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Genre pick of the week Cover of Revision - An Anthology by Build An Ark.
Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of highly revered jazz collective, Build An Ark from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2003 and releasing albums between 2004 and 2010, the Carlos Niño co-ordinated project included contributions from luminaries such Phil Ranelin, Big Black, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Adam Rudolph, Derf Reklaw (R.I.P.), Dexter Story, Dwight Trible, Gaby Hernandez, Mia Doi Todd, Munyungo Jackson, Nate Morgan (R.I.P.) Waberi Jordan, Avotcja & many more.

This set was compiled by band leader Carlos Niño with recordings from 2001 to 2008 that have previously been released on Kindred Spirits.

Gilles Peterson says: 'It's a beauty!'


You Gotta Have Freedom
Pure Imagination Tortoise And The Hare
Opening Acknowledgement
Our Cry For Peace
John Coltrane
What The World Needs Now
Build An Ark Theme
Door Of The Cosmos
Healing Song
Love Sweet Like Sugar Cane
River Run
When Ancestors Speak
This Prayer (Yaakov Levy Mix)
Sunflowers In My Garden
In The Park
World Peace Now
World Music

Abel's hallowed "Aegean Sea" edit gets a much needed reprint - this time for premium edit resource, Surfing In Kansas. As buzzy as it ever was, this is an essential addition for this summer's record bag.

A quite different flavour on the flipside with a cunningly chopped up section from a lost late night classic. Man has the golden touch. If you've a Argonaughty-shaped whole in your life since the last "Down To The Sea And Back" compilation, then this cheeky double header of yachty disco soul should have you swinging in your hammock in no time at all!

Limited copies - highly recommended! 


Matt says: Highly coveted edits from Abel which take us right Down To The Sea And Back (gerrit?). "Aegean Sea" even has a bit of The Hollies feel about it.


Aegean Sea (Abel Edit)
Forget To Remember (Abel Edit)

Dorothy Ashby

The Rubáiyát Of Dorothy Ashby - 2023 Reissue

    Released on the Cadet label in 1970, this album’s wondrous mix of spiritual and funky jazz and unique instrumentation defy categorization. Harpist Ashby adds the koto, a 13-stringed Japanese instrument to her arsenal, and her long-time arranger Richard Evans blends flutes, vibraphone, oboe, kalimba and Ashby’s own vocals into a singular and soul-affirming set.

    This Verve By Request title is pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Third Man in Detroit. 


    1. Myself When Young (Side A)
    2. For Some We Loved (Side A)
    3. Wax And Wane (Side A)
    4. Drink (Side A)
    5. Wine (Side A)
    6. Dust (Side B)
    7. Joyful Grass And Grape (Side B)
    8. Shadow Shapes (Side B)
    9. Heaven And Hell (Side B)
    10. The Moving Finger (Side B)

    Baby Rose

    Through And Through

      Baby Rose is undeniably a once-in-a-lifetime artist. She burst onto the scene with her 2019 debut project To Myself, which has amassed over 25 million global streams to date and landed her early co-signs by SZA, J. Cole, James Blake, Kehlani, and LeBron James. Later the singer received a Grammy nomination for her contribution to Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III album and was also featured on albums from Big Krit and Matt Martians.

      Through and Through will show Baby Rose like we have never seen or heard her before. Sonically, the album see’s Rose carving out a lane for herself that is unrestricted by genres and showcases her extraordinary range as a skilled singer, songwriter and executive producer. Paired with her once-in-a-lifetime voice, Through and Through will exist like nothing else in music right now. 

      Prof. James Benson

      The Gow-Dow Experience

      Following my recent phone call with Prof. Benson, I left him to continue his 92nd birthday celebrations with his family. We'd talked about his life, his music, his achievements. Throughout our conversation it struck me what a kind, humble and pleasant man he was. I felt that I was in the presence of greatness – not the egotistical greatness that emanates so often from high achievers, but that of someone who had simply won at life.

