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Moon Ride - Uncut Cosmic Disco Diamonds From The T.K. Galaxy

Presenting a collection of deep spatial gems mined from the ever impressive TK Disco vaults for your playback listening pleasure!

The TK Disco music empire has blessed our ears and minds with an endless stream of music since it's late 1960's inception. Countless soul and funk sides were produced, cut and released by label founder Henry Stone and his associates, in turn changing the face of contemporary black music in the USA and across the world forever. It is true that the TK story originated on America's 'Space Coast', the modern frontier of lunar exploration and galactic travel, the home of NASA and countless missions beyond the stars nestled on the East Coast of the United States.

'Moon Ride' - The compilation you hold in your hands, is merely one strand of the incredible music that was beamed out of Hialeah, FL over the decades. The focus on this collection is the idea of the 'cosmic' from the Disco era. These are records that emit a spacey vibe, either from their lyrical content or equally from their sonic qualities, imbibing synths and electronics to create otherworldly grooves. These records were big hits on underground music scenes such as Daniele Baldelli's cosmic movement in the 70's and 80's in Lake Garda, they were vehicles of escapism and hedonism on the discerning dancefloors of NYC in the hands of progressive DJs like David Mancuso and Nicky Siano and they were also essential building blocks in the creation of House and Techno music in the Midwestern cities of Chicago and Detroit, inspiring legendary artists such as Mr Fingers and Jeff Mills and countless others. An essential collection of music for listening, dancing, loving and travelling!


A1. John Tropea - Livin' In The Jungle
A2. Universal Love - Moon Ride
B1. Stevo - Pay The Price
B2. Ish - Don't Stop
C1. Wanda Star Williams - Mr UFO
C2. King Sporty & The Root Rockers - Get On Down
D1. Mad Dog Fire Department - Cosmic Funk
D2. Fern Kinney - Groove Me

Timmy Thomas' 'Why Can't We Live Together' is a plea for peace and harmony released in 1972 at the height of the Vietnam war, but equally relevant to today's global troubles. Featuring only a Hammond organ, percussion from an early rhythm machine and Thomas's passionate, soulful vocal, this is a sparse, stripped-down production that still sounds amazingly fresh today - a total classic.

This official TK Disco reissue includes the original plus a fantastic update from Australia's Late Nite Tuff Guy of Tuff Cut Records fame, which has already had 62,000 plays on Soundcloud. LNTG sensibly doesn't try to gild the lily, instead just going for a simple 4/4 rhythm, a touch of Martin Luther King Jr and "I have a dream", and a couple of extra minutes of dancefloor time. 

In LNTG own words of how their "No More War Rework" came about:

"About 6 months ago, just before I set off on my 5 month tour of Europe I got a message from a good friend of mine asking me if I would edit a track that he loves. I said of course, and asked him what track. Turns out it's a big favourite of mine also. 'Why Can't We Live Together' by Timmy Thomas is an amazing song with a strong message that is even more relevant today than it was back in 1972. The message is clear, it's simple, it's beautiful. I'm saddened by recent events around the world and I've always tried to spread love through music, because for me, music is love. I hope you share the message and enjoy." - LNTG <3


A1. Why Can't We Live Together
B1. Why Can't We Live Together (LNTG No More Work Rework - Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit)

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