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Inspired by revolutionary efforts against oppressive hegemonies in Detroit, and in Black locales around the world, "Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz" is a sound score evocative of that resistance. It is also a reminder that although violence and injustice looms, it is not the only story: we are much more than what oppresses us. The album celebrates Black leisure and play; the mundane joys that persist in spite of the depleting realities of the world.

Movement, and the very mobility of the car specifically is integral to "Memoirs of Hi Tech Jazz". Timed perfectly to match the duration of a round trip drive from Underground Music Academy in the North End, to Detroit’s island park, Belle Isle - the album is undoubtedly best experienced while driving.

That journey signifies the transition from labor to pleasure: from the neighborhood of the Techno Museum in North End to an outdoor park that has long been a destination for Black Detroiters to cookout, park their boats, play spades, and listen to local music.

"Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz" embodies the feeling this place engenders - a reprieve from the midwestern work ethic, and a reminder to ground in the pleasures of your body and the land.


A1. Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz (feat. Black Nix)
A2. Motor City Madness
A3. Snake Eyes
B1. Let's Give It Up (feat. Archpriest Rev. Wanika K. Stephens, De'Sean Jones)
B2. The Dub
C1. The Ballad Of Robert O'Bryant
C2. Keep It Coming
C3. Rouge
D1. Right Now
D2. Remember


Motor City Madness - Underground Resistance, People Mover & SHE Spells Doom Remixes

Heralding the release of "Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz", the new album by Detroit-born-and-based artist, Waajeed; this 12” features further examinations of the lead track by the vaunted Detroit collective, Underground Resistance; Zambian producer SHE Spells Doom; and a special reimagining by Waajeed himself featuring live drums.

Alongside the 12" version the three remixes further explore the links between techno and jazz, styles both founded on African traditions that make commentary on the present but are always oriented to potential hereafter.

On the People Mover remix, Waajeed enlists the talents of Zo!, Tall Black Guy, Michele Manzo, and more to explore one extreme of the track’s musical heritage. Syncopated drums, driven by a full and bright snare drum, firmly place this version in the sphere of contemporary jazz emanating from Detroit and cities across the US.

Coming from an album inspired by revolutionary efforts against oppression in Detroit and in Black locales around the world it is entirely fitting that Underground Resistance should provide their take on "Motor City Madness". UR’s Mike Banks follows the lead of the original’s melange of genres. By thickening the bassline, peppering the mix with extra brass from the Mad Brass Horn Section, and adding strings courtesy of Six Mile Strings, UR further explore the dynamic intersection of music, history, and geography.

SHE Spells Doom closes the remix package with his second release on Tresor after his contribution to 2021’s "Tresor30" compilation. The Zambian artist trims "Motor City Madness" down to the bones of the brass section and infuses them with a gqom beat, simultaneously referring to jazz and techno’s deepest roots in Africa, as well as suggesting where they might be headed in the future.


Matt says: A nicely curated remix package to accompany the album also out this week. Detroit's Waajeed has won an army of loyal fans through his jazz-informed dance style that's uniquely his own. The four remixes are all top drawer, it's hard to pick a favourite! And what coup getting Detroiters UR up in there too. Check!


A1. Motor City Madness (12inch Version)
A2. Motor City Madness (People Mover Remix)
B1. Motor City Madness (Underground Resistance Remix)
B2. Motor City Madness (SHE Spells Doom Remix)



    Function’s long career has seen him uncover a vast range of sonic identities, a mainstay through house, techno and industrial with collaborations with the likes of Regis, Damon Wild alongside his highly influential Infrastructure imprint. With influences deeply tied to pop art, rave and gay scenes, and early memories of block-parties emitting Kraftwerk and Strafe, he found himself seeking out the undercover illegal nights of the 90s on a quest of sexual unearthing, mixing the ever-yearning escapology mission of disco with the influential DJ sets of Jeff Mills.

    For his new album "Existenz", he marks a clear step away from the corporeal techno of his recent releases. Pivoting around themes of religion, sexuality, trauma and healing, it is a work expansive and celebratory, a clear liberation from a deeply internalized past. Formed from a collection of recordings made in a period from late 2016 to mid 2019, "Existenz" takes the form of a creative outburst in reaction to a number of traumas - recent, childhood and throughout Function’s life. Life partner Stefanie Parnow assisted the production process in its entirety, providing inspiration, spiritual healing and featuring vocal contributions.