      "I was a music teacher. I wasn't trying to make a record to compete, I was trying to make a record so the students would have something to remember the experience that we had... I was doing it for the kids."

      It was 1973 that Prof. James Benson had self-funded his private press LP for the benefit of the teenage musicians he tutored at Cal Poly, California. The album was a momentous achievement for him and his young protegees, something they were all proud of, and rightly so. Taking inspiration from their recent trip to Africa and blended with the radical jazz associated with the young minds of early '70s black America, the Gow-Dow Experience is a unique foray into the enthusiastic mindset of up-and-coming jazz musicians, as encouraged by their mentor Prof. Benson.

      We present the album as it was released in 1973 with a heavyweight tip-on jacket and 180g vinyl or on CD. We also include an insert with liner notes and photos provided courtesy of Prof Benson. The LP and CD come with 4 additional tracks taken from the recording session. Until now these tracks have never been heard since the day they were recorded - believe me, they're worth the wait!

      Made with love from Jazzman - because we love to dig deeper!


      1. Nigeria, West Africa
      2. Song For My Black Mother
      3. Barry Rae
      4. Compared To What
      5. Malcolm IX
      6. Spring 2000
      7. Brother Don
      8. Psychedelic Sally
      9. Compared To What (Alternate Take)
      10. You Are Arrogant
      11. Brother Don (Alternate Mix)

      Brand New Heavies

      Original Flava

        To mark the 35th Anniversary of the label, Acid Jazz are reissuing some essential formative albums as a special series on coloured vinyl. Brand New Heavies’ ‘Orginal Flava’ was originally released in 1994, but includes material from before their seminal, self-title 1990 debut ‘Brand New Heavies’. 

        Highlights include a lounge version of ‘Never Stop’, the Crusaders-esque ‘Country Funkin’ as well as an adventurous live version of ‘Headhunters’, which shows the Heavies’ power as a live outfit. A vital snapshot into the early years of a vital band and the early years of Acid Jazz


        1. Rest Of Me
        2. Put Yourself In My Shoes
        3. Reality
        4. Country Funkin’
        5. Got To Give
        6. Mother’s Tongue
        7. Dream Come True
        8. Never Stop
        9. Headhunters (Live)
        10. A Day At The Seaside

        The Dreamliners

        Just Me And You / Best Things In Life

          Southside sweethearts the Dreamliners first came into the scene as the Royaltones in 1961 when they were students at South San High School in San Antonio, TX. In 1963, label head Abie Epstein signed them to his Cobra & Jox labels, producing four singles. On the way to a studio session, Ana (Ana) Wilburn coined ‘The Best Things In Life’ on the dashboard of her car. Out popped a playful Farfisa and harmony-driven tune reminiscent of the Crystals or Ronettes. Ana also wrote and sang lead on the haunting ballad ‘Just Me and You’. A song about longing and adolescent heartache that’s perfect for any postbreakup session.

          Energized by the funky sounds of 1970's West Africa but existing in a very modern space, Flammer Dance Band introduce their hybrid sound on new label Lyskestrekk Records. Packed with hip-shaking grooves, uplifting vibes, vibrating synths, screaming saxophones and crispy drum breaks all recorded in a warm and stuffy shack in Oslo and bolstered through some intricate but totally sympathetic electronic elements, "Flammer" is a charming and soulful homage to an era with a unique and rich sound: a truly raw and authentic sounding Afro-funk LP which brings new life to the existing cannon through some skilled and inspired musicianship and some brilliant writing. Fela eat your heart out! A precursor to, I imagine, an ambitious tour schedule; I'm already craving to see these perform live. With dreamy artwork to boot this is a lovely piece for Afro fans old and new - highly recommended!


