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Genre pick of the week Cover of Black Soul Brothers by Miguel De Deus.

Miguel De Deus

Black Soul Brothers

For the first time reissued, with the great contribution of Miguel de Deus's family in São Paulo, who suplied the collection of photos for the 4 page booklet insert.

Brazil is a country of great musical talent especially in the field of rhythm oriented music. The rich tradition of samba sounds among others will certainly prove that. By the 1970s of course other styles came into the music lover’s perception. Funk and soul washed down south from the bigger US metropolises and infected a whole generation of musicians including Miguel De Deus and his fellows. As a result the former Oz Brazoes (Latin acid rock with fuzzed out guitar) rhythm guitarist and his crew delivered their now classic sole album “Black Soul BHrothers” in 1977, a hot blooded, steaming masterpiece of raging ghetto funk spiced up with soul eruptions on and a Latin American flavour. A rather explosive cocktail in times of slick disco music. The Latin elements tend to be more like a support for the groovy soul and funk than a bearing pillar of the whole sound. They still give the songs exciting twists and turns. The non stop rhythm pulsations would certainly feel different without any Samba influence. And so the album presents a permanent steaming dance beat that will swallow you when you put this hottie on your turntable. A never ending swirl of rhythm patterns, bass notes, brass section harmonies and commanding vocals pushes you to your physical limits. A few more relaxed songs let you breathe some fresh air but the spell of this music lasts upon your soul. You want to go wild and crazy and have your lame high school party turn into a loose and lethal freak out? Play some wicked Latin funk like “Flaca louca” with its beautiful interplay of utterly melodic female vocals and dirty, screaming male vocals, your desired result will be the case. An ingenious crown jewel of 70s funk that will appeal to each fan of early FUNKADELIC, BLACK MERDA, BETTY DAVIS.

Aldous RH


    Manchester's vintage-wear Prince enthusiast re-emerges after 2012's "Misc. Disc." LP with a brilliant bit of bubblegum funk called "Sensuality". Leaving his major label Indie-moment in the distant past, Aldous RH trades in lo-fi reproductions on the glossy slow jams of his 70s R&B dreams. Borrowing the soft focus sleaze of Conan Mockasin, the tongue in cheek charm of Mac Demarco and the sexual funk of Rick James, "Sensuality" is a proper summer jam - all rolling bass grooves, wah guitar and funky drumming, space cat solos and sleazy vocals. It may as well be wearing a silk robe and pouring you a cocktail - that's my kind of seduction. Over the other side, our eligible bachelor offers his take on Stevie's brilliantly naff "My Cherie Amour", transforming the glossy soul-jazz standard into a louche and lounge-y stroller worthy of the house band on a Japanese chat show - that's a good thing by the way. Off the wall and with the white socks to prove it, Aldous has delivered a strong contender for the song of the summer.

    Chain Reaction

    Dance Freak

    "Everybody Dance..." A bonafide dancefloor invitation, this classic cut by Chain Reaction was originally released in 1980 on the P&P affiliate label, Sound Of New York. A project between keyboardist Dwight Brewster (of the Imperials) and percussionist Harold Sargent (of Wood, Brass & Steel fame) 'Dance Freak' provides one finest moments in the entire catalogue. A funky boogie-disco track with all the elements of a party anthem, it’s no surprise it’s been a favorite of veteran DJs like Kenny Dope and Danny Krivit.

    There are many reasons why this track is a must-have for disco DJs. Outstanding percussion; tick. Funky guitar and bass lines; tick. Catchy chorus; tick. Brass accents; very welcomed. Using a synth as a percussive instrument; incredible and most likely lifted from the Patrick Adams Handbook “How to make a hit record”. There really isn’t much more we can say here. We “just wanna Dance with you...”

