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Record five from Mysticisms sees the label mine the rich seams of 90s NYC club music - bringing forth an EP from the production duo of Lee Rodriguez and Steven Craden - better known as the team behind must-have The African Dream double-header on Eightball Records - a huge best seller here at Piccadilly.

The EP starts with "Opening", a short introductory piece with mellow hats and warm keys that serve to show this is not your average four tracker, before soon giving way to the deep intensity of "Dark Intervals". Tight drums, hats high and keys pushing, the vocal samples and swirling atmospherics all yield to a bass calling for powerful sound systems.

Emerging label Mysticisms breaches the all important five record milestone with a new record from antipodean producer Deep Dean. "Ocean Groove" comes in three fine flavours, starting off of course with the unadulterated OG. Rubbery, 'plastic pipe bass' (new term pop pickers!) drives the track - incidentally I need to remind you all that it's 10 years (yes TEN!) since Blackout Crew's genre defining hit "Put A Donk On It". Completely irrelevant to this record but I strongly remember the 'donk' preset emerging out of a need for 'wooden pipe bass'!!! - tying things together verrrry nicely...Anyway, also available are "Piano Mix" and "Basement Dub" flavours which do exactly what they say on the packet - adding piano sprinkles and dub inflections to the already very tasty main ingredients. Get stuck in! 

Brian Bristol here remixed by Londoners FYI Chris and newcomer Nutrasweet. "Ear Candy" harks back to the classic days of New York house. Urgent and jacking it should recall heady nights dancing in the Sound Factory or at Twilo or even at our own Paradise Factory here in Manchester. Bristol's use of panning and echo really elevate the track, sending elements darting around the stereo field in a very inspiring. FYI Chris injects some of their SE-sensibility into the stems, addings some tasty swirls and tentative stabs before coating it in some glistening armour and stewing in rich plumes of bass. Both musically and texturally very profound. Nutrasweet, in this instance, does not refer to the aspartame containing sweetener but to a new producer, who transforms "Ear Candy" into a neo-tropical mallet jam, retaining the vox off the OG but otherwise making it a much more percussive and rhythmic affair. Great stuff by all involved!

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