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How does shipping work on pre-orders?

Pre-orders will usuall be shipped the day before release (in most cases this will be a Thursday). They will be sent separately to stock items ordered at the same time and counted as two separate orders as far as postage is concerned. When your pre-orders are ready to send, if you have another order ready to be sent at the same time, we will merge the two orders unless you request otherwise.

Why has the release date changed?

Please note that release dates are subject to change. We are given provisional dates by the record distributors and these frequently change. Sometimes we don’t find this out until a couple of days before the proposed release date. As soon as we know of any changes we will updated the website, but please bear in mind that if you pre-order 2 things that are both due out on the same day, they could end up being released on different days and so sent out separately. (Obviously you will then have to pay postage on each parcel as if they are separate orders).

Can I order Limited Editions?

Occasionally the orders we place for limited edition releases are cut back by the distributors. Normally we are notified of this and will update the site accordingly, however on very rare occasions, we will not find this out until the delivery arrives. If this means that we cannot fulfil all our customer orders, we will notify the unlucky customers straight away. We will always allocate stock on a first come first served basis.

Ordering And Payment

Why are we making changes?

Two reasons. Firstly, as credit card fraud becomes more and more sophisticated, the rules for taking
and storing credit cards (PCI Compliance) are becoming more and more strict. Although our current
system is secure and complies with current card industry standards, we want to futureproof our site
and protect our customers.

Secondly, you’ve been asking us to sort this out for ages and finally, we’re happy to say, that as well
as being able to pay by credit and debit card, you can now also pay by Paypal. Woohoo!

The basic format of the site remains the same as before, you’ll only notice the changes when you
come to checkout.

You will now be charged when you place your order, so no more surprise deductions from your
account or declined transactions when a release turns up unexpectedly.

Hopefully you’ll find the checkout process much quicker and more streamlined than before.


When will you ship my order?

If your order includes items which we need to order in for you, or pre-orders, we will ship your order as soon as everything is in stock.

Out of stock items have a ‘Usually Ships Within’ time, which gives an indication of how long it will take to get the item back into stock.

Pre-orders give a release date. This is usually a Friday. We generally ship pre-orders on Thursday so you have a chance of receiving them on the day of release. Release dates do occasionally change, but we try and keep this information as up to date as possible on the website.

Can I get free shipping?

If you are a UK customer, to qualify for free shipping the goods in your parcel must have a value of £75.

I had an email to say my order was posted, but it still hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

Royal Mail aim to deliver within 24/48 hours depending on which shipping service you choose. However they don’t consider a parcel 'lost' until 10 working days after the due date for UK addresses, 20 working days for EU deliveries and 30 working days for Rest Of World. Unfortunately we can’t chase an order up before this point.
Although there are occasionally delays, it is rare that parcels go missing completely, so please be patient.
It is worth checking with your neighbours or with your local sorting office, even if you haven’t had a card put through the door. If you selected a different courier at checkout, and your parcel hasn’t arrived, please drop us an email.

Please be aware that unless you have chosen a tracked & signed for service we are not liable for parcels that go missing.


There is something faulty or damaged in my order what do I do?

Drop us an email and we’ll arrange a return.

I received the wrong item.

Drop us an email and we’ll arrange a return.

I bought something by mistake!

As long as you have not opened the item and you notify us that you want to return it within 7 days of receiving your order we will offer either a refund or store credit, just drop us an email and we’ll arrange a return. You will need to pay the return shipping cost and we will only refund the cost of the goods, not any postage fees. Please make sure you pack returns securely. If an item arrives damaged due to poor packaging we are unable to issue a refund. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returned magazines.

Stock / Catalogue

Do you sell used records / CDs?

No, everything we sell is new.

I bought a record from you but it arrived with the shrink wrap open. Has it been played?

No. As well as selling online, we are also a bricks and mortar record shop. We don’t put live stock out on the shelves in the shop so we have to open a copy to put the empty sleeve out on the racks. If the shrink wrap is open on your record it is probably because it is the last copy.

If you would prefer sealed copies only, please put a note in the special instructions when you order. Please be aware that this may cause a delay in your order being processed.

I bought a record from you but it doesn’t have any shrink wrap on it. Has it been played?

