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Genre pick of the week Cover of Black To The Future by Sons Of Kemet.
Sons of Kemet returns in 2021 with their new album Black To The Future. The follow up to 2018’s Mercury Prize nominated breakout release Your Queen Is A Reptile. This is their 4th record, and 2nd on impulse! Compared with ”Your Queen is a Reptile”, this album has featured vocalists and more of an emphasis on fuller compositions and arrangements. Guest artists include Kojey Radical, Moor Mother, Angel Bat Dawid, Joshua Idehen, D Double E.


says: Oooft! Just what was lacking from this year, Sons of Kemet delivering the goods with 'Black To The Future'. Featuring vocals on this album adds an extra something special, definitely a firm favourite of mine for 2021.


1. Field Negus Feat. Joshua Idehen
2. Pick Up Your Burning Cross Feat. Moor Mother, Angel Bat Dawid
3. Think Of Home
4. Hustle Feat. Kojey Radical
5. For The Culture Feat. D Double E
6. To Never Forget The Source
7. In Remembrance Of Those Fallen
8. Let The Circle Be Unbroken
9. Envision Yourself Levitating
10. Throughout The Madness, Stay Strong
11. Black Feat. Joshua Idehen

Aura Safari is an Italian Jazz / Fusion quintet consisting of Nicholas Iammatteo, Alessandro Deledda, Lorenzo Lavoratori, Daniele Melloni and Andrea Moretti.

Each member of the band comes from different musical backgrounds like Jazz, 80's Boogie, World Music, Italo House, Balearic Beats, Jazz Funk and soundtracks. What most influenced them was spending years in the local scene of Perugia (Italy) attending Umbria Jazz Festival every summer and winter nights at the legendary Red Zone Club.

This is the first 7 inch release for the band, we are very excited and honoured to have them on Terrasolare! On the A Side we have Niagara a truly emotional waterfall! A Jazzdance track à la Incognito melted with cinematic atmospheres. The perfect soundtrack to drive your convertible down the seafront on a hot summer day during sunset.

On the flip we have Agua De Luna, where we left the sunset drive behind and we move to downtown under an exotic full moon light where the night begins… dreamy synth line, Fender Rhodes and slapped jazz funk bass line… we leave the rest to your imagination…

As always mastered and manufactured by Timmion Cutting. Comes with silver pantone label and premium brown paper sleeve.


1. Niagara
2. Agua De Luna

Matt Berry

The Blue Elephant

    In his tenth year with Acid Jazz, the ever-prolific Matt Berry has crafted a psych masterpiece. Once again proving his artistic progression and ambition knows no bounds

    Recorded during the summer of 2020, ‘Blue Elephant’ is testament to Matt’s exceptional musicianship, production skills and songwriting prowess with every instrument played by Matt including, guitars, bass, a variety of keyboards and synthesizers (piano, Wurlitzer, mellotron, Moog, Hammond, Vox and Farfisa organs), with the exception of drums – supplied by Craig Blundell, on arguably his best album to date. 

    This music soundtracks an album that explores themes surrounding today’s close scrutiny in all its bewildering, objectifying and unnerving experiences. Very much a conceptual and, therefore, continuous long-player, the album’s infectious grooves come to the fore on standout tracks ‘Summer Sun’, heavy-psych instrumental ‘Invisible’, the three-part ‘Blues Inside Me’, which encompasses a psych journey through a late ‘60s and early glam filter mixed with the propulsive ‘Like Stone’.


    1. Aboard
    2. Summer Sun
    3. Safe Passage
    4. Now Disappear
    5. Alone
    6. Invisible
    7. Blues Inside Me
    8. I Cannot Speak
    9. The Blue Elephant
    10. Life Unknown
    11. Safer Passage
    12. Like Stone
    13. Story Told
    14. Forget Me
    15. Now Disappear (Again)

    Big break heavy extensions of a pair of classic funk cuts here, once again pressed in limited numbers for the collectors and DJs out there. On the A-side James Brown's "Funky Drummer" comes under the knife, looping up into a longer, beefier rendition a touch shy of five minutes. Over on the flip, the classic, but far from quantized "Root Down" by Jimmy Smith gets set to a click and extended with highly mixable loops of the track's insatiable groove.


    A1. James Brown - Funky Drummer (extended Breaks Special Edition)
    B1. Jimmy Smith - Root Down (extended Breaks Special Edition)

    Ian Carr


      Official half-speed mastered re-issue of British trumpeter and bandleader Ian Carr's iconic jazz-fusion-rock hybrid ‘Belladonna’ from 1972.

      Originally released on the Vertigo label, complete with collectable ‘swirl' record centre design, this sought-after jazz-rock-fusion rarity features some of the cream of the UK jazz musicians of the 70’s. Comprised from groups such as Nucleus, Brian Auger's band, Soft Machine, Stan Tracy group, the players included Brian Smith (tenor and soprano saxophones, alto and bamboo flutes), legendary guitarist Allan Holdsworth, Dave MacRae (Fender electric piano), and bassist Roy Babbington, to name but a few.

      Seen as a benchmark point in Ian Carr's career, 'Belladonna’ is awash with atmospheric excursions and ethereal qualities, as well as a darker fusion aesthetic and prog-rock sensibility from Holdsworth's exceptional guitar playing. The moody, yet funky, vibe of the album has echoes of Miles Davis' electronic era à la 'In A Silent Way'.

      The album is best enjoyed played in its entirety. There are ebbs and flows with certain tracks shining along the way. Standouts include the beautiful down-tempo track 'Summer Rain’, which has a soundtrack / library style brilliance and emotional electric piano soloing. Though recorded in the 70’s, the track has a timeless sound, a melancholic funk so often used in hip-hop and beat tape productions to this day. ‘Mayday's Shaft-like long extended intro builds the drama until the percussive release when the drums drop at over three minutes in.

      To give a record of such quality the treatment it deserves, we have once again been lucky to enlist the service of mastering and lacquer cutting engineering don Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, to cut a brand-new half-speed master and let the music speak for itself.


      A1. Belladonna
      A2. Summer Rain
      B1. Remadione
      B2. Mayday
      B3. Suspension
      B4. Hector’s House

      Caserta skillfully combines the wonderous vocals of Curtis Mayfield with some west coast boogie in an inspired double A-side for Bridge Boots. The Boogie Oogie Mix using the classic drum boxes and presets from the golden years of boogie. Meanwhile, the Curious Mix delves into a more late-80s aesthetic, electronic soul, especially Solar Records; with 808s driving the beat and a slightly more stripped back approach. Both sides bound to twist heads and cause a flurry of grown men rushing up to the decks for an ID! Recommended!


