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"Apaga La Luz" has proven itself to be a bonified club hit with the Tony Touch and Pablo Fierro mixes released last summer 2022. A new buzz has been created with brand new 2023 remixes by Two Soul Fusion AKA Louie Vega & Josh Milan, David Morales, Mike Dunn, and David Guetta. 

 Championed by everyone from David Morales, Mike Dunn, Louie Vega & Anané Vega to Seth Troxler, Marco Corola, Paco Osuna, The Martinez Brothers, Pablo Fierro and many more.

One of those tracks that instantly screams - inferno! The fiery Latin vocal is both arresting, infectious and rousing - certain to cause a blazing surge of energy across any dancefloor. Across the double pack we get lots of different producer's take on this bonafide instant-anthem - each keeping true to the rebellious nature of the track whilst adding shed loads of their own personality across each iteration. Mastered by Herb 'Pump' Power as spread across a lavish double pack 12" - this is best way to fully devour this red hot club hit. Don't sleep on this one folks...


Matt says: You'll be screaming that vocal hook like a werewolf for the entirety of the evening after hearing this one! Can't choose a favourite mix as nearly every one of them is absolutely killer!


A1. Apaga La Luz (Tony Touch OG Mix) 
A2. Apaga La Luz (Mike Dunn Re-Touch) 
B1. Apaga La Luz (David Guetta Remix) 
B2. Apaga La Luz (Pablo Fierro Raw Dub) 
C1. Apaga La Luz (Two Soul Fusion Remix) 
C2. Apaga La Luz (Two Soul Fusion Beat-Sax Mix) 
D1. Apaga La Luz (David Morales Remix) 
D2. Apaga La Luz (David Morales Alt Mix) 

Mr. X is a young new talent from northern Jersey, USA who takes it to the raw underground with driving electronic stabs and a deep pulsating bassline with swinging beats and unique perc sounds that pop in and out abruptly within the arrangement on the track entitled “The Curse”. “The Underground” has a hooky flip flop keys action happening with vocals saying 'Thank You' creating a hypnotizing groove which is fast becoming synonymous with Mr. X's style. The B-side of the 12” starts with a steaming revisit to “The Curse” giving it another lease of life on the dancefloor along with the sample hits and catchy groove on “B-Side Only” created only in the way Mr. X can to make you jump on the dance floor. All hot club bombs, all fire!

Early support from Honey Dijon, Kenny Dope, Anané, Luke Solomon, Melvo Baptiste, Joseph Capriati, & Louie Vega. 


Matt says: New material from Louie Vega's camp that follows the delicious lineage of deep, soulful, tribal-tinged house that's emanated from New York and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.


A1. The Curse 
A2. The Underground 
B1. The Curse (Revisited) 
B2. B Side Only 

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