          A1. Din Ting
          A2. Leverer Litt Sjel
          B1. Lonsj Pa Gronland
          B2. Lordag Kveld
          B3. Slikker Sol

          Flammer Dance Band

          Mer / Holder Rytme

          Here's a hot drop for your unsuspecting asses! Lyskestrekk Records hit us with a one time repress of that blink-and-you'll-miss-it Flammer Dance Band 7" from over the summer. Selling out in seconds despite a global lockdown rendering all record shops shut, this one was too hot to handle first time round, and deserves a little extra shine. Hot, sultry and groovy sounds abound as Flammer Dance Band pull a one-two combo of  hip-shaking garage funk tunes!


          A1. Mer
          B1. Holder Rytme

          Marvin Gaye

          I Wanna Be Where You Are / I Want You

          Marvin Gaye at his very best! Two classics from Gaye’s esteemed catalogue, ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ and ‘I Want You’ with alternative mixes that have never been on 12 inch before. Plucked from the Deluxe Edition of the spellbinding ‘I Want You’ album that was mixed Kevin Reeves & remastered by Ellen Fitton, these two cuts have always called out for loud and proud pressing on either side of a 12.

          Up first, ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ written by the magical pairing of Leon Ware and Arthur 'T-Boy' Ross with Ware also behind the production controls. An abbreviated cover of Michael Jackson’s hit, it sees Gaye take a brief respite from his usual steamy and sensual swooning to express his love for his family. Jackson would then return the favour, taking influence from Marvin’s 1977 hit ‘Got to Give it Up’ to make ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’.

          Originally a 1:17 minute segue on the album, the Unedited version clocks in at over 6 minutes, turning it from a transitionary passage to a standalone gem. Extending those delectable grooves, building and breaking with a sun-kissed, funk channelling feeling that washes over like a warm wave. With the 7 inch release trading hands for over £75 on Discogs this ain’t one to miss.

          On the flip, ‘I Want You’ written by the same duo as the A, with Leon Ware once again on the production and released as part of the same ’76 album. It was an LP that introduced a change in musical styles for Gaye, songs such as this giving him a disco audience thanks to Leon Ware. The Jam-Alternate version leaves Gaye’s vocals till the final section, letting that sweet soaring soundtrack sing to its absolute emotive peak. Sunrise or sunset, this one is not to be used lightly - tears of joy on the dancefloor guaranteed.


          A1. I Wanna Be Where You Are (Unedited Mix)
          B1. I Want You (Jam - Alternate Mix)

          Harold Hutton & The Dells

          Lucky Boy / Thinkin’ About You

            Two more classic tunes from the Deptford Northern Soul Club dancefloor. Remastered for maximum effect. Harold Hutton’s ‘Lucky Boy’ was originally on the Chess sub-label, Checker. Released in 1965, an original goes for around £50 these days. ‘Lucky Boy’ was the B-side of his debut single, ‘It’s A Good Thing’, which launched him on a career that included regular spots on Soul Train during the 1970s. Filled with Motown-esque horn stabs, ‘Lucky Boy’ builds into a bongo-powered frenzy. The super soulful Dells’ flipside from a year later was initially on Cadet, another Chess subsidiary originally called Argo. Another £30-£50 gem, if you can find an original copy. Typical of the band’s close harmony style, ‘Thinkin' About You’ is a mid-tempo groove with an insistent rhythm and some lush strings. All topped with a heart-warming baritone vocal on a classic piece of soul romanticism.

            Two tracks lifted from the Japan only album release from 2022 by Kyoto Jazz Massive 'Message From A New Dawn' on Extra Freedom Records. Mukatsuku deliver two exclusive vinyl only versions with Yoshihiro Okino from KJM & his abbreviated but no less killer s side 'Yoshi's 45 edit' with Vanessa Freeman's vocals searing to new highs…

            On the flipside the focus is the melody itself with a driving instrumental version edit but with the backing vocals intact

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Get It Together (feat. Vanessa Freeman)
            2. Get It Together (Robin Lee & Nik Weston 45 Edit / Exclusive Instrumental With Backing Vocals)

            La Retreta Mayor

            La Retreta Mayor

              Awesome Latin jazz-funk self-titled LP from Venezuelan band La Retreta Mayor —founded and led by guitarist Alex Rodríguez— originally released in 1976 on Discomoda.

