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Genre pick of the week Cover of Going Going Gone by Mild High Club.

Mild High Club

Going Going Gone

    Mild High Club makes a long-awaited comeback with Going Going Gone, the band’s first solo album since 2016’s cult favourite Skiptracing.

    An album that speaks directly to the times we live in, Going Going Gone sees Mild High Club blending the psychedelic pop of earlier albums Skiptracing and Timeline with influences from around the world, especially Brazilian avant-garde music from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

    Songs from Skiptracing and Timeline have hundreds of millions of streams. Mild High Club recently had viral success with single ‘Homage’ on TikTok, with over 50k videos posted and millions of likes. An active Reddit community dedicated to the band boasts thousands of members.

    The band has played at such iconic festivals and venues as Coachella, Le Bataclan in Paris, and Brixton Academy in London. In 2017, they released an album with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Sketches from Brunswick East. 


    Barry says: Mild High Club return for their newest outing, mixing the hazy indie guitars and swooning progressions of yesteryear but with a more crystalline, loungy production aesthetic. As wonderfully evocative as their previous outings, but even more beautifully varied.


    Side A

    1. Kluges I
    2. Dionysian State
    3. Trash Heap
    4. Taste Tomorrow
    5. A New High (feat. Winter)
    6. It's Over Again

    Side B

    1. Kluges II
    2. I Don't Mind The Wait
    3. Dawn Patrol
    4. Waving
    5. Me Myself And Dollar Hell
    6. Holding On To Me

    Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow

    Paradise (Erobique Remix)

      Back in spring, Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow dropped their debut album throught Sonar Kollektiv, winning plenty of fans amongst friends of soul, jazz and hip hop.

      Now the sound from the university town of Tübingen can begin its triumphal procession around the entire globe. Therefore Sonar Kollektiv enlisted no other than the International Pony member and furious solo entertainer Erobique to contribute a remix of "Paradise".

      As is his want, Erobique managed to turn the album track into a world-class banger. "Paradise" is now a summer hit, warm-up classic and radio ear-worm at the same time. He put so much soul into his version that some might think this version comes straight from a lost modern soul 45.

      What more could you ask for?


      A1. Paradise (Erobique Remix)
      B1. Paradise (Erobique Remix Instrumental)

      On The Corner's 'Double Drop' series contniues, pairing together twp EP's from two different members of the OTC family. Citing environmental and production constraints as the main motive from moving away from 12"s and into full length albums or journeys as the label states, listeners are treated to a 40+ minutes musical landscape, cosmically alligned via the two artists involved. 

      On the A-Side, and hot on the heels of the "Dub Protection & The Sportswear Mystics" cassette, The Diabolical Liberties present their "Birds Of Paradise" EP. This EP all but sold-out and follows the dynamite success of the duo’s debut long player “High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics” and it’s follow-up hype cassette of dubbed out versions (as well as a series of self-released and long sold-out white labels that included collaborations with Nyasha (a moniker of Nubya Garcia) and a super limited On The Corner 10” dubplate.)

      On the flip, having debuted on last year’s sold out "Door To The Cosmos" LP, Edrix Puzzle are back with a stonking new EP "Rise To Eris". A modern spiritual jazz number with traditional set up, enhanced slightly with some up-to-date electronix, production and tinkering. There's nods to Adrian Sherwood's merger of reggae and industrial whilst remaining bouyant and light hearted enough for mainstream appeal. Exploring themes and energies in the territory of noir instrumental jazz the cinematic energy is unpinned with driving breaks and psyche fusion meanderings into the extra terrestrial landscapes akin to "Mwandishi" era Herbie Hancock.


