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Frits Wentink

Remember That Feeling

Few things hit the spot better than a Frits Wentink release on WOLF Music. Like a crisp pint of vitamin G on a summer’s day, Frits pulls the perfect pour for the 70th release on the label. Three trademark wonky, left of centre cuts, designed to intrigue, yet destined to make you dance.

It’s fair to say that there aren’t many producers who can claim to have as distinctive a style as Frits. A captivating wobbliness brews with a deft swing and tangible bounce in the Wentink barrels, instantly distinguishable from the very first sip.

‘Remember that Feeling’, the first in a fresh run of Frits x WOLF EPs, has got all those flavours and more in the mix. ‘Royale’ takes the full A side, a Fritsy bumper if we ever saw one. Skippy, seductive garage house with a psychedelic tinge. On the B, ‘Intentions’ showcases that MPC crunched sample wizardry, as smokey jazz keys swirl around RnB vocal snippets.

Closing out proceedings ‘Move Steady’ is a hit of off-kilter, late night basement business, rolling low-end, UK funky flavoured percussion and all.


Matt says: Lights down low, elbows out, Frits Wentink is in the house for some sultry deep house swing. Lovers of Prescription and Cajmere get on board quick!


A1. Royale
B1. Intentions
B2. Move Steady

The mysterious Henk Donkers conjures up the 69th release on WOLF Music. No-one knows where the promo came from, a Dropbox link landing in the WOLF HQ inbox labelled, ‘With love, Henk Donkers x’.

Crack the vault to find some slick, sultry, steamed up window biz from this mystery entity, ranging from a soulful 2-step burner featuring Ell Murphy (we’re still trying to track Ell down to shed some much-needed light on this conundrum), to an acid-tinged melon twister on the A side.

On the B, Henk teases further with that red-light basement feeling, blending breakbeats with heartstring hitting sweetness, before closing it out with a spoken word, psychedelic trip.

Henk Donkers is no fool, Henk Donkers is no amateur. Who is Henk Donkers? Are you Henk Donkers? Contact us immediately -


A1. Henk Donkers X Ell Murphy - Without You
A2. Dope
B1. With You
B2. Pink Horse

Emotive sweetness from the one they call Gratts, coming correct via those ever-reliable purveyors of all things house, WOLF Music. Two dream-state gems from the Belgian-born, Australia-based DJ and producer, complete with a signature, deep and delectable remix from one of Dublin’s finest exports Glenn Davis.

On the A, ‘Pretty Lights’ is a bittersweet saunter beachside, sun setting in the distance, bass striding beside as keys dance across the horizon. A melancholic narrative over a blissful groove, Brandon Markell Holmes’ heavenly vocals add an undeniable elegance to proceedings, combined with Leïto’s deft touch on the keys. Subtle house music with soul from a producer that’s been toiling away for nearly 25 years.

Flip it to find ‘Polaroids’, a late-night trip across the underground with Tee Amara leading the way. Her sublime vocals are laid over a bumping, piano-laden beat, bit-crushed synths and all. A track that keeps that distinct soulful thread, yet laces it with a club-ready dose of the good stuff.

Glenn Davis then rounds off the package laying down a remix of ‘Polaroids’ that hits in all the right spots. A deeper journey, that sees Davis reworking the drums, dousing it in ethereal pads and dreamy synthwork, elevating Amara’s vocals to stratospheric heights. One for the dancers and romancers.


A1. Pretty Lights (Ft. Brandon Markell Holmes & Leito)
B1. Polaroids (Ft. Tee Amara)
B2. Polaroids (Glenn Davis Remix)

Dam-based don Retromigration steps into the big leagues letting loose his debut album on WOLF Music. An LP that has long been in the works and for good reason too. Fourteen expertly executed tracks that range from hazy beats and jazz-tinged broken rhythms to club-ready groovers, deep excursions, soulful footwork and even some jungle energy. A flavour for every occasion and damn it tastes good.

With an envious run of releases on the likes of Handy, Healthy Scratch, wewillalwaysbealovesong and WOLF in a relatively short space – Retormigration is hot property and it’s clear to see why. A distinctive style and energy permeate his tracks with a breadth of influences on offer, from hip hop, to jazz, soul to funk. You just know a long player from this player is going to cover all bases.

His debut LP, Straight Foxin’, is a carefully curated and crafted journey showcasing the creative explosions firing off in Retromigration’s brain. Joining the dots between genres, taking elements from here, ideas from there – twisting and turning yet never out of place. Take the opening three tracks, all tied together by a deep fondness for jazz but served up in different styles, ‘Kunta’ with that hazy beatsy blend, ‘Formant’ leaning into the realms of broken beat and DnB and ‘Be Someone’ cruising with the off-kilter house.

Elsewhere there’s prime examples of Retromigration’s signature sample-laden house with deeper cuts like ‘Mada’ and ‘Bouncer’, sitting side by side with more soulful explorations such as ‘New Cribs’ and ‘ITWT’.

