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Yesterday's Tomorrows is Moomin's 3rd album and the first of his to be released on WOLF Music Recordings.

The album see's Moomin showcasing the natural, organic sound he is known for, applying his production technique to House, as well as venturing into beatdown territory with 90s New York Hip Hop, and his uniquely Moomin take on liquid Drum & Bass.

Jazzy and deep, that is how I like my house to be. If that is what you are after, you found it. LB offers you four top draw late night driving tunes. 'Otari' and 'Haku' are delightfully good. On the B side we have a dancefloor warmer using a sample from Tulio de Piscopo 'Stop Bajon' to maximum effect. On B2 'Leaders for the Government' we have a solid deep house number that should not be overlooked. You need this. Wolf in true form 


Sil says: Very very good release on always reliable Wolf Music. Great deep house tracks in here that you truly need.

Frits Wentink returns with the second volume of his Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff on Wolf Music. Drawing inspiration from the legendary sounds of Kerri Chandler and Mood II Swing, the release contains four themes that seek to inject life into house music's stories cannon. "Theme 5" is a chunky number, cemented with heavy beats that give way to a Chandler-esque organ riff halfway through and embellished with sultry female vox. "Theme 6" is light and skippy, sensuous piano trills cascading against swung house drums and low tuned, delicately plotted bass notes. "Theme 7" switches back to the think and chunky, skillful compression nuances bringing out various elements of the heady mix. "Theme 8" completes the set in jubulent form, just teetering on the edge of the mainroom whilst being stylishly understated Top stuff. 

Picccadilly favourite and part of Manchester's musical royalty, Garth Be's first release on Wolf dates back to 2009 and his "All The Thrills" track - still caned by one Move D to this day! Here we are, just shy of ten years later and Mr. Be's come a long way baby. Two albums released through his cult adored and much celebrated Sweet Sticky imprint have seen him garner End Of Year chart success from both our shop and London's Phonica Records. His EP for Ruf Kutz (another Manc institution) sold out in mega quick time and landed him a whole new army of fans digging his crate dug, dusty fingered aesthetic. Now, Wolf have returned, hat in hand to the producer for this fully realized 6-track mini epic. Already counting Moodymann, Floating Points, Kyle Hall and Theo Parrish as contemporaries, the six tracks here skirt between poised beatdown, fiery backroom burners and jubilant, no-frills house music. Proudly DIY and rough around the edges, there's nonetheless a serious cohesion and empathy gone into the construction and arrangement of every one of these tracks. Intricate, yet welcoming rhythms appear out of skeletal bare bones, while radiant, warming melodies glow like a storage heater in a Moss Side winter - huddled three abreast as the icy winds blow outside. It's another epic selection from one of MCR's most loved and a solid reason to get WOLF in the stocking this Chrimbo.... Mega.

Wolf Music introduce a new addition to their roster: Neue Grafik. With previous releases on labels such as Beat X Changers, Slime Recordings and S3A Records, French producer and DJ, Fred Bwelle aka Neue Grafik, has quickly risen as one of the most promising acts to come out of the new French electronic scene. This EP presents a perfect blend of dusty, MPC-driven house jams, broken Beat, and sublime, soul-fused beatdown. Clearly an artist confident in exploring different styles with the talent to draw them together in order to produce a complete record, it has tracks that are dancefloor focused and tough, alongside soulful melancholic meanderings laced with sultry vocals, It should appeal to anyone who's enjoyed the sounds of Jay Daniel, Seven Davis Jr or Garth Be, as well as existing fans of the killer Wolf catalogue.


Wolf EP 26

    Soul has always been a constant in WOLF's musical adventures, and here they release an EP that is positively drenched in it.

    WOLFEP026 has been crafted by WOLF favourite, Ishmael. A multi-instrumentalist who has featured on the label in the past but is now stepping up for his first full EP.

    Fans of WOLFEP017 will be familiar with his debut single 'Want You' that received praise from the likes of Jimpster, Lovebirds & Ben Westbeech.

    This release is his full debut EP, and is a taster of what you can expect from this exciting new addition to the pack.

    Ossie hits the spot with this four track of pure heat on Wolf Music. Flavours range from the emotional and subtle groove of "She Knows (That Love Hurts)" to the Jackson bashing sample abuse of "Fovever" (Let Me Show You The Way To Go) via the warehouse shaking throb of "Heart Beating". Up first on the A, "She Knows" combines the bass heavy, pitched down stylings of modern house with classic songwriting, to come up with an emotive groove that'd be number one in an alternate universe. The rising bassline is perfect for getting heads nodding, and the vocals will have them thinking while they groove, nice. "Heart Beating" updates the Sound Factory blueprint with a little contemporary UK grit, and adds some string snippets that could well be nicked from a well known Freddie Hubbard tune. On the flip, "Forever" reimagines disco house as a tool for club destruction, with Ossie slipping the Jackson's through a black room morpher with brutal, speaker smashing results. The set is closed out with the deep and hollow dub of "Heart Beating", which will go down well with the Sheffield crowd I reckon.  

