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Modern Detroit techno poster boys Max Watts and Huey Mnemonic join forces for a serious strong release on Max's Limited Network label.

Side A is home to “The Silver Lining”: A classic high tech string track with infectious bass and an 808 / 909 drumline. Side B features a collaboration between Huey Mnemonic and Max Watts titled, “Echoes of Change”: a free jazz trip on wax, for Djing or home listening. Huey Mnemonic remixes their minimal techno jam on the B2, giving us his stripped down interpretation. Perfect for doubling up.


Matt says: Max Watts continues to channel the true OG spirit of Detroit. He's already got the backing of Mad Mike (who presses his records at Submerge), and with every release seems to be asserting himself as king of the forth (or is that fifth I've lost count) wave of Motor City techno producers.


A1. Max Watts - The Silver Lining
B1. Max Watts & Huey Mnemonic - Echoes Of Change
B2. Max Watts & Huey Mnemonic - Echoes Of Change (Mnemonic Mix)

UR's Santiago Salazar, aka S², presents four funky & soulful, electro-techno tracks for Limited Network’s ninth release. "Dynamic Allocation" starts the EP off with captivating string and bassline arrangements, harkening back to the spirit of UR. "Cache Memory" follows up with dark pads and a UR-sounding deep and detuned grungy bassline supported by an electro drum workout. "Accumulator" is when Miami bass meets Detroit techno seasoned with Santiago’s signature sound design. "Data Hierarchy" closes the EP with a spiritual universal electro jam arranged to move your mind and body.


Matt says: Trouser shaking, fierce machine funk here that recalls the genius of Mad Mike and some of the finest moments of the Underground Resistance catalogue. Proper Motor City moods from this LA-based producer. Essential electro!


A1. Dynamic Allocation
A2. Cache Memory
B1. Accumulator
B2. Data Hierarchy

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