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"Two-pronged, remix attacks don't come much more exciting and potent than this... as here - thanks to our good friends at Nervous NYC - we're beyond hyped to bring you the legendary Masters At Work and Dave Lee on one single, fully weaponised package.

Putting their own, inimitable spins on Louie Vega's ˙Music Is My Life˙ - which features the unique talents of Unlimited Touch - we're treated to a pair of wonderfully complimentary, but no less idiosyncratic re-rubs from these two stalwarts of the scene.

With a production hand and artistic touch like no other - Masters At Work lead the way here, with their main remix. Characterised by that trademark looseness and deliciously warm, organic approach - their rework is awash with woozy psychedelia and layered so expertly, that getting lost in the music is both gloriously simple and an absolute pleasure. But no true Vega & Dope remix suite, would be complete without a bonafide Dub version. And for ˙Music Is My Life˙ - this sees the dynamite duo take proceedings down a distinctly more mesmeric and mood-laden path… one where the vocal is instead used as a powerful rhythmic weapon, and the star of the show, is a surreptitiously morphing and shape-shifting, delicately acid-laced synth lead.

Next up - having recently switched his attentions to productions under his own namesake - is Z Records' head honcho, Dave Lee. Snapping into life with its crisp and punchy drum work - what Lee's remix does share with that of the Masters is in the over-arching, tripped-out haze which douses proceedings. However - where his remix opts to stick its head well and truly above the parapit, is in it stylistic flavouring. As when it comes to slicing that genre cake, so to split the worlds of Disco and House perfectly down the middle - there's simply no one who does it finer.”


Matt says: Wrapped in a beautifully illustrated sleeve, MAW provide one of their electric-organic remixes that oozes style and deepness. Meanwhile, Dave Lee's on hand with a proper mincing, disco ball celebration that might be a bit saccharine for some; but round the pool at Pikes on a Sunday I'm sure would make perfect sense.


A. Music Is My Life (Masters At Work Remix) 
B1. Music Is My Life (Dave Lee Remix) 
B2. Music Is My Life (Masters At Work Remix Dub) 

Joseph Capriati is firmly established as one of the greatest techno DJs in the world, but growing up in Naples his first connection with electronic dance music was actually in the house music genre. “Peace And Blessings” feat. Arnold Jarvis is Joseph’s very personal tribute to this genre, where he produced a track that he felt encompassed the vibe and spirituality of house music. He wanted a song and vocal performance that would equally represent all the best qualities of the genre, and joined with one of the industry’s most iconic and legendary vocal talents Arnold Jarvis to write lyrics and deliver a vocal performance that perfectly complements Joseph’s percussion and synth driven track. Bushwhacka! on board as Mix Engineer on The Groove Mix.


Matt says: Nervous enlist Napoletano Joseph Capriati who makes a departure for his usual techno leanings to drop a deep, red-lit vocal house track that bumps harder than a sex party in a caravan.


A. Peace & Blessings (Main Mix) 
B1. Peace & Blessings (JC's Groove Mix) 
B2. Peace & Blessings (Accapella) 

Doug Gomez’s new album “Puro” is that rare release in our dance music industry where the level of artistry in the music is just as important as this collection’s ability to move the dancefloor. Doug’s extensive experience in the industry, and his own personal development as a producer /DJ, enables him to walk that fine line between musical craftsmanship and dancefloor accessibility. The result is an album that is an essential addition to the collection of all lovers of house music and Afro-Latin Rhythms. The album’s title track “Puro” flows with a multi percussive rhythmic core that’s embellished with exotic and energetic synth lines and instrumental elements that display Doug’s international background, while tracks like “Theresa’s Paradise” and “Without You” feat. Aaron K. Gray illuminate his extensive experience in playing and producing tracks that represent the evolution of New York’s storied house music history. The vinyl release is packaged in a vibrant and multi-layered custom art package that was designed by Doug himself.


A1. New York State Of Mind 
A2. Meta Mor Fo Sis (Latin Jazz Mix) 
B1. A Vida É Boa, A Vida É Sol 
B2. Eu Sei De Alguém 
C1. Ilaroun 
C2. Que O Amanha Vai Trazer 
D1. Rosa Blanca 
D2. Puro 

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