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Jeff Mills

Waveform Transmission Vol.3

    Waveform Transmission Vol.3 initially came out in 1994 on Tresor Records.
    The eight titles on the album marked a turning point for Jeff Mills. It indicates a transition from the straightforward sound he had created through the early 1990’s, into the different facets and sound pallet he will develop through the remainder of the decade. It is a significant piece within Jeff Mills’ masterwork. 


    Ltd LP Info: This repress is a stamped and hand-numbered edition, limited to 1500 units.

    Donato Dozzy

    Filo Loves The Acid

    For its 303rd release, Tresor Records is glad to present a commissioned work by Donato Dozzy.

    Rome based production maestro and DJ extraordinaire Donato Dozzy is unanimously considered as an illustrious leading light in all techno artforms.

    Along his long career and extensive discography, Dozzy has proven to use his instruments most interesting ways, always re-inventing his music, always presenting new approaches to both the deeper and the more rhythmic forms of electronic music. It was self-evident to Tresor Records to enroll Donato Dozzy’s talents for this assignment, a nod to the seminal Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer.

    The result is a relentless collection of radical, propulsive and bleeding-heart acid tracks. Donato Dozzy wishes to dedicate this work to his lifelong friend Filo. 


    Matt says: Brilliantly timed to conincide with Tresor's 303rd release, new school acid maverik Dozzy comes correct with a double disc set of his idiosyncratic Roland warblings.

    Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald Present Borderland


    Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald - the two indispensable protagonists of the 'Electric Garden' - plug back into the wilderness.

    ‘Transport’ - the new full length effort of the Borderland collaborative project - brings together a new set of studio-refined sequences aimed at colonising some of the dark energy that pulsates through those areas that are thoroughly electrified, even if not ‘on the grid’.

    The Detroit-Berlin axis triangulates to a third point which, like the atomic particle that lives in two places at once, flickers between a form of techno-charged ambience and a futuristic club-jazz which cannot be broken down into constitutive parts. Borderland remains caught in a state of enraptured stillness, invisibly moving between every imagined future for electronic sound making.

    The result: a font from which springs serene and exhilarating musical ideas that vibrate with refined energy for sixty seconds in every minute.


    Sil says: Hypnotic, deep and mesmerizing. These three adjectives arguably define partially the form and function of minimal techno. This album is no dross as the genre has become. In contrast, Transport has been crafted by two well-seasoned techno maestros who bring their own influences to this masterpiece, a deeply satisfying convergence of Detroit and Berlin.
    Von Oswald, precursor of dub techno (Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, et al) and Atkins (widely credited as the originator of techno) join forces to demonstrate that the genre is not passé and can still surprise. Appropriate for both dancefloor and home listening. Those into dubby ambient and deep techno will not be disappointed as every track is standout material which should be added to any serious music collector.


    Digital Tsunami

    Detroit's underwater, afro-futurist, alien mystic, electro experts delivered a total masterpiece in 2002 with "Harnessed The Storm", the opening movement of their seven part "Storms" series. Such was the depth of the Drexciyan genius that three of the tracks on this flawless EP were left off the double vinyl album and had to make do with supporting roles on this trademark 12". "Digital Tsunami" is a rapid fire blast of electro sequences and techno attitude, shot through with the mechanised tones of a futuristic assembly line. The brutally abstract "Aquatic Cataclysm" follows on the A-side, delivering stark and alien acid sound from through the wormhole. On the flip, Stinson dons his second skin and dives deep to the ocean floor with the gurgling synths of "The Plankton Organisation", while "Birth Of New Life" moves away from the trademark Drexciyan sound a tad, instead delivering blissful and contemplative deep house driven by an awe inspiring sub bassline. Another masterful lesson in futurist dance music from one of its strongest forces.

    After more than two decades of behind the scenes collaboration Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald present 'Borderland' - their first album together using their own names - on Tresor Records.

    The album - made up of eight tracks, which seamlessly blend the styles of both masters (although leaning further towards Von Oswald's dub-techno sound) - was recorded at the beginning of 2013 over various studio sessions in Berlin and is released as a series of three 12"s and a CD album.

    The CD opens with 'Electric Garden (Deep Jazz In The Garden Mix)', which features German trumpet player Sebastian Studnitzky, whose muted, treated notes work perfectly with the loping dub-techno grooves. "Footprints" was the second work to be produced in the 'Borderland' studio sessions. It's a robust house groove reminiscent of earlier collaboration between both men such as the anthemic “Starlight” released on Metroplex 18 years ago, or Moritz' 'M' series. 'Treehouse' revisits classic house adding the ample proportions characteristic of the duo’s sound. "Mars Garden" returns to the "Electric Garden" theme with a high dose of ultra deep gritty spiralling kosmische dub-funk of 'Mars Garden'. 'Digital Forest' feels like a dystopian soundtrack to a drive through old Detroit slowly transforms into colossal dancefloor jam.

    Tresor deliver the definitive Juan Atkins Detroit techno / electro record label Metroplex, featuring compositions by Atkins under various psuedonyms; Cybotron, Model 500, 3mb, Infiniti etc. Featured here are ground-breaking early works such as "Alleys Of Your Mind", "Clear", "No UFO's", "The Chase", "The Passage" and "Off To Battle" - electronic compositions that will always be counted as foundation blocks for a music style that endures to the present day. Inspired by the European computer music of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, and the US P-Funk of Parliament / Funkadelic, Juan Atkins delivered a new sound that changed the face of electronic music forever.

    Originally released in 2002, “Harnessed the Storm” was conceived as the opening chapter of the legendary 'Seven Storms' - a series of seven albums created within a single year and released via several labels under different names. “Harnessed The Storm” was the sole one in the series credited under the main Drexciya project. The album, which is considered to be one of the pair's darkest, was produced in a time of creative outbreak and emotional turbulence. The duo's confidence was at a peak, new techniques revolutionised musical production, but the duo also had to face Stinson's severe health issues. This led to a radical shift of pace in producing and releasing music. For the Detroit pair it was time to move on from their ground-breaking past. It was time for some shape shifting and wave jumping to occur, in Drexciya’s terms. This is reflected two-fold on the ten cuts of “Harnessed the Storm”. With seven different album projects in the pipeline, Stinson and Donald were able to give the atmospheres and structures of each individual work a more distinct focus, resulting in longer pieces and more defined moods. “Harnessed the Storm” integrated classic Drexciyan dancefloor moments like “Under Sea Disturbances” and “Digital Tsunami”, brooding experiments like “Dr. Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres” and “Aquatic Cataclysm” which rank with the most abstract, alien and stark in their catalogue, and a few choice cuts of wave-cruising beauty into a cohesive whole - the disparate elements fused by an all-permeating sonic dread. “Harnessed the Storm” is as much the uncanny silence before the storm - looming in the unknown, as the storm itself, making this album at once an incredibly focused sound production, as well as a journey of highest emotional complexity. Another masterful lesson in futurist dance music from one of its strongest forces.

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