    Finally, Wolf Music answer my prayers and unleash the full 12" mixes from Medlar's excellent "Sleep" LP.  We're treated to the soul, jazz and gospel sampling beatdown of "Tides" and "Tap Spring" in extended (nicely mixable) format, as well as a shimmering nu disco mix of "Tides" from Kon, and a clanking tech house rework of "Listen" from Wolf music stalwarts Greymatter. Kon's first at the mixing desk, smoothing out the thump and rumble of Medlar's live drums and bass in favour of a precision engineered drum track and subby dubby bassline Soul Clap would be proud of. The strings and pads he adds offer a glimpse of a Pet Shop Boys melody which quickly vanishes in the mirror ball's spin. Powerhouse nu disco that's gonna rock 'em in Croatia this summer. On the flip, Greymatter go in harder than we're used to hearing them, with their rubbery tech house take on "Listen". Their effortlessly tasteful use of a sampler still features, with excellent offbeat vocals and skittering hats, but the reverb heavy mix and dubby beat make this one the perfect thing to spin next to your LoShea collection. I reckon this'll be a massive Sheffield record.

    Wolf music releases come thick and fast at the moment with this various artists EP snapping at the heels of James Welsh's "Wolf EP 21". Old hands Greymatter and KRL explore their world of piano heavy dusty house, this time enlisting real life live vocals in place of the samples that featured so heavily in their early releases. Greymatter go first with the aid of Sophie Brown's soulful vocals, serving up a heavyweight deep house shuffler with plenty of bump and a smooth keyboard refrain. KRL follow up in swift succession with the sampler riding filter funk of "Burn". Rattling percussion, vamping pianos and slaptastic wah bass are all present, while Sarah Blake's vocals steal the show. Heavy duty house weapons on the A-side. On the flipside, Homeboy's "Spacelift" is a proper peak time house bomb with a real jittering bassline and some crunchy piano vamps, while Ishmael's "Lumo" is a more restrained affair, wrapping up a sweet r'n'b vocal inside a swirl of pads.

    Following on from their first outing into the world of the long player (Medlar's wicked debut 'Sleep'), WOLF Music return to their bread and butter, welcoming James Welsh back for EP 21. Kicking the EP off in soulful style is "Born & Raised", which employs shuffling hats and minor chord keys as the setting for the raw and emotional vocal sample. Deep and groovy, this is a head nodder for sho'. Wolf associate Frits Wentink takes things to ocean floor depth on his remix, filtering a vocal sample to create a swooning rhythm and adding some techy metallic keys for a post peak slow burner. On the flip the wonderfully named "Fuzzy Dunlop" is a super slow and stoned house builder which breaks into the smoothest of electro funk melodies for a few bars in the middle before locking back into that hypnotic groove. The standout track for me "Tinker's Rucksack", which deploys a little bit of Marvin with great aplomb. Add to the choice vocal nugget some mournful keys and a Detroitian lead line and you've got a winner in my book.

    Wolf Music hit double figures with this new EP from KRL. Having popped up on various Wolf Music 12"s, this upcoming producer now gets a whole piece of wax to himself. KRL uses only the deepest, most soulful samples to craft irresistable house tracks. A title like "Decay" might suggest melancholia, but this track is a sublime piece of simple house music with a delightfully uplifting pop touch to it - check the great 'Just to be close' vocal loop. Sweet. "Deep Down" gets in a 90s NY house vibe - if you loved those "Back On Track" Nu Groove samplers then you'll be up for this. Hitting the Chi-Town sound is "Nothing You Can Teach Me" - one of those raw, stripped-down house cuts with a great soulful vocal - as we all know, the rough with the smooth is a killer combination. Closing the EP is the Ethyl remix of "Deep Down", which adds a bit of pep to the mellow vibes of the original.

    DJ feedback:

    Shenoda (Hypercolour / Connaisseur Recordings) - 'Original of Deep Down is the one for me thanks.'

    Mic Newman / Fantastic Man (Murmur / Freerange / Tsuba) - 'Stong release! loving the warehouse vibes! Ethyl mix is dope as well!'

    Steve Nickolls / Joe90 (Future Boogie) - 'just genrally really quite fit innit'

    Duffstep / Duff Disco - 'Wicked!! been playing alot of KRL vibes over last year!

    Chris Duckenfield - 'Strikingly good EP & another sureshot for Wolf Music. Full Support'

    Mad Mats (Raw Fusion) - 'The whole package is sweet'

    Craig Smith (6th Borough Project / Soul Renegades / Cyberjamz Radio) - Always look forward to the next Wolf Music release and this doesn't disappoint. Dope grooves as always.'

    Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) - 'Exellent release, all tracks are GREAT"

    Ali Herron (OOFT!) - 'KRL showing how it's done once again. Wolf just can't stop delviering the goods. Full goddamn support!'

    Crazy P - 'All aces. Dreat deep grooves, very interesting drum programming and sounds. another one out of the top draw.'

    Osunlade - 'its all about "Deep Down"!'

    Cosmic Boogie - 'My current favourote producer on one of the best labels around. It was never going to be shit was it.'

    Bicep - 'KRL killing it as per usual! amzing stuff Wolf pack"

    Catz N Dogz (Get Physical) - "Deep Down"!. Always soo exited to listen new WOLF. still one of the Top labels around'

    Jacques Renault / Runaway - 'Another killer wolf release - keep it up guys.'

    Matthew Chicoine/ Recloose - 'Cool release, always digging on the WOLF
    music and KRL joints.'

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