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Baba Stiltz

Shame On Dry Land (OST)

    Baba Stiltz has written and produced the award winning soundtrack for the Swedish Movie "Shame On Dry Land (Syndabocken)". Awarded the Guldbagge price for best feature film soundtrack in 2024, the music is dense, at times oppressive, than again light-Mediterranean, all perfectly accompanying the story's vibe. 

    Baba Stiltz moving between Stockholm & LA. A myth, a young legend. Writing music since the tender age of 13, not bound by genres or expectations. Used to do Skweee before he defined his own sound of tech-house - skipped that (temporarily?). Now moving on to more folkloristic styles: country, rock, indie… you name it. Good music.


    A1) Welcome Dimman
    A2) Kicki
    A3) Island
    A4) Shame On Dry Land
    A5) Follow Me
    A6) Fredrik’s Gone
    A7) Again
    A8) Body Drop
    A9) Moped Escape
    A10) Karema Goodbye
    B1) Voyeur
    B2) Follow Him
    B3) Standoff
    B4) Reconciliation
    B5) Love Theme
    B6) Dress Rehearsal
    B7) Kill Krum
    B8) Believe
    B9) Underwater Love

    Our antipodean heroes Tubbs & Burns return with more of that big room Balearic / Pacific paradise house sound! The highly anticipated "Volume III" of their collaboration series sees us open with a tribute to the year that, arguably, kicked off what we know now as the global dance village - a timeless sound of gated vox, baggy breakbeat and low slung bass, wrapped in an serotonin-releasing reverb and extended for maximum peak. "On&On" expands one the coastal house enjoyment with brightly coloured arps, warm choir pads and a vintage jack bass pattern for another sure-to-become classic of the genre. Another mix of said track is offered up by the pair, cruising comfortably into 5th gear as they up the tempo for a more techno flavoured romp. Primed and ready for this year's festival season; the Australian duo have done it again.


    Matt says: Australian maestros Burns and Tubbs return with more of their trademark exuberance and holiday house bounce. This particular offering referencing the halcyon days of the dance scene. Top drawer all the way from these two cats.


    A1) Where Were U In 92?
    B1) ON&ON (ft Nathan Haines) (Original Mix)
    B2) ON&ON (ft Nathan Haines) (Bullet Train Mix)

    Wolfram & Josh Ludlow

    Yo Yo Disco

      Absolutely stonking stuff here from the ever-reliable Public Possession, with Wolfram and Josh Ludlow providing an out-of-nowhere, quirky, electro-house flavoured stadium smasher to rival anything from Fisherspooner, Soulwax or Justice!

      It's a different vibes (obvs) from that golden era of electro-house, but "Yo Yo Disco" has a similar approach: utilizing an absolutely nonsensical vocal hook to devastating effect! You'll be singing it all night - 'back and forth like a yo-yo'!!


      Matt says: It's all about that ear-worm! Reminds me a bit of "Disco To Disco" or "Eat Sleep Rave Repeat". Either way it's bound to get drilled into your cerebrum like an infectious termite.


      1. Wolfram & Josh Ludlow - Yo Yo Disco
      2. Wolfram & Josh Ludlow - Yo Yo Disco (Extended)

      A eurodans / trance-indebted epic on the ever-reliable Public Possession. Simone De Kunovich updated those classic 90s tropes with a modern production sheen and tighter arrangements than the sprawling 10+ minute sagas from back in the day. Never the less, these tracks are uplifting, empowering and transportive - lost-in-the-smoke eyes-wide-hut - havin' it right off mate....


      Matt says: This is my jam for the weekend! (Although I might pitch it down a bit). Coalescing the best bits of trance and eurodans before tightening up the arrangements and updating the drum palette. It ain't reinventing the wheel but it should put one hell of a smile on the dancefloor.


      A1) Flow My Tears
      B1) Super Mana Drain
      B2) Warp World

      When he‘s not writing or recording, Baba Stiltz immerses in fearless fiction by the likes of Denis Johnson and Dodie Bellamy; prose where pedestrian details become transcendent in aggregate and the inner lives of marginal characters are examined as though they were kings. A similar thesis runs
      through "Paid Testimony“, the essential second tape of minimalist guitar music from the FilipinoAmerican-Swedish artist.

