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En Bloc - 3 EP Collection

    Laundromat (AKA Toby Hayes) announces En Bloc - 3 EP Collection - a vinyl release encompassing the three Laundromat EPs released to date.

    Laundromat has built a reputation over the previous twelve months as an innovative and profoundly skilled songwriter, his languid style and deftly created songs earned him support from the likes Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Marc Riley, DIY, Dork, Loud & Quiet among others. Red, Blue and Green - the 3 EPs - all released to critical acclaim, were mixed and co-produced by Tom Andrews (alongside Hayes). Recent single Combo was recently added to the playlist at BBC 6Music after extensive support at the station. Laundromat is currently writing his debut album.

    On the new collection, Laundromat says "These nine tracks were written (really slowly) over a number of years, and although they’ve been out a while now, it's massively cathartic to release them as this 3 EP collection. Mainly because despite the fact that this isn’t an ‘album’ release, it was certainly written as one. So to finally deliver these tunes in the order that they were meant to be listened to feels real good I have to admit. ‘En Bloc’ - 3 EP Collection also includes a number of segue pieces that link the songs together - the idea being that this slice of work would be released as two continuous chunks of sound, i.e - side 1 and side 2. A nice big feast for the ears." Inspired by a broad range of influences including Kim Deal, Broadcast, Jaki Liebezeit, Jason Albertini, Madlib and Gonjasufi, Hayes also cites film as a huge source of intrigue: "I find a lot of inspiration in film - Repo Man (1984), Deep End (1970), Punch-drunk Love (2002), and Alice in the Cities (1974) in particular."

    Lyrically, the project explores the end of the world, binge drinking, social anhedonia, nostalgia, as well as the time Hayes got ‘catfished’ - for nearly 7 years.


    1. Flat Planet
    2. Off
    3. Slow Clap
    4. Humans
    5. En Bloc
    6. Nein
    7. Bug Eyed
    8. Bureau De Fatigue
    9. Milky

    Bonus Dinked Edition 7” Tracklisting:
    A. Laundromat - Flat Planet (Bothelbows X MIIIKE Remix)
    B. Laundromat – Bureau De Fatigue (Marcus Hamblett Remix)

    Panic Shack

    Baby Shack

      Comprised of Sarah Harvey (vocals), Meg Fretwell (guitar/backing vocals), Romi Lawrence (guitar/backing vocals), Em Smith (bass) and Ed Barker (drums), the band were officially formed in late 2018 as an affront to how music can feel like a 'members-only club' at the best of times, a phallocracy at the worst. They've since built a word-of-mouth following for their frenetic live show with barely a shred of music available online.

      It's that sense of inclusiveness that permeates everything Panic Shack do: a band writing killer, off-kilter songs whose guitarists could barely play four chords a year ago having dusted off guitars from the attic; who got started covering Dead or Alive and Stealers Wheel from Googled tabs. It's the kind of trajectory you could compare to a modern Young Marble Giants or ESG, but those bands rarely sounded this fun or alive. You could say there's no one out there doing this right now, but that would probably defeat the point.

      The EP presents the band’s first singles 'Who's Got My Lighter?', 'Jiu Jits You' and 'I Don't Really Like It' - that between them received plaudits at press from the likes of NME, Dork, Guitar Magazine, Gigwise, Upset, Beats Per Minute and more, alongside radio support from Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders among others – alongside brand new material, ‘Mannequin Man' - 'Baby' and 'The Ick'.

      The EP was recorded by Tom Rees of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard at Rat Trap Studios. The band call it "the first incarnation of the shack; Baby Shack if you will...a representation of our experiences and friendship: raw, honest and always chaotic." 


      Matt says: Possessing a little bit of everything we love (I can hear !!!, Savages, Dry Cleaning, Witch Fever..), Panic Shack are definitely the coolest band at the indie disco this week. And with enough attitude to carry them over the inevitable hype attack, hopefully they'll be snarling down our ears for years to come.