              The short-lived 10-piece band and numerous guest musicians created a jazz-funk & fusion gem considered an important part of Venezuelan music history.

              The album contains quite a few heaters for the dance floor like ‘Zambo’ and ‘Líquido Elemento’, blazing with the rich brass section and percussion.

              Les Abranis

              Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973 - 1983

                Les Disques Bongo Joe return to the scorching Kabyle rock of Abranis, the pioneering Algerian band that blended traditional Berber music with western rock, folk, disco, and funk, all the while proudly celebrating their Kabyle heritage. Amazigh Freedom Rock is a comprehensive look into their discography, from the garage-rock experimentations of their early days to their lushly orchestrated North African fusion masterpieces of the 1980s. The Abranis story begins in the mid-sixties, when Shamy El Baz and Karim Abdenou crossed paths in one of Paris' bohemian neighborhoods. Both were Kabyle, the Berber people from Algeria’s northern regions, both loved rock music, and both were passionate about fostering a modern Algerian sound, as inspired by Kabyle rhythms and melodies as it was by western rock. The two musicians founded Les Abranis in 1967. Together they experimented by mixing Kabyle vocals and melodies with garage and psych-rock but as the '70s progressed they increasingly moved away from the garage and psychedelia of their early days and began to interpret their Kabyle repertoire in more open and creative ways melting

                prog rock, jazz and some early electronic influences. Over 11 electrifying tracks, Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973-1983 highlights their legacy as the underground kings of Kabyle rock.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Athedjaladde
                2. Chenar Le Blues
                3. Akoudar
                4. Avehri
                5. Id Ed Was
                6. Ayetheri A L'Afjare
                7. Therrza Rathwenza
                8. Achethkhii
                9. Thilelli
                10. El Guoum Agui
                11. Mmliyi Kan

                Lucky Rosenbloom

                Keep Your Faith In God / Just Give It All To Christ

                  In a club scene saturated with the Minneapolis sound, Lucky Rosenbloom was searching for something different. Using Korg and Moog synths, Steinway Concert Piano and a Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm, he created his own funky fusion sound to spread the word of God to the mainstream. Recorded at Minneapolis’s Custom Record Studios he cut 200 copies of this elusive 45, of which only a few known copies exist. The record was promoted on his cable access TV show, ‘Lucky Mania TV’, where he encouraged kids to say no to drugs and take their vitamins.

                  Malombo Jazz Makers

                  Malombo Jazz Vol. 2

                    Formed in Mamelodi township near Pretoria, the group started out as Malombo Jazz Men with Julian Bahula on malombo drums, Abbey Cindi on flute and Philip Tabane on guitar. Fusing traditional and improvised rhythms with jazz, Malombo became renowned as one of the first South African bands to fully connect jazz with the African traditions. Despite his undoubted genius, Tabane became erratic on tour and Bahula brought in another Mamelodi-based talent, guitarist Lucas “Lucky” Ranku, renaming the band Malombo Jazz Makers. The group played stadiums and festivals and were soon signed to Gallo. Recording at a studio in Pretoria, the trio debuted with the album ‘Malompo Jazz’ in 1966, showcasing the simple, spacious beauty of the Malombo sound and Abbey Cindi’s compositions, with Mahotella Queens’ Hilda Tloubatla on guest vocals. The partner follow-up album ‘Malombo Jazz Makers Vol. 2’ was recorded a year later, continuing the earthy flow of Malombo’s music. The two albums have since been recognised as unique landmarks of South African jazz through popular tracks like ‘Sibathathu’, ‘Jikeleza’ and ‘Emakhaya’. Alongside full original artwork, the albums feature a new interview with Julian Bahula.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Ngivulele
                    A2. Udondolo
                    A3. Soul Of Africa
                    A4. Jolly Journey
                    A5. Umkhosi
                    A6. Majazana
                    B1. Abbey's Body
                    B2. Vukani
                    B3. Hleziphi
                    B4. Sibathathu
                    B5. Malombi Walk
                    B6. Emoubane