      A1.  Caserta’s Boogie Oogie Mix
      B1.  Caserta's Curious Mix

      Japanese re-editer Dai San has delivered two EPs for GAMM and on this, the first EP, his b-boy and dance background shines through.

      The EP opens with an edit of Roy Ayers best jam ever (well, possibly) and is followed by a drum-fuelled b-boy edit of a rare French funk-jazz cut.
      Last but not least we end on a high with a classic dance jam for the jazz-funk-disco community.

      Thuddin' and pumpin' in that typically GAMM fashion, these retweaked dancefloor grooves are just what the doctor ordered come 21st of June... 


      A. Still Good
      B1. Body Moves
      B2. People To People

      McKinley Dixon

      For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her

      Richmond, Virginia-based artist McKinley Dixon has always used his music as a tool for healing, exploring, and unpacking the Black experience in order to create stories for others like him. For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her, Dixon’s debut album on Spacebomb, is the culmination of a journey where heartbreak and introspection challenged him to adapt new ways of communicating physically and mentally, as well as across time and space. The language accessibility aspect of this project draws right back to communication and connecting,”

      Dixon explains. “I think about the messaging, and how this can be a way for another Black person, someone who looks like me, to listen to this and process the past. Everything I've learned about communication for this album culminates with this bigger question about time. Is time linear when you’re still healing and processing? Westerners look at time travel as something to conquer or control—it's a colonizer mindset. That’s ignoring how time travel can be done through stories and non-verbal communication, and doesn't acknowledge how close indigenous people are to the land and the connections groups have because they’ve existed somewhere for so long. Storytelling is time travel, it's taking the listener to that place. Quick time travel. Magic.” Never relying solely on beats, Dixon taps into a hybrid of jazz and rap, pulling in an array of piercing strings, soulful horns, percussion, and angelic vocalists throughout the album—plus features by Micah James, Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, Pink Siifu, and more. Jazz instrumentals add a level of uncertainty, with the sounds and shifts evoking a lot of emotion and vulnerability.

      It’s an energy he describes as “Pre-Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly,” the era when rap adopted more live instrumentation. The best way to sum up this album is: I was sad, I was mad, and now I’m alive,” Dixon explains. “These things I talk about on the record have had harmful and brilliant effects on my timeline, and have forced me to be cognizant of the fact that living is complex. Rap has allowed me the language to communicate, and be someone who can communicate with people from all over. Knowing how far I’ve come, I think people will find trust in the message I’m sending.”


      1 Chain Sooo Heavy
      2 Never Will Know
      3 Bless The Child
      4 Make A Poet Black
      5 Protective Styles
      6 Swangin’
      7 Brown Shoulders
      8 B.B.N.E
      9 Grown Man Voice
      10 Mama’s Home
      11 Twist My Hair

      DJ Soopasoul is back on his own Soopastole Edits label, this time paying tribute to the more great funk sounds and killer drum breaks. The artist is well versed in subtly reworking the classics, bringing them up to date and adding his own unique flavour. This time round Pac and Outlawz' brutal bars from savage Biggie diss "Hit Em Up" find a home over the tight groove of Fred Wesley's "Damn Right I Am Somebody" - forget Tinder, this is a match.


      A1. Damn Right I Hit Em Up (vocal Version)
      B1. Damn Right I Hit Em Up (instrumental)

      A singular group of experts issues a notice of extraordinary urgency in the vicinity of various atmospheric phenomena, which are partially localized and, above all, of high intensity. Yet the sun shines with strength over the Neapolitan favela. 'Allerta Meteo' is the first album of sparkling sonics by The Funkin' Machine Collective and the newest release of Periodica Records? Pegaso Series, comprising a cross-section of jazz and funk sounds, with bright colors that are good for any season, whether rain or shine. The voice of Andres Balbucea - the binding soul of the opera - is supported by the unmistakable flow of Speaker Cenzou during the vibrant ''L'ora d'o Groove'', accompanied by the performances of Roberto Porzio on the synthesizers, Alessio Pignorio and Riccardo Betteghella on the guitars, Vincenzo Lamagna bass guitar, Andrea De Fazio drums, Paolo Bianconcini on percussions, and the extraordinary participation of Pietro Santangelo in the cinematic ''Django'' and Jeroen Verberne on Trombone in ''Rafiki''. An authentic wave of warm notes destined to overwhelm the most observant listener, the first-hour followers, and all the citizens.


      1. Prufesso
      2. Django (Fischio)
      3. Rafiki
      4. Allerta Meteo
      5. Affittacamere
      6. Ll'ora Do Groove
      7. Pataturk

      Manchester has produced some of the UK's greatest rock bands from Joy Division to the Stone Roses, but it isn't just the indie scene that thrives here, from the likes of Jon Thorne and Stuart McCallum to the Beats & Pieces Big Band and trumpeter Matthew Halsall, Manchester's jazz scene has produced some of the UK's brightest and most original jazz groups. Now with its eighth release Matthew Halsall's Manchester based Gondwana record label shines a light on another of Manchester's expansive, brilliant piano trio GoGo Penguin. Featuring pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Grant Russell and drummer Rob Turner (all still in their twenties), GoGo Penguin, draw on a heady brew of influences from Aphex Twin to Brian Eno, Debussy to Shostakovich and Massive Attack to EST.

      Manchester based, DJ, bandleader and trumpeter Matthew Halsall is one of the UK's brightest jazz talents. A gifted trumpeter with a beautiful, expressive tone, his music draws on his love of the transcendental, spiritual and modal jazz of Alice and John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, as well as the glories of 60s British jazz.

      His third album "On The Go" is a heartfelt love letter to the jazz of the late 50s and early 60s. Inspired by the evocative sounds of Miles Davis' soundtrack to the Louis Malle film "Lift To The Scaffold" and the legendary early 60s recordings of Art Blakey and Max Roach the album is nostalgic but always soulful. However, while Halsall's elegiac music is imbued with a sense of history, the young trumpeter and DJ nevertheless brings a contemporary bounce to his music ensuring that his music breathes with a personality all its own.

      The album opens with "Music For A Dancing Mind", the most obvious nod to the work of Blakey and Roach. The beautiful "Song For Charlie" is named for Halsall's grandfather, a key inspiration in his life. Dukkha is a Buddhist term roughly translating to suffering so the title "The End Of Dukkha" is self-explanatory and "Samatha", another Buddhist term, means calm, a perfect title for this elegant tune. "The Journey Home" came to Halsall on the train back to Manchester from London and captures that happy feeling of return.

