainly an ambitious yet delicate, humane and considered album. Meandering gently through folk, Balearic, soft rock, pastoral electronics, naïve tape experiments and acoustic memoirs – Ayers presents a very candid and true LP which almost plays like a travelogue – each track conjuring up images of different locations; be it the exotic, the humble, or the picturesque. There’s love, wanderlust, compassion, reflection and intrigue. It’s rather special indeed. 


Matt says: Eccentric, sincere, wierdo-Balearic-rock and acid folk album from this new star from Vancouver. Aiden Ayers has rocked us throughout the year with some well executed 7" singles but on long playing masterpiece "Venus Copper Rose", we really get an insight into this singular odd ball superstar.


A1) Here If You Want Me 
A2) Overtime 
A3) Up To You 
A4) Second Thought 
A5) Anytime You Want 
A6) Heavy Like Air
A7) For A Minute
A8) Mercury’s Ladder 
B1) Empty Eyes 
B2) Bottleneck Boys 
B3) Balloon 
B4) Riversong 
B5) The World Can Wait 
B6) Not A Blue Sky 
B7) Coffee Girl
B8) Death

Aiden Ayers

Up To You / New Tie Bow

Another unmissable 7” release from Public Possession ; “Up To You” is a celestial yet driving folk rock record with an irresistible groove. One of those perfect crossover moments that accidently skirts into Balearica without sounding forced or cliched.

The B-Side cut “New Tie Bow” is more like deep, spiritual, desert electronica. Tranquil, a rich and well balanced mix comprising of hovering synths and brushed drums; it possess a warming, calm quality that’s hard to place but impossible to ignore. Aiden Ayers is proving to be a diverse and skilled songwriter / instrumentalist, and we’re thrilled to share his musical journey. 


Matt says: Vancouver's Aiden Ayers continues to make splashes in the Balearic ocean. A skilled song writer whose more than a one trick pony, we also glimpse into his more electronic flavoured side on B-side track, "New Tie Bow". One to watch for sure. Manchester debut please!


Up To You 
New Tie Bow 

Aksel & Aino are back with their unmistakable mix of deep analogue instrumentation and poetic vocals. Dreamy pop from Scandinavia that follows up their 2020 released album "Lullabies For Submarines".

With a sumptuous and lucid quality, "Time To Love For Essie" utilizes crystal clear synth elements, toybox piano and a Natsukashii vocal evoking memories of better times. "Dreamweaver" grasps onto the same sound palette as it changes rhythmic direction; wrapping itself around a seductive breakbeat pattern as bursts of fizzy synths and swathes of tantalizing pads converge on the short but focused vocal lines. An instrumental mix removes said vocal parts and focusses entirely on the rich instrumental section.

There's a delicate and serene quality throughout, with cleverly synthesized drum elements and beautifully sequenced synths and keys. A masterpiece of dream pop that's reassuringly under the radar. Recommended! 


Matt says: Dream / City pop that's propulsive, tactile and fun. I reckon it's got loads of crossover potential too. Don't know too much about these Scandinavians but this EP is brilliantly constructed with expert synth work and drum programming throughout. One of those records that comes out of nowhere and grabs you straight away.


A1) Dreamweaver 
A2) Time To Love For Essie 
A3) Time To Love For Essie (Deep Instrumental Mix) 

Bell Towers

Territory (2021)

    Bell Towers updates his 2016 masterpiece with a new version for 2021. Originally released on the eponymous album, "Territory" was a sprawling deep house throbber with indecipherable vocal snips and late night, deep set groove.

    Fast forward to now and the producer has kept the deepness but added a plethora of percussion to play with plus a a whole array of phazing synthlines and more of that vocal part to bedazzle your senses.

    Backed with two new tracks - "Personal High" is a electro-post-punk number with a lo-fi vocal part and jaunty, upbeat rhythm. "Games We Play" sees the producer climax with a multicolored array of electronic goodness, spewing in all directions as the hefty kick and bass combo attempt to keep us anchored to the floor.

    Impressive stuff from this well decorated dancefloor veteran. TIP! 


    Side 1
    1. Territory (2021) (5:43)

    Side 2

    1. Personal High (3:05)
    2. Games We Play (3:52)

    Collection of alt-version / remixes from Wolfram's last EP and also released on Public Possession.

    "Rein! sees an extended 12" mix and also coupled with a 'Westbam Electro Mix' which adds all the neccessary freestyle flavour you'd expect from this Egyptian Lover commissioned version.

    "My Love Is For Real" sees a club-ready 'Dance Mix' coupled with DJ Digola & RIP Swirl's Piano mix - a crazed hardcore-breaks hybrid with rugged AF beat and tastefully, retrotastic vocal chops and piano stabs, before blasting thru into endorphin-rushing infinite. Massive!


    Sil says: Superb collection of revisions for Wolfram's Rein and 'My Love Is Real' featuring no other than Haddaway! All great and good, particularly 'Rein'. However, the original blatantly uses the beats from an early 2000s minimal techno monster a la Gui Boratto. Bassline taken out and drum kick left in. Westbam take on 'Rein' reminds me of early DJ Koze with its samples of German phone conversations. Just for these two tracks you really need this. Getting one myself.


    Side 1
    1. Rein (feat Egyptian Love - Extended 12" Mix)
    2. Rein (feat Yung Hurn & Egyptian Lover - Westbam Electro Mix)
    Side 2
    1. My Love Is For Real (feat Haddaway - Dance Mix)
    2. My Love Is For Real (feat Haddaway - DJ Gigola & RIP Swirl Piano Mix)

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