      In recent years, Stiltz has made like Lee Hazelwood‘s Cowboy In Sweden in reverse, making annual pilgrimages from Stockholm to California and reconnecting with his roots via a guitar and a Fostex 4- track. He‘s drawn to the less glamorous corners of the golden state, an observant habitué of unkempt streets and dive bars stretching from LA to Vacaville. It‘s a long stretch from the jetset techno clubs where Baba originally plied his musical trade, but it‘s where he finds characters and ideas worth writing about.
      The characters on "Paid Testimony" are on the edge and on the run. Surrounded by flawed men with big schemes since childhood, he extrapolates characters who plot bank heists and order milk and
      vodka in AM hours, the type of confrontation-prone characters who 'say some shit, make everyone uncomfortable and then just split.' To focus on the rawness of this document would discount the humor and sympathy with which he treats his characters, not to mention the subtly-psychedelic songwriting recalling David Berman, early Smog, the original indie
      rock minimalist poets.

      On the final song, Stiltz looks back on the city that raised him, "Stockholm", referencing 'young professionals carelessly living' before adding "I can‘t say I‘m not jealous even though I live my life just like they do.' There‘s an honesty in the small details revealed on "Paid Testimony“, and a defined
      sense of place, be it Stockholm, Sacramento or some dim barroom across from the Bank Of America. Baba doesn‘t quite fit in anywhere. This outsider quality has often been used as a marketing tool, yet here, it lends a writerly aspect to the proceedings, an unreality to the everyday.


      A1) Finite Jest 
      A2) Running To Chris 
      A3) Wild Ride 
      A4) Sacramento 
      A5) You Can’t Put Your Arm Around A Memory 
      B1) Chasing It (Again) 
      B2) Big City 
      B3) Body High 
      B4) Stockholm 

      Aiden Ayers

      Up To You / New Tie Bow

      Another unmissable 7” release from Public Possession ; “Up To You” is a celestial yet driving folk rock record with an irresistible groove. One of those perfect crossover moments that accidently skirts into Balearica without sounding forced or cliched.

      The B-Side cut “New Tie Bow” is more like deep, spiritual, desert electronica. Tranquil, a rich and well balanced mix comprising of hovering synths and brushed drums; it possess a warming, calm quality that’s hard to place but impossible to ignore. Aiden Ayers is proving to be a diverse and skilled songwriter / instrumentalist, and we’re thrilled to share his musical journey. 


      Matt says: Vancouver's Aiden Ayers continues to make splashes in the Balearic ocean. A skilled song writer whose more than a one trick pony, we also glimpse into his more electronic flavoured side on B-side track, "New Tie Bow". One to watch for sure. Manchester debut please!


      Up To You 
      New Tie Bow 

      Bell Towers

      Territory (2021)

        Bell Towers updates his 2016 masterpiece with a new version for 2021. Originally released on the eponymous album, "Territory" was a sprawling deep house throbber with indecipherable vocal snips and late night, deep set groove.

        Fast forward to now and the producer has kept the deepness but added a plethora of percussion to play with plus a a whole array of phazing synthlines and more of that vocal part to bedazzle your senses.

        Backed with two new tracks - "Personal High" is a electro-post-punk number with a lo-fi vocal part and jaunty, upbeat rhythm. "Games We Play" sees the producer climax with a multicolored array of electronic goodness, spewing in all directions as the hefty kick and bass combo attempt to keep us anchored to the floor.

        Impressive stuff from this well decorated dancefloor veteran. TIP! 


        Side 1
        1. Territory (2021) (5:43)

        Side 2

        1. Personal High (3:05)
        2. Games We Play (3:52)

        Collection of alt-version / remixes from Wolfram's last EP and also released on Public Possession.

        "Rein! sees an extended 12" mix and also coupled with a 'Westbam Electro Mix' which adds all the neccessary freestyle flavour you'd expect from this Egyptian Lover commissioned version.

        "My Love Is For Real" sees a club-ready 'Dance Mix' coupled with DJ Digola & RIP Swirl's Piano mix - a crazed hardcore-breaks hybrid with rugged AF beat and tastefully, retrotastic vocal chops and piano stabs, before blasting thru into endorphin-rushing infinite. Massive!


        Sil says: Superb collection of revisions for Wolfram's Rein and 'My Love Is Real' featuring no other than Haddaway! All great and good, particularly 'Rein'. However, the original blatantly uses the beats from an early 2000s minimal techno monster a la Gui Boratto. Bassline taken out and drum kick left in. Westbam take on 'Rein' reminds me of early DJ Koze with its samples of German phone conversations. Just for these two tracks you really need this. Getting one myself.


        Side 1
        1. Rein (feat Egyptian Love - Extended 12" Mix)
        2. Rein (feat Yung Hurn & Egyptian Lover - Westbam Electro Mix)
        Side 2
        1. My Love Is For Real (feat Haddaway - Dance Mix)
        2. My Love Is For Real (feat Haddaway - DJ Gigola & RIP Swirl Piano Mix)

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