                    Malombo Jazz Makers

                    Malompo Jazz Vol. 1

                      Formed in Mamelodi township near Pretoria, the group started out as Malombo Jazz Men with Julian Bahula on malombo drums, Abbey Cindi on flute and Philip Tabane on guitar. Fusing traditional and improvised rhythms with jazz, Malombo became renowned as one of the first South African bands to fully connect jazz with the African traditions. Despite his undoubted genius, Tabane became erratic on tour and Bahula brought in another Mamelodi-based talent, guitarist Lucas “Lucky” Ranku, renaming the band Malombo Jazz Makers. The group played stadiums and festivals and were soon signed to Gallo. Recording at a studio in Pretoria, the trio debuted with the album ‘Malompo Jazz’ in 1966, showcasing the simple, spacious beauty of the Malombo sound and Abbey Cindi’s compositions, with Mahotella Queens’ Hilda Tloubatla on guest vocals. The partner follow-up album ‘Malombo Jazz Makers Vol. 2’ was recorded a year later, continuing the earthy flow of Malombo’s music. The two albums have since been recognised as unique landmarks of South African jazz through popular tracks like ‘Sibathathu’, ‘Jikeleza’ and ‘Emakhaya’. Alongside full original artwork, the albums feature a new interview with Julian Bahula.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Abbey's Mood
                      A2. Lullaby For Angels
                      A3. Grab This For Me
                      A4. Emakhaya
                      A5. Blues After Lunch
                      A6. Bababelo
                      B1. Intandane
                      B2. A Tribute To Birds
                      B3. Root Of Africa
                      B4. Vuma Mbari
                      B5. Lousy Fever
                      B6. Jikeleza

                      The Mighty Mocambos

                      International Cypher / Queen 16 Theme

                      Back in 2013 we took ourselves on a discographic adventure without really knowing what we were doing! Who would have thought that 10 years later, we'd be releasing our 50th 45 RPM record?

                      As luck would have it, we are happy to announce our new release, in collab with one of the flagship bands from today's funk scene, Germany's own "Mighty Mocambos", who have been delivering their instrumental groove and Caribbean vibes via their alter ego, "Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band" across Europe for more than fifteen years.

                      So, what better way to immortalize the raw and intense live sound that they're famous for than releasing a record on our favourite format?

                      Two sides recorded live on tape during the "Queen 16 B-Girl battle" in Berlin in 2022. Somewhat reminiscent of Can's "Vitamin C", the A side "International Cypher" has an oriental funk feel thanks to the use of the sharp sound of an electric Phin (Thai guitar), while the straight up percussive funk instrumental "Queen 16 theme" pays tribute to the B-Girls only festival, of which the soundtrack was designed for the occasion.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. International Cypher
                      2. Queen 16 Theme

                      Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane

                      Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane - 2023 Reissue

                        Regarded as one of the greatest jazz collaborations of all time, this new edition of “Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane” is release as part of the newly relaunched Original Jazz Classics Series.

                        Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTI with all-analog mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio it is presented in a Tip-On Jacket with obi. In addition to Monk and Coltrane the album also features the talents of Art Blakey (drums), Wilbur Ware (bass), Gigi Gryce (alto sax) and more. 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side A
                        1. Ruby, My Dear
                        2. Trinkle, Tinkle
                        3. Off Minor
                        Side B
                        1. Nutty
                        2. Epistrophy
                        3. Functional 

                        Kassa Overall


                          Kassa Overall is a Grammy-nominated musician, emcee, singer, producer and drummer who melds avant-garde experimentation with hip-hop production techniques to tilt the nexus of jazz and rap in unmapped directions.

