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Steppin up, steppin in. Tom Esselle, one half of the minds behind the South London label and former Peckham record store, Yam Records, joins the WOLF Music fam for his first full length EP. And you best believe it doesn’t disappoint.

Following VA appearances on Rhythm Section and his own imprint, he goes all out for this first solo EP outing. Shuffling bumpers, SE LDN jazz-flecked deepness, tough drum workouts and broken beat heaters, all mixed down by Chaos In The CBD main man Beans, this really does have a cut for every occasion and shows an accomplished head rests on Esselle’s shoulders. Someone who’s been part of the scene for years, slingin records and throwing parties, he knows what makes people tick and even better what makes people move.

This is premium grade dancefloor business, tinged by a whole host of different influences and genres, strung together with that distinctive South London feel.


A1. Can I Get A Bump Feat. 3Digits
A2. Better Than NeverA3R-Type (Just Beats)
B1. Wayne's Lament
B2. Let Me Love You Feat. Lizzie Berchie

A family affair since the early days, WOLF Music have been shining a light on the scenes and sounds the duo are ingrained in. Staying true to form and rolling deep for WOLFEP065, the spotlight turns to a selection of familiar faces and new recruits for a four track VA EP that’s strictly for the groovers.

WOLF OG, man like Medlar kicks it off in signature style with 'Bandit', a heads-down, techno-tinged trip. Machine music with the soul of south London. Next, professor of the dark arts, Manuel Darquart, conjures up the aptly named 'Euphoria' a deep, ‘90s leaning house excursion, synth wizardry and all, that works just as well as a sunset cruiser, as it does an end of the night closer.

On the flip, two long time listeners, first time callers, with a double dose of debuts on the label. Jon Sable takes the B1 with 'Infinite Care', offering up that trademark strong and Sable, In Dust We Trust flavour. Deep, emotive, intricate house with a nod to the worlds of Bruk and Chicago house melded together with that NZ feel.

Closing it out, debut number two comes in the form of rising star moon who lays down a beatsy, broken earworm ‘Handmade’ featuring some dreamy bars from Tamu.

Full crew, through and through – this one hits different!


Millie says: Some delicious beats, WOLF presents Friends & Family, strictly house and compiled to highlight the best tunes for this summer heat.


A1. Medlar - Bandit
A2. Manuel Darquart - Euphoria
B1. Jon Sable - Infinite Care
B2. Moon Feat. Tamu - Handmade

Tone Control

Illusion (incl. Theo Parrish Remix)

King Theo has landed! You can bet 12 years ago when WOLF Music started the label, they never thought they’d be welcoming certified royalty Theo Parrish to lay down a remix on a release. And what better track for Theo to work his magic on, than the deep depths of Tone Control’s 2008 classic – ‘Illusion’.

Buttery, soulful deepness, ‘Illusion’ has it all, hitting you right in that soft spot - pure eyes closed business. Late night, early morning, peak time, take your pick. It was an instant classic when it was released, with Theo regularly drawing for it at his legendary Plastic People residency.

Now sit the man Theo down in the studio with the stems for a track he clearly loves and what do you get? A slice of Theo genius no doubt. His ‘SS Translation’ clocks in at nearly 10 minutes, building, twisting and turning in a way only Theo knows how. Restructuring and relayering the elements to squeeze every last drop of emotion out of Tone Control’s track, Theo’s delectable bass synth playing, at times haunting keys and fresh drum programming give a rawness and punch to the cut that channel that inner Theo spirit in style.

Flip it to find Tone Control’s mix of ‘Illusion’, Simon Finnegan and Marcus Harris’ biggest hit that’s still played today by the likes of Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and Kerri Chandler. In fact, who better to talk this track up than Kerri himself, with a quote from back in the day:

“…It is one of my favorite songs. Even the way the song is put together is honestly what house is all about for me. It's got every element I love in one song, dope bass line, a different deep vocal, the sounds are hot (drums, even the way he made them swing, that Rhodes) all of it… Everyone I play it for they freak out about it.”

All in all, this 12 is a must-have for those that like to get down!


Millie says: Theo Parrish in the house, very nice lo-fi housey jazzy vibes happening here and we're right where its at, Illusion is one hell of a track and Theo has taken it to next level.


A1. Illusion (Theo’s SS Translation)
B1. Illusion (Tone Control Mix)

Already causing a stir amongst music afficionados and the hypemosphere alike, the dream combo of Manchester's Ruf Dug and Lovescene grace Wolf Music with a top drawer single which has already garnered attention from Jus Ed & Virgil Abloh (that's Kanye West's creative director to you and me...)!

A love affair between Stretford street soul and Motor City beatdown, "Make This Right" combines seductive pads, a stepped, Detroitian b-line (reminscent of Recloose) and Poppy Lovescene's highly emotive vocal part given touches of flange and chorus in just the right places. It's an obviousl marrige of influences between industrial cities either side of the Atlantic that put music at the heart of everything.

