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    To celebrate the UK airing of the acclaimed eight-part cocaine crime drama, “ZeroZeroZero”, we are pleased to release Mogwai's soundtrack to the series for the first time on double white vinyl and exclusively for Record Store Day. It will come with a MP3 download included. The soundtrack has only previously been available digitally. ‘...a masterful collection from a band who enter their second quarter century as essential as ever.’ Clash Magazine 8/10


    SIDE A
    1 Visit Me
    2 I'm Not Going When I Don't Get Back
    3 Telt
    4 Chicken Guns
    5 Nose Pints
    6 Fears Of Metal

    SIDE B
    7 Space Annual
    8 Invisible Frequencies
    9 Moon In Reverse
    10 Don't Make Me Go Out On My Own
    11 Lesser Glasgow

    SIDE C
    12 Frog Marching
    13 El Dante
    14 Major Treat
    15 Rivers Wanted
    16 Summon The Sacred Beast

    SIDE D
    17 Modern Trolls
    18 The Winter's Not Forever
    19 He Loved Trees
    20 Witches Of Alignment
    21 The Wife Was Touched

    Rave Tapes is the eighth studio album by Mogwai and their second on Rock Action, the label they set up almost 18 years ago to issue their debut 7" single, Tuner/Lower. In between, the Scottish quintet have established themselves on the international stage through a prolific recorded output and a commitment to touring that few of their peers can match.

    Clocking in at just under 50 minutes, the 10-track album is a lustrous collection mined from the same quarry as its predecessors, wreathed in painterly textures underpinned by increasingly electronic beats. The haunted strains of Deesh channel the slow-burning ecstasy of their 2006 song “Auto Rock” (a key presence in the denouement of Michael Mann’s film of Miami Vice that year) while the guitars on which Mogwai built their reputation remain, if for the most part less overtly belligerent this time round, as evidenced by the somnambulant opener “Heard About You Last Night” and the sonic scowl of “Hexon Bogon”. With Rave Tapes, Mogwai’s mastery of sound and space is firmly at its apex.


    Barry says: Mogwai, Veteran post-rockers and noise merchants ramp it up in this latest iteration, with synths! Pulsing, brooding and mysterious, and juxtaposed with their trademark melodic highs. Groovy, imaginative, and downright brilliant. Post-rock for the 21st century.


    Heard About You Last Night
    Simon Ferocious
    Hexon Bogon
    Master Card
    Blues Hour
    No Medicine For Regret
    The Lord Is Out Of Control

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