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Charms France-Lise

Givin' It Up / Pour Moi Ça Va

New 7" from Favourite. On the first side comes "Givin’ It Up" by Belgian funk band Charms. Compiled by Charles Maurice on "French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 2", the original vinyl 7" was released in 1982 on the famous Biram label and is now a very hard to find gem. Not really surprising considering the immediate power of this track, filled with rising chord progression, sweet vocals and immense chorus - not to mention the delicately picked guitar lines and that hefty slap bass.

On the other side comes another French disco underground hit with “Pour moi ça va” by France Lise. It takes only a few seconds to get driven on the dancefloor by the heavily funky guitar and bassline and the immediate energy of this song. Also compiled by Charles Maurice on "French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 1", this is also a quite hard to find OG. With its charming French vocals and bouncing percussions, it should delight any jock looking to inject some fun into the floor.


Matt says: Two highly sought after French boogie bombs compiled onto one, officially licensed 7". Nice!


A. Charms - Givin' It Up
B. France-Lise - Pour Moi ça Va

Led by producer & notorious tape operator Björn Wagner (of Mighty Mocambos, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band and Mocambo Records), Magic Source follow up on their rootsy cosmic debut LP "Earthrising" and last year's EP "Riviera Drive", whose stunning flute jazz cover of “Genius of Love” is also featured on this longplayer.

Further exploring the more unusual facets of disco in its otherworldly and international stylings, "Voyage Spectral" travels through a wide musical scope, ranging from lost tropical grooves and Mediterranean funk, to outernational boogie and cosmic sci-fi soundtracks. All 100% organic - created by real musicians with real vintage instruments, captured on 16-track analog tape.

An all-star cast of musicians invites you to a fantasy trip where angelic voices blend with spaced-out synths, ethnic string instruments interplay with sharp horn lines while the rhythm section is holding down a polyrhythmic puzzle of guitars, clavinets, B-3, drums and percussions.


Matt says: Essential for anyone with a penchant for Nu Genea, a highly musical outernational disco record with some real dextrous instrumentation. Worth it for the Talking Heads cover but the other tracks are all killer too.


Saturn Moon Dive
Speed Boat To Atlantis
Dreaming Of You
Genius Of Love
Rainy Afternoon In Paris
Space Of Mind

Favorite Recordings presents a reissue of Lucas Arruda's first album, "Sambadi".

Lucas Arruda’s born in 1983, in a Brazilian state called Espírito Santo, near Rio de Janeiro. Coming from a musical family (his dad and older brother are musicians) he started playing and listening to music very young. At the age of 13, he was playing professionally across Rio.

After studying electric guitar and playing in various bands, Lucas' passion quickly turned to Rhodes and keyboards, expanding his musical range of skills. At the same time he started a project called Du Black, with his older brother Thiago, quickly receiving various local support from people like Ed Motta, William Magalhães (Banda Black Rio), Robert Lamm (Chicago) or Hyldon (Brazilian soul legend).

From the growing notoriety obtained, the band began to work with various other artists and singers such as Tamy Macedo, or Bossa Nova’s legend, Leila Pinheiro, leading Lucas to build a recording studio with Thiago in 2011. Now 2 years after he launched this home-studio, comes “Sambadi”, the first solo album by Lucas Arruda!

On this recording he also started to team up with Fabricio di Monaco (Modo Solar), who clearly became a fundamental piece, as Lucas relates: 'Fabricio introduced me to Pascal Rioux at Favorite Recordings, as they released his EP few years ago. He’s a brilliant musician and a great human being.'

In Lucas’ words, "Sambadi" is highly inspired by Rio de Janeiro. As for the musical side, the album almost sounds like a tribute to his longtime heroes like Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Marcos Valle, Azymuth, or Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti. And Lucas also humbly concludes: 'I really hope to honor all the guys who influenced me.'


A1 Physis
A2 Tamba Part 1
A3 Batuque
A4 Who's That Lady
A5 Rio Afternoon

B1 Na Feira
B2 Sambadi (Album Version)
B3 Carnival
B4 Alma Nova
B5 Tamba Part 2

More from Favourite super group Voilaaa - the finest purveyors of modern day tropical disco.

2 tracks that clearly reveal the Afro-disco and Caribbean inspiration that have fueled this vibrant and skilled new group, headed up by Bruno Hovart aka Patchworks and featuring a wealth of talent from his locale.

There's a new album due in the new year but in the meantime this double A-side should keep you satisfied!

RIYL: Space Grapes, Ibibio Sound Machine, Tony Allen 


Matt says: Top drawer modern tropical disco from Patchworks and crew. Rugged and funky, hard not to shake a tail feather to this shit.


Spies Are Watching Me
Le Disco Des Capitales

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