      A1. The Diabolical Liberties - Everything’S Possible Until It’S Not
      A2. The Diabolical Liberties - Birds Of Paradise
      A3. The Diabolical Liberties - Getting Off The World
      A4. The Diabolical Liberties - Mostly Indoors
      A5. The Diabolical Liberties - Herman Chugs On
      A6. The Diabolical Liberties - Pacify My Night Bus
      B1. Edrix Puzzle - Rise To Eris
      B2. Edrix Puzzle - Lapetus
      B3. Edrix Puzzle - Eris Fall

      Reissue of Jr. Thomas & The Volcanoes debut LP, "Beward". Junior Thomas aka Thomas McDowall is a songwriter, musician, vocalist and producer born north of Minneapolis, MN. He developed a sincere devotion to classic Jamaican music at a young age, listening to such artists as Dave Barker, The Bleechers, The Wailers, Phyllis Dillon and Alton Ellis. After several conversations with reggae producer Brian Dixon,Thomas showed up to Dixon's Volcano Lounge studio in Los Angeles ready to record. With Thomas and Dixon as the brainchildren and nucleus of the project, they began assembling the musicians now known as The Volcanos. The Volcanos are a collective of Southern California's most dignified musicians, specializing in Jamaica's 'Golden Era' sound. Members of the Volcanos have worked with countless reggae legends, most notably Jimmy Cliff's 2012 Grammy award winning album "Rebirth". Other notable works include The Aggrolites debut "Dirty Reggae and The Aggrolites", Hepcat's "Push n' Shove" and Western Standard Time's debut "A Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites" plus Tim Armstrong's (Rancid) debut "A Poet Life".


      1. Get A Hold Of You
      2. More Than Memories
      3. Love Remedy
      4. Stop
      5. Beware
      6. Breaking Up
      7. Embraceable
      8. Burning Fire
      9. Terrorize It
      10. Bumps In The Night
      11. Shelter
      12. Promises
      13. Color Me Blue


      Alright / Stars

      Kon steps back up to the plate with a sumptuous 12" offering, digging into his stash of disco, funk and boogie to bring us more heat!
      'Alright' kicks things off, a huge anthemic soulful piano led disco stomper that will undoubtedly be a real highlight in your DJ set. This is some peak time feel good music for the dancefloor, London even gets a shout-out! 'Stars' is our B-side, and it's beamed right in from the cosmos into our eardrums, it has it all from cosmic synth melodies to ultra heavy drums and beyond! Get lost in space to this one, you won't regret it.
      Both cuts here definitely bring it, and as always - they sound amazing. File under 'must cop'.

      In true Kon fashion, these tracks have been respectfully remixed by Kon from source, and they won't stick around for long. Don't sleep!


      A. Alright
      B. Stars

      Brilliant soul from the Detroit underground of the late 60s - a full set of work by vocalist Little Ann, issued here for the first time ever! You might recognize Ann's name from her appearance on a few of the Ace / Kent Records tracks by Detroit producer Dave Hamilton over the years - and the work here all comes from those classic collaborations. Trapped on tape for many years, and always contemplated as a possible Little Ann album these tracks finally see the light of day issued by the funky folks at Timmion Records! The groove here is as off-beat as some of Dave's other great work - not nearly as tight, or uptight, as Motown music, instead done with a sly undercurrent of darkness on most numbers, even the mellower ones. It's almost like that mix of Detroit styles that you get on pre-fame singles from Westbound Records artists. Ann's vocals are nice and lean, and slide right into the mix with ease - heartfelt enough to grab us right away, yet without any obvious cliches as well.


      1. Deep Shadows
      2. Possession
      3. Who Are You Trying To Fool
      4. Sweep It Out In The Shed
      5. What Should I Do
      6. Lean Lanky Daddy
      7. I Got To Have You
      8. The Smile On Your Face
      9. Who Are You Trying To Fool (Instrumental Version)

      Mos Def Vs Marvin Gaye

      Yasiin Gaye - The Return: Side Two

        Amerigo Gazaway liberates the second installment in his highly praised Soul Mates blend project, bringing together Brooklyn rapper Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) and soul legend Marvin Gaye for a dream collaboration aptly titled “Yasiin Gaye” for a second hip hop soul outing. Building the album’s foundation from deconstructed samples of Gaye’s Motown classics, the producer re-orchestrates the instrumentation into new productions within a similar framework. Carefully weaving Bey’s dense raps and Gaye’s soulful vocals over his new arrangements, the producer delivers a quality far closer to Gaye’s famous duets than that of a “mash-up” album.