      John McLaughlin / La Pregunta

      Planetary Citizen

        Remember kids, Breaks & Beats do NOT fuck around. Never has this been more evident than on this FIRE extension of the WILD "Planetary Citizen" by John McLaughlin - the jazz funk monster which provided the "hey hey heeye hey" for Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy". Thing is, though that sample spot is most fulfilling, it's the killer basswork, clav madness, guitar and groove which makes this one a must have. On the flipside, La Pregunta's 'Shangri La' is a gloriously cheesy bit of cruise ship disco which just happens to boast one of the fattest breaks ever. Hip Hop heads will know it from LL Cool J's "Breakthrough".


        A1. Planetary Citizen ( Extended Breaks Special Edition)
        B1. Shangri-La (Extended Breaks Special Edition)

        Kolida Babo

        Spirits Of Mauronoros / Kolida Hymn

        And now for something completely different and, man, is it a treat!

        Blending acoustic (duduk, sax, double bass) and electronic (Moog and Roland synthesisers) elements, this Greek duo of Sokratis Votskos and Harris P cannily updates the modal folk drone that has bewitched musicians and listeners alike for centuries.

        'Spirits of Mauronoros' is as mesmerising and it is lovely; a plangent soprano sax improvises over an enticing, bubbling, synthetic stew—imagine Eno extemporising alongside a Dimotiko folk band having just listened to 'In A Silent Way.'

        After the opening invocation, 'Kolida Hymn' offers a simple, repeated descending synth line (think early '70s German electronica) topped by a minor key sax melody. Spacey and hypnotic, it then takes flight into an uplifting atmospheric refrain before paring itself back down.

        Reverence of the Ineffable is the vibe on both sides of this modern spiritual meditation making it perfect for late night chill.


        1. Spirits Of Mauronoros
        2. Kolida Hymn

        Labi Siffre / Banbarra

        I Got The / Shack Up

        If you needed some funky disco tunes if your life then look no further, Labi Siffre and Banbarra have got your back. ‘I Got Your Back’ has that irresistible catchiness that has turned it into a pure classic. Flash forward to the B-Side, ‘Shack Up’ is just an essential funk track, instantly recognisable and an absolute banger!


        Labi Siffre - I Got The
        Banbarra - Shack Up

        Lafayette Afro Rock Band / Gaz

        Hihache / Sing Sing

        On a handy 45 tip, Breaks & Beats are back with another pair of extended B-boy / DJ bangers from Lafayette Afro-Rock band and Gaz. Their latest seven-inch excursion begins with a tidy revision of Lafayette Afro-Rock Band's brilliant "Hihache", a low-slung favourite rich in lolloping, head nodding drum breaks, jazzy bass, flanged funk guitars and fuzzy horn motifs. The new version is deferential towards its source material, extending breaks here and there whilst leaving much of the tune in tact. Fans of LL Cool J may recognise this jam from its appearance in "Jingling Baby". One of the most doubled-up drum breaks in hip-hop history takes pride of place on side B, where Gaz's Salsoul released wiggler "Sing Sing" gets the re-edit treatment.


        A. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Hihache
        B. Gaz - Sing Sing

        Antti Lötjönen & Koma Saxo

        Erzeben Strasse / Erzeben Koma

        Helsinki bassist Antti Lötjönen follows up his 2020 We Jazz Records debut LP with a new 7" introducing a fresh version of key album cut "Erzeben Strasse" and throws in a wild treatment by Petter Eldh's Koma Saxo on the flipside. "Erzeben Strasse" presents Lötjönen's Quintet East lineup in fine form, swinging steadily but also adding enough sideways movement to blur the lines just a little bit. The band features a stellar Finnish cast in Lötjönen (bass), Verneri Pohjola (trumpet), Mikko Innanen (baritone sax), Jussi Kannaste (tenor sax) and Joonas Riippa (drums).

        The Koma Saxo treatment of the track, dubbed here as "Erzeben Koma" is full of fire. Uplifting, a bit hectic, beat-driven and jubilant, Eldh's band of brothers double the ensemble heard on Side A, both sampling and adding new recording into the mix. The entire Koma Saxo live band is featured here: Eldh (bass/production), Otis Sandsjö (tenor sax), Jonas Kullhammar (tenor sax), Innanen (alto sax) and Christian Lillinger (drums). The modern sound of Helsinki meet Mauerpark Liquid Jazz.


        1. Erzeben Strasse (7" Edit)
        2. Erzeben Koma

        Eric Malmberg

        Milda Döden Hämtar Oss Alla Till Slut

        We Jazz Records is delighted to present the first ever vinyl release for two modern classic tracks by Swedish organist Eric Malmberg. Originally released in 2007 by the label Häpna on Malmberg's second solo album "Verklighet & Beat", the pair of tunes herein serve as proof of Malmberg's remarkable artistic vision, echoing both the pure pastoral beauty and the irresistible groove of his work. This release, part of the ongoing 7" series by We Jazz Records, follows the label's Artistic Director Matti Nives's 10+ years of obsession with the aforementioned Malmberg album after an initial chance encounter with the side A track on a WIRE Magazine compilation in 2007.

        "Eric Malmberg's music is a small miracle. I don't want to call him a genius, because I don't want to jinx him. But I will say that he's a complete original, in addition to being a vastly talented musician. I will also say that his recordings and the two performances that I saw by Sagor & Swing merit a place on a short list of most enjoyed musical experiences of the last half decade. I could bleat about the quality of the work, but "most enjoyed" to me carries the stronger charge." – David Grubbs, New York, March 2007

        "A special mention needs to go out to the phenomenal and totally bonkers 'Till minne av Lilly Lindström' a track which starts with a clean break, builds into dancefloor abusing Hammond-hammering mayhem and then ends up with lush string orchestrations and disco-lite sweeps. Insane and more enjoyable than you could possibly imagine - an album to totally lose yourself in, and one for anyone looking for something just that little different. Huge recommendation." – Boomkat


        1. Milda Döden Hämtar Oss Alla Till Slut
        2. Till Minne Av Lilly Lindström

        Mammal Hands

        Oni / Lantern

        Formed in Norwich in 2012, Mammal Hands, have forged their own path away from the musical mainstream and their unique sound grew out of long improvised rehearsals. Saxophonist Jordan Smart, pianist Nick Smart and drummer and percussionist Jesse Barrett all contribute equally to the writing process: one that favours the creation of a powerful group dynamic over individual solos.

        Their records are entrancing and beautiful affairs, drawing on their love of electronic, contemporary classical, world, folk and jazz music, Mammal Hands take in influences including Pharoah Sanders, Gétachèw Mekurya, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Sirishkumar Manji.