Not one to be pigeonholed, another course of Retromigration’s expansive taste gets served up with four high energy hits. The bouncing footwork flavours of ‘Kush Love’ ft. Passion Deez and ethereal excursion ‘What If’ lead into a captivating nod to the heydays of jungle and DnB on ‘Mild Fever’ and ‘Bad Knees’ respectively.

Straight Foxin’, mad flexin’ – Retromigration has laid down the law with this LP, a debut album done right.


A1. Kunta Ft. Mauricesax
A2. Formant
A3. Be Someone Ft. Bezzix
A4. Mada
B1. All I Do Ft. Mauricesax
B2. Bouncer Ft. Mauricesax
B3. New Cribs Ft. Bezzix & Mauricesax
C1. ITWT Ft. Mauricesax
C2. Jilter
C3. Kush Love Ft. Passion Deez
D1. What If
D2. Mild Fever
D3. Bad Knees Ft. Nephews
D4. Nima

Fresh off the back of his highly acclaimed debut album on Astral Black, Footshooter returns to the WOLF Music pack following his ethereal remix of Velour last year, with an exquisite six track journey through his signature sound.

An amalgamation of genres, ideas and vibes blend seamlessly together throughout the record, showing a wealth of knowledge, alongside a production prowess to match. From the cinematic opener 'Welcome In' to the soulful, synth-laden broken beat of ‘Turning’ and 'Archetype 7' on the A side. Samples dance next to magical playing and programming, with hats tipped to legends of yester year whilst keeping things completely fresh at the same time.

Flip it for the B, where UK Funky feels mix with bumping house for the fresh to death, dress to impress 'Dojo'. Footshooter then dips the lights down low and and slows the tempo with the beatsy, piano shimmering brilliance of 'Angel(s)' and the eyes closed, soul healing sounds of 'Hold On'.

Six shots, no misses, Footshooter gets deep into the heart of what’s bubbling in London town right now.


A1.  Welcome In
A2.  Turning
A3.  Archetype 7
B1.  Dojo
B2.  Angel(s)
B3.  Hold On

Steppin up, steppin in. Tom Esselle, one half of the minds behind the South London label and former Peckham record store, Yam Records, joins the WOLF Music fam for his first full length EP. And you best believe it doesn’t disappoint.

Following VA appearances on Rhythm Section and his own imprint, he goes all out for this first solo EP outing. Shuffling bumpers, SE LDN jazz-flecked deepness, tough drum workouts and broken beat heaters, all mixed down by Chaos In The CBD main man Beans, this really does have a cut for every occasion and shows an accomplished head rests on Esselle’s shoulders. Someone who’s been part of the scene for years, slingin records and throwing parties, he knows what makes people tick and even better what makes people move.

This is premium grade dancefloor business, tinged by a whole host of different influences and genres, strung together with that distinctive South London feel.


Millie says: Jazz-house hybrid, Tom Esselle brings us a taste of South East London for his first solo release with a irresistible broken beat groove underlying throughout. Proper nice.


A1. Can I Get A Bump Feat. 3Digits
A2. Better Than NeverA3R-Type (Just Beats)
B1. Wayne's Lament
B2. Let Me Love You Feat. Lizzie Berchie

Wolf Music proudly present a fantastic reissue for those in love with the dancefloor.

If there's one thing WOLF Music know a thing or two about, it's house music. So it's no surprise then that they've decided to reissue a golden 2003 deep house nugget in the form of BRS (British Rhythm Services) - 'Spring Dom'.

Reissued from the original DAT tapes 'Spring Dom' is one of those timeless records that even 15 years on sounds as soulful as it did when it first hit the racks. Echoed sweeping stabs, chunky drum loops and powerful synth flurries alongside those mesmerising vocal refrains, all tied together with a driving bassline - this is deep, deep goodness of the highest degree. Reworking 'Spring Dom' for the present day, WOLF mainstay Medlar provides a rave tinged remix, chopping the vocals and reworking the synth lines to give it a peak time, dancefloor demeanour.

The flip houses the other two tracks from the original '03 release - 'Clubtronic' with it's UKG flavoured beat, M1 pads and jazzy free flowing melodies and 'Miss You' combining a bumping groove, dynamic bass melody and stirring Rhodes chords.

A much-welcomed reissue package from the WOLF camp and a chance to own this house treasure without feeding the sharks.


Sil says: Monster deep house tune for all of you that sounds as fresh now as it did 15 years ago. It has aged superbly. Medlar ups the game revisiting it and adding roughness to it. 'Spring Dom' and 'Miss you' are two diamonds you totally need. This is by a mile my deep house record of the month!


A1. Spring Dom
A2. Spring Dom (Medlar Remix)
B1. Clubtronic
B2. Miss You

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