        'Yasiin Gaye. The Return: Side Two' gives us 18 new mash-ups of Mos Def and Marvin Gaye classics.

        Richie Phoe

        Bumpy's Lament

          Deep and rolling dubwise reinterpretation of the Isaac Hayes' classic B/W "Electric Boogie" a toe tappin' nod to 80's dancehall destined to brighten the smokiest of rooms. Originally released back in 2010 and unavailable since 2011. Funky reggae from Canada's Balanced records. Fresh repress! Headz dub


          A1. Bumpy's Lament
          B1. Electric Boogie 

          Pie Eye Collective has been a part of the Albert’s Favourites family for a little while, working with Hector Plimmer and Scrimshire on studio and live performances, he has also played alongside Emma-Jean Thackray and And Is Phi.

          Pie Eye Collective is the solo project of sound scientist and explorer Matthew Gordon.

          While at its heart electronica, Gordon creates an organic collage of influences and evocative noises, even drawing from jazz and soul music. Time signatures and rhythms, sometimes hard to pin down, only lead to a more hypnotic sense of being afloat in a sea of harmonics and strangely familiar musical memories.

          It is music that wants you to completely free yourself and let it move through you.


          A1. Gratitude
          A2. Salvation
          A3. Assimilation
          A4. Flibbers Feat. Hector Plimmer
          A5. Djed
          B1. Beta
          B2. In Habit
          B3. Hymn Feat. Mettashiba
          B4. Saqqara
          B5. Yantra

          Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter Jordan Rakei returns with his fourth studio album, "What We Call Life’". Diving even deeper into his sound world, merging electronic with acoustic, and rugged grooves with ambient atmospheres, to create something richer, more detailed, and more textural than before. Rakei, already a practitioner of meditation and mindfulness, was curious about the potential of using therapy for further self-discovery. During the process, he began to learn more about his behaviour patterns and anxieties, and addressed his long-standing irrational phobia of birds – a fear often associated with the unpredictable and the unknown, and something explored in the album’s creative direction and visuals.

          ‘What We Call Life’ is Jordan Rakei’s most vulnerable and intimate album to date. Its lyrics concern the lessons that the New Zealand-born, Australia-raised, and London-based artist learned about himself during therapy, a journey that began two years ago when he started reading about the ‘positive psychology’ movement. These themes manifest on songs like lead single “Family”, which Rakei says is “the most personal” he’s ever been with his lyrics. “I wanted to hit my vulnerability barrier and be really honest. It’s about my parents’ divorce in my mid-teens but still having love for them no matter what,” he explains.

          Artwork was created by Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based visual artist Justin Tyler Close (who has worked previously with the likes of Laura Marling), who resonated with the themes on Rakei’s album. The image was created in a remote photo shoot, with Rakei sending images over the internet that were projected onto a sheet and photographed by Close. The melancholic images reflect the title of the record, a question that Rakei would sometimes ask himself during a period of his childhood in which he suffered a great deal of anxiety: Is this what we call life? Rather than accepting defeat, the title is today a commentary on the more happy, confident, and assured person and artist that Jordan Rakei is today


          Millie says: Jordan Rakei fourth album is highly anticipated here at Piccadilly, the album explores themes worn close to Rakei’s sleeve. Personal and moving, the track ‘Family’ is so beautiful and soulful.


