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Soft Hands Long Gone

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FC Music delivers their Dublinesque sound to wherethetimegoes. Seriously wavy and future-facing - it combined disjointed rhythms, bass pressure and exotic textures to create a club-potent sound all of their own.

Six tracks that weave through serpentine melodies, piston drums, glassy mallets and high octane intrigue. Landing somewhere between Don't DJ, Dressvn, the rhythmic bursts of AFX and the dubby side of Mood Hut.

Absolutely breathtakingly fresh musica - not to be missed! 


Matt says: Otherworldly rhythmic workouts combined with heady atmospheres and decorated in highly reactive elements that fizz and pop throughout. A truly unique record which retains a strong sense of individualism through its six tracks.


A2. Pomar Fresco
A3. Soft Hands Long Gone
B1. Auto PAL
B2. Over
B3. Soft Hands (Totally Gone)

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