        Recorded at the same sessions as last year's acclaimed long-player, Captured Spirits, Oni / Lantern is a perfectly formed, strictly limited 12" release that pairs the rhythmic punch of the incessant A-side banger, 'Oni' with a beautiful folk-tinged future-anthem in the wistful, engaging 'Lantern' and with just 500 for the world, copies pressed this one will fly!


        1. Oni
        2. Lantern

        Vaughan Mason / Bad Bascomb

        Bounce Rock Skate Roll / Black Grass

        Good news for giddy kippers all over, the Breaks & Beats 7" series returns this week with another two Bboy classics, given the slight adjustment for extended ecstasy. Volume 10 sees Vaughan Mason's roller-disco classic "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll" looped up and suped up, backed with a cheeky extension of break-heavy country funker "Black Grass" by Bad Bascomb. Get yer lino!


        A1. Vaughn Mason - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
        B1. Bad Bascomb - Black Grass

        Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin + Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath

        Melodies Record Club 001: Four Tet Selects

        “Melodies Record Club”, a string of DJ and artist curated mini compilations in loud 12” format. The first instalment was put together by Four Tet, selecting two big peak-time Jazz tracks he used to spin regularly at Plastic People.

        On one side, we’ve got all time jazz greats Jackie McLean and Michael Carvin’s De I Comahlee Ah, taken from their seminal album Antiquity recorded in Denmark back in 1975. A year and a half ago, we visited Steeplechase, the original label in the outskirts of Copenhagen. They informed us that at the time, the track was cut short as it didn’t fit on the full LP. They were kind enough to provide us with the tape of the full original recording, allowing us to release for the first time the full extended version capturing twelve and a half minutes of studio magic. Speaking with Michael back in November, he told us that every song on that album was recorded without any overdubs. They had taken their shoes off and organised the studio in such a way that they could move from instrument to instrument during the take (!!)

        On the flip, we have Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath – MRA. Back in 70s London, the Brotherhood had brought together musicians who had sought refuge from South Africa’s apartheid regime and the best of a new generation of British jazz musicians. Music journalist Richard Williams, who had originally reviewed the band in the 1970s tell us: “They made music that appealed in equal measure to the head, the heart and the feet, taking the jazz legacy of Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus and adding to it the fantastic dance rhythms and gorgeous harmonies of the townships and untethered collective improvisations of the new free music”.

        Four Tet’s instalment is out early May in 12” format and digitally (stream & download), first press comes with a folded A2 insert with words from and about the artists. Graphic design by Studio ChoqueLeGoff, illustration and animation by Nevil Bernard and for the audiophiles out there, remastered and cut at half speed by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios!

        The second instalment curated by Ben UFO is scheduled shortly, which will be followed over time by a string of releases including selections from Hunee, Mafalda, Floating Points, Anya & Julia from Javybz, Daphni, Josey Rebelle, Charlie Bones, Gilles Peterson… and more, stay tuned!


        says: Time to get your Jazz on, Four Tet Selects these absolute gems for the first instalment and it doesn't disappoint! Bring on the rest I say... more jazz, more jazz!


        A1. Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin – De I Comahlee Ah (extended)
        B1. Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath - MRA

        Australian 9-piece Spiritual Jazz group Menagerie announce their highly anticipated third album 'Many Worlds'. Menagerie is the Melbourne-based Jazz ensemble founded by producer, songwriter, guitarist, DJ and recording artist Lance Ferguson, also the driving force behind The Bamboos, Lanu, Rare Groove Spectrum and Machines Always Win.

        Recorded at Union Street Studio by award-winning engineer John Castle, 'Many Worlds' features some of Australia's finest musicians, including pianist Mark Fitzgibbon (a regular performer at Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge's original Dingwalls sessions), drummer Daniel Farrugia and renowned saxophonist Phil Noy (The Bamboos).

        Inspired by both the post-Coltrane generation of the 70's, labels like Strata-East, Impulse! and Tribe, along with the current 'New Wave Of Jazz', Menagerie aligns with the world of Kamasi Washington, Shabaka Hutchings and Nubya Garcia, whilst also bringing their own unique twist.

        Lead single 'Free Thing' leans heavily into the spiritual side of the band's sound. The hypnotic spoken word-poem is evocative of The Last Poets, an earthy yet futuristic meditation on the universal theme of freedom itself, set to a backdrop of insistent percussion, double bass and brooding piano voicings.

        'Hope' carries forward the sound of spiritual jazz into the 21st century, with its epic vocal harmonies and melodic fanfare, it is an uplifting anthem for this period of global worldwide upheaval and uncertainty.The title track 'Many Worlds' is a perfect example of how Menagerie incorporates their myriad influences, but manage to create a sound that feels uncannily fresh and contemporary. Book-ended by ambient, ethereal sections, the slow-burning groove builds over its 11-minute duration to create a standout crossover track.


        1. Hope
        2. Many Worlds
        3. Free Thing
        4. Mountain Song
        5. Hymn Of The Turning Stone
        6. Quantum Blues

        Mathias Modica

        Sonic Rohstoff

          Mathias Modica’s "Sonic Rohstoff" is the new album on Berlin-based label Kryptox Music, Toy Tonics’ and Gomma Records’ sub label for new forms of Jazz & Electronica.

          Over the past two decades, Mathias he has made a name for himself by discovering and breaking new talent and styles of music. He produced albums with James Murphy and Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem, Peaches, Asia Argento, The Rammellzee and WhoMadeWho just to name a few.

          The album is a journey through abstract downtempo vibes, lofi jazz and futuristic electronica. This is Modica’s first album under his own name, following three albums under his monikers Kapote and Munk. All instruments are performed by Modica himself, embellished by guest musicians from the new Berlin Jazz scene. Most people might know Modica from his earlier works as a producer, keyboard player and founder/ creative mind behind Toy Tonics, Gomma and Kryptox.

          The music on “Sonic Rohstoff” is based on deconstructed samples and beats made from real drums and field recordings. Guest musicians are Ralph Heidel (fl, sax), Viktor Wolf (sax), JJ Whitfield (Beats). Loose drum patterns lead the way, mixed with carefully crafted, sensitive atmospheres setting the perfect mood for Modica’s warm and melancholic chord progressions and melodies played on several keyboards. Across the album, he draws inspiration from 1970s jazz funk and 1990s hip hop and electronica. Moods transition from sweet to bizarre, from cinematic to funky. Modern pioneers like Flying Lotus and DJ Shadow are influences as well as movie composers like Alessandro Alessandroni and David Axelrod and the fascinating world of 1980ies japanese fusion jazz.