    Lyn Collins

    We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty / You Can’t Beat Two People In Love

    People Records was the revered funk/soul imprint of the legendary James Brown, who throughout the 1970s curated and made it home to an array of top-tier deep funk artists, singers, and songwriters. It was during this time that the label hosted a variety of "funky divas" like Marva Whitney, Vicki Anderson, and Myra Barnes. Unquestionably the greatest of them all was Lyn Collins, whose R&B hit, the frequently-sampled "Think (About It)" is one of the most enduring singles to emerge from Brown's People label. Get On Down now presents here, an unearthed gem from the famed "Female Preacher." "We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty" was previously unavailable on any Lyn Collins full-length release, and has never been reissued as a standalone 7" single until now. The track is a rollicking funk burner, produced by James Brown himself, and has sampled its way into tracks by Eric B. & Rakim, The Prodigy, De La Soul, and Big Daddy Kane among others, and comes on a large hole 45 with freshly re-mastered audio. "You Can't Beat Two People In Love", the funky soul-ballad B-side, is not to be missed either, featuring additional backing vocals by Brown.


    Moog For Love EP

    The Brothers Lawrence hit us with another of their out-of-the-blue bonus EPs, dropping three essential, brand new tracks for the dancefloor. On side A we get the peak-time nu-garage banger 'Boss', a bass-bouncing, filter vocalled winner all the way. Heading in the other direction BPM-wise is the slo-mo shuffler 'Feel Like I Do', which samples the honeyed tones of the legendary Al Green, adds some retro needle crackle and grooves all the way to the dancefloor. Summer anthem alert! Eats Everything's Daniel Pearce is the collaborator on the title track, a filter house bomb sampling George Benson's 'Moody's Mood for Love'. Again, another surefire dancefloor filler. Limited 12" pressing!

    Eleanore Mills

    Same Routine / I'm Gonna Get You

    The 1974 Eleanore Mills album ‘This is Eleanore Mills’ has been in heavy demand over the years and exchanging hands for between £300-£400. A primary reason for the interest has been the two songs here, released on 7” vinyl for the very first time. “Same Routine” has is highly popular on the underground soul/disco scene, a featured track on the highly regarded ‘Under The Influence’ (Vol.3) series compiled by Joey Negro. “I’m Gonna Get You” is a massively in-demand quality modern soul release making this 7” single irresistible.

    Modern Artifacts

    Running Up That Hill - Heavy Disco Edit

    Ashley Beedle (for it is he) is back with more of his Modern Artifacts / Heavy Disco edits. Freshly remastered, his Heavy Disco edit of Kate Bush classic 'Running Up That Hill' gets an airing again. This edit has been a mainstay of many a DJs playlist over the years. It's a deep, throbbing, psychedelic monster with added keyboards and efx. Essential and now repressed on this limited single sided DJ disc.


    I Saw You / Heaven's Love

    Mind blowing Minneapolis boogie, there is so much to this story but let's start with their original 1982 press release:

    "Hot group, NOBODY, definitely going somewhere!

    During the 1960s the American popular music scene was overtaken and dominated throughout most of the decade by a creative surge emanating from Detroit. "The Sound Of Young America" was Motown. As Motown declined another inspired voice took up the slack. Under the direction of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Philadelphia International, aka "The Sound Of Philadelphia" (TSOP), became the new voice under the early and mid-70s.

    As is becoming quite apparent, the 1980s belong to the Twin Cities. Most people thought it would stop with Prince. It hasn't. A new band called Nobody is making sure that it doesn't. And although the group has been wrapped in mystery ever since they started just four months ago, their recently released demo tape (which will shortly be pressed on vinyl) is a monster that has music insiders buzzing with enthusiasm, "Right now nobody knows who we are. Once we become established, however, we will be casting a highly creative shadow that will be profound, and that other people will have to live up to," says the group.

    The band has seven members: two vocalists-one male and two keyboard players, one guitar, bass and drums. All but one of the members are from the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, providing how fertile our sometimes mild little town can be. They've all had a diverse amount of experience-from jazz to funk - but their music doesn't fit any particular category. Some of Nobody's members even started out in the church, which gave their music a genuinely soulful feeling that can't be denied.

    Nobody was primarily put together by the female lead vocalist; a lady who's sung with manyTwin City jazz and gospel greats. But beyond anything else the band is a team. A team with a mission. A mission to bring quality music to the community. Many of you will soon get to judge the sounds of their debut songs for yourself. KMOJFM is getting ready to add the single "I Saw You" to its playlist, and WLOL's music director said he "loved it." Along with the airplay will be an appearance on Scott Thompson's "Showcase" on KWTN

    Meanwhile the group's manager, Jordanna Gold is keeping busy on both coasts attempting to hook up a deal with one of the major labels for this dynamic, multi-talented group that many people say will be busting out by grammy time."