      A1. I Don’t Really Like It
      A2. Baby
      A3. Ju Jits You
      B1. The Ick
      B2. Mannequin Man
      B3. Who’s Got My Lighter? 

      All formats come with a free Piccadilly Records EOY Sampler CD whilst stocks last.

      In spring 2020, having been forced to postpone any live action due to lockdown, John set to work on the follow up to their Out Here On The Fringes album. It seems that the enforced confinement allowed them time to fine tune both their songwriting and sound and produce their best LP to date. The album opens with “Return To Capital” a brooding, slow-build instrumental that’s escalating nicely until it suddenly plummets head first into “Sibensko Powerhouse”, a ferocious collision of distorted guitars, pounding drums and snarled vocals, which kind of sets the tone for the rest of the album. Being a two piece, they operate with limited tools: drums, guitar and vocals, but that doesn’t in any way limit their sound. Seeing them live reminded me of seeing No Age play live for the first time and being blown away by how much noise two people could generate. And they’re creative with that limited palate too, this isn’t all a 100mph dash for the line, it’s a very nuanced sound, there’s plenty of texture. Idles have been an obvious reference point in recent reviews, but to me their sound is rooted in the US hardcore scene of the 80s: The kind of stuff that was being released by the likes of Touch And Go and Dischord Records. (There are definitely echoes of Mackaye / Picciotto in the dual vocals at times.) That’s not to say their sound is dated, far from it, they’re one of the most vital bands around at the moment.


      Laura says: Ooof! This is just awesome! Intense, dynamic guitar noise that has more in common with the likes of Jesus Lizard or any number of bands from the 80s DC scene than any more contemporary noisemakers. (The dual vocal on Šibensko Powerhouse in particular brings to mind Mackay / Picciotto.) That's not so say their sound is dated, far from it, this is the most vital noise around right now.


      1. Return To Capital
      2. Šibensko Powerhouse
      3. A Song For Those Who Speed In Built-Up Areas
      4. Haneke'd
      5. Austere Isle
      6. Jargoncutter
      7. Stadium Of No
      8. Power Out For The Kingdom
      9. Northwood Turret
      10. Nonessential Hymn

      Peeping Drexels

      Bad Time

        ‘Bad Time’ is the new EP from Peeping Drexels. The London based 5-piece, who have been together since they were sixteen, have to date released a series of singles on the Permanent Creeps and Fierce Panda labels. This is their first release on BY Records. They've previously received support from the likes of Steve Lamacq, DIY, So Young among others. They've also performed live with artists such as Shame, Goat Girl and Public Practice.

        First single, 'High Heels', sees Peeping Drexels eulogise about white pills and night thrills - anxious overtones abound until the crescendo of guttural angst takes over. "High Heels is a dimly lit journey through the narrow corridors and backrooms of a twisted underground club, all whilst under the influence of an unknown substance. The song is the first taste of Peeping Drexels rebirth; experimental new sounds, broader instrumentation, yet pop music to the bone. A never ending loop of bad-trip fuelled excess, and there is no way to escape."

        Prior to lockdown, Peeping Drexels played a Sold Out Parallel Lines headline show at London’s Bermondsey Social Club and ended it with a sold out main support slot for Fat White Family at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney).

        The project takes influences from a broad musical spectrum, from the dance vibes of Gary Numan and Mr. Fingers to the intensity of Tyler The Creators' synth-heavy Cherry Bomb and the maximalist work of Kanye West.

        Songs tackle a range of themes; from leaving your childhood home only to enter the cycle of drug addiction and artistic hindrance (Pit), toxic lust and obsession for an unavailable person (Bloody Gums), only finding anything close to pure happiness in escapism from the real world (Miami Lounge) and hardcore hedonism (High Heels).


        1. Miami Lounge
        2. Pit
        3. Bloody Gums
        4. High Heels
        5. Part II

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