          A1. Family
          A2. Send My Love
          A3. Illusion
          A4. Unguarded
          A5. Clouds
          B1. What We Call Life
          B2. Runaway
          B3. Wings
          B4. Brace
          B5. The Flood

          Nina Simone & Lauryn Hill

          The Miseducation Of Eunice Waymon

            With his latest Soul Mates Project, Amerigo Gazaway imagines a studio session between The High Priestess of Soul, Nina Simone, and living legend, Lauryn Hill. Continuing the “collaborations that never were” theme of his previous releases, the producer seamlessly connects the dots between Hip-Hop and the genre’s predecessor, Soul. 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Feeling Good
            A2. Ready Or Not (feat The Fugees)
            A3. Doo Wop (That Thing)
            A4. To Zion (feat Carlos Santana)
            B1. Fu-Gee-La (feat The Fugees) 
            B2. The Sweetest Thing (feat John Forte)
            B3. Take It Easy
            B4. Peace Of Mind
            C1. Lost Ones
            C2. Killing Me Softly
            C3. If I Ruled The World (feat Nas) 
            C4. How Many Mics (feat The Fugees)
            D1. So High (feat John Legend)
            D2. Care For What
            D3. Angel Of The Morning 
            D4. The Miseducation Of Eunice Waymon
            D5. Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix - Bonus Track)

            Richard Spaven & Sandunes

            Spaven X Sandunes

            Spaven x Sandunes is a collaboration of musical worlds, where London meets Mumbai, the new project from Richard Spaven and Sanaya Ardeshir is a mix of forward-thinking drum language and intricate synthwork weaving together a moody electro acoustic tapestry which we go absolutely wild for here at Picc HQ!

            Suitably smokers-friendly for the iconic !K7 label, the album creeps through shadowy soundscapes punctuated by wild breakbeats and guided by some lost, shamanic instrumental language spoken through dazzling arrays of strings, raptous reeds, sparkly synth work and mountainous bass.

            Polyrhythmic throughout, with a keen grip of movement and repetition, it's at times Can-esque, at others reminescent of Floating Points' spiraling electro-jazz epics. Deployed with a focussed intensity, whilst still remaining unhurried and free-flowing, the tracks seek to elevate the listener into clouds of shimmering, electro-boosted, dreamy jazz - and it's absolutely wonderful! 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1: In Readiness
            A2: Tree Of Life
            A3: Evelyn
            A4: Don't Ask Feat. MC Altaf
            B1: Can't Say That To You
            B2: Little Ships
            B3: Sustain
            B4: 1759 (Outro)

            Speiz Boiz

            Speizbanger / Breakbottle

            Speiz Bois is a trio of three seasoned Hungarian musicians active in countless other projects (think of the already cult Jazzbois outfit) playing a unique fusion of hip-hop, spaced out psychedelic grooves and melancholic 80's guitar sounds.

            'SpeizBanger' on side A is one of those timeless songs that are hard to be described, but we are pretty sure this is what an imaginary demo by random members of BadBadNotGood and Khruangbin, recorded in a smokey Budapest home studio would sound like.

            'BreakBottle' on the flip starts off as a more conventional live groove until the ethereal synths and guitar harmonies come in, from then it sounds like the fictional demo described above.

            The single is limited to 300 copies

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Speizbanger
            B. Breakbottle

            During the production of two singles (This being the first) unfortunately William Stuckey passed away, below are some words from my partner in the project Brian Sears regarding our work with him pm his LP.

            Brian Sears - I'm not one that likes to write but I wanted to say a few things about William Stuckey. William Stuckey passed away last in August 2021 at age 73, and is an artist that I've been working with since last summer. He was a key fixture in the Little Rock music scene and most notably was one of the driving forces behind the legendary True Soul label. Lee Anthony, the owner of True Soul Records, once told me that William Stuckey was the most talented musician he had ever worked with, and if you know anything about that label or Lee Anthony, that's quite a compliment.