                          On ANIMALS, his kaleidoscopic Warp Records debut, Kassa engages with themes of race and mental illness and pushes his subversive vision further with an allstar roster of collaborators including Danny Brown, Wiki, Lil B, Shabazz Palaces, Nick Hakim, Laura Mvula, Theo Croker and more.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: Kassa's debut for Warp Records draws a rare path between modern jazz and classic R&B, moving deftly from sleazy nu-lounge grooves to clattering percussive breaks and wonky minimalistic pop.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. No Camera
                          2. Anxious Anthony (feat. Anthony Ware)
                          3. Ready To Ball
                          4. Clock Ticking (feat. Danny Brown & Wiki)
                          5. Still Ain’t Find Me (feat. Tomoki Sanders, BendjiAllonce, Mike King & Ian Fink)
                          6. Make My Way Back Home (feat. Nick Hakim &Theo Croker)
                          7. The Lava Is Calm (feat. Theo Croker)
                          8. No It Ain’t (feat. Andrae Murchison)
                          9. So Happy (feat. LauraMvula & Francis And The Lights)
                          10. It’s Animals
                          11. Maybe We Can Stay (feat. J. Hoard)
                          12. The Score Was Made (feat. Vijay Iyer)
                          13. Going Up (feat. Lil B, Shabazz Palaces & Francis And The Lights)

                          Charlie Parker

                          The Bird

                            All the greatest songs from one of Jazz finest artists.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Summertime
                            A2. All The Things You Are
                            A3. I'll Always Love You Just The Same
                            A4. Everything Happens To Me
                            A5. April In Paris
                            A6. Parker's Mood
                            A7. Cool Blues
                            B1. Ornithology
                            B2. A Night In Tunisia
                            B3. Ko Ko
                            B4. Donna Lee
                            B5. Scrapple From The Apple
                            B6. La Cucuracha
                            B7. Confirmation

                            First reissue for this almost impossible to find record, this beautiful soul blending disco was recorded in one shot by Keith Paul in 1977. Fully remastered, it gives justice to one of the most hidden treasure of Guyana's music. Keith Paul recorded every instrument on this record. The liner notes interview by Saultone founder will give you the whole story and get deep in the secret of this incredible voice and talent.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            What About Yesterday
                            Down At The Disco
                            Only Tears, Tears, Tears
                            What More

                            Shining Star
                            What I Go Through
                            Music Makes Me High

                            The Royal Jesters

                            Take Me For A Little While / We Go Together

                              The Royal Jesters were a household name in the 1960s in San Antonio, TX. Formed by Henry Hernandez and Oscar Lawson, the group performed at school dances and downtown clubs and eventually leased and managed their own venue, the legendary Patio Andaluz. The group also started their own label, Jester Records, and recorded various singles, including a take on Vanilla Fudge’s ‘Take Me For A Little While’, with the towering Louie Escalante on lead. The group also recorded ‘We Go Together’, a group harmony classic with 16 year old Luvine Elias, Jr on a Lowrey organ.

                              Albert’s Favourites label founder Scrimshire is set to release bold new album 'Paroxysm'. In the last few weeks of October 2022, Scrimshire wrote a new collection of songs with the descriptive working title "Scream". A direct response to the absurdity of the breakdown in the UK government, the horror of the treatment of refugees arriving on our shores and the callous disregard for the trauma being caused to low-income people or anyone considered "other". The anger, sadness, mourning, and frustration he felt was poured into these recordings.

                              Originally named “Scream 8”, ‘Unity Gain’ was one of the early outpourings from those sessions. Piano and drums bubble up until it fully boils over with huge stabbing synthesiser and string sounds in an outburst of frenetic energy. "Division seems to characterise our daily experience”, says Scrimshire. “How does a society stop the callousness and corruption from seeping into its bones?".