    Spirit Of Love

    The Power Of Your Love / He's Alright

    Gospel is not something Athens Of The North usually put out. AOTN boss DJ Fryer likes the odd track here and there, but to make the grade it has to be pretty damn good. He used to play 'He's Alright' (the B-side of this 45) from the band's 1978 self-titled LP back in the day when you could pick it up for $10 (current Discogs minimun price: £60). At that point on the soul / boogie revival scene nobody cared or was looking for gospel disco (especially on LP) but times and tastes have caught up with good music, whatever the genre. When Fryer heard Floating Points play 'The Power of Your Love' at the Plastic People closing party it suddenly made him remember the LP he's all but forgotten about (credit where credit is due). He quickly jumped into action, hit up Calvin Bridges who wrote and recorded the LP (and is still recording gospel to this day) who was happy to help out, so here we have it; a now historic track flipped with Fryers preferred B-side and old secret weapon. This will fly!

    Debut album from Manchester-based composer and double bassist, Neil Todd.

    With the exception of Waltz for Matilda, the pieces which make up this album were all composed during the 1980s and early 1990s. However, although some were performed occasionally during this period, they remained unpublished as manuscript notes and were largely forgotten about for some 20 years until Neil rediscovered them in the autumn of 2014, while idly sorting through a box of old manuscripts and musical notes. Their discovery came as a pleasant surprise, and the idea for the album, along with the title, quickly followed.

    The pieces finally selected for the album are rather eclectic in style, showing the influence of Latin, blues, classical, folk and gospel, as well as more mainstream jazz. They have been organized into two sets, partly on mood and feel, and partly on instrumentation. The first set of five pieces have a quite upfront feel and are all performed with jazz quartet, made up of tenor sax, piano, bass and drums. The two sets are separated by a musical interlude in the form of a (little) big-band piece for septet where we were joined by three guest musicians. The second set of five pieces is more intimate in feel: three of the tracks are performed by trio (without drums), and feature a number of duet passages, either just piano and saxophone or piano and bass. In the remaining two quartet pieces the drums play a gentler supportive role.

    Wood, Brass & Steel

    Hey, Whats That You Say / Always There

    'Hey, What's That You Say' was recorded and released in 1973, three years ahead of the group's debut album but was not included. Original copies are rare and have exchanged hands for £50. The song was later covered by Brother To Brother. For this reissue we have changed the B-side to 'Always There', making this rendition of the Ronnie Laws classic the group are best known for available on 7" for the first time. It's taken from the 1976 album 'Wood, Brass & Steel' reissued on LP by Soul Brother Records

    Members of Wood, Brass & Steel include Doug Wimbush who would later play with the Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Dayton and George Clinton alongside recording his own solo albums. He and some other members of the group would also later record as Brand New Funk.

    Wood, Brass & Steel

    Wood, Brass & Steel

    From the original master tapes, beautifully remastered and pressed on heavy weight vinyl is this sought after 70s soul/funk album, the first of two being reissued on Soul Brother. “Wood Brass & Steel” features the much sampled tracks “Funkanova” (Black Science Orchestra, DJ Sneak, The Bucketheads etc), “My Lady” (Pete Rock), and “My Darling Baby” (Erykah Badu). In it’s own right the album is a musical masterpiece from a golden era, particularly well known for the rendition of the Ronnie Laws classic “Always There” alongside the aforementioned tracks. Members of Wood, Brass & Steel include Doug Winbush who would later play with the Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Dayton and George Clinton alongside recording his own solo albums. He and some other members of the group would also later record as Brand New Funk.

    After the success of ‘Kouté Jazz’, Heavenly Sweetness comes back with a dancefloor compilation, something keep your feet moving through the whole summer! 13 disco, boogie and zouk tracks recorded in the 80's in the West Indies.

    This is a dancefloor album compiled by Digger’s Digest and is a great project for fans of the Tropical music movement and electronic music with 12 tracks that have never compiled before.