            When I reached out to William last summer about re-releasing his material, he ignored my calls and messages. Fortunately, I was able to reach his son, Erreyon who was kind enough to listen to me. I've worked a lot of terrible sales gigs in my past and "getting to the point" is sometimes a hard thing to achieve, especially when you're trying to talk about the music business and music that's 50 years old. But the point was simple, his music matters and deserved to be preserved. This resonated with William and Erreyon and they gave Euan Fryer and myself a chance.There was a memorable handoff of the master tapes in a parking lot and from that point forward I knew William Stuckey trusted me. Trust is something he had to do a lot in his life due to the fact that he was visually impaired and I'm thankful he trusted us. As I wrote before, there was a long process of transferring the tapes, but it was successful, and the album has never sounded so good. William had incredible hearing and was able to pick out details most might not detect. He was gifted and that shined through his own playing and voice through copious recordings. Speaking with him after he finally heard the newly remastered album, the way he had intended for it to sound, is something I'll never forget. Moments like that are really the reason why I feel so compelled to work with older musicians that didn't get a fair shake the first time.

            Meeting William Stuckey face to face earlier this summer was one of the highlights of my year. We laughed and hung out at his place where he had lived for the past 50 years. I told him his music was internationally known and the re-release was well received. He was humble and felt like a long lost friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. I'll never forget that. I told him I wanted to take some photos, and I'm so glad I did.We had a good time and it was a beautiful summer night and as I left his place his neighbours noticed me walking to my car and wanted to chat, so we talked briefly and it ultimately lead to one of them getting into their car and cranking "The First Time" on the stereo system in their driveway. I wasn't sure if Stuckey could hear it from his house, but part of me knew he probably could and hearing his song echo in the background as I drove off and thinking about Stuckey and the time we shared and his music being appreciated by so many, even in that moment, is a wonderful memory. I'd like to think he was smiling.His music and legacy will live on forever.
            Rest in peace to a great one.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. The First Time
            2. The First Time (Instrumental)

            Recorded in New York in the Summer of 1978 for Philly Jazz (who attempted to form the Ra-legion Cosmo-Fan Club!), this legendary (and previously ultra-rare) LP is maybe the closest Sunny ever got to a crossover album! That's not to say that the out-of-this-world arrangements have been toned down (far from it!), but you can hear the influence of disco and fusion on tracks like "Where Pathways Meet" and "That's How I Feel". It's had a few re-issues over the years, including an amazing deluxe version, which was enough to get my pants moistened, but now it has been reissued on vinyl with all original artwork, and some amazing liner notes in which they interview Bob Blank (the engineer), Michael Ray, Danny Thompson (Arkestra musicians) and Tom Buchler (from Philly Jazz) - I have well and truly soaked my trolleys!! Definitely one of the top five all-time greatest Sun Ra albums - if you've never bought one before, I reckon that this is the perfect introduction to THE GENIUS OF SUN RA!!!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Lanquidity
            A2. Where Pathways Meet
            A3. That’s How I Feel
            B1. Twin Stars Of Thence
            B2. There Are Other World (They Have Not Told You Of)

            Dutch icon Orlando Voorn, famed for his funky techno and tuff house productions unveils his new sound via Deeptrax Records sublabel Contrafact! Having started his career in the early 80s with major influences of Parliament, Kraftwerk, Motown and P funk, he is now widely recognized as an ingenious (Detroit) techno producer with former releases on Juan Atkins’ Metroplex records and Kevin Saunderson’s KMS. “The Master”sees his explore classic jazz-funk and soulfull mood, enhanced with his unmatched creative abiltiy around the studio.

            Reminscent of classic beatdown and Detroit house such as Amp Fiddlr, Recloose, Moodymann etc; but kicking that bit harder on the speakers due to Voorn's speaker-rattling techno background!

            There's per-LENTY to go at here folks. A double disc janut of electro-jazz-funk-deep-house fusion which is primed for play in both nightclubs, living rooms, souped up Seirra Cosworths and sun-blushed Tiki bars alike.

            This man is a musical genius! Up there with Carl Craig and Moritz Von Oswald with his sheer profeciency in both production and musicality. And he's relentless - this releases comes segued in between a flurry of techno releases, all of which are killer - as this 30 year+ musical veteren marches on with no intention of slowing down in later life!

