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Sam Redmore

What Would You Do? / Glow

Sam Redmore's forward thinking eclectic global grooves continue to shine bright. Known for making feel good tracks that effortlessly straddle across electronic, jazz, latin and afro music, Sam returns with the sublime cover of Dames Brown's 'What Would You Do?' featuring outstanding vocals by Lumi HD and a team of quality backing singers and musicians. The result is a lush combo dripping with organic warmth, and a spirited statement of intent calling out lovers to make the right choice. On the flip is the equally essential track 'Glow' which was released earlier this year to much applaud from tastemakers, for its ambitious and infectious groove.


1. What Would You Do? (feat. Lumi HD)
2. Glow

Wolfgang Valbrun carries the torch for all great soul musicians with an incredible debut album, which looks at human frailty that's shaped by his lived experiences and perception of current affairs. Straddling the lines between soul, rock and blues, Wolfgang provides introspective insights through raw unapologetic lyrics, married with the incredible musicianship of his band. Nothing is off the table as 'Flawed By Design' examines relationships, money, religion, greed, growing civil unrest and the antagonism by authorities towards the marginalised. Institutional and social matters are addressed with this refreshing body of work, which calls for humanity to reflect on who we are, and where our actions will lead us. This LP/CD comes with two extra tracks not found on the digital version of the album.


1. Sun Don't Shine
2. Cyclone
3. Love Yourself
4. Keep Your Head Up
5. Some Day
6. Where Is The Peace
7. I'll Be Your Prey
8. Almighty $$
9. Paris
10. Shadows
11. Baptist
12. Flawed By Design

Smoove & Turrell

The Light / Geno's Discotheque

Hailing from the North East of England, Smoove & Turrell have dominated the UK funk & soul scene for over a decade with their unique blend of northern soul and electronica. Their latest 7" release comes with 'The Light' which features legendary Blue Note keyboard genius Ronnie Foster. Frontman John Turrell reflects on the challenges of recent years and calls for unity, love, and solidarity against corrupt politics and media greed. On the flip is 'Geno's Discotheque', a tribute to a mythical club that never existed but a place we all want to be.


Matt says: Modern funk which, on "Geno's Discotheque" skips happily into new disco territory. Sure to be big with Mr. Craig Charles and other aficionados of the funk.


1. The Light (feat. Ronnie Foster)
2. Geno's Discotheque

Smoove & Turrell return to the fold with their seventh studio album, once again showcasing their commitment to creating quality songs, with meaningful lyrics shining through in every single one. The album's title pays tribute to Ellen Wilkinson, an influential UK politician who championed social justice, and reflects their socially conscious stance and northern roots.

Lead singer John Turrell articulates their vision, urging love to reclaim its place amidst a world filled with turmoil and deception, over Smoove's masterful productions laid down with the assistance of their seasoned band members (every single one of whom is quality both live and recorded). Further collaborations with the likes of Ronnie Foster, a legend from the Blue Note camp to label mate Izo FitzRoy and her choir, adds depth to an album that addresses various themes, including unity, hope, relationships, and heartfelt tributes to departed family members. An inspiring listen for those looking to stand up for good and to support one another, for only love can conquer hate.


1. The Light (feat. Ronnie Foster)
3. Mary's Song
4. Echoes
5. Empty Bottle Serenade
6. Joy!
7. Violet Hour
8. Waiting For Your Call
9. Geno's Discotheque
10. Red Ellen

'Hypnotise' is the spellbinding new single from sampler slayers, The Allergies. Who, once again, build funky new worlds out of dope beats and loops from their wild and wonderful record collections.

Here, the Bristol-based duo break new ground, sampling the incredible Deli Sosimi and heading out on the housier side of things, working a deadly dancefloor 4/4 around their signature soulful stylings.

Pulsing kicks and playful percussion keep the pace, as euphoric Afrobeat horns and insistent vocal lines build the energy in the room.

It's a captivating cut, made for discerning DJs and discos. But, as soon as you let the infectious double bass-led groove hit you, you'll mesmerised by the music.

'Vamonos' on the flip laces old school boogaloo and salsa samples with sizzling hi-hats, claps, and club-ready breaks. It's an anthem for beach bodies, holiday heroes, and sun-seekers, hell bent on escaping the rat race.


1. Hypnotise
2. Vamonos (feat. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith)

Without change, there is no progression, and being stagnant has never been an option for Gizelle Smith. On her third album, Revealing, the singer flexes her newfound artistic freedom, moving past the creative limits that have kept her pigeonholed as a soul and funk artist for too long.