                              Singer Faye Houston features on both ‘Eyes Shut’ as well as, alongside saxophonist, composer, and multi-wind instrumentalist Tamar Osborn, on ‘Flames’. About the latter Scrimshire explains, “One person can breathe fire into your life and the world, leaving an indelible mark. The album was influenced hugely by a friend we sadly have lost. I think of it like the heat you still feel after a fire has gone out”.

                              London-based poet and emcee The Repeat Beat Poet captures moments of time, thought, and feeling on ‘What Is The State Of Our State’, a furious yet succinct stream-of-consciousness diatribe in two parts. From afrobeat and reggae-influenced London band Soothsayers, clarinetist and saxophonist Idris Rahman features on ‘Your Invasion Is A Lie’, an ever-progressing, cosmic-jazz track.

                              The elegiac ‘Unforgotten, Unforgiven’ features saxophonist Nat Birchall, on which Scrimshire says "This is dedicated to the politicians who have forced refugees into life-threatening decisions. Pushing people into the hands of traffickers, into small boats and too many beneath the waves of our seas. Who force the lives of men, women, and children into more danger, in the hope of escaping war, poverty and persecution only to meet more cruelty and persecution. It won't be forgotten, and it won't be forgiven".

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: Paroxysm is the epitome of emotive, rich spiritual jazz, bringing together flickering percussion and rich bass rolls that both surprise and transport the listener. It's an intense experience, but so beautifully balanced and perfectly measured that it never comes across as anything less than a bracing and fascinating listen.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Permeate
                              A2. Unity Gain
                              A3. Eyes Shut Feat. Faye Houston
                              A4. What Is The State Of Our State (Part 1) Feat. Repeat Beat Poet
                              A5. Your Invasion Is A Lie Feat. Idris Rahman
                              B1. Unforgotten, Unforgiven
                              B2. What Is The State Of Our State (Part 2) Feat. Repeat Beat Poet
                              B3. Flames Feat. Faye Houston & Tamar Osborn
                              B4. Refuge (Interlude)
                              B5. Refuge

                              Sun Ra

                              Space Is The Place

                                Allow yourself to envision or feel a world away with this deluxe package of 3LPs, a BluRay Disc & DVD or 2CD Bluray & DVD Discs of the film, and lots more! The audio portion contains the original music composed for the film, which was eventually released as a soundtrack in 1993. It also features The Mathematics Of The Altered Destiny a third previously unissued LP recorded in the same soundtrack sessions but is finally being released half a century after it was recorded. This newly discovered LP is heavy on the prose of Sun Ra, as he and June Tyson bestow countless bits of information and inspiration onto the listener.

                                The film soundtrack is an entirely different journey than the 1973 Blue Thumb LP it shares its title with. We suggest you take both journeys. These recordings were sourced from the Sun Ra tape vault, then were digitally restored to make an album this special sound the best it possibly could.The BluRay contains the entire glorious film complete with film artifacts, and was sourced from the restoration prepared by Rapid Eye Movies of Germany. The bonus features on the BluRay are composed of Ra and Ra-centric material from the Modern Harmonic archives, including video from the Outer Space Visual Communicator footage.An additional track from these sessions, "The Idea Of The Greater Age" can be found on the CD version of this album or on the album Some Skin: A Modern Harmonic Bongo & Percussion Party.

                                Various Artists

                                Jazz Classics: Collection Vintage Sounds

                                  Rediscover the all time greatest jazz song performed by the greatest artists!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Summertime
                                  A2. Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine
                                  A3. Billie Holiday - Blue Moon
                                  A4. Dinah Washington - What A Difference A Day Makes
                                  A5. Miles Davis - Générique (B.O.F "Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud")
                                  A6. Peggy Lee - Fever
                                  A7. Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova
                                  B1. Aretha Franklin - Try A Little Tenderness
                                  B2. Django Reinhardt & Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France - Minor Swing
                                  B3. Nina Simone - Love Me Or Leave Me
                                  B4. Frank Sinatra - The Lady Is A Tramp
                                  B5. John Coltrane - Giant Steps
                                  B6. Charlie Parker - Ko Ko

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