            Absolutely killer album that's delightfully long, satisfying and made with love and passion. Like a 5-course meal at your favourite restaurant you'll want to devour it from start to finish. Highly recommended.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: A selection of deep, rich house classic from Voorn here, with the grooving basslines and vocals perfectly coalescing together into a wild and fiery soulful house treasure.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Orlando Voorn - I'm About To Whip Somebody's Ass (Revolution)
            A2. Orlando Voorn - Freak Of My Desire
            B1. Orlando Voorn - Gotta Get Up
            B2. B2 - Orlando Voorn Feat. E1 Ten & Mary Griffin - Oh Lord (Urban Coalition Mix)
            C1. Orlando Voorn - Leave Or Stay
            C2 . Orlando Voorn - The Love Sisters
            C3. Orlando Voorn - Un Common
            D1. Orlando Voorn - The Master
            D2. Orlando Voorn Feat Slikk Tim - The Funk Brothers
            D3 . Orlando Voorn Feat Belou Sunday - I Love You 

            Niklas Wandt

            Solar Musli

              The most massive of ups goes to Daniel and Gunther at Bureau B for some sterling A&R here, locking the world's daftest drum savant, Niklas Wandt into his first solo LP. This percussive polymath keeps his diary fairly full with production, radio shows, DJing and a shitload of collaborative pursuits, whether with Joshua Gottmanns in N-NDW funksters Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge, Dusseldorf gee Wolf Müller, Sascha Funke or ambient heart-throb Cass.

              For 'Solar Müsli' though, Niklas takes centre stage with a debut solo LP informed by kosmische, jazz, Afrobeat and ambient, but placed in a universe of its own. This is not formalism at work, but an exhilarating, freely flowing album which started out as an exercise in improvised percussion and developed into a multidimensional journey, at times both introverted and ebullient. Stitched through with snippets of spoken word by some of his nearest and dearest, this wildly psychedelic listen is a journey through the nebulous realm of electronic jazz, both emotive and escapist.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Der Glaeserne Tag
              A2. Durch Den Spalt
              A3. Lo Spettro
              A4. Wo Es War
              B1. Kusnacht
              B2. Solar Musli
              B3. Am Rande

              Andrew Wasylyk

              Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia

                As the Spring of discontent took hold on 2020, composer Andrew Wasylyk sought shelter in the familiar. Low-light morning walks in Dundee’s 19th century Balgay Park acted as sanctuary and solace to events happening in the world outside. Opened in 1871 the park, with adjoining cemetery and sweeping panoramic views across the Firth Of Tay’s inner estuary, is known for its astronomical observatory which sits high on a wooded hill and is the only full-time public observatory in the UK.

                These walks, along with the comfort found in work and routine, helped alleviate the universal cloud of anxiety that swept the first part of the year, and soon Andrew found that his daybreak strolls were seeping into the music he was creating. Slowly, a collection of luminous, inventive and largely instrumental music was taking shape.

                The ten compositions that make up Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia present themselves as hymns to early morning light, the optimism at the start of the day, and the simple joy that can be found close to home exploring an inner-city park. As with last year's Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation and Scottish Album Of The Year Award shortlisted The Paralian (2019), trumpet and flugelhorn are handled by fellow Tayside musician Rachel Simpson, who's delivery blends muted swells and punctuated patterns.

                The hallmarks of Wasylyk’s multi-dimensional approach to composing, performing and producing glow soft throughout the arrangements. His timeless, yet entirely individual, melodies remain potent and apparent. A warped tape loop cycles over a Fender Rhodes motif - elegiac strings underlined by the thud of analogue drum machine. Textures shift and shade like dawn glimmering through the branches of a sycamore. Infused with field recordings made on his morning rambles; finches flutter in the high green canopy, a dog walker shuffles in fallen leaves, the faint hum of lawnmower and passing passenger-less bus. Elsewhere, a wood pigeon clatters through a blossom tree, migratory geese call above Mills Observatory and the heavy summer rain rattles down on empty streets.

                Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia is as much a daydream rubric through solitude as it is meditative map. An invite to untold stories and images that take flight in the listener’s mind. Here, Andrew Wasylyk offers another cohesive, unique, and transcendental journey through ambient, library and jazz.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Blossomlessness #2
                2. Through The Rose Window
                3. Magpie Spring
                4. Sun Caught Cloud Like The Belly Of A Cat
                5. Avril Hydrangeas
                6. Western Necropolis 
                7. The Ghost Who Never Arrived
                8. Observatory In Bloom
                9. Smiling School For Calvinists 
                10. The Morning Of Magnolia Light

                Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators

                Paint Me In A Corner

                Now and then you might find yourself painted in a corner. It is usually the case that you can only blame yourself for ending up there. The painter of shapes and words, Nicole Willis has painted herself for the past ten years into the periphery of Helsinki, Finland, only to sing her soul out. Now she's back at grinding her vocal axe with The Soul Investigators.

                Approaching the release of their third joint album in late 2015, it's time to test the waters with Paint Me in a Corner b/w Where Are You Now. Neither of the tracks carries much of a humour element. The first one points its pounding existential finger towards us all, urging us to break the chains of normality, while the beautiful melancholia of the second track rocks the listener in a mid-tempo groove paradise.

                These two tracks might be just the thing to kick you in the chest with enough soul in order to get out of the house. Maybe even dance by yourself in a desolate corner of the bar.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Paint Me In A Corner
                2. Where Are You Now

                Various Artists

                Under The Influence Vol. 9 Compiled By Alena Arpels

                Z Under The Influence series continues. Following on from Red Greg, Paul Phillips, James Glass, Nick The Record, Sean P, Faze Action, Winston and Woody Bianchi (all of which are highly collectable), it’s now the turn of one of the scene’s most impressive collectors; the London-based DJ and dancer: Alena Arpels.

                Originally pressed on vinyl in very small quantities, these 19 records were issued between 1970 - 1983. Many of the tracks included in this compilation were never commercially released but given away by the artists to family and friends instead. There are no genre boundaries so expect to hear funk, soul, disco, boogie and jazz funk. What is common, however, is talent, groove, drive and passion.

                Collecting rare records and DJing for over 15 years, she’s also been a regular DJ and dancer at soul, boogie, house and UK jazz dance parties. Alena is a frequent guest at European soul weekenders. She was lucky to grow up listening to her parents’ ever-expanding record collection (lots of classical music, 70s prog rock, and jazz). King Crimson, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Chic, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, George Gershwin, as well as Sergei Rachmaninoff, all had strong influences on her.

                As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: An imperative series for collectors of rare groove, boogie and disco music, volume 9 adds a nice twist from Alena Arpels who may we have contributed the rarest tracks yet to the series.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side 1
                1. Spellboun' - Dance Your Blues (part II)
                2. EKG - Give Me Love
                3. Eugene Blacknell - Holding On
                4. MVP Cloudburst - Specialty Item
                5. Pleze - Disco 2000
                6. Jeff Burns - Flashback
                7. La Voyage - All Nite Affair
                8. Executive Jam - I'm Into Your Love
                9. Fire Water - Twilight
                10. Frederick - Move On
                Side 2
                1. McNasty - Say, Raise Your Hand & Say McNasty
                2. Basic Sounds Of Pittsburgh - Down Beat (Gimme Some Chitt'lins)
                3. Chash Money - Seeking
                4. Body Heat - Forget Yourself
                5. Horizon - Give It Up
                6. Rideout - Spend Some Time With Me
                7. Jackson-Lee - Space Ghost (part I & II)
                8. Sharon Revoal - Reaching For Our Star
                9. Reflections - Reflex

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