    The advantage of this selection is that it reveals a broader spectrum to the Zouk music style that is poorly defined. Consider the tracks hidden gems, despite previously being interpreted by some big names in Caribbean music (Pierre-Edouard Decimus / Patrick St. Eloi / Eddy La Viny). These Tracks reveal this will of singularity, this merger between traditional and other rhythms genres (funk, disco, afro-beat, Latin Brazilian), with the addition of new instruments such as synthesizers and drums machine in the creative process.

    In many Zouk's albums, this period often included one or even several tracks that were qualified as "proto-zouk" and "funky-zouk" or the "boogie-zouk" to emphasize the fusion of genres. But these tracks have remained unknown to the general public...

    This is awesome. Think Moodymann producing Donald Byrd, in Stereolab's studio and you are somewhere close to the psychediscojazz bomb that is on the A Side of this EP, Linkwood Family's "Piece Of Mind" features an astral choir, Byrd-esque bassline, Love Unlimited strings and dubby Moodymann bassline, add in the ridiculously good edits (deck stops, backwards bits, skewed vocals), and you have THE underground hit of the summer. There will not be a club this won't work in, absolutely ACE. Over on Side-B Linkwood gives us "Hear The Sun", a beatdown house thing in a similar vein to Theo or KDJ. A deep sparse spiritual house workout that puts me in mind of Sun Ra's 'Angels & Demons'. Lastly there is Fudge Fingas & His Fidgety Friends "Aksman" a nifty little reggae tinged outro, that'll serve well at the end of your mix tape. Essential repress of this iconic Scottish dance music relic.


    Matt says: Back in stock for the first time since 2007! Game changing business from this now institutional Scottoish camp.

    "Off Track III" finds the New York / Boston-based pair shining a light on another diverse array of underexposed vinyl. The eclectic African disco and boogie soul cuts Amir highlights on his disc are Americanized by style but inherently authentic in feel, demonstrating the very best of the region’s dance music from the period following Fela Kuti’s mid-70s creative peak. Some standouts: Tee Mac’s 1980’s insistently catchy "Living Everyday"; Effi Duke’s percussive materpiece "The Time Is Come"; and Christy Essien’s glorious "You Can’t Change", which features famed bandleader Geraldo Pino’s Show Train outfit. Also in the mix are a couple of cuts from unsung Nigerian star Dizzy K. Falola aimed at sophisticated dancefloors.

    Kon’s disc opens with an extended edit of Donny McCullough’s "From The Heart" from a pricey 1981 album. Rudolph Baker’s little known album track "Getting Next To You" is a floor-filling anthem in the waiting. Edge Of Daybreak were a prison band whose punchy title track from their rare "Eyes Of Love" album provides a solid argument for subsidizing more music programs behind bars. "Tin Top" is another cut with a Kon edit, but Kenny Mann & Liquid Pleasure are the antithesis of mysterious indy-label group, the veterans performing to this day and maintaining a comprehensive website loaded with videos and resumes.

    Five years on from the last, BBE is proud to present the next instalment of 'Strange Breaks & Mr Thing'. In this digital age the beating heart of modern R&B and hip-hop remains, as ever, vintage soul, funk and jazz. Like the previous volumes, 'Strange Breaks & Mr Thing III' contains a collection of killer cutz; some you've probably never heard of, some which may make you go: "I recognize this sample!"… because it was once used as the backdrop for a classic hip hop track. If you liked the legendary "Strange Games" compilation series on BBE compiled by the likes of Kenny Dope & DJ Spinna, you'll love "Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing". UK hip-hop producer and acclaimed DJ; Mr. Thing has been busier than ever circling the globe, filling dance floors as well as adding rare 45s to his ever growing collection now he’s shaing those nuggets with us. Known worldwide as a DJ & turntablist Mr Thing is a name synonymous with hip-hop that always brings a smile to the faces of fans and promoters alike as they remember genius performances of impeccable skill. First touching the tables in 1987 he has been non-stop perfecting his art since and is now one of the worlds best. Touring the world with an understanding of records and music that is second to none, he always creates flawless and exciting sets mixing some of the rarest records with some of the best loved records ever heard with an apparently effortless ease honed after years of practice. If Mr Thing is playing at a party... make sure you GO! You will never be disappointed! Rocking parties is not the limit of his skills, not even close!

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