          A1. Blumen Der Vernunf
          A2. Mica Male
          A3. Kontainer Kollektif
          A4. Le Sud
          A5. Nippon Jonetsu
          B1. Kotti Bizarre (Antitheater)
          B2. Konterfei
          B3. Haengboggam
          B4. Ostinato Eisbox
          B5. Vendetta '71

          Pioneers of the British music scene, ‘Blackest Blue’ will be the band's 10th studio album in a discography that spans three decades. 2020 saw Morcheeba unable to tour or perform live, which gave Skye Edwards & Ross Godfrey “time to write songs and really get to hone them,” as Godfrey puts it. “There weren’t so many pressures so we could really take our time getting the songs right,” adds Edwards.

          The result of this time is a refined 10 track album that fuses previous incarnations and sound of the band - such as downbeat, chill, electro-pop & soul - into one cohesive record that dives deep into the soul of the band’s genre-mashing musical heritage. As usual, the band didn’t approach the album with any pre-conceptions, and instead created an organic journey that represents everything great about Morcheeba.

          Edwards’ lyrics are primarily focused on positivity and overcoming personal adversity that lies within. ‘Sounds Of Blue’, is a stunning cut that puts Skye Edward's sultry vocals to the forefront, floating high above an ethereal backdrop.

          The album includes features with Duke Garwood (known for his work with Mark Lanegan, amongst others) and Brad Barr (The Slip, The Barr Brothers). 


          LP Tracklisting:
          1. Cut My Heart Out
          2. Killed Our Love
          3. Sounds Of Blue
          4. Say It’s Over
          5. Sulphur Soul
          6. Oh Oh Yeah
          7. Namaste
          8. The Moon
          9. Falling Skies
          10. The Edge Of The World

          Bonus 7” (Indies Exclusive Version Only)
          A. Slow Rippling Surges
          B. Falling Sky (Merther Hum Dub Remix)

          Mother Freedom Band’s Cutting The Chord is a funky modern soul classic. It’s both a criminally under-appreciated album and a hard-to-find record so we’re delighted to be giving this sweet disco-funk groover the reissue treatment it deserves.

          Produced by the great Al Goodman from The Moments and originally released in 1977, Cutting The Chord seems to be one of the lesser known releases on the curious, and often great “All Platinum” label. Other than a 7" of a couple of these tracks, the only thing that the band seem to have released is this album, and what an album it is. Unbeatable soul-funk of the highest quality.

          The album bursts open with “Love Will Stay In Your Corner”. It’s a soulful dancer that reliably slays any funk set you care to drop it in. It’s followed by the lithe disco funk “Flick Of The Wrist” that’s all bubbling baselines and elegant horns. The groovy, horn-enhanced sweet soul of “Gotta Get It Back” is equal parts heartbreaker/hip-shaker and the acidic organs on “Mr Brother” are an experiment in synth soul.

          Perhaps the group’s best known track, “Beautiful Summer’s Day” might well be worth the price of an original copy alone. It’s pure piano-driven paradise soul. A tropical birdsong intro sets the scene of a warm, perfect sunshine day and the lead vocal soars over the lush, clean production. The tempo oscillates between contemplative and stomping. Essential.

          The brilliantly-named “(Assistants Rag) When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” opens side two. Another huge highlight, its title refrain repeated over this laid-back, power-funk workout. It still sounds incredibly modern, like something off the last D’Angelo record, and if Public Enemy and Diamond D both sampled it you know it knocks hard.

          The horn-heavy, clav-stabbing-stomper “We Like To Boogie” keeps things fast and funky before the airy, heavenly harmony soul of “Come On Home” mellows us all out. Things pick up again with “Touch Me”, and you might recognise its addictive elements sampled in Jay-Z’s Kanye West-produced “A Star Was Born”. The magical, reggae-tinged, gospel-influenced “Sweet Love” closes out this assured, classy set.

          We dare to say that Cutting The Chord is a rare example of a funk-soul LP which is killer from start-to-finish. Sure, there are the stand-out bombs, but the whole thing is a complete and varied album of feel-good vibes held together by its fluid horns, tight, tight rhythm section and beautiful vocals.

          Mastered for vinyl from the original analogue tapes by Simon Francis, cut by Pete Norman and artwork restored at Be With HQ, this new edition should hopefully stop this album slipping any further into obscurity. It’s just too good to be forgotten.


          says: Shockingly underrated, Cutting The Chord is filled to capacity with hit after hit of stone cold funk classics. Drenched in soul and groovy goodness, in need of the attention it truly deserves.


          A1 : Love Will Stay In Your Corner (2:59)
          A2 : Flick Of The Wrist (3:10)
          A3 : Gotta Get It Back (3.06)
          A4 : Mr. Brother (4:24)
          A5 : Beautiful Summer Day (3:21)
          B1 : (Assistant’s Rag) When You’re Hot, You’re Hot (4:06)
          B2 : We Like To Boogie (4:24)
          B3 : Come On Home (5:13)
          B4 : Touch Me (3:21)
          B5 : Sweet Love (4:18)

          That illusive & cult collected Mutable series has beguiled and pleasured the most ardent oddball disco and leftfield funk lovers with a highly desired, low-turnover series full of dancefloor jubulence that now reaches its forth release. Whilst only a few know the true identity of the master craftsman behind the label, plenty have indulged in its pleasures on the dancefloor.

          Side A of the new record contains two workouts that sound like you're catching Moodymann DJ'ing at either Plastic People or The Roadhouse circa 2004 - primo disco-house soul that simmers and broils with passion.

          Side B begins with an electronic rock-disco cut which bucks to a wicked groove and unleashes a Zanzibal-esque b-line onto our receptive body particles. Continuing with a hefty slice of timpani-led disco-funk full of slashing Stratecasters and wild bass before concluding with an piece of exo-orbitting dub that contains a plethora of tropical instrumentation.

          As always, nothing short of splendid. Limited copies and highly recommended from all.


          says: The mystery continues... Part four of the riddle. Sounds like Moodymann, plays like Andi Handley; is neither of the two but you DO know him! ;)



          In 2018, Sean Worsey, a successful lawyer in California, began to receive some rather surprising emails. These were not from prospective clients, or about current cases he was working on, but rather queries from record collectors. They wanted more details about a pair of obscure, largely forgotten records he’d made in the mid 1980s as part of a virtually unknown band called Passion Theatre.

          To say he was surprised is an understatement. “People from around the world were emailing, calling and messaging us about the music, particularly a track called ‘Vacation Day’,” he says. “Our records were rare and gaining in value, mainly because there were not many manufactured at the time. By 2019, several individuals in the music industry had emailed me about licensing tracks.”

