Life / Disco Party

Image of Liason - Life / Disco Party
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Fantasy Love Records

About this item

Introducing the limited 7" re-release of the single by the legendary Bay Area group, Liason. Led by Morris 'Skid' Clay, Liason made their mark on the music scene with their distinctive sound and unforgettable performances. Recorded at Freeway Studios in Oakland back in 1977, this single captures the essence of the era and the spirit of the band.

Originally released on their independent imprint, 'A.L.C.' - named after three of the group's members astrological signs: Aquarius, Libra, and Capricorn - this single quickly became a cherished gem among fans and collectors alike. Now, decades later, it's being brought back to life for a whole new generation to enjoy.


1. Life
2. Disco Party

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