Born and raised in Manchester, with a multicultural upbringing steeped in soulful music, Gizelle was destined to follow in the footsteps of her father, Joe Smith, the former guitarist, musical director and songwriter for Motown stalwarts The Four Tops. She took up singing at a young age, and in 2009, cut her first album of gritty deep funk tunes with the Mighty Mocambos in Hamburg, Germany, followed by extensive touring throughout Europe. Her follow-up, Ruthless Day, was released nearly a decade later, also rooted in the sounds of soul ingrained in her musical DNA.

For her latest effort, Gizelle could have played it safe and recorded just another soul album. But in a tragic twist, the course of her future was altered forever by her father's death in 2019, which prompted a total creative reset. "I was pretty much emotionless towards music in general and I had lost all sense of direction with my own artistry," Gizelle says of her darkest hour. "My whole identity as a song-writer and musician vanished into the ether with my dad, like a cord had been severed." Unable to focus on the material she had already been working on, she decided to start from scratch, "because regardless of what was happening in my life, an album needed to be written." Hunkering down in New York City with her producer Steffen Wagner and her fiance, bassist Joseph Sam, she embarked on a 10-day writing spree.

The nine tunes emerging from this session represent a unique combination of R&B and funk, but the singer doesn't shy away from experimenting with pop and rock stylings. With her impressive yet restrainedly candid voice, laced with a combination of coolness and sensitivity that's near impossible to mimic, Gizelle communicates authenticity, a completely fraught concept and one absolutely central to her art. In many ways, Revealing is a testament to Gizelle's musical growth, personal freedom and maturity.

It also draws attention to her writing talents. When songwriters talk about life-altering experiences, they often do so in exaggerated tones. But Gizelle's songs don't come off overstated, they are grounded and relatable. Take the opener "Agony Road," an almost therapeutic exercise in dealing with the seven stages of grief. Or take "Better Remember (They're Controlling You)," which addresses social conditioning. "Three Tiny Seeds" is a testament to self love and spiritual growth, and "The Girl Who Cried Slow" serves as an inspirational hymn for personal fulfillment. "Over the years, I feel like my lyrics especially have become more meaningful and they are particularly important on this album," Gizelle says of her writing.

Viewed in the context of her evolving sound, Revealing is more of a logical continuation of Gizelle's music, not a radical departure from her background in soul and funk. For connoisseurs of Aretha Franklin or Lyn Collins, there's still plenty to love here, as long as you're allowing Gizelle to take you with her on her new path. "I have such a plethora of beautiful influences, I just want to channel and express myself in any musical way I want, across musical landscapes that I choose," she explains.

With Revealing, Gizelle Smith reveals herself. This is what freedom sounds like.


1. Agony Road
2. Superstar
3. Better Remember (They're Controlling You)
4. Maybe Baby (Lovin' You Was Never Ideal)
5. The Girl Who Cried Slow
6. King Of The Mountain
7. Three Tiny Seeds
8. Miss World (Less Is More)
9. Riot Cars

The fourth album from ephemerals, 'the third eye' sees them build and develop the work they started on their Alice Coltrane inspired record – 'egg tooth' as they continue their ever-evolving musical journey.

Fusing styles including spiritual jazz, psychedelia, and spoken word, to convey an identity that is unmistakably their own. The core of the work is built from the honest and incisive compositions of Hillman Mondegreen combined with the unmistakably emotive vocal delivery of singer Wolfgang Valbrun.

Experimenting with recording and mixing techniques to illustrate the artistic concepts behind the songs has been key in the overall character of the record. Hard panning is used to group together specific sounds and instruments to the left and right to convey masculine and feminine sides within the track as within the individual.

For songwriter Hillman Mondegreen, the LP is a deeply personal and conceptual body of work using ambiguous harmony to discuss gender identity, polychords to demonstrate the power of being between the gender binaries, and modal changes to remove the homeliness that you find in traditional major/minor songs, speaking to the alienation of being transgender.

Although drawn from Hillman's personal experiences the writing is always universal, and singer Wolfgang Valbrun relates the pieces to his own experiences of a young black man leaving the USA to live in a new country where even language had to be re-learned to discover where he fit in in this new world.

The band has evolved exponentially over the course of four albums, and they continuously push beyond the boundaries of traditional genre ideas and traverse unexplored musical territories.


1. Poly
2. Blur
3. Coral
4. Electricity
5. Float
6. Avatar
7. Origin
8. Rising
9. Thiefin
10. Homebody
11. Instagram 

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