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The ever delectable Glitterbox continues to provide new disco and boogie vibrations, all sparkly and radiant and updating injecting fresh life into this timeless genre.

Krystal Davis' "So Smooth" featuring remixes from Kon and Yam Who? alongside the original and an instrumental. One of the last in a rare breed of dedicated crate-diggers, Kon’s vast knowledge of the heavily swung rhythms of classic disco make him a reverent remixer for this mid-tempo Krystal Davis disco hit, originally released in 1985 on New York label Urban Rock Records Inc. His version amps up the pace, tailoring the record for any discerning contemporary disco set. Midnight Riot Records head Yam Who? goes blissed out with the synths for an irresistible mix that’s smoother than smooth. Massive! 


Matt says: Big on from '85 here with originals feverishly collected. The Yam Who reworks ain't half bad either... top stuff again from this fledging new disco firm. Full marks!

Ahead of the 10-track album Dimitri From Paris presents Le CHIC Remix, this limited, hand-stamped white label features two of Dimitri’s meticulously reverent mixes alongside their respective instrumentals. In his mixes of Sister Sledge’s evergreen ‘Thinking Of You’ and the unmistakeable Chic staple ‘Le Freak’, Dimitri’s touch underlines the enduring and undeniable power of these timeless disco records. On the A-side, Dim delivers extra polyrhythmic power, kick drum punch and stereo space to deliver the definitive version of Sister Sledge killer "Thinking Of You". Meanwhile on the flip, the Frenchman mixes up the arrangement and ups the intensity to add a little extra dancefloor oomph to "Le Freak". C'est magnifique.


12" Info: Hand stamped 12"

Glitterbox continue to represent the sounds from the modern day disco / house underground, enlisting Folamour to provide the dancing goodness on release number eight for the label. Sharing many of the timeless production traits of golden era disco; lively instrumentation, direct beats and harmonized melodies, "The Power and The Blessing of Unity" plays like a mini album, exploring Folamour's love of house and disco with a fearless intent. The title track sparkles with brass stabs and a textbook swinging disco beat while "Island Of Recent Father" breaks things down into synthy house goodness. "Let’s Grab Some Smokes" channels a more contemporary lo-fi sound before "Home Beyond The Clouds" see Folamour close with uplifting house hooks and percussion. Folamour brings the disco blueprint kicking and screaming into 2017 with a high end mix down, ultra fat mastering and a few nicely modern day processing traits that make it kick, bite and throb on our powerful, high end sound systems. Other than that, the spirit, energy and philosophy is exactly the same as its late 70s counterparts - feel good music to share and to dance to. Folamour keeps the vibe alive for disco lovers around the world, Recommended. 

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