Don Harper

Thoughtful Popper / Chamber Pop

Image of Don Harper - Thoughtful Popper / Chamber Pop
Record Label
Farfalla Records

About this item

2 classic tracks from the JW Theme Music vault collection that have been sampled by Danger Mouse for his collaborative project with MF DOOM “The Mouse & The Mask”.

"Thoughtful Popper" is a smooth, cool, retro, orchestral, Latin-jazz funk (phew!) instrumental with laid back grooves, catchy riffs and sultry bluesy flute and violin melodies.

"Chamber Pop" is a retro, groovy and mysterious orchestral jazz-funk film score instrumental with beguiling violin and flute melodies and mellow moments.


Matt says: Real heads library funk here. Sampled by Danger Mouse and MF DOOM. These two originals are an absolute decadence of orchestral grooves with lush instrumentation and skilled drumming their driver. Nice presentation too. What's not to love?!


A. Thoughtful Popper
B. Chamber Pop

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