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Embark on a sonic journey with Gabriels' 'Love and Hate' as it undergoes a mesmerizing transformation through the skilled hands of Xpress 2.

The Xpress 2 remix propels the track to new heights, infusing it with dynamic beats and an infectious rhythm that beckons listeners to the dancefloor. In addition, this vinyl edition also includes the Kerri Chandler remixes, adding a more soulful touch.

Kerri expertly blends emotive melodies with a pulsating energy that captivates the senses. This remix package is a testament to the collaborative prowess of these musical maestros, offering a transcendent experience for electronic music aficionados and dance enthusiasts alike.

Dive into the reimagined soundscape of 'Love and Hate' – a fusion of artistic brilliance and dancefloor magic.


Matt says: Still some juice left in this pear! A nice smattering of fresh remixes of the already classic Gabriels track. Includes the universally adored Kerri Chandler vocal mix, along with a new, high voltage one from the New Jersey house cat. London's X-Press 2 also contribute two chunky house versions. Top stuff indeed.


A1. X-Press 2 Love & Honesty Remix
A2. X-Press 2 Love & Honesty Hypno Dub Remix
B1. Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix
B2. Kerri Chandler 623 Again Mix

This four track EP features the LA band’s single’s Blame and the EP’s title track Bloodline.

Quickly finding fans in the likes of Elton John, Celeste, Paul Weller, Benji B, and Gilles Peterson, the band should soon find plenty more on a record that could soundtrack a David Lynch epic such is its drama and suspenseful, late-night orchestral ruminations. Capped by Lusk’s voice, a weapon that swoops through the octaves breathlessly, Gabriels have that rare ability to make you re-evaluate music, and what it can do, in a heartbeat.

Whilst Lusk provides the wow factor with that ridiculous larynx, Gabriels are very much a close-knit trio. Producer, keyboardist (and full-time video director) Ryan Hope hails from Sunderland but calls LA home. Fellow producer-composer and violinist Ari Balouzian, a man with endless musical projects on the go at any one time, gives Gabriels’ songs a real ‘feel’ to them.

Sultry, soulful mood music certainly isn’t the band’s modus operandi, with debut track If Love & Hate In A Different Time having originally identified Gabriels as a loose-limbed, soul-stirring funk and gospel-flecked odyssey. But this experimental EP should paint an altogether more rounded idea of where Gabriels are at… !


A1. Innocence
A2. Blame
B1. Stranger
B2. Bloodline

Grammy nominated DJ and production mastermind Paul Woolford steps up to deliver a timeless house reworking of Gabriels 'Angels & Queens'.

The title track from the trio's debut album (part 1) that took 2022 by storm. Endeared by the masses and critically acclaimed Gabriels set out a refreshing new take on soul that the world was subconsciously crying out for - an antidote to over produced pop - providing a deeper, more meaningful and heartfelt cause at its centre.

Tantalising from the outset, Woolford steps up to the plate with a hard-hitting remix that drives in straight to your centre. Punchy TR-909 drums combine with thundering bass tones and his archetypal, rising piano hooks. A combination that brings Jacob Lusk's inimitable vocals to new heights.

After a feverish reception to Paul's Instagram tease of the track, we've been itching to release this remix into the wild. It's a big one, don't miss it!

'Three supremely talented artists simply excelling at what they do' - Paul Woolford

Gerd Janson - 'Gabriels!!! - Total madness at Panorama Bar. Like it was made for the room'


A1. Paul Woolford's Special Request Mix
B1. Original Version
B2. Paul Woolford's Special Request Radio Edit

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