    Cosmic synths soar and swoop in "Pleasure Discipline" through towering stacks of rhythm that stutter and creak to a halt before rebooting, a firm robotic response to human intervention. "Zahlensender" reflects a spatial tetris of urban life, as digitalization set within an XYZ matrix confronts the sprawling city. Constant arpeggiated meditations echo synaptic transmissions, a dissolution of boundaries. "The Approach’" recalls the unification of the self, a state of delirium non-subjective and smooth, as all connections and functions give way to simple intensities of feeling, crossing the threshold into spirituality. "Golden Dawn", featuring Stefanie Parnow, marks a further elevation of dubbed-out euphoria, as once more positive rays emerge. His ode to the effortless short-trip urban navigation "Kurzstrecke" finds Function in motion, upfront and bold, snapshots of conversation and flickers of light. "Ertrinken" finds metallic bass jabs swamping snipped synthetic voices, with hidden stores of emotion set as a nod to the history of vocoders as a tool for encrypted military communication. House icon Robert Owens features on "Growth Cycle" and "Be", entrenching a celebratory atmosphere over Function's clubwise leanings. Closing track "Downtown 161" reflects the unmistakeable filtered and squashed interjections of television, and sampled dance vocals - a sound for the curious, dreamers and dancers.

    With "Existenz", Function reveals an essential body of work, spread over 4LP - thought experiments on the role of identity and spirituality after a lifetime of upheaval and trauma. Leading up until the release date, Function will undertake an album promo tour with select dates - A/V shows at Berlin Atonal and Rural festival in Japan, and three dates as part of his Bassiani residency. 


    A1 Sagittarius A (Right Ascension) 05:15
    A2 Pleasure Discipline 05:57
    A3 Ertrinken 05:38
    B1 Growth Cycle (featuring Robert Owens) 05:52
    B2 Zahlensender 08:04
    B3 The Approach 03:27
    C1 Nylon Mood 06:26
    C2 Alphabet City 05:43
    C3 Don't Ask, Don't Tell 06:10
    D1 No Entiendes 06:56
    D2 Kurzstrecke 06:43
    D3 Golden Dawn (featuring Stefanie Parnow) 07:14
    E1 Interdimensional Interferenc 05:58
    E2 Distant Paradise 08:05
    F1 Be (featuring Robert Owens) 04:50
    F2 Vampir 06:29
    G Downtown 161 11:38

    Robert Hood

    Internal Empire

      The ongoing importance of this album is indisputable, essential both to techno and to Tresor. It is a history intertwined. This work elevates its maker as master, and remain a cherished moment in the Tresor story, sharing an irrefutable singular magic, sounding as present and indispensable as when first created. To understand this work fully is to stand back and celebrate its impact. Originally released in 1994, ‘Internal Empire’ marks a point of transition for Robert Hood moving on from his previous collaborations within Underground Resistance. Robert Hood advanced uncovering the power of true minimalism. Deep soul through a simplicity that showed how much could be done with so little. The devastating rhythms of this album forge the unmatched spirit of this sound, influencing generations to come.


      1. Intro
      2. Master Builder
      3. Parade
      4. Within
      5. Minus
      6. Internal Empire
      7. Home
      8. Multiple Silence
      9. Spirit
      10. The Core
      11. Chase

      Jeff Mills

      Waveform Transmission Vol.3

        Pivotal, iconic, groundbreaking & pioneering, the third part of Jeff Mills and Rob Hood's "Waveform Tranmission" series is given a limited re-run. When this originally came out in 1994 on Tresor it sounded fierce, uncompromising and unique - and perfectly encapsulated the spirit and energy across the German capital following the collapse of the Berlin Wall. As such Jeff and Rob became heros and flagbearers for the techno sound in Europe, miles away from their home in Detroit (who would take much, much longer to embrace the sound outside the select group of DJs, producers and dancers which were involved in the scene).

        The unrelenting tempos, machine-code drums and alien frequencies would soundtrack many a 48-hour weekend as the punk spirited, electronically-guided party spirit came into blossom throughout the 90s.

        An absolute masterpiece which every home should posses. Limited to 1500 hand numbered copies - this is one techno album you can't be without!


        Matt says: They don't make 'em like this anymore... Boundry dissolving militancy from the Wizard. One of his most uncompromising and arresting releases in his catalogue.


        A1. The Extremist 04:13
        A2. Solid Sleep 03:49
        B1. Life Cycle 03:52
        B2. Workers 03:15
        C1. Wrath Of The Punisher 03:46
        C2. DNA 03:40
        D1. Condor To Mallorca 05:37
        D2. Basic Human Design 05:54

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