          Space Talk eventually agreed with Sean to include ‘Vacation Day’ on Charles Bals’ second compilation, Retour Au Club Meduse. Impressed with the quality of the compilation Sean approached them again to discuss whether they would be interested in reissuing both of his old EP’s in full, an idea he’d been considering for a few months already.

          The original studio tapes were long gone but a friend of Sean’s had some mint vinyl copies which made the trip from California to use as the master source, restored and mastered superbly by Technology Works in London. The striking original artwork from the two EP’s has been faithfully reworked into a gatefold double vinyl LP by designer Asger Behncke Jacobsen and features extensive interview/sleeve notes by Matt Anniss.

          In the words of Sean Worsey - “One of the nicest things about the renewed interest in our music is that we can now enjoy it for what it is - back then we were a bit too worried about succeeding.” 


          says: I'm not sure this could be any more relevant to my interests; Painfully obscure 80s synthpop, heavy on the groove, angular, art-ish and kinda flouncy in a Balearic way. In other words, it's my dream record. Buy it now or regret it later!


          1. Strange Desire (EP1: Strange Desire EP)
          2. International Love Affair
          3. Menage A Trois
          4. No For Answers
          5. Mannequin (Fiesta Mix - EP2: Mannequin EP)
          6. Vacation Day
          7. In Love With A Mannequin

          Jorge López Ruiz

          El Grito (Suite Para Orquesta De Jazz)

            Be With is delighted to present Jorge López Ruiz’s El Grito (Suite Para Orquesta De Jazz), eternal Argentinian magic released on CBS in 1967 that must be one of the most sought-after South American jazz LPs.

            Living in Buenos Aires in the 60s, driven by creative impulse and rage Jorge López Ruiz used music as his platform to protest the Argentine military dictatorship: “I could never stand dictatorships, to be told how you have to think, what you have to do. Nor did I endure discrimination”.

            A young López Ruiz had appeared on a television panel alongside writer, politician and philosopher Arturo Jauretche, criticising the Onganía dictatorship. Jauretche told López Ruiz “Now say it with music”. This was the deep inhale that lead to El Grito, literally “The Scream”. As López Ruiz later explained “Jauretche urged me that my protests should not remain in words and acquire the consistency of a work… but it was not so much what he told me but how he told me, what prompted me to make the work take shape, first in a live concert and then in a recording”.

            As the police and military began resorting to kidnapping, torture and summary executions to quiet dissent, with depressing inevitability the artist community and their work were a particular target of the increasingly brutal regime. El Grito was banned not long after it was released and the majority of original copies were unceremoniously destroyed.

            The work of a genius artist living under an opressive dictatorship, erased by the government of the time, this is buried treasure in every sense and it’s been a rare record for over 50 years. But it isn’t just being hard to find that has pushed up the prices of those few original copies that survived, this is a foundational record in the development of jazz in South America.

            El Grito (Suite Para Orquesta De Jazz) is a showcase for Jorge López Ruiz’s skills as a composer and arranger as he leads a virtuoso orchestra of the likes of Mario Cosentino (alto sax), Baby López Furst (piano), Pichi Mazzei (drums), Gustavo Bergalli (trumpet), Oscar López Ruiz (guitar), Arturo Schneider (flute) and Jorge López Ruiz himself plays double bass on the fourth and fifth movements.

            As the album’s sub-title explains, The album is a Jazz orchestra concept suite. Five movements, to be heard as a whole, that end where they begin.

            “When I wrote it there was no history of a cyclical work in jazz. But I didn't notice that, I needed to express something and I did it. At that time they told me I was crazy, that such a thing was very difficult to do. But hey, I like challenges”.

            Yet this is not challenging jazz. There are certainly avant garde, free jazz flourishes, but the hard bop characteristics make this a very accessible album: easy to listen to without being easy listening. López Ruiz’s love of film brings a definite cinematic feel.

            The title movement opens the album in bombastic style. “El Grito” grabs you by the lapels and refuses to let go. Raw then controlled, it’s by turns stabbing then soothing, with rage weaved in and out of the elegant styles. “M.A.B. = Amor” is our favourite here. With a tense introduction and a patient build, a gentle sax sweeps in to lift everything up to meet the serene piano and soft drums. Elegantly paced, it moves back and forth between deep contemplation and a more urgent call and response between strings and horns. A near-eight-minute, slow motion marvel.

            The second side eases in with the beautifully-titled “Hasta El Cielo, Sin Nubes, Con Todas Las Estrellas” (“Up To The Sky, No Clouds, With All The Stars”) a relatively brief mid-tempo piece featuring López Ruiz’s insistent bass notes high in the mix, and again blending the sublime with the emotive with its wild horns and tight rhythm section.

            It’s followed by “Tendré El Mundo” (“I Will Have The World”) which also leads with hypnotic bass, but this time swifter, driven by crashing drums, rapid horn conversations and effortlessly cool piano flourishes. Rounding out the suite, “De Nuevo El Grito” (something like “The Next Scream” or “The Scream Renewed”) is a stylish closer. Whilst López Ruiz’s bass shifts the track along, the horns and piano are more restrained, yet no less stunning.

            This Be With edition of El Grito sounds sensational, if we do say so ourselves. Working with audio from the original analogue tapes, the vinyl mastering chops of Simon Francis are on full show here in what he considers to be some of his best ever work for Be With. Pete Norman’s cutting skills have made sure nothing is lost. The tortured artwork has been restored here at Be With HQ as the finishing touch to helping this revered work find a rightful place in every protest art collection.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1 : El Grito (06:12)
            A2 : M.A.B. Amor (07:45)
            B1 : Hasta El Cielo, Sin Nubes, Con Todas Las Estrellas (03:54)
            B2 : Tendré El Mundo (04:10)
            B3 : De Nuevo El Grito (07:45)

            The American Negro is an unapologetic critique, detailing the systemic & malevolent psychology that afflicts people of color. It should be evident that any examination of black music is an examination of the relationship between black & white America.

            This relationship has shaped the cultural evolution of the world and its negative roots run deep into our psyche. With an elaborate orchestral and soulful display, The American Negro re-invents the black native tongue: a politically conscious LP with a prescription to eradicate hate in America.

            “The American Negro is the most important creative accomplishment of my life. This project dissects the chemistry behind blind racism, using music as the medium to restore dignity and self-worth to my people"

            Adrian Younge is a multi-instrumentalist, film composer and producer with an analog studio and record store in Los Angeles. He is a member of The Midnight Hour and has produced for entertainment greats ranging from Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Wu Tang Clan.