In true, maxi-12" style we get a tasty dub on the flip - tuned woodblocks and fizzy hats driving this stripped back late nite jam that smoulders on in any low-ceiling basement. Finally, for the DJs, a nice beatapella to tease in elements of the OG or just to utilize in tha mix!

Heavy heat from these Manchester top cats. Miss at your peril! 


Matt says: A match made in heaven as two upper ring Manchester stalwarts collaborate together on in a Detroitian-street-soul fashion. Already garnering bare hype on the airwave, don't miss yer chance to grab a vinyl copy of this future hit.


A1 - Make This Right
B1 - Make This Right (Dub)
B2 - Make This Right (Beatapella)

“Easy rider, come and take me higher”. When the world seemingly crumbles around, music can provide an escape few other mediums can. For their debut self-titled LP, Velour effortlessly levitate you above the madness below, each track taking a new turn, cruising over hazy flecked skylines, bustling walkways and bleary eyed bedlam. A trajectory that takes in all of jazz’s vibrancies, blending elements of neo soul, broken beat and hip hop coupled with a much-needed sense of hope across nine deep, soul-searching tracks released via WOLF Music Recordings.

A style and sound taking influence from genres and moods, environments and experiences, Essen-based Velour stretch their legs for this, their first full length album. From the off, they nestle you under their wing with the rustling sax washes of opener ‘CLP’ before diving into an epic slo-mo burner, swooping down into the chaos as singer, Eva Czaya, wistfully narrates the scenes beneath.

Unafraid to shift pace within songs, the likes of ‘Pose’, sauntering from soulful summer groove into woozy late night affair, and ‘Tom's Garage’, that progresses from roadside recounting to grungy basement blowout, finished with a sample of jazz-tinged dusty beats, show that accomplished and adept heads rest on the shoulders of these relative newcomers.

WOLF Music mainstay Mr Fries continues to head up production for Velour, his trademark touch capturing the intimacy of Velour’s sound presenting it in a way that’s considered yet raw - nothing feeling rushed, nor cluttered. A separation and space that gives each element the room it deserves to breathe, with short interludes and skits providing the perfect bridge between tracks, guiding you through smokey jazz bars and twilight whisperings.

Moving through the album, Czaya at points wanders in a serene spoken dialogue, at others letting her voice loose, but always with an ethereal demeanour that comes off with natural ease. One of many highlights, ‘Anthony Davis’ shows off this celestial prowess whilst perfectly embodying Velour’s dream-like escapism. A pent up release of creativity, as moody bass tones mix with deft keys, rolling snares sit behind swirling saxophones.

The journey ends with ‘Luminate’, a transcendent closer laced with space-echoed vocals that reverberate around over-driven Rhodes and feverish drums. Cymbals crash, as modulated synths rise, building and building before easing you off into the night and on your way to a parallel universe.

As a body of work, ‘Velour’ is a shining example of the freedom, energy and enthusiasm of the new school of jazz that’s been captivating minds the world over. An instant on repeat staple - let go, feel the flow, it’s what we need in a time like this.


Patrick says: Wolf switch things up a little from their trademark dancefloor fare as Velour wow us with their groove-laden take on new school jazz. Cool AF!


A2. Pose (skit)
A3. Pose
A4. Tom's Garage
A5. Anthony Davis
B1. Into The Blue
B2. Among The Popular Attractions
B3. Bay
B4. Luminate

Wolf Music proudly present a fantastic reissue for those in love with the dancefloor.

If there's one thing WOLF Music know a thing or two about, it's house music. So it's no surprise then that they've decided to reissue a golden 2003 deep house nugget in the form of BRS (British Rhythm Services) - 'Spring Dom'.

Reissued from the original DAT tapes 'Spring Dom' is one of those timeless records that even 15 years on sounds as soulful as it did when it first hit the racks. Echoed sweeping stabs, chunky drum loops and powerful synth flurries alongside those mesmerising vocal refrains, all tied together with a driving bassline - this is deep, deep goodness of the highest degree. Reworking 'Spring Dom' for the present day, WOLF mainstay Medlar provides a rave tinged remix, chopping the vocals and reworking the synth lines to give it a peak time, dancefloor demeanour.

The flip houses the other two tracks from the original '03 release - 'Clubtronic' with it's UKG flavoured beat, M1 pads and jazzy free flowing melodies and 'Miss You' combining a bumping groove, dynamic bass melody and stirring Rhodes chords.

A much-welcomed reissue package from the WOLF camp and a chance to own this house treasure without feeding the sharks.


Sil says: Monster deep house tune for all of you that sounds as fresh now as it did 15 years ago. It has aged superbly. Medlar ups the game revisiting it and adding roughness to it. 'Spring Dom' and 'Miss you' are two diamonds you totally need. This is by a mile my deep house record of the month!


A1. Spring Dom
A2. Spring Dom (Medlar Remix)
B1. Clubtronic
B2. Miss You

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