No. Although most records come shrink wrapped, not all do. Releases from some smaller labels often don’t. If something isn’t shrink wrapped it is most likely that it arrived from the distributor like that.

I can’t find the record / CD I want on your website. Can you order it for me?

It depends whether the item is still available or not, but we’ll always try and track things down for you if you can’t find it on our site. Please bear in mind that we don’t sell any second hand records so if the record isn’t currently in press we won’t be able to get it. 

Why are some records limited to one per person?

Occasionally we cannot get enough stock of a limited release to meet demand. To make it fair to everyone and give as many people as possible a chance of getting a copy we limit these releases to one per person.

Gift vouchers

Can I buy vouchers online?

Yes, please visit the Piccadilly Merchandise page to view our vouchers. Just add them to your basket as you normally would for any other product.

What denominations are the vouchers?

Vouchers come in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations. You can add as many different vouchers as you want to your basket to make the amount you need. When your order is processed, they will be combined to make one voucher, so you will just have one code to use when you redeem the voucher.

What can I buy with my gift voucher?

You can use your gift voucher to buy anything we sell in the shop or online, excluding tickets.

I can’t find anything I want to buy, can I just exchange my voucher for cash instead?

Sorry but vouchers are not transferable & cannot be exchanged for cash.

The record I want to buy is less than the value of my voucher, will I get change?

If the voucher is tendered for goods less than its full value, the voucher will be amended to show remaining balance. We do not give change if the voucher is tendered for goods less than the full value of the voucher. If you use your voucher online and your order is less than the full value of your voucher, the remaining value will automatically be saved against your account until your next order (no need to re-enter the code).

Why won’t Piccadilly Records accept my gift voucher?

Piccadilly records reserves the right to refuse damaged or defaced vouchers.

Can I use multiple gift vouchers in an order?

Yes you can, just enter each voucher code on a separate line in the box.

Why do I have to enter my card number and address when I am paying for my order with a gift voucher?

This is standard fraud prevention. Also, if you add items to an outstanding order before it has been processed and the order value becomes greater than the voucher value, or you spend the voucher in the shop before your online order has been processed, we will charge the remainder to your card.

Can I use a voucher for Pick Up Instore orders?

Yes you can, please order in the usual way (don't enter your voucher code just yet) and when you pick up your records, please bring your voucher in and we will redeem it for you.

What's the difference between Gift Vouchers and Online e-Vouchers?

A Gift Voucher is a physical voucher that we will post out to you with a greetings card and matching envelope. They are available in UK only and must be posted by Special Delivery for £5.50. An Online e-Voucher will be e-mailed directly to you as an attachment and will not be charged for postage.

Do I get a greetings card with my Gift Voucher?

Yes you do, they come with our lovely Piccadilly Greetings card and the matching envelope for the lucky recipient. We are happy to send gift vouchers out directly to another person. If you would like us to do this, please put your normal address in the delivery address, but add your friend's name, address and any greetings you would like us to write in the card in the 'Special Instructions' box just above the 'SUBMIT ORDER' button.

How do Online e-Vouchers work?

Instead of being posted a physical voucher, you will be emailed a voucher which you can print out yourself. You can give the printed voucher to someone as a gift, or email it to them for them to print themselves. They can then redeem it instore or online in exactly the same way as a normal Gift Voucher. e-Vouchers can be ordered internationally, rather than just the UK with our normal Vouchers. e-Vouchers will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of purchase as a .pdf attachment.

Info For Artists And Labels

How do I get my music into your shop and on the website?

If you want us to consider stocking your release, drop us an email with a sound clip, an image of the sleeve and a brief bio / description of the release.

If we think it is something we can sell we’ll contact you. We are very busy so may not be able to get back to you.

We usually take things on a Sale Or Return (SOR) basis. If you bring stock into the shop without an email from us confirming we’d like to stock your record, we will not be able to accept it.

What does SOR mean?

SOR means Sale Or Return. We will put your release out in the shop and list it on the website. We will pay you for any copies we sell and you can collect any unsold stock after three months.

When do I get paid?

It is up to you to check on sales and request payment, but we are very busy so please be patient.

How long do you keep sale or return items?

We keep SOR items for six months. After that we may dispose of stock and you will not be owed money for unsold items.

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