            He’s composed for television shows such as Marvel’s Luke Cage (with Ali Shaheed Muhammad), and films including Black Dynamite. He owns the boutique record label, Linear Labs, and is co-owner of Jazz Is Dead.

            When he’s not working on scores for major studios or networks, he’s making albums that speak to his own artistry.

            For The American Negro, Younge not only wrote, but played every instrument of the album’s rhythm section; he also orchestrated a 30-piece orchestra and recorded them in his analog studio.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            says: A moving political album which delves into the issues surrounding racism in America. Beautiful soulful vocals make this a truly spectacular release.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Revisionist History
            2. The American Negro
            3. The Black Broadcast
            4. Revolutionize
            5. Double Consciousness
            6. Watch The Children
            7. Dying On The Run
            8. Intransigence Of The Blind
            9. James Mincey Jr.
            10. Disadvantaged Without A Title
            11. Mama (You Will Make It)
            12. The Black Queen
            13. Margaret Garner
            14. Race Is A Fallacy
            15. Light On The Horizon
            16. A Symphony For Sahara
            17. America Is Listening
            18. The March On America
            19. Paradox Of The Positive
            20. The Death March
            21. Black Lives Matter
            22. Rotten Roses
            23. Jim Crow's Dance
            24. Patriotic Portraits
            25. George Stinney Jr.
            26. Sullen Countenance

            Big Crown Records is proud to present Dear Sunny... a compilation of Sunny & The Sunliners covers by Big Crown artists. Since the first time we heard "Should I Take You Home" by Sunny & The Sunliners, we have been avid fans. That record, which we were introduced to on MF Classy Chris' now legendary mixtape, The Time Is Right, set a lot of things in motion. It started of course with tracking down copies and collecting all of Sunny's records for our personal collections.

            That quickly turned into the desire to reissue some of his vast catalog on our label for the rest of the world to hear. We got in touch with Sunny and his son David and brought the idea to them. After getting to know each other well enough Dave said, "You have been calling us non-stop for more than three years, you MUST mean what you are saying" and with that, we signed a deal to do a reissue project on Big Crown. We then flew out to San Antonio again, this time with a scanner and a videographer. We sat down with Sunny to interview him, went through his vast collection of photos, and talked about his life and career. Sunny was even kind enough to let us film him performing acoustic versions of a few songs.

            We used all of that material for our 2017 compilation, Mr Brown Eyed Soul. That release is our highlight reel of Sunny's Soul tunes. We also made his rarest records readily available to collectors at a price that wouldn't empty their pockets. The concept for Dear Sunn came to us right after we signed the deal. We wanted our artists to cover his music as a tribute to him. Three years later we released the digital album on Sept 4th to coincide with Sunny's 77th birthday. The response has been nothing but love and now we are ready to press this up on vinyl with the addition of Liam Bailey's scorching cover of "Give Me Time". Everyone here stepped up to fill very big shoes doing these covers. Bobby Oroza teamed up with Cold Diamond & Mink and made a smashing version of "Should I Take You Home". The Shacks took on the anthemic "Smile Now, Cry Later" while Holy Hive covers "If I Could See You Now" building off the uptempo dance floor energy of the original. Paul & The Tall Trees bring a crooning vibe to "Rain Makes Me Blue" and Brainstory turned "Runaway" into a haunting ballad reminiscent of early Lee Hazelwood productions.

            Some of these turn out to be covers of covers. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band takes on the funk collector's holy grail from Sunny, his cover of War's "Get Down" while 79.5 take Sunny's version of "My Dream" and change the vibe from a floating love song to theme music for the brokenhearted. Mr. Lee Fields does "The One Who's Hurting Is You" and the latest addition to the Big Crown Roster, Lizette and Quevin, do a rendition of the song that brought Sunny to Dick Clark's American Bandstand in 1963 and catapulted him to fame; his cover of Little Willie John's "Talk To Me". So as the letter begins, "Dear Sunny.." we hope that you enjoy this homage Sir. Thank you for all the music you have given all of us, it has been a pleasure to work with you and to get a chance to know you and your family. We hope everyone enjoys this homage to the living legend, San Antonio's finest, Mr. Brown Eyed Soul, Sunny Ozuna as much as we do

            TRACK LISTING

            SIDE A

            1. Smile Now, Cry Later - The Shacks
            2. Should I Take You Home - Bobby Oroza
            3. My Dream - 79.5
            4. If I Could See You Now - Holy Hive
            5. Get Down - Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band.

            SIDE B

            1. Give Me Time - Liam Bailey
            2. The One Who’s Hurting Is You - Lee Fields & The Expressions
            3. Talk To Me - Lizette & Quevin
            4. Rain Makes Me Blue - Paul & The Tall Trees
            5. Runaway – Brainstory

            The third installment of Numero’s ode to lowrider souldies, Rust Side Story compiles highly sought after sweet soul singles from the Buck Eye State. Prepare for a low and slow ride from Youngstown to Dayton, Cleveland to Columbus, Toledo to Cincinnati, all soundtracked with silky falsettos and dreamy harmonies

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. La'Fez - This Is The Way I Am
            A2. Ice-Cold-Love - Sheer Magic
            A3. Young Mods - Gloria
            A4. Harvey & The Phenomenals - What Can I Do (To Prove My Love Is Real)
            A5. Bobby Wade - Can't You Hear Me Calling
            A6. Soul Superbs - Just Ask Me
            B1. Now - Lovin You Is Easy
            B2. The Nombres - Just Call Me
            B3. Iron Knowledge - Oh Love
            B4. Foreign Blue Renaisance - Oh, Yes I Do
            B5. The Donations - I'm Gonna Treat You Good
            B6. Unknown Boddie Recording Artist - I Do Love You

            Four years after releasing 'Exotic Jazz Impressions From Hungary', Budabeats Records proudly presents another exciting selection of some long forgotten and rare pieces of Hungarian popular music.

