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Lost In Paradise - Inc. Max Essa / Eddie C Remixes

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Apersonal Music

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The only proved efficient time traveling method to date is through listening to music, particularly evident when indulging in Jona Jefferies' latest EP released by Spanish house specialists Apersonal Music. It's a refreshing nod to the golden era of 90s electronic music. Across its three tracks, Jefferies masterfully blends elements of ambient, downtempo, and electronica, evoking a sense of nostalgia as if plucked from a bygone era. In contrast to today's TikTok-dominated landscape of short, immediate singles, this EP harkens back to a time when music was crafted with depth and complexity. Drawing inspiration from legendary acts like Boards of Canada and Underworld, it seamlessly transports listeners to the Gen-X decade, when acts like Daft Punk, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers reign supreme and exploited the electronic scene during the MTV era.

On the A side, "Es Camp" embodies the seamless influence of British electronic music on the Balearic scene of the 90s, and viceversa. Feels like Moby’s “Porcelain” if the film "The Beach" had been set in Ibiza. Max Essa's "Romantic Breaks Mix" elevates the track to pure Balearic bliss, setting the perfect mood for any sunset terrace around the globe.

Side B, tailored for the dancefloor, runs through “Lost in Paradise”, a track that channels euphoria reminiscent of the underground rave culture during the final years of the 20th century. Apersonal's trusted remixer, Eddie C, delivers an extended rendition of the track that continually evolves, echoing Jim Morrison’s words: 'the music was new, black polished chrome, and came over the summer like liquid night.'


Matt says: Two pastoral electronica bliss-outs, reminiscent of a weekend spent in the back of some Welsh hippy's camper van on a cocktail of drugs visiting various free parties along the way. Eddie C and Max Essa do their thing - moulding them into more typical dancefloor movements. Nice to see Apersonal back in the fold too.


A1. Es Camp
A2. Es Camp (Max Essa Romantic Break Mix)
A3. California Sunrise… Do You Remember?
B1. Lost In Paradise
B2. Lost In Paradise (Eddie C Remix) 

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