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Using the website

How do I log-in?

All you've got to do is click the link in the top right hand corner of the site, then enter your e-mail address. Once you've logged-in, you can access your saved basket, wishlist, and your order history.

What is the wish list for?

You can use your wish list to store items that you're interested in, but not quite ready to buy yet. It is also a good place to store items which are temporarily unavailable. If we restock any unavailable items in your wish list you will automatically receive an e-mail.

Why does the basket button not show on some items in my wish list?

Once a record is no longer available (deleted or out of press) we remove it from the website. If you have a record in your wish list which is no longer available, we still keep it in your list but you are not able to buy it - sorry!

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes you can, but please allow 28 days for cheque clearance and delivery. Please phone 0161 839 8008 for more details..


How does shipping work on pre-orders?

Pre-orders will be shipped on the day of release (in most cases this will be a Monday). They will be sent separately to stock items ordered at the same time and counted as two separate orders as far as postage is concerned. When your pre-orders are ready to send, if you have another order ready to be sent at the same time, we will merge the two orders unless you request otherwise.

Why has the release date changed?

Please note that release dates are subject to change. We are given provisional dates by the record distributors and these frequently change. Sometimes we don’t find this out until a couple of days before the proposed release date. As soon as we know of any changes we will updated the website, but please bear in mind that if you pre-order 2 things that are both due out on the same day, they could end up being released on different days and so sent out separately. (Obviously you will then have to pay postage on each parcel as if they are separate orders).

Can I order Limited Editions?

Occasionally the orders we place for limited edition releases are cut back by the distributors. Normally we are notified of this and will update the site accordingly, however on very rare occasions, we will not find this out until the delivery arrives. If this means that we cannot fulfil all our customer orders, we will notify the unlucky customers straight away. We will always allocate stock on a first come first served basis.

Once you've placed your order

How do I check the status of my order?

Two ways - you can either click the link at the top of the confirmation e-mail you just received, or once you are logged-in you can click the 'your account' link at the top right corner of the website. From this page you can keep an eye on how your order is progressing and choose to have any in-stock items straight away.

Can I add items to my outstanding order?

Yes you can! All you need to do is make sure you are logged-in and then put the items you want to add into your basket as usual. Your new items will be automatically added to your outstanding order which you can check on the basket page.

Can I change my address / password / card details?

Please just send us an e-mail explaining exactly what you'd like changing and we'll do the rest!

Returns policy

How do I return faulty items?

While we do our best to ensure all items are of merchandisable quality, we are occasionally supplied with mis-pressed / marked CDs and vinyl. If you receive a faulty item, we will be happy to supply a replacement or a refund if no replacement is available. Please enclose a note with your name, order reference number and a description of the fault. Package the item securely and return to the address below. We will refund the cost of the return postage onto your credit / debit card.

How do I cancel my order?

Under the United Kingdom's Distance Selling Regulations, you have the right to cancel your order up to 7 working days after delivery as long as the items are in their original condition and any shrinkwrap is still sealed. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returned magazines. To cancel your order, please write 'cancel order' on the invoice and return the whole package to the address below. We advise that you send the parcel by Recorded Delivery and ensure the items are strongly packaged. If they are damaged in transit due to being inadequately packaged, we will be unable to give a refund. After receiving the parcel we will refund your credit / debit card (excluding original shipping costs) within 30 days.

What happens if the courier returns my package to you?

If we have a package returned we will repost it to you as soon as possible. Please note that if it was returned to us because of an incomplete address or it was not collected from a local depot we will be required to charge you for postage costs.

What is the returns address?

Piccadilly Records Returns 53 Oldham Street Manchester M1 1JR England

Gift vouchers

Can I buy vouchers online?

Yes, please visit the Piccadilly Merchandise page to view our vouchers. Just add them to your basket as you normally would for any other product.

What denominations are the vouchers?

Vouchers come in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations. You can add as many different vouchers as you want to your basket to make the amount you need. When your order is processed, they will be combined to make one voucher, so you will just have one code to use when you redeem the voucher.

What can I buy with my gift voucher?

You can use your gift voucher to buy anything we sell in the shop or online, excluding tickets.

I can’t find anything I want to buy, can I just exchange my voucher for cash instead?

Sorry but vouchers are not transferable & cannot be exchanged for cash.

The record I want to buy is less than the value of my voucher, will I get change?

If the voucher is tendered for goods less than its full value, the voucher will be amended to show remaining balance. We do not give change if the voucher is tendered for goods less than the full value of the voucher. If you use your voucher online and your order is less than the full value of your voucher, the remaining value will automatically be saved against your account until your next order (no need to re-enter the code).

Why won’t Piccadilly Records accept my gift voucher?

Piccadilly records reserves the right to refuse damaged or defaced vouchers.

Can I use multiple gift vouchers in an order?

Yes you can, just enter each voucher code on a separate line in the box.

Why do I have to enter my card number and address when I am paying for my order with a gift voucher?

This is standard fraud prevention. Also, if you add items to an outstanding order before it has been processed and the order value becomes greater than the voucher value, or you spend the voucher in the shop before your online order has been processed, we will charge the remainder to your card.

Can I use a voucher for Pick Up Instore orders?

Yes you can, please order in the usual way (don't enter your voucher code just yet) and when you pick up your records, please bring your voucher in and we will redeem it for you.

What's the difference between Gift Vouchers and Online e-Vouchers?

A Gift Voucher is a physical voucher that we will post out to you with a greetings card and matching envelope. They are available in UK only and must be posted by Special Delivery for £5.50. An Online e-Voucher will be e-mailed directly to you as an attachment and will not be charged for postage.

Do I get a greetings card with my Gift Voucher?

Yes you do, they come with our lovely Piccadilly Greetings card and the matching envelope for the lucky recipient. We are happy to send gift vouchers out directly to another person. If you would like us to do this, please put your normal address in the delivery address, but add your friend's name, address and any greetings you would like us to write in the card in the 'Special Instructions' box just above the 'SUBMIT ORDER' button.

How do Online e-Vouchers work?

Instead of being posted a physical voucher, you will be emailed a voucher which you can print out yourself. You can give the printed voucher to someone as a gift, or email it to them for them to print themselves. They can then redeem it instore or online in exactly the same way as a normal Gift Voucher. e-Vouchers can be ordered internationally, rather than just the UK with our normal Vouchers. e-Vouchers will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of purchase as a .pdf attachment.

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