            This time their focus is on the non-existing soul scene of 70's Hungary, which, however produced a handful of gems that could have been released anywhere in the world and had not disappointed any soul head of the era. Zsuzsa Cserhati was one of the many tragic figures of Hungarian pop history: a celebrated singer who could never use all her potential because of some shady characters of the monopolistic music industry obstructing her carrier. Her two cuts featured on this 10" are the most interesting ones she ever recorded. 'Puha Sohajok' is a sensual but tight soul tune, no other title could describe it better than 'Soft Sighs'. The producers of her second track on here, 'Ne Nezz a Napba' probably had a thing for 'Les Fleur' by Charles Stepney and Minnie Riperton but hey, who could blame them? 'Harangzugas' is the sole side Aniko Baliko ever recorded but what a song it is! Mellow mid-tempo soul with a slight disco feeling, unmistakably cool. Kati Bontovics has been a renowned singer in Hungary since the early 70's known mostly for her jazz tinged works, both on her own and with many different acts. 'Holnap Megallnak az Orak’ is a groovy orchestral soul tune which we would be right to call a paraphrase of one of the most well-known standards of the genre. Originally all four songs were released on very limited domestic 7" singles only now all of them being obscure and sought after even in Hungary.
            This is your chance to get them on a strictly limited (300 hand-numbered copies worldwide) 10" single including a one-page colour book insert so you can pimp up your copy individually.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Cserhati Zsuzsa - Puha Sohajok
            A2. Baliko Aniko - Harangzugas
            B1. Cserhati Zsuzsa - Ne Nezz A Napba
            B2. Bontovics Kati - Holnap Megallnak Az Orak

            The follow up to renowned French DJ/producer/digger Guts (of Beach Diggin’ fame) 2019 album of the same name! The finest selection of his favourite tracks from his DJ sets, those tried and tested dancefloor bombs he reaches for time and time again.

            Covering obscure Latin, soul, Afrobeat, zouk and house, with a helping hand from Dam Swindle, with two of their remixes included.

            “Any DJ set tells you, unconsciously or not, about its author. Through the record choices and the way they are organized, one can feel the DJ’s state of mind...In this selection, you’ll find 7” vinyl records available to everyone sitting proudly next to some rarities found online and acquired through nerve-raking auctions battles. There are indeed exclusive remixes along with titles that until now were only available in their digital formats. Now for the first time they are available here in vinyl format.” - GUTS

            TRACK LISTING

            The Dutch Benglos - Shabi-Bi-Di-Do
            Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Yamona (Dam Swindle Remix)
            Pupkulies & Rebecca - Saude
            La Gran Banda Calena - Que Quieres Que Haga
            Martina Camargo - Me Robaste El Sueno
            Mackjoss - Mounadji
            Voilaaa - Limy -A Feat. David Walters, Lass & Pat Kalla
            Jobby Valente - Mi Moin Mi Ou
            Luis Dias - Liborio
            Bande Gamboa - P Di Bissilon-Dam Swindle
            Ngalah Oreyo - Aye / Alcione - Nzambi-Muadiakime
            Ismael & Sixu Tour - Utammada
            Pat Kalla - Canette (BOSQ Remix)
            Aurelio- Nando
            Chucho Pinto - Cumbia De Sal Y Azucar

            Various Artists

            Wanted - Afro Groove

              Wagram turn their attention to the hip-swivelling world of Afro-disco and Afro-Funk, putting together a sizzling set of pan African sounds covering a whole host of dance styles from all over the continent. Deeper diggers may recognise some of these gems from individual reissues over the last few years, but this is the only time you'll find them all in one place.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Marumo - Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
              2. Dele Sosimi - E Go Betta
              3. Zimba - Baleka
              4. Manu Dibango - Motapo
              5. Afriquoi Feat. Kudaushe Matimba - Kudaushe
              6. Joni Haastrup - Wake Up Your Mind
              7. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Gyae Su
              8. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Simigwa-Do
              9. Penny Penny - Shaka Bundu
              10. Om' Alec Khaoli & Umoja - Take Me Higher

              Various Artists

              Wanted - Afrobeat

                Wagram kick off their 'Wanted' series with a tour through some of the lesser thumbed dancefloor relases from Africa's rich musical heritage. Alongside some of the more obscure (but just as killer) moments from legends Pat Thomas, Mulatu Astatke and Ebo Taylor, we're treated to the driving disco of Livy Ekemezie, heads down funk of Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Bénin and the hypnotic, hip-shaking flute of Max Cilla. Wonderfully pressed and beautifully presented in collaboration with acclaimed British photographer Chris Steel-Perkins, this is an excellent addition to any well rounded collection.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Bénin - Wait For Me
                A2. Pat Thomas - Yamona
                A3. Wallias Band - Muziqawi Silt (Instrumental)
                A4. Girma Bèyènè - Ené Nègn Bay Manèsh
                A5. Mulatu Astatke - Yègellé Tezeta
                B1. Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - Love And Death
                B2. Peter King - African Dialects
                B3. Livy Ekemezie - Delectation
                B4. Max Cilla - La Flûte Des Mornes

                Various Artists

                Wanted - Blaxploitation - From Diggers To Music Lovers

                  A new week and a new ‘Wanted’ from the Wagram fam, this time focusing on that groove heavy strain of soul which soundtracked the Blaxploitation flicks of the 70s. An absolute vibe of from start to finish.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Incredible Bongo Band - Bongolia
                  A2. Doris Duke - Woman Of The Ghetto
                  A3. All The People Feat. Robert Moore - Cramp Your Style
                  A4. Don Julian - Lay It On Your Head
                  A5. Turner Brothers - Sweetest Thing In The World
                  A6. Joe Simon Feat. The Mainstreeters - Theme From Cleopatra Jones
                  B1. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Darkest Light
                  B2. Eugene Blacknell - Gettin' Down
                  B3. The Sylvers - We Can Make It If We Try
                  B4. The Pharaohs - Love And Happiness
                  B5. Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters - Speak The Truth To The People - Frankie's Theme
                  B6. George & Gwen McCrae - Mechanical Body

                  Various Artists

                  Wanted - Jazz Vol. 1

                    The always affordable Wanted series returns this week with another set of beautifully presented, expertly selected comps covering a variety of genres. Tackling jazz was always going to be tricky so the folks at Wagram serve us a survey in two parts. Volume 1 treats us to luxurious grooves, mournful ballads and dreamy difters from the likes of Art Blakey, Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie and Letta Mbulu. 

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Art Blakey Big Band Feat. John Coltrane - Pristine (Take 2)
                    A2. Fred Johnson - A Child Runs Free
                    A3. George Benson - Along Comes Mary
                    A4. Charles Mingus - Boogie Stop Shuffle
                    A5. Gordon Beck - The Hustler
                    A6. Lorez Alexandria - Send In The Clowns
                    B1. Dizzy Gillespie - Chega Dee Saudade (No More Blues) (Take 2)
                    B2. Letta Mbulu - What'S Wrong With Groovin'
                    B3. Joe Williams With Thad Jones & The Mel Lewis Orchestra - Get Out Of My Life Woman
                    B4. Oscar Brown Jr. - Work Song
                    B5. Grant Green - The Final Comedown
                    B6. Jeremy Steig - Howling For Judy

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